Friday, April 28, 2006

The Judges Massacre Egypt 1968 "Lesson to be learned "

IToday I will speak about important Egyptian term that you may have heard or read it while reading the modern Egyptian political history or even while following the news of the clash between the Judges and the regime nowadays.
The term is "The Judges Massacre"
So what is about it?
In 1960s as you all know Egypt was under Gamal Abd Nasser's dictatorship rule after many years of Democracy and freedom under the monarchy rule . In this bloody period Nasser made one party that represented all the Nation that is the Socialist Union "exactly like the communist party in former U.S.S.R" and this was in the year 1962 , in the year 1963 the membership was available for citizens of the United Arab Republic and at that time they announced that 5 million citizens applied for the membership in the first 3 weeks "impressive ".

This party as its original in Moscow was based upon security reports , everyone is spying on everyone , everyone is writing a security secret report about what other's were saying and doing and so the Nasser 's legendary secret service knew if anyone was not only conspiring against Nasser but was just complaining and that was enough to send him beyond the Sun "that is to have unknown destiny !!

Nasser was an intelligent dictator, very intelligent already we are suffering from his legacy till now, in his quest to kill freedom and democracy in Egypt he knew that some authorities he could n't penetrate easily, that is the Jurisdiction Authority , already all the other authorities in Egypt were under his control : The Army "I want to talk about it but not now", The Police " V for vendetta Police " and of course the Parliament " if that council was considered one" not to mention the Universities and all other important public establishments that can influence the society by a way or another. 

Now to penetrate all these establishments , his secret service made some kind of organisation that better known in our Egyptian modern history as The VANGUARD ORGANISATION , this secret organisation contained important names in the Society like the Interior Minister at that time "Sharawy Gomaa" who headed it and other names in every field in Egypt from journalists to actors to workers to ...etc This Vanguard Organisation was known to be a communist .
It is real purpose was t collect information and plant a spy for the regime in every place in the nation to ensure its loyalty to Nasser !!

The story goes like this, Nasser saw it was a necessary to include the Judges to the Socialist Union, they should join it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Multinational Peace Forces in Sinai "Facts and History"

"This post was edited again due to many mistakes i found thanks to the dear visitor "Amr" , already i took my information from Filbalad ,i guess now they have to correct their information "

Believe it or not some Egyptians I know today didn't know before that there are UN Multinational forces and observers in Egypt , in fact I believe the majority of the Egyptian People ignore this bitter fact or in other better description ,they forgot it because of the on-going propaganda

Yes We have UN Multinational Observers and Forces to the borders between Egypt and Israel Peaceful , in other serious words they are supervising the security articles of Camp David "1979" between Egypt and Israel

And guess what they are not supervised by the UN but the U.S !!

The headquarter of these forces is in Rome,Italy

It is made up from troops from 11 countries and they are : Australia,Canada, France,Columbia,Italy ,New Zealand,Norway ,United States ,Fiji Islands Uruguay and Hungary

I Know some of you will be surprised from the existence of some countries like Fiji supervising our security measure on the Eastern borders

They are military , Naval and Air Forces

Their biggest camps or base "if it is the right word " is El-Gora that is 35 KM away from El-Arisih and this is the north base , in August 2005 a blast happened and two Canadian officers were injured yet it was classified as another X-file

the Smallest camp or base is in the South near Sharm El-Shekih

They also got several camps in the rural areas of Sinai

Now as most of you know , the Egyptian Army according to Camp David can't enter Sinai to protect it as it should after a specific KM ,we presume that the Israelis are doing the same thing but I highly doubt it

Until now the ones who guard our borders are polices forces not Army Forces and that what Egypt is trying to fix nowadays but in vain to make the Army guard the borders , of course Israel refuses

Another interesting fact is that the International forces period in Egypt and Israel is over yet it is extended by the request of who ? Egypt , yes Egypt

why ?

OK here is a history fact

Since 1956 there is an international force appointed by the UN to protect the Egyptian Borders with Israel , and this force ended its work on May or even June 1967 "interesting date " as soon as they went home , the Israelis made their "Turkey Operation" successfully and we faced the most humiliated defeat until now we are paying its debts

So as we learn from our mistakes and learn from our history I would say that if those Peace Troops went away , I don't have a doubt that we won't have Peace and we will have war

More information here and there

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Dahab Enigma : Another Two Attacks

In Less than 48 hours ,another two attacks happened in Sinai Peninsula in Egypt after the huge blasts that happened on last Monday the 24th of April

Opposite to the Dahab operation style , these two attacks were done by two suicide bombers , in North Sinai this time , near El-Airish on the Egyptian-Israeli Borders

The Attackers two men , targeted two different targets

The first man bombed himself near an Airport that is used by the International Peace Forces "Going to talk about them later"

The Second man bombed himself near or outside the Police Station in Shekih Zoiad and yet in this bombing there is confusion ,as the Interior Ministry Statement stated that it was a car not a man that bombed himself , an Empty car !!

I don't know but there are big troubles in Sinai and I am afraid the government way in handling the things ,the way of arresting several hundreds to get the information they want to hear and know whether it is the truth or not , this stupid way of handling thing in the valley of the Nile is not going to solve Sinai's bombing riddles at all .

I listened to Monday's 10 O' clock where El-Shazely hosted Fouad Alaam , the ex-head of the Investigation of the National Security Bureau and despite the bloody history of the man , i respect his opinions concerning the Terrorism and myth and reality about the fashion of the century . He spoke in many different things , gave a great analysis , an analysis that seems to me more realistic than of those who appeared on national TV . in Brief he hinted that it could be some kind of intelligence of another country 's game and of course the people will think immediately of the El-Mossad "the Israeli Intelligence , in fact one of their Secret intelligence services" , already in public Poll made by Egyptian News Portal "Filbalad" 35,38 % said so against 47,8% accused the Egyptian so -called Islams radical terrorist groups

Already no one knows the motives of those who made the Monday's Dahab operation and until now as I know "may be they announced on National TV yet I don't watch it in a matter of a fact " they didn't announce enough information about the Arisih attacks , and even if they had , it wouldn't the truth and this is another problem

Anyway back to the two terrorist acts

These two attacks I guess make the whole Dahab Blasts more mysterious , who is behind it ? for Real who is behind it ?

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

C.S.I : Dahab

Yesterday I watched the National Egyptian TV coverage for the Dahab blasts and I felt so dumb now to do so , as of course the National TV is the speaker of the regime and the government and so i have to deal with stupid lies from the government 's control on the situation to the Tourists who refuse to leave the land of Peace to the "If it is Tourism than it should be in Egypt " this is a name of Stupid program i saw it for the first and the last time inShallah"!!

Anyway , I don't work in Crime Scene investigation aka C.S.I yet i am good fan for it and so in the last two days i noticed how primitive the way of handling the crisis by the government and the interior ministry

what kind of investigation to the blasts scene and in less than 12 hours media , people and police forces were in every place,moving around in the most careless way , jeopardising the loss of evidences that can lead to the real people behind this terrible acts from D.N.A and so on.

