Friday, December 30, 2005

What do you expect from the Egyptian anti-riots forces ? " about the refugees issue"

Okay the Sudanese refugees were transferred by force to some camp in Tora and 20 refugees were killed away from home by as result from the clashes between them and the Egyptian anti-riots forces
Many people are very angry and Kafya decided to hold a demonstration and the interior ministry is defending itself about the murder of those 20
First I believe that the government and before the society should have found a solution for this problem before it reached to that , it is from September
second to those who are amazed for the cruelty and brutally of Egyptian Anti-riots ,guys you seemed to have bad memory since when the Egyptian Anti-riots forces were nice ,kind and treat people right !?
for God Sake they already killed and injured thousands of Egyptians throughout out the years since they were established by the Nasseric orders in the second half of the 60s , they don't care for their follow Egyptians their brothers and sisters so you expect them to care for their African relatives !!??
don't be amazed , it is something expected .
anyway UNCR or what ever its name got a big part of responsibility too ,the 20 Sudanese's blood is in their throat along with the security forces

No more refugees in Mustafa Mahmoud Square

I admit the scene was strange for me when the first time I saw them ,the Sudanese refugees .I live in near Mohendessin Area so I always go by this garden from time to time.
Strange it was , Very poor refugees live in a camp that they made by their own selves ,very primitive ,in the middle of small garden , in the square of Mustafa Mahmoud , where the Middle High class live
My family didn't like this scene , and got some Turkish roots "Great grandfather" that made some of my family members some how racists in the eyes of the others , they just didn't like the scene "The war is over in Sudan ,the North and South made a peace treaty so what go back home we got enough problem ,it is not healthy !!"
For me I had a mixed feelings
  1. They should go back home as it is the right place ,it is where they should be .
  2. But how come and there is war and ..There is Egyptian provbe "What makes eat the bitter food ?The more bitter one" sorry for wrong translation but this is what mind can reach ,I don't work in Anis Abid translation center.
  3. They lost hope and that's why the refugees feel far away from home and even I understand they don't want to stay in Egypt
  4. They think that the UN and the refugees committee and Angelina Jolie will come with Brad Bitt to save them but their hopes make them blind on how this cruel world works !!

It is frustrating thing to lose hope and home together ,but it is in the hands of the humans ,I don't how I can express it but I don't leave my home because of some war and seek refugee in another place and when the war is over I refuse to go back because then who will build my home again ?

in the end the Egyptian Security forces used its ol' methods ,no more civilized Mr.Security forces , By force they transferred the refugees to some where I guess in 6th October "it is too damn cold there" and 10 refugees were killed in the clashes ,I forgot to say several babies were born dead in the unofficial Mustafa Mahmoud refugee camp

Question : Where is Mr.Ambassdor Adel Emam for Refugees from all this agony ?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Man and the Woman of Year 2005

The Man and the Woman of the Year 2005

Well this is unofficial list made by my own perspective, not the governmental one, as the governmental one includes since the Year 1982 the president and the First Lady.
I will start by the Woman of the Year as ladies are first and I am biased to my gender.
The Woman of Year 2005 in Egypt is not one person but two:
  1. Councilor Noha El-Zeny, who exposed the cheating in the results of the Parliament for the NDP's Candidate Mustafa El-Faky.  

  2. The women journalists and all other ladies who were harassed in front of the Journalism Syndication.
The Man of the year, also not one man but many men:
  1. Ex-Minster Aziz Sadky "for leading the movement of democratic change and his strong reasonable daring political opinions".

  2. El-Bardai , for winning another Noble prize and more important he didn't say "I dedicate this to the president"

  3. The Men of Kafya: George Isaac, Abdel Halim Kandil and Mohamed Abd Kodoos.

  4. The Judges club for their Stand.

  5. General Omar Soliman, No one can deny that this year this enigmatic personality won a lot of admiration on the national and international level.

  6. Ayman Nour, despite I am not from his fan club but he made and achieved something.

2005 polls results

Okay my dear visitors today I will say the results of the polls that I made in Year 2005.
They were three

1.Do you think Iran is danger on world's peace ? results are Yes: 25%-16 votes
May be:11%-7 votes
No : 63%- 40 vote
This poll is still on as I want to speak about it , first new year item list -to -be blogged

2.Do you think that The makers of Life Organizaion of AMR Khaled can have an effective successful role in the political Life one day? Yes :50%-8 votes
May be: 13%- 2 Votes
No:38%- 6 Votes

1.What do you think about my blog? results were Excellent :44%- 15 votes

Good: 26% -9 Votes

terrible : 12%- 4 Votes

No opinion :12%-4 Votes

Poor:6%-2 Votes

Now thanks to all those participated in these polls and really I am so happy that you did it ,for now I freeze all the poll and I make a new one about the personality of the year 2005 in Egypt "thanks for my dear friend Egyptian -in-USA as it was his idea"

