Friday, March 30, 2007

The Persian Empire strikes back

It is about the British sailors or marines or whatever they are called , pardon me because I am not in the mood as I feel so ............

Let's speak the truth the British wanted to play some game yet the Iranians turned the table over their heads , they wanted to play James Bond with the Vevak the son of the Sevak , the mighty Sevak

The British say that they didn't enter the Iranian water and that they got a satellite image for this and thus they will not apologize demanding the immediate release of their soldiers

On the other side the Iranians say that the speed boat or what even the British Navy soldier were using entered the Iranian waters for about 1/2 KM , and this is a violation and UK should apologize

With my all respect I don't think that the Speed Boat of James Bond enter 1/2 KM , if it enter 1/2 KM then how the Iranian Navy went so fast to catch the Britons , I mean 1/2 KM is enough distance to make the Britons just jump and swim to the Iraqi safe side as soon as the Persian attack of Xerxes grandchildren , it was either they were inside , more than 1/2 KM spying or checking the Iranian security in their borders or the Iranians were just standing on the water borders waiting for some British patrol to come to kidnapped them

seriously I think Iran is playing foolishly like UK , the Iranian regime now thinks that it holds a card that can be used in blackmailing the west for its nuclear program and the Security Council sanctions

On the other side America and its unfortunate European follower UK found it as a great opportunity to create some reason of War , to make the west hate more and more those Persians the grand children of Xerxes !!

It makes me uncomfortable know to know that UK attacked Iran cutting off the relations as if there were real ones and Najidi found an opportunity for his tongue to respect an official apology , I swear that after some hours he will come and request the Queen's apology but she won't do it because they are arrogant but because they didn't do in most important stuff like the Sikhs massacre in India during the occupation

Look I am not real in my mood ,I feel so dull , only few weeks and the POWs back a memory now !!

it is so depressing

I am sorry

Iran broadcasts British sailor's apology - Yahoo! News

The post is updated due to many typos

You know I don't trust much these apologies of the captured soldiers easily , already I respected so much the mother of the famous TV host and journalist "Wagdy Hamdy Kandeel" when she blamed him for having an interview on TV with some captured Israeli officer during the 1973 October war because that Israeli officer was captured ,scared ,away from his country and people and in the enemies' hands 

That woman had spoken without knowing the international laws and the Geneva conventions , that woman had spoken and told her famous son what made him regret after many decades because her other son was from our officers who went in 1967 and never returned back

I don't know why I remember this when I began to see the videos and pictures of the captured British marines in the Iranian TV and Al-Jazeera

Look I am not talking here about this political game , but I am looking from the both sides of the mirror,I mean what is the feelings of the Iranians if it were vice versa !!!

May be because I was working a lot of time and I am still working with the Egyptian POWs file and so I feel so touchy regarding any POW  ,yes they are not POW , but I don't why they are treated like POWs

already I hate the Way Iranian regime way of handling this matter , I mean today I saw some demo where some Iranian citizen holding a big cartoon written on it with red and black

"Execute the aggressors !! "

look it is not war yet , but these acts will do nothing except to make the British people who refuse war , welcome it

Link to Iran broadcasts British sailor's apology - Yahoo! News

Thursday, March 29, 2007

President Khatami in Egypt

Shall we spread the floor with sands for Cairo's fine guest ??

"Spreading the floor with sands" is a sign of a great respect to the guest in the common classes in Egypt

The fine Guest is the Iranian ex-president Mohamed Khatami who after many decades his wish to visit Egypt was fulfilled and he came to the heart of both the Arab and Sunni world

I respect this man so so so much , in fact he is my favorite in Iran in the modern age and my admiration about Iran started with his presidency and it made me read more and more about Iran ,its history and civilization and because I come from a great country with a great ancient history and civilization I respected the Iran

To be honest I can be biased because my grand father was from the active members of the Egyptian- Iranian friendship society whether in the time of the shah or after the revolution and I know how he worked very hard to bring back the relation on the people's level back again till the last the day of his life , because he believed the most powerful Islamic triangle was Egypt,Turkey and Iran ,already I think if he had been alive now , he would have met President Khatami in Cairo ,May Allah bless his soul

Last night in an exclusive interview that can be considered as a scoop President Khatami appeared in the "10 PM" on Dream TV screen yesterday with my favorite and wonderful "Mona El-Shazely" whom I wish to be like her some day

For Two hours he spoke and I just listened to what he was saying with complete admiration

From Politics , mostly politics about the current situation , many ignore the fact that the Iranian Nuclear program started in his presidential period.

