Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy new year

Happy new year 2007 to all my dear friends,visitors and those who came here by mistake

Happy New year and I wish that year 2007 would be better 1000 times than Year 2006

rainbowHappy New year to you ,your family,your friends and all your beloved onesrainbow

cloud_rainUnfortunately the weather is too cold today in Cairo cloud_rain

Anyhow happy new year

and for that I would like to give you a present


A PIXAR animation shot film

Robert Fisk: A dictator created then destroyed by America

Robert Fisk,you must read his latest essay for the British independent ,I like this man

I like this part especially "Who encouraged Saddam to invade Iran in 1980, which was the greatest war crime he has committed for it led to the deaths of a million and a half souls? And who sold him the components for the chemical weapons with which he drenched Iran and the Kurds? We did. No wonder the Americans, who controlled Saddam's weird trial, forbad any mention of this, his most obscene atrocity, in the charges against him. Could he not have been handed over to the Iranians for sentencing for this massive war crime? Of course not. Because that would also expose our culpability."

By the way the Arabic translation is available in Al-Ahram edition of 31/12

From Abdul Karim Qassim to Saddam Hussein live execution "Graphic"

My late Grandfather may Allah bless his soul in those blessing days didn't forget I believe till the day he died that moment in Iraq when he had watched the execution of Abdul Karim Qassim live on TV, he was in Iraq covering the military coup led by Abdul Salam Araf better known as the coup of February the 8th 1963 for a famous Egyptian political Magazine then.

He told me that he was staying in the hotel when he received a phone call from an Iraqi friend telling him to open the TV immediately
Already Iraq was the first country to have TV since 1958, not Egypt "in 1960" as it is widely known, of course my country expertise went beyond Iraq's TV, anyway my granddad opened the TV and he found a special broadcast.
"After a few moments, we will be airing the execution of the traitor Abdul Karim Qassim and his companions"
Just less than a few seconds
Abdul Karim and his companions appeared wearing military suites sitting in what appeared to my granddad as a Studio "he was right, they went to the television building at that time, there were no external units I believe available then".  The former president and his companions were sitting on chairs bravely waiting for the rifles targeted towards them to open their fire.
and suddenly.

"Bang, Bang, Bang"
A live massacre on TV, my Granddad was shocked, despite he covered many wars from 1948 to 1956 to Lebanon 1958.

 He was shocked, he couldn't speak for minutes, only looking at the death scene in front of him, the camera was going around the dead bodies here and there. It wasn't a few moments he went to inform Cairo, yet he was surprised to find censorship on the news then in the official media.

Yes, the Egyptian people knew from our newspapers, radio and TV that Qassim was executed but not on TV nor the photos of his execution were published, the Egyptians knew about that from international radio stations like BBC and Monte Carlo
Here is the photo of the execution, I warn you it is not nice, "damn it you already see it"

Poll results

I was having a poll for the last couple of months after the Talaat Sadaat famous lawyer,member of Parliament and nephew of President Sadaat went to jail for a whole year for arising suspicion about his uncle assassination

The question was

25 years on the Podium incident, President Sadaat was killed by ??

  1. The Islamic group of course "official version"
  2. A very complicated conspiracy with big names involved from the Army "Talaat El Sadaat version"
  3. I don't have a clue
  4. Who is President Sadaat in the first place ??

The answers came as follows

  •  27 votes "27%" are with the official version
  •  41 votes "41%" are with the Talaat El-Sadaat version
  •  26 votes "26%" don't have a clue
  •  5   votes "5%" don't know who is President Sadaat in the first place

Well it is the first time since I start my polls that to find the percentage equal the real number of votes interesting

Well it seems that majority of people "41%" are with Talaat El-Sadaat version , I said the majority because I compare it with those who believe the official version "27%"

The 26% who don't have a clue are like me , need to know more to have better judgement in order to either be with 27% or with the 41%

For the 5% who don't know president Sadaat ,here is what Wikipedia for :)

and happy new year ;)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The bad choice of the timing Saddam execution "The public 's opinion about his execution"

I guess I hinted yesterday to my disapproval on the timing of Saddam execution and it seemed that for another time I seem to be right and speak on the Arabic majority

The Arabic majority despite what they think about Saddam didn't like the idea of executing him on the first day of the feast at all

Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabya correspondents across the Arab world made interviews with people from regular citizens to politicians and officials , most of them didn't like the timing

All agreed that it was an American choice made to hurt the feelings of the Arab Muslims "I say Arab Muslim because I know that the Un Arab Muslims doesn't matter with them whether he is hanged or not, of course unfortunately most Arabs think that they are the only Muslims in the world" The pilgrims in Mecca some of them already didn't like the execution on that day

Already I don't for real if it were an American Choice or an Iraqi choice ,some part in my working brain says that it was the American administration typical stupid thinking , some part says that it was the Maliki government's brilliant thinking

I don't like the timing and the date too ,I don't like now he would be considered as a hero and martyr for some minority ,already I read in that an Iraqi woman refugee in Jordan from the famous Dajal village in which Saddam was sued for war and human crimes said that they shouldn't have hanged him on that day ,as it would make from him a martyr

Anyway I believe the greatest opposition or rejection for the date of execution came for unexpected American ally in the region "" {did you think that it was Egypt, official Egypt now is in holiday in Sharm baby??} I feel there is some shift in the Saudi foreign policies , but this I will talk about it later , Saudi Arabic said that the trial was politically bias and the timing of execution was insult for the Muslims as this is a month from the "Horo'm" months and the first day of Ad'ha feast according the official Saudi press Agency "SPA{El-Horo'm months in the Islamic Lunar calendar are months were the fighting and wars are prohibited except for defense}

But I also think from the other side , the side of the families who lost their beloved ones in his prisons,in his massacres and in his wars , from the Iraqis ,from the Iranians,from the Kuwaitis and also from the Egyptians , today is a real feast , a double feast for them ,I understand and respect their feelings so much ,today since the early morning Kuwait was so happy.

