Saturday, April 30, 2005

Two terrorist acts in one day !!

first in Abd El-moneim Riyad Square beside the Tahrir ,wow I went there over million times

Second in Siada Aisha , went once in a visit to the Prophet Mohamed 'PBUH' family mosques ,but didn't enter

what is remarkable in the second is that two girls made the act ,they started shooting with guns and things turned to be no fun as they died anyway
2 girls wow for the first time in the history of terrorism in EGYPT ,girls got their share

in fact I guess it is the first time to got 2 terrorist acts with 2 girls !!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Mubarak's word to History . Episode 2 History revealled already

Ok back ot the Mubarak's word to the history ,the 3-eposide program shown on the national tv in Egypt about the memories of President Mubarak, program presented by Emad El-Din Adib

really I respected the historical facts that President Mubarak said ,and I believe some of it is true , what happened in 1956 from a complete destruction to the Air forces , the role of General Mohamed Fawzy 'despite I believe he wasn't a really strong leader ' in reconstructing the army , the most important part I believe was about the Suez Gap in the 1973 ,the Gap which was turned by the Iseralis to a phoony victory ,a fake tiny one ,the real reasons, the Syrian role in it ,Believe or not Syrians wanted us to hit Hifa in Iseral and they are nearer to it then us ,Mubarak said things at least for me and for my generation new things in History

But the Gap I discovered after reading the Dostor newspaper this week that General Shazaly wrote about it since 20 or 30 years ago and that the book is prohibited till now in Egypt because of what is in it ,surprisingly Muabarak seems to said what is in the book, so Shazaly said the truth without any camera man of the seven that filmed the program

to be continued ...

Change your watch

Ok guys if you don't know yet ,now timing in Egypt is on the Summer Standard ,I don't know really what is the benefit except confusing the people !?

Save the Egyptian history form Ruby and Sherif Sabry

Ok to all Arabs ans Egyptians did you watch the new Ruby's music video on Melody hits tv ,it is shown there exclusive
well it sucks ,yes sucks with introduction in fact I believe it is an insult made by the duet of Ruby hanam and Sheirf Basha Sabri 'Sherif Basha Sabri was the uncle of late King Farouk who loved Om Kalthom !!' ,it is an insult ot the Egyptian Ancient history and the great Pharoahnic hertiage we got from our great anscestors
Yesterday ,famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawas 'despite I don't like him but I respect him in this' said there will be law that will be issued next months ,that will put constraints and conditions on the usage of Pharoahnic symbols in Public ,we need this to protect our history ,for God Sake ,those people gave us a great history we are boosting with it every where ,and how can we repay it to them with addition to the already aggression on Egyptian History ,by letting a cheap singer shaking her butt
This must be stoped
Sherif Sabri said in El-Ain Newspaper ,that Kobra snake that Ruby Holds in the video ' I wish it had bitten here and the story will end' was a god for the pharoahs and Cleopatra story ....bla bla bla , Cleopatra did n't use cheap seduction like Ruby ,she used her mind to employ her beauty wisely to capture the hearts and minds of great leaders in her time ,I wrote about that few posts ago
anyway a joke from Sherif Sabry 's birthday ,he claimed that he was 31 years old !!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mubarak's word to History .Eposide 1 overall view

Ok for Egyptians who live in Egypt and also outside Egypt , Did you watch Mubarak's interview with Amad El-Din Adib on Channel 1 9.30 pm after the news in a three eposide program called 'Word to History ? it will last today

the program is directed by Sherif Araf ,the famous Egyptian cinema director 'Mafia, El-sadaat and the doomed Halim' ,I don't know why they need a cinema director ,it is too much ,'have you ever heard that Steven Speilberg directed a program for an american or even Iserali presiden !!?'yes it is not usual program but it doesn't need Cinema director

The music is really excellent ,the new remix to the natioanl songs by Amar El-Sherai is great 10/10
I won't speak about Amad El-Din Adib now ,late I will do so

now let's go to the core event ,the interview of the Egyptian president

First I liked the control Hall under the ground ,a kind of showing off the achievements of an era ,I guess it is not an era of a specific person than a technological era and still I feel it is less advanced than any Iserali control hall ,but who knows ,this is only for showing off

Second talking about the history By Mubarak himself in time no one asked him about it as I recall from Mofid Fawzy 's boring interviews was a good Point, I felt as I was watching El-Jazzira 'S Shad al Asar but with more politle interviewer

