Friday, June 30, 2006

Wild Wild Middle East : All for one

When I heard the news from two days I couldn't stop myself from saying "Again !! they did it again , the Israeli army made another siege around the Palestinian President 's residence . Abu Mazan is trapped !! I remembered immediately what happened from the long bitter siege of Abu Amar in the last years of his life !!

A complete siege in Gaza again no electricity or water or gas , not to mention the food which to get it now with the on going war will be for the Palestinian civilian like a mission impossible ,yet this is not something new the People of Gaza don't know or accustom to , since 1967 they know it very very well . They know that the Israeli army wants to get rid of them by any possible way from Gaza , whether by siege or air strikes . They are used to this racial war from very long . I really laughed last night when I heard some one saying in the TV yesterday : This is a mass punishment for the Palestinian people !! I was surprised because since 1948 the Palestinians were all punished in a mass punishment by the Zionist Jews

For one man , captured in war ,yes it is a war considering what Israel is doing from daily killing , Israel is pushing the whole middle East to the point of no return . Forget the Peace , forget it ,Hamas won't accept to negotiate with all these killings and threats , already that 's what Israel wants and that's what it is good at in dealing with Hamas , provoking it and pushing it then accuse it of being a terrorist group and the Israeli hand won't shake a hand stained with the innocent blood !

Believe me if I said that I am not surprised of what is going in Gaza from destruction I am afraid it is a repeatable news but the new news which really can drag the Middle East to point with no return is the flying over the Syrian President's residence in North Syria. Israel justified the unacceptable , the Israeli officials say

It is a double message to Hamas leaders in Syria saying that we can get to you when ever we want and to Syria who is suspected to be involved in the solider kidnapping

Already Israel suspects that this punk can be sent to Egypt to Sinai in the mountains !!

I swear if Syria were n't patient ,wise and more important weaker , there would be another strong answer ,in fact Israel knows for sure that there will be no answer , the Syrian regime was never a real threat , after all who was the responsible on the Golan heights in 1967 were n't the Trio of El-Assad ,Talas and Khaddam !! Regimes , dictatorship regimes like in Egypt and Syria don't present a danger to Israel in fact the Egyptian and Syrian people can be considered so

Today Israel captured 28 members of Parliament and 8 ministers from Hamas

I will be very thankful if Israel captures the whole Egyptian Nazif Cabinet !! By the way Hamas and Abu Mazan already reached to an agreement about the Palestinians prisoners !!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wild Wild Middle East : We are so so cheap , for one man

For one man , one kidnapped solider , not even a dead , not even for a group of soldiers Israel is punishing one million person in Gaza Strip . I feel so cheap when three Egypt soldiers died from two weeks and Mubarak didn't do anything except accepting the weak apology of Olmart in Cairo while Israel threats to unleash a great war on Palestine for one nerd like 18 years old boy , I am sorry to describe him like that but you will know why I described him like this if you see his picture

Israel broke international laws for this guy , and a war was going to happen yesterday if the Syrian forces targeted the Israeli air fighters which flied over the Syrian president 's chateau in the North of Syria !!

We are really so cheap , three soldiers were killed and none cared for them !!

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Ala'a the young girl who failed in the Arabic Exam because she attacked President Bush and the Egyptian regime in the composition Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shobra El-Yemen

First of all I am sorry if the title of this post is provoking to anyone whether from Yemen or from Shobra , but this name pumped to my head immediately when I heard about the silly play that happened from few days in Yemen starring Yemeni president Ali Abd Allah Salah and his supporters.
The whole world world watched how the public and newspapers even the mountains of Yemen begged Ali Abd Allah Salah to run for presidency once more after announcing his intention to leave presidency and political life in Yemen after very many years in the position "Since the 1970s"
and of course under the public pressure and as a man who does what his people want , he agreed ,of course after great thinking , people his trading his peace of mind with the tiresome of the politics !!
I can't say more that this is really a typical Arabic Ruler who refuses to live his throne except for two either his own death or for his son .
Already when I heard this play which was made by Salah's ruling party "the Yemeni version of NDP, you see we got one in every Arabic country", I remember at once the Play that the socialist Union in Egypt made in year 1967 when president Nasser announced his resignation !! Oh yes it was play , one of our old maids was working in a public factory then her superiors ordered all the women in the factory to go in pre-organized demonstration screaming and begging their president not to leave !!
I bet the same scenario happened in the happy Yemen
Oh Yemen , great country with greater history reach to this low level !! What makes me sad that they are emitting the most worst thing we did in the 20th century hypocrisy in Egypt, instead of beginning a role model in democracy and real political life , we became a role model in hypocrisy and dictatorship !!
The Arab world won't move to real democracy until Egypt herself moves on to it , Egypt is the starter.
Back to the title ,this is concept I took it from Ismail Yassin 's part in the famous song "Elly Yadar Ala Albi" for legendary Laila Muard in my favorite movie for all Times "Anbar" , where he says that he is suitable man for her as his mom left for him many many lands in Shobra El-Yeman !!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is n't monopoly against the teaching of Islam ??

In this blog I wrote posts that defended Amr Khalid and supported him and his effort to improve the conditions of Muslim youth and youth in general yet to be honest ,not a silent devil " and that the weakest thing I do in this country by blogging" I must record my anger from Mr. Khalid and his support to the on going monopoly of Shekih "what Shekih" Salah Kamal ,the owner of ART Satellite networks

Shekih Salah Kamal has the right of broadcasting the World Cup from Germany in the Arab world exclusively for satellite network The ART , Arab viewers from the Atlantic ocean to the Persian Gulf who don't own satellite must subscribe in his network , paying hundreds of pounds/liras OR what ever from their monthly salaries to him to enjoy one month ONLY OF FOOTBALL . Foot ball in the Arab and Egypt especially is like a drug , in fact it is drug used by the regime for decades to divert the activities and thinking of the people in another way. Every world cup the Egyptian television transfers the matches to the viewers yet this year suddenly the Minister of Information said that we don't have enough budget as the price of transfer is 100 million dollars and no government in the arab didn't pay this sum except one man did it that is multi-billionaire Salah Kamal ,the construction and media tycoon , he got the deal despite that Egypt could have the right of transmission of match to its terrestrial television channel with a price less than the 100 million as we turned to have this deal with EU !!