The next day that was yesterday Tuesday , was even worst , the NDP decided to organise some anti-terrorism demonstration with their supporters from the Bedouins and workers there "of course they paid for them" and guess where the riot was moving !! in the blasts scene , they were walking on the bridge where one of the blast happened !!!

What makes me more angry is the yellow plastic ribbons , these are used to make people away from the crime scene parameter , yet in Egypt it seems to me that all the people do stand in the parameter of these ribbons !!

All this shows how bad the Egyptian police had become after it changed its role from protecting the People to hunting down the people and all those who dare to say no to the Regime

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spring tears

Yesterday during the celebration of the Sham El-Nassim in the Valley of the Nile , Egypt Woke up and slept on two unpleasant events : The Assault of Honourable Judge and The Blast of Dahab

Yesterday I was going to cry twice

First time when I saw the Judge Mohamed Hamza in the Prime Time "10 O'clock " in an exclusive hit interview from the Cleopatra hospital, the Head of the North Cairo Court was attacked by the Police forces yesterday Morning in front of the Judges Club !!

The man was bitten in the most savage way you can imagine and he is a judge !! imagine it

Mr. Hamza was going to cry on TV , in fact there were tears in his eyes , his Dignity as a Judge was attacked , He heard his parents being called the worst names .

The Man's tears in our Arabic Culture are so precious as Men and boys Shouldn't cry and so to see a man in his age " in the 50s I guess" and in his position "A judge" to cry was hard to me

Second Time when I saw the victims of Dahab 's photos on the Egyptian National TV among them, a young baby , just months , seems to me not Egyptian but Foreigner , I couldn't take it any more , it is just a little angel that did nothing wrong except being in the wrong place and wrong time

This is the saddest Spring day ever

and this is the saddest Sinai Liberation day , some one wants to kill our celebration deliberately

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Dahab Blasts {Someone celebrates the Sinai Liberation on his way }

I said it before in my last post , the Sham El-Nassim 2006 is historical , as it was n't enough to have a judge humiliation in the morning but from few hours a three huge blasts happened in Dahab "in South Sinai" more news from Filbalad "Arabic".

Now three huge explosions , 23 are dead and 150 are injured according to Reuters, while the interior ministry 's first official statement says that 10 are dead and 70 are injured , Al-jazeera says 30 are dead and 1

Eye Witnesses are saying that bodies and body parts are shattered all over the huge crowded area of Bazaars and tourists

The Early investigations show that the terrorists used Timed bombs not the usual suicide bombing , a great change as i see also a dangerous one

Now I said it before in Sharm Blasts and Taba Blasts and i will say it

Check the Timing and numbers

  1. This is the third blast happens in Sinai after Taba blasts in October 2004 and Sharm blasts in July 2005 .
  2. This is the third blast that happens on the same time of an occasion with a patriotic history :
    1. Taba 2004 happened on the 6th of October.{ The war of 1973, youm El-Kippor}
    2. Sharm El-Shekih on the 23 rd of July . {The Egyptian Revolution of 1952}
    3. Dahab on the 24th of April { The Liberation of Sinai on the 25th }
  3. I remember that Taba blasts were also three explosions , also this one too.
  4. Sinai again as Location has its importance

I noticed that now the media released those above points

Already now Egypt is celebrating the Spring Feast or Sham El-Nassim and many people are travelling across the country, this is the time of vacations

We got a relative and his family in Sharm , and guess they were ordered to stay in their rooms for now , there is panic allover Sinai and I don't blame them ,

Who is /are behind it ?

I don't know , already today I was and is still busy with the Judges , the Emergency bloody law and the tension between the Egyptians

yet I will think loud as usual so the world can hear me

The Egyptian-Israeli borders are opened as Israelis are departing in Fears, already Dahab and Taba are a Israeli tourist attraction ,Israelis can cross the borders without a Visa and stay for a month by their ID Cards according to the Peace agreement !!

  • good motives for anti-Israeli groups and they are many

The Emergency bloody law ,I know it sounds crazy that the regime plans such thing , but after extending the duration of this decayed anti-freedom law for two years after the comic arresting of the Mansoura Cohorts , the Egyptian Government needs to justify its act in front of the world " We need this bloody law to fight the bloody terrorist" ,

  • i know it is crazy but in those days you can't omit any suspect what so ever and don't forget that in Intelligence world the most impossible ideas are the most successful one

The Tribes of Sinai:

  • Could it be a tribal revenge from the humiliation they saw on the hands of the Egyptian Security forces

The So- called Fundamental Ancestral Islamic groups which looks to Al-Quida as idol , i can't deny there is a good increasing radical thinking nowadays spreading in Egypt due to many many factors from Politically "first one" ,economically and religiously ,

  • this radical thinking doesn't like the existing of Israelis as number one , yet these days Egyptians are more than Foreigners ,it is our spring break ,
  • number two Dahab got the worst reputation as a sex trade area ,especially in Asala "one of the bombed areas" ,
  • number three and this is the craziest idea ever , already today I ate all kinds of fish , shrimp and crab that makes me unstable " those bloody groups can be brain washed , manipulated by other intelligence and secret services to implement their plans "The Sadaat Assassination Enigma"

Can it be another encoded message to President Mubarak who is spending the Sham El-Nassim in Sharm El-Shekih the second unofficial capital of Egypt

  • Yet the first message in July Blasts didn't have any required respond and it was on his door step

Can it be another encoded message to Saudia Arabia and Egypt Allies in the Arab League who want to make a headquarter for Arabic Summits in Sharm

  • Sinai is not safe Arabs

Of course I don't need to say that Foreigners will think 100 times before coming to Sinai ,so a whole touristic season is gone, and of course the impacts of these blasts are terrible on the economy , thank God the Stock Market exchange of Cairo and Alexandria is off for today and tomorrow , i am not a broker but the tourism , hotels and Aviation industry's stocks are going to be effected , ironically Egypt Air was going to issue its Stocks !!

These ideas are products of long day of frustrating news in the morning and large banquet of fish , already I feel sad because today was a wonderful spring day , really i have n't seen such beautiful spring weather from long time in Egypt, i took beautiful photos for the Nile today and i wanted to share it with you but ............

My God bless the souls of those innocent people who died today in the day of Spring and the night of Liberation

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Long Live Judges again and again

Today is the Spring Feast in Egypt A.K.A Sham El-Nassim , where Egyptian People usually celebrate the day by going on outings and so on ,yet this year 2006 the day is so special as the regime represented in the Police forces celebrated it with the Egyptian Judges today in the most "I don't know the suitable word to describe it but I found one " savage way  "this is the best word."
Today as most of the Egyptian families we decided to celebrate the day in a family reunion type, we invited my grand ma's brother and sister for a big fist banquet , we went to get them by the car and in the way to home my grand ma's sister who is an old lady addicted to BBC Arabic Radio asked
" Do you know about what happened today's morning in the Judges club ?"
we said no , really I didn't open the INTERNET or the TV or the radio today's morning, we were busy in preparing for the grand banquet

"They dragged a Judge in the street "
"What !?"
We were shocked very shocked, then we know the rest of the details.

