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The Israeli Ambassador and the Maadi Slayer

I found this news a bit funny.

The Israeli Ambassador in Egypt left his residence in Maadi Suburb because of the Maadi Slayer !! Oh yes the Israeli Ambassador and his family back their bags to stay in the Embassy in Giza area near the Zoo because of the Maadi Suburb.

The official or what was announced that the man couldn't stand the security measures taken now in Maadi !!

I don't know it is a joke or what ??

Already the people in Maadi are suffering from the security measures because of him and his protection. How many times the traffic movement in Maadi used to change to protect his parade to his Embassy ??

People in Maadi who live near the Israeli Ambassador always arrive late to their jobs and schools , and even those who don't live near him ,they suffer from the same problem.

There is no problem with American or British Ambassadors and the their Security but there is always a problem with the Israeli Ambassador and his security.

About the Maadi Slayer ,let's speak the truth ,the guy goes after the women in 20s age , I don't think he will go after the Israeli Ambassador wife ,she is too old for sure and she doesn't walk alone in Maadi ,of course she is surrounded by body guards!!

Also the Maadi slayer is somehow concentrated in certain area in Maadi , the popular area near El-Basteen , he didn't reach to the area where the Ambassador and his family live !!

You know there is a joke mentioned in Filbalad FrontPage now that the Egyptian people are very thankful to the Maadi Slayer that he made him live the Maadi suburb and now they are asking him kindly to go after the Ambassador in Giza to force to him return to his country!!

You know the Israeli Ambassadors suffer more than the Egyptian Ambassadors in Israel, you see we had about 5 or 6 Ambassadors from Israel who always returned home and they are suffering from a great depression where as we only had two Ambassadors , Bassiouny and the new one all those years !!

Guess who attended the last fashion show of Elie Saab ??

Guess who attended the last fashion show of Elie Saab the international Lebanese Hauter Couture Fashion designer whose designs reached to Hollywood last week ??For the first time I think Egypt's first lady Suzanne Mubarak ,oh yes ,for the first time I believe she attended a fashion show for Saab in Paris this year,already I always follow up his fashion shows every year and I was surprised to see her in the event , not only her but others.
"By the way I think Suzanne Mubarak didn't do plastic surgeries , click on the image to see the age factors ,well I respect that really"

Her daughters in laws , sorry , her daughter in law Heidi the wife of Alaa and her future daughter in law Khadija ,the finance' of Gamal

"Click on the image to zoom in, the blonde on the first lady right hand is Gamal's bride Khadija and the brunette on Khadija's right hand is Heidi"

Well speculations were all around the fact that Saab will design the wedding dress of the young bride Khadija whose wedding date till now is unknown but no one said anything yet

"I think the woman on the left hand of Suzanne is Dija's mother,not that elegant "

The fashion show was on the 22th of January yet no one in the official media said anything about or about the guests of Saab.
Well Saab is the fashion designers of Queens like Rania , A-list actresses like Hally Barry and Singers like Nawal El-Zogby ,and he is very talented and excellent fashion designer,so I am not surprised to find them in the fashion show and I won't be surprised to find out that in the future that he designed Dija's wedding dress ,well sure He is better than Hany El-Beheiry in my opinion.

I don't think that dress will be her wedding dress ,I think he will design for her something a la carte
But to say the truth I found it inappropriate for the first lady of Egypt to attend a fashion show attended by someone like Dita Von Teese,also I think that Heidi's dress is not that elegant, it is too open , Dija looks fine to me , well she really has the look of some super model .And a side remark she looks so young than Gamal Mubarak ,already I think she is older than me with 2 or 3 years ,she was a classmate of my relative in the AUC ,Gamal is now 44 years old ,and my 23rd birthday was yesterday ,so Dija is either 25 or 26 years old !!

You know they were showing the fashion show on Fashion TV day and night yet I wasn't interested to see it but now I will try to find it may be I will see those gals on TV

Now can anyone answer my question why we didn't know about that visit in media ?? already all the first lady social events are announced in every means of media available in Egypt !!??

May be they found it not that important !!??

Can anyone tell me the answer please ??

For further reading watching the latest trends in Haute couture I recommend visiting Elie Saab official or Getty images here

I don't know why I wanted to add this ,but why not already I have it on PC and my intention to share it with you

A photo for Queen Farida and Princess Fawiza "before her imperial marriage" in the opening of an art exhibition in the French Culture center in the 1940s under the sponsorship of the French Embassy ,the exhibition including paintings of Mahmoud Said ,who is the Uncle of Queen Farida by the way" and Sculptures . Look before you think in strange thoughts I don't make any comparison heaven forbids ,I just found it would interesting as I also found this image in Getty.If you want to make comparison it is okay ,but It will be up to you not to me ,because I know there are over 50 years in differenceAnyway here you are the Queen of Egypt from 50 years ago then ,the First lady and Queen of hearts till now Farida with the legendary beauty Fawiza

Queen Farida and Princess Fawzia in the French Culture Center in Cairo

The Upside Lebanese flag

Despite I believe that flags shouldn't be changed to become upside down as a sign of objection for my belief that the country's flag is a symbol of the country not the regime ,yet I understand why some use thise upside flag as a sign of objection.

