Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I never thought I would say it but I must say it : Thank Ola Ghanam

Truth is truth and thus as someone appropriate the truth and those who are not in afraid to say it in hard times ,in places where fear is part of the morning ,I must respect everyone who says it and I must mention him or her

And thus I must thank Ola Ghanam Egyptian Version of Ashrya Ray

Ola Ghanam is an Egyptian actress , whom bravely called Amr Adib on air tonight and shared with thousands of viewers on air her experience in the black Tuesday aka Downtown Sex outrage

If you read the official version of the story of interior ministry ,you will see that they said that it was huge public gathering that turned in to chaos because  of a movie premiere attended by the stars of the movies themselves , guess what Ghanam is the from the star of this movie

And guess what else ??

She was sexually harassed by those crazy sex maniacs who hit her bodyguards !!

Thank you Ola again because your testimony showed that we are not liars , Wael Abbas, Malek and Gemy hood are not just hater for regime who want to spread chaos among the public

Thank you for proving that Karam Gabr is just a big asshole

Thank you for standing with right

I never thought I would say it because she is my favorite type of actresses but I must respect her

Now the question

till when the interior ministry will deny ??

More media coverage on the Downtown Sex Outrage

Since Mona El-shazely opened the taboo and more people from the media are putting the incident under the spotlight

Here it is the BBC Coverage in Arabic :

Also there is coverage from Newspapers at last in Egypt :

  • Al-Masry Al-Youm "Egyptian Today" , an independent daily

                       - Sahar El-Mogy 's article 

                       - Nabil Sharf El-Din's article

Of course the rest of the newspapers didn't open its mouth for now unfortunately especially the official governmental newspapers , yet today in Rosa El-Youssef Daily there was a great attack on bloggers especially Wael Abbas that he is a liar who is spreading lies about Egypt and we are bad geeks who hate this country to the end of this rubbish words , well I won't expect more of Karam Gabr after he already insulted us the Egyptian bloggers before and he is a very rude person and a liar too ,ironically he said in his column which I doubt anyone reads after all that Mona was crying and had tears in her eyes on a false incident , strange thing Mona El-shazely didn't cry a single tear , nor it was a false incident overestimated by couple of opponents of the regime !! What about the testimonies of the shop keepers and owners who said that they saved several girls and hided them in their shops and crazy sex manaics were going to break in their shops !!!

You can see and read the column here


Click on the square

Updates : For successive days Mr. Amr Adib discussed the issue on Cairo Today daily show on Oribit Network

For God Sake it happens everywhere

Last night I read an angry email arrived to Wael Abbas that he decided to share with his Yahoo group , they were two emails in one , testimonies of sexual harassments that happened in the feast on last Tuesday  Downtown Cairo and in Alexandria , the two girls are foreigners and not Muslims

The first girl who was a victim from the victims of Downtown opened her fire on Egypt, Egyptians and Islam in a disgusting way , all her words in curses and insults of "fucks" and "walad Kalab,son of bitches" to the rest of this angry dirty vocabulary

Look I understand her anger , it is hard to be harassed in a foreign country despite the fact that being a foreigner in this country "Egypt" is like an immunity and protection to you , it is true if you got another passport ,you can simply go to your embassy ,apply a complain and your Embassy will help you to get your rights back . Anyway as I said I understand her anger

but we must here think logically ,

  • Do all Egyptians approve on this shameful act?

No ,they don't ,in fact the majority is against it and they are shocked to know that this is happening on this scale

  • Does the Islam encourage this kind of behavior and  call for it ?

No, for sure ,it is against it totally, in fact it punishes those who committed in the most toughest ways

  • Is Egypt the only country that suffer from this problem?

No,it is not for sure , sexual harassment is from the old diseases of human society just like theft and murder and it happens everywhere on this planet from East to West ,for God Sake at least our president is not followed by sexual harassments and rape suits like in other neighbor countries

  • Is the Islam the only religion in the world whose some of its believers attack in this shameful way?

No , it is not the only religion , in fact it is silly to categorize those guys as Muslims ,because simply they don't act according to Islam anymore , it is very naive thinking , I can't say that Christianity is bad or evil and call it names because some catholic priests turned to be very sick persons who use their religious position to rape boys , for God sake Foley turned to be a victim of some priest !!

Look this is a social disease ,it was there all the time there since the wife of Egypt's minister or vizier Zalikah tried to sexually harassed prophet Joseph "PBUH", but because of the communication revolution and the world that turned into village and the sex revolution that happened in the last century we feel that it is something new !!!

It was all the time in our society , but on a a very narrow scale , the step father who sexually harassed his step children ,it is all communities and societies across this wide civilized world , the rich boy who is sexually harassing his maids, in fact I look to the Egyptian society and arts ,I will find with my all respect that we were in Egypt the first to discuss it in Arts whether in Films and in literature , there are many black and white movies discussing this taboos since Anwar Wagdy and Aziza Amir movies , in literature you got the masterpiece of Taha Hussein "The Nightingale prayer" which also was presented in cinema

In fact because Egypt didn't know this kind of shameful acts on a wide scale like what happened on Tuesday , we are in Blogsphere making this noise ,to return back our dear honorable Egypt as we can

It is not a opportunity for Egypt and Egyptians' haters to join the carven

France ,Italy and the veil

Back again to the veil and Naqab issue in Europe , after the Straw's statements , Europe got a rush of discussion of veil and whether it goes with the European culture or not , and whether it is a personal freedom or not and more important whether those Muslims who live in Europe are to be considered Europeans or they just are aliens ,not welcomed in Europe and must be sent either in to their mother countries or to jails !!

I won't go through whys and becauses ,it is as I said before a collection of reasons and misunderstanding from both sides

but I will speak about the official statements of two important leading European countries France and Italy

Where as UK is trying to solve the problem with the Muslim community quietly on the official level with more reason limiting the problem to include only the Naqab not the veil or the headscarf as a sign from the separation from the society, France decided to escalate it more and more. Already you remember France issued a law that prohibits the religious signs including the veil in public schools , the law caused a lot of troubles and there were protests across France and the Muslim world and France tried to assure to the Arab world that this is not a campaign against Islam , and it is only in the public schools and they respect Veil and Islamic traditions to the End of this fancy diplomatic talk

Well it turned out that the official French didn't change its position from the Islamic veil , and here I don't mean the Naqab but the simple headscarf , and thus it was n't a surprise that the ordered the Saudi girls who study in France medicine to wear those surgical head thing over their heads instead of the veil because it is a religious sign that can chaos or sensitive issues in the hospital !!