Today in the ongoing process Honourable protest of the Egyptian Judges in Egypt against the Egyptian regime aggression on the Democracy and the independence of the jurisdiction , the Egyptian police forces made a raid on the Unofficial Judges Club in Giza , where the judges and their supporters for the civilian movements especially Kafya Movement, these forces were wearing civilian clothes.

They attacked the protesters among them a Judge "Mohamed Hamza", who was coming out of the hospital and going home with his brother a Deputy Attorney, in their way he asked him to go first to see his follow judges in their club "his mistake" , and so the recovered man was attacked by sticks and punches , and it wasn't enough , but to show how cruel and disrespectful the police forces are , they dragged him along the street , the man was going to die , not to mention that everything valuable in his pockets were stolen "cruel and thieves".

Sunday, April 23, 2006

God Saves Egypt from its people episode Uno - Miss and Mr Egypt

God Saves Egypt from its people as they are the reason of all its troubles , really I look to the current issues in Egypt and see how its people respond to and then I want to cry

People most of our political ,social and economic problems go back to the passive attitudes of Egyptians for more than 100 years

anyway last week Mr Youssef Sabahi , the organizer of Miss Egypt contest , made another controversial beauty contest that Mr Egypt, the last time this contest was organized was in the year 1997 and guess who won it Mr Hany Salama "Not the actor " , who is now working as a documentaries producer and photographer ,and his documentary Control Room talking about Al-jazeera TV channel Coverage to war of Iraq won prizes "great change that surprised me , I remember when I had seen his pictures in the contest than saw him talking in Al-jazeera !!"

I saw the pictures of those young men who participated in this contest , well I am 100% positive that there are much more handsome and sexy Egyptian young man more than those sissies

The sissy sorry young man who won the title is Ibrahim Abd El-gawad "oh boy I never took a picture standing and smiling like this !!"

I never dreamt to say something like this but may God rest the souls of Egypt's number 1 Dictator Gamal Abd El-Nasser and Egypt's number 1 womanizer General Abd El-Hakim Amar

why I ask for mercy for those two ?

well in the late 1950s or early 1960s in Akhbar El-youm 's ex-publication called El-Jil " The Generation" , the chief in editor made a controversial contest called "Mr. Daring Eyes" , you see in our Egyptian Arabic Culture the Eyes are considered the most beautiful thing in the human being whether a man or a woman

anyway some losers who used put Gil in their heads and wore red leather jacket like late James Dean "Doon in Egyptian 50s pop culture" participated and sent their photos so ladies can choose from them

Gen. or what ever his rank was Abd El-Hakim Amar read about the contest who many stood against in the Egyptian society and so he gave the order as followed:

  1. To arrest these young men immediately.
  2. To Shave their heads completely "potatoes head as in Egyptian pop culture".
  3. To send them to the Army to save their manhood.
  4. To dismiss the jouranlist who thought in this disgraceful idea
  5. To punish the Chief in Editor of El-Jil

I never dreamt to say this but this is from the few or even the only time Amar did something right.

Also I prayed for mercy to Abd El-Nasser when I knew today that his naughty daughter Mona attended the finale night for Mr. Egypt, strangely she didn't attend Miss Egypt finale night as I read in today's' Sout El-Oma weekly , Mona Abd El-Nasser is the mother of Gamal Marwan ,the owner of Melody Music Channels ,the official TV channel for the event "what an event !?"

Back to the Youssef Sabahi 's contests , first the Sabahi is a famous family from Syrian Roots worked in Commerce from long time , this is handsome man worked as model in Italy from some time since came back to Egypt to start this modeling beauty contest business stuff "with all respectable this is a monkey business Egypt doesn't need it , definitely doesn't need it "

Mr Sabahi made a disgusting statement which seems

to me as a justification why he makes these beauty contests in an Islamic Country where most of the people are against it in a matter in fact "come on how many families agree to make their girls stand like a slave in a slave show !?"

We arrange this event annually to promote as tourist attraction activity

Is n't this so provoking !? A tourist attraction !! As if Egypt hasn't enough tourist attractions

anyway Miss Egypt 2006 is Miss Faozia Shaaban "I don't know how they chose her on which rule exactly !?"

here is her picture in the swim suite

I would like to mention here something I read in the largest forum for Arabs "mostly Egyptian " online that's DVD4Arabs when someone showed the photos of Faozia online

Were all the girls of Egypt burned so someone like her to win !?

What kind of a Miss pageant is this ,that has the name miss Pantene !?

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Friday, April 21, 2006

My Conspiracy theory mind was true

Check this url from El-Masryoon oppositon e-newspaper Suspicion about the Arresting of Mansoura Cohorts

In English it says that there are news saysing that the Investiagation State Security knew about the Manousra Cohorts Jahadi ancestoral terrorist group before their arresting and they just waited for the best timing to announce their arresting , the best timing of course must serve the regime plans to extend the duration of the decayed emergency law :)

Now this is what I call as Gambling ,what if this terrorist group made an operation without the knowledge of the Security !?

This is a rotten regime that gambles with the security to its purposes

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Some joined the Nuclear Club and Some joined the Natural Gas club

Last week the minister of Oil in Egypt announced an important discovery and achievement to be added to president's Mubarak long list of achievements "I want to talk about that later"

Mr. Minister Sameh Fahmy whose mother turned to be jew and also whose twin son and daughter don't stop for appearing in lifestyle Magazines in silly high class parties, anyway Fahmy announced that Egypt discovered another Natural gas site , yuppy and that with this new discovery the supply of Natural Gas in Egypt exceeded that we can join the big 10 producers and Exporters of Natural Gas in the World "Yuppy"

Congertulations Egypt we made we joined another club other than the third world Club and France debts club , we joined the Natural Gas Club

Already in another time I would n't notice or care for the statements of the oil Minister as he is big tall liar , last year he announced many Oil discoveries that could have put Egypt in danger , as according to the number of discoveries we should produce more than Iraq !!!

