Monday, July 31, 2006

The fight is no longer between Israel and Hizbullah

The fight is no longer between Israel and Hizbullah , I don't mean the theories about the attack on Lebanon and who is target is war , I meant by word the military is longer between Israel and Hezbullah , The IDF is not fighting Hezbullah alone now in Lebanon

Yesterday the Lebanese army announced that it succeeded in spoiling a dismounting operation from an Israeli chopper near Baka'a in South of Lebanon ,using the anti-Air fighters missiles

This is the first the Lebanese Army fights back and defends its own land in this war , already yesterday is the 61th anniversary of the establishing it , and the high commander of the Lebanese army today said the following to the troops

We will answer back any attack from the Israeli

and the man meant every word

Not only today from two days I believe Nabih Barry in his great interview on Al-jazeera said the following:

The Lebanese army is here and it will defend its nation and will answer , already I am amazed from the Americans and the Israelis who are calling for resolution 1559 and sending the Lebanese army to the Borders while the Israelis are targeting its bases and are killing the officers and soldiers

I am very very happy with that news , already all the people around me were asking where is the Lebanese ? where is it ? It is there , yes it is weak but it can defend it own land

Already the operation the IDF wanted to make is very dangerous , it wanted to drive away the Lebanese resistance from the borders villages , but Thank God the Lebanese army was there , I believe this is from Qana's result , everyone is angry in Lebanon

Hizbullah by the way is not fighting Israel alone , Amal , the famous resistance Shiite movement is fighting with it , Amal is the mother group of Hezbullah, Hassan Nasrallah joined it in 1982 when he was 15 years . It is southern Shiite group and its head now is Nabih Barry himself , it is also got much older and much stronger relations with Iran , Shekih Moses El-Sadr its founder is half Irani

This is announced since first week that Amal and Hezbullah made a common operation room in the South and that's why all the Amal's leaders residences in the South was targeted including Nabih Barry himself . Amal had lost 2 from its resistance troops last week in the battles of Maroon El-Ra'as

Amal was very powerful military and it still got its weapons ready despite "El-Tiaf" agreement of the Lebanese war , yet in the last years it engaged more in the charity for the Shiite society and development of South of Lebanon

The Lebanese Army is very weak thanks to both Syria "we must say the truth " and also the neglect of military for the sake of the economy . I found out the Lebanese Army was very powerful in the time of Micheal Own , this man seemed to be a good person more than I thought , already it turned out that Own who has a political collation with Hezbullah suggested that instead of disarming Hezbullah ,its troops and weapons join the Lebanese army to give more and more strength , Own was and is still right , he is thinking as an Ex-general and high commander of the Lebanese army

Several bases for the Lebanese army were hit in this war and many military were dead also

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Hezbullah turned to be the responsible of Qana 's massacres

Hezbullah is responsible for Qana

this is what Israel Ambassador to UN said today in the Security council , saying that the resistance group used the village to launch rockets from it , the same claim Ehud Olmart said today in the press conference and that the Rocket Launcher was beside the Hasham doomed House !!

Not to mention that Hezbullah used the civilians as shields which is 100% lie , for one good reason , Hezbullah is a very religious group which got very strict highly mannered code of conduct based upon the Islam so no way on this earth they would use the women or children or civilians in general as human shelters , I am sorry this is an Israeli code of conduct , old one too in 1967 while crossing the west bank which had a great resistance then from the PLO , the IDF used the Egyptian P.O.W as human Shields while transferring them to Atlia boot camp {Mr.Fouad Higazy's testimony} .

Now Yedioth Ahront got the syndromes from which the Egyptian press suffered from in 1967 defeat , you know lying on the public and misleading them

Read this article ,concerning the investigation the IDF is leading about Qana and the enigma they found

Why the building stayed all this time? first of all I don't recall that it stayed this long time from the witnesses from the village and the survivals themselves !! The is hinting that Hezbullah may be sorry is behind the destruction of the house themselves. I don't recall any time gap honestly

To the Israeli people since afternoon I was following the Qana village massacre in TV from all the Lebanese TVs whether with Hizbullah like New TV or Manar , Neutral like Al-jazeera or against like Future or LBC , all the survivals are praying for revenge from your troops and praying for Hizbullah's victory , we are Arabs ,emotional people those people won't lie

Oh boy I don't know what I am defending , anyway the film in the Ynet site can be fabricated easily

I am sorry but Qana 1996 Massacre there was no human shields in the UN shelter

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The unexpected Respond of the Lebanese govenmment after Qana

I don't think that the Israelis expected the Lebanese official respond to be like the one that happened today after Qana , as it was obvious despite the official statements of unity between the government and Resistance of Hezbullah that there was some division in the stands ,and this was the winning horse Israel was putting its hopes on , with the diversity in the Lebanese Political and religious society

