Friday, July 31, 2009

The Threatening Canal

Last week we celebrated the 53rd anniversary of Suez Canal nationalization on the 26th of July. The nationalization showed us how important and valuable the Suez Canal is after all it was among the reasons that led to the Suez war in the 1956. I do not need to speak about its strategic and economic importance in Egypt and how Egypt was blessed and cursed at the same because of it yet I will speak about the danger this international vital canal is facing currently.

I won’t to speak about the current global recession and its negative impact on trade movement through the canal. I do not need to speak about the Somali piracy that is threatening our canal as now ships and Yachats think twice before passing by the red sea without enough protection either.

I will speak about the real danger that is threatening the Suez Canal or rather the red sea , or Egyptian part of the red sea : The two seas canal.  The proposed Two Seas Canal would run from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea and provide electricity and potable water to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority as it is said.

The two seas canal is the love child of Israel , the Palestinian authority and the Jordanian regime which I am amazed  at how its people accept this disgusting dangerous deal so peacefully.  The idea of such project is as old as the Suez Canal , British William Alan thought about it in 1855 as an alternative for the Suez Canal which was under the French control , for some reason the project did not work then “May be because the lack of cheap labor” still the idea did not die , many others though about it including Theodor Herzl who mentioned in it in his novel Altneuland/ The old new land.

Canal of two seas

I do not know how the Israelis really think as this project is like an atomic bomb to the environment in this very special unique area from the ecological perspective. Of course I know how they think economically and strategically but to ignore the negative effects of such project which include turning the region in to a big massive earthquake region amazes me on how the Israelis think , they will be harmed as much as we do.

Besides making the area an earthquake zone the marine life including the wonderful coral reef of the red sea will be in a huge danger not to mention the dead sea in its own way regardless of the Israelis claim which they want the Jordanians to believe.

I do not know how the Palestinians and Jordanians think , especially the Jordanians as they are independent real state. Do the Jordanian People approve this canal ??? I am not speaking about their king who will say yes to whatever Israel and America say. I am speaking about the people themselves !!  Do they trust the Israeli government that much ?? This is even worse than exporting gas to Israel

Now the Jordanian media came in the last couple of weeks saying nonsense that our experts are approving that love child of their regime and the Israelis despite the the Egyptian refusal and concerns about this project has been known to the world since the agreement in 2005. Still do not know if the Jordanian media had highlighted the direct and clear statements of Admiral Ahmed Fadel , the Chairman of the Suez Canal authority or not regarding the two seas canal or not.

The new proposed Canal, if constructed, will harm the environment in the Gulf of Aqaba as the  [strong] water stream coming out from the pipeline will threaten the environment in the Ras Mohamed zone

The admiral had said so in the press conference held celebrating the 53th anniversary Suez Canal nationalization , of course at last someone official from the government in Egypt had the balls to criticize the project unlike our prime minister who doest see a problem or a threat from the Canal and minister Mofid Shahab who does not see any negative effects on the Suez Canal from its side. Of course I must hint out that the statements of both Nazif and Shahab were before the statements of Admiral Fadel. Also we should not forget that Nazif once has said that there was no danger from the Somali pirates on the Suez Canal and Shahab has said that Gamal Mubarak won’t inherit the rule of Egypt !!!

The Egyptian experts are divided between those who see that it won’t affect the Suez Canal movement and those who see it it WILL affect the Suez Canal movement yet they agreed that its ecological effects can’t be ignored. The first  team say that it won’t affect our canal simply because the ships will take more time to reach from the dead than to reach to the Mediterranean , plus from the commercial point unloading the cargos in Israel using its highways to Haifa will take too much not to mention the nature of the dead sea will allow certain ships to go in to it. The other team believes otherwise after all this canal was meant to be alternative for the Suez Canal saying that this is the long goal of Israel especially there is a rumor that Israel is going to build another canal from Dead sea to Haifa.

There are other reasons which make us in Egypt refuse this project totally.

These reasons are :

Besides other reasons related to the national security of Egypt and the fact that a possible war with Israel can happen anytime especially that we got people in the current Israeli cabinet calling for bombing our high dam with nukes !!!

It is remarkable how the International bank agrees to study  this project despite the refusal of the UN for it years ago. I must mention that  the international Bank refused to fund the high dam in 1956. Of course the international bank or rather the west finds this a great opportunity to push the neutralization of relations between the Arabs and Israelis , they wish that it will connect more than two seas regardless of destroying a whole eco-system in the red sea.

If the Jordanians want this canal so much then they should apologize for protesting in front our embassy from 6 months ago because of Gaza war.

I know one thing , I miss both Nasser and Sadat.

