Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Killing the national banking sector

Why on earth a successful bank like Misr International Bank should be sold to National societe general bank like this ?
MIBank is the second successful bank after CIB and the NSG is the third in the private sector banks
now first I studied Banking this year I know what I am talking about ,also I got relatives in MIBANK and I had a summer trainning there in my second year
What the NSG had done is an acqustion process ,more a bank buys another bank and delete its identity as independent body and simply put its name instead of the old one 'this is in simple words '
oK acquistion in Normal countries always happens that powerful bank buys weak bank not powerful one like in MIBANK case ,so here is the first remark
The correct form should have been Merger
why didn't the employees informed by this from earlier time?
the important and much much more dangerous remark
what happened in the stock market ,I have a friend who owns a brokage company told me that there is something fishy in the MIBANK Case
The shares were bought by NSG by 43 Egyptian pounds
while there was an offer by BBP to buy it with 11 american dollars
43 L.E is very low price according to my friend in the stock market kitchen ,very low !!!!!!
Is this the price MIbank should be sold for ???
It is good policy the Central Bank of Egypt to encourage the merger and the acqusition but not in that way
Already they started from few years with it I guess with the Egyptian real eastate with the Arabic real estate bank
It is an excellent policy to enforce the Banking system in Egypt ,especailly the National banking system
but this is killing it ,selling a successful national bank to a foreigner bank !!??
I just want to know why !!???

Mattie Weiss: Robertson's not alone in his dislike of Chavez

Mattie Weiss: Robertson's not alone in his dislike of Chavez

A great article ,I just wish that there are many americans who share this gentle Man Mr. Mattie Weiss his ideas ,it is a reality not for Caracas not only but only the countries that the U.S adminstration doesn't like it and put on its agenda for threats and punishment

Ironically they are making those leaders and presidents that they hate and oppose a more popular figures in their country and in the eyes of their people ,it is not a new thing but an old thing

The people for third world country already suffer from the selfish american adminstration decisions ,they see it as the grand satan like the iranis do ,and those people are stubborn ,as ironically they don't have much to lose ,so they go for the enemy of their enemy and make him their hero friend examples are not only in Beautiful Venezuela but in Lebanon and Iran

some of the blacklisted names in the american agenda are not so bad in reality like the U.S adminstration wants to show to their media to frighten their people

Chaves is an example ,he is a hero in the eyes of the poor people of his country while the ironically the rich people hate him !!!
Ahmed Najad of Iran also being elected by the poor people of his country .
Hazballah is very respected and very popular in the south .
Hamas is popular in Gaza.
By the stupid White house war administration people like Osama bin Laden became popular ,targeting a whole religion and occupying countries and killing 100 thousands because of a terrorist group made people in the East in the Islamic East more and more angry to the United States

This radical Christian who recommended to kill Chaves I guess he also insulted Prophet Mohamed 'PBUH' rudelly ,so no surprise

Bush and co.are feeding racism and hate

Sunday, August 28, 2005

another trick or what ?

ironically today I found out in Elaph.com ,the famous Arabic news site that Mars can be seen by eyes like the moon on the 29 th of next october !!!!!!! according to Kuwaiti Scientist!?!????? Kuwaiti Scientish ,ah okay
I will wait then ,never lose hope

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Where are the 2 moons?

Where are the two moons?
I received e-mails from my friends 'I am sure they arenot Kidd'n' saying that two moons will appear in 27th of August
The first moon is our regular moon
The Second moon is Mars
We supposlly see the rad planet by eye
Yet nothing at all
Stupid e-mails
what I hate ,is that they are saying it won't happen untill 2270 !!!!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

50% Labors and Peasants !!!!!!!!

