Friday, October 31, 2008

The Sweet or bitter November

The world is watching November with great interest ,I do not need to say that the reason is the American elections , the most interesting and followed American elections in the world as I recall.
In Egypt we are just like the rest of the world but added to it we got in November two major events : The NDP conference on the 1th of November tomorrow that can determine the scenario of the future of Egypt in the same way the American elections will determine the future of American and partially the world on the 4th of November.
Many are expecting that there will be a ministerial change in Egypt that will include the Prime Minister himself.
Ahmed Nazif is being attacked widely in the Media that Mahmoud Saad on the National TV itself called for his resignation !!
To be honest I fear the sweet November for it is going to bring , I am afraid from the so-called surprises of that NDP Conference.

The honour

I found several comments here and in Jaiku defending the swinging couple and I felt as if I were Elizabeth Hasselback of Egypt because I attacked those pervert couple , as if I were an aggressor on the personal rights of the Egyptian citizens and as if I am supporter to the big brother regime in Egypt !!
I would be lying if I said that I was surprised by the reactions but I did not imagine that would be like this.
I will not say that I am a Muslim and that is totally against my believes
I will not say that this is against the idea and core of Marriage
I will not say that this is against Manhood.
Because all these seem to be against Freedom in the eyes of some , Because all these seem to be from Old time, an old fashion.
But I just want to say something all those who defend them ,
Imagine if this woman or man were your offspring !!?
Imagine if they were your parents and of course in those parties they send their children away but for some reason you came to the house and found your mom in the arms of another man and you are father are watching and enjoying !!??
I read an interview with them in Al-Wafd newspaper last Thursday and I felt so sad to know that those couple had 2 children whom will be stained by the fact that parents were sex manics in their own way.
This is not a personal freedom anymore as soon as he put an ad on the internet with my all respect publicly under aliases, it is not a personal freedom in anymore ,it crossed the borders of their bed room.
Already I do not know why I am defending what I believe.
Freedom is not like this at all , if you understand that this freedom than you are totally wrong.
Already according to Psychology there is something hugely wrong in both of them because naturally when a man loves a woman and vice versa there would be some sort of exclusivity in their relation especially in their intimate relationship , it is a natural thing to feel some sort of jealousy.
I do not know how to put in words in English.
If man feels nothing when he sees his wife in the arms of another man then he will feel nothing about his land ,his country because he gave up in his honor in the first place. You know that manhood we are missing,the real manhood that would stand protecting the ladies from sexual harassment nowadays in Egypt; this is another symptom of its disappearance. 
Not every thing this society is wrong about . Do not tell me that the majority of people in Egypt are retarded brainwashed who should be taught what is right and wrong , do not tell me that we must stop preaching people ,here we are not preaching people to do this and do not do this.
This swingers club is another sign of how radical the Egyptian Society became, how doubled personality it is.
By the way this is my blog,this is my space and I have the right to attack what ever I see wrong and if Freedom comes in one package and we should take it all or leave it then I am free to say what ever I want ;)

Kolena Laila : The first Egyptian girl students in the Cairo University

Ladies and gents I am proudly sharing with you here a very rare photo for the first Egyptian Female Students in the Cairo University or rather the University of Fouad I in early 1930s.Those daring ladies or girls then should be mentioned in the 100th anniversary of the Cairo University and in the Kolena Laila celebration of pioneer ladies.
Before showing you this rare photo, here is a little introduction about how these ladies found their way to the University. We spoke before about the role of Princes Fatimah important role in founding the Cairo University in its current location yet we did not know how Egyptian Laila found her way to the hallways and the auditoriums of the University. There is a little piece of information many do not know that the Cairo university or Fouad University after its inauguration held lectures for high classes ladies where  Madam Couvreur of France used to speak , Madam Couvrer was brought by the request of Prince Ahmed Fouad I with the help of Gaston Maspero.Those lectures were in French and by time some Middle high class ladies joined them still on a very narrow scale.There were other pioneer ladies in Press who thought that those lectures should be translated to Arabic. Lebanese Labiba Hasham in the “Girl of Orient” Newspaper “Yes there was such newspaper then” and the early activist famous Malak Hafiny Nasaf in the “Nation’s party” did that great job. Hasham even raised the bar and called for the Egyptian Ladies to lecture instead of Foreign ladies.
By time a separate women section was opened in the Fouad University but it was closed in the WWI in no time.
Those girls entered the Cairo University in 1929 breaking taboos you can’t imagine back then. The first class of young Egyptian ladies consisted of 17 girls only that Dr.Ahmed Lutfi El-Sayed ,the head of the Fouad University then along with deans of the faculties of Arts “Taha Hussein” and medicine “Dr.Ali Ibrahim” let them enter the University secretly without informing the education ministry except when those 17 girls succeeded in their study , women can study like men , there was no need to not let them complete their study.
From those 17 girls I found the photo of those fantastic 5 girls
The first girl students in Cairo university
From rigth to left Dr. Naema El-Ayauobi and Miss Fatimah Salem setting and behind them , Mrs. Zahirah Abd El Aziz,Dr. Sohair El-Qalamawy and Mrs. Fatimah Fahmy.
I was the first girl to enter the University
Also here is a short essay by Dr. Naema El-Ayauobi under the title “I was the first girl to enter the University who was among those first Egyptian female students describing her daring experience. In summary she was describing how the girls were shy and avoided any contact with the boys  and how The dean of the faculty of Arts Dr. Taha Hussein told them that if anyone annoyed them or if they needed anything , they should go immediately to his office and complain to him.
It is sad thing that we did not remember those fine ladies and their names except for Dr.Sohair El-Qalamawy ,the famous student of Dr. Taha Hussein thanks to her contribution to the Arabic literature and the fact she was the first woman to hold the position of the famous head of the Arabic language section in the faculty of Arts at the Cairo University from 1958 to 1967.
Dr.Sohair  as I hinted was the student of Dr.Taha Hussein and he supervised her master and her PHD in Arabic Literature which was about One thousand and one nights aka in the West The Arabian Nights , yup the original nights and I read that PHD study when it was published in the Reading for all festival among the treasures of the Arabic literature.
TO be honest till the early 1950s not many families were ready to send their girls to universities like men , for them girls should be educated to get married, I think it was not in Egypt only but rather the whole world , if you watch the Mona Lisa smile you will know what I am speaking about.
By the way if you want to publish the picture in your website or what ever you want please do it but do not forget me , I did not put copyright on it because it is a scan and I am doing this to encourage you to speak about those fantastic ladies but I will not hate that you do not forget my effort.
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Laila needs you

FA022or Dear Non Egyptians readers  Laila need to know you your opinion about Laila ,about her in your country , in your society  what do you think about her whether you are a Woman or Man , you are Girl or Boy.

