Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sabah and the Muslim brotherhood

Lebanese Diva Sabah had very interesting interview on Wednesday on Rotana music channel with glamorous TV interviewer Wafaa El-Kalany , the famous Egyptian sweet voice girl ,man I remember her since the days of ART in Italy

Of course it was another Sabah sharing her memories about love,marriage ,childhood and her latest agony with her sick daughter Howida and the wonderful gesture President Doctor field Marshal engineer Bashar Hafiz El-Assad did from taking care of her and her daughter in the time of July war and financially support them forever !!!

Now Sabah said something I felt I must mention it here in my blog for the history record

Wafaa was asking her about third marriage from late famous religious TV interviewer Ahmed Farag

"yes Sabah married this great man for a while ,yes I know it sounds strange , what bring the East and west together !! in fact Ahmed Farag made a movie was her"

Wafaa : They said Ahmed Farag married you because he was from the Muslim Brotherhood and the MB then were facing troubles and thus to deny belonging to this group ,he married you !!"

Sabah: No never , he married me because he loved me and I loved him , he was not from the MB , never

Wafaa : But that what was said Sabah and daughter Howida with Nishan on NewTV

Sabah : well Ahmed treated me very nice and sweet , if he was a MB and the MB are like him ,then I love the MB

Wafaa : A salute to the Muslim Brotherhood !!!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Arad Enigma

Now let's analysis the Aron Arad mystery.

Aron Arad was a pilot in IAF "Israeli Air Forces" from 20 years ago in 1986 when he flew over Lebanon,the south and his airfighter was crushed ,the crew flying with him were lucky to be rescued while his misfortune led him to be captured by Amal movements fighters

This is according to the Israeli Version of the Story

Of course you know Amal Movement , the Shiite mother movement of Hezbollah , Amal Resistance movement is headed now by Nabih Beri ,the chairman of Lebanese Parliament, a very respectable patriot man whom I respect and wish that the Egyptian Parliament would have some day a man like him .

There were claims by Israelis that there were negotiations between both parties to release Aron for exchange of P.O.Ws whom the Israeli regime likes to call them terrorists , they even are mentioning some meeting between Beri and officers from IDF in London ,of course secretly , well I don't know but I highly doubt it , Anyway the presumed neogation reached to a break of wall when Shamir ,the terrorist of Dir Yassin Massacre and King David terrorist act and late Israeli Prime Minister refused to make the exchange.

I do not buy this story so easily

For the following reasons,

  1. I don't recall that I heard this capture story from Amal sources whether ON NBN when it used to be aired on Nilesat or Al-Jazeera or our Newspapers , no one mentioned him except as a missing person.
  2. If Ron was captured , the Israelis would have tried to return him back in all possible way , already he is a pilot of Phantom jet ,one of the important air fighters , at that time many intelligence services would have tried to get him , in order to get the enough information.
  3. If Amal movement had the intention of exchange Ron with P.O.Ws ,I bet he would stayed till the exchange of 2002 , already many P.O.Ws ,the Lebanese ones who returned back most of them were captured in the 1980s and many of them of them are Amal members !! Think again Hezbollah and Amal as Muslims are generous and kind people when it comes to P.O.W not like the other side.
  4. If we believe this Amal Scenario , we can also put probability that he was transferred to either Syria or Iran for Intelligence information as I hinted to his importance , I will omit Syria and Choose Iran, in Syria he can be traced be Mossad and rescued very easily , despite the Myth of Syrian regime cruelty ,the reality proves that this cruelty is only practiced upon its own people , anyway El-Baath regime didn't return back El-Golan and is busy to suppress the opponents of Al-Assad dynasty , so we can go to the Persian Scenario
  5. The Persian scenario is the favorite to the Israeli government through all the times , because it serves different purposes, first to enforce the fact that Iran is an enemy of Israel that needed to be destroyed , of course Iran doesn't need Aron to enforce this truth ,it is naked truth that Iran got a mutual feeling of hatred towards Israel, second and this is most important, it is a good excuse to use to justify the failure of restoring Arad whether dead or alive , he is in Iran , in a secret Persian dungeon , how can we got him !! an excellent excuse which as I said good for publicity
  6. Ok The Iranis could have taken him but for a while , already I don't believe he could face torture to get information from at all , because a small needle of something peroxide "I don't recall the first name" could make reveal all his wildest deepest secrets of how he felt in his Matfheza party to his interrogator, but even the Iranis would n't host him all this long time , because also there is any kind of exchange ,Arad would be exchanged and here I am not talking about Lebanese P.O.W only ,I am talking about Spy exchange ,in intelligence wars between countries ,usually there are spy exchange
  7. The idea is that the Lebanese want their P.O.W back at any price ,and thus if Arad is in Iran or Lebanon now I believe Hezbollah wouldn't use his usual tactic at all , it would Arad , the rich boy who is price is 10 million dollars for Samir Kantar and other follows in the Israeli prisons
  8. If Arad is dead and this is possibly ,still his body is important and could be exchanged with P.O.W , as the Jewish inheritance laws implies the existence of the complete body of the dead person ,already in 2002 exchange Lebanese returned couple of Israeli dead bodies
  9. Here is the craziest ever scenario ,the impossible one , and as Dr.Nabil Farouk said "The impossible idea is the successful in the intellgence world" I will presume that Arad converted to Islam already all the pictures of him that Israelis say that they were taken after the capture he had this beard , He converted to Islam and he lives in South Lebanon ,with new name Ahmed for example and married a Southern girl and propably got 5 children, he refuses to go back or even inform his family and his people with his daring decision, and this is the only explanation ,possible one for his disappearance ,ok I know I went not Miles far with my imagination but as I guess we must think outside the box and South Lebanon is a very beautiful country side with very nice kind people

Look I understand the feelings of Arad's family because we got the same families in Egypt who are ready to sell all what they got to get their beloved back from the sands of Sinai 1967 ,unfortunately our enemy then wasn't merciful like the Shiite gangs in South Lebanon.

And we in Egypt got our own experience , from couple of years the remainings bodies of the Israeli pilots who fought in 1973 were found near El-Ismailia.

The engima now is that Amal says it has nobody in her custody

And of course Hezbollah didn't capture him in the first place

All people are denying , theories coming from here and there and rewards with assurasnce of protections and ads all around the world are published for the sake of Arad

Which makes the one wonder why Arad is so special ,well i understand that the individual in Israel is precious then in our Arabic countries ,but it doesn't make sense , he is not more important than those until now are considered missing from the IAF and IDF in 1973 war ,Why until now the search is continued and why he suddenly disappeared and where he disappeared ??

Was he a mossad officer ? no he wasn't , he was a pilot and what ever information he possessed ,this information would be obslete by time and thus he would be a burden , may be he could be captured in Iran as a future exchange in any Hebrew-Persian intelligence war or real combact war .

One thing I know for sure ,He is not in Egypt , after all Azam Azam returned back as a hero ,this bloody spy so propably if Arad was here ,he would be in home watching the television right now ,also he can't be in Egypt because Amal doesn't trust us and Bari hates Mubarak

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nasrallah 2006 -Nasser 1956

50 years between them , exactly 50 years , and at the same month of July both made sure that their names will be mentioned in history books

Many people now especially the Nasserites Nationalists describe Nasrallah as Nasser of the 21 th century , some agree and some may disagree but for sure this comparison came from many factors

Beside the name resemblance Nasser-Nasrallah , the victory part ,as Nasr in Arabic means Victory.

Both are Arabs , Nasser is Egyptian , Nasrallah is Lebanese

Both were born in South and considered Southerns , Nasser is from the south of Egypt from Bani Moro in Manya and Nasrallah is from south Lebanon.

