Tuesday, June 29, 2021

What we really know about the Tiktok girls trial “The Myth and Truth”

Last Sunday, a Cairo Criminal Court issued her verdict in the case of Egyptian Tiktok influencer Haneen Hossam and Mawada El-Adhm on charges of human trafficking.

The Court sentenced 19-years old Haneen Hossam to ten years in prison while 23-years-old Mawada El-Adhm was sentenced to six on charges related to human trafficking after they were referred to court last March by Prosecution.

Here are basic facts in the new case I believe to be lost between public hate to girls dancing in skimpy dresses, official human trafficking charges and accusations of patriarchal control over women’s bodies.

Some of these facts social media ignores whether ignorantly or deliberately.

Mawada El-Adhm "L" and Haneen Hossam "R"
Mawada El-Adhm "L" and Haneen Hossam "R"

The Criminal court sentenced Haneen Hossam to ten years in prison, which is the maximum penalty in this trial because her trial was in absentia. The defendant receives a maximum penalty when he or she stands a trial in absentia in Egypt.

Following her sentence, Haneen Hossam disappeared and then reappeared in a video without any filters or make-up or her green lens with darker natural hair in a crying plea to Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the public on Tuesday.

In the two-parts-video “Part 1 and Part 2”, the girl coming from the working class denied all the charges she was found guilty of, above them human trafficking.

“How would a 19-year-old girl commit human trafficking? That is a very big term that I do not even know about. I never hurt anyone,” She said in the video seen by 5 million in total “both parts” on Instagram. She spoke about details in the case I will mention it later.

The video was published on her Instagram account where she deleted all her other old videos.

She published the last video at 1:16 AM then in the morning she was arrested by security forces in Cairo's Shubra to serve her term.

Now Haneen Hossam is arrested, she will have a retrial. According to her lawyers will be in July. The Criminal Court is going to release its reasonings within 30 days following its verdict last week.

This court’s verdict is considered a first-degree sentence that can be and will be appealed by the lawyers of the defendants as far as soon the court releases its reasoning.

The case or the trial has nothing to do with Haneen Hossam’s leaked phones calls or Mawada El-Adhm’s “bikini photos” or “sex life” or “sex clips” or any of that YouTube clickbait titles.

I will start with Mawada El-Adhm’s part.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Kodak Agfa Presents : June’s Strawberry Full Moon

It is June’s last Full Moon

It is 2021’s last supermoon.

It is also a Strawberry moon

So how can Kodak Agfa miss it !?

Earth had a date Friday’s night with the year 2021’s last supermoon and it looked amazing. 

The 2021 June Strawberry Full Moon
June's Strawberry Moon 

It is the second and last supermoon Earth will see this year according to scientists.

Monday, June 21, 2021

The Kurds Vs. Jewish Settlers : We Won’t Leave Sheikh Jarrah

Probably they have become the most famous twins in the Arab world now, Muna and Mohamed Al-Kurd of Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah are the stars of Arab Social media.

The young siblings have become a new face for a new era and a new generation in the long Palestinian resistance without big slogans.

Muna and Mohamed Al-Kurd along with their father Nabil and the rest of the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah are fighting for the fundamental right to stay in their own houses and not to be forcibly displaced. 

Young Muna and Mohamed Al-Kurd, citizen journalists and bloggers since childhood
Young Muna and Mohamed Al-Kurd, citizen journalists and bloggers
since childhood

Before them, their grandmother Rifka Al-Kurd stood in her 80s stood from a decade ago against the Jewish settlers who invaded her family’s house and her neighbourhood.

Watch her in that short documentary produced in 2010 “We Won’t leave”.

It got English subtitles. Please watch it.

Um Nabil’s family originally was forcibly displaced from Haifa in 1948 and they lived in the outskirts of East Jerusalem as refugees and in 1956 She and her husband got the house from the UNRWA.

Friday, June 18, 2021

And They chanted death to the Arabs

On Tuesday, a group of Ultra-Nationalist Zionist Israelis organized their controversial Israeli flags rally to celebrate the so-called Unification of Jerusalem.

That rally was adjourned several times but it seems that the new Cabinet led by alt-right PM Naftali Bennett went to win more hearts and minds of the alt-right nationalists thus rally went.

