Sunday, August 31, 2008

Smart move but !!

Margaret Scobey, the new American Ambassador is playing it well , she made something no one expected especially that we thought that both governments closed that file from about 6 months ago. Scobey personally met the widow of Afifi and expressed her sorrow for what happened beside paying a compensation of L.E 750,000.

Yes Afifi’s family is suing the American administration for the murder of the poor man but let’s be frank this case will be adjourned till the grandchildren of the grandchildren of Afifi die !!!

It is a smart move of Scobey who is trying to come closer to the people with all that attack on her even before coming to Cairo , Scobey can’t go to the Sufi carnivals like the old Ambassador Done.

Smart move but with no actual result because people still look to the American administration with hate.

Of course it would have been smarter if the American Ambassador from 6 months ago had apologized and compensated the family !!

No,it is unattractive idea !!

I do not know why FM Abu El-Gait insists on choosing words that do not go with his important and respectable position as a diplomat and also as a minister.

First he will break the legs of the Gazan who will dare and cross the borders then he finds the idea of having Arab troops in Gaza ATTRACTIVE !!

Attractive !!?? Does he know what is he speaking about ?? Attractiveness has nothing to do with the political and national security stuff !!

Where is the attractiveness in this idea ??

Oh yes the Arab countries will send its troops to guard Israel and engage with Hamas in War and of course these Arab troops will be mostly if not all from Egypt ,rewinding the bad memories of Yemen war !!

As Egyptian and Arab I find this idea as unattractive one !!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Egyptian X-Files : Witness or accomplice in a crime

First of all I must apologize ,this post should have been posted from weeks ago but unfortunately I had to delay it week after week because of the current events that were more important then. Still it is never too late especially that the Ashraf Marwan’s X-File is not closed yet and it is still closing buzz especially with the latest statements of Former Ambassador Mohamed Bassiouny from Two weeks ago , which I would mention in another post. .
If you remember in the early days after the fall of Marwan from his balcony, the name of his assistant appeared with her statements, also the statements of his business partners who were having meeting at the same time found their way to the media.
The long time assistant and secretary of Ashraf Marwan is or was Abd El-Hafiz & Sadat 1981 Azza Abd El-Hafiz, the daughter of the long time secretary and friend of President Sadat Fawzy Abd El-Hafiz. “In the photo on the right side of President Sadat in the 6th of October Military parade celebration 1981”
For 20 years she was the right hand and the secretary of Marwan along with her husband Assam El-din Shawaky. Assam Shawaky worked for years Marwan in a Chemicals factory in UK till he owned some shares in that factory. Marwan owned 90% of this factory and the rest
owned by others including Assam. Assam decided to end his partnership with Marwan before his death; in fact he ended minutes before Marwan’s fall and that’s why he was holding a meeting with the rest of the board of directors in the Institute of Directors’ building at 116 Pall Mall*. If you remember there was an important a Bulgarian eye witness that saw Marwan being thrown by two Middle Eastern men from this building. It turned out that he was not alone because Shawaky and those people in the meeting saw Marwan falling from his balcony, but without two Middle Eastern men in their version of the story; and that what made Mona and her sons go mad and angry from Shawaky and his wife.
Scotland Yard considered Shawaky and the rest of the board of directors in the meeting as key witnesses whose statements will determine whether it was a murder or a suicide. Beside Shawaky, there are: British Mike Parkhurst; the secretary of Marwan and two Hungarians personals.
According to Shawaky statement’s; Marwan was supposed to meet with the board of directors in the institute of directors but he did not show up at time, Assam started to call him in his house, Marwan told him that he did not feel that he wanted to attend but Assam convinced him with the importance of this meeting and so Marwan in the end said he was coming after half an hour so he could wear his clothes.
They waited to see him in the balcony where they saw him coming out and walking in unusual way in his balcony; he looked down the building then behind him, then he returned inside, Assam had to call again and again, and every time Marwan would answer that he was coming down.
I am coming down, I am coming down
In The last phone call between Assam and Marwan, which can be considered the last phone call Marwan made; Marwan screamed in Assam telling him that he would not come.
Listen Assam, I am not coming...I am not coming
And surely he wasn’t coming but he was looking behind him in the balcony then in front of him, took one step and then jumped from the balcony.
This was not Assam Shawaky’ statement alone, in fact the other three said the same story. When he fall down, they immediately hurried to him, Assam was the first to reach him, he checked from pulse and found out that he was alive then but he died while waiting for an ambulance.The statement of Shawaky and the other 4 prove that he was not pushed or thrown from the balcony, on the contrary to what his family which was not there is saying and to the Bulgarian witness is saying . What they are saying and they did not change against letter in it till means one thing that Marwan committed suicide.
This is why Mona and her sons are so pissed off from Azza and her husband; they could not attack the foreigners but started to attack Azza and her husband accusing them of very dangerous charges:
1- They used to steal from her husband for years but her husband busted them in the end and so he wanted to call of his partnership with Assam
2- They sold her husband secrets including the medical ones to his enemies “Israelis according to them” in order to get rid from Marwan.
In other words they are accusing them as accomplices in the murder. It is very dangerous accusation without evidence as it seems because Scotland Yard trusted Assam. Mona had no other place except Egypt to attack them in, she accused directly of plotting and stealing her late husband in Al Ahram Weekly interview. The Shawakys had to answer back in the only available way, they sued her in front of the Egyptian courts for defame. The case is still in the Egyptian court, it was adjourned for several times by the way.
To tell you the truth ,after 20 years including leaving Egypt and working with Marwan in London in his risky business ,Azza and her husband must be trusted by Marwan so much. Still may be they took money from behind his back but I do not know when Mona says that her husband wanted to call off the partnership with Assam ,you may think that Assam owns a considerable amount of shares compared to Marwan in the Chemicals factory but Marwan already owned 90% of the Shares.
May be again Azza and her hubby stole from behind Marwan’s back, it happens every where but may be they are not involved in his death from near or far .The danger in that accusation is not only plotting but plotting with the enemy of the State , the Israeli Mossad , in other words she is accusing them of treason.
Azza and her husband refused to be the scapegoat in this enigmatic crime and they have the right to do so if they are innocent.
I do not know Azza from near or far but to stab a person in the back after more than 20 years working together in abroad is hard but still this is another world we are speaking about.

