Sunday, September 30, 2007

At last some good news

At last some good news thank God , after a wave of a bad ,very bad news for the last two weeks

First of all I will start with the less good news , it is the biggest good news but it is not bad

Ibrahim Eissa is going to stand in front of a normal court not the military court despite the official announcement , according to judicial resources yesterday he was going to stand in front of a a normal court which accepts appeal , well I believe they re-thought the step that had taken before and saw it was so stupid , it drew a lot of criticism from abroad and I am afraid they care only from abroad , and by they I mean the regime , already they received one hell of an objection letter from the American administration that made the regime very angry to attack it in its official newspapers in the front page

The second great good news , the real good news is that the Workers of Malha factory won and the government will fulfill all their simple demands they are asking after one hell of a week

This is a great news ,some will say that this way people will shut up ,well this is just a start ,first of all let's analysis why the Egyptian government had to fulfill their demands all of it in the end

  1. First of all this is not the first time the workers demand such demands ,in fact that was the last single they had reached , they had no other alternative except Strike,they won't accept any middle solutions
  2. The huge number made impossible to the regime to use its dirty methods from using the police and violence to crack down the strike by force as they are facing not 100 workers but  more than 20,000 with their wives and children occupying the factory in a desperate move in the holy month of Ramadan , the month of mercy
  3. They were afraid also to use violence for fear the local and international criticism , they were indicators that they may use violence and police to crack down the strike whether from the Police siege around the factory Perimeter or the fact that orders came to hospitals in Mahla to be in alert situation still they feared to drew criticism and anger,on the international level that would remind people with the Sudanese refugees camp crack down in new years eve at 2005 not to mention it would come at parallel time with the Burma /Myanmar 's protests ,on the local level that is the month of Ramadan and people are having enough from the regime whether from the high prices or from fear on the semi press freedom we have , it is a killing timing

This can be the start as a successful strike ,it can be repeated in other factories and I am sure other workers in factories like Kafr El-Dowar will think in the same way

The main problem we got here is that the administration of the factory is isolated from the workers taking all the profits forgetting the rights of those workers who are the main success factor in the factory , without them the administration will have a factory with machines only , with no products at the end , here I am speaking about business administration perspective , my field of study ,from a managerial point of view , you must create a suitable environment for your employees in your work whether blue collars or white collars in order to reach to a trade off , you want your product or service and they will produce it for you ,you can't ask them to work as horses or animals only for minimum charges and expect a better product logically especially when your product or service is selling well enough and pumping cash to your wallet ,creating better environment to your employees will also help you to have a better image in the public mind , I remember when there was a news about a strike in the Dahkla Iron and Steel factory owned by NDP tycoon Ahmed Ezz his PR made a huge public campaign with ads in TV till they are aired in prime time across the various networks about how great the work environment in his factories , of course I am speaking about a perfect world ,things are not like this in Egypt 

Anyhow here are photos from the strike and here is an interesting essay from AP "Thanks to Arabawy"

And where are the Syrian authorities from all this ??

For two days now the YNet website , the English website of Yediot Ahronot has published a special report about their correspondent's visit to Syria

Yes you read my words right , their correspondent's visit to Syria ,an enemy land with no diplomatic relations , no Syrians are allowed to go to Israel and no Israelis are allowed by the Syrians to enter Israel but of course this is not a rule in Israel because they were couple of Syrians "not so popular"" who visited Israel this year and there was a Israeli adventurous YA reporter who visited Syria from a short time

The adventurous reporter  Ron Ben-Yishai had visited Syria and entered the land of the enemy not with his Israeli passport for sure but with another western passport , just like the other Israeli reporter who entered Lebanon and even had a broadcast live from Beirut to the Israeli TV and caused a lot of buzz , well it seemed that reporter showed the easy way to enter enemy land

Ron Ben-Yishai started his dangerous mission right after the news of the Israeli Raid especially after the spread of news about their so-called commandos big adventure with the evil north Korean nukes

Ron Started his reports to YA first with a field visit to the location of  Yom-kipur-Damascus_wh the raid and operation then with an emotional report about his visit to the last synagogue in Damascus where he attended the Yom Kippur service from 6 days ago then the rest of the report was about his journey of Syria

Already the man is no longer in Syria and returned back to Tel Aviv safely where he can speak freely as he wants

Ron is one hell of a journalist for sure , that took a lot of bravery to do what he did except if he was sure that no one would catch him  , after all I bet he disguised as a tourist

I do not know where the Syrian authorities were ,of course I found nothing in the official or unofficial Syrian media about this visit , same thing in the blogs, it seems to me that the Syrian authorities ignored this visit totally because they do not need to make the Syrian people more angry and feel unsecured in the country , first there was a raid and second Israelis come and go as they want with another passports , of course this can't be solved easily , it is very intelligent trick

The security in Syria is just like another country in the Arab world focused only on the regime security only nothing else and that's the gap from which anyone can come through it

Of course I am not convinced with all what Ron said in his two exclusive reports because I am not buying at all this fictional rainbow six Israeli special forces adventure in Syria, the axis of evil union of North Korean nuke technology and bad Syrian intentions ,this story fabricated by the U.S and Israel and spread in the western media Rainbow Six: Books: Tom Clancy

ISBN: 0425170349
ISBN-13: 9780425170342

Friday, September 28, 2007

Even in Myanmar

Did  you see what happened in Myanmar in the past couple of day ??

Did you see What the Monks did in ex- Burma currently Myanmar ??

For three days the world did nothing except watching the uprising of the monks and its results in admiration??

