Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My MSN space :)

Okay my dear friends I am so tired to post anything serious about international politics "sucks" or national politics"sucks more and so I decided to introduce my other half blogging side that you don't know or fimilar with ,I don't speak about politics all the time

I got a wonderful space at MSN Spaces , same franchise of Egyptian Chronicles

I believe MSN Spaces will win at the end MySpace, it is better plus it is more international , I met and befriend many people from all over the globe ,Chinese, American,British,Turkish,Indian and many other nationalities beside the Egyptians

Already I got a little confession that i was webmastering a website for the Egyptian MSN Spaces ,a directory and Guide to the MSN Spaces but unfortunately and it was working but my grand dad illness and death came and so on ,and thus I couldn't complete with it ,already the hosting company "free one" cancelled all the free accounts but I am thinking for its return

The MSN Spaces introduced me to the world of the Muslims of the United States ,the Americans who converted to Islam ,mostly Women ,and here I want to speak alot but it is another time

visit it and tell me what you think in my msn space :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bravo french students,

From Internation Heraled Tribune

J'adore what the french students are doing now in France , Bravo and well done ,I wish the lesson to be taught and some one would care for their future in Egypt

The first year law is something stupid and dump , I am not an inside analyst for french affairs but the french Government and Charic this year were not as good as the previous years , in fact I doubt if Crazy racist Sarkosuzzy will win the next presidentail elections .

Now the students and unions are against them and the french government is refusing to listen to their demands calling for cancelling the first year in Job law before that it was the angry new third generations of imigrants who don't have jobs !!I believe the next the elections in France the Left wing will win again "take my word as a prediction"

I just wish that our studens were like the french

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When GM spoke in TV

Yesterday for the first time in the long Egyptian History since the great Pharaohs who built the grand pyramids to the modern pharaohs who won the African Nations Cup Mr.Gamal Mohammed Hosni Mubarak made a television Interview live on the first channel in the Egyptian National Television!! Very long interview with Lamis El-Hadidi ,an economic journalist who turned in to TV presenter as a reward for her great contributions in the last presidential campagin {by the way she is the wife of Amr Adeeb, the former jounralist and current TV presenter for Orbit's Hit Talkshow Cairo Today}.

To say the truth nothing but the truth and God may help me, I didn't watch it but I watch some parts and the all the some parts I watched made me conclude important fact that GM has this aggressive nervous personality , really I don't know if he was acting , because already everyone knows damn sure that this live program with its live calls and questions were all pre-made !!

Another thing I am now scared more than anytime from a prediction Mr.Hassiein Haikal made last week and made all the the speakers of the government attack the old man until now

It will happen this year the transfer of rule from the Mubarak the father to Mubarak the son

oh boy It looks like the OMEN's prophecy to me

Look to all the PR activities for GM in those few weeks and you know what I am talking about

P.S: is there something wrong with GM 's eyes?

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Bad Omen

Did you watch "El-Bitbatik" yesterday? Did you watch the part concerning the disappearance of a young teenager ?

I am talking about Yasser Yahia ,the young troubled teenager who left his house from 10 days and no one found him except on Thursday as a dead body on the Round Way in Cairo , and no one knew his idenity except yesterday , as the boy didn't carry an id papers ,already he was only 16 years old and despite this is the legal age in Egypt to issue an ID card most people wait untill the summer vaccation to get for their kids their ids because of the hell of Red tape .

It is a tragedy by all measures , already I know the family of this boy personally , his grandfather Ahmed Yahia was the owner of "The Modern Egyptian Office" publishing house , Egypt's no.1 publishing house in the 70s and early 80s untill Ibrahim El-Moalam came with his monopoly , it is enough to say that this fine publishing house gave to the Egyptian,Arabic and even international Library important books including Anwar El-Sadaat biography triology and without bias my Granddad's books :).My Late grandfather was very close friend to the Yahia family ,already Ahmed Yahia "the founder of publishing house" witnessed my mother's marriage ,it was a shock in our house when you know that the kid was his grandson .By the way some of the publications of this publishing house are in the Congress Library including as far as I remember The Shocking Memories of Barlinty Abd El-Hamid "Me and the Moshir" and of course El-Sadaat biography

Back to the tradegy , Yasser ,an Egyptian teenager who was very quiet ,hard working studying boy , he was studying in I.G.S.E that requires hard work in his school .He is very religious " his family is very religious " ,and as it is the fashion nowadays in the Society around the world ,the parents were busy in their own quest to get money for their kids, and so they didn't see the change that happened in the young teenager after watching a film in the DVD.

The DVD film is called OMEN

did you see it ? or even know it ? well I saw it as many in the world did and as Late Yasser did.

