Egyptian Chronicles: Look Who is back !!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look Who is back !!

I am back , in fact Egypt is back online.

What shall I say , what can I say !!?? Egypt is back online Smile 

Wait for more updates , daily journals for the past days , photos and videos are coming in the way.

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  1. Mabrouuuk! we, all over the world, missed you Egyptian. but we followed you, be assured. we saw u in Midan Tahrir, we prayed for you...

  2. just wanna say, everyone in the world is looking at the egyptian people. we are with you and we are sooo proud of you all! keep protesting! all the best from germany, basti :)

  3. الحمدلله على السلامة
    يارب توفق مصر وشعب مصر وتكفية شر من يكيد له

  4. Welcome back Zeinobia. We missed you! Viva Egypt and Egyptian people (except Mubarak)

  5. Welcome back Z, I was worried about you, as there was no updates from you via twitter, I checked a number of times, however other bloggers managed to update via twitter, so it was worrying. So pleased you are back to give us your thoughts and news of Egypt. I have read your blog for years now, and although you remain anonymous, a person still gets to care from a distance about someone...anyway its difficult to explain..welcome back, very happy you are here.


  6. Now is the time to focus on martyrs. Poster Photos very helpful during protests. Pls circulate.

  7. History should redefine the Egyptian revolution date from 23 July 1952 to 25 February 2011.
    The free world supports the people of Egypt.
    The Canadian.

  8. We love you France!!!! France is good!! Please don't let us down!!! Oooo!!! EVIL NORWAY!! for ur crimes u will pay dearly!! BIONIC WHALESS ATTTACCKKKK!!!! yay !

  9. do not stop the protests- it is all still under full control of Mubarak- this is a very clever trick to influence world wide media- around the world we see pro Mubarak protesters now ( his policeforces in civil dresses-but nobody tells it)- salam aleikum from Europe

  10. Zeinobia welcome back ! Glad to know that you are safe and sound. The events over the last few days have made every Egyptian proud. The new Egypt is coming. Looking forward to all your updates/photos/videos

  11. It is wonderful that Egypt is back online! They tried to silence you all and failed miserably. All news came out to the world anyhow and we followed every minute of the development. Nothing was lost (but for all you will still be telling us in the next days no doubt. ;-))
    Welcome back Egypt!! Welcome back bloggers of Egypt!! The world is with you! And thank you for your effort to keep the world updated!!

  12. Welcome back on the net!

    I Hope Egypt will continue to insist on the immediate removal of the dictator, the vice-dictator and all the present regime, including the dissolution of the two houses of parliament and changing the Constitution.

    A very big task ahead for the Egyptians (to get rid of corruption), but I think they are up to it. [If their effort is not sabotaged and if they don't fall into the traps of the internal and external saboteurs.]

    Also I hope the opposition is not going to start fighting amongst themselves for power!
    The young generation should be very wary of the old "opposition"......

    Long Live a Free Democratic Egypt (free of corruption)!


    (الشاعر التونسي ابو القاسم الشابي)

    إذا الشّعْبُ يَوْمَاً أرَادَ الْحَيَـاةَ
    فَلا بُدَّ أنْ يَسْتَجِيبَ القَـدَر

    وَلا بُـدَّ لِلَّيـْلِ أنْ يَنْجَلِــي
    وَلا بُدَّ للقَيْدِ أَنْ يَـنْكَسِـر


    إِنَّ اللّهَ لاَ يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوْمٍ حَتَّى يُغَيِّرُواْ مَا بِأَنْفُسِهِمْ


  13. we (rest of the world) are not PROUD of you. we are in AWE (your bravery and resilience is a m a z i n g), and we hope you have the strength to hold and fight on (pride should be reserved for you to feel). Now: the tactics of the regime are classical: disrupt, split and conquer - don't let them succeed!! (pleeeaaase)

  14. Welcome back, Z. We missed you.

    Wow, so much to read.

  15. You ask yourself why the Arabs have declined, search no more, what is taking place in Egypt is your answer. Today, I am not proud of Egypt, I am not proud of the fact that Arabs have always allowed themselves to be manipulated into killing each other, then they all lose, over and over, and over again, shame on you.

  16. Many ask me why are there calls for democracy in the Arab world? You may have many reasons to attribute to this surge for freedom, but no matter what reason you put to it, corruption, poor leadership, and incompetence in the Arab world are some of the reasons". The ruling elite have no idea in terms of how to rule and develop their nations fairly and progressively, let us examine the historic facts.

    With rising oil revenues in the 1970s, all parts of the population enjoyed rapidly rising real incomes, even if income distribution by all evidence became more unequal. In the 1980s and 1990s, the poorer parts of the population seem to have suffered the most from declining oil revenues and shrinking budgets. the subsequent decline in oil revenues undermines both, leaving religion as the main force of opposition, because there is no civilian freedom of expression. What was clear to much of the world was that here we have oil rich states blessed with natural resources, yet the somehow managed to become the poorest nations on earth with no wealth, no means of political expression.

    with huge deficits during the late 80’s saw a decline in their GDP, with unemployment rising and social conditions deteriorating. This was particularly felt in previously prosperous countries during the 70’s and early 80’s where Revenues soared and social conditions improved rapidly. In the 1990s,.with some exceptions, the region appears as a resounding economic and social failure. Per capita income fell and social conditions deteriorated quickly. As a result there were fewer jobs for the increasing young population, and unemployment increased throughout the Arab world and in particular in the Middle East and North Africa and many were ripe for conversions into Extremism fueled by their anger, despair as a direct result of the domestic economic hardship and the regional conflicts which were taking place. By the early 1990s, the Middle East and especially North Africa were, again, poor by international standards. Saudi Arabia’s per capita income in 1992 was about the same level as Greece or Portugal, that of Kuwait was below that of Spain. Even if Kuwait had a large capital reserve to draw on, low income limits the budgetary freedom. In Algeria, per capita income was about a fifth of the level of Greece or Portugal as a result Algeria dived deep into the clutches of extremism and Violence.

    So who caused this and what to do about it? Arab societies must meticulously study history in an objective and scientific way then crucially listen to their most ardent critics and then take notice of what is being said without taking offense, then act on those critical points.

    One of the most interesting Arab critics is Robert Satloff an American writer and,
    since January 1993, the executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP).. When it came to the official political Arab culture, Satloff states:

    "It can be summarized by one word: ‘impotence, ’Impotence, simply put, is the gap between will and capacity, and in the Arab world the greater the (popular) will, the weaker the (official) capacity, and the worse the national Arab impotence. In the real world of the official Arab order, impotence evolves from bottomless summits on Palestine; meetings with no agreements, resolutions without implementation, measures without results; fiery declarations with no backup. It is Arabs negotiating with no power; compromising without a bottom line, backtracking on their commitments. Arab leaders' wars, like their peace initiatives, lead to the same humiliation - they don't seem to care and don't scare, they don't change and can't be changed, leading in a region when all good news is pregnant with worse news and when no news is the best news. Political Arab impotence is staying still when others change"

    Does Satloff has a point? You tell me,

  17. Robert Satloff is a zionist schill, and the WINEP is a think tank that was spun off of AIPAC. Do not read that junk until you know the background of the person or the institution. zionists are liars. They even lie to their own people. They lie so much that they actually believe their own lies. - Thank God- this is why they are losing control of Arab people, they don't deal with reality. Read your own trustworthy experts first.


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