No one hides or ignores that not all the Lebanese agreed upon the Hezbullah's "Honest promise" operation but they all agreed despite the attempts of some like Walid Gombalt "his time will come" that the Israeli aggression ,sorry war on Lebanon is targeting all Lebanon , is not differentiating between any one when bombs and missiles are launched

As you all know the Lebanese government , the majority of Lebanese government is made up from The future party in Lebanon "El-Hariri" and the group of 14th of March who are calling and were calling for the disarm of the Hizbullah , and you all know that there was lots and lots criticism made to Fouad El-Seniora ,the Lebanese prime minister when he met Condoleeza Rice last week .There was some feeling that the government ,the Lebanese government is against Hizbullah.And this goes to one fact that Hizbullah is supported by Syria , the Lebanese government doesn't care much for Iran , but Syria is a problem for the future party and 14th of March collation.T_2400a1df-996a-4f01-ab80-7f2ec457abdb.jpg

Anyway today the whole scene is changed

  1. Condi is no longer welcomed in Lebanon by the famous three Lebanese kisses on the cheek , go home condi better for you , the Lebanese government itself asked her not to come.

  2. The Lebanese demands and proposals are changed , it was the first time Nabih Barry ,the head of Parliament and Seniora set together in a press conference from very long time , Barry also was wearing casual as if he had no time to wear something formal , anyway the new demands and proposals are much much important :

    • An immediate ceasing for fire with no conditions

    • There will no exchange for prisoners at all :) Nabih Barry announced this by himself

  3. The immediate Israeli Withdrawal from the Lebanese territories

  4. Prime Minister Fouad El-Seniora for the first time since 18 days thanked Hezbullah and his leader Shekih Hassan Nasrallah for the great resistance and sacrifice the resistants are making.

A journalist asked Seniora

"whom do you mean with ceasing the fire ?"

He answered her

"of course I meant the attacker and in this case it will be the Israeli side "

Not only El-Seniora stand changed 180 degrees in my opinion but also another great sector of the Lebanese people which is represented by the Future party led by Saad El-Hariri and El-Seniora himself , that is the Sunni Sector . Already today Future TV changed their usual mourning over late El-Hariri and reminding the people with death day and night to cover the tragedy in Qana . Qana is in Sydon , the home town of El-Hariri and his sister MP Bahia El-Hariri whom i respect very very much for her Charity and kindness more than her nephew , anyway Lady Bahia as common Lebanese people made a great speech today attacked the civilised international community who is always giving us in the east lectures about treating women and children . As I said the Sunni sector in the Lebanese street now became with Hizbullah and the resistance choice and this is also said by Salim El-Hoos ,the ex-prime minister in one of his interviews ,I guess in the one he attacked our man Mubarak in it

El-Hoos said the following :

Mubarak gave a justification to the Israelis to continue their aggression and destroy Lebanon with his statements

I believe not only the Sunnis joined the resistance supporters camp but also the Christians ask Julia Beitris and Magda El-Roumi, in fact i believe in that any human on this earth who believe in Justice must support the resistance

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Amr Khalid is back

Here is another one in my list makes another appearance

The famous Amr Khalid calls the Arab armies to answer back :)

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

What are the Israeli Officials saying about Qana?

OK The IDF and IAF made another Massacres today the 30th of July to be added to their long list of Massacres since Dir Yassin in Palestine to the P.O.W in Sinai to Bahr El-Bakr in Egypt to Qana in 1996

The Qana Massacre Number 2

We must say what the other is saying ?

Are they angry or sad because the children and women who died ?

I highly doubt it

check these articles from Israeli insider

  1. Olmert says that Qana was a the location from which hundreds of Missiles were launched to North Israel !! {I really loved the part Gideon Meir, a senior Foreign Ministry official said in it that Killing children was not a code of conduct for the Israeli army !! really !!??" Read the comments please especially the guy from Singapore

  2. It turned out that Building collapsed of its own , no missile hit it at all according to the CNN !! {I checked the site and there is no such talk from the American news network here is the site , by the way it is is strange thing that from the Israeli insider published this report which is made by AP at the same time the Israeli officials admit that they destroyed the building !!

By the way Olmert asked Condi for more 10 days to finish what he started from killing and destroying Lebanon before ceasing fire and she agreed despite Qana

The typical expected answer , just like in 1996 !! History repeating

Please Read the comments ,they are interesting

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irresponsible act

This is what Hosni Mubarak , the president of Egypt Said about Qana's massacre in South Lebanon today

This an irresponsible act from the Israeli side !!