Third timing already all opposition newspapers like El-Arabi El-Nasri making specalutions that he will announce important news regarding his running for presidency 'already he doesn't need to run ,he already has it ,let other run as they like' and he will throw a bombshell in air raid regarding the vice president who can be the silent active Mr.Omar Soliman ,whom I really respect him ,we will see today

I really respect Mr.Mubarak despite all what can I say the bad things in his era and they are so many but it is not only his fault ,it is a fault of a socail system used to shut up and give up easily and a fault of a political system used to be a nice dream turned to a nightmare by the greed human behavior and the love of authority and power

I respected more in him General Mubarak than president Mubarak because I feel that he belong s to the that Arena of air fighters and wars , than to politics ,in fact I guess inside him he wants to go back in time where he can fly again,See his eyes when he talks about the old days and you know what I mean

Watch the rest today people ,to know the rest of the word
to Continued

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Happy Sinai Liberation day

Ok I will seem a naive girl but really I like to celebrate the Sinai Liberation day and even the six of October day ,think about the blood and scarcifies of great men and you what I mean

I just wish next year with God's will the Egyptian army forces will have the freedom to wander and protect Sinai as they like for the sake of a real national security

Didn't I tell I may seem as a naive girl?

Friday, April 22, 2005

Thunder storms in the sky of Egypt

Ok for two days now the Skies of Egypt is full of thunder storms with cinematic sounds ,it is strange that the whole passed with out any thunder at all and now we are in spring and we are going to change our time to the Summer time next week 'only country to do this in the world I think' so thunders with rains and a sunny weather oh God

What makes me laughed in the last two days that the weather forecast department in Egypt said that the weather will be extremely hot in the couple coming days

Now they say oh we are sorry our dear Egyptian people The satellite we use didn't show us any thunder or drop of rain!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

El-Maloud El-Nabaway

happy Maloud Nabaway Posted by Hello
Today all Muslims celebrate the birthday of prophet Mohammed Peace and blessing upon him .
This day is also was the day in which he died in ,and the day in which he emigrated to El-Madina in
صلوا على رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أفضل صلاة
مدد يا رسول الله

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Syrian Blog , it is not our fault

There is a Syrian blog I found today ,it is all about the politics and of course it struggles against the regime in Syria ,just like any other Arab country yet in Syria dictatorship stayed very very long dark time ,yes The Assad regime used to throw people from building ,The Hama incident,all these and more

what makes me sad ,that some Syrian friends told me that all the hard times that they see till now go back to the Egyptian -Syrian union in what so called some day the United Arab republic and that Nasser regime tough the Syrian militarist who to be real bastards who see democracy ,freedom and more important their own people as threats

Bad accusation ,Partially it is right and partially is wrong
It is right in the accusation to Nasser

but wrong to have all the blame on the Egyptians ,because already their military's wanted this way of acting and believed in it

You can't change a freedom believer and democracy lover to dictatorship infidel and cruelty worshiper ,it can't

Nasser regime gave a lot of agony and problems in Egypt till now we suffer from ,same thing in Syria and even worse ,you know why ?
well in my belief they didn't have a man called Anwar El-Sadaat ,God may bless his soul ,he wasn't the best ,but at least he was better than Nasser and El-Assad

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Channels and stops

Ok I won't be able to update this space for some time because I am stuck in the study ,exams, tension and little annoying depression yet I will try from time to time to write some notes about the life from my own perspective 'don't we do this all in our blogs''

So I will go for the channels or stops in our daily life :
  1. The terrorist attack in El-Hussein from two days ,well I think it is a fake one made by some people who want the emergency laws to continue 'you know which people do I mean ?" ,my proof ,well I am not Mrs. Bond or Mrs. Cate Archer but if you read the two pages in Akhber El-Youm yesterday , and the propaganda for the Good -protecting -emergency law you would know what I mean .
  2. The threats of the Radical Jews to destroy our great Aqasa Mosque and the Dome of the rock to build their lost Arch are just bubbles in the air yet these bubbles can pollute the air ,U.S wants thing settle for a while in the Area so they can go in their plans for the new democracies great middle East or what so ever ,so I guess it is just the annual threats
  3. Amr Diab wants to run for the parliament Elections ,well after attending the World Economic Forum with sheriff Sabry and Ruby , he saw he must be like Sabah El-Fakhari in Syria , well this is the new thinking !!
  4. I guess the Egypt should be presented with the President himself in the Pope's funeral

Little Remark : here for all the Egyptian Orthodox Christians guys when I wrote about the pope's Incident it was based my neighbours and they are Catholics non Egyptians 'Lebanese' ,and also have activities in their church may be I got a wrong story from them so plz Don't misunderstand me

another Remark but more like Questions

-why will the university Exams start earlier then before?

