Saturday, May 31, 2008

Follow Up : The Zaitoun massacre

It started to make headlines in international newspapers as the four Christians massacre in Egypt . With my all due respect, all those campaigns in the radical Christian blogs do not help at all because for the first time the Egyptian police take it seriously and does what it should do : Serious investigation.
For the first time, the police conduct a serious investigation and rolled out the possibility someone lunatic killed those people , I will not speak about the possibility of a terrorist act because it is not , it is a straight crime.
More details are published in the newspapers today especially Al Dostor . The details more and more prove that it was some kind of mafia , or a crime organization style murder.
You want the truth , can you handle the truth ?? as I hinted it is more about the Gold shop owner , the jeweller , late Mr.Makram , May God bless his soul ; it turned that he has another side we do not know just like any other person on this earth.
It turned out that he was usurer famous of his high interests , oh yes he was a Shylock !!?? This is one motive ,he surely had many people who hate him for this , still I do not think that what killed him.
The Police now is investigating through his usury records , but again the one who can afford to hire two to commit such crime in the middle of the day can pay his debts very well !!??
Now listen to more surprises Mr.Makram despite having his shop in a very modest populated area of Zeitoun used to visit frequently France and Italy and annually he spends the Summer in the United States , well as a Jeweller it would not strange , he may have relatives in the States , still I can't roll out the possibility of a blood diamond connection , the way he killed is a crime organization style .
Anyhow, forget this western imported theories let's hear something native ; it turned out that the victim was originally from Upper Egypt and he left it from 40 years ago because some conflict , also knowing the nature of Upper Egypt and the fact that its people do not give up their vendetta even after 100 years not 50 years , some Upper Egyptians do hire someone to do the dirty job ; there is possibility that it is a vendetta  "got some relatives in Upper Egypt from the big major families and so their culture is familiar to me"
Of course, there are some crazy conspiracy theories some said just for the hate the regime  that this massacre was orchestrated by the regime to justify the use of the emergency law , I am sorry they do not need that ;they already renewed it for another two years !!??
Look I think this is some kind crime organizational man , this man can be involved in some illegal diamond trafficking , this happens people believe me.
What do you think ?? let me hear your wild theories !!?? Let me see your inside CSI ??

A drop of life you are wasting

In our holy Quran "Allah" SWT says

"We create from Water everything life."

All the experts are saying that we are heading towards a Water Crisis in the future , all the experts are saying that all the wars in the future especially in our regions will be not for oil or land or even Peace but for Water. It is something you can understand easily , water is the most important thing in life ,it is the essence of life .

But of course we do not listen to all these warnings , they are just newspapers talk . Here I am not talking about environmental issues but I am speaking about a national security issue in Egypt.

Last summer most Egyptians were shocked to know that there are other Egyptians in the valley who do not have access to Clean water , despite all the years of repetitive

"In the time of President "X" all Egyptians have access to clean water and electricity !!"

Those Egyptians do not have access to clean water where as a porto marina minority of Egyptians in the north Coast use water for their swimming pools and gardens !! I am not a communist or leftist and I do not have anything against the rich but before the government urbanized the north coast and provided with it infrastructure, it should have completed the infrastructure of the valley from Luxor to Alexandria !!

The access to the clean water was just the beginning.

Now we are suffering from a food crisis ,and our important basic food is in shortage ; the wheat which once upon time had a special national day we celebrate its harvest on. In the land of the Nile there is no enough Wheat to its people ; when we from thousands of years used to export to the whole Roman Empire now we imported it from countries like Canada, Sudan and Russia .This is at the same time we waste Le Jardan thousands of acres and water in building A Class compounds far away from the capital cities !!

What about desert reclamation ?? the only reclamation I see is for building compounds and Golf Courts !!?? Yeah Egyptians now are fond of golf !!?? All the villas are with big gardens and swimming pools !!??

Do you know that the water that is used to water one single Golf court can water thousand of wheat acres !!??

Do you know that already Ethiopia and Sudan are building new dams on the Nile ?? And Egypt always has a conflict with the rest of the indigo countries ??

We are blessed with the Nile but we are wasting it !! Shame on us , seriously shame on us , it is not about the government ,it is about the responsibility of the people , those who build multi million compounds in the desert build it because there is a huge demand on it.

Instead of wasting money and effort in the western desert reclamation , why we do not start with nearer areas in the desert roads in 6th of October. Instead of wasting water in luxurious stuff now , why we do not start to improve our infrastructure , do you know how many people are suffering from Kidneys failure in Egypt because unclean water in the Governates !!?? It is fearful number.

There is an Egyptian wise proverb that says :

What the house needs is banned from the Mosque

Some people disagree with that proverb but I think it is the best example in our case here .

Instead of wasting our most valuable resources on luxurious class , damac we need to concentrate on our majority needs.

Our water resources and wheat are from our national securities , all respectable countries plan for the future except us , we plan for the present , sorry we do not even plan to the present nor the past , I do not know what we are planning for or even if we plan in the first place !!??

The Native Americans were wise people when they said that we do not inherit the land from our ancestors but we borrow it from our children.