Irresponsible act !! Irresponsible act !!

Is that the most this man can say !!??

For God sake he didn't even call the Israeli Ambassador for objection !!??

I swear the EU said better than him

Man I saw that you are the one irresponsible in all this jazz

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Israel is celebrating the 10 anniversary of Qana :(

From 10 years ago , exactly in the 18th of April 1996 ,the village of Qana made the whole world woke up upon a terrible massacre not a strange for the Arabs who used to now and then to find these massacres made by Israelis

in brief talking The IDF made an operation by the Orders Pierce who was the Prime minister then called "The Tufts of anger" and it was one hell of anger because of the Lebanese resistance operations of Hizbullah in the occupied South of Lebanon . In that Operation, the IAF hit AN UN shelter where hundreds of women and children were taking a refugee in

More than 100 women and child died on that day

Of course I remember the United States stood with Israel and gave a veto over a security Council resolution to condemn Israel ,I remember it ,because Botros Ghali was in Kofi Anan place and he worked hard to make this resolution pass but of course the United States with Israel and another some infamous country from the islands of the Pacific ocean no body remembers its name stood against in the United Nation , The U.S didn't forget this for Ghali

I believe Israel wants to celebrate with Qana again :(

The 10th anniversary

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Qana 2 : The complete story

At 1 am Beirut Local time the IDF and IAF warned the people of Qana that they were going to target it despite the fact there is no existence of any resistance forces from Hizbullah or Amal in Qana, the people went to shelters, poor shelters compared to the Israelis one, they were afraid of being targeted by the IAF like the Marawheen People when they were burned alive, and so two families hid in one of the shelters, large families like any Arabic family in any countryside in any south in any Arab country, the two families were called Shalhoub and Hasham went to a shelter in a building in their neighbourhood, this shelter seems to be the only it was built by a tobacco farmer called Abbas Hasham who made it after the first Qana and whose family took refuge in this place

The shelter was open to anyway as I read who want to take refugee, most of those who came were children and Women, mostly mothers with kids

Faras Attya, the one who was responsible for food and water in the shelter said that he saw exactly 63 people among them 24 children, from them there were exactly 10 children with special needs

At that late time, most of the people inside the primitive shelter were sleeping when the IAF began its death ball, and hit the shelter, bringing it over their heads

57 persons were killed in the most savage way ever, 57 civilians among them 27 children, this is the primary numbers, the death toll is exceeding and children's bodies as you saw and see on TVs are found now and then

Already IAF made a huge raid on the area where the roads and communications were cut off, the Lebanese Red Cross, UN, Civilians and journalists came at exactly about 9 am to find a new massacre in the old massacre town !!

To see the human tragedy, to see the bodies of children and women, to see the real face of the democracy oasis in the middle east, to see the real face of Israel.

despite my sadness and anger, I thanked God that those people didn't suffer a lot as most of them died and were killed while they were sleeping.

The Massacre of Qana 2

Today I took a pill of a pain killer exactly at 10 am , I am very sick as I said before the painkiller made me sleep exactly until 4.55 pm Cairo local time , when I woke up I found my grand mother and mom both sad ,one step from crying

"They hit Qana"
"What ? Who ?"

"The Israelis hit Qana again "

"What again!!"

I opened the TV immediately to Al-jazeera to New TV to LBC to Future to El-Manar , I saw it , I saw it and I was shocked

Qana Coverage :

  1. Filbalad
  2. MSNBC
  3. CNN
  4. Al-Arabya
  5. Al-jazeera

May be I am in Cairo but I feel that I am there in Qana right now

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Some people now appear !!

Do you remember my list of people of those who suddenly disappeared in the time of the war of Lebanon ,those people in here and there

Believe or not they began to appear one by one

First it was Haifa , then Elissa ,I read some stupid statement of hers in Laha Lebanese feminine magazine "Wars must be stopped" you know the kind of "I want Peace to cover the Earth " statements

Second Ayman El-Zarawhary ,the son of Maadi's English school lost boy ,the second of Al-qaida made a special useless appearance

Then El-Mofty appeared today with very important Fatwa to answer back the famous Wahabi fatwa of Last week here is the news in Arabic from my favourite fibalad "sure it is my favourite I was mentioned in one of their earliest reports about bloggers in Egypt with Rami and Alaa themselves"

The grand Mofty of the Egyptian lands say the following "by the way despite all what is said in newspapers ,I respect this man"

The fight of Hizbullah against Israel is not terrorism ,it is defence

This is very important and it is never too late for it

Another one makes another surprisingly appearance ,Youssef El-Karadawy answers back the fatwa of Ben Geeran powerfully ,well bravo ,but where have you been you ol' muslim bro from the beginning of ball ??