OK now because of the stupid addiction of Foot ball in this nation and in this world Mr. Kamal imposed high subscription fee to the World cup and sport bouquet , not that only , you can't subscribe for just one month but for a whole year !! More than 200 pounds Egyptians have to be paid for the Saudi business man to watch the Game and event they adore and wait for every 4 year , they have to pay and live in a very hard economical conditions !! Yet nothing is the impossible on the Egyptian dangerous mind when it wants to reach something ,in poor areas they reached to illegal ways to watch the matches whether from the INTERNET or from other satellite channels "Thanks to Al-Ahram Daily" or the greatest invention , Egyptian one of course "The Wasla" or "The Connection" , which is simply speaking is stealing the broadcast of the channels from an original receiver to many receivers , this is how I understood it . Millions are using this connection , of course in my house ,we don't use it ,but other do use it !!

And this drives Shekih Kamal crazy , millions are watching for free not to mention the promotion campaign the MPs are making using his greed especially from the NDP , you see if you go to El-Giza area where Mahmoud Abu -Elanin is the Member of Parliament there , you can watch the matches for free in his social charity club he made for people there ,not him only but dear Ahmed Ezz ,the Iron Tycoon did the same thing in Monof in El-Monfya state !! They want to be popular and he wants to be richer and so he decided to fight all those who want to make him poorer from bad Egyptians , first using popular preacher Amr Khalid , and that makes me angry more from Khalid then from this greedy old Saudi , appearing day and night saying that watching the matches in the so-called illegal ways is haram and against the principals of Islam !!!!!!!!!! I am sorry Mr.Khalid but is n't also the monopoly is haram and forbidden totally in Islam and isn't this what your employer is doing ??

Not that only now arrogant Kamal is insulting the Egyptians and saying

there are 7 million thieves in Egypt who are stealing the broadcast ,those poor people who don't own the subscription fees , don't need to watch foot ball , they should stick to eating and drinking no need for football !

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Monday, June 26, 2006

The national memory needs to be refreshed : The Evacuation day and the Danshoway 100th anniversiary

is it me or is it the national memory of this country began to forget important days in her history ?

beside ignoring the Egyptian P.O.W of 1967 ,we are forgetting very important days in the modern history . Last 18th of June was the Evacuation day where the last British solider left Egypt in 1954 . The official media didn't give attention at all the day . In fact we heard fireworks but turned out that it didn't belong to the Evacuation day but to Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday , the British Ambassador made a huge party celebrating her majesty's birthday !! I don't mind doing what ever the Sir wants , it is not his mistake but it is ours

The other occasion , the 100th anniversary of the Danshoway massacre

Do you remember it ? the one we took in history where British occupation authority with its allies in the corrupted regime in 1906 made a massacre in Monfiya's small village in Danshoway and Mustafa Basha Kamal exposed that war crime to the whole world even in UK itself and ended with transferring the High British Envoy from Cairo

Do you remember it ? Do you remember the poor farmers who were hanged and whipped in front of their homes and Families in Danshoway ? I bet if you are Egyptian ,you will remember , well I am afraid our government didn't remember

I wonder why we didn't remember as people , this is much more dangerous , we shouldn't forget , no nation forget its past , until Now the prime Minister of Japan pays visits to a temple dedicated for the Japanese army in WWII , he is insisting on visiting this temple despite all the opposition from neighbour countries like South Korea and China which suffered a lot from the Japanese army in WWII , he didn't even apologise yet now we care much about our friends whether the Israeli or the British

You know why Japanese made it , because they didn't forget their past , they learnt for its past and also respected their ancestors

Please read the Fataha if you are Muslim or say any prayer you know dedicated to the souls of those poor farmers who did nothing from 100 years

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Which is true ? El-Ahram or MSNBC

Which is true El-Ahram daily newspaper or the News Giant of MSNBC? Egyptian regime official speaker or the collaboration of Microsoft and NBC?

Here I am referring to the news of Florida's terrorist group which was caught from two days ago or more by the F.B.I. Already there are lot and lots of questions marks about this cell ,sorry group as it turned out they are independent despite their loyalty to El-Qaida which is under question too ,in fact all agree that this loyalty which is based upon admiration and that is the weakness point who led to their arresting as an agent from F.B.I joined them pretending to be an Al-Qaida messenger or who ever he is

Now Egyptian Ahram from two days on the front page said that the Group was a radical Christian group

Yet in MSNBC they say they are Muslim group

It is more than Al-Ahram in fact now many suspect their religious identity and even suspect the timing of the arresting to be a plea Bush administration use to justify his spying program as the enemy is in the American lands itself

Look to the group 7 black men , all their names are Christian , all their families are catholic and these families deny that their sons converted to Islam !! doesn't make sense

in Fact I can consider the confusion of Al-Ahram when he described the them as radical Christian group as there is no evidence for their Islamhood except may be and this can't be taken for granted the official story , it doesn't make sense that they were staying warehouse in the poor liberty city practising in the morning and studying Allah at night !! Well Studying Islam needs a cleric or at least the usual conspiracy theory says so

BBC News : families denial

In fact I found out in this Egyptian blog that those seven are not Muslims nor Christan's ,they are following a religious cult called Yahweh Ben Yahweh cult better known as the Nation of Yahweh , it is a radical offshoot of the Black Hebrews

So the question now if they are bunch of black guys who believe in the Black Supremacy with black Hebrew Israelities roots why American media insists of their Islamhood ??

