Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tom Cruise is crazy , really crazy

Tom Cruise has all the right to believe in what ever he wants but the way he expresses his thoughts about what he believes in which is Scientology is totally crazy , I mean just look to eyes and how he acts in this video.

By the way this video may not stay on Youtube for long as the Church of Scientology is chasing it . It was no longer in Google video

Is it me or is the star of Cruise is falling down so fast !!

Anyhow if you like this video ,then you will adore the second Jerry O'Connell made a spoof video about it ,this is the first time I know that O'Connell "Known for his roles in Scream 2 ,Crossing Jordan and if you are an old school like me you will know him from the TV series "Sliders"

I am sorry

I am sorry for not replying on the comments I received in my blog in the last 48 hours , please forgive me ,it is not my mistake , you all know that the Internet was down in Egypt and despite I am lucky to be online again , I am suffering currently from very slow internet ,the worst ever. It is just like a turtle ,my blog as you know is loaded with graphics and scripts and that's why it opens currently so slow in Egypt,Lebanon,Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel .
I am sorry again ,very soon I will reply on your comments :)

Egypt and Iran : a new page for normal relations !!

I don't know why I have the feeling that Ahmed Nijad is using a new policy towards the Arab world in a way that doesn't go along with his conservative background and supporters especially regarding Egypt.

The controversial Iranian president Nijad once had said that he would like to have a full diplomatic relations with Egypt and the Egyptian foreign ministry responded with huge welcome as it will bring benefit to the region and the Muslim world.

Dr.Larijani was visiting Egypt in the same time of Sarko's Love vacation in Egypt but no one gave attention to the high profile Persian guest or his family who insisted on visiting the Holy Shrines of El-Hussein and El-Saida Zeinab with no guards at all , by the way in case that you do not know Dr.Larijani is now a special representative for the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution Ali Khamenei

And Now he talked with Mubarak for the first time on the phone today in a remarkable move "Wrote on the 22/1/2008"

Already I do not know to where or how categorize this move ,is it among the good relations phase with the Arabs for the Iranians starting with attending the CGI meeting or it is the Egyptian revenge from Israel or the American administration or even the EU ,I do not have a clue.

As you know the relationship between Egypt and Iran was cut since the Islamic revolution and the Egyptian hospitality to the late Shah of Iran whether alive or dead "his tomb is beside his ex-brother in law King Farouk in Egypt" in 1979 Not to mention the Islamic revolution refusal to Camp David and hate to President Sadaat to the level of naming one of Tehran's biggest public square with the name of one of President's Sadaat's assassins "Khaled El-Islamboly" . The relations seemed to broken in a degree that can't accept any reconciliation when Egypt supported Saddam on American recommendation against Iran and when Khomini's stupidity  sent those people who spoiled the Haj season in 1987 and Egypt immediately sent its famous anti-riot forces to save the day and it did save the day in Mecca .

Yet there was a new hope for the polls of the Islamic world since the reformists began to take the rule and the epic reached in the time of President Khatami when there was an exchange for the diplomatic commission and President Khatami personally met President Mubarak in Switzerland from couple of years in a historical short meeting and the Iranian man wanted so much to have a normal relations with Egypt that he didn't care for the conservatives and changed the "Islamboly" square to "El-Intifida" in return for an apology for supporting Iraq in the war , the man didn't ask the rest of the conservative demands from throwing the remains of the Shah or changing the name of "Mosaddeq" street to another one not that's it and President Mubarak I think indirectly apologized

but unfortunately the good days must end quickly

As the conservatives took the rule back again and as they don't like the regime in Egypt as much, they started the new era with producing the movie "Bullets in the body of the Pharaoh" about the assassination of President Sadat anyhow the current Egyptian regime didn't care much for President Sadaat attack ,those fools should have knew that very well that this is not a forbidden zone for the Egyptian regime but for the Egyptian people , many average Egyptian Joes love President Sadat and consider his assassination a terrible thing ,already I do not know how those conservatives will think if they know that the assassination of Sadat was not the brain work of the Islamic group and that the Islamic group was a puppet in the hands of those they consider as enemies !!!

Sometimes I believe it is not about the United States or Israel or the conservatives that are spoiling our relations with the Iranians , there is something wrong that makes its hard to maintain  a healthy relationship with the Iranians , I do not know may be because each country is so strong in its way , we represent opposite directions , they are Shiites who live in the mountains ,we are the Sunni who live in the valley !! I do not  know there is something that makes us fail to maintain a healthy relationship with the Iranians in the modern age for more than a decade to see what I mean just follow me in the historical timeline.

During the monarchy our relations were great in fact it was the best till now thanks to the imperial marriage between the Mohamed Ali Royal family and the Palhavi Family ,when Princess Fawzia Fouad ,the sister of King Farouk married Shabour then Crown Prince of Persia Mohammed Reza Palhavi in 1939,I will not speak much about this marriage , but let me tell you that politics here played a The Royal marriagevery important role. The Senior Palhavi wanted to build a strong dynasty, he wanted to have allies in the Arab world and there was no other powerful Arab Sunni ally in the Arab world then the Egyptian Royal family  and its young popular King . King Farouk from his side had great ambitions as a king thanks to his advisors during that time , he dreamt to be the King of Muslims and this dream seemed to be true with the Persian Marriage proposal , Sheikh Mustafa El-Margi of Grand Al-Azhar convinced him that it would be an opportunity to unite the Sunni Muslim world and the Shiite Muslim world and so the dazzling beautiful bride of Egypt married the crown prince of Persia.