Quick reference to OMEN from IMDB. a 1976 movie production starring Hollywood Legend "Gregory Pick "

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666." Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 18 "


When the Jews return to Zion / And a comet rips the sky / And the Holy Roman Empire rises, / Then You and I must die. / From the eternal sea he rises, / Creating armies on either shore, / Turning man against his brother / 'Til man exists no more.

This is the cursed prophecy in the Movie , if you don't know what is talking about , it is talking about the Anti-Christ or the Child of the Satan , hello if you want satanic advisory call 1-8000-666 .The movie was a smashing hit and it was prohitited in Egypt but my aunt saw at that time I don't know how , I saw it in Movie Time in Showtime Arabia from couple of years and I couldn't sleep .

The movie summary says that the Anti Christ will welcome from the seas of the politics and this will happen when the baby of the American Embassdor in Italy was exchanged with the Satan's Baby , Already the American Embassdor will transfer to the UK and he grew in Influence ,yet in the sixth year of the kid a series of strange things from strange deaths to strange omens come in front of the eyes and mind of the Embassdor "Pick" until it ended by his own death while trying to kill the kid in a chapel and thus the prophecy will come true when the president of the United States of America decided to adopt the satanic kid in the honorship of his father !! the story as you see is a shock and if you see the movie with all the horror from the murders and from satanic creatures you won't sleep at that time easily.

The producers of the movies made another 2 in the series but didn't make a success ,already saw the third installment and it was rubbish ,just a lossy remake of the old shocking movie

By the way they will re-present the movie again this year on the 6-6-2006 ,this time it is starred by Julia Stilles "Save the last Dance ,10 things I hate about you and Jason Bourne series"

anyway back to Yasser's tragedy , Yasser saw the movie and since than his life turned upside down , it seems to me that he believed in the prophecy so much and was scared from it , they found that he wrote on the drafts of the holy Quran about the prophecy and some versus of the Holy Quran "Strange right !!", then before ten days after lunch he left home and no one knew where he went or spent his nights at until he died at the Round Way in Giza on Thursday and this is a riddle itself as he lived in Misr El-gadida in Cairo , so from the East to the West !! Lots of Questions without answers that turn the case in to mystery especailly when you know that you found that Yasser erased all the history in his computer !!!! More and more Question marks

The teenager for sure got some serious problems that needed a shrink or even someone to talk with , I feel very sad from his parents ,it is loss from them and alert for us to see what teenagers are doing and what they are believing ,I am saying so because just from few weeks another teenager hunged himself playing a stupid game some are playing now in this dangerous game that is that "hung yourself and you will get the Lust of drugs "

The absence of important things in our life is causing all these troubles ,the absence of Role model ,the absence of the Parents , the absence of Religion, the absence of National belonging "I am not kidding" ,I don't know but why am I scared from the coming generations !?

May God bless Yasser Soul ,please if you are Muslim read from the Fataha

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dream Deferred "essay Contest"

The prizes will reach to 2000 $ and the panel of judges got big names in it like Saad din Ibrahim

The contest unfortunately will end on the 31 march ,so if you are interested , go immediately and express your thoughts and dreams for a better Mid east

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Charlie Sheen , the bad boy went too far this time

Charlie Sheen ,one of Hollywood's very bad boys "Platoon star {paint in Black} , Spin City and TWO half man" entered the forbidden zone of 9/11 joining Henry Maccin "fearful truth " {yup I got the book}

I respect his courage , I don't think that he said all these dangerous theories risking by his entire career for fame ,I guess he did as a patriot who cares for his nation , he went too far this time I guess ,it is not like cheating on your beautiful wife "Denis Richards" better known as Jones in 007 's The world is not enough

before anyone accuse me of being conspiracy theory advocated , I believe that El-Qaida is responsible but not to be blame for the complete responsibility , in my mind there is some missing puzzle piece I can't figure it out , It is not another terrorist act that killed 3000 people but it is a historical act that changed the course of history that caused not only 3000 innocent americans to die but thousands around the world to die because of it {Iraq and Afganahstan}


Charlie Sheen: 'Challenge Me On the Facts'

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Khadija El-Jamal 's look

Did you buy sout El-Oma weekly? did you see the images of Egypt's super new couple on the front page?!!

I mean the images of Khadija El-Jamal and GM

if you don't ,I eager to go and buy it and see the new photos of the next Egypt's first lady .

Guys I don't have anything against the young lady but please someone tells her to choose better outfits ,she looked in the images like some sort of a lebanese model , I know that for first ladies and queens there are advisors and teachers for clothing and so on .........

p.s: what was GM driking exactly ??

another update: buy El-ain tabloid newspaper today as it got all the coverage

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ragab! I missed you on Saturday

Did you buy Akbar el-youm weekly last saturday !? did you notice something strange not usual in the newspaper ? without no further introductions Ahmed Ragab's comics of "The Indians village farmer" and his sarcastic mini article "fahma" were missing for the first time since very very long time ,since Ahmed Ragab started writing in the 60s !!