The peaceful Buddhist monks rebelled against the military rule in Rangoon - 9/26/07Myanmar bravely and the regime replied stupidly as the custom of military regimes by killing them and entering their temples with no respect what so ever to the people's religious believes

The people answered on this aggression with protests angrily , not their religion and the religious symbol , huge protests inside Myanmar and outside it in front of its embassies worldwide against what had happened from two days ago

This is the second day and its seems it won't be the last despite the people who died thanks to the people growing anger

This is in Myanmar not in Egypt

It makes feel sad because of our religious men who seem to forget their duty towards their people in front of God , they seemed to be very timid

I am sorry but our religion Islam calls to stand against cruel tyrannies,to stand against corruption and fight it 

It is one of the finest form of jihad that we stand against tyrannies,look to our history ,where are the great sheikhs like Al- Ezz Ibn Abd El-Salam,Mohamed Abdo and Rafa'a El-Tahawy now ??

Don't they fear God those religious men when they become silent on what is happening in the country !! being hypocrites to the various regimes only to secure life , what about the other life afterwards !!??

The religion now is used in the service of the regime , on demand fatwas

You know those Islamic clerics seems to me as if they sold their souls to the devil by their silence and obedience to a regime with no religion what so ever.

Did you know that for the first time this year in the history of Egypt the prayers of Tahagd in Ramadan are limited in specific Mosques across the country ??

The "Tahagd" is a kind of prayers where Muslims stay all night worshiping in Mosques till Dawn prayer , for some hidden reasons this is not welcomed any more , the Houses of God which must be opened 24/7 must be closed after the Isha prayer ,according to the security orders

The Security boards in Egypt fear that this may increase radicalism , I scan0002 do not know how !!?? but I know that radicalism increased in Egypt due to the fact that the people are no longer believe the clerics of the Al-Azhar since it became a governmental institution with no independence what so ever , with its continuing silence on what it is going in Egypt from corruption and here I am not speaking about the Social corruption in morals more about the economic and political corruption

One day they will stand in front of God and they will be asked about what they have done to their people and their religion and I believe preaching in Friday about the family morals , about women and about honesty ,these speeches which are approved by the security are not enough at all , cursing America and Israel after the Friday prayers are not enough ,these men will be more accountable about us for what they know and have from religious knowledge and influence on the people

  • Sources:

9 killed in 2nd day of Myanmar crackdown - Yahoo! News

Deaths in Myanmar crackdown-Al-Jazeera English

Myanmar : 9 Dead in Crack Down-CNN

Burma's generals strike back from the Time Magazine

Images sources : Mynamar photo from Flickr

                                Egyptian Photo scan from the Dostor daily newspaper

More bad news for Egyptian Press

I do not from where shall I start ,as I said earlier in my post regarding the new court's order against Al-Abrashi ,it became a daily routine

Well I will start from yesterday

it turned out the head of Journalism syndication Mr. Jalal Araf Jalal Araf suffered yesterday a heart attack in his office there and had to be transferred to I.C and there is till now. The heart attack came after one hell of a week where several journalists faced jail creating a big challenge for the syndication

Araf had the heart attack after receiving the news about the new court order against Al-Abrashi , of course not because of that particular news but because of the stress itself , the man could not take it anymore

Well thank God it  reached to this extent only because if he had  received the court order of today his heart could have stopped

What is the court order of today ??

Ibrahim Eissa ,the chief in editor of El-Dostor Daily is going to stand in front of the high state security court !!

Yes for the first time in the history he is going to stand in front of this high state security court which does not have an appeal option !!

May be it is not the first time in history of Egyptian Press Mustafa Amin stood in front of a military court for even worse alleged charge than Eissa which was Espionage to the United States

Is not that just refreshing ?? It is one way ticket for Ibrahim Eissa to jail !! of course unless the miraculous presidential interfere comes in the last second to save the day as the

President promised that there will be no journalist behind bars in his era

By the way this was expected yesterday Eissa and others in other newspapers hinted to it but it was not a confirmed thing until today

The day's news did not stop here

In respond the Chief in editors of the independent and party newspapers decided to not to publish their newspapers on Sunday the 7th of October 2007 , the daily newspapers will not be published on that day and the weekly newspapers will not be published in their days as an objection move against the jail of the journalists in attempt to escalate the case

They gathered today down town in the headquarters of the Arabic Nasserite Newspaper and took this decision

I believe we also should do the same and boycott the official newspapers too on that day insh Allah

We still with the news of her majesty on the 27/9/2007 , in the same time ,there was a protest in solidarity with the journalists on the Stairs of the Syndication of Journalism , a very popular spot for protests , already as far as I received from news and alerts the anti-riots surrounded the area popular downtown in away that made impossible to come and go as usual ,they cracked down the protest and as far as I know some people were arrested , that was only from two hours ago ,I do not how this night will end

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday , the start of the weekend

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Mime master is dead

Legendary Mime Marcel Marceau had passed away in France

To tell you the truth when I was child I used to be scared from he Mime actors because of their white face , black eyeliners and red lipstick since I can't deny that I also loved to imitate as a child the cage move thanks to Ahmed Nabil performance in the national TV

More information about him is here in CNN and I advice you to see this wonderful archive clip from BBC News in Youtube ,unfortunately they are not allowing the videos of the BBC to be embedded in Websites by the request of the BBC as they know the videos will be downloaded and distributed over the Internet

Marcel seemed to be a great artist and may he RIP still the mime actors are creepy

The only time I overcome my fear from them is when I played No One lives forever 2 and I was faced by a gang of mime hitmen and I had to kill them all !!

