Monday, February 27, 2006

Will Khadija El-Gamal be the next Egypt's first lady ?!

I am not surprised with the news itself or with the bride because one of the benefits of being a member in a family with many many connections that you hear a very important news before it is announced from a very long time.
I know it from last year with the bride's name. says the bride is famous with her calm beauty yet my resources says she is so beautiful ,she got this famous beauty of Damitta girls.
Yet my big surprise when I heard the news from two months is the age of Khadija ,she is only 23 years old ,she is older than me with one year ,I am 22 years old , while the groom GM is 44 or 45 years old !!!??
Anyway who can refuse a groom like this !!!
The question will she be the next Egypt's first lady ??

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The new leaked photos of Abu-Gharib

When I saw the new images that were leaked from Abu-Gharib prison in Iraq and were showed in the Australian TV ,I found myself saying "Hasbon Allah wa Nama El-Wakeel" {It is an Islamic prayer means Allah is enough for me to be my defender ,it is said when the muslim feel weak} and yes I felt so weak and so angry.
I hate prisons and I hate humiliation of the people
The pictures shows so much sadism in the American soldiers ,so much hate and anger inside them and they let it go on the poor Iraqi people ,already if read the Dateline program script you will shocked to know that they bring the children of the prisoners as pressure paper!!
This is the american amry that is going to establish Democracy in Iraq ,tell me what is the difference between Abu-Gharib in Saddam's era and in Abi-Zaid 's era ,nothing at all , only the guards turned from Iraqi to American , Masror ,the sword man ,turned in to Billy the Kid
Many people say why don't complain about the prisons in the Arab world and they are many !! You even got better techniques in torture than the Americans that they bring their prisoners to be hosted and tortured here in your country !!
Well who told you that we don't complain and we don't scream !! please check this site I found it somewhere I guess either in Wael Abbas' Misr digital or Manal & Alaa
I found it really strange when a person humiliate another person in such way , to see him cry to see him in pain
I read once for Salah Jahin ,the great Egyptian poet , in wonderful quadra-poems that wonders how a person from Adam's people can torture another person from Adam's people !!
Late Jahin the person who tortures is not a person anymore !!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Where are the Muslims now ? For the love of Prophet Mohammed save the last shrine

Where are the muslims now from what is going in Iraq ?
in one day more than one hundred sunni were dead , and 176 Sunni Mosques were burned or destryed even the Holy Quarn was touched .
Where everyone suddenly shut up and ignore that a civil war is going to start ,if it didn't start already
We won't say who is behind it ,because it is well known the benefictor from all this mess, it is not the time of accusation ,it is time for a remedy
Muslims for the Sake of prophet Mohammed "PBUH" whom you showed how much you cared for that you dazzled the whole world with your anger , for his sake people go to the street for your follow Muslims , whether Shiia or Sunna
For the sake of the Mosques and Shrines that were destroyed ,for the sake of those who died
For the sake of the Holy Quran that is being humilaited
You were going to announce war against the Denmark when Bunch of crazy right wing parties there threated that they would burn and they didn't yet now it is burned in Iraq .burned with Mosques
By the way what I am saying and writing right now is also in the minds of the West ,watching and wondering from the Islamic Silence
Check the Times leading article for today
I will speak about Atowar Bahgat later

