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Old Is Gold : Ya Mustafa Ya Mustafa

The original Ya Mustafa Ya Mustafa by Bob Azzam from a Swiss TV show.

Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa

Bob Azzam or Waddie George Azzam was a Palestinian Greek Orthodox "unlike what Wikipedia claims" who was born in Nazareth in 1925 and grew up in Egypt. With huge passion for Music Azzam found an international hit in Franco Arab "Ya Mustafa Ya Mustafa" that was composed by the legendary Egyptian singer and composer Mohamed Fawzi in 1950s. In 1960s Azzam headed to Europe to start an era from popularity and success with his catchy light music and cheerful voice but of course by 1970s his type of music began to fade away. He died in Monaco in 2004. He had never forgotten Egypt and how a little catchy song launched his career. I once saw his picture in Al Ahram visiting our embassy in France.

Ironically Bob Azzam was discovered by Mohamed Fawzi , the same man who discovered Dalida or Yolunda ;)

ElBaradei To Reuters : The Key Is The Silent Majority

The key is the silent majority of the Egyptians, and if the silent majority subscribes to this National Front. I think that will make a very big difference
Mohamed ElBaradei
Garana compound , Giza Governorate
February 27th 2010
Here is Mohamed ElBaradei's Reuters interview , now exactly he has spoken 3 times in Egypt to the media directly : Mona El-Shazely interview, Al Dostor interview and Reuters interview.
Now Mohamed ElBaradei is speaking of the general disobedience option , I hope that people really begin to understand what it is.
People are talking about all sorts of things and they might go to civil disobedience if there is no change
Of course he does not refer to the people in the previous quote to the Egyptian people in general but rather to the activists and nationalists.
Here are couple of photos for Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei in his villa at Garana compound.

This is villa , this is house , it is so simple in a strange way !!

The Craziness Has Reached Algeria

Last Thursday the main news in Arab news channel was the assassination of the national police chief. It is for sure was the news of the hour considering the security situation in Algeria and also the political situation there. Ali Tounsi

The murder of General Tounsi was surprising and shocking and what is more shocking is that he was shot by an officer , not a terrorist in the battle field

The official statement  from the Algerian ministry of interior is that he was killed by an insane officer !!

Egypt for sure has an effect on the Arab world regardless of what our Arab brothers in Algeria say !!

Now to the incident itself , well I read that it may be related to the Sonatrach financial scandal and that that crazy officer was involved in the corruption case. I am really curious to know whether that crazy officer had really committed suicide or he was said committed suicide !!??

For sure the murder of Tounsi  will become an Algerian X-file whose truth won't be revealed except by real democracy.

Shobeir's Fight in The Parliament

Here is what proves that the NDP includes all the scum in the country,this video below was filmed through a mobile phone camera in the parliament during the feud between MP Ahmed Shobeir and a MP from the Muslim brotherhood that reached to the level of smears and assault attempt from Shobeir's side of course.
The MB MP was accusing Shobeir of playing a suspicious role in Tanta flex strike crisis for the favor of the Saudi investor , he only told him that his role was suspicious and suddenly he found himself in front of a mad man calling him all kind of names jumping over the table in order to attack him physically. MP Hamden Sabhi saved the day by standing between them.
Now here is the video of the incident , you should listen carefully because the sound and video's quality are not that great.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Earth In Chile And Threat To 1/4 of The World

We all knew today that Chile had an earthquake that made Haiti's earthquake look like a picnic !! Up till now the number of death toll is not final and it may rise despite I feel that it is not that high like Haiti's early death toll but let's remember that we only heard about this terrible earthquake except today morning when it hit the misfortunate country at night.

Now all the countries on the Pacific ocean fear from coming tsunamis as a reaction. It is just strange because Okinawa in Japan suffered from a strong earthquake on the other side of the Atlantic hours before Chile !!