President Mubarak in his presidential campaign promised the farmers and peasants that he won't cancel the famous 50% Labors and farmers 'peasants in the assembly and that he will stand against any one who wants to cancel it !!!!
for non Egyptian ,this is an invented chapter made by Nasser to win the Labors and Farmers to his side ,an illusion that fooled them with saying that half the members of the assembly must be labors and farmers as I understand ,you know the communist insense slogons!!!!" over the 40 years this law among with other stupid rotten laws destroyed our Parlimentic life in Egypt
first this stupid law ,a naive one ,see it as I see it
It is so general, a citizen can be labor in the morning in one of the factories and a farmer in the afternoon to look after his land or his family land and I guess this how it works in most governates in Egypt 'Egyptians correct me if I am wrong'
Now most the farmers and Labors joined the members of the Doom of the Assembly I am sorry to say don't understand anything in a political life except cheering for the National democratic members and boss !!!!!
In old times when we had a real good parliament Life ,that is before the glorious revolution of 1952 ,the country side was repesented by the big rich families ,educated one who cares for their counties not like what appears in silly movies 'For God Sake Even Mubarak mentioned what Abd Aziz Basha Fahmy did to his small village from educating the kids and so on'
Anyway back to Mubarak Speech boosting of his country side roots in Monofia ' I heard couple of provbes about it really so wise!!!!!!!"
Mubarak I am sorry is selling the illusion to Labors and Peasants ,those don't need representation in the Assembly more than a real simple digintiful life ,Doesn't he know that the poverty line most Farmers live under it !?
And where the hell is the 50% bloody representation when the incident of Sarnado happened?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Children For Change

It is the change time ,it is movements time in Egypt

Every now and then a new political movement whether with or against regime comes out to the light

First there was the Egyptian movement for Change 'Kafia-enough' ,then youth for change then Artists for change and lately farmers for change

Now there is 'The Children for Change 'movement ,an opposition movement ,its members are all children ,not teenagers but Children ,they are 40 members in the group

The head of the group is young child whose father is already member in Youth for Change ,decided to made the movement when his father was arrested

Most of the members ' parents are members in Kafia or the youth for Change

Now those young children demands are so simple ,in fact it is one demand 'Mubarak leaves the presidency '

'well it is not their demand alone !!!!!!'

I respect them so much especially when I saw them in Dream TV prime time 10 o'clock today , they are innocent and I think their leader Mohamed Kazaz will be someone of great importance in the future inshallah

I just want to add something Mubarak is not bad because he arrests people but because in his time thousands of Egyptian children poor Egyptian children GOT CANCER

I read from some time that the cancer among children in Egypt rapidly in increasing percentage that no country in world has it ' a great achievement in Health care and agriculture'

I am not naive to say Mubarak personally is responsibile but truth is truth it is the people whom he permitted and chose to surround him to have responsibiltiy but he is responsbile for choosing them and protecting them



Monday, August 22, 2005

a million dollar photo, a state inside a state

This photo is worth million dollar for me ,it is not a photo but a short movie Al-jazeera news channel golden camera was taking it during the withdraw from Gaza
The Scene excatly like this:
An angry Israeli settler ,very angry and fierce that he gets an Israeli Flag ,Cut it in two pieces , then with big power and loud voice ,he spites on it ,yes spitts on the flag with loud voice 'Atafoooo.'
Then he throws the pieces of the torn flag!!!!!!!!
I was surprised , this radical Israeli spited on his own flag ,do you imagine doing this on your country flag !?
I don't think so
this short movie shows another state growing in power inside Iseral , may be it is not real power but it is taking its shape now through anger
It is the state of Radical Jews ,yes radical Jews ,they are no more Israelis because Spitting on your flag in front of thousands of cameras doesn't make you a loyal citizen anymore

Sunday, August 21, 2005

a fearful future in the Mid East

A fearful future in Mid East
Oh yes you hear me ,there is a fearful future not because of wars already happening and past conflict ,no no no ,it is because of the future generation raised upon hate ,racism and radicalism
Look to the following photo and tell me what do you see? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gaza is back

Gaza is back again to its real owners after many decades ,calculate the time from 1967 till now and you will know when
it is back with no iseralis in it as it used to be ,as it should be
Back for its people ,for its brave people ,for its patient people
Don't think that with Peace only Gaza returned ,it returned with Blood , the noble blood of both the palestinians and Egyptians
yes the Egyptians officers who were killed in Gaza , the one who were burned alive and noboday ,I mean nobody spoke about this holocost