This is why Laila translated her survey in to English from Arabic to make it easy for you.It will only take few seconds from your precious time.

The Ladies can participate here.

The Gentlemen can participate here.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mubarak won’t go to hell because he does not want to go to Israel

I think this is the first time I read that the President of Israel apologizes for some thing said by one of the Israeli MPs ??  It is not the first one of the Israeli MPs say something stupid and insulting like this , in fact I recall that Mr. Avigdor Liberman insulted Egypt before so it is not a new that he insults her president.

"The state of Israel has the greatest respect for President Mubarak and his country,"

Wow this is first something like this issued from the President’s office in Israel !!

Based on Mr.Liberman’s past I would dare and say that he attacked Mubarak not because he is Mubarak the ally of Israel but rather Mubarak the Arab President of Egypt , the enemy in the South. I do not defend Mubarak , he does not need my defense he got men who get paid for this but I will say that to Liberman to go to hell.

Anyhow I want to know what Mubarak thinks of being insulted like with all what he gives to Israel !!??

They do not respect him at all !!

Here is the Egyptian response ,it is good that they fired back ,well they had to it is the President and they only fire back when it is the President only.

When Plumbers Speak About Foriegn Policies

Poor McCain could not find any celeb figure to support him except the silly duo Heidi and Spencer and thus he had to create his own celeb and he could not find anyone better than Mr.Joe the Plumber !! Joe now speaks in the GOP rallies as if he were a politician or something ,do not misunderstand me I do not have anything against his profession on the contrary but when he comes and says that if Obama is elected ,Israel will be erased or doomed because Iran wants to wipe Israel from the map and Obama wants to sit down with the Iranians,this is a plain crap with my apology !!!!
As an Arab and an Egyptian we know for sure that there is no difference between Obama and McCain , both will kiss the Israel's ass ,it is something well known.
Poor Palin and McCain ,they got nothing to attack Obama with except to rewind what was said from couple of months ago that Obama knew Professor Rashid Khalidi,his former neighbor and friend while he was in Chicago University.The GOP accused Professor Khalidi to be a spokesperson to the PLO !! Yeah it is first time to know that the PLO had a spokesperson in the States !! Yes helping your country people in Madrid Peace Conference considers an association to terrorist Organization !!
Of Course the Professor denied that he was a spokesperson , speaking for the rights of the Palestinian people does not mean he is a spokesperson to the PLO but of course anyone who stands up and speaks for the rights of the Palestinian people then he is a terrorist against Israel !! Khalidi does not hide or deny his position from the conflict in the Middle East and he appeared several times with Charlie Rose speaking about the conflict.
Professor Khalidi by the way had done several studies about the Palestinian people in the West bank and the Gaza stripe funded by GOP organizations associated with McCain himself !!
Now I got a terrible question based upon a fearful assumption what if the Republicans win this election ,Will the Maverick Duo refuse to deal with the Fatah leaders who are all members in the PLO organization and are proud of it because they are terrorists ?? Do they consider Abu Mazen a terrorist ??? If so then can McCain enlighten us and tell us whom he is going to deal with in the Palestinian Issue ?? I do not think that he is going to deal with Hamas!!
So what if Khalidi was a Pro-Palestinian , is defending your people's right is a bad thing now ?? Is the word Palestinian now an equivalent to the word terrorist ?
It is disgusting again we are caught in the middle of the cross fire as Arabs and Muslims.
It is disgusting that the Israeli factor is brought in to the elections as if Israel was the 51st State and the American Voter should care for its security forgetting all his own problems !!
Joe is not the only Plumber in this elections I am afraid ,you got McCain and Palin too !!
I really wish Los Anglos Times to air the video film of Khalidi and Obama together because there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Dear American Voter : Vote For Obama Please.

What if she were an Israeli ??

Many people yesterday were surprised and shocked to hear the former lawyer of Noha Rushdy attacking her on air on Al-Mahawer's 90 Minutes talk show.
Lawyer Nagla Emam accused Noha of fabricating the case and that it was not a harassment case but only a simple fight and that she fabricated it to be famous. It did not stop at here because Emam continued saying that Noha while in France tried to accuse a French Officer of harassment but failed to prove it in order to get a compensation and that she got the french newspapers to prove that.
If you think that Emam stopped at here ,then you are wrong because Emam was insisting on making Noha the villain of the year saying that She was an Israeli !! Yes she found out Ms. Noha Rushdi's father is from the Arabs 48 and she got  an Israeli passport not to mention she "Noha" thinks Israel is a respectable country with no sexual harassment !! 
Oh there is more Noha as a documentaries director makes bad films documentary about Egypt !!
Now Emam did not leave a single accusation  to accuse Noha with !!
TO be honest I did not watch that confrontation on air last night because I was watching the father of Islam speaking about his son,when he finished I was not in the mood to watch anything at all.
Still I knew through Jaiku that Noha did not lose her temper on the contrary she was in control and answered back all those accusations , yes her father is Palestinian from the Refugees of 1948 not the Arabs 1948 with all her respect to the Arabs 1948 to whom late Mahmoud Darwish belonged to. About France Noha said that if that were true ,where the Egyptian Embassy was from all that !!??
Noha added that she did not make documentary about Egypt in the first place in her life ,she made one about Sudan !!!?
Of course the Newspapers rushed behind the Israeli Passport story just like the Kurdish Jew in the story of the swingers.
About the Israeli Passport
What if she were an Israeli citizen from Palestinian Origin or an Israeli Citizen of Jewish Origin does this derive her the right to seek justice from the one who sexually harass her in Egypt !!?? Did we reach to this level ?? Blame it on the Israelis all the way !!
Emam said that she would appeal from Sherif Gabrial "the convicted with sexual harassment" to prove his innocence.
Now with my all respect I do not find a reason why Noha would do all this ,I mean she did not take any compensation from the man plus there were witnesses in the incident including her friend , why her friend would lie in something like this !!??
Even if she proves that Noha is a liar and Gabrial is innocent , this does not underestimate or undermine the importance of the court rule,this does not underestimate or undermine the public support Noha received.
Already I do not know why Emam suddenly spoke about the matter now despite she had the opportunity during the court itself to save Gabriel if she believes he was totally innocent.