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Silly Play

I don't know why every time I watch few minutes from Saddam's trial ,I become very angry that I turn the channel to another.
It turned in to a site comic starring Saddam and his brother Barzan ,andthe episodes are all about who is going to drive the other nutts ! Saddam and bro or the judge !!
Saddam every time turns the trial in to a play full of curses and insults to the Judge , Saddam strikes and refuses to eat , Brazan comes with the court wearing his underwear just like Michael Jackson when he appeared in the court wearing his pajama ,the difference is that Jacko is a pop singer not an ex- head of intelligence service !!
This is a ridiculous ,it is not a serious trial ,it is not like any trial in the world.
Saddam killed Millions and what I see he gets the treatment no other dictator has it after overthrowing the regime .
I may look uncivilized but this man and his men want the same treatment that either Abd El-Salam Araf or Abd El-Karim Kassam had ,I don't remember which one of those men exactly but I know one of them had been executed alive on TV in the 1960s.
My late grand father went to Iraq to cover the event of the new revolution in the Iraq in the 1960s as a correspondent for El-Ahkbar newspaper and in Bagdad after long day of work ,he was going to sleep when an Iraqi friend called him and told him to open the television .
My grand father opened the television and he found the evening film was the execution of the death penalty of the overthrew president !! An execution scuade with guns pointed to man whose eyes were blinded ,and 1,2,3 the man was shot dead. My grand father was surprised and couldn't sleep that night. Already I think that this incident was n't published as it happened in Iraq in Egypt for some reason !!
My late grand father told me that the man who was killed didn't deserve that death ,in fact I remember grand dad saying Saddam was the one who deserved to die in humiliation publicly for what he did in Iraq and the Arab World
This doesn't prove the new Iraq is a democratic or believe in human rights , Saddam got no rights because over 30 years he stole the rights of others, I am afraid it means one thing the new Iraq doesn't respect or even admit by the blood of Iraqi people ,even for the kurds it doesn't respect what happened to them
For the sake of mothers who lost their children and for the sake of children who lost their parents in his regime please execute the death penalty on him in a public square in Bagdad ,this is justice not this stupid play.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't drink water from the Nile

It is on the National TV and Radio
Don't drink water from the Nile
Some ignorant fools had thrown their infected chicken with the Avian influenza a.k.a H5N1 to the Nile river !!!
I am so angry ,they don't know what they have done !!
Drink water from filters , real filters or buy mineral water like Nestle or Aquafina .
The problem is how are we going to use water to wash ourselves ?!!
The problem of Egypt is not illiteracy but ignorance

updates : It turned out to be a rumor ,I wonder who made it

any way drink from filters ,it is better

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Monday, February 20, 2006

The Chicken run

It is amazing thing what the Egyptian gov't is doing in the Avian influenza crisis in Egypt ,for the first time the Egyptian gov't acts wisely despite it acts reactively as usual .Already if you read the news you will find out that WHO blamed Egyptian gov't and accused it for hiding the infection 10,000 Turkey in some farm in some where in Egypt with the H5N1,so the numbers is growing.
The Egyptian gov't is not lying as usual in number but it tries to do some kind of preparation for the people to hear the bad news , first they were 7 then 10 then a whole farm some where than it is 10,000 turkey , already people don't need more bad news.

The Numbers that were announced in the TV to be called to know about the injuction against the human flu for children ,old people and so on are so busy ,all lines are occupied ,in a crisis like this Gov't should get more lines ,even leased the service from a company like Raya or Exceed , another thing the number is so long ,why don't they make it short for the people like 19---- or 16000 or even like the 112 of police
Already they launched a website [a digital cabinet] ,another very long url why don't they make it

The danger now in Egypt is in the people themselves especially in the country side.
Many of them can't read or write
Also lets admit the naked truth and say that the Egyptian country side isn't the cleanest in the area ,it is not like the lebanese or sryian or even the turkish , another very dangerous fact is that the poultry in Egyptian country side usually stays in the same house with people moving around freely and that what scares me !!
Many of them don't like going to the hospital plus the symptoms of the virus is exactly like normal flu

This is a killing shot to the poultry industry in Egypt ,for the small before the big ,I don't care about the big farms like Amricana or Koky but I care for the small ones ,the poultry shops those need some financial help
already people won't even buy eggs