*Essam Shawaky and other Marwan partners had meeting in the same time.

May be it is today

I think Ahmed Al-Mislmani will air today his interview with Fadila , He has only today and tomorrow then Ramadan where the show will be stopped I think.

Do not forget , it is today or tomorrow insh Allah.

More details about the electric shock stick girl

Again the video clip of the electric shock girl is making headlines , the press began to speak about.
Al Masryoon e-newspaper which is close to the regime said that interior ministry mentioned the incident and that the interior investigation was investigating the matter , pardon me but I could find the URL of the later news.
Al Masry Al Youm reached to the Young man ,the owner of the other car ,his car number is “ Priv Giza 517098”.His name is Ahmed El-Said,a 30 years old accountant living with his parents in Al-Omarniya ""The full address is in Al Masry's report". The reporters met his parents but did not meet him. His parents said that their son was peaceful person,did not love problems and that he was a free man if he wanted to complain.
Now forget about the newspapers because we got all the info about the girl through the facebook , may be it is wrong information but this is all what we have,of course we need confirmation.
Here is a group where I found the girl’s info, they are saying that her name is Doaa Ahmed Ahmed El-Malah Shereen, her father works in the police at the Giza security Directorate, the car is her mom’s again we need more confirmation.There is very important detail that the owner of the other car Ahmed is currently detained.Now this is dangerous and we need to know if it is true or not especially the reporters of Al Masry Al Youm did not meet him and his parents may not have said anything because of fear . May be I imagine too much but this happens and we know it. Al Masry Youm had met him and also met the witnesses who saw and recorded the incident from 2 week ago today

To the human rights organizations you got the boy and girl names ,check from it please,this is very important.

When the Marines protest !!

We got in Egypt Marines ,but they are not related to anything military from any or far on the contrary their young men find their ways to escape the military service. The Egyptian Marines are the residents of the famous A class Summer resort “Marina” in the North Coast.Marine is the gathering place of the A Class from socialites,politicians, ministers,pop and film stars you name it.Yes there are other resorts in the north coast exclusive  for the A Class but no like this one. To describe it better Marina now is like Ras Al-Bar pre-1952, I will not say Montaza because historically Montaza was a Royalty exclusive area.

Last week something strange or rather provoking thing in Marina happened , after further thought it is not that provoking or strange ,because this is what Marina is and this who the Marines are ,a class from the Egyptian society mostly isolated from the rest and the majority of classes.

A group of ladies led by a grand daughter of a free officers member large_34181_55643 and a daughter of a famous Businessman protested all over Marina against the Emam of Marina’s mosque after his attack on the Turkish TV series “Nour” !!

Yeah Nour again !! The Nour mania in Egypt , it is disgusting . The ladies wore T-Shirts with Mohand and Nour pictures and roamed all over Marina declaring their refusal to this viscous attack !! The Emam described the TV Series as a waste of Time !!

A protest for the blue eyes of Mohand !! I respect protesting and freedom of expression but this is too much , I never heard that someone protested because of a TV series ,it is not a cult TV series like a Star Trek for God sake !!

Strangely the Police and the interior ministry did not crack this protest as they usually do especially it is for a foreign person !! well may be they did not crack it because they want more of that sort of protests , if you remember from two years ago there was a similar post when Tamer Hosni was in Jail at Cairo !!

Have we reached to this level of inconsideration and isolation ??

This is even worse than pre-1952.marina-2_833_5705

We have now Two Egypt , the rich Egypt and the poor Egypt and between them there is a middle Class losing more ground to the poor Egypt.

It is so sad and disgusting that this happens in the same country where some people protest from time to time to get clean water , bread and small raises to help them in Ramadan and schools time !!

It is so sad and disgusting !!

Famous Arabic Poet Al-Mutanabbi from Middle Century once described Egypt saying

Egypt got many things that can make you laugh , a laugh that is near to cry !!

Do you remember the wonderful Obey Giant Poster I posted from two days ago ??