Then he spoke for a short time about Religion and philosophy , I want to read his books because they seemed very interesting.

President Khatami is the best example of the real Muslim leader who combines the wisdom ,religion,philosophy and time , he is a realistic and open minded

The only thing I wished he would talk about is how he saw Egypt and Cairo , the people and the place

As an Egyptian I tell you sir it has been very long time since Cairo received a guest like you , a respectful one sir :)

German Measles spreads in Egyptian Schools

The opposition newspapers say that it is from the products of the new amendments but seriously it was there since last week before the amendments and the ministry of education as usual used the old policy of "deny till the end"

The news which started as a rumor that several Egyptian students from the primary stage in Cairo and Giza were infected by the German Measles in several schools

Of course when anything related to schools and diseases especially in the populated areas like Cairo and Giza is announced whether it is a fact or a rumor ,it causes great panic in Egypt and People don't send children to schools after some time and several TV and newspapers interview with officials from the ministries of health and education that everything is under control

Ironically I read yesterday a statement by some official in the education ministry saying that what we see in the Egyptian Primary schools is only individual cases in the spring time , well he is right about one thing , it is spring and it is full of such diseases

But he is not right about the "individual cases" , because the same education ministry he is working for according to the reports and statistics from the different educational units in the Governates across the country that there are 264 students infect with the Measles

In Cairo and Giza both are said to have 104 students

In Al-Wadi El-Gadid , there are 115

In Mansoura , there are 28

and in Monufia ,there are 13

this is according to what is published in today's "El-Masry El-Youm"

Yet what is published in today's Ahram in the front page is even more and more scary ,taking in consideration that El-Ahram is the official newspaper of the state, they are saying that there are 300 students in Giza alone infected by the disease !! with no mention to other places

I know that the German Measles is not dangerous disease very well but this is big numbers and we must ask ourselves why ??

Already I understood that there was a mandatory injection from 10 years ago and then it stopped why ??!!!

I am asking because may be next it won't be a German measles , it can be even more dangerous disease

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Diplomatic talk

The diplomatic talk is the kind of talk in my opinion that doesn't make you reach to any conclusion in the moment in a polite way

Today in the opening of the Arab summit the secretary general of the Arab League Amr Moses said diplomatic talk that made me laugh , you know he wanted to hold the stick from the middle but ended like those who were dancing on the staircase neither those who live upstairs head nor those who downstairs saw them "pardon me for using 100% Egyptian common proverbs but I needed something to explain what I am trying to say"

Moses said that if Israel wants the Arab Peace initiative to be adjusted first ,we the Arabs wants Israel to accept it first

well they will never accepted come on this peace initiative takes from them all what they took in 1967

And they said it clearly they won't accept it except when it is adjusted what they see suitable for them and we said we won't adjust anything , take or leave it !

Now to Lebanon

Moses said that to have an international trial for the assassination of Prime minister El-Hariri is a national fair demand and also to have a national unity cabinet is a national fair demand !!

Did you reach to anything??

please sign this petition

I know that I post lots of petitions but this one is very important

You know in the stupid Pal talk chat programs there are many chat rooms that attack our religion the Islam and its messenger prophet Mohamed "PBUH" in the worst ways ever

We can as Muslims to stop this insult in a civilized way without attacking anyone or any other religion or faith simply by signing this petition, it seems that the Pal talk administration won't close the room that attacks our religion and holy symbol except after receiving one million signature , well the good new that the signature reached over 800,000 and inshallah with you help will reach more than a million

I will be very thankful if sign it and also forward this link

Link to End the Hate Petition

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Two states for one country

This year the Arab summit in Riyadh will be very special not because the revival attempt of the Arab Peace initiative which Israel refuses or the Egyptian common Arab defense new plan but because for the first time in history of the Arab summits two official delegations represent one country .

The one country is Lebanon , the two delegations are representing the government and the opposition

The first one representing the government will be headed by Fouad El-Saniora , the prime minister

The second one representing the opposition will be headed by Emile Lahoud , the president

really I am so anxious to see where and how they will sit , I mean in one place or two places with labels "Lebanon" and "Lebanon 2"

Already I don't which one of those delegation represents "Lebanon" or "Lebanon2" !!