The threat of these groups and cults are much dangerous then linking it to Islam and Al-Qaida please read Times on line magazine

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A girl fails in the Arabic exam because she criticised Presdient Bush in Egypt

Just from minutes ago I saw the young teenager Ala'a who failed in the Arabic exam in the first secondary year because she criticised President Bush in the composition !! She is not more than 15 years old and even less , she wears a Vail and comes from El-Dakhalia state in the Delta ,north of Egypt

The girl is a hard working student who got excellent "A" marks in all the subjects of the first secondary year and they are more than 6 subjects in one year except the Arabic Subject. Ala'a was going to repeat the year and she had been questioned by the security branch in the Education ministry by the orders of the security branch in the states from many hours !! She was n't questioned because she was caught having sex with her boyfriend in the class or taking drugs in the roof of the building "sorry of these shocking example but believe as a girl who was in mixed language school in Cairo I know that this shit happens " no She was questioned because she wrote a composition topic about the reclamation of Lands mainly the deserts and the role of youth in it . You see for over 24 years Mubarak 's regime beside wasting the agriculture wealth from a real excellent land , has been speaking day and night about the importance of the reclamation of the deserts in the west and east of Egypt ,in fact Million sorry billions were spent in these projects with no result at all thanks for the red tapes put by the regime itself . Ala'a wrote three page about the reclamation and its importance to supply Egypt with what it needs from the agriculture production on the top of the list the wheat and this is true but unfortunately the promises of the regime to the young people to give them lands are turned to be mirage in the desert thanks to red tape and difficulties made by the regime by the orders of the American president G.W.Bush who hates the Muslims and the weak regimes like the one we have !!

The young teenager expressed her thoughts freely , already in Arabic subject composition is called "Ta beer" "expression" , it was my favourite and I was the best and had the "A" , believe me ,I swear already you know I am good in writing from visiting that humble hobbit place :) back to Ala'a ,well the young girl in the country side didn't know what was going to happen next after she believed in President Mubarak's first priority in his election program Freedom and Democracy as she said in her interview with Mona Shazely in few minutes away

The girl 's rudeness about the presidents was found by the teacher who corrected the paper ,who informed his superior and his superior did so to his superior ........until it reached to the ministry of education and the Security Bureau or what ever it is called in there and what ever is called there decided to enquire about the girl and her political views , but of course it can't do so , so they ordered the Security branch in the Ministry of Education to question the girl in official investigation in her school, yes I swear to God I was astonished , no I was shocked when I found out we have one in the Ministry of Education , I am sorry i wrote its name wrong its right name the Ministry of Upbringing and Eduction "this is the correct translation from the Arabic name !!", They are upbringing a breed of young people who don't criticise their leader and presidents and also the presidents of Friend countries "It is shame what she wrote !!" some governmental official said on the phone !! .

An investigation for a girl who is less than 15 years old and the first question to her is " who is behind you !?"

What kind of education is this ? I am sorry again ,already I am confused but the correct question that pumps in to my mind right now "What kind of police state is this ? "

this reminds me with a Syrian TV series I once saw a political comedy ,you know the kind regimes like the Syrian one use as the Catharsis policy implies, the same thing , the same story a young student in the primary stage even younger than Ala'a wrote in his composition topic "what do you want to work when you grow up ?" ,well the kid did worst than Ala'a he wrote that he wants to be a president and May God let not see what happened to him or his family !!

Well she didn't see this Syrian hell nor her family thank God , well she didn't write about her forbidden ambitious in the forbidden title but she saw something she didn't deserve in her young age , the ministry of education decided to punish her by cancelling her exam and make her rewind the year again despite all her grades are between A and B average ,of course thank God that her father is lawyer "is n't this a wonderful job?!" made a huge noise and wrote a letter in Al-Ahram and many spoke about the incident in the newspapers and thus the merciful minister of education decided to make her rewind only her Arabic exam , according to the Wonderful Egyptian educational system if you remind the subject in the second chance in Exam this means you fail it and thus you only take the at most grade that is 45 !! the girl is excellent and that only happens only because she expressed her opinion !!

Remember her name Ala'a , her face is engraved in my memory because I predict she can be some one important to this country in the future ,because she sticked to her words despite all the frustration surrounding her

The Egyptian Education system , the best system to kill creativity , the Learn by heart system , the prefect system to create a breed of a weak future generation .Yes Don't be surprise I am victim to it , Ironically the officials them selves don't educate their kids according to the Egyptian system , the Minister of Education himself has his teenage kids in the American Diploma !! They don't trust it themselves ,so why we have to trust it

Another thing this little incident shows how much popular Bush in the middle East !! the girl from the Delta said that the American President hates the Muslim youth and Islam and thus wants to destroy any possible promising future for them thanks to the weak disgraceful regime we have , the girl described our regime as disgraceful !!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The witch hunt started on the Egyptian bloggers "Sauron Vs. The Hobbits"

Alaa is released with the rest of those who were arrested on the last month '26 and 27 in solidarity with the Egyptian judges ; of course Alaa was the special one as he is considered the Godfather of the Egyptian blogsphere , and it is enough the noise that we proudly the Egyptian bloggers made to let the whole world see the Mubarak regime's real face and oh boy we did it and suddenly the investigation bureau of National security in the interior ministry found itself dealing with another kind of enemy , or so called enemy US

There are news now suffering the blogsphere that the Blogs now are under surveillance which is a very old news , people this surveillance was always there since El-Dostor weekly newspaper introduced us to the Egyptian Street , our number then I remember didn't cross the 500 , now that to the publicity we are more than 1000

Already the hunt against us started when TE data an ISP company owned by Telecom Egypt the main telecommunication company owned by ministry of Communication and Link dot Net owned by Billionaire Naguib Sawoiras decided to block important blog sites like Manal and Alaa and , well I can understand Link dot Net 's act against the blogging service of as it is powered by Google while Link dot Net is the golden Partner of Microsoft in the Middle East and they have the franchise of MSN Arabia !!! "thank God I didn't work in it , I had the chance !!". Not that only if you are tried to go in these blacklisted sites in Egypt from these ISPS ,they will track you down unless you got a good firewall "Vista , the coming new OS got an excellent firewall system and Microsoft said that there will be no back door for governments to hack in people's PCs , this was announced after the refusal of the software giant to give the back door code to the British Police !!"