But it was a surprise when France led the crusade in the EU calling for prohibiting the veil in Europe ,really you see when they prohibit the veil in the public schools ,they said it is not about Islam or the veil ,it is for religious signs what ever the religion was , but now it seems as something against Islam and Muslims for sure .

I will presume it is more politically than religiously because I feel what France is trying to do here is simply another attempt to create an obstacle for Turkey to join the EU , the Armens massacre is not enough for sure , something must be created to make the Turks themselves to refuse to join the EU , the people them, already Religion returned powerfully in Turkey after decades of Atturk's secular legacy ,Wearing Veil rates among women in Turkey is exceeding not on a yearly but a monthly basis , so if you prohibit the veil in EU ,then you will create a problem to the Turkish regime who is after all these many years of religious oppression and attempt to cancel the Islamic identity of the country failed , the regime won't force those ladies to take off the veil "their headscarf" , they can't

Now I see France since the war of Lebanon it is losing its popularity more rapidly in the Arabic and Muslim street , but the one who is wining more and more popularity is Italy ,since Romano Prody took control of the cabinet in Rome and the relations are getting better and better after years of hate

I read a statement for his interior minister very beautiful and diplomatic , he is against prohibiting the veil in EU just like his prime minister and he said that

Veil gives a glimpse of beauty to the Muslim woman

This minister also hinted to important not only Muslim woman wear veil or headscarf , Catholic ladies also wear ,

so if they want to prohibit the veil/headscarf in EU , they must prohibit it altogether

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thank you Mona El-Shazely

Just from few minutes ago on Dream TV2 in 10 O'clock a special report was made about the sexual harassment incident that happened last Tuesday in Downtown Cairo

Of course the interior ministry denied the incident and underestimated it ,well it is not its mistake ,it is the mistake of those girls who should have reported the incident in Kasr El-Nil police Station

The interior ministry appeared to be another lie when the Channel showed a report from Downtown itself , Malek X appeared and said what happened with photos from Wael Abbas , also several people from the sellers and shop keepers spoke and they confirmed what happened from harassment only one man denied , I guess he did this for fear , not from the police ,but from the fear that people and families would be scared from going to Downtown

Mona El-Shazely spoke afterwards about the incident and said what we all are saying in the Egyptian blogsphere for a whole week ,people we should n't be silent

Thank you ya Mona El-Shazely , you are the best :)

updates : thanks to Wael Abbas ,here is part of the program :)


man I had photos for her in my old hard drive ,oh man I want to cry

Sexual harassment near the Egyptian Presidential palace

We are still with the sexual harassment problem in Egypt

It seems that it is a real problem in Egypt no one wants to speak about

It is everywhere even near the Egyptian Presidential Palace of El-Orba in Miser El-gidia

A friend of mine whose grand mother lives there in the Korba street swears to me that from time and time there is women's screams in the street and some savage trying to fetch some thing in some female walking in the street !!

Hello this is Korba few minutes away from the presidential Palace where the president lives !!??

Hello is there no police patrol also there !!??

May be the security measures in this area are not like what they used to be ,after the president lives in Sharm El-Shekih now !!??

And who is Adel Hamouda in the first place ?

p.s "This is a bit of old news , but I want to publish it anyway to express my opinion"

What I am going to write about caused and is still causing problem in Egypt .It started in the middle of this Ramdan ,this month when two Egyptian newspapers issued a supplement and an article many Muslims if not the majority of Muslims in the country were very angry of it .

The independent "El-Fagr" "The Dune" published the weekly religious article "Moment of light" for its chief in editor famous "Adel Hamouda" where he criticized boldly the Wife of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" Lady Aisha accusing her that she was the reason of the division of Muslims in to Sunnis and Shiites and that thousand of Muslims were killed because of her , Hamouda published his weekly article and gave it the title "May Allah forgive you Mother of Believers*"

On the same week , "El-Gad" "Tomorrow" ,the official newspaper of El-Gad liberal party published a supplement for the occasion of Ramdan from 10 pages under the title "The worst 10 personalities in the Islamic history !!!" ,it is so interesting and shocking , so shocking when they include names of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" friends and his wife lady Aisha !! and it was strange that the 10 pages didn't  include the name of the journalists or researchers who participated in doing this supplement !!

Of course you can imagine the size of anger People in Egypt felt , especially this time the insult comes from inside ,not the outside west world. Al-Azhar men became very mad , clerics and scholars became so angry that they asked the attorney general to open an investigation against "El-Gad" and he did ,I don't know how the progress of the investigation reached but this opened another debate between the Muslim scholars and the seculars who believed that these insults are from freedom of Expression and this is an insult of freedom of press ......bla bla bla

Beside the debate between the seculars and clerics , came another thing , the accusation to the Shiite sect and Iran to fund those newspapers ,as it is said that Shiites hate Lady Aisha and other 9 Islamic figures , and of course it turned from religious debate to a political one , the national official newspapers began its crusade against Iran and against Ayman Noor the ex-head of "El-Gad" party who is in jail now unjustly because he dared and stood against Mubarak,already I believe that this was made by the regime to hit two birds with one stone , Noor may be released soon because of his health condition "heart disease and a long time diabetic" ,so public must hate him because already he won lots of sympathy plus to spread the feelings that Shiite Iranians are trying to invade Muslim Sunni Egypt by funding tabloids to publish their hate towards Lady Aisha and friend of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" 

Here I won't speak about this charade for now in this post , here I will speak about Mr. Adel Hamouda, because I found out that it is unfair to put the blame all on "El-Gad" newspaper whose sales rates are going down and down since the arrest of Noor and the battle of leadership in his party ,already he is an ex-leader , and he is not currently the leader of El-Gad ,plus he is in jail now and very sick , so I don't know how they blame him and don't blame those who really operate the party and the newspaper , as I was saying ,it is not fair put all the blame on "El-Gad" and leave Adel Hamouda and his tabloid runaway clean !!!