It will be interesting thing to watch

Arab Summit Considers Military Plan

This is very interesting proposal Egypt tries to get back the leadership of the Arab Nation with.

In the last couple of months Egypt appeared to become for many as ex-leader while Saudi Arabia is the new Leader of the Arab Nation , thanks to the successful Saudi mediation between Palestinians , their work in Iraq and not to forget Lebanon.

It is a sad thing , a bitter fact that everyone of course except the official media is speaking about

Usually it was Egypt not Saudi Arabia not like Saudi Arabia then Egypt ,with my all respect and admiration to the Saudi role which seemed to be working for the Arab sake wisely but I don't like Egypt to be like that.

Anyhow I hope this plan would be a serious not just a replace for the 1950 common defense agreement in the benefit of Israel , also it is not to confront the Iranian so called danger , I believe this military plan should stand like some sort of a nucleus for an Arab common forces like the NATO , the important benefit of such force which is also mentioned I guess in the article below that it can be used in the Arab countries that face problems like in Sudan or Lebanon , instead of relying on Foreign and UN forces with all respects

I want to be optimists and Say that Egypt made this plan because of Darfur , not because the United States wants to create a first front line with the Iranians from the Arabs

Link to Arab Summit Considers Military Plan - New York Times

If this plan is approved ,then there will be a great hope , first it will provide certain amount of protection for countries like Syria , Lebanon and Sudan

Second let's see the future , if this kind of rulers from Kings and Presidents are hopeless and weak enough to use this plan , well may be in the future those rulers will be replaced with others who are bold enough to make use of it

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Arab Summit in Riyadh ; deja Vu

The Arab Summits now became like the elections in Egypt , an excepted result that is summarized in the famous quote "The Arabs agreed not to agree"

The usual scenario opening session with long powerful speeches from couple of president and kings especially "Bashar El-Assad" and silly useless one from "Gadfi" whom won't attend this year nor his country delegation thank God

then some closed session with fights , quarrels and disagreements

After that the ending session takes place with some disappointed expected results from agreements and decision to be declared by the secretary general Amr Moses with a sad face

Seriously people now , the majority of them don't care much any more about like any other political form in the Arab world , the Arabs were having summits even before the EU but where are they now from the EU ??

The same faces , the Same talk and strangely the same issues

I mean since the first summit and the Palestinian issue was in there ,since day one till now

added to it the "Aqsa Mosque" issue which always treated in the same way to issue an order to Israel to stop the digging as if Israel will scare from the Arabs and stop what ever it does there and condemnation.

This year they will discuss again "The Arabic Initiative for Peace" as it seemed interesting again for Israel and the United States as they think it can stop the Shiite Iranian threat , of course Israel will never approve of the initiative because it won't return back the Golan heights and East Jerusalem without one hell of a fight , it won't , but this is just a consumption of time , giving hope ,false one for the people around the world that the two cousins can reach to an agreement

The other old but not so old like the Palestinian issue which will be discussed are the following with out arrangement , arrange yourself

  • The Iranian threat and its nuclear activity , both Egypt and Saudi Arabia got the Answer ,have our own nuclear peaceful nuclear powers
  • The Iraqi issue , this is very complicated and sick issue , a civil religious and ethnic war is there and I am afraid the Arabic identity of Iraq is dissolving , Iraqi issue I am afraid is like the Palestinian issue.
  • The Lebanese issue , till now the opposition is holding on what they want and the government is holding on what they want ,and here I will make a separate post insh Allah concerning it
  • The Syrian issue , it is related to both the Lebanese,Iranian ,Iraqi and Palestinian issue , you know with all respect I think it was mistake when Jordan replace Syria in the top trio Arab countries , no offense in fact I believe they must be Egypt,Saudi Arabic, Syria and Jordan
  • The Sudanese issue, Darfur and both Egypt and Sudan don't want an international force
  • The Somali issue, I mean there is a fight going on there and we don't understand anything ,I mean another country invaded it

Anyhow as you see this is like a deja Vu , an over repeated show , the same issues and the same weak solutions which are not already solutions because if they are then we won't have the same issues and files every year and every summit !!!