Alex Dream land

Photo source : Wael Abbas scan ads from Al Ahram daily newspaper last Friday , all these ads for new A Class compounds and even were published last week !!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Boycott Dunkin Donuts in UAE and KSA

Dunkin Donuts ,the American Donuts famous chain has pulled an ad featuring Rachel Ray in the TV because she was wearing an Arab scarf or Keffiyeh after the criticism of some Conservatives in the main stream media. They thought that Ray was wearing a

"traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad"

Now believe it or not Non Arabs in the United States are angry s-RACHAEL-RAY-DUNKIN-DONUTS-SCARF-large because they think that it is against freedom , how can a Keffiyeh be a source of danger and a TV commercial is pulled because of it , I mean I would not have noticed what she is wearing except after this.

Keith Olbermann called for a boycott to Dunkin Donuts calling the chain the worst person !!

I feel so angry despite I am not a Palestinian , but may be because I am an Arab. I have enough from this disgusting hate to us.

What Palestinian terror they are speaking about those ignorant fanatics ??

That colourful traditional head scarf is wore in all of north and East of the Arab world ; in Syria,in Lebanon,in Palestine,in Jordan and in Iraq in the north and in the Gulf State in the East but with different shapes and styles , in the north ,they wear it over their shoulders and heads , in the East , they wear it mainly on their head to protect them from the sun.

It is just like the Scottish skirts.

Yes it became associated with Yasser Arafat and the PLO ,but here it Arafatbecame a symbol not to terrorism but for a people who were doomed to be in the list of the endangered nations ,the Palestinian Scarf is just like Hanalta , just like the phoenix , just like Ghassan Kanafani, the PLO used to wear it because this is the traditional scarf of the Palestinian people, not because it is a sign of terror .

So what if Yasser Arafat used to wear the scarf ,it is his national custom and did not Arafat received a noble prize for Peace ?? He died as a Peace man !!

It is ridiclous that after all that time Arafat is considered a terrorist , well with my all respect Rabin committed war crimes in 1948 war against the Palestinian villagers and I have the details of the mass murder operations he had done still he is considered a hero of Peace , what a hypocrite world is it ??

With my all respect why no one attacked Angelina Jolie and Brad angelina_jolie1a Bitt when they were in Vietnam and Brad wore that scarf similar to the one that Khmer Rouge members wear along with Maddox , their son !!?? Is not the Khmer Rouge did horrible crimes in Cambodia !!??

by the way I remember something from the archives of Egyptian Chronicles , I do not think that Ray was the first American celeb to wear the famous Palestinian scarf which became very popular in Europe and found its way to the American market.

Here she is the , the daughter of their hope in the presidential elections 2008 , the apple of their eye , the daughter of John McCain : Meghan, was not she wearing a Palestinian scarf around her nick ??!

Why no one cared about Meghan ??

Anyhow as I said I feel so angry especially no one is speaking about it in our media and the fact that Dunkin Donuts got branches in the UAE made me more angry. I believe the Arabs should boycott Dunkin Donuts and if you are in the USA even if you are not Arab and angry from what happen then please write to them your feedback

Update : It turned out that Dunkin Donuts got branches in Saudi Arabia , I think they should be boycotted too

P.S : I am proud owner of two Palestinian Scarves ; one is black and the other is red

Stop this madness

Ok I can't take no more from this madness ,I was planning to post something either about Palestine or about Egypt regional political position but I think it is my role to stop this madness.

Last Wednesday at 12 AM Cairo local time, Zeitoun neighbourhood in Cairo was a witness to a strange crime I think Cairo and Egypt did not see like it for a long time , it could be the first from its circumstance , I heard about it from my grand ma who watched it in the 6 News on National TV , I was amazed when I found that our ETV sent a reporter to the accident scene , but then my grand ma told me that it was a terrible unique one ; two persons killed four person in a Jeweller shop ; the owner and his aides and ran away. At the middle of the day , in front of all those people in a working day "Wednesday". Immediately I considered it as an arm robbery in the middle of the day IMG_3261 due to the bad economic situations in Egypt , already there are not so many arm robberies in Cairo but I expect them to increase with the terrible economic situation. But then my grandma told me that nothing was stole from Jewellery nor the money !!?? It did not take me a lot to time to say that then it was for a personal motive , some kind of a vendetta that made its seekers risk everything , to go in the middle of the day and kill someone like this.

I considered it as a dangerous indicator to where this country is heading to especially with our bad economy, the rising level of violence is alerting , people kill other people in the crime pages for stupid reasons , where as the police is only concerned with the political security of the regime . I did not ask about the names of the victims or who they were ,with my all respect to them and their family.

Already I felt so angry for them , I was angry from the Police .

Anyhow only Yesterday I knew that they were Egyptian Christians , already I will not say that Zeitoun is mixed area of Muslims and Christians because Christians live every where in Egypt , And believe me when IIMG_3312 said that I did not feel less angry but I feared more that it would be taken out of its original context and would be made as another so-called evidence of repression of Christians in Egypt . I think that government began to fear that , and that is why there is much attention to the case , the governor of Cairo himself came to the crime scene , for God Sake from couple of weeks a man slayed three ladies in front of every one in Giza in front of the Cairo University and no one came to the crime scene despite how bizarre and shocking it was.