What role you are speaking about here ??

The official newspapers highlighted the historical meeting between Hassan Nasrallah and Saad Al Hariri not as it is an important meeting brings hope to Lebanon and to the Arab world but because it was the product of the Egyptian role in Lebanon !!??
Yes the official Press believes that we had a hand in this meeting , I do not know whom they are fooling.
For God Sake General Qenawy was sent with an invitation to Hezbollah to visit Egypt in order to have talks with the Shiite party that being attacked on a daily basis in our official media !!??
I do not like to say but this meeting is a Lebanese-Lebanese product not made by Egyptians.

I still believe it is too late

There was tiny news published in almost all Egyptian newspapers in the last two days that Mubarak or rather Omar Soliman sent his deputy general Omar Qenawy to meet with President Michel Soliman of Lebanon. General Qenawy the deputy of the Egyptian intelligence delivered a message to the President of Lebanon.

I do not know if Cairo sent Qenawy because his boss Omar Soliman was responsible for the Lebanese file “Yes it is not a FM duty anymore just like Palestinian file !!” or because Mubarak as official story goes on wanted to send his security warnings to Soliman and thought that the man would believed from the mouth of an intelligence hank ranked officer than from his FM !!!

Qenawy did not come to Lebanon to meet the President only after all he is not the absolute ruler of Lebanon unlike Mubarak in Egypt , Qenawy met all the three presidents in Lebanon : The President,The Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament , he also met the leaders of the major parties especially the Christian parties that used to hate us.This visit came after the historical visit of Lebanon War Prince Gaegae :(

The big surprise that made Tel Aviv really angry was that Qenawy went to Beirut and with him an invitation to Hezbollah to visit Cairo , I do not if it included El Cid* or not ,well I do not think so ,but may be in the future but again he won’t go to Cairo and we know why !!

Cairo really wants to revive its lost role in Lebanon , again it is mission impossible  and you know why because you are not strong as you used to be in the past ,because you are not strong from inside. Still it is good to try.

“El-Cid” is Spanish word means the master or El-Sayyid which is the title of Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon  ;) In fact El-Cid is a national hero in Spain.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Does Ahmed Fouad II have a spokesperosn now ??

Today in Rosa Al Youssef Daily I think I found a strange news saying that the spokesperson of King Ahmed Fouad II denied the claims of Fadila or Dominque that she was still the Wife of the king !!?? The spokesperson of King Ahmed Fouad II according to the short news is Dr. Maged Farag ,the Egyptian Royal Family famous researcher , collector and the owner of Mohamed Ali Country Club.
I have never known that Dr.Farag was the spokesperson of the former King in Egypt , I mean Ahmed Fouad does not need a spokesperson in the end he is not a politician nor a leader from any kind ,he is a normal person living in Europe carrying extraordinary title as the last King of Egypt from the Mohamed Ali Royal Family , nothing more ,nothing less !!
Ahmed Fouad II seems to me very modest person to have a spokesperson and issue Royal Statement "oh yes some yellow newspaper said that he was planning to return Monarchy to Egypt and the proof was the statement he issued !! They considered it a Royal one despite it was clear that it was a correction statement any person will issue.
I do not know why Farag speaks on behalf of Ahmed Fouad if the sister of the later and he himself contact with the Press directly !!??
Ahmed Fouad II contacted Ahmed Al Muslamany himself and told him that there was no relation between him and Fadila for 11 years till now and that he has not seen his kids for years "I was so sad to know that"
By the way I respect the way Al Muslamany spoke about the former King despite it was well known that Al Muslamany is a Nasserite.
Please check the comment left by Dr.Maged Farag

Gamal Mubarak : The Non smoker

Gamal Mubarak spoke yesterday about smoking and addiction in one of the public meetings of the NDP. He said that he hates smoking because he is a sportsman and that he wants people to quit smoking. That's why the prices of cigarettes of Egypt were raised !!?? I did not think that this decision was taken for health and social concerns !!
Anyhow the rest of the meeting GM and NDP Co. Kept speaking about addiction and youth ...etc
Now this is the first time an official in the NDP speaks about smoking like this , most of the NDPians are smokers including those who are in the policies committee and the cabinet ,it is not a bad thing to speak about this matter , smoking is bad habit by all measures but I wonder if he is doing it for publicity and impressing the west.
Or he is imitating Obama who confessed that he was a smoker and wanted to quiet that bad habit ??
The news of his rejection to smoking and war on addiction were the headlines of the newspapers in a very silly way
Well it is not about smoker or non smoker , here we are not in a restaurant I am afraid,we are speaking about politics here
After from the political view Obama is better 100 times than GM
Obama may be is a smoker but his wife wears from JC Penny not from Ellie Saab !!


It has been a long time since I read a science fiction novel written by my favourite Stephen King , I guess he is not my favourite only.I have just found the time to finish The Mist by Stephen King.

The Mist is a short novella King published in 1985 among 22 short stories under the title “The Skeleton Crew” . I do not want to include the Wikipedia Pages of the Mist or the skeleton crew here because they are full of  spoilers , seriously they kill all the fun  the horror .It is more like a apocalyptic novel as I see it . King was just like Agatha Christi and like Alfred Hitchcock whom he mentioned in the novel, he did not give any hint on how the story would end or how the next chapter will be.

You have to know that the location of the story event is Maine where King lives and he was inspired to write it after a big storm and visiting the supermarket the other day with young son then.

The Mist was presented as film in 2007 , I have not seen it but I saw its trailer and after reading the novel I wonder how that horror in it will be transferred to the screen , I mean after reading for Stephen King I found out it is  thriller to read for him then to watch films based upon his wonderful work.Still of course I want to see that film so much,there were excellent adoption for his work , I mean you can’t forget the performance of Jack Nicholson in the Shining and Kathy Bates in Misery .

If you have a spare time and You love to read ,then I recommend that you buy it and read it ,it is worth it. If you find the film shown on TV then watch it.

