Wednesday, February 28, 2007

El-Attar speaks

Egyptian-Canadian accused of Spying for Israel "Mohamed El-Attar" had some sort of exclusive interview with daily "El-Masry El-Youm" through one of their sources in "Torah" prison "Don't even ask how they get to him "

You know I read the news in Filbalad and I got in Daily "El-Masry El-Youm"

Anyhow El-Attar in the interview denies the charges and is playing on the tune "There was pressure and torture"

He was n't spying for Israel despite the fact that he went to the Israeli Embassy , knew the three other wanted Mossad officers and considered them as friends and was going to Israel after visiting Egypt !!!

So interesting , of course he wonders if there is a law in Egypt criminalizes having Israeli friends ,of course there is not but when the three are working in the Israeli Mossad ,then it won't be acceptable ,it won't be safe

It is also strange to have 3 friends working the Mossad , really as if El-Attar were some kind of magnetic friendship for the Mossad officers !!!

Big slim liar as I said before

not that only

the new thing is that he is the first Egyptian to confess to be a gay

He said that he was a gay , and had 3 gay marriages in Canada , and this is something personal no one should object about it ,well I don't think that he will get any sympathy in Egypt for this

You know in my opinion this interview proves his guilt , despite that he is a smart asshole to play on the tune of "I am being tortured by the intelligence" which will go very well in the west along with the infamous Adly police scandal unfortunately

I mean he didn't deny going to the Israeli embassy nor knowing those three wanted Israelis Mossad officers nor going to Israel after visiting Egypt !!!

For another side , his new lawyer who seems to me searching for fame provokes me , in the same edition of "El-Masry Youm" he described the case as "Funny",well I don't think the word "Funny" is the suitable word to describe this case or any other case concerning the Egyptian and Arab National security.He also said that there is contact between him and the Canadian Ambassador as El-Attar is a Canadian citizen despite the respect of the Canadian Ambassador to the Egyptian Judicial system.The Lawyer said that also he is also patriot than the previous lawyer of El-Attar but he feels 51% that this case is fabricated.

You know I am getting bored to say it over and over every time I write anything about this infamous spy , the Egyptian intelligence since its establishment in 1954 didn't fabricate any espionage case against anyone even in the time of Salah Masry , if the Egyptian regime wants to divert the public opinion in Egypt in something ,it won't be an espionage case , of course I read many Egyptian blogs unfortunately whose owners think it is fabrication due to the great gap that became the regime presented this time in the national security and the people

For me it is 100% treason case in which I understand its danger not like that jerk lawyer who says that spying was outside Egypt !!??

There are witnesses

There is a surveillance that continued for four years

I can't find a good reason why on earth,on heaven and on hell that the Egyptian Intelligence would target El-Attar!!?? you know I won't be surprised if some wise pants come and say the Egyptian intelligence is homophobic!!

Anyhow I won't be surprised after now we are welcoming Tamer Hosni , who escaped from the military service and receive him as a national hero , so I won't be surprised to find some defending El-Attar!!???



El-Masry Youm: El-Attar interview

El-Masry Youm : The lawyer's interview

Link to Filbalad.News | محمد العطار : أنا شاذ جنسيا .. ولكني لم أتجسس لصالح إسرائيل

Nawal El-Sadawi 2007 's new show

For those who watch carefully the Egyptian Scene ,will know that Feminist and Dr. Nawal El-Sadawi likes sorry adores like her eyes to be in the spot light always

really I mean since 2005 and I found myself every year I must write a post about something she did or said , in 2004 she wanted to be a president ,in 2006 she came and her daughter with the new idea that people to be called with their mothers' names

Now in 2007 she must do or say something to attract the media and people and thus we found since the weekend the headlines in Internet Websites and newspapers that Nawal El-Sadawi left sorry escaped from Egypt to Belgium where she will move from to the United States to get a political refugee !!!

The headlines and news kept to shower us from everywhere Dr. Nawal left Egypt because of the radicals threats and fear of being accused by the general attorney with the charge "Contemning Religions" !!

Strangely this came after the verdict of Blogger "Abd El-Karim Soliman" and all this western media attention about him , I found it so strange !!

After many phones calls her husband Dr. Sherif Hataa appeared on TV yesterday saying his wife didn't escape from Egypt ,because it is not from her nature , and that she is just there because of some conference then she will move to Michigan University to teach there in the United States , like she always does

Yesterday she had an interesting long interview with where she as usual said her usual stupid statements , well yes stupid statements with all respects to those who like her , so beside attacking the veil and saying that it is not from the Islam ,which doesn't surprise me as she already said this before , she said another statement which shows how she regards herself

" Egypt doesn't deserve me"

Big ego she has it , anyhow I will tell you that She doesn't deserve Egypt either

Already there is a new charge waiting for her in front of the D.A presented by Al-Azhar which will cause a lot of Buzz "Insulting God and Muslim faith" according to what is mentioned in her book "A resignation in a summit meeting"

With my all respect to her and those who like for her so called daring opinions , Nawal El-Sadawi is just a showing off woman who acts according "Deviate you will be known", really I don't know how come this woman's father was an Al-Azhar Sheikh and professor !!!

Look for truth I can't say that this woman did something to the Egyptian women except by criticizing men ,really I hate this kind of feminists , they don't help the women , in fact they gave an opportunity for those who don't want women to have their rights from men to accuse other real feminists to be accused of working with a western agenda against "Islam".