Already I kept watching the TV till they announced the end of his hanging and I saw all the early reactions ,you know it was n't smart from the Egyptian TV to announce the news and then air a romantic song for the famous Iraqi singer Kadim El-Sahar ,really it wasn't necessary ,as I said the official Egypt is in holiday in Sharm El-Shekih ,so there is not any official respond right now ,only the MB announced that it was a bad timing ,and sure it wasn't the best time

There is another important factor beside the timing factor that makes the majority of people in the Arab world not so happy about that execution

The idea that he was n't executed by a free , a real Iraqi government ,without the existence of an invasion forces , most people and I among them believe that Iraq and the Iraqi regime are under the control of the American invasion , I guess no can deny the fact that Iraq is not  a free Country and thus it would be much better and greater if Saddam was executed by a real national free Iraqi regime if you understand

The best who really explained this thing was an Egyptian analyst living in the United States in Al-Jazeera in early morning when he said if we made two separate polls about the people's approval  on the execution of Saddam and disapproval on the American capture and also punishment Hussein , we will find both polls are equal !!


Waiting for execution : Saddam last hours

It is all over the media from News channels to websites to newspapers

Saddam Hussein will be hanged in few hours, they didn't say when in CNN,while in BBC they are saying that it will be in days according to the US ,but in Al-Jazeera ,an Iraqi official confirmed that the ex-president and dictator will be executed before 6 AM Baghdad local time

Well I believe they will do it "if they are really going to do it" before the Eid El- Adh'a pray which will be insh Allah 7:25 or 7:30 according to my calculations "The Eid Pray is exactly 20 minutes after the sunrise and the Sunrise in Baghdad according to this is 7:05 :)"

Already I don't know why they choose Saturday ,is it to make the Iraqi people happy , well I am sure they are but not so happy as there is a civil war going there right now

I don't like the date , for me they would choose another day ,may be on Thursday

Look I don't love the man and I believe he should be hanged in a public square since day 1 instead the silly Broadway show we were watching for a year

But executing him on the first day of the Eid can give his supporters the opportunity to change from a dictator to a martyr , already the man considered himself so ,a sacrifice to Iraq !! For example I know that Mustafa Bakry on Monday in El-Osboo will make the following black headline in his newspaper "The Black Eid : The departure of a great leader "

I just don't like this to happen because there are lots of innocent people he killed by himself "Our neighbor in the Nile Street in Giza" or by his orders " don't count"

I don't know ,may be he is the sheep in which the American administration is going to sacrifice in the Eid

I wonder what he is doing or thinking now if there is a true execution for him !!

By the way I took the title of this post from another post I wrote today about our sacrificed sheep in my MSN space

Al-Jazeera "Saddam's execution "with in hours"

CNN "Saddam's execution:special report"

France 24 "It will on Saturday"

BBC online "With in days"

Der Spiegel in German and I don't understand ,I didn't find anything in their English online edition

Friday, December 29, 2006

Hajj Coverage :)

The Hajj ceremonies are covered across the globe

The Hajj is the Islamic Pilgrim to Mecca and the Holy Land

Today the Muslim pilgrim reached to the top of the mount Arafat where they prayed there 

Here is the coverage from Around the globe

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Hajj approaches spiritual climax 



France 24

Funny thing BBC is asking the pilgrim to share their experience right now  !! I don't know who got a spare time from the pilgrim

Also CNN sent one of their crew member to cover the pilgrim her is Umm Zeinab "Mother of Zeinab" I think it is a nickname tags: , , , , , , , ,

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Happy Eid to all of you


Today is the Wakfa "Standing"and Tomorrow is Eid

Happy Eid to all of you

blacksheepblacksheepيا برتقال احمر و كبير النهاردة الوقفة و بكره العيد

Oh you big red oranges today is the Wakfa and Tomorrow is the Eid

From the Egyptian Eid folk songs


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People's Revolt in Lebanon

People's Revolt in Lebanon 

Interesting article about Lebanon and what happens in it ,it also discusses an important aspect I didn't it discuss it before , already because I didn't understand it , that's the economic situation in Lebanon

I know that the economic situation in Lebanon is bad but it is not as described in the report , well I know it is still better than in Egypt , also the shocking facts about the economic status of the Shiite sect also surprises

This article gives you another angle to look from to understand why the people are standing right regardless of the cold weather in the middle of square determined to down the current government

I know that Siniora had a great past as a finance minister , I remember very well all those sarcastic shows making fun of him in MTV Lebanon "before they closed it" and LBC in both "Mon'a fi Lebanan and Bas Maat Watan"

Anyhow I want to read it till the end and for my dear follow Egyptians

Please read page 2 , the part concerning Egypt

Man we are really became a real role model in the Arab World !!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The problem is not in the word brain heads !!??

Ok today the announcement of President Mubarak about the constitution amendments and his call to both the parliament and the senates to meet in  order to discuss those amendments in order to approve them made the headlines in all the official newspapers in Egypt in a stupid way , they even described as the second victorious crossing in a hint to the 1973 victorious Egyptian army crossing to Sinai in a provoking way.