The first one to use that technique was the Egyptians bloggers last years when some bloggers were detaineed if you remember during the judges crisis, now the Lebanese bloggers use it

It started in the Nostalgic Story teller Hilal who was kindly enough to explain to his visitor the meaning of the Upside flag

It means in the Navy that the ship is going to sink

It means in the army that the location is going to fall down in the hands of the enemies

In general it means that it is end ,a dead road end with no hope

You know after understanding its meaning now I realize that it is not to insult to the nation yet it is a screem to help and save the nation for being upside down

To Correct the position of the nation instead of letting it sunk


Link to Nostalgic Story Teller: Breaking News - 12: (إنضم الآن إلى حملة العلم المقلوب (محدَّث

The Bird flu in Egypt

Of course you may have read the news that the Bird flu aka H5N1 returned to strike back in Egypt . You may have read also the news that several people died because of it , and you may have read too the most disturbing news concerning  the H5N1 that it was evolved in Egypt , new strain of the Avian found in Egypt that is resistant to the antiviral drug tamiful , you know the vaccine the minister of health was always speaking about as the savior of Egypt from the Avian flu , well it turned out that now it has no use.

To  say the truth the minister of health and his ministry are not to be blamed this time about this ,in fact the ministry of health said from couple of months that Egypt has about 5 years to get rid from that virus.

The problem is in the people themselves

The problem is in the domestic poultry in the homes in the country side and in the low working class.You see in the Egyptian country side , women usually have domestic poultry raised in the homes , they use them as food and also as for business by selling the eggs.The Egyptian farmers ,peasants and workers find especially from country side it much cheaper to raise poultry in their homes than to buy them with prices they can't afford.

In fact if you see the location of the epidemic you will find it in the populated country side areas in the Delta where the family members number from one mother and father exceeds 5 , living all in narrow place with poultry all over the know in one of the articles I read I guess in the New York times where they described the place where the infected family "33 members" lived in as a compound , well it is not a compound as you think in the western term , but it is more like houses so close to each other from one family or two or even three ,mostly are related to each other through marriage . Also these compounds are not that clean to the degree to fight back this virus .Also the Poultry are put in open places not closed ones ,so any immigrant bird infected with the virus would come and sit with for a while to spread the virus in simple terms

Thanks to that epidemic the poultry industry in Egypt especially the retail poultry industry is destroyed , you can not find any chicken seller anymore , only big farms is dominating the industry ,also imported chicken farms from Saudi Arabia. Our old poultry seller ,famous one in Zamalak turned his shop after decades to a Kabab seller . Yet despite the government orders some poultry sellers sell chicken in secret , at least some I know I remember that once when we tried to order pigeons to be stuffed from our seller and it was like buying drugs !!

It is unfair what the government did to the poultry sellers in my opinion , it is totally unfair but on the other hand the H5N1 is deadly , and in a country like Egypt thank God thousand times that the people who died and got infected were less than expected .

By the way it was the joke of the soceity and the people that for the  first time Egypt reached a high rank in something internationaly

We became in the second place in the world that got Avian flu after Veitnam, a great achievement to be added to the achievement our fine government

A friend or foe ??

I don't know how I can classify the relationship between Egypt and Israel , I mean on the people's level , they are the enemy and they know and we know that as long as the Israeli occupation for the lands of 1967 continues they will still be considered as the enemy , the foe.

But on the official level ,I don't know whether there is a cold war or we are friends or what exactly

I mean if our regime thinks that Israel is no longer the enemy why is there great expenditure on the army ?? why if anyone goes to Israel ,he must be received with the security in the airport ??

I don't understand

why then Nabil Farouk and behind him the Egyptian intelligence keep on publishing the files of the secret service battles against the Mossad on a weekly basis in El-Dostor liberal newspaper ??

On the other side Ehud Olmert announced that Isreal will Egypt in its nuclear program!!

If the two government in Cairo and Tel Aviv understand each ,that the later considered the first as an ally in the war against Iran as once Olmert said ,why the Israelis are so angry that Egypt launched a satellite !!??