Sources :

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They Have the right to vote too

From the various cons of the 23rd of July coup is that it derived the Police and army officers from their right to vote. The army and police officers do not have the right to vote in the Presidential or the Parliamentary elections according to article no.1 for law no. 73 of political rights in year 1956
Strangely this old article opposes articles no.40 and 62 which state the following
  • Article no.40 : All the citizens are equal in front of the law and have equal rights and general duties 
  • Article no.62 : All the citizens have the right of voting and their participation is a national duty
The official justification for not canceling that 53 years old is that the army and police are neutral official parties that do not get involved in political life !!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me !!?? Are not the army and police officers Egyptian citizens after all who have the right to choose who is best to represent them whether as a President or a member in the Parliament according to their needs and wants !! Do they have to wait for retirement for God sake !!??
I do not think that this ban has to do with neutrality from near or far , it has to do with the fact that the regime does want to the army and police officers to get engaged in politics as they will care then for their country and think about their choices very carefully for the sake of their future and the future of their children. This is what the regime fears : To make them think as the last time the police officers thought we had our Ismailia uprising and the last time the army officers had thought ,we had our 23rd of July coup.
The regime fears to lose control on the police and the army and thus its control on life in Egypt.It always wants to isolate between the people and their Police and army.  I know that this regime will not give this right to the army and police officers yet there is no harm to discuss this taboo. It is enough that we do not discuss anything related to the army except on its national days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In my opinion giving the right to vote makes the police and army more neutral and more engaged and attached to the people.
The army and police officers should have the right to vote just like any other citizen in this country as in the end the military is a civilian in a uniform.
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The Middle Earth Is Not A Place For Bruno To Mess in

Honestly when I read that Sasha Cohen Baron was filming Bruno in the Middle East , I did not understand what he was doing there , I know Bruno character from the Ali G show and so all what I could think of is that Baron is going to discuss homosexuality in the region yet I was surprised to know that he was discussing the conflict of the Middle East or the Middle Earth as Bruno calls it.

This report from Sky News “Surprisingly” exposes the lies of Baron at tonight show where he claims that Abu Atia is a fearful terrorist.

I do not understand why Baron injected the Middle East conflict in his film whose main focus is about homophobia and celebrities cult , I do not get and to be honest even without knowing the story of Ayman Abu Atia I felt that there was something fishy and disgusting in the film targeting the Palestinian people negatively whether Abu Atia’s interview or his debate about Hamas and Hums not to mention Ron Paul’s appearance.

Please spread this video the world must understand Baron was lying in the tonight show.

From the Archives :

H1N1 Follow Up : 17 Case Today

The ministry of health has announced that 17 H1N1 infection cases have been discovered today , all those cases were coming from abroad.

The majority of the cases this time is for Egyptians , 14 cases are Egyptians coming Saudi Arabia, Indonesia ,UK and China. Some of them are contacted and related ,some of them are not. 

The other 3 cases are from  “2” Saudi Arabia and “1” Kuwait .

Our infection toll accordingly has become to 255 in Egypt.

Regionally Saudi Arabia has announced from few hours the second H1N1 death where as in Lebanon the ministry of health has announced the first H1N1 fatal case :  30 years old man suffering from Leukemia was infected by H1N1 and could not resist the virus with his very weak body. May God bless those people’s souls

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mohamed Yunus To Receive The Medal of Freedom

Nobel Prize winner Dr.Mohamed Yunus is among 16 personalities to received the Medal of Freedom which is awarded by the American President this year.

Here is the complete list of those who are honored this year , a real special international list.

Judging from the list I believe Obama will please different minorities in his country and outside it , he will please African Americans , Latinos and gays where as from outside America he is honoring Africans, Europeans and Muslims.

Obama knows how to please everyone !!

Anyhow congratulations to Dr.Yunus, he deserves it.

At Least They Are Doing Something


Those ladies in Bikinis are members at the Code Pink organization and they are protesting the theft of Palestinian natural resources by an Israeli company called “Ahava”. Ahava manufactures skin products from the dead sea.

According to Code Pink, the products actually come from stolen Palestinian natural resources in the West Bank, and are produced in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem.


Last month those bikini girls crashed in to a party held by the Israeli embassy defending the Palestinian rights.

Those ladies in the pink are more braver than some or most of our Arab leaders from kings and presidents.

Please Visit the Code Pink official website.

Al-Braikan Did Not Commit Suicide ; Says Family

I was not amazed when I read that late Kuwaiti businessman Hazem Al-Braikan's family has rejected and denied the news that their son ,the famous financier has committed suicide.
Al-Braikan's family said that their late son was a devoted practicing Muslim and he would never commit suicide. I understand them totally ,the loss was huge for sure and the fact his death was considered a suicide will add to this loss more ,it will add to it shame and disgrace.
Committing suicide in Islam is prohibited in Islam and is considered a huge sin where the one who commits it is considered as an infidel. The Kuwaiti society regardless of its openness on the world is still a tribal Islamic society in end.
There are rumors in Kuwait that he was killed.
When I read the news of that financier ,it was the first time I read his name despite I feel that Al-Braikan is not a strange name. I read the news mainly at the American websites.
Already that the businessman who is linked to Citigroup was charged in the United States with fraud.
I was amazed to know that a Kuwaiti has committed Suicide simply as I hinted before suicide is prohibited in Islam and even not so devoted Muslims understand this very well plus we do not have that sort Japanese responsibility culture thing in our part of the world ; not to mention most of that kind of high profile suicide case in our part of the world are murders in fact like Abdel Hakim suicide and Ghazi Kanaan. It will not be a surprise if Al-Braikan's suicide  turned in to a murder , Al-Braikan was messing with giants in the States and I am sure that he may have spelled the beans on couple of other partners here or there.
Yet I believe he could have committed suicide for real because he felt ashamed of himself and brought disgrace to his family , may be it is the Japanese responsibility syndrome after all
Al-Braikan headed an investment company called Al-Raya investment company
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Egypt In Iraq

Via Media Matters.Org
This is from the July 27 edition of Fox News' " The live Desk" .