At first it was a piece of Paradise , it is worth saying that both Palhavi the father and young Farouk were fascinated by the Nazi Germany , the Old Palhavi paid the Price when his son took the rule and sent him to exile in South Africa where as Farouk kept his throne despite he may have lost it too in 1942 . Still relations were strong , very strong ,the sister of the King became the Empress and the mother of the Shah's child , yes she did not give birth to a crown prince but only a princess but things were good . The Shiite Iranians were able to come and celebrate the Ashurah in their significant way that many consider as bloody in Egypt. My grand mother still remembers till now how the El-Hussein Square was bloody red ,how the ambulance cars used to carry the injured and how the fire fighters used to clean the square with their water pipes.

Things began to become ugly not for political reasons but for personal royal reasons , Empress Fawzia ,the closet sister to King Farouk seemed to be suffering and unhappy in the Marble palace , King Farouk made a plan to get her back to Cairo where he was shocked to see his sister very sad and sick ,and thus he made his mind that the Empress should not return to her Empire and stay at home even without her daughter. The Imperial divorce happened in 1948 and with it the first crisis between Iran and Egypt took place , Farouk was angry like hell and decided to teach those heartless Persians lesson for breaking the heart and soul of his sister ,the first victims for this were Fawzia's Persian entourage who were travelling with her , the second victims were the Shiite Pilgrims of Ashurah ; who were shocked to know that they were not welcomed anymore and that their rallies were suspended forever.

Farouk was young and angry , especially that her divorce came with his divorce . Mohammed Reza was young and arrogant , two crazy kids running two nations , here it was not the politics ,it was merely personal reasons , Palhavi was the one to be blamed more than Farouk in my point of view , he owned a jewel that he did not understand its real value .Farouk considered Mohamed Reza as his enemy and Mohamed Reza considered Farouk as his rival.

During that time we should not forget that Farouk gave up the leadership of the Muslim world for the idea of leading the Arab world , the Arabs Vs. Persia , the Iranian-Arab rivalry did not start yet but Farouk was alone in the dark when the Shah was surrounded by the west . again we see here an opposite direction and a rivalry began to take place.

The Egyptian Iranian relations seemed to revive again with the revolution in 1952 ,Farouk is gone and the new rulers in Cairo had excellent relations with the Americans , the shah's allies. In fact some Egyptians did not like this and consider as act to tease the Ex-Empress Ex-Princess Fawzia especially with the Egyptian media coverage in newspapers and Newsreels in Cinema for the Shah's wedding from Empress Soroya . But the honey moon of the Coup officers and the Shah did not last long ,it was very short and this time it was not for Personal reasons , but for many reasons , the revolutionary officers led by Gamal Abd El-Nasser welcomed the Mosaddeq revolution in 1953 in fact it was from the things that inspired Nasser to adopt the nationalization policies in Egypt then came Baghdad 's alliance  ,then came the Suez war then Nasser became the National Hero for the Arab ,and Pan Arabism was revived again to stand like a giant against Imperialism in the Middle east .

Nasser was against the West , the Shah was with the West. The Shah wanted the Gulf to be called the Persian Gulf where as Nasser was calling it the Arabic Gulf. Nasser did not stop at here and so did the Shah ,in fact the Powerful mean beautiful filthy dangerous Egyptian intelligence in time was putting plans with Iranian nationalists to over throw the Empire of Persia , Nasser hated Monarchy so much.

The plans were put but unfortunately Nasser and his intelligence forgot they are working with socialists still Iranian Nationalists who do not like much his Pan Arabism and calling the Persian Gulf as Arabian Gulf !! Yes believe it or not the project did not work because of this .

The hate between Egypt and Iran reached to its real political epic ,the Shah felt that he was alone in the region , his own ally was Israel which opened an Embassy in his Empire.I am not sure of the accuracy of this following info as it came from Israeli sources that the Shah encouraged and called the Israelis to invade Egypt right before 1967, of course the Israelis did not need any invitation to do this ,but this was too much , again there is no Iranian confirmation regarding this Israeli story .

Things began to change in 1973 and here is a riddle to me because of the change in Iran's position towards Egypt , during the war that year the Shah ordered two ships loaded with Oil to head for Egypt to give us supply . I do not know how or why actually this happened despite that I read a summary for "Farah Diba's" first memories that were published in 1970s that during that the Arabic decision to boycott Oil export to the west led to the increase in Oil Prices and that helped Iran a lot the thing that made the Shah sent these two ships with its precious cargos as a salute to Egypt . Again that was written by the Empress in 1970s.

After 1973 we seemed after some time that we are going to have nice natural relations with the Iranians , especially now we moved from the Eastern camp to the Western camp , we were speaking about Peace with the Israelis . But Good times do not always last because just after 6 year from the Glorious war the Islamic revolution erupted in 1979 and the mother irony  of ironies that the Shah did not find any shelter or exile in the world except Egypt whom he once supported its enemies to stay in it and even be buried in its soil , President Sadat said that he did this because of the two ships he Again where was Princess Shahinazsent during the war ,I salute President Sadat because this act showed how great Egypt can be. Since 1979 the relations were cut with Iran because of camp David and the reception the Shah  received in Cairo. In 1980 the Shah died from Cancer and it was strange that the young Persian man who was received by happy Imperial wedding in the great Cairo was the same old Persian man who had this sad republic military funeral in this great Cairo , I saw the funeral of the Shah in Cairo and I was proud that President Sadat made like this ,it is not about the prestige of the Shah ,but it is about the prestige of Egypt and the hospitality of its great kind people. Things to become from bad to worse in our relations it was not only our embassies closed its doors but Khomeini went too far when he blessed the assassination of President Sadat and the terrorist groups in Egypt .

And the rest you know it ,it is just like in the days of 1960s the cold war between the Shah and Nasser but it is just vice versa , they switched the roles, Egypt became on the west American side along with the rest of the Arabs , Iran became on its own now it is backed up with the Eastern side with Syria.

Forget about the Egyptian - Iranian relations in the 1940s where the influence was based upon the Kings and Shahs' moods , since 1950s the Egyptian - Iranian relations were influenced more by other external  parties and forces.

