Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Badr I Anyone ??

Does anyone else remember Badr I ?? The Egyptian vessel carrying cement cargo that suddenly disappeared in the red sea from more than a year ago !!??

Where is the press ?? Where is TV ?? There is a whole crew made of Egyptians missing , their families know nothing about their fate after all that time !!

As far as I know there is no Bermuda triangle in the red sea , we have only pirates whom unfortunately do not exist where the ship suddenly disappeared from the radar.

Where is the vessel owner ??

Where are the authorities ??

I have full confidence that the owner of Badr I knows its fate very well along with the authorities ; I hope that one day that they will be kind enough and share this knowledge no only with the families of the crew but with the Egyptian people !!

Where were our respectable MPs from Badr I ??

I wish that the families of Badr I crew protest in front of journalists syndication.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Princess on Dream TV2

Next Thursday Ahmed Maslmany is going to air in his show “First edition” his interview with former Princess Ferial Farouk for a whole hour insh Allah.

Maslmany managed to have this interview during Ferial’s last visit to Cairo.

Do Not Forget.This will be her first interview to an open to air Egyptian channel ,Orbit is originally Saudi and by subscription , not all Egyptians had the opportunity to watch her there.

Insh Allah I won’t forget to share with the video as soon as I put my hand on them.

In Another Egypt In Another Africa

It seems that our prime minister Dr. Nazif is the prime of another Egypt in another Africa in another world you know in those parallel universes we read about them in Sci-Fi novels . Our dear Prime minister says there is no conflict with the rest of indigo countries !!! Our dear African countries that share with us river Nile are extremely angry to the level that they will go to the international court of justice to file a complain against Egypt and Nazif says everything is fine !!

Our national security is threatened and the man thinks that we are idiots enough to believe him !!!

Mohamed Ali Pasha and his family understood the importance of the Nile to Egypt and the fact that it is from our national security to protect its sources and this is why Mohamed Ali expanded South in his empire.

President Nasser despite his huge fault to let Sudan in 1954 ,was sure to have excellent relations with the African countries especially the indigo countries to protect our Nile share taken in consideration that it was in his time we started to build our high dam.

President Sadat despite being the man who brought peace to the Mideast did not hesitate to threaten to use force represented in our air forces if anyone is going to mess out with our share from the Nile river.

Mubarak in 28 years with my all respect did has not used diplomacy nor force to protect our most precious source and his prime minister comes and says to us there is no conflict with the rest of indigo countries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethiopia is building a dam on the Nile and he is saying everything is fine !!

Our agricultural wealth is already suffering for God Sake :(

This is not Our Press

This is the Spanish "El Pais" and it is speaking about the Israeli soldiers who decided to break their silence to expose the mistreatment of Palestinians. Here is the English translation .
This is not the first time the Western press expose the mistreatment of the Palestinians on the hands of the IDF. 
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Fragments on the Naksa Notes : Never Seen Before Photos from 1967

During the past few days I was busy in the Egyptian POWs website as I have found after a long search new set of Egyptian POWs photos in Magnum Photo Agency. That set of photos was new to me , I have seen most of the Egyptian POWs photos available online ; it was like a brand new discovery to me , some sort of sad scoop. These photos were taken mostly by the Israeli photographers like Micha Bar Am , they were available in the wire services at that time.

These photos  have never been published  in the Egyptian Press whether in the past or the Present. In the past I understand the reasons behind that ,no regime regardless of how democratic would publish the photos of its defeats or the capture or death of its soldiers in the battle field in time of war like that for fear the negative effect on the public. Yes the Egyptian regime back in time of Nasser was a dictatorship that lied to its people but these photos were part of the psychological war Israel was launching against the Egyptian army and people building its legend of the invincible army.

It was not about Nasser when you publish the photos of the Egyptian soldiers and officers wearing nothing except their underwear walking humiliated in the desert

These photos were aimed to broke down the Egyptian people more and more , to make them believe that they would not be able to stand against Israel and its army especially Nasser made the Egyptian people live in a bubble. Yes we woke up on a bitter reality on the 5th of June 1967 yet Israel wanted us to wake and live in an endless nightmare that we were so weak to fight them.

Among the photos that made stop are the following photos :

This was taken three weeks from the 5th of June 1967 , in Al Arish beach , already you can see in the background Al Arish famous palm trees. The remaining of an Egyptian officer or solider who may have thought it was safer to take the beach way , it is horrible. Already I wonder if he was buried or he was still in his place.

This photo reminded me with the stories of Al Arish people and 1967 veterans who saw the Israeli tanks moving over the Egyptian POWs by the orders of Israeli generals and officers ,for instance like Tofaha massacre.

This photo reminded with the sad stories on how the Egyptian POWs used to be killed while blindfolded just like that  in the same position leaving their bodies for birds :(

There are photos here including colored photos.

Believe it or not after more than 40 years and I am from the generation of Peace which came after victory I feel so angry when I see these photos , I feel so sad and angry from that regime that ruled us , I feel so angry from Israel and I feel so sad on my country and on those fine men who did not deserve that.