Both moved from their villages to urban cities , Nasser to Alexandria ,Nasrallah to Beirut

Ok stop these stupid comparison ,let's talk seriously

Both Nasser and Nasrallah ,the first from 50 years and the later is today were considered in the month of July as adventurous irresponsible personalities jeopardizing not only by the Peace of their people but the people of the whole middle East

As you all remember Nasser from 50 years on the 26th of July stood at El-Manshya Square in Alexandria announcing the Nationalization of Suez universal company

He said the following words

The decision of the president of the Republic , The Suez Universal company for Navigation to be nationalized to become an Egyptian company

 and you know the rest UK was ruled by an altered statesman who considered Nasser as his own enemy and thus decided with France to answer back and included with them the new state of Israel in their war which is known in my country's national history as the trio aggression. Yes the war didn't start immediately after the 26th of July in 1956 but it was from the result of this daring brave decision , a decision which I considered an Excellent , this was our right and it returned back to us and it is enough to say that till this day after 50 years of Nationalization The return of the canal is our first source in income in Egypt.

Nasser wanted from the Nationalization to secure a funding source for the high Dam Construction project when the IMF refused to fund it thank to the United States then

So if the IMF funded it Nasser wouldn't decide to Nationalize the Canal as simple as it is .

Now in the trio aggression the Egyptian army didn't fight back , instead the great resistance of the Suez Canal cities ,as the French and English armies invaded them again , also Sinai and Gaza were invaded for the first time by the IDF. The English and French armies both were in a swamp yet as IDF in Lebanon they were trying to search for some victory , ironically this victory never came and instead two new world powers came and took their place , The United States and the Soviet Union with their famous Ultimates, in other words "A resistance and A security council"

Ok we leave 1956 alone and go to our present time in 2006 Nasrallah made a decision and implement it and it was capturing two Israeli soldiers in order to exchange with the Lebanese P.O.W in the Israeli Prisons which Israel refuse to release them and also the international community whether the UN or the Arab league ignored the issue as if it didn't exist , Nasrallah did what he did and suddenly the Israel for two soldiers decided to make a war against Lebanon destroying infra-structure of the country ,killing one thousand civilians from women and children and forcing the majority of the people of south Lebanon to leave their houses in an evacuation process the world didn't see like it since WWII !! Yet again Israel lost the war , the resistance forces of Hezbollah group stood and fought the IDF in the South of Lebanon as the later had some dream of re-invading the land which they forced to withdraw from in 2000 also thanks to the resistance of Hezbollah. great failure I spoke about it before that .Just like in 1956 the war was stopped not by international threats but by a security council resolution.

Now as you see both decisions in 56 and 06 despite their differences yet they are similar from the reactions and the results afterwards, You see I believe in 56 UK took this an excuse to invade Egypt again and revenge from Nasser , already I saw a documentary on Discovery Civilization called "Altered Statesmen" about Anthony Eden , the man wanted to destroy Nasser by any price and return back the Suez British Army Base , so this wasn't something a direct reaction for the Nationalization which in fact was more an excuse , same like Israel for Two soldiers a whole war was made , a whole country was destroyed ,and more than a whole Army's dignity ,the IDF was humiliated in the worst way , just for two soldiers look how many Israeli soldiers were killed !! Israel wanted to revenge for the humiliated withdrawal in middle of night in an April night in 2000, also to secure its water funding from the Latanic

Also who fought in both wars ? The resistance not the army and both won the enemy armies in an amazing way not expected it

Both decisions were used as an excuse by the world powers to do whatever it wants , to punish whole countries .Also both decisions can be criticized ,in fact till now some criticize Nasser for the Nationalization , yet these criticism can be answered back easily ,Yes the Canal Egypt would restore in year 1960 , but will France and UK leave it so easily , the reply on  Nasrallah's criticism I answered it before :)

 After these wars or crisis name it as you like, Both Nasser and Nasrallah became the new heroes for the Arab world , the Arab world wanted a man . In the 1950s most of the Arab world was under either weak rulers or under foreign invasion armies , they were  looking forward to someone bold enough to stand against those countries that see as their enemies ,they were looking forward to someone who will return back their lost glories , yes Arabs had great glories and great achievements ,one day this world was speaking Arabic ,one day Arabs used to be free in their countries. So anyone comes and rebels against injustice by the name of Arabism or Islam is considered their hero , whether he is good in case of Nasrallah or bad as Nasr, you know it is not in the Arab character this longing-to-hero thing only but in any group of people who feel oppressed and hopeless. And thus Nasser turned in to a regional Arabic hero for the Arab countries same as Nasrallah now ,in fact now the need of a regional Arabic hero is much greater than 1950s I believe so the dangers are so many ,the Arabic identity itself is the one in danger whether because of

but there are differences between Nasser and Nasrallah beside that the first was a military officer who became the president of the greatest ,most important and most influential country in the middle East Egypt, while the later is a religious cleric who became the leader and head of a political militant based upon religious-geographical sect in a small country yet important location that the Lebanese Hezbollah .

I believe the greatest difference is the honesty of Hassen Nasrallah , with my all apology to all those Nasserite fanatics  out there , but Nasrallah never lied on his people at all , he doesn't deny the fact to stay on top , the best example for this is also the Suez crisis 1956 if you remember most if not all the Egyptians didn't know the agreement which the Egyptian regime agreed on sign and be obliged to for the Israeli withdrawal from Sinai peninsula , that is freedom of the Israeli ships to sail in the Tearan crossing in the red sea ,no one in Egypt knew about this secret condition except in 1967 before the war when Nasser himself declared the closing of Tearan crossing in front of the Israeli ships , many Egyptians were surprised that was opened in the first place , of course the closing of Tearan crossing some say that it accelerated the 1967 six days war to happen. So the first difference is honesty .

The second important difference is despite all what is said about Nasrallah from criticism the man is not a dictator like Nasser , really Nasser was a dictator no one can deny this fact and if anyone denies it from the Nasserite fanatics then they deserve to be ruled by Mubarak. Dictatorship is something  I can't forgive easily because 70% of what we suffer nowadays in Egypt is a product in a way or another from the Nasserite legacy.

Nasrallah doesn't use his wide growing population in Lebanon and the Arab Islamic world for his own interest or even the interest of his party ,on the contrary his party proved flexibility and it is ready to give up some of its demands for the sake of the whole Lebanese interest, of course to give up for a better return for the whole nation.

To say the truth ,to compare the Suez crisis with the Lebanese July war like some like to call it ,it is unfair , the world is not the same world now , then we got two powers ,now we got one power and even the results in 1956 to Egypt was much better I believe that to Lebanon in 2006 after couple of weeks of 1701 resolution concerning Lebanon.There are some similairties yes as I refered but not between the two personalities but between the two wars, the two factors which led it and the respond of both Egyptian and Lebanese people to the attacks

I am doing this comparison in the 25th anniversary of President Nasser death in 1970 "oh yes Sadaat stayed only 10 years !!" and also because I got sick from the Nasserites claims that Nasrallah is reincarnation of Nasser !!

"I write in this in the anniversiary of Nasser's death in the 28th of Septmeber"

Jake Gyllenhaal fricks out because of the Egyptian Police

You know I don't know I laugh or cry on such news that was published in the entertainment section in Filbalad

Jake Gyllenhaal ,the new heart breaker from "Brokeback Mountain" agreed on acting a new movie where he portrays the Character of a C.I.A profiler whose life will change 180'0 degrees after attending an interrogation session in one of the secret C.I.A prisons in Egypt performed by the Egyptian secret Police  ,It seems that he can't stand the torture


I don't know which is more interesting being a C.I.A profiler who got sick from the Egyptian police techniques , or that this C.I.A profiler is the sweet sissy from the Brokeback Mountain , I don't know

But I know what the Egyptian media would say if this movie really came out to the lights

  • A Zionist attempt to insult the Egyptian Police
  • A gay is insulting our Police "despite he is straigth"
  • "You won't break us gay cowboy "
  • The interior Minister denies the existance of C.I.A prisons in Egypt "Because simply the C.I.A uses the outsourcing , they sent them to Egyptian prisons"

Really we are humiliated enough from this regime ,when we will be humiliated like this

Look I am Egyptian , and one of the interesting characteristics in Egyptians that they hate their rulers and regimes and curse them day and night but they don't like anyone from outside to do so

especailly when it is Jake Gyllenhaal , the winner of best kiss in MTV Movies Awards 2006 !!