Gamal Mubarak spoke

Gamal Mubarak as usual spoke to the foreign jounralists check what Time's Cairo Bureau Chief Scott Macleod had written regarding what Gamal Mubarak said to the foreing journalists on the eve of the referendum . It is very strange that Mubarak likes to speak with foreign journalists and ignores the locals as if all he really cares is his picture outside only !!!

Please check in the Time magazine middle east blog

Also I am so thankful to Vagabond blogger as he hinted to the New York times coverage of the referendum ,also very ineteresting

75,9% said approved the amendments

ok the results were announced today and they were the following

From those who have the right to vote in Egypt with voting id cards "35,701,660" only 27.1% showed up and voted "like me"

From those 27.1% ,75.9% approved the constitution amendments

This was the official expected unrealistic announcement despite the fact that the 27.1% which the government announced is the smallest attendance percentage ever ,they couldn't lie and say the attendance was historical like the sick headlines in Al-Khyber and Al-Ahram

Ladies and Gentlemen , I was there yesterday those who attended really were less than 27.1% , it is like what the human rights organizations are saying about 4% who really participated in the referendum

Already if you watched Dream TV yesterday and this new Night show "10' PM" you would see the empty elections committees across the country, many people didn't bother themselves to go and participate because they don't trust the government ,they know in advance that the results will be changed to the regime's sake in either ways

Interesting enough I found out that Gamal Mubarak himself said to the foreign correspondents that he expected that 70% of the Egyptians won't participate in the referendum, because of the lack of the elections committees !!

Well that's what he thinks but this is not true ,70% of the Egyptian Won't and didn't participate because of other reasons which he knows very well but hates to admit

Link to FilBalad.News | النتائج الرسمية للاستفتاء : 75.9% قالوا "نعم" للتعديلات الدستورية

Monday, March 26, 2007

No Comment

I can't find a suitable title for this post so I will leave to you

Translation :
The Governorate of Damitta
The local unit of Mait El-Kholi Abd Allah
                           After the greeting
Please alert the workers under your supervision to head to the headquarters of the referendum committees to Vote YES for the constitution amendments next Monday the 26/3/2006 , and not to sign the attendance and departure and to deliver the journals of attendance to the local unit on the morning of the referendum day .This is to reach the highest voting rate for the village
The Mayor
Interesting very interesting , no freedom of choice , ordering people to vote Yes and gathering them their work !!??
They forgot to say with the regards of the NDP

Egypt is Hacked in Wikipedia

I don't know who did but this is rudeness

This is what is written in case they resolve it

Egypt will fall on March 27, 2007!!!You are so stupid, you shouldnt say there going to get nuked! DUMB ASS

This is unacceptable :(

Voting girl "Vol.3"

After the great success of Voting Girl and Voting girl "Vol.2" I present to you this year Voting girl "Vol.3"

I got an voting id card ,YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY , at last , you know I felt so happy when I received last week and my happiness was doubled when I knew that I was going to use it today

Anyhow I believed that I must participate not like what the opposition called for from boycotting the referendum , at least I would say what I think in front of myself and in front of God , I don't care if they will change it or not because at least I did what I have to do.

To tell you the truth I was scared because of what happened yesterday ,it was fearful ,the assualts and attacks of the Egyptian Police forces on the protests in Tahrir square and arresting the protesters in a disgusting horrible way was terrible and this made me not to take my camera with me to take some shots for the committees and voters, you know like the other citizen jounralists across the world , I also didn't take my mobile phone because of its camera , really I didn't want anyone to suspect me as I know there can be a lot of tension.

the morning came and I was susposed to be ready for voting , one thing you must know about me that without make up I look like a 16 years old girl and people usually think that I am a young girl like in the police station when I went to get my voting id card , so to stop any silly comment I used some make up and my beautiful big black 1960s sun glasses and my plan seemed so successful as the Police officers and soldiers seemed so helpful , they tried to help me to find my name and what I should do , of course I didn't take off my sun glasses except inside otherwise they would have discovered me ,oh I also forgot to say that I wore my Egyptian silver and Fairoz earings , I think I looked pretty enough

Anyhow I found out my committee where I live is my old language high school ,It was good to return back and I already knew my way there ,it brought good memories.Outside the school the NDP made some sort of a booth with several people setting and encouraging others to vote and say yes but no one is giving damn to them

 The wise people in the elections committee were very smart when they put the women's committees in the third floor , a 23 years old girl like felt exhausted when I reached it , already I always hated that staircase when I was in the school and that's why I didn't use it much, I reached there and I found my name , a side remark I saw three young people like me coming down the stairs , the rest were some old ladies from the low working classes who seemed to be given some money to vote and say yes to the amendments .

