Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The real view of secuirty officials in Egypt toward the opposition The Cannibal spelled all"

Did you see last night episode for El-Hakika "The truth" program on Dream TV ??

This episode is historical , in fact I guess it is the best episode ever presented by Journalist Wael El-Ebrashi , forget all his hit episodes from interviews with immigrant copts or the Egyptian Bahaai

Forget it all , this episode must be recorded in the Egyptian history and this what I am doing now

why ?

Not because it was discussing the Judges crisis and the shameful acts of the Egyptian Police toward the supporters and the judges themselves "the word shameful is very merciful word , the word barbaric is much better "

Not because there was a great judge talking about his concerns regarding the security interfere in the Judges crisis whose name is Ashraf El-Barodi

but because of his opposite guests , those two regime speakers

General Abd El-Fatah , the ex-assistant of the Minister of Interior who is now MP from the NDP , I don't know why I have the feeling that this general used to work in the Investigation of National Security

The Senate member Dr Shawky Garib , for those who don't the short old man , this wicked old man is the regime best tailor for laws that suppressed the freedom and creativity of the nation for over 30 years !!

They reminded me of the famous old couple in the Muppet show known as Statler and Waldorf , you know the annoying audience from the Muppet show , the Muppet that we used to watch after the breakfast in Ramadan before the late Mona Abou El-Nasr present Bakar Untitled - 1.jpg"please stand on the photo with your mouse over it to read what I wrote !!"

Forget all the great words of the judge and sarcastic comment El-Barshi , who is by the way will stand in front of the Crimes Court for being the chief in editor who approve on publishing topics concerning the vast cheat operation that happened in the last elections in the Sowat El-Oma "Voice of Nation" weekly liberal newspaper !!

Look to the governmental couple and listen carefully to poems Mr. General Ex -Assistant said :

    • The Street is ours "the security forces" while the judges' club and the courts they "the Judges" do what ever they want*1
    • You "to the Judge Barody as a Representative for the judges" let others from the MB and Kafya to use your case and this is a huge big vast mistake !!
    • If we had left the MB and Kafya destructive members and didn't interfere we would have a situation like the one we had on the 14 of January *2!!
    • We are a country of Establishments thus we are a country of order , and there we can't any attempt for chaos*3
    • They must be dragged on the floors "those element of Kafya and MB " for Egypt , they must be dragged those dirty rascals !!!!!!!*4
    • Muslim Brotherhood did this , Muslim Brotherhood did that !!*5

*1.I thought that "The Street is ours " is a famous 70s song written by the great poet Salah Jahin and was a slogan for the left side in Egypt for a long

it says:

The street is ours , the Street is ours

Those other people are not from ours

I guess you know who are "ours" and who are the "other people ".

*2. For those who are unfamiliar with our modern political history , Egypt saw on the 14th & 15th of January 1977 there was some public anger that evolved in to a violent protest with smashing and destroying private properties especially The Al-Haram Street "Beside the great Pyramids of Giza" where it was and is still known for its nightclubs and dirty red nights making it the Egyptian Las Vegas , anyway people smashed the casinos and so on , this public violent protests was described by El-Sadaat My God bless his soul as "The intifada {uprising} of the thieves}, yet they were n't thieves in fact they were angry ,very angry citizens from the real working low class who were stunned by the government's decision to rise the price of bread just few another Piastres :) !!

*3. A country of establishment , this term was another some stupid totalitarian concept , vague , what establishments !? we got many stupid terms no one real understand its meaning.


Here the most important thing he ever said , the real face of the regime , the real way of thinking appeared without the mask of the democracy , the real way those guys in the police suite look and think toward any opposition what so ever , torturing them , humiliating them by dragging on the floor ,on the street, on the asphalt is the best way to handle those naughty boys and girls ,those enemies of the regime and the system , dragging on the street is better known in Arabic as Sahal , it is very humiliating , i wish some one tells the right English word equivalent to it , this is the first time some one from the regime speak in this provoking way on air

Ironically all those who was watching the episodes and we were exactly 6 ladies , two old ladies , two middle aged women and two young lady , different generations and classes ,were so nervous and so angry from this man , you can imagine the insults and curses that were said because of this man 's stupid talk, one of the old ladies got so angry that she said

YOU bastard ,son of gun , son of b*tch...........You Cannibal , will you be dragged to hell you liar .....etc

Cannibal , he is one hell of a Cannibal

5* The usual Muslim brother phobia nonsense

I will end this post by remembering the beautiful words full of wisdom for this Alexandrian Judge

I really wish that the Egyptian Police treats us the same way the Israeli Army treated the Israeli Settlers

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Do you enter these sites Young Lady ??

Until now I am living the nightmare results of the Al-Jazeera documentary "The Egyptian Bloggers;the new voice of opposition" which was shown last Thursday and re-shown again on Friday and Saturday !!

