Monday, December 31, 2007

No more blame it on Al-Qaida

I am so happy that Benazir Bhutto's supporters and aides did not buy the official story of the Pakistani interior ministry that the Al-Qaida and Taliban were responsible of the attack

And I am even happier more than ever to know that Taliban denied any responsibility of the Attack

People are buying anymore from this Al-Qaida-Taliban bogy man , it is too obvious why she was killed and who was behind her murder

The suicide bomber is surely from the radical brainwashed groups , already these guys are only the end of the snake tail that can be cut easily and the snake will still be alive

The Radical groups here are just the means that fulfills the interests of the masters in the back stage. Already do not forget who made them in the first place !!??

Benazir Bhutto's assassination is just like President Sadaat's assassination.

Al-Qaida and Taliban according to the Ex-head of Pakistani intelligence during Benazir's cabinets Hamid Gul are not suspects, already despite the big threats she said against those two groups yet they won't get any benefit from killing it , first of all she had actually good relations with Taliban and the tribes men according to whom to Gul who is famous for work with the C.I.A and the Taliban during the late 1980s .

In the last 48 hours I read couple of theories about the Bhutto's assassination and they worth listening and discussing

The most clear suspect here is General Musharraf who can't stand the idea that this woman could have regained power again and thus stripping it away from him.

Musharraf knew that America does not want him despite the fact he was and is still their good ally , but unfortunately America does not want a dictator in the size of Musharraf the people can't stand him anymore ,the golden lesson of the Iranian revolution made them learn not to put their bets on losing horses . Benazir  was a winning horse and so she went back to Pakistan with an American support ,no body denies this and she did not deny , the Americans want her as a popular figure to rule the country in the free elections and she could have won despite the fact Nawaz Sherif returned back and there are other parties in the Pakistani scene

Musharraf could have got rid  from her to clear the scene from any possible rival , yes Nawaz is still there but he does not the same popularity outside and inside like Bhutto. Musharraf could have got rid from her in order to send a message to the Americans saying "Sorry Dear you have to deal with me now" and I think the Americans have got and understood very well and acted accordingly to the reality that they have to deal with him now even temporarily till they found another substitute,the evidence on that is the mainstream in America and the west are repeating that she was killed By Al-Qaida and by the radical groups whom she used to attack violently

Unfortunately if Musharraf was behind the assassination ,he will pay a lot and he is already paying the country is entering the complete chaos zone , in the North the Pakistan Taliban is control that area , in the south and in the middle you got violence and riots because of Bhutto's absence and the increasing anger of the people from the current regime there.Ironically many of the Bhutto's supporters are saying in the protests publicly "Musharraf killed Benazir" .I saw a protest on BBC world News and I was surprised to find out the verb of Kill in Arab is used as it is also in Pakistan in Urdu , I did not need any translation to understand what those angry messes were saying

The Chaos Zone ,the Zone with no return can lead us to the next suspect : The United States , Yes I know it is shocking for you after all Bhutto was her ally why she would get rid of her , simply to accelerate their scenario in Pakistan to become the living example of their Creative Chaos theory 

First of all you must put in mind  that Pakistan is more than important country in the region and it is suffering from the terrorism hurricane and this fancy talk , Pakistan is a nuclear power , the first Muslim country with Nuclear power , with Nuclear bombs and weaponry and they do not hide and they proud of it , America and behind it Israel do not want any Arabic or Muslim Nuclear power in the region except Israel. No body is speaking about the Pakistani program but still it is on their list

General Gul spoke about an American plan in order to weaken the country till they will be able to invade like Iraq , a theory in a Perfect world can't be accepted but because we do not live in a Perfect world you must listen to all theories

Another H5N1 deadly attack

Yesterday the ministry of health announced that a 25 years lady had died in the Dakahlia Governorate after being infected with the H5N1.This is the second death in less than a week .
Again the victim is a woman "Fatima Fatahi Mohammed" from the city of "Dikirnis" . she entered the "Dikirnis " hospital on the 27th of December ,she was transferred to the "Mansoura" general hospital in the capital of the Governorate but unfortunately she died in her way already as you can see Al-Mansurah and Dikirnis in the map I posted below
I see the H5N1 is spreading again rapidly in Delta as the Dakahlia Governorate is in the North Delta , it is the fourth zone after Damitta ,Monufia and Sharqia were reported to have infections "two human infections in the first two Governates and bird infection in the third
Map image
The minister of health warned the public of more infections if we do not take our precautions especially in the winter
You know sometimes I feel that the Government has nothing to do more , it is now up to the people to take their precautions ,we must take the injections and stop eating poultry at least for the winter and spring time .
The Government ordered to close the markets of the living birds all over the republic , no living bird will be sold in the markets
Egypt is the highest country outside Asia to have the H5N1 and already it is followed internationally very carefully from WHO and so the statements regarding it is the most honest and transparent among the Governmental statements . The WHO analysises every single case in order to see the development of the H5N1
The worst point will be when it moves from the "Bird-Human transfer" phase to the "Human-Human transfer" phase ,in this case millions can die especially in Egypt , taking in consideration that its symptoms are similar to the regular flu and those who know the Egyptians will know that we do not call usually the doctor when we have flu except when it turns to be very very bad flu and that's why most of the cases in Egypt did not go to the hospitals except when they were in the last stages of the diseases
Let's pray that the disease does not reach to the "Human-Human transfer" because it can be very ugly for us then
By the way it is not the first time that Egypt face a possible Epidemic ,in fact in thousands of Egyptians died last century in the 1930s because of the Cholera
To be honest the Health minister Hatem El-Gably is the best minister in a very bad cabinet this year , he is the best among the bad
Updates :
  • The lady who had entered the hospital from couple of day in Monufia passed away this morning to become the third death in less than a week resulted by the H5N1
The Victim name was "Fardos Mohammed Hadad"  ,she was 26 years old and was infected directly for living poultry
The Problem of Egypt is that it is middle way in the annual birds' immigration from the cold north to the warm south

