Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Theological war between the Egyptian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church

 The Roman Catholic Church is one which started the fight more publicly when It announced that it was only righteous church of Jesus on the earth that it owns the keys of redemption ,well the Egyptian Orthodox Church had to fire back 

Pope Shounda in his lesson last Wednesday denied that Saint Peter was the Jesus Original disciples and the spokesperson of the apostles  which made the Catholics in Egypt very angry from Pope Shounda

Pope Shounda is building his assumption on the fact that there is nothing in the Bible says that Saint Peter went to Rome , but on the other hand the Catholics say also the other 11 apostles were not mentioned either in the Bible so why the Pope of Alexandria puts ST.Peter in his mind ??

And that on the same way there was no proof that St.Mark did not come to Egypt either !! of course the Catholics did not leave the opportunity without underestimating St.Mark

As you see this is just another theological war between the Coptic Orthodox church and the Roman Catholic Church and to be honest Pope Benedict was the one who put more fuel on the differences between them 

المصرى اليوم

Polls results

First of all the first poll :

  • Do you think the congress will decrease the amount of the American aid to Egypt ??

The answers were :

  1. Yes ,they will
  2. Who cares ??
  3. Bush will stand against them

33 voters shared in this poll

The results were:

  1. 42% "14 voters" believed that they will
  2. 30% "10 voters" did not care
  3. 27% "9 voters" believed that Bush will stand against them

well anyhow I don't think the decreasing the annual amount of aid or increasing it  because it turns out the United States is going to give us 13 billion dollars as military aid in the next 10 years to confront Iran


Now to the second poll , the longest poll I had in my blog

  • Will Gamal Mubarak be the next president of Egypt ??

The answers were :

  1. Sure he will
  2. May be who knows ??
  3. No way

329 visitors participated in that poll which actually was for several months now

The results were as follows

  1. 49% "160 voters" believed he will
  2. 29% "97 voters" believed that it was no way
  3. 22% "72 voters" believed that it is possible but who knows ??

so the majority believed that Gamal Mubarak despite the official confirmation that he won't inherit the rule , he will be the next president

This is a very expected by most Egyptians who believe that the son will take the father place very soon , of course there are hopes and prayers that he won't

By the way I decided to change the polling service I am using , unfortunately Bravenet.com is using pop up ads in their free service which is so bad for me and for my visitors , especially I discovered that there are other services that provide poll posting freely with no ads what so ever ,so I said I will try them

Blogger.com has its own poll service ,but unfortunately it has no archives to go back to your old polls

Monday, July 30, 2007

Save the river Nile

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children

A Native American proverb

On Friday the 13th of July ,I went on a walk early in the morning then in a small tour in the car just before the prayer

And I stopped to take some perfect shots to the Nile and the other side of Cairo countering the Zamalak Island from the Nile City towers side , it looked so great the two giant towers from one side and the wonderful old Imbaba bridge

Yet I was shocked when I found the garbage in the Nile along to the shore and its water floating , it was surprising , here I was standing in Zamalak , a high class area , or may be it is used to be high class area , the location were I was standing was just near the Bulgarian Embassy or Ambassador house ,you know the villa , the Spanish casa style

Anyhow beside taking photos for the beautiful scene I insisted on taking several shots to see the level of disrespect to the Nile ,the river which we were blessed to have ,I mean I found empty bottles, Macdonald's empty packs , soft drink cans and other stuff I can't image it .

It will make you sad because it spoils the scene , I mean can't that person with an empty water bottle wait for just a while till he or she finds a trash bin some where !!??

I think we all must do something regarding this problem ,as bloggers at least ,if we became that powerful that now the government is plotting against us then why do  not we spot light this problem , at least the small part of it , I know very well the huge part is the wastes of the factories ,restaurants and hotels , but let's go for the small part concerning the people's behavior towards the Nile  because this can be changed more easily

Dear Bloggers in Cairo and in the river Nile , take your camera with you and bring proof on how we destroy the inheritance we are leaving to our Children !!

Strangely people day and night boast of their religious believes forgetting that  cleanliness  is from the faith !!

I leave you with the photos and tell me what do you think ??Sick

 A Scene from the Nile Shore in Zamalak

More and more disrespect to Nature

aggression on the Nile

More and more disrespect to Nature

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is it the Irony of fate or what ??

Strange news I read today , very strange ,it is more ironic ,you see it turns out that the Presidential Palace at Kobba is threatened by the Groundwater !!!!

Seriously and the President is scared on the gardens of the palace as they have collections of rare plants from all the over the world that he asked the immediate help of the Agriculture,irrigation and environment ministers !!

It is at the same time people across the country are suffering from water shortage in the middle of hot summer ,it is at the same time people are fighting to get water

Before anyone goes and tells me the importance of that Palace I will tell that I know it very well and there is a real care for the Ex-Royal ,Presidential now palaces there will be problem

This is not a good time to  publish such news , I mean this sounds from luxury , three ministers and planet experts where as the people are fighting from clean glass of water !! This reminds with me with Marie Antoinette I am afraid

You can imagine the kind of comments in across the Egyptian Websites whether from News,forums and blogs right now that in one famous News portal Filbalad ,they are making fun from the news saying that the Presidential guards are putting right now fences to prevent the gathering of the thirsty people with empty water bottles !!

What is more provoking really in the news right now I found that the King of Jordan decided to dismiss two ministers of the water and health because of the pollution problem that happened in the North of Jordan and caused the poisoning more than 1000 person

This is what I call effective rapid accountability

by the way there is a rumor that the current minister of irrigation and water is not going to be included in the next cabinet that is going to be formed very soon

I used to respect Abu-Ziad , the minister of irrigation yet after discovering that there are still villages in the Delta that suffer from water shortage added to the different parts across the country that suffered also from water shortage for weeks in that summer,proved that the minister who stayed too long in the Cabinet was not doing his full job right