The documentary that was made during the historical era of the Egyptian blogging glory , when the world spoke about what is those meddling kids are doing in the valley of Nile , as we accomplished something in blogging , most of the bloggers around the world didn't achieve , we became the new loud voice of opposition that is exposing the shameful acts of Mubarak's regime in Egypt, a regime succeeded in a period of 24 years to put or rather send Egypt in to the worst of its darkest age on all levels whether in politically ,economically and socially that i can say that we were much better in the darkest era of Gamal Abd El-Nasser in some aspects , at least the regime didn't pretend to be a democratic , freedom of expression pretender , at least at the that time we were respected among the Arab World and Africa "yes it was a bloody time but truth is truth and you must give credit to everyone , come on Nasser appeared on the Time Cover many times , Mubarak I guess didn't appear even for once , only his son Gimmy appeared on the cover of the bestselling Newsweek edition in Egypt from two years

We gave as the documentary said another view to what's going to Egypt far away from the governmental dominance on the media and also from most the Egyptian parties and independently somehow for some period , for the first time independent coverage for news in all kind of fields whether politically "mostly" or economically or even socially happens in what's was presented by Egyptian blog God father Alaa "May God help him and give him strength in his cell now " The Public Journalism . Our success came when Hussein Haikal , the famous legendary Egyptian last year talked about us as promising phenomena that proves of the changes is taking its way in Egypt

Our true power came in the coverage of both the presidential and Parliament elections ,exposing the regime to the whole as one big fat corrupted fascist liar

The important thing that we , the Egyptian bloggers most of us despite speaking in politics day and night ,don't work in politics in fact most of us don't join in protests and demonstration except a minority , the brave suicidal minority whose quest for freedom will be engraved by gold in the History of this ancient Nation . Most of us , like me at least took the blessing of the anonymity nature in the blog to express her political thoughts and opinions freely , the idea of tracing you down in a country like Egypt is easily if you write in newspaper or magazine and say your opinion publicly , it is so easy and so terrible at the same "already as raised in a journalist house I know what this means , since the monarchy Egyptian Journalists were always had two options either to shut up and write what the rulers want or they will be sent to jail "already my grand dad was going to jail for his coverage to the Ismailia battle on the 25th of January yet he didn't enter because at that time Fouad Sarg El-Din feared from the parliament anger !!". so you see suppressing the freedom f expression is not a product of Egyptian revolution more it is in our heritage but differs proportionally according the ruler , I guess the oldest and greatest operation of suppression was in the time of Ramses II , the pharaoh of Exodus in Ancient Egypt followed by the El-Hakam be Amar Allah in the middle Ages followed by both Mubarak and Nasser in the modern age , I put Mubarak before Nasser , because Nasser said it frankly on 1954 that there would be no democracy in his era and he didn't lie while Mubarak lies on us , the world and before them himself saying we are living the best eras of democracy in Egypt , in fact we never had this freedom before !! Anyway back to me ,blogging and Egyptian bloggers world , yes I am coward , but also I think realistically ,I think in the term of the Quranic versus that says "Don't throw yourself in to doom" and by doom here I mean the claws of the regime

I know many will think that I am coward but I don't want to be humiliated because I am not this type of brave girls , I am more of a cheer leader from her house "as we say in Egypt"

I guess what I am trying to say began to take a shape

My dear readers and friends bloggers I was terrified last Thursday when I saw the documentary despite my happiness and pride of those wonderful familiar faces and names to be seen on TV on of the world's famous news channel , faces like Malak,Alaa, Manal and at last I knew Wael Abbas , Mina and Shainaz Abd El-Sallam, I was terrified because those wonderful boys and girls became so suicidal , so bold that I felt that they didn't think about themselves or their safety and the safety of their families or even about the consequences of this documentary on the Egyptian blogsphere

Already everybody who watches the satellite will tell you that the Al-Jazeera is a supporter of the Egyptian regime like Al-Arabya , in fact the relation is getting worse and worse then ever since the arresting of Hussein Abd El-Ghanay the head of the Al-jazeera office in Egypt in the most humiliating way , and so they don't care much if they exposed the real achievements of the regime from poverty and dictatorship , in fact it was their pleasure since many years that to embarrass the regime in the Nile valley so it wasn't a surprise for me to see such documentary with its Criticise to the regime , they showed us the menace is threating the Egyptian regime , we didn't reach this stage , we are more than an echo of a bullet

The threat is that this can jeopardise the Egyptian blog sphere putting us under the microscope , already the great icons of political blogging in Egypt were arrested as I said , yes they weren't arrested for blogging but insulting the president in a demonstration but most of them if not all of them especially Alaa had crossed all the decency lines with the insults the Egyptian law and Egyptian "respectable " community condemn , I respect Alaa very much and God Knows what I felt when I knew his arrest but I know for sure that this was based more upon the insults he wrote to the president in the celebration of his birthday . I said it and I will say it again despite I do not agree with Alaa and many from the political bloggers on the same principles whether religiously or politically yet I care for them