Yes the Israeli satellite intelligence officials are saying Egypt is launching a satellite to spy on the region. Oh yes it was in the Israeli newspapers and media .They claim that  Egypt was to launch a spy satellite from Kazakhstan Tuesday to be deployed over the Middle East ,and that Satellite is called Egypt stat-1

Wow strangely I don't recall that I read in the news that we are going to launch a satellite from Kazakhstan soon or even later !!

Not that only in YNet News ,they mentioned the specifications of the Satellite from the manufacturer which is in Ukraine to the weight and the orbit attitude also !!

Of course Egypt denied this officially and said that this Satellite is not for military or communication use but it is for research and experimental satellite, to train personnel on satellite launching,it is faraway for spying as they say

The idea is why they are so pissed off if Egypt launches a satellite despite that they think that we are an ally now and our Ambassador drinks champagne with their prime minister !!??

And why Egypt didn't announce this publicly that we are going to launch a satellite fore research ,at least to make people happy!!?? I don't understand the secrecy , did it have to come from Israel to know about Egypt stat-1 ??

Already this secrecy I believe is the one which made the Israelis suspect Egypt's intention !!

And I am sorry to say ,to dare and say

what if we have one spying satellite over Israel ?? For God Sake already they have more than 7 spying satellite in the region and I even read that there are two satellites directed only on Egypt and Iran !!

Sources :

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Now the Muslim brotherhood is accused of the Maadi Slayer !!!

You know it is very silly when the government and NDP think that the Egyptian people are dump and naive to believe them in everything they say.In fact the regime knows very well that people in Egypt don't believe them anymore ,yet they don't want to stop lying,also stop treating people as dump.

From couple of days ,the head of the security committee in the Egyptian parliament appeared on El-Mahawar TV on the Nile Sat in the "90 minutes" show to speak about the famous "Maadi Slayer" and guess what the honorable NDP MP said

"The MB are behind the Maadi Slayer to spread chaos in Egypt"

I don't know if I laugh or cry or what ??

The Maadi Slayer everyday goes and hurts somebody and that gentleman accuses the MB !! I don't know but is n't from the responsibilities of the security questioning the minister of interior and following up the case in more mature way than this??

I don't know what benefit the MB will get from recruiting a psycho to attack the ladies ?? oh yes I forgot like Farida El-Shobashy said "to Scare women and thus to force to stay in home "!!??

I am sorry what women ?? the 12 years old girls he attacked or the veiled ladies he attacked ??

I don't think the MB is stupid enough to go after the ladies and girls from the working class in Maadi

The next thing we will hear that MB were behind the sinking of fury to get rid from the NDP as the runaway owner of the Sallam fury whose memory in these day is from the NDP !!

Monday, January 29, 2007


Today is the 10th of Moharram in the Islamic Arabic calendar , it is a holy day for Muslims . Muslims fast the 9th and 10th of Moharram from the sunrise to sunset voluntary as a custom of Prophet Mohammed "PBUH" to be followed

This year I won't go for the complex "Ashurah" celebration and its roots in history concerning the Sunni and Shiite ,I will keep it for another day

Instead I will go why Muslims consider that day as holy one before the battle of "Karbala"

we as a Muslim consider this day as a holy one because we believe that on that day the following happened:

  • Allah forgive Adam for what he did from eating from the forbidden tree "fruit"
  • Noah's ark was set on mount Ararat "Judy in Holy Quran" and Noah left the Ark
  • Prophet Yunus "Jonah" was saved from the Whale
  • Prophet Moses survived and his people from the pharaoh and his army "The Exodus"
  • Prophet Jesus ,also had something related to that day either he was born on that day or he was saved from the being crucified and raised to the heavens "The third main difference between us and the Christians"

As you see it is a holy day ,and as part of being a Muslim is to believe in all the previous divine religions and prophets ,we must celebrate that day.

Back again and back to Palestine also

I am back again after some time I spent in front of my computer installing and moving programs and files ,it was a real pain to start from the scratch again ,anyway c'est la vie

Back again to blogging the last 24 sorry 48 hours many things happened in Egypt and the middle East

Palestine is back on fire again , Fatah and Hamas are leading a civil war in the remainings of Palestine ,it seemed the Palestinians are always promised with agony with from the Israelis or from their Palestinians leaders themselves

"Hamas" and "Fatah", as usual "Fatah" wants "Hamas" to leave the cabinet , well not only "Fatah" but those behind it from the United States and Israel , you know I think I said it before here but I will say it again , why don't the United States respect the choice of the Palestinians people ?? they chose "Hamas" in a democratic elections ,we in Egypt wish that one day have an election like it , so why don't they back off ?? already "Hamas" can be reached out through dialogue and it is enough the confession of "Khaled Mashal" last month that "Israel is reality and that Hamas will recognize it as soon as the official State of Palestine is announced "

It is so silly when the American administration makes a research to find why the Palestinians insist on burning the American flag in every protest if the American administration insists on supporting corrupted party or movement like "Fatah", "Fatah" is so so corrupted and Ironically after the winning of "Hamas" I thought that "Fatah" will change its ways and change the old faces that the Palestinian people mistrust and hate but they didn't it because they hoped to return back in rule with the help of their American friends forgetting an important fact ,they may return back in rule but they won't return back to control the people.