It is important to see these photos and study them , it is important because these photos remind us on how we reached to them to the bottom and hopefully we won’t reach the bottom again insh Allah.

I do not know what the reason that prevents us as citizens not as a state to go in to international courts like in EU to sue Israel for its war crimes not only in 1967 but in 1956 with the confessions of its commanders , Al Arish is full of mass graves , its people are still alive , our 1967 veterans are still alive and are ready to stand up and say their testimony in front of the world and history. Yes we have returned back our land and dignity yet those POWs killed in 1956 and 1967 were protected by international law and their rights must be back by international laws too.

He Was Wacko Yesterday ,He Is A Saint Now !!

I do not understand what all that fuss about Michael Jackson’s death , I do not know how suddenly he turned from Wacko Jacko to Saint Michael in 3 days !!

I do not understand this world , one day Michael was attacked and mocked all over the world , the next day the world weeps him !!!

The man was accused with the worst kinds of accusations , it is true that he was convicted but on the other hand he paid millions of dollars to the families of those kids to make them shut up !!!

With my all respect I believe the world does not feel sad on the sudden death of Michael Jackson because he was a great human or a great artist , the world feels sad because Wacko Jacko has left the building who else will amuse the world with his eccentricity.

Michael Jackson presented wonderful art for sure but I can’t just ignore the charges easily from the mind and the fact that he was a sick person , a real sick person by all measure , just look to how he transferred from a sweet looking African American singer who made wonderful music to an androgynous freak with all what freak word means !! 

I am sorry if I seem harsh but I just can’t jump in to the wagon

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Follow Up : H1N1 Update

I apologize that I did not keep on following up the H1N1 updates as I used to thanks to the Iranian uprising and Suzanne Tamim murder trial plus to be honest I could not keep up with all those updates.

Last time from two weeks our H1N1 infection toll was 21 where as according to the latest statement by the ministry of health our H1N1 infection toll has reached to 61 !!

Of course I must hint out that the ministry of health has announced the recovery of 36 cases , of course this is a good news but the fear is from the increasing infection rate.

There was a rumor yesterday that some one had died because of H1N1 in the fever hospital but the ministry of health denied the news.

The ministry of health is not optimistic ,yesterday I read that a statement for the minister of health that if there is a bigger outbreak in Egypt reaching to 1,000 patient  because of Haj and Omra , we will transfer our universities student hostels in to quarantined cities !!

There is a trend to cancel Omra trips this season , of course Haj won’t be cancelled this year but it will be controlled this year may be Saudi Arabia will decrease the number of pilgrims from infected countries. I must hint out that both Egypt and Saudi Arabia have the highest infection toll of H1N1 in the region.

Most of the cases in Egypt and Saudi Arabia are coming from abroad, up till now in Egypt there was one single local case that got infected from foreigners “ working in a hotel”

Names Please

It turned out that there were three Egyptians who actually accompanied hookers to the same hotel where our national football was staying but they were not members of our team and they even took the hooker in another different floor than Egyptian National team’s floor 
Those three bastards were wearing the training suites of our national team for a reason I do not know , till now their names are not officially declared.
We demand that their names to be announced because they did not insult themselves but insulted our national team that is representing our country by the end of the day.
God knows when the hookers story began to spread from South Africa, I felt it was that it was a lie and our football players were innocent  especially that Abu Tarika’s room was robbed !! Everybody knows how Abu Tarika is religious conservative person, it did not make sense.
Then we lost and Amr Adeeb became Egypt’s Bill O’Reilly technically using words attacking our national team in a way that made everyone angry even those who were angry from the national team’s performance in front of the USA and those who do not understand nothing in the football. Adeeb had to apologized as he was acting as a football fan “Third degree football fan”. Already I wonder what if we had won the USA team !!?? Shall it be ok then for the players to get hookers as they want !!
Of course I can’t deny that what he had done was a reason for our football federation and embassy in South Africa to do something in front of this insult.
Back to the three idiots , well their names are not announced in the media yet but what they do for living at least two of them was leaked :
One is working as sport reporter for an Egyptian Channel and the other is an actor , a young actor. “Already I got one name in my mind but I won’t say it because I can’t accuse someone like that without proof , a real proof unlike those ” 
Update No.1:
  • The South African Police has declared by revising the CCTV videos in the hotel after Egypt Vs Italy match it turned out that no Woman had entered the hotel and thus the national team , the Hayat Channel reporter and Ramez Galal are innocent from all the rumors involving the hookers

Just To Prove Her Right

During the Suzanne Tamim trial ,there has been a media circus in town accompanied with all sorts of freaks from media seekers doing interviews everywhere.

One of the freaks I notice to be very active abroad is Hisham’s so-3028 called latest wife Hala Abdullah.The former LBC TV hostess seems very active in doing interview for Pan Arab media more than to Egyptian media.

Hisham married Hala on the 31st of August 2008 which means hours before his arrest , she was his lucky charm for sure.

