Monday, October 18, 2004

El-Sadat : The actor and the Politician

Golda Mier ,the late prime minister of Israel once said about him

" he doesn't deserve the Nobel Prize for Peace ,he should have been awarded with the Oscar Best Actor"

She was speaking about the late Egyptian president Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat .This phrase I always think about it and wonder about its meaning as for one thing you must all know in the Arab World there is a rule which is when a king or president rules ,he erases what had done by others before him and pretends that history begins in his era ,believe me it is a basic rule, so I can't judge on man and say he is an actor or peace maker ,Anwar El-Sadat till now is from the villains in the Arab World ! believe or not Saddam is popular than him in same parts!

Anyway I think she meant that he is a good politician as politics is the fine art of acting and lying for great purposes as it is known in the Arab World so the equation a good politician is a good actor ,yet I couldn't figure out did she say it as admiration or hate? anyway many questions I had about his man who is being until now cursed and blessed at the same time.
The answer was in the man and his life and here is some interesting facts I guess most of you don't know about it :

  • El-Sadat was born in 1914 in Monfya in Delta of Egypt famous of its intelligence and sometimes wicked people,he was born in a very poor poor family, he wasn't ashamed of it like Nasser ,in fact he was the first to appear on TV and speak about his poor childhood ,for Egyptian father and Sudanese mother "the second president to have Sudanese origins".
  • El-Sadat used to a spy in Nazi spy ring in Cairo in WWII,this spy ring had other celebrities like the famous English Patient Count Laszlo de Almásy "don't believe the novel or the movie", and the famous belly dancer in 40s Hakmet Fahmi . He was found guilty and went to jail for the first time.
  • He really admired the German forces at this time not for their ideology of Nazism but the its military forces . He admired the famous Nazi war generals and this was obvious when he changed the uniform of the Egyptian Army to become similar to the Nazi army "Legend says that he brought some of those generals to the Egyptian army before 1973"
  • He joined the spy ring because he hated the British existence in Egypt like many Egyptians who love their country and supported Germany including King Farouk
  • He was accused by the murder of Amin Othman , a minster who supported the British existence ,and he went to jail the second time,this time was harder then the first "He did not regret it"

May be then you can judge what he was an actor or a politician
I recall here what in the mad man of Libya Elgadfi said in one the Arabic summit :

"this man had the guts to deal with Israel on the table in the light ,while all of you( Arab kings and presidents) deal with it under the table in the dark with out your people knowledge"

In the end

" I am An Egyptian peasant ,born in one of the villages over the banks of the immoratal Nile River where Time was born ,I am Mohamed Anwer El-sadat"

from his own autobiography in searching of Identity

Friday, October 8, 2004

Terrorist groups announced Responsbitiy for Blasts in Taba

Yesterday the France Pres agencey declared that it had received a call from a group caling itselfl "the International Islamic group" saying they were behind the Blasts in Taba
then in the morning ,Al-jazeera annoucned that A group belongs to Al-Qaeda to have a responsibility of the attack in a statement published in of those forums that suddenly appear on the net
yet if you look closer to the satement ,strange word stopped me they used the (Gazoa) a word that the Qaeda use in its statements always ,what is strange is this Word means Battle in Arabic is used only and I repeat only in the Description of the battles Prophet Mohamed(PBUH) particpated in ,only ,this is their only use ,and no one over the arabic or islamic history used it till the Al-Qaeda used it,it is not acceptable to Be used in arabic with anyone accept Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)
this is a little remark many people in Islamic World noticed
if they are experts in Islam ,they won't Use it
see what I mean ,they Just pretending

Explosions at Hilton Taba

Al-Jazeera Tv now is broadcasting the new of the Explosions that Happened in Hilton Taba at midnight, 30 Iseralis were killed in the blast and more than 129 ( and the number is exceeding) from different Nationalities among Egyptians and British are injured ,The Egyptian government asked Israel to send Medical Aid because the Sharm Sheik Hospital is far away for the place ,that till the ambulances or any help comes from Sharm ,the situation will be worse, the Israeli Government asked Its Citizens in Sinia to leave it immediately, more than 40000 Israeli came to Taba to Celebrate some Religious feast or something I don't know what is it Exactly
What I know that I know my professor's wife ,daughter,son in law and grand son are there ,spending the week end in Taba in the Occasion of the 6th of October war,I wish they are fine.
What I know is the purpose of this terrorist act is not to kill Israelis, but to Kill the Egyptian Economy ,here is the impact ,Sinia is a great tourist attraction ,and the new season is already starting and it is starting good ,Tourism is from the main resources to the Egyptian Economy ,,one bombing like is capable of making tourists run away from all over Egypt by Tomorrow's night ,just like the Luxor terrorist attack
visit El-Ajazeera channel ,
believe Iseral isnot the target but it Is Egypt