Anyway but what do you expect from a sissy like Gyllenhaal to act in an interrorgation session in Egypt ??

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

El-Sadaat Petition

الصلف أم وحدة الصف Petition

 Internet Journalist and activist Wael Abbas made this petition to gather the biggest number of signature to stand against all those who accuse late President Sadaat supporters and admirers with treason

Unfortunately in Egypt if any one in the political arena spoke in the favor of President Sadaat will be accused as American Israeli agent who takes money from abroad !!

This accusation goes to two facts

  1. The active opposition now is composed from Nasserites and Socialists "MB strangely do not hate the man " and both the Nasserites and Socialists hate him so so much , in stupid way
  2. The old tradition we got in Egypt since the Ancient state from 7000 B.C , when a pharaoh comes in rule ,he erases the achievements and the history of the previous Pharaoh !!
  3. Some of those who defend President Sadaat are really disrespected and they are really using the name of the man just like Dr Abdel Monam Saed and Ali Salam
  4. The most important reason is the Treason Theory or culture , which one of the famous products of the Nasserite era , "if you don't think like us ,then you are a traitor"

Unfortunate people forget that we are humans and we made mistakes all the times ,even prophets make mistake ,we are not angels nor demons , we are humans. President Sadaat did mistakes for sure , same as President Nasser ,same as President Mubarak

I don't like President Nasser ,yet I respect him and I respect what many of the things he did and decision he took , I can not omit the Nasser era , also I can not accuse the Nasserites to be traitors and agents who got paid by dollars from regimes in Lybia and previously Iraq because some of the Nasserites do , I can not simply do so ,because my mom is a Nasserite because she believes that this man did something good , she respect my opinion about Sadaat and I respect hers about Nasser , because in the end , we both think that those men despite their differences made something good for their country , our country Egypt and that' what we care for in the Egypt , the benefit of Egypt .

Nasser can be right , Sadaat can be wrong , Nasser can be wrong and Sadaat can be right , one of them may be will be right after 50 years and may be both would be wrong , yet no one of them can cancel the other , because they are in history now

The problem of the Nasserites and Sadaat that they want to cancel each and also want democracy !!

Democracy is the respect of the other opinion too !!!

By this petition is made to show the Nasserites that President Sadaat got a popularity in the Egyptian Street , and so they stop cursing him day and night in their media. By the way real President Sadaat got a popularity in the Egyptian Street , I remember an online Survey that was held from couple of years about "The best ruler in the modern time" , the Surprise that Mohamed Ali Basha took the title of "best ruler " then after him immediately comes Sadaat , it was a shock I remember for the Nasserites ,who as usually accused the poll to be biased ,bla bla bla

By the way we ,the Egyptians got very import characteristic, we respect all our rulers , we hate them yes , but we respect them , I am talking about the average Egyptian Joe , and the strange we curse them day and night but we don't like a foreigner to do so

Anyway back to the main topic , go and sign the petition and show the whole world your respect to Sadaat

P.S I didn't sign ,because I want to be a neutral , plus I am thinking for doing a petition like this for Mohamed Ali royal family ,because after 50 and something years of revolution especially after the glorious last 24 years ,it turned that they weren't so bad on the contrary they were saints :) "Ah Ya balad"

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Link to الصلف أم وحدة الصف Petition

Nuclear Egypt

BBC article

So it is a real thing , not broken promises in political conventions as I thought at first , Egypt is going to enter the Nuclear age again ,after many years of closing its nuclear projects from how long I don't know , already every President comes in Egypt since Nasser says that he will add Egypt to the Nuclear club then nothing happens or he says we are a peaceful nation and Israel can not hit us because the Nuclear dust will reach to it in half hour !!

Seriously I didn't think that the government would respond so quickly to GM's vision , it is so impressive , very impressive , because they ignored all the issues and problems they are facing from stagnant economy to train accidents to political reforms to unemployment to teachers' salaries and they focused on joining the nuke club ,they put in their priority in a stupid way.

The wonderful thing is the immediate respond of the cabinet to GM's call , as if they were carrying on his orders , as if he were the president "heavens forbid!!"

In newspapers ,official ones of course ,justifications are made by ministers for the re-opening of the nuclear reactors in Egypt and ironically they are so silly unbelievable justifications , for example

We are doing in the search for substitute energy instead of depending on electricity as our population is increasing rapidly and we consume electricity so much that we will need another kind of energy in the future!!

Silly claims I am sorry for different reasons

  1. The high dam in Aswan provides Egypt with more than needed electricity that we export electricity to both Jordan and Syria !!
  2. If we will have a power supply shortage problem in the future , then why we are exporting electricity to both Jordan and Syria , we can cut it off !!
  3. If we are going to search for a substitute energy , why we go for the nuclear energy with its expensive expenses and dangerous Hazards and forget that we have a gold mine called Solar energy
  4. Solar Energy is much more better , safe for the environment and already we have sun 365 day per year , we don't have to import materials end with "ium" with big sum of money
  5. We got much more important issues and problems need the money that will be spent on this project !!

People are hungry , we have something now called "The Egyptian food bank " delivering free food for the poor advertising in the TV like the "Salvation army" and those are speaking about Nuclear power !!

Now for your own knowledge this is so-called "Nuclear project" is not a new thing at all , in fact it is very old project based upon American proposal and do you know both late Nasser and Sadaat "May God bless their souls and prayers of Traaweeh beside" rejected it .

Oh yes , listen to this and my source is

El-Masryoon e-newspaper

The Americans in 1960s ,exactly in 1967 made a silly plan for Peace , the plan was the following establishing three nuclear reactors ,one in Israel , one in Egypt in Sinai over the Akkaba and one in Jordan , the purpose of these reactor is to sweeten the sea water and thus use this water in establishing common manufacturing and agriculture communities and projects between Egypt"Sinai" and Israel and thus Peace would happen , of course Jordan and Israel agreed "they didn't say in the report but I think they did so from reading the history , you could predict so" and for sure Egypt refused and it had to refuse ,check the date 1967 ,they did n't eve wait for another year after the defeat , they thought Egypt would agree easily

Then in 1974 in the famous historical visit of President Nikson , the same proposal was presented to President Sadaat , and the man refused because such a project would be a threat to the national security.

Yet in 1976 it was said in the report that Egypt signed an initial agreement despite Camp David wasn't signed yet !! but nothing happened then at all no reactors or agreements or anything what so ever , and president Sadaat was killed in 1981!!

Anyway GM accepted the deal after taking the permission from both United States and Israel according to French "Liberation" , ironically "El-Masryoon" is speaking about that GM is speaking about Nukes against the American well !! causing more problems but the two sides !!

I am sorry but GM and US are playing both very intelligent game

Do you know when you hit two birds with a stone, it is something like this

GM wanted to be popular among the people and more important among the military , don't forget GM is a civilian and his supporters day and night are speaking about him as the first civilian president and the importance of ending this military state blah blah blah to the end of this talk , people of course in Egypt are romantic , having a Nuclear project like Iran against Israel and the States "that what they know and understand is a pride from them

The United States want to create a new opposite to Iran , Israel is the opposite in Iran in Nuclear activity ,yet Israel is the enemy in the Arab area , also Iran got a very big popularity with its stubborn head president Nijad , People in Egypt love him so much , so the idea is to create an opposite to Iran from the region and it won't be better than Egypt , a big ally and the regime depends on the US , the greatest Arabic Sunni country against the famous Persian Shiite country

That what I think

What I believe is we got much important stuff than to have a new nuclear reactor ,of course I am 100% to have an Egyptian Nuclear program and we got a wonderful base of human resources from professors that give us an advantage over Iran which import Russian and Chinese Nuclear energy scientists , but People need to eat , need to have freedom , plus it is not in the end for the sake of Egypt , because the sake of Egypt is determined by its own people and not for other countries' sake or personal agendas

By the way if Egypt is going to the Nuclear age why the cabinet decided to close the Dabah Nuclear project !!??

