Thursday, March 31, 2005

Couple of weeks ,thousands thoughts

Ok I was away exactly for two weeks now from this space all because of my study to the mid term exams in My faculty and they were the weeks of surprises and events that I write about it

you want to know what ,I will tell

  1. Ahmed and Hend
  2. Ahmed Zaki
  3. Enough protests
  4. Woman leadership to Muslim prayers
  5. The main event ,the Egyptian Economy introducing to you "the Egyptian competitiveness report"
  6. Dr.NAwal El-Sadawy
  7. The presidentail race and candidates ,theories with no proofs till now
  8. Faith

wait and you will see

also I make some updates in the Layout of the Space ,After all I know front Page and photoshop ,with God's will it will be better than before

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today the world water day

Today the world water day plz keep the water clean it is a bless most people don't know how important it is
If you want to know its importance,Look to the African countries that suffer for the unavailability of water sources
In the Our Holy Quran God Says 'we made from the water every living thing'

Sorrry for my behavior

I did bad thning on sunday something that made sad till now ,I got a very bad thing in me that I got angry and nervous when anyone does a thing that hurts me without no reason ,ok any person does ,but my nervous attitude is wrong
with no introduction ,I talked rudely with the security guard who is older than me with ages just because I am angry at that time
I shouldn't do it ,I am very sorry ,I feel so bad till now that I decided I will apologize to him with God's will when I see him again ,I just wish sooner
I amnot a rude girl that why I feel so bad
I apologize in front all of the world here
I am sorry

Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Motherday

Happy Mother day to all the mothers in the world ,especailly my mom ,my grand moms ,my aunts
Happy Mother day to the Egyptian mother who I see her as some devoted mother in the world for hwe family ,she would give anything including her freedom for the sake of the eyes of her children
Happy mother day to the Indian Mother who donated by her own two eyes for her two blind sons ,she would like to be blind for the rest of her life but not to see her own children like Blind

Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Lebanese Style Enriched the Egyptian Style

Nawal dress Posted by Hello
"I tried a dress similar to this ,it was great yet its price was 4950 !!"
Today I bought a nice night Gown for my Prom ,It is very very chic ,yet it is very very expensive but indeed it was much much cheaper than the other available,May be I will post the photos of my prom onlineNotice something I went to three designers ,all ladies ,dresses were remarkable yet all were inspired by the Lebanese fashion style .The wedding dresses I saw were wonderful that I wished that if it just weren't my prom but my weddingEgyptian girls and ladies ,if you have a nice sum of Money " a big one",go for those places : Melody ,Viola and Nadia ElShekih .
Another remarkable discovery I found out that day that the groom is one who is supposed to pay for the bride's dress 'another obstacle ,he has to pay everything!!" an info. That I knew from my Grand Mother

Dresses I found were inspired by the Lebanese style ,Like Nawal El-Zogbhy and Elissa 's beautiful dresses ,especailly in Nadia El-Shekih designs and Viola's design
Melody designs are similar to Magda El-Roumi 's Style
The lebanese style enriched the Egyptian Style
I wish the Lebanese people struggle for freedom will enrich the Egyptian people struggle for freedom too

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Cleopatra Seduced Men by her Mind!!

"Long before Shakespeare portrayed her as history's most exotic femme fatale, Cleopatra was revered throughout the Arab world - for her brain.

Medieval Arab scholars never referred to the Egyptian queen's appearance, and they made no mention of the dangerous sensuality which supposedly corrupted Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Instead they marvelled at her intellectual accomplishments: from alchemy and medicine to philosophy, mathematics and town planning, a new book has claimed.

Even Elizabeth Taylor, who famously played the title role in the 1963 epic Cleopatra, would have struggled to inject sex appeal into this queen. Arab writers depict Cleopatra's court as a place of intellectual seminars and scholarship rather than the more traditional vision of kohl-rimmed eyes and hedonistic intrigue.

"They admired her scientific knowledge and her administrative ability," the book's author Okasha el-Daly, who is based at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology at University College London, said.

In Egyptology: The Missing Millennium he writes that "Arabic sources often refer to Cleopatra as 'the virtuous scholar' and cite scientific books written by her as the definitive works in their field". She was also regarded as a great builder, he claims, responsible among other things for a canal to supply Alexandria with Nile water.

Cleopatra was born in 69BC, the last of the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great's invasion in 332BC. The few images of her that survive suggest that she was not a great beauty by modern standards. Despite this she succeeded in seducing Caesar and his former ally Mark Antony, who left his Roman wife Octavia for her.