Ahmed Ragab writes a daily mini sarcastic column called "1/2 word" ,this 1/2 word is usually bitter than 10 long articles , this 1/2 word caused many crisis between Egypt and the whole World especailly with the U.S and Isreal, not to mention the Anti-semisitm charges.

Ragab used to form a duet with cartoonist Mustafa Hussien , yet conflicts happened between them finianicail ones caused the duet that presented over dozens of the greatest cartoons and comics for over 30 years to break, till now it is shock for their fans and I still wish that return back together "man I really miss the Singer of Akhbar daily ". now He works unfortunately with Amr Fahmy , a less talented Cartoonist who is used to stealing the cartoons ideas even by words from late legendary Salah Jahin

Back to the strange disappearance of Ahmed Ragb's presence in Akhbar El-youm , well it seems that Mr.Momtaz El-kot ,the new chief in Editor appointed by the government as the Akhbar El-youm publishing house is a public ownership wanted to practise his role over the writer who started to write even before Mr.Momtaz was born , and Ragab as a respectable human being refused to walk over his dignity and so he didn't write a single word on Friday to be publish on Saturday , so Mr.El-kot who always puts his big stupid image in his useless meaningless articles got Lanin El-Ramly to write something in stead of El-Fahma place , Lanin is a commuist sarcastic writer ,he got wonderful things but not to be placed in Ragab's shoes !!

Anyway it seemed to me that El-kot knew his real size against giant Ragab after the public reactions to Ragab's disappearance.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Long Live Judges

Did you watch Al-jazeera live from two days when it showed the Meeting of Judges Club in Cairo ?

Already the judges since Gamal Abd El-Nasser cancelled their syndication and made his famous massacre of Judgeship, and as you know in any respectable democractic country the Juridical Authority must be independent from the Excutive Authority , and as the judges in Egypt refused to listens to Nasser's orders he made the massacre and the Judgeship became somehow under the rule of the regime

Yet as they work depend on Justice and Justice is from the pillars of freedom and democracy ,the Judges of Egypt tried by all possible ways to stay independent and they suceeded so far in fact it is from the main reasons that the Emergency Laws in the last 24 years are active because of this ,you see according to the Emergency Law , the high commander of Arm Forces {The president } has the right to make a civilian stand in front of a military court even if the Civlian Judgeship order of his release or innocence ,so did you get the trick !?

Another demand the judges and all the Egyptian people request it beside the separation of the Judgeship from the regime ,in fact it is sub thing from this demand and wish , it is concerning the elections , Monitoring elections to be specific ,already Judges are the responsbile for monitoring the elections processes as it should to ensure ingerity and honesty ,yet easy talk than easy do , just like the circus that happened in the Last parliament elections , there can be in fact there are obstacles from the ruler party that is the NDP against the Judges and of course you can imagine the attacks that happened and cheating while the judges couldn't stop it because of the police help !!

Another thing and this is from the remaining of Nasser legacy that the current regime is proud to keep it , that is no Judge has the right to express his or her political thoughts or even his or her election supervision in media otherwise he or she will be questioned just like our great lade Mrs Noha El-Zeny , The judges agreed that no judge should be questioned in front of anyone !!

The judges of Egypt don't ask alot .

Anyway the judges will stand on the 25th of May in front of the high supreme court in Cairo at one PM to remind the regime of their requests ,also they will send great letter of demands to the Parliment and the president . They had another suggestion but it wasn't a legal one as I understand that is they will read the letter all the judges in the first case in the roll of the 25th of May and so it would be registered , I believe this could be must better

The judgeship of Egypt is her pride now , so long live Justice and Judges

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A woman died from the Avian flu in Egypt , the first human death from the H5N1

BBC Report

It arrived Egypt ,Don't eat Chicken ,Check my first post on the Avian flu

Amal the poor Egyptian peasant from Kalyoubia was the first human victim in Egypt to be infected by H5N1 and die from the deadly virus , something that must put the whole country whether the people or the government in an alert state .

I don't know if I worte this or not ,but I expected something like this to happen ,The danger of human infection from birds in the country Side , already most of the human beings got infected around the world worked as farmers who are connected in a way or another to chicken. lets say the truth already most of the Egyptian farmers are not that educated enough to understand the dangers of this virus and what it can do , in BBC arabia report women farmers in the country side complained that they only got rid from their chicken because they can't pay the fine the Egyptian government imposed on those who didn't got rid from the chicken !!! I understand them , already those birds are their only capital money they in have in a country more people every year and every month join the under poverty line club , and I don't think the gov't will compansate them the enough amount of money for their loss. It is a human tragedy by all measures .People most of you know that 90% of Egyptian farmers must have some kind of small fortune of chicken and usually this small fortune is set free to go around their houses ,walking deadly biological bombes !!!!

