Friday, September 30, 2005

Old and silly news

I couldn't post these news at its epic time but it is never too late 'I love it ' ,and I amnot the type 'who say it now or shut up '
They go back to the President's oath in the Assembly on last Tuesday ,I saw it on the TV
by the way isn't the speech this time short ? I felt it was as I was just woke up and opened the TV to hear it from the beginning and I did and oops it is over !!!!!!!
anyway why was our brother Gadfi there ? Some one please tell me
it never happened in any country in the world that in the presidential oath ceremony another president of another country attends it !!!!!!!
May be he is missing the old days when he used to attend the Assembly with late Sadaat
It is the principal of why he is doing so !!!!!!!?
By the way here is the image of his daughter ,she looks like her brother Siefel-Islam but with a blond hair of course not nature blond
She is called Aisha

another piece of Old news ,sad one The Kafya demonstrations' on
that historical day ,it is sad because I just felt with all the cheering of all the president's men in the Assembly ,that Kafya has failed ,I am wrong of course ,because the thousands miles road starts with a mile and a man 's faith can be turned in to a crusader
here is another image I like it ,it is an old one I brought from Wael Abbas
is not she cute? The future generation

We are not finished yet
now we go for the united States after meeting Rita and Katrina , the American version of Raya and Sakina
Now Muslims said it is because of the Anger of God for what's going on in Iraq ,Afghanistan and Palestine
Jews said it is because of the anger of God for the Gaza retreat as if they really left
Christians said it is because of the anger of God for what 's happening in the states from homosexual marriage 'new orleans', abortion , and etc............
everyone sings for his Laila

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Another important battle the government loses

Okay this is a good day ,Galal Araf won the elections of the journalism synidication
Ibrahim Hagazy the Ahram boy and government man lost with big difference in votes
and so the union of Araf and Bakry won
I am so glad
this is just another rain drop before the flood
It was the lawyers Synidication ,now it is Journalists synidication
hoping for the rest synidications to be freed from the government rule

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Coptic convention in the Congress

Just from half an hour Cairo Local time Mona El-Shazely's 10'o'clock finished after discussing a very important topic ,The Conditions of Egyptian Christians Copts as after few days There will be the second Coptic Convention and guess where it will be oh yes in the American Congress itself
and guess what more Adaly Basha Abdir is asking for an independent state for Copts in Upper Egypt 'the South'
not that only but he wants the UN ,the international Community and before them of Course the United States of America intervation !!!!!!! Just like Bosnia
I won't comment on this man illusions
I will comment about the show tonight , the guests were a Catholic Priest very important one he seemed but I didn't get his name
Gamal Asad whom I respect very much since he talked about the elections and the Church
A muslim writer in Al-ahram who really didn't give much to the show 'after all he works in the Al-ahram
I won't talk much but Asad and the father there
in the bottom line there are problems the Copts are facing but it mustn't to be discussed abroad in the Congress so it can be a pressure card used by the Americans against Egypt
another thing and that what I believe the Copts won't take their rights except when the Muslims take their rights .When all treated equally as Egyptians in the first place ,when there is real democracy
This convention is danger and I know one thing if the American troops put their shoes on the soil of Egypt just for the protection of minorities and all this fancy talk ,the Copts before the Muslims will fight against them
just now I remember a story about Equity , Democracy and Islam, Amr ibn Elas took a piece of land to build on it the Mosque 'the first one in Egypt' ,he bought it from a Christian lady whom he fooled and gave less price
the lady was angry and decided to go to El-madina to complain to Omar ibn Khateb ,and so she did when Omar knew what happened he called for Amr and was so angry from him in front of her,he apologized to the lady ,gave her the real value of the land
end of the story

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mohamed Ali Palace

Tomorrow Tuesday will be very very important day in the history of Egypt as President Mubarak 'the first ever elected president !" as if it was real ,will say the presidential oath 'which he never sticks with' in the Famous historical Mohamed Ali palace 'I don't know why they chose this palace really !?