For more photos check the big picture and Yahoo ! News gallery

Regarding The Nubian Issue

The case of Nubia is back again on the surface as a challenge the Mubarak regime is trying to ignore till it explodes like other problems we have in Egypt despite its negative effect on our national security. The problem that started after the constructing the high dam can be simply summarized that the government took the land from the Nubian Egyptians displacing them in order to build the dam yet unfortunately the three successive regimes did not and have not compensated them as they should.
They have not given them new land at lake Nasser as they were promised in 1960s instead of their land on the banks of the Nile that were used for the High Dam. They have not given them the appropriate money compensation they deserve. They also did not care to improve their living conditions in their new villages faraway from the Nile.
Now the case is being used against Egypt from time to time and some people want it to make as a repression case against minorities and ethnics internationally despite the fact that the same tragedy can happen to any other Egyptian in the country.
I will not speak about the previous regimes of Nasser and Sadat but I will speak about the current Mubarak regime which has been in rule for 28 years. What has the Mubarak regime done to the Egyptians at Nubia ?? Nothing despite the promising speeches and insistence on the Egyptian identity of Nubia.
The solutions of the Nubian issue are very simple and easy , allocate pieces of lands on lake Nasser banks to the people and improve their living conditions for real , of course the first suggestion is much easier than the later because I swear other villages in Egypt suffer as much as the villages of Nubia suffer in their own ways.
By the way you should know some interesting fact , suddenly Aswan has become a very hot spot for big hotel developments and construction companies in Egypt like for instance Amer Group is going to build Porto Aswan that will affect ecology in the area , OHD will build the Amoun Island resort , PHD along with Taj hotels will build a huge hotel there too. By the way back to OHD I found out that they have another project in Aswan on Lake Nasser , the same Lake the Nubian Egyptians should own land on its banks.
d8aed8b1d98ad8b7d8a9-d8a7d984d986d988d8a8d8a9-d8b4d8b1d983d8a9-d8a7d984d8a8d8add98ad8b1d8a7d8aa-d8b3d8a7d988d98ad8b1d8b31I am not against tourism investment in Aswan on the contrary but I believe our people's needs are more important. Yes these projects will provide jobs but not all the people there want to work in the tourism sector , they want their land back to cultivate it again like they have done thousands of years ago.
The Nubian Egyptians are unique part of the Egyptian mosaic in the country and we should work on keeping them in this mosaic.
Honestly the Nubian issue would have been solved like any other problem in this country through democracy and proper representation from a very long time.

Mohamed ElBaradei Speaks To The Youth And The Youth Ask How We Can Help

Of course he is not speaking to those youth who sold their country's future for the NDP's power and influence starting with EGP 1500 to trash opponents online !!

This vide message was recorded last Wednesday during ElBaradei's meeting with the administrators of ElBaradei's campaign on the Facebook. 

Mohamed ElBaradei message to the Youth

Now to the main question not only the youth ask but all Egyptians ask :

How can we help ?? What shall we do ??

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad Day For Blogging in Egypt Yesterday

Yesterday was a bad for blogging Egypt , again bloggers had to pay big price for blogging and writing what is in on their mind without any hypocrisy.

I do not know which blogger I will start with ; well ladies first and so I will start with blogger Founon.

Blogger Founon  has been fired from job as marketing manager in the company she used to work because she wrote a post about ElBaradei mania or rather referring to the dark times we are living in.

Founon blogs anonymous , yet unfortunately she links her blog to her Facebook notes and so her contacts have access to her blog and her posts. The CEO of the company is on her Facebook's contacts and he has read what she had written and believed that she is dangerous on the company and must leave it !! Founon like the many of us working in the private sectors companies Egypt did not sign a contract and thus she suddenly found herself without a job and without any rights because a single blog post. Founon is not the first blogger to be fired unfortunately in Egypt because their blog posts.

Now if you think that this bad then you must hear what happened to blogger Ahmed Mustafa because it is much more dangerous on many levels. Ahmed Mustafa is a blogger from Kafr El-Sheikh governorate .From a year ago he wrote a post about incident in the war school where a student was fired for no apparent reason except someone rich wanted his place according to the family of that student. Anyhow from a month ago he received an alert from the security regarding that post and also 6th of April Youth activities before Mubarak's visit to the governorate and that's it. Yet yesterday he was detained and according to his family he will stand in front of the marshal court after 3 days !! Of course I must hint out that he received a threatening comment from a student in school called Tamer on the 26th of January.Tamer comments

I respect the army very much and I think that this incident is very dangerous especially that from I understand from Mohamed Adel's post about the matter the military intelligence is involved in the matter. From a legal point of view Mustafa should not be prosecuted in front of a military court. From a logic point of view he should not prosecuted at all because he did not breach any military secrets. I know that many of the graduates and students of the war school would be offended with his accusations but he was just reporting what he has been told about as his role to expose corruption. Of course his blogger , young blogger not a journalist so he could understand fully how to report the incident in the safest possible way but let's be frank here this is old post the army was not offended by till Mr. Tamer made it as an offense to the school's administration. Also if the army is in protecting its secrets why they do not go after all those military forums which freak me with their huge amount of info about our current military status not to mention the YouTube videos and Facebook photos of officers and soldiers online before detaining a simple blogger who believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity to serve in the army.