Anyhow I can't deny that it is a very fine art that unfortunately it is not respected as it should in the world ,the Mime actors in many countries are regarded as beggars

In Egypt I think we have only one famous mime actor Mr.Ahmed Nabil whom I mentioned before and I believe that he is very sad for the death of Marceau as he used to act Marceau 's character Bip

Another jail order for Egyptian Journalists !!

I do not know if that is going to be on a daily basis , I mean every time I open an Egyptian website I find the news that an Egyptian court somewhere ordered to jail Journalists and chief editor of some newspaper with fine to be paid !!

This is in less than a week , oh man

There was another court order today to jail another group of journalists ,the order came afternoon ,I do not know when ,but it turned out that the Agouza court decided to jail the publisher of "Sawt El-Oma" , the Chief in editor of the same newspaper and three journalists in it  for two months and a fine equals to 100 E.P each

It turned out there is some businessman called "Ali Mohamed Ibrahim" sued the newspaper from defame and spreading lies about him , I do not know by this particular newspaper does not publish anything related to corruption and fraud cases except with hard evidence of documents

This is not the first case independent "Sawt El-Oma" being sued for , I already spoke about the sister of El-Dostor before

Already it is Chief in editor "Wael Al-Abrashi" is facing another court

order of jail for 4 years in the famous trial on the  first day of Ramadan and I remember that last year there was a case against him and journalist in the newspaper regarding the corrupted Judges lists in the elections , yet he was lucky enough to win it

That is first time the court orders to jail the publisher of the Newspaper "Mr.Essam Fahmy"

The three other journalists in the newspaper are :

  • Hana Moussa
  • Reda Ali
  • Manal Abd El-Latif

I do not know but i feel that this business man has an NDP membership card in his pocket

The timing is striking it came in less than 72 hours from the other court order to jail the Wafad newspaper journalists for two years and less than two weeks from the other court order to jail 4 chief in editors including Al-Abrashi for 4 years not to mention the older court order to jail Ibrahim Eissa

And they say that these days are the best for journalism !!

In All countries , defaming cases against newspapers usually has maximum penalty is fine , not jail

I believe this is just another chapter from the witch hunt against Egyptian journalists !!

You do not need to think too much to say that this is a punishment for "Fahmy" and "Al-Abrashi" for what they publish weekly in their newspaper from corruption exposure to police torture watch to NDP criticism

The Egyptian regime thinks it will makes them shut up , on the contrary it will make them speak more and more louder and they won't be alone the people will be in their side even silently and the outside world will be in their side , already the United States criticized the jail of journalists , I am waiting for the EU comment too

by the way Emirates decided to cancel the jail penalty from the the publishing crimes law :) this is the United Arab Emirates with my all respect it does not have a long journalistic history like Egypt , our first newspaper "The Egyptian Chronicles" was published in the time of Mohamed Ali !! And they cancel the jail penalty !!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Egyptian workers occupy factory

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egyptian workers occupy factory

I received some alerts from different sources saying that currently at 12 AM and something in Gharbia there are many anti-riots and Police vehicles surrounding the factory of Misr Helwan Spinning and Weaving at El-Mahalla El-Kubra in order to end to the strike

This is biggest strike Egypt has seen from a very long time I believe , it ww2ourwar is also the first time that the workers occupy a factory in their strike with their families and children and there are fears and concerns that the Anti-riots won't be merciful with them

Look I am with these workers and I totally agree that they must take their rights back , already I read their demands before and its case is covered wonderfully in Arabawy's blog

It is not about socialism ,it is about stolen rights , these workers deserve better treatment

Oh Allah please help them

You know it is a good  , the people began to move yesterday it was the universities ,today it is the factories tomorrow ............ I do not know what there will be in tomorrow

I am happy and afraid , the security won't this pass easily , I believe more restriction will be imposed , already it is enough to see the trials of the journalists to feel where this country is going :(

R.I.P Haidar Abd El-Shafi

Famous Palestinian Negotiator and community leader  DR. Haidar Abd El-50434454 Shafi had passed away yesterday in Gaza,I am really very sad for his death , the only condolence I have to myself and his family that he died in real blessed days of Ramadan

He was a real great honorable Palestinian man , a clean person who did not pollute himself with the dirt of the politics and conflict of power just like the rest PLO and Fatah

I believe that the power of the Palestine in negotiation with Israel was affected negatively with his departure , I imagine if he were there ,things would be different

He was a good friend to all the Palestinian sects and this is what I liked about him , for his sake of his country , the country he dreamt for the last day of his life about

By the way he left the Palestinian legislative council because he did not like the authorities that were given to Arafat , I think this man wanted the impossible to happen in An Arabic state to have a constitutional state with a powerful legislative council

Of course Israel was glad that someone like him to leave the Dr.Haider in Madridnegotiation table to be replaced with Fatah big corrupted gangs like Yasser Abd Rabu and Dahlan !!

I know for sure that I won't forget this man especially whom I  remember from Madrid by his thick eyebrows

It is a rare thing to find the Palestinians agree on someone like Dr.Haider for his great honesty and integrity

Dr.Haider lived in Gaza ,with his wife ,four children and seven grand children ,in the last two years he suffered from Cancer and he died yesterday and the funeral was held on the same day


May Allah bless the soul of his noble man and have mercy on him in these blessing days

Please pray for him ,and in case that you are Muslim , well Fataha will do a great thing for him

More information:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now he is a Muslim !??

