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The Time 100 people 2007

Who should in the list of the Time magazine most influential 100 people in the year 2007 ??

Beside the international personalities whom I don't need to speak about ,I will about those I voted for this year as I think they are worth it to be mentioned in this year's edition , I mean which is more influential really Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah or Daniel Craig ??? Sanjaya or King Abd Allah Abd Aziz of Saudi Arabia ??

Of course there are strange names like Sanjaya,Daniel Craig ,Paris Hilton,Kate Moss and Frank Miller with others whom I think only made the headlines in the tabloids and entertainment news and didn't have influence except may be on the box office and American Idol not to mention the sales of the tabloids !!??

  • From Israel I found Tzipi Livini in the 93 rank by 1330 votes ,to tell you the truth I don't think she is that influential
  • From Saudi Arabia King Abd Allah Ibn Abd Aziz Al Saud is in the 106 rank after Rosie O'Donnel and Salama Hayek , I don't know how the Saudi King who is now called the modern Abd El-Nasser comes after Rosie and the ugly Bettie producer and hottie , King Abd Allah has 1135 votes , I voted for him because I believe in the last couple of months the Saudis did a great job both in Lebanon and in Palestine with all respect to other opposite view, you can vote here
  • From Egypt there is Amr Khaled , the first Egyptian name who made it to the list in the rank of 127 for 937 votes ,I voted for him too and I do need to speak about how influence he is , you can vote here
  • From Lebanon Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah ,also I don't need to speak about his influcnce , you can vote here , strangly he is in 192 rank , I mean Sanjaya is in the top ten and this man who made the real headlines and history is in the 192 rank !!??

There are other Arabs and Muslims in the list whom I either don't know them or don't like them

Of couse there is the second Egypt the right of hand of Bin Laden ,the son of Maadi Subrub Ayman El-Zawahary but I won't vote for him

Dirty games in the assembly ??

As if we are not having enough drama in the Egyptian Parliament from elections cheating to MPs who escaped their military service to MPs who are MPs in the morning and drug dealers at nights to quarrels to insults to a prime minister who is enjoying his time by eating “Lab” inside the honorable council in order to have this stupid NPD Scandal.
Strangely if you go through every example from the shameful examples I mentioned above you will find that those MPs are from the NDP, so it is not a new thing to have another new scandal to the oldest parliament in the Middle East but enough is enough
The Scandal is a C.D and if there is a C.D mentioned in the game then it will be related to Sex, no need to think .
Two MPs of the NDP distributed a C.D of another MP in the assembly and on the newspapers, this C.D contained footage recorded for  that MP in a drunken status attending some sort of a party, kissing some ugly and vulgar belly dancers and giving them tips , of course it is not that dirty C.D like the famous Sex  of  Dina ,the famous belly dancer and business man Abu El-Fatouh but it is still considered unacceptable especially it is for a MP !!
The interesting thing is that the other MP is also a NDP member!!
It is expected to have such dirty behavior of blackmailing against other members from the independent and the opposition party but with  other another member of the gang ,well we have to stop and read again the name of that naughty member.
That naughty member who is kissing fat ass bully dancers and in front of him a “Stella” beer bottle is MP “Haider Baghdadi”. “Baghdadi” is a very interesting personality he used to be from the Nasserite party in Egypt and suddenly he left to join the NDP in a very surprising move attacking his former opposition party widely , despite his strange move “Baghdadi” is considered from the loud voice active MPs , always questioning ministers and exposing scandals.
In the last few months “Baghdadi” exposed some financial scandals for the same two NDP members who are distributing the CD not to mention “Baghdadi” was already the MP who exposed the famous “Hidlena “health scandal, of course with orders from the NDP famous policies committee to give an impression for the regular Egyptian Joe that the party fights corruption and it is cleaning itself from the dirt!!
Now it seems that other NDP members want to have revenge from the big mouth man by exposing him , oh man
Despite some may defend “Baghdadi” as active corruption fighter I don’t have a sympathy for him because I believe if he were a really active corruption fighter he wouldn’t join the big gang party aka NDP, he is a fame seeker, really a big one
He is a kind of the dirty politician with thousand faces and colors changing them according to his own interest just like any other NDP member who only are there because they care only for themselves.
What happens to “Baghdadi” in my opinion is the best example of the corruption in the NDP; they will use you as long as they want and they will dump also when they want
Of course this happens every where and even in worst ways but consider me an idealistic who is looking forwards or in better words backwards to the days when the assembly was a very respectable parliament with respectable MPs who were respecting their position and their responsibility in the assembly
Already the latest update in our case is that “Baghdadi” is no longer his corruption fighter and thus the NDP decided not to send him to the ethics committee and he defends himself in front of the public saying that those fat ass bully dancers are girls from his election committee who like to wear tight clothes just like any other girl in his area !!!!
Seriously do those people think we are dumb to this level??? It seems to me that they are the dumbest here
UPDATES: It seems that it will turn in to a big blackmail and revenge operation between “Baghdadi” and enemies as after one week he got a C.D with a footage that shows homosexual relation between another NDP MP and another man!! Of course with this solid proof that at least “Baghdadi” is a straight man in front of some fagots, he opened his fire and decided to retire from his apology;’ is not he just a respectable man ??
Another comedy I found in “Sawt El-Oma”  The footage was not filmed in a wedding but it was filmed in a night club. The night club owner assured that her night club is a respectable one and that her customers are from ministers and MPs " well I want to tell you something I won’t argue in the respect issue,but if her customers are from ministers and MPs than they are cheap misers with no taste as it looks to me from the pictures as a 3rd degree cheap nightclub !!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gamal Mubarak got married

