Tuesday, December 28, 2004

for Tsunami victims

Guys this is the donation webpage in the officail website for the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Scoieties,(http://www.ifrc.org/helpnow/donate/donate_response.asp)
Copy URL and go , donate for the victims of the worset earthquake since the earthquake in Alaska 1964 in the last century and most devasted Tsunamis (it reached Oman , Yeman and Kanya)

Those people really need help ,to addition of their Poverty and Ignorance .they faced that horrible nature anger to exceed their daily misery more and more , believe me one dollar can make a difference
remember it is not one region or even one country but four country


Monday, December 27, 2004

The Earth's Anger,A bloody day in Asia

This is worset earthquake that happened in the world from 40 years ago ,I guess it is not an earthquake ,more than it is eath's anger ,yes our mother Earth is just angry from us ,from these wars, pollution and suffering in this world

People just in few seconds died by 100 thousands ,and still millions are missing ,and with Ignorance and poverty in this part of Asia ,a health diseaster can occur .those 100 thousands died from earhtquake and great Ocean tide , all scientists in Arab channels like Al-Jazeera said that that Eathquake was a result of a huge energy that was inside the Earth for many years( I am sorry I am not so good at Science and so on but this what I understood) ,I guess this energy was an anger for the Killing of Millions of Humans in Wars and Pollution

It Can be God's Anger ,Simply God can be angry for what is happening in the Earth ,the Earth which God made the humans to live in it ,to protect it and build it ,giving them the responsibility of the Earth

Here I recall a tale in The Holy Quran ,when God told the Angels about giving the Humans(Adam and Eve) the responsobility of Earth and let them live in it ,the first thing Angels said "They will destory it ,they will spread Evil in it"

yet God is Merciful , one scientist said that if that horrible Earthquake didn't happen today ,there could happen another worset quake and that the Earth has more than 40 years to have enough energy to make such earthquake

I am sad for all those who died and lost their beloved ones in this horrible day

Plz remember them when you celebrate the Newyear ,as this is the sad end for a sad year

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Iseral and Moroco to follow Turkey

Turkey opened the doors for others to join to the EU ,I don't know how accurate is this news which I read today that Iseral and Moroco want to join the EU

Ok this is a real comedy ,for many things ,ok I can understand Iseral position surrounded by countries which hate it ," A democratic oasis surrounded by deserts of dicatorship" as some like to describe it ,but is Iseral isnot a part of Europe ,Well geographically it is part of Asia, despite Iseral has all the qualification to be a member in EU (seems to me better than many of the newly Eastern Europe countries) but there is one obstacle ,of course Palestine,Syiria and Lebanon ,in another words ,The Arab-Iserali conflict

the big laugh goes to Moroco ,ok first it is from Africa not from Europe ,second it is an arabic country , a member in the Arab League !!third a muslim country ,yes Turkey is a muslim country but not like Moroco ,may be Moroco wants to join the EU so it can the immegrants problem, so instead they go to Europe ,they stay at home !!

another thing about Moroco (I don't hate Moroco ,but I am an arab who loves her arabhood so much and such talk makes me sad) ,the EU doesn't need poor countries with its union ,what will it offer to the EU?? what about its membership to the Arab League?? Also I guess Moroco's style of ruling doesn't go along with the European style"dictatorship"

this is real comedy

anyway they are building castles in the Air because till now Turkey isnot accepted in the EU ,it is still negotation

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Syria,Iran and the United states

ok yesterday Goerge Bush warned Syria and iran from interferring in Iraq , warned them both in way that reminds me with
a teacher that warns children in a class room

to go the subject directly as I am tired

with my all respect to the feelings of the responsiblity of the President Goerge Bush towards Iraq there are some points must be cleared ,I am an arab muslim who lives in The region and knows it very well

1-About interfering in Iraq internal affairs ,if these countries(Iran and Syria,the neighbours) didn't interfer who else will? come on don't tell me if Mexico had been occupied with another army or even have some troubles ,The United States wouldn't interfer for its sake and the sake of its people

2-About supporting Terrorism ,plz define the meaning of the terrorism and here I mean the terrorists ,who are they ? Bin laden 's associated Abi Masb ElZaraqawe ,well this is one big joke ,I mean how could the syrian and irani systems support it and they are against it for the following reasons:

-Both political systems are shiia ,the Syrian Assad system is a shiia Alowi system (Alowi is a branch from the 12th Shiia groups), normally Shiias hate sunnis so much .the both systems have done crimes against the sunnis in their countries(The sunni minority in Iran and the sunni Majority in syria ,In Syria Hafaaz Elassad ,20 thousand sunni Muslims were killed in Hamaa (North of Syria) in 1971 by bombing the city ,all the sunni muslim groups were vanished from Syria since 70s) may be Iran encouraged the Islamic revolution Concept but in under what term? The Shiia term not the sunni
also the religious moderate sunni muslims arenot fond so much by the shiia ,so imagine the radical sunni muslims
This is like combining the fire with water
ok and the resistence or the terrorists or the mulitants or whoever fighting the American Army and co. in Iraq are sunni muslims so how in hell they will get support from these two countries especailly?

ok I get it when there is Shiia rebels in Iraq with connection to Iran

2-regarding Syria ,the political system in it isn't only a shiia one ,but mainly is a communist one ,a real communist one (Hafez El-Assad was said that he didn't know how to pray and was taught to pray ) ,the Muslims in Syria faced human rights crimes ,thousands and even millions were killed of muslims so how Bin Laden or other religious group will get support from it and the blood of fellow muslim is still on the hands of the system ? tell me how?

3- If they interfer in Iraq well it is from their rights as they are neighbours ,and their people and countries' interests are above all considerations (all countries do so ,the United States is the first ),

I guess all this attack on both countries has to do with the american relationship with them then Iraq interfer issue

The U.S hates Iran since the revolution of 1979 as since that it lost the most important allie It had in the region beside Iseral(My best friend turned to be my worset enemy)

Syria was always in the wrong Side ,The favorite of the ex: U.S.S.R .its allie ,refusing Peace with Iseral under its conditions untill this year ,refusing to leave Lebanon , Syria is still in The Cuba ,Vitenam and China Camp ,and I forgot North Korea

G.W.Bush didn't bring anything new when he declared the Axis of Evil list ,they are the old black list countries

it isnot about terrorist ,that 's what I am saying

another thing ,to the comedian Iraqi minister who said Iran is the worest and only enemy for Muslims and Arabs even before the Islam ,sir remember the old arab saying ,speaking from silver and silence from Gold


Monday, December 13, 2004

Majda El-Roumi , a voice from the Arab World and culture

Majda El-Roumi , the crystal sound of Arabic culture ,she comes from Bairut singing proudly with the pains of horrible civil wars and hopes of bright future not only for her country but for her arab nation ,you can feel this if you understand arabic and listen to her song "Coming from Bairut"[Jay Min Bairut] from the lyrics of the great Egyptian Poet Abd El-Rahmin El-Abnody you will know what I mean

Majda was born in the year 1956 ,the year of the Suez war in Egypt ,her father Halim El-roumi was a music composer who lived with his family from long time in Egypt, she was raised with the love of Egypt along with her love to her own country,that why I consider her as an Egyptian , you can be an Egyptian ,if you love Egypt truelly , I feel that she is Egyptian espeacilly when she sings "the brunette of the Nile " [Samra El-Nil] ,this song is a beautiful description of Egypt ,a poem in its love and respect
She sang for many arab countries like Jordan ,Syria Etc,.... yet all these songs are not so powerful in meaning like the Brunette of the Nile ,I promise I will translate it one day soon

I feel she is Egyptian when she sings by our accent

Majda is an example of how the Arabic Woman should be from dignity and love ,strength and Sweetness

She works an ambassdor for the UN or one of its organiztions I don't remember but I guess she is ambassdor to the Arabic Culture and civilization

Majda, the chirstian who sings by Arabic ,the language of Islam

She always chooses her songs perfectly from Lyrics (most of them are poems written by famous Poets like the Nazer Kabney) and music (working with music composers like late Kamel El-Towalli and Gamal Salama)
The most romantic words and music you can hear it from her mouth

She is a mind-heart language singer in the time of Ruby ,Bossy Samir and other body language singers in the Arab world (sorry for mentioning those names beside MAjda as they don't desreve to be mentioned in international community like JU