I am WLM beta tester now

okay good news ,very good news I share it with you
I became a beta tester for the New Windows Live Messenger a.k.a ex: MSN Messenger 8
I got an invitation and now I participated in the feed back
man I am so happy
when I receieve WLM invitations I keep some for you my visitors:)

Ahh ya Bald Vol.2 !!!!!!2006 Eve Parties in Cario

Okay the 2006 eve is just few days away and all Cairo is covered with Billboards and ads for the Parties for the new year Eve, nice ,okay it is fine ,something Egypt used to it since very long time ,Nagowa Fouad is Dina now ,and Samir Sabry is Ruby
Yet in last November I received a very stupid email , spam one
An invitation for the 2005/2006 new year eve , in what is called "May Be baby" at Mohendessin ,I live there and I don't know where 's the hell is that place
The event is "NEW YEAR’S EVE EXTRAVAGANZA " with Two DJs from abroad Dave Seaman and John Askew "who are those gentlemen?"
Now for the tickets
You can reserve in advance "I remind I received that spam in November" with 1000 Egyptian Pounds per ticket
or you are lazy and you will wait till the Eve and go and with 2000 Egyptian pounds per ticket to be paid on the door!!!
Is it me or is there something wrong in this country !?
Ah ya Bald !!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

one of them are ours "NY times article"

It is something old for some and something new
It is something from Chirstmas Time
It is something from NY times

read this my only comment ,
No comment other than that
NY Times

The predictions of 2006

The predictions of 2006

Okay folks we are saying bye bye to 2005, one hell of a year on the international, national and even on my private levels. And as usual the astrologists around the world began to say their predictions and their presumed prophecies for the coming year 2006.
You know they see that they got the power whether they comminute with dead one, or the demons or the Jins or they just look to the water and read what is hidden in the future, oops I forgot their primary method the Crystal ball, I always wanted one when I was a little kid.
The usual general predictions that are every year are:
  1. Many Earthquakes and nature disasters will hit the earth "it is usual thing as it is result of pollution."

  2. a very important Arabic personality will die " another usual thing as most Arabic personalities and rulers are from the over the70s category, yet the lives are by the behind of God"

  3. A very important western personality will die." It is what we call a random probability where everyone got a chance.
Anyway yesterday I read the predictions of very famous astrologer from Tunisia, his fame that his predictions came to reality when Princess Diana was killed and the 9/11 occurred "already they say Nostordamos predicted 9/11".
He predicted the following:
  1. A very very very important Arabic personality will die; I will not say the name because it is dangerous to say it.

  2. Abd Aziz Botaflika will die " guys already the death of the Algerian president is something many people are predicting as he was hospitalized in France for a long period for some undeclared  reason , the only logic reason is that he is suffering from Cancer and he may be cured or may be not and they just sent back home to make the legacy ready for those who will come after him, so you don't need to be astrologer and see the future to have this thought!!"

  3. Cheney and Abu Mazan will die!! the death toll is getting bigger more and more

  4. Another Arabic regime will fall down; come on everyone knows that the Syrian Baath regimes with its brother in Iraq.
This Astrologer I am sorry is an excellent political analyst, what he is doing and saying is not an astrology more than it is a predictions based upon some political analysis

What is unique he didn't say his predictions for Tunisia other than it will be stronger and richer under the control of Ali Zien Al-abdeen!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The free woman does n't eat from her breast

This is an old arabic Provbe from the ancient times even before the Islam
It is the free woman doesn't eat from her breast
what does it mean ?
it means that the free lady doesn't earn earn her living or live from showing off her breast or her body
Where it came from ?
well its origin cam from the fact that only slave girls were used to show off their sexy bodies and stood semi-naked in the slave market
Why I am saying this ?
well I remember it when I read about Wafaa bin laden ,the Osama bin laden's niece ,who will appear in a sexy semi-naked photos for GQ Magazine for men in the next issue of January 2006 worldwide!!
Wafaa is half saudi, her mom is a swiss ,who suddenly knew she was married to a radical muslim from Saudia Arabia and she must escape with her daughters and keep attacking the Islam "well she knew one good damn thing that she was married to very rich guy ", I once saw her in Tv Show in TV 5 France while the problem of Veil was in its rage
Wafaa wants to be a singer and celeb ,she thinks that she is pretty and sexy while in reality if you look close to her ,you will find Bin Laden's trade mark of big mouth .
She hate her Saudi roots and doesn't speak arabic and surely she is not a muslim , despite the fact she won't get a penny from her dad's big fortune if she is not a muslim according to the Islamic inheritance laws in Saudia Arabia
She is the arabian version of Paris Hilton
You think Wafaa is a free woman !!
No She is a slave
a Slave of her desires to become a celeb and famous ,just like the other slaves of fame like Paris Hilton in the West World ,Haifa and Co in our beloved middle East
and last not least the pictures of Wafaa

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Governmental Santa present to Ayman Nour