About compansation ,the governer of Kalyoubia Mr.Adaly Hussein ,whom I respect very much , shocked me when he didn't compensate the Pigs farms owners in the state , as you all know the world now is scared from transfering the virus from Chicken to pigs as the next evolution for the H5N1 will be to the humans , and so in kalyoubia there are some farms of pigs eating garbage from the city just like the pig farms near Moktam plateau in Cairo .Already I saw a report in Dream TV2 's 10 o'clock about these farms and their owners , well the first thing there was a must to get rid from these health atomic bombs , already it is so dirty ,and I was shocked to find kid eating beside garbage beside dirty pigs , really and I wished that some one from the ruling class to see them and their poverty and misery,anyway the owners of those piggy farms said that there was no need to get rid from pigs as they are isolated from the world {I swear one woman said so } and there was no chicken or even a bird there , it was there only source for money ...........

I don't know but Amal's death can be an alert that can wake up the nation on many thing not on this health epidmic already the danger is not only in Egypt but around the globe and if it didn't spread in Egypt , it would have spread in another place , those many things are the ignorance ,disease and poverty ,by the way the vaccine that the health minister said it imported to fight the disease in human cases didn't work as it should be , yes from what I read in yesterday and today's coverage that Amal went in a very late state . another thing Egyptians must be aware of and really it is important , the conditions of hospitals in country side ,Amal was transfered to from Kalyoubia to Cairo because they can't handle the case there ,I am sorry but the predicted places for the disease to spread is in the country side and i remember when the disease spread in Turkey their country side hospital were ready to handle the situation not to transfer the sick people to Ankara 's hospital
This diseaster opens 1000 doors of chambers of problems in Egypt from Economics to health to socail to ...........oh boy
I don't know why I remember a quote by HRH late Princess Faiza ,the sister of King Farouk , already as some minority of you know that Royal princesses in the time of the Kingdom of Egypt and Sudan had real chairty role , Princess Faiza was a head of some chairty I don't recall if it was the Mabrah Mohammed Ali or the Islamic Charity soceity ,anyway the beautiful princess with red left somehow ideas said in one of her meeting :

Ladies we got a deadly triangle of Poverty, Disease and ignorance in Egypt and our role is to fight it if we want to make from this nation something great competing with great nations

P.S " in some stupid national newspaper the jounralist was so happy that Amal's name will be listed in the United Nations and WHO records for human death cased by H5N1 , cheer up Egypt your poor Peasant 's name will be written in history !!"

P.S " in some stupid national newspaper the jounralist was so happy that Amal's name will be listed in the United Nations and WHO records for human death cased by H5N1 , cheer up Egypt your poor Peasant 's name will be written in history !!"

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Jericho 's game

What happened last week in Palestine in Jericho is the same Isreali game the isreali government played over and over yet no palestinian or Arab wants to learn the lesson

My dear friends the Iserali government under Olmart rule now is trying by all possible ways to put obstacles in front of the Palestinian authority especailly the new elected Hamas gvoernment , they are trying to provoke the palestinian feelings and so the mulitiant groups of Palestine will have answer back sooner or later , more explanation.

All the Western world now is afriad from Hamas ,the militant group who won in the elections ,thinking it may declare a holy war on the hebrew state , putting its actions under the microscope ,waiting for some mistake here or there and then ......, what kind of a mistake ? well a bomb here or there ,some suicide bomber ,yet all these actions didn't happen ,in fact since Hamas came to the power I feel that things became more quietter than before

Already Hamas got something Fatah didn't have ,simply it is the blessing of other militant groups except Fatah , the Public front of Liberation ..etc

Now Iseral knew it can't provoke Hamas ,for two reason first Hamas knows what Isreal wants , second already Isreal killed all the important ones that Hamas cares for their blood last year !! so don't go for Hamas ,go for Hamas Allies , the Public Front of Liberations ,the Commardes there don't accept comprises from their friends in the Egyptian intelligence"if they are considered their friends like Hamas!!"

So simply here is the game , a siege and attack on Jericho's prison to capture Ahmed Sadaat ,one of the leader of the red militant front , the suppoters will go crazy and kidnappe every single western they find in Gaza , the blame will be on Hamas who couldn't control the anger!!

Till now beside the abduction policy nothing happened but I expect that more can happen with the new aggressions of Isreal ,I read in the news today that the Isreali army attacked Janin again and again !!

So you see what Olmart wants to do , he simply wants Hamas to loss its temper and send its boys to bomb themselves in Isreal and you know the rest ..............