Sunday, December 30, 2007

And yes the Egyptian will be always the Egyptian

I read this in one of the Royalist groups in the facebook

i happen to live outside of Egypt and as u all know that Egyptians have a very bad reputation outside of Egypt of how impolite , bad educated we are , and the most famous word is ( el masry 7ayefdal masry ) and that always kill me when i try to defend my self , my people and my country to someone who doesn't deserve and people from countries that i know for sure that if we stayed the same Egypt of before we should have been there masters now , but helassssss.
what killed me the most is this story:
a friend of mine from Tunis was always making fun of me cause during Ramadan i was so attached to the King Farouk tv series and i never used to go out just to watch , and that till now I'm still watching it if i accidentally find it on a channel , and the groups I joined about the royal family and king Farouk , till that dayyyyyyyy. few days a go she watched the pictures on both groups ( the house of Mohammed aly and the royal family of the kingdom of egypt) and she was extremely shocked , she told me : woooooooooooowwwwwwwww how come u had such a great country with such a great people , ur country was even better that Europe , seriously 7aram 3aleiko what u did to ur country , u should have been one of the best countries in the world now , begad 7aram 3aleikooooooo.

The words "El-Masry 7ayefdal El-Masry " means that the Egyptian will remain an Egyptian and the lady who wrote this is living in U.A.E

And this was my answer because this I was angry and irritated when I read this :

Yes the Egyptian will remain an Egyptian ,and I am proud of that and I am proud of being an Egyptian ,and if anyone thinks this is an insult then please he or she must return back his or her passport so he or she will not be considered from the impolite or rude bad educated third world country Egyptians !! 

From the things I like in the time of President Nasser and Sadaat that no one dared in the Arab world to say anything against us

I am sorry if I seem aggressive but this is so provoking

All Curses on the Egyptians ,those Egyptians who built the Gulf from workers , teachers, engineers,doctors ,even army officers and law makers !!

All Curses on the Egyptians who are patients more like any other people in the world !!

My dear friend with my all respect I have got many Tunisian Friends  who do not need to see to a TV series in the TV to know how great Egypt was or is because with my all respect Egypt greatness' did not stop or die because of the end of the monarchy or because of the revolution or coup or what you want to like than you are 100% mistaken

Egypt did not die after the declaration of the republic

If you want to mourn ,mourn away from us , we do not need anymore mourning , the same old thing that sends us to hell crying on the far away past cursing our present and forgetting about the future

The greatness of Egypt did not and will not be stopped because of some ruler and with my all respect Egypt had seen even much worse days than the last 25 years , please check back the history beyond the Mohammed Ali Dynasty and you will know what I mean about


This is what I wrote and till now I feel angry

And what those have done ??

I do not know for how long Mubarak will continue with his foreign policies like this , Egypt is losing more and more of its position and popularity in the Arab world , we are losing our weight more and more rapidly for countries like Saudi Arabia ,Qatar and Iran and no one can deny this .

The reasons are too obvious,external reason :we became the most a very timid ally to the United States and thus Israel , they say right we say right , they say left we say left , and internal reason : You can expect to have external power when inside your people are suffering more and more

And what is worst the Egyptian regime does not do any effort worth to mention to save its position whether to stand as it should be externally or mend the inside home cracks , already it is behind these cracks

To understand what I mean just look to the last achievement of the Egyptian regime on the Arabic level : The Palestinian Pilgrims Problem

The Palestinian Pilgrims whom the Egyptian authority by the request of Israel refuses to let them cross the borders to return back home to Palestine through the Rafaah crossing !!

2200 Palestinian Pilgrims are trapped in Egypt in Noueibah port !! Thousands of their relatives are protesting against us on the borders 78672426 and they have all the rights

They can go back to home except one condition they do not pass through the Rafaah crossing but through the Karm Abi Salam crossing which is controlled by Israel according to the merciful decision taken by the Egyptian authority to host the Pilgrims

Already the Pilgrims do not want to go through the Abi Salam crossing because some of them are wanted by Israel and they will get arrested

These are pilgrims ,Guests of God they should return to home safely with no conditions what so ever

I do not understand why on earth the Egyptian regime takes such stupid decision that insult our position in both the Arabic and Muslim world .

Did not Livni cross the line the red lines of Mubarak ?? So why does he insist to listen to the Israelis and Americans ?? What kind of Pressure they practice on him to make him take such stupid decision??

Yesterday we as Egyptians were humiliated when we saw our dear Palestinians brothers and sisters praying and cursing our regime indirectly in their pray in the Noueibah harbour !!