There was an American plan last February 2006 beside the famous the blockade policy,that American policy is the reason behind all that fighting ,it   by the last Neocon standing in the American administration "Mr. Elliott Abrams",the Deputy of National security advisor.

Mr. Abrams according to the Conflicts forum report issued earlier this month , wanted to make a hard coup in Palestine to remove the leaders of "Hamas" by a violent way through arms supplied by the U.S.A ,his supporters in that plan were Palestinian businessmen and with out guessing those businessmen are mostly from "Fatah" members who were making lots and lots of profits through their positions. And since last years members of Fatah were trained in "Ramallah" and "Jericho", American arms and ammunition were supplied in the time Palestine needed food and medicine in a desperate need,not that only that , wait for another dirty shock Egypt and Jordan had their share in that dirty plan ,oh yes "Fatah members" were trained in Egypt and Jordan , of course both countries mainly Egypt realized the mistake they made in following or taking roles in that uncivilised dirty plan pf Abrams , yet to say the truth I don't believe Egypt was much involved in training the militias of "Fatah" like in Jordan and my evidence is the excellent relations between Egypt and "Hamas" and it is enough to see the grin of "Ismail Hanya" with "Omar Soliman" in the intelligence headquarter to know that .

This "Hard coup" policy or plan is a favorite way for Abrams who already was playing this dirty game in South America for years but this proved to be a big failure and the last failure was the Venezuela Coup in year 2002,many claims that this coup was linked to Bush administration and to Abrams in particular ,you know this policy proved to be a big failure as now the socailists began to take control again.

Well the same failure will happen and it is already happening in Palestine ,first of all the major of allies of the United States from Arab Countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia don't want a civil war in Palestine ,it is enough to read today the invitation of King Abdullah of KSA to "Fatah" and "Hamas" to come for neogatiation in Mecca , it is enough to know that Egypt warned "Fatah" from "Dahlan" and ordered them to hide him , even Jordan ,the oldest ally to the west ,it is since the founder of the Jordanian kingdom , Jordan doesn't want a civil war in Palestine because it will be transferred to them with the great big palestinian community there.

It is very dirty plan , because the only victim ,the only loser is the Palestinian people , look to the daily blood river running in Palestine ,I don't know what the United States want to achieve but this civil war policy won't reach to anything.

Suddenly "Fatah" forgot the real enemy who is taking more and more from the palestinian land by the disgusting wall and now "Hamas is the ultimate war , it is very sad

Anyway I wish that the two teams will go to Mecca ,already I believe "Hamas" will accept the invitation immediately , by the way the Gulf countries got excellent relations with "Hamas"

Fatah shouldn't trust the Americans so much because Abrams plans didn't do much in South  America

Oh before I go do you know that there is a talk that Israel would release "Marwan Barghouti" from Jail in order to have a popular trusted face in "Fatah" so they can win "Hamas" , of course I don't "Barghouti" would accept this deal with his history , but this shows important fact "Fatah" is not that popular now they need people like "Marwan" to bring people to their side again,people don't be fooled with the big "Fatah" rallies


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Sorry for the lack of posts

I am sorry that I won't be able to post regularly to my blog as I used to be ,because I got new hard drive and now I am stuck in installing ,updating and upgrading my windows system and programs , yeah big headache

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Watch Wael Al-Abrashi tomorrow

Watch Wael Al-Abrshi tomorrow on Dream TV 2 at 8 PM Cairo Local time,he will continue his interview with the widow of the famous legendary spy icon in Egypt and Arab world Rafeat El-Gamal aka Rafaat El-Hagan.

It will be the second part of the interview  with the German widow who came to Egypt to defend her husband and their son's reputation against the Israeli claims that he and his son were double agents working for Israel "I don't know how and they never came to Egypt at all !!"

It was nice thing from Wael to bring her on TV in a very rare appearance , she spoke about many things we don't know about the man who became a pop icon in Egypt.Nabil Farouk the famous espionage writer , both were speaking about the life of the man , well it is surely different from what Salah Morsy wrote in Rafaat El-Hagan Novel or the TV series based upon it , by the TV series is the reason behind the great popularity

already I began to feel depressed every time lately when I see his show , you know he himself said that was change from the dull mood of thefts ,murders,corruption,politics

But you know it is kind of depressing because in the end of the day I ask why myself that question

"For what this guy did all that ?? and for whom ??"