1)-is it to celebrate of Mohamed Ali the real founder of modren Egypt after 200 year of the famous Egyptian Choice to him 'I don't think so after all it is Mubarak the one who made modern Egypt by the way it was the first and the last time the Egyptians choose someone to rule them ,regardless of what he did but Egypt was a real power not ghost power just like today

2)-or it is a symbol to prince Mohamed Ali ,to the majority of you who isnot familier with the modern Egyptian royal history Prince Mohamed Ali was an old prince who used to occupy the place of the crown prince when there isno male to occupy ,the man waited alot and he hated Farouk and was happy that the later got three girls ,
ironically King Farouk got a boy and after that the blessed 'cursed' revolution was there and so the dream of being the King of Egypt was gone with the Wind ,and his waiting was in Vain ,for those who asking what is the relation ?
Prince Mohamed Ali is just like the Egyptian people , just waiting to miracle to happend that the King and the crown prince die to get the throne

did you get it!?

She is fine thank God

Call me crazy or anything else ,but really I am so so happy ,I read news that made my day today in El-fagr weekly newspaper ,you know this scandal newspaper which Editor in chief is Adal Hamoodah
well it is small news saying that Empress Fawzia Ahmed Fouad is coming back to Egypt after spending the Summer with her daughter Princess Shinaz in Switzerland and that she is fine despite her old age 80 year may God extend her age
well I love her so much
she is my favorite Egyptian royal Character along with Queen Farida 'it is so clear after all I use Farida's picture as my avatar her' by the way both were friends
These ladies were real royals and real queens not like those recent Queens of Rania's kind
I am very happy because there were sad rumors that Empress Fawzia passed away or she was so so sick and poor !!!!!!!!! But it turned to be just lies
Inshallah I will make a website for this fine Egyptian lady 'I got photo Archive for her I doubt that anyone on the web got it
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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Amr Khaled ,the makers of Life and their role 1

Ok yesterday Mona Shazely completed her success by hosting for the first time in Egyptian Channel the famous Amr Khaled ironically it was on the same channel that once Hala Serhan made fun of Amr Khaled from two years ago along with Mofid Fawozy.It seemed it is was an old friends reunion ,it was friendly after El-Shazely and Khaled worked together in the same television network 'ART' for years ,so he called her Mona and she once or twice called Amr ,but the fear of his admirers to think that she doesn't respect him she kept calling him Amr Khaled
Anyway,For the first time Khaled admits that he had to leave Egypt by higher orders otherwise if he wants to stay in Egypt ,he must shut up and work as accountant ,but he refused to leave his role and his message as he said and departure was much easy from outside but very very hard from outside
here I will stop on something why they did so to Khaled ?
He said that his last lecture in Hosri Mosque in 6th of Oct. Area was about the Story of Joseph in Egypt and how he saved Egypt and the whole Middle East from a famine despite he was jailed in the prisons unjustly
this was his last story and after that "Take ur bags if you want to complete telling these dangerous stories for young Kids!!!!!!!!!"
Well it seemed to me that there was a political dimension for Joseph Story more than we think
May be because Joseph was from Israel ,may be because the rulers failed ,and the prisoner succeeded ,I don't know
if anyone finds this dimension please PM me
we still has a lot to talk
by the way I made a new poll concerning the Makers of Life and their role in political Egyptian life

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Amr Khaled is back again in Egypt

yes people you heard me
it is just announced by Amr himself on Dream tv
he will come back to Egypt for good after 2 years of Exile after Ramadan
the talk is not finished here
I will speak about it soon,I got to hurry to hear him talk about politics

Friday, September 23, 2005

Malcom X ,a long struggle to truth

I don't know if it is fate or what that made me these days exposed to a great dosage of information regarding the So-called Nation of Islam
this what I felt today when I watchd a program on Discovery Civilization Arabia called Great books ,it is about great books in history from Science to novels and so on
Guess what book it was on this Thursday : The Autobiography of Malcom X , told by Malcom X himself ,written by Alex Hailly " Roots"
The book which I didn't get his name is said to be one of the best books in history of the united States ,Malcom was too honest
anywaythe most important part was when Malcom joined the Nation of Islam after Admiring by Elijah Mohammed 'I swear I was going to write Elijah Wood everything :) ",Malcom who suffered alot discovered a new thing in Islam despite the fact it is not the tue Islam but I guess God meant to enter Islam from this gate as we are going to see later
now to all those fimilar with the Blacks history of United States especially in the civil rights movements in 60s ,well know that Malcom became the real engine ,in fact I guess it won't have its fame now if it didn't have his Charismatic character
I saw films in the program full of hate to the whites in incredible way that Elijah didn't like any whites even if they are supporters to his cause , Malcom and he looked to Martin Luther king Jr as traitor
listen to this short story
once Alex Haley who was writting mulching biography was with him driving a car , in a traffic while the red color was on , A white man was driving a car beside them looked and found X and said 'Hey Malcom I listen to your speeches with all your hate to the white but you know if I were black in this country I would join you in your hate"
Malcom was surprised along with hail .On their way ,they talked about this ,yet Malcom said to Hailly please don't mention this encoder as Elijah will be mad
this was just the beginning
Malcom was then shocked when he found out that Elijah Mohammed got affairs with 6 young girls and he had children from them ,of course no mirrage he just used his power in the organization
Malcom exposed him and left the organization
and this was his turning point as he began to read about the real Islam and decided to become a real Muslim
He went to Mecca to the holy Land for pilgrim Haj and there he found the core of Islam Equity ,the Black beside the white beside the yellow ,no difference between them , no hate between them
since then his old ideas began to change yet fate didn't give a chance and was killed by three persons !!!!!!!!!

