Friday, August 31, 2007

10th anniversary of Diana's death marked

 I still remember her ,I liked this woman so much whether she was with Dodi or not

I felt and I believed she was a victim , a young girl who thought that being a princess was great but in the end it turned to be a nightmare 

She wanted to have a normal life in all possible way loving husband , less protocol life , normal kids , but she always found herself in a dead end

I believed that she may have found love with Dodi and may be it was better for her to die in that age ,do not get me wrong but now she is a legend and now she is more powerful than anyone can even think , and now her story became some how a sad fairy tale

I believe she was killed , the mother Queen of the future King of England ,the head of the Church should not be married from a Muslim carrying his future Muslim child

I will not speak about the tales and rumors about Diana and Islam but it is enough that she was going to marry Amad El-Fayed may Allah bless his soul

It was a fairy tale for us in Egypt , an Egyptian with the Princess of hearts Diana , the talk of the town

Most people were sad and most people if not all of them in Egypt believed it was a murder

I am going to speak again Mohamed El-Fayed ,Diana and Ashraf Marwan oh yes

by the way Do you believe she was murdered too ??

Thomas Allen Pulp Fiction

I like illustration and paintings especially those of the mid Century ,they were beautiful. I found about the work of Thomas Allen and his collection "Pulp Fiction" while browsing and I thought It would be worth sharing

I love it so much ,it is very innovative and funny

I hope you like it as much as I did

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reality of the fire

There is no smoke without a fire

Another famous Egyptian folk proverb , it is said about rumors that every rumor may have some traces from the truth. of course when I speak about rumors now and here I mean in particular the rumor that is hitting not only Egypt but also the Arab world from the Gulf to the Ocean

Oh yes the one about President Mubarak health ,sorry life

here is the Lebanese "Al-Akhabr" is saying that its contacts from foreign diplomats in Cairo are trying to know the truth of this news or this rumor from the Presidential palaces but in vain including an American diplomat who said that

 "The old man seems ill, there is something happened we do not know what it is exactly ,it is obvious there is a confusion for the first time in the ruling palace"

according to Lebanese "Al-Akhabr" this is an American diplomat statement , of course the Americans may know more but they do not to say that they do ,already we won't forget that their ambassador in Cairo who is spending Summer in the North Coast this year was accused of spreading the rumor ,along with the Muslim brotherhood ,the favorite villains for the official media

People he can be seriously ill and all these appearances are made just to calm down the people and world and of course because they keep it as a secret in a very critical time it is natural that more rumors come out

 There is a rumor that was enforced by the new leftist newspaper "El-Badeel" which claimed that the Mubarak's visit to the Smart village last week was an old visit from two years ago and that they had to rewind  it in media to calm people down and to prove that he is still alive , a rumor I am afraid many people in and out side Egypt began to believe , today several people I met and heard are repeating it , do not forget he did not attend the Universities youth meeting in Alex. and his son came "Gamal" instead of him

The Arabic blogsphere more than the Egyptian blogsphere is speaking widely about the death of Mubarak , he is not alive anymore for them ,of course Mubarak is not that popular regionally

Egyptian forums have nothing to speak about except this ,everyone in Cairo or Alexandria seemed to know about the rumor and heard about it from four days ago with relatives here and there

people working in the Gulf are calling their families back in Egypt to know what is going on !!??

A Syrian blogger made the title of his post "The death of Mubarak" directly , stating more rumors or stories about the death of Mubarak that he died clinically in one of the hospitals in France or Italy

I do not know where is the truth today in Daily El-Dostor which now more than ever I become suspicious in its real sources is saying that Mubarak is sick and is suffering from Blood circulation shortage "I don't the English medical terminology for it , but I know it happens when the blood stop pumping to the brain from time to time , not complete cessation for the blood circulation which by the way causes the clinical death" the blood circulation shortage as far I understood from what I read in the report causes sudden faints, if you remember from two years ago he fainted in the opening session of the parliament and ironically they thought the Egyptian people are fool enough to believe the official version that the President took a powerful antibiotic without a vitamin !!

Another rumor I read in one of the Arabic forum that he is suffering from a brain stroke in one of the military hospitals in Egypt and that his condition is going from bad to worse  !!

Another rumor confirms that he is in Paris suffering from the same Brain stroke !!

Yet today we found the pictures of his sudden visit to the industrial area in Borg Al-Arab near Alexandria yesterday  ,already it is remarkable  that it is for the first time the Presidential schedule for the week is being announced across the official newspapers that the President is going to have a meeting King Abdallah of Jordan next Tuesday and Tony Blair

This is most powerful rumor ever said about him , there is something right in this rumor for sure

I do not know where the truth is , already if we step a side the pictures of his Borg Al-Arab visit ,the evidence that he is still alive , we found ourselves in front of a collection of rumors all focusing about some dangerous brain illness that either caused or is causing death that can not be stopped and that this condition is kept secret from the people at very critical time

First of all Our Parliament is in vacation ,the first session will be in November I think so no constitution games very soon ,of course in the case of President's Death there will be a special session and the Speaker of the house will be the President for 60 days

Second of all the Ramdan is just two weeks away from us

Third of all the Universities and schools are going to be opened on the next 13th of September 2007 , Universities students riots and protests are always in the mind of the security ,already I read that the security is watching out the coming activities of the MB students at the Universities , I was in  an Egyptian national university , the Cairo University and I know how bad the protests can go

of course this is beside the ultimate question on who will take over his place ?? and what are the consequences of Mubarak absence nationally and regionally ??

Updated : It seemed that rumors are bothering the ruling palace and here is another direct respond an interview of the President with chief in editor of Daily Al-Ahram in the weekly Friday edition ,strangely there is no new photo for Mubarak in the online edition , in the interview Mubarak said  that  he heard about the rumors and he did not care about them , also he knew its sources ,another interesting remark he mentioned is that the Month of August is the RUMORS month, well it is is first time I hear about this for sure ,I mean since when we got months rumors are active in it more than the rest of the year

Still I reached to the point I do not know what to believe , may be if they are just little bit more honest about him , may be I will believe them 

Now I am thinking that he may have been serious ill last week in some of the military hospital , yet he recovered but they do not to declare it because they will open lots of discussion about the future of Egypt after him and the forbidden opposition of vice president !! 