Again I respect the army so much and despite I have my doubts regarding the incident of the war school as I have relatives in the army and I know how things are there but I totally refuse what had happened to Mustafa who is just a messenger.

I hope that Mustafa does not suffer and the army would be more open minded than the police , already the army is from our last resorts in this nation.

ElBaradei : Let's Keep Him A Hope

As I promised here are my thought about Dr.Mohamed ElBaradei's return and his interview with Mona El-Shazely.

First of all I support this man in what he calls for , it is not about presidency and he made this crystal clear; he is speaking about a real political reform , a real change , a real The New Hope of Egypt way to save this country from its doomed fate you and I know 100% that the mother of the world is heading to after 28 years of Mubarak's rule or rather after more than 50 years of the one man rule.

What ElBaradei wants is a new constitution , real democratic constitution chosen by the people for the people. He said that if the people want this , then they must work with him. He will not and he can't do it alone as long as the people are sitting on their asses as they have done for the rest 50 years. Let's be frank to change this regime for once and for all peacefully the people must get up and do something , they are the real power.

The people want to change but they are afraid and you should not blame them because this is an ancient Egyptian heritage to be submissive to the pharaoh  and his regime since the dune of history. You should not blame them but rather you should encourage them to move like what they have done in their sudden revolts and uprisings. Do not spread this despair the Mubarak regime wants to have by being skeptical, again what he says is what we all say but thanks to his international status he is being heard more and he is being trusted more than all those fake and polluted big mouth politicians in Egypt with my all respect to them.

Those who says that he did not represent an electoral program has missed or rather did not understand what he is calling for exactly , it is not about the elections people it about a real drastic political reform to revive Egypt again.

Second of all I do not think that Mona El-Shazely was that bad or that vile as the press across the Arab world has been describing her."In Egypt, in Lebanon and in Algeria too"

Mona was more than professional in that interview and as someone who used to watch her since her days in ART I know that this interview is a remark of its own in her career. Mona unlike Amr Adib respects and supports ElBaradei even if she does not show it due to the undemocratic conditions in the country and also her professionalism that forces her to be neutral. Already I would not be happy if she appeared interviewing ElBaradei as if 10 years old fan were interviewing Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana. As an interviewer she should be neutral and also she should be the devil advocate in order to show the real views of her guest and how he thinks especially that this guest is ready to rule this country , Egypt. Questions need to be harsh when you interview someone like ElBaradei with what he says and wants to achieve.

Mona was not part of the regime in that episode with my all due respect , I know that many people do not like her "I do not know why' , I know that she had her ups "Khamini and Mahitir Mohamed..etc" and downs "Haifa Wahby and Ahmed Ezz" , Mona was doing her job as it should.

Already it did not matter how aggressive El-Shazely questions were because our man was the man and he answered all questions in our minds.

Back to the guest , well ElBaradei managed in this episode to win hearts and minds of millions of Egypt . Those who did not know who he was , knew who he is and what he says , those who were skeptical now believe him and those who supported him before started to act even virtually online  more frankly

In the past 72 hours after the interview the main unofficial ElBaradei group went from 70,000 members to 110,360 members "Wednesday , 24 February 2010 @11: Cairo Local time" taking in consideration there are two million Egyptians on the face book. You may consider it nothing as a virtual activism but let's remember that this virtual activism brought to us the 6th of April Youth.

when it hit the 99,999 by Ahmed Shokeir

ElBaradei's battle is not with Mubarak but rather with a whole regime , a whole system , the same system his father fought till death since the revolution. Mubarak is the evolution of Nasser's regime , no wonder he is still using the same men who were raised in that regime like Safwat El-Sharif and Kamal El-Shazely not to mention Mustafa El-Faky and Ali El-Din Halal this besides Fouad Allam too !!