Tyrants love  shallow classes like this , because they are the leading classes many from lower classes look up trying to be like them , they like to make the people busy in anything other than resisting them.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

She was the surprise of the day and the evidence that this race of the American elections 2008 is one of the most interesting races ever. All People expected after the huge of celebration of Obama in the NDC and choosing a foreign policies vet like Joe Biden as his Vice that the race was over and the republicans got nothing new to offer , even the expectations on who would McCain’s vice were not interesting.

But today the big surprise from the Republicans came with no early warning that the first woman that could enter the White house as a Vice President was not a democratic as expected !!

John McCain announced Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his vice , no82599387 many Americans know Palin , Hala Gorani was speaking on CNN about how journalists were wondering how they would pronounce her name.

Sarah is 44 years old , born for a working class family , married and got five children , two boys , one of them is going to Iraq and the other was just born in last April 2008 and 3 girls. She is devoted Christian who refuses abortion .

It is strange thing that the GOP chose her while she does not have much of experience except local one , she was a mayor than the Governor of Alaska ,but if we are going to speak about experience here do not forget Obama is always accused by the same thing and he is not a VP Candidate but rather a Presidential candidate.

Compared to Joe Bidden and his long experience in Foreign policy and even in national politics ,Palin is novice , still I think it is unfair 82599462 because in this race from experience point view John McCain is against Biden where Palin against Obama.

I think McCain is planning to get the more votes of the working white class also the feminists votes, the old Hilary supporters from hardcore feminists despite her total refusal to abortion , those ladies would vote for her and McCain just to get back from Obama who did not choose their idol as VP as if he were going to do it !!

I watched her speech in Ohio in TV from the start and till the end and frankly she got more charisma than McCain , I do not know if it is age of what .McCain looked her old father beside her.

Now to what matters us as Arabs and Muslims, this woman is real happy that her son is going to Iraq and mentioned Iran’s nuke !! She is a Republican after all !!

Well on the other hand Bidden is not great after all he is a proud Zionist and wants to divide Iraq.

Now here is some news info about Sarah , the first woman on the ticket like CNN described :

Rumour time

Rumour # 1

Former Egyptian Prime Minister “X” transferred a large sum of money to his account in a bank at Switzerland, the sum is 365 Million Euros !! The bank there suspected in that large transfer especially it is from an Arab country and  to be deposited in Muslim Arab account.They had to return the transaction to the Central Bank of Egypt and this is how the rumour found its way to us !! I know the name of the former PM but I will not mention it because in the end it is a rumour ;P

Rumour# 2

Our own ruling National Democratic Party is going to announce a huge surprise in the party’s annual convention in next November ,again the rumour is saying that the surprise will be the retirement of Mubarak from the leadership of the party and the electing his son as the party’s president , this rumour I heard it  a lot in fact it is not a rumour but rather an expected scenario ,we will see insh Allah.


It was not published and spread as a rumour but I wish that it turns to be rumour , Daily Dostor is reporting that there are Israeli experts currently working in the high Dam at Aswan !!! the chairman of Aswan’s works union is saying tomorrow.This is very dangerous accusation to the Government by jeopardizing our national security. How many times Israelis had threatened to bomb our high dam ?? I think tomorrow Al Ahram and other official newspapers will deny that allegation.

Yellow is better colour than Orange !!

The health ministry brought new fleet from ambulances , they are fully equipped,modern and orange.

Yes it is no longer like our regular traditional white ambulance but Orange ambulance.It is not a strange thing because abroad ambulances use the bright colours and retroreflector patterns for the maximum visual impact , the colour used mostly now either yellow or orange.

I saw the photos and videos of the new ambulance and I do not like its orange colour , I understand they were made by VW , but I just hate this colour.

Already I believe Yellow was better and I once read that Yellow colour helps people to calm down.

Anyhow I hope that those Ambulance regardless of their colour arrive where they are really needed just in time !!

The ministry of health and population on the net :

What about next year ??

Yesterday Egyptian rolled back one hour at midnight to officially begin the winter time earlier than its usual timing ,why is that ??

Because Ramadan will start next week insh Allah on Monday , people do not to fast for too long , in Summer time the Maghrib prayer is about 8 PM CLT where as in Winter time it is about 6PM CLT !!

Well I think it is unethical ,because next Year will be in August and after it insh Allah it will be in July ,what will you do then ??? You will have to fast till 8 PM so it is not a big deal !!

We are very lucky that we have air conditions and fridges ,I will not tell you to think about those Muslims who lived from 14 centuries ago ,just think about those Muslims who lived from 100 years ago !!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tyrant Boot

The poster is by Shepard Fairey from Obey Giant

Abu Ghazla again !!