Ironically I see that Egypt and Iran shared significant similarities in 1960s Yes we were and are still republic , Iran was an Empire , but Nasser and Mohamed Reza Palhavi were dictators in their own ways , they had the SAVAK and we had and still have our own SAVAK

Anyhow I know that the diplomatic wishes now from both parties are calling to complete return of official diplomatic relations .  I wish that we do the impossible and break this curse and have normal relations with the Iranians for longer time . May be we will succeed if each of us manage to maintain a healthy relations based on our own people interest and benefit .

Dr. Salim El-Awa , the lawyer and one of the famous Islamic thinker and defender of Islam said that if Egypt ,Iran and Turkey come together , we will form a very powerful union that can stand even in front of the EU and American , well we all are wishing , some wishes come true and some wishes do not .. days will tell if this wish will come true or not

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Egypt without Internet

I guess if you are living in Egypt and using Internet on a daily basis like me whether in home or in work ,you would have noticed today that the Internet was down sometimes and very slow the other times . For me , I am using TE Data DSL , the line was not down but was so slow but other users complained from dead lines especially in Link Dot Net, of course the Egyptian government hurried to justify the reason and to clear itself from any conspiracy theory.

It is the Cable under sea's problem ,it is cut and is needed to fixed ,the cable from Europe under the Mediterranean and it is not only Egypt who lived a day without the Internet it turned out that Saudi Arabia and Lebanon are suffering till now just like us.

Anyhow here is what I heard from a friend working in LinkdotNet , One of Egypt's biggest ISP , well after TEData , this problem can take a lot of time , a lot of days actually , it can reach to 21 days till they fix the cable and work fine. wow imagine 21 days , I will not speak about how many people will be affected !!??

Currently all Egypt is surfing the Internet through Back up line in Suez and through Internet Satellite.

I do not know if I will able to post this post or not because right the Internet is slow.

here is the question , today showed us that we can be isolated from the world without Internet ,what is the plan B of the government ?? The Stock Market is affected , tourism sector was paralysed today , no booking or reservation online , same thing in the banking sector , more businesses are going online.

I hope they fix it soon

Omar Bin Laden's interview on the Egyptian official TV

It has been awhile since the Egyptian official TV made a scoop , to night it was a surprise to me because I never thought for one second that they would dare to host in the official TV and host Omar Osama Bin Laden and his wife Zeina but they did and they did it on air on their useless TV Show "El-Bait Baitak" ,I think they know very well that people do not watch anymore their official spokes show and that they moved to other channels and other shows like Cairo today on The Youm Channel , 90 minutes on the Mahawar Channel and my favourite 10 PM on the Dream Channel.

They know very well the size of the competition they are facing, cable channels and TV dishes are every where from homes to cafes .

No body thought I believe in the other shows to host Omar who is currently staying in Cairo , I do not know if it is fear or security , but may be because for truth he is not a big deal compared to what is going on in Egypt right now , so what if he is the son of Osama and is married to 51 years old British lady  still it will be scoop to host Omar and speak about his life , about his father if they did it in the correct way .

Omar Bin Laden appeared last night on the National TV , the first Bin Laden to make an appearance on the Egyptian National TV on air. His interviewer was Mahmoud Saad , who did one of his best interviews ever , for those who do not know Saad started his career as a showbiz  bin1_186870ajournalist , but now he is from the best interviewers in the Arab world ,seriously last night interview was done professionally .

I do not know what Zeina was doing with Omar last night and why she came to the Egyptian TV , seriously she did not speak , all the questions were for Omar . I think it is not about standing with her man more about to appear in the media . Already I do not know , I just do not like her looks , I do not know her personally so of course I can't have a good judgment based on TV .

Omar Bin Laden , Omar Osama Ibn Laden , our main guest , well first of all he speaks in the same slow tune way in which his father speaks with , so you can sleep while he talks , seriously if you are nervous person ,you will not be able to complete the interview .

He looks as a regular good looking Arabian Young man despite I do like his hair , an Afro bony tail thing , it does not suite him at all. He is smart very smart . He used to take some time before answering the question , it is well known why .

The questions Saad asked were mostly about his father Osama and why he left him , I think he asked him once whether his wife had Jewish roots , the thing which he denies saying that her father is from Arabia , already this is stupid question because according to Islam he can marry the Jew and the Christian women so what if he is married to  a Jewish woman , for God sake Boutres Ghali , the former foreign minister and secretary General of the UN is married to a Jewish lady , also the former Prime minister of Egypt Atef Sadky was married to Jewish lady so this is a stupid useless question

The Questions regarding Bin Laden and Al-Qaida are very interesting and the answers were far more interesting . Here I am not discussing them ,I just writing down what he said

According to Bin Laden's son :

  • His father is against the killing of any civilian in the Arab Muslim world and that he targeted the Americans because he thinks that they are supporting Bush's policies.
  • His father is not sick at all.
  • He saw Mullah Omar and he is not a fictional character ,as some said.
  • He left his father because he wanted to see the world ,to know more and so on.
  • In Afghanistan they lived in a normal life , they did not live in Caves , caves were used during the war.
  • Ayman El-Zowahary is not the second man but he is Bin Laden's friend !!
  • Sheikh Omar Abd El-Rahman does not have that influence on the group like it was said , he never met him in his life.
  • Osama does not represent the Bin Laden's family.

The  most interesting question was about what Omar thinks about what his father is doing ,it is not the question that is interesting but the answer

I am against the killing of civilians whether they are killed by the name of Religion or by the name of democracy

Diplomatic answer , Omar did not attack his father on the contrary he called the Islamic and Arabic countries to gather a panel of the best Islam scholars and clerics to discuss the man in his thoughts.