Yes it is the biggest constitutional changes Egypt saw from 50 years ago , but are they for real ?? a real change toward a real a real political reform ?? a real hope towards what Egypt needs from democracy !!??

Any how I am still reading those big changes to find that they are not so great after all

You know there are some amendments that make me laugh because they are not that significant changes ,in fact they are just words on a book paper

for example The article No.1

Which states the following : 

The Arab Republic of Egypt is a Democratic Socialist regime based Country, that is established on the union of the working force and the Egyptian People are part from the Arabic nation that they work for the complete Union

The NDP headed by president Mubarak decided to change the article by canceling the word "Socialist" of the article to enforce the principle of free economy of Egypt

It is not about a certain word ,Egypt will still have not that free economy that the regime promising the people with in the valley of the Nile

Simply because You Will Not Have A Free Economy Except When You Have A Real Political Freedom

As simple as this

For God sake if they are seeking for a real Free Economy why there is :

  • Lots and Lots of Red tape ,bureaucracy ,corruption......etc
  • Monopoly from the business Men like Ahmed Ezz and Mamdouh Ismail are controlling Egypt's important resources

What we are having now in Egypt is just like Russia after the end of Soviet Union , the ruling class from Communist party are those who control Economy forming the Russian Mafia , whose reputation and danger now exceed the famous old Italian Mafia

What Free Economy the president is promising us while we are less competitive then any other country with our resources !!?? Is the word "Socialist" the problem ?? now we will be more competitive and our Economy is liberated !!

For God Sake look at China and this is a socialist communist country ,learn from it

The official newspapers are acting as if the omitting of that word "Socialist" will really liberate our Economy

Economy and Politics are two faces for one coin

Liberate the politics and you will liberate the Economy

Already I don't how to reach for that liberation with the new amendments

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The amendment of article No.88

Today President Mubarak will announce in a televised speech the so-called biggest and most important changes in the constitution amendments in Egypt that will be discussed in the Egyptian parliament with big expectation of their pass in the parliament ,after all the majority is for the NDP

The most important two amendments will be subject to changes are articles no.88 and the famous no.76 of last at least from my point of view , the rest of course are also important ,by the way the number of articles that will undergo the process of change are 32 :)

today I will speak about the article no.88

Article No.40 is about the Judicial supervision on the elections whether the parliament or presidential

As you may know in Egypt Judges according to the constitution as independent judicial authority supervise the elections in order to achieve the so-called free elections , their supervision extends from the general committees that are the main towns to the subsidiary committees that are the streets ,villages , etc ...

Yet the NDP wants to change this , they don't want a judicial supervision at all in order to win in the elections to get the majority ,you see the judicial supervision and the independence of the judges proved to be a pain in the ass , already they were going to lose the parliament elections this year and their worst nightmares ever happened when they found that the MB representative in the assembly are the leaders of the opposition

At first the NDP wanted to cancel this supervision and substitute it with an independent appointed committee !! How can it be independent and it appointed ?? No si ,Je no sais pas ,I don't know

Then of course after that brilliant suggestion of the NDP policies committee headed by GM himself was declared in the newspapers , both the United States and the people didn't accept it .I mention here the United States because we all know that unfortunately there are some political changes whether in the sake or against the country are taken only to satisfy Washington

And thus they had to change a little bit and volia ,we got the new modified amendment , let there be a Judicial supervision but only on the general committees not the subsidiary committees where all the fraud and cheating happen 

Already the Egyptian opposition is against that amendment to article no.88 check El-Wafad newspaper "sorry in Arabic" by as quick translation ,the head of that party made a statement against the proposed amendment

Also the Judges are against it , already I believe that this amendment is the NDP's revenge from the Judges who are insisting to take back all their rights and privileges from complete independence to better salaries to full supervision in the elections

If you follow the Egyptian political issue since last year you will know that the only new power that stands against the regime and NDP firmly in Egypt are the Judges who were and are escalating their case more and more in all possible ways ended by an internationalization to their case by the EU interfere

I can't understand why they want to change this article if they are moving on in the Political reform for democracy , this article enforces democracy and protects it !! Of course they are pretending

I wish that this amendment won't see the light , just a wish from Mubarak and his party ,a wish that may not come true if all people judges,opposition and silent majority stood against it

This is about article 88 , there are other articles to come

Monday, December 25, 2006

Mona El-Shazely 0 Laila Rostom 10

Did you watch Mona El-Shazely interview with Laila Rostom yesterday ??

Man it is the first El-Shazely proved to be weak , the number 1 woman TV host in Egypt for 2006 proves to be very weak in front of this legendary TV host Laila Rostom

Laila Rostom for those who don't know was from the the first ladies who appeared in the Egyptian TV in 1960, she worked there till year 1966 where she used to present a fantastic collection of TV programs and shows ,she hosted celebs , politicians like Andira Gandhi and her , writers,novelists and intellectuals , legends like Taha Hussein and Mary Mounib . after 1966 she moved to Lebanon , where she worked in Tele Lebanon in 1968 for 16 years to present one of the most important TV shows ever in history of Lebanon "an evening with the past" hosting the most important figures of Lebanon to talk about their lives from Pierre El-Jumayal the grand father to Kamal Junbolt whom she admires very much

then she presented a very beautiful important program that was shown across the Arab except Egypt unfortunately I don't know why ,it was called "Between the reality and fancy" discussing the most famous historical figures in the Islamic Arabic history between the reality and the fancy ,I didn't watch that program ,but my mom did when she was in Qatar

after that she stopped working for TV unfortunately

A great sophisticated lady , she spoke so great about Freedom,politics in Egypt and also in Lebanon , she hinted didn't speak frankly after she is used to censorship in Egypt ;)

anyway Mona wasn't in her best mode ever , may be because her guest is a veteran TV host , she couldn't keep up with her