Would he do what he had done if he knew what will become of Egypt now ??

I don't know it is hard to me to think in that  positive patriotic way and forget all what we suffer from now

For those didn't ,won't and can't see the episodes wait for me ,I will write a post about our great man who deceived the Israelis for decades

By the way the German lady doesn't like Mahmoud Abd El-Aziz at all !!

also do you know that the legendary spy is from the same family of Dija El-Gamal future Mubarak ;)

Beware of "Ashurah"

Yes beware of "Ashurah" day next Sunday.

This is a warning based upon an expectation something is going to happen on Sunday in the Shiite celebration of the "Ashurah" day in Lebanon.

Well as usual in Iraq since the invasion that day always ends with huge bombing with massive number of injured and dead ,I am sorry but this is what usually happens in Iraq for the last three years since the glorius invasion!!

But the danger this time is in Lebanon, yes Lebanon , I see that the Ex-princes of war "Junbolt and Gaagaah " and the fresh prince of Future "Saad" want to drive Lebanon to a civil war .

Yesterday the clashes in the BAU took the color of a sectorial division Sunni and Shiite ,started with a tension between the Sunni future movement students and Shiite students ,the first ordered the later to take off their black scarves they wore as a sign of mourning ,and the later are not that easy when it comes to their faith,in fact in the Middle East ,in the Arab middle East in specific don't involve in religion in debates ,because as My grand mother always says "Religion is precious"

Hassen Nasrallah can influence the Shiite community in Lebanon and order them to leave the streets and stay in their homes for some time but if anything happens on "Ashurah" day , it would be hard for him to order anyone ,now it is the people

Also we should n't forget the Rafik El-Harriri's day,the ex-valentine day in Lebanon will be after few days of Ashurah ,it will be on the 14th of February.

I predict that something will happen either in "Ashurah" or the "Valentine's day"

The authority Militia and Lebanese army fight in Lebanon

damn my sickness

at last I saw the news from Lebanon ,to be honest it is from Hezbollah El-Manar because I wanted to see the videos captured of the snipers over the high building surrounding the Beirut Arab university .

My dear Friend Layal already told me about with a nearly live coverage for what is happening in Lebanon minute by minute through twitter service ,to say the truth I never though that this service would be useful like today ,check Layal's twitter page

I saw the video capture and I wish I can find somewhere on the net ,sooner or later it will reach its way

Anyhow till the video reaches its way online ,you have to read the following description according to El-Manar's Report based upon the live coverage and witnesses that there were snipers over the building surrounding the campus of BAU  opening their fire on the people especially from the opposition camp and the army.

Already the cameraman of the El-Manar TV was hit yet he is alive thank God,he was holding the camera when he was hit already you could hear his voice from pain and camera fall of his hands  

One of the Snipers was recognized from the students as he was an ex-student in the BAU, he is from the Future movement.Already the Future newspaper in Lebanon which is the official newspaper of the Future movement claims that the sniper were Syrians!!!

The day was a bloody one ,the injured toll reached 105 including 20 soldier and

officer from the Lebanese army ,the  death toll the correct one is 4 ,2 from the Hezbollah supporter and 2 from the future movement

The story as El-Manar says that the militia of Future movement which they called it the authority militia came and surrounded the campus and waited till the end of classes when they began to harassed the students that bo elong to the opposition especially those of Hezbollah , whom you can identify them easily with the black scarf around their nicks , not the usually yellow because now on the next Sunday insh Allah it will the "Ashurah" anniversary and Shiites usually wear black in their outfit to express their sadness for what happened to "Emam El-Hussein" in "Karbala" battle in other more easy words ,it is sign of mourning .

Already things began to get more violent when the authority militias like they call it began to order the Hezbollah students to take off the black scarves , and sometimes they pulled it off by themselves and thus the verbal argument turned in to a physical added to it the snipers of the roof , and it was totally chaos in the campus as you see in the images.It seems to me that those verbal arguments touched the Shiite faith ,look now it is a very touchy time for the Shiite ,it is just like Christmas

The Lebanese army came to put an end yet it found itself in another battle not with the Israelis or with Hezbollah but with the authority militias , 20 members of the Lebanese army were injured because of the snipers on the roofs

From the images and from what I understand Hezbollah and opposition supporters were and are with the army ,and that is what I understood from  Hassen Nasrallah and Nabih Barry words to the public , Nasrallah called the people to leave the street and cooperate with the army , Barry attacked those snipers and those behind them wondering where they were during the Israeli invasion in July 2006

Since the announcement of Curfew the clashes began to happen between those militias and the army.