The lack of democracy in time of Nasser is forcing us to pay up till now and this has to be stopped for the sake of our children and their future , at least if we try and fail ,they will not blame us like we are doing with our parents ; who knows may be they will continue in what we have started and succeed. The key is to start from now. Do Not kill the hope but encourage it till it becomes a reality.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Must Read These

I know that I post too much about Mohamed ElBaradei , well I think I am compensating the official media absence in this important moment in our country or shall I say the important opportunity we must seize for our children before ourselves. Now I would recommend you to read these articles and posts about ElBaradei because they are important and summarize what I think.
First from Egypt :
    Second from America :

Rains and Hails

Today is a real February day , a real winter day unlike that strange summer weather that we suffered from last week. Of course today was a real tough winter day I believe many people have not seen from many years including me. Today there have been rains all day long in most governorates and also for the first time after many years we see hails , yes hails.

hails 2

The last time I saw hail was while I was in school where I touched for the first time in my hands. Anyhow there was a huge sound and light in the sky today in Cairo.hailsHails have reportedly showed several governorates from Alexandria to Mansoura to West Cairo. Of course Alex is used to hails unlike other Egyptians in the country especially in Cairo who suddenly found small icy stones coming down the sky in to their cars.

Thank God tomorrow is a holiday because I can't imagine how our streets in Cairo will be drowning with muddy water.

I know for sure that many people enjoyed the rains today , the air during the rain is clean and fresh ; an air that we have missed for a long time in Cairo but there are other people whom we should think about like for instance our follow citizens who are living in shanty towns or our follow citizens in Sinai who are facing a possible threat of new heavy rains in the coming 48 hours.

I do not have doubt that the recent climatic change has role in this year's strange weather , from one week ago the temperature in Cairo was 36 degrees in February !! Can you believe that !!?? And now we got hails !!

Photo source : Masrawy

A Leak in Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai Mall Aquarium is the largest in the Middle East and some say that it is the largest in the world "I highly doubt it"

Now today the famous Dubai mall had to be evacuated because  there is a leak in the Aquarium , the largest aquarium in the Middle East. Here is the photo of the leak
The leak
The source 

ElBaradei Presents The National Front For Change

Here was Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei announcing the birth of the National Front for change or shall I call it 'NFC'

From Al Dostor daily , of course there are famous faces locally and internationally from all political views in Egypt who joined that front.


Hopefully this front will not meet the same doomed fate of other fronts formed in the past to restore back our rights.

By the way last Wednesday Dr. ElBaradei met representatives from the facebook activists and 6 of April youth along with women activists.

ElBaradei with the facebook youth 

Children of The Nile Abroad : I Vote

7 million Egyptians live outside this country whether as immigrants or as expats. These 7 million Egyptians are considered from the main sources of national income and hard currency to this country yet despite their importance to Egypt  they do not have the basic right of citizenship : To Vote in presidential elections vote
The right to vote is not available for Egyptians abroad despite many countries have this basic right for their citizens . I remember how the French embassy opened its doors to its citizens in Egypt so they would participate in the last presidential elections , in fact I remember how the Syrian embassy opened its doors to the Syrian elector citizens in Egypt so they could say Yes for Bashar Al-Assad in a carnival when our relations were good from couple of years ago. 
This is ABC of democracy , when we shall learn it !!?
Why someone like Dr. Ahmed Zowail or Dr. Mustafa El-Said does not have this right where as they consider themselves as proud Egyptians !!?
I think the Egyptians abroad should form unions and start thinking in exposing our regime through protests in front of our embassies around the globe demanding their basic right.
Here is a new group formed on the Facebook supporting this right and also supporting Mohamed ElBaradei.
 Update : 
- The Egyptians in UK promised to hold a protest next March holding ElBaradei posters
Here is another group formed on the facebook for the supporters of Mohamed ElBaradei in UAE , plz spread
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UNICEF : 28 Million Child In Egypt Live In Poverty

 UNICEF : Despite progress, millions of children still live in poverty in Egypt, UNICEF study says

Because these 28 million  child will grow up blaming us on their poverty , because these 28 million children will be doubled next year and we have done nothing to improve their future so they won't be curse on this country but rather a blessing force , I support Mohamed ElBaradei in his quest to change our current constitution.

We have a population problem , you can stop people from having babies like in China , in fact I do not agree on this misery in China but family planning programs have proven their failure in this country and we need to deal with this. Those children I described above as a blessing force because if we improve the conditions of this country and put an end to the regime corruption through new constitution that preserves to the citizen his or her basic rights , these children will find a clean water , a clean meal and a proper education.

Do not tell me that we got no money or resources , we got no money and resources under this regime my dear ones where the secretary of the minister of finance's salary is EGP 450,000 and a massive land is available to be reclaimed !!