As a Muslim I found it very provoking and insulting that a man like Hamouda , a dirty cheap journalist who lives from society sex scandal to criticize Lady Aisha , who is he in the first place ?? what is his history ?? My grand dad as a journalist he knew this man and he worked with him in Rosa El-Youssef from couple of years , and he never liked or even respected him till his death , and Adel  Hamouda really felt the same , simply because my grand father was a respectable and Hamouda is not . Adel Hamouda was an agent for the Egyptian intelligence in the time of Salah Nasr in 1960s and his mission was to spy on the colleagues from co-journalists ,I remember that my grand father told me that because as a journalist he was working in 1967 and 1968 in the covering the intelligence case investigation, also I read his name among the names that were mentioned in the official investigation documents of the Military attorney general with Safwat El-Sherif "oh yes ,the head of Egyptian house of senates in Mubarak's era !!" , these +18 adults documents were leaked online last year ,some said that the Muslim brotherhood was behind it , some said that Gamal Mubarak and his supporters in the NDP from new guards were behind , for me it doesn't matter ,what matters that the documents were so shocking and they were original

So Hamouda was and is still an agent for the dirty security services whether in Salah Nasr or now ,already he is like Mustafa Bakery , the same specie of journalists , pseudo-opposition to calm down the public using the catharsis policy  !! not to forget that he is the godfather of tabloids in Egypt , with nudity pictures and dirty sex adventures starring businessman "x" with star "Y" !!!

Hamouda turned Rosa El-Youssef when he was its chief in editor in to a tabloid magazine , same thing to "Sout El-Oma",strange thing as soon he left and Wael El-Ibrashi became in charge of it , the sales boosted twice !!

You want the latest gossip in the town check "El-Fagr" , you want the latest sex fancy story check "El-fagr"

You know I was afraid that this article can cause a division because the owner of the "El-fagr" is a Christian "Nasif Kazman" , who is also the partner of Gamal Marwan in Melody TV and also is the producer of Ruby's records !! Yet thank God his name is not as famous as Hamouda .

You know it is silly that Hamouda writes in everything from art to politics to economy to religion and history , for God sake is there something this man doesn't know in this universe ??

To the blame on Lady Aisha , I am sorry but Hamouda is not a historian

with my all respect can Hamouda criticize the first lady of Egypt Gamal Mubarak's mother aka Susan Mubarak !!?

* Mother of Believers : Is the title given to the wives of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" to honor them , it came in the holy Quran

The search for a solution to the sexual harassment

لا حياء فى العلم و لا حياء فى الدين

We are still with the Downtown Sex maniacs of the feast , today I was thinking for solution to this problem.I read several posts from different people to reach for a solution

I found some preferred to cut the balls of those maniacs "it was the oldest" , well I think this solution is good for the  rapists , also good for those who like to let their balls to smell the air from time to time , and ladies and girls can use the tricot sticks in the process , sticking it  "pop cheap self defense"

Seriously this some may find it comic , but I believe rapists should be hanged , but in self defense everything is possible ,already this tricot idea seems to have a sister in south Africa

Instead of using granny's tricot sticks to cut the balls , why not learning some self defense fighting techniques ,I am not saying martial arts because there is difference between them . In fact I wish that we in Egypt have something like this

If you are not a type of Lara croft girl nor Max Guevara then my advice is to carry a self defense spray  or stun gun ,already I carry a self defense, I know they are expensive to obtain in Egypt and some weapon stores ask for a licence and strange stuff , but if you know someone abroad or got a relative who is working either in the police or in the army,you can get one, I got mine through a friend who brought it to me from Italy from an American G.I.Joe ,it cause blindness half an hour and vomiting for more than two hours.

If you can't buy it , you can bring in your bag the pepper mill from dinning room with black pepper ,you can use it instead of the Pepper Spray ,or outside fancy mill , you can buy a small Doha black pepper jar and if any stud harasses you , you will simply open the lid of the jar ,you can also put several chilly stuff in it , I am serious I swear

Please I ask you girls and women who came to your sister blog to read this from girlsfightback.com

These are protective solutions from the society or from the victims side

what about government ??

I believe rapists , any rapist should be hanged , not the stupid solution of marrying the victim to the rapist , the victim to the victimizer like some families do to hide a scandal!

It is either execution or castration as penalty , and execution should be in public places so it would be an example and remainder for anyone thinks for a moment in harassing a girl sexually

Now to the more wider problem ,the problem of this sex maniac youth ,hungry from lust ,what we should do

Some wise people like Elf "I mean he is really wise and yet he shocked me ,but it is not the first time" who are calling for the re-legalization of prostitution in Egypt , yes don't be surprise , Prostitution in Egypt was legal till the 1940s when it was criminalized , it was brought with Napoleon's french invasion to Egypt

Now I won't speak about the religion objection on it ,nor the society objection on it , nor how women suffer from this disgusting profession mentally and physically

I will speak about the expected results

  1.  The increase in children with parents that are put on the doorsteps of orphanages and mosques and churches ,
  2. The increase of sexual disease , for God Sake how many people in this country now the term "Safe Sex" ,
  3. Turning Egypt in to an international middle eastern human traffic trade just like Dubai and Israel
  4. Egypt's reputation among the Arab world "already we suffer from the stereotyping of the Egyptian women in the Arab world , let's say the truth , yes some cheap Egyptian women sell them to the gulf dollars , but it is not excuse"

Strange that I once saw  an episode for Dr.Phil about two twins working as prostitutes who are mentally broken , and I admired him so much then ,because he kept taking about the dangerous of this profession and how it destroys women and how the society disrespect it , for God Sake , the American society doesn't respect prostitutes nor stripers nor playboy girls as you think , they are the joke of the society and its ugly face,I remember from few days ago I was reading in Yahoo.com about a coverage about the Dukes University rape accident where a team of the boys elite raped a striper , it was the talk of the town because it was about sex,money and influence , I swear I read some comments saying that it was the girl's fault after she was working as a striper performing her act in front of a whole team of hungry rich white boys !!!