Well the governmental Santa in Egypt didn't wait till night to give him his present, already he is a naughty boy who run against the president defeying all the rules ,giving a real presidential program and he made some popularity
The present is 5 years in Jail
read the rest from the MSNBC & Ap coverage "already today I found the news in MYmsn in the first page ,in place I don't remember Mubarak took it !!!"
MSNNBC Coverage
Allah Akbar over all unjust rules and judges in Egypt !!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Sharon's Banquet

Sharon's Banquet
Mr. Ariel Sharon was sick in the last couple of days as you know; he was suffering from a stroke in his brain. But what you didn't know that the Israeli prime minister ate too much before feeling sick and was hospitalized for three days.
Those were what he ate:
  1. Limb ribs "Yummy I love them so much"

  2. Kabab "interesting to know that in Israel there is Kabab also like in Egypt."

  3. Meat Stick with Sauce "didn't know if it is half cooked or what"
In dessert
  • Chocolate dessert

  • Oriental dessert
There are lots of Calories and fats in this banquet, no wonder he got this big, very big stomach
Anyway I won't deny but many people surround me wished that he would die from this stroke yet I didn't not because I believe in Peace but because I believe he deserves another death , a death that suites a war criminal like him .
Consider this as you like, I consider this the least we can do, just praying and hoping for the sake of our P.O.W in 1967, for their honorable blood

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The minorities report :2 The bedouin tribes of the west desert

The minority report "Part 2"
-The Bedouin tribes of West desert 'The forgotten'
First do you know them?
-I am speaking about the Bedouin tribes that live in the west desert starting from Matrouh to Siwa, to the Libyan –Egyptian borders to the many unknown oasis in the vast hard desert.
You only can know them either of three ways: you visit Matrouh and know the place, you watch Reda Folklore dances or you read the Crimes pages.
To tell you the truth I don't have much information about how they live, whether it is good or bad, except from the official media and the governor's statement Mr. general something saying that the government and he served the people of Matrouh and Siwa in the best way and that "very important historical truth" the tribal council or the tribes of Matrouh and Siwa supports the president Mubarak and the NDP and the first lady of Egypt orders helped to improve the Bedouin women's life.
Of course the tribes there got a member in NDP wearing their distinguish custom that looks like the Libyan custom and this NDP member is their member in the Parliament just like in Sinai.
And that's why I feel that those Ethnic groups suffer as the rest of the Egyptian do.
Many of them work in Smuggling whether goods or even drug trafficking, it is not about their perceived Bedouin nature, the gulf area already consists of Bedouin ethnic tribes but they made nations and countries , it is about what the government made from them , did it help them ? I doubt already it didn't give much to the Valley people to help the desert people.
I am sorry it helped them but it did in its way "just like Frank Sinatra".
Example: the Egyptian army and the Egyptian national geographic society " yes we have one from very long time since the 19th century but no one care" reached to the smallest village or oasis in population from couple of years, most of its people can't write or read and there is no communication medium in the Oasis, nothing at all, it was lost in time, President Mubarak then decided to send a present for them
TV Satellite so they can watch the world, after all the world became a small village!!!

The Muslim brotherhood phobia

The Muslim brotherhood phobia
Oh my goodness, if you are Egyptian who lives in Egypt and watch the official media channels from TV, radio and Newspapers you will understand what I am going to say and in fact you will have an idea about what I am going to speak about.
Since the first phase of Elections and the government is making anti-MB campaign and unfortunately the left wing in Egypt joined it fiercely, it started with Slogan of MB "The Islam is the solution" which means that the religion Islam got all the solutions for our problems" ironically there is nothing in the Egyptian constitution against according to the supreme court as the second chapter in the constitution is saying "the Islamic shiira "laws and teachings " that the source of legalization.
Fierce war that ended by historical victory to the MB in the first phase and historical defeat to NDP "corrected by cheating" and left wing.
The war didn't stop the phobia continued and even more fiercely, on all official channels Abd Allah Kamal, the chief editor of Rosa elyousef reading a whole chapters from Hassan El-Bana, the founder of the group attacking it so much by trying to prove that they are terrorists and they will make from Egypt another Iran.
Wilad Hanna disappointed me by saying that he would leave and that the Egyptian Christians would do the same if the MB reached to the rule, and then this week I read a statement for Hanna saying he won't leave Egypt if the MB has the rule.
All these and those statements are just Stupid silly talk.
I am not defending the MB as I also don't like or approve their ideas but why don't give them a chance?
Guys' entering the Egyptian Parliament doesn't mean ruling Egypt, plus it is the people choice, Democracy says we have to respect the People choice.
Anyway I like what the DOSTOR Newspaper and its opinions about the MB whether or against and I like more what Ibrahim Eissa said in his articles.
Why we scared from the MB?
As long as we act according the constitution even the corrupted one we have, there is nothing to fear of.
And to those who fear from the scenarios of Iran or Algeria, Egypt is not Iran or Algeria, and also why don't you look to the Scenario of Turkey?
It is ruled by the Islamist party of Ardogan yet in this islamist cabinet Turkey has a good opportunity to join the EU, also It acts according to the Turkish Constitution which is against the Islam, in fact last week I read that Ardogan fired two army officers because their wives wore the veil, despite the fact Ardogan's wife and daughter are wearing the veil
By the way the stupid people in NDP think by attacking the MB, people will hate it, and they don't release that people are becoming more attached to the MB just like Ayman Nour
Also I like the 1/2 word Ahmed Rageb wrote in his daily column in Al-Ahkber about the NDP hiring the PR specialists from the MB to teach them how to win in the elections by showing them the tactics and so on
After long lectures the man asked them what you learned.
The NDPs say: Islam is the Solution