Our greatest disaster that after Alaa's arrest and the western media concerns about him , the eyes began to move toward the blogs , we are in danger , already if you are participating in ISP in Egypt TE data "following the ministry of Telecommunication " and Link Dot Net "Naguib Saoiras" you will find several active political blogs like Alaa and Manal and sites like Egyptian without borders are blocked , you have to break the proxy if you got a DSL subscription , a scary move and this happened before Malak and Alaa's arrest

Already since Alaa's fall in the hands of the security forces , many bloggers close their blogs and leave the blog world , I know many of them and even there is an increasing opinion in the Blogsphere attacking Alaa and saying that he deserves what happens to him because of his indecent behaviour , forgetting that there are others with him boys and girls

Closing the blogs for fear is the worst thing ever , it is blow for the biggest and most important blogging community in the Arab community , the Egyptian experience became the lead

Already I am scared

Simply the regime can start a witch hunt against the blogging Egypt , starting with blocking Blogspot and it won't the first time in the world !! Yes it won't be the end the world of blogging as it is getting bigger and bigger with great blogging solutions but non of the Egyptians are ready to pay money to be hosted in Type pad or even to work with Word press

In numbers we are still too small to make difference in the society , according to the Telecommunication ministry in Egypt , the users of INTERNET in Egypt are only 5% and this is the greatest percentage compared to the Arab world if we take in consideration the number of the population , the majority of the this percentage still use the INTERNET as the rest of the world , the cyber space to hang out to communicate with each other , the Chat , the downloads and emails are still the major activities they usually do , only a small of this percentage of 5% understand blog world and are divided in to bloggers and readers ,and even this was in stages , I am proud to be from the first generation of bloggers despite that i didn't join the Egyptian blogging ring except last year yet I was in the blog world for 4 years now and I know what is feeling to feel that your voice is heard , to hear your voice , many times i said that i need a forum to hear my voice "this I took from Hussein Haikal from one of his Dream TV days ", since I began to blog , everybody began to see the difference in my personality , last year my aunt told me I feel that you are grown more than your age by 5 years , it is you and the world and you are giving your opinion boldly with no fear about it .

Now historically the Blogging Mania in Egypt began with the political activists who are familiar with the IT world like Alaa and co. then came the historical moment when El-Dostor , the most radical liberal opposition newspaper presented the world of blogging for all thirsty of freedom of Expression boys and girls on a silver plate

Then came the elections as I said and Egyptian bloggers covered it with posts, images and video

Why I am speaking this ? well I watched the documentary and beside me guess who was watching ?

My grand mother , she was happy yet she was scared that I join that crazy kids who are jeopardising their lives

she : "You don't write in those things !?"

Me: "I got a blog but I write in history plus no one knows my identity !!"

I had to lie , already only my mother knows about my blogspot space and that sometimes I speak in politics , yet from another way I didn't lie , this blog , this journal , will be considered a history source some time after 50 years in Sh Allah ,

in the morning Grand mother told my aunt who is my best friend

She : Please I don't want you even to enter these site to read it , they can trace and catch you , please they are bastards

Me : I swear I write only in history please they can't know me as I didn't reveal myself like those suicide bloggers "on the same rhythm of suicide bombers"

Already My aunt when I join University gave me the lecture that "don't work in politics , remember El-Karnak movie "

My message to all bloggers from Girls and Boys , stop acting foolishly , keep your identities secret , you won't change the world in a day and night , and don't count on western help

look to the play that happened in Congress and you will know that they don't care so much for you , they never were and they never will only for their benefit and their benefit is not in your hands fools

I guess now what I am trying to reach is clear to you

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Say it from the beginning Mr. Prime Minister , Egypt is an Islamic Country

This week there were a lot of rubbish talk said by the the Egyptian officials in the circus that was held in Sharm Shekih known as World Economic Forum , the most talkative official who didn't stop from saying nonsense is the Prime Minister Ahmed Nazeef

He said another statement of his strange yet truthful statements , truthful because these statements usually expose the real intentions and thoughts of the regime

so beside

" Because of the success of the Islamist movements and parties in the middle East ,we will slow down the progress of our political reform "

Thus our enemy and your enemy "directing this decoded message to the west " known as Islamist movement a.k.a Muslim Brotherhood won't have a chance !! {this completion is made by me }

The usual usage of the Islamist fear of the west to justify the regime unjust acts against the Egyptian people quest for democracy

another stupid statement , he said it this week

Egypt is a Laic country , not a religious country

Well as the great Islamic thinker and Judge "Tarek El-Bashery" said

This is against the constitution as the second chapter in the Constitution of 1971 which is the official Constitution of the Egyptian state says that

The religion of the State is the Islam , and the Islamic Shariaa' is the source of Legalisation

It seems that Mr Prime minister doesn't know the constitution well , after all no one in the regime and government respect this Constitution "look to the Judges' crisis"

Anyway today in Al-Ahram daily newspaper , I found this tiny piece of news in the first page

Nazeef : Egypt is Islamic Country and there is no discrimination between the citizens

The Prime Minister Ahmed Nazeef assured that Egypt is an Islamic country according to the Constitution , and the principles of the Islamic Shariaa' is the primary source of legalisation in Egypt , yet the practise of the public duties and rights in Egypt doesn't discriminate people on the base of Sex or race or language or religion according to chapter 40 in the Constitution

And that the state ensure the freedom of religion and religious practises according to chapter 46 of the constitution

and this came in the same context of the latest statement of Dr. Nazeef concerning the banning of religious based parties according to the Constitution and that Egypt is a laic country in political practises !!