I am so thirsty ,guide me to the Sabil

I am so thirsty  girls , guide me to the Sabil "The water well"
عطشان يا صبايا    دلونى على السبيل
An old Egyptian folk song
"Sabil" is a water well used to be built in the Islamic age in public square , you can till now find it in Turkey and in Greece
المصرى اليوم
The thirst revolution is continuing in Egypt , escalating to the limit that you can expect much more anger that can reach to revolution and strike if the government does not solve the problem fast and permanently , because people can't take it any longer
Unfortunately the Egyptian government seems to be in vacation despite the orders of the president , it seems to me they think that as soon as the heat wave decreases people will forget their thirst !!
well they are very optimistic ,really because not only we are still going to have another two hot summer months to come August and September but also we should not forget that the holy month of Ramdan is just on the doors , now we are in Rageb so you can imagine : Thirst+heat+Ramadan+government drinking mineral water=more and more anger.
The problem is not in West delta as I thought in fact it is much more wider and sadder , now it reached to the upper Egypt to Minya and Qena Governorates too not to mention the threat of the villagers in Sohag to cut the high way of Cairo-Aswan if they do not get water !!
Already the situation in east delta is terrible people now are fighting to get their share from the water trucks the government is sending to them
In Dakahlia Governorate where the problem began to surface 40 people were injured yesterday because of fighting over the water shares , and last week they were 50 injured ,despite the police forces existence , this act shows how dangerous the situation can be
In Dakahlia now there are more than 42 villages which are suffering from the shortage of water and people got sick from the officials' promises and one water truck sent to each village only !!
The problem for those farmers is not drinking water , but forget irrigation ,there are more than 10,000 acres in one village only "Kafr Ghanam" that did not get any drop of water , the thing which made the farmers continue their strike , the strike that the government that does not care much about
In upper Egypt it is not that better , people now are drinking from the Nile , despite the health dangers ,but may be the upper Egyptians could not take anymore here we are not talking about the Delta weather , we are talking about Qena,Sohag and Minya where the temperature can reach 45 and sometimes 46 degrees
 The problem seems to very bad water infrastructure because it turned out that in east Delta they were suffering from 5 years silently from water shortage , in fact the village that started the protests and strikes there was suffering from Water shortage since 1981 , the proof was a disturbing documentary made in that year by the fantastic documentaries director Attiyat El-Abnoudi
The problem as I see it again is the water infrastructure and the big question where did the billions the government saying that spent on the water infrastructure go ???
This is a very big issue here and I am afraid the government must do a very serious inquiry ,pubic inquiry about it ....oops this is only for the civilized real democratic countries !!
I mean may be this is why Mubarak after 25 years of rule said in his presidential campaign that he will work hard to make water and electricity reach every village in Egypt , he knew , he knows that there are still villages with no water and electricity ,despite we take more our share from the Nile and despite we export electricity to 2 countries :Jordan and Syria !!
I don't know why I feel that our government does not make any effort what so ever to make the people love it , the prime minister and minister of housing remind me of Marie Antoinette but instead of suggesting that the villagers eat Gateau , they should Avian !!
The good thing in this tragedy is that people now are daring to take steps against the government and regime from strikes to protests , they are fed up from that the NDP crap and its broken promises
Anyhow back to the main issue if that problem is escalated more  and more expect more troubles and fear on the current regime , of course I know the regime is warned from that still it did not take preventative curing steps !!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Suez canal profits where do they go ??

The Suez Canal officially achieved 4.168 billion dollars as profits in the financial year 2006/2007 , the financial official year in Egypt ends in July

There is a good rise in the profits and returns from last year 2006 for about 17%

Great thing and it is an expected thing , I admit from the few thing I respect President Nasser for is the Nationalization of the Canal

yet the big question where shall these 4.168 billion dollars go ?? On what project will they be spend exactly ?? because if we transferred them to E.P we will find ourselves in front of huge billions that can really help this country

I won't say more except I just wish that the government takes only 100 million E.P from that number and I said E.P to invest it in the water infrastructure in Egypt !!

FilBalad.News | 4.168 عائدات قناة السويس في 2007

The return of the Da Vinci code

 Again Da Vinci could have left us another code in his famous last supper

You can find the news here ,the links of the Italian Websites were all down ,I tried several times but I can't

Yet I found this news website below covering the story with photos of the painting

Da Vinci code 'cracked' by computer analyst | NEWS.com.au

Unfortunately I can not see any shapes ,I feel so damp

The interesting thing , now the person sitting Jesus in the paining is no longer considered John but Maria Magdalena in the websites, thanks to the Da Vinci code and Dan Brown


Friday, July 27, 2007

A Present to my dear Tunisian friends

 The Tunisians this year celebrated the 50th anniversary of the republic last 25th of July ,and I decided to celebrate that day with them , already I have Tunisian friends who are visiting me here and I am happy for that

I won't go in to their history as I do not know much except President Habib Bourguiba stayed in rule for 30 years then Ben Ali took over the rule in bloodless coup ,of course it seems that Ben Ali is intending to stay also for long time

Anyhow in this occasion I would like to share you something from my late Grand father private collection , well it was not so private because they were published in the magazine he used to work at in Cairo

From the 1960s two photos for Bourguiba having breakfast one in his bedroom and one in his garden , they were taken by my grand father in an interview with Bourguiba , it seems that it did not cause any problem and it was easy back then

Before anyone says anything , I am not that fond of Bourguiba's policies , neither did my grand father but my grand father respected the man already he had knew him even before the republic when he used to visit the Arab league in his fight for independence from France

President Habib Bourguiba 

President Habib Bourguiba

Quran Marriage and Muslim nuns

From time to time due to ignorance some strange things appear in one place and move to another place in way not less strange like those things themselves

Here I am thinking about the strange new mode in Pakistan that people talked about from some time ,the Quran Marriage

It seems that in some places in Pakistan Girls marry the Quran !!

Do not even ask but as far as I understood the Girls who marry the Quran are not supposed to marry any human being till the day they die , already young men are scared even to propose to them otherwise they will be cursed

In other simple description we got here may be the first case of Muslim nuns , they marry the Holy Quran , I do not how exactly as the Holy Quran is a book

Of course those who did this are saying that it is an example for the complete devotion to God despite there is  it was clearly obvious order in the Islam sorry  there is a clear obvious prohibition of monasticism in Islam , in fact I don't how those ladies and those clerics who permitted this sort of thing to happen and call it as Quran Marriage where as they did not even brother them to read the Holy Quran as it is stated there that even the monasticism in Christianity was not an order from God, not to mention the direct prophetic quote of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH"

There is no monasticism in religion

So by this they are breaking the orders of Allah and his messenger , I wonder how they consider themselves as religious people , how those clerics in these regions are permitting this sorrowful myth to spread !!

I read once that this practice has some kind of a Hindu origin , you know the inter-relations between religions and so on , well strangely now they are speaking about , it was not known before ,in fact it is a new thing , the effects of customs,traditions and other religions on a specific religion does not occur day and night , in fact it takes some time , some huge time when some custom from specific religion goes to another religion in some place to be part from the practices of that other religion despite it is against its teachings

Of course the real Islamic clerics know that this sort of marriage is nonsense and of course they keep blaming ignorance without doing anything to fight back these myths

Strangely this marriage found its way to Egypt , this time it was a question to the Grand Mufti and I don't know what that man thought when he read the question but for sure I believe he knew that we are having one hell of a problem in Egypt,at least he thought in that

Anyhow back to Pakistan , it is very strange that these alien myths to find place in a country already having this class of clerics and is also accused by radicalism and may be this is the heart of the problem in Pakistan , people due to ignorance and poverty now are heading towards myths and radicalism in the name of religion.