May God bless his soul

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Shouldn't he act as a responsible man?!!!!!!!!!

Shouldn't the So-called minister of Culture Farouk Basha Hosni act as man and present a real resignation and the president this time must accept it !!???
people look what happened this week for Egyptian Culture
1- Two pieces were lost from the Egyptian museum
2- The Islamic museum was on fire yet it was rescued by a miracle
what else are we going to wait ?
oh yes he fired some manager and got another one in his place ,is this enough
no it isn't ,he should go away and leave the Egyptian culture alone
let him stay with his paintings
Miriam FakrEl-Din ,the long tongue actress in her famous ART interview attacked Hosni saying 'why the hell call him an artist ,what artist!?
God be with you Egypt

Lesson to be learned from the elections

an important lesson Egyptian opposition leaders must understand from the last presidential election
Don't go fragmented !!!!!!!
yes you see , Nour went alone ,Goma went alone ,voters were lost between them ,two are stronger and succeeded in having popularity
For God sake I am member in a forum called Dvd4 Arabs ,a forum for movies ,games, mp3s ......Etc stupid stuff but it is very good one 'people they got classical movies torrents movies like Gone with the end ,anyway in the elections and after I found out a huge support for Nour ,with his images and slogans in young men 's signatures ,and here I am not talking about 1 or 2 but many many more ,this Dvd4arabs got hundreds of members
same thing for Goma ,but he got a support from the old wafad families , just my family and other families 'friends
now what should Goma and Nour have done was to unite together ,one supports the other to centralize all the opposition votes
All knew that Mubarak would win the elections but this can give alert to the regime ,it is an alert for a real will of change
You know it is one powerful hit when El-wafad along with El-nasri and El-tagmo3 stood together yet with El-wafad stupidity left this powerful union
If the opposition wants a real change to happen in Egypt ,they must follow Kafya 'Batal' now footstep ,to include all the flags of the Egyptian Political arena ,we all want to change so let's stick together
Kafya ,with Muslim brothers ,with Nasris and socialists ,communists and also El-Wafad must be together ,oops I forget Ayman Nour
another thing there was this group of Aziz Sadky I don't remember its name but it must be in this union ,I respect Aziz Sadky so much
People in Lebanon ,the country of Nancy Agram and Hafya the opposition groups which fought against each against Syria and Lahoud and they succeeded in a great extent
we just want to fix things before it is too late ,already things in Egypt are shitty and from bad to worse to worset it seems going

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The nation of Islam : The myth and reality

My dear friends Um Ali and Aisha wrote important post in their spaces about The nation of Islam ,the famous American Organization , both important posts show the misconceptation between the Islam and the nation of Islam
I alwasys had questions about this organization for two reasons
Number one their titles ,I once visited a website for them I found out that their leaders are called Ministers
Number two their relation with Micheal Jackson ,there was time Media said that they sent body guard to protect him
Also I notice they don't study Islam for Example in Egypt or K.S.A