So why he didn't say this from the beginning , it is embarrassment for a man with his tall , intellectual and official position to explain his word s again And again , I bet know he sings the wonderful song of 1976 of Santa Esmeralda "Oh Lord ! Don't let be misunderstood "

Ahmed Nazeef is rumoured to be on the American Administration list of the favourite men in Egypt to rule it , and that 's why he may leave the cabinet at the nearest chance to secure the way for GM !!

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Law and order : The Historical verdict of Hend El-Henawy

It came unexpectedly , at least for me and those who forgot the whole issue and concentrated on the main issues in Egypt like the democracy,Judges,freedom of expression and the terrible economic conditions

Yesterday the Court made a historical verdict in the El-Hennawy and El-Fashawy case concerning the lineage of Baby Lina and the so-called marriage between stylist Hend El-Henawy and actor Ahmed El-Fashawy

after one year and 8 months , Lina became Lina Ahmed Fl-Fashawy

I remember that I wrote about them from few months check it here , when the court at first ruled that little Lina is not the daughter of Ahmed El-Fashawy

Yet yesterday the Court again ruled that Lina was the daughter of Ahmed and that there was a marriage between Hend and Ahmed

I read the newspapers today and saw El-bit batik and 10 O'clock coverage for the big event and until now I don't know how the judge became sure of the marriage between Hend and Ahmed yet I respect his rule , what is written in the newspapers I need to understand it more , all what I understand that the judge said that there is no need for documents to prove the marriage and that also there is need of existence of witnesses to witness the marriage but it is enough to be sure from the environment and from the witnesses like the neighbours and servants , I don't know

but I am glad that Lina's misery will end as know she can recognised as a citizen in the Arab Republic of Egypt, you see Lina didn't have any birth certificate until now as there is no father name , already she is a victim of two un irresponsible parents , one playboy actor father and mad about revenge mother

and that's why I guess the judge chose to began the announcement of the rule with the great poem written by one of my favourite poets who shaped my mind and thinking since I was 13 year , Nazar Kabani's Controversial poem of "Pregnant" that he presented in his poems collection in 1950s under the name : "Childhood of breast" ,I guess in year 1956 , the poem at that time was considered something revolutionary ,yet it belonged to the future that is now more than those days , I remember when i was a little girl 13 years old that I read it to my grand ma and she liked so much

It says and this is what the judge said exactly "translation":

Your 50s Liras are making me laugh

For whom this money are given

For the one who will abort me

To tailor my coffin

This is then my price

you ,piece of decay

I will abort this pregnancy

As I don't want a rascal father

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Turn off the light tomorrow

Please Turn off the lights of your houses tomorrow

if you live in Egypt and believe in the just case of the Judges

Please Turn off the lights from 9 pm to 10 pm

a simple harmless protest

This is by the request

of the honourable Judges

in the Modern Nation House of the Judges ' club

You don't need to go and protest in a public place

You don't need to protest in demonstration

You can protest while sitting in your home

Please Turn off the light

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Demos updates : Let 's get more and more louder

Tomorrow is supposed to be the demonstrations day against the war in the war yet thanks to Ahmed Zahran and the other wonderful Egyptians abroad the 25th of May 2006 will be the demonstration day against the Egyptian regime around the World in solidarity with the Egyptian Judges stand for the Independence of Judicial system in Egypt

Now look to the progress

In Sh Allah Egyptians ,Egypt's friends and all those who believe in Freedom will gather to say their words in these capitals around the globe to give those in Orbaah palace one hell of a headache

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Athens
  4. Seoul
  5. New York
  6. Chicago
  7. San Fransisco
  8. Torontto
  9. Montreal
  10. Washington DC "New"
  11. The Moon if we have too :)

Let's get more and more loud

Check the time and place of each demo , already most of them will be in front either the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in El-khan El-Masry

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bolton , the double ambassdor

The Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations made a huge attack yesterday in New York in the meeting of some Jewish association and they are so many in the big apple , the ambassador attacked China Bolton, Russia and the Arab World represented by Qatar , which was a member in the Security Council for two years now , he attacked them because of their disappointing attitudes in the UN , they disappointed the hopes of the Hebrew state as he said , I don't know since when it was considered that pleasing the Hebrew state was among the duties of the Ambassadors of the countries .