Friday, February 17, 2006

It arrived Egypt ,Don't eat Chicken

H5N1 a.k.a the Bird Flu has arrived Egypt today as the government for the first time announced that they discovered 10 infected chickens "Seven were alive,3 were dead!!"
People don't eat chicken go for meat and Fish ,I will go for fish and vegetables I hate meat.
As if our dear Egypt hasn't enough troubles ,less than two weeks one thousand person sunked in the red sea ,now we got this terrible epidemic arrived in the valley of the Nile
Please be Cautious ,the syptoms are just like normal flu
by the way cooking the chicken well kills any germ but the problem is that the virus can be transferred through cleaning the chicken and here comes the danger every woman in Egypt cleans the chicken by water and salt before cooking at least I grew up and saw my mom and my grand ma do so ,so please don't bother yourself and go for fish
by the way here is World health organization website :
By the way I don't believe the government numbers of the infected chicken
after all the government always lies about the numbers
I believe there are more than seven or ten
look to the locations
Some were found in Madinate Nasr "South of Cairo"
Some were in Giza "North of Cairo"
and one was found in El-Manya "South of Egypt" !!!!!!!!
Sorry this pattern is not a good indicator ,it means one thing ,we could be in bad situation after all Turkey the virus was concentrated in one part yet as you see in Egypt it is from north to south !!
As if Egypt has enough problems!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Amr Khaled 's excellent move

Today I read in that preacher Amr Khaled is going to held a conference in Denmark about Prophet Mohammed "PBUH" introducing his personality to the West that doesn't know who is really Mohammed,PBUH, the prophet of Muslims
Excellent Move ,that what we need and want
Khaled lived sometimes in England ,also his years in Lebanon made as he said before with Mona Shazely,know how to deal with Non Muslims.
Khaled is not talking about the magazine or newspaper but about the European public
Already it turned in to some kind of clash of civilizations ,we don't want it and we don't need it .
This is a peaceful move ,right one ,we don't need violent riots and burning embassies and commissions ,we need them to know why we are so angry ,already Europeans saying that they honor the conversation between the civlizations so why don't they listen to us and why we use the same language of dialogue with them,they will listen ,they have to listen ,and even if they don't convince and we don't expect them to but at least we did as our religion told us "Call for it peacefully" sorry for my bad translation to the Quranic Versus.

Rude chief in Editor

The Danish newspaper chief in editor Mr.Fleming Rose, who is famous with supporting the New world order , and whose newspaper became world wide famous after being only famous in the Danish border said a disgesting statement this week I read it somewhere,this statement shows how much he feels sorry and how he looks to the Muslims and Islam
"We had to apologize to the people of Dictatorships where they cut the theives hands and women don't have their rights"
Mr. Rose despite that I don't like bad words in my blog ,and despite my respect to the freedom of expression and opinion and above them freedom of journalism yet I want to tell you something I wonder if you can hear or not
This is not from the Islam ,it is against it ,so Allah please forgive me
Mr.Rose May Allah Forgive you {I wrote yesterday a very bad word should n't be said by a good muslim from my anger and I felt so bad after publishing it and even some friends blamed me for it and they had all the right } I say it ROSE MAY ALLAH FORGIVE YOU
AFTRER all forgiveness is a great thing in ISLAM

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

word press or

Guys I am stuck
Now as a long time blogger I need much more options that aren't available in Blogger easily
and so after Alaa's advice to me I started to search and find out what is word press ,and really I was impressed
It is not for beginners or those who only need to post quickly ,it needs time and knowledge
But here is the problem I find it much better to download the program and host it on your site than to use it in Blogsome ,it is much flexible and it is worth to have such blog powered by WP with your domain ,yet this needs money and also needs a good server with specific requirements to work fine on it "latest PHP and so on"
I even tried it in free web hosting service ,just for trial and it is great especially with the feature of Importing previous posts from blogger

Well I can't find the suitable host despite we got one made by some Egyptian bloggers "other team supporting WP " in Tadween ,but I guess they don't host English blog ,ironically Tadween guys are leading a campaign in the Arab world to make people leave blogger and go for WP just like Manal and Ala quest to make people go to drupal !!