I had questions that needed answers and everytime My relatives come from the U.S or my friends I forgot to ask them but this unanswered questions found an answer when My dear Um Ali posted a very important post that found out the reality of the nation of Islam
Then came my dear friend Aisha post another post concerning this topic

from them I found out that the Nation of Islam is racist organization just using the Islam in its Name but they got nothing to do with Islam ,they are calling for another religion
Starting from these basic facts
1-Islam is a religion for everyone ,no difference between white or black ,eastern or western ,it is the religion of equity
on the other hand
The nation of Islam believes that Blacks are the best race !!!!!!!it is very racist from inside
2-The Last prophet of Islam is Mohamed 'PBUH" while Nation of Islam claims that it is Elijah Mohamed !!!!!!
3- the last difference or the main difference the great illusion 'I took it by the text fom dear Ali ' We BELIEVE that Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammed, July, 1930; the long-awaited "Messiah" of the Christians and the "Mahdi" of the Muslims. We believe further nad lastly that Allah is God and besides HIM there is no God and He will bring about a universal government of peace wherein we all can live in peace together'
Any muslim would see the huge differences
Now the problem isnot with non muslims who see that organization as Muslim one while it is just using the name and the facts many african americans' roots come from Islamic african countries and the Islam is religion of Equity and there is already a need for equity in this society
The problem is with the Arabic and Islamic media which glorify this racist organization ,cheering up as Muslim org. while in reality it isnot except being racist see how racist is it " We believe that interrmarriage or race mixing should be prohibited. We want the religion of Islam taught without hindrance or suppression."I remember form two years or more Mustafa Bakri in the Osoob weekly newspaper was very proud by Louis farakan !!!!!

Many people are using Islam nowadays and they must be stopped ,Please if you read this post spread the information to clearfy the myth and reality

Sunday, September 18, 2005

It is Vista time baby

Oh boy oh boy I am so thrilled ,so happy ,I have just downloaded ,installed and used the new microsoft program built on the New OS Windows Vista ,the program is code named Max
Max is simply just like Google Sharing photos programs Hello
Yet it is another new thing
oh boy I am just imagining A windows OS on the same way oh boy ,Mac os lovers will hate it for sure
People MS is presenting a new innovation in its PDC 05 ,check Neowin ,wincustomize ,Winsupersite and JCXP, for coverage
oh boy I wonder how much the Windows Vista will cost
so the requirement of the PC that run it perfectly ,already they want it to be faster than Xp but it is hard with that GUI
already MAX uses alot of resources ,as it doesn't work on the normal Xp NTFS system but the New Winfs system ,it downloads with the new avalon 'don't ask me about them ,check those great sites above
yet it is great
I like it
it is another big jump for Microsoft
oh by the way I will take this from My dear friend Islam
and tell you that
This fall , IE 7 beta 2 will release , Office 12 beta , WMP 11 beta and Vista Side bar for windows 'oh baby yes it is coming to theatres near you '
I am so so so happy
I am a computer Geekette
oh before I forgot here are some images for Max

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I am a such naive girl !!!!!!!!!!

Oh Boy I am such big Naive girl to believe or think that president Mubarak would accept the resignation of Farouk Hosni!!!!!!!
The man refused it ,I don't know why
is it because the pressure of those minister's fans like Salah Eissa,Anis Mansour and Nadia Lotfy 'may be he is fan of hers' ?
is it because he just wants to disappoint the Egyptian people as usual?
is it because it would be a giving up to the Will of the people for the first time and he is a military man doesn't like a defeat?
I am really don't have an idea except that what was expected ,after it is his choice ,isn't it? Who brought him in ?
Well it is another achievement in the fifth period
It is achievement against people as usual
people please think and tell why The president refused to accept the resignation ???

Friday, September 16, 2005

The followers of the minister!!!!!!!!!!

I found a strange news in the news bar of Al-jazeera today ,150 Egyptian so-called thinkers and intellectuals are requesting from President Mubarak not to accept the resignation of the minister of Culture Farok Hossni
I just want to know who are those followers ?
Okay I know one of them will be Salah Eissa but the other 149 who are those hypocrites ?
I just fear that president Mubarak would listen to their demands because of democracy
anyway according the constitution the ministry should all resign after saying the oath by President Muabarak
I just wish if Mubarak accepts the resignation that he will choose someone better than captain Rooka like Ahmed Fouad Nagam called him

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Egyptian culture is free at last

The Culture minister in Egypt Mr. Farouk Hossni ,the artist and painter made a historical decision to resign ,for the first time some one in the government resigned !!!!!!!!!!!!!
well to the hell ,this man destroyed the Egyptian culture and history
this *** has no pleasure expect in doing so
now I wonder the resignation was presented to the President while it was must be presented to the Prime -minster !!!!!!!! Why ?
anyway I wish Mubarak accepts it , if he does it ,he will make his first real achievement in the 5th period
ironically he is one who brought in Mr. Hosni ***