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Scared little Princess

This is the picture of scared little princess Iko of Japan , who could be the next Empress if her uncle didn't have a boy , despite the fact her mother ,the depressed princess {japenese hard name} wishes so ,so her daughter will be freed from the heaver Japenese Imprial duties and restructions and live like any other child


This was her second visit to the outside world after staying in Palace since birth , the first visit was on Friday to the Zoo but it didn't have attention like this one ,as the Zoo was closed

Iko was scared from the huge number of people she saw in Disney Land Japan and she even got scared and was going to Cry whe Mickey Mouse came and welcomed her {I got similar memory like her but I don't like to remember it now }

Iko got a problem now she is not used to see many people outside the palace or even like in TV and that why she is scared

I don't know but I don't like for her to be the Empress of Japan , she need to live her life free and happy just like anyother child ,may be those who live in palaces and got served day and night are not happy as people who can barely find their living everyday

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Win a video chat with Tony Blair

Win A video chat with Tony Blair with MSN UK offer

okay boys and girls , MSN UK is giving you a golden opportunity to chat with her majesty P.M Tony Blair live through web Cams

Already this is the monthly contest MSN UK does to promote the Video conversation feature in MSN Messenger , usually the guest is a pop celeb , a band or a pop star or movie star or even a model but this time it is the prime minister himself

Unique one ,also used to increase the popalurity of Blair

Two will win and they don't have to be from the British Isles citizens .

The Questions will be about Two Topics only and mainly : Africa and The World Climate, you can't ask him about Iraq and its unfound WMD or about Palestine or about Iran

Go may be you will win

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Monday, March 13, 2006

And the search is going on to find someone able to be the president of El-Mahrosa

From few day I read some stupid statement that I tried to ignore because it provokes my dignity as intelligent human being "I guess I am so"

It is the famous statement of Dr.Osama El-Baz ,the president Hosni Mubarak's advisor to Rueters saying the following

President Mubarak will leave the rule when he finds someone capable of the mission

I am really shocked that this statement comes from someone smart like El-Baz ,yes he is smart ,already he is the brother of the famous Dr.Mustafa El-Baz in NASA.It is an insult to the Egyptian people as this means the president for 24 years couldn't find the smart person to be the vice president ,he couldn't find his match in intelligence and wisdom in a population of 73 million people or even, see how it is provoking

I didn't expect this from El-Baz ,who is known to be smart enough when it goes to the media ,yet it is surprising after he is from the regime men !!

And the search is going on to find someone able to be the next president of Egypt a.k.a El-Mahrosa {The heavenly protected one}, if you find the required person with qualities that match or override the current president qualities and intelligent please call us or send us an e-mail on :)

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Baby face war criminal died yesterday

Check this about the death of Milosevic click here
Strange is his kind of death for this kind of personality after all the crimes he did as a ruler
anyway I believe his trial was taking too long , yet it was a real trial than the play in Bagdad

Tamer Hosni ,Haytham Shakr and Sheeren Wagdy

Today I will leave international and regional politics to more national entertainment topics and personalities, despite that the two names I will talk back will make go back to the politics and current social conditions in Egypt.

First Tamer Hosni ,the runaway Hunk !!!!

Tamer Hosni, the famous Egyptian pop star singer, 27 years old I guess , half Egyptian from his dad ,half Syrian from his mom ,yet he was raised in Egypt in Maadi , already his dad left his mom since childhood and he didn't see his face until the kid became a famous pop star . AS a singer I only like for him one song that is "Arab Habiby" -"Come closer my baby" not because of his weak voice ,but because the wonderful music of Samsamia "an Egyptian musical instrument that exists in both the Suez Canal region and the Aswan and Nubia, already it came to the Suez region with the Nubian workers who digged the Suez canal with the rest of the Egyptian people"already the music of Hosni's song is inspired from a Suezi famous melody ,this is the only song I like for him
Yet the rest ,well I never bought an album for him or even enjoyed something he composed , as he is a composer too.
Tamer got many many admirers and girl fans ,despite the fact he is not that handsome man ,already I saw him alive when T_750ae3b3-2244-4c5a-9da8-31c506858087.jpghe sang in our prom last year ,oh boy he is so short but to say the truth he turned the prom upside down from joy of the people
Haytham Shakr ,another young pop singer, he is 23 or 24 years old, I never listened to whole song sang by him , I just can't stand him , Hosni is much better for me than him ,oh boy ,his voice is so bad , well something you don't know about me that I am very big fan for classical Arabic Music ,I love Abd El-Halim Hafez and Sayed Darwish , I adore shadia and Om Kalthoum ,those are the real sounds of Egypt and its glory
Well what did Tamer and Haytham do ?
Both ran away from the army service by forging false official papers , already the Army service in Egypt is obligatory on all the young men who finished their studies in Universities and institute .
They ran away because of the love of showbiz,audience and all this I am sorry to say rubbish useless talk ,both I consider them not men enough to take the responsbility to serve their nation !!
Ironically both iconic pop figures made two pathetic so-called patriotic songs despite the fact they were funded mainly from NDP
the first one as I remember was called "If we love her " her ------->Egypt, Tamer was among the group singers in the stupid song, it was broadcasted at the time of the plebiscite in last July. To see how Hosni is devoted to his country , you should have watch El-Bitbatik episode when they hosted the group singers who sang this stupid song , all the young singer sang the same old patriotic songs solo except Tamer who didn't know any patriotic song except our National anthem !!! Very touching .
Haytham did something worst , singing in a song funded by NDP called "Throw your heavy weights on us " stupid song with stupid lyrics and it is enough to say that the director of the song was Sherif Sabri !!
I am not surprised for their shameful act , already I believe they didn't care that much for Egypt when they sang these songs.
Haytham may go to the Army as he is still young , yet Tamer is in deep trouble that can send him to jail for six years because not only his army papers were false but also his university papers
How the police caught them ? well they caught the forger who made for both the papers for them !!
I respect the judge who cancelled the order for setting them free as they must be punished in the most extreme way because they are iconic figures for youth who became role models for them .
Many in Egypt now speaking about the obligatory Military service and whether it is needed or not , I am going to speak about this very soon