I am sick of wondering where Mama Suzanne is or Papa Hosni but I love these international reports that expose their lies.

Those 28 million child suffering in Egypt are their plan to Egypt in 2020.

The Quote Of The Week : The Real party, The Real Power

My party is my people

Mohamed ElBaradei


Cairo Today , Al Youm Channel

Vienna, Austria


My thought is my power

Mohamed ElBaradei


10 PM Dream TV

6th of October Governorate,Egypt

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breaking News : A National Front

Is this a national front I see ? Is this a real national front that will work to restore back our basic rights as citizens in the oldest country this earth !!??
Will they succeed in achieving what we want !!?? Well they won't if they will act alone. We should be before them , we should be the real front that they represent.
Today Dr.ElBaradei hosted in his villa a huge meeting inviting politicians and intellectuals to discuss the future of this country. The meeting included representatives from the right to the left. Ayman Nour by the way has gone. Dr. ElBaradei also chose two TV channels to cover the big meeting , Dream TV2 and Al-Hurra , of course I have my own concerns on the later because now the regime media will say that he is an American agent using an American channel. Al Hurra has bad reputation I am afraid.
31482697 From the heart of the event thanks to dear Dr.Ahmed Shoukry

Follow Up : Adly Synagogue Arsonist

Well do not you love how quick our ministry of interior is !!?? After 48 hours of the sudden strange Molotov bombing attempt at the Adly St. Synagogue announced the arrest the arsonist who did this and guess what he turned to be a convicted drug dealer with a mental record  !! Yeah and this sick criminal suddenly felt sympathy to what the Palestinians are suffering from. Gamal Hussein

I know it seems like a joke , a silly one but it is true. There is an official press release with that nonsense. I am sorry if I call it nonsense but it does not make sense.

According to that official release the accused Gamal Hussein was mentioned in 1984 among the so-called Islamist groups who used to set fires in video stores but he was not included in the arrests nor the trails. After that in 1987 he started a long journey in the Middle East and also in drug addiction turning him in to a dealer who got busted in 1990. He also has a fraud record in different countries. In 1994 he was arrest in Libya then he was deported in 1997 to Egypt where he was frequently arrested till 2007 as he was considered 'dangerous to the society'.

I forgot to tell you that MR.Hussein has been arrested when he was in his way to the American embassy , he wanted to be granted a political asylum !!

Now you understand why I consider it nonsense !!?? a junkie wants to revenge for the Palestinians then he wants to get an asylum in America !!?? Could not they get a better story !? For God sake we are mature enough !!

Chill Out Nour

Why do I have the feeling that Ayman Nour is jealous from Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei and the attention he has received since his announcement that he would run for presidency if set of conditions is met ??
Why I have this feeling !!?? Well may be because in every now and then I find Ayman Nour saying that he is better candidate than ElBaradei , this what I got from his Friday Column in Al Dostor and this is what he frankly said when he described himself as real presidential candidate where as ElBaradei is a virtual candidate !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nour has already announced last Thursday officially that he would run for the presidency in the presidential elections 2011 in a huge press conference despite the huge fact that he won't be to practice politics at least for 5 years if I am not mistaken due to his prison time. Nour was released from jail for health reasons yet he was not acquitted from the charges he was accused of which were fraud. I know that these charges were false ones made by the regime still we got here a legal problem,huge legal problem.
Nour should be smart and support ElBaradei at least as vengeance be move from those who imprisoned him all those years , Nour should be aware that he is being used now as a tool by the regime , the same regime that imprisoned him to hit ElBaradei. Of course now he is saying that he will not run if the Egyptians choose ElBaradei over him but ………. he is insisting that he is a better candidate in every opportunity he finds.
Already his ex Gamila Ismail was smart enough to go to the airport , some people believe that it is a sweet revenge move from Ismail whom  is more smarter than that. I wished that he would go there too.

Tell Me That This Video Is Fake

I know that there is huge illegal artifacts trade in Egypt since God knows when and it is illegal for me regardless what Ahmed Ezz and his gang say in the people's assembly.
I know that there is huge underground trade and even know some big names in the regime I would not dare to mention here in the blog without hard evidence involved in this trade.
I know that for sure but I did not know that there are videos on YouTube and also on mobile phones in Egypt showing our stolen artifacts.
I do not know if these two video clips showing below what appear as ancient Egyptian artifacts prepared to be sold are fake or not. These two videos are old , they date back to 2007.