Al Dostor Weekly edition last Wednesday published a report about General Abd El-Halim Abu Ghazla,the former defense minister in timabu-ghazalae of Presidents Sadat and Mubarak. Abu Ghazla is considered by some in Egypt as Mubarak’s rival and that he is better than him and deserves to be our next President. The reasons for that are of the kind : He is religious , he is an an excellent Military leader , his wife wears the veil …etc.
The theories about his disgraceful resignation in the beginning of the  1990s  are : 1) that Mubarak got rid of him because of his popularity 2) that the Americans ordered Mubarak to get rid of him because he was improving the Egyptian army to the level that distributed the Israelis !! “The last point was not that true according to a relative who was in the army then and retired as a general in late 1990s”
When there are rumours about Mubarak health , his name always pumps after all you must understand we do not have much options especially many prefer man with military expertise to control the army of Egypt.
Still with my all respect he is not that great , if you do not believe that he was  a womaniser whether locally or internationally  ,then you must know that the name of that man’s name appeared repeatedly in international books from around the globe about his role in arms deals and it is not mention in a legal way but illegal way, Talaat Sadat was not lying when he referred indirectly and paid the price for it , it is more than you imagine. His arms business started when he was in Washington as our military attaché.
Again please do not tell me the Americans are claiming with my all respect stop this tune for your mind.
Look Al Dostor and Ibrahim Eissa adore to tease Mubarak every week , last week the headlines were “Gamal Mubarak is the worst enemy of his father” – well it is true—anyhow they intend to make these headlines to attack the people’s attention.
I hate when Young generations put hope on people they do not even know or live their days depending only upon the myths.
Egypt deserves better than Mubarak and Abu Ghazla

Before Titanic ,there was the SS Poseidon “Salem Express”

Before Titanic ,there was the SS Poseidon and Before Al Salam 98 , there was Salem Express !! Yes Al Salam 98 was not the first ferry that sunk with its passengers on its board with no hope to survival , still people sometimes got short memory !!

Hussein Salem

Salem Express ferry was owned by Hussein Salem, famous tycoon, former intelligence officer and close friend to President Mubarak himself, after all Mubarak is staying in his hotel Jolie Ville at Sharm El-Sheikh most of the year. It was the first Egyptian ferry that sunk in the red sea and the first accident of its type in the history of Egypt; it touched the hearts and minds of many Egyptian. Salem express drowned in December 1991 while it was in its way home to Egypt from Saudi Arabia. On its board there were officially 690 passengers mainly from Egypt from the pilgrims “It was the pilgrimage season”. There are some people that are saying that the number of the passengers were more than that , they were about 1600 , of course there is no confirmation till now especially after all those year and the fact the Salam 98 was officially infamously crowned as the mother of all disasters.

The history of Salem Express:

It was built in the French shipyards of La Seyne in 1964; the ship was Salem express launched under the name Fred Scamaroni in 1966 and was a roll-on, roll-off ferry for vehicles and passengers. Through years the vessels name was changed several times, to the Nuits Saint George, Lord Sinai, and Al Tahara and in 1988 to the Salem Express. At 100m long, with an 18m beam and 5m draft she was a sizeable vessel.

The terrible loss:

The last voyage of the ferry was between Safga and Jeddah, the ferry was returning from Jeddah carrying Egyptians, most of them from the pilgrims. It was said that it was overloaded with passengers and vehicles. On the 15th of December 1991 at night the ferry was southeast of Safga port and just few hours from entering it where there was a sea storm in the area. The Salem Express then struck the southeast part of a reef chain known as Hyndman Reef “exact location is in the map below”. Striking the reef on the starboard side of its bow, slightly below the bow door, it not only ripped a hole in her side, but the entire bow door was forced upward. Its forward motion only served to increase the upward pressure on the door until it was fully open and forced thousands of gallons of water directly into its hull. Already it turned out that it has a lift mechanism that contributed to this disaster; this kind of technical but I think we should mention it here; Salem Express’ bow encompassed a lifting mechanism designed to turn the entire forward bow upwards, whilst ramps “Movable stairs” were then lowered allowing vehicles and passengers alike to embark through its nose, directly forward of the raised bridge section on the upper deck. This lifting mechanism was to become a major contributing factor in its catastrophic disaster

The disasters did not stop here. There was that an electric outage happened and the doors on the ferry were electric, most of the passengers were locked in, they were trapped. Yes they were just trapped like in SS Poseidon. The lifeboats were never used, there are in their places till this moment.

In less than 10 minutes, it sank fully to the seabed in 30 meters of dive_site_red_sea_safaga_wreck_salem_express water.

I must mention that according to what I read the Safga port tried to save the ferry as quick as possible still it seems that it was difficult ,there was a sea storm in the middle of the winter and .. The vessel sank in incredible speed.

According to the official story the ferry drowned because of human error, the captain’s.

The Egyptian X-File: How many passengers were on board of the Salem Express?

Till now we do not know for sure how many passengers were on the Salem Express, except that they were not by any means 690 passengers like the official records with a death toll was 480 passengers. Most people say that the passengers were more then 1000, some said they were 1400. It was the golden season.

All experts agreed that the ferry was overcrowded with passengers and their vehicles they brought from Saudi Arabia still they can not determine the number of passengers as it should, do not forget Hussein Salem is very powerful man, he is more powerful than you think.

The Egyptian Navy then along with the divers tried to get many bodies as they could , some are saying that there are still many bodies trapped in the wreck behind the closed doors and till now the Egyptian divers do not go near from the chambers of Salem Express because they consider it a mass tomb, the foreign divers who went there described as very cold and dull as far as I read , it is not fun thing like finding the Titanic after all when you see all the life boats still in there places, with cars and children toys down there you will know the size of the disaster.

I can’t believe after all those year the children presents from clothes, toys and bicycles are there , the cars brought from the KSA are still there.

