Thursday, July 31, 2008

Egyptian Hindus??!!

Yes I wrote it right “Egyptian Hindus” , It seems that there are Egyptian Hindus in Egypt , beside the foreign Hindus from different nationalities. I know it sounds strange and for some people especially Egyptians it will be a surprise or even a shock. Already I did not believe it when I read it from two weeks ago in Al Masry Al Youm despite the creditability of the newspaper and how the report by Mr.Farouk Al Gamal was full of shocking details ,it seemed so strange !! Mohammed Al Muslamany spoke about it in his famous show about press on Dream TV2 , still I was surprised that no one else in the media cared about this report and what is about it at all. No one cared to check the creditability of this story because what Farouk Al Gamal is saying is very dangerous.

Mr.Farouk Al Gamal is saying in brief that there is a multi-national missionary group promoting Hinduism in Egypt for years using Yoga as a cover and they succeeded in attracting 600 Egyptians mostly from the high class to Hinduism beside the foreigners in Egypt.

No one moved even the state security that busted from couple of months bunch of kids wearing black T-Shirts . Some will say that we had other important issues and that this is nonsense from Al Masry Al Youm ,others will say that it is not real and there are no Egyptian Hindus in Egypt ,there are only foreign Hindus.

This strange silence made read again the article and try to find the truth as much as I can online. And to my surprise I found out that Mr. Farouk did not fabricate the report as he was accused.

Mr. Farouk was speaking about the Ananda Marga ,a Hindu movement that was founded in 1955 by Prabhat Ranjan PRSarkar Sarkar was famous as a Yoga guru. That Hindu movement is described in wikipedia as a socio-spiritual organization with two parts-mission : Self Realization and helping other.

Sarkar’s Child movement raised in 1960s just all like other eastern religions and cults,it was the golden era. Westerns were interested and believed in his teachings.In 1969,the first sect office in America was opened in New York. Now the Ananda Marga got a very big international organization classifying the world in to 9 nine sectors including : The Qahaira Sector for North Africa ,West Africa and Balkans, Yes you read it right , it is our Qahaira.You will be surprised to know they are operating in Syria and Lebanon beside Egypt , it is not a strange thing in Lebanon but I am surprised from Syria.By the way their Qahaira sector website is not updated.

They even are offering a special trip to Egypt to the Ananda Marga members from around the globe to Egypt. Al Gamal mentioned it as organized trips for their members where they can practice yoga in the desert away from the eyes of the people.

Egypt has a separate Website called Ananda Marga Egypt. So Farouk Al Gamal did not lie about the existence of this group in Egypt. He also did not lie about the fact they give Yoga courses for years in Egypt across Cairo in Mohendessin,Rehab City , in Heliopolis and in Maadi where they are concentrating their activity due to the fact that there are many Western foreigners who will be interested in taking Yoga classes and the high income open minded Egyptians who are already to pay thousands for this courses.

Farouk Al Gamal did not lie when he said that they were giving course to Children starting from 8 years old and do not ask me how , already they used to give courses in some A Class K.G which I know its name but I will not say it , it is in Heliopolis , already I find it ridiculous to teach yoga to the kids in that age.

But Al Gamal spoke about conspiracy , he spoke about this group as a Hindu missionary group that convert people from their original religions to Hinduism through Yoga for the rich classes and charity for the poor classes. Again the group did not lie about their charitable activity despite the fact I did not see anything in their official Website regarding Charitable activities in Egypt but I saw it in the Balkans. Already historically this group started to come in Egypt in 1992 after the famous earthquake to present aid , it is worth to say there were many charitable/missionary groups came to Egypt during that time using the need of help for other proposes.

Al Gamal said that there were 3000 Hindus in Egypt from the residents among them 600 and this is according to an ex-Hindu French woman who converted to Islam. Al Gamal report is full of incidents and information.

He mentioned the name of Didi or sister Anandarama who is Hungarian ,of course he considered her as a priestess ,but she is not , introduction_clip_image002_0000 sister Anandarama is from the leaders of that group in Egypt. She commented in Al Masry Al Youm website angrily calling the article as a fabrication :

Dear Readers It is sad to see that such an article was published without the writer even talking to any of the persons mentioned . This is a very defaming fabrication probably my Mr. Mohammed Khalil who was staying with Dada in the flat and did not want to vacate the flat on request. As a revenge he went to the newspapers and made such a story. Only he knew the early history of Ananda Marga volunteers helping at the time of the earthquake because he was in contact with them that time. Another proof the writer never went into the flat because the carpets are not orange but blue and red! Besides all this I am not a high priest nor do i support anyone with money. I am a yogini and coordinate educational work in Ananda Marga around the world which has over 1000 schools. While being in Egypt i teach yoga and meditation to those who are interested free of charge or on donation basis. Ananda Marga is not a religion nor do we "convert" anyone and besides Ananda Marga is NOT part of Hinduism it is a scientific way of personal development on the physical, mental and spiritual level and engagement in active sustainable service to humanity. Didi Anandarama

With my all respect Ananda Marga is part of Hinduism ,it originated from Hinduism , this lady can say what ever she wants but it will not change the truth that their group was founded on Hinduism tantra !!

Al Gamal did not mention some interesting information about this group which turned to have a long history of clashes with the successive government there. In India some people do not like them ,the founder of the group went to jail and he had a clash with Indira Ghandi not to mention she closed their schools and Ashrams.

He also forgot to mention or include the symbol of the group which I know that it will cause more problems in Israel than in Egypt ,may be that 's why they do not operate in Israel.