Do you see the country between Syria and Iran ?? It is supposedly Iraq , well for Fox News it is Egypt !!?? What kind of editors and technicians they hire in Fox News who do not know geography basics !!??
This reminds me with the Transformers 2 when our Pyramids were two blocks away from the Petra !!
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Egyptians Against Farouk Hosni’s Nomination For the UNSECO

I found out that Al Mesryoon e-newspaper has published a petition signed by a group of Egyptians mainly from university professors against the nomination of Farouk Hosni for the UNSECO’s secretary general position. I do not like Al Mesryoon nor do I approve on many of the things they publish and promote but honestly I agree with them.

Please Read the petition :

To Whom It May Concern
We, the signatories of this memorandum, intellectuals, academics, journalists and Egyptian citizens, protest against the nomination of the Minister of Culture, Mr. Farouk Hosni, for secretary-general of the United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization (UNESCO). We stress that he is not worthy of this sensitive international position because of his involvement and participation, few decades ago, in repressive security practices against Egyptian students in Paris during his mission as the cultural attaché in the Egyptian embassy there in 1972 and later years. He had previously admitted that he exercised espionage activities against Egyptian students opposed to the former Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat, and wrote surveillance reports on their activities in favor of the Egyptian security apparatus which, in turn, exposed the students’ lives and academic career to grave threats. Mr. Hosni has boasted and misrepresented, in public, these acts as a patriotic service; nevertheless, he admitted that only after it was revealed by Dr. Yahya el-Gamal, ex-minister, professor of International Law, and former cultural attaché in Paris, in his diaries titled “Ordinary Life Story.” It was then when Mr. Hosni went to the weekly magazine El Mussawar , that published El-Gamal’s diaries, and admitted in a lengthy interview his spying and reporting practices.
It is needless to emphasize that this character with such dreadful history is not fit for such great position that requires high levels of morality and integrity, as well as unrelenting support for human dignity and ethical transparency. This position should, in no way, be occupied by an accomplice of despotic dictators’ persecution against their opposition. For those who can never be trusted with their own nation’s interest, freedom and culture shall never be trusted with the World’s education and culture.
As we hereby assert our urgent opposition and protest against the nomination of Mr. Farouk Hosni for the UNESCO secretary-general, we hope that the international community shall be successful in electing a candidate of high integrity, true morality, and great reputation so as to lead the UNESCO in the coming era.
Sincerely yours

It is true and more than that he is currently a member in repressive financial and moral corrupted regime.

By the way the petition in English got one mistake, Hosni has a PhD

Who Are We ??

Mr.Kameel Halim wrote a very provoking article in Youm 7 online under the title “ You do not want Copts in Egypt ! Ok”. Some say that the article is a humor one as Mr.Halim discusses how our culture is Coptic in the first place . “Going to discuss later in this post”

I do not find it a comic one but rather a very dangerous article that shows that the Egyptian Christians abroad are playing with fire and they enjoy it somehow. We are trying to put that fire down and they are not helping.

I just want to ask Mr.Halim something : Whom is he talking to ?? to whom he is directing this message ?? To the Muslims , does not he consider us Egyptians too !!

He is speaking about the Copts and he is forgetting what the word “Copt” does mean, it means “Egyptian” ; last time I checked we are all Egyptians with the difference in our religion and in our races. We are all Copts . Does not he call for Citizenship !!??

Already historically speaking all those authentic Egyptian stuff he speaking about whether from habits or food or words go back to the ancient Egyptian era not the Egyptian Christian era. This is very important fact.

It is amazing how people forget that all that ancient Egyptian heritage for 14 centuries has continued to endure in this land and this shows that Islam does not replace or invade a culture but it rather unite and get mixed with the culture of that land.

Does Mr.Halim classify and divide Egyptians on based on ethnic racial religious background or what !!? Because accordingly not only Egyptian Muslims and also Jews are not original Egyptians not to mention the people of Sinai and  West desert beside the Nubians.

What Halim is saying and others from his team say too makes me wonder : Who is the really Egyptian ?? I believe that you do not have to roots in Egypt for hundred of years to become a genuine Egyptian , if you do love Egypt and ready to give your life for her and her people for real then you are a real Egyptian. My great grandfather who came from Turkey in the 19th century and nearly was going to smash a British officer’s head because he insulted Egyptians in front of him in the railways , who took the hands of his half Egyptian-Turkish sons to walk in the funeral of Mustafa Kamal among the millions of Egyptians who walked in that forgotten funeral in my point of view was more Egyptian than those so-called Egyptian Copts leaders watching the country turning in to another Lebanon while they are enjoying the privileges of having two passports in foreign countries knowing nothing about the suffering of the real Egyptian citizen regardless of his religion and his ethnic background !!!!!!