The Justification Of A Prince of War

I saw an interview of Samir Geagea with the Wael Al Abrashi on Dream TV2 this week . Geagae has visited Egypt lately and met for the first time with the President of Egypt , With Mubarak. This visit sparked some criticism in Egypt. The President of Egypt should not meet and shake the hands with a prince of war or rather War Criminal like Geagea. The bloody and black record of Geagae and his Lebanese forces can’t be erased simply with his apology.
Already I feel that the man is not regretting about what he had done in his interview as he was justifying and giving reasons of why he was cooperating with Israel and why some of the Christians of Lebanon trained their forces in Israel.
I do not find any reason or justification for what he had done in the war along with his team. Do not tell me to judge on the circumstances because all what I know that not only the Muslims and Druzes were victims of Geagea but also the other Christian sects that did not approve his political view.
I hate his justification or rather the comparison between the Peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and his relation with the Israelis ,it is different thing totally.
He can justify what he had done from here to eternity but he must know that his enemies like Hezbollah also justify what they are doing currently for the circumstance.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is the measure of success here ??

The American administration at last admitted that the American army launched an operation in Syria. It turned out that they launched this operation in order to get rid from an Iraqi so-called terrorist.It was The Red blood :( successful according to the American army measures ; Mission was accomplished and the man was killed.

Of course the Iraqi wasn’t killed alone , there were 8 people who were killed in the attack of the American troops in Syria.

This is very dangerous escalation , I mean this is another country whose sovereignty was hacked with no respect what so ever to international laws at all. Killing innocent people with no respect what so ever , it won’t be a new thing for the American army in Iraq or in its history.

Syria had all the right to launch a counter attack against those American troopers with my all respect , it makes me sad to know that The funeral of the locals there are no enough Syrian troops  on the borders.I will not lie and say that I was not happy when I heard the threat of the Syrian FM that his country would answer back the next time something like this to happen, hopefully they will be men of their word.I respect the Syrian decision to escalate the matter to the UN and the security Council.

The Arab league and Egypt issued official statements of rejection to this attack,I am happy that my country at last issued that statement slamming the U.S raid.But on the other hand I am totally sad for the Iraqi official opposition for justifying the raid yesterday then wishing that that would not affect the Iraqi-Syrian relations !! Of course the Iraqi officials had to change the tune today with the majority if not all the Arab countries with Syria.

May be I do not have to speak about Iraq now because after all it is not an independent country ,it is a country ruled by invasion forces regardless of what is said.

I don’t understand why America launches this attack at the time The American school when its relations with the Syrians began to mend , but after this attack I think the Syrians decided to close the American school and cultural center in Damascus , it is their right.

Does Bush and Neocons want to leave for the new president “hopefully Obama” heavy burden more than the one that it exists ?? Opening new fronts or what ?? Why does this man insist on making the people hate America more and more ??

You Did not Think So From Three Days ago , Your Father Did not say so Last week

I found a strange statement of Mr.Gamal Mubarak Yesterday in a public meeting that we should not underestimate the effects of the global financial crisis on the Egyptian Economy. Well I do not underestimate the effect of the global financial crisis on our economy but he ; Gamal; did underestimate from three days ago !!

Yes in another public meeting from three days ago he said that there was no fear on our economy from the global crisis !!?? Is it a short memory ?? Or things seem different from three days ago !!??

In fact what he said is against what his father had said last week and what the rest ministers are promoting the fantasy that nothing is going to affect our strong growing economy !!! Oh brother.

No It Is Not A Personal Freedom Issue , It Is A Sick Pervert Issue.

I was not going to speak or to follow up about the swingers case in Egypt but something made me change my mind. I found this in Yahoo ! News . What personal freedom  Mr. Hossam Bahget is speaking about !!??

Does this pervert behaviour become acceptable under the name of personal freedom ?? What personal freedom ?? This is free prostitution , sick free prostitution !!?? 

It is not about Consensual sex between adults , it is sick thing against all odds , against the idea of marriage itself in all the religions  all over the world. It is against the human rights in my opinion.

It is so sick when I read more about it in the newspapers ,the details and the confessions made me so angry and so sick , have we reached to this ??

By the way it seems that this swingers club was a group on the facebook , yes the facebook ,already believe it or not I made a quick search and I found three swingers Arab groups , one a very private group in Egypt ,another one in KSA and the last one in Emirates. The bad use of technology ,what I can say !!??

The police forces are not wrong this time ,do not play the game of personal freedom and freedom this time for God sake.

The bad news is when I asked and searched I found out those two perverts may go away with it because there is nothing in the Egyptian law that prohibits Wife swap as far I could tell , it was not a prostitution and despite it is considered adultery husbands are in it too , it is complicated from the legal way , I mean they did not imagine when they put the laws that something like this would happen !!

For sure the Egyptian laws need to be updated for moral and sexual crimes like this.

By the way I amazed to know that many of couple members in this shameful club are from outside Cairo and most if not all of them are from the Middle Class !!

I just wonder if they have kids or not !!??

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Unhappy Yemen

The Yemeni people are suffering now because of the terrible floods , thousands are now homeless and hundreds are reportedly either missing or dead .
Of course the Arab countries especially from the Gulf will give aid but I am wondering about the war lords there , yes the war lords in Yemen , the fighting tribes in the mount.Instead of spending millions of dollars on arms why do not they start helping their follow citizens !!??
The Yemen is another part of the Arab world that suffers alot from a long time.
Yemen is known in the Arab world as the Happy Yemen like Green Tunisis and Protected Egypt . Now it is the unhappy !!
By the way my grand father was from the early journalists to visit Yemen in 1940s , he told me that it is very beautiful country.

This Is Another Country dear

Yesterday a U.S army helicopter entered the Syrian borders attacking and killing 8 innocent construction workers who did nothing wrong except that they were in Al-Boukamal area near the Iraqi borders !!

Here is the news from SANA and also from Haaretz .

Now can you tell what was this U.S helicopter doing in Syria ?? Did the pilot make a mistake ?? And how can he make a mistake like this ?? This is another country dear , another border or they consider the area of Al-Boukamal an Iraqi area as it was founded by Iraqi immigrants in the 19th century !!??