Hala is considered the third known wife for Hisham after his first wife Howeida then Nora. Till now we do not know how to describe the relation between Hisham and Suzanne.

Back to Hala with my all respect to her and to her devotion for her husband, I believe that she is a gold digger , she does not care that much about Hisham more than she wants to prove his right in his multi-billion fortune according to the law and Sharia.

We are so lucky that she does not speak to our local media like  the Pan Arab tabloids.

Hala should wake up from her dreams as there is a pretty good chance that Hisham won’t be executed and decide to divorce her to pay a respect for his first wife so Hala’s 5 minutes of fame and hope will be over !!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Did Our parliament know about these gifts ?

The state department in the United States of America has issued its report about the gifts the Bush administration received from the foreign countries in year 2008 as it is the rule, this is normal thing in civilized democratic country. Now the report includes the gifts that were accepted by the Bush administration from around the world from Germany to Gulf to Israel to Africa. Of course the gifts are accepted because "non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor and U.S. Government." !!
You will be very sad to know that the most expensive gifts come from our region especially from Libya's Qaddafi who gave a diamond ring to Condi !! It seems that he wanted to restore the Libyan-American relations by all ways regardless of how much it will cost him !! Why he would care , it is the money of the people after all.
I must hint out all those gifts are handed to the US government by law , yes that diamond ring did not end in Condi jewelry box by the end of the day !!
Because I am curious I wanted to know what our country or rather our regime had presented to the Bush administration from gifts taking in consideration that the relations between Mubarak's regime and the Bush administration were not that good.
Curiosity was not bad because I found that Egyptian officials did give gifts to American administration officials , of course you won't read about this in our media because speaking about the army and its commander in chief is a taboo;)
  • On 3/4/2008 field Marshal Hussein Tanatawi ,the commander in chief of the Egyptian army and our defense minister gave vice president Dick Cheney a gift of silk and wool Egyptian carpet with the Isfahan patterns with estimated value of $1,050 and it is currently in the archive
  • On 3/4/2008 field Marshal Hussein Tanatawi ,the commander in chief of the Egyptian army and our defense minister gave Mrs. Lynn Cheney , the wife of Dick Cheney a gift a gold scarab bracelet with three blue stones with estimated value of $750 and it is currently in the archive
Ok let me be straight that I do not have any doubt that this Egyptian carpet was made by oriental weavers and I understand that field marshal Tanatawi gives Cheney a present from Egypt but I do not get his gift to Mrs. Cheney with my all respect , already I do not think that Cheney should be given anything as a gift in the first place for what he has done in the region.
Moving to Condi ,we will find the following :
  • On 25/3/2008 field Marshal Hussein Tanatawi ,the commander in chief of the Egyptian army and our defense minister gave the honorable Condoleeza Rice a gift of 18k yellow gold filigree bracelet with scarab design with estimated value of $950 and it is pending transfer to General Services Administration.
Why would the commander in chief give Condi a gift in the first place ??
Of course this is in year 2008 , we do not know how much was spent on gifts for the Bush administration in the previous 7 years not to mention we do not know how much is spent on gifts given for foreign countries whether now or the past.
Thank God our regime represented in year 2008 by field marshal Tanatawi did not spend too much money on the gifts like other Arab countries.
It is sad to know the Arab countries paid too much for those war criminals !!
This is the people's money , I hope these Arab regimes think for one second that this is not their money but the people's money.

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is Why Traffic Was a Mess

Via Affendina

Now I found why  traffic in Cairo and Giza was more than terrible last Tuesday ; I know that Medvedev was visiting Cairo on that day and this is what made our Capital paralyze, he visited the Egyptian Museum and the Arab league after his meeting with Mubarak in the morning but I did not know why Giza has to suffer especially near the Embassy ,he did not visit the embassy as far as I know.

Well it turned out that Mr.Medvedev had visited the Pyramids Plateau too , he is not less than Barack Obama !!  Ok he wanted to visit the Pyramids but his visit has paralyzed the city even in worst way than Obama’s visit !! Already most businesses were closed in Obama’s visit. I just wonder why they did not give the city a day off unofficially just like in Obama’s day !! Do they make the Russians suffer when Mubarak travel to Moscow ??

Why do not they use helicopters to transfer our distinguish guests to the pyramids ???

Here is Medvedev in the pyramids trying to show that he is just like Obama , young and smart



RP.4Zahi did not accompany him and give him his so-called Zahi’s fedora !!


With my all respect to him ,yes he is young and good looking Russian but he is so cold ,seriously so so cold.

Medvedev by the way received the same reception Obama had received and Mubarak again did not receive  him at the airport just like Obama despite the fact I think the Russian President receives the guests at the airport if I am not mistaken.

Imagine IF He Were Nazif

This is an old video from Czech Republic from 2006 ,these two men were officials during that time. The man who hit the guy is Mirslav Macek ,the former deputy prime minister in Czech republic and the guy who refused the blow and came back to fight with Macek is former minister of health David Rath.

