Monday, August 31, 2009

On the 10th Of Ramadan

As today is the 10th of Ramadan which from 36 years ago was the 6th of October 1973 I would like to share with you this important documentary from Discovery channel about Youm Kippur war 1973.

BY the way there are several important details in this war from our side were not included in the documentary like for instance the role of the Egyptian drivers to block the napalm channels on the Eastern side of Suez Canal on late 5th of October 1973. The fantastic role of the Egyptian commandos in Sinai on the 5th of October is usually ignored I do not know why.

on this day I would like to mourn an Egyptian journalist and writer who passed four days ago and we did not know except yesterday in Egypt : Mr. Mahmoud Awad who was not only a close friend faithful  friend to Abdel Halim Hafiz who did not betray his friendship with him and spoke about his sexual life on public but he was also one of the best experts on the Israeli issues during the 1960s and 1970s.This man really was among our analysts during this critical , very critical time. May Allah bless his soul.


In the end I would like to share this song , famous 1973 song by Mohamed Noah “Maddad Maddad”

Save UNESCO From Farouk Hosni

Because he is not the best candidate to head this international cultural organization and because he has been a member in corrupted regime for more than 20 years the UNESCO should be saved from Farouk Hosni.
There are other reasons that stand between Hosni and the UNESCO more than those two I mentioned for sure.
Again as an Egyptian I refuse this candidacy which I believe is an insult to Egypt before the UNESCO

Dahab “1953”


A Clip from the Egyptian film “Dahab” which was produced and directed in 1953 by Anwar Wagdy. Wagdy starred along with Fairoz, Magda, Ismail Yassin and Magdi. It is a musical melodrama. Fairoz was our Shirley Temple in late 1940s and early 1950s.

Dahab is the Egyptian version from Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid, Chaplin was the idol of Wagdy and the reason why he wanted to become an actor and even tried to travel to the United States.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Real Iron Woman


Do you know why or how the iron lady returned back to Egypt after more than 20 years in Greece ??

It turned out that Huda Hanam has won a LE 54 million compensation lawsuit against the Egyptian government from several months ago , Huda threatened to go to international courts as a Greek citizen in a move similar to Wagieh Siag if the government does not reach to deal with  her and freeze the jail order waiting for her.

For three months there were secret negotiations between Huda and the Egyptian government and both parties agreed to the following terms :

  • Huda would not enter the jail if she came to Egypt.
  • Her debts in the Egyptian banks will be liquidated “they are equal to LE 40 millions”
  • Huda will be given LE 54 millions !!
  • Huda wins and the Egyptian state loses !!!!

She is a REAL IRON WOMAN for sure !!

By the way this woman is not a university graduate.

I am waiting for Wael Al Abrashi to have an interview with her , yes Wael not Amr because Wael Al Abrashi used to follow her in Greece.

New Abuse Scandal

This time it is not a torture scandal but rather a national security scandal ; from two week ago Al-Shorouk newspaper reported that the ministry of justice has managed to discovered a ring led by a former police general that used to sell to sell large pieces of land in Sinai to Israelis !!

Yes you read it right , it turned out to increase his pension the former general used his influence to sell land , Villa and apartments in Sinai to Israelis “with foreign passports” along with others.

The former general is “Maharallah Gabriel” who used to head South Sinai security directorate and it turned out that he traveled to Israel. Of course he has associates , among them a famous lawyer called Sahar Alexander who has escaped to London as soon as he knew that the authorities knew what they were doing.

Of course I do not have doubt that the ministry of justice is not the only player case because the main player in the backstage as usual is the GIS according to some reports. These reports are implying that General Gabriel and his associates could face espionage charges. He broke the law and sold a land not his why not to sell the country’s secrets too especially that he was holding a position in a very critical area “South Sinai”.

I must hint out that there is a presidential decree that ban the sale of any piece of land in Sinai to anyone , even the Egyptians , in fact even for the people of Sinai. You do not own a land in Sinai , you only usufruct a land there. One of the main simple demands of the people of Sinai is the right of their land ownership. This right is being withheld from them because of the national security. Ironically it was the same national security which Gabriel broke.

Strangely the press stopped following this scandal despite its importance and honestly I do not know the reason why because no one is above the law according to the ministry of interior.

