Thursday, November 30, 2006 The Five Fatal Mistakes of Bush's Mideast Policy

  1. Bush ignored the Palestinians
  2. Bush invaded Iraq
  3. Bush misjudged Iran
  4. Bush hurt Israel
  5. Bush alienated Muslims

Read the article to get the full perspective

Link to The Five Fatal Mistakes of Bush's Mideast Policy -- Page 1

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just found it and want to comment on it

I just found this image on Al-Jazeera news site and I wanted to comment about it

OK here are some points in that image I thought they are interesting

  • Ismail Haniah's smile sorry grin , this is a grin smile_teeth
  • Ismail Haniah suddenly became so fat , or it is just the camera effect or it is just because Omar Soliman's straight fit body
  • The Palestinian flag on their suites, I understand why Haniah puts it , it is logic he is a Palestinian , but why does Omar Soliman put it ?? with my all respect but why I can't find a single Egyptian official puts the Egyptian flag ,you know like G.W.Bush, will the general take it off when he goes to the Israelis??
  • Is it me and my sight or is it Omar Soliman is getting shorter ?? I mean the man was tall in my eyes but now he is in the same level of Ismail Haniah who is not tall !!

Look I respect both men so much ,by the way I am fighting flu and so these silly ideas can be a result of a terrible headache ,for God sake I was only the Egyptian blogger I guess to celebrate the intelligence Jubilee

BY the way do you see the flag ,the white flag behind the two men ??

This is the Egyptian Intelligence flag "a Pharaoh eye like Horus eye , with big birdy I don't know if it is eagle or hawk ,No si ,it is a fierce bird for sure and that bird got a snake in his claws, of course the snake presents the enemy and the Horus eyes presents the watchful protective eye of those brave men in the intelligence, well don't be surprise I am kind of an expert in the meanings of the Egyptian flags " oh yes the shoot was taken in the Egyptian intelligence headquarter in Cairo as I think

Monday, November 27, 2006

About Farouk Hosni , the veil and all that jazz

Every year Farouk Hosni must do something that creates a buzz in the country , every year ,

and every time it is announced that there is a change in Cabinet ,everyone expects or even wishes that the new cabinet won't include that artist , then next day they will be disappointed when they find him included in the new cabinet .

For the last 20 years he was there in every cabinet , 20 years from Mubarak 's rule which reached either 24 or 25 years!! I mean many ministers were changed , come and go , even in vital ministries like defense and foreign affairs , even when the great change from two years happened and famous names were omitted from the ministers list like Kamal El-Shazely and Sofwat El-Sherif , Hosni was safe in his position .

Despite all the corruption that in the culture ministry ,despite all the thefts that happened to Egyptian monuments , despite all the hate and disrespect of the majority of the Egyptian people to him because of his sexuality "which I am not going to discuss here ,it was and is still discussed through all the Egyptian Blogsphere now " ,despite all this he remained in his position.

I really hoped that this time he would go away and leave the cabinet ,really whether by resignation or by dismiss , unfortunately he doesn't want to resign and the president according to the daily "El-Masry El-Youm" doesn't want to dismiss him .

I remember that I talked about how this time is not like any other time because of the sensitivity of the veil to the Egyptian people and I predicted that the NDP and the cabinet would sacrifice him to win the people's acceptance and approval which they and especially Gamal Mubarak wish to have , no one can deny that the regime in Egypt whether the ruling party or the cabinet is facing its worst times ever .In fact last week I felt my prediction was correct especially after the storm that happened in the parliament last week Monday that made Hosni so angry and refused to confront the angry members from the NDP and MB except after they would apologize for him !!??

Already Hosni didn't appear for the first time since being a minister in the parliament new season opening session which was attended by President Mubarak , It was on Sunday after his big show in TV , I don't know if he was scared to show his face in the Parliament because of the MB , or it was by the advice or even by the order of the NDP for fear of confronts would happen and the President was there

On Monday there was a big storm a real storm a surprising one , people expected that storm to come from the MB side but instead it blow all when it came from the NDP side. The NDP members attacked Hosni and defended the veil  in a way no one ever expected . It was a surprise to say a very corrupted person like Kamal El-Shazely stands and defends the veil ,it was amazing ,the man suddenly turned in to a Shekih , I wonder if that man has the same courage and enthusiasm like the ones in the parliament to say to Susan Mubarak that she must cover her hair as the good girl is one who obeys her religion !!

anyway the newspapers in Egypt ,most of it started a campaign in a solidarity with Hosni , after many years of mutual hate suddenly they all stood behind him , they turned it in to a war between the religion or the religious people and those who call themselves intellectuals

Turning the debate in to some kind of a debate between religion and culture or religion and freedom of expression

Anyway after a week of protests all over Egypt from ladies and girls wearing veil across the country ,and a week of insisting he won't apologize and resign , the government and NDP seem want to calm things down and keep Hosni rotten in his place and for that the inquest of the MP to him that was going to be held yesterday was postponed I do not know till when, I feel that they are trying to reach to some sort of a compromise between Hosni and the MB , already I feel that the tune of the MB is getting lower that week from last week.

Look the problem is not because Farouk Hosni likes or doesn't like the veil or it is about freedom of expression , look no one would give a damn for him as a person , for God sake  all those secular intellectuals attack the veil and other Islamic practices day and night everyday and no one gives a damn for what they say but when a minister in the current cabinet comes and says what he said and in that particular time with the campaign against the veil whether in Europe or in the Arab world "the Tunisian ban in the public place" then it must cause a problem

We must agree on one thing ,in any cabinet ministers don't go in public and speak about their personal opinions that are against some certain public things without accordance with the party or the cabinet

The timing of the statements was killing to the cabinet , simply because the people in Egypt ,most of them believe that the regime in Egypt is against Islam and the veil , this is a perception many in Egypt believe in ,due to the long history of clashes between the regime , the MB and the Islamist groups from a side and from another side Egyptians are religious despite all the social diseases we suffer from we like to insist that we are religious and we are already ,but I believe the mix of Islam and Egypt has no match in any other country . Anyway as I was saying people always hate the government