It is not the first time I hear a religious myth in Pakistan , may be I will talk about the first time in a separate post because it is much more interesting

Ironically as far as I know the government in Pakistan did not do anything regarding this phenomena, may be they are busy fighting terrorism ,of course they are forgetting that the first step in combating terrorism is fighting these alien myths away from the religion but again Prevez like any dictator needs these sorts of myths to rule more easily and that's why the government does not do anything

Back in the 19th century when the British came and invaded Egypt huge myths invaded the society regarding demons and devils ,it was an easy cake for the British to rule the Egyptian while they were busy with their myths

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why I don't buy this easily !!??

Information Source: Explosion of explosives depot is due to high temperature and not a sabotage SANA , Syria

العربية نت - عشرات القتلى والجرحى بانفجار مخزن سلاح في مدرسة عسكرية بحلب

الجزيرة العربى

Can High temperature in Aleppo  lead to explosion of explosives depots !!???

Oh boy it seems that it is damn hot in Aleppo today afternoon in the northern coastal city in Syria !!??

It seems that we are blessed that our depots of the Egyptian army in the middle of the deserts in the middle of July do not explode from the high heat

I feel sorry for those who died and injured in the explosion and I feel more sorry that the Syrian government is using some cover up to hide the true story what ever it is

by the way this depot follows the infantry school which is the biggest military school  in Syria for the graduates of universities and high schools who join it as part of their obligatory military service for 6 months before the transfer to other units in the army

Strangely the first and earliest official statement in Syria included these words that the explosion happened due to high temperature and not a sabotage operation !!?? even before anyone would say there is a sabotage operation , I mean when they said an infantry school for newly graduates ,I thought it could be a mistake happened by someone

But denying Sabotage and also lying and blaming the weather on it ,I am sorry

I mean the official statement of SANA which is above the post here says that the degree in Aleppo today reached to low degree of "50" {Are we in Kuwait or in Syria !!??" , the thing which I find it so strange because here we talking the beautiful Aleppo, it is like Alexandria and even its weather is more refreshing ,still I need more solid proof

And here it is from Yahoo! Weather

Today is weather in Aleppo is the high "40" and the low "29" and now it is partly cloudy ,Check here

Aleppo does not know this extremely high temperature in fact it is so strange that it is now "40" degree as its average in month of July is "36" degree ,already Palmyra which is in the middle of desert the high is "42" today

50 degree,well I don't how the Americans keep their explosives in Kuwait and Iraq!!

I don't know why the regimes in the Arab world is treating us like children already I am reading comments in the Arabic Websites most people do not believe the official story and they have to , already I am not a Syrian and through logic and Science I find out that the official report is partially false while setting on my ass !!

My advice to the officials in Syria that they should check the weather reports before issuing statements ,call the weather man

Islam in America: A Special Report From the Newsweek Magazine

The Newsweek is presenting a special report this week about Islam and Muslims in America

It is very interesting despite it may not be fair or giving the complete true picture yet it still interesting and worth reading because I believe it is from the rare in depth look in the Muslim community in America

There are Muslims who are participating in writing this special report by the way , one of them is Daisy Khan who I remember from the American documentary "Muhammad:Legacy of a prophet"   

The good thing in the coverage that it can be considered a real American confession that the American Muslim society is suffering despite what it had been and still is presenting to this country , I do believe that they are the real victims but they were not the only community that suffered from discrimination in the American history thought

In the coverage they covered very important problems like the lack of American born Emams and the Internet extremist Websites yet the most important problem I believe is one which I encountered from knowing American Muslims is the gap between the African American Muslims and other American Muslims from other origins

It is like what is said in that they are not accepted whether from the society or from the community ,it is very sad because Allah does not look to your face but your heart

I met online my American Muslims mostly from non Arabic origins , you will be surprised that many of them are native Americans ,African America ns and also simple Americans and it stroked me the difference they had from their view to the religion , I can not deny that I met those who shared what they thought a "Salafi" that is a fundamentalist kind of thinking in Islam ,yet in reality it is more a "Wahbi" thinking away from the fundamentals of the Islam

I don't know why in this coverage they ignored the real true example of successful Muslims in the United States

I mean they forgot to mention the man who was in charge of the landing locations in the Moon back in 1960s is a Muslim and he is called "Farouk El-Baz" , this man served the United States and its people

They also forgot to mention that there is a Muslim scientist called "Ahmed Zowail"  who took the Nobel Prize and that he lives in the United States

There are many examples from Muslim doctors,surgeons and scientists who saved the lives of the Americans through all those decades

I swear if they calculated the numbers of those Americans whose lives were saved by those Muslim doctors since the 1960s when the immigration process began you will find it more than those who had died because of the Al-Qaida and here I do not mean to underestimate the human loses but what I am trying to say is that the Muslim community for decades helped and is still helping in building and sustaining the American Empire and it is unfair to think them as the enemy

The Magazine will be in the stand next 31st of July 2007 if you are interested to buy it

Islam in America: A Special Report - Newsweek Society - MSNBC.com

It seems that the youngest mother in Egypt is not the youngest after !!

Ok people I started this case and I must follow it

Wednesday the 25th of June was the first session in the trial of Hend , the so-called youngest mother in Egypt and from the first session in the trial it seemed that we are going to have one hand_1184092685hell of a trial ,the surprises trial if you want to describe it , as you see in Mahla today there were lots of surprises

The first surprise to me was that Hend and her family did not attend the trial

The second surprise was the Forensic official final report which included bombs :

1-Hend is not 11 years old ,not according to her female organs like we discussed here in the blog but according to the bones and dental examination which proves she is between 15 or 16 years old despite her birth certificate

2-Mena Allah the little baby is not the daughter of the accused according to the final DNA test , of course we knew this before but we waited to the trial

3-Hend's lawyer left in the middle of the trial

In the end it seems that the young man that is 100% not the father


The judge ordered the trial to be adjourned to the next 27 or 23 September , I believe this is a long time .

Of course the defense lawyers are promising to reveal more and more surprises that prove the innocence of the accused , including proof about the bad behavior of the girl and denial witnesses who will prove that the accused did not rape Hend

You know the only TV show that did not rush behind Hend except when the trial began yesterday was "10 PM " and I believe it was a smart decision , already I feel that the trial will turn the case upside down 180 degrees

By the way I am reading almost all what is said in that case including the various statements by Hend in the several interviews in Egyptian and Arabic Media "she appeared in Al-Arabiya too"

To Remember the case I recommend that you click here, here and here

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism :

 Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism : NOLA Indymedia

You will be surprised to find that according to those 14 defining characteristics that Egypt used to be ruled by fascist regime in the days of Gamal Abd El-Nasser , the class symptoms 

Now we got only few characteristics but not all , the regime still controls the media and religion is used by the the regime to achieve its purpose as tool of influence

Not to mention the fraudulent elections

Ironically most Arab countries accordingly now are either ruled by  complete Fascist "Like Libya,Syria,Tunisia" to semi Fascist regimes

Nationalism here by the way in the Arab world differs from state to another , there is the Arabic Nationalism , there is the African Nationalism , there is the Native Nationalism "Shami,Egyptian,..etc" and also Islamic Nationalism "used sometimes by Gaddafi"

Important Book by President Mohamed Naguib in English

I am so so so sorry because in the previous posts I said that I did not find the Autobiography of President Mohamed Naguib in English in Amazon.com , well I was wrong and here is the book under the title

"Egypt's Destiny : A Personal statement by Mohamed Naguib"

here it is and yes I am making an ad for it because it deserves

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Free man "Part 2"

Now this is the second part about the Free man General Mohamed Naguib, it is not longer like the first part by the way

President Naguib was an exile inside in his own country; he even heard his own death news in the international radio stations based on a reliable source in Cairo in 1966, his sons and wife paid the price, the price of reminding the people with Naguib

His wife died and Nasser did not let him to attend his funeral, do you know that??