Another thing or another part of my problem I am emotionally attached here ,all my friends are here ,all my debates are in blogger ,sometimes I don't understand how i think or feel ,but it is true became part of my blogging life

well I am just sharing my thoughts with you

The 14th

OK lovers today is the Valentine day , where the chocolates and red roses rule the day!! And restaurants open for couples only
Yet today for me beside my sadness for losing my grand dad is not valentine day,it is the El-Hariri day
The late Martyr Lebanese PM who was killed last year at the same day.
This day is historical day in the history of Little Lebanon and big Arab World ,why ?
Simply because in this week the Arabic voice of the free Arab people began to be heard ,people began to scream.
The Stand of the Lebanese people after date was the first in the Arab world against the regime
and I won't lie if I say that in Egypt we were impressed that only few months away and the first demonstration of Kafya came to live
That what the 14th of February means to me,A sad bloody beginning for a better future I hope .
There had been man changes on the Lebanese Issue : Omar Soliman will have part and I think Egypt's No.1 Silent Man can do something ,The surprising meeting between Nasr Allah and Oan in a church "who can think that this can happen !?"
and of course Khaddam interview for El-Hora

Monday, February 13, 2006

Denmark's problem with Muslims

Please read this article from The Herald Tribune
Well I guess the problem is becoming much and much deeper
Already I found out that Queen of Denmark made a book attacking Islam in it !!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Egyptian People want to be happy even for once

I was in the street when Egypt won the cup of the African nation cup and I saw by own eyes the happiness the people felt ,a mix between happy and joy that me wonder do they realize that we only won a football competition ,just a tin cup covered with what so ever !?It is the game in the end
Those were my first thoughts when I went to the street during the match and I found out that it was the perfect time for crime or even invading Egypt itself ,no one is doing anything except following the match ,no one is walking down the streets ,the streets are empty just like in Ramadan during the breakfast time!!
Another wonder that goes back to a personal experience,when my late grandfather "May Allah bless his soul" was in the IC in IBN Sinia hospital before his death by 24 hours ,my aunt went to get from home all his medical records so the doctor can see it,to see what the best and suitable treatment for him ,she arrived home at the time of the match which Mideo made his famous bad behavior and went back again to the hospital , when she reached there the match was over and Egypt it won ,good thing okay .
Well when she went ot the IC she found only two nurses with no doctor ,where was the doctor? The doctor was coming down the stairs holding the flag ,waving it like the first lady saying "yay we won" ,then he went to my aunt saying asking "Did you see Mideo ? Did you see Mideo?" My aunt did something we were surprised from it ,she didn't scream at his face or anything ,she kept calm "No really I didn't see him ! what did he do !?" She told me after that that she had to do so because he is treating grand dad !!So my wonder what if someone got severe ill during the match will someone rescue him!?
What is more strange in the Croc Nile thing is the girls ,okay they look nice and everything and they show that we got the prettiest and coolest girls in Africa but sometimes I feel it is going out of control
Anyway back again to the winning hour ,People just run to the streets as if we got back our stolen land in 1973 ,in fact I know for sure people in 1973 didn't do so . All kinds of people ,men and women , young and old ,rich and poor ,all colors of Egyptian society !!
All with flags screaming Egypt ,Egypt and even some said long live Egypt !!
And here I realized a naked truth , a bitter truth ;truth always hurts People in Egypt want to be happy ,want to be proud with their flag ,want to be proud of their country achievement in anything even if it is in a rat race , you know why ?
because they don't like what happened to their country , they love it no they adore it and they just don't like this low standard we reach to
They want to be happy because they are tired from the sadness and agony surrounding them whether from sunken ferries to terrible economic situation to the amazing low level we reached in the politics.
I remember that the WHO made a study in Egypt and found that most Egyptian people are suffering from depression , a depression that lead to heart disease "I swear I know guys with age no more of 30 years and they suffering heart diseases because of working conditions in Egypt !!" to frustation in beds "you know Wahid Hamd and Sherif Araf 's master piece Sleeping in Honey "
For the first time I found myself love our RED-WHITE and Black flag ,despite my bias to the old green royal one and despite my sadness for the loss of my grand dad I wanted to have a flag to waive just like the rest of people ,Already I stick it on my window.
before I go I want to quote something from Ibrahim Eissa's article in Sout El-Oma "Nation's voice {All this violence the people showed in their happiness ,what will they do if they are angry !?}
The Egyptian people got a hidden anger and this anger can errupt at anytime