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Are we the junk yard of the middle East

I am sorry but this is what came to my own mind when I read this stupid disgusting News in the papers that Palestinian authority and Israel agreed to put or dump in other specific words the remaining of the Israel settlement in Gaza in Sinai in Egypt with the approval
what is the hell is this ?
I am sorry are we the junkyard for others where they can dump their wastes ?!!!!!!
This is the first achievement for President Mubarak in his fifth period ,I am very very angry
Sinai desert should be cultivated instead ,and don't tell it is impossible ,it isn't ,there is the El-Salam and the Israelis did it before
No one cares for what the Egyptians approve this or not .
No one thinks whether this can damage the environment of Sinai .
God be with Egypt

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy new coptic year

Today is the 9/11 I know you know it as important event in history but in Egypt it is another thing as it is the beginning of A new coptic year
yes the Coptic year or the Egyptian year according to the Egyptian copitic calender
This calender goes back to the ancient Egyptian time and romans ,it is known as the calender of Martyrs any christian historian will know how much Egyptian christians suffered under the roman rule , where they were killed and feed to the lions
This calender I think is very suitable for Egypt from the weather description ,Amshir and Toba say so ,Egyptians agree with me on that
The Coptic calendar has 13 months, 12 of 30 days each and an intercalary month at the end of the year of 5 or 6 days depending whether the year is a leap year or not. The year starts on 11 September in the Gregorian Calendar or on the 12th in the year before (Gregorian) Leap Years. The Coptic Leap Year follows the same rules as the Gregorian so that the extra month always has 6 days in the year before a Gregorian Leap Year. The names of the months and their starting dates are as follows:
Tout--------11/12 September
Baba--------11/12 October
Hator-----------10 /11 november
Kiahk-----------------10/11 December
Toba------------------------ 9/10 Jan.
Amshir---------------------------8/9 feb.
Baramouda-------------------------10 Marh
Baramhat------------------------------9 April
Bashans---------------------------------9 May
Paona--------------------------------------8 Jun
Epep------------------------------------------ 8 July
Mesra----------------------------------------------7 August
Nasie----------------------------------------------------------6 Sept

so Happy New year

The Two towers

Trying to escape from politics and on going things in Egypt ,I promise for awhile there will beno politics in this chronicle for a while
Yesterday I didn't post anything as I was busy finishing the second book or rather the third book if we included the Hobbit in the War of the ring a.k.a The lord of the ring
I love the War of the ring more
I finished yesterday the second book in the Two towers and I said before in very long time post the books are quite different from Peter Jackson Movie collection ,Peter Jackson added events and removed characters and places and so and I can see why, new Line Cinema wouldn't afford producingthe orginial text as it is
The Tower towers was great until I reached the second book concerning Frodo ,Samwise and Gollum or smogul ,then some chapters I felt were so boring , the description of places from forsets,mountains and vales took many pages
Also to say the truth I amnot attracted to Frodo's character like Samwise ,his faithful servant and travel mate
I will begin Inshallah reaing the third book ,the Return of the king soon
Love Aragon and Co. so much

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Elections data results : Number language

The language number doesn't lie usually
anyway I don't know why I said this because it usually lies in Egypt
I will speak in Number now
32 million person in Egypt only got the right to vote yet some of them don't have voting id.
23% of the 32 million voters only vote in the presidential elections.
88.5% from the 23% of the 32 million voters ,voted for Mubarak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7.4% for AYman Nour 'Ukraine Senario won't happen Doc!!!
2.8% from the 23% including my grand daddy voted For Noman Gomaa 'hard luck '
Mabrook ya Mubarak

Guys we didn't expect much this time yet we acheived something much more important

Somehow we began to regain our freedom and don't forget

The beginningf Rain is always a drop and the way of thousand mile began with one step

something in my heart tells me according to number language that fifith period of next six year won't be easy as the rest 24 years

we should be proud that we began to talk ,think and react even on very positive or even negative limit

we will win at the end

Friday, September 9, 2005

Try this on Google

Go for google
Type failure
Click on I feel lucky
see where it goes :)

Is this America?