Yet I noticed and felt so stupid to be ruled with this retarded regime when I found in Al-Ahram first page this piece of news with wide black bold font and under it at much small font the following news

Najd announced that Iran had joined the Nuclear Club

No further comment

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I want to believe it but my mind refuses to do so "Abu Masaab El-Masrawy"

Today I found the breaking news on the internet that will be for sure the talk of the society from today to the following two weeks until people forget , unfortunately people forget many things nowadays
The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced that it arrested the first Jahadi Ancestral Terriost Group in Egypt
The Group calls itself "Kataab El Mansoura" -"The Victorious Cohorts" led by a 29 years old Man known as Abu Massab, the group according to the statement had many terrorist dangerous plans including targeting the tourists and killing important figures and names in Egypt from the both two elements "Muslims and Christians" of the Nation.
Yet the most dangerous plan ever , the most imaginative destructive plan that ever made by such group is Bombing the pipes of Natural gas that are in the ring road surrounding the Great Cairo Area {Great Cairo consists of Cairo ,the capital of Egypt , Gizah , the second biggest governorate in Egypt and Kaliobya ,another governorate }
Now the Interior Ministry says it is the biggest group that have been arrested since very long time , they showed their pictures on TV ,Most of them or all of them are young men , seems to come from low class areas
Of course the presidency of Egypt announced that the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak decided to extend the duration of the Emergency Law to another two years interesting :)
okay let me gather all my thoughts :
  1. Already if you watched Mubarak interview with Gizelle Khoury ,he said that the law is going to be active for another two years , slaming the statements of Ahmed Nazif, the PM to Reuters that it was the matter of Two months before Egypt says good bye to the Emergency welcoming the new Terrorism Law "I don't know how ,they are the same but in different words !!"
  2. The regime needs something to justify the existence of the Emergency law to the ordinary Egyptians and so from time to time , you can find these strange terrorist attacks , usually small and usually they are fiberaction of the regime itself.
  3. Yet on other hand the plans of this group and the number of its members makes me wonder it is true that such group exists with such terrible plans , wow just imagine bombing the Natural gas pipes around Cairo , a scene that even in Hollywood they could imagine it , a whole capital surrounded with fire , something when I imagine it , I see it like our Egyptian 9/11
  4. On the other hand Egypt passed through a series of security related events {Clashes between Muslims and Christians in Alexandria} , also the judges problem seems to escalating more and more
  5. The regime needs this emergency law to secure itself , this law kills freedom of expression
  6. In brief a part of my mind says this could be another government hand made , the other is more opened, can believe the interior statement yet it goes beyond the statement and says that the State Security knew about those lost bad boys and their plans for a time and chose the best timing
  7. Best timing , to let the Emergency Law free for another two bloody years , to direct the public attention from the Alexandria's event .already there were astonishing things today in El-Dostor Newspaper about the incident
  8. If my second part of my mind is true than the nation is in a danger
  9. My problem is the problem of many Egyptians , we don't trust the government any more , in particularly the Interior Ministry statements and this is a dangerous thing
It is a dangerous when there is no confidence between the government or the regime and the people of the Nation

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Long Live the Crescent and Cross 1

On Sunday I watched Magdy Mahna's show on Dream tv2, the guest was Mr. Youssef Dervish, the famous ex-Jew lawyer and he talked a lot about Egypt in the old days, when Egypt was kingdom, When Egypt was the most advanced nation in the East, When the Egyptian Society was the real example of what tolerance should be, the three religions forming the three stars, all under the white Crescent symbolizing the Islamic identity of this nation with the green background, this cheerful color. I look to the old man's face which doesn't tell you his real age, and I see that this what current Egyptians should be from devotion and respect to their country, I see him as a great past to this country and I feel sad for frustrating present and fearful future

Yesterday they caught another lunatic trying to attack Christian prayers in a Church in the Zatoon area in old Cairo who turned out to be a thief trying to steal the Church , also there is still on going tension in Alexandria and now more than ever I believe the words of its governor Mr.Abd El-Salam Mahgoub who said that he believes that there are some external hands behind the tension in Alexandria, in fact he is right come on don't look to the Mohram Bak or Sidi Bashr incidents, but look to the long history of tolerance in Alex. , it is one of the oldest cities in Egypt and the middle East that is proud of its different races and religions composition , since its Alexander the great came and decided to build this city in this piece of land.

If tension between the Muslims and Christians happens in Upper Egypt just like the Koshah clashes from two years or more, I would say both parties are tough southerns with narrow mind no tolerance, already I do believe till now with all respect to all parties there that the Koshah clashes are not caused because of some religious intolerance but more of the famous Egyptian southern mind that caused the whole Middle East to have the six days defeat "Nasser and Amar" and suffer until now.

Yes The Egyptian Christians suffer but they are not alone, the whole population suffer too from many diseases thanks to the continuous regimes unjust dictator policies, it is not about the Islam, if anyone opens his or her mouth and comes and tells me that the Egyptian Christians and all other un-Arab races are suffering since 1400 years ago referring to the Islam, well I am ready for a debate in history, get your books and I will get mine.

What the Christians in Egypt are suffering are handmade not God in Islam hand made heaven's forbid, hand made by the different governments and regimes in different eras and time and here some of my thoughts about the whole situation again

  1. No one in Egypt can deny the British attempts to use the famous policies of Divide conquer in the valley of Nile , using the same excuses of the United States now "history repeating " to protect Minorities yet I am afraid the Old Copts were much wiser than some of their descendent nowadays who believe the American claims , after all that minority of Coptic people don't release that the American administration nowadays play the Game of what really the Majority wants no what the Minority wants , they learned their lesson very well in Iran and they applied it in Iraq in an excellent way fulfilling a very old Shiia dream to rule Iraq and they are trying to do the same now in Syria ,just last month a convention was held in The States composed from Mr. choosing his nation over the regime Khadam and Sunni Opposition on its head the Syrian branch of Muslim brotherhood, they play with the minorities card as pressure card over the Egyptian regime ,one time the Christians, another time the Shiia yet when time comes not all the cards are held by the hands of the U.S as most of the cards ,the wining cards are in the hands of the majority ask the Iranians , why do you think that the Iranian regime is so bold in front of the whole world ? The Majority of its people regardless of missing days without a compulsory veil are happy to be one of the few nations not obeying the orders of the United States.
  2. Another thing I discovered that the support of the United States to the claims of the Coptic front abroad headed by Mr.Abdir is helping by its role to exceed the tension between Muslims and Christians , I hear from people the talk of " Now the Christians got a voice because The Americans support them ,they will send the country to hell ,they …etc" No need to publish the rest of the words because you might think there is real hate between Muslims and Christians in the valley of the Nile ,no it is not ,but there is a real hate between Egyptians and United States of America because of its policies since very long time , it is accumulated hate from decades ,and so some Egyptians see any interfere in Egypt's internal policies by the United States for the favor from any group what so ever is a treason by this group ,I am sorry to say this word but that's what I hear and it is not a lie . In fact some times I feel that the Americans are using the same old technique of British in the 4th of February crisis in the 40s in Egypt, supporting a certain group to create some kind of hate, division and distrust between the people. The American administration knows how the people feels towards it and using it to fulfill it purposes in the same way it created Osama Bin Laden as Guevara of the Islamic World, I am not speaking about the educated elite in the Society but I am talking about the rest of the people of Egypt
  3. Another important fact that also no one can deny the attacks on the Christians in the 80s and 90s from the radical terrorist groups "A .k. A Islamic groups, yet they are far away from the Islam that is used as a cover for their purposes". It is not about Islam, Islam as I said before is innocent from all this hate and destruction, it is a government hand made, look to the history of the terrorist groups you will find that most if not all are government manufacture by a way or another and the examples are many starting from Mustafa Shokry in the 70s, torture in the legendary Egyptian prisons that are now internationally famous after the C.I.A scandals made him hate the Society altogether. And of course no one can forget the "Zawoya El-Hamra" incidents in the 70s, the best example of the regime dirty games.
  4. The talk of these groups will lead us to the talk of Islam, the reality and myth, of course there is some blame on Muslims in Egypt, and here I am talking about neglecting and ignoring the real Islam. I met not many but quiet a number of people "Muslims" who don't like the Christians , call them infidels despite that thy are among the "People with holy books " got a special treatment in Islam along with the Jews , those infidels are the unbelievers who don't believe in God at all , I am afraid that this misconception is a gulf product from the Wahbi effect , I saw it in many of those who live in the Gulf area and I am afraid that it transferred across the Atlantic Ocean to arrive in the United States , unfortunately many Muslim Americans from non Arabic origins believe in the same way , I read it and I saw it with my own eyes. These Aliens ideas are spread because of the absence of the real Islamic clerics and scholars, they are here but people don't believe them simply because they turned in to puppets in the hand of the regime "I am sorry to use this word but this is a fact ".
  5. I never met a Muslim who treated Christians bad and was good with other Muslims or was a good person at all, this is a personal experience, I am a Muslim and I don't lie, those people are bad people on all scales.
  6. The Mad man raid on Churches last Friday is a government hand made again and again, they made it not because they are radical Wahbi regime like Mr. Abider like to call it, but because they wanted to direct the attention of the Egyptian public towards another things other than: The ferry El-Salam investigation report and the judges' crisis.