It is comic video for sure but back then it was not comic or funny for the two men , it was for a personal issue ; Rath had insulted Macek’s wife in the press and before your mind takes to some where far like mine I have to tell you that Rath only said that Macek had married his wife only for money !!

Well I do not see that it deserved all that , yes it is none of Rath’s business to speak about Macek’s marriage but .. it was an international humiliation , neither of the two men are remembered abroad for their achievements but for their fight. What interests me is the reaction of the audience , this was supposedly a dentists conference ,which means those who attended are from dentists and doctors not from third degree boxing fans !!

Anyhow why I posted this old video , well when I saw I imagined Ahmed Nazif doing the same for Hatem El-Gably and it was just even more hilarious with the facts that Nazif too tall and El-Gably is already short so imagine the fight by the two men till the end !!

Or even better imagine Macek was Gamal Mubarak and Rath is Ahmed Ezz !!!!!!!!!!! Lol

Just imagine and you won’t stop laughing ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do Not Speak About Neda Dear Rosa Al Youssef Daily

It seems that Rosa Al Youssef Daily is forgetting that it is among the official newspapers of a political regime that even much worse than the current Iranian regime with all its cons when it comes to democracy and freedom of speech.
The newspaper is continuing covering the Iranian uprising and I wish they do not because I know very well that it is not different from the regime press that attacks us in Tehran.
I did not read the newspaper but I found out among its headlines yesterday was the following headline :
We demand a large mural for martyr Neda Soltan in our biggest streets just like the mural of Khalid Eslamboli in Tehran !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you kidding me ??
Do not get me wrong I am sadder and angrier for the murder of Neda in that way than Rosa Al Youssef  and the idiots who are running it , already this statement shows why Rosa Al Youssef covers the uprising in Iran not because for the sake of freedom or politics but rather for the sake of the political rivalry and the fact that the Mubarak regime is happy for what is currently happening in Iran with no consideration it may happen in Egypt "hopefully it will".
Iran has got one Neda where as we got many Nedas. 
We got too many Nedas that are buried in the middle of night in secrecy with no funeral or memorial services for fear the people's anger whether those Nedas were our police officers who killed on the borders with Israel by Israeli fire or simple citizens killed by the fires of police itself just like Neda.
Please I ask the Egyptian regime official press to stop using Neda because they are staining her with their hypocrisy , Neda would have refused to be mentioned in that regime tabloid called Rosa Al Youssef Daily in the first place !!

Breaking News : It is death Penalty for Hisham and Mohsen

Just from few minutes ago Judge Konsowah has announced the final verdict in Suzanne Tamim's trial :
Death Penalty for both Hisham Talaat Mustafa Mohsen El-Sokary 
Strangely Al Mehawar did not air the even live like last time but the Egyptian Natioanl TV aired live in "Good morning Egypt" in a very poor way
Still according to my sources Hisham's family was there , his sons and sister , they were not emotional like last time.
More to come
Of course now there is the veto.
This is a very strong political message.
Updates No.1 : 
  • The people in Alexandria are shocked , they were praying for him. 
  • The TMG employees are shocked too 
  • Hisham according to the eye witnesses was calm still in Masrawy.com it is said that he was so tired !!
  • The sentence including a point I did not understand :
    Mohsen El-Sokary to be jailed for 10 years !!!! - How will he be jailed and he has just received an execution order ?? 
  • More to come insh Allah 
Updates No.2 : 
  • Here is the video from Orbit Al Youm 
Updates No.3: 
  • Here are some photos from the trial Yesterday
 Lots of secuirty forces were there from the early hours of the morning 
Hisham's sister attended as usual, also his sons were reportedly attended,all the three along with their cousins 
Hisham was reading from time to time in prayers and Quran

El-Sokary did not look to the people like that all time as he used to read a small Quran 

According to the attendance Hisham was calm but he was too thin than last , I agree with them and I can understand it  he spent the worst month of his life 
  • Famous criminal law lawyer Bahaa Abu Shakaa has joined Hisham's defense team and it seems that he will be the main lawyer , that is enough for Farid El-Dib

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tomorrow Another Big Thursday

Tomorrow as I hinted earlier this week officially the Suzanne Tamim trial will be closed when Judge Konsowah announces his verdict in Sadat court room in the courts complex in Cairo in 9 AM Cairo Local Time.

Of course there will be a veto but tomorrow’s verdict will be historical by all measure as in the history of Modern Egypt no one as powerful or as rich as Hisham has faced such sentence like this taken in consideration he was part of the regime, in fact his family is still part of the regime.

I want to add couple of updates that took place after I have published my first post about Hisham this week.

1// His attorney Farid El-Din decided to sue Hamdi Razek after his firing op-ed I referred too in my post above and Adel Hamoda in weekly Al-Fagr for claiming that Hisham has ordered with Mohsen to Kill Suzanne because she knew the secret passwords and accounts of Hisham in Switzerland “ Somehow I believe that this claim is close to reality , it has to do with money

2//His attorney suddenly requested from the judge to delay the announcement of the verdict because there are new evidences ,well guess what Konasawh did not buy this old trick , no time to waste.