The solution to turn those savages again to humans again is in both society and government

Let them marry , down with expensive silly expense , for God Sake no need for 5 rooms flat on the bahry side ,start small with studio

The government and regime stop margnilization of the youth , fill their empty head

those savages unfortunately part of them is future of this country ,please turn them to humans again !!

Bravo Noarah Najam :)

Noarah Najam was from few seconds on Dream TV2 channel speaking about the TV series in Ramadan , the daughter of Ahmed Fouad Najam and Safinaz Kadim opened the subject of the Sexual harassment outrage in Downtown Cairo live in TV talkshow  the popular "10 O'clock" , the first thing she started with as soon as Mona Shazely asked her about her opinion in the TV series

Bravo Noarah and thanks

El-Shazely promised Noarah to search the incidents

Not also that Noarah ,the daughter of her father opened the fire on the police :)

Please if 10 O'clock airs something about the incident ,please please all a message to all the ladies who were sexually harassed that night to call the program and share their experience on air , because I am afraid that there will be some denial

 Ladies it is in your hand


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ahmed Fouad Najam on New TV

Ok I found out the reason of the great attack on Ahmed Fouad in the national TV from couple of weeks ago

It is something new for Ahmed Fouad Najam to behave like this on the TV , already this is him , it is something he does only because this is his nature

Watch any interview with him and you will see that the guy is using the same way from rude and bold words

It is not the first time to say the word "Ass" or criticizes Hosni Mubarak boldly and rudely on TV on Air

Link to يا خي أحّه: فين الزرار؟ 12130 نايلسات في الكازوزة

But for sure it is the first time that the broadcasting was cut off suddenly in the last 1/3 of the episode on the Egyptian Nilesat and thus majority of viewers in Egypt didn't have the chance to complete Nishan's interesting TV Show and his mad guest" I don't consider him mad ,I consider him as a frank person whose problem that he doesn't know diplomacy ,this is simply because he comes from a background that doesn't know diplomacy nor hypocrisy . Nilesat is operated by the Egyptian government by the way :)

Please if any had a recording for the episode ,try to upload it ,because I want to see what this guy had said and caused the Lebanese bouquet to be cut off from  broadcasting on the Nile Sat


Friday, October 27, 2006

And why there is official silence on Downtown sex maniacs!!??

Sex dicks maniacs are released in Downtown Cairo unfortunately and the Police forces were and are just watching ,while Sex harassments in the streets and squares reached to unacceptable level ,and they still are watching

I don't know when the press in Egypt will start talking about the incident of last Tuesday and Wednesday too , of course I am talking about the independent opposition newspapers ,not the official ones aka Egyptian Prvada style as those newspapers cover another Egypt ,the fairy Egypt where Men are still men , Women are still virgins and Water is clean !!, I am talking about newspapers like "Sot El-Oma" . but then I I remember that we are in feast season , already they published their newspapers earlier this week, so till the public on large scale to know we have to wait unfortunately

Yet the big question here Why there was and is official silence on Downtown Sex maniacs outrage ??

Already from the stories I read ,there were couple of soldiers who tried to protect the girls and ladies by taking off their belts and whipping those hungry animals by them but without a result , they didn't stop because their numbers were much more and I believe that their bodies got this immunity against whipping after all

Also there were some police officers who only felt so happy by the roles of the spectators as I read and every time some one asked them for help they answered that it was feast time and Police was busy in other areas !!!

I swear if one Police patrol or two were roaming in the area during this time ,all those bastards would be scared

Strange ,very strange when youth got involve in such shameful act and the police do nothing , while if youth gather and protest on the dictatorship in the country calling for democracy , then Police and interior ministry declare war on them ,sending their martial arts experts and sending to jails of torture !!

Don't be surprise my dear sir and madam ,

this is expected in a country with a regime like ours a dictator regime

Youth especially young men should n't be involved in any respectable intellectual activity otherwise they will begin to think ,and when they think they will start to discover the misery in their life and who is responsible for it , then they will criticize , and this can lead them to protest and from protest you can have a rebel with a cause who can make a revolution , simple as this

And thus Youth ,the majority of them should get busy in other stuff , shallow ,to make their heads empty so these empty heads can be controlled easily

The means for this are so simple , let them be busy in football,in movies,in music,in women and sex, even in religion , but of course with caution especially with the last one ,you see if Youth know their religion very well , their religion and returned to work with its real teaching ,they will stand against the regime as "The word against an unjust ruler is a jihad" so instead of this ,the regime will control the mosques and their clerics and scholars, creating silly issues to be discussed "The beard to be cut or let , the Shiite are Muslims or not , should we start Raman with KSA or by ourselves " to the rest of these matters , these that created religious void that I am afraid is full now by many of the wahabi imported teachings.

As you see this is the plan of the regime ,let the youth be busy in anything else other than their miserable conditions from poverty ,ignorance ,disease ,corruption and the cause of all these dictatorship.

In the past Egyptian Police used to arrest those naughty boys who harassed ladies and girls in the streets and beside humiliation in the police stations ,they used to get the barber to shave their heads off like potato's ,my grandma and mother told me that that was the ultimate punishment in the past , men and boys would be very embarrassed because of it ,yet now Egyptian police is just watching !!

Ironically the Egyptian Police slogan is "The police is in the service of the people" oh yes the people !!!

Kolana Laila : Calling all Lailans to duty

To my dear follow Lailans , on last 9/9 the world knew that we are here , Laila ,the Egyptian bloggeress is here and the we got a loud voice .

Now it is our time again to speak as loud as we can , not to speak but to shout and scream ,a scream against all these harassments

Stop this stupid silence, for God Sake thou who keeps the truth inside is a silent devil

The harassments did n't stop in public streets and squares

Link to هكذا أنا: استمرار ثورة الجياع لليوم الثاني علي التوالي

Not that only this but in the last couple of days ,Ladies and girls who had been victims of sexual harassments began to speak up , sharing terrifying experiences
Katr El-Nada experience

When we are going to speak , we must speak , our religion calls us to speak , damn our silly traditions.

