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Egyptian X-File: Egypt Air Flight 648

I do not know if I am right to consider it an Egyptian X-File or not but I noticed that no one in our media wants to remember the Egypt Air Flight 648 !! May be because rescue operation of our commandos 777 Unit was  fiasco and is considered one from the worst rescue missions ever. We do not like to remember our fiascos despite we can learn from them. 56 of 88 passengers were killed on the 27th November 1985. They were from Egypt,Greece,Israel,America and even Mexico who did not think for one second that their flight no.648 on Egypt Air would end like this.

I only found out about it in the Wikipedia last week. My mother does not recall it l just like all members of my family , they remember the Larnaca international airport incident very well , of course it can’t be forgotten easily after the murder of Romanticism knight/Novelist Youssef El-Sabei not to mention Al Sadat comments.

I think the X in this file goes to many facts here:

1- The terrorist group of Abu Nidal : many security experts in the Arab World and in the west including the famous Patrick Seale believe that Abu Nidal was a double agent working for the Mossad not as you think. Also it was mentioned that the terrorists at first called themselves “The Revolution of Egypt” , Were they related to “the Revolution of Egypt we had at that time ??

Already there was a movement called “Revolution of Egypt” that was targeting Israelis at the same time in Egypt , I do not want to go in more details about it because this is another X-File people love not to speak about.

2-The Maltese government never issued a comprehensive report about the incident makes more strange , despite it think about the Maltese government does not want to embarrass itself.Malta has till now good relations with Libya. Libya is suspected till now to be behind this operation.

3-I can’t find anything about the real demands of the hijackers, all what I can find is the terrible rescue operation that went wrong . May be it was a revenge operation from Mubarak after what happened earlier that year in the infamous Achille Lauro ,yup the only moment Mubarak reached to the time magazine cover was during that crisis. Or it was our mad neighbour in the west according to the official story ???

Most people including President Mubarak accused of Libya and Al Gaddafi of being behind this operation , it was his hobby to send Abu Nidal and others to hijack the airplanes for no good reasons. There was no confirmation especially that Libya refused to let the hijackers to land and get fuel , it will be an easy target to the Egyptian forces.  Mubarak in his press conference on the 25th of November 1985 indirectly accused Libya of Standing behind the hijack. According to Mubarak the Libyan FM then did not return any of our calls. I assume that our Embassy was not re-opened yet. Libya and Egypt suffered a period of bad relations thanks to the mad temper of Al Gaddafi. It reached to the level of a short military confrontation in late 1970s.Already during that crisis our troops were sent to the borders.

4-The Mubarak’s statement is an (x) itself with the details in it ,believe it or not this may be the first  speech or statement I read it for Mubarak several times completely because it is from the few sources “despite being bias” with full details about the incident from the beginning till the end.

According to him our 6 commandos “with my all respect ,admiration and love to them” only shot 6 bolts from their guns !! They did not throw any phosphoric bombs “I believe this point” but the hijackers did  on our troopers that suffered bad injuries.”Still they used explosives they should not have used” .Mubarak said that our trooper came form 3 entries.Guns+Phosphoric bombs+explosives = total disaster to the body of airplane and the passengers.

There are several questions should be answered , may be then were not like today.

The  U.S officially supported us and our decision. Already The United States was going to send a special force but it would take too much time to arrive to Malta especially after a message Cairo received from Captain Hany Galal from airplane

Help Us !! They are going to kill us all now !!

Malta refused to refuel the airplane with fuel according to its laws. At first they told the hijackers they should let the women and children free , the hijackers only let 11 then they started threatening that they would kill a person every half an hour and they already did .Captain Galal had no option. Another thing there were two American experts with 777 commandos  !!

For the historical record , Mubarak changed the commander of the 777 unit after that mission.

The Western sources blamed us and Mubarak blamed the terrorists. For sure we had our mistakes in this rescue but I do not rule out the terrorists of Abu Nidal.

The survivals of course spoke to the media, mostly the western media. Without any knowledge I know what was mentioned in our media on behalf of our Egyptian survivors.

Mrs. Jackie Pflug is from the famous survivors of the flight , she wrote a book about her unforgettable experience called “Miles to Go Before I Sleep” this woman who used to be a teacher in Egypt was shot down at point blank, she survived the attack and wrote about the experience that changed her life completely

This is the only documentary I have found about it , unfortunately it is not Arabic nor in English but it is a Maltese.Yes this is Maltese which is a descended of the Arabic “did not know that before” It is based on Jackie’s testimony still it includes very rare and shocking footage.

Surely most of the passengers were killed and surely we had our mistakes but forgetting this is wrong .After reading this sad file I understand why Germany and Italy refused that our commandos would release the hostages in Sudan ,we had a bad history Larnaca then Malta :(

Mubarak in his first 5 years faced international challenges I think that affected his decision making after that. To tell you the truth I do not think that he has the ability of Nasser or Sadat of acting in time of crisis as it should.

Links and sources :

Where is Israel ??