And this mass murder operation was it part of the plan ?? To kill civilians people including women !!?? But instead of the Iraqis they killed Syrians

I mean I can’t comprehend it because you do not go like that in to another country killing its people and say Sorry dear it is a mistake , a mistake may be when there is a sand storm and you kill one but not when it is clear and you kill 8 people !!??

Does G.W.Bush want to start another war with Syria with very few days in the office so he can make it hard for Obama ??

Muslim is the new black

Sometimes I think that the attack on Barack Obama and the fact that his father was a Muslim from a Muslim country is not the real reason of all this hatred to Obama. Some times I feel that some of this hatred goes to the fact that Obama is a black man and there is still race issue in America , a strong race issue.

You know why I am saying this because after spending sorry wasting nearly an hour yesterday in Republicans’ blogs I found out that it is not about his Islamic origins , I mean he denied that he was Muslim and so they tired to find something new “He is a socialist ,He is a communist” ,they are over that he used to know Palestinian professors in Chicago and now they are concentrating on Ayres  !! From Islamic terrorism to Domestic leftist terrorism !!!

Yes I understand the fear of Islam and the fear of Socialism but I think there are some people in America who are still inside them hate the fact that a black man will be a president of the United States, they do not want this to happen and they do not want to say it because they know that they will be labelled as racists by their follow Americans and the world , the same world who got sick of the claims of the Republicans about democracy and equity , those people are the basis of the Republican party. And thus they are trying to attack other aspects in him ,his African and Islamic roots and his past relations.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Again news of corruption and bribe scandals that did not reach to our media

To be honest I only read at Al Dostor last week ,yet till now there was no other publication has published anything about this new corruption scandal.

Halliburton ; the oil American giant is facing another scandal involves investigation and it is not about the oil of Iraq and Dick Cheney this time, the new scandals involves bribes in the third world country.And of course we are on the top of the list of the third world country and thus the name of Egypt is mentioned in the Halliburton blessing record !! {Blessing record is an expression means the bribe list, it is widely used in Egypt since the infamous Rayan scandal where the people found out that he kept records of the officials used to take from money as bribes under the name of Blessing record !!}

Egypt,Nigeria and Yemen are among the countries whose officials Albert Stanley were bribed by Halliburton  according to the confession of the former executive of Halliburton’s KBR Albert Jack Stanley who plead guilty earlier this month for bribery. By the way Cheney was behind Stanley’s  promotion in the company when he ran the oil giant from 1995 and 2000.

hundreds of millions of dollars were paid by Halliburton and its international partners to the third world corrupted government to get contracts.

There is no more information about the deals and contracts not to mention the exact amount of bribes paid to the Egyptian officials mainly in the Oil ministry ,the only mention of Egypt in his official plea of guilty agreement in front the Taxes court was as follows :

In or about June 2001, STANLEY caused EPC Contractor* Al to enter into consulting agreements for the Yemen LNG project and the Egypt LNG project with BVI Consulting Company. In or about April 2003,STANLEY caused EPC Contractor Al to enter into a consulting agreement for the Indonesia LNG project with BVI Consulting Company. In each of these agreements, EPC Contractor Al promised to pay BVI Consulting Company a success fee of $10 million.Pursuant to the agreement for the Egypt LNG project, EPC Contractor A1 paid BVI Consulting Company a total of $1 0 million between February 2002 and July 2003.

The Egypt LNG project is not the only KBR project in Egypt : They got an Ammonia Planet  in 2006

The Yemen LNG project is one of the biggest projects of KBR in the Middle East till now along with the project of Ammonia in Egypt beside the Egypt LNG project.

In 2005, KBR's services in the Middle East, accounted for 59% of its sales.

Anyhow we leave KBR and Stanley and we go to our officials and our country , it is well known in a corrupted country like Egypt investors whether local or foreigner must know the rules of playing it right, it is well known that  you have to pay a bribe despite it is unethical.There has been no official reaction till now over these important confessions as if they are not there and to be honest I did not expect it. of course in a democratic transparent country there should be a parallel investigation in cooperation with the American authorities , of course such investigation can lead the arrest and the resignation of many officials in the Oil ministry if they found guilty including the oil minister himself , again in a democratic transparent country.

To be honest I got sick from the Oil ministry Sameh Fahmy and his statements that made from Egypt an unofficial OPEC country !!

This reminds me with the infamous Siemens bribery scandal if you remember it.

I hope that someone from the opposition in the Parliament raises the issue in the next parliamentary session starting next month insh Allah.

Links to read if you want to know more about the scandal that would have been in the news headlines if it were not for the the financial crisis still it made a big noise in the oil world.

*EPC contractor means Engineering Process Control or Engineering, Procurement & Construction.

The first swingers club in Egypt !!

The vice police arrested in the weekend a man and his wife operating a secret swinger club for wife swapping , yes you read it right !!
The big disgraceful news made the headlines in all crime pages and sometimes front pages ,it is first time in the history of Egypt to have something like this.
The police arrested the married couple who operated that club and currently search for other 44 married couples who were members in that club.
The man is 48 years governmental official and his wife is 38 years old veiled Arabic school teacher !! Yes the wife is veiled Arabic school teacher , it was a shock to me because I understand or I know that a woman like her should have better knowledge of her religion and her culture , she is raising generations for God Sake !!

Anyhow the press is speaking of some foreign Hebrew Kurdish Iraqi relation
It turned out according tot he confessions of the man he took that idea from an online Kurdish Jew from Iraq !! With my all due respect the other 44 families or married couples were not seduced by the Kurdish Jew from Iraq , it is their mistake.
Well Swingers clubs and wife swapping are not new ideas in the world despite the social rejection to such ideas
Something is totally wrong , a veiled Arabic teacher goes in a relationship the least can be described adulterous with the knowledge and the approval of her pimp husband !!
I told you that the society in Egypt is radical and I was right.
What is Astonishing is that this idea would be found in the A Class in Egypt not the middle Class.

Is there a new drug in town or something ??