This is my country I am an Egyptian Muslim Copt with Turkish,Moroccan and Arabian roots I am not leaving anywhere and I do not accept that someone grades 100% or 50% or 40% Egyptian , I am Egyptian , who wants to leave , the door is wide open for all those who hate the country and its unity.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

H1N1 Follow Up : A Dozen

The ministry of health has announced that 12 new H1N1 infection cases have been discovered in Egypt today , Wednesday the 29th of July 2009 !! Yes a dozen of cases were discovered today. Only two from the dozen are Egyptians and the rest are foreigners. Strangely this time most of the cases are from Arab countries “UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia and Algeria”. There are two British cases in today’s dozen.

Our infection toll has become today 238.

162 cases from those 238 have recovered where the rest “75” are still in the hospitals and one fatality in the latest statistics.

Also today the IDSC has published its 69th H1N1 follow Up report “in Arabic” which has only updated till the Tuesday the 28th of July.

Follow Up : The Zoo Is Staying In Its Place At Least For Now

The Giza zoo is staying in its place at least for now according to the following :

  • Parts of it have been registered as Islamic monuments in Egypt as part of the khedival heritage :) “Yes at last Farouk Hosni who is dying for the UNESCO position found out along with Dr. Zahi Hawas that our Giza is more than 100 years old and it is the second oldest Zoo in the world.”
  • The minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza has denied the rumor  over and over

The first decision is very important because it recognizes some parts as momentums with historical importance , of course I wonder about the status of other areas which mainly are the animal areas.

Still there is a rumor , a strong rumor that Palm Hill Developments Company wants to buy  both the Giza Zoo land and the Orman Park “besides the Zoo” for investment projects. Orman is as old as the Zoo , it is another Khedival achievement. Now there is a little info about PHD you must know : Its owners are Mansour and Maghrabi group and Mahmoud El-Gamal. Mansour as in Lotfi Mansour the current minister of transportation and his brother Yassin Mansour , Maghrabi as Ahmed El-Maghrabi the minister of housing where as Mahmoud El-Gamal as Gamal Mubarak’s father in law !!!

I do not know if the public refusal for selling the Giza Zoo and transferring it to October and the decision of the high supreme council of antiquities will stop PHD and those behind it or not , at least till this era is over because as soon as this era falls , they will fall with it.

Links :

Spoiling the feast

Akher Saa was one of the greatest and major magazine publications in Egypt whether in the time of monarchy or time of republic except of course the time of President Mubarak. There is no doubt that this magazine could have been like the time magazine if it were not for nationalization and governmental control. I am proud to say that my late grandfather had spent decades of his life in that publication since 1950s till 1970s and I was happy that this magazine is celebrating its 75 anniversary since its founding on the hands of Mohamed El-Tabai whom I believe is not resting currently in his tomb for what happened to his magazine in the golden era of Mubarak.
I am sure the man God bless his soul is not resting in his soul to know that in the 75 anniversary special edition there is a whole two pages bought by notorious princess Hend El-Fa'asy speaking about how much her daddy loved the magazine with photos of her infamous scandalous offspring all over the the two pages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is she exactly to write about Akher Saa ?? Already I doubt that she wrote this by herself !!
From all the celebs in Egypt I found El-Fa'asy !!! Is not it enough that Safwat El-Sherif wrote an editorial in the beginning of  the edition. It is an irony I suppose because in 1968 the magazine published the conviction of Safwat Al-Sherif in the intelligence scandal with complete details of the trial !!!!!!!!!!! What you know !!??
Back to the magazine , I think the 75th anniversary special edition could have been better , a proper celebration for such important magazine could be launching an official website not that poor one following Akhber Al Youm "even poorer" with complete online archive like the time magazine. 

H1N1 Follow UP : 226 Cases

The ministry of health in Egypt has announced that the H1N1 infection toll in Egypt has reached to 226 cases !!!

The world fears from the second wave of the swine flu in Fall/winter and I fear it. Yes up till now we do not have fatalities except one  still this infection daily rate is fearful , so fearful , image if it returns in powerful way resisting vacancies !!

By the way regarding our sole fatality case it seems that there is something wrong about her as the Saudi authorities have denied that she died because of the swine flu. Of course the Saudi authorities in my opinion would not have known because the case was discovered in Egypt according to the official statement. Still this is the second claim that she did not die because of the swine flu after her husband’s claim and the Egyptian government has a long record of continuous lying !!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Many Old Men Should Be Humiliated Like This ??

This old man is the father of Egyptian blogger Mosa'd Abu Fagr , Mr.Soliman Abu Fagr from Sinai , he is asking President Mubarak in video to release his son who is being in jail for no real reason.

It is heart breaking to see a man in his age asking the ruler to release his son in this way , nearly a humiliating way.Mr.Soliman reminds m with Israa Abdel Fatah’s mother plea to President Mubarak and his wife to have mercy on her daughter and release her !!

It is hurting breaking to see a man in that age saying what he says in order to reach for Mubarak and I doubt that this message will reach him with my all respect to Ashraf Al-Anany who recorded and uploaded it kindly in attempt to help Abu Fagr in all possible ways because simply there are thousands and thousands of walls between the regular people like us and Mubarak.