According to my sources Hisham’s family has visited him today in prison I can’t imagine their feelings , there is no doubt that it is a very tough moment.I do not think that Hisham will sleep tonight nor he will on the night of the veto.

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to go to the court but unfortunately I will not be able to enter the court room and thus I will stay and watch the coverage from TV.

I recommend that you watch Al-Mehawar because in last time on the 21st of May they were the best.

Now before I go I would like to share with some old photos for late Suzanne may God bless her soul before the plastic surgeries and yes she was brunette

 Young Suzanne Tamim  Young Suzanne Tamim-1

I think she was very attractive ,she looked like a Latina

Also here is an archive for the case since day one with the latest updates.

Be Diplomat and Pay The Ticket !!

Can Someone please make me understand why our Egyptian diplomats do not pay their tickets in New York ??

Can Someone please make me understand why our Egyptian diplomats do not obey the traffic rules in the city they are in ??

Can Someone please tell me why our Egyptian diplomats in NY do not understand that they represent us ??

Again Our diplomats unpaid parking tickets in NY City are making the headlines , we should pay to NY city more than $1.9 Million because of our unpaid diplomat parking tickets !!

To be honest I am not surprised because these diplomats do not come from a country where traffic rules are respected and traffic tickets are paid !! If you have a connection in Egypt ,you are off the hook of paying the tickets !! They think that with their diplomatic passports they are off the hook !!

Strangely the second country that comes after us for not paying the parking tickets is Kuwait !! I do not get it $1.3 Million is nothing for the Kuwaiti government , the Kuwait government paid more that for Katrina hurricane aid for God sake !! This is not Egypt I am afraid

It is so shameful , I wonder why Amr Adeeb has not brought up this issue if he is so keen on our reputation abroad so much !!??

Shut UP Pahlavi

What is Reza Pahlavi doing currently ??What does he think he is doing ?? What does he think he will achieve from all those interviews and appearances everywhere now ??
Now we passed the pathetic press releases online phase and to appear on TVs and in press conferences  phase
Who is he so he call the people of Iran to civil disobedience ??
Does he hope that he will return back to his so-called throne in the Persian Empire ?? I do not think  that he will be to do through Israel.
The former crown prince  wants the Israeli people to help the Iranian people to down the regime , I do not know how the Israeli people or rather Israel would help the Iranian people ?  insh Allah by striking the country or what !!??
It seems to me that the former royalty does not understand that the people of Iran do not protest against the Islamic republic , they are protesting against Ahmedinajed ,they want Mousavi , the Khomeini's Son and reformist who want to reform the Islamic revolution to coup with the demands of the people according to the demands of time.
Already I do not know how he dares to open his mouth and speaks about democracy ,does he forget what his father had done in his country ??
At least he should be frank with himself and apologize to the Iranian people for the terrible mistakes of his father
This is what he has said from yesterday in Washington in the national press club pathetic press conference
"Fanatical tyrants who know that the future is against them may end their present course on their terms, a nuclear holocaust" 

Strangely it was his father nuclear program in the first place !!??
Does he know that the protesters among them late Neda do not want him in the first place ?
Seriously he should wake up from his dreams , he won't return back again to Iran to rule and if he has some wild dream that he will enter Tehran on the back of an American or Israeli tank ,then he should continue to dream more and more because if that happens it will be actually a nightmare for him.
The Iranians are not stupid , they know and still remember what his father had done in their country even if the young generation is lucky enough not live in his days , they are not stupid. Even the Americans are not stupid enough to buy his talk. It is obvious that he is marketing himself for the current American administration and to Israel as savior of Iran and that he is there if they need him , again the American administration is not fool enough to consider him in the first place nor the Israelis are suicidal to support. Already with his interview with Maariv he labeled himself in front of the Iranians in Iran as traitor !!
This shows you how he has not understood politics yet , he is still using his father old school "do not give a damn to your people but give a damn to the United States of America and Israel". This man is alienated from the Iranian people clearly and he is just reciting couple of words "The Islamic Revolution is bad and evil" with indirect message "Help me to get back my throne !!
Seriously I respect the Egyptian Royal family daring decision not to be the prisoners of the past and try to get back by all means to rule Egypt making themselves puppets in the hands of the real enemies of the country.

Of course I predict that official Al Ahram Newspaper or even Rosa Al Youssef Daily "Rosa Daily suits him more" will try to interview in the first chance , in fact I won't be surprised if I find him in Cairo soon to visit his father's tomb calling for unity !!
BY the way Reza Pahlavi now reminds me with Abdel Hamid Abdel Nasser , the youngest son of Gamal Abdel Nasser, of course I should mention that Tahia Abdel Nasser or rather Tahia Kadem had strong Iranian origins.