"This is somehow old post I did not post from two weeks ago still I think it is discussing an important issue"
 I don't have any kind of explanation to the growing and alarming sexual harassment in Egypt. I can't find an explanation why 200 young men ran widely to harass sorry to nearly rape 5 or 3 girls in the street .It is a sort of a group thinking but those 200 don't know each other , may be each 5 or 6 of them form a group but to attack in this mass way without any kind of thinking ,it is a strange if you think about thoroughly.Already in the latest incident of Gamat Doula street,all those young men were all from the same area still it does not explain why they acted in this mass savagaly way.
Is it a sort of group thinking may be ?? Are they stoned to the level that if someone scream and say "A trophy or a woman" they will run behind it like wild animals?? Do they take a new drug that make them feel horny with my apology to use that word ??
Still what kind of a drug 200 person take it in the same moment ?
It is not a dress code because according to the studies the veiled women are harassed more , the women in Gamat Al Doula were veil and evne a Nakab, in fact now the preganent women are harassed now
I have read that a group of young men not more than 20 years harassed a pregnant woman in Port Said , yes Port Said ,it is no longer a Cairo thing , the poor lady was sent to a hospital and lost her baby and her husband,he tried to defend her entering a fight with those losers but he could not stand against them.
They are wild animals for sure still when animals don't attack other animals except in defense or in the need of food.
But these are humans.
For sure the absences of security , the role of Police in the society plays an important role here but the society role is much more important and it is more absent than the Police , the public refusal and rejection to this unaccepted behavior without no justification .In the past if some boy was caught in the street harassing a girl verbally ,he would be sent to the Police station and have his hair cut as a bald regardless of the what the girl was wearing or acting in the street ,so that would be his mark , it was not a regular thing like today to have bald boys in the society and thus he would be marked as harasser and people would disrespect him in the street,can you imagine it !!??
We got a huge problem that now became world famous : The sexual harassment , women tourists now are warned before coming in Egypt and I doubt that any woman tourist would think to spend her holiday in Cairo after the shocking testimonies of the women tourists.
The crime rate in Egypt has increased rapidly ,open the newspaer's crime page ,any newspaper "not tabliod" and you will know what I mean , the Sexual harassment is a crime so it is not strange with the absence of law and security , with the increase of the drug use , the increase of poverty and employement along with the changes of the socail morals .The society seems from outside going ultraconstrative but from inside it is not constrative at all , it is going radical all the way.
How to combat the sexual harassment ??
Law and Order
Law and Order will keep all those wild animals in their cages behind the bars.

Now it reached to Libya

Remember the strange phenomena I spoke about occurring in our northern coasts at Marsa Matrouh , guess what it has reached to Libyan coasts !!
Now the fishes are dead also on the shores there. The government dispatched a team of experts from Cairo University along with radiation experts , yes it seems that Cairo thinks there are some wastes in the area.
what are these wastes ?? Are they Chemical or Nuclear ?? and who left them in that area in our water ??
Updates : The experts said that there were no nuclear radiation or wastes still they did not identify what kind of wastes or what is the cause behind this alarming phenomena !!?? 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It evolved to in Turkey

I have just known that domains are all blocked in Turkey just like thank to creationist Adnan Oktar. With my all due respect did someone told the judge that not all the blogs in and are with evolution theory and against Creationism and Oktar ??

Did someone told the judge that not all the blogs in and are speaking about that matter !!??

With my all respect I am Muslim blogger who believe in the Islamic creationism as part of her belief yet I am blocked in Turkey just like millions of bloggers like me.

Banning websites and whole domains won’t cancel evolution theory I am afraid ,this is plain stupid and wrong with my all due respect to the judge !!

An Eye for An Eye; A rumour for A rumour

There was a rumour circulating in the Arabic Media that there was an attempt to assassinate the Mossad Chief Mier Dagan in his visit to Meir Dagan Jordan on the 12th  October. Omer’s father seems to survive  some sort of an attack. Of course the Israelis denied despite he was there according to DEBKA
As far as I read it is not known who is the responsible for the alleged attack , after all you got many people in the Arab world who want to kill the chief of the Mossad , no of course for personal reasons. It is a daring act for sure it were true.
Anyhow this Wednesday I found a front page News @ Al Arabiya saying that Hassan Nasrallah from couple of weeks was poisoned by a chemical substance in Lebanon and a team of 15 doctors from Tehran came immediately in an Iranian Military Chopper from 4 days in Beirut international airport ,that team was transferred by Hezbollah so it can save its leader. Hezbollah has officially denied this and considered it a rumour .
Anyhow both men are kicking but there are many questions in my mind .
The timing between each rumour or even incident is very interesting. If We consider them real , did Hezbollah tried to kill Dagan in Amman and so Israel tried to get Nasrallah in return ??  Of course we should not forget that Nasrallah is on the head of Israel list men should be killed any time any place what ever the expenses are. I won’t be surprised to know that they are trying to kill him right now. I wish that in case of Hassan Nasrallah this would be a rumour. If he speaks on TV soon on air ,that would be great.
Anyhow if those turned to be real rumours than we are in front of rumours war between Israel and Hezbollah.
The source of the Dagan story or rumour is the Jordanian media where as in the story or rumour of  Nasrallah’s poisoning is an Iraqi e-newspaper called “Al Malaf” which I have never about before this , in fact the website became famous after spreading this story that made headlines in major news channels like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya and major news sites like Elaph. “Al Malaf” is insisting that it story is real and it is saying that its correspondent is being followed by Hezbollah for leaking the story to the world !!
Anyhow as I said this won’t change anything from the real truth that many people in the Arab world want to kill the chief of the Mossad and Israel wants to kill Hezbollah chief , this is not a rumour ,it is well known fact.
Updates: Today Al Manar TV aired an interview with Hassan Nasrallah himself denying the rumour of being poisoning, the man considered it a part of the psychological war from Israel against his country.

Who leaked these reports and pictures to the media ??

Last week the Egyptian readers found themselves in front a new flood of Suzanne Tamim murder related stuff.

Al Masry Al Youm and Al Dostor each claimed an exclusive scoop of publishing the confessions of both El-Sokary and Hisham Talaat Mustafa in front of the D.A , already I do not know how both newspaper got it where as these confessions are supposed to be confidential. I understand that this leak happened in Egypt .Already they did not say anything different from what was announced before , both denied the charges and both accused each other of framing the other. Of course there were provocative statements of Mustafa that he hosted late Tamim in the Four Season Nile Plaza as an act of charity !!! Hisham news was bit comic to be honest.

And there are the interesting statements of El-Sokary Pasha who warned Mustafa of getting involved anymore with Junkie Suzanne and her murderer brother not to mention that Mustafa left his wife for three years and lived with Suzanne to the end of tabloid jazz , you know if I were in the place of the D.A, I swear I would feel sick.

