Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2022: Tale of Al-Ashkeef “Crazy story to believe” Ep.20

Ramadan Kareem

Here is our 20th night of Ramadan Arabian nights.

Scheherazade and Shahryar's famous animated version in Egypt "1989"
Scheherazade and Shahryar in 1989

Now, you can refresh your memory and listen to last night’s episode.

Here is the 20th episode of our tale tonight. It was episode no.602 of our favourite show.

King Rihan does not buy a bit the outrageous story of the three old men who claim to be young princes trying to save their sister.

The old man does not know where his son has gone. He orders their imprisonment and even threatens them with torture but no use, they insist on their story.

The vizier and the king play good cop, bad cop but they insist on their story.

They ask him to give them three days period to see what happens.

Meanwhile, Prince Zaafran found himself stuck on an ebony horse flying and passing vast lands. The prince tries to find a way to end this crazy journey.

Here is the 19th episode of the tale televised.

Tomorrow night inshallah we will know to where the ebony horse will take prince Zaafran.

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