Where is Israel from what is going in the Red Sea from Piracy ??
Is not it strange that the Israeli ships have not been victims for a single piracy incident ??
I am not saying anything ,this is just something I noticed with all the action happening in this area.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Media Circus in Town

As if we do not have enough from the media Circus of Suzanne Tamim , yes it is quiet now due to the publication ban but it is still there !! Last Thursday night the news came with a terrible crime , two girls were brutally killed in 6th of October city “or rather governorate now”.
The crime with its details would have been the talk of town :
Two girls in their early 20s got killed in a villa alone after a wild night with drugs and alcohol [according to the early reports] , the brutal details of the murder itself is enough as they were stubbed about 60 times ,one of them was beheaded and nothing was stolen from that villa . It did not take much time from the police to know that it is a personal issue between the murderer and the victim or at least one of the victims [the owner of the villa]
But it became the talk of town because one of the victims is the daughter of 3rd degree Moroccan singer called Laila Ghofran !! Now it is officially the Laila Ghofran’s daughter murder case !!?? As if this murder was filling the void of Suzanne’s murder !!??
Laila Ghofran is just like Tamim but she is much older,she is not pretty like Tamim and always marries men who are younger than her.I do not recall for her any song except may be she sang a cover for one of Halim’s famous song “Hobak Nar” and she was terrible. She wants to appear young that she got that tattoo on her arm of a naked woman !!??? In brief she is the favorite type of tabloids.
To be honest it is the first time I know that she has got a girl from an Egyptian husband.
I do not like to consider it a celeb crime like some media is reporting especially in the Arab countries because originally the daughter of Ghofran was not the target , Heba “her daughter” was in the wrong place in the wrong time .. this is one
Two there are many things to be discussed than this celebrity connection thing like for instance the security of the 6th October Governorate. The Crime happened in a compound and the murderer left as he entered.
And the fact that this crime can be alarm to the parents who abandon their kids and work in Gulf to get money. May be Laila Ghofran’s daughter is a victim of her mother’s lust to life and fame but what about Nadine the owner of the villa !!
I concentrate on Nadine because this girl is a victim of her parents before her reckless way of life , she did not find a parent to guide her. Her parents are living in Saudi Arabia for 20 years , they do not come to Egypt but they send to the 23 years old girl monthly L.E 5,000 !!!!
Nadine and Heba are students in one of the Private universities in 6th of October. Nadine was known for her parties in the compound. The neighbors used to complain from the loud music.
The media is expecting  Gossip girl high society boys and gals would be interrogated in the investigation ,about 100 gals and boys.
I wish  that the media treats not like a Laila Ghofran’s daughter murder because what happened was shocking and awful enough to make it the talk of the town.
By the way this is a real exam to the Egyptian Police and the interior ministry ,here the crime happened on the Egyptian Soil not in Dubai.

What were their demands ??

In any hostage situation there should be hostages , kidnappers, negotiators and demands where as in the latest Mumbai terrible terrorist acts there were hostages,Kidnappers and forces but no negotiators or demands !!??

What were the kidnappers demands ?? They did not take that big number of hostages for nothing !!?? The demands will indicate the identity of the kidnappers so why the Indian government does not announce these demands now !!??

There is something I don’t understand and Please Pardon my question but how on earth 10 people only cause all that destruction in Mumbai in one day or rather three days or even how 10 people can control a hotel in the size of Tag Mahal for three days !!?? This is what the authorities in India said !!??

Already how the hell the terrorists could have rented a room in that huge hotel to put the explosives in it without being busted by the security !!? This is too much , may be the security is zero there . with my all respect from the footages aired worldwide I found the Indian police and security actions were scandalous.

These are just thoughts .

Will he find a job in Egypt for real??

There is an Egyptian scientist who is in his home after working and living for years in the United States of America.
Moniem El-Ganayni,57 years old physicist used to work in the famous Moniem Bettis Atomic power laboratory specialized in manufacturing parts of nuclear submarines to the U.S Navy. He is a famous contributing member in the Islamic community at Pittsburgh.
You can imagine the level of science of this man to work in a place like that. Anyhow after 9/11 and  his security clearance was revoked and he was fired in last May without any justification or evidence against him. Apparently his only crime is being an outspoken Islamic activist speaking against Bush and the War in Iraq.
He filed a federal suite that was dismissed by the U.S district judge in Pittsburgh. The American civil rights union is planning for appeal where as  El-Ganayni and his wife returned back home on last Wednesday.
In an interview to Post Gazette in Pittsburgh El-Ganayni said that he found a job as university professor with good salary. I do not know if he was saying this in an Egyptian way to preserve his dignity or it is true. And even if it is true ,I know that this gentleman will be shocked when he works in our universities especially as a Physics professor with our poor capabilities not to mention he will be shocked by the level of security intervention in the Universities. I fear that he may face trouble with his outspoken Islamic views in the University.
Of course in a perfect world this gentleman can be very useful to our future nuclear program.
There are thousands like El-Ganayni from Physics and nuclear scientists that should return back home and help in reviving the scientific research in this country. But what you can say scientists inherited the prophets and there is no dignity for a prophet in his country !!
Anyhow welcome home Dr. El-Ganayni :)
Links :

This is not a horror film monster

First I apologize because of the photo I will link here.

This is not a make up.

This is not a scene from a horror film.

This is the photo for an Egyptian Citizen Called Hanan Fatahi Mansour “37 Years old” who was beaten by a deputy sheriff “a police officer” in the police station !!