Do you know how tough it is to see your sons get killed and humiliated because of you!!??

In 1968 his second son Ali was killed in Germany, he was the head of the Arab students union and activist for the Arab causes, in one night he was found killed after being beaten to death, his body came to Cairo and buried yet his own father did not say good bye to him or even they let just visit at night his son tomb so he can read the Fatah on his soul ,Ali was used to be called {the Cowboy} by his father “The General blamed Nasser and accused his intelligence to be behind the case”

Next year news came to the General in his home exile; his elder son Farouk entered the jail along with other political prisoners, the charge of insulting the regime!! Farouk stayed in jail 5 months and half, when he was released he was sick; he began to suffer from heart diseases and after awhile his heart stopped beating

His youngest son Youssef tried to stay away from the politics, yet with no luck because the curse followed him, he was graduated from the wireless institute and worked in one of the national companies, but he did not stay long in his job because one of the relatives of “Shams Badran” made a fight with him, a presidential decree with an order to fire Youssef, who did not find any job except working ……….as a Taxi driver!!

Can you imagine a president’s son working on a Taxi driver?? and he did not even own the car , except when he had a chance to be a driver in the “Arab contractors” company ,then he bought his own car where he worked in the morning as a company driver and noon as a cab driver !!

I don’t need to tell you that the other Egyptian presidents’ sons and daughters are all wealthy, very wealthy, high classy people whose children and grand children are graduated from American University

You will be surprised more if I told you that President Mohamed Naguib sent two letters for Nasser and his playboy Amar in 1956 asking them to The Letter of President Naguib to Nasser in 1956let him go and fight the British in the Canal, he would go with a fake name under 24/7 surveillance for he wanted to die in honor in the field and if he was alive after the war, he would go immediately again to his exile prison

These letters which received no respond was sent on the 5th of November except insults and attacks from the guards of prison exile villa!! You can find a copy from the letters sent to those jerks and if you can read Arabic, please read it, well it made me want to cry because I felt the man who wrote it was so great and honorable

The General used to raise cats and dogs to find them more faithful than humans, in deed they are, the wild beasts in the forests do not betray each other, ironically when we like to call someone a bad name we call him or her an animal!!

President Naguib isolation or exile ended in the time of President Anwar El-Sadaat in year 1972, after all those years he was set free, already President Sadaat knew Naguib before the revolution when Sadaat was arresting for spying for the Germans in WWII “oh yes President Sadaat was a Nazi spy”

President Mohamed Naguib died in year 1984 and he had a presidential military funeral attended by President Mubarak, and as a modest respect to him a Metro station was named after him

his memories were published after his death in the same year in Cairo under the name “I was president of Egypt”, the book was huge success President Naguib and his brotherthat the Printing house “The Egyptian Modern House” re-printed from the book 8 editions the last one in year 2003 , the book was like a shock , already it is very sad , when you read it you feel that you are reading for a man with a high dignity ,a politician with a vision , do not be surprised because in his exile President Naguib read books in all kind of things you can imagine , he even learnt languages ,several languages including Hebrew in which he requested to be taught in the Egyptian Universities , already President Naguib was the one who made it to be taught in the war school . The General used to speak English, French and Italian not to mention he had a PHD in the Political Economics, for sure he is a very from rare kind of army officers, he was really an example for a civilian in a suite.

Ironically when I see it and think about it, I believe that President Mohamed Naguib was the first Ex-President of Egypt, a very strange title I am not used to write it down because we only have late presidents and I guess it is an honor for him

The General did not care only for Egypt but also cared for Sudan not President Naguib in Sudanbecause his roots in his mother side, but for a political strategic point, he considered Sudan very important to Egypt , in a way that reminds me with the vision of Mohamed Ali Pasha ,the Unity of the valley of the Nile both men were correct , this is the southern gate of Egypt , you only have to read about what is going on in the Sudan and now and you will know that it is a matter of time when you find an international force on your southern borders

President Naguib in the introduction of the book said that he never imagined that he was going to live and write this introduction, and that this book would live longer than he lived and would say more that he said, already the man did not say anything

I tell you something this man ,Mohamed Naguib ,lived longer than most of the RCC members , in fact as an Egyptian I tell you that God gave him the long life to see the divine revenge in all of those who humiliated him whether Nasser “I do not give a damn for the Nasserites” ,Amar , Mohi El-Din and the Salam Brothers, in fact I read that he went to visit Gamal Salam who was dying from a certain disease , Salam told him to forgive him for what they had done to him ,they were led by the devil , I don’t know if he meant by the devil Nasser or their own greed or what !!??

I got a strange in my mind why the people suddenly forgot this man; it is not President Mohamed receiving complainsa ruler’s decision, more about how he was suddenly forgotten,people do not fall from the public memory like this , I mean this man had a huge popularity in the Egyptian street more can you imagine in time with no spread of media ,in time there was no socialist union nor NDP , I believe the Egyptian people also share part of the guilt , for being silence , for being ready to forget those men who gave themselves in order to let them have a better future

President Naguib wrote his memories in a hope that the future generations would re-write the right history of Egypt, unfortunately we are still worshiping the same false idols, last month I was attacked and still am under attack because I am calling for an official statement from the intelligence regarding Ashraf Marwan and some come and tell me how can I suspect in Gamal Abd El-Nasser’s son in law cursing me!!