Already the people must have the feeling that government is fighting Islam after all

  • All those MB members got caught for no real serious reason
  • The war on veil on national television ,I mean it is silly and ironic to have a veiled TV presenter in the national Danish TV while you dismiss the TV presenters who wear veil in the Egyptian National official TV ,despite it is against the Work Law and human rights as it is a discrimination , in fact it became a golden rule Veiled ladies for the radio as no one sees them !!
  • The Niqab issue "despite I am not from its supporters" but as I said because the religious recommendations came from the government and clerics that are appointed by the government, some may disbelieve them

and thus Farouk Basha came in and made it worst with his stupid statements

Already the government from day one said that it was his personal belief and it wasn't something the government believed in on the contrary and thus the storm of last Monday happened

In fact the government since that time is trying to prove that it is an Islamic loving government

For example Mubarak rejected by himself as they said in the newspapers a suggestion of law that ban Niqab in Egypt as he believes it was a personal freedom !!

Another example there was no TV show or discussion for the minister's statement except insisting that it was his own personal opinion through out the week in the news only but no one discussed the implications of his opinion even the grand Mofty ignored it in his weekly meeting on air last Tuesday, the discussions were on private satellite channels like El-Mahwar or Dream

By the way not only the NDP wants to win a foot hold in the MB popularity as a religion protectors , and not only they are afraid on their reputation in the street "if they have one already"

But also for some other ignored fact , well I don't see it as ignored fact but people tend to forget it

It is simple

look 70% of Muslim women in Egypt wear the veil , and majority of the Egyptian people don't live in Cairo or Alexandria or any other Metropolitan city , they live in the country side , and thus the majority of this 70% live in the country side , the country side whose members in the Parliament are the majority of the NDP members , those members' mothers,sisters,wives and daughters wear the veil , here we are talking about a scared thing in the country side that's religion ,so regardless of their corruption they would refuse any attempt of disrespect to their own believes including the veil you know it is like the Mafia in Italy and its religious believes, they kill ,they steal ,yet they go to the church on Sunday,not only that their families but also their electors , the voting power , if they didn't stand like they did last Monday they will lose more votes that will go automatically to the MB as they will be considered as the defenders of Islam

as an example ,if you remember the Baha'I issue , who raised it in the parliament along with the MB , Mahmoud Shobair , the NDP MB , the ex-goal keeper in the Egyptian national football team and El-Ahly team who is member from Tanta in the Nile Delta ,many attacked Shobair and asked why in hell an ex-goal keeper interfere in a such thing , I understood why Shobair took that stand that time and this time , Shobair got two daughters who wear the veil so you can understand how this man thinks partially

Look Farouk Hosni as I said before deserves to be sued for thousand thing other than that statement,the corruption ,the thefts , and many other charges ,but if you left the cabinet now or even in the nearest change I won't be sad

Another thing don't put the blame on the MB that they raised the issue ,blame that talkative person

And another issue some losers in the newspapers mostly from the governmental speakers and Hosni supporters say that if he left , Egypt would lose , lose what exactly ?? you know that is what I call ill talk , strange that those people are the same who always say Egypt is reproductive !!

Another stupid claim "Hosni saved the Islamic mosques in Cairo !!" I am sorry as if it were from his own money or the government's , well the Islamic mosques were saved thanks to the Ahgkhan foundation and the UNISECO while the public money that should be spent on the mosques were stolen and spent on Hosni's villas and palaces here and there !!

You know I hate that -achievements-talk because this is not an achievement , I am sorry if we are going to speak about the achievements then we must speak about Tharowat Okasha ,the first culture minister and what he had done in restoring or reviving the Egyptian folklore !! Farouk Hosni didn't do something great , he did the least he can do in his position , he did what he had to do !!

Was spy murdered in Russian power fight? Think in the same way about Lebanon

read it again and again

you know I feel they are thinking in the same way I think about the  assassinations in Lebanon .

Logic it can't be the first suspect whether it is Putin in the Spy radiation or Syria in the assassination , it is too obvious plus both of them won't get a real benefit from these operation ,from getting rid of their opponents in that open way in the day light

in fact they get more and more bad publicity

It is as referred in the CNN title it is a power fight whether internationally in the case of Syria with different countries in the background or internally in the case of Russia and that inside conflict

You know intelligence services in those kind of countries and regime , the dictatorships usually use the quiet technique in getting rid of their opponents whether by blackmailing or by other quiet methods like poison or gun silencer hash hash in the middle of the night

You know in the time of President Nasser and legendary head intelligence Salah Nasr they imported from Afghanistan a special kind of poison that doesn't appear in the autopsy , not fast one after three-four hours it starts to work , they used to put in the Guava juice  ,many were killed in that era because of it ,on the top of the list Abdel Hakim Amar

Link to Was spy murdered in Russian power fight? -

Sunday, November 26, 2006

An Altered Statesman from Eden to Blair "Suez 1956"

Anthony Eden , the most famous name in the war of 1956 aka Suez War , the man who started it and unfortunately didn't end it as he wanted

The British Prime minister who had a very long history in foreign affairs in the most critical times of history of England ,at the time of WWII ,if you read his profile in Wikipedia ,you would know that Eden held several important positions without reaching his 40. Imagine working in the British foreign affairs ministry in the WWII and then with the rise of the cold war

you will be surprised to find that the handsome intelligent man miscalculated several points the Suez war including the most important mistake ; not knowing the fact or ignoring the fact that UK is no longer the dominant power of the world

Eden in the white S

I believe all the expertise and intelligence of the world couldn't protect or help Eden from the pressure and illness ,

The pressure that comes of the burden that he was filling Churchill place , after the war when the Power of UK began to fade away ,more and more colonies in the East and West were declaring its independence , a new world taking a shape , with new dangerous threat of a power that can consider not less dangerous from the Nazi threat , the Communist power of the Soviet Union

Then we got illness ,it was a surprise to me to know that Eden was sick in 1956 when I saw a documentary in Discovery Civilization under the title :Altered Statesmen

Before becoming a prime minister ,During an operation to remove Eden's gallstones,the surgeon damaged his bile duct. This terrible mistake caused him a lot ,it made Eden so vulnerable to recurrent infections and various types of pain and fever , and to overcome this continuous pain the doctors then prescribed to him Benzedrine , a drug that was thought to be the medical miracle in the 1950s yet now it was discovered that it belongs to a family of drugs called amphetamines, which are considered illegal drugs now "oh yes the English sophisticated man was a drug to make him feel high :) "

Ironically at that time it was the fashion to the British politicans to take amphetamines for example the follow members in the Conservative party where Eden belongs to used to take it in order to deliver a good speech in the conservative party conference "man I wonder what the NDP guys take to give us those speeches in the NDP conference  in Egypt !!??"