The woman works as a maid and went to the police station from couple of weeks to renew her license to work as a maid and a cook , sometimes you need this license in Egypt “First time to know that to be honest”. Now to her bad fortune it turned out the deputy sheriff of that specific police station was the same man whom she used to work in his house and had fight  from two years ago. As soon as he saw her ,he remembered that old fight and started to beat her.

Here is the lady after the fight, looks like an alien !! I am sorry I do not mean to attack or mock on the contrary but seriously I feel so sad and angry.

I forget to tell you that according to Hanan ,she left working in the house of that office because he tried to rape her where as he and his wife accused her of theft.

To be honest a man who beats a woman like this , I do not trust his version of story with all respect without real evidence. Even she was liar ,she should not be beaten like this , he should not have touched her in the first place and he should not have used his position to teach this poor woman a lesson not to mess with a man like him!!

The Last Emperor of China

At last I have seen the famous film "The Last Emperor" . For years I wanted to see that film.I have always been attracted to that Chinese adorable kid running in those huge hallways. The award wining film is about the life of China's Last Emperor Puyi with all its rich details in it. Puyi is unknown to most of the people of the world thanks to the coups there ended by the Mao Zedong rule who became China's emperor in the 20th Century.
The film was good overall despite ,it does not make from Puyi a hero but rather than a human being who made his mistakes and paid for it heavily , so heavily. After all collaborating with the Japanese invaders and becoming the so called Emperor of Manchukuo is a treason regardless of the justifications. I was surprised that he was not executed but rather being sent to a Chinese prison till he was reformed turning from an Emperor to Citizen. Mao's regime for sure is not your usual Communist regime,  Russia he would have been killed from a very long time.
I think Puyi was a victim of an upbringing that made him a prisoner of traditions and palaces. He wanted to be free and live a western way of life but also he wanted to be an Emperor of an Eastern Country. He wanted be a sovereign emperor of China where as he was a no sovereign emperor worshiped by his entourage inside the forbidden City which he did not leave except after 20 years of his life. He wanted to live on the western side but ended to be a traitor and a puppet of the Japanese who used him till the end against his own country people. The country people whom I think he did not know for real , he knew the history ,the tradition and his creepy entourage in the forbidden City but he did not know the Chinese people for real,this is a deadly mistake.

You must see the film because it will introduce to a part from the Chinese history.It is great despite it is sad in the last part but I loved the ending. By the way from an artistic point view , this is very beautiful film,it already won 9 academy awards.

BY the way I do not know they did not mention that he remarried in 1962 and he wrote a book by the recommendation “or rather an order" by Mao” about his life and how he transferred from an Emperor to  a citizen.

When I checked about his life that Henry or Pu Yi as he called himself was the laugh of the west in WWII after all he was on the wrong side of the war. He was frequently the Puppet even till his death in 1967
I do not know why the last emperors and kings always have this dramatic life.

I do not know why most of those last kings and emperors want to be free from all their royal obligations but at the same time they want to be remembered in the history.

Unfortunately they are always remembered as the last emperors and kings :(

Also here are very important two books about the life of Puyi :

Friday, November 28, 2008

Regarding the Ain Shams incidents

Earlier this week Egypt as if had not enough from internal problems so it would find herself in front of another ugly sectarian clash between the Muslims and Christians.

Of course you have heard about the sorrowful incidents of Ain Shams. I want to say something according the videos I saw @ Wael Abbas blog.

The Police was there and watching without doing its job except when it was too late. I do not have to comment about the protesters because they are more like football fanatics.

The Regime is following “Divide conquer ” Which means by creating more internal troubles with in the country the security has the right to do what ever it wants without any accountability. The Christians now consider themselves a minority who listens only to the Church and the Pope, the Pope tells that they should support Mubarak and son otherwise the MB would rule and they would suffer. The Christians are in side and the Muslims are in another side.

Another thing by creating sectarian divisions across the country and tensions in Sinai for example you can pass any terrorism law what ever you want , any suppressing law what ever you want , in front of the the international community you got all the right. You want to protect the Christian minority , you want to disarm those smugglers on your borders to protect Israel.

Yes there is something wrong in the relations between the Muslims and Christians after long time of tolerance. Strangely the politics were the start in spoiling these relations. I will not comment on what happened in the Sadat era but I will comment on the Mubarak because Mubarak had enough time to amend any fraction in this unity that stood strongly in front of the British occupation for decades.Instead in the time of Mubarak the fraction was widen till it became a wide gap.

A weak society that can’t stand each other is good to be ruled in a dictatorship.

Gamal Mubarak needs this in order to get to the rule. The people in Egypt are either working hard for their living or busy fighting each other.

Our Torshi in Iran

Torshi in Egypt is pickles ,it is our local pickles that you can’t get enough with despite it is not good for high blood pressure !!

Anyhow I found out that in Iran they got Torshi too ,I wonder if it has the same taste like the one we have in Egypt , Dear Shahrzad posted the recipe which similar to ours.

I love Torshi especially the Baladi Torshi. Baladi Torshi other than the homemade Torshi is made in especial shops we call as Torshi laboratories, do not ask me why they are called like this because I do not know !!

Now I do not know whether Torshi is originally an Iranian or an Egyptian , to tell you the truth I will not be surprised if it turned originally an Iranian because our cuisine is a mix from the Middle East cuisines.