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jihan wins in Romance

Last night during the NDP show in Dream Channel ,they broadcasted a documentary about Mubarak's early life with different stages in his life' God he seemed so young when he reached the chair'and as it is a campaign on the American style ,the other half of the president ,the first lady spoke about their life ,how they met ,their love story if they had one :)
So Mrs Mubarak spoke how they met in a club where young Mubarak was wearing the military uniform 'as I got it', well going the club in Uniform ,and she like him ,young ,handsome'well he looked handsome in his past' ,and then mutual looks of admiration began ,and th arrows of love were there and then the wedding ,then to Russia with love leaving the young bride till he comes back 'it was silly that talk about 50 pounds budget and that fruit and meat from Belbis!!"
well I didn't feel with romance here .I think in all our presidential love stories ,Jihan El-Sadaat wins the first place , believe it or not I believe she really loved Anwar from the deep of her heart ,not because I like her husband but as a girl
Jihan wins in Romance ,then Tahia who was very devoted to her husband wearing black after his death till she joined him ,then Susan Mubarak

Mubarak 2005, dream speech, a real dreamy one

Today was the beginning of the presidential campagin and I admit I respected so much those intelligent people working in Mubarak's campaign "really they deserve those thousands they take every month ' they didn't choose the national television as they know no one will watch so they go for the Nile Sat and to Dream channel and prime time 10 o'clock program for its presenter Mona Shazely ,as it is popular TV show ,it is good thing but they didn't pay for it as they will say because the dream channels are owned by the business man Ahmed Bahgat who is also a Member in NDP , nothing is innocent

Anyway I waited for the campaign as I was curious to see what Dr.Sherif Sabri would present , so at 8 o'clock I saw an introduction music video 'stolen from Mafia Soundtrack ' and a voice saying the objectives of The NDP candidate, the president Mubarak
Then the big event came out , A live broadcast from a place seemed to me like Sharm 'some don't learn from the lesson'
Huge crowds from the supporters of NDP and members of the cabinet ,the first lady and first Son
What stopped me are those people wearing Galabya and setting in the front ,call me what you like but who are those ? Do they come really from the NDP ?
Anyway President Mubarak started a very long speech .bla bla bla ,I will do this, I will do that etc
with Promises that should have been made in 25 years
and here comes a question that I demand an answer for
What he ws doing in the last 25 years?
tomorrow I will speak about Documentary that was made and broadcasted after the speech

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why Pope Shonouda you say something like this?

Really I felt so shocked ,angry and sorry after reading the last statement of Pope Shonouda concerning the Presidential elections and President Mubarak.From few days I read that he supports president Mubarak and of course such support from such man in his position ,means the support of the whole Egyptian orthodox Church to Mubarak !!! Then today in this silly Ahram appendix calling the Message ,especially made for the elections with of course intensive propaganda to Mubarak ,Pope Shonouda made statements that Shocked me
I respect Pope Shonouda very much because I feel he cares for the nation as much as he cares for the Church
but to say the truth I guess choosing the president or whom I am going to elect is something made according to my political belief more than my religious belief ,I don't know how to express it
but declaring the Church its support and already the Egyptian Chirstians are so religious not like any other chiritsians in the world ' this goes to the religious back ground of the Egyptian 'makes it so how obligatory for Egyptian Christians to vote for Mubarak 'some may be angry but as a Muslim, I don't care with Shekih El-Azhar says in favor of Mubarak ,I know there is huge great differenece between the Pope 's position and Shekih El-Azhar 's position and that what scares me .
The Egyptian Christians already are suffering from injustice and inequity such like the rest of Egyptian people
And I believe that there will be no difference for the Egyptian people in the next 6 years

Friday, August 12, 2005

And Death Comes as the end

Yesterday I read the great crime Novel by Dame Agatha Christie 'Death comes as the end' ,the first crime novel that took places in Old Thebes in Egypt from 2000 B.C.
Christie with her great background in History wrote it with great passion to the Egyptian history
As crime novel ,I assure that you won't know the real killer except in the last chapter as Usual
But it is more than just a crime Novel ,it has a kind of Romance ,The British Crime queen didn't write before I guess
The usual setting ,the revenge ,the evil with in the family isn't new in Christie's world ,it is the favorite theme for Agatha ,In fact I felt the British rich family theme dominating some how the atmosphere of the Novel 'The rich land Lord, the Grand Mother ,the brothers '
yet from another angle ,you can see it an example of Egyptian family ,the everlasting conflict on the land and power between the brothers ,the war between Sisters -In law, it will happen till now in the modern time
Dame Christie hadn't already got good Background in the history between in also modern history or more what I can say the habits of specific people
Read those few lines and I am sure you feel that it is addressing something in you as Egyptian
"We are Strange People,We Egyptians.We love life So we plan early for Death "
Isn't that so true about us?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Since when we have such Parties!!!!!!!!