European scholars finally learned to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics in 1822 with the help of the Rosetta Stone. But Dr el-Daly believes that a ninth-century Arabian alchemist, Ibn Wahshiyah, got there first, opening up original Egyptian sources to medieval Arab writers.

"There has always been a snobbery which suggested that medieval Arab scholars only cared about science and engineering," he said. "They wrote about everything they found interesting. I even found one medieval scholar who had written a book on sex."

Kate Spence, a lecturer in Egyptology at Cambridge University's Faculty of Oriental Studies, described Dr el-Dalyís work as very important.

"Everybody has known that these Arab sources were around for ages." she said, "but most of us working in this field don't know enough Arabic to use them properly."
Source : The Times Uk

My Comment ,People the secret of the Eastern woman especailly the Egyptian is not in her body but in her mind

Monday, March 14, 2005

something in the Air of the Middle East

Really there is something in the air you can feel ,whether you live in Beirut or Cairo ,Tunisia or even Lybia ,something tells me it will be one of a summer in the Arab World

It Started with Lebanon with the assisnation of Mr,Rafik El-Hariri and the people 's anger and voice were erupted like a big silent volcano ,unexpected one ,then like a chain reaction in the major big arabic cities it began to take place in the political life whether directly or undirectly

From my Beloved Crowded Cairo ,Protests began in February in order to Change the Consitution of 1971 concerning the presidential elections ended in last days of February with a small yet remarkable change in the Consitution pernittibg for the first time in the valley of the Nile , a free election with different candidates , a good sign but not enough if it isn't really a silly play by the Egyptian regime to absurb the public and external pressure for change
Last week I joined a yahoo-group talking about the politics and I was surprised about the great awareness that the egyptian people have ,whether old or young .

To the Green Tunisia,the castle of Dictatorship ,folks I think this site along with different other sites are prohibited in this small country ,they have internet censorship just like Syria ,Porn sites are permitted but Politics ,well no ,the internet is so limited ,people are under the rule of the secret services ,no freedom ,if a woman wears a veil ,she won't find a job there ,it is not about Islam more I guess it is about the freedom
what change had happened in Tunisia last week ? well for the first time since very very long time ,protests and strikes happened in The capital ,number was by thousands ,for main issues ,their refusal to Sharon's Visit and the dictatorship in their country ,they want change .

To Lybia ,the great Country of Shekih Omar El-Mokhater ,the leader of Resistence ,this country turned to a prehistoric country because of the mad Gadfi ,I told how mad is he ,you won't believe ,an idiot ruling a country ,not an idiot by mad dictator
now the change is for the first time lybians outside their homeland made a website ,yahoo- group and protests against Gadfi in Europe ,it is small change but it is better than nothing ,Lybia saw alot from Gadfi

As you it is small changes yet the most important and the ones who really can change the Region ruling style are Lebanon and Egypt
Arab People simply got sick from playing the silent viewer who sees everything ,understands everything yet can't comment on the movie
The 1000 mile march begins with a small step

Friday, March 4, 2005

The Consitution Change in Egypt

From a week ago ,the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak declared a historical decision that he thought 'no one else ! ' that now is the suitable time for it
The decision is " To change the Consitution Chapter no.76 concening the presidentail elections in Egypt ,specifically ,the way of electing the President"
The system of the elections since 1954 ,says that it is simply a one man show ,the president who is also the leader of the rulig party 'whether it was the communist union in Nasser's Era ,or the National democractic in Sadaat or Mubarak's Era ' is chosen by the parliment as the majority of its members choose him 'ironically ,the majority always from the ruling party ',then a Public Plebisctie ,and of course you can imagine the results , then came the Consitution of 1971 and put it in a better words and after they thought 'who from this ignorant people will read the whole damn consitution after all to know their rights?'

in another words Proudly I say that since the year 1954 when the Egyptians lost their freedom without their knowledge by the refusal of the free Officers and the rest of the army to Late General Naguib suggestion and hope of Turning Egypt in to Domcractic civilian state , that the Egyptains choose 'as if we had a choice really !!' their president through the Plebiscite,just say yes or no

And so our presidents stay with us for decades untill they die 'really that always happens'.The results of the plebiscite is 99.999% yes and 0.001% said no !! ,For God Sake ,even God doesn't have this percentage of believers on this earth!! anyway just the last plebiscite Mubarak got only 94% yes and 6% no !!