If you ever visit you Egypt ,then you must eat Torshi ;)

We got people among the hostages

The Egyptian official TV has announced that there were two Egyptian hostages among the hostages in Mumbai , I do not know if they were in Tag Mahal or Oberoi but I know that their families lived in terror I do not want to imagine.

Thank God it ended like that.

Now to be honest I do not understand what is going on there. Everything is possible despite the size of this terrorist operation is so big and sophisticated. Many experts do not believe that it is Al Qaeda nor Pakistan.

The unknown group that declared its responsibility carries all the characters of Islamist group.In fact now most of the media consider those who are behind the act Islamists group. May be and May be no. Again you got Kashmir and you got the situation of Muslims in India themselves, which is worse than the Kashmir problem. I do not justify  this coward act on the contrary I hate the fact that we will be accused and I am scared that someone Muslim would be behind it because it is another terrible insult to Islam when all those innocent people killed .This incident despite its horror was a chance in order to know more about the situation of the Muslims in India ,the Muslims in India despite being a minority are the second biggest population of Muslims in the world after Indonesia.Still once the rulers of India they became a suffering minority . Please read this article from the Time magazine to get the image there.

But wait before accusing the usual suspect the Muslims; there are other suspects which are usually unknown to the outside world : The Hindu terrorists aka the nationalists of India. I want to you read this report especially the last part in concerning the HInduTva

“Indian Hindu supremacists were arrested including army officer in the intelligence !!??”

Do not forget that the top anti-terrorism officer was killed in this attack , it is not a coincidence.

Strangely we never hear about these arrests abroad !!

Of course I should not forget about the Jewish center, now this gives it the tune of some mad Islamist group that hates the Jews so much.

Who is behind it ?? God only knows

I am too tired to think , I am like a book worm trying to understand what is going on in this faraway land I dreamt once that I would visit and stay in Oberoi !!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Best Way to Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Cairo University

I am so happy with the historical rule of the administrative court to kick out the security forces aka the university security from  the Cairo university campus. I am so so so happy.This is the best way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Cairo University to liberate it from that ugly control.
Unfortunately Cairo University administration appealed !! Anyhow I will not be dreamy because even if the security is outside of the University now ,it is still inside it through the pro-regime administration and staff.
This is an old legacy I am afraid that goes back to the Nasserite era.
You know I have a mad thought now or rather a prediction on how the security will come back to the University.Expect in any moment a clash between some pro-regime students or even thugs entered illegally and others mainly from the MB students "with my all respect to them".Those pro-regime students would provoke the MB students and the rest is well known.Believe me this could happen, in fact wait with me and see.

where is Shalby ??

Do you know Waldo from Where is Waldo ??
We had our own Waldo in the 1990s and his name was Shalby. The Egyptian Novels for pocket print house that publishes hit book series like Adham Sabri produced one single edition which was rather like a Pilot called "Where is Shalby ??"
Shalby is the boy from the country side that got lost in the big Cairo and Alexandria and you have to find him.
It is Waldo but it was localized to fit the Egyptian society. Unfortunately it did not work despite it is fun ,I really like this sort of puzzles.
I do not know why I remember it today but I really miss this series and miss its name ,I love its name !!

The Nazi fascist supporters of Israel in Lebanon

Via The Angry Arab Network.

Lebanese Phalanges 2 Lebanese Phalanges 1

These photos are from the Swearing in Ceremony of the New members who joined the Lebanese phalanges party in the second anniversary of Pierre Al Gameyal JR’s assassination.

Many people in the west ignore the fact that Pierre Al Gameyal,the grand father founded this Christian Party after being inspired by the German Nazi Party in 1936  !! That party is supporting in Israel and America currently. I do not think that they changed from their principles that much.The Nazi Salute is still there as you can see.

Ironically from time to time Israel airs the photos of Hezbollah supporters doing the Nazi salute so they can accuse of being Nazi and anti-Semites .

I wonder what they will say about their allies in Lebanon !!??

I want to comment about what is happening in Lebanon but I can’t find enough time :(

Regarding the Indian terrorist attacks

I feel sad and angry for those terrible acts because I know that innocent people died for no reason and that my country can face such terrible acts.

I watched the whole coverage and I have certain points to share it with you now.

  • This is highly orchestrated  work with lots of planning.
  • You need highly trained elements to carry out such operation in the same time with no mistake , it is more than 11 people for sure.You do not train them in mountains for sure.
  • You need to have a hi-tech telecommunication network can’t be traced to orchestrate the work of these groups in different places. Check the CNN interactive map
  • You need lots and lots of information so you choose the correct time and place.

You need an army to do such a dirty job not some Mickey Mouse organization never been heard before !!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Follow Up: Media escalation and useless visit in Sinai

The Committee of National Security in the people's assembly aka our parliament has finished its investigating visit to North Sinai in order to know what is going on there.
The Committee returned back with recommendations to the government. Most if not all the recommendations are in the sake of the government.Some of these recommendations you may think that they are great , well they are great if you do not know what is actually going on there.

The committee came back to say that
  • The tribes got tons of weapons including rockets !!
  • The tribes clash with the police to cover their smuggling activity !!
  • Smuggling threats the national security !!
In the end the police is innocent and the government is innocent !!