Just like in my ex-favorite reality show 'Star Accadamy' God I loved the first season of it, I will present the Canadidates for Egyptian President chair are :

  1. Mohamed Hosni Mubarak from The National Democratic Party
  2. Ayman Nour from The Tomorrow Party'got sick of him '
  3. Noman Gomaa From The Legation Party
  4. Osama Shaltot From the Equity Party 'Never heard of him '
  5. Wahed EL-Kosory From Th e Arab Socailist Party of Egypt' Never heard him '
  6. Ibrahim Turk From The United Democractic Party 'Never heard of him '
  7. Ahmed Sabhi From The Nation Party 'How could this man be qualified to be the president !!!!?????????? '
  8. Rafat El-Agroudi From The National Party 'Another unknown name from unknown Party'
  9. Fawzy Gazal from Egypt 2000 Party 'we passed year 2000 ,we are now in 2005!!!!!'
  10. Mamdouh Kanaowy From The free Consistuational free Party ' another long name for unknown party '
    God I never knew we had such Parties ,from where they appeared ,just suddenly

    I am raised on other parties ,The NDP of course ,El-Wafed 'the Legation' , El-Tagmo 'I don't know the translation the nearest would be the Grouping' Left wing communist party will be much eaiser ,El-Nasseri and the Banned Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Mustafa El-Faky and the Dune festival

Just from one hour by Cairo local time ,Dr. Mustafa El-faky the famous politician and member in NDP finished his interesting interview in Primetime '10 o'clock' on Dream TV with my favorite TV face Mona El-Shazely.
A very long ,A very interesting ,A very amazing interview ,Dr. El-Faky despite he is considered from the Regime camp yet he is very sophisticated , and speaks in a very logic manner that the mind can accept ,I guess from his experience in the Diplomatic service he got this talent!!!!!!!!
First I believe this interview is made by orders of NDP to answer back the great two episodes of ex-prime minister Mr.Aziz Sadky who opened a great volcano not just fire on the current regime in the last weeks 'I was going to blog it but I hadn't time as grand ma was sick ,I missed the first episode with the episode of Samir Ragab unfortunately !!!"
I never thought that Mr.Sadky 's talk would annoy the government and the regime that much
Also the interview can be classified as per post campaign , President Mubarak hate corruption ,President Mubarak wants transparency ,this age is better than the others ,the age of freedom ,the age of expression ........The age of Aquarius !!!!!!!
Yet Dr. Faky got this talent of good talk ,he can persuade the people with what he wants 'not what he believes I guess'
Then he spoke about the elections ,and of course he attacked those who will boycott the elections and Praised Noman Gomaa for his participation ,also Ayman Nour despite his under the belt attack saying that the Government is one who oversized him 'Same in my mind ,Doc' and El-faky complete his promotional campaign for The NDP candidate saying that indirectly 'People do your job for the Sake of Nation and choose Mubarak ' As if Mubarak won't win!!!!!!!!
And of course the honor of trial is enough according to the Doc.
Then turned to the region and here , I felt frustrated , it is like Nazer Kabeni's "your road is blocked ,blocked my son', yet I admit Dr. Faky is best in the international affairs and I really trust his judgment ,yet I felt so afraid when he said that America is targeting for Egypt to be the role model of change instead of Iraq ,as the later turned to be big big failure ,I agree on the last part but I hate the target part.
The phones were the best I respect all those called the program and attacked the lies 'especially the one who called from K.S.A, the first one'
Dr.El-Faky I don't know in which category I classify him
The words that stopped in the end of the interview were his romantic phrase
the Dune festival is coming' !!!!!!!!!
quite romantic isn't it?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ahmed Deedat Posted by Picasa

Did you know Shekih Ahmed Deedat???