He also said that his father wanted a truce between him and the west "first time to know this" and he indirectly asked the west to treat his dad like treated Gerry Adams of North Ireland , a daring suggestion , truce and negotiations.

Omar repeated again his call for Peace .

Ah , before I go it will be very hard for the Americans to arrest Osama Bin Laden if he does not go or does not fight in the war field himself .

I believe no body would have known Omar and he would not have come to the media if the western media did not cover his marriage from Zeina . Still I respect his coverage to come out and speak what he thinks like this on TV .

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wise girls do not do this

Our nightmare daughter: The teenage girl who keeps running to Egypt for her men | the Daily Mail

Well this is what we need , more articles and essays about the bad Egyptians.

Well first I want to say that I am ashamed and angry from those young men.

Second I am more angry as a girl from this silly naive Britt who did not learn from the first time. She forgot the golden rule not to fall in love with foreign men in other countries ,from other cultures ,despite how romantic the idea would seem !!

Third this is a very selfish young lady  ,she only thinks about herself , she did not think for one second about her parents who seems to be from the simple working class. Well this young lady is taking advantage from the currency prices that makes the GB Pound the king in Egypt .

Ok she is a Jane Austin romantic girl searching for some Egyptian knight from the Arabian nights who takes her in a ride in the river of the Nile

But what about the Egyptian faraway from Knights !!??

I am sorry I do not need a brain to say that they used to her for pleasure , they do not want to marry her and if they did ,they just wanted to get a visa to the UK.

I am so angry from those idiots , I know they are not the first people to do this , in fact it is the fashion , already I am surprised that they hooked up with a teenage girl ,the rule in Egypt with 20 something years old young man hooks up with 40 and up years old foreign women who are searching for their lost youth , the same old Egyptian Classical film "Woman's youth" , I think this should have a post alone to tickle this taboo.

Anyhow wise girls do not do this .

Monday, January 28, 2008

Calm down they are not going to invade your country

I can't find a good reason why all this attack and all this "what can I say" fear from the Gazans in the Rafah. I do not know why some people are acting as if the Gazans came and that they will never leave or that they are going to invade Rafah sorry Al-Arish sorry North Sinai sorry Egypt !!!

I do not know why all this fear ,I feel that media is planning the role very well ,especially the official media. Yesterday Zechariah Azami in Parliament made a great show to spread fear among his fellow Egyptians from the evil Palestinians who will wear explosive belts and go to "Bani Sawif" in upper Egypt !! Why would they go to upper Egypt and explode themselves . Or what is mentioned in the newspapers today that a Gazan had forgotten his explosive belt in a taxi in Al-Arish !! Is this something to be easily forgotten in a taxi like sun glasses or Mobile phones !!

Hamas again is bad boy who needs to be grounded and needs to learn some lessons and some Egyptians began to believe the Israeli claims that Hamas is planning to invade Rafah or may be Al-Arish to use in negotiations !! I do not know negotiations with whom !!?? 

Is Hamas too stupid to do this ?? Is Egypt too weak to let this happens in the first place ?? Is not it an insult to the Egyptian regime , the great Egyptian regime to let some group like Hamas and its militants to occupy parts from the Egypt ?? If this happens I will not blame Hamas ,But I blame the regime !!

Another thing Hamas is not our enemy as it is  portrayed it in the official media , Hamas is our ally and if you want a proof just know that the relations between the Egyptian intelligence and Hamas is very strong that the Fatah men are not welcomed but the EI men are welcomed there . The best proof  is the Play that happened on the borders from breaking in the borders .
Do you think that the Egyptian regime and Egyptian intelligence did not know about it ?? I bet that they planned it from the beginning , in fact if they did then it is good ,sorry it is great to know that Egypt still has the ability to slam the whole world like this. It is a very big score Mubarak regime that did not have scored from a very long time whether on the external level or on the internal level. And this score is made I believe by the blessing of Omar Soliman who is by the way is absent for some time now , in fact I do not see him at all in the media like last year , still you can feel that it is by his blessing not but by the blessing of Abu El-Gait. So everything is Organized and everything I believe is working according to some kind of a time table .

Calm down the Palestinians are not dump enough to repeat what they did in Jordan or in Lebanon , in fact it will be insult to us .

What happened to the Egyptians and their generosity ?? Are we going to be like other countries ??

Whether you like it or not Gaza and its people are part from our national security . Whether you like or not part of the leading Arab world package is to help other Arab people and to open your country to them in the time of need , as I said it is part from the package and it is more role since I do not know when.

And it is your regime's mistake to follow American and Israel till the situation reached like this. If your government did not close the crossings , it did not join the blockade all this would not have happened in the first place .

Now about the militants who are opened the fire on the Egyptian security forces , I am sorry who said that they were from Hamas , did you see their ids in the first place !!?? They were covering their faces and I believe they could be members from other militant groups including Fatah , you and I know very well there are other militant groups in Gaza that do not follow Egypt and follow other parties including Israel. Why I doubt that it is Hamas despite what the official media because of the mentioned above reason.

If you want the Palestinians to move and return back to Gaza ,then please open the gates and let the supplies people donated with this pass to the borders .

I am so ashamed from what some people wrote attacking the Gazans and the Palestinians forgetting many people in the Arab world are proud and happy that Egypt again opened its arms to the Arabs in a desperate need . Egypt again is Egypt that it is used to be , even if it is for once.

May be I am romantic Egyptian Arab Nationalist , but seriously I am sick of the angry protests around the Egyptian embassies scenes in the News.

Calm down the Gazans will not take your jobs and live in your homes.Try to live in a blockade for months and show me how you will act if the borders with Libya were opened.

Howida Taha is arrested

Howida Taha Al-Jazeera's producer who is standing in front of the Egyptian courts for the charges of defaming and spreading lies about Egypt , the Egyptian police and interior ministry was arrested today for filming documentaries without permission !!!