If Mubarak wants to restore some of our lost position in the Arab world , he must let them return from the Rafaah crossing but this is if he really wants to restore our lost position :(

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Candidates: Then and Now

Ok this is something you do not expect to see in TMZ , these are not photos from Britney or Paris but photos for Hilary,Barack,Ron,Mike,Rudy and the rest of the candidates in the American Presidential Race 2008 from both parties 

The Candidates: Then and Now « Photo Gallery

They are not bad but I do not like who they showed Ron Paul , anyhow it is not a surprise TMZ used to make fun from him from time to time , after all it is AOL website in the end of the day

Ron Paul is attacked and underestimated constantly in the official American media despite his big popularity on the web ,what is known Ron Paul 2.0 just like Web 2.0 . Already the man has very daring thoughts but he has no chance in real life with all those hawks and business moguls and Lobbies working behind the curtains to ensure that the Oval office is occupied with a man that can keep their interests alive ,a puppet they can move as they want . Still his popularity is scaring many

Anyhow just watch the photos and tell me what you think

by the way Hilary looked like a nerd hippy

Beware is hijacked and turned in to a scam site

Beware to install anything from website as it is hijacked and turned in to scam site .

I feel so angry because I used Shareaza to download the MP3s :( Hijacked and Turned Into a Scam Site | TorrentFreak

Already I do not know how it is hijacked like this so easily

Anyhow you can always download the original Shareaza from here

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Blogging war

Guess who is the newest President blogger in the middle east now ?? It is not only now the Iranian president who blogs in the region !!

In An attempt to fight back the common new enemies in the region !!??

Guess Click to find the newest president in the Presidents who blog online club ??

From another side the war between Fatah and Hamas moved to the virtual world from the real world

On Some Fatah members opened a blog under the Name "Hamas Gaza" where they exposed the dirty scandals of Hamas from couple of months

and from few weeks on the same blogging platform some Hamas members opened a blog under the name "Fatah Israel" to answer back and exposed the dirty scandals of the Fatah online too

is not that ridiculous ??

To be honest the Fatah clan was the starter in this stupid media war

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mubarak: Livni has crossed the line with me

Mubarak: Livni has crossed the line with me - Israel News, Ynetnews

Oh it is good to know that Mubarak still pisses off the Israelis and it is bad as usual to know that they do not respect or fear or him !!

The worse thing the man goes to the public and starts speaking about how rude Livni was with him.

If he is so angry and pissed off ,I have some couple suggestions which are much better than complaining like old ladies to the Israeli press :

  • Cancel the Abehassera annual circus this year and make the abohasera people of that small village in Bahaira happy for once in their lives,already the annual carnival will start soon and hundreds of Israelis arrived today to the village followed by thousands with a terrible freaking security that paralysed the whole village , not to mention what the Israelis do every year from celebration from drinking alcohols in a way that provokes the people of the village
  • Transfer the Israeli Ambassador from the Empress Fawiza Villa in Maadi to another Villa why not the villa of Zeinab El-Waikal a.k.a the exile and prison of President Naguib , you see the Israeli Ambassador moved to the Empress Fawiza Villa as his new unfortunate home in Cairo ,the villa is not owned by the Israeli Embassy but rented from the government , I used to think  that the Empress' villa turned in to school but it did not unfortunately , turning it to a School to teach generations is much better than renting cheaply of course to Cohen,the current Ambassador of the Hebrew state ,seriously either they return back the villa to the Empress or they turn it in to more useful buildPrincess Fawzia and Ismail Bey in their villa where the Israeli Ambassdor staying in now !!ing like a library or even a hospital .I do not think that the Revolution council thought for one second that one day an Israeli Ambassador is going to stay in it , already I doubt that lieutenant general Fawiza of 1948 will be happy to know that the Israeli Ambassador is living in her villa , by the way just piece of information this very handsome man who looks as if he were a  Hollywood star was among the Egyptian team that defended in our right of Taba in front of IJC !!
  • Raise the price of the Natural gas Egypt exports to Israel triple the international price which already Israel pays less than it ,creating a loss to Egypt
  • The Most powerful reply send aids directly to Gaza , open the gates and borders immediately and do not give a damn for anyone ,the Palestinians are starving

Come on President Mubarak is the President of Egypt ,the Symbol of Egypt ,Livni did not cross the line with Hosni Mubarak the human but with the symbol of Egypt and so the answer should not be a weak complain but a powerful lesson !!!

Oh boy what I am speaking about ,there is no hope

If Livni has crossed the line with Mubarak , this means one thing beside the fact she is rude ,she simply does not respect him , R.E.S.P.E.C.T

P.S : In the official newspapers the headlines said that Livni has crossed line with Egypt not with Mubarak !!

The H5N1 kills again in Egypt

The Egyptian government announced yesterday that a woman "25 years old " who was called "Ola Yunus Ali Mohammed" died after being infected by H5N1 in Bani Sawif Governorate in Upper Egypt. she came from "Bani Haron" village in the Governorate. She entered last Friday the hospital .
It turned out that she was infected by house poultry she used to raise.
This is considered the 39th death from H5N1 in Egypt.
That was yesterday and today the ministry of health announced that there are two H5N1 Egyptians infected with H5N1.
Both are women ,yet one is in Damitta Governorate and the other is in Monufia Governorate , both were infected from their house poultry . They are in their Governorates' hospitals and their condition is stable and can survive insh Allah
Both Damitta and Monufia are in Delta
In the same Delta the ministry of Agriculture and animal wealth executed 12,000 chicken in Sharqia Governorate in eggs farm
It is strange for me because in the last year the outbreak happened in the spring time , when the weather was warmer , now it is too cold
The Women are the number one victim due to the fact they are the one who deal most of the time with house poultry
And the government can't impose any law to prevent the people from raising poultry in their houses ,it is just like a big dilemma

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The last moments in Benazir Bhutto's life in photos

The last few minutes or moments that separated Benazir Bhutto from death captured in photos

I still feel very sad and angry .

Musharraf made a stupid statement calling the people to stay in their homes , no body is listening ,her supporters and the people are now in the streets all over Pakistan mostly in Karachi ,her home town.