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jesus Family Tomb official website

 Here is the link for the official website for "The Jesus Family" documentary which is expected or already it started to cause a controversy in the world since yesterday

Link to Jesus Family Tomb: Movie Overview

Also here is the trailer of the documentary

You know I am so surprised to find the size of the caskets not that big , I mean how it would take a full body!!??

Another good question

They said that they had to decode the names on the caskets in 10 years , that's in a decade , well those names are in Hebrew ,is n't this a long period to decode Hebrew in the Hebrew state !!??

Another DA Vinci Code anyone !!??

It seemed that we will have another DA Vinci code crisis in the world , the producer and director of Titanic and Dark Angle "James Cameron" will sink this time like the time magazine described in a very excellent word choice "Christianity"

The producer who since his great box office smash hit Titanic dedicated his time to produce documentaries about the sinking legend aka "Titanic" is going to produce or already produced a documentary that is going to be shown in several TV channels "I will mention later" about findings near Jerusalem that Jesus Christ "PBUH" ,Mary Magdalena and - watch this - their son -oh yes you read right ,I told you another Code is on the way- their son burial place.

Ok this is too much ,let put me it in points

  1. In the documentary they say that Jesus Christ "PBUH" married the Magdalena.
  2. In the documentary they say that Jesus Christ had a son
  3. In the documentary ,they say that they found from 26 years ago caskets near the city of Jerusalem with remaining bones in them
  4. In the documentary they say that they believe through DNA "don't even ask" and biblical studies that these remaining are for Jesus "PBUH" ,Mary Magdalena and their son.

Beside the controversy in the Christian world about Jesus Marriage , Christians believe that Jesus Christ were raised to heaven after being crucified and the tomb they visit in Jerusalem is just an empty tomb , from the human status to the divine status according to their belief

Well my belief is the Islamic one

004.157 That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah"- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-

Al-Qur'an, 004.157 (An-Nisa [Women])

Text Copied from DivineIslam's Qur'an Viewer software v2.910

He wasn't killed , He wasn't crucified , He was raised to Heaven alive and will return back again to the end of days to kill the Anti-Christ and rule the world for 40 days with Islam

So these caskets documentary is just a myth even for me , because already he didn't killed , he didn't die yet, he will die in the end of days.

About his marriage and having kids , well I don't know how they will know that "Judah" is "Jesus"'s son ??? What D.N.A they are speaking about

Also they are speaking about "Josa" whom they believe to be "Jesus" 's brother !!??  Brother ?? I am sorry his mother is named the Virgin Mary and she didn't marry anyone !!??

James Cameron who is a Jew by the way is taking two coffins and is saying that they were for Jesus "PBUH" and Magdalena and is visiting the world ,well he knows the kind of attention he will made !!

The Channels which will air the documantry are

  1. Discovery in the United States
  2. BBC4 in the UK
  3. Vision in Canada
  4. Channel 8 in Israel

I will try to put my hands on it as soon as it airs ,already I know it will find its way to the internet and torrents

Sources: : Titanic claim: Jesus Still dead : Jesus tomb found ,says film maker

Monday, February 26, 2007

No wonder they didn't win Hezbollah??

Ever wonder why Israel DID N'T destory Hezbollah in July 2006 war ??

Well after seeing this Image you won't wonder no more

From the occupied Golan last week IDF military training

The Search for a miracle

After the defeat of 1967 , a huge rumor came across Egypt that the the "Virgin Mary" appeared in El-Zeitoun Church in Old Cairo in year 1968 exactly. It is said that her apparition began to take place over the domes of the Virgin Church at El-Zeitoun area in old Cairo on the eve of the 2nd of April ,1968

The rumor was strengthened by eye witnesses and images ,oh yes images that were published in newspapers like Al-Ahram  like this one on the left

 which was published in May 1968 , the apparition was said to take place for  a whole year

 A Whole year people in Egypt were in a wonder , you see the Virgin Mary is sacred in Christianity , She is very sacred for the Muslims too , she is our lady "Mariam" peace be upon her and her son , she is from the first ladies of heaven , so you can imagine the size of the reaction , thousands from Muslims before Christians went to see the "Virgin Mary"  on a daily basis in El-Zeitoun. Rumors said that even President Gamal Abd El-Nasser himself went to see the apparitions if they were real or not , the rumors were enforced by the existence of a big luxury official black car with black curtains and dark window glasses that you can't see who is inside it .



Of course no one can be sure if that apparition took place or not , I mean it is 39 years difference between now and then and all the black and white photos are not a proof at least for me , the photos if you see are not that obvious

But people needed at that time because after the defeat they needed to know that heavens bless them and every thing will be okay ,the proof on that what the Rev.Father Boutres Gayed ,the last rector of the Virgin's church at El-Zeitoun in the Church's official website said about his opinion why the Virgin Mary appeared in 1968

"It is my personal belief that the Virgin has a sacred mission that indicates serious events to come and promises a lot of good to our country."