Ok we are still with Daniel Sharon the Israeli who was arrested in Lebanon during an investigation of a strange Murder case in Beirut. The case created a big buzz in Israel even more than Lebanon which is busy now with the news of its new political crisis regarding the Presidential election , an expected thing

Of course the Israelis are denying that he is a Spy despite there is no Danny Boy spying charge and in fact they are saying that he is a Muslim !! Yes according to an interview with his father Moussa Sharon with YNet , he loves the Arabs and converted to Islam from 11 years ago !!!

Now the Israeli Media is promoting that he is Muslim !! I am sorry but he is a Homosexual , he is gay according to his own confession who comes to Lebanon only for pleasure ,I do not consider that this is a Muslim behavior at all

Already Homosexuality is totally prohibited with Islam , Islam does not tolerate homosexuality at any level

And I do not care what some would say from those who call them Progressive Muslims , yes there are Muslim homosexuals just like there are Christian Homosexuals , that does not mean that Islam or Christianity allow homosexuals

The Israeli media I am afraid is speaking as he was he was not visiting Mecca nor he was in a religious Spiritual trip ,he was in Beirut and he was in a sexual tourism visit where he used to pay for Sex according to his own confessions in Beirut !!

Stupidity !!

Anyhow it seemed that the Lebanese brain intelligence department is going to deport the pink tourist because he entered with the German Passport !! Already they believed he has nothing to do with the murder of El-Shalaan despite I found out that the photocopy of the Israeli passport was for his passport !!

I do not know how they would let him if he already has a relationship with three security officers , I am sorry but those who are ready to sell their bodies for money are ready to sell anything for money including information about their country !!!

Israelis are hoping that the kid would get away as soon as possible from Lebanon because there was a fear that Hezbollah would receive him in their hospitality and instead of two they will have three , I already expected this too but it seems that this would happen in a Perfect world

Look with my all respect I am not convinced easily with that mix of Islam , homosexuality and security officer not to mention a photocopy for an Israeli passport in a Murder scene !!!

By the way here is photo for the flat where the murder had taken p06_20070924_pic1.preview place in the Southern Suburb

It seems messy to me , may be because the search of the police

I am so angry ,you think I believe this Danny Boy has some contact in the Lebanese political arena , those princes of war

it makes no sense and being cool in the investigation is not a sign of innocence all the time ,the Lebanese authorities made a blood test for him to see he was taking any drugs !!

I hope that the Lebanese authorities think again , a relationship with three security officers is not an easy thing , and I wonder what kind of relationship was that made him send the security officer ,the roommate of Shalaan to vacation abroad !!

If I were from the Lebanese authorities I would take a list from all his boyfriends in Lebanon and check of it , also another list for all the places he had visited since his first visit in 1996 not to mention to know exactly what fake documents he used in Lebanon with the help of his boyfriends the security services

Also I would check from the visits of the security officers abroad , there are thousands of things I must check of before letting Danny boy leave the country

I guess this what a respectable intelligence department in an army should do

Monday, September 24, 2007

The hunt against the Egyptian Journalists continues

Last week there were four chief in editors who were sent to jail and now they are five as today the court ruled to jail   :

Anwar El-Howaray , the chief in editor of Daily "El-Wafad"

Mohamed El-Galb the head of the parliament section in the newspaper

"Amir Salam" the journalist of politics affair in the newspaper


Salam-Galab-El-Howaray "from left to right"

They were sentenced to jail for two years with a fine equal 2000 E.P !!

There is a bail to stop the court order which is equal 5000 E.P for each of them

The court order came like that for publishing so-called false news that harms the Egyptian Judicial System !!!

As the Newspaper published on the last 26th of January 2007 that the minister of Justice said in the Shura council that the Egyptian judicial system is without efficiency ,the Justice is in danger and 90% of the Egyptian Judges are not efficient enough

The source of the News in Arabic

12 lawyers sued the three journalists for what they considered The headline of the 26th of January !!?? spreading false news demanding the maximum penalty as those three journalists insulted the Egyptian judicial system ....bla bla bla

12 lawyers !!?? Why did not those 12 lawyers sue the minister of Justice for his rude attacks day and night against the Egyptian Judges !!??  those 12 lawyers are from the NDP honorable members by the way just like the rest of the lawyers in previous cases

Look I do not know about this ancient news but I won't be surprised if the Minister of justice said so because this man hates the independent Judges and is rude with them

And even when you read the news they published in January I do not see any insult to the Egyptian Judicial system !!Already this news depends on the statement of the minister to the Shura council ,it is officially documented for sure in the Shura sessions journals , which were already presented to the court by the defense lawyer , for some reason it was discarded !!

I do not know I do not think this is for the Egyptian Judicial System's black eyes , I believe this is a new episode in the witch hunt of the Egyptian Journalists

In less than one month 8 journalists were sentenced to jail between 2 and four years !!

Ironically in all other cases there other side who sued the journalists and wanted a maximum penalty as a punishment is always a lawyer or two !!??

Another interesting point the court which saw this stupid case is the court of El-Warak , this court also saw the famous previous trial against Ibrahim Eissa when another lawyer "did n't I tell there is something strange !!!" sued him and his newspaper for insulting the Egyptian President  sending him to jail ,of course he had to pay a bail

It was the start of the witch hunt technically there ,

El-Wafad newspaper is published by the Egyptian Party El-Wafad , the famous opposition party , it is opposition newspaper which is used to attack the government day and night despite the fact that the head of the party now is the brother of the current Agriculture minister in the cabinet , still it is a popular newspaper , of course El-Dostor and Sowat El-Oma took the lead from it because of the freedom limit

Another bad day for her majesty ,the fourth authority in Egypt , the Journalism

Ironically I was watching an episode from the TV series "king Farouk" when I went to see the news during the commercial break , in the beginning of the today's episode King Farouk was showed so scared and worried that the Egyptian Press could know the flings of his mother in Europe and he would not be able to force any censorship on the press in that case !! This was from more than 50 years when Egypt was a constitutional monarchy

And the verdict's came in Egypt's most chocking Rape accident

I promised that I would follow the case and here I am sticking to my word .