El-Qaddafi also is back by sending aids ,but unfortunately with no statements ,I swear I miss his statements and useless speeches , in fact I bet that one of the reasons why Mubarak and co. worked for not having an Arab summit is to avoid his speeches !!

Amr Khalid is still missing , despite his appearance yesterday on "El-Safowa" TV channel in the Orbit network , please those of you who got the Orbit subscription and saw this episode last night ,please tell me what did he say ?

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A message to everyone: don't jump on the opportunity to transform this into a holy war! IT IS NOT!

Don't blame the littel girls if their holy men are doing the same thing
Look to the shot where the young rabbi dances with soldier !!

mass graves. A question to Israeli citizens: What does it remind you of?

Mass graves shots I guess from Tyre posted by flickrJunie in Flickr ,I saw today in Al-jazeera that another mass grave is been made in Tyre for 32 bodies and the number is exceeding

man i love this internet that made for the Arab people sound heard

After discussing his plans for world domination with his friends the muppets, "We should not fall into the trap of moral equivalence" said John Bolton...

reall funny picture
Welcome to the Muppets show ,tonight's guest is John Bolton ,Yaaaaaaay ,
He will sing his greatest romantic songs he is famous for in UN :)

The Army Chief in Israel is sick of defeat

IDF chief Dan Halutz went to hospital last night urgently for tests then released to go home for short rest

Check the new Yedioth Ahronoth ,the article is very interesting as it contains information about Halutz . Already it seems to me with my humble military information that it is wrong to make some one from Air forces to head the Army , Halutz is the first chief of IAF "Israel Air forces" to head the IDF "Israel Defence forces" in July 2005. His military information about land combat will be zero ,and this obvious in the Bent Jabial battle . The Strange is that this mistake is made by a great military mind that is Ariel Sharon himself !!

Already according to Al-arabya there is a great difference in opinion in the leadership of IDF because of the horrible defeats of IDF in only three villages on the borders in South Lebanon , there seems a mutual blame between the Mossad and the Military intelligence in IDF about underestimating the powers of Hizbullah

The interesting and the thing that I real admire about the Israelis that you don't hide anything even their inside conflicts because it is not about them ,it is about a nation ,so no use of hiding like in our country ,this is another side remark i must record

can anyone tell me why my blog is not listed in the blogs too active in Manal and Alaa bucket ,I object this treatment ???

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When the murdered baby girl ask for what guilt I was killed ??

Last night I was reading the Quran ,our holy book in Islam and a sentence stopped me because as soon I read it , it is in the 30th last part in Quran , the Soar'a number 81 in the two verses number 7 and 8

God Says :

"If the killed baby girl was asked ,for what guilt she was murdered"

in Arabic :

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"واذا الموءودة سئلت .بأى ذنب قتلت"

صدق الله العظيم

These verses are a description of what is going to happen in the judgement day when God brings all humans and asks for what they did. This verses originally was about a nasty habit that was spread in Arabia before the Islam , men used to kill the babies girls by burying them in the sands of the deserts for fear of scandal !! Islam came and fought this nasty habit

I believe and as all Muslims believe Quran is for every time and every place , and believe or not killing the babies is still there in the modern age , People kill their babies in China and throw their bodies in streets and even worst give their bodies to restaurants in certain areas "I swear I saw images and I still got it" .

Anyway I remember immediately the horrible image I saw it in from Israel to Lebanon site


For what guilt this baby was killed ? I don't know this baby was a boy or a girl but still the Quranic verses imply to it

For what guilt ?

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Friday, July 28, 2006

They are not Arabs but they are the masters of the Arabs

Just from few minutes I watched the great interview of his excellency the head of the Lebanese Parliament and the head of Amal Shiite movement in Lebanon , Mr. Nabih Barry who is also the official delegate of Hizbullah in any negotiation what so ever.I saw the interview on Al-jazeera Barry made many interviews on many TV channels since his cold meeting with Condoleeza Rice in Beirut at Ain El-Tina last week whether on Al-Arabya or LBC TV ,I didn't watch the Al-Arabya but I watched parts from the LBC Tv interview and knew why Barry met Condi like the way he did , well there was 3 kisses on Condi's Cheek like the Seniora's kisses instead a cold meeting

First I would like to mention Nabih Barry's demands from the international community and these demands by the way are Hizbullah's :

  1. Immediate Ceasing of Fire

  2. DSC00883.JPG

  3. The Return of the South People who are reached now to 800,000 evacuees

  4. The exchange of the P.O.W

Fair demands , but of course the Israelis and American don't like them and so Condi came with demands everyone in the media of course the Pro-American ones call it ideas , these idea got two main interesting points contradict with Barry's demands