It is time to protect Laila and we are not alone.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

About the Naqab and the veil "Jack and the last straw"

Ok so this will be the first post in a serious about the Naqab and the veil thing which is causing all this buzz whether outside or inside to be discussed.

It started with Jack Straw's article about the Naqab which is unfortunately is considered as a veil in the west as ,they call it as full veil as Naqab may be as an Arab word is difficult or unknown to them ,and instead of the veil there is headscarf and I think that headscarf is fine . Now enough of silly word games and let's go to the content of the small column that started all the buzz in the west and east ,ironically it was a short column in a local newspaper , I wonder what if it were an essay , what it will be the result ??!!

Anyway I recommend to read the column which was re-published in Guardian Unlimited online edition and please ignore the Stupid racist ignorant comments in the end.

I read the article , and the only thing I may object on is the mixing between the Veil and Naqab , but other than that I believe there is something Islamic facts in it regarding the Naqab , yet I don't know if it was the correct time to Straw to say his opinion .I know how it can be strange to talk to someone for some time and she is hiding her face , believe it or not sometime I feel the same feeling Straw felt  when I talk a lady with Naqab , because Eye contact is not enough , I need to see your face ,it makes me feel more comfortable and I am Muslim,so imagine for someone who is not Muslim nor from a Muslim country ,a western, how he can feel !!?? I swear I saw a girl who covers her eyes too ,I don't know how she can see but she covers her eyes

The man did n't ask them to take off the headscarf but only the the part over the face

Plus he mentioned very important Islamic facts which I will mention later in the Soad Salah 's post insh Allah

Yet the problem is the timing of this article , Muslims now became very sensitive ,in fact I became very sensitive when I read any word concerning Islam ,Muslim,Quran , let's face the fact after 9/11 we became like the Soviets , the villains of the world , and just like the Soviets we don't try to fix this but instead we left it to accumulate more and more till it reached to the unacceptable level insult from the Danish Cartoons to the Pope's Insults

On the other hand there is a great hate towards the Muslim community rising in Europe , two factors , fear factor ,no one can deny that those terrorist acts in London and Madrid had their share , also those radical clerics who forgot their religion and forgot that they are not in their home country , the other factor is the rapid increase in conversion to Islam that led many to think that there is an Islamification of Europe, also the birth rate for Muslims are much more than any other religious community , for God sake I know a lady who lives in Britain from Egyptian Origin who is married to a British man and got four kids in four years , a child per year

So you got here a security fears from the people themselves , the Europeans , fear on their security and their culture an freedom too

Media in the west of course is helping too much in increasing these fears , let's face Muslims became the favorite material in the media , they are now in the spot light more than ever

This is just the beginning ,as I write more ideas are coming in to my head so come back again :)


More about the Straw and the Veil from BBC "Youtube is wonderful"




Mossad Killed Harriri

This is not the first time I read this , in fact there was a German book published from few months ago, also there was this ex-C.I.A officer who confirmed this theory  

Link to Mossad Killed Harriri

I used to disbelief it especially with the black record of the Syrian intelligence that no one can deny "Sorry to all the dear Syrians , but as an Egyptian I don't deny that my intelligence which I am very proud with got this black history " but after the July 06 war in the middle east ,I re-thought again in all what happened in Lebanon in the last couple of years and reached to a conclusion that some incidents could be re-made for specific future evens and indeed the Harriri assassination is the main incident I mean

Yes I do believe that Harriri was killed by the Israeli Mossad


Searching for reason

Ok I gathered myself after being shocked for some hours after those terrible news of what had happed in Downtown Cairo last night for Mass Sexual harassments to the ladies and girls from all ages , whether veiled or non veiled ,even the ladies who wear Naqab didn't escape from their doom

I was shocked from what I read from eye witnesses' stories and I thank God on the Blog , yes Blogging changed a lot of things in the Egyptian Society at least on a small scale , but important one as I think most of the Egyptian bloggers from the different social classes represent a promising hope of new intellectuals who care much for their country and the proof on that is the Political Egyptian blogs are more than any other kind of blog in Egypt , in fact blogging now is associated directly in media whether locally or regionally as new means for opposition against the regime.Anyway back to the main topic , from this point I believe we as bloggers who succeeded in transferring the real image of Egypt with its beauty and ugliness to the outside world , we should discuss this incident and not let it go , speak about it frankly with no taboos

We got here serious social problem that is Sexual harassment in the streets

First we must discuss the Meaning of Sexual Harassment , its meaning in Wikipedia is the following :is harassment or unwelcome attention of a sexual nature. It includes a range of behavior from mild transgressions and annoyances to serious abuses which can even involve forced sexual activity, so we have here some parts of this acts must exist a harassment , a specific nature and wide range of behavior from annoyance to rape

Sexual harassment exists in every human society from the beginning of history yet it differs from a society to a society and here I mean what a society consider as a harassment another society may not consider as harassment , for example and it is simple one in Egypt whistling for a woman walking in the street is not consider sexual harassment but instead an admiration , yes in a rude way many don't accept it , but they don't consider it as harassment , annoyance based upon sexual nature. Here in Egypt I am afraid people don't understand Sexual harassment except that it is the act where a man pushes a woman to the nearest wall and explore her body against her well and that's of course is rape , but verbal sexual harassment on the phone or on the street is considered as rudeness ,only rudeness !! You know why because people tend to respect or react more with sexual physical abuse than psychological one , we don't give too much attention for it .

The society had these problems from a long time , for decades , but it had its own way to stop it when it crosses the limits , for example I always heard that boys who used to harassed ladies and girls in the streets used to caught by the police and sometimes in folk areas ,the people of the area used to arrest them by themselves and have their hair shaved to the skin , a skin head , it was some kind social punishment to those young men , who were only a minority .Also the ladies were different , in the past I believe they were much bolder that if a man just tried to come just one inch more that it is appropriate and say something unacceptable , he would hear what he didn't want to hear from insults but of course the Egyptian society from 15 years not from 50 years was completely different than now ,just like the whole world .