Anyway the reliance on Benzedrine exceeded its safe limits when Eden led the cabinet in1955 ,imagine yourself in the place of Churchill !! Imagine that everything you do ,whatever you did from achievement ,you will also be in a comparison Churchill , Eden was haunted by Churchill ghost

Eden already shouldn't have been prescribed Benzedrine ,as his historical medical and family background would show a psychologic fragile short tempered child but of course in the past they didn't care to search for the patient past

Yet Eden and even the doctors then didn't know that the overdose Benzedrine got fatal dangerous side effects , first by time the users of amphetamines tend to up their dosage to acquire tolerance , and the result of course is a series of side effect ,the most important ones are the following :

  • Irritability
  • Mood Swings
  • Perceptual changes
  • Paranoia

A side effects that can destroy anyone's life with his/her family,career and future ,so imagine the situation with a ruler , Eden was ruling UK then ,imagine his decision

In the summer of 1956 ,he reached the peak of his struggle with addiction

as you know in the 26th of July 1956 President Nasser announced the Nationalization of the Suez canal and since then and due to the Paranoia Eden suffered from ,he took it as a personal matter , as it was suspecting his wife or butler is putting poison in his 5 o'clock tea but it was Gamal Abd El-Nasser , who turned him in to his own personal enemy , just like we say in Egypt "as if Nasser were his step father"

already during the Suez Crisis Eden lived on Benzedrine , he was holding a small box suitable for the pocket full of Benzedrine tablets everywhere , he was so nervous , yes some people noticed but they thought it may be because of the crisis , but no it was not

in fact I believe the crisis was in Benzedrine

Eden's hate to Nasser reached to the dangerous level , when he called Miles Copeland ,the famous C.I.A officer who had a good relations with the Egyptians especially Nasser and asked him for the cooperation of the C.I.A with the M.I.5 to kill Nasser ,yes Kill Nasser ,not even to make a coup or think in returning back the King , no way death was the only solution ,this Egyptian colonel was to be killed , that Egyptian man reminded him with Moslouni ,a faisicate , strange thing is that the term is still used by the Americans to describe the Muslims !!

Copeland felt something is wrong , first the word Eden was nervous , the look in his eyes , the movement of his hands and also the use of the word "Kill" not even "Murder or assassinate" not to kill , it seemed more personal.As an excellent intelligence officer with a sharp eye, Copeland after reaching to Washington D.C he wrote a report not about the deadly suggestion but the mental and physical conditions of Eden , Washington should careful with that sick man

Unfortunately Washington didn't care much yet

Because Eden decided to make war on Nasser and Egypt ,read the words carefully on Nasser before Egypt and thus he found good companions France and Israel and you know the rest

But of course he didn't know what was the result of such foolish war , His troops were stuck in one city could not advance more than Port said ,they didn't even reach the Suez city ,facing a hard ,very hard resistance , then he found his country threatened to be bombed with nuclear missile if the troops weren't withdrawn from Port Said , a call from the American president Eisenhower in a late night ordering him to withdraw immediately

And so he did even without consulting the French or the Israelis, sick ,sad ,divested to the end , the man was going to collapse

Despite the attack of the British Press on Eden on a daily Basis and the public anger ,the man surprised the whole world ,by taking a short vacation to Jamaica by the orders of the doctors while his troops were still in Egypt !!

Of course that destroyed the conservatives' chance in keeping the Cabinet in the next elections

I once read an article in BBC about the Suez War and in it ,the man who wrote that the problem of Eden was that he didn't knew that it was over for England as an Empire ,I don't think so ,I think part of Eden's struggle was that he already knew that and he wanted to prevent it from happening by any cost , he didn't want the British Empire to vanish and that's just another burden to hold on your shoulder

One good lesson all the British Prime Ministers learned from Eden's experience

Follow the United States

If you follow the history of UK foreign policies after the Suez war ,you will find that since the end of it ,UK became the ultimate ally to the United States ,even if it is not in the sake ,the real benefit of UK and its people , and that's the case in the most of time

The invasion of Iraq is the greatest example

In fact now Tony Blair is consider the Labor Anthony Eden , the only differences Eden didn't follow the Americans and he was taking Benzedrine , well I don't know what Blair takes !!

Anyway all the newspapers ,all the experts saying Blair pushed UK in that war of terrorism thing thanks to the United States to a fiasco just like the Suez Crisis

British troops are now in Iraq , facing a semi civil war ,UK is losing lots and lots of popularity in the middle eastern and Islamic streets,UK is looked now as a puppet in the hands of the Americans in the world

The majority of the British People are against the war in Iraq and having troops there

and even look to the situation in Iraq , it is nearly standing in the eve of a civil war

And history will then blame Tony Blair in the same way it blamed Anthony Eden

The World in 1957 , Eden leaving the Cabinet

Sources :

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Operation Musketeer "part 1" {updated}

updates :I am sorry that I publish this again but I just want to remind you with it plus I found new information about the war , I didn't find it before in any western Internet source plus I felt there are some un needed details people won't be interested in it again

We are back in our history lessons ,I am sorry if you don't like history , but I feel must do as paying respect to all my great country people who paid the price of this war

of course if you are following my "1956 war" post series ,you will know immediately that Operation Musketeer was the code name of the military operation UK and France made against Egypt in order to restore back their control on Suez Canal

The first part of the plan or the agreement between France,UK and Israel under the title of Operation Kadesh went fine and the Israelis succeeded in invading Sinai and Gaza Strip and at the same time committing the Kafr Kassam massacre "All that in short time !!"