Gamal Mubarak and Khadija El-Gamal aka "Moni" got married /wrote the marriage contract yesterday according to the Islamic rules by the Sheikh of Al-Azhar "Mohamed Sayed Tantawy" in a small family reception in the Air forces celebrations hall in Misr El-Gadida then President Mubarak hold a big reception in the presidential palace of "El-Orba" where he received those who went to congratulate him from the ministers

According to the Islamic rules the marriage contract can be written then the big celebration and the wedding can be held after months or even years

As I said before the huge wedding party will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh on the 4th of May the birthday of President Mubarak

The party will be big one despite the wish of the groom family to a have a small wedding attended by the two families' members only, but on the wish of the father's of the bride famous constructor and businessman Mohamed El-Gamal who wants to have unforgettable night for his only daughter, there will be a huge wedding, a little piece of information related to the customs and traditions of marriage in Egypt is that the wedding party is paid by the groom and his family

Anyhow it won't be a problem

The announced names of the singers who are going to sing in the wedding to bring joy for the guests and the newly married couples are

  1. Amr Diab , Alaa Mubarak's friend and the bride favorite's singer "I wonder if he will sing a special written song for the merry couple like the song he sang for the daughter of Prince Walid Bin Talal's marriage".
  2. Hani Shaker, the favorite singer of the first lady Suzan Mubarak, aka the prince of Arabic singer, some people find him romantic, I find him dull with same kind of songs and lyrics that he doesn't change for decades, I mean he has this dull song whose title is "The birthday of my pain!!"
  3. Amal Maher, the favorite Singer of President Mubarak , a very tall young lady younger than me ,who is good at nothing except in screaming and opening her mouth , I wonder what she will sing !!
  4. There are no reports regarding the dancer in the wedding, I mean the bally dancer, I wonder if she will be an Egyptian like Dina or a Russian!!

I don't know why I have this feeling it will be so dull and lame , I mean Amr Diab rocks in the wedding but the other two are so dull , what a matching taste of the president and his wife !!??

Another chapter in the Judges battle against the NDP

In Egypt like any Country in the world, when the person reaches to his 60 or 65 years old some times retires and gets pension but in some jobs now in Egypt some persons may work till death comes in he end thanks to government orders.

For instance in the official newspapers and publishing houses the chief in editors and CEO are appointed by the government always stay to beyond the 60 and 65 for those who are doing what the regime wants, of course those who do not what the regime wants are kicked from the press just like my grand father as soon as they reach their 60!!

But there was certain professions the regime couldn’t break the retirement age rule in, the Judges

According to the judicial working law “Sorry if I am mistaken in the correct name”

The retirement age where the Judge leaves the service in the age of 68

A great another merit in the Egyptian Judicial system, a merit the NDP doesn’t want anymore now, for this critical time, from here to the end of the year where the expected inheritance of the rule of Egypt is expected to be done.

The NDP wanted to change to the retirement age to 70 years old from 68 years old!!

Of course the president Mubarak praised it so did the minister of Justice who has great enmity to the honorable Judges club aka “The nation house” ,already it turned out the minister of Justice wrote a report for president Mubarak claiming that the majority of Judges wants  it.

And thus the law found its way to the parliament, the parliament which like the French liberation once described as the fastest parliament to approve any law the government wants

The Judges club stood with all their force presenting the majority of the judges against the law but what they can do against the master of his decision ; the assembly of yea but not nay

What they can do and already the majority which is from the NDP already is the same authority that cancelled the judicial supervision of the elections in the infamous amendment 88 of the constitution!!