IPCI - Welcome to Islam
did you know Shekih Ahmed Deedat??
this question for Muslims and Egyptian Muslims in specific
I bet the real answer will be "no I didn't know the guy except from the news of death few days ago from the media !!!!!!"
Do you know from I knew the news ?
From a dear American Friend who just converted to Islam exactly this week only !!!!!!!! Alicia
told me in my MSN Space that day these words " Ahmed Deedat died:)" I ws really embarrassed to say to her who is Ahmed Deedat? then I knew who is he?
ironically My Aunt and My mom knew the man but they had to have time to remember what he did
anyway I felt strange because this dedicated his life for Islam and yet we in Egypt at least now never heard about him , may be I didn't but I am sure there are many like me out there
So why this man is not so famous like Beyounce in our country ?
It could be the ignorance and ego at the same time as both come together in one package ,the Arrogance of The El-Azhar Shekihs that they know all things in Islam, the same egore the country of 7 thousand years !!!!!! ,
It could be the jealousy that he is not an Arab but speaks in English ,he is more successful even he wasn't graduated from the El-Azhar !!!!!!!
It could be the media how prefer singers and actors then Shekihs to show!!!!!!!
I guess it is time now to know who is Mr.Shekih Ahmed Deedat
God Bless his soul

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Less than 3 weeks people on the elections!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we are the 9th in August and the presidential elections is either on the 6th or 7th of Septmeber ,that is less than a month is available for the Egyptians to choose among the 10 canadidates the election committee said they are qualified "for God Sake ,how come a man like Ahmed El-Sabhi is qualified to be the Egyptian president!!!!!!!!! anyway just in a period less than a month ,they have to get the approval of the members of the assembly and run their campagins to win the votes of the Egyptian people
And what is this number ? 10 candidates ,isn't that too much for Egypt?
I am thinking of not having a voting id ,I feel it is useless
The major winners as it is writtent in one of the newspapers will be Mubarak ,Nour and Gomaa!!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2005

New Iranian president

the new one Posted by Picasa

Look to the picture Posted by Picasa

Whether The U.S wanted him or not

It is all the about the new president of Iran Ahmed Najad , with all the talk about his participation in the hostage operation during the Irani revolution, I saw the pictures ,the old one and the new one and I can't see it is not him or not , first Iranis somehow look alike especially when they got black beard and hear !!!!!!! neverless I think the nose is different
anyway How could I know ,yet a ,C.I.A expert said it is him ,it is some one else!!!but before this important discovery the American administration said that they would check of it , I felt that Mr.Najad was
I am sorry but it is silly ,I know it has bad memories for the Americans but excuse me ,he is an elected president of another country , another Soverinigty
Yes he is radical ,Yes he sees the U.S as the Grand devil , but remember he is an elected ,chosen by his own people , The poor people in Iran chose him because they believe he could raise their living
So whatever he did in his post ,his people don't care
And if what He was the one in the image ,what would the U.S do ? Order an siege
and what would the Iranis do? Surround and change their president for fear!!!!!!! Come on they already do what they want in their nuclear planet
If the U.S doesn't want Najad because he could have participated in the hostages of American embassy in Tehran, then they should excuse the Egyptian people and the American embassy in Cairo should stop from complaining about the Egyptian demands calling The trial of Sharon as war Criminal 'Killing thousands of Egyptian soldiers P.O.W in 1967 '
What Happens in Iran is already could happen any Arabic country that is ruled by a dictator that has back up with the American support
Iran saw a lot under the rule of Shah Reza and the Americans supported him and it seems that not only Arabs can't easily forget

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Hiroshima Photo from The Life Archive

What kind of people those who made such bomb?
What kind of people thosewho used it?
What kind of people who think security comes from it?