Here it is ,did n’t I tell you it will cause problem in Israel more than in Egypt ?? The hexagram which is better known in the Mideast as the Star of David and inside it the swastika , many people do not understand that hexagram in Hinduism and in Buddhism is different than Star of David , I read that it is a symbol for water and fire , you know like in Da Vinci’s Code , the male and female.where the swastika here represents the the good fortune and it is different from the infamous Nazi Emblem , strangely this is from Buddhism ,anyhow people do not know this in the Middle East.

This is the whole story and I got some questions because I do not believe the Didi’s words with my all respect.

She said that Ananda Marga is not a religion or a sect ,then what  is  it ?? Do not tell it is is yoga , yoga is part of it , I mean what this woman believes in !!

Regarding the Egyptians who are said to be converted,the 600 I wonder where is the State from this, I mean the Egyptian Constitution made it clear for defining Islam,Christianity and Judaism religions as the recognized religions , also all the missionary activities are banned under any cover ,yeah I know that the Christian missionaries are active using the poverty in Egypt but it is still illegal. where the State Security is from all this !!

My aunt was talking with me about the article and she told me how the hell the S.S would not know if they are using Yoga as a cover. Yoga courses in Egypt is not strange thing at all.

What surprises me is that one of the Dadas appeared in the national TV.

Look I am not against Yuga and I respect everyone’s belief but I am a Muslim Egyptian in the end.If that group Ananda Marga is really converting people than they should be departed from this country immediately , I think not only Muslims will agree with me but also the Christians too.

This should be dealt with quickly before we find ourselves with demands of giving the Egyptian Hindus their rights of having Ashrams in Cairo and we find themselves in front of angry Hindu protesters in front of our embassies in the world !!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The real reason behind the historical visit

And so Mubarak became the first president ever to visit South Africa , the first Egyptian Ruler to set his feet on the land.

I am afraid the real reason behind this visit is not the joint relations with South Africa.

The real reason for this visit is Omar Al-Bashir. Mubarak is trying to save Omar Al-Bashir by all means. Not for the love of Al-Bashir’s black eyes but because he knew that he can be next.

He did not deny that he will discuss the matter of Al-Bashir in South Africa but he did not say that it was the real reason behind this historical visit.


Egyptian X-Files : Our POW in Israel

Officially we do not have any more POWs in Israel after the release of Haj Mahmoud El-Sawurka in the 1990s or at least this is what we have been told.

When Hezbollah announced its operation Radwan, it boasted and announced rapidly that Lebanon officially became the first Arab country  to close its POWs in Israel file. Lebanon officially is the first Arab country in the front that has no POWs in Israel no More.It is strange because I thought that we were the first country to close the file of the alive POWs file with Israel from a long time.

I am not speaking about the current Egyptians in the Israeli Prisons for criminal charges but for charges related to war.

I thought that this was another victory pride you know like Hezbollah’s claim was only Arab force that conquered and defeated Israel as if we were crossing the Suez Canal for pleasure in 1973 !!

But I think I am wrong. Samir Al-Kuntar came and with him astonishing information about not only forgotten Egyptian POW  but also a Saudi POW !!

You will find more info at the Egyptian POWs.Net ,I am trying to cover this important issue.

I want to say that no one is commenting on what Samir has said since two weeks ago. Not in any newspaper or magazine or TV channel as if he said nothing and that’s so so so strange.

Please if anyone has any info ,share it with me

The day the earth stood still “1951”

What if all the electrical power and all the communication power around the globe are shut down for a complete half an hour with exception to hospitals and fire stations , can you imagine this !!?? It would be the day the earth stood still in the modern history
The day the earth stood still , a classical Sci-Fi  film produced in 1951 in America causing a lot of controversy then as it is not the typical stupid shallow alien monster Hollywood film , it was a political film with important message the makers made it so clear to deliver directly to the audience without using strong language or metaphors in the beginning of the Cold war in the midst of the McCarthy infamous campaign, already some of the actors’ political views were taken in consideration.
It was basically based on the short novel “Farewell to the master” written Harry Bates  in year 1940 and strangely the movie plot turned to be much more captivating and beautiful than the original novel “you can read it completely here
It was starring Michel Rennie , Patricia Neal and Sam Jaffe
It was directed by Robert Wise
The Film plot is about an Alien hamonied “Klaatu” , more like a messenger who come to warn the people of earth that the other planets are scared from the atomic power who we used as weapons and that if we do not stop , the other planets will have to take a day preventative extreme measures against us. He should deliver to the leaders of the world , the whole world but of course the leaders of this world full of conflicts can’t gather in one place . I will not reveal more spoilers because it is good to see the film till the end
Some people say that there is a hidden religious message in the film as “Klaatu” used the name of Mr.Carpenter as his human name when he went to live with the people , some said that Mr.Carpenter was referring to Jesus Christ the messenger of Peace , how he returned back from the dead and the Almighty spirit.
To be honest I love old films whether in Hollywood or in Egypt , I love those Black& White films , I know a lot of actors from that golden old time. I will be biased towards this film from the artistic point of view.
Forget about the modest visual effects , the stupid sparkling alien Day_the_Earth_Stood_Still_1951 suite and helmet and the prototype of RoboCop  and unrelated Movie poster, remember there were no 3D computers nor animation nor Lucas  and his star wars’ Millennium falcon. I think it is simple in every thing and this is its beauty, it keeps watching it till the end.
Rennie did the role of “Klaatu/Mr.Carpenter presented the character as it should be , already his face is some how cold but his character is nice and polite and he managed to make you respect him, believe him and like him .
The music is fantastic , in fact the theme music of the film made me curious about it , already I listen to it through Yahoo! Launch Cast Film Score Radio Channel and it is great. Already it is not strange on its composer Bernard Hermann who used to make Alfred Hitchcock’s film scores.
It is worth to be watched , it is not a long one , it is only one hour and 28 minutes only.
By the way  Keanu Revees is going to represent a new remake to this film. I do not like Keanu that much and his films after the Matrix were big failure , the film looks to be so great and eye candy with visual effects the makers of 1951 film makers did not dream of having it. But I do not know I feel that such film does not need huge production and visual effects to deliver its message. After all I read that the professor is going to be presented by John Cleese for God Sake !!??
people in the old 1951 were so classy ,I do not know I am kind of vintage/retro girl .
Here is the original trailer
More info from Wikipedia :
Also the film and the score from Amazon