At the end I believe that we won't solve our problems what ever it is from Minorities rights to corruption to endless list of problems until we change the system, the whole regime, this regime already doesn't respect or even admit by the rights of the majority to listen for the minority rights

P.S:"I am sorry I am not rude with elder people but this guy Mr.Adly Abider needs some one to give him his medication to stop him from saying his imaginary historical conspiracy theories happened in the 50s in the first Islamic convention in Mecca that decided to get rid from all Christians in all Islamic countries!!!"

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Hamas is the real victim

Today a 17 years old boy from Ganin Camp bombed himself in a bus station in a a crowd place in Tel Aviv , the place already saw lots of suicide bombers before , the dead reached to 7 and the injured can be more than 20 , it is the strongest since very long time

A revenge from what is the Isrealis are doing now in Gaza as it is said in the "Kataab El-Aqsa" the military branch of Fatah organization 's statement , who adopted the operation along with The "Sarya El-Quds" organization "despite till now they didn't confirm that "

I don't know why I don't feel that this operation despite the intentions of its bomber was for his country " in his point of view" was planed in order to revenge more than to embrass the new elected Hamas Government , now the pressure will be more than ever , especailly with the blessing of Hamas to the operation

Hamas Government now is facing a very hard situation , an economical siege from the West and its allies in the East , a stupid siege that shows how the American Adminmistration and West look to the democracy in a double way , the Hamas came by the will of the palestinian people and thus the whole world must respect this will , and that is why I do believe on a national level in seeking a real democracy in Egypt and the Arab world in general we should n't depend on the West

Now the West and the American Administration need such operation to open the real hell on the terrorist government of Hamas ,that support terrorism activities against its neighbour Isreal ,despite that the later's army goes in and out , arrests palestinians , kill children ........ to the end of the neglected war crimes and human rights crimes great archives!!!!!!!

A rebel with a cause

Another thing I was terrified to see the 17 years old boy image on the Al-jazeera ,who was so young to die , may God bless his soul and the souls of those who died because of him , it is a tragedy , the boy comes from Ganin ,the village that is famous with its refugee camp where once upon time from two year a genocide happened there and all the international commuinty acted as the indian Provbe says "I don't see , I don't hear and I don't talk " in a way that doesn't surprise me. A 17 years old boy !! I wonder how he was feeling ,I guess it is not like any teenager after all he lived under a complete siege in this age , the best age to be a rebel. Call him as you like a terrorist or a criminal , yet I will call him a rebel martyr of unjust international political system , he is like a kamkazi in the WWII where young japenese teenagers and young men joined the Air forces to get killed with a bunch of yunks in their way to honour , it is the same way

I bet he had dreams ,but he knew very well none of his dreams may come , because it is hard to dream in a place where you can't find anything even a medicine

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The NDP is behind what happened in Alexandira's Churches

Yes as it is written in the title
did you watch the Al-jazeera news at 9 P.M yesterday exactly ? did you hear the second news after the coverage of the Al-jazeera's correspondent in Alexandira ?
"Our Correspondent in Cairo knew just now that some important members from the NDP are working until now to change the report of the Ferry "El-Salam 98" ,that report is going to be published publicly {i don't remember when } "
This is the report of the investigation committee in the Egyptian Parliament to be presented to its members who are representing the people of the Nation
This is the report that will say who is to blame on the death of 1000 human soul in the cold red sea.
I don't know if they repeated again the news in Al-jazeera or they published it in their website but I swear that I heard it with my own hears on their screen
The same old dirty game but it is the suitable word to be used when the NDP is pushing the nation to the break just to make the people busy in something else
This is one

Another important thing
I am scared that the clashes in Alexandira would end with dismissing the Governer Abd El-Salam Mahgoub from his position as the governet of course beside the other fears concerning our unity in this old nation
I respect this man very much because I knew well his history "great one in the secret service" and his present from making Alexandira one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt ,so regardless of his tiny stupid lie about the MAD MAN please Alexandiran people do n't give up on him easily as I know that some NDPs hate the guy so much ,many NDPS

I don't know if it is true or not but they say that A muslim was killed in the Clashes ,now the situation will be very very bad ,it is written in

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jar-ElAmr ,the Moon's neighbour report from Alexandira, don't blame the Muslim Community

The public jounralism is the future in journalism in a country like Egypt and I am proud to be an early public jounralist ,today i found Alaa posting the link to Jaar El-Amar, Jar El amar means the neighbour of the moon it is some kind of Arabic poetic name ,anyway the young man from Alexandira was a witness to what happened from unfortuante events in the city from attack on christians churches yesterday

I am sorry if it is in Arabic ,but to say the truth I can't translate , I don't have the courage to do so , because it shows how fragile Egypt became , it is a weakness , it is just like a dirty laundry you don't want to show it to the public

The Christians should be angry but they should n't blame the whole Muslim community in Egypt for what 4 persons did "yeah it is not one ,it can't be one"

Blame the regime as you want

I am not scared about the unity in Egypt because as Prophet Mohammed "pbuh" said that "The Copts of Egypt are in unity till the End of days " and in another version " The people of Egypt are in unity till the End of days", As a Muslim we believe that every word Prophet Mohammed says is a 100% truth , "He doesn't speak from vain but it is inspiration from Heaven " holy Quran {sorry from my bad translation} , you may say that 'but he "pbuh' refered to the Christaisns only as in the Word of Copts' , and I will tell you that the word Copt in greek means Egyptians , I am a muslim Copt ,did you get it ??