Egypt's most shocking Rape accident ; Hend's accident , the Hend youngest mother in Egypt if you remember , already I followed up the case day by day for its importance .

Yesterday was the final day in the trial of the young man "Mohamed Samy" who was accused of raping Hend, and the verdict came in his favor : Innocence from all charges

He is innocent of rape charge as the court listened to the witnesses ,read the police statements and the three forensic reports and saw that he was not the real rapist

I won't say that I am surprised because I had my doubts from the start but kept in myself then I shared with you after the first trial in last July 2007

Already the first trial in last July showed to what direction the case Samy was moving towards to after the reports of the DNA proved that the baby "Mena Allah" is not the daughter of "Samy" ,it was a powerful scientific evidence the defense of "Samy" used in his side beside other testimonies from witnesses in the area where they are all living .

According to the newspapers when the verdict was announced the judge there was a storm in the court .

The "Samys" could not believe themselves from happiness that his mother fainted and his relatives cheered screaming the famous Egyptian slogan when they hear a verdict in their side "Long live justice"

On the other hand Hend family had a shock met with silence than the silence with broken when Hend screamed against the verdict then her screams went louder when her dad focused his anger on her and started to beat her inside the court !!

Of course the Samys made interviews where as Hend's family refused to talk to journalists and TV correspondents .

According to the Egyptian law she could appeal again ,yet it is no use because the key evidence in this case is the DNA ,also the confusion in her statements to the police creates a big gap any defense lawyer can use it in his/her client favor.

I think the one who raped her is someone very close to her a relative or someone near from the family whom she knows and fears of , if the father was not in the jail during her rape I would say the father immediately

I forget to tell you among the things the judge said in the verdict is an order for the security forces to capture the real rapist as soon as possible.

Mohamed Samy's father seemed to be a good religious man whom wasa_1190647559 all the people in his village were shocked that his son was accused by that terrible accusation , I think God rewarded the man's patience in Ramadan

About Hend ,I was from the early people who spread her news in the Egyptian Blogsphere and I want to say that by lying and jailing the wrong man because of fear she made a huge sin ,very huge sin in Islam the false testimony , she should say the truth not for her but for the poor child whom till now got no ones knows who is her father.

Hend won the sympathy of all sectors in the society ,Egypt's first lady Susan Mubarak ordered an immediate financial monthly aid and a flat to be given for her and her family ,the human rights and feminists organizations stood by her and all those who write in Egypt from big names in journalism to nicknames in blogging like me spread her case to be known internationally , in Technorati I found in my blog reaction pages I do not from what country or in what language  speaking about the Youngest mother in Egypt linking to me , all that and in return Hend disrespected us all and disrespected her little baby in the first place and accused someone innocent instead of saying the name of the real rapist

She feared a mortal human being and forgot about God , someone will say she is just a child , well this child could have sent an innocent man behind bars for 25 years not to mention and disgrace that would follow his family in a country side community !!

I am so angry from her and her family

N.B : I respect so much the way AL-Wafad daily newspaper dealt with the case , already Al-Wafad was the first newspaper to cover the accident from the beginning , in today's edition they covered the reaction of Mohamed Samy family reaction in a neutral way

Sharon the second in Beirut

Sharon the first did not bring to Lebanon anything except death and destruction and Sharon the second did not bring to Lebanon anything except confusion to the security authorities there

Daniel Sharon was accidentally arrested in Beirut from couple of days during a murder investigation where at first they thought he was only a German citizen then it turned out that he is an Israeli gay who can't live without the Lebanese gays that he visited Lebanon for 11 times since 2005 !!

I will start from the beginning , from the murder which is seemed to be forgotten,all the media is concentrating on the Israeli and is forgetting the main mysterious crime where a person was found killed by his roommate the security officer's gun in the Southern Suburb , the heart of Hezbollah area in Beirut , not to mention a photocopy for an Israeli passport and an official stamp were found in the crime scene too ,then it turned out that this roommate was with his friend or boyfriend who turned to be Israeli

There are many parts here are needed to be understood , of course the quick public mind will jump to conclusion that this Israeli is a Spy who is recruiting gay men in Lebanon , of course this quick conclusion can not eliminated easily not because he got the Israeli citizenship but because of the circumstances , the strange circumstances of the incident

The frequent , too frequent visits for Lebanon in two years are not a regular thing , and I can't believe it is only for sex tourism only , as if there were no gay men in Germany !!

I mean a security officer befriends an Israeli man in what can be considered more than a friendship in to some kind of a sexual relation , the Israeli man sends him in visits outside Lebanon for several times on his expense and he facilitates things and helps him in Lebanon in return!! They did not mention what kind of visits the security officer was sent in and what kind of help that the security officer used to give to his gay friend ,of course I assume these questions will or even were asked in the intelligence sector investigation with both of them

of course this is beside the ultimate question in my mind since I read the news regarding the photocopy of the Israeli passport ,for whom was that passport ?? is it photocopy from Daniel's original passport or what ??

The timing of the murder and the arrest came at very interesting time in Lebanon after the assassination of Anton Ghanem and the near presidential elections , Ghanem was killed on the 19th of September and the police in Beirut opened the investigation in El-Shalaan murder on the dune of the 20th of September , they did not mention in the media when El-Shalaan was killed but logically he could have been killed also in the 19th of September ,interesting is n't??