May be this is the real the fire that caused all that smoke

Rays & Shadows: The women of Alexandria

I found this stanza from poetry in one of the Egyptian and I thought it is worth sharing

Rays & Shadows: يا بنات إسكندرية

Khaled ,the owner of Rays & Shadow blog was already inspired by a Stanza he found in a mailing group written by Phillip Slattery under the name the Women of Cairo

Eyes made of the Egyptian night
Sparkling like an oasis pool
Skin the color of the endless sand
Beauty of forgotten goddesses lives on

beautiful, is n't it ??

well Khaled Reda made the Alexandrian version of it , go and read it

Glistening water and sunny sun
Bronzy, silky, shiny skin
Blue black starry night
Make a majestic manhood
To royal eyes, plight

It is good to know that the women of Cairo still inspire poets along with the famous girls of Alexandria

By the way this is a famous Arabic piece of Music"well it was actually Turkish piece of music" from the Turath "Classical Arabic music" , it is called {Banat Iskindria}"girls of Alexandria" , It is very famous and there are different versions and I got almost every version of it as I love it so much,it is so cheerful and beautiful

Here is the Loreena Mckennitt's version from the "Girls of Alexandria" from her latest album "An Ancient Muse"

powered by ODEO

The partial painting is for the famous "Bahri Girls" by Mahmoud Said

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Egyptian X-files:A death message to all those who may concern “The Boxer and the miracle child”

Ali Shafik and Ashraf Marwan were in the opposite camps during the Nasserite era, Shafik was in Amar camp where as Marwan was in Nasser camp who won with a high price after 1967

Ali Shafik was the head manager of the office of the vice president and high commander of Egyptian arm forces Abd El-Hakim Amar

Ashraf Marwan was working in the secretary office of both Presidents Nasser and Sadaat before heading the AOM, not to mention being the son in law of President Nasser

Ali Shafik with his controversial life went to live in UK along with his wife singer Maha Sabry after the death of President Nasser, during this time Shafik who was working as an arm dealer during the cold war in a very critical time, in fact it was in the year 1977 Shafik became an icon in the arms dealing trade of course the cover was the commerce and trade as all the other arms dealers in other more recent vocabulary he was a business man just like Marwan.

Ashraf Marwan left with his wife Egypt in the end of the 1970s and early 1980s for no good known reason to UK to start his empire who no one knows from where he got its money publicly, of course it was from the private arm deals Egyptian Press and journalists like late Famous Mustafa Amin spoke about that let him earn the title of “The Miracle child” for having suddenly 400 Million dollar!! There in London it was known for Egyptian and Arabic community that Marwan is an arm dealer, something that was confirmed more and more with the Iran Contra affair in 1980s

Ali Shafik was found killed in his rented apartment in 133 Harley Street “the medic doctors street” at London on Tuesday the 5th of July 1977; the Marylebone police station received a phone call from the Ali Shafek house keeper who opened the door of the house after the weekend to find the terrible smell of the decayed apartment owner’s body lying in a pond of blood

Ali Shafik was found dead, killed, he was dressed in full suite, the apartment was so messy, there was a struggle for sure after all Shafik was a strong man not a weak one

According to the forensic report he was killed by a very heavy blow on the head with a very heavy instrument that did not cause only bleeding but brain damage still it was not enough to the murderer or murders as Shafik was stabbed more than 20 stubs in his body!! I do not know if they wanted to make sure that he was dead or what because the blow on the head made the required job; I forget to mention that the police found part of the brain beside the body on the ceramic floor, in other words the heavy blow or blows opened his skull in a scene that reminds but the powers of Hattori Hanzo’s swords effect!!

Strangely it turned out that he was killed from 10 days ago at night and strangely also there were couple of loud parties in the same buildings that made it so hard to hear the screams of that heavy man during the attack, the coincidence law again, no one saw anything, no one heard anything.

It was obvious that the victim Shafik knew the murderer or murderers at least two as the police estimated as they found the victim’s finger prints on the door, not to mention that there no sign of violent entry , the victim knew his last guests and he let them in with a good faith ,there was some meeting between him and those guests who turned in murderers as he was wearing his full suite, yet the meeting did not go as it was supposed to be or at least as Shafik thought ,at some point there was a fight a nasty one and it seems that Shafik did not give up his life easily ,after all Shafik was the heavy weight boxing champ of Class 1948 in the Egyptian War school ” the same class of Shames Badran whom Nasser ordered their arrest all of them after the defeat of 1967 and Amar failed coup in the same year” another blood type was found in the crime scene which means one of the attackers was injured in the fight ,I imagine that in the fight someone in front of Shafik taking and giving kicks to the man where as someone was behind him holding something heavy in to the his head to make him rest forever

No match for the finger prints found in the scene was found, in fact they were few and the crime weapons “The heavy thing and the knife” were never found either

The death circumstances were not the only thing strange in the case, because there was something even stranger as Scotland Yard found a suite case in the hand of the corpse, inside the Suite Case there was a money sum which was equal to One Million Sterling pound!!

No one touched them, it was still in the hands of Shafik, and it did not make sense because the sum of the money is huge whether then or even now, why on earth the murderer or murderers did not take this suite case with them?? Why did they leave it in the hand of the victim??Well it is not for money or theft crime then!!