I found where I should vote ,I went to the man who was so helpful with me ,he explained to me what I should do and without seeing my Personal ID to check from the picture to know whether that I was the girl in the picture or not , he gave me paper only by checking my voting id.

I went to remark what choice in the paper which looked like this leaked document which found its way in Nile Delta yesterday , of course this is a photo copy , the original one is a black/green paper, with explanation in the four pages of the constitution amendments , of course I didn't read them ,I already know them and I determined what should I remark

two things I must mention here there was no voting booth with a curtain ,it was some desk ,I tried to keep some privacy of course you don't need to guess what I chose ,since day one I don't approve the amendments

and now the big moment to put the paper in the box ,the GLASS TRANSPARENT BOX


But i didn't ,I put the paper and I don't know if it will make any difference ,yet I felt so comfortable I did what I think it is my role and I don't regert and I am not afraid because I did it according to the law ,so why should I be afraid !!??

After I had finished I had to put my small finger in the red ink , very disgusting and foolishly I didn't take care and I put half of my finger , pardon me it is my first voting experience I tried to clean it but it turned that I will stay with half red pinky finger a whole 24 hours

an important remark it was 1 PM and the attandance was n't as expected by the NDP but as expected by the rest of the Political powers in Egypt very few , at least the attandance in my committee from ladies in what i saw in box and in the attandance paper I think those who came were less than hundred ,I don't know about the rest but this what I saw and think.

When I was on my home ,I saw a micro-bus from the NDP coming ,I don't have to guess much that they were bringing their supporters to vote .

This is my Voting girl "Vol.3" this year

And this is my red finger :)

Voting Girl "Vol.3"

Sunday, March 25, 2007

New arrests

Today there was a big protest arranged by Kafya against the Constitution amendments in Cairo, already I knew it wasn't going to be fine as the interior minister from couple of days promised not to let anyone to disturb the national scene before or during the referendum , also yesterday night it turned out that George Isaac , the ex-coordinator of the Kafya movement and activist ,suddenly disappeared , online and offline there was a rumor that he was arrest , especially his wife in Cairo and his family Port Said didn't know anything about him , any how he appeared to be fine but suddenly in Port Said and no one knows how or why ,as he was supposed to be in Cairo for the protest.

These were my indications that today we may see bad things like violence and arrests and I was right as it turned down

Many protesters were arrested including a number not big but also not small from bloggers ; of course they were n't arrested for blogging but for protesting in the streets

Also some foreign journalists were attacked and their cameras were either smashed

Already it turned out the plan was to spend the night in the Tahrir square till the referendum , of course the security didn't want that to happen and thus it release their anti-riots and thugs gangs after the protesters.

The protesters now are in the building of the journalists syndication completing their protest under very heavy security existence

Arabaway aka Hossam El-Mahalawy made an excellent coverage about the protest ,already he was detained for some time but thank God he was released ,also the first set of images are here

Constitution amendments : Articles 82,84 and 85

You know I feel so angry that I didn't pay to the amendments proposed for Articles 82,84 and 85 in the Egyptian Constitution ,to be correct I didn't see the implications of these articles until my aunt explained to me the horrible scenario that can take place if we don't pay attention to it and say big NO TOMORROW

Already that scenario was published today in "El-Fagr" newspaper in a big headline

the scariest scenario ever

Unexpected one , we are all focusing on articles like 179 and 88 ,yet ignoring these articles

These articles are dealing with the President's absence and the who would take his responsibilities in this absence

The articles no.82,84 and 85 say that in the vice president would replace the president temporarily in the case of the president's absence in some surprising event like a sudden illness , where as the head of the parliament would replace the president in the case of the president's death

This is original text ,as you see it is perfect

But as you know we don't have yet vice president because our President Mubarak believes in Democracy and freedom of People choice and thus we don't need some appointed vice president and don't even ask how this to be related to freedom of choice and democracy because till now since this statement I am searching for an explanation I can not reach to