If I want to analyses the horrible acts of those groups of young men,why they act like hungry lions who see one dear away and thus all start running after it  , I must put in mind that are many factors I must mention and understand , of course I don't justify those acts but it is a try for understanding ,also I must put the changes in the society and its values in my mind

Yes many of them are unemployed , yes many of them want to marry but they can't afford, people in Egypt nowadays may reaches to their 40s and remain single , and of course the religious prohibition of sex relations outside the wedlock whether it is Islam or Christianity , so  with the temptations and this sexual revolution in the media especially from the song channels and new wave of songs which raise this sexual attention especially for young people and this is natural.Sexual Oppression is the result due to all those factors added to it poverty ,ignorance and the increase in violence nowadays , then you have a bomb that can explode any moment. already if you open the crimes page in any newspaper you will find that the crimes that can be classified with sexual harassment nature are exceeding more and more and they crossed a dangerous limit .Forget about thefts and robberies , they are expected in bad poor economy countries but sex crimes in a conservative society like the Egyptian one in this fearful rate !!??

May be we are not that conservative after all , may be we claim that we are conservative and we are not , we claim that we are very religious , yet we don't really act or understand our religion,morals,values and traditions very well . I feel that I see the picture so black

How we can fight this ??

Well return back to morals, having bad economy and living in poverty is not an excuse to act like this , for God Sake , in the middle ages when Salahdin went to liberate Jerusalem ,Egypt was starving ,so stop blaming everything on Poverty , ironically the Egyptians in low classes are known for their dignity and self esteem the "Ibn El-Balad" act , you know acting bravely like gentleman , I am afraid this is disappearing just many other great Egyptian values we used to read about and watch in black and white movies

Return again to my question , how can we fight this ?? is it by making marriage more easy ?? no more fancy expenses? well it is from Islamic traditions to help Muslims get married ,it is not the official expenses ,more the traditional expenses from social trends, but for God Sake , but who will help whom , we are not in Emirates

Returning back to religion ,well one thing for sure the chaotic scene in Religious role in Egypt has its part in this ethical crisis , people tend to claim their Muslims and they love Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" and they don't act according to the Quran nor the Prophet "PBUH" teachings , we tend more to care about the appearance not the essences .

I am so shocked ,ironically I spent the whole day searching in the Internet to find some incident like this,yet I couldn't ,I don't if this was the first time in modern history to have something like this, if you want to know that type of Harassment ,it is called "One of the gang" I believe it is closet thing I found in Wikipedia article

I don't know what happed , did they were taking drugs ?? but all of them were taking drugs !! a group thinking , there is no thinking at all , did they smell something ??

I don't know I am really shocked ,this is not Egypt , this is something , this is not my country ,please bring my country , please bring ethics back

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Calling the society to duty

You know there is some kind of news can make your day either in a good day or a bad day . This is a kind of news can make your day bad

Read it in Malcolm X sorry it is in Arabic  

Link to سعار وسط المدينة الجنسي | Malcolm X

I won't hint to it more in English for now because it is scandal all the way , a scandal for Egypt , Cairo and the Egyptian scandal ,it is a social scandal what happened yesterday Downtown

This is not a two or four individuals case !!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What do you want me to speak about ??

Ok guys Ramadan is over and I am ready to speak again more widely about very important topics , Now I am confused because there is two important topics I want to speak about them and share my ideas concerning these two topics , but I don't know which One I will start first ,So I ask you to choose one of them

Shall I speak first about

  1. The Veil and Nakab conflict in both Middle East from Egypt and Tunisia to Europe
  2. Talaat El-Sadaat show in Ramadan

The Veil and the Nakab is raising a debt whether in East or West now ,in Egypt Universities are firing girl students who wear Nakab and a Woman Muslim Scholar was threatened to be killed by radical groups in Giza because of her opposition to the Nakab

Tunisian regime wants to prohibit the Veil

Europe ,UK and France are heading a war against the Veil while Italy sees its beauty

This is concerning the Veil,it is freedom ,religion,politics and traditions game

Talaat El-Sadaat opened a very important and closed X-file concerning the dramatic assassination with accusations that lead one mind in to one word "Treason"

 before saying his big few words that shacked the calm Egyptian view in quiet Ramadan , I had my own thoughts about Sadaat's assassination from 25 years ago

so which one I shall start first

it is up to you for now

Both topics are ready

Egypt, Under Stress, Sees U.S. as Pain and Remedy

New York Times published this very interesting article about the U.S and Egypt "with Egypt in focus" from two days only

It is very interesting 

When It was published Egyptian Opposition newspapers whether off line or on line concentrated on the part concerning GM and the Army

It seems the men in the suites don't like the civilian boy like me .

I don't know but this is the first time the army of Egypt mentioned as a silent partner in the political process . A silent stronger partner that many forgot and ignored the fact that it is still there

As an Eid present I recommend it to you to read and enjoy  

Link to Egypt, Under Stress, Sees U.S. as Pain and Remedy - New York Times


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Eid

Happy Eid to all my dear friends to all over the world whether they will have tomorrow or after tomorrow as the case in Egypt :)

May the next year insh Allah our conditions will be on the personal level or regional and international level


Don't eat too much cookies :)


Saturday, October 21, 2006

God bless The OIC

God bless the OIC , because under its sponsorship yesterday a very important thing happened in order to stop the semi-civil war in Iraq between the Muslim Shiites and Sunnis

In the mother of villages Mecca ,the holiest place for all Muslims around the world ,regardless of their sects , Muslim Religious scholars and clerics from the Shiites and Sunnis gathered to reach for a truce or a peace agreement between the Iraq's largest two religious sect in order to stop the daily bloodshed in the land of the two rivers.