It is too early to say that Daniel is a spy ,well may be not too early because in other countries quick and careful investigation would be made but this is Lebanon and this is the middle east

Already this incident made the security authorities look so careless ,it was always accused that it did not protect the politicians enough and that 's why they were killed , now Israelis come and go as they want in Lebanon , this is not the first case of an Israeli enters Lebanon with another passport from a month ago an Israeli journalist went to Beirut and caused a lot of stir and buzz

Some Lebanese wonder why his passport or his name was not curious enough for the authorities in the airport or in the Lebanese embassy to investigate him and the answer is simple he did not enter Lebanon as an Israeli ,he entered Lebanon as a German and I am sorry but there are other people in the world with strange names yet of course it is a huge mistake that a security officer to be connected with an Israeli man

The funniest thing that I found a Lebanese newspaper saying that he is from the The Sharons aka the family of Ariel Sharon !!

Sex here plays an important role , the man said that he had many boyfriends across Lebanon frankly ,I do not know if it was only for sex or what !! Of course I know that this the last thing the GLBT activists in Lebanon need from a bad publicity that their gay men are recruited by the Israeli for espionage ,again there is no official accusation but this is what the public mind is saying now there. Already this won't be the first time recruiting agents and spies by the use of Sex is so old and if you remember it is not the first case which homosexuality here plays an important role in , from couple of months we had El-Attar and before him we had Heba Salim who was a bisexual also there were other couple of cases in the 1960s the spies there were homosexual, do not forget that the refusal of the Arabic Societies to accept homosexuality as a social behavior makes many homosexuals lose their sense of belonging to their countries and societies.

I am waiting for more information to be released hopefully by the Intelligence sector in the Lebanese army ,hopefully soon

It is not an easy case as you think , it opens many doors some people prefer to be closed in Lebanon without discussion whether homosexuality or the security measures , I mean it is dangerous to have security officers to be involved in such relations,it is not only about sex but about violations of laws too

I believe that the key of the case is in the murder of El-Shalaan , I think Shalaan knew something and it was very important to get rid of him , I believe this photocopy of the Israeli passport and the official Lebanese stamp are very important evidences ,if the photocopy was for Sharon's passport than it would be a straightforward case , he knew and he was going to tell the authority and that's why he was killed

I will try to cover the story , by the way Lebanon is a very hot spot for espionage and spies since the 1950s ,huge big one , the playground of the C.I.A,KGB,Mossad and of course our own national GEI ,of course anyone who follows Lebanon very well and knows its politics and history will know that they are still there and there are also new players

Sunday, September 23, 2007

An Israeli is accidentally arrested in Beirut

Seriously despite its importance as a news it did not catch the eyes of the Arabic media , despite all the interesting details in it that makes a hot dish for Ramadan, it did not make the headlines as the last assassination in Lebanon , I do not know why , may be because it will open another big door of taboos whether in Lebanon or in the Arab world in general.

As I wrote in the headline An Israeli is accidentally arrested in Beirut in Lebanon in a strange bizarre case.

It already started with a Murder the Lebanese internal Security aka Police following the Merje police station was investigating on the 20th of September the Murder of Citizen Moussa Hussein El-Shalaan . El-Shalaan who was born in 1969 was found as a dead body in his flat in the 6th floor block no.2  at the "Malk" Project in El-Salam neighbor which is in the Merje area in the Southern Suburb en Beirut ,why I mentioned the whole address is the last part the Southern Suburb ,It is the populated Shiite Hezbollah area in Beirut with all the offices of Hezbollah and its TV Channels and radios are there .

It would be another murder case with no suspicion after all , they thought at first it was a suicide case according to the primary forensic reports  ,but there was a problem of the Murder weapon "They did not say where he was shot or where they found the murder weapon from the dead body that is whether it was in hand or it was just left there".

The Murder weapon was a gun ,it was found in the apartment which turned to be rented by Shalaan and other three ,the gun was turned to be an official security/military gun that is owned by some security officer personality and two from the other three who rented the flat with El-Shalaan are also security officer personalities "I do not know how a security officer in Lebanon refers to, whether it is an army personality or a police personality !! ".

The surprises which were more like Shocks and it did not stop here  especially they found in the flat too a copy from an Israeli passport and an official stamp from one of the Lebanese security authorities !!

The police called the owner of the gun ,the roommate of "El-Shalaan" the security officer to interrogate him about his gun and where he had been in the time of the murder, the usual questions  of course ... and of course questions about the copy of the passport and the security stamp ....."They did not say but I predict".

The security officer answered the investigators that he had already lost his gun "I do not know whether he reported this or not because this is a military gun because this is what he should have done in case of losing it  !!"  So he does not know anything about the gun from a while and surely they examined the finger prints

Where he was during the murder , well he was staying with a German friend staying at the Four Points Sheraton hotel in Beirut's Verdun and they went and checked from what he said , from his friend , from the hotel , the usual steps in any murder case .

They brought in the German friend who seemed so suspicious, his name was strange , he speaks Arabic in a Gulf accent and the nature of his visits to Lebanon and other Arab countries seemed bizarre , he already visited Lebanon only since 2005 11 times !!

The German friend after checking his background said that he came to Lebanon for tourism , not like any tourism as it turned out that he was a gay and he liked the Lebanese gays so much ,and that he visited Lebanon only for sex ",he had no business in Lebanon what so ever ,he had many boyfriends or what ever he calls them in the Southern Suburb, Beirut ,Zgharta ,Jouniah..etc .