But the honorable judges who are the last saving force in Egypt before the ugly solution of the army are still in the fight with the NDP and they are still rejecting the law which they considered as a new massacre for the judges just like the infamous Massacre in the Nasserite era in 1969.

 Thousands of Telegram and faxes were sent to the Presidency palace by the judges to inform President with their objection and I am sure and I am staying in home now that the president didn’t receive any and won’t know of their existence at all

The judges anyhow wanted to raise their objection this time more publicly as they decided to have a march on next Sunday insh Allah, the 29th of April 27, 2007 to the Abdin Presidency Palace, of course this move is not for the president more to embarrass the regime and NDP and to win the public support with the world attention, we all know that the President rarely comes to Abdin palace, the one who is there is the famous NDPian Zachariah Azzamy , President Mubarak most of the time in Sharm El-Sheikh or in the Orba palace in Misr Gadida quarter, well it will one hell of march to go to Misr El-Gadida on foot !!

But the interior ministry refused to gave them the permission and thus they decided to have meeting afternoon in their club

I guess now there is a question in your mind

Why are the judges so angry from such law that will extend their retirement age in their powerful profession with all its privileges??

Well because they are patriot and smart enough to know that it is not done for their eyes, it is done for the NDP and regime favorite judges, you see the board of the judicial bodies is the only benefiter of this change, already it is the only judicial board that accepted and approved the change without decision or unanimity!!

You will understand the riddle more when you know that 5 from the members of The SJC which follows the government and the ministry of Justice and considered as tool in the hand of the NDP reached the retirement age already and only 2 are remaining in it but they also will reach the retirement age soon. According to the judicial rules those 5 can’t took a decision and already the decision in SJC is taken by majority and thus the council which is appointed by the ministry is not legal anymore and those judges there are from the minority that work with the regime .

Another question what is the importance of this SJC to the regime??

Well my dear friends this is the board that accepts the candidates for the presidency!! I don’t need to tell you that’s why the inheritance operation is expected to happen very soon in next September at most in the next NDP convention

The Confront between the NDP and the Judges returned again in the past two weeks and expected to continue, a break bone confront, the first round was for the NDP but no one knows who will have the last laugh.

Miss Egypt 2007

Meet Miss Egypt 2007

Miss Ehasn Hatem

As far as I read this young lady is half Egyptian half American and barely can speak Arabic !!

she is really pretty but I am afraid this is not the Egyptian Beauty ,she is  more like a western than an Egyptian

The Egyptian Beauty is like Mona Zaki kind of Beauty

Anyhow it is silly contest and most people don't respect it

My grand mother always asks in wonder "What kind of a respectable house that will permit its daughter to join such contest and show her body??"

This wonder that is more of rejection is shared by most of Egyptians whether Muslims or Christians

Of course I can't describe you my Grand mother amazement when She knew that two girls we knew directly and indirectly were in the Miss Egypt 2005 ,one with me , a very sweet girl who left the Cairo university for the AUC and Mariam ,the Queen of 2005 herself indirectly as one of her best friends is from our relatives, So they are from the same class but it seems that they have different kind of thinking !!

Strangely the Organizers of the event every year swear that it is not about the look ,it is about the presentation ,personality and most important culture , well I won't speak about Presentation or Personality despite their importance but I will speak about culture and knowledge as Miss Egypt will represent Egypt and its people abroad , it seems every year ,the girls in the contest are more ignorant than the previous year

I mean a question from this year contest

"What is the greatest achievement for women in Egypt ??"

The answer

"The new divorce law which gives the women the right to divorce them even if the men don't approve !!"

well there is a french proverb that stays

"Be beautiful but shut up !!"

N.B I found it very silly that the Miss Egypt contest name is Pantene Miss Egypt !! Yup I know Pantene is the official sponsor but ......

Sinai updates

Thank God the day was saved at 6 PM Arish Local time in North Sinai , the clashes were stopped between the Bedouins and the police, the gathering of the Bedouins in front the Egyptian-Israeli borders requesting the refugee from the Israeli authority was ended , already it was more like a public stunt by the Bedouins who wanted only the attention of the officials and world to hear their problems.