If you want to discover another phase of Arabic civilization ,go and listen to Majda Roumi

sorry I can write better than this but I am busy
oh I forgot today is Majda El-Roumi 's birthday


Saturday, December 11, 2004

Egyptian Feminist Nawal El-Saadawi to Presdency Bid

First who is Nawal El-Saadawi? http://www.nawalelsaadawi.net

of course this is her official website ,so you will find her speaking about herself from her own point of view. She is an old lady who admits her real age ,doesn't use any make up and her clothes are so simple for any woman ( seems man style to me) ,supports the Women's lost rights in the East because of the Eastern Men and she fights for the freedom of the Women and freedom of Expression ,she is against the United States and Israel ,her famous words "The East and West are fighting me",an old ex-communist, her opinions always contradicts with the State and the Religion of Islam and even some time Christianity ,went to jail several times and went to exile several time , she is a kind of -I love trouble -Lady

Ok my turn to comment on her , I respect some of Nawal's opinions especially about the freedom of expression ,Democracy ,Men, United states and Israel but I am not convince or respect her opinion regarding the religion or anything related to it ( I am a Muslim who respects her religion very much) also sometimes I agree with the people saying she always wants to be under the spot light

Second what is the meaning of this entry ? check the BBC news

Nawal wants to run for the Egyptian presidency race in 2005,the race which usually had and has only one racer that the president himself as the rule in The middle East and third world, a brave step especially from An Egyptian Woman ,the reason behind this isn't to win like she said but to make the Egyptian people Wake up from their long sleep and get back their stolen freedom ( I respect this )

yet her mission is a mission impossible one why?

because first She won't be able to do this because she will have to take the approval of the people 's assembly (The parliament) to be a candidate at least 1/3 of its members ( majority from the national democratic party ,the president Party ,the ruling Part) and the opposition minority doesn't like her and hate her----------this is from the official side

second if she succeeds and becomes a candidate the majority of the Egyptian People won't vote for her ,as the majority thinks she is a crazy old woman hates the Islam ,  Egyptians are religious whether Muslims or Christians ,her social opinions are shocking to the society

Third she isn't a politician or has an military expertise ,yes she understands in Politics but Can she take a political decision ? A military expertise is important especially we live in a region ,Death and War are parts from its morning( Magda El-Roumi's Kana)

The third reason is why I don't encourage her

anyway I forgot to say that this news isn't mentioned and is ignored completely in the official media ,only foreign ,Arab and opposition Egyptian newspapers mentioned it

It is brave thing from her ,but the Egyptian People are not sleepy as she says ,They are awake but watching what is going around them silently just as they used to do from 7000 years

Imagine a summit meeting between her and George Bush


Friday, December 3, 2004

The Origin of the name of EGYPT

Well to speak about the Origins of Egypt doesn't need a blog or journal space in fact it will need a whole servers .I am not an egyptologist or historian but I know the History of My country well ,today I will talk what Egypt ,the name itself means in Both Arabic and in English or foregin languages.

First the Name of Egypt in Arabic -MISR-,MISR in arabic Language means the Country with government, laws and order with a civilization also it means The term can also mean "fortress", or "castellated" , which refers to the natural protective boarders of Egypt which protected the country from invaders. This name can be extended as Misr El Mahrosa
in Holy Quran The name of Egypt (MISR) was mentioned several times I guess 16 times or less ,with its meaning in Arabic a country with Government

There is another legend regarding the Name MISR ,that MISR was the grandson of prophet NOAH who surviviedwith grandfather from the great Flood ,the legend don't stop at here but it reaches that Prophet prayed for young MISR and Asked God to Give MISR and his descedents after him to rule the land they would live on ,and not let time conquer them , this legend I read is not mentioned in the Holy Quarn ,so I am not sure of its correctness ,but I read this in old book of the Prophets tales written by Islamic Shekih used to live in the Middle ages ,he used old books from other and other civilizations like in Persia and religions like Judism and chirstianity.
what is unique about it is that the Egyptians are not conquered by time .

Also some people say MISR comes from an ancient term, Mizraim which may have itself been derived from an ancient Egyptian word, md-r mdr , which people in the region called Egypt.