this post I wrote few days ago ,but I was busy to post it in the Elections parade,ANYWAY HERE IT is.
I wrote after seeing Bush bagging for help from the world countries and third world countries like Egypt,Cuba ,Venezuela are offering help !!!!!!!!!!!!1
Is this America that its President requesting medical help and blankets from the world?
is this America that accepts now donations from El-Kuwait a half billion dollars?
I am sorry but where are the big American companies ,the pride of capitalism system from this disaster ,do not they have social responsibilities towards the community they operate in !!!!!!!!
This is the bad ugly face of capitalism
This is the bad ugly face of America
end of the draft ,starting the updated news
Can some one please tell me where the U.S great power and Money ,the tax payers money from the on-going tragedy in New Orleans ?????????
Bush and government are calling for help and donations as if he were the president of a third world country
I got a better solution for him
President Bush decrease your military expenses ,Leave Iraq alone ,let the boys return back home to start doing something useful for their country ,a real patriot thing
Your country need its boys to help it
Decreasing your military expenses means Less people will die and more people will live

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Voting girl 'vol.2'

This my second experience to go to the election committee in the same year ,I knew that I was just going as visitor and viewer as I don't have a voting id as I mentioned before ,I was abroad and if I want to get one ,I have to wait till next October to get one as I was told lately 'I don't know if I will be able to participate in the parliament or not
I went with my grandfather yes my grand father as if I were little child ,My grand father is the man was red finger in the image down below , the man as I said always said No in all previous elections and he didn't get tired till now ,this year he chose Gomaa of El-Wafad No.9
I went to him in one the big election committee in the area ,a very famous school ,the Nile Yv team was finishing a report about the election when we came in ,the people in the committee treated my grandfather in very respectable manner ,made all arrangement and gave him the election paper yet he made his choice publicly not privately they were no curtains ,oh yes you can bet that!!!
In this committee the Judge permitted the use of regular its beside the Voting ID's ,oh yes you can bet on that too, is not this against law ??????????
I heard the judge saying that to the Nile TV presenter
oh by the way the election committee was empty of electors except of My grand daddy
I brought with me my nokia mobile phone with a camera so if I got any cheat attempt I would report it to shiafnouk and co. But I didn't
oh I woke this morning with cars roaming the area encouraging people to go for voting for the Halal candidate ,the best reply came from my grandma ,she was sleeping ,the reply was on the kind of Curses and Go to hell Arabic equivalent
Best reply ...........

Haikal wa bas

Did u see Haikal on Al-Jazeera today ? if you didn't try to watch the rewind of the program if there is a rewind ,if not ,sure sure it will be publish in El-Arabi El-Nasri or El-Osoob
What is the man said ? well he said too much ,he said bombshells, all what we are saying and even more and more and more
I amnot A Haikal Fan after all he was from the men of Egypt no.1 Dictator and the cause of all what we suffer but today he was great
The man spoke clearly and even when he wants no trouble he spoke in message under the water style 'with apology to Nazar Kabani'
Now more than any time I believe that Mubarak will stay only two year 'speak about that later later'
What I really loved is that he spoke about Blogging and Egyptian Bloggers especailly one called Bahia
It is the best thing I have heard today

The man with red finger

The Man with red finger Posted by Picasa

Here The picture of My grandfather's finger with the red ink after voting in the election
My grandfather was only man in the family and I guess in the whole building to go for voting ,for one privilage ,He got a voting id
I respect this man as he didn't lose ,for all the pervious elections he used to say No ,he was always 0.0000001% who said no
Today he said No.9 Nauman Gomaa
I will tell my experience later as I am going to watch Haikal on Jazeera now

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

The party began already people

people the cheating already began from today the 6th of september ,not the 7th ,LOL they couldn't wait
check Ayman Nour site ,the front page
LOL, I am laughing already

Monday, September 5, 2005

I I have a voting Id , I will vote 4.......

Well I don't have a voting id but I think if I have a voting id and I go to the elections tomorrow I will choose either between
Nuwan Gomaa or Ayman Nour
The both are good ,I prefer Nuwan over Ayman
as Our favorite Dr. Ayman got many question marks around him but Nour is more dynamic than Nuwan ,I don't because of Nuwan old age or what
Ayman got an excellent program ,a real presidential program
I like what he says but I feel that he doesn't suit the chair also his wife doesn't fit the title of the first lady ,Dr Salwa fits it more with history
I don't know
here is Ayman Nour website :
Gomaa :

They read the future in Israel or what ?