Thank you all for sharing and caring

Really I thank all my dear Egyptian bloggers friends who shared with my sadness for the loss of my grand father ,You really great people guys and I just hope not to see in any bad or sad thing again.
thanks to all those who sent me a condolence comment ,it meant too much for me.
May God bless my grand father's soul and the souls of other muslims ,Amin

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Farewell Granddad

I don't know what to write or what to say except yesterday my grand father had passed away suddenly ,yes he was in the hospital in the IC because of strong winter flu ,yet we had faith that he was going to be just fine and come back again ,Already from two months he survived from the IC in Badran hospital ,I didn't mention the disease but he was going to die from the doctors' mistakes !! It was enough to say that he was suffering from high blood pressure ,he went from Badran with diabease ,I swear there was a night while he was there and we thought he was going to leave us ,yet yesterday we didn't imagine that he was going to leave us in that simple way.
Thank God in the last two months ,he saw all his family member who loved him so much ,he was the elder of the family ,even his sister in the United States came and saw him ,it is heart breaking ,already I don't know what I am writing .
Despite my early age I farewelled him when he was in the morgue and I attended his burial ,We got cemetery for the family in El-Fayoum way ,just like the pharaohs dead city ,who used to bury their dead in the West side .
I try not to remember how we recieved the news ,or what does this mean,sometimes I think he is going to come back ,he was too hyper active
He is a grand father to me ,he is a father too me ,My mom and my real dad divorced when I was just one year ,and I was raised by my grand father or Papa as used to call him ,I had n't seen my father once ,I don't know what his face looked like ,even when he died from Cancer when I was 8 year old and my mom told me to go and pray for him ,I prayed then I went to watch the TV because simply I didn't know who was that person .
Yet it is different in My grandfather case ,so different ,yesterday morning I was crying and going wondering with no aim in the house ,just walking around .
My grand father is the one who made me like this , a blogger ,who loves to read and express her opinion ,a jounralist without a newspaper ,and this goes to the fact he was a great journalist in this Country ,you may not be fimilar with him simply because he was an honest man, who never sold his pen for the ruler's satisfaction and that 's why he didn't take anything from jounralism , he adored it and he adore the synidication and there were generations who graduated undeer his command and it is enough to say that Wagdy Kandil,Mamdouh Mahran and Osama Thraya worked under his command
I can't write anymore except if you got El-Akhbar today you will see him in the first page , he was an Akhbar-El-youm stuff,this is another post story because he got very important books and great history
I want to send him a message : I know I promised you to make a website from Mohammed Ali Royal Family and I am sorry that I didn't even started in designning the website despite I made a concept design for it ,and I am sorry I was lazy enough not to buy a scanner to scan all great historical photographic archive that I doubt that any one in the arab world has it ,
grand dad your pen is not dried yet and you still with us ,we love you and you can imagine the emptiness in our lives now , I may not know how to express my love easily but I guess you know I love you ,you are from my idols and God knows how much I feel now

Monday, February 6, 2006

Even in the Stadium "The boycotting of Danish product in Egypt"

I found this in Filgoal ,the sports website of Filbald "As non football expert like me needs some help "This shows how much anger and how much the Egyptian Muslim are determinat of buycotting the Danish products,I know the newspaper apologized officially today in Egyptian and I announced earlier here but they say image is more powerful than thousand words