This scandal in my opinion is not about treason or what ever you can call it but the misuse of power and authority , this ex-general would not do what he had done if he did not enjoy some kind of protection due to his former position. The abuse of power is the center of the story here. This is the result of making the police officers the servants of the regime not the people or the country as it should , it is natural evolution !!

This scandal is not about human rights abuse like the police stations’ torture scandals but it is not less important , this scandal is about our national security abuse .

H1N1 Follow Up : 13

The ministry of health announced yesterday that 13 new cases were infected by H1N1 in Egypt. All the cases are Egyptians except one who is Italian.

The Egyptian cases are as follows :

  • 2 of them came back from Saudi Arabia
  • One came back from Libya,
  • 8 cases were connected to previously H1N1 discovered cases
  • one case were unconnected to previously discovered cases.

Our infection toll has reached to 716 accordingly.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Huda Abdel Manam After 25 Years

Here are couple of shots of Huda Abdel Manam after 25 years



Most people in Egypt knew that the iron woman returned back because simply the charges against her are dropped after all those years , no need to live to exile anymore as if it were a real exile.

Huda is a lucky woman because tomorrow she will stand in front of the judge !! I can’t believe how fast she is going to stand in front of the judge. The lady is searching for a high profile lawyer currently “as if she does not have one already”

Waiting for What Mrs.Huda is going to say , we want to know more old surprises.

Who is He ??

Youm 7 is reporting that Huda Abdel Manam confessed in front of the general prosecutor that a former minister of economy who is currently MP had helped her to leave the country secretly and that that minister used to work as an advisor for her for LE 10,000 per month !!
Who is that former minister of economy who is currently a big MP ??
I got one name in my mind but the problem is that he leave the ministry in 1985.
Any names ??
Updated : 
  • All fingers point to former minister Mustafa El Said 

H1N1 Follow Up : 23

The ministry of health announced yesterday that 23 new H1N1 infection cases were discovered in Egypt. All of the cases are Egyptians , one case only came back from Saudi Arabia and the rest are connected to previously discovered cases.

The infection toll has become accordingly 703 cases.

H5N1 Follow Up : 84

It has been a time for sure !!

The ministry of health has announced the H1N5 infection no.84 in Egypt yesterday. The ministry of health announced that 20 month old girl from Monfia governorate in Delta has been infected by the virus thanks to domestic poultry. She was transferred to Shabin El-Kom fever hospital and was given Tamiflu. Sooner she will be transferred to Cairo to complete her treatment soon.

Who Will Rule After This Guy ??

I do not know why after seeing the pictures of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali presenting his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections , I asked myself a question :

Who will rule Tunisia if this man suddenly dies ?? already he has no vice president nor does he have a son like in our case in Egypt or in Syria ??


The Tunisian presidential elections will be held on the 25th of October 2009 and it is widely expected , well not expected it is known that Ben Ali will win by 99.9999999999999% as usual if God has not other divine plans. I am sure that there are other who are considered good candidates to rule after him.

Unfortunately he is not that old enough nor Tunisia has a neighbor like us so its future could be discussed like the future of Egypt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Return of The Iron Woman

Suddenly with no introduction today we found out that infamous iron woman of 1980s has come back to Egypt and has been arrested in the Cairo airport !!! It is the news of the day today in Egypt , not only today if you ask me but for the coming two weeks if the press can’t find anything solid regarding the son of Suzanne.
First who is the iron woman in Egypt ?? 

Well she is Huda Abdel Manam , the infamous businesswoman who established a construction company “ Hudaco “ in 1986 with a very big promotional campaign,after all it is not every day we have a woman founding a big constriction company. She gathered millions of pounds “about LE 45 million” from citizens convincing them that she would build projects on a land near the Cairo airport then “she paid only 30% of this land’s price” and strangely that land was restricted and was not for sale in the first place  !!  Huda’s debts in banks reached to LE 30 million , she fled the country to Greece suddenly where she lived all those years. Her escape opened a door of questions on how she escaped and who helped her to escape..etc.
She became from the famous runaway businessmen abroad, may be because she was the first businesswoman to join that infamous club. She became a Greek and yet she could not come to Egypt all those years but suddenly with no introduction she has been arrested while attempting to enter in the country at Cairo international airport this morning. Tomorrow she will have an early morning meeting with the general prosecutor.
Now what puzzles me is how simply she showed up with no introductions like this and she knows that she will be arrested and may face jail !!
Is this a part of a deal between the government and Huda ?? There are rumors circulating already that she won a lawsuit against the government where she will receive from the later LE 50 million !!???
I find this to be more than coincidence with the Nasharty’s interview in Al Ahram and also Ashraf Al Saad’s interview in Cairo and Centric TV channel along with the National TV last week !!!??
As I hinted above ,this may be the start of a media circus.