Anyhow back to the murder , now I found the Radical Christian blogs in the Egyptian blogsphere is speaking about hatred ,repression and return to the terrorist acts of the 1990s. With my all respect there is hatred in this crime for sure but not religious hatred ,it is another hatred. Already all the families of the victims and their friends ,also police rolled out the possibility of religious hatred in this crime.

For God sake the first person who hurried to the shop when he heard the IMG_3289 bolts sound was the Muslim owner of the next shop and he was the one who called the police , already the Muslim neighbours of late Mr.Makram who was killed were shocked and terrified .

Just for your information the police investigations reached that one of the aides had some legal problems with some people , it is still early to say who are the primary suspects , but this is the only lead they got . All people in the neighbourhood said that the owner was kind , did not have any legal problems. One of the interesting things that is one of the murderers was wearing a wig according to an eye witness who saw them running away on a motorcycle !! It sounds to me like a daring plan with lots of imagination, they planned for the perfect timing and the perfect gateway.

Look this is a mass murder that has nothing to do with race or religion,it has to do with money , yes no theft happened but may be it is a message , well for sure it is a IMG_3258 message with the size of the crime and its victims. I believe the owner may be involved not his aide , because if it were his aide why they would jeopardize and come to kill him in the middle of the day in his working place !!?? May be his boss is involved in some shaddy deal , he works in Gold and the Gold prices are up and down in a day and night , may be he did some thing he should not do and those who are involved with him decided to make him as a role model for the others . Yes it is a mafia style , I am not mad but I am thinking in all possibilities.

Yesterday was the funeral , I found some of its photos in the radical Christians blogs, in fact all these photos in this post are from the radical Christian blogs

funeral 1

funeral 2

funeral 22

Look I feel sorry for those people and I send condolences to their families but I am afraid that even if Police reaches to the criminals who are behind that horrible act , some radical Christians will stick to their version of repression.

I am just saying

I found this photo for Suzanne Mubarak , the current first lady of Egypt and I could not believe the facial resemblance ...

Suzanne Mubarak first lady of Egypt in 2006

Queen Nazli in 1965

Ex-Queen Nazli Sherif of Egypt in Rome 1965 attending her son King Farouk of Egypt's funeral .

I will leave it to you

P.S I do not compare Suzanne Mubarak on any other side except the facial resemblances , the first lady is much respectable from the first Queen , this is something I can not deny

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jimmy in Fox

Our own Gamal Mubarak or Jimmy made another exclusive interview in World Economic circus with Fox News "how it can exclusive and already he made several interviews here and there !!"

As you can see the reporter won't be from Fox if she did not ask Mubarak JR about Iran, this is the first question , already I do not know why he is speaking about Iran , it is an external issue and he is not official member in the cabinet .

Another thing I noticed that he always uses the word "Challenge" over and over ,whether in his Arabic or English interview ; Iran is Challenge , Peace Challenge , economic challenge , there is always a challenge facing this man !!!??

Again I found him aggressive judging on his body language.

What can I say ?? Enjoy the show of your favourite Jimmy in your favourite GOP Channel

60 years : A Road Map

David Ben-Gurion made it clear in 1948 when he said

A Christian State should be established {in Lebanon}, with its southern border on the Litani river. We will make an alliance with it. When we smash the Arab Legion’s strength and bomb Amman, we will eliminate Transjordan too, and then Syria will fall. If Egypt still dares to fight one, we shall bomb Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo … And in this fashion, we will end the war and settle our forefathers’ account with Egypt, Assyria and Aram

That was David Ben-Gurion from 60 years ago; it was not just a plan for a war or for country but it is like a new map for the Middle East 60 years before the new Middle East maps even appear. That old plan was full of confidence despite the fact the Zionists were not actually armies but gangs , that old plan was full of old history despite that then it was in the 20th century, that old plan was full of biblical terms with emphasis to old prophecies despite the fact that founders of Israel , that first generation was mostly from Secular Jews ,that old plan was full of arrogance and confidence that this new small state would rule the Middle East and would have the power to destroy all its Arab neighbour , not to destroy only but to change the demographics and force the creation of the news states. Well it is not strange after all this new country had changed the demographics of Palestine.

It is so interesting because actually I see that quote and I found myself in front of a road map the Israeli administration is applying in a way or another, after 1948 they knew that the Arabs and their armies were not that soft or timid and thus the plan should be alerted to the new findings and updates, to meet the changes in time up till this moment.And up till this moment they are working on it.

Here was the new State of Israel, here its basis, full of hate, arrogance and despise to its neighbours. That was not a Peace language, they did not come in peace, already they knew this very well because they came as invaders and occupiers, and they knew that they were not and are not welcomed in the region like the aliens, like the foreigner western occupiers.

Transjordan or Jordan is a neutral pro-western since 1940s till now , a price the Hashemites paid to price I believe for King Abdallah I ambitions and alliance to the west , when some one of them tried to change the course small kingdom ,he was abdicated from the throne in a dirty conspiracy.