By the way some people do not like this message and considering it harmful to Mosa’d in his jail and that his father should not humiliate himself in this old age by glorifying the President. Mr.Sultan is a father in the end of the day and he was not speaking about Mosa’d only but also about his other son Ahmed , Yes his two sons are currently in jail for political reasons.

Do not blame that father for bagging Mubarak to release his sons , blame Mubarak for humiliating old men like that. 

Mubarak’s Health Is Bad For Everybody’s Nerve

First the guardian then the Economist.

Then we got this wonderful analysis from the Middle East Forum : Is Egypt stable ?? It is highly recommended to read this analysis very carefully.

Another Sort of Reclamation

Some of my friends have told me from couple of days that there are palaces owned by VIPs I can’t mention their names so easily in Ahmed Orabi area on the Misr-Ismailia highway. “You can guess”

I understand that this area is for land reclamation in the first place and I can’t deny that I was surprised to know that Ahmed Orabi area or rather city is called “ The Palaces city in Egypt” when I was doing my little search online.

It turned out that the VIPs and rich ,some rich got palace there and strangely those VIPs own other palaces in other areas like Katameya. It amazes me how they own all those houses or rather palaces in one country !!!??

This land was not supposed to be the Palaces city in Egypt but rather to be the reclamation city , for God sake some people there do not use their land for agricultural production but for useless luxuries !!! Big Palaces surrounded by couple of mango trees!! How many palaces they own in this country for goodness sake !!??

And they attack the Mohamed Ali Royal Family !!??

Do Not Underestimate The Power of Human Mind

Just because we do not know how to explain these great wonders with our minds  we must jump to the conclusions that an alien civilization had interfered and built them. Our minds now accept  facts on scientific calculations based on technologies and computers and some people unfortunately find it hard to accept the idea that human race that can make wonderful amazing things without the use of machine but rather with human will which can produce technology we do not know and won’t understand either !!!??

Yes there are certain stuff we can’t explain with our modern mind and modern science , yes there are certain stuff we can’t know from the past because it is history and not all history is meant to be known to us

I am not a professional Egyptologist but I will comment the part concerning the pyramids of Giza because it annoys me so much ,it is enough to know that Obama believed that they were built by aliens and that is why Zahi Hawas  took him to the Pyramids builders cemeteries which are clearly ignored in this documentary by  way “I thought he was referring to the Jews but it turned worst and he was referring to Aliens !!” . All of the speakers in the documentary speak of the pyramids of Giza as they were the first buildings of their kind in Egypt , I do not know why they do ignore the facts that there were other pyramids that were built before the Giza pyramids. These other pyramids clearly show that the ancient Egyptians did not come with that magnificent design in day or night because as normal humans their designs were evolving starting from Mastaba to the stepped pyramids to these wonderful pyramids !!??

Why do they ignore the rest of the pyramids in Egypt and also in Nubia !!???

Why do they ignore the fact the Egyptian may have reached to the idea of the pyramid to protect their kings and queens final resting in the old kingdom where the capital was in Memphis because simply the Nile flood was drowning the land and thus the bodies were drowning too  !! Already up till to this moment unlike other Islamic countries we the Muslims in Egypt do not bury our dead directly to the ground because of this problem !!???

Speaking  about the Nile flood why not one of these alien theorists think about the possibilities that these huge stones where cut from Aswan and transferred to Memphis then , Giza now during the Nile flood using the power and strength of the river Nile in its wildest and violent moments in the year to help in building the Giza Pyramids !!???  I know there are other unanswered questions regarding the Pyramids constructions yet we should suddenly go to the easy answer and say aliens !!??

Moving to the Dendera light at Dendera temple complex, ok may I ask where is the plug ?? where is the electricity source ?? May be the ancient Egyptians had some technique to keep their torches up !! May be they do reached to electricity with no help for E.T  and Co. and  it was like a divine secret for the priests , may be they reached to another sort of energy we do not know !! The picture is clearly 800px-Dendera_light_002 something related to their mythology back then , I see  a Lotus with a snake inside and two hands , already did not anyone bother to translate exactly what was written beside that drawing because certainly it is related to the drawing !!?? I do not know from where Erich von Däniken is saying that Dendera temple’s priests trade secret was light , well the main Goddess of the temple is Hathor which represented motherhood and feminine love  to the ancient Egypt and yet there is a small section from the temple dedicated to Ra , the main God of Sun then I can’t find a relation between that trade secret or special knowledge the priests knew in Dendera. If light bulbs and electricity were truly the trade secret or specialty of the priests in that temple , I assume the temple would be full of that light bulb over and over not just twice !!??

That Baghdad battery just like those skeptical scientists were saying in the documentary may be used only for stones and gems nothing more ,nothing else. Already I am not surprised that the sons of Mesopotamia had made such device , of course I will hear someone saying “Wait Mesopotamian civilization was built with the help of E.T” and I will answer back I am not surprised because the great decedents of Mesopotamia like Al-Hazen to reach for inventions and theories that consider the basis of our modern sciences.