If we really love our country we must re-write the history correctly with no bias, the only bias we must have is to the country

May Allah bless the soul of Mohamed Naguib and reward for his patience in the test he lived from hardness, still the believer test is always the hardest

For Further reading about the late president, I recommend his own memories “I was a president of Egypt”, unfortunately I can not find it in the website of the Egyptian Modern house now still there is another book published by the same publishing house that is “I was witness of Mohamed Naguib’s era” by Ambassador Ryad Sami who was his secretary and also it is a shocking book, unfortunately all these books are in Arabic ,you can contact the publishing house through the phone or the email

Again I searched Amazon only books with a chapter about him are available and this is not fair

Here are some extra photos I scanned from his book including one in his last days , very rare

  President Naguib and a friendPeople love for  President NaguibPresident Naguib in Mena

President Mohamed Naguib in his last days

And as a little present from the British Pathe Archive I found this Italian Newsreel about the General and his sons , you can download it here from my box File icon2638_26.wmv

you can see the general speaks Italian

again here are my resources this time :

1. I was a president of Egypt by Mohamed Naguib ,published in September 1984

2. A Witness on President Naguib’s era by Ambassador Ryad Sami

and I hope that from those two posts you will know there were real Egyptian generals who wanted democracy ,also I am happy other people remembered him this year

The Free man"Part 1"

This is a long, very long post and I am sorry I can not summarize it

“I though they were free but they turned to be evil”

Mohamed Naguib, the first president of Egypt in his memories first published in 1984

President Naguib on the time Cover

The First Egyptian President on the Time's cover

The cover story of the Time edition on the 8th of September 1956

Only one man made me respect the coup of 1952, only one man made me re-think again about the 6 principals of that coup that turned in to revolution

Only one man made me believe that they are not bad and they can be great if they were implemented in the correct way

Only one man made me hate the revolution

That man was the first Egyptian President General Mohamed Naguib

For years many Egyptians believed that the First Egyptian President to Rule Egypt since the time of Pharaohs was Gamal Abd El-Nasser thanks to the orders that were given to erase the President Naguibname of that man from the Egyptian history, not even from the history books but also everything related to his short era, even songs, Laila Muard had that song she sang in the Egyptian Radio after the coup, strangely she did not mention anything related to Naguib, we were still away from the “President-Cult” ,still that song was suddenly disappeared after the departure of Naguib

They thought that they can really control the history; alias history always reveals the truth in the end

For those who don’t know Mohamed Naguib was used by the Gamal Abd El-Nasser and the rest of the free officers, they used the General as a front, no one in Egypt knew them but many knew the General and respected him very much

Already from a logic point of view no one in Egypt would trust a bunch of young men who want to take charge of the country and that was why Naguib was the perfect man

Another interesting point I believe they took an advantage of  the origin of President Naguib, whose father was an Egyptian and his mother was a Sudanese, the perfect match or a mix for the next ruler for Egypt and Sudan, do not forget even after the revolution we were still having that blessed union between Egypt and Sudan, the Union that was over in 1954 just after the general’s departure from rule to the exile

President Naguib is a patriot man, no one can deny this, very patriot and Presidents Naguib and Nasserthat’s why he accepted to join those daring young men in their quest, the man believed in their quest, any patriot who believes in his country and wants the best for it will do so. President Naguib accepted to lead those young men despite the danger of the failure, Naguib would be the first one to be hanged if that coup failed and believe or not the biggest surprise of that coup was that it succeeded.

If you want a proof about the patriotism of that great man, you will only have to know why he was sent in exile to suffer till the end of his life

The Crisis of 1954

From the six principal; there is a golden principal Egyptians only read about in history books still it was never achieved, there was a chance they missed it in achieving it, may be if they understood the real game that was going on back then, they would never have left it and may be, may be our conditions now were different

That Principal is “To establish a correct constitutional and democratic life”

Anyhow here is the story in simple summarized words

President Naguib became the first president when the republic was announced on the 18th of June 1953, he was not only the President but also the prime minister and the chairman of the Revolution council commandership, Nasser was his deputy. President Naguib seemed since year 1953 had a different vision than the young officers

"at the age of 36, Abdel-Nasser felt that we could ignore Egyptian public opinion until we had reached our goals, but with the caution of a 53-year-old, I believed that we needed grassroots support for our policies, even if it meant postponing some of our goals. I differed with the younger officers on the means by which to reach our goals, never on the principles."

President Naguib in his memories published in Cairo year 1984 under the title “I was a president for Egypt

Naguib wanted to implement the principal of having a correct and healthy constitutional democratic life through the only possible way to achieve it by President Naguib in officehaving a real civilian political life, the army should withdraw from the political life going back to its military bases, he believed in the constitutional political multi party system and he wanted the party system in Egypt which was corrupted before the revolution to be mended so it can be healthy again, so the parties can really represent the people

Now you can understand how this man was a real Patriot and how he had a correct vision, President Naguib in his vision and view reminds me with what happened in Mauritania from the democratic coup that took place, seriously we had our own Ould Vall but fate did not give him a chance because there was Nasser

Most historians who justify what Nasser did in 1954 say that Nasser was afraid from the return of the corrupted parties like El-Wafad, who no one can deny that figures like Fouad Serg El-Din gave an excuse for Nasser to hate democracy, of course I will not defend Fouad Serg El-Din but after all the man seems to do nothing compared to the men in the NDP now, also they said that Nasser also did not want the Muslim Brotherhood to be a political party and gain more power , it sounds familiar ,well my dear friend that was the origin of the war between the regime and the MB

Anyhow back to Naguib and Nasser, the gap between the two had widen more and more, unfortunately Nasser had the majority of the RCC in his Presidents Ns in the carpocket, after all most of them were young men who had no experience in the real politics “at least that what days would prove” where as Naguib had no allies except the cavalry or who used to be known as the Khalid Mohi El-Din red group, and old politicians who were usually  accused to be corrupted by the RCC yet I believe they were respectable men

On 25th of February 1954, the Egyptian people suddenly woke up to find an announcement in the Radio from the RCC stating that President Naguib resigned from his position because the RCC refused to give him “absolute POWER” !!

On that day Nasser knew that General Naguib was much popular than he thought as people went to the street that demanding that the “father of the Egyptian” return to his office,I already know that in Port Said the boys main high school had seen a strike from the boys who gathered in one of the class room refusing to let anyone in except when President Mohamed Naguib would return back to his office , they were only 15 years old boys "check the film I posted below and see how the people acted"

President Naguib was a very popular simple regular man, the kind of man who goes and visits peasants as soon as a catastrophe happens, just read this news from the archives of the Time magazine and you will understand what I am talking about

I believe on that day Nasser realized the power of the Egyptian people that made Naguib return back to his office, of course that was not the end, it was a round, a round for Naguib, I think since that day Nasser decided that the main power that should be in his side was the people, he underestimated the popular appeal of President Naguib something anyone can realize and something the Time magazine hinted to, it was obvious that Nasser did not include the people in his calculation back then

From February to November 1954 there was a huge war between the two men , a war its signs should have warned the people that Nasser hated so much democracy and anyone who had a different opinion than his , if just the people were much more careful,I swear our future would have been different, there were signs that sent alarm signals no one cared for it just like the case of Aboul Fath brothers and their newspaper “El-Masry” {The Egyptian} Nasser made adjustments in the RCC and the cabinet to limit Naguib’s influence and Naguib understood that it was a matter of time and it was in fact a matter of months

When Nasser found a good story to justify the elimination of Naguib for ever, with no further introductions he claimed that President Naguib made an agreement with the MB to kill him and that the MB members who were arrested said so !!