By the way I did not publish this post earlier because I was searching for Huda’s picture , man her picture was always there but none I can’t find it online.

Right About The Day But Wrong About The Date

Last week I told that iPhone 3Gs is going to be released in Egypt last Friday the 21st of August by the mobile phone operators “Vodafone and Mobinil” , well I was right in the day but wrong about the date as they did not released last Friday the 21st but they have released iPhone 3GS today Friday the 28th :)
I called Mobinil customer service to know the prices of the new iPhone and they are as follows :
  • iPhone 3GS 16g : LE 4000
  • iPhone 3GS 32g : LE 4700
Of course Vodafone will be having the same pricing policy. Vodafone is selling already iPhone 3GS in its outlets along with Best Buy and Trade line.
To be honest I though that they will going to lower the prices especially that they have a tough competition in Egypt from Nokia , Samsung and LG not to mention HTC.
Anyhow in the past year I knew that the Sales of iPhone were very promising.

Hopefully There Will Be More Postive Reaction From The Bibliotheca

Jack Shenker in Guardian reports about the new food court in Alexandria Bibliotheca , he quotes from my post regarding that attack on the library
"I don't know why everything promising, everything good, in this country must be destroyed by the government and the officials with their greed and cooperation with the businessmen," said Zeinobia, a prominent Egyptian blogger.
Hopefully we will hear more positive reactions from the Bibliotheca’s administration. This will be a black point in the record of Dr.Ismail Sarg El-Din if he insists on it.
By the way are you interested to know which chains are going to open in the bibliotheca ??
If you are  interested then be my guest

a. Cilantro
b. Cinnabon
c. Mo'men (Bib. Alex. Admin says it would serve mainly 'dry food' which I highly suspect , Mo'men is an Egyptian fast food chain that does not have that sort of dry food in its menu)
d. Ben's cookies
e. Mr. Ice Cream (Shall I scream !!)
f. Diwan bookstore
Again and again does the Congress library have all those chains for its visitors and it is the CONGRESS LIBRARY ??
It is not about a dry food or coffee or a bookshop , it is about a matter of principle, people do not go there to eat but to read and to learn , they do not go to feed their bodies but their minds and souls.

H1N1 Follow Up : In House Recovery

The ministry of health today has announced the infection of 15 new H1N1 cases in Egypt. All the cases are Egyptian. One of them came back from Saudi Arabia, one came back from Kuwait , 12 are connected to previous H1N1 discovered cases and one single case is unconnected to any previous H1N1 discovered cases.

Accordingly our infection toll has reached to 680 today.

The ministry of health also announced that it will start in its plan to treat the infected cases in their houses !! right houses ; it seems that our hospitals can’t control the situation in Egypt despite we have not declared the pandemic alert yet !!Or is the government hiding something not good in Egypt or may be the ministry of health is acting in a proactive way for the first time since a very long time and knows that we have a pandemic when the schools open their doors starting from the 26th of September !!?? God only knows !!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Action Unlikely to Happen in Egypt

Bashar Al-Assad is a dictator and a son of a dictator yet I like some of his actions and characteristics, I like his speech , I like his wife and her style , I like his persistence and assertiveness and I like some of his public actions even if they were for propaganda still I like them.

For instance like holding an Iftar for the excellent garbage authority workers who contributed to the civilized appearance of Syria, some will considered it a propaganda yet I consider it a nice gesture and a powerful message that this group of people which usually shun by the society is respected by the president and honored by him , really nice action , really nice move.

Another action , another nice move was his surprise visit along with his wife Asama to 4 years girl who was terribly raped in a crime that shocked Syria , they visited her in her family house, as an Arab who understands her community very much I know how that visit regardless of what you think about him meant so much for that poor misfortunate family of that poor girl. Already Al Assad gave his orders to treat the young girl in UK immediately.