It did not stop at those two morons’  confessions but also they published the forensic reports from Dubai . It did not stop at explaining how she was murdered unfortunately but it crossed the lines and the readers found themselves in front of a list of the plastic surgeries late Suzanne had done s. Not that only but  it reached to the brands late Suzanne wore even her underwear and that she had the period when she was murdered !!

I do not care about these details , yes may be the forensic details on how she was murdered and the injury that caused her death are important despite the average reader may not understand or imagine it like the professionals but this is a cheap media if I am going to speak about the underwear and her period.

Now we leave the printed media to the online media ,last week “Elaph”, the famous Arabic E-newspaper published a horrible photo for Suzanne Tamim after her murder from the crime scene itself, a terrible photo also leaked from Dubai or may be from Cairo , I do not know from where but I know it should not find its way to press , this is not freedom of expression.

I have seen the photo and I decided not to publish it because it is terrible , already removed the photo and apologized to the readers , of course after it was late because most people downloaded and posted in other websites and forums.

The photo is horrible,it shows the deadly cut in her throat with the lifeless look in her eyes. But I wonder what kind of Swiss knife can cause this wound, yes it turned out in the court that El-Sokary alleged killed her with a Swiss army Knife not a military special forces knife as it was announced earlier !! Already I remember the Judge in the trial showed a Swiss knife similar to this knife , the wound is deep and I think to cut that terrible cut in her throat she should be still but according to the forensic report she fought but of course she was already weaker than allegedly El-Sokary and she had the period I would not expect her to fight. Another thing why to stab her in her hips if you cut her throat like this !!?? 

These are all leaks that should not find its way to the public. Now I feel more than ever that the regime is behind these leaks so the public would be diverted from the economic crisis that has just started and God knows when it ends !!

I will be damned…

Man if this happens then I will be damned….

Al Wafad newspaper said last Wednesday that Ahmed Ezz will be the scapegoat of the coming NDP Conference next month. The newspaper said Zachariah Azami “Old guard is taking his place and that his buddy GM is not longer his buddy !!

Remember what I said last month during the Hisham Talaat Mustafa Mania.

Already Ahmed Ezz has disappeared suddenly from the arena with no good explanation , the head of the economic committee did not appear in any media outlet to comment about the economic crisis and he did not appear in the current NDP conferences and meetings across the country.He has just suddenly disappeared.

Strangely he disappeared and suddenly the vice-head of the NDP Youssef Wali appeared after years this week welcoming the return of the Pope from the U.S. Wali returned looking so so so old.

I forget to remind you Wali left Egypt after the ministerial change that followed the scandal of the Carcinogenic pesticides.

I see old guards gaining power over and over after all the neo guards are falling around : Hisham Talaat Mustafa and Hossam Badrawy not to mention Ahmed Ezz.

Yes Badrawy after his hospital scandal can be expelled from the committee.

Ahmed Ezz and Gamal should learn from the old guards , the men of all times !!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I did not expect to see her there.

To be honest  I did not expect seeing Egypt’s first lady Suzanne Mubarak at the funeral of Sister Emmanuelle in France. Suzanne Suzanne and Chirac Mubarak attended the funeral service at the Notre dame cathedral along with other VIP guests from Presidents of France and other from all over the world as you can see.

It is nice move but I want to say something ,where was Suzanne Mubarak in the last 27 years from those poor people in Zabaleen area ??

Where is she from that terrible poor area ?? or she depends only the missionary charity work of the catholic churches ??

Strangely no official newspaper spoke about the life of Sister Emmanuelle and what she had done in Egypt , I do not know if it was for fear it would open a door of lots questions or what .Anyhow they will have to highlight it now after the first lady tribute to the late nun.

Suzanne in Notre Dame

Does the first lady know that there are lots of documentaries about the Zabaleen area in the world attacking the Egyptian government and sometimes the Egyptian Muslim population of deliberately forgetting about that area !!??

Another question did Jihan El-Sadat attend the funeral too ??

it is no longer in the poor people hospitals but rich people hospitals too !!

From two days ago Egyptians were surprised to know that two patients died in an expensive private hospital because of stupid human error of carelessness that should not happen in a hospital like that one.
The hospital is the famous Nile Badrawy Hospital in Maadi Badrawy owned by the famous NDP policies committee  member Dr. Hossam Badrawy , yeah the Hossam Badrawy ,the guy who always appears on TV channels and newpapers to speak about the achievements of the NDP and the reforms that party will lead , this guy by the way from the Neo-guards and close friends to Gamal Mubarak.
Two persons including a healthy 16 years old died because of a carelessness error in his hospital thanks to a malfunction in the oxygen tanks in the Operation room and incentive care !!  Three person would have died in the same way if they were not rescued at the right time !!
The health ministry had to close the operation room and the incentive care of the famous hospital for the time being , Badrawy is no longer the influential politician , the NDP Party sent a very important message in the Hisham Talaat Mustafa case “No more protection for sinners”
To be honest I was shocked when I knew what happened in the Nile Badrawy because in the month  of August my mom had an operation there and it was a serious one , thank God she came out of fine , I had confidence in the hospital and I recommend it to my friend , after reading what happened to those two patients I felt that my mom was lucky and I thank God for that and told her you must thank God.
I do not know if the families of the two victims who died in that hospital will sue them or not , surely the wealthy parent of the the 16 years old kid helped a lot to bring the case in to the media but as that sad father said on Cairo Today’s show.
“What about the poor people in the public hospital !!??”
The scandals of the hospitals in Egypt did not stop here ,it has just started , forget about the Badrawy hospital scandal because it is nothing compared what happened in the the Police hospital in Agouza , the Police hospital follows the interior ministry.
There is a news published in Al Dostor newspaper that there is a radiation leak in the hospital that caused Cancerous tumors, 12 people suffered from these tumors including two nurses who got breast cancer last month. The administration of the hospital tried to keep it in secret but in vain.The source of the radiation leak is said to be in the heart section ,the pharmacy and the IC room.For your information in that building that there is a nuclear scans room .The newspaper is reporting that there were nuclear experts who scanned that building. It seems that leak was for months and that beside the stuff may be there was some kind of increase death rates in the heart section for diseases not related to heart diseases, this is my assumption.
Now personally my mom’s cousin “ a veteran police general” who died last month was in the heart section ,he used to suffer from heart problems and frequently went there , he entered the hospital in the beginning of Ramadan for heart and lungs problem,it was not a serious problem that can kill on the contrary the doctors put hopes that he will return back home after two weeks but the condition was not getting any better but on contrary it was getting worse and the doctors did not know why ,one day a doctor told his sister that she thought he may have a tumor but did not know where and that the following day they would have new tests to be sure.Next day he died and it turned that there was a cancer tumor that all doctors were surprised to find it , his body could not handle any all those diseases  , heart disease that affected his lungs and a tumor in his body. Today we told his sister who is already divested and she believed he could have died because of this leak , of course we can’t be sure 100%. Egyptian people do not like to go and inquire in such stuff after death , it is like a wound you do not open also they know that their inquiry will hit a wall in the end.I think I am doing here what I think is my role to raise the topic.
Still people should demand an investigation ,we should change this culture of silence and defeat , yes we believe that death and its timing are written before our birth but it is our duty to stop this carelessness ,huge carelessness because we will be asked in front of God about this.
I really respect the father of the 16 years old teenager who died in Nile Badrawy because he did not give up , yes his position helped  him to do so but look how many people were survived with what he had done.
Updates : The interior ministry has denied the news and said that the Police hospital is fine and that they did not hide anything and the proof is the Nile Badrawy Hospital !! with my all due respect Nile Badrawy despite being private hospital still it follows the health ministry not the interior ministry according to my humble information !!