The Israeli occupation forces closed by force parts of the Palestinian quarters and shops so the rally would pass peacefully.

The numbers were smaller than expected and declared by their chants were too loud to the level not to be ignored.

“Death to the Arabs” and “Mohamed Is Dead”  chanted by all the hate in the world and you can just feel it. It is not the first time thought but it is the first time to be caught on camera like that. 

That’s hate speech in the simplest way to put it and it is protected by the Israeli government.

That video was mostly ignored by most mainstream media whether in the West or the Arab world despite its importance. 

I won't speak about the Western governments but if the opposite of this protest took place in an Arab capital where protesters chanted against Jews explicitly, we will hear more anger, unfortunately. 

Assaulting a protester in Jerusalem
This is from a protest two days later following the rally, the Palestinians
protesting the insults and honestly, I thought that after George Floyd, policemen
will stop assaulting the protesters like that "Activestills.org" 

It shows part of why it is hard to find real peace in the Middle East.

Many people think  the problem is in the Palestinians alone but let’s there is a dark side of the Moon and that dark side we know very well.

Unfortunately, the world used to see the videos translated and shared by Memri and Co to show the radical angry hateful side of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims for years but not those people.

Those people are fed with radical ultra-nationalist and religious rhetoric that not less dangerous, in fact, more dangerous than you think considering the fact that those ultra-nationalists/religious Israeli fanatics got true voting power and political representation, unlike the Arab world where we all know how things are.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Kodak Agfa Presents: A quick visit to Egypt’s North Coast in 2020

As we are starting summer, here are some vibes from 2020 summer when Kodak Agfa and family managed to take some time off and headed for the North Coast.

We headed to North Coast’s Sidi Abdel Rahman.

This is how it looks like.

Egypt's Ghazala bay in North Coast
This is an Egyptian beach

Yes, this beach is in Egypt and not in the Maldives. I know it sounds cliché but I will use it anyway.

But first, there was a three-day- vacation in Porto Marnia but it was more of sick leave in August where I could not swim or stay long at the beach because I had a bad ear infection whose medication made me sleepy most of the time.

“It returned back this week mildly but thank God I treated it quickly”

Egypt's Porto Marina in North Coast
At Porto Marina and the other side of the lagoon Marina 

It was a good break thought and my camera accompanied me in that break.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Coronavirus on the Nile: 16 months of COVID-19 in Egypt in graphs

Another monthly post as part of the COVID-19 coverage in Egyptian Chronicles.

Egypt's Healthcare workers in protective suits "Xinhua" 

This time it is a quick look into COVID-19 numbers in Egypt after 16 months since its arrival to the country in February 2020.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Coronavirus on the Nile: Egypt’s COVID-19 May 2021 numbers in Graph

This is the time of our monthly post about the coronavirus pandemic and its numbers in graphs.

The official numbers of coronavirus cases in Egypt continued officially surged and then declined in May 2021 following April 2021.

In the first half of May 2021, we had Ramadan, Orthodox Easter and Eid. It was like a big social gathering despite warnings and official preventative measures that actually were not to be seen on the ground.

Eid Prayer on 14 May 2021, foreign students wearing masks before heading to pray Eid prayer at Al Azhar Mosque "AFP"
Eid Prayer on 14 May 2021, foreign students wearing masks
before heading to pray Eid prayer at Al Azhar Mosque "AFP" 

May finished as the numbers of cases began to decline in its last week officially.

Disclaimer: According to Minister of Health Hala Zayed in early January, the official numbers of cases represent between 10%-15% of the real number of cases worldwide Egypt included.

Now to the graphs of May numbers.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

#Coronavirus on the Nile : June’s Coronavirus “Live Coverage”

It is another new month under the coronavirus pandemic.

It is June and we supposedly start to witness the end of the third wave of coronavirus that hit the country in April and May.

The official number of cases began to decline in the last week of May.

At the same time, we began to witness a true increase in the number of people who got vaccinated “I got my first dose in the last week of May” as Egypt began to receive more shipments of coronavirus vaccines.

Still, Egypt got a long road to safety for real.

The majority of the people in Egypt still act as if there is no coronavirus unfortunately despite all the infections and fatalities.

Please stay safe, keep your social distance and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Here is our monthly live coverage of everything coronavirus below.