Sunday, December 18, 2005

One point for the president-Al Brashi program

Wael Al-Abrashi wa Bas
Did you see his program today on Dream TV 2?
It was about a taboo nobody wanted to speak about in any of the official media, the disappearance of the Christian girls in Egypt, the pressure paper Abdir and Co. used in the World to see how oppressed the Christians in Egypt are.
The Episode was great and I am sure that will get the episode sooner or later
Gamal Assad was there "Many Copts hate him but really I feel that he is moderate"
Another man I don't remember his name well it is Gabriel Naguib I guess on the opposite side that supports the Claims of abductions and the Islamification of those girls!!!
The other two guests were young man and a woman from the families of those girls. The young is the brother of a Christian girl who suddenly disappeared then after awhile she called and informed her family that she converted to Islam by her own well.
The Woman was the mother of two young girls "15, 16 years old" who disappeared from two years and till now they were not found.
Some stupid claims from the Abdir&Co. say that there is an Islamic movement in Egypt led by an enigmatic personality called Mohamed Awni "I know two Mohamed Awni" and this movement kidnaps the girls and sends them to some place in Aswan in the south of Egypt and there She must convert to Islam if she wants to live, oh there is also another wicked way to make them Muslim by force, the love weapon, to fool the young Christian girls to convert them to Muslims.
The talk of this kind with little clues and of course they say that the Security supports these operations as if the security forces are so religious
I am sorry but I don't believe this talk, in fact I once listened to Christian researcher who was also on the Al-Abrashi show and I remember it was the episode that introduced the Coptic convention to the majority of Egyptian People , in this episode I remember the researcher said that he investigate all the cases that he was informed by ,the cases of disappearance and it turned out that all of them are cases of girls who run away with some boy and after she returned back to her home and of course to avoid the anger of any Egyptian family she claims that she was kidnapped by some Muslims who wanted her to convert to Islam by force and so on. For me folks I don't use in this way, well Muslim girls also disappear everyday and no one says there is a Christian group kidnapped them to convert them to Christianity, there are rapists, thieves and people who kill just to steal small golden earnings ,all these are in the streets
The First rule of Islam "No ENFORCEMENT IN RELIGION "-Soraa El-Baqra-"the second Soraa in Quran and this is from the Korsi versus, important versus in Islam".
Another thing the Islam doesn't need another girl to be powerful same thing in Christianity it doesn't another person to make it powerful.
Now the mother of two girls I feel that she is losing hope yet she tries to believe that her two daughters were kidnapped by Muslims to convert them to Islam as a last straw of hope not realizing how danger is this accusation with no logic ,her only clue is that the same time her daughters were disappeared ,two young Muslim boys from her description two losers one of them got the nickname of Sakran "drunk in Arabic" and both of them can't read or write and so poor that they don't own their dinner meal price
And as if Mr.Al-Abrashi was reading my mind, he asked her " how a disrespectful personality like Mr. Sakran would something like kidnapping a girl to enforce her to convert to Islam?! He must be stubborn first I guess , I am not kidding in fact I feel sympathy with the mother condition ,two years of nothing and then this talk of kidnapping and Islamification
Already I feel that the two girls were killed and buried in some field in Mansoura and time will tell and the ones who killed them are the two losers, why they would kill them? Well for their gold of course, the mother said they were wearing their golden accessories when they went to School.
Anyway the fault is the fault of the lazy Police forces, instead of spoiling the elections they should see those cases.
Those cases are being used by disrespectful man like Morris Sadak, this rude person who called For Mr. Ariel Sharon help to save the Copts in Egypt, and when Assad told him that Sharon is a Slyer, this man who calls himself a devoted Egyptian said to him " Don't call him a slyer, you can be judge for this insult, you are insulting him"
Mr.Sadak The man you want to rescue the Christians of Egypt , Killed both Muslims and Christians of Egypt and the tombs of P.O.W in Sinai will remind you if you forget , Mr. Sharon didn't kill Muslims only , didn't drink from Muslim blood only but he killed and drunk of the Egyptian Christian blood
I am sorry to all Christians abroad but I don't respect this man and this man will make you look like as traitors not only to Egyptians but to the souls of the Martyrs of Egypt and to those who were killed by the Orders of Ariel Sharon in Palestine and in Lebanon

Anyway the big surprise came after the show Guess who called Wael Al-Abrashi on the Phone?
The president Himself Mohamed Hosni Mubarak "it turned out that he watches Dream TV beside the Egyptian Television" and he told that he was touched by the mother and so he gave his order to the ministry of Interior and its minister of course to investigate in the Case
A bombshell, I really like it, this drama must end
At the end it is big score for Wael, one point for the president and Zero plus red card to Morris
I want to talk more as I was following the Copts United Issue and Michael Monuir and changes in attitudes and so on but I am busy now I got an exam in the end of this week "I am keeping myself busy till I find a job in this country"

Friday, December 16, 2005

I need an WLM invitation now !!