Sheeren Wagdy , the famous Singer , who suddenly became a superstar because of her hsuband money and advertising company
really I never met anyway who loves her or even like her as a singer, yet as I said the husband money makes the impossible happens
Already her Husband Mr.Ehad Talaat was caught in a great corruption case unknown nowadays as the media city case. The guy stole money yet he returned some of the stolen and by a miracle before the judge gave the orders on Wednesday to arrest him ,he escaped with his family to Dubai , as Dubai now became the paradise of runaway tycons "no agreements to give them back " .
What makes me wonder is how some Egyptian jounralists treated Sheeren as the devoted loving wife who is waiting in tearing for her husband in the Valentine day ,sorry her theif husband who escaped with her to Dubai with 16 million Egyptian pounds !!
I believe her husband promotion and advertising company had excellent relations with the journalists !! The man is a thief for God Sake

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Crazy jewish family

The Crazy jewsih family, that was going to bomb the basilica in North Isreal last week, as you see the Isreali police protected them from the Arab anger !!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Leave Amr Khaled alone

I can't believe all this war against Amr Khaled and this hate until today I saw on Dream TV 2 in Tv show "on what they are asking !?" tonight, oh boy I thought that all the war of words from Youssef El-Karadawy against Khaled trip to Denmark was some kind of the same old-young conflict but tonight I released it is a jealousy from the popular preacher !!

Shekih Khaled Abd Allah {to say the truth I never knew his name except tonight ,I only know his face } opened the fire against Khaled that he crossed all the limits and described Khaled as Musylimah the Liar { Musylimah pretended to be a prophet in Arabia after the death of prophet Mohammed PBUH} !!

Not only Shakih Abd Allah but also Shekih Khaled El-Genndy ,whom I don't like , already it seemed that El-genndy had some sort of war between him and between Ahmed Abdoon the host of the show ,yet Abdoon made a great surprise something shocked all the people sitting the TV especailly Grandmother who called El-Genndy bad names , well it seems that Abdoon and El-Genndy were guests in Radio talk show which was about the virginity of Muslim girl before marriage and the sexual relations before marriage ,of course Islam prophibits these kind of relation ,yet the big surprise was When Shekih Khaled said it is not obligatory on the girl to be virgin physically ,but to a virgin emitionality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to Abd allah , already he and El-Genndy are joining the attack on Khaled when Khaled said he was going to Denmark with a group of Muslims shekihs and clerics to make the West understand the reason of the Islamic anger on publishing the cartoons in Jylland-posten.The one who started this miss was Shekih Karadawy in Al-jazeera , the old muslim brotherhood member who lives in Qatar doesn't like the idea , I wonder what we should do then !? it is opportunity to explain our religion in the West ,boycotting is not enough , it will hurt Denmark for Sure but won't solve the whole problem ,because the problem was and still is there and it will be there, yet we should take the chance ,since than Karadawy and other old shekihs with new ones like El-Genndy and Abd Allah opened their fires on Khaled

Today Abdallah described Khaled as administrative who doesn't know anything in Religion ,dressed nicely and oh yes it turned out Khaled is the reason why the girls wearing veils stood on bridges with their lovers along the Nile Cronish!!!!!

People this is not Khaled Show only , yes he is in the lead , but look to the names accompanying him Dr.Abla El-Kahlowy, Yasmine El-Khayam , Tarek Sawydan ,the famous Kuwaiti preacher whom I think to be more fundementalist than Khaled, El-Habib El-gafri and above all the Mufti of the Egyptian lands Dr.Ali Gomaa.