They didn't ask much , they wanted punishment for a police officer from the general security forces who came from some time after the Taba blasts , this young man thinks that he is in Cairo where the police has ultimate authority to escape from any charge as he killed young man from a week without any accountability and on Wednesday he killed two young brothers again for no reason or guilt

The two brothers murder was the last straw which drove hundreds of the Bedouins to rebel ,cut road and threat to cross the border for Israel , their only demands were to remove General Samy Loty ,the manager of general security in North Sinai and to give them the officer who caused the death of the three young man , as according to the tribal rules his punishment is death or to pay "Diah"/ "Sum of money" to the deceased families in hope that they will accept it if not then he must be killed

Thank Goodness help came from the wise tribe men in Sinai , with the representatives of the North Sinai in the assembly and huge help from both the army and intelligence who used their old relations with the Bedouins to remedy things

Without knowing what happened there or being there I expected that the state will listen to their simple very simple demands and remove the police general and I think they paid a "Diah" a huge sum to the deceased families to forgive the police officer who is not only transferred by may be now he is face a discipline court in the interior ministry , if it were for me ,I believe he should be executed !!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

What is happening in Sinai now ??

The latest achievement of the Egyptian Police , a war that they would lose and already began to lose with the people of Sinai , the Egyptians who regardless of their ethnic are still Egyptians

the clashes of the tribes in north Sinai escalated after the death of two young men on last Wednesday ,it reached to the level that the thousands of armed Bedouins already are controlling a part from the Egyptian borders with Israel

exactly from the international sign number 19 to international sign number 26 and it is an area that is beside the borders, the sources other than the official said that the Bedouins are controlling now 4 km on the borders

The governor and the MPs are trying to mend things with the heads of the tribes who seem insisting on their demands

There are thousands of anti-riots soldiers sent to the borders

I expected the situation to reach to this dangerous level since last year ,when the police and interior ministry began their barbaric campaign after the bombing of Taba , the campaign that reached to the level of arresting women and children of the Bedouins and detaining them for months without charges , already the west world not even the east refuses the inhuman humiliation to women and children so you can imagine how the Bedouins will feel !!

There is also rumor that some NDP member is causing all this trouble , I won't omit this rumor because the land there can be very expensive

Ironically the places where there are clashes and tensions now are familiar to me "El-Oga" and "El-halfan "valley , they are familiar to me because deep under the same sands the anti-riots are standing now are the bodies of our Egyptian POWs

Our Egyptian POWs who were giving help and were hided by the same Bedouins whose son and grand sons are treated so badly

Anyhow just to put clear some facts , this is not a minority oppression thing , because this is the same ill treatment of the police to the people in the valley !!

Link to FilBalad.News | بدو سيناء يسيطرون على جزء من الحدود مع إسرائيل

Original Source from Al-Hayat


N.B this is an old post I wrote from of couple of weeks ago

It had been very long time when I watched a real funny film in the cinema, today I watched the film  "Norbit" in the Nile city cinema, my favorite ,since its opening I always go there , I left "Galaxy" for  Good despite I think I will go to it soon insh Allah to catch the "300".

Anyhow Norbit is a comedy starring famous Eddie Murphy and beautiful Thandie Norton with other famous black American comedians . To tell you the truth I am not a huge fan for Eddie Murphy but I can't deny that he has a great talent to make you laugh and another great talent to imitate different personalities , not every actor has this talent but he has got and he succeeded in doing it in the two parts of " The Nutty Professor " and he is doing it even better in Norbit , why it is better well in the "Nutty Professor" he was presenting a similar set of characters ,the fat eat lovers of Klumps family , while in "Norbit" he is presenting a different characters ,completely different

I mean he is doing Mr. Wong the Chinese  ,He is doing Norbit the main character

and he is doing the evil woman from hell Rasputia

The film plot is simple ,well be careful here as there is a spoiler here

Norbit is a very simple guy , he is not the smartest or the most handsome guy in the city and surely not the richest after all he was an orphan raised Mr. Wong the kind frank Chinese guy who wants to go for whale fishing.Norbit in his childhood had a crush on beautiful Kate who was adopted by rich parents who took her away leaving him away ,after some time lonely Norbit found friendship ,security and what he thinks it was a family with Rasputia, the fat love food rude aggressive Rasputia whom he married . Norbit despite having not the perfect marriage was faithful till the day he returned back to find his wife in the arms of another man , of course it ended that Norbit was beaten , yet after every storm , there is a sunshine , because Kate is back to town for good and Rasputia won't like it

and here I will stop because I am a bad spoiler

The film is so funny and it will make you laugh despite I don't recommend the parents to bring their children to see it because as usual Eddie is using sexual jokes and remarks, Eddie always the sexual remarks in his movies from very long time ,even since his days as stand up comedian ,I remember the Eddie Murphy raw show and it was all about sex,women and homosexuals but the nice thing that it won't make you feel disgust if you are adult . There is a very interesting remark you will know that the movie is written by Murphy and his brother Charles

Seriously if you want a break from action and war movies and also romantic and stupid teen movies ,I recommend "Norbit"

Already It is the first time I know that such name exist !!