Judge Yourself :
  • More security forces on the borders and in North Sinai.
  • The disarmament of the tribes.
 In other words more clashes with the tribes.
I had faith in this visit because the members seemed to be really concerned ,they visited the victims families and listened to the Chiefs of the tribes ,this is what I read.

One more thing the Interior ministry denied dumping sorry burying the dead bodies of the Bedouin citizens in the garbage dump in the desert.
I do not like this at all , I do not like this tune. The government is insisting to attack the tribes and escalate that hateful tune in its official media ; for instance the headlines of Al Gomhouria newspaper today !!
Dr.Nabil Farouk,the famous writer and novelist specialized in espionage wrote today a wonderful piece in Weekly Al Dostor , he said what I have been saying here , enough of the stupid police mentally in Sinai !!
Any person who really cares about this country and its unity , who really understands our position and our nationality security will say that escalation is not in our sake.

Let's be frank does Mubarak want to have a civil or shall I say want Israel to get back in Sinai or what !!?? 

The First Saudi Underground Ladies Rock Group

Thanks to NY article I have known the Accolade . The first Saudi rock all girls group that released its first single Pinocchio. To be honest I was surprised ,I think this is the first Saudi Rock group ever , the hip hop and Rap are much popular than rock as I know in KSA. Also I thought they would sing in Arabic, some of the rock bands in Egypt do sing in Arabic.

Anyhow good luck to them,hopefully no one would harm them insh Allah.

Where is the Change ??

I have been following the news of Obama's Cabinet and up till now I do not find any change as I could tell in the foreign affairs.
First of all he kept Bobby Gates ; it was expected ,do not me ask why because I do not know really why he wants GOP Gates as defense Minister !!
Second Hilary is back as FM
Third Condi is expected to be the United States envoy to the UN !
What kind of change is this !!

Is the Godfather of Iranian blogging among them ??

I read today that the Iranian prosecution demanded the execution of three Iranians accused of spying to Israel.Is Hossein D. the godfather of Iranian blogging among them ??
There is no further news about him as far as I could tell.

They did not break any court order

I can't  believe that 5 journalists are being prosecuted including the chief in editors of Daily Al Masry Al Youm and Al Wafd for violating the publication ban of Suzanne Tamim's murder trial !!
This is outrageous because I read what Al Wafd and Al Masry Al Youm had published  the last week and they did not break any court order at all. All What they published was the court's orders in the end of each
session !!
I can't believe it. Now interesting enough they were accused by a bunch of NDP lawyers of breaking the ban !! I have enough from those NDP layers !!

He won’t Miss the Chance

The Media adviser of Saudi Arabia Motlak Soad El-Matiry in Egypt did not miss the chance to comment on the Incident of the two doctors. I Souad wondered once where he is from this. This gentleman always writes messages to Al Dostor Newspaper whenever something bad happens and affects the Egyptian-Saudi Relations. He started this when some Nasserite Writers accused KSA of producing King Farouk Serious to attack Nasser.
Anyhow back to the doctors case , He wrote yesterday to Al Dostor about it. of course he is defending his country and his court's decision despite it is against the Sharia. He is claiming that this is campaign is not about two doctors but rather a campaign against his country.
Dr. Matiry chose Al Dostor because it is popular ,more trusted than Al Ahram and Al Akhabr and those who are against the unjust rule read it.
I noticed something that some regime publications are standing with the Saudi Arabia in this case for instance Akher Saa. Akher Saa made an interview with the Judge who issued the infamous rule that does not comply with the Sharia this week.
By the way the ministry of health in Saudi Arabia issued an official statement regarding the case. There is nothing new about. The new thing is that the health authorities in Saudi Arabia is threatening us on our bar decision by depending on doctors from other countries. Of course the minister of labor backtracked her ministerial decree and made new agreements with Saudi hospitals !! Has the Saudi present of the two ferries in the Red Sea affected her decision and made her change her mind ?? It is not a present then it is a bribe !!
The Minister of Interior of KSA attacked our media saying that it launched a campaign against his country.
I am afraid the Saudis are missing the point here , it is not about attacking their country , we do not hate their country nor we hate them but we are sick from that unjust unequal treatment.
Again I will assume that those two doctors were Americans and I will ask the Saudis 
Do You think that these two doctors will have the same sentence ??
Already I do not know why Egypt does not demand that these two doctors would be punish in her jails if they are guilty just like what Saudi Arabia does with the Saudi citizens !!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Follow Up: Mohamed Adel


This is the last thing I know about blogger Mohamed Adel. He will be detained for another 40 days as far as I heard !! Oh yes he will not spend the Eid with his family  !! He will start 2009 as detainee according to this :(

Tomorrow there will be a stand in front of the General attorney office in Cairo.

Here is a group in Facebook calling for his freedom.