She was shooting a documentary about how the people who lost their houses in Imbaba area for tourism projects "hotels and so on"

Howida produced a documentary that was shown on Al-Jazeera under the title "Beyond the Sun" about the police torture and abuse , the regime said that it was a fabrication and Taha stood in front of the court for defame charges despite the facts that several cases mentioned and appeared in the documentary were actually a real torture and abuse cases that the Egyptian courts gave them back their rights last year .

It does not need a lot of time to know that it is beyond a Permission for filming

Updated : She was released on the same day , they were just teasing her ,already it turned out that she did not take the interior ministry approval on filming

About the myth of Hesham Islam

I found that the Name of Hisham Islam is repeating in the media whether in America or in the Arab world lately in  a very silly way.

The Conservatives in America are opening their fire on him in their HeshamIslam Websites and blogs as they consider him another Muslim Spy in the Pentagon , you know the Islamphobia thing. Already his fame started when terrorism expert Steven Emerson referred to him on Fox News "the Neocons official channel" as

 “An Islamist with a pro-Muslim Brotherhood bent who has brought in groups to the Pentagon who have been un indicted co-conspirators.”

Very interesting , very big words ,very big classical words !!

Al-Arabiya tabloid news website made a report on him and I do not know what they consider him a good guy or a bad guy !!??

I think I forgot to introduce Hisham Islam

Hisham Islam was born in Cairo year 1959 , his father was a naval officer who in the 1970s moved to Iraq to help in establishing the Arabian Gulf naval academy. Young Hisham since then lived in Iraq and was educated there. During that time he had a pen friend in the United States , she was a nice girl who sent to him her image, the young boy was fascinated with the image and decided to immigrate for her eyes only and marry her ,during that time Islam was graduated from the Naval academy in Iraq but he did not joined the Iraqi navy.

Hisham went to the States and joined the American navy then he joined the Naval officers Schools "Sorry I do not know its real name" , then he retired after 20 years in the service of the U.S Navy from year hrs_RamandI 1985 to 2005  rising to the mid-level officer rank of commander.

Hisham has married his pen friend and has children from her , among them his Son Ramy who is also just like his father and grand father a  Navy Lt. j.g. and currently is serving aboard the carrier USS Carl Vinson.

What is Commander Hisham or Hesham Islam doing right now in the Pentagon ??

He is Senior Advisor for international affairs to the deputy image002 secretary of the defense department Gordon England currently.

Of course the Neocons are attacking him because of his roots, he is a Muslim , his father was a naval officer who seemed to fight Israel once upon time and  the mother of all cons he was educated in Saddam Hussein's schools .
I do not know if those Neocons are stupid to what , because I am sorry this man officially is serving in Bush Cabinet , the Neocons republican Cabinet , this is one.

Two , this man helps the Neocons to control Iraq , this is not a Muslim Arabic act .

With my all respect helping the Neocons and the Pentagon in order to invade other Muslim countries and kill other Muslims for no reason except for oil and profit in my view is not a Muslim act. I will not go and say that he is not a Muslim just like some people commented in the because I do not have the right at all and in fact it is a sin to do so but I have the right to comment about his work.


I just do not like this Muslim Brotherhood connection , the old bogy man , already just to clear something when you mention a MB group in the Arab world ,you are either referring to the original MB in Egypt or the MB in Syria and as far as I know and searched the man does not have any connection with them ,so please leave them ,already in Egypt this can hurt the MB it is against them not with them . In fact I bet that Rosa Al-Youssef will make a report attacking MB saying that they are controlled by the Pentagon !! 


Again Muslims do not have spies in D.C and the C.I.A ,in fact those Muslims like Islam back in the Muslim world , in the Arab world are facing much worse allegations of being traitors who are working for infidels "as simple as that radicals of Neocons are faced by radical Muslims  from the other side of the Globe" , in fact you will find that accused to be traitors not by radical Muslims only , they are attacked and hated by Nationalists and Nasserites alike .

A question was asked in AL-Arabiya , a very wise question " if America declares war against Egypt ,will he and his son fight on the Egyptian side or the American side ?? "

For some it is naive romantic question.

You want my answer ,you will have it , check the picture posted above behind him the American Flag not the Egyptian flag. This man returned to work officially after retirement and it does not need a lot of time to know that his previous knowledge with Iraq ,Arab and Muslim roots helped him so much

So Neocons stop suspecting the Man's loyalty, he is your man .

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Commarde George Habash has left the building

Commarde George Habash has died last night in a very interesting 79279013 timing , seriously with what is going in Gaza and Palestine ,the man died in a very special timing. He died yesterday in Amman,Jordan and his funeral will be the day after tomorrow

Habash is very well known personality for those who are familiar with the history of Palestine and the Palestinian movements especially in 1970s . He founded the Popular front for the liberation of Palestine before Hamas , this front was considered the second largest group after the PLO.

The Popular Front is Nasserist leftist communist group and it is too obvious to 51398007 know that , already till now its members are calling each other Commardes , they are from the few remaining influential leftist movements in the region.

I once read that they had their connects with the KGB ,of course it is logic , already I read also once that the KGB penetrated many leftist communist groups in the region whether from funding to arms and so on.

The Popular front for the liberation of Palestine was proudly categorized in the west as a terrorist group even before Hamas and the Islamic Jihad came to life . In fact in my opinion this group was and is still much dangerous than the Hamas ,check their history and you will know that these guys were so dangerous . After all they were famous for taking hostages , hijacking and blowing airplanes in the 1970s and 1980s , to tell you the truth I disapprove their ways in hijacking and blowing the airplanes , despite that some will argue that this way was the only way to make the world pay attention to the Palestinian cause , well from another angel the PLO and the Popular front gave the Israelis a big favour as the western media till now is portraying the Palestinians as bad crazy terrorists sorry not only the Palestinians but also the Arabs , before the so-called Islamic terrorism ,it was the so-called Arabic Palestinian terrorism

Israel is really happy by the decrease of influence of that group , it is not the time of the left anymore but it is the time of right , another new militant groups are there and they are not less dangerous.