Mona seemed unorganized ,moving from question to another with no arrangement ,interpreting Laila several times

and of course Mona the nasserite couldn't accept any criticize to the golden era even though Laila didn't criticize Nasser on the contrary she praised him

Anyway it was a great episode

P.S some may consider Laila as arrogant high class lady who lives in ivory tower from her talk and criticism to the conditions now in Egypt

My dear Egyptian friends my grand mother doesn't consider her so ,because in the 1950s and 1960s the girls of the upper and high middle class act like her

You want an example MY grand mother

The Arabic paradox

The political scene in Palestine and Lebanon is very strange , in fact it makes one laughs so much because they seem opposite to me

You see in Palestine here is the following situation

The United States and Israel are against the government of Hamas and with the president "Abu Mazan" of Fatah

While in the Lebanon it is the opposite

The United States and Israel are with the government of Fouad El-Seniora and against the President "Lahood" and the majority opposition !!

Strange isn't it


Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time - Karen Armstrong - Books - Review - New York Times

 Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time - Karen Armstrong - Books - Review - New York Times

It is not the first time that I found Karen Armstrong wrote something about Prophet Muhammad "PBUH" and it won't be the last

It is great in fact to have some one like Armstrong

But the problem is in the article there are some mistakes ,I believe not from Karen Armstrong but from the editor

First Mecca wasn't a Nouveau riche city , it was very rich city since very long time , Mecca took its position since Prophet Ibrahim "Abraham" and Ismail {PBU them} re-built it the Kebbah by the orders of Allah,since then it became very active and rich ,so it wasn't a Nouveau riche ,you want another proof ,you can check the history of Mecca in Pre-Islam when they used to have the poetry festivals , this is not a Nouveau riche city activity

Second about the marriage of Prophet Muhammad "pbuh" from Lady Zeinab , this is not how the things happened ,yes she was married to his servant whom he loved as his son , and that boy or man refused to leave the Prophet Mohamed and for that Prophet Muhammad "PBUH" declared that he adopted him and called him his son ,the son of Mohamed in the community and in the Pre-Islamic period this was an adoption , the man became his son "I am sorry I can't remember the man's name correctly now"

At that point a divine order came from Allah prohibiting adoption , you can love someone like your daughter or son but don't call them on your name or give them the inheritance rights like your children , and this is in order to preserve both the lineage and inheritance rights "Lineage rights to protect from the disasters that would from example if the adopted girl or boy marries his or her real sibling"

To confirm this order , another Divine order came ordering Prophet Muhammad to marry Lady Zeinab who was the wife  of that servant , why ??

To understand this order you must know in Islam it is prohibited the father marriage from his daughter in law and vice versa for the mother and thus to prove that man is not the son in the community not anymore he married his wife because if he were his son he would n't have marry lady Zeinab

It was to confirm the fact that the man wasn't his son anymore

Look there is a misconception in the west that Prophet Muhammad "PBUH" were a womanizer heaven forbids this is a nonsense, each wife of Prophet Muhammad after lady Khadija "PBU them" had a special reason or story behind this marriage

Do you get it ?? Kudos ??

You can order the book from here from

Jozo , the old Egyptian heritage

I asked my dear Lebanese Friend Layal about Shekih Jozo whom we suddenly found him in Egypt on the bankrupted Rosa El-Youssef having interview with the big Hypocrite Abd Allah Kamal of the NDP and GM

The Mufty of the Mount of Lebanon in a shocking interview with Rosa El-Youssef which seemed to be a real regime speaker more than ever , it was strange for me for number of reason

Suddenly I found this guy and open his fire on the Lebanese opposition like no other , the guy can cause a real sectorial division and civil war with his ill talk

Boldly accusing Hassen Nasserallah with arrogance and that the holy man of Hezbollah is seeking to rule Lebanon !! You know no one even Saad El-Harriri dared to accuse Nasserallah in that way ,so I wanted to know who is that man

Already the title ,his title "Mufty of Mount Lebanon" was a strange to me , as for my knowledge the Sunni people got only one Mufty for every country , like in Egypt we got "Ali Goma'a" ,in Lebanon there is for the Sunni people Mufty "Kabani" who seemed to be with "El-Seniora" and co. so it was really a surprise to find another Mufty in the same country !! and in Mount of Lebanon as from my humble Lebanese knowledge I know that Mount Lebanon is a Christian-Druz area ,so where is the Sunni in it ??