  1. No ceasing for Fire what so ever Israel got the right to defend itself

  2. There is no exact time for the return of the evacuees 'let them stay where they are now who will give a damn for those Shiite supporters of Hizbullah' !! She did n't even mention them at all

There is no argument about the first American condition that it is unfair ,illogic at all ,in fact it is the reason behind the failure of Rome's meeting , Europe and the Arabs requesting an immediate ceasing for Fire while America said "No" . The second condition it was explained by Barry in fact he is the first to explain the dangers of neglecting the evacuees in all international proposals

It is danger on Lebanon to leave the evacuees like this , they must return back to their homes in the South , this can jeopardise the Unity of Lebanon

OK here is the thing I understand the man , you don't have to be a Lebanese to understand it , We got a country a fragile one every ten year her neighbour comes and hits the crab of her for no good reason , this time the hit is too heavy ,a complete infrastructure through the country whether bridges,roads ,communications centres , no to mention the main airport and there is no way out or in because there is a complete blockade by the naughty neighbour , this country the sieged one lives on tourism and thankfully it is destroyed because of the war and because of the pollution of the wonderful beaches ,because the naughty neighbour Warship throws its oil there ,nasty neighbour ,because of this war 800,000 and the number exceeding and can reach to a million evacuees of the south , which also is a poor area compared to the north and middle were evacuated DSC00885.JPGto the North and Middle of the country creating another burden a tough one , yes the people of the country are united but this can create a disastrous situation in a country that its economy already beginning paralysed , the financial losses of Lebanon in the first week reached to 300 billion dollars only .No one thinks in this problem except this southern man because he cares about this country and this people

Mr.Barry made a great attack on the Arab leaders from presidents and kings especially El grand hombre Du ma Pais , our big man was insulted politely and it is enough to say that Barry said that When Ghassan Ban Gaddo the Al-jazeera asked him about his opinion about Mubarak's statements of not going to war against Israel for Lebanon

We know what Egypt gave from Sacrifices and we respect it and it always be Egypt ,the great sister of Lebanon , and I know that Mr. Mubarak is great leader who had long experience in rule but he shouldn't have said these words,Egypt could at least helped he should say that there must be a ceasing for fire immediately

Ben Gaddo then said

But we know that the Egyptian People got different stand

Barry replied

We know that the Egyptian people is another thing

Barry was a free man as my grand mom said ,she was watching with me and all I can hear from her that this is man , he is a man , good words . He didn't stop here he gave example on how the Lebanese people all reacted in the Algerian revolution ,how they all supported the freedom of Algeria , now Lebanon and Lebanese people are abandoned .In this Interview Barry said that he will put a side all the protocol and political hypocrisy because this is his country and his country beginning slaughtered and everyone is watching silently

When will there be a summit meeting for the Arab countries if it is not held for what is happening in Lebanon ,Palestine and Iraq? when ? when we are berried !! Sorry we won't , we won't die

He is sad for this Arabic shameful silent because those who are dying are Arabs , yes they are Arabs and he mentioned the famous historical facts some like to ignore that most of the people's origin in Syria and Lebanon goes back to the Arabic tribes that lived in Yemen during the Ma'arb historical dam ,they departed to Syria and Lebanon because of the destruction of that Dam .

He is right about the Arab identity of this great people of South of Lebanon

He turned then to the Resistance

We are the origin of the Resistance in Amal , Amal and Hizbullah came out from the same origin of shekih Moses El-Sadr

To Iran and Syria then

This is a conspiracy by Israel with American support to target both Syria and Lebanon

To the Lebanese Dignity

A lady who lost her arm was giving the opportunity to go to Jordan for treatment ,she said in front of the Lebanese and Jordanian health ministers and media that she wouldn't go ,her husband and her son were already killed and there was no need to her arm now ,all what she wanted now is to go back home to read El-Fatah "a pray" on them , all the three Jordanian aid air planes returned back home with no patient , all Lebanese injured refused to live their country for treatment

This a real Arabian dignity , there are not Arabs ,they are the masters of Arabs whether this great Lady or those great injured

To the secret of Success

We got no anti-air fighters missile launchers , We got no tanks but we got faith

Here is the interview from Al-jazeera"p.s : needs windows media player"

The written summary is here Arabic - English

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From Israel to Lebanon url changed

The famous from Israel to Lebanon website which exposes the crimes of Israel in Lebanon changed it URL once again, in fact it was rebooted as the web designers call the process of changing the website layout radically

It is more then horrible photo gallery now and petition

First the URL now is the following :

it is changed from , I believe they should change the domain from .com to .org , .com means commercial while .org means organisation this one

