Saturday, September 12, 2015

And Ibrahim Mahlab’s Cabinet has resigned !!

From few minutes ago, the cabinet led by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab has resigned and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has accepted its resignation.
The current cabinet will remain as a caretaker for another week according to Presidency.
President El-Sisi has assigned Sherif Ismail , the minister of petroleum and mineral sources in Mahlab’s cabinet to form the new cabinet.
Sherif Ismail with President El-Sisi "Presidency"  
Ironically on Thursday , PM Mahlab held a cabinet meeting where it was announced that there would be no more resignations after the minister of agriculture’s resignation earlier last week.
Now the whole cabinet has resigned !!
And Mahlab is going "Reuters"
That’s a tough week for Mahlab. Starting with the minister of agriculture’s resignation because of his involvement in Corruption case to his latest embarrassment in Tunisia.
There were rumors that at least 9 other ministers in Mahlab’s cabinet were involved in other corruption scandals by the Administrative Control Authority “ACA”.
Now regarding Sherif Ismail.
Graduated in 1978 as a mechanic engineer, Ismail was appointed as the minister of petroleum and mineral sources in Egypt on 13 July 2013 serving in all the cabinets under Adly Mansour and El-Sis's administration.
New PM Sherif Ismail
Since 1979, Ismail has been working in the petroleum field in Egypt.
I do not know if choosing Ismail was the best choice considering Egypt's huge economic problems.
By the way, a new cabinet will be formed after electing the new parliament in November or December if  I am not mistaken. So technically, Ismail's cabinet will live nearly 4 months and then submit its resignation to the parliament according to the Constitution.
The news is developing.

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