Iran : The new Israel

In the past the Egyptian official media used to play the game of -blame it all on Israel- to justify its failure , you know the conspiracy theory in its worst forms. Now our relations is good with Israel so we had to find another country or another rival country to take Israel's place in the blaming game and who can be better replacement than Iran ??
Our new rival !!
Believe it or not I began to read lately some nonsense that Iran is behind the Agrium crisis !! I swear that I read this nonsense in some official newspapers and magazines.
The pre-government speakers are accusing Iran to be behind the public refusal to the pollutant chemical heavy industries in Egypt starting from Agrium !!
They are saying that Iran does not want Egypt to be a leading country in producing the petro-chemical industries !!!
Sometimes we forget that we are not from the OPEC !!
It is not Iran ,It is not the MB nor the facebook meddling kids.
It is the people,people
The people do not want their kids to be sick anymore. Enough of bad planning.There is no civilized country that put a heavy industry factory inside a populated metropolitan area.
We do not want other Helwans

Tuesday, July 29, 2008




Oliver Stone is giving G.W Bush a Nixon treatment !!

I must record my admiration with the freedom of speech that gives the right to a director like Stone to make a film about the current president while he is still in office !!

I like the part “You are not a Kennedy !! You are a Bush”

No she was not in Cairo for that !!

Yesterday I found the picture of former Empress Farah Palhavi with former first lady Jihan Al Sadat in some newspaper , the caption was saying Farah “Palhavi pays respect to Anwar Al-Sadaat and put some flowers on his grave and that she was not visiting Egypt for his husband memorial but to stand beside her BBF Jihan against the current Iranian attack” !!

This is so lame , this is so disgusting.

Farah did not come to Cairo to stand beside anyone ,she came in her annual visit to celebrate the memorial of her husband the Shah !!

She was visiting Cairo for three days only from the 25th to 28th according to her official website !!

We must grow up.Already I do not know what or how the former Empress who is isolated from her country and people for more than 30 years can do to us in this diplomatic crisis.

Already I feel sick from her and her son who are already to sell souls to the devil in order to restore back their throne , a throne that will never come back.


From Cairo

The Shah tomb in the Royal Cemetery at Al Rafaa’i Mosque

It is worth to mention that ironically the Shah was buried in the same spot where his dad was going to be buried .

Monday, July 28, 2008

Egypt denies banning 'brink of revolution' book

It is ok to have the Brink of Revolution inside Egypt according to the information minister Anas El-Faky !! As long as there is not no attack on religion or any other taboo ,it will not be banned even if it is speaking about politics and a possible revolution on Mubarak’s dictatorship rule !! We are democratic country after all !!

Oh man I could not believe that IT and Internet revolution that made the banning news reach to hundreds of news Websites  leading to more noise to the Egyptian Government,Can make this regime embarrassed in front of the civilized world.

It is bad publicity for the country plus no need to find some South African reporter asking the President an embarrassing question about the matter  in his historical visit to South Africa !!

Already who reads English in Egypt and have access to the American University library where it is sold !!??

Anyhow I think it is interesting to know that this news was on all most every front page in today’s official national newspapers.

The more interesting that they showed only part of the title , you can say the first half “Inside Egypt”

Of course there are some journalists like in Pro-regime Rosa Al Youssef who attacked Bradley and underestimating saying that he made his book based on the opposition newspapers in Egypt !!So lame

Egypt denies banning 'brink of revolution' book - Yahoo! News

Egypt closes the Iranian Alam in Cairo Plus you can see the complete forbidden documentary here

I think you heard the news that the Egyptian authorities decided to close the office of the Iranian News Channel “Al-Alam” in Cairo , the authorities suddenly remembered that the Iranian Channel is operating without the required licenses , of course the truth is that the authorities in Cairo ended the license of the channel on the background of the infamous documentary. Strangely the channel is still on the Nile sat !!
The Egyptian regime is justifying its orders. It is getting more and more sillier , because the Egyptian regime is so keen on our national repetition and icons why it does not go after Hollywood production and their films that make fun of us and the examples are many ,take the Mummy for instance !!
There are several updates. The Iranian commission in Egypt refused to grant Ruqaya Al-Sadat’s lawyer Mr.Samir Sabri except after knowing every thing step he will do it there. And so Ruqaya has nothing to do except to sue the production company in Egypt demanding a rule order from the administrative to ban the film in Egypt.
Egypt also suddenly remembered that a young man from two months was arrested in Tehran and was accused of espionage !! That young man turned to be online Romeo who is not a spy at all according to news report. He went to Tehran to meet the girl of his dream in order to marry him but instead he meet the Vevak !!
Strangely no one is speaking about our missing reporter in Tehran. Officially we have two Egyptian Prisoners along a trapped family there and I thought in this media war someone will be bold enough to speak about them ,but I was wrong !!
Last thing and I can’t say that it is exclusive or a scoop but here is the complete documentary “34 Bolts in the Pharaoh’s body” It is in Arabic with Farsi translation. I saw parts of it ,it is a propaganda film based on famous shots ,pictures and speeches from that time.They used in one of the parts one of the songs of the Sheikh Emam , I do not think that the Fagomi will demand the rights !! “Thanks to Will Ward
Look please watch ,it is important to see it , we should know on what the fuzz this. After watching some parts of it I believe that we can produce a better Pro-Sadat documentary without all the noise.