The amendment Mubarak wants is the following


This amendment is made because some times we can't have the old rule "practically for one reason or more ",in other words the absence of vice president like now for the last 24 years

It is not the problem that the prime minister would replace the president

But the problem is in that fearful future scenario,read it carefully and try to imagine it

After the Amendments there is a rumor that we will have a new cabinet with a new prime minister , Ahmed Nazif is not a wanted man anymore as the American administration considers him as a possible candidate for the Egyptian Presidency while Gamal Mubarak considers him a rival that should be out of the game

So till now all the expectations are predicting that the prime minister would one of Gamal's men whether in the current cabinet or the Policies committee in the NDP

But after this amendment in those articles Gamal Mubarak  himself can be the next prime minister of Egypt after that heavens forbid Mubarak,the father can be sick and thus he can be the president smoothly without any presidential election , without objection oft the west , he did it according to the constitution there is no breaking law here ,on the contrary.

Coming through this indirect way will be much easier and securer to Gamal as he knew that the people hate him and won't accept him to see running for presidency directly , so the best way is just to jump on the chair and make them deal with it

What do you think people ??

It is a smart game and all that time we were screaming in other directions which can be less dangerous

We must all say big NO tomorrow insh Allah

The Egyptian Church and the referendum

Did you know that the referendum was set to be in April but they had to advance the date to the 26th of March ??

because in April those brain heads in NDP chose the same date of the Eastern along with the Christian Egyptian Orthodox church celebration , they wanted a day which is already off so they won't have to choose a day and make it off for both public and private sectors , the wise asses didn't remember that the Egyptian Christians in those couple of days got some rest after a big fasting

Well another thing

Again for the second time despite all the criticism Pope Shounda the third requested well in better words ordered the Egyptian Christians following the church to participate in the referendum and of course to vote for the sake of the amendments , it is not the first time that he did something like this , it is the second after the shocking order in the presidential elections in 2006 , an act that didn't shock not only the Christians but also the Muslims like me as I always consider Pope Shounda to be wise and patriot enough not to follow the regime stupid orders . Already this order created a big debate in the Egyptian Church giving an opportunity for the opponents of the Pope from other religious men and also from secular Christians in Egypt to criticize the Pope calling for the separation of the Church and politics.

But to be fair I think the last illness of the Pope can be a factor not a misjudgment but we are all reading about the conflicts inside the Church between the holy men who want to be next Pope after the death of Pope Shounda , may be this order comes from an agreement , a specific one between the regime and certain party in the Church , I won't call it the Pope's party , but I will consider it a party that wants to win the regime acceptance

The Mauritanian experience

Did you see the news ?? Did you watch what is going Mauritania.
This Arabic African country that many don't know that it is member in the Arab League ,which is usually mentioned in Egyptian Newspapers as some sort of villain Arabic country that has strong relations with Israel and America , strangely we have even stronger relations with Israel and America !!!
Anyhow we always underestimate this country , consider it poor and its people live according to tribalism
Yet those tribal people proved to be more advanced and respectful then us with our 7000 years civilization, they proved that they understand the word of democracy better than , not only us but better than the rest of the Arab world from the ocean to the gulf.
In August 2005 the army there made a coup that ended the dictator rule of Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya,who ruled the country for 21 years "sounds familiar is n't it ??!!"
That coup was led by colonel Ely Ould Mohamed Vall
 It could have been any other coup and to tell you the truth not all the media in Egypt received it happily in fact the official media didn't mention it all for fear that something similar would happen in Egypt and the opposition media hated the fact that new ruling regime didn't cut the relations with Israel nor America , I don't know why they aren't sad that the Arabs don't have a stronger relations with Mauritania !!
Mohamed Vall and his comrades from the army promised the people there with a real democracy and it happened , they promised them with free presidential elections , and they gave it to them , they also promised to change the rule in the country from a military one to a civilian one and to say the truth is something unusual to hear in the Arab world
Vall promised his people to stay only for two years as a transitional government in that period there was a referendum on the 26th of June 2006 where 96% of the people there approved on a new constitution which limited the duration of a president's stay in office "Article No.77 anyone ??!!"
Well I guess after this new constitution we should have expected what was going to happen this year , but as I said Mauritania is underestimated in the Arab world !!
On March the 11 2007 , the first democratic presidential elections since 1960 took place , several  candidates including women run for presidency elections , plastic transparent boxes were used , you know the boxes we wish to use in our official elections but we never see them except in our dreams and TV !!
The first round ended was two candidates , two civilian candidates I forget to mention this very important remark
Today is the second round and from two days ago for the first time in the modern history of the Arab world , there was a debate between the two candidates on TV just like in the west , this is in Mauritania not in Lebanon and surely not in Egypt
The two candidates are Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi and Ahmed Ould Daddah, and you will surprise to know that the difference between them was only 4% , Abdallahi received 20% from the votes and Daddah received 24%
I congratulate the people of Mauritania and I bow in front of Vall and his friends who proved to be wiser and braver than many armies in the Arab world
Already for the record they are not the first to do such clean coup in order to establish democratic rule in an Arab or African country ,President or general Abdel Rahman Swar Al-Dahab did the same thing .
I won't lie and say we don't need those types of military generals and colonels and those types of coups but the general idea in the minds of the most middle eastern Arabs now about the coups is a bad idea of a police military state against freedom and democracy and this general idea is not from void , but it comes from a long experience , a bloody one whether in Syria or Iraq or our Egypt with our glorious revolution , which to be honest  it could have been like Mauritania thanks to the great man who didn't have a chance general Mohamed Naguib.
Anyhow believe or not in the time of despair , the Mauritania's experience is giving a dime of light , a hope that there can be patriotic armies like the Mauritanian,and some now wishes that the army would wake up and thinks that it is matter of time , well I won't lie and I say I am not from these some , in fact I pray that this will happen and it is only a matter of time when we have our own Egyptian experience based upon the Mauritanian experience