The front till now refuses any negotiation with Israel .

Here are some photos from the life and death of Dr. Habash , yes he was a doctor

The Palestinian people are very sad for his death and they have to be sad the man is an icon for them regardless of what the west or the Israelis or anyone think about him .

For me the man is controversial icon , I agree on the cause but I disagree on the means and also the ideology


Just check the title The Time magazine and Scott Macleod used for a report about Habash " Terrorism's Christian Godfahter " !!??"

What brought religion to the equation ?? with my all respect I understand what Macleod wants to say that terrorism against the Israeli people has no specific religion identity and that the Muslim Arabs are not the only people who do terrorist acts against the world the Christian Arabs have their share . But truth is truth the PFLP is not a Christian group ,it is leftist communist group with no religion or theological ideology !!!

Thank you Abu Tarika

We are all following in Egypt the Africa cup of Nations in Ghana 2008. It is the main event , of course the regime is using it to divert the attention of the public from other more urgent things like the situation on the borders and the internal situation from economic problems to political problems.

Anyhow many Egyptians look to this championship as the only hope where we can achieve victory , even if it is a false victory.

Last  night I watched the Match between Egypt and Sudan where Egypt won the Sudanese team 3-0 .

Abu Tarika our favourite football player had scored two goals ,after scoring the first he showed his inner shirt on which there were some words on it ,that costed him a yellow cared

What were these words ??

Sympathy with  Gaza


This is not the first time Abu Tarika's does it , in the Africa Cup of Nations in Cairo 2006 during the infamous Danish Cartoon crisis, Abu Tarika surprised us all when he wore an inner shirt written on it words that meant we are all for Prophet Mohammed "PBUH"


It is not about whether he is religious or not but it is about how he cares to express his views . He will not be able again , but at least he managed to deliver very important message in both incidents

Guess who is supporting Obama ??

Forget about Operah,Jessica Alba "Latino vote" and blonde bombshell Scarlett Johansson we are speaking here about a real American Royalty.

With no fancy introduction , Caroline Kennedy is supporting Barack 51734925 Obama and she announces that she is supporting Obama to be a president like her father in New York Times.

This is a big blow to Hilary Clinton , the JFK clan ,Her mother Jackie O and her brother John JR supported Bill when he ran for presidency but things got change.

This is a real blow to the Clintons.

BY the way sometimes I feel that if John JR were alive , he would run 667267 for Presidency despite all what he said during his life that he did not want to and so on. Already the man had all the qualifications including the huge amount of support . Plus it runs in the family. That man had better chance to rule his country that Benazir Bhutto's son , he is the son of JFK and Jackie , handsome,young and a Kennedy !! Not to mention he was the kid that broke the hearts of millions around the Globe including my country when he saluted his father in his funeral.

Anyhow some people are thinking with the death of John JR the jackie_kennedy Kennedys will stop thinking about the White house,well these people will have to think again because may be John JR is dead but Bobby JR is still alive and I think this ambitious man may surprise everyone and stop speaking about environment , already I read that he is thinking to run for the Senates some where earlier. Bobby JR is not like his cousin as he is supporting Hilary.

Just off the topic of the elections ,Bobby JR looks so much like his 51316074 late father and Caroline and John JR look like their mother Jackie more than their late father .

I do not know what will be the media impact on Caroline's support as it was just published today .

I bet many eye brows will be raised .

Well forget about the Obama girl , it is the Kennedy's girl this time.

Just for the record JFK ,the father was the most popular American President till now in Egypt and he was the only American president that Salah Jahin wrote a poetry about after his tragic death.

Another interesting info, Jackie was the first to publish the works of Naguib Mahfouz in the States.

Updates :

NOt only Caroline is supporting Obama ,it turned out the big Kennedy her uncle Edward is supporting Obama . Edward's decision not to be neutral came after what he considered an unfair attack from Bill Clinton against Obama and how the Clintons put race in the rivalry. Another blow to the Clintons and another powerful support to Obama who will face big day next week

Bad Weak for NSGB

The NSGB is France's biggest banks and after its acquisition to the MIB in Egypt  it became one of Egypt's biggest banks too. You may have read or heard last week that the Bank has entered history lately not as the biggest bank in the world but as the bank which became the victim of the biggest fraud operation in the history of banking that cost it 5 billion Euro thanks to one of accountants ,the fraud was exposed during the late crisis of international stock markets, the NSGB french people owe it to the American mortgage interest crisis !!
Well believe it or not it seems that NSGB has a real tough week because also in Egypt the bank was a victim for a fraud operation that was made not by a cunning accountant but by the manager of the Maadi branch himself with the help of some import/export company !!???
Of course what the manager took was nothing compared to what the mother bank has lost ,but still ironic.
The fraud scandal in France will surely affect on the bank's position not the financial one but the one dealing with trust , people will fear to put their money again in this bank. I bet the CEO will not stay for another round and I do not have to bet to know that there are many people who will be fired in this scandal
In Egypt this is a regular thing in the Egyptian banks from time to time we find something similar in the crime and economics pages. 
NSGB bought MIB in a very strange deal that warned how the foreign banks would control the Egyptian banking system , but no one listened
It is strange that this comes at the same time Citibank international has lost $10 billion

Barack Obama has won SC

You heard right Obama has won SC and this time he has won with a huge victory "58%"

Check it from the CNN

South Carolina has a powerful black voice power and you all know that race played an important role especially with the war of the words between Obama from one side and the Clintons from another side and Edwards from the third side.