It seems to me that they did not kill him for money, it can be either for personal issues “the stubbing over and over” or for business issues and the Business issues would win over the Personal issues, I mean his kids and wife would not come and kill him after all these years for leaving them to marry some second degree singer that ended her life singing in London’s Arab’s nightclubs and more important the man was not working a grocer in London but he had his famous activity as an arms dealer

It was said this operation was an internal fight in one of the arms dealing networks

It was also said that those who killed him and left the money sent it as a decoded message for those who may concern; there are red lines should not be crossed to get more money

The victim was said earlier that he had made a deal with one of the Lebanese groups secretly or at least that what he had thought as the deal news found its way to his bosses and partners

It is a serious business world that lives and profits from death after all

Till now Scotland Yard found nothing about the case, a dead end that made close the case considering it some sort of an X-file till now and this was in 1977

Strangely and strictly after 30 years with short differences in days and marwan streets Ashraf Marwan , was found thrown from his balcony in his fancy apartment in London , at first the police thought he committed suicide than now they are speaking about criminal intent

Strangely his house keeper who was in the kitchen did not hear or see anything unusual, in fact she did not know that her boss was out of the apartment and out of the world forever except after one hour!!

Marwan as an arm dealer seemed more professional and successful than Shafik, of course due to his contacts and his cleverness that he made an empire, huge economic empire, I mean I read that his elder son Ahmed “alleged former junkie” had lost 150 Million dollars in stock market only and that did not affect on the rest of the empire

Marwan did not leave the arm dealing business I believe even if he quitted it, because simply like any illegal dangerous business you earn competitors who are more like enemies who wish to see dead, you play with dangerous regimes and countries that do not respect any laws or rights, you play with monsters whose money and power are the main pillars of their world

Strangely Marwan's death came at the same time when British began to speak about the Egyptian arms dealers involved in El-Yammah "BAE" scandal which I will talk about it later

For what you consider a tiny mistake, you can lose your life, you do not have friends or allies in that world, in second they can turn against you, countries can come after you, whether countries you provide with arms or countries that you provide arms to its enemies

May be Marwan was killed because some old revenge between him and some competitors or some regimes

May be he made some silly mistake like Shafik


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Egyptian X-Files:A new legal job

As far as I know there are certain jobs in Egypt till now you can not write in your id in the profession form, from these jobs is the Arms dealer

Since I don’t know when the Arm dealer was unpopular personality in the Egyptian society and here I am specific about the Egyptian Society, it was illegal profession and here I am not speaking about the weapons shop like Fatah Allah and Sons down town, I am speaking about men like late Ashraf Marwan and Sherif El-Falali

Strangely no one in the official newspaper spoke about the profession, the real profession of Ashraf Marwan; they did not speak from where he got these millions which became billions afterwards, not that only, now they are forgetting that he used to be an arm dealer with one hell of a history from profiting from other’s death like in the case of Iran-Iraq war, it is enough that his name was mentioned in the Iran Contra affair along with Adnan Khashoggi whom years later  turned out to be also a pimp too for the Saudi Royalties

The President said couple of words in his favor, saying that he was a patriot man and did great things to the country, and since then the media is turning the man whom from 30 years they called him the miracle child for his private dirty deals in the AOM in to a hero no one should speak about him

I don’t deny his role in the arm deals in the 1973 war but with my all respect it was not something that he granted Egypt with, it was his duty, it was any Egyptian duty to do the same thing, still the patriot man seemed to gain so much for his position and his connections in the arms world to start his own business, death business

Anyhow strangely now in the time where morals are changed dramatically in Egypt people began to accept the forbidden profession of death, I don’t know but I feel that some people began to think that this is the profession of the high class men!!

The parents of Sherif El-Falali, the late spy were defending their son saying that he was only an arm dealer got trapped in some sort of an arm deal for Arab country “X”, they thought that the arm dealer is no shame, well of course it is not shameful as being a spy but still disrespectful profession, his parents forgot all the hazards and morals concerns about this profession wondering the guilt he made, after all you do not write Mr. John Smith; an arm dealer in id card

May be it is a new fashion, May be morals really have changed

The dangerous terrible fearful important rumor .........

For the record I wrote before a post about this issue but I deleted it because I thought that it was rumor and people will forget it but no they did not ,in fact till now they are speaking about it more and more

I heard that rumor from abroad online before it reached its way to the Egyptian people , I wanted to publish it as a rumor but I was afraid because it is very dangerous one as it affects national security and stability and thus I did not publish it and I am glad that I did

The rumor was that

President Mubarak is dead and they are trying to keep it secret till they found away to help Gamal get in his dad's shoes

I guess now you know why I did not publish it ,I heard this rumor since last Tuesday after that on Thursday the independent "Sorry semi-independent" press began to speak about it after Mubarak's visit to the Smart village on the same day ,the visit that all believed that it was made only to prove that he is alive  ALIVE................

Look Mubarak from time to time disappeared from the media , no visits in or out , no meetings , just phone calls and official statements , in any other country this can be normal but due to his old age , due to the secrecy about his medical condition which no one knows anything about and due to the bitter fact that he has no vice-President when he disappears these rumors come out

I do not know seriously if it came from in or out , from inside Egypt or outside Egypt originally ,Ibrahim Eissa in his daily column in the daily Dostor said that the rumor came from the emergency status one of the very important military hospital "Not the Maadi" in Egypt had ,there was an alert status in the hospital hinting that someone VIP was in the hospital from couple of days ago

For me I won't believe that it was Mubarak in that hospital for treatment because Mubarak only gets his treatment in Europe where no one knows anything about him ,where more secrecy can be imposed but here hello you are in Egypt , this doctor will tell his wife as a secret and she in her turn to boast  in front of her family will tell them and voila...!!