I don't need much to say , "a lot good to our country" = "We are going to get back Sinai and get the Israelis out of our country"

As I said people needed something to believe ,or to give some hope that everything would be all right , you see people see what they want to see


Yes the Regime of Nasser at that time needed the people to be distracted in something instead of blaming and wondering about the defeat of 1967 ,what and who caused it , in fact any regime in the world like Nasser will use the same technique distraction in the same circumstances,you are having the worst military defeat ever ,part of your land is occupied and your army commander is conspiracies against you , yes people adores you as an idol but one day they will wake up and tell you that it is your fault Mr.President

People needed something like this at that time and the regime needed something like this at that time

Well it seems that after 39 years people are still in need to something like this and the regime still is need for something like this

In the last couple of weeks there was a lot of a talk about a "Tree" in the "Miser-Ismailia" highway near "El-Sindbad" fair land, this tree has names "Allah-Mohamed-Taha" on its tree trunk

"Allah" SWT is the name of our God in Islam , "Mohamed" PBUH is name of our Prophet in Islam , "Taha" is one of the names of "Prophet Mohamed" in the Holy Quran.

You can imagine what happened thousands want to see the tree ,I mean thousands not hundreds , already it created a traffic jam there ,not to mention that just few miles from the tree is the Camp "Anti-Riots" forces in Cairo.

Pictures began to be taken for the tree , TV shows and newspapers made reports about it , it was the talk of the town

Here is the picture from


Some believed that it was a nature work or in other words ,a miracle from God

Despite it looks from the pictures to be engraved but eye witnesses said that it wasn't engraved.

The traffic jams and behavior of some people made the District attorney in "Nozha area" where the tree is located asks for the experts help , people began to act so silly in fact in a way against Islam from going to have bless from it ,to touch it and so on ,taking leaves from , it is said that there are photographs for this "Blessed tree" for 10 E.P each !!!

Experts from the "Faculty of Agriculture" from "Ain Shams University" went and saw it and said that it was n't a nature or a miracle work , it was a human work . It was engraved from 6 month at least by someone human , and as the tree is a camphor laurel and that type if it is injured the color of the place where it is injured will become brown


 Here is a movie from a Mobile phone I found it online ,there are many of those videos thanks to the mobile phones cameras and technology

 Seriously there are some calls now to cut this tree as it will be a well of Myth and chaos and so on , taking an incident that happened in the Caliph Omar Ibn El-Khatab when he ordered to cut a tree people began to be blessed with because Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" touched it and despite this tree was a real miracle as after his touch , strange things came out of it like a good incense not like the "Our blessed tree" but Ibn Khatab decided to cut it for fear it would spread the Myth culture which the Islam fought ,it was a daring decision.

Some say that the government now is in dilemma whether to cut the tree or leave ,they fear that if they cut the tree ,people will be angry and thus an campaign made in media and in newspapers last week took place warning from the dangers of the myth culture ...etc

You know in the 1980s and early 1990s ,there was an image that was very popular in Egypt of a forest , a group of trees shaped the phrase "No god but Allah ,and Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah" which is the primary testimony or the words of faith in Islam , the number one pillar of Islam ,people talked about this forest and that it is in Germany and so on and then it turned out it was n't a miracle ,it was a fantastic art work made by a German artist who converted to Islam !!

It is the same but there is a difference of course that with the existence of the media it became the talk of the town

Seriously I believe the "blessed tree" is the same like the Virgin's apparition a fabrication by the government to keep the people's attention in some place else

In fact many of the events that the media is putting under the spot light that doesn't deserve all this attention ,overestimating them are also from the fabrications of the government ,as I look to it more and more I find that scandals like the "Hala show" and "Farouk and the veil" are overestimated scandals by the order of the government to keep people busy in discussing other things from real important issues

Real Important issues like the constitution amendments

About the search of miracle , why do we look inside ourselves like what God ordered us in the holy Quran to see the real miracle ??

Do you know how many cell in your brain dies in every thing you do or even think per second ??

This is a real miracle

For those who can read Arabic I recommend that you read for the historian and Writer Gamal Badouy this essay

Sources :

  1. Filbalad : Man made
  2. Al-Arabya
  3. El-Zeitoun Church

Reaching out for the Sunnis

 You may read and see in the news in the last couple of days that the Son of the famous Shiite cleric and leader Abd El-Aziz El-Hakim ,Amar was arrested by the American forces in Iraq after crossing the borders with Iran.

The young Shiite leader was treated rudely in a very tough way that it made the Shiites angry in Iraq

Of course the American Ambassador said that he and his country were sorry and the American Army issued a justification for the unfortunate event saying that they mistaken the vehicle with the smuggling activity!!

Anyhow I think that what happened really is a reaching out for the Sunnis in Iraq , the Americans now try to win the other side , by attacking the Shiite leaders and so on .

If you remember last week there were rumors that Moqatad El-Sadr escaped to Iran and the American army began a hunt down for the Mahdy Militia .

It is expected for anyone who knows in politics to know that the United States administration will try to win the Sunnis' side in that time

People the American administration needed the Shiites when it needed a powerful ally in Iraq to invade it

Now it puts Iran on the top of its enemies list with a promising strike if the Persian Empire didn't listen to the orders of the leader of the new world ,despite I highly doubt that this strike will take place now in this timing

The Shiites are with Iran , already El-Hakim whose father meets Bush in the White House was coming from Iran

The American administration wants the Sunnis' sympathy with it and it won't have at least that what they think except by giving some hard time for the Shiites in Iraq and of course creating some Sunni alliance , an alliance which I will speak later about

Link to Al Jazeera English - Middle East

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Egypt closes El-Zawoar channel on the Nile Sat

If you remember we talked earlier from couple of months about "El-Zawoar" Channel on the Nile Sat and that Egypt didn't listen to the American demands for closing this channel, well if you don't remember then I will recommend that you read this post

Anyhow it seems that Egypt at last listened to the American demands and closed the channel after warning and threats according to some Italian newspaper and "El-Masryon" E-Newspaper

It seems that the American administration wanted this channel to be stop from broadcasting because it turned out that American TV stations take from it and air in the States , causing a lot of criticism to the American administration , especially the Channel airs the footage of the Iraqi resistance against the American forces in Iraq .