Yet our fans in the Egyptian street and our dear Bloggers didn't give up easily they used the proxy methods !! Do not mess with Egyptians ,especially the young generation who listen to both Amr Khalid and Nancy Agram !!Untitled - 6.gif

Then came the Arresting rush , from Malak to Alaa ended by the barbaric sexual abuse of Sharakawy , the common factor between those guys beside being in Kafya and Youth for Change opposition organisation is that they are all bloggers ,famous bloggers too . Yes they were not arrested because of blogging , there is nothing against blogging in the Egyptian laws despite they are trying to make something fit to the new phenomena from the new rumours laws check my post , they were arrested because of illegal demonstration and insulting the president !! Well that's what they say , partially it is true but when it comes to our dear Alaa who celebrated the president's birthday on his way ,it can make sense that some body is watching you , the big brother is watching your blog !!

As I said the real power came with the Arrest of Alaa when the security forces found them with the new enemies ,unknown INTERNET junkies who write hours and hours over the INTERNET in their blogs and international newspapers ,magazines and TV channels considered them the new face of opposition , Al-jazeera made a documentary I talked about before and Le Liberation in France made an article about us and called Hieroblogs and this name I love it it comes from hieroglyphic "by the way Je suis in that article :) I became famous internationally now baby ,Thank God "

And not to mention the internal support from El-Dostor and Sowat El-Oma , people began to hear about us especially and even the governmental media began to spot light us , "Logat El-Asr" The Ahram's IT monthly magazine made a report about us , a neutral surprisingly one and "Akhbar El-Hoadas"the weekly Akhbar El-Youm 's specialised crime newspaper attacked us when some copts who live abroad made a blog with the Egyptian Copt flag as if all Egyptian bloggers support this. Also "El-ain" Tabloid weekly newspaper which is published by the same publisher of El-Dostor and Sowat El-Oma attacked us so much and called us a bunch of ridiculous guys who think to know everything and that they don't respect anything , making us either infidels and extremists and that came with Abd El-Karim 's arrest in the events of Alexandria last year !!!

But that was n't enough the regime began to feel our danger , the so-called danger , there is no danger except if you consider us the Hobbits of the shire and the regime is the Lord of the ring , OK bad example if you consider us as another face of people's anger , the common factor in all Egyptian blogs with all its differences ,and its huge from Political to religion to ideological to what so ever , yet they agreed on damn thing they hate this regime and they want to have a better country ,some wanted secularism ,some wanted religious and some like me wanted neither and wanted Egypt , the real Egypt , the old Egypt we used to have before 1952. Most of the Egyptian bloggers are less than 30 years and yet they speak in the forbidden topic of Politics , most of our blogs are political , and this is disturbing , very disturbing ,

Now the last the two weeks the government unleashed its witch hunt on us in the media , the first one when Mr. Karam Gabr , the chief in Editor of Rosa El-Youssef magazine ,a governmental magazine also a daily newspaper which turned in to one of Egypt's greatest government speakers , attacked us and described us as street kids and our blogging talents as the journalism of streets !! I won't answer back or comment except that Mr. Gabr is a muslim , enlightened one as he claims in the Egyptian national television seemed to me to forget that real Muslims don't insult the street kids , in fact it is a sin for all of us to ignore the misery of those lost kids !! At least show them some sympathy Mr.Gabr !!

Last Monday Rola Kharasa ,the famous News reporter made a report on the concert the Egyptian bloggers organised in the Journalism syndication in solidarity with the detainees then she hosted some experts in media to discuss the blogging phenomena ,the pros and Cons , unfortunately I didn't see the program ,but I know personally Kharasa as she is the daughter of my late Grand father's friend Mr.Mustafa Kharasa may God bless their souls and I remember that my Grand dad appeared in one of her documentaries as far as I remember it was about Israel ,yes My grand dad had many interviews in TV and radio :) . Rola is excellent news reporter but she is married to one hell of hypocrite plus she is working in the national Television , so I can't expect credibility from her not because she is bad government ass kisser but because of the constrains

The follow bloggers who saw it attacked the media experts who attacked us and described as lies and rumour spreaders and producers !!Well of course she didn't mention Alaa but his site with Manal appeared

Wael Abbas the journalist blogger who owns Egypt Digital e-newspaper which is a blog in the first , appeared but of course they didn't show his site , He and other say that it is a good thing , let the people see and hear us , people are intelligent

Yes People are intelligent and yes thank to the Government "Thank you very much " treating us in this way will make more people support and join us , simply People trust more those are against government , those who are attacked day and night by the government's speakers

anyway as i said before we must take care , our Egyptian blogshpere is in danger ,severe danger and don't count on the west or anyone ,Count on the Egyptian street and as I said above the security forces in Egypt began to consider us the enemy , we are not their enemy , we are part of their enemy , the real enemy is in the street ,the Egyptian street which can't take it any more from pressure , we are considered one of its ways to communicate , an advanced way for the middle and high class but the rest of the street is from the low class the majority which extends from Rosetta to Aswan . We can be considered to be real enemies if stop writing and blogging and go to the streets . I don't know we are not their enemies nor really they are to us , we should n't be enemies , simply because if they claim to protect and care for this country ,we too believe in the same thing and want it , they are the one who made us their enemies

Egyptian Bloggers be Classy and don't give any one the opportunity to pick on you

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pope Shounda's Health

The Pope Shounda 's health is in danger now , already he went to Germany in treatment journey in the same hospital Mubarak went last year. The medical test showed how danger his health condition has reached and that he must go to the United States for immediate operation . He went on a journey treatment in Germany as he suffered from pain in the backbone as well as "the belt firearm " a.k.a Al herbs , already he suffered from it since 1998 yet this illness yet he cured from it through medicine . Sorry if I misspelled the later disease name , but as one who know people who suffered from the same disease in the same area in th e Back bone I know that it returns back to humans because of two reasons : Exhaust and fragile body , weak body that can't resist it ,the second reason is sadness and pressure . I am not a doctor but I will presume the first reason fragile weak ill body and that would make us return back to the real condition of the Pope ,"Al-Herbs" can be treated easily ,yes it hurts in this area of the body especially with old age and sick body

By the way blame my Arabic Conspiracy theory mind but I believe the Pope got much more serious illness and it is kept as a secret !!