According to Al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper,the Lebanese army now ,right now is trying to arrest those militias in Mount Lebanon and the North areas.

Before I go in translating and summarizing the important facts in the AL-Akhbar important geography facts , Mount Lebanon and North are the areas of The Lebanese forces militias and the Progressive Socialist party militias ,another things according to the witnesses and reports about today's attack on the BAU campus ,those militias were acting according to the same techniques those militias mentioned above used to act accordingly in the civil war

Already in the Al-Akhbar report it is mentioned that since last week that there were security reports reached from the Free Patriotic movement to the Lebanese church , intelligence and the Lebanese army that the Lebanese forces recruited 800 with their weapons for doing activities ,what activities ,it doesn't need a security specialist to predict what those 800 will do with their weapons in Lebanon !! The disguise would be those 800 are body guards as the newspaper said and the plan was to destroy and attack the FPM offices and headquarters on Tuesday if you remember ,there were lots of clashes between the FPM and LF in Lebanon then , it was like a Christian clash

Since then there was a campaign against those elements in the north ,123 person from the Lebanese forces were arrested with their weapons and they will be sent to the military court along with members in the Future movement and Progressive socialist party!!

You know I believe this ,you know why because the Hezbollah and opposition seemed to work along with the Lebanese army very well opposite to what the United States and its allies in Lebanon want the world to believe that Hezbollah is against the army,but what happened was the opposite,Hezbollah supports its army ,the Lebanese official army.

The images are all from Getty

Thursday, January 25, 2007

And now it is about Sunnis and Shiites in Lebanon ??

I don't think what is going in Lebanon has to do with anything concerning the sectarian division on the contrary the demands of the opposition seems to me far away from a sectorial basis at all, they demand a national unity government where all the sectors will be presented equally

yet the government ,its supporters and the countries that support it especially America are trying to make it as some sectorial conflict

Not between Christians and Muslims or Christians and Druz or Christians inside each other but the fashion of the time

The Sunnis and Shiites

El-Seniora always speak in a sectorial way , the Sunni ,the Sunni ,the Sunni on other hand the opposition seemed to me to speak in more general way ,for all the Lebanese

Today after the clashes in the Beirut university I noticed something in the media especially the western and pro-American Saudi media that is against Hezbollah

In "" They started the news as following the clashes between "The Sunni Future movement and The Shiite Hezbollah" !!??

It surprised me because usually in Arabic media they don't say this Shiite and Sunni especially in wise e-newspaper like Elaph, already we know that the majority if "The Future Movement" is Sunni and "Hezbollah" is Shiite so why writing the news in that sectorial way !!??

The same way I began to notice over and over in some western media news site for example the AP news agency ,I found included in its report this webpage under the title "The Shiites and Sunnies clashes in Beirut"

Already this photographic report contains not a single picture for a clash or for Beirut or for Lebanon,it is all about the preparation of Ashurah!!!

All pictures are either from Karbala or from Pakistan ,so why changing the facts

The CNN ,even the CNN ,I found in their report a video under the title of Sunni and Shiite

Also in the BBC !!

What is going in Lebanon right now is not like Iraq But I won't lie to say that some especially the princes of civil wars like Junbolt and Gaagaah would like to this division between the Sunni and Shiite to occur in order to send back Lebanon to the civil war

And behind them is America and the west

United States of America is using the old policy of the UK in the region "Divide conquer" and that's what happened in and is happening currently in Iraq , Sunni and Shiite civil wars and genocides

It is not Shiite or Sunni conflict for god sake it is far away from that ,it involves other sectors ,it involves terrible economic situation

If they are really want one united Lebanon ,then they must stop that cheap propaganda

Curfew in Lebanon and again they closed the streets

This time I brought it audio

Fairoz "They closed the street " live from the Olympia in Paris


powered by ODEO

There is a curfew in Beirut right now in the minutes of writing those lines.Again clashes happened between the government supporters and the opposition supporters.This time from the Campus of the Beirut Arabic university, clashes started between the Future movement supporters from the students and Hezbollah's supporters also from students.According to the reporters of Al-Jazeera ,it started with verbal argument ended with physical argument.Throwing stones and burning cars .The death toll is between 4 and 2 ,from every camp ,I don't know which one is true Al-Jazeera "4" or Yahoo ! News based upon the AP report "2" , the injured toll for today is at least 35 from both camps.

Already all the leaders who spoke on Al-Jazeera and any other channel from both front the government and opposition kept blaming the other team to be responsible in a very stupid silly way.