I don't believe that those names are all under Khaled's charm and magic

Suddenly Khaled became the enemy of the Islamic state , people the man achieved something thousands of Shekihs didn't achieve .

In today's show I realised that jealousy is one of the reasons of the division of Muslim :(

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Monday, March 6, 2006

Atwaar Bahgat " When Butterflies burn"

I got a confession , since my childhood I dreamt of being a journalist ,in fact till now my mom is keeping some of my home made newspapers I made when I was a child , I even called my newspaper "Duck News" just like in Duck Tales as they were my favorite cartoons and comics , anyway when the time of joining university came I had enough high score that can let me join the faculty of Media in Cairo University itself yet my grand dad stood against it , refused totally and ofcourse he was joined with my grand mother . They objected my wish to be a journalist because my grandfather who worked over 50 years in Journalism in Egypt and Arab World knew very well that It was a hard deadly job for anyone especially Women , Not because of social traditions no but because of lack of freedom and the existence of dictatorship , already my grandmother told me that they wouldn't mind if things in Egypt and the freedom of press were like the ones we had before the revolution,and so I went to study business administration.
Anyway I remember this after 4 years when the incident of women journalists were being sexually harassed over the stairs of the journalists syndication in Cairo in July 2005 ,I remember my grand mom saying me "well what do you think ? do you still want to work in this field in this country !?"
I remembered again all this when I heard about the death of Atwaar Bahgat last week.

Atwaar Bahgat a beautiful face from Iraq ,anyone who was following the news of Iraq in Al-Jazeera would remember it , Bahgat I believe was the first female correspondent in Iraq to wear the Islamic Veil even before Khadija Ban Kanah as my memory recalls.
Atwaar was half Sunni and half Shiia , and all her brothers and sisters are married from the different ethnic and religious groups in Iraq , She was only 29 years old , not married , married to her work .
Atwaar was born in Samaraah ,the holy Shiia city and she died there or in more precise words she was slayed there in the most cruel way.
I don't know really who killed her . The Word militant that is used day and night in media , is a mysterious word with endless meaning , who is considered a militant ??
The Coalition armies including the American and British Armies carry weapons so they are militant.
The New Iraqi Police "IP" was found to form a death squad to get revenge for old enemies are also can considered militant .
The resistance groups are also considered militants.
The badr and other shiia groups carry guns and weapons and so they are militant groups .
The definition of Militant in Oxford Dictionary :

adj... Prepared to take aggressive action in support of a cause

So you see it is a vague word !!
Anyway back to Bahgat
Bahgat is just like the women journalists over the stairs of the syndication in Egypt in July 2005 , ,she was just like Zahra El-Kadami in Iran , she was like Mai Shadiak in Lebanon
The example of a woman journalist who is seeking for truth for her country and her people yet some ,mostly in power don't like this.
Strangely and sadly Atwaar Bahgat didn't complete her month as a correspondent for Al-Arbya News Channel "Al-Jazeera's rival " when the greek or even in more appropriate word the abbasi Iraqi shiia tragedy happened " well if you read the Abbasi and Shiia history you will find alot of blood and agony"
Bahgat left El-Jazeera simply because the El-Jazeera office in Bagdad and Iraq was suspended from Work since two years or even more !!

It is a great thing what El-Jazeera did towards Atwaar , a real civilized away , making the ladies of News wore black , with promos with Bahgat's photo , this is the way it should be .
Now back again to the Samaraah tragedy that's what I am going to call it
I wonder where did the Arabian "I won't say the Islamic because what happens in Iraq is far away from the Islam ,this is not Islam at all " ethics go ? the famous code of protecting the women and the armeless !!
I wonder why they killed her ?
They killed her because they scared that she would expose them with her camera man to the whole world

You see : They are scared from exposure in front of the whole world ,that means they think they are doing a wrong thing not accepted by anyone even themselves ,whatever whoever are they , in Palestine all Militant groups are proud of their video death announcements because they think what they do is right even if the whole world doesn't agree with them ,but in Iraq ......!! sorry for this strange idea ,but my mind these days is thinking in strange ideas in a strange way
after all we live in a strange world where butterflies like Atwaar Bahgat got killed in the most brutal way while Lady bugs like Nirvana is paid thousands of pound every month for kissing the a** of the government and the regime
So what if I support the government !!-
Nirvana in an interview for El-Shabab{youth} magazine this month

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Jewish attackers throw fireworks into Christian holy site in Nazareth