Nawaz Sherif went to the hospital and spoke briefly , I do not know I feel that there is mix of Sadness and fear in his voice , yes now there is no one to compete with except Masharf , in fact may be he is afraid because he knows that he will be next in the assassination list in order to clear the way in front of the dictator or may be he is afraid from how things will be in Pakistan after this terrible terrorist act.

Musharraf for sure will use this act to his side , already this is the best thing he needs in order to impose again the Marshal laws or the emergency laws what ever they are called there. BBC World Spoke this afternoon on the phone with Benazir's Nephew Asim Bhutto and he said that he expected that the former General will do so , well he will do it ,but not now because now it will be very obvious ,it will the people more angry and surely America will be mad, of course he cares only for the U.S anger.I expect that tomorrow Friday insh Allah there will be huge protests after the Friday Prayers's across the country  , the violence will be escalated in the street and thus there will be a huge need for the Marshal laws in order to restore order. Already the elections can be adjourned in this case and I expect this to happen

Some Expert in the Nile News said that Musharraf can't be behind it , well he can be indirectly , again Asim Bhutto alive on BBC accused some members in the secret service to be behind the act saying that from short time "I remember that I read this" late Bhutto complained to the general about two brothers in the secret services who wanted to get rid of her by name

Already from the Size of the first attack in Karachi and today's act  I will say that definitely some parties in the current regime have hands in it , already in both acts people noticed that there were no enough security on her life. Today's act was planned and implemented in a way to kill her and not to let her survive like in Karachi , the suicide bomber first shot her in her head and nick "deadly wounds" then blow himself to be sure she was dead all the way , well she was dead along with other 20 people , no respect what so ever to the human souls !!!

The Al-Jazeera and most western channels are speaking about the Islamic groups in the country to be behind the act as she was promising to get rid of them as soon as she becomes the prime minister , first of all this is vague accusation , there is no serious investigation and if we jump to this conclusion now before 24 hours benazir_bhutto passes on the incident then we are helping the real people behind to escape.

Former Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence Hamid Gul,the regular guest on Al-Jazeera screen said that on the phone it was too early to determine who was actually behind , and that sort of terrorist acts people may never know who did it

Already the man opened his fire on Musharraf and his regime saying that  the assassination of Benazir Bhutto demonstrates the “failure” of Pervez Musharraf’s government and calls for a “consensus government.”

On the other hand the Islamic group in the Pakistan in a Phone call with Al-Jazeera denied any connection with the act on the contrary they attacked also Musharraf's saying that his policies led the country to this dead end, they also underestimated the role of the Bhutto's threats to the Islamists as a reason behind her murder.

Well one sure of this Benazir was killed in order to secure Musharraf's Chair

IN Egypt all the people I know are extremely sad for assassination seriously ,the woman was respected in many way

Again to check the last updates from Pakistan ,go to the Pakistan policy blog


1# Nawaz Sheriff declared that he and his party will boycott the next elections on the next 8th of January 2007 , the man wants to clear himself from any possible accusation that he was behind the assassination of Bhutto ,as he was from the people who have benefit from her death as some said earlier

2# I added images from Getty agency of her casket to the slide show

Benazeir Bhutto is killed

At first I thought she survived the attempt like the last time , but it turned out that last time was the last time for her to survive a terrorist coward attack made by the Pakistani regime and its President 

Benazeir Bhutto was killed in the terrorist attack that targeted her rally from few minutes away in Rawalpindi

Already I do not know if she is killed or injured , the police is saying that she is killed , the PPP saying that she is killed by I am receiving 78646965 news Alerts from the AP saying that she is injured , I just hope that she will be injured

Please guys stop pretending we all know who is behind it , just forget about the Islamists , there are puppets , this coward act is made by the Pakistani intelligence in order to remove any opposition figure in front of Prevez Masharf who signed his end era document by approving this dirty operation for sure

Benazeir is a martyr not only in Pakistan but in the Muslim World, Benazeir is not only a loss for the Pakistan but for the whole Muslim World

May Allah bless her soul if she is really killed and give patience to all her lovers and supporters and make her blood a curse on those who planned this act

The image in the post is taken on the 26th of December 2007

I feel so so so sad :(

Please read the Fataha on her soul and the souls who died with her in this act , I feel so blue , so sad


Sarkozy's Egyptian Holiday

Just like the Roman Holiday but this time not in the ancient city of Rome but the ancient city of Luxor

Seriously I do not know if the French President thought for one second that his Private unofficial visit to Luxor would turn in to a big worldwide media circus

More than 100 photographers came to the City according to the mayor General Samir Farag who can be the Governor of Luxor insh Allah in the next year expected decisions.

Yesterday on air in "90 minutes" TV show the mayor gave a detailed report about Sarko and his girl friend , the only thing he did not say was that the suite numbers of Sarko's and co , even Carla's outfit when she visited the Karnak yesterday morning was described to the viewers as very casual "not so casual but for the Mayor General who used to Susanne Mubarak's formal two pieces is so causal" and how Sarkozy ran in short white shorts jogging at night from the winter palace hotel to the Karnak and returned back in a health that amazed the General , well he is younger than Samir Farag

By the way is it me or is not Carla Bruni looks like Cécilia Sarkozy ?? lol

Sarkozy now is more friendly to Cameras , after all it turned out that French tourists are number one in Luxor from the number this winter so he has to behave well , already he lost any hope in any privacy

I do not know but I feel that Sarko and Carla became the new French "Bragelina" of the media in Egypt and France ,already Sarko wants this way and Carla is helping him , now I am waiting to see their K-I-S-S  in the Nile Sunset .