 The regime people learned their lesson from the Nasser era , when rumors about his condition and his rare diabetes he was suffering from and of course the terrible end of his doctor "Anwar El-Mufti" {in 1960s doctor El-Mufti's brother who was also a doctor shared this information with one of my family members he trusted , already he shared it with several people in an attempt to expose the truth}

President Mubarak is well known that his medical treatment is done in Germany and France , from two years if you remember he went to Germany for a simple back problem that can be treated in Egypt but for no obvious reason he went to Germany which made so many speculations about the truth of his illness

El-Dostor yesterday said that he visited France for one day in secret for medical check up , I do not know but traveling between two countries is more tiring , I mean that surely he got a fully equipped hospital in the presidential palaces and sure they can get him all the doctors he wants , I mean this is even more suspicious that can cause more panic between people

Again Mubarak is going to meet with the youth of the universities this week to assure that he  is okay

Ironically some independent and self- claimed opposition newspapers with mentioning name accused the American Ambassador to spread this fearful rumors as if they really cared about the President , well I am sorry I do not see why the American Ambassador spreads  lies about their best ally in the region , this number one , number two I did not see any panic , I am sorry but Mubarak appeared right after the foreign press began to speak about his medical condition , they never care about us ,the people and what we think

 Updates : Gamal Mubarak is going to meet with the youth universities in Alex ,not Mubarak , well this sounds serious

look again the regime does not count the people , or may be it does but fear to say so

The greatest fear for Gamal Mubarak and his co. is that Mubarak dies before paving the road for him to become the President , the Syrian Scenario can not be repeated in Egypt , he knows that there are many who wants this chair too ,he knows that people hates him.

Unfortunately this is not by their hands to control the death and life of people and no matter what they do they can not delay it even if they bring all the doctors in this world

to tell you the truth is not only fearful for Gamal but fearful for us more because we got no vice president , according to the constitution in case of the President absence the Speaker of the Parliament or its head will be the president for 60 days and this is in case of vice president existence so what if he does not exist !!

it is fearful scenario "what if the president dies !!" well for sure he will ,he is a human

Welcome to Egypt

Egyptain X-Files : Back to Babel

Back to Babel aka Ashraf Marwan , the file is re-opened in London new criminal evidences began to surface and we are only waiting to know the end of the British investigations

anyhow during our wait I believe it is no harm to re-open the file again , read it carefully and try to think outside the box

Till now I am not convinced with the popular theory the Egyptian government is promoting day and night that Ashraf Marwan was killed by the Israeli Mossad, the simple conspiracy theory that found public acceptance due to the people’s hate towards Israel that made them forget this is the Ashraf Marwan who was for years was accused by corruption and whose son is one of the men who were responsible for turning music and TV channels in to playboy ground.

Of course I am not convinced with the Scotland Yard early version of the story either that this man committed suicide, simply because if you return back to the life story of Marwan since he met Mona Abd El-Nasser, which was for sure the lucky hour and a turning point in the life of that man, you see the example of a daring adventurous man who succeeded for decades through great intelligence to make an empire, this man played dangerous roles in the political arena in Egypt and here I am referring to his role whether in times of President Nasser and President Sadaat where he aided the later against the same men of his father in law , moving to his role in the AOM and arm deals for Egypt ,the role that I can not deny but also I can not forget that it opened to him the door for the death trade that made all that big empire ; added to it the big discovery of being a double agent of two of the most important secret services in the world at the same time in one of the most critical time in the history of the two nations , do you think that this kind with that kind of a history man in front of some moment of sickness will end his life by his own hand ??

I will not say that this is so strange, the third death for an Egyptian, not any Egyptian but one who was connected to the President Nasser era

Strangely you will find huge resemblances between his murder and the other three sorry four mysterious Egyptians murders in the fog capital ,may be if we return back and revised those cases and also revised the life of Marwan carefully faraway from emotions and media then we will get some clue , not a definite answer but some logic clue

I am afraid I feel that there is some a group thinking mind set in Marwan's case thanks to the public official media

This is just the start

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Naked underground : Aliens in Turkey

I am sorry but today I am fasting so I am not in the mood to write anything serious plus I always want to speak about this

My grand mother always asks me

Why always are the Americans the only people in the world who are visited by UFOs and aliens ??

This question of course is repeated after watching films and TV series like the X-files

Well it seems they are not the Americans only , in fact it is in her own grand ancestors' land , Alien in Turkey

I was surprised to find that they are saying that the UFO sighting in Turkey are more than anywhere in the world even from area 51 !!

You can watch here the preview of the TV show on history channel "The Naked underground" about the city of "sorry I could not get the correct spelling but I know that city"

I know the city looks so strange like no other ,just like the pyramids but aliens from outer space !! ,and yes I know about the myths of people there , but aliens from outer space !! come on little grays guys

Look I can stand all kinds of theories but I hate it when everything we can not understand is related to the little gray guys

And before anyone jumps and tells me to open my mind you will be surprised to know that I read almost all kind of theories related to UFO from the serious theories like the ones of Zecharia Sitchen and the chariots of God to the Xenu of Tom Cruise

People I am sorry but I believe that the pyramids , that great city in Turkey and all those great things we don't how and why were built , were made by Humans just like us

Do not underestimate the human mind , damn it people relating all things in Aliens is just a typical human behavior we are just like the people in the past relating everything to demons and jins , it is easiest thing seriously not the scientific thing

By the way Do not forget to come out from your home and watch the sky tonight at 12.30 AM Cairo local time to watch something that may not be seen except in your great grand children lives :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Iphone is unlocked

 You have heard the news ,yes it is tree , now you can even put a Mobinil or Vodafone Egypt or Etaslat Egypt sim card and Iphone will work in Egypt

I really wonder what is the official reaction of Apple ?? I mean is not this from the illegal point against its contract and deal with AT&T ?? - Iphone Unlock Site - Home

Nabil Lahoud Fine art gallery

This is an excellent artist Mr. Nabil Lahoud not only has the talent but also respects his Egyptian background and wants to share with the whole world.

His style combining the wonderful folklore of Egypt with the sceneries of the real Egyptian life is magnificent ,I really love it

His inspiration as I hinted above is the Egyptian folklore , the scenes from the country side in Delta , the villages in upper Egypt and the allies of Cairo .