You know my conspiracy theory arabic mind tells there are some secret dirty hands play behind the curtains moving the extremists from both side as puppets with strings in order to get Egypt down in to its knees ,and this will not happen because I do believe the prophecy of My prophet "PBUH"

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Friday, April 14, 2006

I am sorry for all christians

Today I am very sick ,real sick that I only began to wake up and understand what's going on around me in the world about 4.30 PM .

I read this terrible news on the Internet that there was an aggression on 4 churches in Alexandira today, it seems that 4 persons attacked 4 different churches in different areas in Alexandira , three are victims and one was killed unfortunately ,there is no news about the attackers except the last one the fourth one who was arrested .

Now First I apologize as Muslim to the Egyptian Christians for this terrible attack , and I won't say more than what My grand mother said after knowing the news in Al-jazeera and that Christians are angry " They should be angry ,they have all the right , come on I will be very angry if my son comes out of the Mosque and is attacked by a crazy person "

Second I would like to blame the Egyptian government as usual for its usual lies putting the blame on crazy person as usual , it is the usual usual governmental crap , how come Reuters says that there were four attackers "and that's logic , 4 person ,for 4 different churches in 4 different places" while the report of the interior ministry says that it was only one miserable crazy lunatic person holding two swords in every hand going from church to church attacking people !!!!

I would like hint to something ,I am not arrogant or live in an ivory tower or even like to boast with my great Turkish grandparents who came with Mohammed Ali Basha "Yes they did" but as far as I know now it will be a silly thing when the union of the two elements of this country will be in danger because of some loser that comes from El-hadra quarter in Alexandira , I am not Alexandrian but proudly got roots there and I know that it is low area

Man I am so sick that I can't open my eyes and also I am so sick from this government handling crisis usual way

Dear Christians in Egypt I am sorry and I understand your anger :(

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mubarak's interview to Al-Arabiya Network {2-Giselle}

This is the Second time Giselle ,the Beautiful widow of Late Samir Kassir , who is chosen by New York Times among the 10 most powerful interviewers in the World , made an Interview with president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak .In fact the first the interview made her lose her job and her successful program at LBC and go for Al-Arabiya .And believe it or not I miss her on LBC as I don't like her on El-Arabiya, the story was simple Giselle wished so much to interview Mubarak like the rest of the Lebanese Media famous faces like Magi Farah and Zahi Wahabi "I swear I read that both want to make an interview with Mubarak ,I don't know really why !??", The opportunity came at the time of the Arab Summit in Beirut from couple of years but it wasn't for her it was for Marcil Ghanam ,another TV presenter whose show is LBC's "Kalam El-Nas" , Giselle got angry yet an old dear friend who also got killed Mr.Gobran Twiny' , gave her the opportunity ,he was going to meet Mubarak for exclusive interview for El-Nahar Newspaper and so he told her that she could come and make her dream come true.
She went and made the interview and made also Pierre El-Dahr "The owner of the LBC TV" and Marcil Ghanam also angry from her , and few days Giselle had to pack her things as she was going to leave her long time home The LBC to the unknown as El-Arabiya was not yet opened . Giselle had a great Talk show called "Howar El-Omr" -"The conversation of the Life Time" on the LBC ,it used to be on Sundays just like "Balarabi"-"in Arabic" on Al-Arabiya now . Howar El-omr was much much better because it wasn't not all about politics , she used to host artists,poets and other important names in the world not the Arab World only like Zahi Wahbi on Future TV Lebanon.
The Sad widow is known for her very strong personality on TV , we are not talking about Oprah's sweet type ,no way
I admire Giselle's patience with Mubarak ,as he made her repeat the questions over and over ,may be his hearing sense is not like before "also pilots are known to have week ears through time"or may be he doesn't understand her Shami Dialect very much,as Giselle is from the few Non-Egyptian Political TV presenters who use their native dialect.She was very intelligent and knows whom she is dealing with .Already all the questions are pre-made and she knows she can't push too far to get the answer she wants and so you find strong embarrassing critical questions that were not weak but let's just say that Lebanese Giselle can't trick our ol' man from Monfia :) .You want a proof ,here is one

Q: Mr.president ,President Jacque Shirac is going to Visit Egypt soon ,of course you will discuss the Lebanese issue in the context ,what are going to say about Lahoud !?
A: of course we are going to discuss the Lebanese file; it is from the basis in our talks ,but Shirac is not coming for this mainly ,he will come to open the French university and signing some economical agreements
Where is Lahoud ?? la la la la Takazby

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Mubarak's interview to Al-Arabya Network {1-Holy Shiia}

Wow that's what the president of the greatest Arabi Country in the World made from Impact !!
Did you see the Giselle Khoury interview with President Hosni Mubarak ,the president of Egypt ,last night on both Al-Arabya Network and the first channel of the Egyptian National TV !? if you didn't you can go for the Arabya Network or you can read it from there . Of course on the National TV  I feel there was kind of censorship.
Now the Iraqi people ,government and all different groups in Iraq are angry from his statements last night ,It is achievement Mr.Mubarak made it as for the first time he made a real unity between the Iraqis in their deadly conflict
I will comment on the statements one by one
and Now he said that :
  1. The Loyalty of the Shiia in the Arab World is for Iran , and that the Shiia of Iraq are loyal to Iran as they are 65% of the population causing a huge problematic situation.
  2. There is on going civil war in Iraq .
  3. Saddam Hussien is only man who united the Iraqi people but for his foolishness he was involved  in to stupid wars with his neighbors.

Now suddenly as I said ,despite the Egyptian Television is ignoring what is going in Iraq , the Iraqi government and people are mad . Talbany,Gafry and Bagha Gi were standing angry and defending the loyalty of the Arab Shiia of Iraq and Now the internet is full of angry Iraqis from all races who are so angry for different reasons
No only in Iraq but in the Arab World ,the Shiia community is so angry , the Shiia members in Kuwait parliament didn't like these provoking statements about their loyalty
See the comments on these websites Ealph { An apologize is required,and El-Arabya {oh boy Kill him he is Egyptian !!"}