Strange news or may be I don't have the realistic view the Israelis do have ,well Arabs arfter just bunch of Emotional people who think by their hearts more than minds,so they always have pinky and rosey dreams ,on the other hand ,Israelis made a tiny state in the Middle East and became the most powerful State in the region with their realistic and futuristic look
Today ,Israel announced President Mubarak will visit Iseral for the first time since he took the rule of Egypt from 24 years 'God I know it is very long time'after 3 months that is in next December
end of news
ok time for me to comment
First the Future is by the hands and commands of God , and I don't know why this is strange news to me as the presidential elections are just 48 hours away ,and there is many candidates ,God is Capable on anything and Miracles can happen
So they already know in the future that Mubarak will win ,and that he visit them in next December
strange or like they said in on the front page ,they took the result from the control room :) LOL

What is happening in France ?

Is the season for hunting down the emigrants with African roots began already or what? Is a new Nazi starting to take shape in France once by drawing crosses on Jewish cemeteries and burning immigrant's buildings
today the French Police said that they arrested couple of French teenagers who caused the fire as they were playing with matches and empty mail boxes and it turned out they didn't know what they were doing for fun will cause the death of 15 person !!!!!!
I don't why I feel that the French police took some courses in Egypt in how fooling the people with falsifying reality to calm down the society
it is clear as sun that someone is targeting the poor African immigrants
It is the third building in Paris, 10 days is the time between the second and third fire
it is not a consirpcy theory , more it is logic
I think I am right yet I hope I will be wrong
there will be a fourth fire
There is LePan in France ,so why there are more of his kind and even worse ?

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Give the man his chance people aftter 24 years

I couldn't believe myself when I read in the newspaper that President Mubarak wants equity with other presidential canadidates in the National media !!!!! ,It was found out that he wasn't hosted in El-BaitBaitk !!!!1 he need a chance ,so he will appear today in with sudden tv interviewer Amr Abd El-Sami3 'from where this guy canme exactly ?'
Is this a silly joke ? for exactly 24 years ,the national media : Tv ,radio,national newspapers and magazines his news ,his false achievements and his wife's news were always in the front ,from page 1 to even the desaeds pages from thanking Mr.President and of course I won't forget GM ,his son
for the last of couple of monthes Egyptians for the first itme in history critised the president ,the ruler in a way that we didn't see before
Mr.president for 24 years you put the media under your feet, just give us some break ,because we know that on the 8 of september you will put your feet on the media again

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Bush Lost the battle against Nature

Bush was conquered for the first time ,not in Iraq ,not in Afghanistan, not in North Korea but in His own land ,the United States of America
he was Conquered for the first time ,not by the Qaida or Chavez or Kim song of North Korea but the Nature itself
The nature he has been destroying with his wars, experiments and of course Kyoto agreement he refused to sign because of Military superitiy he wants to preserve
All the hurricanes, Earthquakes and rise temperature
who was helping in destroying the environment whether by killing nature or killing people?
Bush turned to be a big loser in handling with the Katrina disaster ,he himself admitted it ,not the tough guy that scares the world
look to the money losses , human losses
I guess the human losses from Katrina effect are more than Qaida 9/11 effect
10,ooo human souls
100 billions of dollars
No gas ,oil crisis on the way or what !??
anyway Bush would have lost the battle against the nature?
It is not Human powers anymore ,it is nature powers

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Katrina ,the force of nature

Katrina ,the worst hurricane the U.S had ever seen gave a lesson to humans of how strong nature can be ,Man with all the Science and powers he has ,with all the weapons he has ,he still a very weak creature just a paper of leaf in front huge wind that blows it to the unknown
look what happened to New Orleans and Mississippi 'two of my favorite American states ,that I wish to visit some day Inshallah ,also I have a very dear friend there ,Ali I really wish that you and your family are fine and good'
anyway , we are very weak spice
we pretend to be strong while we are weak
we pretend to know everything while we are ignorant
we pretend to rule the world ,while we can't control our selves
we are just pathetic creatures
The Strength of the greatest powers on Earth became the weakest
this is God's anger
some will not agree and Say you are just a crazy Muslim but is not everything moves on the Earth ,moves by the Well of God