Mr Ambassador forgets the basic rule in Politics that which says "Play according to your country benefit"

I won't say that Russia and China position from the Iran is based upon the the Russian and Chinese love of the Persian eyes more than it is based upon other important calculations every one knows , the calculations of Money , Alliance and Power

Russia wants to gain the old glory "I wish it can , these days more much better" and China wants to be a world power and already whether the United States wanted or not , China will take the lead

Now back to the Ambassador's ridiculous statement , yes it is very ridiculous especially the one concerning John Bolton , the Ambassador of the United States to the the United Nations , who always as usual act of the US Ambassadors in th UN since it opened its doors , supports Israel blindly whether they are guilty "most of the time or innocent " may be once the American Ambassador said something that was against the Hebrew state , it was in the famous Suez crisis in 1956 when the trio England, France and Israel attacked and invaded parts of Egypt , The United States and Former U.S.S.R gave their threat to the naughty trio

The Israeli Ambassador said

John Bolton is a secret member in the Israeli Commission to the UN

well of course he said it as funny description to the support of Bolton to the Hebrew state but it is 100% correct , and this makes me wonder doesn't this make Bolton traitor to his country being a double ambassador !?

You see regardless of the fancy talk of the American administration through all the decades that U.S and American got common interests and common what ever you call it , I highly doubt that the real regular American citizen needs and interests are the same as the real regular Israeli , in fact years proved that innocent Americans paid heavily and still paying and will be paying whether from their own money or their own blood for the American blind support to Israel

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Monday, May 22, 2006

What is going in Kuwait ?

What is going in Kuwait?
As some one who is interested in politics in the Middle East, I must see and understand what is going in the rich Gulf state
Unfortunately I didn’t care much to understand what is going because I was and am still concentrating on our own crisis in Egypt “Oh boy they are so many”
Until suddenly yesterday I was opening Elaph E-news portal which I hate yet I have to see it on daily base and found out that the Prince of Kuwait ordered to dissolve the Kuwaiti parliament and called for early parliament elections on the next 29th of June.
Already these elections were planned to be held on 2007 not this year!!
All what I can understand as I am not Kuwaiti and I am not expert in the Kuwaiti and Gulf in side issues
But what I understand from the reports in BBC and Al-Jazeera, that there is some kind of confrontation between the Government and the opposition “same like the one we are having in the Valley of the Nile “, yet this confrontation in the Persian Gulf is much stronger as already there is much more independent in a way that makes me wish to have such parliament in the country that saw the birth of the first legalization authority in the middle East (
The whole problem is about a law of the elections, the opposition demands the reduction of the voting district and thus eliminating the problem of “Votes buying and other regulations”
The appointed government is against this reform yet –read this carefully- they sent it to the constitutional court “no arrestments or no insults like some may use and you know whom I am referring with this some “
Now the tension between the opposition and the government reached to unbreakable wall, already the parliament can’t dismiss the government but they can declare that they can not co-operate with the cabinet
The Kuwaiti Parliament which was established in 1962 had seen the question of more than 30 ministers through years, saw for the first time the question of the prime Minister last week as far as I remember
Yesterday the Kuwaiti Emir “Prince” made a touching speech, he looked sad when he said that he ordered to dissolve the parliament.
In my point I am afraid that dissolving the Parliament is a great mistake, if the opposition in the parliament wants something and has the majority of votes to support it, then the government should listen to it, this is the basic of the real democratic life that is based upon a healthy Parliament that was elected by the free will of the people.
I may be mistaken but this is another strike to democracy in the Arab World, already the Parliament of Kuwait was another promising example in the Gulf and Arab world that a real political life can be implemented in an Arabian Monarchy.
I would be very thankful if any Kuwaiti brother and sister comes by and explains to me the whole issue, who is right? Who is wrong?
This is just a perspective of An Arab who lives thousand miles from Kuwait

Please Sign this petition for freedom and Justice

For Freedom and Justice support please sign this petition
For the sake of the Egyptian People

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Two ladies from Egypt

Her image reminded me of another image for another lady in another era in another occasion

They are both different , in age, in class , in everything , in place

One dared to say no ,the other said yes

the only thing I found as a common factor between those two ladies is that both are Egyptians and live in Egypt yet one of them I am sure got some foreign passport as the rest of her class and people

I guess you wonder who are they ?

OK here are they one from Reuters and the other one I took it from the net and gave it some pop Art touch


003shadia copy.jpg

No further comment , I leave it for you

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Let's get loud

Ahmed at El-Khan El-Masry is doing fantastic job in gathering all the supporters of Egypt

Now starting next week the world will hear lots and lots of noise concerning Egypt ,her judges and her detainees

  1. On Monday May 22nd in London there will be a "Public Meeting" as part of its effort to explain the Egyptian situation and the Judges Cause. "see the flyer"
  2. meeting22.jpg
  3. On Wednesday May 24th in Paris there will be a demo in front of the Egyptian Embassy at 2 pm.
  4. On the same day in London there will be a "Banner Session" where Egyptian and International activists will get a chance to interact and work together on the banners that will be used for the 25th Demos.
  5. On Thursday May 25th
    1. In Athens : There will be a demo organised by the Greek Stop the War Coalition and the Athens Labour Centre. the demo will take place at 7 pm outside the Egyptian Embassy. For more information please contact stoppolemo@yahoo.gr
      1. In Chicago : There will be a demo in front of the Egyptian Consulate at 500 N. Michigan (12:30 PM) organised by the Egyptian Committee in Support of the Egyptian Judges (Chicago).
      2. In New York : there will be a demo in front of the Egyptian Consulate.
      3. In London : There will be a demo in front of the Egyptian Embassy at 5:30 PM (26 South Street, Mayfair, nearest Tube Station is Green Park).
      4. In Cairo Lights will be turned off in the homes from 9 pm to 10 pm in sh Allah
    2. On Friday May 26th in Seoul There will be a demo in front of the Egyptian Embassy. For Further information, please contact CJ on atgcontact@hotmail.com .