Unfortunately we can’t see such small actions in Egypt from presidency.

H1N1 Follow Up : Over 650

The H1N1 is spreading more and more in Egypt forcing the ministry of education to delay the start of the school in Egypt. The infection of Zamalak club junior swimming team was among the events of the week. The ministry of health had to run tests for over 4,000 constants participated in the Cairo champion which the Zamalak team participated from two week ago. The number of junior swimmers infected increased in the past 2 days reaching to their parents as 3 mothers were reportedly infected too.

Now for our daily follow up :

  • On the 25th of August the ministry of health announced the infection of 18 new H1N1 cases. All the cases are Egyptian, one came back from Saudi Arabia, one came from Qatar, one came back from Lebanon and one came back from UK , 12 cases were connected to previous discovered H1N1 cases and two cases are not connected to any previous discovered H1N1 cases in the country.
  • On the 26th of august the ministry of health announced the infection of 16 new H1N1 cases. All the cases are Egypt , 3of them came back from Saudi Arabia and the rest were connected to previously discovered cases.

Our infection accordingly has reached to 665 cases.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lion That We Need

Senator Edward Kennedy aka Ted Kennedy has passed away after a successful life full of achievements for his country. Ted was the real last prince of the American royal family , in fact it seems that with tedkennedy_19621 his achievements he reached to the king status his elder brothers had reached. For sure he had his share from the Kennedy infamous curse but we must that the man conquered.

Ted Kennedy may not be remembered in our part of the world , in Egypt in particular like his eldest brother the original first beloved American president in Egypt whom Salah Jehan mourned in a poem nor he would be remembered like Robert Kennedy who was assassinated by a Palestinian yet he opposed the war on Iraq , among very few in the Senate.

What makes me interested in Ted Kennedy is how much he contributed to the American life from his seat , the lion of the senate character is needed so much in Egypt , he was not a president despite he once tried to be yet he made huge changes in his country through his position because he fully understood what his role was unlike our honorable members of Parliament and Shura council.

I look to Ted Kennedy and then I look to MPs like Ahmed Ezz  and Shawky El-Said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No comment of course because in the end of the day Ted won in a democratic vote !! Our current system does not allow having men like him but rather men like Ahmed Ezz.

Links :

Law No.100

Law No.100 in Egypt is a law for regulating the broadcast of the army and intelligence news in the media locally , according to this law any reporter in Egypt must have the permission of the military intelligence to publish any story concerning the army with its different branches and the general intelligence.

I can understand the importance of this law in time of war but I can’t understand why it would be activated in time of peace especially that already running stories on the army and the intelligence other than in national days is a taboo currently in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!

Youm 7 in its weekly issue this week reported that the NDP law tailors want to activate this law again causing a spilt in opinion in the party and Do you know why they want to activate this law ??

Because the Gamal Mubarak camp in NDP dislikes the fact the army was frequently mentioned as an obstacle to Gamal’s quest to become the fifth president of Egypt , they have enough from local press reminding them by the sleeping power of the Egyptian army and its important role in choosing the ruler of this country ; they have even more than enough from foreign press which reminds them constantly that Gamal Mubarak actually may not rule by the end of the day because he is not from that military establishment and that Omar Soliman has an edge over him because of this.

I can’t believe what they are doing !! !!?? For God sake we do not speak about the army and the intelligence as other countries do , we do not even dare to ask about the army and its policies unlike other countries in the world !!

It is ironically that When I read this provoking news , I  had just finished reading about Attorney General Eric Holder who decided on Monday to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate supposed CIA abuses of terrorist in the States !! 

This is just another setback , it is enough that we do not discuss the military policies for the sake of the national security and secrecy in time of satellite !! Already this law reminds me with the law regulating  relation between the judges and the media, of course in our case the army men do not talk at all to the media, it is just mentioned !! This is so provoking.

Anyhow I just want to tell those laws tailors in NDP above them Dr.Shawky El-Said something the army can have a strong word in the future of country whether Gamal likes or not , the army does not care that gag order they want to impose on the media because in the army in the end is made of the people of Egypt.

Down with law No.100

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Important Film

This is a very important cartoon film directed to little Children in order to avoid sexual harassment. It is produced by The Egyptian Center for women’s rights which I must salute for their initiative.