Then he began to reveal more about him , he said that he is a Jew and his full name was Daniel Moussa "Moses" Sharon ,already the Police did not know this from his details in the hotel as it turned out that he gave a bride to a hotel employee in order not to register his full name.

Sharon did not stop here , no he continued to reveal more about Daniel Sharon himself in a way that caused confusion you see first he said that his father was a Turkish Jew ,then he said that his father was a Syrian Jew who immigrated to Israel in year 1959 Where Daniel was born in year 1975 !! yes Daniel is an Israeli and in Lebanon , already as Israel is considered an enemy country to Lebanon its citizens are prohibited to enter the country .

His family circumstance as he claimed helped him to get a German passport and that his financial resources come from his work in commercial companies in Israel ,Cyprus and European Countries 

He said that he had learnt Arabic during his to the UAE by the help of a citizen of Bahrain "I wonder if he was gay like him or what !!?? and that he visited Egypt and Jordan frequently "for his favorite terrorism or what !!??"

He denied totally that he was a spy or in espionage mission and according to the media in Lebanon he was cool and less nervous

Very interesting three points were revealed

  • From the 11 times he visited Lebanon since 2005 , he was in Lebanon one month only before the July 2006
  • His last visit was from four days ago ,that on the 19th of  September
  • He sent his friend the security officer in visits outside Lebanon for several times on his expense and in exchange the officer helped him in Lebanon !!

The German Embassy in Beirut declared that one of her citizens there and it would follow the situation. In Israel of course they covered the news in the media with an official statement from the Foreign ministry that it will follow the case.Nothing said it was an espionage case yet despite all the elements of the classical espionage story are available

I will comment more about the case later insh Allah ,as now I need a good sleep

Source :

Source of the photo is Ynet News , they said that it was for Danny boy

Friday, September 21, 2007

patriotism crisis

Do you know the faith Crisis that some like Mother Teresa and Al-Ghazali suffered from !!??

This is something similar ,it is not about the existence of God this time more about the existence of real patriot elements in the regime , I am suffering from this patriotism crisis

I know I sound strange ,no this is not the fasting effects , the hallucinations of fasting as we call it in Egypt

I no longer have faith in that regime to include any patriot elements in its branches

I do not mean the people in regime we already lost our confidence in , but I mean those people ..... man I can find words , I feel so angry

Look to put it simple in easy way

more and more I feel that this regime with all the members made so so so so so cheap

With no dignity what so ever

With no respect to us what so ever

They are treating us as if we are idiots , as if we do not understand anything , as if we were children despite the fact we are as old as the land we live in

No body respects us any more , No body respect our history and our victories , already the out side world does not know that we have victories anymore

I am from the generation which was raised upon the victories of 6 October war 1973 , I opened my eyes since the 1980s to find all those who fought in it from the high and middle high ranks in high positions from governors to ministers to a president who ruled for 30 years

They were there and the corruption was and is still there !!

I am having mixed feelings now

Those guys from the army who fought in 1973 the Israelis to get the land , to get the lost dignity to revenge for their terrible defeat seemed to forget patriotism that made them cross the canal and raise the flag on the other bank of the canal !!

even 1973 war victory is no longer considered a victory by many thanks to them ,I am not speaking internationally , but I am speaking nationally , some people now from believe it was a charade "one commenter once told me here that" and some believe that we lost because they read some general here and general there !!

Is the temptation of the position so powerful ?? is the temptation of the power so great ??

Do you they like how we become ??

We are no longer influential power in the region whether in the Arab world or in the Middle east or in the Islamic world or in Africa or in any where !!

I am tired from reading History , believe me it is hard for hardcore history fan to read about how great her country was from 30 years ago and look to her country's present now ,it is divesting , I can't imagine the future , in fact I do not want to because I am scared of the image I can see !!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Marry Our Daughter

This is disgusting , seriously disgusting , I can not believe that this is in America

Families offer their daughters for marriage by a price !! 

Marry Our Daughter - Home

I do not know but I feel that it is just eBay or , but this time for marriage

The fearful thing that most of these girls did not reach their 20s yet !!6a00c2251ebee2604a00cd973a16034cd5

It is so bad

I do not think that religion has to do with anything here , religion did not tell you to offer your daughters like Merchandise in a shop !!

So humiliating

What I fear is that this idea finds its way to the Arab world especially with the increase of single girls and women

I do not know why I feel that this sort of marriage service reminds with me with hidden prostitution

If you read the testimonies you will find that all the people are so happy by the financial benefits they got from that sort of marriage !!

Updates !! Updates !!

It turned to be a hoax, fake website !!

Check the Newsweek article "Thanks Kinzi"

The Bride's buyer

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

East Beirut

I do not know why I remember the Lebanese film "West Beirut" when I saw the breaking news about the huge blast in the "East Beirut" area where a MP from the "Phalanges" was killed among other people

A huge blast rocked the vital area which is a populated Christian area 76861586 in Beirut ,I could not believe the damage size they showed in TV whether from the cars or the buildings

The victim that time is the MP of Phalanges Maronite Antoine Ghanem,who was badly injured and died in the way to a hospital near by the area , already I do not know how he could live after that blast if he was its target in the first place , if the windows and buildings were shattered and other neighborhood heard the blast  miles away!!!