Egyptian Titanic

I can't stand it any more ,the stories of the survivors are breaking my heart ,at the sametime the awful truth about carelessness of the company "El-Salam" and its owner the member in the the Egyptian senates is making me so so angry
Did you see him talking on the phone on Daily "Bait Baitak" yesterday on the national TV channel 2 , The man is so rude that he hanged up in the face of Hala Sehran "I wonder why she wants to bury herself in entertainment ,this woman is born to make political and social reports" and then he called again
The man ironically accused Tamer Amin the other presenter in the daily show to forgo his signature !! "Poor Tamer already Hend El-Henaway is going to sue him for insulting her and her baby in front of millions !!"
I admire the bravery of the MP Mohammed Anwar El-Sadaat Jr "the nephew of president Sadaat" and Last night he gave alot of evidences that can send Mamdouh Ismail "The owner of the death ferry to Jail " but of course he needs the order of D.A to arrest him as the later got the bloody amunity of a senate !!
What makes me more angrier and more scared about the Famous Egyptian Ethic of helping each other in the hard times is the capitan of Saint Kathrine ferry ,this bastard "he deserved to be called worst by that "with a dead heart received the S.O.S of El-Sallam ,did n't stop or even send from his ship to inform the harbor ,what is worst that this man with out having no regert found the survivors in the sea in his way and he didn't save them !! left them in the cold sea !!
I wonder how this man can sleep or even close his eyes without remembering the voices screaming for help !! He needs to be sued for help in murdering on intention , the decision of the harbors of Red Sea to prohibit him from working in the sea again is not enough !!
It is an Egyptian Tragedy ,I can't stop my tears from going down when I hear the survivors stories about a father holding his kids trapped in the fire ,about Mother "whom I guess my friend knows her " died while they were rescuing her ,already this lady saw both her own children drowning day by day
More from these stories makes from El-Sallam 98 an Egyptian Titanic !!
Guys I guess the biggest insult to the Trustful Honest prophet Mohammed "PBUH" is that his own people become like this ,from greedy and unhelpful ,from cruel to unhuman ..
May Allah avenge from all those who killed the innocent souls ,especailly from Mamdouh Ismail and the Saint Katherine Capitan
By the way it seems that Mr.Mamdouh Ismail is A NDP Member ,I wonder what is opinion of the head of NDP about him now??

Jyllands-Posten apologized

I found it in their website just few seconds
An open letter to the Muslim people in the world , With English and Arabic version "arabic version as PDF !!"
I read both version ,the Arabic of course contains lots of sorrow statement ,while the English version the word apologize was mentioned only once
I guess the chief in editor didn't expect it will be like this from boycotting and setting fires in the embassies and commisions
I will see what will happen in the morning

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Danish Experience "3"

The acts and things I didn't like in the Danish Experience crisis:
  1. Setting fires in the Danish and Norwegian Embassies in Syria and Lebanon.

  2. The Statement of Mahmoud El-Zahr of Hamas that the cartoonists and the newspaper' journalists should be killed!!

  3. The Statement of Hassan Nasser Allah of Hezbollah that the Newspaper wouldn't have published the caricatures if Soliman Roshdy had been killed!!

  4. The Statements of angry protestors in TVs about killing the Danes and burning the Denmark "despite the fact the second religion in Denmark is the Islam!!"
I guess the Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" would n't have accepted these acts and statements
Guys we are losing our right to have an appropriate apology with these irresponsible acts and statements
The killing and burning won't solve anything, it will make it even worst, and now the regular westerns got the right to say that "Muslims know one language only that is violence"
I am with the boycott and the peaceful protests in front of the Danish embassies, also I wish that Muslims begin to explain their religion more clearly to the west, it is now we needed this more than any time, the Danish newspaper is not the first one to make fun from our prophet in very provoking way and it won't be the last by this way

The Mirror on the Red sea disaster

Read the british daily mirror on the Red sea Disaster ,more shocking facts and as usual from the Non-Egyptian sources