His son Pierre who accompanies his dad came along with his girl friend too , Pierre looks exactly like his old man but with blonde hair ,he even wears the same model of pilot sunglasses like him .There is an old Woman accompanies the clan ,I think she is Carla's mom whom the Vatican refused to receive among the official French delegation in Christmas .

Anyhow it turned out that Sarko is not the only high profile visitor visiting Luxor now , new Catholic Tony Blair and his family are visiting Luxor but no one gives a damn for the Brits , already he does not live in 10 Downing Street anymore .

I am happy to hear Royal's voice again , she opened fire on the President who is spending his Egyptian holiday and left France , well it is not a bad thing to me as Egyptian ,because this means more income to Egypt , the only thing I do not like in Sarko's visit that it makes me wonder where the hell does the income of tourism go ?? Last night the Mayor of Luxor said that now there 40,000 tourists in the city alone , this means  lot of hard currency to us , but where it is !!?? --- off the topic

Here are some couple of photos for Sarko and his clan in Luxor , just see the last couple of images where you can feel love , I am not joking here but the atmosphere there can put it in this mood if you are really sincere in your feelings 

This is just in the first stage

I do not know really if it is a true photo or photoshoped photo for Hilary Clinton , it is not good at all


She looks so old and so tired , of course the effort she is doing now is huge

I wonder how she will look like if she becomes the President with all the duties and responsibilities ,already we have not reached to the final stage in the elections

But you have to respect one thing , she has not yet used the plastic surgeries magic , may be she will when she becomes the commander in Chief !!??

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sarko and Carla in Luxor ,Fresh photos

Here are some photos for President Sarkozy and singer/former Super model Carla,his girl friend in the ancient city of Luxor where he arrived ,do not you smell L' amour in the air ??

Already he is staying in my favourite Winter Palace and the photographers are invading the city to take snapshots with his girl friend in the city and they did despite the huge security circus in the city this time ,I wonder if Sarkozy will lose control with the photographers and journalists like he did this year earlier in the States or he will be polite


Arriving Luxor , hand in hand with Carla


I do not think that he expected this reception , he thought it would be a hash-hash one with no cameras ,well he is wrong ,General Samir Farag will not let him visit the city in silence ,lol


In winter palace


Walking around


Really he chose a quiet place full of Europeans in its pick time,so do not blame the people

I am just waiting to the moment he loses his temper or the Egyptian security loses its temper with the foreign photographers

By the way Carla's list of ex-boyfriends is very interesting ,it includes Eric Clapton,Mick Jagger and Kevin Costner well the lady is promoting herself from Rock Stats to an actor to a president

Egyptian X-files : Charlie Wilson's visit

This story is dedicated to all those who thought that our hero can be our next president after Mubarak !! "Thank God I never respect him at all"

Our story would never have been known if Tom Hanks had not decide to produce "Charlie's Wilson War" the film which now is on my " Films charliewilsonswar_posterjpeg I want to watch" list to see our hero . Our hero already had an infamous reputation in Egypt every body knows about ,this is just a new chapter in his book of scandals which prove that he did not deserve the position nor the respect that he was given and it makes me wonder about how valid his decisions in his very critical position in very critical time "late 1970s and early 1990s" were.

I expect that this will be the new 2008 Press talk for the next couple of weeks , already our hero was a hot meal for them in mid 1990s with scandals .

Before I will start our little X-file which is not a real X-file or enigma but more it will ask X-Questions I doubt that I will find answers for them any sooner ,I must clarify some points.

First Who is Charlie Wilson ??

He is not our hero but he is very special American personality in the world of international politics , Charles Nesbitt Wilson a former naval WK-AK687_TVREVI_20071220195239 officer and member for the democratic party in the House of the Representatives from 1973 to 1997 ,which is a very long time but do not surprise because this man was more than a representative , he led the American congress in supporting the CIA operation to support the Afghans in the their war against the Soviets ,the thing which is considered now by many as like fostering the new radical terrorism which would attack America decades later

You can know more about Charlie here

Currently there is a film nominated for several Golden Globes awards and expected to be nominated for the Oscars in the cinema about Charlie Wilson's war role based on a book with the same title where our little story is mentioned in details

Now to our little Story and our dirty X-File :

We are in 1980s I think ,Charlie had a very nice idea in his plan to support the mujahideen to convince the world that they did not get any foreign support by fighting with Soviet weapons claiming that the Afghans captured those weapons , from where they would get those Soviet weapons , no other Country except Egypt which had then warehouses of old Soviet Weapons , do not forget for whole two decades in 1950s and 1960s we used to have arms from the Soviets ,but now we were then and are now with the Americans

Charlie wanted Egypt to export those Soviet weapons to the Afghans ,he could go directly to the President , especially such important strategic decision must be taken by the President himself , AG I do not know if he were President Sadaat or Mubarak , but I think he was Mubarak , instead he went directly to the Defense Minister then Field Marshal Mohammed Abu Ghazala , and this is the "X" Part in our story Why he went to the defense minister and did not go to the President ,already I do not think this story happened in the time of President Sadaat because the man would have supported the Afghans immediately , already he was against the Soviet invasion , it can be in the time of Mubarak still the question why Charlie went to the minister and did not go the President for this strategic decision