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

I made War for Peace

"I made war for Peace " a phrase said by the late President of Egypt Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat in one of his speeches in the celebration of the anniversary of the 6th of October 1973 or as we call it in Egypt the Great October War or like our brothers in Syria call it the Teshrin War"Teshrin is October in Syria,Lebanon and Jordan" or like the rest of the World know it by its hebrew name"yom El-Keppor",by the way yom in Hebrew has the same meaning in arabic that is The day. I look to this phrase and se how that man had an excellent future vision,you know why ? well look to the Middle East now and you will know why
In this day from 31 years excatly at 2 o'clock pm by Cairo local time ,the Egyptian and Syrian armies launched their Attacks against the Iserali forces in the Sinia and Gollan Hights that were taken and occupied in what is known internationally by the Six Days war or what is know in the Arab World of the Reverse of 67"Reverse is the word Gamal Abdel-Nasser used instead of defeat to absorb the anger of the Egyptian People"
I won't speak about the dear syrian front for many different reasons ,first I am not syrian nor have the complete knowledge or information about what happened there yet I am trying to figure out why they didn't get any further inche in the Gollan other than the Konytara even though they had better and advanced weapons at that time( the favorite ex-USSR ally in the region) compared to the Egyptian Army which fought with the remainings of the Weapons of the six days war and what the USSR though to be suitable for an ex-ally in the Region( El-Sadat dismissed all the russian war experts before the war after the correction movement he made to get rid from the remaining of the God Damn Nasser Era"
Egyptians at that day crossed the Suez cannal to the Eastern Side of the Canal ,at the same they crossed the fear that Nasser's Era put in their heart ,they crossed the Canal to get their dignity back again ,their Dignity that was raped not be the Iseral but by the man who they put their dreams ,their faith and their hopes in , a man called Gamal Abdel-Nasser
We didn't fight in 1967 and that why Egyptians as I was told felt so bad and angry ,in just six day Iseral took Sinia ,The Gollan hights and Jerualsim
Cities of the Canal (Port-said,Suez and Ismalyia) were completely destroyed by the Iserali air Forces, till now the Egyptian Governments since that black year refuse to announce the number of civilians that were killed in Suez Canal Cities because they know Egyptians will blame the Nasser's Era before they blame Iseral.
Till now 300,000 Egyptian Officers and soliders Prisoners of War are missing in Sinia and Gaza strip( was under the Egyptian Rule at the time),of course this the offical number ,romours say it is exceeding than that number especailly if you add to them the unknown number of the Egyptian soliders that were killed in Yeman war.till now families across the nile valley don't know what happened to their sons except they rest in peace in mass graves across Sinia,Iserali Forces Killed them despite of the international treaties,they killed them and they were already dead by the orders of Nasser and his War minister the playboy of Egyptian Army Amar,Egyptian Governments till know refuse to open the case of the Egyptian POW(prisoners of War)not because Ariel Sharon is one of the primary iserali generals who gave the orders of killing the POW but they know very quietly that Egyptian People will Curse Nasser and his Era before they curse Areil Sharon
and I guess that why regained our land completely in war and peace with Dignity and Victory compared to the Syrian front ,because till now syrians blame Iseral and Curse it day and night and they forgot to blame themselves first.Egyptians from the first week of the defeat knew that we desreved the defeat , from the first week of defeat and war ,Nasser rudely began his war with Amar on whom will rule Egypt , Giza saw another war between them ,ended by the victory of Nasser
El-Moshir AbdEl Hakim Amar ,Nasser soul twin ,another upper Egyptian like Nasser ruled the Egyptian Army ,he ruled as mayor in a village ,so popular among the officers that gave him power and dreams to rule Egypt ,especailly he became the army hero no.1 after transforming it to some kind of social Club not a military establishment,Amar was a major I guess ,just a major when he promoted to become moshir(a title that is only available in the Arab World,it is great than General)
with no expertise at all at anything except Women and Drugs
That Man Amar gave Iseral its greatest victory when he gave his orders to the egyptian army in Sinia and Gaza to withdraw with no a plan at all ,just to get out of there ,the worset withdrawl plan ever made in modern history and I guess in the human history ,well there wasno plan at all,Amar had his supporters in Egyptian intelligence ,army all of them wanted him to be the Pharoah of Egypt instead of Nasser and Nasser already knew what happened ,there was a silent war between them while Iseral was preparing to its great war.
Nasser, Moses' pharoah of the modern age ,he though he were a God yet he was the satan of the age ,Jails and prisons were there for anyone who dared just to thought ,the pharoah who gave the hope and dreams turned to be illusions and nightmares,the greatest dictators of the East
All the problems of the Arab World now have origins in his Era,even the what so-called Islamic Terrorism was originated in his Jails ,Ayman ElZaohary ,the U.S wanted man no.2 was raised in his horrible Jails ,where hundred of thousand Egyptian were Killed.
on this day from 31 year, Nasser(Pharoah of the modern age) was drowned in the Suez canal when Egyptian soliders crossed the canal exactly When Moses and The Jews crossed the Red sea.
Egyptian Soliders made Victory at that day that dazzled the whole World ,and titles of the newspapers around the global witnessed this from 31 days simply because they pulled the fear and put faith and hope in their hearts.
They made victory by War as The Egyptian Army took the moutains' crossing in the Middle of Sinia ( that is the heart of sinia ,Who has power over it ,owns sinia completely)this beside the great loses Iseral had from destroying the Barlief Legendary defense line and other things , despite the adverse attack that was led Ariel Sharon I guess in the 12th of October ,and it wouldn't happened if it wasn't for Our Kuwaitis' brothers bad experience with War (first time they ever joined a war unfortunaly).
Then they made a victory by Peace,when President (whom I must speak about some day with God's will) said he was ready to Go to Iseral for Peace ,he went to Iseral as as a victorius leader not like a defeated one like Arfaat
I am not from 6th October war Generation ,in fact I am so-called the Peace Generation or the Americanized Generation yet I am 100% Egyptian who feels this day in her heart and I know if it wasno for this great War ,there will be no Peace
I think I wrote too much ,yet If I have more time I will write more and more
But I have to go
and before I leave I send all greetings ,love and Respect to all The Egyptian who died at this day of Glory in order to Get Egypt's dignity again
Peace upon you