-Is that true that in Mid 80s Japan wanted to have a free Zone in Suez City and we put all the obstacles that they took their bags and went to Oman?

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

The Egyptian Presidentail race ,it is going to be alot of fun

Ok People Today I will speak about the Egyptian Presidential race and its candidates' the people who wish to join the elections race but I am not sure they will" .Today I knew the full list of people and here there are:

1- Dr.Nawal El-Sadawy 'Like to call mad Nawal'
2- Dr. Ayman Nour 'famous our dear Mr. Ayman 'there was a puppet show by this name'
3- Ex-Parliment Member and Business Man 'Mohamed Farid Hassinin'
4- Dr.Saad El-Din Ibrahim 'famous espinage case of Ibn Khaledoun Center'
5- Business Man Adali Abadir 'this is the newest name in the list ,also what is more important is he is Chirstian ,living abroad'Know from it just few seconds from
6- some funny characters from the Egyptian society like famous Poet Ahmed Fouad Nagam ' is he going to rule the country from the roof !???'and some Lawyers want to have fame

All the names I am sure they know they won't have or even have a little chance not to win but to be in the race

I guess the name that will continue in the race will be Dr.Ayman Nour ,already it began to have a popularity in the egyptian street ,also it already began to win the west especailly the EU respect

for me I have another point aabout all this circus ,but this is for another day
This will seem to be a very long hot summer in Egypt

Note :I knew about the Pope visit obstacles from our neighbour Egyptian chirstian catholics

Monday, April 4, 2005

When John Paul II came to Egypt

Farewell John Paul II Posted by Hello

Well I am sad for the death of the Pope John Paul despite being from different religions yet because I am a Muslim and a human I respected him and still do ,I respect him because I respect the religion he presented and the symbol ,Also for his opinions in the Middle East ,his refusal for the the Iraqi war,his refusal for Israeli Aggression,also and more important the religions conversation that he was one of its leaders calling for understanding and respect to others religions .It is loss

I remember when He came to Egypt ,it was planned that he would have opened a religious tourism project of the journey of the Holy Family ,I guess I don't need to explain what is it ,it is visiting the places were Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary went in Egypt ,most of it turned to churches this didn't happen because the Orthrdox church which had or own these churches ,refused his visits ,also the in Saint Catherine Mountain monastery in Sinai ,they refused to let him in the church to pray ,and he prayed outside it

I am not Christian to understand this conflict between the Orthodox and the catholic ,but I look to it from Economic point of view ,if this visit of the holy family route was made by the Late Pope ,that could have a great promotion chance ,already The catholic church believers are billions ,seeing the Pope is walking on the same route of the Holy family,this would have a great opportunity for tourism and for the Economy .For God Sake the Jews come to Egypt to visit their places and temples

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Saturday, April 2, 2005

A Sherk Soup!!! ah ya Balad

Today I heard something strange that made sad and sick at the same time ,simply there is a short article in El-Wafad daily newspaper saying that on the Menu of the Four Seasons hotel in Sharm El-Shekin there is a A sherk Fish Soup !! ok it doesn't stop at here
yes you will be amazed

more shocks are coming

it is for 900 L.E !!!

The Sherk ,the nice fishy that ate people in The Jaws movies series ,is a Dish Soup ,,For God Sake People ,it feeds on flash ,human flash if there is no fish ,this is sick

what is more sicker , or more sadder or even more comic is that it is for 900 L.E 'ok I know the Egyptian pound is losing its powers by time " but this is too damn much 900 for a soup dish ,why? what is in it?
Like my Grand Mom said when she heard this 'for God Sake ,it is just boiling water with Lemon and a piece of Fish '
Are Egyptians now so rich to pay this sum for just a Soup?!!
if this the Soup ,what about the main Course I wonder ?!!

This proves another thing that we live in Crazy about Sex world ,as these strange food plates for creatures like Sherk 'I refer to Creature but it extends no to the Fish or animals or birds but to Humans too ' have a myth that they give men more power !!!!!!! this is pure sick thinking ,this is pure ignorance by health facts

and what is more strange is that the one who can afford buying this Dish is a very very rich man who is supposed to be educated !!!

900 L.E Soup Dish for the rich ,and people die in poor quarters for Clean Water

Ah ya Balad