I feel so angry, I mean in less than 15 years another disaster happens and thousand died for no reason do not ask me why Hussein Salem got away with it, come Ismail got away and he is the friend of Azami , Salem is the friend of the old man since 1960s , still days showed the real metal of Salem , now he is the exporter of the Egyptian Natural gas to Israel !!!

Now the location of Salem Express Wreck is among the three wreck diving sites in Safga, the other two are Al-Kahfian and M.V Hatour.The ship location is 14 KM from Safga by the way.

Here are three slide shows for the wreck of Salem express; the first is slide show whose photos were taken by the way Saleh El-Darisy from the Kuwaiti Center for Diving.

The second is from Flickr images

The third one is emotional because it includes some stuff down there that belonged to the families from toys and cloths; the photos were taken by Rik Vercoe, BSAC Advanced Instructor.

Here is the Map :

View Larger Map


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interviewing his ex will prove nothing

The Nasserites are so so so angry from Ahmed Fouad II because he accused Nasser of Killing his father King Farouk in 1965 in his interview with Lebanese Ricardo Karm “This is Ahmed Fouad”.
Huge attack reaching to the level that Youssef El-Ka’ ed wrote a whole page in the weekly edition of Al Dostor this week attacking Walking behind his dad's coffinFouad II  and trying to prove he was wrong through the following testimonies : The man who was accused to kill his father former Cairo’s governor “Baghdady”,Heikel,the last interior minister of Egypt “Mortagy” who is not considered a reliable source at all and others including Dr.Latifa Salem, who believes that the death of Farouk was enigmatic
Now Ahmed Mislmani who heads the new historians movement jumped on the wagon and started his attack on Fouad II. Mislmani presents daily successful news show on Dream TV 2 “The first edition” about the news and the newspapers in Egypt. Lately he was in a trip to Paris where he made several interesting interviews including an interview with Dominique France Picard  aka Fadila ,the ex-wife of his Fouad II and the mother of his off spring.
Anyone who knows and follows the news of the Egyptian Royal family very well ,will tell you that the divorce of the last king of Egypt from that woman was so bad to the level that she took everything from him.He entered the hospital because of her. Princess Farial said that the one thing she wished to happen if she had had another second life was to stop her brother from marrying that woman !!
Al-Mislmani is calling her Queen Fadila , well she is not a queen anymore and I think according to the Royal Egyptian laws which were put down by King Fouad I ,Foreign ladies do not have the right to be Queens .King Ahmed Fouad II family
In fact I think it is not that nice , if he is with the modern historians movements and the correction of our history without any bias why he did not go and try to host Fouad II.
The preview I saw Dominique spoke about her husband fear from Nasser , which I found something logic , in fact regular people feared Nasser in Egypt ,what about a Young King in the exile ??
The interview will be aired soon , may be tomorrow ,I do not know may be in Ramadan
Already I do not know what this interview will prove !!?? She can’t attack him.
I forgot to say that Al-Mislmani is a hardcore Nasserite , he hosted the youngest sons of Nasser ,Abd El-Hakim and asked him about Egypt pre-1952 where Abd El-Hakim was 5 years old , of course  Abd El-Hakim who is being accused frequently in financial scandals repeated his father propaganda lying machine !!
Also Al-Mislmani is fan of Abu-Ghazala by the way :(

It is not matter of Sexism

When we speak and expose in our blogs the police torture scandals and brutality in their treatments to their fellow citizens, we do not do it because they are just men. I remember that Wael Abbas published several video clips where the women were victims to Police brutality regardless of who they were , till now I got three cases or video clips in my mind who they are still totally anonymous for us including a clip presumed to be for a prostitute.

We spread the videos in our blogs locally and internationally exposing the police and the interior ministry for the sake of justice  and no one said that we were sexist , biased against specific sex which is the men.

I publish them because of my belief that this was wrong and should be stopped regardless of who was the victim a female or male, rich or poor , Muslim or not or even an Egyptian.It is wrong behaviour in my point of view I wanted to express it in my blog in my space.

For the same reason I attacked the colonel’s daughter because of her disgraceful behaviour and called her names I do not say like that in the real life , this is like my cyber vent to me, may be I am wrong but God Know how I was so so angry when I saw that video.

I attacked this woman because of two reasons : 1) Cursing God like that and 2) For using a weapon like that .

I do not care that she is a girl or she wears short skirt, I got a skirt like hers I swear but I attacked like when I attack other police officers and other men who do wrong stuff in this country.

Now I found myself accused to be advocate the abuse of other women no matter the situation because I acted in an Egyptian Original way wondering where the men in this clip from cursing God and threatening people with a weapon like that ??

What situation , were they harassing her ?? I do not care what the other man in his car said because I was  taught that REAL LADIES do not answer back in that way and believe me as a young lady in Cairo from time to time I find myself in situations where others  from drivers and taxi drivers are very rude ,still I do not go that low.

I am accused of being from the people who stuck Egypt in the stone age !! I will not answered that because I know it is obvious how much I care for Egypt.

I wish more than anyone that they punish those who use bad language in Egypt seriously.

God knows I would post the same post at the same time if that woman were a man and I would wonder why a man did not stop him !!

This is not a sexism thing , this is not Hilary Vs. Obama , this is something much important ,please do not change it from its right context.