By the way it is not only the Blacks voted for Obama I believe in SC as the Whites there are about 68.88% ,also it is interesting to know the Women voters were more than the male votes , check the CNN again , the women are the main base for Hilary Clinton , I feel that there is a switch

Poor Edwards when he and the rest of the runners know that it is now two persons race : Obama and Clinton !!??

It seems that the rumours about Obama did not work , the one concerning homosexuality and drug use , it is strange that all presidential candidates are homosexuals or having affairs with their sectaries or they took drugs when they are young

Now our eyes will head towards Florida to see who will win from the Republicans

Wael Abbas' pictures from Gaza

Our dear Wael Abbas has crossed and returned back with pictures and stories.

It is worth sharing

Another eye on the main event in Egypt from Rafah and Gaza

Saturday, January 26, 2008

RIP Aziz Sadky ,the father of Egyptian industry

I do not know why we always remember the people when they die !!??

Ok this is surprising for me despite his old age , Aziz Sadky the former Prime minister had passed away in Paris yesterday at George Pompidou Hospital . He was 88 years old yet he was one of the most e52e7e5eee10 active opponent to the Mubarak Regime publicly.

Aziz Sadky served in the cabinet during both President Nasser and Sadat rule starting as minister of Industry from year "1956" and ending as a Prime minister in  year"1972" then assistant to the President . He was called "The Father of the Egyptian Industry" as during his time in the ministry in 1960s Egypt saw a great development in industry , every year news factories in different heavy industries were opened ,during his time Egypt moved from a transitional economy in to a real industrialized one.

I feel so sad .

Dr.Sadky was born in 1920 , and he was graduate from the faculty of Engineering ,Cairo University in 1944, he took his PHD degree from Harvard university in 1945.

For me Aziz Sadky was one of the most important opponents during that time.

He was against the regime and its business men government , he was against the Privatisation of public factories  and exposed the corruption in the Privatisation of these public factories publicly. He was totally against the inheritance of rule in Egypt . He used to be hard critic

Dr.Sadky headed The Patriot Front for democracy and lately he joined Kafya and there was suggestion in the movement to choose as as a coordinator after Dr.El-Miesry .

I do not consider him as a Nasserite and he never called himself one , on the contrary ,he was a real respectable man who loved his country and wanted to serve it till the end of his life in all possible ways

Here are the Positions of Dr.Sadky as Egyptian Official :

  • A minister for industry in year 1955.
  • A deputy for the Prime minister for industry and mineral wealth in year 1965.
  • The President's advisor for the Productions issues in year 1966.
  • The minister of industry and mineral wealth in year 1968.
  • A member in the nation Council in year 1969 "The assembly then" .
  • A member in the high council of civil defense in year 1970.
  • A member in the high council for the war Preparation in year 1972.
  • A prime minister in year 1972.
  • The President assistant in year 1973.

May Allah bless his soul.

Please read the Fataha on his soul if you are Muslim and if you are not a Muslim then please remember him in your prayer

Friday, January 25, 2008

The title says other thing

 Egypt moves to control Gaza - Israel News, Ynetnews

Surely you are shocked as me as soon as you read the title from the famous Israeli right wing newspaper but when you read the news itself ,you will know that Egypt does not move to control Gaza , it only moves to control the borders but does not move or even want to control Gaza.

I do not know if this is An Israeli wish that we go back to Gaza to control it like Pre-1967 or what ??

I agree on the Pre-1967 conditions as long as the Israelis do the same thing and leave the Territories they took in 1967 Day dreaming


The Language of Numbers : The Gazans in Rafah

OK here are very interesting numbers the press and the UN published yesterday regarding the situation in Gaza and Rafah

  • The Population of Gaza is 1.5 million  people .
  • 700,000 from the 1.5 million have crossed the borders to Egypt till now.
  • 12 Million L.E the Gazans spent in Rafah and in Al-Arish in the last 24 hours
  • The greedy merchants of Rafah and Al-Arish tripled the prices of 79205688 goods !! Still the Gazans are paying.
  • The Chalets and rooms in Rafah were all booked by the Gazans that the Egyptian and foreign reporters had to sleep in their cars in the last 48 hours.
  • Ismail Hania order for a bounce to the employees so they go to Egypt and buy supplies.
  • Every thing in the two cities Rafah and Gaza was being bought , everything you can imagine from cloths to sheep to food even the potato ships and candy , everything you can imagine it.
  • The Way to Cairo was secured yesterday so they will stop any advance to Cairo.
  • Egypt has started to re-control the borders "I highly doubt it".
  • Some Reports are saying that Egypt has closed Al-Arish City for the Gazans.
  • Israel warned its citizens from going to Sinai now for fear of kidnapping. Gelid is enough !!??

Updates "26/1/08" :

  • The Gazans have spent in Al-Arish, Sheikh Zowaid and Rafah 1/4 billion $ in three days only.
  • The Average expenditure for the individual is 265 $
  • The deals and transactions between the Gazans and the Egyptians in the hour is estimated by One Million $
  • The percentages of expenditures is following :

                            - 39% on Food and medicine.

                             - 19% on Oil products and Tobacco.

                             - 14% on Concrete and construction materials.

                             - 7.5% on electronics , home appliances and means of transportation.

                             - 7.5% on  Clothes and shoes.

                             - 7% on transportation and communication.

                            - 6% on other stuff

This is according to the Future Research Centre in Palestine.

I am just wondering where are the rich gulf states from this agony?? why do not they send food stock and medical supplies to Rafah for free ??

Where are the red crescent associations from Egypt ,Jordan,Emirates and Bahrain !!?

It is amazing to see how silent and blind the Gulf States are.