He did not accept an invitation to the holy land so he can accept this invitation.

The Israeli press is speaking about so called an invitation from Mubarak to Hassan Nasrallah to meet him in Cairo . Of course Cairo  and Hezbollah did not comment.
But I won’t be surprised if it turned to be true because Egypt is trying to restore her position in Lebanon but it is in vain for the reasons I mentioned before most importantly we are no longer leaders but rather followers.
Even if Mubarak had invited Nasrallah and it would not be the first time ,do you think that Nasrallah would have accepted the invitation and came to Cairo by air or by sea so the Israelis would hunt him down !!??
Come on people this man refused in 2006 an invitation from the King of Saudi Arabia to pilgrimage in the Holy Land for fear that he would be assassinated in his way to Mecca , some people will say that he is coward ,may be the Sid is but do you know that his assassination can drag the whole region to war and believe me there are crazy people in Israel and in the American administration that won’t give damn for the consequences.
It is good thing that Mubarak is trying to connect with Hezbollah ,I do not know if it is too late or not but let’s remember Hassan Nasrallah and Walid Jumblatt are now friends !! Kameel Shamon used to hate Egypt and Nasser and now his son is always invited in the Egyptian Embassy parties and cocktails in Beirut.
For sure the start of the diplomatic relations with Syria and that calming situation in Beirut somehow play an important role here. Hopefully one day Mubarak will invite Bashar Al-Assad soon.
Update : Cairo has denied inviting Nassarallah to Egypt 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So he was in London on the 5th of October 1973 !!

I felt that after the Suzanne Tamim circus I will not be able to complete my series about the real X-File “The murder of Ashraf Marwan”

Already last week in the anniversary of the 6th October war ,I found  news saying that UK decided to appoint a new investigation team to restart the inquiry again in the case as if the new investigation team will ever reach to something solid in this enigmatic crime.

Anyhow from two days ago I found Amr El-Lathy speaking on Nile Live about his new book based upon the documentary series he made in the TV about the incident. El-Lathy is promoting the theory that Marwan was a double agent working for the Egyptian intelligence sake.

Now during the show El-Lathy  denied the Israeli claims that Marwan was in London on the 5th of October 1973 where he contacted with the Israeli officials to inform them that there would be war next day and so he called Egyptian NDP Businessman  and former pilot NossairMohamed Nossair so the later would share his testimony about this incident. It seems that El-Lathy thought that Nossair would confirm his claim but it was a strange thing on air to find Nossair saying that Marwan was in London on the 5th of October 1973 !!!

Yes Marwan was in London on the 5th of October 1973. Already I do not understand why Nossair was in London but it seems that he was friend to Marwan. Nossair said that he met on the 5th of October 1973 in the morning the manager of Egypt Air in London who told him that he and the manager of Egypt Air in France received restricted orders from Cairo that they should transfer all the Egypt Air airplanes from the London and Paris airports to Tripoli in Libya , there was no further explanation for this urgent and restricted order. Nossair did not understand or know what was going so he went to his friend that he was working in the president’s office : Marwan. Do not ask me why Marwan was in  London in that time but Marwan was there and he was staying in the Churchill hotel in Marylebone. Anyhow Nossair went to his buddy asking him what is going on. Smart Marwan did not know that important information ,it did not take him long to guess that there would be very soon war , you see Egypt feared that our airplanes would be taken in London or Paris or that they would be bombed in Cairo international airports . He told Nossair that there would be a war soon.

He was staying in a suite ,he left Nossair and went to the bed room make some phone calls !!?? He told him to tell Kamal Adham who was in London then immediately and yes Kamal Adham , the CIA man , now do not ask me from where Nossair then knew Adham , Marwan may have known Adham from his work.

El-Lathy did not comment and I felt he was uncomfortable  where as Nossair was speaking normally. By the way I forget to say that Nossair was known to be arms dealer later but not during that time just like Marwan,of course Adham was another arms dealer.

Now let’s go back to this short but strong testimony from a man like Nossair.

it seems to me that Marwan did not know there was going to be a war like what was said in Israel and also in Egypt by some people that he knew the date of the war from his position in the President’s office despite it was well known according to many testimonies the date of war was sealed in envelopes delivered directly to the president and to the commanders of the army hand by hand for their eyes only , no one knew in the office or the house of Al Sadat that the war would be launched on the 6th of October 1973. Marwan if he knew ,knew by accident , he was trained enough by Samy Sharaf enough despite he turned against him.

Now shall I dare and ask what he was doing in London ?? why some people denied that he was in London ??

The Israelis did not lie when they said that he was in London on the 5th of October 1973 but did he meet an Israeli official on that night to inform about that belief or the assumption he had ??

Another question why did Nossair speak now ???

Many Many questions could be answered so easily if a single official statement is issued by the Egyptian intelligence.