Blast from the past

Women who are victims of Police brutality

Egypt’s iPhone page in

It is official and it is from , iPhone is coming soon to the valley of the Nile. I know that this is very old news I published it before .
I was so happy to find the Egypt’s iPhone page today in
Both Mobinil and Vodafone will be the iPhone distributors ,this is why Mobinil I think presented the 3G at last. Vodafone Egypt got it with the Vodafone international deal with Apple to release the Mobil phone in several countries including Egypt.Mobinil got through Orange deal with Apple too.Etisalat Egypt is out of the picture.
I am so happy insh Allah I will not have to leave Mobinil because only of the handset.
Now my ultimate question : How much will it cost ??
I think both Mobinil and Vodafone will release it for the same price ,they can’t play with the prices here . I wonder if it will be for L.E 4000 like the old iPhone that was leaked in Egypt !! Or even more after all this is the authorized 3G iPhone !!??
But of course do not forget that HTC , LG and Samsung released their handsets too in Egypt
Tell me how much do you think the price of iPhone in Egypt will be ?? If you got any information from your friends in Mobinil or Vodafone please share it with us ;)

Nasser after King Farouk

After the big success of King Farouk TV series last year in Ramadan , the production companies and TV channels started the rush of the biographies TV series in the Arab world , this year there will be more than one TV series about the biographies of famous people whether in Politics, art,religion and education. There are two biography TV series that will create a lot of buzz.
First is Nasser TV series , the response on Farouk TV series despite no one mentioned from near or far the name of Nasser in any Kamal as Nasser episode , Nasser TV series is directed by famous Syrian director Basel El-Khatib , this man made very successful TV series including the one about the life of Nazir Qabbani that introduced Tim El-Hassan to the Arabic viewers, many Syrians till now love Gamal Abd El-Nasser even  more than the Egyptians !!
Magdy Kamal , a young actor not an A list will play the role of Gamal Abd El-Nasser , already he played his role before in Halim TV series from Two years. “I think Nasser was much darker than this “
El-Khatib promised that he would not present an angelic portrait for Nasser but rather a neutral image mentioning his pros and cons , we will see.
Second we got "Asmahan" ,the bio epic about the life and death of Princess Amal Al Atrash Aka the famous 1930s and 1940s singer Asmahan ,the sister of Farid Al-Atrash and the descendent of the famous Druz family.

This TV series got its shares from problems , the family of Al Atrash in Syria is suing the production company and trying to stop the Princess Amal broadcast of the series , they are afraid that it would defame her reputation. I mean in her short life , the sister of Farid Al Atrash broke the hearts of dozens of men including Hasseinein Pasha,Ahmed Salam ,Prince Hassan Al-Atrash and the prince of Egyptian Journalism Mohamed El-Tabi, she worked as double agent for both the British and the Germans in the WWII ,till now no one knows whom she was working to just like Ashraf Marwan and her death is still an enigma no one knows who caused the terrible accident that ended the life of an icon of her time.
Asmahan's life story was the start of this explosive relation between Arts,Women and politics. Ian Fleming sorry John Le Carre could be inspired to write a WWII spy thriller about her
The director  is Tunisian and the beautiful Syrian Solaf  Fawakherji Solaf as Asahman plays the role of Asmahan , it is logic thing Asmahan was beautiful.The production company said that they would represent Asmahan in a neutral image. Again we will see :)
Look I do not know but the neutral image is hard to be achieved in art however you try to because in the end you want to have one conclusion, In king Farouk despite the fact Lamis Gaber fell in love in his character , she showed in my point of view his weakness points crystal clear.
There are other TV series about the life of Ali Pasha Mubarak and Abd El-Halim Mahmoud think.
I do not know what I am going to watch Nasser or Asmahan because already I think there will be more for glorification then for history.
Many People love Nasser and are trying to defend him and prove his was the greatest man.
The Syrians believe that Asmahan was a national Heroine where as she was just like Queen Nazli no difference between them between my all respect !! By the Way Asmahan and Nazli were fighting over man that was Hasseinein Pasha and there were silly rumours that Nazli got rid from her beautiful young competitor

Asmahan is going to be aired in Ramadan on Dream TV2 and I think Nile Drama ,where as Nasser is not going to be aired on the National TV and do not ask me why , it shared the same destiny of King Farouk , in stead it will be aired on Dubai TV insh Allah

Rafaat Al Hagan’s widow interview

This is a blast from the past ; from last year , at last I found the video , the first TV interview with Rafeat El-Gamal’s widow .it is not too late

to post it especially that this week her son appeared from the first time on an Egyptian TV Channel ,it is very important and rare interview for this lady with Wael Abrashi.It is in Arabic. The other guest is the famous Dr.Nabil Farouk ,the espionage author in Egypt and the Arab world.She defended her husband and denied the claims that he worked as Double agent for the Mossad,also she opened the file of her son’s citizenship and inheritance.I am searching now for her son Daniel’s interview.

I love the part where she said that she did not like Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz in the role of her husband in the famous TV series.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama survived an assassination plot !!??

KUSA TV is a local TV station in Colorado , it reported that some people mainly from the white supremacists according to their tattoos and Jewels.