Tell me what you think about it??
Update: I am sorry but it turned that this is not the orginial film , the orginial film as far as I read does not include former first Lady Jihan Sadat.Thanks to Friend Youssef Mohammed I realized that this was a documentary produced by Al-Jazeera from couple of years ago, I think in their program "The political crime".
I am sorry for that mistake ,already i thought It was the Iranian film due to the logo on the right corner ,the Farsi translation and the dedication in Farso for Khaled Al-Islamoboly.I feel so angry because it can't be the Iranian documentary. Either it is the documentary or it is a silly prank on Youtube :(
I am sorry again

Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is too late

Now the General Prosecutor decided to appeal against the infamous historical verdict of Safga court to clear all the accused of Al Salam Maritime Company starting from its owner the NDP MB Mamdouh Isamil.
It is too late.
In fact it is very dirty game form the NDP to clear their man , guys after the innocence verdict there is no need to have Ismail in court in person , he does not need to come in the appeal to testify in front of the court. And do so he won’t come for UK.
Here are some photos for the angry families who have all the right to be angry.
And before I finish this post ,I must share with you something , I must share with the whole world with the Judge that is being cursed thousand times by the families of the victims, by the people and the by the souls of the victims themselves in the mighty heavens.
Judge Ahmed Rafaat Al Nagar
Shame on you and on your tongue
One day you will be asked for this
One Day the NDP and the President will not protect you

Egyptian X-Files: Who killed Ashraf Marwan??

Our ultimate question is a name of a TV show that was first aired from couple months ago exclusively on Al-Saa TV Channel then re-aired on the Egyptian National TV. Al-Saa TV Channel by the way is a Libyan TV channel in Egypt, it is not Egyptian as it is said; this is a side remark. This documentary TV show was prepared and presented by Journalist/TV Host Amr El-Lathy. El-Lathy is heading one of Egypt’s ban260608 earliest tabloid newspapers, and here when I say tabloid, I mean a real tabloid “El-Khamis/Thursday”. You can see the cover of newspaper here {in the headlines: The plan of Ahmed Ezz to steal the President’s Chair in the yellow font with the red background and in the blue font the script The script of D.A in the gay Algerian Diplomat in Egypt !!!}
I do not trust El-Lathy as a journalist because he is a pro-regime one, regardless of what he claims. Beside what he represents in his newspaper can’t give you high opinion about him .But I can’t deny that some people watch him on TV. He presents a weekly TV show for some years in the National Egyptian TV produced by the News sector. This TV show is called “Akhatraq/infiltration”. The idea of the show is great, investigating old events and incidents in our history more deeply. I used to watch it to be honest but I can’t forget that there is censorship in TV and he is heading “El-Khamis”.
Amr El-Lathy was the TV host of that special TV show, which was filmed for months. I do not believe that El-Lathy produced it from his own pocket; seriously it was quite obvious that Marwan sons helped a lot in the production of this show.
This show does not mainly answer the question of who killed Marwan but it is repeating over and over without an official confirmation that Marwan was not spying for the Mossad but misleading them; a double spy for the Egyptian Intelligence and that’s why he was killed. Amr El-Lathy Also clearing the image of Marwan as arms dealer and here comes the lethal mistake, Marwan’s sons can say what ever they want but they can’t deny that their dad was an arms dealer, because it is a truth every body knows as clear as the sun. I mean so from where he got all that huge wealth in London. He did not start from the Zero. e did not start as a trader and with my all respect their grand father was not a millionaire. Already those sons forgot that Marwan could have been killed because of the arms deals just like Ali Shafik in London.
Already MP Mustafa Al-Faky, President Mubarak‘s former advisor  who worked in London in our embassy for years hinted to this possibility with reference to Shafik. For me it is striking because he was the first time someone in the position and connections like Al-Faky says directly that the deceased used to arm dealer.
Still in the TV show there were some interesting facts beside the one I mentioned earlier
Like for instance:
There were previous attempts to get from Marwan. Like for example once they found out that someone had messed up with the oxygen organizer before months. You do not need a brain to know there was someone inside.
He started to receive threats directly in the month when he was in Sharm El-Sheikh attending Gamal Mubarak’s wedding. It was the last time for him in Egypt. It is so interesting because why he did not ask or inform the intelligence if he feels that he was in danger or may be he used to these kind of this threat due to the nature of his work as an arm dealer !!??
The Marwans are saying that their dad was killed because he was writing his memories and the Mossad did not like it.
The TV show blames the Scotland Yard for being lazy, well they are right actually, I mean after a whole year they are still investigating and have not reached yet to a solid finding. It is not the first X-file with Egyptian Origin they are dealing with. Of course the slowness, mysterious nature of the case and the fact that it happened in UK, in a western country that supports Israel helps in enforcing the Mossad assassination theory.
The TV show was finished and re-aired in the official TV but it still has not really answer the question of who Killed Ashraf Marwan, it only shows one single theory trying to prove it by all means.
Update : Here is a clip from the documentary