Syria dear Syria ,I believe all that time they did not have to working on making Syria because the leaders of the army that was two steps away from destroying Tel Aviv in 1948 , were too much busy on whom would be the president of the country , seriously look to Syria's history till the six days war many coups took place , many faces were changed , there was no time unfortnately to be ready for this vicious enemy.

Egypt ,oh my Egypt I think Egypt was the big surprise for Ben Gurion in the whole equation , it seems to me that underestimated us and though that we would dare !!

Again please read this quote carefully and stop at the first part regarding Lebanon, shocking is not it!!??

Because Israel did not began to implement this part of the plan except in the 1970s or even in the late 50s when Nasser nationalism was a menace to them and till now they are trying to do it, of course they did not put in their consideration the Shiites in the South because back then they were no Sunni or Shiite but there were Muslim Arabs, Christians in Lebanon, some of them were regarded as non Arabs despite their Arab roots from the Yemen “if we are going to speak in the language of history”.

Oh Lebanon, poor Lebanon was on the top of List of Ben-Gurion who did not forget after all those centuries before Christ what the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Jordanians and Assyrians did to his people, making their great decedents pay for what their great ancestors had done, ironically he and his people renewed this old hate between the decedents of those people and his people.

Moshe Dayan once said

"The Arabs do not read "

Well As modern Arabs for sure we do not read books or even history and even if we read ,we do not learn or understand enough to the degree that we make something , What Ben Gurion was not a secret but we did not care or pay an attention for it !!

This is why we should read to our enemies before our friends .

Mengistu the red

Yesterday I read in the news that Ethiopia's Supreme Court Mengistu sentenced former ruler Mengistu Haile Mariam to death in absentia for his role in the Red Terror. I really laughed because this is the first time I read something about Mengistu.Pardon my ignorance but I only hear his name when my family brought up the famous funny presidential moments of President Sadat.

President Sadat used to refer to Mengistu as red Mengistu due to his Marxist beliefs. President Sadat used to attack him a lot.

Anyhow putting a side the nickname given to him , I think red is not only symbol of Marxism but for blood in his case.

The sad thing in the red terror is that it is not the Mass murder operation in Africa ,it is repeated over and over.

Just FYI I believe that we should pay attention to Ethiopia after all it is from our national security to secure the Nile ,already Mohamed Ali Pasha and his grand son Ismail pasha understood that.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More and more scandals

Poor Bush !! He is trying to leave good memory in the White House but in vain .

The former press secretary Scott McLellan at the White House in the Bush administration is releasing a very controversial book at about his years in service in the White house with Bush. Already Some excerpts were published in politico this morning and let me tell you that this book will be the talk of the world not the town only.

The Bush former loyalist is attacking the White House while Bush is still there !! From the invasion of Iraq to Katrina to CIA Scandal to pre-presidential years.

The American political Websites and blogs are crazy about it and I am not amazed .

You can pre-order his book from Amazon here

Regardless of what is said ,a side topic , this is what I call Freedom of expression.In my country if someone plans to publish a similar book like this , he will be either sent to jail ,defamed or won a ticket to London where he will be jump to end his life from Stewart Tower !!??

President Carter and the Israeli Nukes

President Carter is continuing on breaking all the taboos and is saying the truth about the Israel Nuke arsenal , of course many people do not like this , truth hurts sometimes but here is the former president of the United States is saying what we have been saying as Arabs for more 60 years ; watch out for the Israel Nuke arsenal people !!

They have 150 nuclear assorted weapons from bombs to rockets to submarines ,you name it but no one care , the IAEA does not inspect nor demand an inspection nor the EU and American administration impose sanctions on Israel !!

Thank you again President Carter for saying the truth , we do not need anything except the truth , we do not want you to condemn the inhuman siege of Gaza , but just say the truth.

150 Nuclear assorted weapons and what is hidden can be greater like the Arabic classic proverb !!

With my all respect the IAEA should stalk Israel instead of Stalking Iran, Syria and all other Arab countries with Nuclear ambitions with Israeli or American blessing

If You know the reason

Q : why had the Egyptian government renewed the activation of the Emergency laws for another two years ??

A: Because the future terrorism law does not include any protection to the regime for the strikes, it does not recognize strikes as an act from terrorism banned by law where as under emergency laws it can be banned by the orders of the President "Despite the fact it will be illegal "

Q : what is the significance of the two years period ??

A: After two years ,we will be in 2010 , the end of president's Mubarak presidential period ,where it is expected than he will not renew and will abdicate and his son Gamal will take over

It seems that the strikes are now the new threat facing the Mubarak regime scaring them after the success of the 6th April strike "this is a success, this fear".

Now on a daily basis in Egypt there are strikes across the nation mainly in the factories and there are protests some where in front of something.

The culture of Strikes and protests is something the people in Egypt will refuse.

Anyhow this is the the story of the renewal to the Emergency laws

Food Diary of the Guardian : Cairo

There is a special report in the British Guardian newspaper about Food prices crisis in the world , Yesterday I found out it was Cairo's turn in the report. Chris McGreal and Jack Shenker did a fantastic job in transferring the bitter image of the situation in Egypt , already no Official media journalist dares to transfer the image like this from the working low class

Jack Shenker is sharing with the whole world the diary and the diet of an Egyptian simple working class family "The Arabys" in one single week.