Here is the story from Denver ,Colorado With photos.

The FBI is called to investigate the matter.

Here is the story from MSNBC.

I will not say that I am surprised ,in fact this is so expected in a country like America where still Black students can’t sit down under a tree because it is for the Whites “Jenna Six”  !!!

We came back as we went

Let’s speak frankly ,we only go to the Olympics so other countries would win medals through us. Our big failure in the Olympics this year is just another failure added to our failures worldwide.

What I hate is all these millions spent in vain with no result at all. Yes we did not have much hope except may be on few like Karm Gabar ,whom I expected to fail because he was spoiled , the classic result of spoiling our sports heroes.

Our athletes are not bad on the contrary , they are the first in Africa and in the Arab world , they even score in the world championship , I do not know what happens to them in the Olympics.

Yes the government does not care about them , yes there is no enough budget spent on sports in Egypt other than Football , oh yes football the curse that destroyed other sports , all the attention and all that money.

Sometimes I feel that if the clubs in Egypt spend 1/3 of the money they spend on football on other sports , things can be different and we can score something.Also our educational system, sports activities should be revived in our schools ,  I look to the photos of the playgrounds and sports fields in the schools in the past and I am surprised , unfortunately all those playgrounds were turned in to buildings. The sports classes are turned in to chat classes for girls and football matches between boys.

Also the sports clubs now are very expensive to the rest of the population, your potential athletes who can score medals are not all from the rich high or high middle class , there are youth clubs in the Governorates that should be improved.

Strangely there were million spent on this Olympic team , of course I know for sure that most or all of these millions were stolen , because if they were spent as they should be ,our results would be different.

I will be positive , we score something in the Olympics 2008 at Beijing , our handball team tried so hard but it lost , it is not bad, in boxing for the second time after Greece 2004 we became too close for the bronze medal , it is worth to say before Greece ,we never knew that we had  boxers who qualified to the Olympics. Of course in Judo we have our hope.

You know why I feel sad because I feel that sports became the only joy of the people , well I do not want football to be only joy of the people if it is going to be sports.

I also feel sad because I feel that our athletes deserve more and they can achieve more.

What teases me is that stupid ads from Marie Louie and BTM that they designed the uniform of Egypt’s Olympic team !! Marie you are not Ralph Lauren dear , oh man it is not a fashion parade for God sake :(

As usual we get nothing in the Olympics but we always got something in the Paralympic games

I should mention that the chairman of our Olympics committee is Mounir Thabet , the brother of the first lady Suzan Mubarak and student of President Mubarak. Also I should mention this year there was some kind of fight between Thabet and Hassan Sakr ,the chairman of the national council for sports !! Thabet came in a press conference crying and reminding the people that he was defending this country when Sakr wore shorts and played football with the kids in the street !!

Updated : President Mubarak questions the failure of Egypt in Olympics !! Well it is not the first Olympics we fail in during his era !! I think Hassan Sakr will be the scapegoat.

Because you are not men anymore, this is the reason

First of all I apologize in advance for posting this video but I have to , I have to comment about it after all I made this blog to express myself and not hide the truth ,not to be a silent devil.
I apologize because this particular video contains very nasty words in Arabic , I apologize because this particular video contains very bad insult against God , of course God is greatest and above all this. I apologize but I think I have to publish it to expose what is going on.I apologize that I am going to use bad language.
Wael Abbas received this shocking video filmed by a mobile phone in Giza at Faisal busy street in Al hram area. A Car crash , some car hit another car , it happens every day but unfortnately one of the car is owned by a daughter of Colonel in the Giza security Directorate !!
The woman started to threat the people with an electric shock stick , yes the electric shock stick used in the riots and do not ask why she has it , I do not think that it is protection from sexual harassment !! I mean there is difference between a self defense pepper and electric shock stick which is not available anymore for sale !!
Having an electric shock stick and threatening civilians with it are considered violation of law and bad use of position and this was just the start.
Then you got her bad mouth , she is too rude , more rude than you think , she does not respect anyone , she does not respect the manhood of the man in the other car “I wonder if the other car owner were woman ,what she would have said !!” . Seriously I could not believe my eyes that a woman would stand in the street like this and curses like that  , she is like a drunken sailor sorry like a cop in a police station in a popular vulgar area , I mean she kept throwing F-bombs* that even reached to God “God may forgive me” , Yes she cursed the Lord and no man acted like a man to stop her !! By the way all those insults  are against the laws too !!
The only reactions I heard were the weak rejection and denouncement of the public that were exactly like the pathetic rejection and denouncement of the Arab and Islamic countries , it is the same thing.
The only thing I heard was
God Forgive us , Are you a Muslim or an infidel ??
And she did not answer.
All those grown up men ,none of them acted as it should be , yeah I know she got a weapon but someone should have acted as man and stopped her as it should , she should have been slapped , some man real man who drunk milk from his mom’s tits* as she said in her Class Ho lecture !!
Do tell me that the other guy used the F-Bomb ,he used it when he found that bitch calling him names , he had to stand up ,of course he had to shut up because of her daddy !! Daddy’s little bitch called him to scare those bastard harassing her and her car in the mid of the day !!
Look again this ho could have been learnt a lesson , if there were a real man who had the guts to take from her this stick and put her in dirty mouth or in her ass or even paralyse her.
Seriously I am so so so angry .
This ho is from a real low background , a vulgar background ,just listen again to her voice ,this is not a ladies’ voice, man I feel so angry , I want to slap her
I publish this post because I hope that many people publish it and expose this A Class bitch and her daddy , already her is her car the black Chevrolet Optra number : 180707
I hope that the interior ministry  investigate in this incident and suspend her father regardless of his achievements that I doubt he has ,after he did not bring  his daughter up well !!
I feel angry with all that fake atmosphere of religion where as God is cursed like this and men are watching like this. Do not wonder why we become so frightened , where are the men ??
*Fuck You Bomb
**This is an original Egyptian expression used to express manhood and do not ask me why !!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What Israel lost in the Georgian war !!