Arabian Lucy Spiller Could Turn Suzanne Tamim’s Case Upside Down

Oh man and we think that we are going to have more new surprises in the Suzanne Tamim especially that both defense lawyers have presented their appeal memos to the court with new surprises with in like for instance the fact that Suzanne was secretly married to Hisham , yup an Urfi marriage !!

It seems that the Urfi paper in Hisham closet will have to appear publicly especially that he is two steps away from being hanged.

Well if you think this is a surprise then you better wait because our Arabian Lucy Spiller has even more surprises.

Our Lucy Spiller is famous Lebanese tabloid queen Nedal Al-Ahmadia and for those who do not know Al-Ahmadia ; she is the tabloid queen whom the Arab show biz from the Gulf to the Ocean fear and hate Nedal especially singers. It is enough to know that her office was once set on fire and she herself survived an assassination attempt. Nedal just like Spiller has a closet for celebs’ dirty secrets and when she wants to expose them ,she blows them up. Currently she is having a big feud with Haifa Wahbi ,the bride of steel ,Nedal is saying that Haifa was busted in 1997 by the vice police in Lebanon in a prostitution ring !!!!!!!!

Anyhow we leave Haifa and go to Suzanne Tamim ; yesterday Nedal was a guest on Lamis El-Hadidy’s talk show on Ch.1 of the National television where she revealed that she is currently writing a book about Suzanne Tamim with details no one knows before like for instance :

  • Suzanne was not married to any of those men we know including Hisham, She was married to someone else we know nothing about.
  • Suzanne Has a SON from that mysterious husband !!! “I know, I said WTF while watching too”

Nedal believes a group of people have killed Suzanne because she had something they wanted “in her bags” , she did not explain of course. She added that Suzanne was her friend and she used to sleep in her house. I do not need to say that I know that Nedal was offering her testimony to Hisham if he is interested and surely he is. Another husband and a son !!!  WTF seriously !!

By the way I forget to say that the part regarding Haifa’s sex Scandal in 1997 was cut in the national TV , of course it is the stupidest thing to do because you only have to search online to know on what the feud was about !!  Still this is nothing compared again to Suzanne Tamim’s endless surprises.

Man this is a living powerful TV soap opera.

FYI Hisham was arrested in the first week of Ramadan last week.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The 21st Century Sick Man of The Middle East

The Ottoman Empire during its fall was called the sick Man of Europe in the 19th century and now Mubarak is being called the sick Man of Middle East in the 21st century , I wonder if Egypt is going to fall with him accordingly !!

A very interesting commentary for sure by Fawaz Gerges in CNN.

Now shall we wait the coming of our own Ataturk or what ?? By the way I do not think we did not another Ataturk at all in Egypt , enough of Nasser and his successors.

And Who Gave Them The Permission In The First Place ??

Thursday the 13 of August Channel 2 in Israel showed in its news a live report from the Zabaleen area in Egypt where the garbage collectors live.

The report was all about the poor ghetto of the Zabaleen “watch the term used” where the Christian garbage collectors “this term was used too “  lived in poverty collecting garbage for decades in Cairo ; these collectors are currently suffering after the decision to cull all pigs by the orders of “the Islamic authority”. The report hinted to how the Church of Deir Saman was the cleanest place in the area.

With my all respect may I know who and why the Egyptian authorities gave the Israeli TV the permission to shoot this segment in Cairo in this particular area in the first place ??

You must know that any TV station whether Egyptian or not must have a permission to shoot in the street if I am not mistaken.

What makes me more angry is that some people from the garbage collectors agreed to speak to the Israeli TV , do not tell they have the right to do so after what they had done to them ,they were compensated by the government where as the poultry raisers have not been compensated as they should up till now. Do not tell me “so what ?? you are now in Peace “ , well I will tell you that this Israeli TV crew did not come to spread peace here I am afraid , they are trying to spread sectarian division and those people are helping them and by helping them they are weakening their position and losing their rights to be supported.

Of course Ch2 in the Israeli TV does not dare to speak about the Arab minority in Israel nor it does speak about the war crimes in the ghetto sector aka Gaza !!!

Now regarding the Ch 2 in the Israeli TV , it makes me wonder how they dare to criticize that Islamic authority that saved the Israeli Ambassador from a terrible assassination as it was claimed !!!!???