And now it was the turn of the two ex-powers of the world which didn't realize yet that they became ex-powers and another two countries took their positions

Operation Musketeer was the English and french play , as soon as Israel did it role and invades Sinai,they would act ,both would intervene and instruct both the Egyptian and Israeli armies to withdraw their forces to a distance of 16 KM from either sides of the canal that the shores of the Suez Gulf , then they would place an Anglo-french forces intervention in the canal Zone , that this from PortSaid to Suez !!

Of course after the Israeli invasion on the 29th of October 1956 they offered Nasser this option and it wasn't an option more than order , and of course he refused , why on earth he would accept a reoccupation to his country , he got an army that could defend his land "at least that what logic says" and thus he had to pay the consequences of this refusal, it was a clear announcement of war and invasion to UK and France and that' what they wanted plus Already I believe that they already that's was going to happen , yes in planning you put all the scenarios that can possibly happen , but I believe they knew that Nasser would refuse and there would be a fight

They also gave him a deadline to the 6.30 am in the next day in the 30 of October ,I believe it was only 12 hours period because they issued their warning in the noon of the 29th , anyway they already knew the answer in advance

and that's why both Countries gathered those large numbers of troops to support the invasion, large air forces had been deployed to Cyprus and Malta by the UK and France and many aircraft carriers were deployed. The two airbases on Cyprus were so congested that a third field which was in dubious condition had to be brought into use for French aircraft. Even RAF Luqa on Malta was extremely crowded with RAF Bomber Command aircraft. The UK deployed the aircraft carriers HMS Eagle, Albion and Bulwark and France had the Arromanches and Lafayette on station. In addition, HMS Ocean and Theseus acted as jumping-off points for Britain's helicopter-borne assault (the world's first). In fact I was amazed when I see the list of troops of UK and France here in this historical report

despite what we know that the Anglo-french aggression started on the 31st of October , yet the french did start their attack on the 29th of October in parallel with the Israeli's .The attack began as French paratroops were dropped from Nord-1500 Noratlases over Sinai. Some F-86Fs of the French Air Force also took part in the operation from Ramat-David and Lod-Tel Aviv AFBs. They especially struck tanks and eighteen Llyouchine-28s on October 30th.

On 31st October,after the waiting period was finished the war officially started between UK,France and Egypt, with RAF aircraft already pounding Egypt, A Royal Navy Task Force left Malta comprised of H.M.S. Eagle, H.M.S. Albion and H.M.S. Bulwark carrying Fleet Air Arm aircraft and H.M.S. Ocean and H.M.S. Thesues carrying helicopters and troops bound for the beaches. The LST Lofoten, with men and equipment of No.45 Commando onboard, also accompanied the fleet with its escort of destroyers and frigates.

On November 1st, The french CC Georges Leygues (C 604) supported Israeli artillery at Rafah.French Corsairs took off from the CVL Lafayette in order to try to strike an Egyptian DD ; but without success. A second strike took off from the CVL, and struck Alexandria AFB."It seems to that the French were aiding the IDF so much "

updated :

on the same day the british cruiser H.M.S Newfoundland encountered an unknown contact while it was on the southern end of the canal zone , the unknown contact was Domiat, an Egyptian warship ,the British sources say that it was a frigate while the Egyptian ones say that it was a training warship , well I will believe the Egyptian Sources ,not because I am bias to my navy records but according to another western sources Egypt didn't own this type of warship in the 20th century !!!

I am going to speak later about Domiat and about the Egyptian side of the story later

also the in On the same day the french sunk the Egyptian Warship "DD" {Ibrahim El- Awal"} off Haifa Shore "going to check this too"

The diplomatic relations between, UK and France were cut off , come on it was war !! President Nasser also announced himself as the Military ruler on the country as we were having a war plus nationalizing over1500 establishment owned by the French,British and Australians as their prime minister was the envoy sent to the Egypt from UK

On November the 2nd ,the UN issued its order to cease the fire and stop the war , of course Egypt welcomed it but the trio didn't agree on it except on the 6th of November after the invasion

On November 3rd, Eighteen french aircraft coming from the CVL Lafayette and the CV Arromanches struck Cairo airfield. "CVL:Air craft carrier type" . They also struck different military places for the Egyptian army in the Canal Zone, Egypt in the same time, at the same time the orders came to the Egyptians to sink 5 ships in the Suez Canal to prevent any attempt of invasion from the Suez Canal like what happened in 1882 , when the great leader Orabi asked Delspus to block and close the Canal thus the British forces which failed till then to invade Egypt from the north not from the east and of course the Delspus said his famous lie which cost Egypt its independence when he assured to Orabi that no British soldier would come from the Canal , and unfortunately Orabi believed him ............

Anyway in the western sources they said that we sunk over 50 ships or sometimes more and sometimes even less ,I don't know which is true number !!??

On the 4th of November a very important battleship took place but I would like to include it in other post

Despite all these attacks the invasion wasn't started yet to be honest ,invading Suez Canal Zone , the primary target of that aggressive Musketeer

I believe the Musketeer began his suicidal adventure on the 5th of November

This is the end of part 1 in the operation Musketeer inshallah ,I will start soon Musketeer two under the title Ya Jamil o'Jamil :)

That's why I love Robert Fisk

That's Why I love Robert Fisk  

Read what the independent correspondent wrote about Pierre JR Gemayel in the British newspaper

Link to Independent Online Edition > Robert Fisk

I love this man :)

The Aussies on the Suez Crisis 1956

Sir Robert Menzies ,the Australian prime minister was sent to negotiate with President Nasser after the Nationalization of Suez canal

ABC radio discussed that historical incident , exposing things I never knew before about the Australian role in the Crisis

One thing for sure Menzies was not like John Howard at all

The man turned to be a tool used to provoke Nasser and ironically he didn't know so , he had hopes that diplomacy would

Link to Background Briefing - 24 September 2006 - The Suez Crisis 1956

Read it till the end

also read carefully how Menzies chose his words with Nasser also how he called as the Egyptians "Gyppos" just like the "Japs"

Another very important remark , Egyptians were not hostile to any white skin as a lady referred to in the script , this is 100% lie , one thing about Egyptian they never even hurt any foreigner because of his skin ,I believe this is just a stupid racial lies about us

Strange in all those international plots no one gave a damn for what the Egyptians wanted !!