Fireworks !! Seems to me that those people wanted to blow the holy site , I believe MSNBC is trying to make it look less dangerous

but if you check in Al-Jazeera you will find something more realistic click here

This place in Nazarath is not holy only for Christians but it is also for Muslims and anyone who believe in Abrahamtic divine religion

the Basilica of the Annunciation is believed to be the place where the Virgin Mary saw holy spirit Gabrael who informed her that she would be preganent , it is the place where she used to worship God for very long hours

Now all the isreali media saying the couple or the trio who did this act will be some crazy manic as usual ,you see when some palestinain blows himself ,then he will be the palestinian Arabic Muslim terrorist ,but when some jew goes and try blow up "the church" or set fire "El-Aqsa Mosque" or even kill dozen of civlians prayer "El-Ibrahimi Mosque " than he will be a crazy person need to be sent to a psychoanalyst and that 's it


Jewish attackers throw fireworks into Christian holy site in Nazareth, setting off riot

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Thursday, March 2, 2006

The personality of the year 2005 in Egypt

The personality of the Year 2005

Okay ladies and gentlemen, today I will announce who is the personality of the year 2005 in Egypt according to my visitors' choice
Already I should have announced it in the end of January, yet I want to give people a chance especially it was working and people come and vote.
The Surprise is the results in one month changed dramatically.
Anyway the results are below:
Click here
Fast analysis:
And so the Oscar goes to the ex-presidential candidate staying behind bars Dr. Ayman Nour
The Second place goes to Noha El-Zeny, already El-Zeny had the first place last month, yet it seems that in the month of February the popularity of Ayman Nour among my readers is rising.
Also Mohamed El-Bardi got more votes in this month. Already he took the place of General Omar Soliman.
The Surprise is that President Mubarak got some fans out there, and at the same time I am surprised that Ex- minister and the father of Egyptian industry Aziz Sadky took nothing, I guess many don't him well and don't know what he did and he said against the current regime!!
So in another better arrangement:
  1. Ayman Nour : 29%

  2. Noha El-Zeny : 27%

  3. Kafya Movement : 19%

  4. Mohamed El-Bardi : 10%

  5. Omar Soliman : 8%

  6. Hosni Mubarak : 8%

  7. Aziz Sadky: 0%

Okay people that is for year 2005 , another blog made similar thing like my poll ,dear blogger friend Karim at One Arab World chose Egypt's Indiana Jones Zahi Hawas as the personality of the year , I would have included him yet his rude and nervous behavior when he was hosted last year with Mona El-Shazely made re-think again .

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

What a begining for year 2006

I had big hopes for year 2006 to be better than year 2005 but the beginning on the national or even the personal level is not encouraging at all
on the personal I lost my grand dad , well as a Muslim I know and I believe everyone has its own time but losing a specail person is not an easy thing at all
on the National Level :
See what I am talking about :

  1. Ferry Crisis.
  2. Bird Flu.
  3. And now the train Crash in Delta

What else can we face !?
Really now I understand why the Egyptian people got mad from happiness when we won the African Cup of Nation !!

Another loss for Egypt

The late comdian actor Abu Bakr Ezzat had passed away last night suddenly.

May God bless his soul and give patiance to his family and all those who loved him

I really loved this guy whether in the old black and white comdian movies and plays {I am addicted to them } or his roles like in Rafaat El-hagan . I really loved this duet between him and Laila Tahar especailly El-Dabor and the political play in the 70s ,I don't remember its name but it is about people stuck on an Island after plane crash and Ezzat became their dictator ,this play is more than great.

Already I once saw him in Queen bakery ,if you live in Mohendessin you will know it immediately ,it is the famous Queen , the man seemed to be funny even out of the screen ,we were buying some biscuits and he came to buy some bread yet the bread wasn't finished yet and it was in very cold day ,and so he said to the seller and on his face this sad funny expressionn "does this mean that I will come back again !?"

Unfortunately as usual he wasn't honoured as he should have ,but it doesn't matter as it is said the love of people is enough.

For non Egyptians ,we adore comedy and we love to laugh ,even from from our Misery ,the most riches actors and highest salary are the new comdians like Hennedy ,not like th old school like Ezzat who is better thousand times than many of the current comdians ,unfortunately the old school didn't save money and didn't ask for millions ,anyway back to the Egyptian love to comedy

I always wonder about this strange combination ,I call it strange because Egyptians also love agony .

Egypt got many unsolved combinations and equation ,we love Life and Death , we Love happiness and saddness ,we like to cry and laugh may be these contridicted combinations are the one that made us live all these years after all ISIS and Osris tragdy is Egyptian ,also it is said the first political joke was found in Egypt "it was about pharaoh Snefru,the father of Khufu or Cheops of the great pyramid !!

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To all lebanese people abroad ,join the petition against Lahoud

I am not lebanese yet I believe if one goes as a result of the people's demand ,the others may fear and their people may get more courage
This petition is symbolic and it may have no result at all but it at least shows the will of the people
here is the link :

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