Friday, October 30, 2015

When Riham Saeed meets Karma

Do you remember what tabloid Egyptian TV host Riham Saeed did to the Syrian refugees !?? Well, you know what is being said about Karma, it is true. Now Riham Saeed is paying the price of her
tabloid TV journalism.
Now she is in truly hot boiling water over something that could end her TV show right away and drag her as well her TV channel “Al-Nahar” to the court.
On Tuesday, she aired an interview with a girl who was sexually harassed in a Cairo mall and was physically assaulted when she tried to defend herself.
The incident was filmed on the mall’s CCTV and soon enough the video was online.
The CCTV video

Riham Saeed , who always preaches about morals and modesty blamed the girl for being harassed because she was wearing sleeveless top
When the girl confronted Riham Saeed that she wears sleeveless top, the famous TV host arrogantly said that she was a renowned personality and American University in Cairo “AUC” graduate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It did not stop at there as Saeed dared and aired personal photos for the girl while wearing a swimsuit on beach carried by some man as an evidence of her misbehavior !!!!
I won’t share this episode here.
The renowned TV host claimed that her produced received those photos through Whatsapp.
The girl spoke in other TV shows in the past 2 days and it turned out when she went to the studio, she put her mobile phone to be charged in the location and Riham Saeed’s crew took her mobile phone and searched in its file.
The girl says that they took her personal photos. Now that’s a lesson on the importance of mobile phone passwords when it comes to privacy.
Of course Saeed went mad on how she was being attacked on other TV channels and on Wednesday night she appeared on her show defending herself claiming that because she was a mother , she would not scandalize that girl anymore !!!!
Luckily, women’s rights activists and anti-sexual harassment activists decided to help the girl to restore back her right. Not less than 15 lawyers offered to help her and to take a legal action against Saeed and the Al-Nahar TV channel.
On the other hand, an online campaign started against Riham Saeed on twitter and Facebook.
It started with the very active #Die_Riham hashtag on twitter calling her to die.
Amazingly, she united all Egyptians whether Pro-January 25 supporters or Pro-Sisi or Pro-Morsi to hate her.
Then another online campaign on Facebook calling people to boycott the brands and companies sponsoring her popular TV show showed up drawing lots of support. 
Aloe Eva company was the first to announce that it was pulling off its ads from the show

تعلن شركة ألو إيفا عن عدم مسئوليتها عن محتوى أى من البرامج التى تقوم بإذاعة إعلاناتها علي قنواتها، وبشان برنامج صبايا الخير والمثار جدل حوله فقد قامت الشركة بوقف رعايتها للبرنامج.
Posted by Aloe Eva on Thursday, October 29, 2015
Then Bassem Youssef decided to raise the bar on Thursday

Okay guys : a simple contribution from me in the campaign , the company which pulls its add , will write its name here and we will start and say hello.. Eva.

Okay the company which wants to boycott the show can mention me here. At your service.
Why to spend millions on ads in a TV show when 5 million followers can see you here if you boycott it : Eva , Beity, Eva Baby, Al-Maraei
Then more brands and companies started to announce that they pulled their ads tagging Bassem Youssef so he would thank them !!!!!!
About 16 companies and brands announced that they pulled their ads in 10 hours.
From a marketing point of view, those companies got huge publicity.
This is an unprecedented thing to happen in the Egyptian mainstream media.
I do not recall similar online campaigns succeeded in stopping TV shows and forcing big brands to pull ads from shows. I remember the Pro-Sisi supporters and Morsi supporters as well launched similar campaigns against Bassem Youssef and Yosri Fouda but failed. Yes, the shows of those two Pro-Jan25 renowned TV hosts were stopped but for other reasons.
People are now escalating the matter and are calling for boycotting of the TV channel itself.
Now, Saeed who admitted in pride that she is the “security” TV host will appear tomorrow with another Pro-regime TV host “Khaled Saleh” in a special on-air episode from Al-Nahar Daily Talk show on Friday. Of course, Al-Nahar won’t waste time for high viewership.

Update :

Khaled Salah announced on twitter that he would not appear with Riham Saeed tonight.

Amr El-Kahki, the CEO of Al-Nahar TV network announced on his official FB account that Riham Saeed’s TV show was suspended and that the administration of the network was investigating the incident. The network also apologized to all ladies and girls of Egypt for what happened. 

قررت شبكة تليفزيون النهار إلغاء حلقة اليوم بين الإعلامي خالد صلاح والإعلامية ريهام سعيد كما قررت تعليق إذاعة برنامج صبا...
Posted by Alaa El Kahki on Friday, October 30, 2015
Even if Al-Nahar TV channel terminates the contract of Riham Saeed, I expect that she will come back after few months on any Pro-regime TV channel.
The tweeps launched currently "#Riham_died" Arabic Hashtag.
Now I want to say something.
Karma is bitch indeed and Social media in Egypt plays a true role whether you like or not.
It is a powerful tool and the regime learned that from the hard way.
This is not the first time Riham Saeed invades the privacy of a young girl against the law and the Constitution.
Earlier this year, I saw a horrifying episode where she hosted a girl who was filmed while being
sexually assaulted.
During the show, Saeed aired photos for the girl with those boys who assaulted to her say that the girl had a role in that attack.
Sadly, nobody cared to stand with that girl who comes from a working class and definitely was devastated after that shameful episode.
Nevertheless, Riham Saeed is not the first person to do this on air because we got the infamous TV host Abdel Rahim Ali who used to air alleged phone call recordings for 25 January revolution figures like ElBaradei and Wael Ghonim as well Mostafa Al-Naggar.
What Ali had done from airing those phone calls was actually against the law and the constitution, yet people were not that angry. In fact now Abdel Rahim Ali has been elected to a member of the parliament for Agouza and Dokki unfortunately and he is received by flowers at Cairo International airport in the VIP section.
Back to Riham Saeed, this woman is an elitist.
Yes, an elitist who believes that only her class is allowed to be “open-minded”, to dress as she wants and acts like she wants but this is not okay with other classes.
I remember how she criticized that poor lady who danced happily in the public at Dreamland during the Eid whereas she ignored the wild parties of the rich held at Sidi Abdel Rahman resorts this year !!!!
I remember how she defended the infamous Cairo airport lady aka Yasmine El-Narsh claiming that she was innocent because she was her friend in a Private language school and AUC graduate !!
Spreading superstition and fake patriotism are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this lady who got one of the highest viewership in Egypt.
Anyhow, Riham Saeed is just one of the main diseases we should fight in the Egyptian mainstream media.

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