Other 4 people were killed and as reported 20 people injured in the blast , of course I believe the number of the injured may be more than this because most of the cars in the scene were on fire when the TV channels aired the blast on air

Already the street is considered a vital cross road that reaches and 76860227 connects several area in Beirut whether West Beirut or the Southern Suburb , it is very populated during the time of the blast near afternoon when people return from their work to their homes

It is so terrible indeed all those innocent people

It comes in  a very critical time , the presidential elections are just on the doors and Berry's initiative to postpone the demand of a national unity cabinet until the parliament would agree on the President76861008 is accepting the approval of the different sects

A striking time

As usual the leaders of the 14th of February Jonbalt and Geagea issued a warning before the incident that a terrorist attack would take place !!  this prediction is strange

The victim was from the Phalanges and as far as I know he was from the moderate members who had good relations with other parties from the opposition , he is not radical as other 14th of February in other words I think he is a loss more to the opposition than 14th of February

The area that was rocked by the blast is a Christian populated area 76861819 most people there are from the Phalanges supporters , already that area of "San El-Phil" had one hell of history in the Lebanese civil war , it seems that someone wanted the neighborhood to remember these black days

From the size of the impact I believe it was one huge car or SUV full of explosives , not just a car , a big car , a SUV , it was a remote bombing they used a remote control just like in the previous terrorist acts

Today the Maronite Cardinals had their meeting today to discuss the Berry's initiative and they agreed on supporting it saying that boycotting the Presidential elections was just like boycotting the nation

A perfect timing

This is the first attack after the assassination of hardcore 14th of Feb 76866727 Sunni Walid Eido from few months

This blast comes at the same time the reports and even the President warned the rate of arming is increasing in Lebanon and here they do not mean  the arms of Hezbollah , by they mean the arms of other groups , dangerous groups , in which I believe the Lebanese forces are among them

I think some want the Christians in Lebanon especially the Phalanges to be provoked enough to start a war against the other sects

I feel so sad again for those innocent people who died,injured and had their cars and shops destroyed for no freaking good reason

N.B : I do not like the western media definition of Ghanam as anti-Syrian as if that was only thing he did in his life to be against the Syrians

Images Source: Getty 

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crazy fans and haters

It is off the topic

I laughed so much when I saw it

I do not know if that fan is serious or crazy or what , but I know that this is the last thing Britney needs

You know it is scary also ,I mean look how he/she screams

I love the part "any one has a problem with her ,well deal with me !!"

I do not know if that he/she or whatever is knows that his/her country army is stuck in the other world in an endless war where people from both side !! With all the tragedies in the world !!

Talking about Crazy fans we should not also forget the crazy haters

Now we got several facebook groups and Websites dedicated for the haters of Tamer Hosny ,the most famous website of them is Tamer , those haters are so dangerous as  they are intending to hack Tamer's official !! "Is not that a crime!!??"

Image Hosted by

You will know what kind of people you are dealing with when you read the following introduction

"We are Egyptian youth living in freedom under the protection the President and a democratic free government that does not prohibit freedom"

Lol ,Freedom and free government !!

Look I do not like Tamer either but this is too much when Egypt is living a very critical time , instead of that lame website why they do not talk about corruption and torture cases , may be they are afraid ,may be that is what the regime wants them to be just shallow generation all what it cares is some silly singer !!

What a waste of time and effort !!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alam and the 9/11 conspiracy theory

General Fouad Alam , a living legend in the Egyptian Security , this man was from those who were working in the State security when its name was the anti-Religious activities board in 1960s , a long history with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Political Islamist groups

he Worked with three different Presidents and he is considered from the enemies of the human rights organizations in Egypt , the man is already can be sued for endless torture crimes

This man became an expert in security affairs especially the so-called "Islamist" terrorist group ,I can not deny that this man is a real living encyclopedia , yes he got a black history I wrote about before ,still when he speaks about international terrorism we should listen to him

Alam in the annual anniversary of 9/11 which made him a regular guest in all Arabic channels had his two cents about the terrible act that changed the course of history

He is totally convinced that 9/11 is not the handmade of Al-Qaida , it is beyond their capabilities and thinking

This is not a Hollywood actor or a conspiracy theorist speaking folks , this man worked with these groups back in Egypt since the days of Sayyid Qutb , since those experts in the CIA and FBI were wearing dippers , he is not anti-America nor he is an Islamist ,on the contrary the Islamists hate him whether the old generation or the new generation

Still he does not buy the American administration version nor Bin Laden's annual show 

Alam in a statement to the "Masryon" e-newspaper said the following :

I am fully convinced that the accident was greater than the Al-Qaida level in planning,thinking and implementing ,it is an imported idea ,through reading history since the assassination of Sadaat in 1981 till the attempt of Mubarak assassination in 1995,it proves the shallow thinking of that group whether in thinking or planning or implementing ,in Mubarak assassination they were absence from the remote bombing idea and went to the blow the president's car by R.B.G despite the extensive security around the President's car

Excellent point , already I agree with him , these groups and their members are not that brilliant planners or thinkers

Alam also like me read the book of Thierry Meyssan "9/11: The big lie" and he is wondering like about the act of the Pentagon

also the hijacking of the airplanes that easy made him  wonder why the Pilots did not press the button under their foot for alarm in case of hijacking " I did not know that such button exists"

Not to mention the way that these planes were headed toward the WTC ,it needed much more training and professional pilots not graduates from aviation schools

For the records Mubarak himself in the early days of 9/11 said that remark and Mubarak was not just a pilot , he was an excellent EAF pilot who used to be a teacher and generations of great pilots were graduated under him command

Again this is Alam not Charley Sheen

المصريون - صحيفة يومية مستقلة 9/11: The Big Lie: Books: Thierry Meyssan

ISBN: 1592090265
ISBN-13: 9781592090266