In 1979 The Last Shah funeral in Cairo in 1979
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Quote of The Week#2

This week there are too many interesting quotes about Egyptians in the American media

If it had n’t happened in Iran, Egypt would have been the next place for an uprising

Parag Khanna

On Farid Zakaria’s CNN show  GPS

Two Photos

I could not resist myself from posting these photos

Mubarak and Medvedev Mubarak and Medvedev in Cairo, this is the first visit for Medvedev to Cairo , interesting to know that before this presidential visit Egypt deported Al-Azhar Russian Students from Chechen origins to Russia.

The second photo is for Gamal Mubarak taken earlier this morning in the reception of our national football team in Cairo international port :

s6200923144328  He is more thinner than the last time I saw him !!

1 Another photo , now there is a third photo .

The Quote of Week : In All Kinds of Environment

In a difficult environment, Egyptians know how to make do

Michael Slackman ,

Penned-In Egyptians Find Peace in City’s Din

NY Times

June 17,2009

Fragments on The Notes of Naksa : They Are Still Syrian Occupied Golan Heights

Is it a coincidence that in the particular month of June and what it holds for Arabs for bad memory that the talk about the international legal description of Syrian Golan heights is brought up provocatively in Wikipedia ??

It seems that the nationality of Golan is disputed !! Here is the Syrian Golan heights page in Wikipedia

How it could be disputed !!?? Golan heights are Syrian ,they were occupied by Israel in 1967 , that does not make them Israeli with my respect , the people of Golan are keen to keep their Syrian identity regardless of the Israeli attempts.

The Israeli government can claim whatever it wants to claim but they know that Golan will return back to Syria in whether in War or in Peace between the two countries “It can return back again to its mother country in war if the current Syrian regime is down and another democratic regime powerful and daring enough to put an end for this dilemma replaces it, Israel knows this fact very well and fear the existence of .”

Please read this post for Syria News Wire in order to see how You can help , I hope that Egyptian and Arab Wikipedians participate in correcting this awful mistake.

It is enough that the Golan was lost in even much worse way than Sinai not to mention that the El-Assad regime all those years did not use its military power to restore back ,instead it used that military power against its own people , I swear if half intelligence efforts used by El-Assad regime against its own people were and  are used against Israel ,it could have restored Golan back from a long time.

Speaking about the circumstances surrounding the loss of Golan, I would like to share with you couple of posts I wrote in the 40th anniversary of Naksa 1967 :

    Golan is so beautiful more you can imagine .
    Here are some photos I found in 1967 after the six days war for the Golan :

            IRAN Watch : Neda Sultan

            She became a Symbol , she became an icon , 27 Years old Neda Sultan , more about her in Wikipedia.

            Neda Sultan


            Allah bless her soul.

            Strangely I found out that the regime in Iran did not give her family the opportunity to have a proper funeral or burial for her just like in Egypt , the victims of police brutality are always buried in the middle of the night so people in the funeral would not get too emotional !!!

            Neda in the first picture looks exactly like a friend of mine.

            Fragments On The Notes of Naksa : No One Pushed The Red Button

            I know that I promised this year to shade more light on some unknown aspects in Six Days War / Naksa 1967 , some heroic aspects and that because of the Iranian uprising I seemed that I did not keep up with my promise.

            Well I am currently on working gathering more and more stories along with Photos ,especially with the rare Egyptian POWs photos that did not reach to Egypt due Political reasons I do not need to explain but I have to say them ; no country in the world will publish in time of war the humiliating moments of its soldiers in time of war !! For God Sake even now the American administration refuses to publish the photos of its dead soldiers !!

            In my search for photos I found a strange set of photos taken in Sinai on the 10th of June 1967 by famous Israeli military photographer Micha Bar Am.

            That set was for an Egyptian Sam Missiles base in Sinai !!  Yes you read it right an Egyptian Sam Missiles base in Sinai in 1967, of course I must add before “Egyptian Sam Missiles base” the word “Abandoned” ; well according to the description of the photos whose source of course Israel the Egyptian forces left the base intact !! The Sam missile base of course war  Soviet and strangely according to the info the Israelis found even the complex radar guidance equipment had been left in operational order !!

            I do not need to guess that the officers and the soldiers of the base had to withdraw after hearing the stupid withdrawal order of Abdel Hakim and I wish they did not , I wish they were like those daring men who defied the order and stayed to fight like late Martyr Saresawy !!

            They could have just pushed the red button to down those Israeli air fighters destroying our air bases on that bloody morning on the 5th of June 1967 , no they did not for some unknown reason !!

            That Sam missiles air base was equal to millions of dollars then !! I can’t believe myself , no body cared to push the red button !!

            By the way this base was not the only Soviet military products given to the IDF there were other weapons and arms ,I think that was why Charlie Wilson and Co. thought of Egypt and Israel when they were searching for Old Soviet weapons for Afghanistan in 1980s ,we and them had old inventory !!

            It makes so angry after even after those 42 years that we did not launch those Sams :(

            Someone should have pushed the red button , may be it would not have changed a lot but at least, at least Someone then had pushed the red button !!