I am so so angry ,it is not fair that because I live in Egypt that I won't get an Invitation for both Windows Live messenger or Windows Live Mail Beta !!
well people I enrolled in the beta testers program for Microsoft for the MSN /WLM programs especially the IM program
Now I was so happy when I received that E-mail from MS telling me that I will be testing very soon the New Windows Live services ,I was so so excitied especial when I knew that many many people in the world received the E-Mail.
But then I found out that after the E-mails invitation for WL Mailbeta were sent to the testers and I got nothing until the application will be translated to the Arabic
That's a thing
what makes now mad is that WLM IM got their invitations and also invitations for their families and friends to test the new IM and of course we won't get those in Middle East "same complain from Israel" until it is tranlsated and that's will be near the end of the release :(
I won't be made or sad but I know some Egyptian dear Friend got the invitations for both programs and I don't know why I didn't have one despite I am an official beta tester ,my friend who sent over dozen million invitations yet I receive non lives in Egypt too !!!
anyway some beta testers are sending their invitations in internet forums and you have to be an active member not a silent one like me "Boy I hardly keep this blog running "
MS I want invitations for both WLM IM and WL Mail beta ,it isn't fair ,I don't use Arabic in WLM IM at all :(
I want a WLM invitation now !!

The Hindu Anger "Don't give hate a chance"

The problematic Stamp, see the woman and the man with the Hindu Marking and in front of them is baby Jesus!! Posted by Picasa
The Hindu Commnuity is so angry and furious and this anger was for two reason ,the first problem was over yet they were surprised to find some new offense
The first one ,the first offense was a terrible mistake made by the British Royal Mail ,already it is used to issue new stamps for Chirstmas every YearThis year the 2005/2005 Chirstmas is about the Madonna "Virgin Mary" and Baby Jesus around the world ,that is the Art works that were created around the world in different parts that portray The Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus according to the folkore arts and percetions of the different countries
Now with intenion or Non-Intenion the Royal Mail chose an art work from the two centuries or something from India portays an indian woman with a red point on her forehead holding baby Jesus and
behind her another Indian man with also a red point on his forehead
Here it is beginning of the post
The Hindus turned very angry because the red point on the forehead is Hindu Marking as for the man is called
'tilak' marking identifying him as a Vaishnava Hindu and the woman has the traditional 'kumkum' mark on her forehead identifying her as a married Hindu lady
So here comes a stamp portays the indian couple worshiping baby Jesus as It is said in the Hindu Forum of England
They got mad and angry and after negotations with the Royal Mail they reached that the Royal mail is not going to re-print any stamps of it and the stamp "the current printed "won't be available to the public except in post offices with specail orders "for example to the stamp collectors like me and my mom ,we are mad about stamps and we got an excellent collection"
To me to say the truth I was shocked because I thought for the first time that the Indian Lady with KumKum marking is the Virgin Mary ,in fact till now my Mom is convinced by that and I know that the KumKum is for married woman and there is a guy behind her with another marking yes it turned to have a different meaning but I was surprised and till now I don't know if this lady was the Madonna or not , as if the Madonna was portayed to this Lady than this will be a great insult for the Virgin Mary "I don't mean any offense to the Hindus but there are lots of rubbish talk nowadays saying that Virgin Mary is not a virgin May God forgive me after all we consider her from the great lady of heaven",so this rubbish makes me angry as a Muslim
Anyway the Stamp is in history now we will go to Russia and From Russia with Hate to Karshina
The Archbishop of the Orthodox Church there Archbishop Nikon Called Karshina "one of the Hindu many gods and in fact his one of their main gods " an evil demon, the personified power of hell opposing God”, and “a livid lascivious youth” and asked the mayor of Moscow to ban the construction of a hindu temple in the Ex-red City as otherwise an idolatrous disgrace erected for the glory of wicked and malicious ‘god’ Krishna”.
“Construction of the temple to Krishna offends our religious feelings and insults the thousand-year religious culture of Russia,” Interfax quoted Archbishop Nikon as saying.
By the way the Prime Minster of India will visit Russia soon to meet with Putin
Well I don't know but is it me or is it the people of the world become more radical and more offensive towards others who don't share us the same views and religions
As a muslim I have to respect other religions from the Quranic persecptive "You got your own religion and I got mine "
For Hindism well , I must say I have a dream to visit India with my camera to the south to the Hindu complex temples there and keep taking photos, their Style and colors are mervollus
Yesterday I downloaded for the first time in My life a song for Jamiroquai "I like its beat" it is called Don't give hate a chance

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Missing Saddam's trial !!