Could a missing Iranian spark a war??

Remember general Asgari ??

Well there wasn't much about him in the latest couple of weeks , but the time published very interesting post by Robert Baer a former CIA field officer assigned to

I recommend you to read it

The article got a better and bigger picture for Asgari

He looks so Iranian

The greatest achievement ever!!

Our Egyptian Parliament should be included in the Guinness book of record as the fastest parliament to approve on constitution amendments in only 3 days or even less , I mean they said yes on 36 articles in the biggest amendments for the constitution since it was made in the 1970s !!!

This is a great achievement that should be considered in history word wide !!

I mean these amendments in any other country should be discussed for two months at least not three days.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Updates : The American department of States doesn't like the coming Constitution amendments

Well it is not an internal affair anymore , the American department of States doesn't like the coming constitution amendments and thus its head Rice criticized them and the Egyptian regime on Friday yesterday.

And of course the Egyptian State must answer back and that's what it needs to tickle the Egyptian people with their favorite weakness points the Egyptian Pride and independence

Today Mubarak answered back today in a speech in Assuit University , a speech that repeated every hour in the Egyptian TV and radio channels through out the hour in a very silly but as expected way

the Big pride words like "He won't give up the Egypt's Sovereignty and the independence of her well" and " he won't accept any pressures or orders or comprises that would jeopardize the future of the nation

Very big words really

of course also Ahmed Abu El-Gait the Egyptian Foreign minister had his two cents to add as he said today that Egypt refuses any intervention in its internal affairs

I forgot to say that Condaleeza Rice is going to meet Mubarak tomorrow ,I wonder if they can tell her all those big words

Condy didn't say anything wrong or false like they are saying now across the national TV , Already not only her or the American department of States who doesn't like those amendments but also the EU who requested at least international supervision which was rejected by the government because we don't accept the supervision of anyone except ourselves !!!

Not to mention the human rights organizations

You know it is time for my two cents

With my all respect those constitution amendments are the real insult or attack you name it , on the Egypt's sovereignty and independence of her well and Mubarak is jeopardizing the future of the nation because of them