Chris McGreal posted a podcast and a video with a feature about the bread shortages ,hunger and unrest in Egypt.

Please read it, listen to it and watch it because the coverage is fantastic , I tell you that Al Ahram does not dare to publish something like this , after all Al Ahram and co. say that the latest economic decisions came to save the class of the Arabys and Hoda "featured in McGreal report" !!

I just want to clear something the food prices crisis is the tip of the ice berg , we are suffering from the food prices in that way because of our old bad economic decisions and corruption that left nothing to the middle and low classes over the years.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Follow Up : The Jewish delegation

This is a follow up to my post " Then Compensate everyone including the Egyptians"  as I have found more information relevant to the the topic. It turned out this delegation is formed from a group of Egyptian Jews who are living in Canada "it makes it Canadian", this delegation was going to stay in Alexandria ,already the association of the Jewish community is there. They were invited by the Israeli Embassy. They were not planning to demand a compensation for their nationalized properties but they were going to demand the Jewish antiquities from old Torahs which is in the custody  of the high supreme council of antiquities, the thing which also Egyptian state refuses and I am with that refusal.These stuff were found in Egypt and they are Egyptian and should stay in Egypt . For God Sake in the same way Egypt is entitled to restore its statues from Syria , you know the ancient Egyptians invaded old Syria and there are many ancient Egyptian antiquities there !!

FYI the high supreme of antiquities in Egypt is headed by no one other than our local Indiana Jones ,Dr.Big Diva Zahi Hawas

Anyhow the Egyptian authorities acted proactively for once in their lives releasing their media speakers to speak about this delegation in the newspapers attacking them.

The Embassy of Israel could not find a hotel to host them because of the media campaign .

Let's not forget that they are coming in a very critical timing ,the 60th anniversary of the Nakba ; the ambassador of Israel is insisting on provoking the Egyptian people in all possible ways , and it  is not only Cohen , the current ambassador but all other ambassadors did the same and then in the end of their service they complain of how Egyptians ignore them.

Anyhow I think the timing was wrong and the propose of this delegation was wrong. They are welcomed any time to visit their country mother in Egypt but not to demand impossible stuff.

I have a very curious question is the Embassy of Israel the spokesperson of the Jewish people or what ??  I mean why does the Embassy of Israel care about a delegation coming from Canada ?? Is not this the specialization of the Canadian Embassy ??

I mean if an Egyptian Muslim delegation goes to Turkey to restore back the Islamic prophetic antiquities the Ottomans took from Cairo , the Saudi Embassy will not interfere in the matter !!??

The new face of Lebanon

The new president of Lebanon

Michel Soliman

General Soliman in the 12th elected President of Lebanon since the independence.

Here are some family photos for him and his family after being a president

Here is with his mother Josephine , I think she is so so so happy that her son Michel became a president

Here is with his family , the first family in Lebanon now for the next 6 years

From left to right

His wife , the Lebanese first lady Wafaa, then his daughter Rita , then him , then his second daughter Lara and his son Charbel

Good luck to Michel Soliman , already I liked his balanced speech yesterday in the Lebanese Parliament.

This is man may be like what America and Israel wished him to be , he mentioned Shabaa farms as a Lebanese occupied land that he would work on restoring it back . That meant too much to me because it is important that we should forget Shabaa is a Lebanese land

Also I respected him so much when he stressed the fact that Lebanon will not be a substituted country for the Palestinian refugees as you know from the alternatives that from time to time jump to the U.S administration mind that they could get from the Palestinian refugees and the right to return issue by putting the refugees either in Lebanon or in Egypt's Sinai. If you are familiar with the history of Modern Lebanon and the civil war , you will know that in the 1970s the war happened because of it ,so the Lebanese all of them refuse this idea and do not like the idea that the Palestinians camps have got weapons till now , they just do not like and they have all the right in that.

Good luck for the general and for Lebanon and just like Hassan Nasrallah today in his speech for the Liberation of the south anniversary I wish for Lebanon a peaceful summer

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sorry Comment moderation is back

I feel so sad to turn my comment moderation on again for the same reason I turned on in the first time , I can't accept all this ill harassment , I can't take any more nonsense from sick person who no surprised idolized dictators and tyrannies and disrespect other races.

I am sorry ,really sorry but I do not have that type of personality to answer these insults from that sick rude crazy person

I apologize for any inconvenience

One more year

The emergency law is expected to be renewed for another one year by the orders of Mubarak and approval of the Parliament !! It seems that it will never expire !!??

Already I heard a very fearful future scenario from an activist friend that Mubarak wants the two laws : The future terrorism law and the current emergency law to work in parallel at the same time  so there would be no gaps !!??

Look I do not know how correct is that theory but I can't deny that Mubarak and his regime will not refuse such ultimate control.

For your information the Terrorism law was supposed to substitute the emergency law after the later was active for the last 27 years since the assassination of President Sadat .

The government was supposedly to finish the terrorism  law this month but it did not .