Saturday, August 6, 2005


Don't forget Hiroshima

I am sorry to say it is not the fault of the Japanese ,or the Americans but the War Administrations and bunch of Crazy Scientists
The Scientists who turned science from helping the humans to have better life to making the lives of humans full of fear and hate
They were crazy just like the American administration and The Japanese administration ,may be the Americans had the right to answer back Pearl harbor but they presented to the world a weapon they now fear more than anyone
They were crazy like the Japanese administration who suddenly decided to go in the world by the terms of wars and destruction and no one will stop the sword of the Samurai , ironically it was the Sword of the Last Samurai
When the Japanese prime minstrel apologized to all Asian countries from the Suffering the Japanese army caused ,it was a late apology from an Egyptian emotional person point of view
I got a picture book made by legendary magazine 'Life' its name is 'LIFE goes to War "the history of WWII in pictures
a very powerful image
Hundreds of Chinese civilians killed in the streets in Shanghai ,it is terrible image with children bodies beside their moms , all thanks to some strange thoughts in the Japanese mind
I don't know what they were thinking , do they kill those people and occupy their land or what!!!!!!!!!!!
or may be Chinese people instead of paying respect to the Chinese emperor they will pay it to Japanese emperor
I don't hate Japan in fact I respected it so much also same thing for Germany but truth is truth
same question to Truman administration
What they were thinking when they throw the bomb over the town of Hiroshima ,did they know the kind of destruction and how big it would be ?
more important
Did they think they will leash a weapon that will destroy the world ?
I just wish from those who wear fancy clothes and sit in chic offices and call themselves policy makers to just think in the future for a second

El-Zaraqawy says He didn't kill the Egyptian Envoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things seem more and more mysterious than ever ,after the strange Kidnapping and killing of the Egyptian Envoy in Iraq Mr.Ambassador Ehab El-Sherif ,conspiracy theories came out like the rain
For me there were questions marks from endless Whys starting why they kidnap the Egyptian Envoy to Etc, and Hows starting How they did it 'till now some says he was kidnapped while he was buying some newspapers, other among them his daughter said that he was kidnapped from the house as he wearing a training suite 'he wears it in the house only !!!!!!!!!!'
Also what confused me the way the Egyptian media dealt with the incident
The same usual deception and lies , and ironically to the Egyptian people themselves ,as if talking to a mirror , they are not addressing the kidnappers or international community ,nah it is usual addressing to the idiots living the valley of Nile thanks to the Media ministry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look to Lies ,showing his daughter wearing the veil then after few weeks and Stating that her daddy being killed ,she appeared in the silly 'El-Bit Batik' (The house is yours) without it , with colored long hair and lipstick in her mouth and of course with a red color which I don't put it in normal days !!!!!!!!How sick is this ,my grand ma said 'she is fine now thank God" Well does she know that her dad was killed ,yes she should be for him as he killed as Mytar but not in this way!!!!!!!!!"
Now after some weeks ,Mr.Mustafa Bakry comes out in one of his big articles in his newspaper 'The Week' saying that El-Sherif was kidnapped by the Israel Mossad because he worked as an envoy in Tel-Aviv and during that period he made some connections with Israel generals and took some top secrets 'the Dipolmat is legal spy '
and listen carefully ,the bargain was some Iraqis do the dirty job in Baghdad ,and Mossad will do for them the dirty Job in Sharm and that he is still alive but in Tel-Aviv
I am ready to believe the first claim but the second one I need to understand it ,why Iraqis want to bomb Sharm !!???????
of Bakry said he got sources despite he is from the Egyptian opposition
Neverless many experts hinted that he could have killed or kidnapped by the Mossad as he knew some important activities for the Israel intelligence in Iraq 'sounds reasonable 'killing the man who knew too much
Now today El-Zaraqawy posted a statement in one of the strange internet forums ,Stating the following:
  1. He nor the El-Qaida did kidnap the Egyptian Envoy in Iraq
  2. It is not their style to Kill like westerners by Guns but with swords ' in the other statement of announcing the murder of El-Sherif ,they said they shoot him!!!!'
  3. It is not their video that El-Sherif appeared in it , as they don't cover the eyes of their abducted 'good point'
  4. They must appear in their video with their abductees as usual as they are proud of their operations 'it is true they do appear' but in the envoy video no one appeared except the poor El-Sherif
  5. they won't go after the Arabs or Muslims and also after countries like Egypt ,they go after their real enemies the invaders 'no need to say how'
  6. The bottom line ,THIS IS A GOD DAMNED INTELLIGENCE OPERATION ' 'God damned is from my own imagination but they said it ,An intelligence Operation
Now important remarks ,the Egyptian official media ignored the statement totally I just know it from the Prime time daily program '10 o'clock' on Dream TV 2 'privately owned'
I don't know but the Egyptian government must answer some questions ,I know when it comes to intelligence secret services war especially between Cairo and Tel-Aviv, lies and deception are the rule in both sides but ...........
I am angry and confused , ,,,,,,,,,,, some one call Adham Sabri 'Egyptian James Bond'

All these Iraqi satellite Channels!!!!!!!!!!!!