Youssef Chahien left the building

He was not my favourite director nor his films were my favourite but he was an icon that I can't deny
Youssef Chahien ,Egypt last director from the Golden era has passed way. He was 82 years. He suffered long time illness and he never listened to the doctors orders.
Youssef was an old leftist Nasserite director who did not change his beliefs till his death.
His last film "Heya Fawda" or Le Chaos about Egypt and its current situation especially on Police abuse earned him from the regime. It was a political film for a director who loved to mix politics with society with Arts.
I do not agree on the ideas he presents in his films but again I can't deny that he was a director with a vision.
He got two films in the best 15 films in the Egyptian Cinema history as I recall , The land and the Cairo Station.
Chahin by the way was an actor too , crazy one whom you can´t understand due to his fast speaking manner.
He discovered several stars in our cinemas ,above them Omar Al-Sherif, he also discovered Ezzat Al-Alaaly from the 1960s generation and lately he discovered Hany Salama, the famous young star in late 1990s.His student directors are many like for instance Yousry Nasrallah,Asama Bakery and famous/Controversial Khaled Youssef.
My favorite Chahin films are from the 1960s era before he began his autobiography films like "Enta Habiby" {You are my love} , Djamila Buhraid "1958" and Al Nasser Salah El-Din "1963".
Some call late Chahien as the greatest director in the history of Egyptian cinema due to the fact that he was known aboard especially in France "But not in Hollywood" , I disagree , he was not the greatest but he was different with daring visions that broke all the taboos whether religiously or socially.

No they are not innocent ,for good sake fear God

This is a sad news ,seriously sad news and another insult to Justice in Egypt ,to the honorable judicial system in Egypt.
The Safga court has ruled today the innocence of Mamdouh Ismail and all the accused in the case of Al Salam 98 ferry case after two years !!
Do not ask me how or why!!??
I am shocked just like you. It was so clear that the greed of Mamdouh Ismail and his company that caused that this terrible unforgettable accident that earned the title of Titanic Egypt :(
By the way it is not the first time that he gets away from jail.
He was not even convicted for Recklessness and negligence !! The human is so cheap
I feel so so so sad :(
to refresh your memory hopefully as it did not refresh the Judge's
The sounds of the dead.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The attack of Ras Sadr ; the annual national days attack !!

The breaking news found its way in the BBC Arabia and till writing down these letters ,it seems that many did not care in the media at and outside Egypt to cover it despite its importance.
Today two persons were killed in an attack on a bus 6 KM away from Ras Sadr in South Sinai governorate. The bus was full of Egyptians who were returning back from Ras Sadr resorts after the Revolution holiday weekend.
Last Wednesday was the Revolution day and many people took Thursday off their jobs so they can have four days vacation in the hot summer. Ras Sadr is considered a very close gateway for many Egyptians in the Weekend.
Yes it is hot,terribly hot in the summer ,but many prefer it for its close distance to Cairo and its cheap prices off the season.
There is no much details about the attack still it is very interesting for several reasons.
  • The Situation in Sinai is not that good from the security, smugglers from one side and tensions between the locals and the security from another side “The security authorities’ mistake”
  • Israel issued a warning from 2 weeks to its citizens from travelling to Sinai.
  • It is the third or the fourth attack that happens during national holidays , if you remember the terrorist attacks during the previous years whether on the 6th of October or on the 24th of April , may be there is connection but do not forget those destination are always full of Egyptians during the national holidays.
  • The bus was full of Egyptians ,someone do not want us in Sinai,I believe. 
These are primary thoughts , wait for more insh Allah
Update : According to the different news sources the attack was not terrorist one , some say that they were angry locals who wanted to teach the bus driver a lesson , some say that they were thieves. Thanks no one was killed as I reported yesterday but two were injured among them a 2 years old child , I think that child was sitting beside the window
Either ways the police is searching for those criminals and needless to say things are tensioned in Sinai currently.

The language of numbers: Drugs and prostitution trade

According to Al Wafd Daily Newspaper on the 7th of July 2008 this is the Size of the Drugs and Prostitution trade in Egypt

The size of illegal parallel economy not the legal parallel economy is:

L.E 200 Billions

The drugs use are increasing in Egypt not decreasing , prostitution is finding new ways and techniques , and it does not depend upon national labour with my all respect but you got imported labour too.

This is beside the fact that Egypt now is a hot spot for human trafficking.

Libya ; when Hannibal conquered Italy

Hannibal, the famous Carthaginian military commander was too close from conquering Rome in ancient times but he failed , I do not know why I remember him when I read the news coming from Libya.

The strange name of Hannibal made the headlines this weekend when Swiss police had detained for two day Hannibal Al Gaddafi; the son of Mommar Al Gaddafi and his wife. Hannibal “31 years old “ and his pregnant 81967714 wife “Aline” were accused by the staff of the hotel they were staying in at Geneva earlier this month of beating two servants of their entourage , a Moroccan man and a Tunisian lady.When interrogated by the Police the Moroccan and the Tunisian confirmed the attack and even showed the marks of the attack on their bodies. This is why the Swiss Police acted according to the law that does not differentiate between a prince or trump.

Of course it did not make Gaddafi and his family happy ,already it is worth saying that this is the first son of an Arab ruler that got arrested and spent two nights in jail abroad , yes there are several court orders against several rulers’ offspring but they are too late to catch the bastards who left the countries on their jets.

Since then Libya was too second from declaring the war against Switzerland and its police. Aisha Gaddafi warned the Swiss saying xin_36070106084836412271an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth !!? Someone please tells the daddy’s girl that her brother was the one who started !! Where is the respect to the law Dr. Aisha ??

The threats did not stop here ,it was just getting started. The Swiss will be derived from the bless of the Libyan Oil if they do not drop the charges against the Libyan Hannibal !!

Hannibal is very interesting personality by the way just like his siblings, seriously the offspring of Gaddafi is as interesting as his father whether Aisha or Seif Al-Islam who once spoke about a business between him and The Mubaraks or Al-Saadi and his football mania.

This is not the first time that a European court accuse Hannibal of something violent. In February 2005 a French court sentenced him 52986928 for 4 months suspended jail for attacking his pregnant girl friend !! A history of violence and assault for sure. I do not know if the girl friend in Paris was his current wife Aline.