Anyway since his daring full of hatred interview with Kamal ,I know that this guy must have a good relations with the  Egyptian regime to appear with their man in their sick publication in order to influence the people in Egypt as they can't forget that the posters of Hassen Nasserallah are put in the cars and held in protests in the heart of the Sunni Al-Azhar

And my suspect was correct after finding this article about his history , really controversial one for a holy man if you want a truth ,you see he is more in to politics ,not as a holy man but a man with dangerous ambitions

If you can read Arabic ,I recommend reading this article "Thanks to Layal and Hilal for the links"

From this interesting bio you will find that the man in the golden era of Nasser regime in Lebanon and here I mean the golden era of the secret service squads ,kidnaps and late Kamel Marwa's family massacre ,the man studied in Egypt in Al-Azhar and in 1962 he was appointed in Mount Lebanon as a Mufty , already I know that some of the foreign exchange students at that time were recruited to the Egyptian intelligence service and to prove my sick conspiracy theory is that the man began to engage in politics and the old sectorial conflict in Mount Lebanon by supporting Kamal Junbolt against Kameel Shamon , Junbolt was with Nasser while Shamon was a deadly enemy to Egypt , regardless of what I believe in that period that Shamon was son of gun and his son is as bastard as him but Jozo wasn't Like Harath El-Dary in Iraq , he doesn't care that much about the Sunni Sect in Lebanon as much as his personal glory

Another proof ,he was proud to fight with the Palestinians and Yasser Arafat , look guys I am with the Palestinians but I am not re-occupying the Palestinians in Lebanon even thought I am Egyptian ,but it seems to me that our Jozo in year 1997 with the re-occupying the Palestinians in Lebanon !!

That man is a man for all seasons like any of the 1960s secret service products

Bottom line : Do not believe him :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas - Feliz navidad

Merry Christmas to all the people who celebrate it today

Feliz Navidad a toda la gente que la celebra hoy


كل عام و الاخوة المسيحيين بخير و سلام بمناسبة عيد الميلاد

Bobby Gates unknown history

Robert Gates ,the new American secretary of Defense , you may know that the man comes from a great intelligence background , he was an officer in the C.I.A

Not like any officer ,he was a very active field officer , and I mean with active ,I mean the kind of Mohamed Nassim may Allah bless his soul

Another interesting fact I knew about Bobby "which is the nickname of Robert in America for example they used to call Robert Kennedy Bobby" ,as I was saying I found a very interesting fact about Bobby Gates that in the mid 1980s he came on a special mission to Cairo ,trying to convince the Egyptian regime to invade Libya

The fact is over of course his mission failed because I and other Egyptians don't recall any invasion to Libya in the mid 1980s

This fact ,forgotten one is dedicated to all those people who really so happy by the resignation of Ramsefield

Bobby is much more worst Donald ,much more dangerous ,already the man specialization was the middle East

UN votes sanctions on Iran

Ok the UN voted for sanctions on Iran at last like the United States wanted ,since now there would be

  1. Prohibitation of the supply, sale or transfer of all items, materials, equipment, goods and technology which could contribute to Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
  2. All states shall freeze the funds, other financial assets and economic resources" owned by people or entities linked to "Iran's proliferation sensitive nuclear activities or the development of nuclear weapon delivery systems.

But let's speak the truth would this make the Iranians stop their nuclear program ??

No way ,it is useless

Already Iran I believe is isolated enough thus such sanctions wouldn't be a big burden

in fact I believe it is a waste of time because they will continue in their program , Iran is not exhausted financially like Iraq after the Gulf war 2 , it is rich and got oil that gives it more power than you think

Do you think that China or Russia or N.Korea would listen to this UN order ??

Baby the UN orders are made to be broken , you want the best example see Israel

Anyway before anyone accuse me of anything I will focus on Iran

Iran still got the winning card of Iraq , yet Bush is dump enough to refuse to cooperate with Iran and Syria ,of course the one who really pays the price is the Iraqis.

From another hand the supporters and admirers of Ahemdnijadi will support him and Iran more than ever ,considering him the new Nasser ,the enemy of modern imperialism of the west

International Coverage from around the Globe

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nishan and Majority

Nowadays I began to hate the word “Freedom of Expression” despite believing in yet, but I just got sick from hearing it every where from every one. You know it is silly thing because every time some one makes a mistake against some one with several supporters, Religions are being humiliated based on the principle of “Freedom of Expression” in a way that no one accepted , Historical figures are defamed thank to the same principles

It is the chaos

I mean now the new fashion or crusade in the Arabic media and blogs is to stand with the Moroccan magazine “Nishan” changing it from its original context in to another Islamic-Freedom of expression war thing as if Islam were against their Freedom of Expression

For those who don’t know the Moroccan authorities decided to close and ban “Nishan” magazine after publishing an edition including a report about the jokes in the life of the Moroccans, till now there was nothing wrong, yet these jokes were not like any Jokes beside they were about Sex, explicit ones as I understood from some Moroccan readers’ comments and Politics, it had a section about the Jokes about religion mainly the Islamic one and here comes the problem

Jokes about God, about Prophet Mohamed, about his companions from what I understand from reading in Moroccan blogs.

This is unacceptable; making fun from the religion in a disgusting way is a taboo to be discussed in a public magazine, this is not sex or politics, it is about scared beliefs of not only to the Muslim population of Morocco and they are the majority “98.7%” according to the C.I.A fact book but also one billion Muslim around the globe if the jokes were really as they were described in the media, already I can’t judge by my own self as the edition and the magazine itself were banned from publishing online from the ISP itself after the government banning order and public anger , and even an anti-Nishan Website was publishing the jokes online as a part of the campaign against the magazine yet unfortunately by the request of the readers they deleted the scanned pages

Look before anyone jump in to conclusions, I am 100% with the Freedom of Press and Expression as long as they don’t cross their limits of what accepted and unacceptable from ethical behaviors, that’s what My Grand father an Egyptian Journalist who lived his last 20 years of his life in a battle with the Freedom of Press in Egypt taught me, there are certain red lines not to be crossed

“Nishan” made a huge mistake; I don’t mind speaking about Sex or Politics at all, despite some may object on Sex as a taboo from the Eastern taboos not to be discussed widely and openly in magazines and newspapers but religion no way

Even their excuse is not acceptable; it is very naïve saying that

“So what these jokes are from the Moroccan streets??”