Updates : Both The United States "according to its Ambassdor in Cairo" and France are welcoming the Egyptian decision :)

p.s many don't know that the Americans were the one who build the Iranis nuclear reactors as a gift for the Shah to scare the Arabs and Nasser , but then the Islamic revolution came and turned the table upside down so who knows !!?? ;)

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our Poll results

 Ok as I always do ,I will share with the results of the poll I had in this blog , for three months I had that poll that asked about your opinion concerning Hassen Nasrallah ,the head of Hezbollah

Did you or do you think that he is a hero or adventurous ,or a Syrian-Iranian agent or even a terrorist Nazi ? I got the answer and as I believe in Democracy and transparency for real I will share it with you

Hassen Nasrallah is

 A Hero

 58% "98 Votes"

An adventerous

 4% "6 Votes"

A Syrian -Iranian agent

23% "39 votes"

A terrorist Nazi

10% "27 votes"

Total votes

100% "170 votes"












 Thanks you all for participating in the poll , till next time and it will be very soon

Tagged again

My dear friend Tarek had tagged me again this time it is very easy tag

What are my top 12 blogs ??

  • Dr. Ramy's famous blog , He is busy now but still one of my favorite because Dr Ramy was the first real Egyptian blogger I know and he was the first to introduce me to the wonderful world of Egyptian blogsphere
  • Tarek's famous Green Data blog , always busy and full of wonderful posts about everything , Tarek also is my friend and a very active Egyptian blogger
  • Muktar El-Azizi famous blog , I love it really ,you must enjoy it , it is always updated , covering many topics , wonderful and also Dear El-Azizi is one of the few men who stood with our dear Laila
  • This is one of the most beautiful blogs I have seen on the internet , I swear the designer can reach the fame of Moxie girls if he opens his special blog designning , not only the design which captures you ,but also the content of the blog ,it is not a personal or political blog , it is open book for Arabian Nights alike Tales , it is more like Kalilah and Damenah , an epic tale its heros from animals , written by Zaryab from Alex , this is one of the best blogs in the Egyptian blogsphere ....Highly recommended
  • a very interesting blog about a young Muslim in the United States , one of the problems of Muslims now that they don't consider their culture and national differences , I released while browsing this blog , by the way this guy loves Sami Yusuf
  • From the famous ladies of the Egyptian blogsphere , she says she doesn't know, but she seems to know everything , I like her and I like her blog , she was from Laila's mothers by the way
  • He is an Egyptian in USA ,but he still in Egypt's with his thoughts , really Egyptians don't leave Egypt easily :)
  • He is from the men that don't know the impossible , from Cinema to Art to Politics , a wonderful blog , and by the way it seems that we got a celeb her , an indie celeb that suits the nature of blogging:)
  • Here is a guy whom I share with my love to history , do you see our royal flag ?? Full of history and news
  • Another Egyptian in the USA , wonderful blog that covers most of the time politics , well most Egyptian blogs do so , we Egyptians like politics, also you can find interesting stuff about Muslims in the US
  • Aisha's live space , now it is not updated like before because Aisha returned back to college again, but if you browse in the space , you will find wonderful treasures of knowledge
  • Eman's wonderful sweet thoughts blog, it is not updated frequently ,but she updates ,she always surprise me with wonderful piece of words that come closer to poetry

Here is my 12 top blog , there are others whom I always visit as I depend on RSS reader in Opera and IE7

Monday, September 25, 2006

Back from exile

P.S: I wrote this post for a while and I forgot it now I am publishing because I am not in the mood to write something new

I noticed something interesting while following the news of changes in the arab world
I noticed that every arabic ex-politican or military who lives in exile from 30 years maximum is getting ready to go back to his mother land to help his people to restore their freedom and their country's lost glory .
Men who live in very expensive houses in London and Paris ,are now speaking in Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabya, attacking the current regimes who stole the fortunes of the nation ,despite the fact they were either part of these corrupted regimes or from previous more corrupted dictator regimes.
I am not speaking about Abd El-Halim Khaddam despite he is from this team nor about Abd El-Rahman El-Badini, the ex-prime minister of Yeman ,who lives in exile in Egypt from very long time ,that now it is rarely to find him speaking in a yemani accent.

When a man like Ex-minister Aziz Sadky ,a.k.a The father of industry in Egypt,speaks about democratic change in Egypt I do believe him and I believe that he wants the best to the valley of the Nile ,yet when a man like El-Badini speaks about democracy in Happy Yeman ,I don't believe him because he is the product of dictator regimes ,a person you can't judge on his political believes ,is he a nasseric or is he from the west camp!?
Same thing like Khaddam who is much more worst than Badani , the guy now thinks himself as the savior of the Syrian people after being as a bad guy for over 30 years or more !!

I won't ask if those old men were crazy or forgot to take their medication , it seems to me that they are aware carefully for they are doing and saying on TVs ,radios and newspapers, but I want to ask one question ,Do they think that People are stupid enough to forgot all what those people had to their country and to welcome and support them again??

All what we suffer from dictotarship and corruption in the present time is the product of the past of those men !!??

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hezbollah shows the world its real size

p.s : I couldn't publish this post on the same day for two reasons , first  I am very sick , this bloody cold doesn't want to leave me alone,i got this terrible headache and fever despite all those medicines I am taking , second I am  busy in Ramadan preparation

Now today was big day in Lebanon , it was the victory celebration , it was "The Victory Festival" as Hezbollah called it , last week the leader of Hezbollah Hassen Nasrallah made an open invitation to every one who wants to celebrate the victory of the resistance in the last war to come on the 22/9 Friday to the some yard in the southern suburb in  to celebrate the victory in Beirut

And so today was the day, I was surprised to find this great gathering , and this great number of people attending the celebration in the television , It was like the gatherings of the cedars revolution of 14th of March from two years ago , or even great , as people began to gather in the southern suburb from yesterday night , the numbers of the audience were by thousands that Hezbollah gathered all the available rental chairs from Beirut and the south of Lebanon and even though they couldn't match the number , even the party itself was surprised

The people who came to the big event weren't from the southern suburb or Beirut only but also from all over Lebanon ,they came all the way to the big event from the south "the main home of Hezbollah", from the Mount Lebanon , from the Bekkah hill. Also they were n't only Shiites as i thought ,but from all different sects from Muslims Sunnis, Christians from different sects and even Druz

Not only Hezbollah or Amal supporters but also from the Free National stream of Christian Michael Own , Not only from Lebanon but from Syria ,Iran "Their main supporters and they 'Hezbollah' don't deny it' ,also from Bahrain and Kuwait , by the way don't be surprise with the gulf sharing in this event because both countries "Bahrain and Kuwait" got a very big Shiite sect , in fact the majority in Bahrain is from the Shiite

Numbers are big and the image on TV didn't lie , I didn't watch it from El-Manar TV , instead from both New TV and Al-Jazeera.