Good luck insh Allah

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Judges updates "All rise"

For those who don't know here is a summary for what had happened in the most important trial in the last 5 years , the trial of judges El-Bastowsy and Makkay

Already on Wednesday judge Makkay entered Cleopatra hospital in Miser El-gadida area to the incentive care after having a sudden heart attack , the thing that made many predict that the trial or as the Justice ministry called it "The Discipline council" would be postponed

Yet the surprise came to the nation yesterday when this illegal discipline council continued under the protection of thousands of police forces and anti-riots forces which is known in Egypt as "The forces of central security " {Big name, is n't it !?}, Already security forces in the last couple of days arrested a huge number of people , the number according to the official statement is 200 while to the MB and Kafya 's statement is 400 !! The double , anyway as experience taught us in the Vally of the Nile , I will believe the the later number.

Down town in Cairo was turned to a closed area , you know like the one in V for Vendetta movie when V threatened the regime to the bomb the Parliament , yet the high security measures were taken not because a terrorist threat made by a mad man for vendetta in the mask but for to stop any possible gathering from the public "opposition" to support the judges , same thing happened in Cairo University , already the interior ministry made announcement that it won't allow any demonstration on Wednesday or Thursday except after taking a permission , already everyone knows from kids to elderly that they won't give the permission except to the cheer teams of NDP and regimes and that why Kafya and MB decided to break the law and go to the streets , ironically the interior ministry showed some flayer made by the MB in the Al-Ahram daily newspaper today as evidence in their attempts to stir the national stability "Not to be shaken or Stirred"

Not that only in the high supreme court where the trial was held the security forces entered inside the court with their armies yet Judge Zackariah Abd El-Aziz reminded them that the police forces are prohibited to stay in court and thus they had to withdraw from the battle "Power VS Justice"

Abd El-Aziz , is the head of the Judges' club who became in my eyes one of Egypt's best personalities of the year 2006 in his astonishing brave position from the regime , the honourable judge was very angry and nervous this day , already all the honourable people whether people or judges should be so , because of the verdict the court reached to

In brief words

The Discipline council decided that to blame Judge Bastawsy and to clear Judge Makkay from any charges !!

The judges must be very very angry from this stupid rule

First of all it is illegal one , as the court didn't hear any defence at all , so how come they reach to this verdict !? on what basis? the basis of the rule is justice and justice means to hear from all source !!???

and that 's why the honourable judges refused to accept the verdict.Already the judges' club threatened and I guess the Mansoura branch of the club did it already , that is to cancel the membership of the judges participating this discipline council in the club ,along with the minister of Justice and the Attorney General .

Strange thing from my point of view both judges did the same thing , both complained in public about the cheating that happened in the last Parliament elections

Anyway back to counsellor Hisham Bastawsy , the vice president of Court Causation who is hospital now , already I believe the man had too much pressure this year that his body could n't bare it anymore and thus he collapsed with a heart attack , a part of my mind tells me that some may pushed over him the night before the trial until the heart of the man could not take it anymore "Harak Dam in English means burning the blood , it is expression we use in Egypt to describe the state the person reaches from deep erupted anger that makes the blood boils in veins and bumps in your head !!"

Sometimes I feel that Bastawsy knew about the verdict , already the verdict of Blame means that he won't be promoted to be the president of Causation !!!!

anyway just few minutes I knew from the INTERNET that Bastawsy soon will leave the IC thank God and that he will continue to fight to the innocence he deserves

Judge You don't need an innocence from this court and that , as already Egypt knows that you are innocent from cheating and deception

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Five years for Ayman Nour , one year for Tamer Hosni "ah Ya Balad"