Daily Mirror

Saturday, February 4, 2006

The Egyptian ferry tragedy

The Egyptian ferry crisis

It is the worst since many years for sure, thank God more than 300 passengers were saved from drowning and from sharks, yet the rest we considered them in heaven in Allah's Mercy as martyrs.
Here I would like to say all the people or most people that I know feel sad
Also I would like to highlight the touching speech president Mubarak had said today to the Egyptian people in the occasion of this terrible accident ,it is the first time yet I think it is an excellent move , I know I criticize him a lot but I have to respect this.
I also respected the Nigerian football team that wore black ribbons when it played with the Tunisian football team today in Port Said, no wonder the Portsaidi people were with Nigeria today.
Another thing despite my opinion in the Egyptian TV News Section as a big speaker to the regime and NDP ,yet I respected so such when they showed the 7 years old kid who lost his parents ,got no papers at all ,and only knows that he comes from El-Mania ,this kid made me cry when he told the TV that Mom and Dad went down to the sea ,it is terrible experience, an innocent child ,it is so sad, when he was asked where he came from ,he answered I come from Egypt
A great move to show him and ask for any one knows him to call the TV , thank God his uncles called immediately according to the 9 pm News .
And despite my negative views towards the interior ministry and its minister and their anti-riots forces, yet I can't find an excuse to say for the attack of the families of the victims to Safga harbor and the clashes between them and Anti-riots.
I know how they feel but what they do in the harbor ,nothing at all , no every time the government is wrong ,in this kind of crisis THERE MUST BE ORDER.
Yet I can't deny my anger over the late start for the rescue operations ,already the ferry disappeared from the radars at 2 am ,it started exactly at 10 am according to the government statement in TV the first helicopter went to the ship !!
I don't if the official mourning was announced or not and if it is it should be 40 days, anyway I announced it in this blog for three days.
Ask them for Mercy and patience for their families.
The donations are accepted in Bank Nasser for the victims' families.

Friday, February 3, 2006

I found the comics "Danish Experience :dos"

I found the comics of the Danish newspaper online ,the ones that offended Prophet Mohamed "PBUH"
I won't post them,it is enough to say that they are really offensive to the person of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH",by the way I translated it what is written in the title and it was "Mohamed's face" -"Mohamed Angist"
Already I found out that the Egyptian blogging society is discussing the issue and I am busy in the Word press preparation of immigiration papers from blogger
Anyway I am not with Alaa interraption of the comics or with Ibn El-Aziz in his concept for boycotting
Yet I am with Bent Masrya and LastoAdri "I love this poem ,also Marcil Khalifa 's music is great"
I like the idea of Working brain so much
I am going to spread the Bloggers with prophet on the MSN Spaces ,we got some good islamic Lobby their

The Danish Experience

With no apology to Adel Emam's Stupid movie "despite that my grandma and little cousin love it "
I feel that for the first time since ages we began to have some self respect with our respond to the danish offense
And this self respect comes from the fact that the people not governments are the one leading the whole campagin
It is unique
And I feel inshallah that we are going to win this time


I found this site while I was browsing in "Yes it is ultimate source to download illegally Arabic and western mps ,movies and even games "they even got a great medical section from Acne problems to sexual health"
It is worth visiting
It includes the updates of the Danish crisis
Guys please boycott the Danish products

Testing the new blogger layout

By the name of God ,I began testing the new layout
Well It is dark theme but it reflects my feelings now
at last I found some good theme for blogger in a nice Italian site ,check it in the links and credits panel
By the way I am thinking of moving to another platform not Drupal "sorry guys" but to something neutral "Word Press"
Yet it won't be soon ,as right now I am still stepping my first steps in it and it is so different then blogger

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

ElFaky on Dream 2

El-Faky on Dream 2

Last Monday Mustafa El-Faky appeared on Dream 2 10 o'clock to comment on the Knesset message to the Egyptian parliament to celebrate the Holocaust, yet tricky Mona El-Shazely was so close to make him lose control when she mentioned the elections problem, did you see him when he said "I didn't come here to speak about this, you told me about the holocaust thing and I prepared myself on this!!If you want to speak about this okay I don't have a problem!!!!"
It is very touching is n't it!?
For those who watched the program, I didn't follow the part "I went out from the presidency and there was a lady" what he was speaking about!? I will be very thankful because I was busy at moment eating my birthday cake.