Before we go for the latin and English word of Egypt I will stop at two names of Egypt in the Ancient times
in the Old Kingdom (the time of pyramids), Egypt was referred to as Kemet (Kermit), or simply Kmt , which means the Black land ,it refers to the rich soil found in the Nile Valley and Delta.
also sometimes it referred to as Deshret, or dshrt , which refers to the "Red Land", or deserts of which Egypt is mostly comprised.
Later, Egyptians referred to their country as "Hwt-ka-Ptah" (Ht-ka-Ptah, or Hout-ak Ptah) , which means "Temple for Ka of Ptah", or more properly, "House of the Ka of Ptah" Ptah was one of Egypt's earliest Gods. Egypt, as many people of the world refer to the country today, is a derivative of this ancient name. yes don't laugh but this is the truth, to pronounce Hwt-ka-Ptah, the Greeks changed this world to Aegyptus (Aigyptos) ,as Greeks had problem with the H letter ,they used it in their literature as the name of an Egyptian King , the Nile River and for the country itself for example in Homer's Oydessy and then it manipulated and changed to different languages

That is the origin of the name of Egypt whether in Arabic or English

Thursday, December 2, 2004

Bhopal Gas disaster

well found this on BBC news site

It is awful , it is another kind of terrorism ,where people live in Terror because they know their future will be doomed for generation

Remember them today ,Remember that 20,000 people died because they were in the wrong place in the wrong time



The Syrian Proposal for peace

Ok from Two days ago or more ,the Syrian Foregin affair minister Farouk Al-Shar' annonced on behalf of the Syrian regime that Syria is ready to go back to the negotiations with Iseral with no conditions
an important announcement from the Syrian part ,followed by a visit by the Syrian President himself Bashar El-Assad (I like this handsome tall man despite being a son of an awful dictator)to Sharm El-shekih in Egypt (an excellent resort in Egypt ,visit it guys if you can) to meet with Mubarak of Egypt , for a complete discussions on the new proposal,also on the Iraq issue.
And of course Egypt for its role in the Peace process in Mid East, said it will discuss with the Iseralis and it supports Syria and many of this fancy talk

but what about the other side?
Well the Iserali Prime Minister made many statements first we have our own conditions then I don't believe them then whatever!!
then some news today I read in An arabic news site ( An excellent one in fact )that both Bashar and Sharon will meet soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok how do I analysis what happened ,simple

The change in syrian attitudes goes to the attempts of Syria to look like a good country especailly after the Security concuil decision regarding the existence of syria in Lebanon
I won't say the americans has to do with anything in the changing of attitudes because Syrians don't give a damn to the U.S ,and even to the world not because the regime is dictatorship one but it is in their culture (some day I will explain this )
Yet syrians Made the proposal and they knew that for large percetage Iseral's Sharon won't accpet it ,a dipolmatic game

But I guess (my guess was right when I said Barghouti is going to be a candidate in Palestinian elections) that Sharon will go for the game this time ,even if it reaches nothing and it will reach nothing
for many things:

1-Iseral won't leave Gollan heights easily ,it was the old Assad fault that he hadn't make a real good army to return a part of his land so he can negotiate on stable land plus he didn't join Sadaat ,may be he would have returned his land if he had joined,

2- syria won't destory HazbAllah of Lebanon ,first it is supported by a powerful country then Syria ,Iran which also is from its allies,second the Lebanese people will hate Syria for this , HazbAllah is popular in Lebanon ,also Syria will lose the shiia support in Lebanon and it had already lost the chistian support in it ,Lebanon is the natural extension of Syria and its indirect front

3- the Water problem ,I know that already Syria is having problems with Turkey because of Water and it is main supply is Tabria lake and it won't make Iseral drink from it (I will check the reasons why )

this from the syrian side ,but I don't know much the Iserali conditions

anyway why do I guess sharon will go for it
well the man is facing a big trouble ,and he seems he won't have a chance for another round ,also his government is on the brink of destruction , not to mention his war-on-terrorism policy of killing and building walls didn't have any good result at all so why doesn't he try something new like Peace ? and with whom ?Syrians sounds a good idea

This will give general Sharon a popularity in some way or another in Peace supporters in Iseral so he can fill the gap after the problem with the Radical and religious parties ( also a diplomatic game from his side)

anyway time only will tell
(think twice about my guesses ,I was right about Barghouti :)