What Streets exactly??

Are they from the communist streets or the secular streets or the aesthetic streets??? From what I know the Moroccan people, the simple average Moroccan Joe; who is the source of the jokes just like in any other country; respects Islam so much regardless of his or her behavior, you can feel this if you watch the Moroccan satellite channel, the influence of Islam in this nation is so great despite all the western –Franco influence, it is there and no one can deny it

It is there and the regime, the dictatorship Monarchy is using to its advantage creating myths from considering the King as another religious symbol, the Prince of Believers whose foot is kissed by old men, I can’t forget the scene in the King Hassen II funeral when some old, very old sheikh came and kissed the hand of the young king

“Nishan” could have saved itself from all that trouble, if it didn’t publish these religious jokes sections and kept only the sections about the sex and politics. Already I know for sure that the Moroccan regime did what it did from banning and punishing the journalists of the Magazines because of the jokes about King Hassen II and the interior ministers using the religion insult. You want a proof, well if you want to any “Anti-Nishan” Website you will find that the following

The “Nishan” magazine insulted Allah, Prophet Mohamed “pbuh”, his companions and the King of the country!!

Why do they consider their king is so holy to be considered as Allah, the prophet “PBUH” and the companions of the Prophet!!??

Look this is not an inspection court or that Islam against the Freedom of expression but everything must have limits. Some people I see what to internationalize the case, ok internationalize it

But let’s speak about Democracy which means you must have your rule based upon the majority, the majority of the Moroccan people are against this magazine after what it did and with its ban, and they are the majority not the sophisticated intellectuals I believe

This is problem I believe comes from the fact that Morocco is just like any other Arabic country which got no democracy at all, pure dictatorship, the personality cult of the king is there but the question here if Morocco were a real 100% democratic country and the majority was against that magazine and called for its ban, well the opponents and activists agree??

Insulting religions in the name of Freedom of expression is a crime against Freedom of expression

P.S update (2/1/2007) I found an online version for the forbidden essay on ,I read it and I don't see a direct insult to the Islam or Allah or the prophet !!

Le Resistance Suez War 1956 "The unforgotten operations" {Must Must read}

The Underground resistance did many amazing operations, I believe the amazement came from the facts that most people who participated in it, were not military and never had a military training except for the boys of the National Guard like Dr. Yahia El-Shaer and Mohamed Maharn. They were like you and me, normal people who were put in extraordinary situation and did extraordinary things for their country, they didn't care for their safety, and they risked everything for what they believed in, from freedom and sovereignty

Today insh Allah, I will share with you some unknown yet important operations to famous ones with the correct details, but the way there are lots and lots of operations yet I chose those, I don't know why but they attracted me 

My sources here are mainly two: Port Said and Dr. Yahia El-Shaer valuable Website

1. Not every blonde is a western

Well this is what jumped in my mind after I read that story ,a mix of espionage ,courage and adventure , really those boys and men were too adventurous and that's why the history will remember them

Our hero here is half Egyptian - half European , young Mustafa Mustafa Abd El-Wahab who was 24 years old then "Born in the year 1939" , Mustafa 's father was a captain in the Universal company and he was a close friend to Dr Yahia El- Shaer in the high school. During the war Mustafa had a very big and dangerous assignment which was to spy on the invasion troops , thanks to his European look with his blonde hair and fluent language tongue he got,he wasn't caught.He provided the secret resistance with lots of information about the French and English troops on daily base. His biggest assignment was the 24 hours surveillance he made to the British troops while departure on the 22nd of December, his complete detailed surveillance report was sent immediately to the Egyptian Presidency and General intelligence

Big salute and kiss to Mr. Mustafa Abd El-Wahab where ever he is now ;)

2.It was a great lose to the MI5 and a great victory to the Egyptian Secret Resistance

That is what I said to myself ,it was a big lose to the MI5 when their man in Egypt major John Williams for 25 years got killed in a very simple suicide operation . major Williams worked in Egypt for 25 years ,he spoke not only Arabic fluently but also several Egyptian accents beside learning the Egyptian customs and traditions very well.In the war of 1956 he headed the intelligence service of the British forces in Egypt , yet it wasn't his only assignment his other more dangerous assignment was to track down the secret resistance in Port Said and destroy it , and he succeeded for sometime , of course he wasn't nice with the young resistance members , he used to torture them to get the information. On the 14th of November 1956 Williams was riding a car with colonel Green and a driver when the car stopped by an Egyptian young man who was only 16 years old holding in one hand a paper that looked like a complain and in the other hand what seemed a sandwich , but as soon as Williams opened the car windows to take the complain ,the young man threw a hand grenade in to the car and it exploded in few seconds , killing colonel Green and the driver immediately, while Williams who suffered from bad injuries died in the hospital from the implications as he was a diabetic

The 16 years old man , really he was a man ,was "Said Asran" , a member in the secret resistance ,yet despite his connection to the resistance ,he made this operation individually , the resistance didn't know about this operation at all till it happened , there was no arrangement at all for that operation on the opposite of what is known in Egypt. All the credit goes to"Asran" who did to avenge for his brother murder , from what I think after reading and search that his brother was also in resistance and he may have been caught by Williams and torture to death and that's why it is too personal and dangerous "Asran" didn't care for his life to get William , it was a personal vendetta issue . Already he refused to take the money reward from the resistance commanders and according to Dr. El-Shaer the resistance underestimated his anger "In Arabic" . "Said Asran" died on the 4th of July 2004