I miss this comic play :), Do you believe that this man and his brother were once ruling a country and terrorizing the region and the world ,they look more to me as fruit sellers  Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 12, 2005

Sad day for freedom in Lebanon and Arab World

It is sad day for freedom in Lebanon and in the Arab world.
It is sad day for freedom in Lebanese and Arabic jounralism.
It is sad day for all those who believe in freedom,democracy and equity
Today the famous Lebanese journalist Gobran Tuonei was killed in massive blast in Beirut ,the beauty and fashion capital seems to become the death and blasts capital .
Terrible images on Channels like Future TV ,LBC TV and Al-Jazeera , it shocked me and shocked all those who were watching TV today.
Gobran Tuonei for me was an example of the handsome,intelligent and successful man ,I consider him more diplomatic than many Lebanese leaders , he got many good relations especially with the Egyptian officials "yes I opposed many of Egypt's internal policies but I am with the external policies", so it is shocking really shocking.
Gobran is the son of a very famous journalist Ghasan Tuonei and comes from a very famous family in the Journalism industry in Lebanon and he owns the El-Nahr newspaper , got four girls and his uncle is Marwan Hamada , the famous opposition leader and if you are following the Lebanese issue ,you will know that Marwan Hamada was saved by a miracle from an assassination attempt ,in fact it was the first in series of bombings in Beirut followed directly with the terrible assassination of El-Harriri and ended by Tuonei.
Tuonei is the second journalist from El-Nahr to be killed in a blast , few months ago Samir Safir the famous journalist there and the husband of one of top 10 best female tv-presenter in the world according to New York Times Gizelle Khouri, ended his life in Similar way.
Also He is the third from the media to be a victim of bombing as after Samir Safir ,there was the LBC TV presenter Mai Shadik
Tuoni won the parliament elections this year as member for the Orthodox chair in Beirut "Sorry if I am mistaken" and he was from the leaders of the independence movement in Lebanon ,the movement that inspired many people in the Arab world including me .
He was against the Syrian existence in Lebanon after the retreat of Israel from the South and he had all the right in this opposition , and that 's why Syrian regime is on the accusation list "the problem is that the Syrian regime did many crimes that makes it impossible to believe that it didn't have any relation after all the blood of millions of Syrians and Lebaneses is curse on it"
I think the one who really did it is the president Email Lahoud ,as from few weeks Tuoni attacked him so fiercely in the Parliament,and called for his accountability .
I think Lahoud is behind it directly not Syria , Syria I am sorry to use this word is in deep Shit ,already the second international investigation report came out and oh boy it is very bad position 5 Syrians are involved
It is not wise thing to Kill Touni if I were in a Syrian regime place
Already I felt that Touni is from the moderated opponent compared to some one like General Oan or Samir Ga3ag
anyway the bombing game in Lebanon reached to the number 15 , 15 bombing and assassination !!
To all my Lebanese friends I share your grief and sadness ,consider me one of you today ...:(

Saturday, December 10, 2005

200 years on Mohamed Ali Basha rule to Egypt
Yes Mohamed Ali Basha was chosen by the Egyptian people to rule them in 1805 in the summer, I didn't celebrate or talk about it then because I was busy talking about the frustrating present in Egypt.
Mohamed Ali Basha my dear visitors is the founder of Modern Egypt , this Albanian who could n't read or write made a great nation that invaded the Middle East and became a threat to the world powers then England and France , this Albanian did in 30 years what the Egyptians rulers in 50 years failed in.
Mohamed Ali Basha was chosen by the Egyptian people themselves in incredible incident that shows despite at that time Egyptians didn't have the enough political culture or enough education yet they made the right decision.
The Basha was a great man despite that he made what now can be looked at as crimes as the Massacre of Mamlukes at the Citadel but come on if he didn't do such violent act ,he wouldn't have security nor stability in the country , a security and stability that paved for him the way to the country he wanted.
Kidnapped the kids so that they will be sent to Europe to be educated? Well this kidnapping process gave birth to Egypt great pioneers...
Mohamed Ali Basha proved to have a long view in politics that fascinates me till now
Do you know that he refused the project of Suez Canal, saying that it will bring problems to Egypt and it did since its digging!?
It is also said but I am not sure of this historical fact happened in his era or Ishmael Basha era, that some European rich Jews wanted to rent Sinai and he refused whether it was him or it was his grand son Khedive Ismail or Ishmael by Hebrew.
Do you know why Mohamed Ali's great achievements really happened?
Next time inshallah, it is never too late to celebrate 200th anniversary of Mohamed Ali's Rule to Egypt.
By the way I didn't write about the occasion at its time because it makes me sad and even cry when I compare the conditions of Egypt now and then.
It was then better zillion times than now L

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Alexander the great or Alexander the gay ?