When Loves turn in to hate "Ahmed,Hend and Lena indian Movie"

When Loves turn in to hate "Ahmed, Hend and Lena Indian movie part deux"
You still with me my dear visitors and the most controversial social shock the Egyptian had seen since very long time.
Now Hend got her baby whose father Ahmed refuses to admit that she is his own flash and blood, and unfortunately the laws stand with him, yet she doesn't give up, same thing for her parents.
For year and half they appeared on every thing channel in Egypt and the Arab World in disgusting way.
Why disgusting way?
Okay the honorable professor who teaches economics in the AUC, stands and says my daughter was married an Orfi marriage while all the things especially his own daughter story "despite her insistence that it was an Orfi marriage" say that it was adultery, a paper signed by two persons with no witnesses what so ever, a complete secret life despite that the origin of the marriage in Islam is the announcement!!!
What makes me feel more disgust is that there is a bunch of ladies and feminists took the case and turned in to their crusade against Men and religion, it is rare scene when you see both Safinaz Kadam and Nawal El-Sadawy together!!
Now I will go for my opinion about this whole media circus
  1. Ahmed El-Fashawy deserves more punishment, for this sinful relation, I was shocked to know in Akhbar El-Youm about his engagement!! I wonder what kind of respectful family that accepts him as son in law after this scandal, yes everyone needs a new start but I don't know!!

  2. The whole attack on Amr Khaled because of this scandal, I wonder what is the relation between Khaled and this shameful act!!?? Yes Fashawy was from his followers but this doesn't mean that Khaled told Ahmed to go, have sex with the girl and then deny it!! Yes Fashawy was considered from the new preachers generation, and he used to present this religious show but connecting between religion and what he did, that he was acting the religious devoted boy, they are all like this bla, bla, bla, for God sake every person can make a sin and then he can ask forgiveness from God, by the way this what made people very angry and turn all the love and respect towards Ahmed in to great hate and disrespect! Yet this doesn't give a man like Mofid Fawzy the right to appear on the ART and to attack Khaled because of El-Fashawy JR's mistake ,people this is one person ,why don't they see many young people whom Khaled changed their lives and make from it something useful "I know some of those people and believe me there is a great change"

  3. Lady Hend and her family seems to me very open minded family ,they live in Egypt yet by the western style ,the girl can go and come at any time she wants whether day or night !!

  4. I believe that Hend was madly in love with him ,she was crazy about El-Fashawy JR ,yet he used her for some time and happy new year baby ,see in another time ,in another life and that's why she kept the baby ,she loves him that much that she decided to destroy him by all possible way regardless of all the obstacles ,the revenge of a lover that suffered a lot ,you see if you read Nazar Kabani famous poem "Pregnant "if she hated him from the beginning she wouldn't left a piece of him in her body.

  5. I feel it really silly when a 22 years old boy fools a 28 years girl, and I feel it more sillier when a 28 year girl doesn't know the dangers of Orfi Marriage

  6. The only person in this Indian movie that I am really with and ask God to save from both irresponsible parents Little Lena , she came to unjust world because of the lust of her dad and the stupidity of her mom, surely she became one of the most famous babies in the history of Egypt

  7. Miss Hend , who became the officially the first Egypt woman to held the title Miss while she got a  little baby ,is saying that her case is 14,000 cases and she is not doing this and leading the crusade except to help those 14,000  !!
Last week the court decided to refuse the case because of the lack of the evidence, it is not convincing!! Even for some one like me.
For the first time in history I admire Tamer Amin attitude when he interviewed Hend last week
And yes Poor Lena is the daughter of adultery affair yet that doesn't make her a third degree citizen in my eyes but a victim.