Here is the trailer


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Putin rejects talk of third term

Well it seems to he didn't listen to the advice of our man !! 

Link to Putin rejects talk of third term - Europe -


The Spies awake

We are still with El-Attar case as Canada requested officially Egypt to investigate the claims of El-Attar in the court that he confessed in front of the investigator after being tortured badly in the Egyptian intelligence , the claim which distributed Canada so much as El-Attar is considered a Canadian too, it distributed Canada because this allegation comes after the scandals of the interior ministry regarding the torture in the police stations and jails

For honesty I saw this coming and anyone would suspect in the creditability of this confession thanks to Adly torture club and its international fame

Anyhow the Egyptian official respond came today to fire back the allegations

A high Egyptian official source denied the allegations , saying that during the trial El-Attar didn't request a medical examiner to examine him to prove that he was tortured ,same thing for his lawyer who didn't request a medical examiner for his client and here is a good point ,an excellent because he was tortured in the way he described there would be remarks in his body to prove so and if there were remarks he would show them in the court to prove his allegations , but he didn't because he knows very well how big slim liar he is .

The Same source also said that the medical examiner attended and questioned El-Attar during the investigation sessions

The big surprise was that El-Attar was visited by Canadian officials from the embassy including the Consular himself and none of those officials recorded any remark about torture

From another side

Another espionage case was awake

The famous "Sherif El-Falali" case was brought up to surface by his family . His father had sent a small letter to "El-Dostor Daily saying  that his son in innocent and that his trial was a political one with in direct accusation to the president to be involved in it. I remember in the time of the "Falali" trial there were rumors about his involvement in a business with the one of the president's sons , dirty business the father revealed in letter that it was arms deal, oh yes according to the father his son was an arm dealer who was involved in selling a very  big deal to some African countries

Now for me El-Falali's case is finished because I remember how it went , at first the civilian court considered him innocent yet the military court considered him guilty and now he is jail for 15 years

I remember the trials till now and to tell you the truth I always found his parent are so provoking ,I can't forget his mother who said that her son is a religious and he has a Spanish girl friend ,another thing being an arm dealer for me is not that innocent ,I mean how many people were killed in Africa because of Mr. Falali so called trade , this doesn't make him innocent to me at all on the contrary

The father is accusing President Mubarak thanks to the fame of his sons ,especially Alaa and this wouldn't happen if they were not hated and had this bad fame honestly .

"El-Falali" 's father sent his letter to El-Dostor after those years because now there is a big suspicion regarding the latest two espionage cases especially the Nuke spy, he knows that it is a prefect time ,even his choice to send a letter to El-Dostor daily the biggest independent opposition newspaper shows that he wants to rise suspicion towards his son.

To answer back all these allegations and this not in defend of the regime , because I know the cons of it very well , I will say it again , if the regime wants someone in Jail ,it won't fake for him an espionage case that can threat the international relations of Egypt with other countries "Egypt vs. Canada in Case of El-Attar and Egypt vs Spain in Case of El-Falali" , if they want him in jail ,they will charge with other 1000 Charges

and again in the worst times of the intelligence during Salah Nasr and his moral scandals where People used to be kidnapped from other countries in coffins ,there was no single case that spying was used as a charge

I am not defending the intelligence because they don't need my defend but this is what I think and believe , i am not kind of a girl who lives in the dream of Adham Sabri and I guess this is obvious from my blog and coverage to the news there ,I just say this because I can take any more of this

What we are dealing unfortunately is the result of the constant lying of the regime and the hate that people began to feel towards it thanks to inhuman treatment of the security forces in the interior ministry that the intelligence and the army began to pay the price , now as a result of the stupid political security policies every convicted with a murder or drug dealing or treason will claim that he confessed under the torture !!