Thank God there is pseudo terrorism act here and there to justify the renewal ,it is better to be clear ,it is good they stop to fool around with the people , because people are not longer fools

Updates "26/5" : They renewed for another two long years !!??

Then Compensate everyone including the Egyptians

I read that there are a group of Jews who used to live in Egypt pre-1960 are demanding the Egyptian government to pay a huge sum of money "millions of US$" as a compensation for the nationalisation of their properties in Egypt. It is not the first time I read this , in fact from time to time I find in the media there is a certain Jewish association which is going to sue to the Egypt for a compensation but this time it is making a lot of noise with the expected meeting that is going to take place in Alexandria "I read that it was cancelled and the delegation  from Canada was not coming for compensation !!"

Look whether this is true or not I just want to say something ;the Jews of Egypt were not the ONLY people who were nationalized. It was everyone from the A rich class of Pre-1952 era whether Egyptians or Foreigners ; of course Foreigners were nationalized in 1956 including the Jewish Foreigners especially French. When the laws of land ownership limitation were issued they did not differentiate between a Jew  or a Christian or  a Muslim , I got relatives in Upper Egypt whose land were nationalized. Same thing for those whose factories ,companies and stores were nationalized , my grand mother's cousins had a state of the art glass factory in Tanta which was nationalized and guess what it was nationalized after they imported very experience machinery from West Germany with the approval and praising of the minister of industry then "I do not know who he was but surely he was some officer". 

So the talk that they would go to some court to sue the Egyptian government for something that happened to all Egyptians from more than 50 years I think is nonsense , the Egyptian government should not be alarmed from it ,because first of all this government was not the one that took that order , second when that order was a discriminatory one based on religion , many high class segments were harmed from it. The Egyptian Jewish Community for sure was harmed but not from the Free officers orders but from Israel and attack of 1956 , for God sake look what the Muslims in America are suffering from till now , you are speaking about two wars with a hate language from two sides , the Jewish community is not the victim of Nasser more than the victim of the Israel and the Zionist movement

I feel so angry when I read that nonsense because I remember that WHEN Amr Moussa was the foreign minister , he said to some members in the Parliament that Egypt did not want to open the POWs file so the Jews would not open the compensation case !!??  With my all respect  this nonsense. WE CAN'T BE BLACKMAILED BECAUSE SOMETHING LIKE THIS, already we got a solid case in the POWs issue !!

Look those Jews should get over this , they were not the only people in Egypt who harmed financially from the nationalization and it is unfair to force Egypt to pay them billions now when Egyptians need every penny.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

At last there will be a President for Lebanon

I can't believe that at last Michel Soliman will be the President of Lebanon at last and I can't believe that Presidential palace will receive him with his family tomorrow.

On the other hand  I do not think that that will be the happy ending of the conflict in Lebanon because as long as Hezbollah got its arms ready for Israel , Syria is not under the American control and the political leaders in Lebanon are from the kind of Jumblatt,Geagea and Gemayel; Lebanon will always live in the shadow of the civil war.

Already you can see Paris now is criticizing the Doha agreement saying that it did not reach to nothing regarding the arms and telecommunication network of Hezbollah , Washington welcomed the agreement in a very weak way.

The 14th of March team had to reach an agreement with opposition because they were in the weaker position , they lost the ground and they could not play more diplomatic games with opposition because Lebanon reached the point with no return from two weeks ago.

Again this is a truce which I hope it will last enough time until Egypt regains its real position in the region.

Ayman Nour and Samir Kuntar

Samir Kuntar is the most famous Arab political prison in the Israeli  jails, he has a life sentence to serve in Israel that crosses 100 years, already the Lebanese Druze did military operations in which the

Israelis considered terrorist acts “To be honest I read his case from the Israeli and Arab perspective and to be honest I do not know whom I shall believe”. Samir is considered the oldest Lebanese prisoner in the Israeli Prisons and he is on the top of the Hezbollah Lebanese prisoners list to be free in exchange with the Israeli captured two Soldiers “Do you remember them??”.

The Israelis refuse to let him free in the POWs exchange operations except for information about Aron Arad .

Ayman is a liberal politician, who had ambitions to make a change in his country, after a controversial career in Political arena, he decided to have his own liberal party and even to run for Presidency after believing the illusions of free multi party presidential elections, his ambitions ended him to the jail for a forgery crime, which proved by time to be a set up by the government. Nour is a sick man who is suffering from diabetes, his father died while he was in jail.

Samir Killed Israelis including a child according to the Israeli version; planned and implemented several operations against the IDF, still the oldest prisoner had the opportunity to complete his education in Israel and got not only a university degree but a PHD and till now he sends and receives messages including articles to newspapers. Samir has been in the Israeli prisons for 26 years, he was there since he was 16 years old and he seems that he will be there for ever.

Ayman did nothing except he dared and stood against Mubarak in the Presidential elections and for his good fortunate he won some popularity , not a great one still he had a growing popularity , so what was the result ?? 10 years in jail with refusal to release him for health conditions earlier except if he promises to quit politics altogether at least till Gamal Mubarak is secured in his dad’s position, the thing which Ayman Nour and his family totally rejected.