oh boy it is the second the Iraqi Shiia people become angry from Mubarak's statement, the first time from two years when he said that : It will be a diseaster if the Shiia ruled Iraq .
Now let me say something ,people I don't suspect the loyalty of any Arab Shiia but what is Mubarak said in this program from statements concerning Iraq except the part about the American forces 100% correct and I agree with him for the first time from very long time and before I will be accused of being a hypocrite to him ,well search through out my blog and you will know that I can be considered from the opposition but truth is truth
How come ? okay people it is a real fact that most the Shiia loyalty will be to Iran , to City of Kam ,to the great religious scholars there , people El-Sistany is an Iranian in the end , all those name from El-Mahdy army to whoever army there are with Iran in the End . People what prevents the Untied States from attacking Iran besides the Iranian Nuclear power and the Oil power is the Shiia in Iraq. The American army will be surrounded with a gulf of Shiia ,the real Persian Gulf , Shiia from Iraq ,Shiia from Kuwait and Shiia from Bahrain are ready to turn in to one hell of holy war to save the mother land . In fact I see that most Iraqi Shiia are more attracted to the religious bounding that the national Arabic bounding ,you could find An Iraqi shiia with national Arabic preference at the time of Shah Iran not Aya Allah Iran .
Iran is just like the Vatican , in fact their loyalty is for their clerics and this is really dangerous thing ,because Clerics in Shiia sect got a holy position and the Iranian example is the best proof
This is a true thing and normal human nature thing to join the one who shares my beliefs.
Second thing , Mr.Talbani ,the president of Iraq doesn't like the statement that there is a civil war in Iraq !! Excuse me Mr.Talbani how do you describe what is going in your country exactly ? on a daily base not less 50 people get killed !! this is a civil war
Third thing I hate to dictators like Saddam who killed lots of Egyptians but I am afraid that it is true that there was some kind of Stability in his rule , in the first 5 years of his rules before the Iranian-Iraqi war , yet I hate this kind of Stability that is built of fear and injustice
By the way some angry people on Elaph and Al-Arabya said that he attacked and insulted their holy shrines and holy doorsteps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not against the Iraqi Shiia as they saw too much from Saddam and I also see their loyalty for Iran is a natural thing "Me and my brother on my cousin and Me and my cousin on the Stranger"
In fact I don't see why Egypt got this bad relations with Iran ,already our real relations with the U.S is going from bad to worse

The Minorities Report : The Bahais

Yesterday the Egyptian Court made a historical verdict in the favor of the Bahai "Religion" followers in Egypt in Specific and the all the followers of the religions and sect other than the official divine religions {Islam,Christanity and Judism}
First Check the in
Second ,What is the Bahai religion?
You can check here and there
or you can complete reading this tiny blog post
Bahai was first a sect from the Islam , founded by Bahaullah , a Noble Man from Tehran in Iran in the 19th Century , Just like the other sects in Islam especially the 12th group ,Bahaism is somehow influenced by the different civilisation and religions , They believe in one God and that God revealed himself to the people of the world through his messengers who include the following "Look to the names" : Ibraham "Ibrahim, the father of all divine Messengers,Krishna of<em> India Hundu faith</em>, Zoroaster Persia Zarathushtra fire worshiping religion , Moses , Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad No need to explain the last four names as they are the messengers of the four main religions in the world now , so you see it is a combining cult or a religion , Bahaullah claimed that all of those names were manifestation of God and he himself was a manifest to the Lord on Earth. They claim to have 5 million followers in the world and that they are the most spread religion now ,I don't much about these rituals ,customs and traditions and so on.
What is interesting that their holy places are in Haifa/Akka in Isreal,former Palestine ,it is a complex shrine as I understand contains the bodies of their holy founders Bahuallha "He was in Iran ,what brought him to Haifa I don't know", the Bab and Abdul baha and for that reason since the sixities the Egyptian regime cancelled and prohibited all their activities in Egypt in year 1960 as it considered their Bahai world center where its followers should pilgrim to be in Isreal and so it could threat the Egyptian National Security
It was at the same time of Judas Witnesses famous case in Egypt , the Bahai got fame in Egypt after their arresting in 1960 especially the list of Bahais names contained a great artist in Egypt that is Bikar , already I remember my late grand father once told me about him that he was n't a muslim like the rest of us and that his religious believes are somehow strange as they worked together in Akhbar El-youm and Akhar Saa weekly magazine in its golden age ,I didn't understand then and he didn't explain more but now I understand
Also there is a famous Bahaai who all the world followed his news and his death "which became of the engimas of the Iraq war ,that's professor Kelly ,do you remember him !?
Anyway back to the Bahaai Minority conditions in Egypt
as you understand the regime thinks that they are danger on the national security as their religious holy place in Isreal "Not all the regime after all we got a Minister whose mother is Jew and we got excellent relations with the hebrew nation , yet when we speak about National security we are talking about other boards than the NDP and the Cabinet , we are talking about a silent very tall man whom I want to speak about his role in the minorities report again and again"
Also the Muslim community , the religious restrictive section in it doesn't like it as it consider it a movement against Islam , not Muslim cult as infidel muslim for their founder claimed the prophecy .
already they are not muslim and there is a great misconception between them , many think that they are from the Shiia 12 group while as you see they are shiia or muslim at all , I read that nosene in the MSN Space of some American Muslim young man who got this wrong information about the Islamic Cults
Now back to the historical verdict that opens the paradise door for Minorities not only The Bahais but others too and opens a hell door for religious Muslim and security
A Bahai couple in Egypt got a bad problem that for two years they couldn't registered themselves and their kids as Bahais ,the government presented in the interior minister and civilian registry ordered them to register themselves as Muslims if they want to have an identity in this country !!!!With this verdict that is already depends on the chapter in the Egyptian constitution that says that the Freedom of Belief is a right for Every Egyptian you can know see the word Bahai in their id and passport for the first time
My opinion , I will tell about it tomorrow ,that is enough for now I want to read Mubarak's interview with Gizelle Khoury and yes the minorities report is opened once again

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Farewall Mohamed El-Magout

Last Night the famous syrian writer Mohamed El-Magout had passed away after long struggle against Cancer in Damscus ,Syria. Late Magout was 73 years old. I feel very sorry for his family and fans whom I consider myself as one . For those who don't know who is Mohamed El-Magout , I will tell you briefly who was this great man.
El-Magout is the famous writer ,talented one , wrote for threatre and cinema the most wonderful scripts , all about one thing ,the home ,the stolen home , the home .He was among the few who put in words the agony that the Arab world from the Alanatic ocean to the Persian gulf and described perfectly. The agony that All the Arabs were,are and God knows until when will be suffering from dictatorship.
Dictatorship and injustice were El-Magout enemies and that 's why many of his work is not available in many countries and few only know him from the young generation.
El-Magout came to fame when he and great Syrian Actor Doraid Laham presented a powerful duet in the 70s and 80s when they presented masterpieces like "Kassak ya Waten ,mom saw it in Doha" and the legendary political Movie El-Hodod"the borders", I guess you will know him from the later movie if you are an Arab
El-Hodod was speaking about the Home ,the Arabic and Arabic-Arabic affairs in a comic way
This duet reminds me with the duet that was between Lanin El-Ramli and Mohamed Sobhi in Egypt.
El-Magout was widower who devoted his life after his wife's death to his two daughters , also one of the unique things about his life is that he began to become famous in Syria after publishing his own diaries in El-Maza Jail "a legendary Jail in Syria , a terrible one which I think Abu-garib is much better ,you see in Abu-garib you got humilitated by a foreigner but in El-Maza you got humiliated by your own home brother , you probably surprise to know that El-Magout wrote his diaries on the cover of the cigarettes and hided in his under wall so no one can catch it.
May God bless his soul this old man from El-Sham

Monday, April 3, 2006

Politics : The dirty game

Really the politics is a dirty games the one who wants to play it must understand its rules very well and must know when to retire in the right time "The Spanish provbe: The Good Matador knows when to leave the arena"