Hannibal lives in Copenhagen and do not ask why.

Anyhow some big happened in Libya , I think they intended to announce it now to cover over Hannibal’s international scandal.Seif Al-Islam Al Gaddafi announced that Italy would billions for Libya as 79707867 compensation for the occupation years !!??

To tell you the truth ,I do not know how , this is the first time I hear something like this. It is not bad on the contrary but I do not get how they force Italy to do this !!

Still I feel that they announce this now to cover Hannibal’s defeat in Switzerland.

Strangely Daddy Mommar is not in the spot light till now . Aisha is doing all the talking in the Swiss affair where as Saif Al Islam is the one who said the good news,where is Mommar ?? How could he miss that media circus??

Friday, July 25, 2008

Banning the brink of revolution in the land of Pharaoh.

I do not know what Farouk Hosni justification will be to this order as a candidate for the UNESCO chair that refuses the ban of books what ever their contents are. Is not this against freedom of expression ?? or the freedom of expression for the minister is the freedom to write against religions and sex in disgusting way.
The Egyptian authorities in Egypt decided to ban the book “Inside Egypt : The land of the pharaohs on the brink of a Revolution”. I hinted about this important book by John R. Bradley before. The inside-egypt1 newspapers in Egypt like Al-Masry Al Youm,Al Dostor and Al Badeel spoke about it over and over from three months ago.I wonder why suddenly the Egyptian regime remembered it and decided to ban it.
The Egyptian regime is proving how stupid it is. First of all as if we , the Egyptians do not know how corrupted and how dictator this regime is and we are waiting a British book to tell us so. This book is not for the Egyptian reader but for the Western reader who does not know much about Egypt. For God Sake Bradley came and interviewed Egyptians to do his book !!
Of course I do not expect them to think in that way.
Already anyone with a brain in his or her mind in Egypt  knows very that sooner or later a revolution will take place in the end. And the revolution of 1952 will be nothing compared to it , taking in consideration that the people are really suffering more than in 1952.Bradley expects that the revolution will be MB green Islamic revolution due to the rise of the religious trend in Egypt and I expect that it will be a socialist one for the terrible economic conditions we are suffering from. We are not like Iran. Religion is not isolated from the state like what was happening in Iran before the IR.
Egyptians always move when they feel hungry ,they can keep it in themselves if they feel that it is worth to ,but it does not worth anymore.
Anyhow back to the banned book,we can’t buy it in Egypt but you can buy it abroad through amazon. Inside Egypt

ISBN: 1403984778
ISBN-13: 9781403984777

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Obama missed in the Middle East

Obama missed the opportunity to visit Palestinian refugee camps, schools and even shopping malls to witness first-hand the devastation caused by the Israeli army and settlers, or to see how Palestinians cope under what many call "apartheid". This year alone, almost 500 Palestinians, including over 70 children, have been killed by the Israeli armyBlogging directly from after reading the Guardian's essay by Palestinian Ali Abunimah, I am kind of Obama Supporter but truth is truth and I could not agree more with Mr. Abunimah

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prince Youssef Kamal : The Art lover

Updated on 31/7/2021: Some links and photos were changed only in the post. 

This is for the occasion of the Revolution day, some old good days from the time Pre-the 23rd of July, not that I am against the revolution, on the contrary, I am with its principles but it is good to pay respect to those who built this great nation.
Prince Youssef Kamal of Egypt
Prince Youssef Kamal of Egypt 

Prince Youssef Kamal is one of those people whom we should remember before the revolution for what he had done to this nation not only Egypt but the Arab world. 

This man gave a lot to the country but very few remembered what he had done due to the unfair defaming campaign that followed the Mohammed Ali Royal Family like any other royal family facing a revolution or a coup.
There are two important reasons why I should remember him in 2008: The centennial celebration of the Cairo University and The centennial celebration of the school of fine Arts in Egypt. 

He helped in establishing those great educational institutions that changed not Egypt alone but the whole Arab World and this is why I mentioned the Arab world earlier.
We owe this man a lot for his great effort and contribution to building the first national university in the Arab World.

 This man donated to Cairo University aka The Egyptian National University then 125 agricultural acres in Qalyubia with their revenue, he was the highest donator and here it was not land for construction but as a source of funding, the money that comes from these acres would be for the University, it is a Waqaf.

During WWI Prince Youssef donated L.E 2 thousand to Cairo University when this sum was equal to L.E 2 Million as the University was suffering.

 Kamal headed the University from 1916-1917. During that sole year, he sent several students abroad to complete their education at his own expense. This is a little brief about what he did for this University.

Not only Prince Youssef played an important role in establishing our University but he was the founder of the school of the Fine Arts in Cairo. 

About the revolution

This is the best explanation for what happened after the revolution of 1952 ,some like to call it a coup, it was a coup but it turned in to revolution because it changed Egypt and the Egyptians economically,politically and socially.

The revolution was killed by the same people who did it ,they killed it for their greed,this is a fact no one denied it  and this why I kept that cartoon from several months ago

Click on the cartoon from Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper


1) on the right hand , the Revolution is the mother and the sons of the revolution are around her.

2) on the left hand , the headlines of the “End” newspaper  : The sons kill the mother after stealing her and escape to abroad.

This is so true ,is not it !!??

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

At last they arrested Karadzic

At last they have arrested the war criminal Radovan Karadzic in Serbia. To enter the EU Serbia had to deliver about 44 war criminals above them Karadzic to the IJC.  Strangely I read from couple of day about new cemeteries found in Bosnia in Srebrenica

I saw his pictures ,it turned out the guy return to his old profession of as a doctor , I do not know how he saves lives where as he used to lead genocides.