Al-Hazen leads me to something , what about the Islamic Arabic civilization in the Middle age , is not it strange that there was no mention of E.Ts where as we got all those inventions and discoveries in time ignorance was controlling more than half of the world !!!??

That so computer device in Greece or rather Antikthera mechanism I do not find it so strange or great in that time because again during the Islamic era in the Middle ages there were similar astrolabes devices used in navigation I know for sure that in 2009 we do not know how they operate exactly !! We are forgetting something here , during there ,there was no aviation, navigation was the only way to connect the Greek isles , it is a simple rule than whenever you master and specialize in something , you will innovate in it.

Where are those aliens now ?? why did they left earth ?? Or it is just like Space Odyssey 2001 !!?? And even if there were aliens , who “from creationist’s point of view like me” or how “ for evolutionists’ point of view ” they were made !?? For everything there must be a start !!??

Regarding those Holy books with similarities in mystical stories, why can’t we say that these books come from one God but humans by time changed them !!?? Why can’t we say that human nature is one  and despite the difference in race , in color and in geographical location our ideas are similar !!??

Suzanne Tamim Murder Trial Follow UP : The Merits

The merits of Suzanne Tamim’s murder trial have been announced on last Saturday , here is the complete script from Youm I am not a legal expert nor did I study law and thus all I can say is that from what I read the merits are just the official detailed version on how and why the murder was committed.

According to the law with in 40 or 60 days “ I am not sure from the correct number” the accused lawyers should veto the death penalty using legal gaps in the merits in front of the court of cassation.

Of course I assume that the defense teams especially Hisham’s are not sleeping the night searching for gap in these merits to veto the verdict of Judge Muhamdi Konosawah who is famous for his tough verdicts.

It is not over , this is just another start for another round.

Regarding El-Qemany Affair

Yes I am some how busy in the last couple days still I could not ignore  things just like the Said El-Qemany circus.

The secular author has received Egypt's 2009 State Incentive Prize in sociology and since the announcement his opponent mainly from the religious parties in Egypt have denounced and attacked the State for granting him such honor.

The attack did not stop at denouncing the award  but reached to the level of lawsuits and fatwas against El-Qemany  to strip not only from the award but from his Egyptian nationality and accusing him of grand treason. El-Qemany has been always accused of blasphemy but grand treason , well this is a new thing !!

Of course El-Qemany nor his supporters and fans are sitting and watching still , they also have unleashed their war against the religious men and El-Qemany haters in the media.

Now both teams have declared the war on each other and we got now this silly war of “Religious Vs. Secular state” in the media in time we do not really need it.

Personally I do not like El-Qemany , I have not read any of his books but I read couple of his articles and I saw in several TV shows , I do not like him at all , he is just as radical as his opponents , he is representing the radical secularism in Egypt which makes people , normal regular people hate and associate blasphemy with secularism if I may say. I will say it again I hate El-Qemany and I do not think that he deserves all that noise.

Now regarding the award , to be honest I do not think that it is great honor to be awarded such award in the time of Mubarak’s regime. It is not a secret that those approved and support Mubarak’s regime take all the awards and honors of the State. So to be honored by Mubarak currently is not a real honor actually.

Speaking about the award itself I do not think that he deserves it , I believe there are others who deserve this award than him for sure. It is not enough that in the same year the minister of higher education and scientific research has pulled the name of Dr. Hany El-Nazr this year for fear he would take his position as a minister in the next cabinet due to his achievements in the researches center. The Nazr incident shows how and to whom these awards are given.

I think Farouk Hosni gave the awards this year to both El-Qemany and Halmi Salam “ the infamous poet who caused a stir with his poem Laila Muard’s balcony”  to please the so-called seculars in Egypt and to appear in front of the West as a secular minister to increase his opportunities in the UNESCO chair.

Also I think that the regime enjoys this so-called war between the Islamists and seculars so much.

We got other issues , much important issues I am afraid now in Egypt , instead of speaking about El-Qemany’s award why no one is speaking about the MB bloggers who were arrested in Cairo airport , why no one is speaking about how our Cotton exports have dropped 91% this year according to the official statistical numbers !!??

Monday, July 27, 2009

Follow Up : H1N1, H1N5 And More

Ok let’s start with H1N5 , it has been a time since the ministry of health has announced a new H1N5 case in Egypt ; all what we hear now is the rapidly increasing infection rate of H1N1.

The ministry of health has announced the 82nd case of H5N1 infection in Egypt. Rania Ahmed Mustafa from Kafr El-Sheikh governorate in North Delta began to show the symptoms on the 24th of July and was admitted to Kafr El-Sheikh fever hospital on the 25th. She was given Tamflu as soon as the doctor suspected that she was infected by H5N1. Her condition according the ministry’s statement is stable and sooner she will be transferred to Cairo to resume her recovery.

Moving to  H1N1 unproudly the ministry of health announced that we reached to 200 H1N1 infection cases by yesterday. 142 cases have recovered , one has passed away and the rest 57 are being treated.