Two read this Peace agreement this group of young people from Lebanon made , I don't agree on it

There is also a Lebanese forum I don't know if the existence of some Egyptian like me would be welcomed or not

Spread the new URL , it is the website which exposes the Israeli war crimes

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It is not the time to speak in the Time

I found this today in the Time magazine , already I found it first in AFP RSS

Mubarak says bla,bla ,bla in Time magazine

already I am sick not seriously but it can turn to something seriously if I neglect it ,so I am taking this big dosage of antibiotic every 12 hours and it makes me want to sleep , I was very sick yesterday ,today thank God I am better but after reading this interview I feel more sick

Does this man have news about the glorious defeats in the two villages of Maroon El-Ra'as and Bent Jabial which seems to be for the Israel Bent Kalb,the Israelis are suffering great losses and want to get out of that hell !!??

Mubarak please gives us a break , give me a break , my sickness wasn't killing me but now both are doing so :(

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Countering Zionist Propaganda about Hizbullah and Lebanon

Countering Zionist Propaganda about Hizbullah and Lebanon

Great article with questions that I have been always asked

the wonderful thing in it that it is written by Jewish activist

please spread it

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Forbidden Weapons used in Lebaon : The same old game

Check here : Depleted Uranium in Lebanon

Check here also : Phosphorus Bomb , already President Lahood and PM Seniora accused Israel of using it and here it is another article about it

Phosphorus Bomb,do you see the Mickey Mouth blanket :(

and oh check this from Weird the future weapon Israel is working on and this the is famous Weird , but it is not really Weird for me that Israel is working on this futuristic weapon

It is not a surprise to me at all , already Israel is using forbidden weapons since very long I believe the most obvious time the world saw this savage use and set as silent as it is now , was in year 1967 in bombing the Suez Canal cities with the Napalm bombs , thousands died and no one blamed Israel at all, in fact we were the usual Arab terrorists , I swear when I get a scanner I will share with you the photos and brochures of the Israeli crimes against humanity in bombing the Suez Canal 1967 which my late grand father kept , terrible images but ironically I got used to it thanks to the frequent arab death scene in the news , from Palestine to Iraq and beautiful Lebanon.

What makes me anger is this double faced world , I don't how it think this civilised world always accuse as the Arabs and Muslims of being terrorists ,of possessing forbidden WMD and threatening the Hebrew state , while in reality the opposite happens , we are not the victimiser ,we are the victim ,we always were , first our lands were taken and our people are killed in the most disrespectful , barbaric way and when we answer back , it is a bloody terrorism

Is n't using this list of forbidden weapons consider a war crime ?

Is n't targeting civilians and even the militants with forbidden deadly weapons a war crime ?

why it didn't once even be blamed ?

You know why the Arabs are angry because they feel that they are cheap with no price what so ever , their children are cheap , the whole world ,sorry the dominating west forget that our children are just as precious and as human as the Israeli kids

Even the right to answer back or revenge is called terrorism , while it is not , I am sorry but the so-called Peace won't make the mothers and fathers and grandparents of those children sleep well , it is not terrorism , it is the right of those children

Forget it is Israel , Forget it is the Hebrew state , forget that is the Holocaust survivals country

Just close your eyes and imagine with me A country that uses forbidden weapons to target the civilians in other countries is considered what ? especially those other countries don't really use or even have these forbidden weapons and even if they have they never used on the civilian of this country , by the way this imaginary country never appealed to any of the UN or security council resolutions , occupies the other countries lands and it is more advanced in all fields from those surrounding countries ,and by the way this country got a nuclear program with several nuke heads and an atomic bomb

What do you think of this country ?

More shocking images here

Wikipedia sources : ,Phosphorus bomb

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Egypt won't go to War for Lebanon

The "Gomhorya" daily published another provoking interview for the president Mr Hosni Mubarak who seems to want Egypt to be more and more hated and disrespected than it is already
"Egypt won't fight Israel for Lebanon"
Who asked Egypt to go to war ??
Who said that Lebanon need Egypt to aid in war ?
The resistance didn't even ask for once a help from us
Bloody hell the Israelis are facing now in Bent Gabial without the help of nobody , the Israelis can't advance more than two villages in the south of Lebanon , they can't even get back the soldiers dead bodies thanks to the glorious resistance
They don't need any body's help except God ,it is their land and they are defending it bravely
Really this old used talk Mubarak should quit , you know why because in the end with God's will the resistance will look big and great while others will look small
Egypt can do other important things then going to war for example
We can call the Israeli Ambassador just like China
We can boycott the Israeli goods just like Belgium
We can call back our Egyptian Ambassador from Tel-Aviv
We can call a bloody Arab Summit
We can really make Lebanon feels that he is the neighbour the valley as Neighbours are for each other