As a Sunni Muslim I am sorry for what happened in the Sadr city

Because I am a Sunni Muslim who believe in the holy Quran and her Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" as a role model I say to the whole world that I am very very sorry for what happened in the Sadr City in Iraq yesterday

I am not sorry but more angry for those people who died

I am angry because ..........................

Sunnis kill Shiites ,Shiites kill Sunnis and

in the end

in the end

There will be no Iraq

Save the Cairo University Library

Guys just from few days I knew very disturbing news , very sad news that administration of Cairo University presented in its head Dr. Ali Abd El-Rahman decided to transfer the Cairo University Library place from its old historical building to a new ugly modern one Cairo University famous hall

Already the transfer will be completed next month in December and the employees will be transferred to the new building which is near or behind the English section of the faculty of Commerce famous modern building as I heard

Guys this should n't be happened

The Library old building is historical one ,it was there since the opening of the University in the beginning of the 20th century

For God sake how this can happen !!??

Look if they want to modernize or to improve the Library , they can put the computers and micro films as they want in the beautiful wonderful old building , for God Sake all look to those old libraries buildings in Universities like Oxford or Harvard

Please stop this another insult to our history ,this disrespect , why can't we be proud for once by our history ??

This old building of the Cairo University Library is our history with all those books, researches and references , our past ,present and future

This old building saw the visits of great people from scientists to writers to law makers to regular people

This beautiful old building will be another office for the student affairs of the faculty of Arts in University !!?? Don't they have one already

I heard that the first lady is going to open the new building ,why can't they improve the old building with new technologies of those libraries in Harvard and Oxford and she can come and re-open it !!!

Why we are always impressed by those libraries in such in universities and how old they are and don't respect our library !!??

Another thing can you please someone tell me how much does it cost to have a new building !!?? and why can't the students ' affairs of the Faculty of Art transferred to it ??

Please stop this decision in a way or another

I feel so sad but at still I spoke

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Who really made it ?

The assassination of Pierre JR Gemayel in Lebanon who did !!??

accusations are said here and there ,and the last thing I read on the Internet yesterday after after writing my post about the accusation bid was for Amin Gemayel stopped his accusation to Syria ,and saying as a lawyer he couldn't accuse Syria directly without evidences and they are hard to find in the case of his son yet he knew how much the Syrian secret service threatened the lives of their opponents in Lebanon and how they controlled things in Lebanon

To the west especially the United States ,it is Syria and behind it Iran and Bush took a pledge that he will stop them both !!

To Israel this threats the middle east and its own peace at home and that's why they had to make this war in July 2006 !!

Look I believe it is the United States and Israel now are those who behind the assassinations starting from El-Harriri and end by Pierre JR seriously

Syria would never think now in doing such crimes like in old day in the 1970s and 1980s and by the way those assassinations that happened by the Syrian army against Lebanese leaders and princes of civil war above them Bashir Gemayel ,with the knowledge of the United States , you know it is very strange when most people of Lebanon forget the fact the Syrians came in by the orders of the United States itself so this presumed occupation was the orders of their Americans ,but of course people tend to forget some important stuff as those important stuff are called naked bitter truth

Look who would have the most benefit of this miserable situation ??

  • Syria is not the right answer on the contrary such a move will cause Syria to be more isolated
  • Iran , the same thing , plus Iran only cares about the Shiite parts and the south Lebanon is somehow under the complete control of Hezbollah they don't the north
  • Michael Own , well yes the deceased was expected to run for presidency and thus the Christian street would be divided among two powerful rival , the Gemayel heir and Own , but the general doesn't need this technique to get from his rivals , because even if the Gemayel was out of the game , there were still other more dangerous leaders like Samir Gaga, plus now he loses more than wins from the absence of that boy because of the sympathy of the Christian street will go to the other team as the Arabian mind thinking will blame him as usual
  • Same thing about the Shiite groups of Amal and Hezbollah , they lose more than they win with that kind of murder and I believe I said that 100 times that now they can't go to streets in rallies and protests to down Saneiro's cabinet instead Saneiro will stay with his cabinet and the 14th of March supporters will invade the streets of Beirut !!

In fact if anyone still uses his brain will know that the winners from this murder are the 14th of March along with the United States and Israel

The 14th of March now they are sure of owning the street,of course I am not accusing them in making such crime , but I am accusing America and Israel yes

Look all the political fronts in Lebanon don't want to fight again but the United States and Israel want them to ,for two reasons , the United States need this to interfere in order to reach for Syria and the second reason to get rid from Hezbollah and its arms

Soliman Franjiah ,the ex-interior minister once said to Ghassan ben Gaddo that in his time ,he knew that Lebanon is an international operation intelligence theatre with the American,Israeli,Saudi,Egyptian and even Jordanian intelligence playing here and there . By the way that' was the nature of Lebanon since the late 1950s ,Lebanon became a background theatre for Pan Arabism and The West and Israel . Already Lebanese tabloids from the pro-Syrian team were spreading rumors that our Egyptian intelligence is in Lebanon to the end of this silly ,I believe it is a silly talk because I Egyptian intelligence left Lebanon when Nasser left the world plus the last statements of Mubarak shows on what side he is "yes with the Lebanese unity but Syria is our ally"

Some will try fire things up by doing things that provoke each of the two fronts to force them to civil war

Expect more  assassination in the future

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The accusation bid started in Lebanon

As soon as Shekih Saad Hariri was sure of the death Pierre JR Gemayel , he hurried and gathered his supporters with press in Koriatam and began to accuse the Syrian regime and Syria to be responsible for the crime and asked the UN to include the new murder to the international trial of his father late PM Rafik Hariri