A Big salute and prayer on the soul of Said Asran "Please if you are a Muslim ,read on his soul "El-Fataha"

3. The De lessepes' statue operation and El-Shaer family

First before the 24th of December 1956 Port Said had one big statue in city ,the "De Lessep" statue , very big statue that reminds you if you see it with the big statue of Ramses II statue in Cairo or Mustafa Basha Kamal statue in Alexandria ,it was so silly and provoking ,yes "De Lessep" was the man who had the idea of the canal , but who digged it with his own blood and paid his life for it ,the Egyptian, the poor Egyptian worker who digged this canal in the most inhuman work conditions , hundred thousands paid their life because of it , Egypt paid its independence for more than 70 years because of it , and in return nothing was made to remember those who really dig it , the really owners and really builders ,that's why many didn't like the "De Lessep" , a symbol of the western Franco superiority reminding to the Egyptian till that date , of course after the Anglo-Franco attack the city people hated more and more than provoking French statue

On 24th of December ,and it was Monday ,the Egyptians found that one of the soldiers from the departed invasion forces put rudely on the top of the statue The French flag and The GB union jack flag with a French Para troop hat ,it was so rude and provoking , when the Egyptians reached the two flags ,they burned them ,after that there was some kind of a group thinking condition all the people had it around the statue ,it must be destroyed ,they tried but the problem was that it was so huge from bronze

Anyway those angry people weren't alone who thought about this idea of destroying that statue ,an Egyptian Journalist who was in Port Said then though about it before them and even before the departure of Anglo-Franco troops , but of course for such big operation with big implications you need the Cairo permission and thus from El-Shaer family house where the Egyptian wireless unit was hided a coded message was sent to Cairo ,yet the answer didn't come immediately, in fact it came after the major Samir Ghanam ,the commander of this operation made his mind I believe from what I understand even thought the orders came from Cairo prohibiting any revenge attack to the European features of the city above them that statue ,I don't know really what Major Samir was thinking ,but I believe may be the act of the departed Soldiers had did it from putting the flags in a provoking way had its share. Anyway Ghanam acted on his own just like the angry people who gathered on the 24 of December trying to destroy it. But Major Ghanam was lucky than them he got the explosive , and he even chose the man for that mission Young Yahia El-Shaer who didn't complete his 18th year yet {You can see him in the picture here}

Young Yahia didn't want to be alone in that historical mission , he was going to erase the last sign of western imperialism in Egypt then , he should share that glory and thus he asked Ghanam to include his brothers with him , but he only included one brother Abd El-Monam, while his brother Mohamed Hady was on another assignment

And thus the Al-Shaer brothers with black bag full of explosives went to destroy the big statue ,they went and it was a difficult operation

When they arrived they were already an audience about 20 or 30 people from the angry people who tried to destroy the big statue in vain ,so they were spectators who began to watch the two young boys who some of them knew their name trying to bomb that big thing

The problem was that they had to try three times to explode the statue till at last they did it and bombed it

and thus there was no more of the De Lessepes statue

The remaining thing is the base ,while the body De Lessepes is somewhere , it should be put in the museum

Check the story here

Big Salute and a Kiss to El-Shaer brothers

P.S : Today is the Victory Day in Egypt , the national day of Port Said where the last British and French Soldier left Egypt

Friday, December 22, 2006

Le Resistance 1956 in Port Said "The secret resistance"{must must read till the end}

This time I will speak about the secret resistance history and my source here is Dr Yahia El-Shaer book

The secret resistance as I said before the organized one was a cooperation between the people of Port Said and the Egyptian army ,here this what I am sure you don't know

When the assault on Egypt and Port Said happened and from what I think a clever thinking from Nasser and his advisors, President Nasser issued the presidential decree of forming the public under ground resistance , and appointed Abd El-Fatah Abu El-Fadl as the head of it , Abu-Fadl for those who don't know later became the deputy of the head of the Egyptian intelligence,already in that time Zakirah Mohi El-Din ,the head of the Egyptian intelligence ,had another title I found in the documents in Dr. El-Shear Website that was "The general supervisor of resistance across the Arab world " Major Kamal El-Sayed

Gen.Abu El-Fadl was the communication link between Cairo and the people of Port Said

Yet the real God father of the Port Said under ground or secret what ever you call it from resistance was major Kamal El-Sayed , a police officer who had a past experience in resistance and worked with the intelligence  during the existence of the British Canal Military base, El-Sayed was the coordinator of the operations in Port Said ,as I said he was considered as the God father of the resistance and that according to Port Said online despite the existence of many important names , real important names from the special forces and Egyptian intelligence

The groups of the resistance were 8 groups "check this chart from Dr.Yahia El-Shaer,already I am sorry that it is only in Arabic , I swear if I have time I would translate it " , yet there were more of the Fadeyeens groups coming to the city under the siege through the Manazla lake ,the number of those external groups reached to 5 groups and this according to Portsaid online

The head quarter or the operation room of the resistance was in the office of the officer Detective in the upper floor of the El-Arab Quarter police station , and they hided the wireless in the house of someone you probably read his name frequently in this series Dr Yahia El-Shaer , they hided it in El-Shaers house , already young Yahia El-Shaer and his brother were member in the resistance and before that they were members in the national guards.