Last week in a respond on G.W Bush’s firing speech in Sharm El-Sheikh World Economic forum where he mentioned indirectly Ayman criticizing the Egyptian regime for his imprisonment, a Court order in Egypt decided to derive from Nour his right to send letters to the newspapers; Nour already got a column in daily El-Dostor, where he comments on every thing that happens in Egypt and in the world from his cell!!

Ayman Nour no longer can communicate with the outside world in his prison at his homeland in Egypt, where as Samir Kantar takes university degrees and communicate with his country people in Lebanon from his jail in Israel.


Friday, May 23, 2008

You know what they say about Karma

Back to the American Race elections, I have been away from it some time now but I can't keep myself away from it.

Do you remember the controversy that happened in American when the statements of Obama former Pastor Wright came to media with all its controversy from God damn America and the white people Vs. black people .. Obama acted wisely and denounced it .

Not only was Obama facing Wright statements but also Louis Farrakhan endorsement ,again Farrakhan controversial statements regarding Israel,Jews were another test for Obama in which I think he passed with huge success as it turned in the end.

Well I believed like many people that who ever brought those statements was from the other opposite camps whether from Hilary or from McCain.

Hilary and her camp with all the battles they leashed against Obama failed and it is matter of time when she raises the White flag , already now Obama is searching for someone to become his VP for the big race.

Now McCain is facing the Karma of what his camp did to Obama in the past months.

Someone brought from the past the controversial statements of his McCain 2008.jpg pastors , the Zionist Christian John Hagee and Rod Parsley

These statements are not less controversial than Wright's in fact I think it is more controversial because it can cause trouble internationally with the least excepted people : The Jews and the most expected people : The Muslims

I will start with the Muslims , us with my all respect to the Jewish people because it will not take much time , already one of the reasons why Muslims dislike McCain is that they know his pastors are crazy right wing neo-conservative Zionist Christians Johan Hagee and Rod Parsley , and both of them are good in nothing except attacking Muslims day and night , calling our religion as evil one against Christianity; this reason make Muslims hate McCain more than Bush.

McCain found himself yesterday against a racial hateful statement from Parsley mouth attacking Islam and Prophet Mohamed "PUBH" , rod-parsley-john-mccain of course he had to act quickly and issued a statement to reject the endorsement of Parsely . McCain knows that this could hurt him inside and outside it especially with the international close up coverage to the race.

Anyhow Muslims in America prefer Obama on McCain ,they had enough from the Republicans in 8 long dull years.

Now to John Hagee whom I did not imagine one that a hardcore Christian Zionist like him will be charged with Anti-Semitism !! Hagee found himself like Wright facing serious trouble for something he had written from 2006 in his book "Jerusalem Countdown"

Strangely this book is made to show how devoted Hagee is to Israel and its security , it shows you how close he is to the Israeli leaders and how he is scared from the Islamic countries , I think when he wrote it he did not imagine that the Christians united for Israel would be accused by anti-Semitism.

Well for sure Hagee in it crossed all red lines and taboos saying that that anti-Semitism, and thus the Holocaust, was the fault of Jews themselves - the result of an age old divine curse incurred by the ancient Hebrews through worshiping idols and passed, down the ages, to all Jews now alive.

If you think that this is a shock well wait till you hear the next accusation in the same book to the Catholic church that it worked with Hitler to get from the Jews "Last month McCain attacked Hagee for his attack on the Catholic church which is not the first ,it is not only the Jews but the Vatican too ".

This was not the only thing that suddenly surfaced from the past , an audio recording for Hagee where he said that God sent a hunter to lead the Jewish people to Palestine and this hunter was Hitler appeared on the net !!!!!

I read and heard his strange comment and view regarding Hitler and the founding of Israel in Palestine in 1948 from couple of days and I consider this as another sign of his madness and devotion to the Zionism , and how he mixes Christianity with Zionism in the most maddest way ever . I mean this guy thinks that the WWII was only made to lead the Jews to the Promise Land , I mean how many people were killed in the world in this bloody war so the Jews would go and occupy Palestine !!??

Of course reading and listening to his speech I knew that he based it on 80570899 his own understanding for Biblical verses from the Book of Jeremiah .

It is an irony because this man really loves Israel and last month he visited Ariel Sharon's settlement in the occupied territories and was honoured there for honouring Israel !!

Look this man is a hardcore fanatic for Israel still these statements can cause a lot of trouble and I will not deny that I am happy to him in this position .

McCain of course acted so fast because he can't handle losing the Jewish vote and the Israeli support in this elections because some stupid comments from Hagee , he rejected the endorsements of both Hagee and Parsley. I think he rejected Prasley not for fear losing the Islamic vote , he knows that the Islamic vote will go to Obama just like the Black and liberal votes but because he wants to appear in the moderate republican position and as I said earlier he did not want a trouble from outside Islamic world.

Again I feel happy to say Hagee and Parsley in trouble :)

Mark your calendar : Strike No.3

Mark your calendar for the next strike in Egypt : On the 5th of June 208

Oh yes the 5th of June can be the third strike Egypt would see after the 6ht of April Strike and the 4th of May Strike.