It is more emotional I think to say an accusation like than rational , I mean no investigation started what so ever , if he has hard solid evidence about Syrian involvement more than this usual Arabian style of accusation ,please our guest

I never imagine I could say it but a Syrian MP was talking in Al-Jazeera and said that that boy should stop blaming Syria whenever he found a microphone in front of him

It became a silly thing from the 14th of March group

Of course the members in the groups spoke in more general terms calling for unity and accusing those who want to destroy Lebanon and return back to the darkness , of course they are referring too to the Syrian regime but of course indirect not to mention indirect accusation to other opposite front

As you know Lebanon was already in fire ,the Lebanese Shiite groups Hezbollah and Amal ministers in the current cabinet resigned objecting and demanding a national unity cabinet instead of the current one , of course Hezbollah and Amal are not alone in their demand , the Christian opposition headed by general Own himself "the free National stream" is with them and that 's what it gave the Shiite front with the rest of the opposition which is pro-Syrian ,more power , in fact it is very powerful than before , you got the resistance victory in the south and Christian power of Michael Own in north , nothing is left except the Sunni street which is unfortunately controlled by Saad El-Hariri. Now that front wanted a National unity cabinet by the the 14th March majority cabinet refused their request , they had negotiations for weeks under the sponsorship of the head of the parliament and also head of Amal Shiite movement "Nabil Berry" , the negotiations and national dialogues in fancy hotels failed and always reach to a wall usually built by the 14th of March , already yesterday Berry was going to meet the head of Maraonite church in Lebanon Pope Safir in an attempt to reach to something with the Christian population in Lebanon ,yet no news about the meeting as the news of Pierre JR was the main event

Now as a result to the stubborn mind of the 14th of March Hezbollah decided to go to the street to the people , the protests which was the weapon of the 14th of March was going to be turned against them as the protests in 2004 led to the fall of Karami's cabinet , Hezbollah and co. decided to let their supporters in to the streets to force the cabinet to leave and to have a national unity cabinet as the Ta'af agreement implies, but things changed dramatically in the 24 hours

Before I began again in reviewing what happened here is a little remark

When Hezbollah and Amal ministers resigned it wasn't enough to bring the ministers down , they were only six , there was already a resigned minister before , now they are seven yet it is not enough to bring the cabinet down as I understand but if another 3 ministers left the cabinet whether by resignation or by murder the cabinet according the constitution is no longer valid , down down down !!

 Now already today No only Pierre JR was targeted by also an office for another Minster was attacked with bullets but the man survived !!

Now back again to the accusation bid

It wasn't a long time when Soliman Franjiah , the ex-interior minister in Karami's government , the pro-Syrian and also old pro-Egyptian Christian leader made a press conference , I was really surprised from the speed ,of course he condemned the murder and sent his sorry to Amin Gemayel of course I know it is not his real feeling , he may be happy and celebrating right now , after all the deceased uncle killed his father ,mother , sister and a baby brother in the civil war anyway I found what he said is reasonable from blaming the interior minister and wondered the same remarks about the incident I mentioned before

and then he opened his fire on the 14th of March group causing them of using the murder in their favor and he is 100% right ,the opposition now won't go to the streets instead the 14th of March is controlling the street again ,already Saad El-Hariri is gathering his supporters for big rallies and protests in Beirut so soon , not to mention his indirect accusation which I felt that the 14th of March could have made to win from it , after their history is a bloody one and he is right about this history thing

Already at the same time Franjiah was having his press conference ,supporters of the phalanges were in the hospital where Pierre JR was transferred , and the angry messes began blaming Hezbollah and Michael Own , a Woman stood in front of LBC Camera blaming Hezbollah , yet they silenced her , the least thing they want is the anger of the Shiite militant group but the curses to Michael Own and direct accusations to him that he was behind the murder were heard all over the hospital and in the Phalanges areas

The irrational blame on Michael Own in that case is expected , you know despite the pro-western thing in the phalanges they act according the Arabic guide in behavior , after all they are Arabs whether they admit it or not and thus according to that guide the first one to be accused of the murder of their leader would be his opponent , even if his opponent didn't do or even if their leader was murdered for some personal reasons yet they will always

And thus the general with big ego and his supporters who adore him couldn't stand this insult and this terrible accusation , and so it wasn't long when someone from the free national stream spoke on the TV ,slamming those blamers and accusers and change the accusation campus towards one of the most important current leaders of the 14th of March and the Christian forces Samir Gaga

Samir I remember from few weeks or days came up in the media and warning that a series of assassination operation would happen in Lebanon and it will reach ministers ,for the reasons I mentioned above in a bold font ,to the rest of this conspiracy theory talk accusing Hezbollah and Own by agency for Syria  in the end

The man in Own's team demanded the interior ministry "whom of course had the greatest blame" to investigate with Samir Gaga as the man predicted from few days that ministers would be killed and that he may have information !!

Of course it wasn't a long time before Gaga appeared on LBC ,it was the first time for me to see him speak live on TV , the man after decade in the prison seems to be very angry and I am sorry to say crazy , you see he was talking quietly "My heart is with Amin and his wife lady Joyce " and then suddenly he began to scream and speak so nervously ,then "Hezbollah and Amal should return to the cabinet ,otherwise ............." , and the same old blame in Syria.

Strangely the Syrian regime was the first to condemn the incident and I believe that they didn't do it , Syria despite its relations with Iran is trying in all possible ways to deny these American Israeli false accusations of terrorizing the Lebanese opposition

Already Syria took excellent steps to convince the rest of the world that it is peaceful country,yes naughty dictatorship that supports Hezbollah and Iran but overall it is not a monster

and thus we find a reasonable Syrian proposition to be an American alley , a price that could bring nearly Peace to the middle east , Syria will leave the axis of evil if the Golan heights return back to it

I respect the Syrian foreign policy ,of course they know it can be a high price for Israel but a moderate Price or even cheap Price for the United States for its real benefit but of course as I mentioned it is high for Israel !!