As a human and as Egyptian Muslim I wish that this Man returns back home safe , as he is considered from the generation that real cared for Egypt despite his latest decisions about Christians should elect Mubarak . it seemed to me that for the last two years his health was getting worse and the Church seemed to me covered it up and made it a scared secret in a way that showed no responsibility toward the Christian Orthodox people in Egypt or even the rest of the Egyptian people. The Pope of Alexandria in Egypt got an influence that is greater than the Pope of the Vatican over the Catholic people and no one can deny that in the last two years the stability between the two elements of the Muslim and Christian people in Egypt saw a lot , a stand for the church was and is still needed to defend back both the rights the Christians want and against the claims of Abdir and Co. who want international forces to come to Egypt to rescue the Christians from the unjust oppression by the Arab Muslim invaders !!

I was lucky enough to know about Pope's health from the News site "El-Masryoon"a new site that is considered by the Egyptian Christians who live abroad a.k.a the immigrant copts as Anti-Copt site !! well I admit the site is giving alot of attention to the Christian Orthodox Church and what is going in it , whether it is true or false . These reports scare me because it shows how divided the Egyptian Orthodox Church from inside and that this division is escalating more and more with the sickness of Pope Shounda , the Pope of the Church .The Calculations of influence and money using religion began to take its way in the Church. Already the Egyptian Orthodox Church teaching implies the Pope is the only Representative for the Christians in the Church , a rule that many from Christians call to revise as there must be a separation between religion and politics , as A Muslim I don't care what Shekih El-Azhar or El-Mofty says about whom should I elect in the elections , yet in last year and I talked about it Pope Shounda disappointed Muslims before Christians when called for Mubarak re-elections !!

Already there is no talk about who is going to be the Pope after his death after long life insh Allah as this can be a sin according to the Church men in report which also very important and can be considered more realistic than El-Masryoon as Masrawy is owned by Naguib Sawoiras ,the famous Christian Billionaire check the English translation here "Thanks Google"

By the way the rumour that says that the Pope didn't attend Father Matah El-Maskin's funeral because of their conflict is nonsense , this is rubbish talk , he didn't attend because of his illness

I wonder why in our third world countries the illness of important personalities like the Pope or the President is kept as a secret , people need to know what is really going on

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More than Friends "hand over your shoulder "

This picture below made Balal Fadel , the famous sarcastic writer in weekly El-Dostor write a strong article attacking President Mubarak ,he usually does this weekly but this time his article was a special . The title was " My hand over your shoulder " , 100% Egyptian expression used to ask help from friend ; help and support.

As you see in the Picture Ehud Olmart , the Israeli prime minister is putting his hand over the shoulder of Mubarak and both are smiling as they were very old friends . Strange image and strange expression with strange body language , I admit I never saw picture for late president El-Sadaat with Israeli officials with warm feelings , for God sake in signing Camp David treaty look to the facial expression of of the Israeli prime minister Began !!


This picture was taken after two Egyptian officers were killed by Israeli fires over the Egyptian-Israeli borders in an accident that turned to a classified X-file by security orders , Two young Egyptian officers were dead and Olmart all what he said " Oops sorry " and our man is smiling as you see in the picture with his Ol' buddy !!

This picture was taken on the 4th of June , the day before the famous 5th of June , the worst defeat Egypt had seen in the 20th century by the hands of Israel ,hundred thousand Egyptians were killed on that day in 1967 whether Military or civilian and it is enough to say that till now the number of Civilians who were killed in the Suez Canal cities is considered a secret, a scared secret . Until now thousands of Egyptian families who lost their sons in that war know nothing till now about them . those sons of the Nile were killed in the one of the most horrible silent crimes against humanity in what is known as The Massacres of Egyptian P.O.W .These Crimes are considered war crimes to be investigated by the International court of Justice , but of course the regime doesn't care , Mubarak doesn't care for those who died in 1967 after all we made a peace treaty and they didn't die in his era , they died in Nasser's !!

So provoking , it provokes me , it made me wonder about how politics can change from the human nature , Politics is the art of lying , Olmart for sure inside hates Mubarak and doesn't respect him , and I guess the same feeling Mubarak has , well I wish so , but to take this shot on that day after the two officers accident made feel that we are so so cheap , well I am so naive ,already we are . NDP members whom Mubarak is their head kill thousands of Egyptian every year whether by ferries or imported polluted fertilisers causing cancer to thousands of the poor children in Egypt , we are cheap , in fact we are nothing for this man except we are said to be his people ,the people he rules , so why he cares for two or for some P.O.W died from 30 something years .