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The other side of the world

I was going to write about the great war that led to peace for the first time and I think the last time in the middle East when I decided to change the subject ,to another one and it is obivous from the title,I have another blog in Stardock's joeuser blog service yet I am not active in it as this one(as if I am active in this one also, but I am trying the honor of trial is enough for me:))anyway I found in joe users 's blogs full of strange false stuff against Islam and when I tried to correct it ,some Americans opened their fire one me( I use some because they don't represent all the Americans),I released that I was the one Muslim in site ,yet I had a chance to see how they think and see Islam
well I got a good idea ,simply they hate Muslims,Islam and the Arab world altogether , in another simple words they won't feel sorry fo,why not? They have a complete a false image in their minds about the Islam,why not ? The American Administration and media made the War on terrorism ,a war on Islam , the religion of more than one billion across around the global became a target for everyone and for what ? For economic reasons ,OIL is the easiest form
American administration and Media created a new threat for its own people after the fall the USSR, a threat that was made orginailly in The C.I.A the islamic fundamentalist threat ,the green threat (they don't know that Islam hasno specific colors or even signs )
they made a threat from their own people ,there are many American Muslims who helped in building the United States'Glory ,man like DR.Farouk ELBAZ in NASA ,a name that is mentioned in Apollo's journies ,DR.Ahmed Zoual, a Nobel prize Winner
I live in the middle and crossing of the Old world and I watch the new World ,because I found out that the decisions taken in the OVAl Office has an effect on me
then 9/11 came with it's tragedies that still happenning,(for truth it was a horrible accident ,I was going to lose two I know personally in it),and then every person became an expert in Islamic Affair and he or she doesn't know anything except reading a false article here or there
What do you know about the Muslims and arabs ? Their history? Their land ? Their life?Their conditions now socially?Politically?Economically?Their traditions?
zero,except what you see in Fox ,CNN and other TV channels
I read in many sites strange things about Islam and Arabs ,things make laugh and things make me angry
Many people in the internet using bad language with a lot of hatred,yet I can't be like them because my religion the real ISLAM ordered me not to be so
THE Bush's administration created a world of two sides one of them is the Arab Islamic world
I am really amazed to see how the American politicians come to our TV channels and newspapers saying that United states respect the Islam and Muslims
while in homeland it became no.1 target for hate
Millions the American Congress is paying to support the HURRA TV CHANNEL to make it just a popular or even watchful TV channel (they cannot compete with El-Jazeera or EL-ARABYA news channels ,especailly El-JAzeera is making an english spoken channel)
another last thing
you have to respect the others
you have to listen to the other because may be the other is right ,may be you are right ,may be one of you will be right after 50 years
Peace upon you all