One of his favorite topics is the Egyptian proverbs presenting them in paintings by using scenes

His style reminds me with the style of the folk painting styles of knights like Abu Zaid El-Halaly , Ali El-Zabaak and others , the use of the symbols like the eye and the hand palm and of course the most significant character which is the vivid colors

It is highly recommend website to see and to share , I would like you to buy something like painting from this gallery and this artist because it is deserved to be bought if you want something really Egyptian , folk Egyptian , not ancient Egyptian in your house

Nabil Lahoud Fine art gallery "Unfortunately his website is down now but I think it would come back soon insh Allah hopefully :)

Anyhow you can read more info about him here and about his painting "for Sale" there

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Reading for all is not the most important thing

This year there was a huge advertising campaign for the "Reading for all" festival ,for those who do not know this festival is sponsored by Egypt first lady Susan Mubarak , it was her *project* ,where the ministry of culture publishes books from all around the world , from all branches of knowledge's and arts in Arabic by cheap prices for the public.

It is a great idea and it met a huge success that the UNESCO considered it an experience that can be repeated again in other countries.

To tell you the truth I owe it to this project because it opened the doors to read the international literature and local literature , you will find in our library a big selection of books from the "Reading of all" festival publications , the last one was the Encyclopedia of ancient Egypt , the complete one by the father of Egyptian Egyptologist "Salim Hassan"

Yet in the last couple of years the festival began to lose its sparkle ,year after year ,may be there were no more good titles , may be people began to lose interest or may be there are other stuff important than books to spend your money on

The ad campaign of that festival was so silly and stupid making it as if reading was the most important essential thing for life for the Egyptian child , I can not deny its importance but the Egyptian Child needs other important stuff

The Egyptian Child needs food at affordable price ;food for all

The Egyptian Child needs medicine at affordable price ,medicine for all

The Egyptian Child needs a glass of clean water ,it is his/her right , Reading for all adswater for all

It is just not the prefect time to speak about luxurious stuff and I am afraid books now became luxurious stuff for the majority of the Egyptian classes with the terrible economic situation and high cost of living ,it is either food or book , it is either water or book

anyhow this year suddenly we found a new logo "I love the three girls illustration" with ads everywhere in the streets ,on the billboards and on the high way in a very silly way that makes me wonder who pays the bill ?? seriously we do not need all these expenditures before reading there are other life necessities including clean water ,this summer how many Egyptian child became sick because of the lack of clean water !!??

Friday, August 24, 2007

Can the Egyptian Police handle something like this ??

It may sound silly and ridiculous but I could not stop myself from asking  this question now especially after all what is said and revealed about the Egyptian police

Can the Egyptian police handle some case like the case of the Son of Sam in Cairo for example ?? I mean can they catch a serial killer terrifying the people for no good reason except demons told him so leaving no clues what so ever ,killing random people based upon their hair color and gender !!

I am asking this question because I am afraid lately our Police activity seemed to be focusing only on the Political security working as a body guard for the NDP forgetting their basic mission which is to provide security for the people

The level of drug use and dealing has exceeded

The level of crimes from thefts and murder has exceeded due to the economic situations

The level of prostitution has also exceeded

The level of human organs trade has exceeded

But where is the police from this ?? either chasing regime and NDP rivals or torturing people to force them to confess crimes they did not make in order not to raise their butt from the chair and make an effort

I am sorry if one day we find ourselves reading in the newspapers about an Egyptian Son of Sam,expect more victims to fall down before they catch the real criminal and expect of course more innocent people forced to confess that they are not only the son of Sam but also son of Satan due to huge torture and threats to their families

Home of NY Daily News - special section David Berkowitz Son of Sam - The New York -NYC- summer of terror 30th anniversary at nydailynews

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And I received a respond from Viscount Anthony of Alexandria

Ok I received a respond from the Viscount Anthony of Alexandria in less than 24 hours about the Duchess of Alexandria inquiry email I sent to her and it seems that some people are so bothered by my logic questions , already I do not know who is the Viscount Anthony of Alexandria , it seems those people are distributing titles as they like , well nothing wrong in that but they should not associate it with my country or its town , one is Alexandria another one is Aswan, not to mention that even in time of Monarchy we did not have these titles

Anyhow here is the respond of the Viscount

Dear Mrs
To begin I do not of a Mrs Liala but I do know of a Princess Liala.  The Royal Council and I do know who SHE is but we do not know who you are and if you are at all legitimate.  You might want to correct your email address as it suggests that you live in the UK not EGYPT.
The Council and I wish not to waste any of our precious time regarding Princess Liala or about any correspondence.  I will not forward this email to Princess Liala and any more emails suggested from you will be overlooked if not deleted.  Private contracts and any specific type of documents are Princess Liala's concern as well as the Royal Councils, not to be shown to the public for interests sake...
His Excellency

Viscount Anthony

of Alexandria

House of Fuad

Someone is very very angry and refuses to answer the question ,by the way my email in my other email account ends with ".co.UK" ,this person seems to know that email domains that reflect where I live but you can say he just want to attack me despite the fact the Duchess came to my blog claiming that she is the daughter of king Farouk and he was killed and how she remembers him till now !!

Anyhow the house of Fuad brought it to themselves , with my all respect this is unreal duchess claiming to be the daughter of King of Egypt living the fantasy of Royalty where as the Real princesses are living down to earth ,struggling to get back their rights in this country

I don't want to use the word impostor but I think nothing forbids me to do so ,already as soon as you land in her website you will know that especially when you read the title she gave to her Duchess of Alexandria !! or H.I.H , which is the abbreviation to her Imperial Highness !! Imperial on what basis ?? oh yes because her aunty and uncle ,the Emperor and Empress of Persia !! Aunty and Uncle !!?? For God Sake the Shah had divorced Princess Fawiza since the 1940s , what this woman is speaking about

This woman has no connection with the Royal Family of Mohamed Ali , she even did not attend the funeral of her so-called Sister from The Royal Egyptian Princessescouple of years , she even put the picture of King Farouk's sisters as Farouk's daughters !!