I am ashamed from the behaviour of the merchants in Al-Arish ,they should lower the prices ,it is not a time for profit.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The best photo and comment in 2007

This photo and the comment title are the best photo and comment I have seen in Egypt about the national Events in year 2007


The terror that is waiting us

Gamal Mubarak in the NDP annual conference

Published in Daily El-Dostor

The title was the title for a very strong essay article by Abd El-Halim Kandeel

BY the way where is Gamal ??

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

They blew it baby

Did you hear the news ?? Did you see it ?? This is history , it never happened before.

The Palestinians in Gaza blew the borders between Egyptian Rafah and Gaza and thousands are crossing the borders right now with cars from the sector.

According to the news Palestinian Militants blew the borders in the dune , the explosions sounds were heard in Rafah . By the way Hamas denied any reasonability for the breaking in , already Khaled Mashal in Damascus said that the decision and the plan were not organized by Hamas , they were public decision , they did not and do not order anyone to blow or to head to Egypt


An estimated number of 200,0000 Palestinians have crossed the borders .


The Egyptian security could not do anything , on the contrary the reports are saying that they are treating them in a very nice way , letting the cars pass ,giving them help !!  Already the governor of North Sinai which Rafah follows opened the city facilities and declared an emergency status alert

well do not be surprise because it turned that they are following the President's orders , this just came from AP few minutes away:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says he ordered his troops to allow Palestinians to cross from the Gaza Strip because the Palestinians were starving.

Israel is mad and made an objection as few Egypt has hand in this , I 79170787 mean does she !!?? They were Palestinian militants who blew it , not the Egyptian security forces and what the Israelis want from us  !!?? to open our fire on our brothers and sisters !!

Israel is punishing Gaza and its people again by cutting off the power !!?? What ever

By the way just before the Egyptian Nazis sorry hardcore Nationalists jump in to the wagon and open their fire on the Palestinians as if they were the invaders you must know that most of the Palestinians now who are and were crossing the borders came to buy supplies from all kinds , trucks with tons of food stocks , medical supplies and oil are being bought , yes they are buying it , despite I read that the Egyptians are giving them for free .

Already those who come to stay are those who got families ,also those who want their families from women and children to be safe

Here are the images as fresh as I can from Getty agency by photographer Abid Katib .

By the way Mubarak and his security have to accept this because things in Cairo are getting very ugly , people are so angry to the limit of the explosion. He can't listen any more to the Israelis or the Palestinian authority or the EU or the American administration , during this moments El-Tahrir square and Down town are watching Protests and yesterday seven Governates saw protests and I am sure that Cairo University and Ain Shams are having their share now. Not to mention the huge one in front the Arab league whose protesters were arrested.

By the way I knew why Egypt could not officially open the crossings at the borders in the past three days ,it turned out if we want to open the borders we must have An EU delegate in the scene !!! Well already I do not understand our relations with the EU after their glorious resolution are so bad , why we were obligated to listen them , anyhow this is history now , no need for delegates now

Here are the images from Rafah:

If there is any video file ,I will try to upload it here .

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just open the borders , Just break the blockade

I can't take anymore , already the weather is so cold in Egypt which means that in Gaza it is freezing , so imagine living in very cold life without power , do not be fooled with the Israeli's decision to return back the light after 36 hours from complete darkness , it is nothing , the agony is not resolved yet , the blockade is not over yet , the medicine and food are not there yet .

What is worst is the Egyptian position from this human crisis. Look today thousands tried to cross the borders to the Egyptian Rafah and in return they found our anti-riots forces waiting for them with water cannons , in fact they managed to break for few minutes

before anyone comes and says what they want from us , I will tell them they want support , they want food , medicine and real support from your and my country to their cause. They want Egypt to be the real Egypt that stood with them.


By the way most of the Palestinian protesters on the borders today were from women and Children

I do not know how to say it but here it is Presidents Nasser or Sadat would have acted better then Mubarak 1000 in such situation , and please do not repeat on my ears the words "Egypt is trying to save the situation" or "Mubarak is doing important phone calls to save the day" please spare me from a rude comment

We are not doing what we should do , already as far as I know Our relations with the American administration is colder than the weather in Cairo , Israel needs to be taught a lesson for crossing the lines with Mubarak even the EU slammed us in a report that till is making the regime so mad so why we are doing what they want.

Why Mubarak just for once tries to save from his decreasing popularity in Egypt or even tries to save his position as the President of the leading country in the Arab world !!!

It is one freaking decision end the blockade , open the borders for medical and food supplies , where the first lady and her red crescent shows !!??

It is sad and pathetic.

Even King Farouk would have acted better and I swear that the Princess Fawzia would have led a campaign for the people of Gaza !!

By the way here I would to record my admiration and respect to 79157181 Mr.Doriad Laham ,the famous Syrian star who stood today in Damascus in front of the UN building in Solidarity with the people of Gaza when it was snowing and freezing there . Already this is something expected from a man like Mr.Laham.

I also respect so much the MB and what they are doing in Egypt , in Alex they led a protest , so they did it in Cairo in the Physicians' syndication, also their detainees in front of the martial court refused to attend the session in solidarity with the people of Gaza.


77 people have died till now because of the recent blockade.


Thanks to our Arab rulers

For sure Thanks,Shokran, Merci and Mucho gracis

Now the media here is from Getty agency "images" and the video well I stole from Masrawy whom by the turn they stole it from Al-Jazeera "sorry about the film ,some technical problems" :)

Updates : Here it is I managed to fix the technical problems:

And they call us the civilization of terrorism !! ??

Some are claiming that we are the civilization of terrorism and that our religion did not bring anything except terror and hatred to this world and so I would like this some to read this scientific historical article about this amazing discovery the Muslim mathematicians discovered from 700 years ago , what is known as the Penrose tiling

I know it can be hard for most of you just like me to understand this except after reading it several times .

A civilization of terrorism and hate can't produce such advance in science and mathematics , especially such innovations that can't be found in the  atmosphere of horror and fear .