  •  There is a very unique story as their Mother late Mrs Amina bravely saved the wireless and the Egyptian officer who was sending telegram when the following happened, the British knew there was some wireless some where in the area as they got the signal, and thus the order came to the British soldiers to search every house , every flat ,every room and every crack to find that bloody wireless , already lady Amina bravely hided the device and the man with his submachine in the closet of her bed room , when she knew they were searching in the neighborhood, when they came to their apartment ,as soon as they entered and began to search ,she pretended to be panic and fainted ,yes she faked her fainted ,of course all the neighbors gathered and so ,when the British saw that scene ,they freaked out and left the house without searching the rest of the rooms ,the last thing they wanted was a public anger because of freaking out a lady ,already here are the pictures of the wireless that El-Shaer family hided in their house

The Egyptian resistance as any resistance in world began to have its publicity flyers whether the encouraging flyers or the English flyers from the kind "Johnny you are so dead ,you are going to die in Port Said..etc" {Johnny was the name the Egyptians used to call  on any British soldier},The one who used to write it down with famous Journalist "Mustafa Shardy" along with others and they were called the  "Hatshama group"and they worked in a very small print shop of Mr Mohamed Shaker Maklof  and Mr Magrabi, and the first flyer was to encourage the people in Port Said and it held the title "We Will fight,We will fight" from the famous historical speech president Nasser said in Al-Azhar mosque on the 2nd of November 1956 "You can read the full speech in Arabic from here or here and English here,You can download it here from BBC Arabic . The English flyers used to reach to the British camps by either two ways from the Fadeyeens , the commandos or the Cyprus workers from the British base in Cyprus who came with the British army , already the Greeks and Cypriots stood beside the Egyptians in that war

The transportation of the weaponry to Port Said was a big problem not an easy with the city under a siege , it was even worst from smuggling the weaponry to Hezbollah, anyway Major El-Sayed thought about the fishermen in Al-Manazla lake , they were many but the choice was hard because it was a very critical thing ,in the end he chose a certain family from fishermen , the "Abd El-Manams" who used to hide the weapons under the fish in their boats. Transferring the weapons was a very dangerous mission yet the people didn't fear from it and thus you would find that even young ladies joined this mission,for example a lady that appears in the Al-Jazeera special documentary about the resistance Mrs Zeinab ,who recalls who she transferred the weapons inside her car and her little niece was beside her , and how the British soldiers stopped her and asked her about herself and the kid , Zeinab wisely and boldly answered him saying that the kid's name was Abd El-Nasser , and even before the soldier opened his mouth ,he found that people began to gather and thus he let her go , already people gathered to see what the problem of that officer with that lady and that fricked the officer ,the last thing they wanted to do was to raise sensitive issues

The operations of the secret resistance ranged from the defense of the city then spying and collecting information about the invaders to dangerous and violent operations of kidnapping and killing

For example the people used to hunt down the soldiers by putting snipers on the roofs and on higher floors in the building which made the British mad and bombed the buildings madly

Also the Fadeyeens used to steal "I don't know if it is the proper word" the weapons of the British soldiers and thus the orders came from the high command of the British army to its soldiers to attach the weapons on their bodies and not to roam alone but with a group on the 8th of November 1956 ,of course this didn't stop the resistance

 Next time Insh Allah I will share you specific successful operations of the honorable resistance

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Because you don't like our president

To the Egyptian people

And you are complaining ,screaming and bitching about our President , at least he didn't call the days and the month after his name and his family , at least he doesn't have golden statues every where , at least he didn't write some book which became as scared as the holy books and you may not get your driving licenses if you failed in that book test

Really Egypt conditions ' are far more better than poor Turkmenistan

Today the President of Turkmenistan  Saparmurat Niyazov "oh man I had copy and paste his name "after 20 years of rule of the ex-soviet country of Turkmenistan that is so reach in resources specially Gas died suddenly from a sudden heart attack in the morning causing a shock to the country despite the reports about his bad health ,already he is a diabetic

The man is a very unique dictator , an old fashion if I would say ,you know the kind who worships himself and makes kissing his ass is a religious order in what the west calls as I knew today cult of personality ,strange in Wikipedia that the most famous three figures were only Kim Ill -Sung and his of N.Korea and our deceased friend here ,well they forgot another one Saddam Hussein

The guy was self obsessed by himself , golden statues for himself everywhere ,I  mean look to the amount of Gold in that statue in the photo , also he didn't something no one did except few ,he changed the names of the days and months to hold his name and his family !!!!!

Also he wrote some book ,called Ruhonama , The Book of spirit , which he made as scared as the Holy Quran May Allah forgive me , yes the book is put beside the Holy Quran in the mosques , they put lines of the Ruhonama beside the verses of the Holy Quran , the man was insane for sure

You want a proof that Mubarak is nothing compared to him , check the presidential decrees he issued in Wikipedia

Of course the money from the gas industry in his country goes to him and his family ,you know I don't understand why he didn't make his son as a vice president may be because he didn't expect death already he was 66 years old and he was considered a life time president


check the news from


Der Spiegel English service with coverage about the Europe's concern about the Gas and of course don't miss the photo gallery there

International Herald Tribune

And of course the fantastic BBC World coverage

The man dies "to the hell I am sorry to say so "

The Obituary : Iron man

What is going to happen in the future after his death Questions without definite certain answers

The Niyazov's cult must must see this photogallery

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