Thursday, June 7, 2012

The #MideastUFO that turned to be something else

At the same time Egyptians are following the on going political circus in Egypt , millions of people across the Levant reported seeing strange object in the sky tonight.
From several hours ago I began to see tweets coming from Syria speaking about strange objects in the sky. Panic reached to the level of suspecting the use of chemical warfare against Syrian rebellious towns and cities like in Hama , Idlib , Homs , Daraa, Aleppo and Reef Dimshaq. It was disturbing for sure and was strange to imagine that the Syrian regime would escalate its war against the revolutionaries in these towns at the same time across the Atlantic the UN is discussing the horrible massacre that took place in Homs from two days ago.
Here is a video shot in Deir Ez Zor tonight showing that strange flying object.
Deir Ez Zor : Strange object spotted in the sky
Here is also a photo showing the light spotted n the sky in Daraa from @DaraaNow

Then I found reports about similar sighting for unknown objects in Lebanon and Israel as well other countries in Levant. Some thought it was meteorite while other considered it the #MideastUFO , oh yes UFO.  
Here is another photo I found online which will be hot meal for UFO believers

It was spotted also in Iran in , here is a video shot in Mashad.
Mashad : Strange object spotted in the sky
Here is another video shot from somewhere in that area and published by one of the Anonymous groups on YouTube.
Anonymous : UFO Seen Over Levant countries
Now after hours we found that it was not a bird or UFO or chemical warfare , it is believed to a Russian Intercontinental missile being tested , oh yes it was what it is called in military world ICBM !! After hours of wondering we find repots claiming that it was an intercontinental missile launched in Russia from Astrakhan.
I do not know where it landed , some are saying that it crashed in the red sea but others say it was Kazakhstan according Russian news website !! Already I do not understand why a missile would take this route from Astrakhan to Kazakhstan !!
Why would the Russians test a missile like this tonight choosing this particular area in the world ?? Is it a political military show off ? Let’s agree that the revolution in Syria has turned in to another confrontation between the US and Russia and we will find that this missile show off is made for a reason.


  1. Did someone report seeing it in egypt?
    becaue i saw something that was so bright in the sky and i thought it was a meteor
    I saw it around 10 pm

    1. This is interesting , where were you ? Already there was sighting for that thing in Sinai

  2. Ha! I this was Russia's idea of showing off, it failed miserably!

  3. It was seen from Lebanon to Egypt through a country which shall remain nameless whose papers said it was a trial run by a Russian missile.

  4. Russia showing the West not to mess around with it or Putin will turn Israel to dust as Israelis sit by the phone calling police stations on alien UFO sighting.
    Not much good that billion $$$$ missile dome or missile magnet as we call it : )

  5. A mysterious light seen over several countries in the Middle East on Thursday night has been confirmed by multiple sources as a Russian intercontinental ballistic missile test.


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