The idea of this meeting was the OIC "Organization of Islamic Conference" 's but the King of Saudi Arabia practiced a lot of diplomacy with each of the two sides to reach to the important document

First I must admit that whether the OIC or the Saudis , created the best place and time for the meeting

Place in Holy Mecca , Time in Ramadan ,in the last days of Ramadan

Anyway the Mecca Document came yesterday as a candle of hope to the Iraqis' endless fighting

The summary of this document is the following: "Each point or item in the document is supplemented or forced by a verses from the Holy Quran

  1. The Muslim is one who testifies that "No God except Allah and Mohamed "PBUH" is his messenger" and by this testimony he protected his blood,his family and his family . All The Sunnis and Shiites testify it, the common factors between the two sects are more than the differences . The difference between the two sects is more likely in the points of views and interpretative one,not in the faith nor the pillars of Islam and thus it is prohibited on both sects to heresy the other sect, and it is not religiously legal to criminalize a whole sect because of some acts by some of its followers 
  2. The blood,money and honor of Muslims are protected , Muslims whether Sunni or Shiite should n't be killed,Kidnapped or terrorized or forced to leave his or her home or work or kidnapped some of his family relative because of his faith,and the one who does so , the Muslims all around the world ,their clerics and scholars are innocent from him
  3. The Worshiping places got its holiness and they are mosques, El-Hussaynats and non Islamic worshiping places like Churches and temples.Those places are not to be attacked or taken from their owners. Those places to be protected and kept in the hands of their owners and if something was taken from them ,it should be returned according to the Islamic laws
  4. The Crimes that happen in Iraq from genocides based upon Sect differences are from the corruption in the Land that God prohibited it in the Holy Quran , and being from a certain sect doesn't excuse the aggression even if some followers of this sect were attacking other
  5. Staying away from arising the difference ,sensitive points and sect , ethnic and lingual differences
  6. Should stick together in Unity 
  7.  working together as Islam calls from helping the helpless and standing the unjust and thus kidnappeds from the innocents and hostages from Muslims and non Muslims must be released, and those who forced to leave their homes must return back to their homes safely
  8. The Muslim Scholars and clerics remind the Iraqi government of its duties in protecting Iraq and its people , and working on justice and equity for all its citizens regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds.
  9. The Muslim Shiites and Sunni Clerics agree on all initiatives that want good for Iraq and its people
  10. The Muslim Sunnis and Shiites are all standing together to keep the independence of Iraq ,its unity, the secuirty of its lands, fulfill the free will of its people ,to contribute in building the military,economic and political capabilities , to work on ending the invasion and to return back the cultural role ,Arabic ,Islamic and human civilization role of Iraq

Fantastic is n't it ??

I just wish that this document becomes more than words on some paper, I wish that Iraqis really stick to what is mentioned in it .

Say Amen

Important links


God bless the King of Saudi Arabia

This news on Friday yesterday made my day , really it is one of the most important and historical moments in the history of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

Some may consider a small step but as JFK once said "Small step on a moon , big step for humanity" , it is the same thing happened in Saudi Arabia on Friday

King Abd Allah Al-Soud issued a royal decree that changed a 70 years tradition in the monarchy system concerning the succession system

Before I explain the decree ,I will explain the old system

"The old System in Saudi Arabia concerning who would be the king : The king and crown prince are always from the eldest sons of King Abdul Aziz , and thus non of the Grandsons of  Abdul Aziz would be kings nor crowns princes except till their last uncle , last son of King  Abdul Aziz ,the founder of the kingdom and whom the kingdom was called after his name , is dead "

As you it is a very stupid system , at first it wasn't bad , but now after 70 years it proves that it doesn't go along with both time and political demands in KSA

It was causing big problem now ,because the sons of  Abdul Aziz are getting older and older , in fact his grandsons are getting older too

Now only this ,the second and third generation got bored from waiting

Not to mention the criticism from the public and the west

But now it is changed the last king to be chosen and rule according to this system will be inshallah crown prince Sultan Abdul Aziz after the current King' Abd Allah's death "after long time inshallah"

The change is to be the following:

The King decided to form the committee of El-Bay'ia "I will explain the term later", this committee consists of members from the Royal family , from the sons and grand sons of King Abdul Aziz, the rule of this committee is to organize the succession process and assess the health conditions of both the king and his crown prince . This committee headquarter will be in Ryad and will be headed by the oldest members of the Royal family, the regular meetings of this committee can be held with 1/3 of the members , yet its decisions will be reached to by majority through secret voting "impressive is n't it!!" The Secretary general of this committee is Abdul Aziz El-Togary who was appointed by another royal decree

Choosing the crown prince will be through the following process , because the decree won't be effective as I said above until Crown Prince Sultan becomes the King ,Choosing  the crown prince Prince will be like that

  • The king gives to the committee a list of names from one to three names , to let them choose the name they think it is suitable for the crown prince position and thus as a future King
  • The Committee can reject the King's candidates and suggest another name
  • If the king didn't accept the Committee's candidates , then there will be a secret voting in the committee on both candidates ,the king's and the committee's and this is in the period of one month

There will be another committee for  assessing and following up the health condition of both the king and his crown prince, it will be formed from five members ,three of them are deans of Medicine schools in the Kingdom, this committee will know whether the king and his crown prince are capable of doing their duties permanently or temporarily

If the Committee finds out that the king is incapable of doing his job permanently the following will happen :

A  "temporary  council for rule " will be formed from fives members from the committee of El-Bay'ia ,who are also royals and this committee duty is to rule the country ,till they find a suitable man for the job from the family in the time of 7 days

I respect this move so much yes it is a small tiny more , but it is a great one

 Now here are some quick links about the change and new system from Al-Arabya.net and GN4ME yet unfortunately both in Arabic I couldn't find an English article or essay about the change and I am surprised because it is a significant one ,yet its media coverage was very modest ,I don't know ,I feel it is so quiet ,may be because it came suddenly ,may be because it is Ramadan and it was the last Friday in it ,I don't have a clue , but one thing I believe is that the Saudi Palace itself could be behind this quiet coverage , may be they don't want a cheering circus , despite it already pleased most of Saudi citizens ,if you can read Arabic,I recommend that you read the comments in Al-Arabya coverage

Link to أمر ملكي بإنشاء هيئة البيعة لاختيار ولي العهد مستقبلا بالسعودية

And here is also from GN4ME and the opinions of the people in BBC Arabic

El-Bay'ia system :

This word I could not find an English word for it , the only word I found in several dictations is "Selling" and thus I will explain it to you historically ,it is very interesting

El-Bay'ia system in Islamic Shri'a or Islamic laws is similar to the modern elections system in choosing the ruler

You will be surprised that before the modern democratic system in the west , this system was applied in Arabia ,in the Islamic State

After the death of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH",the Muslims had to choose as a successor , as the Prophet didn't recommend anyone ,and thus the leaders of the tribes in Arabia gathered in El-Medina to  choose who would rule the new Muslim State ,they chose the successor by majority voting , for the first four successors,they were chosen by that wonderful system ,which is based upon the Islamic verses saying "the matters of Muslims to be discussed among them" .