Today the Reversal court in Egypt refused the invective Ayman Nour had presented against the verdict of his imprisonment for 5 years for forgery !! Click here"Arabic"
It is expected , very expected , it is punishment to all those who dared and stood against Mubarak in the last presidential election in 2005 , Nour was a tough competitor and annoying one too
I am not going to speak again that this is an attempt to clear the Egyptian political street from any opposition against the regime of Mubarak and son.
But I am going to speak about this unjust rule from another angle
You see on the bloody Thursday last week beside to the weekly trial of the great two Judges of Egypt , there was another trial which unfortunately took most of the public and media attention that is the trial of pop singer Tamer Hosni Check here ---------> Tamer Hosni ,Haytham Shakr and Sheeren Wagdy
And unfortunately it took the attention of the most important element of the society ,the youth and teenagers , the future generations of Egypt
Already as conspiracy theory supporter I know immediately that this was a game from the regime to make the people look in another direction other than the one they should look in to.
Tamer , the pop idol did something much more terrible than Ayman Nour , he is being accused in forging official documents to escape from the mandatory military service of young men in Egypt , also to have a false university Certificate from the Mansoura University , the first crime goes to the military court while the other one is a civilian felony
He is now in the prison for the first one which is escaping the army along with co-singer Haythem Shaker ,and already this punk turned to some kind a holy saint in the eyes of the many "I will speak about this later "
anyway last Thursday thousand of Tamer's fans made a demonstration outside the court where it was his trial ,and this is just example of the many ridiculous acts they did and they cheered and became so happy as if Egypt won the world cup when the verdict of the civilian court was announced.
Tamer Hosni is charged with forgery and thus the verdict will be one year imprisonment without implementation !!
One year only , already we got a lawyer relative who told us that the minimum punishment for forgery in Prison is three years and the maximum is 5 years
So Hosni the punk took only 1 year less than the minimum punishment while Nour ,the ex-presidential candidate took the maximum punishment !! Ah ya balad !!!!!

The vision of NDP became international folks!!

Do you remember the flash news I mentioned yesterday

about GM secret visit to Washington D.C this Friday , the little dirty secret that was exposed by the Spokesperson of the White House !! and some says that the Al-Jazeera reporter there discovered the visit surprisingly

Check this provoking title in Al-Ahram Daily today on the front page Click here

Already this visit was intended to be secret ,yet the American administration didn't keep it as GM and Co. thought , may be because these reasons

  1. They are not used to lie on their people so much like our regime , yes they lie but in important matters and this visit is not so significant to the regular American citizen .
  2. They want to prove their people and the Congress that they stand against the shameful dictatorial acts of the regime against the opposition
  3. They want the Egyptian People to hate him more and more , already the Americans in the White house don't like to put their bids on a losing horse , that's what they had learnt from the Iran lesson in a very hard way

More about the Visit in English from Egyptians with out borders Click here

And more about it in Arabic also from the same site Click here and there "in the last essay they are asking the same question I asked yesterday !?"

Ironically the official Egyptian sources didn't say anything about the secret visit until the Americans exposed the secret after four days of the visit and the strange thing that in the news bar on the Channel 1 in the National Television that "The Head of the Policies Committee went to the U.S " without mentioning his name , of course I am fool as all Egyptians know who is he

another strange thing that the news of the trip was mentioned in Al-ahram first page yet nothing was there in Al-Akhbar daily "may be they didn't have the orders yet to publish the news"

Of course they didn't reveal the real reason of the sudden visit , but they gave it a comedy touch in the Egyptian official statements:

Gamal Mubarak went to the U.S to explain the Vision of the NDP about the important internal and external affairs to the American administration

What vision ?? this is very big words third world people like me don't understand?

since when the NDP got a vision !! and since the national parties officials travel to other countries to explain the visions of their domestic parties !! what is the role of Embassies then !? does Richard Downey stay in Egypt only to go to our folk celebrations of saints and shekihs? "I am referring to his travel to Tanta to watch the folk festival of the El-Sid El-Badowy , Madad ya Sidy El -Badowy , I am calling for the help of this famous Islamic saint to save us !!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Farouk Goudah , when the poet becomes sad

From two days on Dream TV 2, I saw Farouk Goudah's interview with Magdy Mahanah , and it was one of the best interview I have watched till now on any Arabic Tv

Goudah ,if you don't know him , is a writer and Poet , worked in Journalism for over 40 years, and is considered now as one of most important Arab Poets nowadays

As a poet ,well I am more used to the Syrian School of Poetry in the Classical Arabic poetry , names like Nazar Kabani and Mohamed El-Magout are my favourite,yet that doesn't mean he isn't as great as those guys ,in fact I feel that his poetry is so sweet and shy , the shyness of Egyptians about love , the thing I didn't read for him as I read to the names above, yet I am going to read for him more ,as his last poem was so great

Yes the last cursed one that he wrote last year and made the Investigations of National Security in questioned him exactly for 5 hours , after the end of the enquiry he had a heart attack and sent to the Dar El-Fouad hospital for treatment !!

You see Goudah in his column in Al-Ahram daily spoke about the crisis of the Judges and their problem and then ended with very strong political poem that made authorities mad I don't know why as if the Egyptians were like the Syrians love the classical poetry !! in Sh Allah I will post it here with the translation

Already I guess the reason I didn't read for him much is that I considered him as governmental writer working in Al-Ahram but it turned out I was wrong , already I was so naive not every writer or journalist working in a governmental Newspaper would be a government and regime supporter , already my grand dad worked over 40 years in Akhbar El-youm yet many considered him as non government supporter

anyway back to Goudah who after his crisis and crash with the security began to be open about his political opinions concerning the president, the economy , the international affair not to mention the social status of the Egyptian , in other brief words, the man after being humiliated publicly decided to spell it all , he has nothing to lose , and that's what I felt that he is speaking like this because he has nothing to lose again after his dignity , you see poets are very sensitive ,especially this one , already if you compared El-Magout or Kabani with him , you would find that the two Syrians poets were war criminals compared to him

He said too much and I will try to summarised as much as I can , already every point or topic he opened needs couple of posts !!