I saw his pictures and I wonder if that guy in the photos is the real Karadzic ,do not be surprised ,look with your own eyes,


May be he got thinner during all those years ,it is not easy to live as a fugitive from the international community in East Europe when there is a tag price on your warrant equal to millions !! Of course what calms me is that Europe will be 100% that this man is Karadzi for real using DNA.

Here are other two photos for Karadzic.

82031123 capt.5c662d01356c48faaa16ad8376510189.serbia_karadzic_xdmv803

I notice that in these photos he looks like lecturing some people in some sort of conference ,so he should be known to the guests of those conferences ,which can be medical , and the guests won’t come any lecture if they do not know the speakers and respect them ; so how he can be a fugitive and the Serbs claim that they were searched for nearly a decade if he was lecturing here and there !!?? The guests won’t listen to unknown doctor !!??

I do not know who can feel sorry for this bastard war criminal except of course those radicals like him and his family . Here is his bother 82030432 last night after the arrest.

I am waiting for trial because I know there will be horrors in which he confess doing it , not to mention he will defend what he had done and surely he will spell some names he should not say .

Hopefully they will arrest all the war criminals involved in these terrible genocides in Bosnia and also in Darfur .

I am not forgetting  Omar Al Bashir and Mambo Sudanese he is doing along with other Arab leaders.

Ayman Nour will not be free from tomorrow

Tomorrow Ayman Nour will not be free as Gamila Ismail ; his wife; along with his supporters.

Mubarak will not grant him the 23rd of July Revolution day pardon like other 1500 prisoners all over Egypt.

Press was circulating that Mubarak will grant Nour but it turned to be false.
I highly doubt because Nour did lose his edge , he is still attacking Mubarak and against him. He will not come out and leave the political arena.

By the way a number of Nour’s supporters were arrested today.

You should see this

5 years old south Korean girl Yoo Yeo-Eun became a global YouTube star and she should be. Yoo Yeo-Eun is a blind adopted girl who can play any song or musical piece on the Piano just after listening to it for one time only. No one taught Yeo-Eun the Piano ,her adopted parents do not play Music at all. She started to show her talent in the age of 3. And I can’t say anything except that this girl is gifted by God. May Allah bless her and her family especially her mom who adopted a little blind girl. Oh God she is beautiful and sweet.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The girl who declared the State of Palestine from Bus

From 30 years ago in March 1978 the independent State of Dalal Al MagrabhiPalestine was declared, it was declared by daring young girl in an Israeli bus. The story of that girl that starts in 1958 when Dalal Al Magrabhi was born in one of the refugees camps in Beirut for a Palestinian family from Jaffa. She completed her primary and secondary education in the Haifa school following the UNHCR , during that time she joined the PLO without the knowledge of her parents. She was a young nurse who no one ever thought that she would have another secret dangerous life as a commando commander including her parents.Al Magrabhi was known for her bravery and her revolutionary spirit. She was trained in PLO to fight and carry guns just like men.

In 1978 the PLO was suffering from different losses, Mossad was targeting its men and its camps in Lebanon were under fire. One specific operation made the PLO leaders search for powerful revenge operation that would rock Israel.

Operation Kamal Odwon

It turned out that earlier that year three important PLO leaders were assassinated by an Israeli death squad whose one of the members Kamal Odowon disguised as a woman to make it work, this member was not anyone except Ehud Barak; the future prime minister of Israel. {I can’t imagine how he looked like in woman’s dress; already he was not the first one in this conflict to do so from both teams}

Some said because of this operation Khalil Al-Wizer aka Abu Jihad planned for revenge operation in which he wanted to rock Israel and because of what Ehud Barak had did ,Abu Jihad chose a woman to lead the operation. He even chose the name of “Kamal Odwon” to be the code name of that operation, “Odwon” was among one of the three leaders killed earlier by Barak’s squad. “His image is above”

For the first time in the history of the PLO a woman led men in to a military operation against Israel. And that woman was not anyone except our Dalal Al Magrabhi who did not complete her 20th year yet. In fact she was not the only one who did not cross her 20s yet, the rest of group was even younger than her.

Deir Yassin group

She was leading 13 young men, the oldest one of them was 19 year old and the youngest one was 15 years old.The Israeli sources say that they were 12 including her. Already 2 commandos were drowned in the way to Tel Aviv in the sea.The group included a Lebanese and a Yemeni. The group was called “The Deir Yassin group” tribute to the sad massacre of Deir Yassin village led by the Israeli terrorist gangs, already many of the operations and groups of the PLO called themselves the names of villages which saw massacres in 1948 and 1949 to remind the people of their cause.” The choice of ages can be controversial, it could a message that the bravery of the Palestinian young people who got this enthusiasm and passion to defend their beliefs, still it is bad because such operations need experience; you put too much responsibilities on them. The complete names and photos are below “

The gender of Dalal was not an obstacle for the Arab girl during that time, she was known for leading personality and bravery. Already Dalal was the leader and the political delegate to negotiate with the enemy when it is required. Surely she had the qualifications to be chosen for this role.

Behind the enemy lines

The operation was a daring one, the daring Palestinian rebels intend to sneak in small boats to the coast of Tel Aviv at night, then they Abu Jihad would kidnap a bus full of passengers in order to exchange them with PLO POWs in the Israeli Jails. It was not only a hostage operation only because part of the plan the group would take the hostages bus to the Israeli Knesset at Tel Aviv to negotiate officially with the State of Israel “Before transferring the Knesset to Jerusalem”. As you can see it was not a behind the enemy lines operation, it meant to send an important message during that time not only to Israel but the whole world. The Whole world will watch these 14 commandos.