A Friend Or A Messenger

Mohamed ElBaradei met the first public personality in his visit to Cairo yesterday, his old friend and distant relative Amr Moussa.

a friend or a messenger

Amr Moussa was and is still part of the Egyptian regime despite my huge admiration and respect to him and this makes me wonder what he has said to ElBaradei especially that he was the one that requested to meet him in this way. Mohamed ElBaradei visited his old friend at his work , the League of Arab states and according to the official press release of the LAS both men discussed the nuclear future of the Arab countries. I do not think that they discussed this only especially after last Sunday’s live interview. Already Moussa has not commented on the hero’s welcome ElBaradei received in the airport despite the news circulated on Friday that he wanted to delay his flight to Beirut in order to welcome ElBaradei back in Cairo airport but he was asked to go especially with the increasing number of ElBaradei supporters then. “Imagine if he stayed” 

Seriously I am so curious to know what those two men said whether directly or indirectly , did Moussa deliver some indirect message from the regime to ElBaradei !!?? Well He could have gone secretly to ElBaradei’s villa with no cameras or media.
I wish that Moussa will be smart and choose ElBaradei’s side , our side, it will be the ultimate revenge for his exile at the LAS.

Mohamed ElBaradei’s Interview to Dostor Daily

I am trying to keep up this man’s interviews in the media in order to have a record for everything he said. I think he did not change anything from what he had said in 2009 when he came back to Cairo.
This was the first interview  he done in Cairo after returning back , this interview was published in Dostor daily in what was considered as a scoop. It has been said that the two journalists who made that interview with him had spent the night in front of his villa at Garna compound so they could catch him whenever he comes out. “ I may do the same like them if I were in their place”.
This part from the interview recorded on Video , Dostor promised to upload the rest of the interview later.
I will not give any legitimacy to this illegitimate regime
Mohamed ElBaradei

Monday, February 22, 2010

Parade Chooses Mubarak As One Of The World's Worst Dictators

This is much interesting than Elton John's interview at least for us back in Egypt

Well he did not make it to number one and I think it is good for him as he used to be no. 17 in 2008 so there is an advance ; he became no.20 !!!!!!!!

Here is the complete parade list of world worst dictators 2009. It is not a surprise to find these names ,already they made it before in previous years.

These are my remarks on this list :

  • 9 of the top 20 dictators are from Africa.
  • 7 of the top  20 dictators are from the Arab World.

This is so sad. Of course Parade forgot to include Ben Ali of Tunisia.

Mohamed ElBaradei's With Mona El-Shazely : A New Hope

Do you know how Luke Skywalker was the new hope of the world against the empire in the Star wars saga from long time ago in a faraway galaxy !!? Well Mohamed ElBaradei has become our own Luke Skywalker , our new hope in Egypt officially starting from last night "already I do not know what I am writing now as I did not have enough sleep so please forgive me for this strange comparison"
Forget the crappy interview of Amr Adib , forget it completely because last night he was officially exposed as TV host claiming to have an exclusive interview with ElBaradei that answered all questions.
As I hinted before Mona El-Shazely's interview last year was the one that made some believe that this man could be our next president , well this year's interview was the one that made most Egyptians believe that this man could be the key to our salvation. It is not about being a president , it is about yearning to freedom and democracy.
I do not know how many Egyptians watched the show last night , but I believe they were too many including Gamal Mubarak and friends who did not have good sleep last night thinking of how to get rid of this man.
Here is the interview for the time being , I will discuss it later

P.S What is Jihad Ouda speaking about !!??

Sunday, February 21, 2010

ElBaradei's Interview With Amr Adib

Here is the Mohamed ElBaradei's interview with Amr Adib on Al Youm channel. This interview was recorded in Vienna before ElBaradei's short return to Cairo last Friday. I know one thing : This interview should be done by Emad Adib not Amr Adib who danced like manic when we won in a football match.

I do not think that Emad Adib despite being a hardcore Mubarak fan would be biased like Amr whose wife supervised Mubarak's Presidential campaign from a professional point of view. This is Amr Adib whose co-hosts are Hamdi Razek and Ahmed Moussa , the Ahmed Moussa !!

This interview was made with the intention to embarrass ElBaradei but it turned over Amr and those behind him.