Sources :

  1. Filbalad : Egyptian official source denies torture allegations
  2. El-Dostor Daily : El-Falali's father "My son is innocent" page one date :22.4.2007

The New "Bosta"

The "Bosta" word in Lebanon means "The Bus”, it has a mark in the Lebanese culture and history that now in the Arab world we began to understand thanks to the Lebanese movie "The Bus"

The "Bus" is a sign for the Lebanese civil war, because it started after the Bus incident where the phalanges troop made an ambush for bus carrying a Palestinian folklore dancing ensemble that was coming back from a wedding, killing them all and by this incident officially the civil war started between the PLO and the rest of the Palestinian militias from a side with their allies and the phalanges and their allies from another side and the rest is a bitter history

A bitter history some want to revive again

From sometime now the Lebanese scene is calm, I know it is like the quietness before the storm but it is calm, the Saudis are trying to avoid the storm as much as they can despite the attempts of some to revive it by simply creating a sectarian division

So it is not strange that from couple of months when the opposition started its strike some Shiite lad was killed and the accused who were never found were said to be from the Future movement than in January again in the clashes between the Hezbollah supporters and future supporters another Shiite Lad was killed, yet thank God the Shiite Leadership understood the purpose of this dirty game, it already knew how much it would cost the country

But as I said some don't like this way of act and thus they moved to the other front

From the Druze sect , Ziad Qabalan in his 20s who was a member in the Progressive party of Jonbalt and Ziad Ghandour who was 12 years old and a neighbor of Qabalan whose father is also a member in the progressive party were kidnapped earlier this week , it could be another kidnap crime but the facts that the victims belong to the progressive party ,  Qabalan was a suspect in the murder of one of Hezbollah supporters and the most important fact that this Lebanon , Lebanon the famous of Kidnaps in the time of war .

Of course all the leaders in Lebanon condemned the incident those who are on the suspect list from the opposition and all leaders called for calm down, the fear of the revenge that may cause between the Druze Sect and the Shiite Sect to a civil was and is still there and this is in fact a good indicator that the Lebanese understood the game.

Well it didn't end well the boys didn't return alive, as they found Qabalan and Ghandour dead bodies were found on Thursday, 40km south of Beirut, police said. The official statement is that they found the bodies in a field north of the port city of Sidon after a local television station received an anonymous phone tip!!


It is terrible thing when a 12 years old or even 24 years old young man got killed because of politics , of course the worst part is concerning the 12 years old Ghandour , whom I think wasn’t targeted in the first place.


You see as I said Qabalan was a suspect in a murder, plus according to the investigation he was kidnapped in his way to work as usual, it was his daily routine, in his way in his car he took young Ghandour, I don’t know why but it was the fate.


I think who ever did this is a heartless criminal with no feelings at all to kill a 12 years old boy who did nothing ,but I believe those two especially Ghandour are the among the first victims of  the new Lebanese civil war which I am afraid see in the horizon


·       From Al-Jazeera News

·       From the official Progressive Socialist party : Tomorrow is a day of Mourning

·       From the future Newspaper "official Future movement Newspaper" : Return back our boys in Arabic

·       From Al-Akhbar Newspaper “Anti-governmental” : Gadra Tragedy

·       From Al-Manar TV "official Hezbollah TV" :

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some people didn't like what Heikel told Fisk


It is my fault or my family's fault that we don't buy the"El-Osob"" independent weekly newspaper but we don't like Mustafa Bakery as we consider him more to be in regime side than people's side and it is enough that he considered "Saddam Hussein" as a hero !!

It is a fault because it seems that I missed the last week column of Mustafa Bakery on the 20th of April 2007 where Bakery revealed on the behalf of the famous Heikel that the interview with Fisk wasn't an official interview, it was a chit chat!! And Heikel doesn't mean any offense to the president that he sent Bakery with an apology to the presidency!!

Wow this is a lot and we need it to read it again over and over

First of all I must comment on the excellent relations between Bakery and the presidency that made a man in the weight of Heikel who hosts a former president like "Khatami" in his ranch for the weekend use him as an envoy to send his apology!!

Second it seems to me that Robert Fisk will be the bad villain in the end, the wicked British who deceived the old man by changing the simple chitchat in to an interview that would be published in one of the world famous newspapers!! I don't think that Robert Fisk with his history which is much longer than Bakery and much respectable too will deceive Heikel and Heikel does know very well that his words will be published as it is without a change

Third I don't see any offense to President Mubarak in the interview

Fourth Fisk didn't say that it was an interview, it was more Fisk describing his meeting and talk with Heikel, it is very common in the press abroad, this unofficial style, without a "Q&A", already Fisk is using it a lot

Fifth this is not the first time that Heikel criticizes Mubarak publicly, come on I remember his lecture in the AUC from couple of years, it is much bolder and it is even more public and was shown in TV twice on Dream TV, of course after that he was banned from the Egyptian channels, but he still got his show and special on air appearances on Al-Jazeera, where he says what really can make the presidency angry!!

The most important question we ask ourselves is what gain Fisk would have from publishing what can be considered insulting to President Mubarak; already the man published nothing compared to what is published in other media and newspapers.