            P.S I wish one day we will be able to have a missile base again in Sinai ;P

            Monday, June 22, 2009

            This Is Not An Arab speaking , This Is An Israeli Speaking

            Please read this essay by Uri Avnery at The Palestine Chronicle regarding Bibi's speech about Peace in the Middle East , I love this part so much :

            And indeed, that was Ben-Gurion’s method. Before every provocation he would declare that “our hands are extended for peace”, adding conditions that he knew were totally unacceptable to the other side. Thus an ideal situation (for him) was created: The world saw Israel as a peace-loving country, while the Arabs looked like serial peace-killers. Our secret weapon is the Arab refusal, it used to be joked in Jerusalem at the time.This week, Netanyahu wheeled out the same old trick.

            I agree on what Uri has said , this speech is for Barack Obama and the Israeli right wing only ,in the end it is just talk that did not and won't change anything on the ground.
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            These Are The Respectable NDP MPs !!

            This story for the lovers and admirers of both Farouk Hosni and Dr.Zahi Hawas.

            Two of the famous big NDP MPs were found to forge official documents in order to own pieces of land in the old Jewish ghetto and to demolish a real historical Jewish temple in Bab El-Sharia. This historical Jewish temple was built by the Physician of Saladin ,yes Saladin


            You can see pictures for the temple now in a special coverage by Youm 7.

            This is a historical building and its status now makes me wonder about the roles of the minister of Culture for 26 years who is dying to become the secretary general of UNESCO Farouk Hosni and the chairman of supreme council of antiquities Indian Jones of Egypt Dr.Zahi Hawas !!??

            Is not this a historical building to the Ayoubian Era that should be preserved especially that it seems that the Jewish community can’t keep it  as it should !!??

            Does not this contradict with the message Farouk Hosni is tying to promote that he respects all religions ??

            Just before anyone jumps in to a wagon and says that those NDP MPs are Muslim extremists , they are not , in fact they are fighting with each other on whom will own the land , they do not give a damn if it were a Jewish temple or a Church or Mosque as long as there is money money money !!

            The Widow of Nabawy Ismail former NDP Fadia Kamal as far as I remember helped in drowning hundreds of old cemeteries in Ain El-Siera because of some project !! I remember that because our family cemetery was there and was floating in water and my grandfather as the eldest member of his family had to take decision regarding this important issue,simply we bought another cemetery in 6th of October on the Fayoum highway !!

            Unfortunately if we search under the theft and destruction of our heritage , you will find always the NDP and Farouk Hosni !!

            Oddly enough those who are exposed the scandal are the opposition forces and they are the one who are making sure that is not buried.

            Sunday, June 21, 2009


            Do you remember the disturbing frightening video I posted yesterday from Tehran for that girl shot down by the Basij ? If you do not remember or you haven’t watched it , I will post today

            Neda of Iran

            I doubt that you did not see this shocking sad video , it already made the headlines around the globe in all major news websites.

            The girl in the video is Neda , 27 years old Neda who was watching the angry protests of Mousavi’s protesters beside her teacher, Neda was shot in her nick as it was obvious in the video ,she could not be saved and she died or rather killed in front of her own father who was trying to stop the bleeding screaming

            Neda became a martyr in front of the whole world , in front of the ruling class of Iran , she became a martyr of the Basij , she became of martyr of that new thing happening in Iran.

            Neda’s final moments will remain in the minds of the people just like Mohamed El-Dora’s final moments were recorded in the intifada.

            Now here is another video shot for Neda in a closer angel , I took it from the facebook from Shekoo Sab , I think the whole world should see it , I hope that Ahmadinajed and Khamenei see her too.

            Here is also a slideshow for her photos in Time Magazine.

            Of course officially the death of Neda and the other 9 officially killed yesterday were because of bad terrorists !! Does the regime now refer to the Basij as terrorists ??

            Now I have a little request from Iran not only to the Americans but to the whole world especially in Europe, this little request from my friend Naj , Naj says to you :

            Tell your elected representatives, especially the American ones, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative to "SHUT

            THE HELL UP!"

            It is not only Naj who is saying so but any Iranian who really loves and understands the situation in his or her country well just like former President Bani Sadr.

            The clashes are not said to be less fierce than yesterday , of course we can’t be sure as the media more and more is facing hard time. Iran has asked the BBC Correspondent John Leyne to leave the country , I believe the BBC especially BBC Farsi is behind the attack of Khamenei on UK.

            The twitter rumors mill has not stopped yet unfortunately there were several news that turned to be untrue and some news we do not know if it is true or false ; for instance the news that Ghalamnews.ir was hacked coming from Mousavi facebook’s fan page


            Yesterday Rafsanjani's daughter Faezeh with her four siblings were announced to be arrested ,they are said to be currently in Military base !! Then she has been freed from few hours ago according to Twitter.

            Now almost all the reformists in Mousavi presidential campaign are under arrest.