All the photos in the Website in the Egyptian Royal family section are taken either from the Abdeen Presidential Palace website or Queen Nariman official website or pictures that are available from the Internet , I think I became an expert ,I have been tracing these photos for years now

Even If Farouk had married some French or Italian or who ever western lady he met in exile ,he knew very well that any kid from that lady would not inherit any title or any privilege what so ever according the law that was put by his father late Fouad I , the law says that only the kids who are born from Egyptian mother only have the right for royal privileges including titles and right of throne , already King Farouk had two half brother and sister from his father ,not to mention it was already over , no more monarchy !!

I will not go for her mother , the so-called Italian Princess who was officially announced dead in 1944 , already that lady was born in 1902 oh yes , older than king Farouk "born in 1920" by two decades ,according Liala Fuad's version of Story they met and married in 1957 ,of course it is the first time I heard that Farouk loved women older than him , I mean his reputation was only for younger girls !!

I don't know why this lady and her royal council refuse to show the so-called documents that substantiated her story and claims , it is better that being accused of lying !!

You do not have royalty in order to be become popular and charitable,strange many real royalties wished that they were commoners including King Farouk himself

I don't know where is the Egyptian Embassy in Australia from this , Duchess of Alexandria and Duchess of Aswan !!?? Already I wonder where are the king Farouk's children from all that ?? I mean they stood against Irma's claims that she was married to their dad  

Again this lady is too positive from the documents and proofs she got why she does not come out with it ,this is what logic says ..

look if they want to live the title fantasy with duchess and viscount ,they can choose any other town in the world but please stay away from Egypt , Aswan and Alexandria

The worst thing ever is to make a lie and to live it to the degree that you forget it is a lie

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More about the "Shaha boy"

I don't think that this case should be closed on the contrary it should be opened ,it is a crime against humanity

More updates I knew today , yesterday a panel of forensic doctors and experts came and digged the body of the boy from the cemetery according to the D.A orders, this is an independent panel , already the primary inspection of the body showed various injuries in various parts from the body that do not go along with the official forensic report the interior ministry is insisting on according to the newspapers and the Websites today

another thing dear IRC President made a wonderful translation for what Wael Abbas had published earlier about the case , I recommend that you go there and read it to know more about this horrible case



Duchess of Alexandria

I do not know if that was scoop or what , it began with a comment , it always starts with a comment in the last place in the last post I can imagine

I mean when I got home I found that in my Vox blog ,in two photos I posted there and forgot them there were two interesting comments here and there

and as soon as I read "Seeing my father" and the comment's name "H.I.R.H princess Liala Fuad" ,I had to read the comments again amazed as H.I.R.H Princess Liala Fuad said in my *blog* that she was the daughter of king Farouk and that her mom from the Savoy royal house married King Farouk in year 1956 and she was born in year 1957 !!

Strange yes and bizarre yes ,shocking well I am used to hear all sorts of rumors about king Farouk including his intention to form as assassin clan like Hassan El-Sabah to the rumors about his sexuality ,yes I read online that he was a gay !! well It is known lately that he created this womanizer fame , but for sure he was not a gay and he did not want to be the Shekih of Abdeen Palace !!

So I digged more about Princess Liala and I visited her website and I was surprised with the titles whether the Duchess of Alexandria or Duchess or Aswan , as far as I know the princesses Farial,Fawiza and late Fadia did not have any titles what so ever except princesses ,also I was surprised that no one noticed her before on the net , may be because she is in Australia and Australia is considered for Egyptians " the last country of Muslims" and here by this expression is so so so far away , rarely Egyptians go for Australia

Anyhow I kept digging in the website specially the Egyptian royal family  ,and of course I noticed that she had mistaken the sisters of King Farouk as his daughters 

of course I did not go for the Italian Royal Family because I don't know much about the Savoy royal family despite that the woman she is saying that she was her mother is much more controversial than King Farouk ,still I will stick to the part that is ours

As I am trying to be unbiased I found an email in the website where I can contact the princess so I give it a try , I sent her an email with several questions I included here :

  • Do she have any solid proof that confirms the marriage in 1956 like a marriage contract ?? especially the special Secretary of late King Farouk late Mr. Faheem "who was by the way friend to my grand dad" did not mention anything abut it and this is a man who did not leave the king's side
  • Why did they have a divorce??
  • why  did not the Princesses Farial ,Fawzia and late Fadia speak about her ?? nor King Ahmed Fouad II ever said anything about her either!!
  • The last meeting you said was in 1964 just one year before his death  , did she or her mother attend his funeral in Rome ?? already Queen Farida and the mother Queen Nazli had attended it
  • Does she have any contact what so ever with King Farouk's family ?? did she visit his tomb ?? or did she come to Egypt to attend princess Fadia's funeral from couple of years ??
  • Who gave her the title " Duchess of Alexandria" ??? this title never had existed in the history of Egyptian Monarchy ,the one royal title associated with a province in Egypt was the "Prince of Upper Egypt" {The crown prince} , I mean even the three princesses who were born during the monarchy never had titles except princesses !!??

I won't speculate and jump in to conclusion ,I will wait to hear from the other side and I hope that I get an answer not like the mother of Sherif El-Falali

What I think ;well I will wait

baby human frog in Luxor

This is the kind of light strange news that should be on front page of Al-Akhabr not like the kind of news {"Shereen Ay leil" got married} , it is very bizarre , when you read it and see the picture included in the report you will say "Oh God" and if you are a Muslim like me you  will say "Sobhan Allah"

A woman yesterday in Luxor gave birth to a baby human frog in the Luxor general hospital , yes a baby human frog , human on the shape of a frog I know it sounds strange and many will disbelieve the news but wait it is not like the hoax of the Iranian woman who swam in a lake and tadpole entered her body , no it is real and you can check the amazing photo

You can see the photo here

Strange ,is not it ??