Breaking News : Something Wrong At The Adly Synagogue in Down Town

Adly street SynagogueImage by dlisbona via Flickr
According to several eye witnesses there is something wrong at the Synagogue at Adly Street in Cairo. There are different versions of stories ; some said that there was an attempted attack on the synagogue by a bomb that went off , some said that Molotov bottles were thrown in to the synagogue and others say that it was a simple fire !!
The police refuses to give more details for the time being
To read more about the Adly street synagogue or the Sha'ar Hashamayim Synagogue which contains very old books from very ancient times I recommend reading its Wikipedia entry for now. The synagogue by the way is heavily protected in Cairo.
Insh Allah I will keep updating this post , already the police up till now has not declared anything nor we know something for sure.

Update#1 : 
The police is saying now that it was a failed "breaking and entering" but it was not a bomb.
Several witnesses are confirming the Molotov story.
I do not like this neither anyone who cares about this country. It is very interesting that this comes after the arrest of the alleged MB cell the regime claims it was planning to bomb Abu Hasira Shrine.
It seems that the regime has officially admitted it was an attempted Molotov attack because MENA has published news in its first page saying that unknown person threw a Molotov on the synagogue from one of the buildings around it.
I recommend reading the daily news Egypt coverage by Sarah Carr and Ian Lee who captured one of the best photos in the big event of the day.
Now I want to say something to the Israeli press, this incident is nothing like what you made look like in Israel. This is very small or tiny attack if we can consider it an attack in the first place. We all know that from time to time the regime needs reasons to justify its emergency law which it can't live without. We had a long experience with similar incidents that preceded the discussion of the emergency law in the people's assembly.
Of course also we can't ignore the timing of this incident which came at the same time Mohamed ElBaradei was making headlines with all his talk about democracy and freedom.
We should not forget that the Mubarak regime always loves to remind the west on how it is better than the terrorist bogyman. I just do not trust this regime that much.
The incident itself is strange , I mean that official story of the ministry of interior
Mr. X with a bag entered Panorama hotel at the fourth floor of the building opposite to the synagogue asking if there was any room available, when the receptionist went to check if there was any room available , Mr. X with a bag went to the window looking the synagogue throwing  a Molotov bottle from that bag then he disappeared as Mr. X usually does !!
This is so ... so naive

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Week in Luxor

Last week in Luxor Al Masry Al Youm photographed managed to take a photo for the prime minister and his fiancée "according to the newspaper" with her nephew  in the balcony of Old Winter house hotel. 

Zeinab Zaki and Ahmed Nazif in Luxor

SO they are not married yet , this visit to Luxor was just an acquaintance visit between his family and her family !!

Who is paying the bill !!?? Could not they get acquainted in Cairo !!?

If This Is The Salary of The Taxation Authority Chief , Then How Much Is The Salary Of Our Spy Chief !!??

In the weekend the taxation authority chief Ashraf Al-Arabi has resigned from his post. He did not resign because he felt how unpopular he was and is in this country , nor did he resign because he objected on the strange unfair taxation policies of the minister of finance. He resigned or rather forced to resign thanks to the uproar caused by the disclosure of his monthly salary in the parliament.
It turned out that the head of taxation authority in Egypt’s salary per month is LE 1 Million !!!! Yes LE 1 million per month and do not ask or even wonder if he pays his taxes !!
Now I got one simple question which is the headline of this post : If this is the salary of the taxation authority chief ,then how much is the salary of our spy chief Omar Soliman !!??
Ironically our official media has tried to ignore some how the attack on the IRS building in Taxes so no one would be inspired by anything especially with the rising uproar of the new real estate tax law and also the social insurances which have become under the minister of finance control. ‘It is unconstitutional by the way’.
This attack in another continent came at the same time NDP members warned minister of finance Youssef Ghali that he may face the same doomed fate his great grandfather faced from 100 years because of his taxation policies. His great grand father prime minister Boutres Ghali was assassinated due to his cooperation with the British occupation in early 20th century , of course the pro-occupation western media then portrayed the matter as sectarian crime despite it was not about religion as many Egyptian Christians hated Ghali then just like many of them hate his grandson now. It is about politics and economics I am afraid. Anyhow I think Youssef Boutres Boutres Ghali should be careful now many people do not like him for real and in desperate times people do desperate whether attacking taxation buildings by small planes or assassinating the minister of finance  !!
By the way last Thursday the Ghali celebrated the 100th anniversary of his murder !! They are such darling
Updated :
  • The Youssef Ghali's secretary salary is LE 450,000 per month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Did The Official Press Received ElBaradei ???