As if the Iraqis waited till Saddam went away to open many satellite channels , I understand their feelings and motives to have channels to express their point of views after very very long time of oppression and the government monopoly to the media
But this is too much , it is a Nile Sat no Degla Sat
Look to the Nile Sat ,see how many Iraqi satellite channels and you know what I mean
I don't mean that Iraqis shouldn't have TV channels ,Heavens Forbid
But A question always appears in my mind with big big Question Mark
from Where all these money to afford buying such channels on the Nile sat?"
To buy Channel on this Sat. You have to pay a sum in Dollars in 6 digits
So from where those owners got those sum of money ?
I know some of them are from the opposition that lived abroad ? But this is not enough from a Country ruled by corruption for over 30 years
My own explanation is that some of these owners are ex-Baath Members who stole the money and the people and decide to surf over the new wave of presumed freedom !!!!!!!!!!

Inside or Outside

New old King for Saudia Arabia
New regime calls for democracy and Equity in Mortinia
New President in Iran
New Government in Lebanon
New president expected to come in Yeman after Salah's intention not to run for presidency
Is just the hot summer weather ? or what?
the important question ,do all these changes (except the first and third ones) come by pressure for inside ? or from Outside?
if they are from outside,then they are fake and not real ,and the same old rotten systems will be there
Change must be from inside

Friday, August 5, 2005

Farewell Zeinab El-Gazaly

From two days ,the Egyptian Islamist woman leader Zeinab El-Gazaly had passed away ,after 89 years , those who don't know this lady ,I will tell who she was ,she was the sister of the famous Shekih El-Gazaly ' the Egyptian one who lived in the modern age not the other one who live in middle age ,believe me some people thought so !!!!
Zeinab El-Gazaly was a member in the women brench of the Muslims Brotherhood along with her brother and for that she was impriosned for 10 years in the Nasser era , a very bad experience she wrote about in a book called 'Days from my life'
I found this book on our bookshelf and I tell you t I could n't complete it ,it is so sad to know that humans are humiliated in such way ,not any humans but women ,I felt so sad yet I believe as we say in Egypt she saw a day in all those who hurt her like Nasser
In the book she accussed him directly despite the claims that he was the angle who knew nothing about what was going in the Egyptian Jails
Well even without her book I believe in that ,Nasser wasn't the fool that they want the people to believe in , he knew everythng and he was responsible and the origin of all the rotten system techinques used till now
Anyway May God bless her Soul
She was great example on how a muslim can be patient
Patience will lead to strength that your enemies don't have
She was the strong they were the weak

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

A king buried in unmarked grave

Muslims, Saudis Say Goodbye to King Fahd - Yahoo! News
from two days the late King Fahad of Saudia Arabia passed away and on Wednesday there was a big funeral from him ,all leaders around the world came to share the Saudis their grief and Loss. I was really sad despite the fact I am not a big admirer to the Saudi regime ,after all it is a dictator regime yet in the funeral I was really astonished just like the westerner and the non-Muslims to find out that the late king of the one of the most richest country in the world to be buried in unmarked grave ,just hole in the land beside seven other kings include the founder of K.S.A King Abdel -Aziz Al-Souod ,and laid to the earth peacefully in astonishing way in the Oud cemetery 'which I guess not for the royalties

Late King was laid in the Earth just like a beggar from streets , this comes from the truth that All people in front of of God are Equal , and Death doesn't distinguish between a king or beggar, all go back to the same earth we came from , no need for great tombs and graves , the owner is dead after all

It amazed me as an Egyptian not as a Muslim ,as Muslim for the first time I feel that Wahbis didn't beyond the correct teachings as usual ,but as Egyptian I am amazed ,simply because I am from country which believes the death is holy thing that great tombs and graves must be made to comfort the dead ,after all Aren't the pyramids the great tombs ever!?

And look to our modern ages , in Egypt the graves of Nasser and El-Sadaat!!!

King Fahad 'may God bless his soul ' brayuial reminds me with some versus written by great Egyptian Poet Salah Jahin that unfortunately I don't remember now

it says in general look to the cemetery ,this tomb for prince and this tomb for simple poor guard ,both got the same bad smell !