Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hot Day in Our Eastern borders indeed : Live update

This is not good considering all what is happening inside and outside in Egypt.
At least 6 Israelis and 7 unknonw attackers were killed in an attack on some bus near our Egyptian Israeli borders in Eilat , other were injured and the IDF exchanged fire with the attackers. We do not know if those Israeli were civilians and military as the IDF spokesperson on twitter stated that they were solider before tweeting that they were civilians !!
By Asa Winstanley 
There are rumors that there were blasts in Beersheba as well. The Israeli army is on alert now so is the Egyptian army in Sinai especially that the Egyptian army is in North Sinai for the time since 1967.
AP : Bus attacks in Eilat
Israeli media like Haartez and Jerusalem Post is insisting that the first shooting started from the Egyptian side despite the official denial of the South Sinai governor. Radio Israel according to some sources is insisting that the attackers were wearing Egyptian army uniform !!The Israeli officials are convinced that the attackers came from Gaza crossed to Egypt and then came through our borders. The Egyptian side denies this scenario.
The Israeli officials accused Gaza as usual without even a thorough investigation. Hamas denied having any relation with the attack. Interestingly enough this important development takes place while Khaled Mashal is in Cairo having important discussion about POWs including Shalit with our Spy Chief Mourad Mowafi. There were expectations that that visit would open an end to this saga.
The Egyptian army is blocking the Egyptian media from covering certain areas in Sinai , it is not clear yet. The Egyptian army has already closed the Rafah crossing.
Now there is new that there is shooting in Golan heights from the Syrian side !! According to Al Masry Al Youm Jordan informed Israel about the attack of Eilat minutes before it happed according Yediot Ahronot. No confirmation from the Jordanian official parties so far.
I will not listen to conspiracy theories in this stage because everything is completely blurry but I know very well Israel does not like our revolution and will work hard to end the Arab revolution’s wave. Check Ben Gurion’s views about the coup of 1952 and you will understand what I mean. If the war breaks in the Middle East between Israel and any country in the Arab world including Egypt, especially Egypt the majority of Egyptians will stand with SCAF.
The Zionists will do anything to stop Egypt from return back to its real role in the Arab world , from becoming strong again and it has nothing to do with secret deals with SCAF as even if we have a presidential council , we will face the same mindset. I do not think that Israel will go to war against us though but it can launch an attack on Gaza as usual , a full scale operation.Now two words in the SCAF ears : This will increase the burden more especially with the Political tension in Egypt , Gaza is a fuel for protests in this country so it is better to use the magical and powerful Egypt's powers to stop this from happening. "I think these are more than two words."
Update : 
Egypt denied the news that it closed the crossing with Rafah despite the Israeli TV claims so.
Eilat has become internationally trending in no time Mash Allah !!


  1. As someone living in Israel, and having followed televised reports all day, I heard nothing about Egyptian forces involved at any point. There was conjecture that the terrorists came from Sinai because it is so hard to control that whole territory, even if the whole Egyptian army was trying. A leading Israeli opinion leader denied Hamas would have been involved as it was not in their interest.

    It may surprise you that many Israelis are very impressed with your revolution. I am. Sure the politicians fear any sort of change on the chance it could bring a more radical govt. that would end the current "cold peace" between both countries.

    I've heard nothing about shooting in the Golan. I hope you're wrong.

  2. Hereis a more balanced report from CNN.

  3. "Wearing Egyptian Army uniforms" if true, doesn't mean that they were authentic Egyptian soldiers.

    Israel has been expecting a flare-up in violence. Syria would like to make a distraction from the problems of the Assads. Hamas would like to torpedo the Fatah declaration of a Palestinian state at the UN, on September 20. Such a declaration would, if successful, rally Palestinians behind Fatah and away from Hamas. It would also increase the international isolation of Hamas. Hamas may very well prefer another war.

  4. @Zeinobia, I agree with Zendette whio said "It may surprise you that many Israelis are very impressed with your revolution. I am." Many Americans too, like me.

    Off topic, but I know you like ElBaradei: النشائي:فوز البرادعي سيكون بالتزوير. I think that means El Naschie says "if ElBaradei wins it will be by fraud" or something like that, right?


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