Old games

Why I can not believe this historical crap, may be because till now we are hearing about the MB confessions day and night

On 14th of November 1954, two army officers twice came to the office of Naguib telling him it was over and for his dignity the man resigned and was isolated by the orders of Gamal Abd El-Nasser for definite reason in a villa owned by famous Zeinab El-Waikal, the wife of Mustafa An-Nahas Pasha in the suburbs, strangely did not know that then, or even knew where he suddenly disappeared

Newspaper headline in 1954

Since then President Naguib began a trip of suffering and humiliation I can find any justification from it except that Nasser was really scared from that man, so scared from him and that was why he worked very hard to burry that man alive, do not ask me why he had not ordered his secret service to kill the man and already he had done so with King Farouk , but may be God made him forget this ,blind enough to let the General live even more than Nasser in order to write down his memories and Share with us the truth

I will stop here but this in not the end insh Allah tomorrow I will continue because the world needs to know how that man suffered a lot

For Further reading about the late president

I only found nothing about him in Amazon only chapters in other books; I wish someone would be generous enough to translate his memories

Here is a PDF from an article from Life Magazine back to August 1952 I found scanned on the net "sorry for the big size" File iconBinder1.pdf

Here is also Laila Muard patriotic anthem; I don’t know why on earth they banned it!!??
powered by ODEO

Also here are some preview low res. samples from newsreel I download from British Pathe archive , unfortunately I think I can not upload them to Youtube despite there are so beautiful

For the first time film about the crisis ,you can download them here


  1. I was a president of Egypt by Mohamed Naguib ,published in September 1984
  2.  A Witness on President Naguib’s era by Ambassador Ryad Sami
  3. Time magazine Archive
  4.  Life magazine Archive

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Revolution and Me

Some may think that I am a royalist girl who is crying day and night for the lost monarchy thanks to my hobby in tracing the images of the Egyptian Royals, but this is not true, believe it or not I believe in the principals of the Egyptian Revolution and I believe that it happened as a result of the terrible situation that had preceded it from corruption

It was just going happen sooner or later, a matter of time

Again when I will say that I believe in the principals of the Egyptian Revolution but I am not with most of the Revolution officers’ vision of how these principals would have been achieved, in fact you will be surprised that they did not achieve any principal from  the famous 6 “3 Establishing and 3 demolishing as we were taught in history “

I do not need to speak about the failure of the Egyptian army in the 1956 first test and I don’t need to speak about the catastrophe that happened 10 years later to prove that the Free officers did not establish a powerful strong army that could have protected Egypt from the greed of Israel and other powers of imperialism that did not want Egypt to be fully independent and return again in the international community as a regional power whether in the Middle east or Africa

And I don’t need to speak about the failure of having a healthy democratic life , because in 1954 the same majority of officers who swore in fulfilling that principal where the same officers who supported Gamal Abd El-Nasser in his coup against President and General Mohamed Naguib who believed that the real democratic constitutional life is the only healthy route

I don’t speak again about the revolution because the revolution was ended at very early time, some say that the end was in 1967,when the six days war results woke up the people on the reality of the regime they had trusted and believed in

Some say that the end was in 1961 when there was that Nasser-Hakim fight that ended with the victory of Hakim having control on the army

Some say that the end was in 1971 When Nasser died and Sadaat became the president

Yet I think that the end of the revolution or the coup of 1952 that turned in to revolution due to the public acceptance ended when it was turned in to a means in spreading the cult of the “President-God” starting from 1954

After the humiliating inside exile of President Naguib, Nasser began to eliminate all those who could be considered as danger in the revolution leadership council using at the same time his attractive charisma to charm not only the Egyptian people but the whole Arab people playing on their weakness point that is their dignity

You will be surprised to know that there were members in the Free officers who warned from turning Nasser in to an idol just like one of the Salam brothers , whom I don’t recall his name correctly

Ironically one of those same brothers my late Grand father “May Allah bless his soul” remembered how he caused the death of one of the Egyptian journalists back in the 1950s to remark the first assault on journalism in Egypt, I do not recall the details, anyhow it shows you that the new rulers were not so fond with the free press and so it was not wonder that in the 1960s Nasser nationalized the press

Nasser ironically kept day and night cursing the late King Farouk , the playboy forgetting that he himself became a king ,sorry a Pharaoh , who refused to leave the rule just like the kings except on the death bed,setting it as golden rule for presidents who came after him

I don’t know if the throne of Egypt was so “I don’t know the word” seducing for him to forget those principals and to set rules, destructive rules that turned the president in to a false idol in the land of Egypt

Yes for sure it was so seductive but it was not the throne more the people, the Egyptian people, the tempted Egyptian people who once Amr Ibn El-A’s described in his letter to Omar Ibn Khateb as

“Its people are owned by the one who ruler it {It for Egypt}”

Sunday, July 22, 2007

On the eve of the revolution

On that day in this moment from 55 years ,the Free officers were preparing for their coup that changed not only the course of this country's history but the history of the region , in this eve no Egyptian except of course those few young men ,knew that next day there would be coup and no Egyptian except also those few young men wanted a coup or revolution ,the only wish most Egyptians had was to have back the Wafad back in cabinet
Yet after 55 years from the revolution and radical transitions Egypt faced since it had taken place ,Some Egyptians now wish for another revolution !!
And believe me it is not the some but I believe if any coup or revolution is going to take place ,most Egyptians will welcome it even more than the welcome of those who lived 1952, despite they know very much that the revolution days were not the best nor its decision , they know very well it is not the best option for democracy but there is one thing they want this revolution to happen that is :Nationalization
People will welcome Nationalization again
Yes despite all its bad results
here I am not talking about the fancy high class or the educated high middle class, here I am talking the low middle and low working class ,the real power of this country
In the last three years Mubarak and Son sold almost all the sectors to foreign investors just like before the revolution ,say Good bye to the national capital money
Quick look ,very Quick look to the Egyptian economy and you will know what I am speaking
Thanks to the Egyptian Cabinet decisions most Egyptian banks were sold to foreign banks , I think there are no more Egyptian National Banks except three : The C.I.B ,The National Bank of Egypt and Misr Bank , the last two are public banks "there were silly jokes that they were going to sold the NBE but Mubarak denied it himself"
The Egyptian Banking sector is now dominated by Foreigners , mostly French and Lebanese !!
I know very well that most banks that were sold were already going to be bankrupted because of the corruption and bad loans , but let's speak the truth most banks scandals from loans by billions that were stolen and now are deposited in Bahamas took place in the first place because of the NDP members or those who are related to them using their influences to push and to bribe the bank managers , just look to the famous case of "Cairo Bank" or "Banque De Caire" which is going to be sold after a storm session in the parliament
There is a very healthy solution that could remedy the Egyptian banking system that is Merger , merger the weak banks with the strong banks , or even merger the weak banks together trying to make one strong bank
Forget about the banks , let's go to the industrial sector , Privatization can be a good solution , but there are other alternatives , first of all you use the stock market ,let your own people own shares in these national factories ,it is the same like privatization
Now to the back disaster
On that day the 22nd of July 2007 I found this disturbing news in the newspaper in the front page of Al-Ahram "they are really enjoying teasing people in the morning "
For the first time , the permission is granted for the private sector to establish and operate irrigation projects  in a bill to develop irrigation and cultivation of 925 thousand acres in western Delta , The investors have the right to a concession period of 30 years after which devolves projects of the State
They are privatizing the irrigation sector ,I can not believe it ,just like the old days before the revolution
I thought that the water and irrigation is from the national security , yet it seems not anymore
I don't know why I suddenly remember the image of the controlling evil irrigation engineer who used to appear in the Novels of Taha Hussein and Youssef Idris and how controlling he is in the villages he used to work in and how he was considered the most important personality directly after the Sheriff himself -a side remark
Ok we leave the irrigation decision which came right after the water crisis people are still suffering from in the middle of the summer in the same Nile Delta and go for another strange privatization decision
They are going to privatize the Metro , oh yes the underground is going to be sold too
It is too common to hear some Egyptians wondering when the regime starts to sell us too in auction but come on the government already did so with the agreement to export Egyptian maids to Saudi Arabia
These are the only exams I can remember today but the list is too long and the examples are full of details that surely will make you sad on the valley of the Nile understanding why some want another revolution with another nationalization and the majority will say no
Do not think for a second the people want back the nationalization or revolution because of their glories again more they are acting according to the Egyptian proverb
 "what pushed you the toward the bitter stuff ?? the more bitter stuff"