I don't like the channel only in its sectarian accent ,this is Sunni and this is Shiite, it is disgusting

Already I heard that Saudi Arabia requested from Egypt not to close the channel because they think in the KSA it stands against the Shiite influence !!

Another piece of information the channel is already aired on the Arab Sat owned by KSA

and Another interesting piece of information there were Shiite threats to kill the rest of the Egyptian commission in Iraq if the channel didn't close

The official claim for Egypt to close the channel is a technical problem :) !!

Link to انتحاري يقتل 22 أمام كلية ببغداد ومصر توقف قناة "الزوراء"  in Arabic

El-Gadfi is poor !!!

 You know this is the sort of news you don't whether to laugh or cry in the Arab world !!

I mean when the "Gadfi" family is considered as a "family in need" which is "Deprived from fortunate" and thus it took its share from the Libyan Oil which is equal to 30 thousand Libyan Dinars ,that is equal to 100 thousand American Dollars !!!

100 thousand $ !!

A poor family that is in need !!!

Who is this guy is fooling ??

I mean his family that is consisted of 9 person how can it be in need if he got shares in FIAT , his sons got shares here and there , Sief El-Islam got a whole charity foundation !!!??

El-Gadfi is a big jerk ,I feel so sad for the Libyan people

Link to أسرة القذافي "محرومة" و100 ألف دولار حصتها في الثروة النفطية  in Arabic I am afraid

El-Attar denies spying

Not very surprising reaction , El-Attar ,the Egyptian who is accused of spying for Israel denied the allegations in court today as soon as the court started

"No sir all this did n't happen, and I deny this" 

This was what he said according to the reporters who attended the High court of National security "Emergency"

"I had been in the heart of the Intelligence headquarter ,when I was forced to say those charges"

Well all wise intelligent spies must deny the charges , already I remember Sherif El-Falali case like yesterday and how he and his parents kept defending their sons ,slamming the Intelligence reports and in the end their son was found guilty  and now is in jail ,At least El-Falali had his parents beside him

You know I hate to say but I expected this with all the Adly police forces scandals here and there , it must be used by our enemies before our friends and you remember my post about the Canadian Coverage ,and how they hinted that he may face torture

The court was postponed to Wednesday by the way

I will let the images speak first then I will speak later

Well he seemed to be very healthy and clean ,I mean he is in better shape than me now

He looks to take care of his appearance,I don't mean his hair cut but his beard

And can you please tell me why he keeps on doing the victory sign??

You know I believe he is a big slim liar , why ??

I don't understand why the hell the intelligence takes him to their famous headquarter in El-Kobba to force him to say these confessions !! Why they didn't take him to some secret place to force a real pressure ??!! I mean it will be more suitable with the pressure and torture mode ,by the way the Egyptian General intelligence got other places then their headquarter in El-Kobba for sure.

Seriously I consider him a liar because I read more finding about the case in El-Masry Youm from couple days

It turned out that the Egyptian Intelligence knew about him in Turkey when an Iraqi citizen "Yasser Hamadan" "48 years old" went to the Egyptian Consulate in Ankara informing the officials there with his doubts that a young Egyptian Man called "Mohamed El-Attar" whom he met from couple of days may be working for the Israelis on the 3 rd of November 2002

He told them that before a month and 10 days ago he was sitting in cafe popular among the Arabs ,when he found a young man who face and accent seemed to be Egyptian asking him about the location of the nearest Mosque , he answered him  after that the young man set beside him and opened a conversation ,he told him about his life in Egypt ,his troubles with his family and why he came to Turkey and so on. "Yasser" did the same thing and told him about himself and his troubles , the wish of his children to return to Iraq and the huge costs of transferring their education there and so on.The conversation took  one hour was ended by a promise of  another meeting in the same place and telephone number exchanged and so on . The meetings kept on for whole 2 weeks.After those 2 weeks "Hamadan" met a stranger who told him that he can help in his financial problems and the transfer of the kids and so , he knew by coincidence that this "stranger" got the Israeli passport beside the Turkish one ,they exchanged the telephone numbers ,yet "Hamadan" didn't feel comfortable with this "stranger" who seemed to know too much about his life especially this "Stranger" got an Israeli passport and saw him going to the Israeli Embassy. He remembered that he didn't complain to anyone except to the Young Egyptian and thus he called El-Attar and confronted him in the cafe if knew "Joey" {The name of the Stranger" El-Attar panicked and said that he didn't know any Israelis and left immediately , as you notice my dear reader "Hamadan" didn't mention anything related to Israel from near or far he just mentioned "Joey" , the panic of El-Attar was enough to make "Hamadan" head to the Egyptian Consulate to inform that there is something fishy about this young man whose name is Mohamed El-Attar , his father is an air fighter and his brother works in a very sensitive military institute

In 48 hours a team from the intelligence traveled to Turkey to see what was going on and began to follow up this young man and took photographs for him ,then they called "Hamadan" who recognized the Young Man as Mohamed El-Attar after 3 months.