No official representative from the government has received Dr. ElBaradei despite his status except the representative of the ministry of foreign regardless of what the official media claims.

Now to moving to the partisan press well to the moment I wrote this post Al Wafd has not updated their online version , of course there is a division in Al Wafd party itself between those following its leader refusing ElBaradei and the youth who support him.

Of course independent Al Dostor , Al Masry Al Youm and Al Shorouk are over the moon with the return of ElBaradei , already I read through twitter that their reporters are currently sleeping in front of his villa

ElBaradei Reception Videos

These videos for this reception show something ,indicate on something ; people began to move. Even if they were not 4000 and they were 400 ,this indicates on something important.
Below a collection of videos showing ElBaradei's reception at the Cairo airport and his departure to his villa at Cairo Alexandria desert road. I post them to show you what the official media ignored and tries to underestimate.

Friday, February 19, 2010

2 Hours Before The Big Moment "Arrived in Cairo updated"

  • The Cairo airport has turned in to huge a barrack from security forces still everything is calm for the time being which makes you wonder if this is the calm before the storm. Already at the moment of writing this lines ,the Friday prayer is being held and thus this may be why things are quiet there.
The 6th of April youth which is organizing the reception took in consideration that they may not let in to the airport and thus they made a plan B to transfer the reception abroad. The human rights organization has published a set of telephone numbers to be called by the recipients at the airport in case of any harassment. The telephone numbers are as follows :
0225758908                                                                                                                                          0122308443                                                                                                                                          0129295510                                                                                                                                          0120624003                                                                                             
Despite the fact that there are distinguished personalities going to receive her son ,Mohamed ElBaradei's mother won't be able to receive him due to her health. The opposition press is speaking about a strange coincidence as Imam El-Khomeini came back to Iran in February too , well I thought of the same thing while writing that post "will the Austrian airlines flight be like  Air France flight carrying change to all old nation regardless of the difference between the Iran and Egypt then not to mention the difference between El-Khomeini and ElBaradei !!??"
Please keep visiting this post because insh Allah I will keep on updating it through the all day , you can also follow my twitter :  or read it

Update :

1- I think you have heard that there is a delay in Elbaradei's flight , it will arrive insh Allah after 15 minutes I suppose from now.
2- Here are early photos from CAI from Arabist who is right now there. Arabist is currently with ElBaradei's family who are very proud of him.

ElBaradei's sisiter in law Mrs.Azza who is wearing a very beautiful T-Shirt I want to buy
3- Also here are more photos from 6th April youth members photos , you can see Gamila Ismail and Bothnia Kamel among them.
Bothina on the right

Gamila in the behind

4- Ayman Nour appears to be jealous from ElBaradei as he wrote today something stupid
5-More photos from CAI at the unofficial ElBaradei Campaign
6- Al Dostor newspaper recorded this quick interview with Hamdi Kandel and Hassan Nafae at CAI while waiting for him

Of course this was recorded earlier before more people showed up at the CAI
7-There are more photos from Al Dostor too .
8- Al Youm 7 published a photo from Vienna while departing
9- Al Youm 7 published photos for his family while waiting for the plane and photos for his supporters

Update#2 :
  •  More photos from the airport
  • The plane has just landed
  • The public is currently wild chanting long live Egypt
  • People at the airport are crazy and the man can't get out , already he has refused to get out through the VIP exist , according to the law he should get out through the VIP as a recipient of the Nile Sash
  • The security is delaying ElBaradei's exist
  • He is said to be seen leaving the airport after having a short interview with some TV channel
  • He has left in car waving to the people who went nuts trying to following him , ElBaradei lives in Dokki
  • Hussein Abdel Ghani of Al jazeera Arabic is estimating the number of Egyptians who recieved ElBaradei by 4000 !!
  • Before heading to villa on Cairo Alexandria desert road, ElBaradei tried to greet the people waving them from his car that returned back to the Cairo airport , his supporters tried to get on the car.
  • Surrounding his car
  • Now our Egyptian TV channels claiming that there were not hundreds if not thousands waiting from him.
  • Waiting for him to come from the VIP Lounge
  • Here is a video showing ElBaradei in few seconds 'about 1:01'

  • And couple of Photos for the man of the hour

Waving to the people on the other side
    I wonder if he imagined that he would be recieved in this way
  • More photos from Youm 7
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