Fadel said in his article that No Egyptian had been seen taken the same shot with Mubarak !! No Egyptian dared / dares to put his hand on the shoulder of president Mubarak ,from 71 million Egyptians but Israeli Olmart can put his hand as he wants

p.s well as I realise that it isn't only his hand , but it is his whole arm around Mubarak's shoulder !!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nabil El-Halali , the rich boy who became a communist

From Two days ago Egypt and the Arab World had lost one of the most famous socialist Communists Mr Nabil Halali, the old communist lawyer who defended the Islamists as I heard and read

Many wrote about him yet I will write what I know about him may God bless his soul , this man when he was a young man decided to leave the rich life and go for the simple life not like Paris Hilton but on Che's style in a different way

Ladies and Gentlemen Nabil El-Halali was the son of Naguib El-Halali one of Egypt's prime minsters before the revolution of 1952 , in fact his dad was one of that time most hated persons in the Country , as he stood beside the British occupation authorities and the Palace of Abdeen "King" against the well of Egypt

He left his father's house , the house of the Pasha "title like the Lord in UK which was cancelled after the revolution for equity between people yet it cam back among worst then ever not officially but socially in the last 24 years :) " , as I said he left the Pasha house to live in the labours areas , poor areas and defend them all his life

He was arrested several times in the time of the monarchy when dad had influence , was arrested in Nasser time and Sadaat's too ,I guess he missed Mubarak time

A communist who believed in Communism yet defended The Islamist and Muslim Brothers "I guess you should have seen the obituary Mahady Akaf and his brothers a.k.a Muslim brothers dedicated in the Al-Ahram daily "

I am not communist but some of the old members like El-Halali impress me , you know why ?! because many of them were rich kids raised in El-Zamalak palaces , dads and moms from Pashas families . The list of names is big

Aza Balba, the singer and ex-wife of Ahmed Fouad Nagam , in fact one of his wives were a daughter of Minister as far as I remember . Amina Rashdy the famous French Literature professor and Socialist is the grand daughter of Egypt's prime Minister Hussein Sadky, I saw her speaking in 10 o'clock saying how much she suffered in her childhood from this rich life and wanted to be a poor girl as money didn't bring her friends and how she hated every thing bourgeois. the list is big

I guess it is based upon the famous law of Einstein

Every action got a reaction

It is the same why , those rich kids were born in very rich class in unjust society in a poor country ,so they rebel , they refuse this kind of life and go to the other extreme

Now this doesn't happen rich kids in Egypt don't do like El-Halali but more like Paris Hilton

I am not a communist or a socialist but I use my mind alot and care for my country and that's why I say we need El-Halali not Paris Hilton

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Alaa is released and will go back to Manal :)

Oh yes
Alaa is back and in Sh Allah will return back to Manal
I read the news in Wael Abbas ' FIG yahoo group then I found it in the Arabist
Welcome back man and Kafra
"Kafra means staying in Jail for no guilt EXPIRATES sins"
oh boy I am so happy
regardless of our difference I am so happy
welcome back Alaa , you are the man and be happy Manal :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy birthday Che

Happy birthday Che`Guevara

The fans of the argentino rebel celebrated his birthday on the last 14th of June in strange way ,suddenly they remembered him , the El-Dostor newspaper gave for him two pages ,discussing the Che phenomena that is still going from the 50s in the 20th century to the 2006 in the 21th century

the man turned in to an international pop culture icon from the communist oppressed societies in the 1960s to the anti-globalisation groups in the new millennium

Simply because the imperialism is not over but it takes new forms

anyway enough of this talk

Che is our man and I must celebrate him even if it was after his birthday correct date but it is never too late

now after more than 30 years on his death in the jungles of Bolivia his posters are on the walls of young people whether rebel or stylish young people who like bizarre retro style of this man who spoke Spanish in Latino accent from 30 something years ago

What astonished me now is that many of those young people don't actually know who was that hombre ?? Esta claro bein

Once Al- shabab "The youth" monthly magazine published a report about the young people who put his posters ,look to the following dialogue

Mag : Why do you hang the poster of this guy on your bedroom's wall?

Silly girl : He looks stylish, sexy and cool !!

Mag : Cool !! OK do you know who is he?

Silly girl : yes I heard that he is Spanish actor like Antonio Banadres !!!

Mag : OK "No further comment our dear readers

Not that only , in Lebanon for example one of the most expensive restaurant ,Cafe and bar is called after him Guevara , the defender of poor who gave his life for the fight against all these bourgeois stuff !! it is irony of life

till next year Adios

The latest rumour in Egypt

Last week the NDP member Mr.Hisham Mustafa Khalil ,the MP and the son of the ex-prime minister Mustafa Khalil in late Sadaat era presented a project for a new law to the Parliament ,it is his first , and I guess it is the first time in this Parliament session for NDP to present new ideas for new laws

Usually it is government ,anyway it makes no difference what so ever , as the government is NDP and NDP is the government , the majority party which has the right to form a government

The Law is called "The law of rumours fighting " !!! yes you read it correctly rumours fighting ,you know rumours ,the false information that are spread between the people to cause chaos whether politically or economically just like what happened in the late Egyptian Stock Market "it is dead now as someone who studied stock market and got two friends one analysis's it and the other owns a brokerage company, I advice to invest your money in another place ,this is not a rumour"

The law says that the punishment of those people behind the rumours should be jail !!

There is one thing I don't understand in this law story ,how can they arrest the bad guys who make and spread rumours if the source of the rumours is always anonymous !?