Anyhow according to Charlie and his book he did not go and visit Abu Ghazla alone , but he took with him a friend , a friend from the lonely Star state , the divorced mother of two Carol Shannon , Shannon already had a relationship with Wilson during that time,still he did not introduce her to the Egyptian minister as his girl friend by as An American Belly Dancer ,oh Belly Dancer in the country of Belly Dancing ,just like selling water in the water carriers ally !! I think Wilson may have known Abu Ghazala before in order to come to his place as far as I understand with a female companion who had a very interesting object I will talk about it later , surely it Fort Worth Star-Telegram photo by Tom Pennington  Carol Shannon picks out a dress for the New York premiere of “Charlie Wilson’s War” at a mall in Fort Worth.was not his office at the ministry because the visit sooner turned in to a party ,and this why I know that he knew him very very well before because he knew which path he would take in order to convince the man. Another vital proof to enforce this is the fact that Abu Ghazala used to be our Military attaché in Washington D.C in 1970s till the death of Defense minister Ahmed Badawy when he returned back home to replace him as the minister of Defense and military production in the late 1970s

And here is the juicy part in Charlie Wilson's war ,forget his affairs and concentrate to the following

Just like Salome danced naked in order to get the head of John , 1salome2 Carol danced with a sword to make the field Marshal agree to send the Soviet arms to the Afghans and believe me she did not strip completely like Salome but she knew very how to turn the Egyptian on, She used a sword and laid it flat on the defense minister's head then slid it toward the ear like she was going to cut it off. Then she ran the sword down his chest to his belt buckle !!

One dance to remember , already Carol remembers the incident till now and she remembers how the body guards hurried to get the sword from her hand but the minister who was very pleased said it was OKAY !!!!

Next day Charlie got a very big approval and the weapons went to the Afghans because Carol danced very well !!

Of course the wild imagination will make you wonder about how the Amar night was ended despite Carol did not mention that anything sexual happened afterwards but of course with the name of Abu Ghazala and surely the ghost of Field Marshal Abdel Hakim Amar will make you think of that

Already in my dictionary Charles Wilson acted like a Pimp and Shannon was his prostitute he offered to the womanizer in the suite with my all respect, yes it is a dirty game but you have to name things with its right names

Al-Arabiya website which adores this kind of juicy sexy stories in order to defame Egypt contacted some figures Dr. Mahmoud El-Gama ,the Physician of President Sadaat and close friend and Nabil Sharaf El-Din, the pro-American journalist to ask them about the incident and the both denied it ,of course they said that it took place during Sadaat , but I do not think so ,it is much easier to throw to it to the dead man's era ,not a living man who is working as a President. Already I do not know who they are exactly to judge in such secret thing , El-Gama is not that close to the military institution and Sharaf El-Din was a small journalist then whether in time of Sadaat or early time of Mubarak !!!

Still this story can find a place in the Egyptian mind to be accepted as reality even if it was not true due to his previous sex scandals

There were rumors in the Egyptian society saying that the man had an affair with an actress whom I will not say her name , but she is blonde and used to be a good will Ambassador for the UN ,I think the Egyptians and Arabs will know her ,the gentle man prefers them blonde !!!

Then came the big scandal that made him disappear from the public life till now : The Lucy Artin-Gate

Who is Lucy Artin ??

Lucy Artin is very beautiful sexy business woman and Socialite whose cousins are the famous Nelly and Labala the famous cinema stars , she is from an Armenian origin .

In 1993 Rosa-Youssef journalist then Wael El-Abrashi exposed in the Lucy Artian on the left famous tabloid magazine that Lucy had relations with high profile personalities in Egypt including Abu-Ghazala and that she used this relation in order to win a dispute on a piece of land against her former husband.

According to the investigations ,there were taped calls between Artin and those officials including the field Marshal , the calls according to Al-Abrashi who had read the transcripts of the official investigation ,were sexually explicit in hard way that he had to remove the sexual terms when he published the exposé. Al-Abrashi says that honestly the man did not speak much and that Lucy did not speak so dirty with him still .. it is bad scandal

A Presidential Decree after this scandal came with a dismiss of his position in what was considered then the biggest corruption case in 25 years. Lucy became a star as the rule and a minister , a governor and other high profile officials were fired from service

The Lucy Artin-Gate reminded the Egyptians with the scandals of Field Marshal Amar in 1960s

Already you must know in the last Presidential elections the name of Abu-Ghazala came from ashes as a rival to Mubarak , some said that he is military and respected !! People and Press began to speak about a hidden war between them. Abu-Ghazala left his position in what some believed another chapter in the war between them , you see it is quite logic in a country like Egypt ruled by originally the army that the President gets rid from any figure in the army that has either a popularity or power enough to lead a coup against him , the golden lesson that was learned by Presidents Mubarak and Sadaat from the Nasser-Amar war and the price Egypt had paid because of it , President Sadaat got rid from El-Gamsi , President Mubarak got rid of Abu-Ghazala. Some people especially from the young generation who do not know him well believe that the former minister was removed because he is a Nasserite ,religious person who hates America ignoring the face he used to be our Military attaché in America and that Israel told Mubarak to get rid of him because he was re-building the Egyptian army !!?? already most of this talk is based more on the hate of Mubarak

Taken on the 6th of October 1981 minutes before President Sadaat's assassination in the military parade,vice president then and President Now Mubarak on the left hand of Sadaat and field Marshall Abu Ghazala on his right hand