The baby was born without brain , without reproduction organs ,without a neck

The baby lived only for two hours and died

Of course the doctors checked the medical history of the mother who did not take any medication during the pregnancy yet it turned out that she and her husband are relatives , of course the relatives marriage may cause babies deformation but not to that degree

The doctors now are searching for the reason of that unique case ,I do not know if they will be able to find it or not

More videos of the "Shaha" boy

I found more shocking videos in Youtube for the "Shaha" boy incident which now the D.A is investigating it

These two parts videos were taken by the team of the MP "Tarek Kootb" from the MB in Mansoura

Unfortunately they are in Arabic , they were taken when the kid was still alive , if yo watch carefully you will see the traces of torture on his body ,

It is shocking ,I warn you

Thanks to 3eeb 3aleek bloggers

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Burn him till the end

In the espionage world there is a concept that is used to describe the exposure of a certain spy or agent that he or she was burned , they do not used the word "Exposed" or "Caught" no but "burned"
No I am not going to Ashraf Marwan but I just found it interesting that the same process is used in the world of politics in the case of the head of the Egyptian intelligence and the minister of National Security Omar Soliman
The man is overexposed in the media in what I think a continuous burning process that reminds me with had happened with Amr Moses when he was in the cabinet as a popular foreign minister
Now Omar Soliman backs as direct candidate for presidency after Mubarak along with Gamal Mubarak , it is no longer secret , the foreign press is speaking about him for years more about the national press whose only source for information about the general is the same foreign Press which usually praises him.
Omar Soliman is considered as a powerful rival to Gamal Mubarak due to important facts :
  • His military background , he is an army man with a considerable popularity ,where as Gamal Mubarak is a civilian who did not even do his military service and his negotiation skills ,
  • His negotiation political skills no one can denies that this silent Upper Egyptian man is doing a great job regarding the Palestinian file along with other files he took from the Egyptian Foreign minister , of course it is not his mistake that he has to deal with losers aka Fatah , but what is so special about this man that despite that close relations with Fatah ,they have even stronger relations with Hamas
  • He also seems to handle certain files internally the interior ministry and cabinet failed to handle like the Sinai file , like the immigrant Copts file "Michael Mounir" ,also he seems to handle certain strange X-files ,I mean he is one who receives the Sultan of Bohras in Egypt !!
I can not count the numbers I read or hear that Soliman is going to be the next pharaoh of Egypt and I also can not count the numbers I read about him in admiration in foreign press more than the national press , the national press knows nothing about the man except from the foreign press as the daily El-Dostor once described him as the man who always smiles to the foreign cameras and ignores the local cameras , well no one dares to request an interview with him
We should not forget his position as the head of the Egyptian intelligence is a very sensitive position its occupier is not usual a sociable media friendly personality ,it is the position of "Mysterious man" ,forget about the American example of the Head of the C.I.A or the Israeli example , we still belong to the old school
The Personal background of Soliman as I know is that he comes from upper Egypt from Qena Governorate ,married and has 3 daughters ,he is from artillery forces "I am sorry if I am mistaken" , he had PHD and studies in politics and in warfare , I remember that I was so impressed when I read about those degrees, seriously speaking, Omar Soliman used to be the head of the Military intelligence before being promoted to be the head of the General intelligence ,in fact I don't know if that was promotion or just a transfer because also the head of the military intelligence position is not that simple or less important that then the General intelligence .
The turning point in the life of Omar Soliman that made him earn the trust and friendship of Hosni Mubarak was during and after Mubarak narrow escape from death in the assassination attempt in June 1995 in Adidas Ababa , if you remember it , Soliman was with Mubarak in the car during the attack in their way to attend some conference and it was the quick directions of Soliman to the driver that made him avoid the ambush,since that day in 1995 Soliman earned the trust and friendship of Mubarak to the level that the second grandson of Mubarak is called after him Omar , the second son of Alaa
Soliman is a close friend to Mubarak and his family that he was from the few of the cabinet that had attended the wedding of Gamal in Sharm El-Shekih in last May 2007
and this is why some may believe that Omar Soliman is not the next pharaoh of the valley of the Nile despite his qualifications ,he is not a threat to Gamal Mubarak nor his father because if so he would not be in his place with all these powers all these years , for God Sake we know what happened to Amr Moses from an elimination process because what of represented as a rival not to Gamal Mubarak but to Hosni Mubarak him , in fact he is still a good rival despite he understood the danger of the game , if Mubarak or son for a single moment felt for one second that this man has intention to become the president even after Mubarak , he would not stay for another moment in his place , What happened in Tunisia from a bloodless coup by Ali Zein ,who used to be the head of intelligence is still in the memory
still he is a powerful candidate , in fact I will choose him if Amr Moses is not in the picture ,he is much better than Gamal Mubarak, yet he is overexposed ,of course it can be tribute to the fact that Mubarak has no vice president at all and in respectable countries the future of the nation must be discussed frankly , of course the future of that nation my nation Egypt is discussed more frequently in the Times,New York Times and Washington Post !!!
I do not know but I have the feeling that General Soliman is accepted by the West more than Gamal Mubarak whom they are considering him as a losing horse , after all the people do not like him and he is a civilian against a very powerful military establishment.I can not count the times Omar Soliman was mentioned in a positive way or even in a way that makes you feel that this is really a powerful man in foreign media
despite the feeling that Soliman is being over exposed to the media ,still other times I feel that the media is scared from him or may be shy , they criticize Gamal Mubarak and his friends using a very hard language where as they only mention the name of Soliman that he had talks with "X" or "Y" despite the fact Soliman is working in the same regime ,the same rotten regime , look to Al-Dostor coverage for both GM and OS ,you will see a huge difference , I mean there is no single day in Al-Dostor without an attack on GM where as they seemed so conservative when they speak about OS ,may be because his position
Despite my admiration to the man , I don't how to classify him , whether on the internal level or the external level , on the internal level he is a member in that regime ,on the external level Soliman seems to be more on the American side , of course some will argue and say that it is the safe side ,well it is not , it is enough to know that Egypt is no longer the leader of the Arab world , we got Saudi Arabia ,we got Qatar , we even got Iran which from 5 years ago was away from the region