Now we leave H1N1 and its older sister H1N5 and move to the health catastrophe in Qalulibiya governorate. There is an outbreak for typhoid fever in one of the villages there. 84 typhoid cases were recorded in one of the villages there as a result of water pollution. Arab contractors company is being accused of this catastrophe and the governor has fined it in a historical decision if I may say. Of course the company has to fire back accusing the villagers of bringing typhoid to themselves according to the following :

The village has not sewage system installed by the government nor it has direct access to water. The water source in the village in underground water. The villagers have decided to install their sewage system which of course was primitive sewage system. The sewers were  leaked to the underground water and thus the village’s water was polluted.

Ok even if this was true , it won’t be the mistake of the villagers because it will be the mistake of the government that left a village with no direct access to water and sewage all those years.

What is fearful in El-Barada village is that what happened there may happen in other villages with or without big companies fooling around with environment. There are hundreds El-Barada villages in Egypt with no access to water or sanitation!!!

We leave Delta and move to Upper Egypt to Luxor where last week villagers in some village were poisoned because of the lead in the bread they were eating , yes you read right lead poisoning because of the bread or rather the wheat given by the government to the bakeries in the villages !!

The government imports spoiled wheat and in the last couple of months there were huge debates about spoiled wheat imported from Russia as far as I remember in the Parliament but whether we let it in or not.

Meanwhile the cabinet has started its summer vacation , the cabinet has moved to Marina resort :) . They will return on the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan which will be either 21st or 22nd of August !!

Can Someone Please Check From This Saudi Visa ??

Do You remember last year when there was a huge debate about that shameful official agreement to export 120,000 Egyptian girls to work as maids in the Saudi houses ??

Well it seems that there is an official Visa issued by Saudi Arabia for Egyptian maids to work in the Kingdom !! Did not they said that this deal was over and nothing can make us sell our honor and it is enough what happens for our maids from human rights crimes in the Gulf !!??

I receive an alert from several weeks ago regarding this but due to the fact I was too busy to discuss it I had to delay till the suitable time , I really apologize for that huge mistake but it is never too late.

The fantastic and important Egyptian talks forum exposed the whole issue when one of the members shared his experience on how he met a Saudi person who was trying to get an official delegation of a maid with an official special visa for maids. This visa in particular has the following number : 1102159391

Officially there is nothing called a special visa for maids in Egypt as far as I understand.

Can someone check from this enough ??

I want to know if Aisha Abdel Hady was deceiving us last year , saying that she would not send our girls to work as maids abroad !!??

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blast From The Past : 23rd of July Special

President Naguib holding the future star

Who was that little girl president Mohamed Naguib was holding in his visit to Youssef Wahbi theatre ??

Think for a moment honestly and if you do not know ,then please click the photo

The Search Of Savior

23rd of July  has come and gone as usual and this year many Egyptians celebrated in the best way in their point of view : They packed their bags and went for considerably long weekend to beaches and resorts causing traffic jams in the desert high ways last Thursday. They seemed to forget the anniversary which became only a vacation for them despite it is our official national day which is celebrated worldwide in our embassies even in Israel , they have forgotten it just like they have forgotten our “Evacuation day” on 18th of June and our “Independence day” on the 22nd of February !!??
But did they deeply forget it for real ?? I do not think so ,some of them remember the revolution negatively as the reason that brought to us all what we suffer where others wish that we have another new revolution or be accurate a coup to end the Mubarak era with its tragedies.
BBC last month published a very interesting report regarding the hopes of some Egyptians to have a new coup against Mubarak. A coup against Mubarak seems to be the forbidden dream , after all history tells us that since the dawn of history in this land that who ever rules the army for real rules the land and its people too.
Many Egyptians know that there is no hope for peaceful transfer of rule , there is no hope for a real civilian president with this dictatorship , this dictatorship must be ended and it can’t be ended peacefully by all measures except on the hands of hunger revolution or army coup. Many people believe that army would bring stability and would end the power of interior ministry in which Mubarak rely on his rule.
The regime fears the hunger revolution yet not as much as an army coup. Already if you think about a hunger revolution will cause the army to be involved and I believe in such confront between Mubarak regime and the people the army will be to the people’s side , do not forget the soldiers of the army and also the soldiers of the anti-riots forces are from the simple working class that are tasting poverty more and more.
I believe the Egyptians won’t hate to find one day some army officer appearing in the National Egyptian TV saying a similar statement like the statement Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat had said from 57 years ago on the  23rd July 1952.

Even in Clubs’ Elections

I was sitting with couple of friends who were speaking about the up coming elections in Shooting Club and Ahly Club. They  were speaking about the on going wars in Shooting club elections and how businessman and eng. Hussein Sabor in the end is going to win there and how Hassan Hamdy at Ahly Club is winning the hearts and minds with Al Ahram advertising agency money.

One thing particular they agreed upon that who will ever wins , he will win because the State security wants him to win by the end of the day not because of the votes.

Even in the social and sports’ clubs !!?? are not the syndications and unions enough for the State security to control !!?? Also the sports clubs !!??

I can’t find one logic reason for the State security to interfere in the clubs’ elections with my all respect , I understand the issue with the syndications and unions. After all Ahly Club and Shooting Club are not exactly the Judges Club !!??

I know very well that there is fraud in the Clubs’ elections just like any other election in Egypt as the vote is not enough but rather the money yet seriously .. ..