I remember this when I read the sorrowful news of Nomaan Gomaa ,the ex-head of the Wafad party and ex-presidential candidate who took the votes of my family and friends who got the voting id in the last 2005 presidential elections.
I remember this when I read the reports of in different Newspapers today all of them are the opposition newspapers like El-Arabi the Nasseri and El-Ossbo weekly "also Nasseri"
It turned out that the conflict in the Wafad party is simply another battlefield between the old and new guards in NDP ,the ruler party in Egypt !!
You see we all know in Egypt that except for the MB ,Kafya ,El-gad at Ayman Noor's era and Some Nasseri "despite they still live in another age " all parties are just like supporting actors for the leading and sole actor in the political stage in Egypt , yet El-Wafad with his historical weight and importance plus his past leaders from Sarg El-din Family gave him some how strength against the NDP in fact I do remember that Ayman Noor was a Wafa Member before leaving the party ,also Mona Makram Abid was a Wafad member , in fact I believe the Wafad began to become another party in the Shadow after the death of Yassin Sarg El-Din ,despite he was n't the head after his uncle death as Gomaa became the head as you all know

Now after the expected Fiasco in the last presidential elections , the majority of El-Wafad decided to change its leader as we were told and as I believe that the majority of the members believed so , as it turned out it is reflection of the conflict between the new guards headed by GM and the old guards headed by Safwat El-Sherif you see
now the minister of Agriculture in Egypt is Mr. something Abaza "by the way this fellow is a faculty of Agriculture graduate but Economics and Political Science ,Cairo University ,Same class of My Aunt :)" , now Mr. Abaza who is a memebr in the NDP , is the brother of Mr.Mahmoud Abaza , the leader of the front against Mr.Gomaa , Now NDP Abaza is a member from the New guards Group headed by Mr.GM
on the other hand ol' Dr.Nomaan Go is a friend for Mr. Safwat El-Sherif { Ex-officer with great Scandal in the 60s similar to John Profumo's in UK, Ex-Minister of Information for over 24 years and Now he is head of the Senates and head of the parties Committes } who is the leader of the old guards in the NDP , in fact some say that El-Sherif was behind Gomaa's decision to run for presidency , a decision which even Gomaa's wife Dr.Salwa and his two daughter "Iman Gomaa, the ex-tv presenter specialized in Political programs in ART Network" stood against !!
This friendship is not a friendship by its real meaning as in politics there is nothing called so , it is more like alliance , El-Sherif doesn't like what happened to him from the new guards of GM and GM himself ,so despite being another member in the same regime El-Sherif won't hate to see some public opposition against the plans concerning GM's inheritance for daddy's throne , and Gomaa was and is still against the inheritance of the Egyptian throne to GM , it is not obvious yet
but wait Now Abaza 's front in El-Wafad is with the new guards in NDP and they don't have a real problem with GM being the next president to Egypt {Heavens forbid }
so yo see now how things go
already if you follow the sequence of the events in El-Wafad ,you will find that El-Sherif somehow stood beside Nomaan Goma
is n't a dirty game ,this politics game !?

Gomaa is a bad player who listens to anyone and believe it or not I think now that Ahmed Nasser is a foe not a friend of him as Now Goma is guilty by first degree and ex-dean of Faculty of Law will join Ayman Noor in the Prison not as a political prisoner but as a criminal one

Sunday, April 2, 2006

El-Wafad Crisis and Tragedy "A Far perespective"

I read the newspapers "El-Wafad Mainly" and agreed on the El-sharq Elawast headline today also the news sites Like Filbalad ,Masrawy and Elaph {The first had a better coverage then the other two}and I was so happy and sad at the same time when I knew Gomaa ,Nassar and their thugs were arrested and are facing charges of Murder, destruction of properties ..etc , it is sad thing as I said earlier today that a man like Gomaa ,the ex-dean of the Law School "Cairo University " an old wafad member thinks in this barbaric way .

and here what I think

I am sure 100% that the regime presented in the government had a great role in this crisis , and you can sense this yesterday for more than 12 hours thugs occupied the wonderful palace "headquarter of El-Wafad" burned it...etc and no single police officer came !!23 person were injured and only the govermental presence was represented by the ambulances that took the injured !! Now go back in history to review what happened in El-Wafad , the same thing that happened to El-Gad but of course in different terms surely Fahkry Abd El-Noor is not like Reda Ragab and of course Ayman Noor is not like Nomaan Gomaa.
What is happening is simply a punishment and preventation from the regime to all major political players in Egypt , a punishment for all those dared to go for the presidential elections 2005 against president ,especailly those who had a real presidential programs and real popluraity in the Egyptian street and those I mean Ayman Noor and Nomaan Gomaa , preventation for any opposition in the future against their plans to inherit the rule of Egypt to Gamal Mubarak {which Now I believe the words of Mr.Hassien Haikal that this will happen this year more than any time } , Now in the Egyptian street there is some talk that Gamal Mubarak is better than anyone we don't know and also look to his potential rivals "Noor and Gomaa " both criminals "I swear that I heard some of this rubbish talk and even not now but at the time of the elections.
I remember someone who once told me that there is no hope for a real democratic change in Egypt with the same ol' faces and new faces like Gomaa and Noor because simply they are the product of this regime and previous regimes in along period of more than 54 years, this is really true ,Gomaa proved to be a dictator who refuses to let it go and listen to the majority of his party and this is what the government wants to prove to the people , there is no difference between the NDP and other parties they are all the same ,so take the ol' one you know
Gomaa appears to me an old man that can be deceived easily as I remember he is the first from the opposition front who broke the agreement to boycott the presidential elections and run for the presidency and it also appears to me that he listened to the Ahmed Nassar "a Lawyer and MB known for using thugs and force" , I don't know how come a man like Gomaa , with his history and family ,his wife is one of the most famous professors in The faculty of Economics and Political sciences at Cairo University ,I guess her Name is Salwa, she used to teach to my Aunt there ,and my Aunt still admires her so much ,I can't describe my disappointment , already I am disappointed since he refused to leave the leadership of the party.
This crisis opens a door to an important problem in our culture that is the concept of Leadership , unfortunately there is a mix between Leadership ,Godhod and dictatorship not only in Egypt but in the Arab World.

Yes I know I got this big consiracy theory mind but look to the whole image , it is not about El-Wafad or El-Gad ,it is about the fight of the government against all the Liberal parties in Egypt ,it is from the benefit of the government that religious groups like Muslim Brothers to be there ,so it can scare the west with , for many years now El-Wasat party , an Islamic Liberal party , made by an Ex-members of Muslim Brothers because simply the word Liberal scares the regime , Liberal means Democracy ,and Islamic means the support of the majority of the Egyptian street ,for that the party can't take the approval of the Parties committe for many years until yesterday ,where it was refused at the same time where the parent of the Liberal

p.s " I always finded it silly and unacceptabe when the daughter of the head of El-Wafad party is a Nasseri