In middle of April 2003 , a young man called "Ali Abd El-Hady" came to the headquarter of State Security investigation in Cairo

I would like to hint here something very important thing , some people especially from the working class don't differentiate between the State Security investigation and General Intelligence , the State Security Investigation follows the interior ministry while the other the General Intelligence follows the National Security which is higher , the first is concerned with the inner security ,while the later is from the whole National security , the first is like the FBI while the later is the CIA,I guess I said this before

 Anyhow "Abd El-Hady" a young Egyptian man came from Turkey in a family visit when he went to the State Security Investigation to report about a young Egyptian who saw frequently him going to the Israeli embassy which is located near to his work more than 10 times, already he saw that Egyptian whom he didn't know his name in the gatherings of the Arabs and Egyptians

The intelligence officers received his report and then in a meeting they showed him the photos taken for El-Attar whom he recognized immediately.

After few days later , One of the officers who were assigned in his surveillance informed the intelligence that an Egyptian called "Mohamed Hassan" who is working in a restaurant in Vancouver  went to the Egyptian Consulate and said that he saw a Christian young man called "Joseph" who sit with the Arabs and Egyptians in their gathering in Cafes and spoke a lot about their problems promising them to solve those problems through mediators who do it for free, yet none of those who were sit with him knew what he worked and who the mediators were and how they would do it for free , it was unbelievable and suspicious for "Hassan" and the Suspicion grew to the degree of informing the Consulate when he saw him going to the Israeli Embassy.

After the arrest of El-Atter he was confronted with the Egyptian witnesses

Look I said it before and I will say it again , cases can be fabricated in Egypt yet the treason and espionage cases are exceptional ,The Egyptian Intelligence don't need to fabricate cases

Already who is the hell El-Atter so they made up a case for him ???

What the intelligence will gain from the confessions of El-Atter as being Gay and converter ??

And about his torture which is a big lie made an intelligent spy that is him , the intelligence don't need to torture him or anything , already according to the reports he didn't confess immediately , he kept fooling around for three till he said what he said in front of the general attorney of State security

Look this is a real serious his files and reports were transferred to 4 Arab countries Syria,Jordan ,Palestine and Libya

El-Attar is just another traitor like Heba Salim ,Thomas,Elie Cohen and Sherif El-Falali ,these are names of spies caught by the Egyptian intelligence too

 Another update : The lawyer who was appointed by the court apologized for completing the case ,this is the second lawyer to do so

Sources: An Egyptian denies spying for Israel

Al-Arabiya : AN Egyptian denies spy for Israel

Link to Egyptian suspect denies spying for Mossad - Israel News, Ynetnews

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Pirates of the Game Valley

For four or five years ago , Egypt didn't know the Game Valley company , Computer and Console Games were imported from abroad in their big boxes with big price labels , I know that for sure because My Pharaoh Building Set from Pharaoh ,Cleopatra and Caesar I bought for big number from Compume with a wonderful big box with a big book and wonderful CD box that unfortunately a little piece of it was broken accidentally and made me sad till now

Then with the invasion of the playstations and PCs in Egypt a need came from the latest Games , there are two ways ,either you pay big sum of money or you download from the Internet ,back then the broadband in Egypt wasn't that cheap so from some it was hard to find a good game

Till the Game Valley company opened its stores , selling Console and PC games in prices , high middle class and high class can afford it ,the rest of the class still use the most famous way around the world , download from the Internet ,burn and sell for 5 pounds maximum just like in China

You know everyone in Egypt believes that this company sells the Original games , yet after dealing with them several times I began to have doubts that they just like the PC copiers , in fact they are the pirates of the Game Valley

You see I bought games from them and it shocked to me find that these games are not installed like other games ,they are extracted ,yes extracted with Winrar and WinZip !!

Well if you find this strange will wait for the second shock

Have you ever bought a game with a cracked patch in it ?? oh yes the main .exe of the game must be replaced by a cracked patch !!

You know I would n't write this post if the prices of these games were in their right range 5 E.P not 80 and 85 E.P !!

The problem is that Game Valley in Egypt monopolized the market ,and here I mean the official market , not pirates one ,I am from the people who are willing to pay for original game if it is worth it

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Strikes in Egypt , the last escape

I should have spoken about this from few weeks ago ,I was lazy and I thought that other did it more professionally than me like Arabawy

Egypt since last month saw a wave of Strikes big strikes in the factories mainly in the Delta especially El-Mahla in both the textile and Cement industries.

Huge numbers of workers hundred thousands stayed in their factories day and night in the coldest days closing their factories demanding of having their rights back mainly financially

You see those workers beside suffering from the managerial and financial corruption when these factories were part of the public sector,suffered also when most of those important factories were sold as part of the privatization and bought by foreign mostly western investors for prices less than its real value in deals mostly controlled by bribes

Anyhow the Workers  want to have their rights back , and all the negotiations between the workers  unions and the factories owners whether governmental appointed managers or the new owner from the private foreign sectors

There was no other escape or solution for the workers except the nightmare that scares the both regime and the factories owners : The Strikes

The Strikes since the industrial revolution was a true nightmare for the factory owners and regimes in both open market and centralized system , yes the centralized systems despite all the propaganda of workers power and rights ..etc don't want any kind of strike what so ever

In Egypt the talk of Strikes is always there , the opposition speaks of about the strike as the last solution to get rid from the current regime , in order to have democracy but it is in the end it is just a talk ,but a bad nightmare of course

The workers in the factories of textile in Mahla and the cement both complained that they didn't take their incentives or bonuses with late salaries ,this is unfair really , I am not a leftist or something but this is unfair , I mean the textile industry is very successful in Egypt , it is one of more primary industries , millions come from it , of course these millions those poor hard working workers don't see any of it

From couple of days I read that a committee in the Shura' a council "The senates" spoke about this phenomena !! and they warned from its drawbacks on the Egyptian industry and economy !! Now they speak about the dangers of those strikes and the government attack those who are calling for it in the factories ,I think instead of the blaming and accusation game the government must stand beside the workers and their unions , already I remember that this was among the program of President Mubarak.