The relations of politics and sports especially football in Egypt is well known , football is the secret opium used by the regime to drug the Egyptian people since the Nasserite era “I still remember Reda Abd Ala case ” but this is not about football , it is about elections and people’s right to choose whomever they believe will serve their best interest ;S.S does not want them to get used to that.

China Wants To Win The Hearts And Minds of Arabs Or Rather Muslim Arabs

China has decided to air an Arabic TV Channel directed to the Arabic region , the new Arabic Channel will be another member to the CCTV family . There is already an English CCTV Channel on the Nile Sat.

Of course you do not have to  think too much to realize that China has decided to open a Channel directed to the Arabic region because of the latest Uighur uprising. China knows the damage it has done and that it became from these countries that mistreat Muslims in time Muslims are very extremely angry. China due to its rivalry status with America has won a powerful position in the region especially for the blacklisted countries like Syria and Sudan , especially Sudan and now despite its fear on the national security it fears on its relations with the Muslim world too. Our rulers did not act nor the people whom some of them were introduced to Uighur minority for the first time and felt so angry to know that there are Muslim brothers and sisters treated in such way from someone regarded as a friend !! Yet one those people can act again in future uprisings.

China does not want to be like America to be hated by Muslims because their countries are very very profitable to them , imagine that suddenly a fatwa comes out telling Muslims to boycott the Chinese products in solidarity with the Uighurs !! Believe me the Chinese gave it a thought and thus it found it much cheaper to handle the situation from the early beginning and to launch their own Channel in order to send the images they want.

Already their PR in the Muslim world has started its mention to beautify Beijing from the Uighur’s blood.

China won’t be the first country in the world trying to reach for the Arab population ; we got BBC Arabic , Russia Today, France 24 , Euro news, DW TV and of course the big fiasco of Washington Al-Hurra.

The question will be asked in the end :

Will CCTV Arabic will be the Chinese version of BBC Arabic in success or Chinese version of Al-Hurra in failure ??

Speaking about Uighurs and their ethnic roots to Turkey ,I would like to share with you this very interesting post.

What Is Written in that Pendant ??


What is that written in Suzanne Mubarak’s pendant ??

Is it from the Holy Quran or is it from classical Arabic poetry ?? or even an Arab or Egyptian local proverb ??

I know it is an original Azza Fahmy design and for sure it is al carte design but I am very curious to know what she chose to wear .

slide_1667_22804_large I like that necklace so much by the way.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

When Israel Celebrates The Revolution

Al-Dostor Newspaper today has published in its first pages two photos that will open a huge debate in the coming week, it published the two photos from the official 23rd of July revolution celebration of the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv.
Here are the photos :

Israel celebrates the revolution 23rd July
It is normal thing that embassies celebrate their countries’ national days and it is normal thing that embassies invite the officials of the countries where they are to attend those celebrations. But it is not a normal or usual thing to find a President of country and his prime minister both attending the celebration of a national day of another country !! I do not need to say that this high representation of Israel in the Egyptian Embassy’s celebration is considered the peak for sure the Egyptian – Israeli relations , the relations would not get higher officially than this. On the public level , well Israeli officials know that it is a hopeless case and this is why they pray day and night to God to give Mubarak more health.
I know very well that in previous years the Israeli prime ministers or foreign ministers or even presidents used to attend the celebration , our previous ambassadors used to drink Champagne unlike this ambassador but the photos were not leaked for fear the public anger and criticism yet now with the information technology and communication revolution and that fact that the Israeli officials themselves want to isolate and weaken Egypt more and more Egyptians have a direct access to these photos now.
Up till now all the people I met through the day who have seen the two photos in Al-Dostor are extremely angry and furious , you hear the following comments:
‘The criminals Perez and Netanyahu are cutting down our the Egyptian flag cake !! Why did not the embassy choose another design’
‘This is an insult to our martyrs who were killed in wars’
Even those who do not like the Revolution or rather coup from their point of view from neo-royalists and others are offended with these two photos.
It is an irony because after all the officers of the 23rd of July began to think about the coup right after the Palestine war 1948 and the defeat of the Arab armies in front of the Zionist gangs. It is an irony because Israel was considered by those officers who did the revolution as the enemy.It is an irony because the hero of the movement Nasser vowed to erase Israel from the map !!
It is an irony that the Israeli officials are celebrating the revolution when the founding fathers of modern Israel had tried so much to sabotage the movement in its early beginning by disturbing its relations with Washington in what is known in history as Lavon affair.
You know what is more ironic when I see the faces in these photos, I see Shimon Perez who drew the plan of Sinai on a cigarettes box and I remember free officer Youssef Sadek who drew the plan of coup on a cigarettes box too ; Sadek was from the first free officer to be eliminated by Nasser for fear his power , I bet that he did not imagine the day would come and the Israeli officials celebrate what he planned !!
Perez and Netanyahu were not celebrating the revolution but celebrating Mubarak , there is a huge different between them regardless of the fact that Mubarak came to rule Egypt in the end of the day because of the revolution.
Insh Allah hopefully this will be the last time those two war criminals will celebrate our national day !!
The Israeli officials are harming Mubarak by provoking his people ,I do not know if they are doing this deliberately or not.