The entourage of advisors

yesterday I read that Dr. Abdel Wahab El-Missiri , the famous Egyptian thinker, who is currently the coordinator of the Egyptian Movement for change aka Kafya, is asking President Hosni Mubarak not to listen to his advisers about the Constitution amendments
El-Missiri is wise enough to send for Mubarak this message but I am sure like many other that Mubarak advisers' won't deliver the message
The people around Mubarak , the advisers are his entourage and as usual the entourage isolates the ruler from the people . Mubarak I am sure doesn't know much about the constitution and its articles and the implications of the amendment proposed , but his advisers know and tell him , they tell him what they think it is better for them to continue in their place and for him to continue in his place , it is like a mutual benefit.He trusts them because they promise him to make stay where he is , he trusts them because they make him hear what he wants to hear ,he knows that he is not the best , but they tell him that he is and that what any dictator wants to hear from the people around him regardless of their true intentions and interest in order to trust them ,usually it is blind trust that send him and them to hell
Check the history of Egypt not the world , yes there are many examples about the entourages and advisers who send their leaders from president and kings to hell but I will speak local
King Farouk would have been an excellent ruler ,if he hadn't listen to his entourage
President Nasser would n't have been a dictator on the contrary ,he would have been excellent ruler if he had n't surround himself by an entourage who benefited from making him an idol encouraging his dictator rule ending it by a catastrophe called the six days war
President El-Sadaat would have ended his presidential term easily and peacefully and would have left the rule as he had wished after the return of Sinai if he didn't listen to his entourage , his entourage which was responsible for the September arrests and the corruption in Egypt
President Hosni Mubarak since day one was surrounded was even worse entourage ,I mean a man with a dirty history like Safwat El-Sherif ,a man accused with corruption like Kamal El-Shazely and it is even getting worst that this entourage was changed in to his son's entourage from the business men and policy committee members in the NDP.They are very dangerous because they don't only serve Mubarak ,but in fact they are serving his son in order to insure for themselves the future !!!
Mubarak had an excellent adviser who suddenly disappeared from the scene and by that I mean Osama El-Baz whom I believe didn't get along with Mubarak's son Gamal and that's why he is out of the image now unfortunately
Those brain heads calling themselves advisers are proofing to be more and more stupid everyday , they think that with the constitution amendments they will secure their places by securing Mubarak and son's places without knowing that they are pushing them and themselves to the end
It is like the parasite which lives inside a host and doesn't want him to die but in the end it kills him

I Just couldn't stay longer

I just couldn't stay longer away from my pc ,I participated in the March 24th PC day off ,where you don't open your PC 24 , I couldn't do it , I tried but I realized that I feel isolated without checking the news or emails

Since the morning I didn't open my pc till 7.30 PM ,I went shopping ,I kept cleaning my room after yesterday sand winds , I read the newspaper yet I felt so isolated from the outside world , I open the TV but I didn't enjoy it

So I decided to break my promise and open the PC :(

Friday, March 23, 2007

It is raining 300 Men

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Egyptian Protest in NYC

People if you live in the big apple aka New York city I ask you to join our brothers and sisters there in their protest against the constitution amendments on next 26th March , on the same day of the referendum

More about the protest in this video made by my dear friend vlogger XNermenX


Double standards !!??

I don't understand when Abdel Karim Soliman was sentenced four years in Jail , the United States Department of State spoke about , rejected the court order and attacked the Egyptian Government for its attack on freedom , while they considered the constitution amendments which will turn Egypt in one to big Police state again as an Internal affair ???

I don't understand , the Department of State always interfere in every internal affair in the countries that they don't like but now they respect the internal affairs of Egypt , I mean is n't what is going on in Lebanon an internal affair ,it is not from the United States business to appoint the Prime minister they want !!??

Is n't what is going in Palestine from elections and choosing Hamas instead of Fatah an internal affair ??

Is n't the case of Abdel Karim Soliman an Egyptian internal affair!??

With my all respect to Abdel Karim and his fans around the globe ,I don't speak about him I am speaking something I don't understand

The constitution amendments in Egypt which will be approved next 26 th of March despite the Public refusal is an aggression on freedom worse than the verdict against Soliman.

According to these amendments there will be no complete judicial supervision on the elections, independent candidates can't run for presidency , not to mention the article no.139 ,the Egyptian Patriotic act , any Police officer can arrest any one ,can search any home without a warrant !!

Well already I think the department of State didn't speak about the Constitution amendment because already article 179 is equal to the patriotic act !!

Really it makes me wonder of how serious the Bush administration is about the democracy in the Arab world ??

 seriously I don't understand; those amendments are the worst for democracy ,they kill democracy and just give more control to the president

This shows and proves one thing , we shouldn't depend on the out side world and the United States because the United States only move for its own sake , to what it sees will protect its interests

Its interests as I said before doesn't go with the existence of a democratic -chosen by the people- regime

Simply because people hate the American administration !!