Was Alexander the great really as they are saying now gay?
Sorry to be specific in the description was he really bisexual person?
Since the 70s of the last century and there are claims that were turned as historical facts that the great young leader who invaded the world was a gay and he preferred men over women and the rest of this talk you can find in Oliver Stone's Alexander movie!!
Greeks refuse these claims and if you remember when Alexander the movie was released and even they sued Stone for spreading these claims.
Anyway I was watching today a documentary in Discovery channel in Showtime Arabia, this documentary was Battle ground: Ancient wars, it was about the famous historical war between the Persian army and Alexander the great army.
That ancient war is not only historical but legendary 45 thousand Greek solider in front of 1/2 million Persian solider in Persia "Iran now" and yet Alexander made a miracle and won.
The tactics used in the war are great, the plan, the whole design of the Greek army, also the personality and intelligence of Alexander as a commander, an excellent documentary.
This documentary made me think a lot about the claims about Alexander's sexuality is he or is he not?
I felt from the documentary that he is straight man; the kind of a commander to achieve this victory must be a man on all levels if you understand what I am saying.
Also I remember I saw another documentary on Discovery civilization called lost civilizations: Persia and I remember them saying that Alexander warned his officers and soldiers from imitating the Persian lifestyle as it is homosexual life style no suitable for a man, as Alexander who came from Harsh country compared to Persia finds the Persians were not men enough as they had so comfortable lifestyle, this is recorded in historical records ,as you see Homosexuality was something bad from his point of view ,something he warned his officers and soldiers from , so how come he became a gay!?
Another thing and this historical proof, according to the Egyptian Egyptologists and historians and also Greek literature and history professors there is no single Greek record or document saying that he was a gay.
Also it was well known that he had many wives and the most famous one of them was Roxanna
So what is the story?
It started in the Novel "The Persian slave or boy" as I read some where from sometime after that Alexander the great joined Leonardo Da Vinci in the ancient gay club!!
I don't believe that for one good reason, historians always change history as they are humans; already the western Historians portrayed Cleopatra as whore who stole roman men from their wives while she was an intelligent woman who worked very hard to preserve the independence and dignity of her own country!!
This reminds me with stupid claims by some western historians I saw it on either the National geographic channel "Asia" or on the history channel saying that Akhenaton, the famous pharaoh and the first person in Egypt to call for One God, was a gay!!!!
Despite all the historical proofs that he was a straight man who adored both his wife and his mistress "he had one who gave birth to son!!"
What about you folks? Do you think that Alexander was gay?

wa 3ad ElNahr

An Egyptian Woman on the floor becuase of the Crying gas bombs thrown by the Anti-riots forces Posted by Picasa
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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

El-intifida in 2005 elections!!

Thank God that the Bloody circus of the 2005 parliament elections in Egypt had finished today , it finished dramatically and sadly
The death toll reached in to 4 persons in the elections , this session or phase three were killed added to the 20 years old young man who was killed in this second phase of the elections in Alexandria :(
This time not the thugs but those who let the thugs out ,the police forces and the central security forces "the anti-riots forces"
I watched a scene in the Al-Jazeera news of course not on the national TV ,on Egyptian TV everything is fine ,rosey and under the control
back to the scene
with no introduction or description , it is scene you can see it in the Palestinian intifida , Israeli soldiers opening their fires and Palestinians throwing stones at them
now change the Israeli forces with the Egyptian anti riots forces and the Palestinians with Egyptian electors
Just like the war !!
The government and interior ministry as usual put the blame on the Muslim brotherhood and the banned group put the blame on the government
I as an Egyptian Citizen put the blame on the government and the interior ministry which really I wish to see its minister resigns.
Guys who got guns and soldiers ? Who prevented the electors from voting ?
The Muslim brothers and sisters or the government and behind the NDP !!!!
It is disgusting and disgrace

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Stupid practical Joke

Today the traffic in El-Gizah especially the Dokki-Mohendissn area was terrible ,in other words sucks and a terrible traffic jam ,some people I know got stuck in traffic for a whole hour.
It was as if we were on Thursday ,no one knows the reason
I thought may be because some V.I.P jerk visiting some place in the area " I was stuck in this traffic jam "
and now I know why
Some jerk seems to me a student who hates his school ,called the Egyptian police to inform them that there is a bomb in the Deutsche School in Dokki !!!
already the Deutsche school is in a busy part of town "for those who know the map of Dokki and Giza will understand what I mean"
it turned out there is no bomb or any terrorist act except some stupid phone call from some loser.
Stupid practical joke :(

I changed the Computer Heart

Oh boy this was one of the worst weekends ever, on last thursday my computer suddenly stopped working , like a human body with no pulse at all .
I didn't know why that happened really at first but I began to use my mind , and I found out there was something wrong with the power supply and I was right.
An Excellent computer nerd told me that it was the power supply box , the computer's heart and that I must change the heart immediately with a new one with more watts