            Things outside Tehran are not that great too , the Basij on the motorcycles were in Shiraz

            Now former President Khatami has at last spoken and as usual he is a well spoken person

            Here are some posts ,photos and videos links from Iran :

            Old lady supporting Mousavi

            TMG Media Machine is Working ridiculously

            In the end week the final verdict , the final rule in the Suzanne Tamim murder trial will be officially declared in Sadat court room at the courts complex in Bab Khalak Cairo. Officially Judge Konsowah will announce his final verdict mostly the death Penalty after the consultation of the grand Mufti regarding the verdict.
            Of course it won't be the end of the trial because there will be a Veto.
            Now TMG Media Machine has been working working hardly in the past few weeks in order to affect the public opinion and the course of the trial as they hoped !! It is a natural thing ,his family believes that he is innocent and they are try to defend him , of course when you speak about a family like the family of Talaat Mustafa you will expect that they will dedicate all what they have to defend him from money,power and influence.
            Anyhow time was working against their attempts
            First there were other important stuff to be covered in Egypt like for instance the Obama speech and Swine flue, second all their attempts were so pathetic and so exposed just like the pathetic letter sent by Omar Hisham Talaat Mustafa ,Hisham's eldest son to Al Akhbar Newspaper last week.It was comic with my all respect to Omar and to his father , of course obviously the boy did not write a single letter in that dramatic letter , Omar is currently studying in the States and surely does not possess that Arabic language skill to write such letter.
            Even from the Arabic composition point of view ,the letter was tacky , that phrase which was repeated over and over was so silly
            " They said and their say is a lie !!"
            Omar Hisham 2 001Omar Hisham 1 001
            Well technically those who said are the authorities represented in Police and prosecution !! The letter discussed the case and the evidence in a way that made me feel that Farid El-Dib has written this pathetic letter."If El-Dib has written this pathetic letter then I understand why he lost the case"

            Then in the end of last week Akhbar Al-Hawadath published supposedly heart breaking Report about the wife of Hisham and his mother "it turned out that she is alive !!" and how they are coping with the catastrophe. I bought that issue because it included for the first time photos for Hisham's first wife , we always saw the photos of his other wives like his ex-wife Nora or his current wife "Hala" who is specialized in doing interviews for Pan Arab tabloids !!
            I read the report and I saw the photo which ais below and I did not feel sorry for Hisham but I felt very truly sorry for his wife ,the mother of his boys and his cousin Howeida, she is beautiful and looks like a fine lady yet he breaks her heart over and over with his lust .
            I felt truly sorry for his boys,those young men who are educated abroad and it seems that they may live abroad in the United States for fear the scandal that will stain them forever regardless of how rich their family is.
            They looked so adorable in their suits when they were young.
            Hisham did not think for one second about his wife or his kids , of course now he thinks about them a lot and regrets every single moment he wasted away from them.
            The report of the famous crime magazine kept speaking on how religiously Hisham became and how he does not leave the Holy Quran ...etc
            It was obvious from the family photos given to the magazine , it was paid report I am afraid.
            Unfortunately for them it did not create the impact TMG wanted.
            By the way it seems that Akhbar Al Youm publishing house believes that Hisham is innocent, since the arrest of Hisham Akhbar Al Youm took the stand and defended him , of course not for their sincere belief in his innocence but rather the belief in the welfare of TMG ads.
            Now it is not Akhbar Al Youm but Al Akhbar and Akhbar Al Howadas too
            On the other hand Al Mussawar magazine or rather notorious Hamdi Rizk has left the MB this week and unleashed one hell of attack on Hisham and Sokary or rather the attorneys in specific Hisham's. Rizk claims in his Op-ed in which he named this week "The murderers" that in this week trial Farid El-Dib made a deal with unknown lawyer to come in the middle trail screaming and shouting that Judge Konosawah is the corruption icon of his time...etc !!
            I would like to remind you that El-Dib accused Konosawah of being biased and he said that he wanted to change the Judge for this after the trial , of course in the Egyptian law you have the right to request another judge if you believe that the current judge is biased for certain reason during the trial itself not its end !! It seems that El-Dib realized that the judge is biased in the end.
            Back to Rizk , to be honest I think that this scenario is hard to happen because I know in the trial no one was allowed to the court hall except the relatives of the accused and their defense teams plus the journalists with official IDs, I had the opportunity to attend the trial last time but I knew that I won't be able to enter the hall with an official reporter ID and thus I did not go!! No one was or is going to be allowed then to enter so easily , Konosawah is known to be very strict judge who does not allow circuses in his court room at . Also next time Konosawah will only say the verdict and leave ,it won't take 10 minutes or even less then he will leave as it is custom under very heavy security for fear someone will harm him and the rest of the judges panel. There will be no time for that kind of lawyers to come and attack Konosawah in the first place !! I just do not like Rizk and I do not buy his words too easily just like Ahmed Mossa.
            It seems that the Anti-Hisham team goes too far just like the pro-Hisham team,it is logic !!
            This is not the end , in fact I expect that in the coming couple days, we will see more and more from TMG media machine.