Yet I understand that these real rumours sources are not the target , this law is targeting Journalism and Newspapers, the news that cause chaos and hurt other people without a proof or source to trace back is considered a rumour :)

This is another way the regime has reached to limit the freedom of journalism and expression , to oppress loud complaining voices by saying "Show us the source " !! I am afraid our regime doesn't respect the secrecy of sources in Journalism like in other civilised free societies "who said we are one !?" As if we don't have enough stupid laws oppressing the freedom of Journalism , ironically President Mubarak in every interview whether in Television or radio or newspaper he says that he supports the freedom of Journalism as it is a part of the democracy he decided to foster in his era !!

by the way some parts of my brain says that this law is made for both journalists and bloggers !! yes we are under the regime microscope now , and I don't like this ,already next Monday there will be a televised report about us on Channel Two I feel it will make us appear like bunch of atheist nerd hippies who use bad languages in their blogs !!

before the end I will say the last rumour I read

IN the next month or the month after it , there will be very soon change in the cabinet not only ministerial changes by great changes in the regime , including The appointment of General Omar Soliman the head of intelligence as the vice president "Chill out army no civilian will get it ,I hope so" this may be a good news , the bad news is Mubarak the son a.k.a GM in this blog is going to be our prime minister "another tall man, we had enough of one already "

What do you think about this rumour ?? naughty one :)

Well i hope it will rumour

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

V for Vendetta between East and West

V for Vendetta this controversial movie still makes people think

In the west the political point of the movie didn't have a strong impact like the one in the East ,our near middle East ,in our middle Country between the Eastern Arab World and Western Arab World a.k.a Egyptposter_rays_web.jpg

After roaming around in the INTERNET from blogs to news sites to religious sites ,I found out that some westerns look to it as the pro-gay movie , the best propaganda made for the homosexual and guess what a pro-Islam movie too !! oh boy I found this too provoking and humiliating

I watched the movie with my aunt from few weeks and we were the only two Egyptians in the Galaxy Cinema in Manial with two foreigners only as on that day from 6 pm to 9 pm El-Ahly football was playing a match and the whole country seemed to be deserted the same way it was on the day of the finale of The African Nations Cup

Both me and my aunt are considered to be religious yet open minded , and as we live in our beautiful Mubarak's Egypt of today we didn't see it as a pro-gay movie with all the gay characters and sympathy in the film ,more it is a movie about our conditions in Egypt

Guys for real omit Future England the country where the story goes and put instead our present Egypt and you will find small difference ,concerning the homosexuals only , yet in every aspect you will find our present Egypt whether the media or the security forces or prisons and torture

I remember my aunt asking me in the end "How did Ali Abu Shady the head of the censorship in Egypt let this movie to be shown ??" , I ignored all the pro-gay stuff in it as I found much more important parts not to be ignored in it , this movie simply warns the people from regimes like in the movie the totalitarian ones ,to give up for it as it happened otherwise their future will be like future England or even worst like present day Egypt

in the movie the totalitarian regime reminded of Bush's administration in his war about terrorism , using it as the plea, the enemies of the nation , the enemies of the Lord and the enemies of people ironically they are the ones who made those enemies !!

I see why some western consider this movie as a pro-gay pro-Islam one , simply because in the West most of them live in Democratic society these totalitarian big brother military societies they don't know except from fiction books, fiction movies and following the news of countries like ours . And so they saw only the gay parts

While we , who live in totalitarian oppressed countries ignore these parts from the overall idea ,from the lost freedom , if you are a member in DVD4Arab forum and read the memebers' review about the movie ,you will know what I mean

Bottom-line Watch the movie and ignore Pro-gay parts , after all it is a movie people want and regimes don't :)

Ironically when we returned home ,my aunt advised me to download the movie from the INTERNET so my mom and my grand ma can see

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Me and esthesia

OK today there will be no hard core politics as I am sick , I woke up this morning to find myself suffering with esthesia , it seems to me that some mosquito entered my bed room through my window and did what it is good at and as my skin is sensitive I must take some pills to fight this esthesia ,oh boy i hate this since I was a little girl and that is the only thing i hate in summer , I took this pill from this medicine Tavegyl and now I am not fighting esthesia but fighting sleeping as from the side effects of it is the desire to sleep as it is tranquiliser too

Esthesia and me , wow beside mosquitoes and ants bites there are also food ,strange types normal people don't have esthesia from ,for example ,beef Salami , another example strange and funny one , every time I eat Donuts from the house of Donuts in Batal Ahmed Abd El-Aziz I suffer from it , ironically I tried Donuts from Cilantro cafe and I got nothing , I guess it is in the ingredients of house of Donuts , my mom thinks it is their chocolate.

The worst part is that I got long nails

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Me,David Letterman and El-Zaraqawy

Last I was watching TV Land in Show Time Arabia late night , there was Alias Episode from the fourth season "didn't they announce they will show the 5th and the last season exclusively on this network , anyway Sydney and Vaughan ended their adventure by saving the day and left me alone with David Letterman and some late night show "Americans do have so many shows of this kind ,don't they get bored ,I mean there are Jay Leno , Canon O' Brian and David Letterman "

With my all respect ,but there are not funny , I am sorry but Comedy and humour got different prospective for me as Egyptian , we are famous for our humour and sarcastic spirit , in fact that what kept us alive all these bitter years

I watch David Letterman because there used to have a famous part called "Unforgettable moments from American Presidential speeches " making fun from Bush's statements and stupid comments and compared with the great speeches of the previous presidents " yet last night they didn't show it instead he read "10 secrets they found after El-Zaraqawy 's death"

He used to have similar things of this like "10 reasons why Paris Hilton should buy a monkey !?" but this time it was n't funny ,at least for me ,I felt so strange and so angry

You read what I wrote about El-Zaraqawy whom I don't think that he represented the real Iraqi resistance but with every silly secret Letterman revealed I felt more sad and angry at the same time

Two dump sentences were very provoking to me

They found a pink Boraque he used to wear.

He was the new co-host of the View

In high school book he was chosen as the most to start Jihad

Both related to women stuff

I don't know why I felt angry and sad that I turned the channel cursing !? I thought for awhile and then I discovered very important fact about myself I am on the break to be like those who have sympathy with El-Zaraqawy despite all what I believe and think from Al-Qaida and Co. association are illusion . I began to act in the terms of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" as El-Zaraqawy was a pseudo enemy for the American army which occupies an Arabic land right now,I don't know I am so so confused with mixed feelings and thoughts . May be because Letterman is making fun of Jihad and I am among the people who know and believe in what Jihad real is to be very noble "make another person smile is a Jihad,do you know that?"

May be because El-Zaraqawy is an Arabic , May be because he was a muslim , May be because he is a dead man now !?