So only yesterday I bought a new heart and my computer had a litte operation and here we are back in business :)

Saturday, December 3, 2005

no updates

Sorry folks there will be no update for this blog for awhile as i have serious problem in pc,already this post is from my mobile phone:(

Thursday, December 1, 2005

The minorities report in Egypt

The minorities report in Egypt [with no apology to Cruise and Spielberg boring movie]
There are other minorities than the Copts "Orthodox Christian Egyptian" that don't have its rights completely
In fact if we compare their conditions with the Copts conditions, we will find that Copts are much more fortunate than them
What are these minorities?
  1. The Bedouin Arab tribes of Sinai

  2. The Bedouin tribes of the West desert

  3. The Nubian people
Today it will be about the Arab Bedouin tribes of Sinai

  • The Bedouin Arab tribes of Sinai , already they stood beside the Egyptian people to get back our land yet we repaid the debut in the worst way especially the security forces which since the first Taba blasts began a mass operation of Oppression against them started in Arish on the Egyptian –Palestinian borders , mass arresting operations to Women and Children ,and of course with harassments to the women ,reports of human rights organizations said it is harassments from both kinds "Physical " and "sexual", people we are considered from the urban parts yet we don't accept such behavior and feel so angry just like what happened over the Journalists syndication from few months , so can you imagine what are the feelings of the Arab Bedouins tribes towards the security forces especially the honor for such tribes is a big thing and they don't forget , Taba blast was just the beginning of the hell the tribes of Sinai would see later after the Sharm El-Sheikh blast on the last 22nd of July 2005 , Let's just say the truth that till this moment the Egyptian don't have a clear idea about what really happened in Sharm .
Already since the casualties number and the government lies machine in working on , I heard many tales from people who live in Sharm about what happened there , also the security forces and the Egyptian police's way in handling things , every now and then a news in the news bar on TV "Murder of one of the doers of Sharm blasts", this news flash appeared many times that I wonder how many people really made the blast and who are really they , just bunch of unemployed Bedouins who turned in to radicalism or what?
Anyway what happened from mistreatment to the Bedouins in Sinai there was a disgrace, torture, mass arresting to ladies and children, harassment and that's really enough to make the people of Sinai just hate those bloody people who come from Valley of the Nile.
If you go to Sinai and see the life of those people, you will sure feel with some suffering.
After all they turned in to some human exhibition to the tourists there , I am sorry but as Egyptian I don't like this and then we come with our security phobia to turn their in to hell "boy the Israelis were better"
Before the elections, the 10o' program on Dream 2 discussed this issue with people from there and it was tragedy and of course the NDP member spoke of how Sinai whether North and South turned in to heaven in the last 20 years!!!!! "Tourist heaven may be!!"
No one denies that Sinai and some Bedouin tribes turned in to smuggling and drug trafficking but why?
Simply because the government didn't give them any help to improve their living. Yes they plant drugs and hush in the land that supposed to be plant wheat and corn but did the government give them a real help to spread the wheat farms instead of the hush farms in the vales of Sinai.
The government was thankful to make the Al-Salaam Lake and the Nile river water reached Sinai but it is not enough , the red tapes and high price of the land are constraints to anyone who just thinking to work in cultivation there .
If you think more and more in this issue, you will find that it isn't the Egyptian people mistake at all, we are not racists heaven forbids but it is the regime and the government's fault that don't care about the people as it should be.
The unemployment in the younger generation of Bedouins in Sinai is the main reason they turned in to crime and terrorism, also the lack of education.
Really how many schools are there?
And how many students there enrolled in the education process?
Many questions with no or even embarrassing shocking answers
Lack in education, lack in medical care, and lack in, lack in …….etc  
The people of Sinai, are just like the rest of Egyptian people don't ask much, just a little respect and good life
I guess these demands are very modest and after all they are Egyptian people and live under the Egyptian flag.
Imagine this scene a young Bedouin kid doesn't go to school, live in poverty and ignorance, suddenly he sees his mom being dragged out of there house in the most humiliated way by an Egyptian police officer from her hair because some one said to be from the Bedouin "not so sure also" bombed himself in a hotel beside a vip residence, and those bad terrorists are from the Bedouins and they escaped somewhere in Sinai, and they are not related to the family of the kid near or far!!
This kid rose upon the values of Honor and so, do you expect that he will be loyal to the flag and the regime and the country? After all he is mom was humiliated under the name of protecting the nation!!
By the way many people now in Egypt speak about these terrible acts against those poor civilians especially Soot El-Omaa newspaper made reports about what happened there for many issues and no one cared from the government to deny these accusations
The Egyptian government and security are losing as usual minds and hearts in Sinai, Losing allies that they depended upon a lot in the time of the war and I am afraid that the Israeli forces hadn't done in six years what the Egyptian police did in few months!!
The Egyptian police says that by this way it fights and eliminates terrorism but really by this way it spread hate, anger that can be turned to violence and no loyalty to the country