Another important remark but not a question ,whether it was a chitchat or an interview Heikel said what he really believes and thinks and that’s what made the presidency really angry.

N.B I don’t believe the apology thing because Heikel doesn’t need an envoy

Will Farrell's landlord

I have a confession that I don't find Will Farrell that funny , really I mean he is great on Saturday Night live but to have a full films like Blades of Glory well this is too much , I mean his movies really are silly but the sketches he does are hilarious.

Anyhow enough talking I will leave with Will Farrell's landlord , he didn't pay his rent and she is so angry , I forgot to tell you that this lady is so nasty and so rude in a way that I can't describe it in word , you have to see it by yourself to judge

Seriously I am not with the people who are in America angry from this landlord lady and how Will Farrell let her speak the way she did because in the end it is comedy and it is not for children anyhow ;-)

By the way Miss Pearl Deserves an Oscar for her outstanding performance , I swear this lady has an appeal to the camera more than Nabila Abid and Nadia El-Genndy tags: , , , ,
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25 years on the Sinai liberation

Today Egypt celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Sinai liberation , today We returned back our land with peace after war.

I won't speak in history this time but I will ask one thing did we really get it back ??

Did we really return back Sinai to our Egyptian sovereignty ??

Don't be surprised if I answered no ,we didn't return it back completely

We will return it back completely when we are able to send our army troops to protect it, when we are to able to have army bases there

We will return it back completely when we star seeing it more than a resort

We will return it back completely when we begin to treat its people as Egyptians not Bedouins

We will return it back completely when we start to change its demographics , fall its vast empty spaces not only with hotels and resorts but with people ,cities and farms

The Israelis who know very well how to invest did n't turn it in to big resorts but spread in its kibitzes as much as they can , made farms in it ,we should do the same if we want to prove that it belongs to us

President Sadaat wanted to do this

already one of the reasons why Israel always succeeds in a very short time to invade this big vast space which is equal to "1/3" of Egypt total space twice is that it is walking in a very empty space with no resistance.

We will return it back completely when we start to plant tomatoes instead of weeds

There are very important issue we,the Egyptians must speak about and take care from , these hotels and resorts and who own them , I am not against the foreigners to own resorts in Sinai , but when a group of Qatari investors try to buy pieces for land there for the account of some Israeli business men then we must ask and investigate !!

We will return it back completely when we begin to pay the suitable tribute to the great men who were there in order to restore it

"There is single inch in Sinai that didn't drink from the blood of an Egyptian soldiers"

We must the suitable respect even after all these years whether from 56 or 67 or 73

A Simple rose can do it

A Simple moment of silence will do it

A Simple prayer when you enter Sinai will do it

A Simple palm tree will do it

A Simple memorial will do it

At then we can consider that we have returned Sinai back for real

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big fight in the assembly because of the POWs

I would like you please to visit the following link , it is about yesterday session about the POWs in the assembly it is very important and I though it would be better to post originally in the POWs website, the foreign minister of Egypt lost his temper there

Please visit it because it is important and I want to ask you about the new design , it is not that different from the old one but I made by myself in the Photoshop

Farewell Boris Yeltsin

Just from few hours it was announced that Boris Yeltsin the first Russian president after the U.S.S.R had passed away today at the age of 76 years old.

Yeltsin came to Russia at a very critical time and from reading in his history and the history of Russia I can say without going in to details that this man could have ruled Russia better and he could have ruled worst.

His alcoholic addiction made Russia pay a lot , really whether his decision to go in war in Chechenya, the rise of the new class of business men and the Russian mafia

It is enough to say in his time the Women nuclear scientists became whores in the streets ,of course the radical change from the mother land of communism to a capitalistic again is difficult and there must be prices to be paid during the transition process but what happened in Russia was too much for a great World power

I remember once when we had this Peace conference in Sharm El-Shekih in the summer and Boris Yeltsin came and left with out attending the conference in an ambulance

Yeltsin was an example of a man who wants to hold the responsibility of a whole nation while he can't hold his , the president who receives to admit that he can't rule

and the result of this a suffering for the people and making laugh out of himself

Tolkien's lost book : Children of Hurin

 A new book by Tolkien about the middle earth is to be published after 50 years , he had written the oldest and earliest version about the book before the LOTR during the WWII , then after finishing the LOTR he returned back and re-wrote again ,that time he greatly enlarged it in complexities of motive and characters . But he could not bring it to final and finished form. Yet Christophet Tolkien completed the unfinished work of his father and presented to the readers world wide as another saga from the middle earth  

Already I am looking forward to put my hands on this book

Its events occur long before the time of the Hobbit Biblo Bagins great adventure when the Treebeard once walked in the great land of the west

The story is set in the the great country that lay beyond the Grey Havens in the West

In brief it is a first battle or encounter between good and evil , the good presented by the Children of Hurin and evil presented by the first Dark Lord Morgoth. The Children of Hurin are the elves which Morgoth bore their hate to the level of destroying them because they are the children of the same man Hurin who had dared to defy and to scorn him to his face, and as a curse and a revenge Morgoth sends to his formidable servant, Glaurang, a powerful spirit in the form of a huge wingless dragon of fire.