He deserves it

The tribes in Sinai are extremely angry from the official media coverage that portrays them as traitors,smugglers and drug dealers. They are especially angry after they were insulted and attacked by Amr Adib in his "Cairo Today" Show that their chiefs issued a fatwa alike considering that insult and attack ,an attack on their honour and their honour is a scared thing defended by blood , in other words Adib can be killed for this insult !!
Despite I refuse that Adib would be threatened like this but I understand the tribes and I feel their Pain. Adib in his show told them to go to Israel if you do not like the treatment in Egypt !! He deserves this threat because unacceptable to attack people in this unacceptable way.
Adib is a governmental speaker ,a regime speaker despite what many people believe.People forget that his brother and he were behind the presidential campaign of Mubarak in 2006. In fact it was well known ,for God Sake it is enough to listen Ahmed Moussa who heads the crime page in Al Ahram in his show to know that.”Cairo Today” is like Al Beit Batik but with more freedom !!
I will not say that before Adib would go on air and attack our People in Sinai by these charges he should check their history in 1967 and 1973 from the army and intelligence generals because I know very well that Adib is just doing and saying what he was told to do and say by the regime.
By the way Adib did not comment as far as I know on the incident of the two doctors in KSA or did he ?? or is it much more important to host a belly dancer claiming to be a journalist ???* Or the late confession of Ahmed El-Fashawy that the Lina is his Child !!??
*It happened once in his episode.

In the last 72 hours

How many Civilians were killed by police officers in the last 72 hours in Egypt ??
How many civilians were injured by Police officers in the last 72 hours in Egypt ??
In the last 72 hours there were Civilians who were killed by Police officers for no good reason with no right at all.Violence became the language of the police officers towards the Citizens.
It transferred from torture in the police station to the simple quarrels over parking in the street !!
A Citizen was killed in the day light in front of the shooting club by the a Police officer in Giza , another Citizen was killed in Aswan in front of his family by another Police officer.
By the way the people are so angry in Aswan and they have all the right to be so.
I want to say something it is from the best interest of Habib Al Adly to fix what ever is going in his ministry because in the end the interior ministry will lose more and more.
Before applying the law on the Citizens the Police officers should learn to respect the law !!
They should not blame us on why we fear and hate them !!
It seems that we need another Police to protect us from our police !!

She wants to be famous

She won’t be the first nor the last ,after all we got enough of her type whom we are already familiar with :very well : The Media Clown lawyers.

Nagla Emam the lawyer who attacked Noha Rushdie last month saying that she were an Israeli who loved to sue guys for sexual harassment is back in the spot light.

After proving nothing from what she claimed and after denying that she refused to defend Noha because she found out she was from the Arabs of 48 , Nagla is back in the media by a strange statement or rather a call

Watch and in advance it kills to post something like this,already I do not know why Al Arabiya gave her the opportunity to rant !!

I do not know what to say except this woman has no morals to say something like this , even the most radical Arab nationalists do not think in this twisted way.

This is an insult to the Palestinian and the Arabic causes , this is an insult to our dignity and our heritage as Arabs.

Unfortunately that woman gives an opportunity to those hate us to criticize and attack us in front of the whole world just like Memri TV.

I blame Al Arabiya Channel for hosting someone like her , she should be ignored at all. By the way I respect the Egyptian newspapers for ignoring her. I did not know it from the press , I knew from the internet unfortunately :(

Arab Men are better than this Nagla, you searcher for fame

If she wants fame ok she can have it without insulting us in the world !!

Monday, November 24, 2008

So From Where the Welfare will come ??

The minister of investment in the last couple of weeks spoke in the media about the wonderful brainchild of GM : The Privatization Voucher system

Again I apologize because it turned out that it won’t be a voucher system ,it will be a portfolio system !!

Yup Every Egyptian citizen above the age of 21 years old will receive a portfolio of certain Public companies shares in the stock market exchange !!

Now the average revenue or even profit the Egyptian citizen will get won’t be like what GM said from L.E 2000, GM is a dreamy just like his mom who does not think there is a sexual harassment problem !!

Anyhow back to the portfolio of welfare , what every Egyptian Citizen will get from this portfolio according to the minister of investment Mohi El-Din is L.E 500 !!

Well for sure if you distribute the shares on millions of citizens this is the average you will get by the end.

Still Shall I ask does it worth it ?? I mean those L.E 500 won’t bring welfare to the Egyptian Citizen now and in the coming period .

Also the sophisticated minister of investment kept speaking about the stock market and the portfolios.. etc

How many people in the Egyptian society do really understand the stock market system ??

I do not mean any offense but the farmers in the Nile Delta and in Upper Egypt do not understand it , the workers in the factories do not understand it . In fact most Egyptians do not understand the stock market and here I am not insulting my people because the minister kept saying that it was an insult to say that many Egyptian people did not understand the stock market !!

In fact the minister and all the NDP geniuses are insulting our people if they think we are fool enough to buy that talk.

From the dirtiest doors of history

Ashley Dupre aka Christine was the prostitute that brought down NY governor Eliot Spitzer if you remember from couple of months earlier this year in the States.

Dupre appeared with famous Diane Sawyer special report about prostitution in 20/20 , I am waiting for this episode when they show it on MBC 4.

To tell you the truth I do not know why they host someone like her after public scandal , it is not about prostitution. Already for most of the clip I feel that I am in front of Drama Queen. She felt connected to Silda Spitzer !!?? She considers escort service different from Prostitution !! To be honest I loved Sawyer’s reaction to her in this question.

Dupre wants to be famous , I remember her MySpace page during the crisis she wanted to a singer and now she wants to write a book !! Dupre is not devastated like Slida Spitzer or her daughters.

The example of Dupre is in everywhere in this world.If you remember the infamous story John Porfumo and his scandalous affair with Christine Keeler ; Of course in much worse way thanks to the KGB part in it.