A country in crisis as fearful government cracks down on Islamist opposition | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited


A country in crisis as fearful government cracks down on Islamist opposition | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

A very interesting article about Egypt in the Guardian , of course nothing new from attacking the government but to tell you the truth ,it is not that dull , this crisis is no the best description I describe Egypt with now ,I am Egyptian living in that country and I know exactly what is going on

Let's say the Egyptian People ,the majority of the Egyptian is passive as usual doing what they are good at since the time of pharaohs , they are just audience , silent audience , they suffer in silence and curse in silence

May be it is a curse not a bless , of course bless for the regime who is taking advantage of that silent audience

A Crisis is a term used to describe what is happening in Lebanon , there are political parties and forces fighting presenting all colors of the political rainbow in Lebanon ,there is a real political life ,a real interaction

BUT it is not a Crisis ,it is a CATASROPHE to be precise in the term , it is one man show and that man is the current rotten regime

This opposition is only a shadow ,  it is more like a ghost with no power what so ever thanks to the regime which killed it many years ago, yet like any respectable ghost it does what it does best ,it frights the regime and scares it as it threats to have revenge but in the end it is a ghost

What can I say ??

We moved from the Crisis phase to the Catastrophe phase where we do not need an opposition but a divine intervention

New Theme

Ok  I am celebrating the 23rd of July with a New theme what do you think about it ??

Already this theme is similar to the one I did for Wordpress when I had my thoughts to move to wordpress

It is not hard to make a Blogger theme despite the options are not  that much

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Amazon.com Grocery

Ok this is funny because I do not know who is using it already ??

I mean Grocery does not needed to be bought online ,this is too much

Amazon.com Grocery: Snacks, Cookies and Candy, Coffee and Tea, Natural & Organic, Baby Care, Household, Pet Supplies & more Grocery:

Friday, July 20, 2007

Found: the giant lion-eating chimps of the magic forest | Conservation | Guardian Unlimited Environment

I don't feel like writing serious stuff especially the revolution is just 72 hours

Found: the giant lion-eating chimps of the magic forest | Conservation | Guardian Unlimited Environment

This reminds me with my favorite Novel "Congo" I got the book and it is far more interesting than the film ,I found the novel in some Egyptian Bookstore specialized in selling English novels in Mohendessin ,I guess near Gamal Abd El-Nasser school

But there were not huge chimps but Gorillas , I wonder if they will find King Solemn's mines too in Congo !!??

Already as far as I know Crichton used the old myths he read about the King Solemn's mines and those strong apes who kill other creatures

If this proves anything it will prove that

"History becomes a legend,legend becomes a myth"

For years Scientist thought it was a legend but it turned to be true thing

and yes here is the book from Amazon , take my advice if you live abroad and buy it , it is not an ad more it is a recommendation , if I want money I should not promote Amazon books but Amazon Grocery !!

Amazon.com: Congo: Books: Michael Crichton

ISBN: 0060541830
ISBN-13: 9780060541835

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Cairo 2050

The latest show starring Gamal Mubarak was a sudden conference called "Cairo 2050"

The conference was about the future plans for Cairo ,the capital of Egypt till the year 2050

Future planning is very important in any country and it is good to see that the officials are doing it but again what is the role of Gamal Mubarak in this planning officially ??

He is a only the general secretary of the policies committee in the NDP , anyhow we all know that he is ruling Egypt unofficially

Ironically after the news coverage of the event ,I met many people who had one question , in fact it was a reflection for their fear

"Is he going to rule us till the year 2050 ??!!"

Another nightmare , not only the present or the near future but the far future

Not our kids but our grand children too

Another question

"Is he going to plan for Future Cairo so he can sell it ??

Another question

"Is he going to make Cairo for rich only??"

These sarcastic questions are reflection for what the Egyptian People think about GM , that is going to sell the whole couGM watching Newsntry to foreigners in the privatization process and that more and more people are living now under the poverty line, the gap between the rich and poor is increasing and the middle class is in its way to extinction

Of course the last question is wrong , because I believe Cairo is turning to be the city of POOR ,where as the Nouveau riche left it to live in the new rich compounds in the 6th of October and 10th of Ramadan

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A big twist in the case of the youngest mother in Egypt

Ok now this is a huge big twist that will me make re-read all what is related about the case again

I will not speak more except that the primary DNA test came and concluded that Baby "Mena Allah" is not the daughter of the rapist

Big surprise ,as you know any child has the genes of his /her mother and father and according to the forensics the rapist is not the father

Rapist Mohamed Samy Atia "21" years old was identified by "Hend to be the man who raped her from nine months ago and make her pregnant

Of course this can blow the case upside specially the D.A decided to send the accused to the criminal court

The case is already began to make a huge buzz as the human rights organizations began to consider it as their new crusade  , it is no longer "Al-Wafad" daily exclusive

I don't know but I feel we are watching a big Indian movie

From "Al-Wafad" Daily

About Omar Ibn Laden and Jane Felix Browne

The whole world had nothing to talk about except Omar Ibn Laden and his new wife Zeina or Jane Flex Brown and their love story which began in the land of eternity beside the shores of the love river aka the land of Egypt and the shores of the river Nile, in fact it started in one of the most romantic places in the Pyramids Plateau when Omar saw Jane riding the horse. "People sometimes forget that the pyramids are in the end big tombs that they should pay respect to those inside it ,it is not a dating place"

In general It could be another strange love story that takes place in Egypt between a western over 40 years old lady and some Arab young man less than 30 years old , in fact most stories the young man is an Egyptian ,the latest one , the talk of the town was about the very poor young upper Egyptian man who is less than 30 years old and married a 70 years old British lady in Luxor , in less than a month the woman passed away and turned to be a single lonely very rich woman with no heir except her newly hubby who became in a day and night a millionaire

But it is not just a love and marriage story between an old woman from the west and a young man from the east that makes the eye brows rise, it is Osama Ibn Laden son's for God Sake and that's why there is a buzz and this is the expected thing ,come on the son of the most wanted man on earth marries a western woman, not like any woman but older than him with decades , how more strange it can be

Already let's start with the couple themselves

Jane Flex Brown or Zeina , 51 years old British woman , who married and divorces 5 times and is a grand mother , Flex who converted to Islam and changed her name to Zeina said that she met Osama Ibn Laden in the 1970s during one of the parties in London , the old hippie days of Arabs in London , already I can not forget the picture of Osama and his brothers and sisters in UK beside their pink Rolls Royce , well for sure she did not know that she met with her future father in law !!