Ok what is the change ,well from the officail words The way of choosing the president will change to be a free election with many Candiadates from the different political parties ,with a programs ,campagins...etc ,
a great victory of democracy ,is n't it?

First why after all these years ,at last we took back a stolen right?
answer in Two reasons ,

External pressures , Mr.Bush named Egypt in his speech in The congress and wished that 'Egypt ,The great proud Egypt to start the democracy in the region as it started the Peace ' , then came the human rights issue from Chistians to Sinia's arabs and other , and then comes the last stone Mr.Ayman Nour case

-----Ayman Nour ,the head of the Tomorrow's party ,a liberal party includes important names like Mona Makram Abid and others ,this party was facing alot of problems ,first this party knows according to the Consitution will lead the oppostion in the Parliment ,second it calls for freedom and human rights ,third it is an active one
Nour in the old consitution chapter 76 will be able 'if he wants to' to go in a debate with Mubarak to let the Parliment choose between them one for the Plebisicite,the idea itself seemed annoying then came the public requests for changing the consitution led also by Tomorrow's party ,so what ?
The government arrested Nour for a silly charge 'he fake some papers to enlarge the number of his parties' members' till now he is in jail yet since his arrest the american and european pressures are exceeding on the burden of the Egyptian state
some say Nour is supported by the U.S well for me Mr,Ayman Nour isn't a clear person you can judge his history ,or even know he is in what side ,yet I prefer to give the man a chance

Condy Rice with her Meeting with the Egyptian Foreign affair minister said that the U.S is concerned with Mr.Nour's case and wanted him to be set free ,this is from the american side
Unfortuanly I feel that the regime used the public hate to the american administration and made the usual media attack that Nour is a spy ,he is a bad guy and I think they are used the tabloid newspapers in this ,yet I feel that they got an opposite reaction from People as many people I know 'and they just regular persons who understand nothing in politics ' who told me 'did you see what happened to Nour because he wanted to run for presidency!!??
Expected the Unexpected from the Arabs

yet the greatest pressure isn't from Uncle Sam but from EU ,they threatened to freeze the Egyptian-European Partnership ,this means by its turn freezing to the Egyptian Economy!!

Now for the Internal pressures

I assuare you that the Regime knows very well that the people got sick of it ,yet they are silent as usual after all they are Egyptians famous by Patience,but as Thouma 'No.1 Egyptian singer said 'yet even For patience there is end for it'
in Numbers
Now this year we will have the elections ,Muabarak is in the rule for 23 years now ,4 periods and he seems to want the fifth, he is declared age is 76 ,the persidentail period is 6 years!!
another thing make things worse ,he wants his son to rule after him,a presidentail monachry !! Mr.Gamal Mubarak ,The future of Egypt 's Newsweek report from couple of monthes
yet Mubarak knows that people refuse that his son to inherit the presidentail throne
in the few monthes and especailly February ,huge protests were held ,people voice began to raise ,then came Lebanon ,and the Egyptians ironically who consider the lebanese as weak people who understand nothing except in music,fashion and women make up ,found them as strong people fight for their freedom
and I said before if the lebanese did ,we can did it
and I guess the regime thinks the same way like me
so under pressures especailly from Outside Egyptians theoritically got back one of their stolen rights
Practically well another day because I got no time now


Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Lebanese Victory

ok today noon the lebanese people had a great victory over the lebanese government ,the President ,the syrians ,the division threats and more important the Arabic dictatorship today .
Rashid Karmi's governmet reisgned in a hisotrical session in the lebanese parilment under the pressure of the public
yesterday ,today and tomorrow thousands of lebanese people are protesting against Syria and the lebanese system ,they will complete their protest untill they get what they want and they will with God's Will ' If the public want the life ,the chain must be broken and the night must be ended- Abi El-Kasem El-Shabi,the freedom tunisian poet'People slept in the streets of Beirut ,it turned from the fashion and shopping capital to the Symbol of Rebeliation against tyranninow it is not the divided Lebanon but united Lebanonnow the Ghosts of an ugly past went away ,every arabic country got many Ghosts of an ugly pastI feel this little country can make the greatest chagne in our arabic histroy I am Egyptian yet this victory made so happy as I were lebanese,because it gives me a great hope ,if the lebanese did it ,we can do it too
'I come from Beirut .scream it as loud as you can'Abd-El-Rahman El-Abenodi -the Egyptian Poet from 'coming from Beirut , 1980s'