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit - Lucette Lagnado - Books - Review

 The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit - Lucette Lagnado - Books - Review - New York Times

This seems very interesting book but I don't know really if it contains the same Jewish attack on the Egyptian Nasserite regime forgetting that they were not the only people who were forced to leave or were discriminated , the Egyptian rich people and the foreign communities had their bitter hard share too

I think Lucette Lagnado despite her father's love to Cairo was wrong when she used the word "Holocaust" to describe what happened to the Egyptian Jews , this is totally unfair , this is totally overestimating  for the situation ,they were not only Jews I repeat again who had suffered

Lagnado seemed to speak about the city which the Jewish factor disappeared as deliberate act ,it is time factor in fact and of course  we can not forget that we had two wars with Israel ,we can not ignore that fact that the Egyptian Jews paid the price of the existence of Israel whether directly or indirectly

Hafiz El-Assad II in pictures

Asma El-Assad , the Syrian First lady I think was the first Syrian first lady to have her photos in the media here and there , I mean no one had seen the widow of Hafiz the I in the media except may be in very rare photos that go back to the 1970s , I got one for her with her husband and children in Cairo in a visit ,I will scan it soon insh Allah , the success of Bourguiba old photos are tempting me to win a hold in the Syrian blogsphere like I did in the Tunisian blogsphere despite I have the feeling that Hafiz I may not as popular as Bourguiba in Tunisia despite they stayed long time ,they got rid from their rival and they had their own views about religion , anyhow back to Asama El-Assad

For those who buy the Lebanese and Gulf lifestyle magazines like Laha ..etc will know that the Syrian first lady is the Arabic rival of Queen Rania , two pages for this queen and two page for that  first lady in a stupid race , I mean I respect their activities but as someone who got sick from her own native first lady pseudo achievements I just can not take it any longer especially when these ladies wear Parda while their people starve anyhow stopping talking about the ladies let's go for their children , I love seeing the celebs' children and babies photos so much and so when I had seen the photos of Asama El-Assad with her children I thought immediately of sharing them with you

The last time I had see photos for Hafiz JR and sister Zein was when they were babies , they showed up when Queen Sofia of Spain visited Damascus,the Spanish Queen was carrying one of them "Queen Sofia is so sweet with Children" so I was surprised when I saw them now as grown Syrian kids

These photos were taken in the Marmarita annual Carnival  this year 2007

here are they

I think  Hafiz II looks like his daddy president Bashar more than his mommy first lady Asama

The president son with DIY toy set , well this is a new thing , you know I think these kids do not know how to do it themselves ,the girl in the white dress is said to Zein , but I do not think so as she seems taller than Hafiz II

 By the way I don't think that kid is going to be the next president of Syria , I don't know I feel that his daddy will be the last El-Assad to rule Syria , it is just a feeling , for sure Hafiz II will be so fortunate if that happens

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is this man an idiot ??

I am sorry but I could not stop myself from asking this question after reading this

what progress is Bush  seeing in Iraq ?? what stability is he speaking about  ??

I mean from 2 days  ago about 900 Yazidi Kurds were fallen between dead and injured the Iraqi immigration is continuing in fearful rate , may be this is what he means from stability ,by emptying Iraq from its own people !!??


The Shaha boy updates

"Shaha" is the name of the village where the poor kid who was killed because of what he had seen from the police torture 

here is the important report that was aired last Tuesday the 14th of August 2007 on Dream TV 2 Night TV Show "10 PM" , the report included interview with the mother and the neighbors of the kid , after the report was finished , in fact after another report the assistant of the Interior minister called in a very angry mood denying the torture accusation claiming that the kid died from a natural health problems according to the Forensic report  "Thanks to dear O2A" ,you will find the interior reply in the link above , unfortunately it is in Arabic, I guess I am not biased as I am showing the two views

Strangely in the last couple of days many surprises came

1- The family refused to receive the body , still the kid was buried

2-The security refused to let any Mosque pray the funeral prayer on the soul of the kid , also there was no funeral for him , he was buried secretly , of course this is something unacceptable but I understand why the police did so as they want to avoid the public furry ,what happened in the funeral of the man who was thrown out of his balcony in Omarniya from couple of weeks made them learn the lesson

3-The district attorney "The prosecutor" decided to investigate the case in a very excellent move

4-It turned out the boy was buried without the knowledge of his family except his elder brother who was in jail , who also said that he did not knew that the police buried the boy in their family cemetery except when he was taken there , already the family has got the permission of burial from the health department and according the law they can not bury the boy without it !!

5-The family is telling the press and media about the blackmail attempts whether by money or by jail to make them shut up

6-The biggest surprise of all , the mother of all surprises that enforced the family version of the story that the boy was killed because of the torture he had suffered from in the Mansoura police station,the contradiction between the two health report

There is a conflict between the forensic doctor report who autopsied the body and the health inspector report who made the medical exam following the death before permitting the burial

The health inspector version of the story coincided with the brother's version of the story confirming the occurrence of torture before death

The brother said that his late younger brother had vomited blood after receiving a strong kick in the chest from an officer called Aboul Azam .The health inspector said in his report that there were superficial injuries, burning in the palms, and a catheter hole in the chest, in addition to effects of blood vomiting

On the other hand the forensic doctor said in his report that the death had occurred as a result of pneumonia and poisonous pus and  that there was no blood vomiting but that the victim spit blood as a result of pneumonia "He did not mention the injuries and burning in the boy's body and where they came from , I mean I and you had seen the images"

Of course the family of the deceased accused the forensic doctor to have a collusion with the police , something which I won't be surprised

A very interesting note , the news of the D.A order to investigate the case was published in the first front page of Al-Ahram daily newspaper after ignoring the whole matter

Thanks for O2A for sharing the video files with us