I do not understand why the Israeli TV is picking on us despite the fact that our government is from their few friends in the region , may be they like the government but they do not like us , the people !!

Again I hope someone tell who and why were they given a permission!!??

The Complete Ahmed Rushdie Interview

Because he is Ahmed Rushdie who barely speaks to media and when he speaks , he barely says anything , I believe it is useful to post the whole interview of Ahmed Rushdie with Rola Kharsa last month. I know that I published parts of it but again because he is Ahmed Rushdie, I think it is more than useful to publish the whole interview this time. “Thanks to dear Tafatefo

H1N1 Follow Up : 10

The ministry of health announced yesterday the infection of 10 new case in Egypt by H1N1.

Our infection toll has raised to 600 accordingly.

All the new cases are Egyptian, 6 of them are connected to previously discovered cases , 2 are not connected with any previous discovered cases and one case came from Lebanon and the last one came from Qatar.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome Back Home

The fishermen from Damietta who conquered the pirates of Somalia :)



4 3


Welcome back to Egypt

I think this could be the happiest Ramadan for them and for their families.

By the way the controversy on who saved the day is still on , some crew members are denying the role of the Chief Hassan in their rescue.

Another thing the Badr crew members’ families protested in Al-Adabeya port hoping that the world would remember their men whom for more than a year have been missing in the red sea.

When Helter Skelter Entered the History …

I do not think that when Paul McCartney wrote Helter Skelter ,it would enter the history in this way , in fact it may have entered the history as the earliest songs of heavy metal but the international fame the song would gain and would be associated with I believe no one has ever imagined it !! After all what is odd you will think a song of yours would inspire a criminal leading a pack of psychopaths to murder 11 innocent people !!??

Here is the song , not my favorite Beatles song for sure, also here is its lyrics

For those who do not know from 40 years ago a group of young girls and men on August 9th and 10th 1969 killed 11 people in an inhuman way if we can best described it by the order of Charles Manson. Charles ordered his so-called family members to murder those people in order to start a racial apocalyptical war inspired by a Beatles song !!!

They are the most infamous family in the modern history , how anyone could forget the Manson family and what they had done !!??  I recommend that you read the story of the Manson family at Crime Library.

The crime was not  about murder only , it was unique by all measures , it was the crime of the hippie age , it was the crime that made by the Flower children , those girls who killed those people came from the middle class America ,those victims represented different stories and backgrounds of their own ,a  group of strangers gathered in the most misfortunate way , in the most random way at least for the poor victims who did not have a clue that  would die in such horrible way by those hippies.

The crime to be honest may have not achieved all that media attention if Sharon Tate was not killed and the beach boy and Doris Day’s son involvement not to mention the circus of the trial itself. There are other serial killers in the American and the world history who killed more than the Manson family but may be because it was a mass crime , may be it was the time itself , summer of 1969 ; the civil right movement , the anger of minorities , the Vietnam war and the counter culture.

How could an ex-convict like Charles Manson have this power over all those people ?? Some of these women were actually university charle1 graduates !!?? The Manson girls escaped from their homes because they wanted freedom but they ended slaves to Manson for God sake. I understand that cult leaders have dangerous gift to convince people with crazy stuff just like Jim Jones. I understand that some of them if not all of them were looking for both love,freedom and faith but what they found

I know that Manson is  playing the role of the crazy leading a cult that had its own vision for the apocalypse in its own way !! The son of jails whom hated the society so much and found an opportunity in the 1960s public anger or rather youth’s anger to build upon a small kingdom of his hate.

Some blame drugs  for the death but it is more than drugs , I believe Manson was a racist from inside who hated the fact that most of his life he was in jail where as others in the society were successful whether women or black or even celebs ; Sharon Tate was just the start in his so-celebs to be murdered list ; in fact she was the least celeb compared to people like Elizabeth Taylor , Richard Burton, Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra. What happened in the house of Sharon Tate on that bloody day and later to the LaBiancas show a great hate in a way I do not understand it. He was not the only one I am afraid but also those followed his orders were no less complicated and shared the same feelings towards that society.

What happened to Tate and others was more than horrible. The Mansons are more than lucky that the death penalty in California because they deserved the death penalty for thousand times, they do not deserve to live and enjoy life even if it were in jail. And Yes Charles is as guilty as his followers  even if he did not participate in the murder.