Anyhow The British and the Arabic press seem to be lost in knowing the origin of that lady , I mean once the official popular news said that she is from British Origin and then I found another interview with Omar ,where he was saying that she is from the Al-Sabah Kuwaiti Royal family and that her dad left Kuwait since 1940s to UK where he lived and died and that her real name Zeina Bent Mohamed Al-Sabah ,and that she is Muslim and she wears the veil when she visits Arab Muslim countries .

She can be a Muslim and She can wear the veil but to a Kuwaiti Royal origin , I can not easily understand that as her name is Jane Flex Brown , the last name is not Al-Sabah, the thing that many Kuwaitis disbelieved and considered an insult to their popular Royal family ,I swear I read some comment in Al-Arabiya.net where someone accused Brown to be a Baath party agent who wants to defame the royal family !!

of course the British tabloids suspected her roots and considered her as an old lady who deceived the number one world wide wanted , they even said that her mother is a Jew ,the thing that she herself did not deny but corrected as she said that her grand father from her mother side was a Jew but her mother was a Christian and that it was not a problem for them "For the record she did not speak about this Kuwaiti Royal relation", already I think it is very silly to say that her mother was a Jew or a Hindu because this is not the the main issue ,many people forget that the Muslim man can marry Jewish or Christian woman but let's not forget that we are here dealing with the world famous tabloids and really I don't blame them ,it is a very hot dish for them.

The news of the world was in the lead as usual with pictures they claimed to be for Jane or Zeina with spider Tattoos on her back and that she had sex during her engagement with Omar,Zeina's justification for that attack was because she is a Muslim !! To tell the truth the images they posted especially the one with the Tattoo does not look her some how , the face itself is longer, her face is oval as you see from the photos with Omar

This is not the first time she marries from a Saudi by the way , her first husband was a Saudi Student she met in Manchester when she was 16 years old , it was a secret marriage that lasted only for three years. That Saudi whose name is a big secret that Zeina or Jane is going to take with her to the grave is the father of her son Dave ,there are rumors that this Saudi is a VIP and I guess the only VIP in Saudi Arabia during that time and now is the Royal family , anyhow she seems to love the Saudi VIPs

Of course this is the News of the world , the last kind of newspapers you want to trust it is not like the Times which exposed the whole affair last week

Now we move to the groom

Omar Ibn Laden , the living proof that there is something really strange about the Ibn Laden family"I know that in the west it is written Ben Laden , but I am used to write it Ibn" anyhow what I mean by the word strange ,I mean that the boy seems to have freedom to come and go as he likes ,of course I know that for sure there is a very big brother watching him still it is strange

Omar is 27 years old and he is one from the-at-least 17 sons of Osama Bin Laden , one of his brothers was killed in Afghanistan , the little boy who used to say poetry in Al-Jazeera I remember , he used to live with his dad till the age of 19 years where he was living between Sudan and Afghanistan ,in other words he saw the birth of Al-Qaida but seemed to dislike it, he left his father and his holy war before 9/11 as Felix reported despite some intelligence reports said that he left his father after 9/11 because of difference in opinion upon techniques , in other words the young man has his share in the terrorism guilt , but seriously it seems that he is clean somehow because if he were in the gang ,he would be either killed or in Getumo. bay right now instead of having romance with a British lady he claims to be a Kuwaiti

Omar is a scrap Metal dealer in Jeddah and he is already married a Saudi woman from a famous noble family "A rich family like Bin Laden must marry from family in its status or level" there who did not say no and let him marry again , well it is usual thing in Saudi Arabia and in Gulf beside Islam permits polygamy

The Story goes that the young man met the lady in Egypt ,loved each other and married since September 2006 and they are saying that she was one who proposed to him too ,this picture is said to be taken when she proposed to him according to the Times newspaper

From watching and judging on the photos of Omar I believe that the son is like the father at all , he seems to be the example that supporters and fans of Osama dislike and fight , he dresses blue Jeans and AJ shirts "is AJ a brand name like Quicksilver ??" , he does not have a beard and he is ok if his woman does not wear the veil in the west , she only wears in the east

It seems that Bin Laden did not convince his son to take the path he took ,I mean this young man is not like his dead young brother who used to say poetry about the glorious of his dad saving plan to Islam , it is ironic is not it ??

I mean his father is sending the sons of other people to be killed while his own son is not in his crusade and is busy with love and marriage , this young man seemed not to be encouraged with father's speeches

As I said the Bin Ladens are strange people , I mean as a family they are strange , first of all this is not the first time I speak of another strange Bin Laden , we can not forget Miss Wafaa Bin Laden or the fragrance man Yeslam Bin Laden her father whom I wanted to talk about after reading an interesting interview with him but I forget ironically his ex-wife , Wafaa's mother said in her biography that despite how western the Bin Ladens look they still attached to their religion and traditions, I wonder what Yeslam thought when he saw the pictures of his daughter in GQ

Or the big Bin Laden brother , who owns the franchise of Hard rock cafes and casinos in the middle east ,oh yes I can not forget his image in one of the lifestyle magazines surrounded by liquor and Russian dancers , well stripers to be accurate in the opening of the Hard Rock Casino in Sharm El-Shekih , so no wonder Felix and Ibn Laden junior go there to Sharm , by the way famous Egyptian King of Advertising and owner of Americana advertising company is the partner of Big bin Laden

You just feel that this family is always radical in everything it does , one imposes barely naked in a man's magazine , the other opens casinos surrounded by Stripers , another one sells Women perfumes and proud of his own creation not caring for his daughter who acts like a cheap hooker looking for fame and of course we forgot the one who created the clash of civilization , who turned history upside down and his son who married a grand mother , seriously this is not a normal family at all

back to the love birds and the lady who came to the east to fall in love with a young Arab , again it would be another usual story of love that is already not acceptable by any society a man who marries an older woman , the Harold and Mud couple but it is not usual because the groom is not a son of usual common man