Anyway Syria made another excellent gesture with the return of diplomatic relations with Iraq after 20 years of freeze relations , already many in the world ignore the fact that Saddam Baathi regime and Asad Baathi regime were against each other and hated each other

Another thing the Isolation of the Syria the United States wanted it to happen I believe is not working all the time , Egypt  for example its president Mubarak for a second time in press meeting confirmed the strength of the Egyptian-Syrian alliance now as "The relations are strong just like in the Hafez El-Assad's era"

Already Egypt gave another high price in the accusation bid yesterday , a surprising one too

Yesterday I accidentally turned in to Nile news channel , the official News channel in Egypt ,and I found the interviewer and both guests were talking about the possibility that America and Israel are behind it "Now this is the logic Egyptian mind began to speak"

The father of Pierre ,former president Amin "Man ,the word former president is not usual in our Arab world" accused Syria directly , despite he said that there was no evidence to be found in the location that could lead to the criminals who did , well I can understand him despite his political believes yet he is a father who lost his son

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Father and A Son

We are expected from those who follow the Lebanese scene that the ciders country who will live the couple of days days of protests from the Shiite and Lebanese free National Christian current supporters who are demanding a national unity cabinet instead of the current one , yet instead today despite all the expectations it seems to me that we are going to see protests from the other side from the majority camp as they refer it or to be accurate the Christian phalange members are going or also to be more accurate they are taking the street right now according the news reports from Lebanon

They are angry for the terrible murder of Pierre JR El Gemayel , the young minister of industry who didn't reach his 40s , who was just married from a short period , the heir of the Phalange party Christian legacy with all its pros and cons .

First I would like to say despite I don't like the Phalanges for this bloody history ,for their too much anti-Syrian /pro-western yet I am very sad for his death like this and I feel very sorry for his family , for his brother and even for those who loved from his supporters

It broke my heart the scene of his father today when he came on air to calm down the phalanges supporters and asking them to be quiet and make this night a night of prayer dedicated to his son , look I live in another country yet I know the Gemayels did terrible things in Lebanon and other families lost their sons and fathers because of them just like Soliman Franjiah , the deceased uncle like his father Tony , his mother and his brother and sister , yet Amin's look in the hospital , the shock on his face , the way he walked , he was holding that old lady nun whom I believe is his aunt

and he was walking with her and she seemed to be much more stronger than her old age , I believe the faith factor got a great deal her , the former president seemed me that he took some tranquilizer from the look on his face

really I feel his pain , losing son is a terrible thing whether you are president or you are a beggar , anyway today I believe this man Amin Gemayel is feeling now like those people who lost their sons in the civil war because of the phalanges genocides

You know I never thought that Amin was going to speak tonight but I was surprised when the lady anchor in LBC said that he would speak once and I even was surprised more to know that he was going to attend in a regent meeting with the 14th of March group  "I believe he already did "

I just wish that others would learn from this experience and know that they can see the death of their sons in their life time 

p.s : Did you know that Amin Gemayel was born and spent his childhood in El-Mansoura in Egypt

Another Gemayel killed : Lebanon on fire

Some families are just doomed really you know like the Kennedys in the United States , and also like the most of the political ruling families in Lebanon ,and thus the Gemayel family is not an exception at al.
In fact the Gemayel family more than any political family in Lebanon is a target for revenge for its long history in the civil war as this family got blood in any all tribes. During the civil war Bashir Gemayel made so many enemies including in his own Christian Maranoite sect.
Yet that doesn't mean that Pierre Jr Gemayel should be or deserved to be killed like this in the terrible way , terrible easy way , of course he wasn't killed because of his old family legacy , the young minister of industry and the son of former President Amin Gemayel I guess was killed for something bigger and much more dangerous than a family legacy
Since I received the news on news bar about 4 PM Cairo local time and I stayed on Al-Jazeera and the Lebanese Channels , fortunately Ghassan Ben Gaddo ,the head of Al-Jazeera bureau was in Qatar and he gave excellent explanation to the current situation in Lebanon, LBC was the only Lebanese channel on Nilesat which covered the incident from the beginning from inside the hospital where the body of Gemayel was transferred , of course I believe Lebanese channels covered the whole incidents better than the satellite ones
Anyway The incident itself is strange in the middle of day Pierre JR got shot in his car and with couple of his followers and also some civilian passers by and then the hitman just vanished and no one arrested him .Gemayel was transferred immediately to the nearest hospital and there he died because of the implications of his injuries ,I believe in his brain
Look I am here trying to understand something I don't understand it
First why the people on LBC insist that he was driving a Land rover ranger car while in all photos it was KIA??!!
Second about the murder or assassination itself , Look I am not an expert in security stuff and
all my knowledge I take from CSI and similar shows but from the early images of the car ,there are some enigmas :
  1. The holes in the Car glass from the bullets show that the shooter was so closer ,too close , in fact I believe he put the gun barrel on the window and fired his gun , see the circles on the glass this was from very very short range , because from a far distance a bullet can make more damage on the glass , now to an assistant to kill from this distance , he must be very comfortable ,confident ,quick and sure that there would be no resistance what so ever would meet him
  2. Of course with the number of the bullets I will say it is a machine pistol
  3. According to the AP report a car hit the back of Pierre's car and some one came out from it shot him then runaway, I don't believe it this ,it can't be the blue car , it could be the car that hit Pierre's car from the front , already you see the damage from the front that can cause a paralysis to Pierre's car
  4. Here is the Scenario a fast strong car hit the KIA , someone comes from it as fast as lighting and bang bang bang as fast he can to kill Pierre and his followers ,then he goes back again to the car and run away
  5. Of course the assistant won't be working alone and one of the witness said that they were three , well I believe one or two from the shooting ,from every windows and one was driving.
  6. That can be excellent regular assassination scenario ,in fact it is easy successful plan ,but something is wrong
  7. It was in the day light ,in the mid of the day , there was light ,there was people and despite this no one had stopped the incident , and no one had a specific description to those who did that crime "yes it is a crime"
  8. This guy was a minister , the industry minister , ministers in the Arab world usually go everywhere with mini army troops of security body guards and according to what I know from that ministers and opposition leaders in Lebanon don't move without body guards especially after the assassination wave of last year , especially the ministers of the 14th of March group who are always saying day and night that they are on the -to-be- assassinated list especially from the Christian group where were those body guards?? where were the security forces accompanying the minister?
By the way it was a surprise to me to find the ex-interior minister Soliman Franjiah asking the same question in a blame to the current to the Lebanese cabinet and interior minister
Look this is for now ,stay for more coverage

Monday, November 20, 2006

Till death does apart

President Mubarak said it crystal clear yesterday in his speech in the Parliament

He won't leave the rule and the reasonability until the last impulse in his heart , until the the last breathe , until death does apart between us and him !!