Here I won't talk about Hadi's father aka Hassen Nasrallah speech because he was the sole speaker in the celebration and he spoke too long and I was sick and I slept while he was talking , not because he was boring or speaking nonsense heavens forbid but because I was sick , my mom told that as usual Nasrallah opened his fires on his opponents declaring that he and his group by the support of his people they refuse the disarm of Hezbollah and that they still have in storage 30,000 rockets , of course Israel because of this announcement is in nightmare especially Olmert who failed in achieving any of his targets in the war

My mom told me that Nasrallah in his very long speech slammed Jumblatt

 "My father wasn't a Bek , I am not a Bek and my sons won't be Beks"

strong words

Also he talked about G.W Bush claims of the State inside a State ,also he talked about the big big big Arabic man "Chavez" !! :)

Here I will speak something I noticed , as someone who used to watch most of Hezbollah's celebrations since the liberation of the south in 2000

For the first time or as I think Hezbollah goes more deeply to the Lebanese identity , Hezbollah as in the origin came out from an Islamic militant resistance group believes as all other Islamic group in the world whether the MB in Egypt or Hamas ,that there are no borders or different identities between Muslim people , the Islamic nation idea , if you remember the controversial statement of Mahdy Akaf ,the general guide of MB in Egypt in the beginning of this year when he said that Toz in Egypt , I would be ruled with some one from Malaysian to the end of that talk that gave to the NDP the chance to attack their long time enemy , it is just like the Arab nationalists idea , no for the national identity but for the regional identity , I can't say it is wrong or right because Egypt "Here I am speaking about the Egyptian experience" to be flexible with all the identities whether the national or religious or regional

anyway because the opponents of Hezbollah in Lebanon and also outside it from America's allies are speaking day and night that the party is not working for the sake of Lebanon but it acts as a means for Syria and Iran to the end of this talk , Hezbollah wants to prove otherwise , yes it doesn't need to do so but we got a common proverb in Egypt says

"The bullet that doesn't hit ,makes allot of noise"

And thus Hezbollah is trying to prove its Labenesehood now more than ever to make everyone to shut up , this something I believed in when I watched the festival , how ?? well I studied Marketing and media and how to use them in Political advertising , any ad sends you a decoded message to your brain using a specific language not spoken but seen,hear and even felt

You may or may not notice this ,but did you watch the big billboards Hezbollah hanged all over the place This billboard had this big poster "a red background which equals to both the blood color and the red color in the Lebanese flag" , Hassen Nasrallah 's image opening his arms "an old sign of both power and generosity"  and written on it the following

"The honest pledge" --------- The name of the two Israeli soldiers capture operation

"A Divine victory and Victory from Allah"---------------- Describing their victory on the Israeli war Machine

Now both of these two phrases were written by both Arab and English , in the old day Hezbollah wrote it only in Arabic , this time they know that the whole world is watching , already the regional southern party got a world wide fame it didn't get in 2000 , they are sending messages of power to the whole world

Also both of these two phrases were colored in two colors dividing them , the first part is Green and the second part is white

Green,White and Red are the colors of the Lebanese flag " Two red lines , with white background and a green cedar tree in the middle"

All the phrases on the ads,posters and billboards were arranged in this way , colored and bilingual

The guys in Hezbollah working in public relations and marketing are not fooling around , in fact i believe MB must take some lessons from them , by the way Marketing is not used in the field of commerce and manufacturing only ,it is even more used in politics ,in delivering new ideas to people

Also did you notice the music they played first after the Holy Quran , the national Lebanese anthem them Hezbollah 's anthem

Hezbollah wants to prove it is a Lebanese Party ,it is not a state in side state, it is a Lebanese in the end made of Lebanese young men from the Southern villages defending their land

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ramadan Lanterns "2006"

Ramadan Lanterns "2006"
Originally uploaded by Kodak Agfa.

Ramadan Karim to all of my dear visitors and readers of Egyptian Chronicles

Thursday, September 21, 2006

X-files : Who killed El-Sananairy!!??

Remember Remember The 5th of September

In the 25th anniversary of the famous September arrests ,there had to be some new revelations and surprises to the Egyptian people about the famous incident that preceded the assassination of President El-Sadaat.At first I thought that the confession of Markham Mohamed Ahmed , the famous Journalist on how the lists were prepared was the bomb of the 25th anniversary already this confession led Ahmed to an investigation in the Journalists' syndication in Cairo according to this " English Translation" yet I was wrong ,the big surprise came in the last 5th of September last week in the Journalists Syndication there was a session about the famous arrests , the speakers were the ex- detainees from all Nasserites,Communists and Muslim brothers who were the majority of detainees whether in the September arrests or what followed President El-Sadaat's assassination. The big surprise was the accusation of Dr.Mohamed Habib, the current deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood guide or guru "don't know which word is suitable" to ex-General Fouad Alam , the ex-head of the National security investigation "This bureau follows the interior ministry, also I am sorry if this is the wrong translation" of murdering the famous MB leader Kamal El-Sananairy in November 1981.

A surprise the media found it so interesting to speak about because the ex-general Alam is a media superstar,after long history "bloody one too" in Interior ministry and security issue ,the man became a constant guest in News ,TV shows and talk show as a Security and terrorism expert ,to say the truth regardless of his history ,the man got some interesting and powerful opinion and theories in the current "War on Terrorism" I believe I spoke about several times.

Habib is accusing Alam of the murder of the MB leader famous Kamal El-Sananairy ,in the last few minutes I will explain to you more and more as in a neutral position ,I am not a MB ,sorry MS for sister ,neither a NDP gal

  • First who was Kamal El-Sananairy in the first place?

Kamal El-Sananairy , a Muslim brother from the first early generation of MB , a co-MB to the famous controversial legendary Siad Kotub . El-Sananairy "1918-1981 " spent most of his life in political jails in Egypt . The first time was in 1955 ,in the famous MB trial in the Nasserite era ,a horrible unjust trial with lots of lies ,many MB were sentenced to death, he was among them ,yet for some reason I couldn't find in my readings he got away for it , unfortunately he escaped the death penalty yet he was forced to divorce his wife and his daughter died "according

But the Jails don't destroy the wells of the believers , The Islamic writer "Amina Kotub" the sister of famous "Siad Kotub" proposed to him in Jail while she had only 25 years old "yes as you read she proposed to him to marry him , I know it is strange ,it is very strange for an eastern girl ,also as Muslim sister not to mention the time in the 1950s" . He refused in the first but he agreed in the end, and thus the couple married in Jail yet the young bride had to wait for her groom and man for another 20 years to be free and live happily ever after ,as El-Sananairy was set free in year 1974 !! Already he passed the 55 years old in jail , but life never stops. in His new life El-Sananairy traveled a lot until his arrest again in 1978.

Here is his picture I found it in one of the Yahoo groups and I traced to find it directly linked to one of MB websites "they got so many websites"

I don't know whether he was released again or not ,but I will presume so because in that old age he traveled to Afghanistan to fight the soviets to return back in Egypt and then to oppose camp David and President Sadaat and thus his name was in the famous September arrests and in the 4th of November the man died and his soul returned back to creator, the death reasons then officially was suicide , off the record between the MB he was killed.

  • Second Causes of death ?

On the 4th of November ,the death of Kamal El-Sananairy was announced, the cause of death was suicide according to the official reports and investigation of the Torah prison , the official report says that the man hanged himself in his cell according to this scenario "please use your imagination" he took off the bult of the dressing-gown "robe de chamber" and tied it around the toilet handle "as I understand" then he grabbed a chair and stood on it ,then he jumped and thus killed himself and the guards found him a dead body.

This is the official version of the story and his brother approved it

  • third Murder in first?

The MB got different version story,General Fouad Tawfik Alam ,the head of anti-Religious activities board [yes this was its name then!!] was interrogating Kamal himself in Torah during very aggressive cruel torture to him to get information about Afghanistan war [I read this story in El-Masryoon e-newspaper] when Alam lost his temper and strangled El-Sananairy by himself till the the man lost his life

This is the MB version of the story and they say that El-Sananairy brother was forced to accept it.

  • Forth counter evidences

Of course Alam defended himself in Media and appeared in Night Talkshow "90 minutes" to defend himself, also he reported against Mohamed Habib to Deputy general. He says that he left the MB file in year 1980 in the National security as in a message to Daily "El-Masry El youm" Alam claimed that he met one of the leaders of MB in Germany after months of the incidents and he was Dr.Ali Gerasha ,and told him all about the suicide of El-Sananairy and the later believed him and even sent him a thanks letter !!!!!

Ironically councilor Gerasha himself denied the incident and called Alam to be liar

Not that only MB gave evidences to the world that make anyone suspect in the official version,for example the cells of Torah prison are very small , got no beds, and more important read carefully got no toilets or chairs at all !! Also the personal character of El-Sananairy as a very religious man contradicts the idea of Suicide ,as Suicide in prohibited in Islam and as a great sin as to be infidel.