It is dangerous ,very dangerous now in Lebanon ,and all both teams understand this ,that if things get out of control ,it will go directly to a civil war and the team who starts the war will be cursed ,not from anyone but from the Lebanese themselves ,they want to live

Hassen Nasrallah today spoke on TV through the phone ,he ordered his supporters to leave their weapons and listen to the army ,in fact he said that he would be with the army and Judges orders.

Look I didn't listen carefully for what they said ,I am sick again

You want my opinion ,I believe if Seniora must leave and a national unity cabinet must be formed

this was a very excellent comment in Al-Jazeera English

""Even with the entire world on his side, Siniora will lose if he hasn't got the Lebanese on his side"

The 25th of January celebrate or not celebrate

Today the 25th of January is the Police day in Egypt , we celebrate the police on that day.

It remarks the anniversary of the great battle that happened in Ismalayia between the Egyptian police and the British forces , it is especial to me because it was a very important mark in the history of my grand father as journalist.

Yet for some reason I don't feel like to celebrate it this year in the usual the history narrator mode like in all other important Egyptian days. I want to share with you all what I know but I feel so angry and sad

Angry from the current police and sad for what happen to him

How can I celebrate that day with my all respect to the police officers in Egypt from the biggest rank to the smallest rank with all those torture and police brutally ??

How can I celebrate that day if now the Egyptian average Joe is scared from going to any police station to get a service??

How can I celebrate that day if all the police effort is concentrated only on the political security and ignoring the society security??

The traffic is from bad to worse to worst

Fighting crime , sexual harassments drugs ,well I don't see any improvement what so ever

Crimes ,well it is enough to say "The Maadi slayer case" to know what level the Egyptian police reached!!

It is disgrace for great police service like the Egyptian one to turn like this ,I say this because I know the history of Egyptian police very well and because as any Egyptian family we have police men and we are proud of them.

If we really want to honor those great men who stood against the British forces and dazzled them with their bravery , who really stood with the people not against them

If we really want to honor those great men who give their lives on a daily basis fighting crimes ,terrorism to bring peace and make us sleep well at night

we must stop that unacceptable behavior of the minority of the police forces ,yes they are the minority not the the majority

But the problem the majority is always accountable for what the minority do

We got a problem that is the police brutality

Regular people now fear the police and the police officers , it became a scary job, a scary class,you want facts and examples ,I will tell you some

I will speak about an important fact that now in the middle class which I belong to ,families think twice if a police officer comes and asks for the hand of their daughter ,think twice and they may not approve in the end ,because of the fame of the brutality and violence of the police officers that spread lately . They were several domestic violence cases that shocked the Egyptian society were the victims were always the police officers wives that reached to the level of death sorry murder ,and I won't lie and I say that I don't know some of those abused women. 

Another example , take any taxi in Egypt whether in Cairo or any other big city and just listen to the hate and complain about the Police treatment to them

Once I was taking a taxi to Cairo University and while we were in the way and stopped when the light was red, near the intersection in the zoo area , one of the police forces , not an officer of course ,opened the taxi door and sat down in the front seat beside the taxi driver ordering him to drive him some ,to say the truth I don't know why I didn't speak may be because it was the exam time and I was studying ,I arrived to where I wanted and left them ,100% I know for sure he didn't pay for that taxi driver again

I don't know what happened to make the relation between people like this !!

There are fire works now in Cairo yet I don't feel like watching them first I am sick again with the boldly cold ,second I don't feel like celebrating

New Emoticons for 2007

New Emoticons for 2007
Originally uploaded by quynh910.

This is really funny from Time magazine
I wish someone really convert them to Emoticons :)

Muslim Girl

This magazine is the first Magazine published for and about the Muslim girls in the United States of America

If you visit the official Website ,you will find that the magazine can be very interesting.

CAIR and other Islamic organizations are trying to change the American perception about the Islam and Muslims

Choosing the Girls as a target market ,it is a great and clever idea , CAIR wants to send a message that we are not terrorists and don't oppress women and girls

Already if you visit the official Website ,you will find that most of the girls and women pictures are for unveiled ladies and girls , sending another important message.

That what we need even here in the Muslim world ,a magazine that calls for diversity , combines between religion and world .

I wish from the bottom of my heart that this magazine succeeds in delivering the message that we are not terrorists ,and our religion is against the Women progress and freedom on the contrary :)

Bravo CAIR

If you are in the States please buy it and tell all about it ,is it good ,bad ,boring ??

Please as it is not available in Egypt yet

Lunch box

This is so so so funny

From Lunch Box Comics

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Free those Lebanese News crew

Petition for Lebanese Journalists Freedom 

I ask you to sign this petition if you can't read in Arabic

then the first box is for your name

The second one is for your address ,just put your town or city

The Third one is for your e-mail

The petition is to release the News crew of New TV sat channel of Lebanon who are now in jail

Why ??