Before the day before the operation Dalal went to farewell her mother bringing to the house a painting of her portrait telling her that she was going to spend some days with her friends, the mother felt there was something wrong, she wanted her child not her portrait but Dalal went away leaving her mother afraid, the Palestinian woman knew that her daughter was too close from death but could not say. She knew it after 3 days.

The date was the 11th of March; the Deir Yassin group rented a commercial ship from Beirut to leave them 12 miles away from Tel Aviv, where they reached it in small black rubber boats. The weather was bad and they had to lose members as I mentioned earlier .They w6warrived to some beach near Haifa ; you must put in your mind during that time the Israelis did not think for one chance that the Palestinians would do an operation like that inside Israel. There was a slight change in the plan due to a change in the location they deployed to because of the wind during that night. Still Dalal managed to keep things under her control. They managed to get from the beach to the coastal highway a.k.a Highway 2 . According to the Israeli version of the story that night they killed an unfortunate American Israeli photographer standing on the beach and hijacked a taxi in their way killing its passengers, of course I wonder what kind of a taxi that would take 12 persons!!

They found what they wanted in the highway 2 , a bus near the Ma’agan Michael Kibbutz, on its board there were 30 passengers. Those passengers were the drivers of the Egged bus Cooperation and their families who were on a day outing. In their way to Tel Aviv they found another bus. They hijacked it too and transferred its passengers to the first bus. The total hostages were 64 passengers, who were surprised, shocked and afraid to see PLO group taking them as hostages. Dalal as a leading personality spoke to them but she found out that all of them except one ; a girl from a Moroccan origin did not understand Arabic; and so the Israeli- Moroccan girl translated what Dalal had said according to the Arabic version of the story

We are not going to kill you; we are taking you as hostages to free our brothers from your so-called country’s prisons. We are people who are demanding its right of its land. What brought you to our land?? You all should know that Palestine will always be Arabic and it will always regardless of how high your voices and your buildings are.

The Israeli forces knew during that time about the hijacking and they decided to deal with it in one way: No Negotiations what ever the price is.

They put security barriers, about three of them in the highway 2 which Dalal and her group crossed all. They were so near from Tel Aviv when things got to change, a special unit from the IDF began to pursue the bus, that unit was head by no other man except Ehud Barak who had and believed that there was a single rule in that situation : No Negotiations what ever the Price is

The Armored military vehicles began to pursue the bus in order to make it stop; they managed to hit the tires of the bus forcing it to stop near Herzilya . There was an unequal battle started. Already Dalal through her Israeli/Moroccan translator called for negotiations through the window of the bus, but Barak would not negotiate with vandals. The fires started from the Israeli side on the bus regardless of the Israeli passengers on board. In return Dalal and her group opened their fire on the Israeli troops. Dalal was injured but continued to fight still she was seriously injured again

Dalal and her group fought till the end, till 11 of them including Dalal fall but not alone ; with them there were 35 civilians in the Bus also, beside 30 IDF soldiers according to the IDF statements. The Israeli version is saying that Dalal and her group started to kill the passengers and that they blew the bus in order to escape. Technically I do not know where they wanted to escape according to this version, it is just like Tarek Ibn Ziad’s famous quote “The Mountain is in front of you and the sea is behind, where is The hijacked bus the escape??” May be they blew the bus because they did not caught but I highly doubted it because I read that some members pretended to give up fighting to come closer to the IDF troops so they could start fighting again. Unfortunately most of the Passengers that Dalal did not want to kill or hurt were killed; of course the Israeli version blames the Palestinian nurse and the Arabic version says that the IDF fires killed who ever was on the bus. Two things I know them 1) Dalal did not go to Israel to kill those people . 2) The passengers at least the women and children had a chance to live if Barak would have listened and started to negotiate.

Barak won and he conquered those vandals whom surprised him with their younger age but also about the identity of their leader. He asked one of her group injured member where their leader was and the injured member referred with his finger to a dead commando saying “Dalal”.

It was the first time to Barak to see a Palestinian woman commando leading a commando group like this. Barak’s international fame began then when the cameras recorded his golden moment slapping and kicking the dead body of Dalal to make a historical infamous shot.

The Israelis felt so humiliated, the PLO crossed all the lines that time, it was not like Munich, it is beyond the enemy’s line, for the first time the citizens of Israel see the children of Palestine and thus extreme measures should be done . The Litani operation was launched and new war saga between the PLO and the IDF started, but this time the IDF did not see the consequences well because in Lebanon they won new enemies even if they did not see that coming ,they should have known better.

One thing I have forgot to mention and it is related to the title of this piece, Dalal in that bus had announced the Palestinian State hanging its flag and singing its anthem which is based on our national Egyptian anthem but with slight change in lyrics. It was a short life state but still like What Nazir Qabbani said from 30 years ago, at least the Palestinian flag was raised on Palestine for the first time.

In her well by her own hand writing Dalal wanted to be buried in the land of Palestine, it seemed that she got what she wanted; at least for the last 30 years till her family asked Hezbollah to include her body in its POWs Negotiations that succeeded for couple of days.

Dalal was the first PLO woman to die in action like this since 1948. She was mourned by many in the Arab world till now. She inspired poems. Schools were named after her ,she became an icon with her two photos in the military uniform,in which I published here.

The Israelis and most of the West world consider her as a terrorist ,where as the Palestinians and most of the Arab World consider her a commando heroine; between the two views that won’t meet , the truth of that night will not be clear to us 100% , I write this and part of me understands the motive of Dalal and her company to do what they had done and another part of me is with those civilians who were victims of their government before the victims of Dalal and Co.

The Photos of the Deir Yassin group :