Till now no one knows what this media war will end with or even when ??

Already the MB PM requested a Parliament investigation

  • Fifth final analysis

Look I gave all the details and I tried to be as neutral as I can but before I say what I think

  1. In the article (55) of the Egyptian Constitution "The crime of torture is the only crime that doesn't discharge with seniority"
  2. This incident "if it is proved to be a murder" will be the first political assassination or murder in the era of President Mubarak "theoretically he wasn't in charge ,it was Sofi Abu Talab the head of Egyptian Parliament then".

Now to what yo si

yo si "I know in esponal" that Alam is a bloody bastard since the 1960s , his hands are not blood ,and God knows if this man really did something in his history that can be considered in the sake of Egypt , I know that if he killed this man or others ,God won't let him go easily whether in this life or after life ,and that the blood of this man would be a curse on him. I don't care much about Alam whom I believe is a strange sick person,in TV shows now he calls the same people of MB whom he personally supervised their tortures ,he calls blessings on their souls !!! I don't know how this person can sleep at night easily !!

But what I am really amazed is not Alam as much as MB ,why they suddenly decided to speak about this incident, why they exposed this crime now after 25 years , well my only guessing that may be because they got members in the Parliament but I am sorry to say that they are running behind a mirage if they think they will get Alam behind bar or even make him confess and regret like one them wrote

Was killed or killed himself ???

Logic speaks out loud there folks

P.S :I wrote this post from last week and I forgot to publish it , anyway I publish it now coz I am SO SICK

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The vision of NDP of the middle East

It is interesting vision indeed

Check this BBC article , did you notice the title they chose in the famous English speaking site "Mubarak's son"  and this "offers an Arabic vision" why I feel there is some sarcastic accent in it.

anyway back to GM and his annual convention , the second whatever he and his men are calling , today on Al-Jazeera I heard very very big talk , first an Arabic Middle East with Egyptian Leadership ,with an Arab identity and change to democracy that comes from inside not from outside and listen this

"We reject these foreign ambitions to erase Arab identity in the framework of what they call the Greater Middle East initiative,"

wow it is not about the new middle East only ,it reached the new energies Egypt must have including the forbidden energy "the nuclear " one , "Ya wad Ya Gamd" Iran is not the one which got courage ,did you see how much the audience went crazy those NDPians?? YAY Nuke

People what you see is a direct impact to the Lebanese victory of Hezbollah yes, believe me it is.

Since when Mubarak and son speak against the American agenda !?

Since when Mubarak and son speak about the nuclear energy in Egypt !?

The man , the son is trying to win some sympathy and acceptance from the Egyptian People who are refusing him. He is using a new technique ,the old techniques didn't get any result, only opposite results, people in Egypt still don't still free comfort when they see him .

He used before the economic technique,promising the Egyptian people with better economy and better welfare to Egypt and its people , All the people in Egypt or most of them didn't believe him yet they waited ,already they do nothing expect waiting and waiting , but this waiting in the first place was in void after all how could we reach any kind of a better economic status in the past or the present or even in the future and GM is surrounded by those co-assistants from the most corrupted business men in Egypt !!?? All his economic policies and strategies that came out from the policies committees and the government adopted them proved to be a bigger failure that made thing even worse and the People hated him more

He used the internal political issue improvement card ,the same old game of democracy to please both the people and the west , by making false margin of democracy ,permitting the newspapers to say whatever they want and the change in constitution ,the amendment no.76 which still is undergoing changes in this convention but also the people did n't buy this cheap talk , we are not fools or naive to ignore the fact that all those changes are made to make it possible for him "GM" , the son of the president our next fifth president of Egypt , the terrible failure of his men in the last parliament elections is the greatest example

yet there is one important card GM can play with in order to win some kind of public acceptance ,Egypt's external policies , Egyptians are so angry that Egypt is no longer a leader that defends the its sister Arab countries in the region , as in the last 25 years under the rule of the father we became not only an alley but unfortunately a butler for the American administers in the Oval office The Lebanese war exposed how weak the Egyptian regime became in front the Western and American administration in a disgusting way and this created more sadness to the Egyptians, people watch the poor Lebanese being slaughtered daily on TVs and they can't give help because their regime doesn't want so because it is Hezbollah's fault ,it was a scandal , a historical when Lebanese people stood in front the TV screaming "Where the 70 million of Egypt ? is there no New Nasser among them?" these words were hard for me and I believe any Egyptian who believes in the real role of Egypt would have felt the same way I did.

Anyway I believe GM is playing a new game to win people's acceptance , he is not the US man anymore ,already it is said that Ahmed Nazif "PM" became the new man of the US and that there is great hidden conflict between the two civilians who want to occupy the expected vacancy in the presidential place which over more that 50 years was occupied by military wearing a suit

It is not a new game ,the card of Egypt's vision of an "Arab" Middle East with Egyptian leadership is not a new after ,it is always used by Egypt rulers since President Nasser to make the people busy in something else then their own problems , in some kind of illusion or mirage , it wasn't a mirage in time of Nasser ,but it is mirage in Mubarak 's era

You know why? because I believe the Arab world won't be a master of its own will except when Egypt return back its freedom as democratic nation

and yes we were once was this democratic nation

The talk is not finished already the bloody convention will be held for another 2 days ,and I am writing this post and my body temperature is so hot , the sickness hotness

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Egypt today's Fourth faith

 Well most people seemed to forget about the Baha'I's in Egypt with all the internal and external jazz but other seem didn't forget and won't forget

A controversial report about the Baha'I in Egypt in Egypt's today , I found today while I was in my doctor's clinic , a long report with new interesting fact about the forbidden faith in Egypt , it was the only complete report I read it from the beginning to the end in ET, I don't usually read with that attention those English published Egyptian magazines because simply I believe that they don't represent the real Egypt or Egyptian or speak to them , try any English published Egyptian magazine and you will know what I mean

Anyway I found this report and read letter by letter , already you remember from couple of months in this blog I had coverage and also some sort of debate about the Baha'I's in Egypt .I notice some important points I must mention because I find it so interesting

  •  Most of the interviewees in the report were ex-interviewees in "Sowat El-Oma" Baha'I's reports , I remember this report about the first Baha'I' marriage between an Ex-Christian man and an Ex-Muslim woman in El-Ismailiya, also some of them appeared in weal El-Ibrashi "The truth" TV Show , that woman "Wafa Girgis" appeared on the show, also her husband whom provoked many people I know
  • I read the report and I remember the language theory , my dear co-blogger Mokhtar El-Azizi was speaking about in BBC ,I can't say it is neutral or negative or positive, in fact I don't like the title itself "Fourth Faith" , already Egypt's faiths are three no one can argue in it , it is in the constitution

You can read it as you can from ET online

Link to et - Full Story

 Now to the content , the Baha'I's again ,well I admit that I must respect those people regardless of what I think about their faith ,I must respect their insist to be recognized in this country despite the refusal of both the Muslim side and the Christian side to their existence . Already I knew from the report that there will be some court verdict about the faith ID recognition on the 16/9 , that was from two days from writing down this post on the 18th , I don't recall that I found anything on the daily or party or independent newspapers about it , anyway with my all respect ,Egypt got enough terrible whether from the coming NDP convention tomorrow and its expecting disappointing terrifying decisions and results or whether from the Pope stupid provoking attack or whether from a terrible economic condition or ......etc.

Already the only time I read about the Baha'I's in Egypt from few months was from four days in "El-Masryon" newspaper which mentioned them as they were publishing the annual minorities report issued by the American department of State , you know this dirty annual report in which the U.S blackmail countries by it despite that Minorities in America got no better treatment ask the black people of New Orleans or ask the Muslim community . Egypt was criticized because of the so-called bad treatments to Christians ,Baha'I's and Shiites !! Egypt need to be taught a lesson

Some Historical facts ignored:

I believe if a regular visitor to this blog ,you would know that the owner of this blog is a history addicted in fact my nickname had a history " also my name" , this report mentioned some interesting facts on how the faith entered Egypt, yes it is mentioned that son of Mizarah came to  Egypt .......etc , but they weren't specific in details , now as Egyptian Chronicles always got the exclusive information ,here is a piece of information ,you may find it interesting.