Even if some of these factories were sold to the private sector like in the case of the cement factories , there must be regulations and laws that protect the worker's right

I mean how do you think the productivity will exceed or even continue if the worker didn't take his minimum right for God Sake !!!

Anyhow I think the strikes policy is a healthy thing here and it is a natural respond , in fact there are many industries and sectors in Egypt I am surprised till now that the strikes wave didn't reach to it , may be it will , but it is just a matter of time


As someone who likes to present new trends for the Egyptian Blogsphere


As Someone who presents Del.ici.ous,Zooomr and Mybloglog

I would like to present Jyte , the last trend of social networking

It is more like a poll Website with groups feature and of course Web 2.0 vibes

Anyhow here it is Jyte

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A medal of dishonor

President Mubarak honored to General John Abizaid with the highest Egyptian Military Medal in a surprising move from a couple of days.

General Abizaid was the commander of the U.S Army in Iraq ,in other words , he was the commander of the invasion forces in Iraq , Iraq is not freed yet ,it is invaded

I don't know how to describe it , I feel so sad , it is just like giving Ariel Sharon the Sinai Star Medal of honor for war crimes against the Egyptian P.O.W !!

I don't know why President Mubarak did this mistake !! Yes it is a mistake , a mistake that will sorry already widen the gap between him and his people from one side and have a negative result on the position of Egypt in the Arab world from another side , Arab people used to look to Egypt in as a role model , as a defender for the Arab rights , but now her ruler gives medals for those who kill and invade the Arabic nation!!??

Instead of reaching out to his people ,Mubarak continues to make people more and more dislike him !!

Stupid and foolish advisors Mubarak is surrounding himself with

As an Egyptian Citizen I am innocent from this medal of dishonor

As an Egyptian Citizen I say to My Iraqi Brothers and Sisters that I am truly Sorry

I know it how it hurts our Iraqi friends to see Egypt and what she means them , her leader honors one of the people slayed Iraqis

I am sorry again :(

A living miracle

When I saw her feet picture in the MSNBC I said immediately "Sobhan Allah" which means an Islamic phrase for praising Allah.

It is really a miracle I mean this is the smallest premature baby ever born in the world this year yet and I guess from along time , as a premature baby who lives outside the womb of its mom and outside the hospital

Amillia was born after 22 weeks only in her mother's womb and yesterday thank God she returned back to her new home in Florida after an extra day in the hospital

She is so beautiful , she is the smallest human being ,so beautiful , Sobhan Allah , may Allah bless her to her parent ,give her strength because she will need many

More about little Amillia check the CNN :)

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The New supporters of Hala Sarhan

If anyone told me before that week about the new supporters of Hala Sarhan in Egyptian ,I wouldn't believe him or her

In fact I doubt Hala Sarhan would ever think or believe that those would stand with her like now

The new supporters of Hala Sarhan in Egypt now are the opposition from the liberals and Nasserists not her usual supporters and friends in the official newspapers and media ; in fact those usual supporters and friends turn their backs to her in expected move , because simply they are hypocrites who stand with the regime as long as she is with the regime

Well now it seemed the regime is against her as I hinted in the previous coverage about the scandal.The opposition stands with Sarhan not because of her black eyes or that some of them worked in her editing team once like Wael El-Abrashi , who used to edit for her the "Truth" show before leaving "Dream TV" channel, in one of her best career stops I believe

The opposition stands with Sarhan because believe or not Sarhan the TV host will always seemed to be away from politics will be from the early victims of the emergency and publishing laws in Egypt , she will be arrested as soon as she comes to Egypt .

This week Sarhan had an exclusive interview " not completely online , you have to buy the newspaper to read it completely "from Dubai with the Nasserist newspaper "Al-Arabic/The Arabic" , with articles here and there not defending Sarhan as many hate her style but defending and attacking the circus going on right now

The liberal "Sowat El-Oma" stood also in a defending neutral position and here when I say neutral I mean for example the article of famous TV and film critic Tarek El-Shanawy who attacked both Hala Sarhan and her editing from side because of laziness to go to the women's prison to find real prostitutes to appear in her show and the girls from another side to sell their honor for L.E 400and promises to lie and claim to be prostitutes !!

Not only Tarek El-Shanawy but also "Wael El-Abrashi" ,the chief in editor of the news , he didn't defend Hala but he wondered why suddenly the State declared war on Hala Sarhan and left all those tycoons and criminals of corruption like the death ferry owner in London without attacking them , well he got a very important point here

You know the problem in Egypt ,we got many problems that we don't know from where to start

El-Dostor today several pages dedicated to discuss the scandal , supporting Hala ,an exclusive complete script of the TV show which I didn't read and guess what an column written by "Siad Ali" himself about the reputation of Egypt game thing

I didn't read the Newspaper till now because My mom was reading it then my grand mother is reading it now but my mom told me that there are

Anyhow from the other side El-Gomaharia attacked Hala Sarhan and her statement I posted before below ,I am afraid it is in Arabic too

And also Al-Akhbar "it is back online" but this time indirectly

You know when I think more about Hala Sarhan and her scandal ,I realize that this can be part of a plan to divert the public attention from much important events and incidents in Egypt , I mean why those official newspapers don't speak about much more important events from corruption or even the forbidden constitution amendment, come on for God Sake why they don't speak about the run furry owner Mamdouh Ismail in London as much they speak about Sarhan!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is Akhbar El-Youm official website hacked ??