For Sure Israel has lost a lot in its silly adventure in the Georgian war ,now the Russians won’t forget easily . Especially that without this war the Russians used to supply Syria and Iran with arms not to mention their diplomatic support to both Tehran and Damascus. Now Russia has more reasons to support both countries thanks to the Israeli choice.
Russia now is returning its old status and it will reward those stood beside it and will blacklist those stood against it.
The Russian reaction on the Israeli involvement came too fast with the reception of Syria’s Bashar Al Assad in Moscow and leaking some nice rumour that Damascus would host the Russian missiles ,after all Poland is hosting the American Missiles. Of course that rumour was denied but we do not know for sure , may be they will host it after all and this will prove that the Syrians know how to play the game.
It is old news that Syria would host a Russian base after all they sent an aircraft Carrier to Syria last week.
Of course we should not forget that the Russians are deceivable , what they had done in 1967 and after it is a good lesson to us.
By the way the Minister of defense  Davit Kezerashvili of Georgia got an Israeli passport , it is a strange that you appoint someone in this sensitive position with duel citizenship .
It seems that we are out of all this , I do not know till now where we stand from this !!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

He knew what he was saying !!

There is a lot of buzz about what Former Ambassador Mohamed 254 Bassiouny had said in the dialogue forum at the Alexandria Bibliotheca on the 10th of August 2008. The buzz did not come from Israel only  but is said to come from the presidential palace according to the Israelis themselves.

What Bassiouny had said for sure was controversial on many levels , he spoke about different topics and he managed to raise eyes brows in every topic he spoke about , of course the main theme was the Egyptian-Israeli relations.

Bassiouny spoke about his experience as the Ambassador of Egypt in Israel , he stayed the longest period for an Egyptian Ambassador as I recall there , he spoke about the Israeli society , he spoke about the Israeli politicians like Ariel Sharon whom he described as dead body , he spoke about Levini , he even spoke about the radical Ovadia Yosef

Still the biggest surprises “not to me” with his confession that he went to Israel as an Intelligence officer

What do you think ?? I went there as intelligence officer.

Some were surprised but I did not when I read the news next day because I knew that he used to work in intelligence , the military intelligence before becoming our Ambassador to Israel , I know that he used to be the communication officer between Egypt and Syria ,where he met and married his wife Nagwa and then a communication officer between Egypt and Iran before the IR “Oh yes he did” .

I remember that this man once appeared on the Egyptian National TV saying that the diplomat is legitimate uncovered spy !!
Already I do not know why so many people are surprised including the Israelis , for sure that their government knew all about him. May be they are surprised that the man who used to claim that he was their friend and so to turn like this attacking them and their society in this awful way.But let’s be honest also the Israeli Ambassador in Egypt when they return back to Tel Aviv they start bitching about how awful and mean we are towards them !!

Anyhow the surprises or shocks did not stop at here ,He was just getting started at least for me.

Well I will put them in points because it is more organized

Bassiouny major surprises beside his OSS history

  • Um Rashrash is not Egyptian but Palestinian !!
  • The POWs found there are not Egyptians but Palestinians !!
  • We do not own documents that convict Israel of Murdering our POWs !!
  • Ariel Sharon is a dead corpse!!

And the big major surprise

  • Ashraf Marwan was working for the Israelis “YNet highlight this because again  ,encore this is the first time some one in his position says that Marwan was not our hero and man in London”

I must say that no official newspaper highlighted his statements after the lecture he gave in Alexandria , the only two newspapers I found them speaking about it were Al Dostor and Nahdet Misr on the 11th of August 2008, Al Dostor as usually was the one that caused a stir because it published it in the front page and even in their front page of their website. Thanks to this  Al Dostor after couple of days published a statement from the manager of forum not from Bassiouny saying that the Ambassador said that Marwan was a double agent working for us against Israel not against us !! Al Ahrar published the same thing on the 18th of August 2008

With my all respect Bassiouny is not stupid to let the newspaper put words on his tongue , he could have contacted the press to correct what he had said especially regarding Marwan , he is not stupid not to make a mistake like this I repeat , this guy is an intelligence officer for God Sake .

Updated : Baissouny made an interview with the Israeli newspaper Panorama  and the Israeli radio where he denied his statements blaming and accusing the Egyptian opposition newspapers of fabricating !!The man said that he had no relation from near or far from with the intelligence and he respects the Israeli Society ,,,etc