The name of Abu-Ghazala appeared again in 2007 and this time in my opinion was worst than the Lucy Artin-gate because his name was included as a suspect in very high profile conspiracy theory in the 262143252_af328b614b assassination of President Sadaat by President Sadaat' Nephew PM Talaat El-Sadat ; the accusation which led Talaat to a military jail for couple of months , seriously what Talaat had said can be logic and in a respectable country there should be more transparent international investigation because I am not convinced with official 1981 investigation honestly ,anyhow El-Sadat opened his fire on Abu-Ghazala and indirectly on Mubarak , He accused Abu-Ghazala of taking bribes in arm deals ,forget about Women and sex here are much more deadly accusation of murder and profiting in very important position

people I am not surprised with this scandal if it is true ,here we are not talking a honest straightforward man like field Marshal El-Gamsy or General Saad El-Shazaaly , this is a military man from the kind of field Marshal Amar ,the only difference is that the man knows more about War sciences than the later . The important Question in our case if this incident took place , we have to wonder on how many decisions were taken by this man when he was turned on , it is dangerous because this means from the late 1970s up to 1993 decisions of Abu-Ghazala were taken not for the national security sake but based on another calculations

I do need to say that there should be an investigation because this is what should happen in democratic country !!!

Of course the man will deny the incident in media , the pens will come and attack the film as Zionist attempts to defame the general of Yom Kippur war ... bla bla bla I bet Mustafa Bakery will defend him in advance

Surely the film which will be shown in Egypt starting next 18th of February 2008 will be censored , already in the states the director cut off the dance scene , I bet in Egypt they will either cut the part concerning Egypt or they will not show it simply

Please watch the film in the cinemas near and wait from it in his release worldwide, already it is Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts film ,nominated for several Golden Globes and surely will be nominated for the Oscars


The history channel will show a special documentary about the real life of Charlie Wilson including the incident on the 28th of December 2007 at 8 PM and it will be rewind at 2 PM GET I guess , unfortunately I do not have History channel on my Cable channels ,you can check it here

Please if you can watch , watch it ,come and tell me how it is and what exactly they are saying about the incident

Or you can pre-order it from now

Here is the book which includes the incident from , I will add it to my book store too


Monday, December 24, 2007

On Christmas night

Merry Christmas to all Christians who celebrate tonight as the Christmas night

And please remember Palestine tonight when you re-think about what happened from 2007 years ago and what is happening to it now


The Queen on Youtube

Queen Elizabeth may be the oldest monarch figure in the world now , yet she knows very well how to use in modern technology to be in the picture or in better words her advisors know very well how to keep here in the picture in order to preserve this very famous British icon in an attempt to stand against time

Just like Operah and BBC,the Queen and the British Royal family have a very rich and nice Channel in Youtube , it includes all the official Royal videos from historical Royal weddings like the late Queen mother wedding in 1923, the Royal visits of the Kings ,Queens and Princes and the Royal Speech like Today's Christmas Speech the Queen will say about 3 PM GMT

It is still a small channel with 18 videos only , well you have to wait more days , many people are subscribing to it ,it is very successful

Anyhow enough of talk and I like to introduce to

The Royal Channel

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Saudi Blogger is arrested

A famous Saudi Blogger called Fouad Ahmed Farhan was arrested in fo Jeddah on the 11th of December 2007 with no reason from his office , till now he has not been released and nothing has been given as a justification for his arrest.

Fouad is very famous blogger with what can be considered according to the Saudi authorities as liberal opinions but judging from reading in his rich critical blog which he was forced to close from couple months then he re-opened again that he calls for equity,justice,the return of the forgotten Islamic values and democracy in the Kingdom

Fouad is 32 years old married man and has two children a girl "Raged -10 years old" and a boy "Khatab-5 years old" , he was graduated for Eastern Washington University and has a B.A in Business administration and his major was Marketing, he also got a master degree in Computers from Ball State University , he currently works as a manage for IT company Smart info.

The dangerous thing is that he may be charged according to the terrorism law in the Kingdom as it turned out that was considered a sympathizer with a group of 10 academics that were arrested this year and charged with funding terrorism activities , of course you know in the middle east the terrorism laws are very elastic and can include many activities among them being against the regime

Fouad arrest by the way created a condition of anger and sadness missing-fouad3among the Saudi bloggers for what Fouad has got from popularity there

Let's just hope that they release him soon and he returns back soon ,  please spread the news

Updated :His follow Saudi Bloggers acted quickly and made that website in solidarity with him in English and Arabic ,go and visit Free Fouad Website

There is also a facebook group for him


To fight back Godzilla and sisters

I know that Japanese people are always looking forward to the future , but to discuss their defences against UFOs and alien invasion !!??

This is too much !!!

UFO debate invades politicians' space | Oddly Enough | Reuters

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The Gaddafi circus in Paris

From two weeks ago the French media had nothing to speak about and criticise except the controversial visit of El-Gaddafi , the 78382415 infamous dictator to the Freedom Capital Paris. The two ministers  the current French Cabinet had criticised the visit publicly : Rama  Yade and Bernard Kouchner who had to change his attitude after being publicly embraced with Libya's foreign minister Shalgam that the first had come to Libya and dined with the Libyan Official. Yade kept her strong position from the visit in fact she threatened as an objection on the visit ,I really respect Yade and her position because she acted as a real minister from human rights who believes that El-Gaddafi has no respect to the human rights to humans even if they are not french and even if he will bring zillions with him to France

Sarkozy invited El-Gaddafi to visit Paris after his historical visit to Libya from a short period where he played the role of a french Salesman in North Africa ,selling nuclear reactors to Algeria and promising El-Gaddafi with more toys in the attempt to restore the decreasing the French role in the North Africa.Already the French - Libyan relations began to take another road when the Sarko's ex-wife ,the former first lady Cécilia went and got back the Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor for some advanced French missile systems , this was only the start

Sarkozy visited Libya afterwards as I said as part of his trip in north sarkozy-and-qadhafi_400x262shkl Africa where he invited El-Gaddafi for a historical visit to France , the man took the chance ,after all he knows how unpopular he is in the European continent and how popular the Libyan money is !!