Today I tried to open the Al-Akhbar El-Youm newspaper website ,yet I found it it had been hacked by some Turkish "from the flag" or some Armanian "I hear the word Arman over and over in the song that is seemed to be some kind of a patriotic song!!"

Here is the official Al-Akhbar El-Youm

Really those turks are smart asses ,they left all the website and went after El-Akhbar !!!!

updated : It seems that the IT in El-Akhbar regained the control on the site ,yet it is still offline

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Soapbox on MSN Video

Soapbox on MSN Video

At last it is open for public

Oh yes at first it was by invitation but now it was open , I was from the like ones  who had an invitation and I tested and I even found a bug and informed the Soap Box team about

It is not advanced yet like YouTube and its features ,but it is unique ,I like it , first I like the GUI , second it takes a less time I think from You Tube in uploading and processing ,especailly processing the big files

The only thing bad in it that you don't have yet this Vlog feature or channel feature like You Tube ,plus they got censorship ,at least that what happened to me when I tried to upload the hanging of Saddam Hussein Movie for two twice it was removed

Anyhow ,I wish you to join it

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Hala Sarhan on Cairo Today

Last Valentine Day Hala Sarhan made an exclusive appearance on Cairo Today show in the Orbit network

I found this on Youtube and as a blogger who believe in the integrity,I saw that I must publish it here ,I already published the accusation of the girls in the "90 minutes" show so it is from my duty to publish the opinion and the other opinion and thus I must publish a part of her respond on the accusation.

I can't find the rest of it any how it is in Arabic , and in it Sarhan says that she doesn't accept anyone to accuse her in nationality or religion ,she seemed to me that she was going to cry ,may be she cried later

Another piece information ,you may be interested to Know , Amr Adeeb ,the TV host of "Cairo today" show is the uncle of Hala Sarhan's only son ,Sarhan used to be married from Amad Adeeb ,the famous media tycoon his elder brother and I guess that is why she accepted to appear in his TV show


Monday, February 19, 2007

The H5N1 flu is evolving in Egypt more and more

As if we need this , more of the sad shocking news to be added in the daily Egyptian Chronicles

It seemed the virus "H5N1" aka the Bird flu is continuing to evolve fiercely in Egypt by time

I have just read in Daily Masry El-Youm from the manager of the Breast Hospital in El-Abbasi area in Misr El-Gadida quarter that the virus became more dangerous as the first dead victim stayed under the artifical breathing applaince in hospital for a week or more , while the last dead victim stayed there under the appliance for two days only and died

This is very dangerous ,extremely dangerous

By the way the minister of health in Egypt issued a decision that prohibits any official in ministry to speak about the Bird Flu in Egypt except by premission


The Canadians on the Egyptian Spy

You know I was interested in knowing the Canadian respond on the case of the Egyptian Spy El-Attar especially that he lived and worked in Canada and took the citizenship in last November 2006.The Canadian respond was important to me because already in this espionage case there are two wanted Israeli Mossad officers who are now in Canada and Egypt requested the Interpol to arrest them .

Already as soon as the case was announced the Israeli Security Minster traveled from the United States to Canada and began visits to the Jewish lobby there saying that Egypt fabricated the whole case to the end of this talk

Already the Israeli Minister went to Canada as soon as he could to avoid any diplomatic crisis between his country and Canada ,you see Canada warned Israel before from using its land and id in its secret service operations.

Anyhow after one week the new Canadian respond began to take shape

First of all there is no extradition agreement between Canada and Egypt, so Israel would calm down now  ,already I expected this and even if there were an extradition agreement the Mossad Israeli trio won't be delivered in Egypt whether dead or alive ,Israel won't let its men fall like Azzam Azzam again ,come in early 1973 they bombed the famous flight of TV host Salwa Hagzy from Libya because they knew that inside of it a Mossad agent arrested and was on his way to Cairo. They can sacrifice 100 of El-Attar but not a Secret service officer , anyhow as I said before I know that was going to happen and already I believe both the Intelligence and General attorney knew that was going to happen , the publishing of the names and nicknames of the trio-Mossad officers were to uncover them only.

Second of all believe or not Now the Canadians start the blaming game not with Israel which used its land and id threatening the national security of other countries from it no , it is Egypt who is to be blamed this time

First of all officially the Canadian government didn't say anything till now ,it only watches.

The second part of the post depends on the Globe and Mail articles and you have to register for free and to read them all and I recommend to do this

Second of all it is not the Canadian government only who watches but also the Amnesty International Canada ,which despite it didn't announce anything officially as the only news related to Egypt in their archive now is about the Massacre of the Sudanese refugees last year but some where I read in some Canadian Source that the vice head of the Amnesty International Canada said that the organization is watching the incident carefully and that they are afraid that the confessions were taken under torture !! I am afraid this is the version which will be heard soon too often to defend the Spy abroad , the human rights bloody game already in one of Canada' famous Newspaper "Globe and Mail" which is my primary source here ,I found this interesting article related to the Spy under the title "Confession likely obtained through torture, experts say" ,already you will find an interesting name here in the article "Mamdouh Ismail" who is definitely sure that the guy was mistreated , for God Sake he is a traitor do you expect him to have a 5 stars treatment ??!!