In other words he won't leave except when he will leave this life

Of course all the experts,analysts and regular people concluded one conclusion

The old man is too selfish to leave it for his son

Just like his best friend in Syria did

Then he will leave it to his son

Come on guys he is a king ,a pharaoh , Pharaoh never leaves it in his life time !!

Dating in Egypt's 1940s

Today I was turning TV channels in the Nilesat ,I stopped in ART Films 1 ,they were showing a Black and white film starring Amad Hamady and Laila Fawzy , I don't know what was the movie name nor its story ,but it was very old one , Hamdy was still young ,with no moustache and white hair

anyway I saw that strange scene

Amad Hamady is searching in his wife hand bag "it seems to me it is a matter mistrust" then he finds a letter from some man , the unfaithful got a secret lover, , and that lover wants to meet her in Casino "The youth" 10 AM

10 AM , a date , in 10 AM in a Casino on the Nile !!

Of course Hamdy went crazy and took the next day to say that lover whose name was Fawzy El-Faky and Mr. Fawzy El-Faky looked so strange ,may be it was a comedy film and I don't know , may be it was because Hamdy was chasing that lover with something made from wood looked to me like a baseball bet !!

10 AM as a date !!??

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Farouk Hosni on 90 minutes

Just from minutes Farouk Hosni , the Egyptian Culture Minister finished his most controversial interview ever on TV in TV Show "90 minutes" {not the American one of course } .

As you know or you may not know Hosni, who every year must have problem with one mostly the intellectuals , made a controversial statements to Egyptian independent daily "El-Masry El-youm" where he expressed his hate to the Islamic veil , considered it as symbol of retardation and also he praised the beauty of the women's hair as a painter "very bad painter really"

He said that Statement on last Thursday , just before the official weekend in Egypt {Friday and Saturday} yet the anger against that statement didn't rest especially with his refusal to apologize

The Muslim brotherhood PMS asked him to apologize and resign

Of course they are asking for the impossible to occur as I don't recall that in those 25 years any minister resign

Look I hate Farouk Hosni , he is the worst Minister of Culture Egypt has ever had , really he sucks on all personal levels ,and I don't know why they insist , or rather president Mubarak insists on him

Hosni doesn't represent Egyptian culture but the Egyptian culture in a western perspective , not orientalism one , but the one that wants us to be western ,to erase our Egyptian Islamic identity

in his era , full ancient Egyptian temples were stolen, very ancient bibles were stolen and the list is so so long

Now Mr Hosni always like to have problems every year like Journalist Syad Ali from El-Ahram said , is insisting that Veil "Hijab" is a retardation and it is unneeded first it makes women suffer from heat , and she can't drive as he referred in the interview tonight

He said stupid stuff just like him

anyway Today in the interview while saying his nonsense ,I discovered very important thing in him

He is very very very nervous person that says nonsense when he got nothing to say to defend himself

really if you paid attention to his facial expressions , listen to his remarks, quiet remarks when someone calls from those he doesn't like "religious men and Journalists"

Did you listen to his comment when Siad Ali from El-Ahram "the guy who write this sarcastic column on page 2 every Saturday" ??

Did you listen carefully to what he said when he heard the name of "Siad Ali " ??

He Said the following :

Where are our people ??

well his people spoke

Hussein Fahmy , the actor who boldly and rudely described Veiled ladies as handicapped persons , I don't know but this is too much , I am sorry Mr Fahmy but you made couple of ads in the Gulf area for some Carpet shop "not even a factory like Oriental Weavers" ,the girl who was in front of you was wearing a veil as I recall , a veil according to the Gulf tradition , you know the black x black type !!

A handicap ?? strange description ,Mr Fahmy your movies never reached to the finale in Cannes nor the Oscars ,but the Iranian cinema with its veiled women stars reached

A handicap ?? with all those great women doctors, lawyers and employees,

Look I don't wear the veil but my mom , my aunts , my grand ma are wearing , so are the majority of Egyptian Muslim women and I am sorry my mom ,my aunts and even grand ma never had that veil as barrier between them and life , between them and the world ,on the contrary they live their live so easily , and they work and produce more than that stupid pretty actor

then we got Fathiha El-asla , this woman is strange a communist who usually curse Hosni day and night ,then praises him on air just because he is attacking the veil !!

Then Nabil Omar , so governmental hypocrite Egyptian journalist working in Daily Rosa with Bloggers' number enemy in Egypt Karam Gabr

Look Farouk Hosni will lose and I believe this can be the end for him , in the next ministerial change thank God he won't be there "just say inshallah"

You know why because the Egyptian regime , especially GM is not ready to lose the acceptance or silence of the Egyptian Muslim majority because of some stupid statement made by some ignorant . The MB is saying that this is a part of a campaign against the Veil started with the Naqab from the state

No this time and after watching that interview on air ,I am sure that Hosni acted solo not by orders at all

By the way I am waiting for Tuesday in Beit Batik with the grand Mufty of Egypt and what he will say on that personal preference and opinion of that minister

God damn him , really ,I hate this guy ,I got million reasons to hate him from his life to his pseudo achievements to his paintings and now I got million and one reasons to hate him even more

p.s Best thing in all this , that Hosni was the first governmental official that confessed the occurrence of sexual harassment Downtown despite the official denial !!