This system as I said was used until the Ummyadi came to rule and brought Monarchy and canceled that wonderful system and thus the first division between Muslims that caused later the split in the belief that led to the existence of Shiite and Sunni was caused by political reason

Thursday, October 19, 2006

We cannot afford to maintain these ancient prejudices against Islam

Our dear friend Karen Armstrong defends us in the guardian , This lady by the way was a nun , who turned to one of the great defenders of Islam and its prophet Mohamed "PBUH" in the west despite still being Christian

Karen got several books about World religions especially on Islam


The Bank of Alexandria returns back to its root

From few days it was announced that Bank of Alexandria , the third biggest public bank in Egypt was sold to an Italian group. It is something unique I guess because Bank of Alexandria was an Italian bank in the beginning before the nationalization of 1960 , I studied for a whole semester the Egyptian banking system and believe this semester I was so shocked from knowing more and more about our Egyptian economy.

Bank Alexandria faced a lot of corruption , and lots and lots and lots of Billions transferred abroad to the Bahamas and Switzerland Banks !!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What did Ahmed Fouad Najam Say??

What did Ahmed Fouad Najam Say on TV from few days ? did someone see an interview for him other than with Mona El-Hussaini on Dream TV?

Coz today Tamer Amin opened his fire rudely on the old famous Poet in a strange way

Please if anyone knows , tell me


Cholera may be in Egypt right now !!

 First here are some useful links about The Cholera from Wikipedia and Medicines sans frontieres

Link to Cholera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Doctors without Borders "Medicines sans frontieres

It started since last week when News agency declared that the Egyptian government represented in health minister was given a warning from "WHO" that Egypt must be careful ,especially the southern governates of the country as the Cholera disease is spread in the northern states of Sudan and there is a possibility it can be transferred to Egypt especially to Aswan as logically it is nearest to Sudan. Anyway as usual the government assured there is no danger to the end of that cheap talk , everything is under control ...bla ,bla ,bla , unfortunately this all proved to be wrong

Next day in El-Mansoura in delta in north Egypt , some strange happened  what can be considered as mess poisoning forRetro Cholera many people in one village in El-Mansoura , the government immediately said that it was salmonella in contaminated water !! Despite if you read the Cholera page in Wikipedia ,you will find it is a water borne disease. Not that only two girls died 16 and 18 years old in the first two days , as far as I read the families weren't convinced by the official reports and wanted an autopsy but the governmental hospital refused , also they refused to give them the bodies !!!

The problem that is the mysterious infection spreading El-Mansoura and later in Qalyubia , the declared number of people infected with this so-called Salmonella reached to 100 !! Of course no official news about the infected people or the disease ,it is more than underestimating and blaming the contaminated water 

Both diseases come from contaminated water but as I read Salmonella doesn't kill , in fact most infected people as it is written in the article of Wikipedia can recover without treatment , plus press unofficial reports indicate that most symptoms are from the Cholera's not the Salmonella's

Water is highly contaminated in El-Mansoura as all the reports officially and unofficially proved that sewage pipes are somehow reached to the water pipes !! Don't ask how ,Don't say it is so disgusting , but say it is not the fault of the poor people in the villages who can't buy one bottle of clean water because it costs now 5 Egyptian pounds per bottle, it is the fault of our blessed government .

For God Sake Egyptian Prvada aka El-Akhbar is speaking about the achievements of Mubarak ,what he did from improving in the countryside conditions in Egypt in the last 25 years, Electricity and water are in every village now "hurrrrrrrray"  ,of course they didn't say that the water is highly containmented

And ironically the Salmonella here is innocent as the wolf from the blood of Jacob's son ,as as you read in Wikipedia article you will find that "The contamination usually occurs when untreated sewage is released into waterways or into groundwater, affecting the water supply, any foods washed in the water, and shellfish living in the affected waterway — it is rarely spread directly from person to person."

You know I asked my family as they are older than me and saw Egypt facing many different stuff like Cholera if Egypt once faced it , and they told me that in Nasser time Egypt had cholera yet the government denied and said that it was something from Summer Diseases !! Summer Diseases !!?? Well the legacy of the Nasserite is not finished yet on all levels and Lying on the People of the valley of the Nile turned to habit to addiction to something normal

If there is Cholera the government should say it and no need for denial ,it will make thing worst , you know sometimes ,I think there may be no Cholera but it is more of distrust condition between the gov't and the people , People always believe the gov't lies and hides the truth ,not because the people in Egypt believe in Conspiracy theories but experience showed that 90% of the time the gov't lies and hides the truth.

The only time the gov't and ministry of health didn't lie is with the Avian flu as it was controlled and monitored by WHO and the whole world was watching , so any lie could be exposed easily

The rumors of the Cholera in Egypt is discussed everywhere in the opposition newspapers which are hinting the possibility of having it

You can find coverage here :

From Filbalad :

  1. 10/10 "Warning in Egypt from Cholera transfer"
  2. 10/10 "Two girls die in El-Mansoura"
  3. 12/10 "Minister of Health denies the Cholera ,it is Salmonella"
  4. 16/10 "The Health Committee in Egyptian Parliament listens to the minister of Health's statement about the mysterious disease in El-Mansoura"

From Al-Araby Nasserite opposition Newspaper:

From Egyptians without Borders

In the end I am not overestimating things , but when 83 person are infected in one week then there is something to worry about

I don't know I am sorry I don't trust this gov't it is Cholera