Where are those People ? 2

Sorry i missed to include another important names in my list yesterday , very famous important names for very influential personalities in the Arab and Islamic world

  1. Amr Khalid , where is he ? and where is his TV programs to support the Lebanese people ? is n't this Lebanon that gave him shelter when he was exile ? is n't this Lebanon which taught him tolerance ? Lebanon is less then Palestine , not less then Iraq , I remember his daily show during the invasion of Iraq on Iqra TV channel ,why he can't make the same thing for Lebanon, oh I am sorry I forgot the owner of the Iqra channel is greedy Saudi media tycoon and prince of Monopoly Salah Kamal . I am afraid I don't have the same respect from Khalid anymore , I used to defend him and defend his thoughts but since the Mondial and monopoly was right and connection theft is wrong , and this level of respect is decreasing , till reached the lowest level ever.

  2. Youssef El-karadawy , where is he too? and where is his donations campaign for the Lebanese people ??? man I didn't respect this man for once especially in the Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" cartoon crisis when his double face appeared , no for dialogues but yes for Danish products

  3. Shekih El-Azhar , really did you expect much from this man ?? this man attacked the suicide bombers and described them as terrorists , not to mention his glorious stand in the Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" cartoons "it is hard to forget that the head of the holy Azhar , says about the prophet of Islam that he should be not insulted as he is a dead man !!!!"

  4. El-Mofty , well I do respect Ali Goma'a despite all the campaigns against him , the man is always misunderstood , well I wonder why can't he stand to the wahbai fatwa that is spreading like fire and Arabic regimes are using it ?? already Goma'a revealed important thing last year in Al-Ahram daily that Sunni can marry from Shiites Sects and thus there are not bloody infidels like Ben Geeran said.

  5. Pope Shounda , I read in El-Dostor Weekly today "where is he? " ,I am sorry but I am Surprised to find no comment what so ever about the crisis coming from the Egyptian Church , no even a single statement any way I can excuse the Egyptian Church and the Pope since his coming back he is surrounded by troubles that can divide the Egyptian Christian Church whether Maximos new Orthodox Church in Moktam or the new Maroon Church , yup you heard me right , the Maroons are in Egypt already and they got a Church in Maady

  6. El-Qaddafi , the only statement I read for him lately , in fact it was from two days ago ,he said that Lybia was that close from the manufacturing of atomic bomb, really this was dangerous ,real dangerous of course because this means from few miles from the Egyptian borders on the west we got a crazy man with an atomic bomb ,thank God he didn't reach that level , in fact I believe he is bluffing , also another statement where he said that the Libyan economy must be purified from foreign control !! I don't know why he said those statements now or for what occasion , may be in one of public meetings with the Poor Libyan people, nothing about Lebanon ,I can understand why. For those who don't know El-Qaddafi can't go to Lebanon as an order of a court there to arrest him and send him to jail for murder El-Shekih El-Sadr ,the ex-leader of Amal Shiite movement in the South in the 1980s , so probably he is happy that Israel is destroying South of Lebanon !!

As I said those list of names are not surprising for me like the Egyptian religious men Shekih El-Azhar and El-Mofty are appointed by presidential decree and Pope Shounda began I am afraid to be weaken and lost part of his credibility when he called the Copt people to re-elect Mubarak last year !! Khalid is an employee for a Saudi man after all ,and Saudi Arabia is against Iran and you know the rest of this movie , Karadawy is the man of thousand face and El-Qaddafi is a mad man

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Another great Article from Fisk

Another excellent Robert Fisk article , ironically I don't read it in the guardian website but in Conspiracy Theory website

Click Here

You must love this man

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A possible green light to hit Syria from D.C to Tel Aviv??

From Meet the press , watch it , it is about interesting White House press release

Click here

Israel can hit the Assad regime !!??

is this a possible green light for Israel to include Syria in its war , which already didn't finish yet with Hizbollah ?

The Assad regime means one thing unfortunately , it means Syria

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where are those people?

Where are those people ?

There are some names I was surprised "not very much" to see it disappear during the Lebanese war , some of them came back but on a shy level .

  • Where is Osama Bin Lade and co. ?

Aren't those who die are Muslims ? and they are dying by the hands of the Israeli army and American weapon and support !??

Oh I am sorry to forget the south of Lebanon is a Shiite populated area despite there are many Sunni villages like Marawheen for example and also "Hizballah" or "Hizbollah" {man I don't know which one to use} is a Shiite party , and Shiites are bad they are deserved to be killed according to the Wahbabi fatwa issued last week !!