Here is the photo of Charles Manson now in jail , he is 74 years old.

charles-manson now He drew an X  on his forehead during the trial which was like a media circus of its own time, imagine something like this happen today and how the media will react. By time it became a swastika

Also here is a very interview with Charles Manson in Fox by Geraldo Rivera in 1988, I do not like Fox but this was a good interview.He was not a crazy ,he was pretending to be crazy.

I watched over the past 2 weeks dozens of documentaries,interviews and newscasts about the Manson family , here are the best of them in the playlist which includes very rare footage and details.

I wonder what Charles Manson thinks of Barack Obama election as the president of the United State!!??

Vincent Bugliosi ,who became famous for prosecuting Manson and his family said in one of his various interviews that the Mason family crimes can happen again yet thank God it has not happened yet after 40 years , yes thank God.

By the way do you know that the Charles Manson family have its own conspiracy theories !!??

oh yes sir you bet ; there are two conspiracy theories to be specific. The most popular one is that the Charles Manson family was a part of the MKLUTRA experiment led by the CIA just like the Jim Jones conspiracy theory.

The other theory is much more darker by all means ; this time it is not about the CIA but rather Satanism and occults : Roman Polanski sacrificed his wife and their unborn baby after shooting his famous “Rosemary’s baby” in the same building where John Lennon years later would live and get killed ; the same John Lennon who was a member in the Beatles who presented to the whole world the While Album which contained Helter Skelter !!?? Crazy right !? Well do not be surprised but many people can’t find a good reason for these murders from 40 years because simply there is not a good reason why they were killed in this way .

Another thing some people in the world now think that Manson did not do nothing and he should be freed and Bugliosi was a bastard…etc , I want to tell them something imagine yourselves as the offspring of the LaBiancas or from the Tates or her guests’ families , imagine that and think again about this man.

Again This Is Logic

Some people believe that our brave fishermen conquered the pirates alone and that their chief Hassan Khalil , the man of the hour in Cairo planned the whole thing disbelieving the news that the  Egyptian intelligence has a hand in the rescue of the fishermen after Chief Hassan months of waiting. They believe that there were pressures on Chief Hassan to thank both Mubarak and the intelligence , well I believe his thanks to the intelligence were sincere but Mubarak was not.

Again by logic do think it is an easy mission for an old fishermen chief from Damietta to plan and orchestrate the whole operation like that , do you think it is easy to hire other pirates in order to save the hostages ?? Yes the Egyptian fishermen took it from there and did not sit watching like that ,fighting those pirates bravely and even capturing couple of them in a rare incident but again do you think it is an easy thing !!??

I do not think the Egyptian intelligence with its long history and achievements needs to steal other people’s victories and claims to be its in this way , it is enough nowadays it became a taboo in the press to refer it by its real name  using instead "A sovereign body" in a very silly way as we are stupid enough not to know that it is the GIS !!

I know this suspicion came from the facts that the people do not believe the regime anymore and that the fishermen were held hostages for a long time ; if the intelligence did it ,why did not they do it from a long time ?? which is a logic question if you ask me and I wish one day we would know the answer.

The only explanation I could find for the peaceful and passive act ofHassan Khalil the Egyptian regime despite it has the ability and power to protect our ships abroad is that the Egyptian regime does not want to lose its relations with the Somali tribes , those pirates are members in tribes and thus leading a military operations against them which cause severe consequences. Of course this is my only explanation.

Again I will thank the Egyptian intelligence role in saving those fishermen despite I wish that they would have made it from a long time , in fact I wish that the Egyptian navy would have done it from a long time to teach those pirates an important lesson which is not to mess with the Egyptians.

This problem of trust is more than alarming and it is not the mistake of the people nor the intelligence but rather the regime which made the people’s suspect everything coming from its side.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Is Going on ??

From two weeks ago Ahmed Moussa wrote a hearting breaking report in Al Ahram about the days and nights of Hisham Talaat Mustafa in jailhouse and yesterday he published a full page interview with  runaway Egyptian businessman Amr El Nasharty where the later opened his fire on former officials including former prime minister Atef Abid ; what is going on ??!!??