Sarko won a buddy in Libya and that what it seemed in Portugal ,ironically on the 8th of December the Libyan leader 78334274 suggested the European Countries should compensate the countries they occupied in Africa , this is a good suggestion but why he and his sons are continuing to invest in Italian  co-operations !!??

Sarkozy even made a historical decision when he let El-Gaddafi 78348209 install his circus tent beside Élysée Palace at Paris and surely if El-Gaddafi had wanted to install in his Sarko's bed room , the man could have said Oui after all with the amount of money the Libyan Green man had spent in deals.

El-Gaddafi paid about 13 billion dollars for deals with French companies in one visit , 13 billion dollars !!!! and you do not want Sarko to welcome him warmly and ignored all that attack !! Hell no , the human rights won't add 13 billion dollars to the French vaults !!!

El-Gaddafi paid to get  a Nuclear reactor despite the fact the man announced from couple of years that he discontinued his Nuclear T_6f7e3c18-bf08-4b89-bbd4-50a0aebdb4da program to please the west and spread the world peace !!

13 Billion dollars in useless projects , I am sorry but Libya needs more this money in projects than arming

one billion dollars from them can help Africa so much , the Africa which the Libyan leader is more proud to belong to !!!

Sarkozy is acting from his country's sake even if you do not approve it , he is using a fool to get more money for his country's factory , it is not his fault that the man is fool dictator and surely he is not the first bloody dictator or the last France is going to deal with him , France already supported many of his kind not to mention its bloody history in human rights

By the way I do not know what kind of pills that the Libyan leader 78386013takes but does not he look ill here in close up look ??

May be this visit contained some medical part too

The man looks terrible

By the way the man gave to king Juan Carlos his circus tent as a Present !!

Here is a nice slide show for the historical visit to France containing very interesting shots , already that man loves cameras and doing strange things in front of it

The American version of Zafta Republic

"The door of the carpenter is broken" I remember this old Egyptian Proverb  when I read the news in the link below and Bush is interfere in every freaking country's business on this earth but does not care about his own country !!

Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US - Yahoo!Xtra News

I know that this may sound ridiculous but in the end despite what those Indians believe they are Americans living in the north America with rights.

It is strange that the American administration seems to be the defender of all ethnics and minorities in the whole world and forgets about the ethnic and minorities in their own country !!

The Zafta republic by the way is based upon true events during the 1919 revolution when patriots Youssef El-Gandi and Ahmed Abdo Pasha had announced the independence of Zafta City at Tanta forming the Zafta republic in a solidarity with Saad Pasha against the British forces ,the republic lived only one week then the British army restored it back

All what those Indians want is just little attention and respect

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blowing the feast happiness

What happened yesterday in Morning was so terrible that no could have imagine it . No one imagine that some one would blow a Mosque , the house of God while the People were praying the Eid "Feast" peacefully !!

The assassination attempt of the former interior minister Aftab 78602384 Ahmad Sherpao  in Pakistan is not a simple assassination attempt ,it is huge terrorist act that killed over 50 innocent souls and brought sadness in the time of joy for many families.

I just hate when they say in the news that the one who behind is an Islamist terrorist group , I am sorry please remove the "Islamist" because this act and who behind it has nothing to do with Islam from near or far , he does not believe in any religion what so ever.

He killed innocent souls which God prohibited to be killed , he killed innocent souls in the house of God with no respect what so ever to God and his house !!

SO how it can be considered an Islamist ?? He is any thing but Islamist or Muslim

By the way we should not let our emotions mislead us also .

This act comes after Prevez's decision to lift the emergency status in the country after huge pressures from inside and outside, yes the man in target is considered from his friends and the position he occupied as an interior minister has many enemies ,still this move can be another way to return back the emergency status in the country

I know in this part I am speaking about a conspiracy theory that this is an inside job , well why not !!?? Rulers do not have friends or morals especially when they are fighting for their position just like General Prevez .

A Protest by the pilgrims in Mena

It seems that the Protests and Strike culture is finding its way more and more among the Egyptians and wonderful thing it happens in the last place you would expect

This is time outside our national borders , it is in KSA this time in the holy land too during the Pilgrimage !!

Surprise is not it ??

3000 Egyptian Pilgrims members in the official delegation protested yesterday after Friday's  prayer and they even made a siege around the HQ of the officials in the delegation protesting the bad treatment they suffer from in the delegation . It seems that they gave 3000 tents to sleep in made for less this number , the Saudis made the tents for less than 3000 people , for example they gave tents originally for 50 , the delegation assigns the tent to 100 person

It is a stupid thing , I mean it won't cost the delegation anything if they request more tents :(

Those pilgrims should be angry

First of all what is the official delegation ??

The official delegation of Pilgrimage is the Government Pilgrimage for the people ,it is made by a contest like the lottery for people who want to go but do not own enough money in order to go with a tourist company. The Official delegation contains thousands of Egyptians from all over the country and it is always headed by some ministers every year . But the way it is not free , they must pay some sum of money

Just for your information Egyptians are number one from the numbers of Pilgrims this year

And the most expensive Pilgrimage is the Egyptian one , the prices in Egypt is incredibly high ,they look to it as a trade not as a spiritual trip

Today a delegation from the interior and foreign ministries went to investigate the protests incident