The official charge is Theft , but the unofficial charges go beyond the theft in to searching for truth may be

It is enough to know that Faras and his colleagues were doing a special investigation news report about the Murder of Rafik El-Harriri and it is enough to know that they were searching for the key witness in the case a Syrian man who escaped to France , this key witness is said the only solid evidence to blame Syria !!!

Faras tried to meet him in Paris but the man refused after saying yes from fear , Faras didn't have a chance except to break in to his apartment in Beirut to search for any clues any thing that can give him a lead ,already it is said that he found some documents

Now they caught Faras with his crew for the charge of theft

Yes he may be did something wrong , but doesn't deserve Jail

By that key Witness Zohair till now the Lebanese Interior ministry didn't ask for him at all , it didn't even ask France to arrest him !! 

By the way those young men were from the bravest news crews in Lebanon that covered the Lebanon July 2006 war boldly without fear from the Israeli Death machine ,already one of them was injured

Strangely till no one caught those who killed the young Shiite man from two months !!

Please sign the petition

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

They Closed the streets ....They turned off the streets lights

They Closed the streets

They turned off the streets lights

They planted the cannons

They left the yards

Where are you my love ? Far away my love

We became the screaming love

We became the faraway distances

Fairoz in 1990

I remember this Fairoz song when I saw the news today coming from Beirut whether online or on TV.

Today was the day of the general strike led by the opposition aimed to down the Seniora's cabinet

The same old talk of the Seniora and 14th of March on one side and the opposition of Hezbollah and Aoun and co.

It was supposedly to be a peaceful general strike ,I couldn't imagine that what happened today from clashes and fires would happen even after Nasrallah's word yesterday

But to say the truth in Lebanon , you must know that for the moon there is another dark face

Today the roads were cut , cars and tires were burned,clashes happened between the people and between the security forces from the armies,many are injured and two are dead updated : they are 6 now

The media whether Arabic or western they made it as the opposition fault ,in Yahoo! News they made it as Hezbollah own making ,Hezbollah led the protests as the opening words of the article

I am sorry but from watching the news in New TV and Al-Jazeera Arabic coverage not the English , the Free Patriotic movement is much more involved in the clashes, if you think more in it ,Hezbollah's supporters are in the south and certain areas in Beirut , the roads were cut off in the south ,plus I don't think that Hezbollah got influence in the Christian areas in the south like El-Matan or Kasrwan "sorry if I misspelled them" , they were from Aoun supporters ,I don't know why they insist of labeling the opposition with Hezbollah as if they want to scare the west from it

Anyway if you check the version of Aoun Supporters in their official Website that most of the clashes started by the Army and the 14th of march especially from the old phalanges and Lebanese forces ,not to mention the future movement.The supporters of Aoun reported back to their headquarters that the supporters of the government from the future movements and Lebanese forces opened their fire on them and they had to defend themselves,you can check the images below

already I admire the live update they are doing in their Website ,here is a journal about what happened in Lebanon from the Lebanese Patriotic movement side of story,unfortunately it is in Arabic ,some wrong in their English translation ,in such cases they must do it manually

Anyhow before I will go now to check the news I want to say something

Sometimes when People especially the working class loses hope and sees a blocked road ,they become desperate and would do anything ,those people who burned and damaged and destroyed before cursing them are so desperate from a terrible economic and political situations ,economic more than political

N.B:All those pictures here are from the wonderful cameras of the LPM Website


Ayman Nour is innocent from one of the charges

Ayman Nour the famous Egyptian opposition leader and ex-president candidate who is in Jail right now is innocent from one of the charges he was accused of .

He was accused of biting another MP in the parliament elections in 2005 by a stick!! An accusation and an act I can't imagine a man like Nour in his position and personality would do it. The man who accused him was a man working with the NDP in the same committee "Bab El-Sharia" where he was running for Parliament

Nour is already in Jail for forgery charges ,charges which all know in Egypt that they were untrue ,and that Nour is paying the price of standing against Mubarak boldly in the presidential elections in 2005.

He is spending a 5 years in prison right now since 2005 ,unfortunately his health is getting worse and worse everyday , already he did an open heart operation from few weeks

well I believe this news of today can bring some hope and happiness to his supporters and family despite the fact that the main charges which defamed his image weren't dropped and he is still in the prison

You can sign this petition if you want despite I don't see any benefit from it , he is in Jail till the end of the 5 years or till he dies heavens forbid from disease !!

I am sorry if I seemed pessimistic and rude but this is the reality ,he won't be released to stand against GM except on one condition , he got no health to give him power