Surely Spitzer and Porfumo wrote their end by themselves , I mean if it were not for Keeler and Dupre ,it would be someone else. Still I hate when the Media gives more attention to women like Dupre and Keeler turning them in to stars where as everybody knows who they are .

Dupre and Keeler now entered the history of their countries but unfortunately from the most dirtiest doors !!

Follow Up:People just do not disappear like this

First of all there is no update on where Adel is , he suddenly disappeared.
There is some unconfirmed rumor that he is being held for a national security matter which means he is not held by the State Security but rather the Egyptian Intelligence !!
The rumor goes on saying that it is about Hamas and the Kasam rockets !!!
Ok with my all respect to the E.I if Adel is being held for investigation then they must announce it. It is from his simplest rights as a human being.
To tell you the truth ,I do not believe this James Bond story I feel that it was being popularized to keep us shut up because everybody knows they do not mess up with the I.E
Anyhow yesterday bloggers had stand in front of the general prosecutor office demanding the announcement of Adel's fate
People do not just disappear in respectable countries , we are not living in the Nasserite era anymore.
 Update No.1 :
  • There is an arrest order by the name of Adel has been issued today.
  • We do not know if it is a state security arrest order or a national security arrest order.
  • There is news that he is currently in the State Security HQ.
  • There is currently a solidarity stand for him downtown I think

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are not less than the Indian or French Navy

Last Thursday it was announced that the Indian Navy succeeded in sinking a Pirate ship near the gulf of Eden and today a French warship crossed the Suez Canal to kick those pirates butts.
At last Egypt and Saudi Arabia decided to hold a meeting last week to discuss the Piracy problem. Now they are speaking about the problem that will affect our main source of income in the Suez Canal only after the hijack of the Saudi Oil transporter !!
Well it is better than nothing.
Now I wonder when our navy will do something along with the other Arab naval forces .

Whether The Egyptian and Israeli Governments like it or not

This is dedicated to the Egyptian and the Israeli governments and their attempts by all means to close the tunnels between Gaza and Al Arish !!

This photos are from a news report showing how the smuggling is still done between Gaza and Al Arish through tunnels , this time they are smuggling goats and small cows !!

It is very sad thing that it reached to this level. This inhuman siege should be stopped immediately . If they want the tunnels to be closed then they must open the borders.

Image Source : Getty Images.

30 years on the Jonestown Mass Suicide

Last week on the 18th of November 1978 From 30 years ago  the  the world not only in the United States shocked at what happened in Jonestown . 909 persons committed suicide or mostly killed in the Jonestown at GuyanaTheir majority were injected by force and killed including 303 child and teenager “and opened the world’s eyes on the black side of the religious cults. Strangely the world did not learn from its mistake and the mass suicides of cults were repeated violently whether in Waco at the States years later or in the order of solar temple in Canada and Europe or in the heaven’s gate whose mass suicide was the second biggest one in the States after Jonestown , in fact some considered it the biggest on an American soil , Jonestown is in Guyana. The world did not pay any attention for the real danger of these cults except when we found ourselves in front of the Aum’s  terrorist attack on Tokyo’s subway.

Here is the very early news report about the Jonestown Mass suicide or rather massacre including the rare footage of the Journalists who killed along with the congressman Leo Ryan who visited the commune to investigate the allegations around it.

What I am really interested at is how this cult leader Jim Jones was not able to deceive his own followers but also the public opinion before leaving to Guyana. Jim Jones unlike other cult leaders was a popular face in the San Francesco community. It does not surprise me because this sort of men like crocks got very powerful social intelligence. Still I can’t understand why he would commit suicide,I mean I see him a sort of a crock who cares only for himself. Of course You will never understand that sort of these men.

Also this mix between socialism and Religion , the People’s temple was a socialist Church that used Religion to attract people, they did not believe in God , they believed in Jones whom day by day was obsessed by the dictatorship in communist countries. Jones Planed that he would go along with followers to the Soviet Union if the conspiracies did not stop against them !! You know if you look to Jonestown ,you will know that Animal Farm was heaven on earth compared to it.

Here is a photo collection for the catastrophe , I warn some shots are shocking ,you only see this scene in wars and even in wars it is not like this.

Here is one of the best documentaries ever made about the people’s temple produced from couple of years by PBS,what I like about it that it included the history of cult from the beginning till the tragic end.It includes testimonies of former members and also footage from the mad Jim Jones.

I feel sad for the Children and the people who were killed there.Jim Jones fanatic followers killed those who refused to drink the poison !!I also feel sad for the poor congressman and journalists who died there.

CNN last week aired a very interesting documentary in the anniversary called the Escape of Jonestown . CNN made a fantastic online report including documents from Jonestown released by the FBI !!

And things do not stop here because Jonestown has its own conspiracy theory. With my all respect I do not think that the CIA is involved in that horrible incident , that was a concentration camp led by a mad dictator not a socialist haven , also I do not understand what this CIA experiment went wrong that Leo Ryan would expose it and thus it had to be ended !!?? This is too much , no everything the government would involved in. Already I do not see how the CIA would be supporting the socialist Jones !! For God Sake Jones, His wife and his mistress wanted the temple’s money “millions of dollars” to be sent to the Soviet Embassy !! Already this incident is strange and does not need conspiracy theories to make it more stranger !!