  • Where is Haifa , Nancy ,Elissa and Co.?

No I don't Haifa,the Israeli town being targeted day and night , no I mean Haifa Wahby ,the Lebanese so-called singer , so are Nancy and Elissa, Haifa "The kissing Waowao girl" whom I think is a Shiite took a private jet from day 2 to unknown place , anyway the Lebanese Hottie who was chosen among the prettiest 50 women around the globe is coming to Cairo to night to host a special episode from "Asaher Mana" on Nile Variety channel with Salma El-Shama, it is special episode for fund-raising to aid the Lebanese people !!

Nancy after hiding in her basement with her mammy ,sister and new singer brother and her manager Gigi Lamer is making a patriot song called "Lebanon my love" ,for history Nancy sang for Egypt in "If I ask are you Egyptian !?" during the time of the Presidential elections last year even before her own country ..this is just a side remark

Elissa is somewhere in this planet ,may be making new Pepsi ads with Christina Aguiliera "DA,DA,DA"

Seriously I didn't expect much from these people

Bin Laden I won't say again and again American agent serving the American agenda , thanks to him and his band the Arab people are introduced to the new Middle East

then we got the bitches of the arab music of the modern time , I would like to mention that the famous great kind lady Magda El-Roumi right now is helping the refugees of the south in Beirut , already if you saw "The 7th day " last Friday on MBC 1 you could hear her close to crying and indirect cursing the Arab leaders

She said

"Those who fear from mountains ,will always be in pits"

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A fatwa aiding the Israeli aggression

Surely the Israeli army and government are very grateful for the Saudis not for their political stand against Lebanon Resistance Hizbollah and the fierce campaign against Hassan Nasrallah,Syria and Iran in the Saudi Media but for legalising the aggression on the Lebanese People and their Resistance from a religious point of view .

Last week Shekih Abdallah Ben Abd El-Rahmn Ben Gabreen announced a Fatwa in Saudi Arabia , this fatwa says that

"It is prohibited to pray God for the Victory of Hizbollah ,as it is a Shiite refusing group which wants to destroy the Islam and Muslims and thus it is obligatory to do the opposite , to pray for their defeat and also to fight them "

This Shekih is considered the second highest referential cleric in Wahbai sect in Saudi Arabia

This fatwa is circulating the Gulf area and the INTERNET just like the fire .

First of all I am not a Wahbai but I know very well that in the Wahbism in Islam there is a complete obedience for the ruler "a side remark".

Second I believe this fatwa is just another aspect the most dangerous one till now in the Saudi Campaign against Hizbollah , using religion , the opium of the people once was described by Lenin. And this proves something that the campaign got an opposite results ,people in the Arab world are with Hizbollah and his operation of capturing the two soldiers "check Elaph's poll; Elaph is the biggest Arabic e-news portal ,Saudi with American Saudi directions , since the start of the Israeli war they were blaming Hizbollah ,Syria and Iran , I guess the poll's result was a surprise for them "; and that's why they want to the extreme ,to the dangerous weapon using religion.

A disgusting way for sure because I can't find a reason for such a cleric to say such fatwa except to please his employers in the Saudi royal family.Already I ask the Shekih what about the Sunni people who died in the attacks , Marawheen villagers were Sunni , my dear Shekih the Israeli raids doesn't differentiate between Muslim Sunni or Shiite , Dorooz or Christian !!

It doesn't make any difference for me now what sect Hizbollah is as long as it defends the land ,the people whether Muslims or Christians , Hizbollah is right and the rest is wrong

and about the Fatwa and what is right and what is wrong

Where are the fatwas about the Kafeel employing system in the Gulf area ? is n't this a modern slavery

Where are the fatwas concerning the forbidden prohibited sexual relations spread in the gulf area?

Where are the fatwas about the existence of foreign bases on the country's land and using it to kill another Muslims in another country ?

Here I would like to tell something , something from the Islamic Arabic History

This Shekih won't be greater in religion or in place of Zen El-Abdeen , the grand son of Prophet Mohamed , who prayed God for the victory of Ummyads in their fight against the Bizyants despite the facts that the founder of Ummyads dynasty killed his father El-Hussein and many of the Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" family and friends , and captured his aunt the great lady Zeinab bent Ali "PBU them all" , Why did this great man from the prophetical house prayed from his exile in El-Asakar "Cairo then" ? simply because it wasn't about the Ummyads and House of Ali anymore ,it was about the destiny of the Muslim world

This fatwa legalises the Israeli aggression , the Israelis are thankfully are getting rid of the infidel Shiites !!

Oh Allah saves us from those clerics and the Israelis leave them to us

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