I don't know why I forgot all what he did in Iraq from devision between Shiites and Sunnis and suddenly became angry from Letterman .

ironically Letterman said in the program that El-Zaraqawy was an Iraqi !!

another irony I turned the the channel to Movie time to find the movie "Day of the Jackal " !! Strange ,isn't it !?

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All rise , The judges ' crisis reached to the dead end

The Judges' crisis in Egypt reached to the dead end or in a better expression God knows how it will end and how will win . Already from weeks or last I can't remember precisely the negotiations between the government and the judges real Representative " The Judges' club "about the Law of the Judicial authority in Egypt was ended and Judges called again peacefully for the president's interfere and as he is a democratic man "oh ,Yes indeed !!" he refuses to interfere in the same way he refuses to appoint a vice president !!

The government doesn't want the independence of Judicatory as this will mean a complete fair supervision for the elections and thus the end of it , not to mention the consequences of this

Also the government doesn't want the Judges' club in the picture instead it wants its hand made "The high council of Judicatory " to take control of the judges' matters instead of the Judges' social club as Prime minister Ahmed Nazeef called it

The differences of the Judges' club and The high council of Judicatory are the following :

  1. The Judges' club is the oldest regulatory board for Judges since 1930s while the high council of Judicatory is from the inventions of Mubarak's regime.
  2. The Judges club high board is based upon elections , while the high council of Judicatory is by governmental ministerial appointment.
  3. The judges' club is independent and doesn't follow any political party while the high council of Judicatory follows the regime and government !!

These are the famous differences , it is all the about the fellowship the judges fight , they want to be independent , in the last negotiations between them and the government , the Judges' club reached to a wonderful comprise the government refused totally , they will accept the supervision of the High council of Judicatory on one condition , that it will be based be independent elections not the government appointment ,of course the government and above it the regime refused this totally , as it won't be able then to control the judicatory authority in the same way it controls the administrative and statutory authorities .

Already at last I took the truth from its real source , a friend of the family is a lawyer whose brother is a judge explained for us another aspect for the crisis , the judges' salaries are not that good ,in fact the government uses it as pressure on judges , you see you are a good Judge who listen to the regime he will be good payed , but if he is a bad a boy who doesn't listen to the regime's order then he will be bad payed !! I don't know how accurate is this information but I guess it is true as it comes from a judge

The judges' crisis with government and their quest for the new law that protects their freedom and Independence was escalated more and more after the Parliament elections with the massive cheating process that happened in the elections and Judges couldn't stop and when they spoke like Judges Noha El-Zeny ,Mekky and Bastawisy did , they were either attacked like in Noha's case or were punished by a discipline illegal council

Already according to the current Egyptian Constitution of 1971 the Parliament elections should be supervised completely by judges , the strange thing the last 24 years the regime didn't act according this chapter except last elections where the democratic changes began to take shape in the Valley of the Nile , the democratic changes according to the needs of the regime . Yet again cheating happened again against the judges' will thanks to the Egyptian security and that's what makes the judges angry , know their integrity is under the suspicion for letting this cheats to happen against their well

The dead end I meant came today with the approval of cabinet to send the Law of Judicatory authority to the People's assembly to get their approval, despite the disagreement of the majority of the Judges "forget about the minority government -Ally"

According Judges from the Judges' club , this law ignores the majority demands ,also ignores the role of the Judges club

Check here in Egyptians without a border Arabic and English

P.S : The Judicial Season in Egypt will end on the 30th of June :(

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Please remember our P.O.W 1967


In this month after the 5th of June sometimes I remember late Uncle Adal , my grand ma's cousin , he was an army officer, he fought in 1967 as young officer

At this hour on the 12th of June I can imagine him walking "sorry" escaping from the Israeli forces from Gaza , he was a lucky man , very lucky man ,as the Israeli forces didn't arrest him , yet this young man saw alot in his escape with co-officers and soldiers ,some made it with and some not .

They faced alot of hard days that brought to them fear, hunger,thirst, and disease , not to mention of course that they were walking alone without a weapon or a vehicle in the middle of Sinai desert that is hot like hell in the morning and cold as ice at night,already Uncle Adel became a diabetic after this experience and he had this problem with his back that followed him from year 1967 to his death in year 2003.

As I said our dear uncle Adal was lucky man and he made it , he found some good Bedouin man who gave him shelter and after one month he made by riding a Camel and hiding in the secret passages of Sinai

Uncle Adal was a lucky man yet unfortunately 300,000 Egyptian officers and Soldiers did n't make .

Yes 300,000 is the number according to official documents and official statements like the one the late field Marshal Abd El-ghani El-gamsi said in the 25th celebration of 6th of October from couple of years , the 300,000 is the official number our lost men in this bloody war

Some of 300,000 officers and soldiers had died because of the heat and thirst yet the majority were killed brutally by the Israeli forces .

My family knew many of those who lost their sons in this war , one of my family's maid "Om Mohamed" , an old peasant lady who until her death also prayed for her only son to come back

"My son will return again with our victorious troops "

she said this to my grand ma after 1973 victory and my Grand ma didn't answer except

in sh Allah , God is capable of everything ,

but inside she knew it would be a miracle , as they never would never came back again

The Israeli army made horrible crimes against Humanity in year 1967 , crimes that I would daresay that were not less than what the Nazis and Japanese armies did in Europe in Asia. The Israeli army didn't respect any of international conventions concerning the P.O.W above them Geneva Conventions

The Massacres were many , it is enough to say that in the first day of the attack that is the 5th of June the orders where to kill every one in your way and not to be stopped by anything or anyone

Then on the next days , the real massacres started

Whether the famous one that was led by General Ariel Sharon who is now between life and death in Arish or the fire ring in Gaza or those who were killed because of water , or even died because of their neglected wounds

I won't forget and Egypt won't forget 300,000 of her best sons

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