The illustraitions of the book are so great , they are drawn by Alan Lee who is famous for his work in LOTR and King Kong as conceptual artist and designer

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Post 1000

Ok We reached to the post no.1000 thank God ,I never thought that I would make it to this number

Now to celebrate the big number ,I will celebrate with you my visitor and reader

and I would like you to ask some questions , it is not a Survey or anything but I am just to Curious to know

  • What do you think about this blog ??
  • What do you like / dislike about it ??
  • What do you think about the blogger who owns it ??
  • What do you think I should do to make it better ??
  • What do you think I need to write about ??

And a last word

I would not continue to that extent without you and your support whether by reading or commenting

Thanks again for you precious time

The Royal Marriage coverage

I think I didn't post the merry news concerning the Royal sorry the republic marriage of Gamal Mubarak and Khadija El-Gamal. Well the merry news was that the marriage will be held in Sharm El-Shekih presidential palace or suite or what ever the president receives his guests , Stays in and operates the nation from on the 4th of May 2007

That will be in the same day of President's Mubarak 80th and something Birthday !!

I don't know which one they will celebrate first the wedding or the birthday !! Or may be they will held them together.

Ironically I read that some naughty young Kafya members will held a protest on that day too across the country ,strangely it will be before the famous "Cinco de Mayo", it will be a busy day for sure.

Anyhow since the announcement in the official Al-Ahram daily and the Opposition and independent newspapers already started to get ready to cover or even criticize the happy wedding and the couple in a way that no one can deny.

Speculations ,Predictions and rumors about the huge arrangements of the wedding not about it but about the expenses,the huge expenses of the future wedding , come on people it is not a secret , the groom is one of the expected candidates to rule Egypt and the bride is the daughter of one Egypt's richest business man

Already we in Egypt began to know that it will the wedding of the year after the rare appearance of the first lady with her future daughter in law attending the Elie Saab fashion show , you don't need much time to think to know that the bride will wear an original Elie Saab wedding dress.

To tell you the truth I began to feel in the streets and in the media of course not the official a rising hate towards the young bride , really it is growing daily and no one can deny it , it is not because she is a daughter of some business man in time business men have the worst reputation in Egypt but because she is engaged to GM .

The young age of the bride with her artificial look and her stupid unreasonable appearances in political convention with rumors about her role in spreading the NDP thinking in the high class gatherings are helping a lot.

Many Egyptians think that she is the coming first lady or the next Queen of Egypt and that's why they hate her even from now , because they hate her groom GM , it reminds me with the opposite reaction of the Egyptian people from more than 60 years when King Farouk proposed and married Queen Farida , Miss Safinaz Zoulfakr aka Farida was received by the Egyptians with huge love and admiration that still now exists even after all these decades and after the revolution , yes they loved her for her personality and manners but at first they didn't know her and they loved and admired her for the love and admiration of young king then Farouk , I swear Farouk was much more respected and loved than GM by the Egyptian people.

Non-Egyptians may see in the coverage of the media and the reaction of the people are unfair because simply it is considered a personal life matter ,I agree on that, it is not from our business to interfere in their wedding but is not fair that the son of the president of Egypt to have a lavish expensive wedding where as people are suffering in his country !!

I mean do you know how many Egyptians living right now under the poverty line ?? It is so provoking to read about a wedding that will cost million pound where as many Egyptians are living with one pound a day

It is so provoking that to know about the palace or lavish apartment they are going to live in and how it will cost where as many Egyptians are living in streets in tin houses like "Kabash Castle" !!

Already believe or not ,I feel sad for this young girl who is only older than me by two years not for marrying some one old pretending to be young but becoming one of the most hated personalities in Egypt because she is going to marry the heir !! I don't know if she is marrying him by her own free will , I mean she doesn't have much choice to refuse the son of the president in a country like Egypt !!??

Anyhow I will say it again after saying it before here ,I have the feeling that GM won't be the president , it is more than a hope ,it is a feeling.