Anyhow it makes me sick when I read the article from one thing , the misconception between the Egyptian Police and the Egyptian Intelligence , in fact the second headline in the article is "Egyptian police brutality ' just systematic'" !! I don't know if the correspondent is fool or the Egyptians speaking in the reports are playing the role of fool , this is not an Egyptian Police case , the Egyptian Police had nothing to do with it , it is a national Security case led and operated till now by the Egyptian Intelligence I swear it is the Egyptian intelligence which is headed by the Peace and negotiation number 1 advocate General Omar Soliman , who no one in Egypt from those speakers can say anything about directly including the Journalist who wrote this article.You know it is like giving the missions of the C.I.A to the F.B.I !! The Egyptian Intelligence is like the C.I.A

You know I swear I saw this coming as a result of the bad reputation of the Egyptian Security abroad thanks to the Police Brutality , really it makes me sick ,so sick , when the UNCHR spokesperson says to the Globe and Mail that Mohamed Essam Ghoneim el-Attar is acknowledged to be at risk of persecution in Egypt !!! Really if the Police stops the brutally all those tongues will be shut up and don't dare to speak one single letter that suspect the case

Already the big surprise is from EL-Attar family believe or not despite I don't justify treason at all , but I think that young man was the victim of his family whether his father's or his mother's , you remember his father's family attack on him and the promises of the father to kill if he is proven to be guilty and the uncle attack on him in media , well guess what the Uncle is asking the help of Canada as  he is a "Canadian after all !!"

Strangely the Globe and Mail found a Woman in a Vancouver who believes she met El-Attar at her church in 2003 and despite her belief that he couldn't be a spy yet she felt something strange about him , Anne-Rose Sims knew him as "William" and he also told her a story that she doubted immediately that he had gotten a Christian cross tattooed on his arm, which prompted his Muslim father to lock him in the house and that he jumped through a window to get away, driving his family's BMW right to the Cairo airport !! I know where the doubt came , it came from the "BMW" and "right to the Cairo airport" not to mention his disappearance and the Egyptian Christian professor who found him "Strange" ,You know it is enough to read Mrs Sims testimony and she is Canadian to feel that something fishy about El-Attar especially when you know that in the official reports of the National Security in Egypt that El-Attar spent 6 months in Vancouver before moving to Toronto

Link to Egypt trailed alleged spy for years: transcript

Not that only now the columnists and writers in Canada are wondering how could "Cairo Secret agents" spy on Canadian Citizens ?? I am sorry but El-Attar only took the citizenship in last November 2006 ,while the Surveillance of El-Attar or knowing his activities by the Egyptian authority was from 2002 or 2003 , I am sorry but Canadians should be very thankful that the Egyptian intelligence now don't use the old techniques of the coffins and they respect now the protocols ,in 1960s ,they didn't care much for the protocols and the sovereignty of the other countries , spies were arrested in other countries and brought to Egypt drugged in coffins ,yes in coffins and they were transferred as dead people par Avion , the famous two known examples were the famous Salwa Hagzy airplane in 1973 which I mentioned earlier and it was bombed because an Israeli Mossad officer was lying sleeping in a coffin , on that plane there was the foreign Libyan Minister who was a very dear friend to My Grand father , to a very near time the reason why Israel bombed this plane was an enigma till Dr. Nabil Farouk , the famous espionage writer revealed the dirty secret , not this incident in 1960 the famous National fencing team Egypt Air flight was bombed coming from Rome to Cairo because of one of those coffins , also Nabil Farouk revealed that dirty secret and My Grand father hinted to me as he was going to be one of the passengers but he missed the flight thank God 1000 times ,in fact my Grand father was from the earliest Journalists who covered the incident from Rome ,of course back then they didn't know why or may be he knew the reason but kept it as a secret till he died ,already I knew the truth after his death may Allah bless his soul. Well it is not the Egyptian Intelligence who used to use that technique , in fact the C.I.A is still using it and Emam Abu Omar is the best example ,kidnapping him from Italy ,come on at least we stopped using this technique .

Canadians should n't speak about the Surveillance of Canadian citizens ,I am sorry but our secret agents don't go any Canadian citizens ,they go behind those who knew that they are planning or doing something that will or is hurting Egypt and thus they must be stopped , it is not Egypt alone that does so , All the countries around world who have an active national security system do the the same including Canada and the United States above all.Already the government in Ottawa didn't comment on anything till now because it knows very well what Egypt did is legal ,Egypt did the job according the book too much ,I mean if you don't give damn to the Sovereignty of Canada he would suddenly disappear since 2003 at least he would n't have recruited those Arab and Egyptian spies they are speaking about now , but we had to wait all those years till he came to Egypt to the Egyptian sovereignty to be arrested.

I am sorry but we are not to be blamed in protecting our country but it is Israeli is the one who to be blamed , Israel is one who are using Canada and its citizenship system to recruit spies from the Arab communities there ,Israel is one who is creating diplomatic crisis between Canada and other countries .We have the right to defend ourselves. I wonder why those writers don't blame the Americans and the C.I.A for their real dirty techniques , at least we don't make coups and bring dictators because of some economic resources , we don't bomb innocent people some far away country because of some terrorists suspected to be there, all what we do is protecting our country and its future in the most suitable available way and this we don't be blamed for