In time of Khadavi Tawfik , one of Egypt's modern history hates personalities regarded as the traitor who helped the British army to invade Egypt in 1882 and destroyed the Orabi revolution and also imprisoned his own father Khadavi Ismail "not mentioned in the report", in that time El-Gulpayagani Effendi came to Egypt to spread the new faith , and to do so as mentioned in the report he disguised as A Muslim preacher coming from Persia to teach in Al-Azhar and he began to have followers from Al-Azhar students and afterwards he made those students to convert to his real faith , and they were 15 students,interesting , guess what the Egyptian government knew this and decided to put an end to that attempt of spreading Baha'I'sm in Egypt .

They arrested that Effendi crook ,I am sorry to call him that ,later I will explain why , and executed him with some of his followers ,the rest run away in Egypt or abroad. I call the Effendi as a crook because it doesn't need much brain to know that to enter Al-Azhar with a fake id to spread another faith by deception is a crook disrespectful act which if showed anything , show that Bah'I's were playing dirty ,very dirty , I don't  know about them now but thank God that People are more educated now , anyway I guess the execution of El-Gulpayagani Effendi or Basha may be the only good thing Khadavi Tawfik did in his life

Spreading the faith was the mission of Bah'I's in Egypt in old day and the ET report confirms this , it is enough to read EL-Babawy's confession "well I won't call it a confession because he seems to be honored to do so and that I don't like because the flute player dies and his finger still playing" that he was spreading the faith in south Egypt in the 1950s and that the National assmubly of Bah'I'sm sent to him monthly 50 Egyptian pounds , and guess what cover he took , he owned a Plumber shop , and if you read carefully you would feel that it wasn't his real job "again with deception", look also to the location of this disguised missionary south Egypt , where poverty is marrying ignorance till this day , not that only look to the monthly budget 50 pounds , do you know how much the value the Egyptian Pound was then ? it is enough to know that  the opening salary for a graduate was 12 E.P , in fact El-Babawy himself said in the report that 50 E.P then is equal to 5000 E.P now , can You imagine ? so what kind of plan ? and what kind of a board and wealth this assembly had at that time ??  Not to mention the technique having religous discussions with the customers

It looks like a plot to me , the location , the disguise ,the money it didn't change the mindset and techniques from El-Gabylawyi to El-Babawy

With my all respect to all those Bah'I's ,I don't want to go in another Bezante discussion ,this just something came to me and made me think

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Goodbye uncle Fouad

I don't know if it was fate or what when two of the greatest comedy legends in Egypt and the Arab world pass away in a short time. First it was Gaddo Abdo now it is Amo Fouad. From two days ago Actor Fouad El-Mohandas had passed away in the hospital ,after long struggle with a heart disease, it was the irony of time when he entered the hospital to be treated from his heart on the same day his long time co-actor and friend Abd El-Monam Madbooly passed away from couple of months

Fouad El-Mohandes by the way is the brother of the great anchorlady of Egyptian radio "Safia El-Mohandes", he got only one son ,Mohamed and he was married twice , the most famous marriage and the longest was with long time another half Shewiikar , forming the most famous duet from the 50s to the 70s , Shewiikar is said to be very sad now.

El-Mohandes was known in 1950s and 1970s for his comedy movies , they were n't serious ones , usually making fun from other western movies like "Wax Museum" or "James Bond movies" like in "Women's slayer" or "The most dangerous man in the world" , or simple comedy from the society like "Shanbo in the trap" or "a husband confessions" {my favorites" ,he also presented wonderful plays in the 60s and 50s most of them were directed by Madbooly and most of them were based upon international plays like "My fair lady".

Yet unfortunately in the 70s ,El-Mohandes and comedy in Egyptian cinema began to lose its tough , with stupid topics similar to silliness , in this time he stopped presenting movies except for one or two ,I remember from them "Viva Zalata" which was a spoof movie from Quinn's"Viva Zapata". he then continued working in theater,radio and television

In television in the 80s and 90s ,till two years ago he used to have his children show "Amo Fouad" "Uncle Fouad" , where it became his nickname in press and public in those three decades

In radio , his first home ,he was presenting a very critic shot program called "Two words and half" criticizing the society

By the way I may be from the lucky few from the young generation who were lucky enough to hear the early episodes of "an Hour for your heart" where Fouad El-Mohandes made his first debate as a comedian through the radio , he had this wonderful duet with khaira Ahmed better known as Mahmoud and his noisy picky boring wife "Ya Mahmooooooud" , in shallah I will upload the episodes to so all of you can hear it

Fouad El-Mohandas was a great comedy actor whether in cinema or TV or radio or theater , yes I don't like him as I like Abd El-Monam Madbooly more but still I can't deny the talent of El-Mohandes in comedy but Madbooly for me was a great actor whether in Drama or Comedy ,while El-Mohandes didn't change color from comedy to drama . anyway God bless them both , both great made and are making people and I believe they will continue making people happy in the future with God's will, may God bless his soul ,we sure we are going to miss him this Ramdan

Please pray for him

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Churches are houses of God too and Nuns are women too

Look I am angry from the Pope for what he said but I don't agree on burning and destroying church neither killing Nuns and monks in Muslim countries.As you know since yesterday the churches in west bank in Palestine were target for several attack ,the most dangerous severe one was today when a church for Roman Orthodox ,a sect that doesn't follow the Vatican in the first place ,was burned. A disgusting disrespectful attack , how can a Muslim that follows the Quran and teachings of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" , a terrible attack ,it seems to me that those who did it ,didn't read the Quran to know that in time of war it is prohibited to destroy the churches and Synods because they are the houses of God just like mosques to be treated in respect !!

Come on these stupid foolish acts prove nothing except that we are terrorists and hate the world as our religion says so !! while it is untrue

In fact I believe sometimes that these barbaric attacks may be done by someone who is Muslim or Palestinian to divide the Palestinian people unity

It didn't stop till here , another terrible news from Somalia , a young man stubbed a nun there , an Italian nun , again this young man seems to forget his religion rules not to kill Women ,also not kill religion people like nuns and monks .

This is a result for the provoking statement which the Pope doesn't want to admit that he was wrong to say and only apologize for misunderstanding , not for the statements !!

By the way what the Pope says harms the Roman Catholic Arabs everywhere ,not only them but any Christian in the Arab world , on a daily basis if not hourly in the Egyptian national Television I found Priests and monks from the Egyptian Orthodox Church attacking the Vatican swearing that they are a separate entity with no connections what so ever to Rome and People must understand the difference ,I understand their fear regular average Egyptian Muslim Joe doesn't understand the difference between the Christian sects easily ,for him Bush follows the Pope without knowing that Bush is protestant and Pope is Catholic

We are angry yes

We should be angry yes

But not in this way

This way of burning churches and that way of killing monks and nun are the easiest way to lose our right

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Mohamed Salim El-Awa'a

Mohamed Salim El-Awa'a , a very famous name in the Islamic world , beside being a lawyer the Islamic activist also works in the international Muslim scholars organizations based in London , one of the most respected and important Islamic organization in the world ,Yesterday Salim was hosted in the daily night Talkshow "10' o'clock " with my favorite Mona Shazely , of course you don't need to guess why he was hosted yesterday , it was for the talk of the hour ,to know what he thinks about the Pope's provoking statements about Islam and Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" on last Tuesday.