H1N1 Follow Up in Egypt : Rumor Time

First of all there is a strong rumor in Egypt the minister of health had to deny himself today in the press :

Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif has not been infected by the swine flue

Of course the rumor was the most interesting news of the weekend , imagine if it is true , yes the swine flu scored celebs including presidents but it is well known how Nazif is popular in Egypt !!


Now to our usual follow up starting from last Wednesday the 19th of August :

  • On Wednesday 19th the ministry of health has announced the infection of 17 cases by H1N1 ; 14 cases are Egyptians , two came from Spain, one from Malaysia ,10 cases care connected to previous infected cases and one is not connected with any previous infected cases. The other 3 cases were as follows : 2 from Saudi Arabia and one is from Malaysia.
  • On Thursday the 20th the ministry of health has announced the infection of 16 cases by H1N1 ; 11 of them are Egyptians ; one  came from UK, one  came from Saudi Arab, One came from Australia , one has no connection with previous discovered infected cases and 7 connected to previous discovered cases. The foreign cases are as follows : 4 Israelis from Arab 48 coming from Israel and one from Britain.
  • On Friday 21st the ministry of health has announced the infection of 9 case by H1N1 ; 7 cases are Egyptians , one is coming from Saudi Arabia from Omra, 3 cases are connected to previous  discovered infected cases where as the remaining three have connect what so to previous discovered infected case. The other  foreign cases are as follow : One Saudi coming from Saudi Arabia and the second is  British coming from the UK
  • On Saturday the 22nd the ministry of health has announced the infection of 39 new cases in Egypt , I think this is the highest number of infection cases in a single day. Our infection toll has reached to 590 !!

You may not be surprised because it turned out that the 20 junior swimmers from the Zamalak swimming junior were infected in one shot by the H1N1 !!

By the way some sources are saying that the Ahly Club suffered from something similar with no further detail regarding that something !!!!

The ministry of health issued a report about the H1N1 situation in Egypt on last Thursday stating that 46.4 % of the total infected cases in Egypt are less than 20 years old where as 8.1% of the total cases are older than 45 years old .

Regionally Oman reported 2 H1N1 fatal cases in the Sultana ; the H1N1 death toll there reached to 4 accordingly. it is worth to mention that the ministry of education there decided to delay the school year.

Closing British Council Library Is Truly A Stupid Decision

The British council in Egypt after more than 70 years has closed its wonderful library because Egyptians do not read that much !!

This is according to Paul Smith, the council director who was speaking nervously in the Press conference. “in the TV reports ,you can see his leg under the table shaking nervously up and down” He added that the budget of the library was going to be projected on mutual educational projects.. bla bla bla

I can’t tell you how I feel sad and angry for this decision because I spent my teenagehood in this library , I am still keeping my old subscription ID . I feel more sadder that I did not renew my subscription in the past couple of years :(

Yes Egyptians do not read that much compared to the Indians but this is a stupid decision by all measure because if you think about it and compare to other countries’ cultural centers in Egypt , you will find the British council is much more luckier !!

How many people borrow books from the French Cultural center or the Spanish Cultural center or the German Cultural center for God sake on a daily basis ??

This library was a great source for anyone who interested in learning English and English literature , this library was a great source of western knowledge by cheap prices !! Damn it I always wanted to borrow many political books from there :(

I can’t believe the stupidity of this decision seriously ; so stupid and so fast , it was taken with no respect to what the Egyptians think and want , just like the shock.This was from the main libraries in Cairo for God sake !!

May be the shock will wake up us on the importance of this library and some real intellectuals will be smart enough to send a petition to the British council in UK to reopen it. I never lose hope. By the way where is MRS.Suzanne Mubarak ,the patronage of reading and books in Egypt from all this ??

I am truly angry and sad.

Follow Up : Youssef Megahed Is Free Man Again

Youssef Megahed has been released as the American government has lost the deportation case against him , yes deportation case :)

I did not know the news yesterday , I think this could be considered the happiest Ramadan for the Megaheds

You see it turned out that the Megahed was arrested by the federal immigration in last April 3 days after a federal jury had acquitted him on federal explosives charges  , yes this time it was an immigration case.

Ironically his family that has been living in the United States for 11 years receiving their American passports weeks ago where as their son was going to be deported.

Of course his mother country officials did not give a damn for his suffering at all !!

And some wonder why Egyptians leave their country in the first place !!??