  1. The president Mubarak , what he said about the president is considered the most realistic thing about the man , of course he didn't call him as a dictator or blamed him for what is going on chaos in every aspect in Egypt, yet he blamed the entourage surrounding him "I agree with him and I will talk about this point in a separate post in sh Allah ".
  2. Gamal Mubarak , Already the majority of people don't like and suspect his intention to be the next president , yet he and his father are denning this , so why he insists on participating in the Egyptian political life !? Already everyone knows the answer except may be GM himself
  3. The Unemployment growing percentage and the promises of the elections
  4. The privatisation , the Banks crisis and the judges crisis
  5. The parties
  6. The interior Ministry and its rule , I felt that Goudah was making fun of it when he said that there is too much pressure on it !!

It was one hour interview yet it was so loaded as you see

The sad thing that I knew from the interview that Goudah decided to stop writing poetry after his crisis , he was so sad , and he won't write again until things in Egypt get better !! already he stopped writing poetry after 1967 and returned back after 1973 , it is so sad , very sad that he lost his ability to write poetry as now more than anytime people need to hear and read his protesting words , Kabani reached the top of the Arabic Poetry with his protesting poem "Memories on the Draft of the Defeat "in 1967 , but may be as I said above Goudah is too sensitive

I would like to see something , it is a message that he won't receive but I remember these versus from Salah Jahin Quadra-poems :

Oh Nightingale singing is not going to kill you

But Not singing is going to kill you

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The Minorities report in Egypt : The Bahais "updates : No more Baha'i in the religion field"

As I expected the Baha'is took nothing and returned back to the zero point
Check this out ,it is mentioned in every newspaper today in the front page From Arab Times
In English translation
it says the following :
The high administrative court in the State council "very high supreme court in Egypt has cancelled the verdict that gave the right to the Baha'i religion followers in Egypt to include their religion in the field religion in the official documents
The reasons are the following :
  1. in 2004 , as I mentioned here the High supreme court announced the official religions of the Egyptian State are Islam,Christianity and Judaism and this mentioned in the amendment number 46 and thus the previous verdict in the favor of the Bahai's is considered against the constitution
  2. Bahai'sm is considered a deviation from the State system and danger on it
  3. In 1975, the constitutional court ordered the close of the Bahai's temples and thus it can't be broke up
The case against the interior ministry and the Civil registry that was held by the Bahai 's couple who live in Oman by the way ,was a smart more to go around the laws and constitution as mentioning the Bahai'sm in the religion field is a an official confession from the Egyptian State by it
well they thought they are smart ,but as we say in Egypt well those who came before them would have been smarter !!??
Don't mess with the law in Egypt or the constitution !!
Interesting fact about the Bahai's in Egypt , they all got non Egyptian passports !!
The fact is finished

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What was G.M doing in D.C ??

The little dirty secret of last week is exposed

And strangely it wasn't exposed from inside but from outside as usual

The dirty little secret is :

Mr. Gamal Hosni Mubarak ,the son of the President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and the head of the Policies Committee in the NDP "National Democratic party ",the ruling party of Egypt , went to the U.S.A last weekly secretly to the capital in specific Washington D.C where he met with President G.W Bush for a short meeting and his secretary of National security Steve Hadley on Friday !!!!!!!!!!

The Sources from Elaph and Filbalad "Reuters"

Interesting is n't it !?

as the Egyptian people in the Vally of the Nile didn't know about this secret visit to the white house or this short meeting and ironically the one who announced it with the spokesperson of the White house who also said

GM came to D.C for private business and that he met with Bush and the later sent with him greetings to his father the President of Egypt !!!

More and more interesting

Now please remind me again , as who GM goes to Washington?? as the head of the policies committee or as the next president or as who ?

what is his role in the Egyptian regime exactly or government to do such important trip ?

OK before someone call me stupid or naive I know what he does unofficial from ruling Egypt , doing all what he can to inherit Papa throne !!

but really I want to know what he was doing there ? what kind of comprise he was doing with the yanks in order to rule the Vally of the Nile? I believe it is something like selling yourself to the devil , and ironically i don't know who is the devil in our story here !! is he GM or the Yanks ??!!

This is a decoded messages to all those who believe that the U.S would save the people of the Vally that says

"Don't count on this folks "

People already Bush is using the same ol' techniques we have since I don't know when from spying on his own people ,also I would like to remind that the Egyptian prisons are being used by the C.I.A as Ethan Hunt believes in Outsourcing!!

anyway I am afraid from what GM would present to the U.S in order to support him because I know this devil deal would be 100% in the favour of the GM and the yanks while it would be 100% against the Egyptian people and Egypt !!

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