You can call Salim a real Muslim who combines both Religion and modern world , I won't use the word moderate because the rule in Islam is moderation not radicalism, a great man and by the way he writes in weekly "El-Osboo" in Egypt occasionally

a great interview with a great and what it makes more interesting that before El-Shazely hosted Salim , she hosted the highest priest in the Egyptian Catholic church Father "Jon Falatah" , a great kind man who tried by all ways to mend the Pope's mistakes ,underestimating it so both the Muslims won't be sad and the Pope won't turn to be mistaken , diplomatic words and yes he underestimated the attack when he said that it was only two sentences in 7 pages lectures while in reality there were 9 sentences in the beginning of the 7 lectures. as I said father Falatah wanted to hold the stick from the middle

Then Salim came and shared his wonderful thoughts and suggestions about the crisis with the viewers; here is a summary from it ,I hope you got benefit from it

First about the Pope Banadict XVI :

  • It seems that the current Pope comes from narrow minded theological background
  • It is not the first he attacked Islam , from few months , there was some kind of summit in the Vatican for the youth from the religions of the world , in the end of the summit ,he met with every group of young people from every faith , he saluted every group from religion except ours "Islam" , he stood in front of our youth and told them words

 " I hope that the hate in your hearts caused by the Islam will be taken off !!"

Second about the reasons behind this attack from the Catholic Church :

Here Salim is guessing

  • He believes that the Catholic Church wants to re-gain again a place in the United States , after all the shortest way to reach for G.W Bush's heart is to attack Islam , already the Catholic Church got financial and moral crisis in the United States "he didn't say what kind of moral crisis to the viewers ,of course those who are familiar with the news of the Catholic church ,will know immediately what he means"
  • The increasing number of Muslim in Europe not from the immigrants but from the Europeans themselves who convert to Islam

Third about the results of such statements :

  • This is an open invitation to fight Muslims in Europe "around 6 million"
  • The end of the Islamic - Catholic Christian dialogue after 46 years
  • The Catholic church will lose more as in its benefit to be united with the Muslims to stand against both the Zionists and the new paganism as Salim said " the new modern paganism is all the calls against the religions and its teachings"

Third about what we should do as Muslims :

  • We must inform the Vatican by all our possible peaceful ways that we refuse  such statement , and that an apology is not enough ,he should withdraw those statement , already this damned lecture is going to be printed after few weeks shouldn't contain such statements.
  • We must reach our anger from these statements as governments and people to the Vatican also in civilized way
  • We shouldn't return back our Ambassadors from the Vatican, no they should stay but they should boycott all the Vatican's diplomatic activities

I agree with him totally and by the way he asked the same questions regarding the real intention of the Pope and silly naive official statement

I wish that we got more of Mr Salim , by the way I found by accident that he attended my mother's wedding in the 1970s

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About the Pope's Speech : Correction should be made from the real Quran experts

It is very interesting when you find those mistakes and those ironies in his provoking scientific speech , whether from quoting some Byzantine  emperor quote about Prophet Mohamed ,regardless the historical facts ,that this Byzantine emperor was living under the Islamic siege and regardless that the Church in Rome fought the Christian Byzantine eastern church for centuries

What I am going to speak about is not the old Quote ,but the versus of Quran the Pope mentioned and said that the experts of the Quran know very well that the versus 200 something in the second soraa where it states that there is no compulsion in religion came to Mohamed "PBUH" when he was weak in the beginning of the Islam

Really I laughed because it showed how the Pope is very ignorant ,I am sorry to say it , but it doesn't need to be an expert in Quran to know that this is false from the beginning to the end, I am not an expert in Quran but I know what is in my Quran very well as I read it

Here are some points my dear Non-Muslim friends and visitors should know about :

  • The Quran is not arranged by which versus came first
  • The second Sura {El-Baqra/The cow} was revealed in Madina when Prophet Mohamed made the first Islamic nation or state there , its greater part was revealed in the holy prophet's "PBUH" life in Madina as it contained many rules and teachings regarding life, the small part in the end was releaved near the end of the life of "Prophet Mohamed" PBUH
  • The versus that the Pope mentioned is exactly number 256 in 002 ,if we are going to speak accurately , the Pope mentioned only part of it , here is the complete aya :

 Let there be no compulsion in Religion :Truth stands clear from Error ;whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah ,had grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks, And God hearth and knows everything

  • This aya was revealed when enthusiasts Muslims said that they will force their kids to become Muslims and historical this was after the victory on the Bani-Khodair Jew tribes in the Madina
  • The second Sura that was revealed to Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" is "El-Muddaththir" {74},if we are speaking about the sequence of revelation , it was in the first year in Mecca

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh Lord ! Don't let me be misunderstood

With apology to Santa Esmeralda's big 1970s hit in Kill Bill Vol.1

I remember this song when I read the Vatican's comments about the provoking statements of the Pope last Thursday in Germany that attacked Islam and Prophet Mohamed "PBUH".

I am sorry but do they think Muslims are so naive , that they would believe this stupid claim that the Pope' speech was misunderstood !! as It was a scientific lecture plus the Pope wanted to attack the use violence to spread the religion !! Are we that naive to buy such naive comments ??

Sorry but the least thing the Pope can do is to apology to us as Muslims already it won't be the first time , he did it with the Jews

First of all if this were a scientific lecture in a church surely about the Christian faith ,so why he mentioned our religion and its prophet "PBUH" in the first place !! and as I said in my previous post below , he knew the impacts of such statements and he knew very well that the media is following his speech ,so what is going on ??

I am sorry but our religion was called as violent evil religion and our Prophet "PBUH" was called as a coward , so how provoking the Pope wanted his words to be so he and his men would consider it as an insult !!

If you forgot I will remind you !!!!

With an apology to Huda Sultan's famous 1950s song

Second ,it is a joke when the Catholic Church in Rome speaks about logic,mind,thinking with the core of the religion and the well of God , after was n't this the same Church which for many centuries fought scientists and philosophers ?? Wasn't it the same church that prohibited the books of Arabic philosophy for many centuries in Europe for great philosophers like Ibn Roshad whom I studied for him in high school his theories about the human well and whether he is free to choose his life or forced by the well of God "I took 49/50 in Philosophy" !!?? speaking of mind and thinking with the well of God in Islam in a negative way makes laugh so much especially when the speaker is the head of the Catholic church !!

Third about violence in spreading the religion man those whose houses are of glass shouldn't throw people with stones ,do you remember the inspection courts ?? the compulsion the people of south America and the destruction of their civilizations !!??? The oppression of Jews in the middle ages in Europe?? The destruction of the great libraries of Andulsia because they were about Science and Philosophy and at that time those two things were like black magic against God !!

I still got more to say

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

as if we need it now "The Pope's statements"

As if the world needs more tensions between its major religions in the world :Islam and Christianity !!

Pope Bandict XXI of the Vatican attacked Islam and Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" today in his speech in his visit to Germany.The pope read some excerpts from some Roman or Bezant king attacking prophet Mohamed "PBUH" that he brought to the world an evil religion , the attack didn't stop here but went to the cores of the Islam concerning God's abilities as I believe , saying the mind doesn't accept these abilities !!

I found the news through Al-Jazeera ,it was the main event today ,the opening news, well it should be after all we are speaking about the most holiest figure in the Catholic Christian world attacking the Islam for the first time since he became a Pope.

I want to ask a simple "what was this man thinking when he said whatever he said it ??"

I don't want to say this but this man knows exactly what he  is doing.Already it was a prepared speech ,so sure he and his advisors if he got some , knew that it would be controversial and also provoking to the Muslims , with all the implications that would be caused of their anger.

Till now it didn't break aloud despite the fact both Pakistan and Turkey commented especially the later violently as announced that they may cancel the Pope's visit but I am expected that the Vatican embassies in the Islamic world now are living their worst nightmares.

I believe tomorrow's Friday Al-Azhar will see another strong protests, also the Churches especially the Catholic ones in Egypt will get double security with more guards , not to mention that Universities are going to be opened next Saturday you know like the Denmark crisis but even worst, because in the Denmark we said that it was some Danish atheistic journalist but this time it is the pope himself .

What do he wants ?? a real clash of civilizations based upon religions !!

That's why I miss John Paul II

Check the news in



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