May Be We lucky not to have this sort of cults in Egypt and in the Arab world despite I believe that the group of the Heresy and Migration shared some of the ideas of these cults from a dominant leading character to refusal of the out world to troubling background of the members themselves to the blind obedience to the leader .

 Photos Source : Corbis,Getty Images and Life images.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It is not a Representative Sample

The “Information and Decision support center” {IDSC} published very interesting results of a very recent survey.

According to this survey :

  • 98% of the sample are proud of being Egyptians.
  • 80% of the sample are ready to defend Egypt.
  • 63% of of the sample do not care about politics.
  • 95% of the sample rank the religion in a high rank.
  • 94% of the sample are happy !!
  • 10% of the sample are extremely happy !!

They compared these results with other results from all over the world and we turned to be from the happiest people in the world !!

First of all this is not a real survey or correct one because the sample size does not represent the real population of Egypt. The sample size of that survey is 3000 only asked in less then two months from the 25th of March to the 5th of April 2008 !!??Already we do not know how that sample became a representative sample representing the Egyptian population from all its classes and from all over the governorates.

Second I do not dispute that we are ready to defend Egypt and we are proud of being Egyptians despite what we are doing now in the country prove otherwise.

I  mean the simplest thing will make you doubt about the pride of our identity is those young men who are trying leave this country by all possible ways even it would cost them their lives in the cold sea. I can’t forget this young Egyptian teenager who escaped from Egypt to France on the wheels of Air France to die freezing !! Why some Egyptians are dying to get foreign Passports then !!??

For God sake if we are proud of being Egyptians and we adore Egypt why do not we clean our streets !!?? Please do not tell me it is the government fault , Syria is more cleaner than us and it is ruled by even most dictatorship !!?? If you love your Country and proud of it then clean it my dear friend.

If you are proud of your country and its heritage then why you are running behind everything western from buildings to fashion to food.

Yes we love and adore Egypt till death and when the time comes we will prove it but I am afraid this is the time , we do not have to have war so we will be those loving Egyptians !!.

Now to the happy Merry Egyptians

There is huge difference between Satisfaction and happiness , satisfaction means that you will accept life with its bitterness and sweetness. Because Egyptians are believers ,they are satisfied with fate and destiny still it does not mean that they are happy with their lives.

How will the Egyptian be happy with all those problems surrounding him ?? It is not about complain for God Sake.There are too many problems to be mentioned !! How he can be happy if he dies to get a loaf of bread !!

Because then why we are having increasing depression rate according to Dr. Ahmed Okasha !!??

Strangely no one took this survey seriously. Mona El-Shazely and her guest Dr. Yahia El-Rakhawy , the psychiatrist attacked and mocked the unrealistic results last week. I agree with them. It is unrealistic and it does not represent the real condition of the Egyptian people.

Of course the official media praised the the results of the survey ,after all the summary you got from it is that the Egyptians complain from nothing because the regime and the government are great.

The only thing I know is that we are the most patient people in the Whole World !!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A blogger is missing

The famous Egyptian MB blogger Mohamed Adel aka Meit is reportedly missing. No one seems to know for sure where he is currently. Of course the speculations are saying that the State Security has something with this sudden disappearance especially the S.S came and searched his house according to his father.

Adel was supposedly going to meet with an American journalist for an interview. He did not show up for the interview. At first some bloggers thought that the American Journalist was a fake one but Wael Abbas received an email from that journalist telling him that he already had a meeting with Adel who did not show up till this moment. The popular theory now in the Egyptian blogsphere is that he was arrested.

Adel aka Meit is from the successful active MB bloggers in the Egyptian blogsphere.

I hope he is and will be fine insh Allah.

Please Check the updates here

The Blogger Spy !!

You may have heard the news from Tehran that the Godfather of the Iranian Blogsphere Hossein Derakhshan was arrested earlier this month. He was charged by espionage. According to the official statementin Farsi” which did not mention his full name but rather “Hossein D.” he was spying for Israel. This is the first part of his confessions.

To be honest I feel lost here because of the sudden Hossein’s change in opinion from someone who attacks the IR to someone who defends Ahmedinejad. It is strange thing to me to find someone who is atheist to go back and live again in Tehran with all those laws against human personal freedoms. I can’t understand it , also to be honest because I do not understand Farsi , I can’t say how he was caught or how he was spying !!

To read more about the case ,I recommend you to read the Guardian’s report about this incident.

Here are Hossein’s blogs ,also here is his photo gallery in Flickr including the photos of his famous visit to Israel. This is another Tel Aviv Universityhow can you visit Israel in order to humanize its people and at the same time defend the man who wants to wipe from the map !!

In fact this shift in opinion can make anyone suspect , spies do not like to be in place of suspicion.

The problem here is that in suppressive regimes  you can’t trust them easily because they can change truth but on the other hand you will wonder what if it were and he were a spy. Also do no forget that there were similar incidents of Iranian journalists and researchers who went back to their country and found themselves accused of espionage to the west ,for instance like Dr. Haleh Esfandairi

Of course he is a Canadian and Canada will be involved in the same way it was involved in Al Attar case or even more because this Iran and this is a well known journalist/blogger