To tell you the truth I like the date , it is meaningful , our historical big defeat !!

I did not receive any invitation yet in Facebook about , but I found talks here and there in the Websites and blogs

People in Egypt are extremely angry from the Government's latest economic decisions to escalate prices in oil and taxes .

If our people ,the Egyptians want a real change then they should stay at home on the 5th of June , which will be Wednesday ,this will send a big slap to the regime

On the draft of a defeat : The Nakba of wording

The name is the Nakba and if you are a frequent visitor to Arab blogs or Arab speaking English newspapers and magazine Websites, surely you met it in the past two weeks and you knew it was about Palestine; it is term commonly used in the Arab world to describe the occasion of the loss of Palestine and founding of Israel.

Nakba means in English Calamity.

Its full name is Nakba 48, beside war of 48

Of course you do not need to know or to guess why in the Arab world we called it Calamity or catastrophe; it is a catastrophe when millions of people are forced to leave their land so it would be occupied by another people and the world was watching and approving.

Still I hate this name; in fact I hate the tradition of calling our defeats with names from the vast Arabic vocabulary because it did not change the fact that it was a defeat. If you treat it like a defeat then you can come over it and few years later you will have a victory, if you treat like a defeat it is a confession from your side that there is something wrong and you will try to know what it is to correct it.

Also this wording game some times makes people despair and lose hope. Just like the Naksa of 1967, which I would rather to speak about it in its time after couple of weeks insh Allah.

With my all respect all civilizations in the world do not name its defeats with fancy names like us, I am trying to trace back this bad habit in our Arabic and Islamic history but I can’t find it anything similar to it

The wording here is very important. I feel very strange when I read in the international Websites “The independence of Israel” what independence!!??

From whom exactly did they declare their independence from??

The British Mandate “another fancy word other than occupation”, well the British did sell give them the land of Palestine for free as far as I could get. The Zionists or the Israelis did not pay much for a price; the Palestinians were the one who paid the price. Anyhow again to the independence word, I prefer to call it declaration because independence means that this land was occupied, other than the British forces and Zionist colonies ,this land was occupied by none except its people who lived in it for thousands of years : The Palestinians

Thursday, May 22, 2008

After 7 days ...

After 7 days from today Egypt officially will stop working with the infamous emergency law; it will be expired and unless there will be explosion some where to be called by the government a terrorist act , Egypt for the first time in Mubarak rule will be free from it .

Do not be so happy because there will be another law which is the Anti-terrorism law , I do not know if the regime will act so fast in the coming days to pass the law so quickly in the parliament and this is so easy taking in to consideration that the majority in the Parliament is from the NDP and more important that when the NDP wants a law to pass they make it pass whether we like or not even if it is against the constitution .

Anyhow if nothing is imposed after 7 days as an alternative ,I will consider it as a trick from the regime to appear as a freedom lover regime in front of the west because I can't believe that this regime will live one second without it, it is like oxygen to  it , through it Mubarak has ultimate control on Egypt ,so unless something is ready in the oven "and it is already there" then this regime is committing suicide.

Anyhow put in your mind if something happens in Egypt from blasts or attacks next , then remember the emergency law .

His childhood memories

My dear friend N.American Princess "who is actually a sweet and original Egyptian Princess" reminded of something I wanted to write about from two weeks ago , again the Lebanese issue made me forget it.

Gamal Mubarak made an appearance in the National Egyptian TV on its first channel in the political pro- regime talk show "Honestly" {Of course nothing honest in this show from the beginning till the ending}. As usual he was wearing his lucky blue shirt "may be he wears for fear of envy !!???"  and was speaking with all enthusiasm about our wars with Israel;the TV show was during the celebrations of Sinai Liberation and its title was about Youth and Liberation it was natural thing to find young Gamal Mubarak who crossed the 40 years old and did not serve his military service for some mysterious reasons speaking about the wars !!

Anyhow I did not stop at what they were saying except one thing ; the Childhood war memories of Mr.Gamal Mubarak in 1967 . Gamal said that he remembered how as a child he used to hide in the shelters and remembered the bombing of Misr El-Gadida  and how they taught him in the school how to hide !!

This is fine but it shows that he is one tall liar , because as far as I know he was born in 1963 , in 1967 he was only 4 years old , how on earth and heaven he would remember what was happening in Egypt when he was 4 years old !!??

Another thing there were no bomb shelters as he said in 1967 even in Misr El-Gadida  , I checked from mom and my grand ma and both were old enough to aware what happened then !!??

Another thing the Saint George College did not give lessons to its students on how to hide from Bombs because simply after the air raids of IAF on the 5th of June of 1967 ,the Israelis did not attack the capital or any inside city of Egypt except only those near the Canal cities !!

If he lies about this , God knows what he can lie about !!??

It is pathetic thing to lie , he think he can say anything to impress people , well if he was devoted to Egypt and believed in its arm forces why he did not serve it when he graduated form the AUC !!??

A little giggle

What ever you are suffering from in this dull big world , nothing can cheer you heart and soul except an innocent smile of a Child , nothing can me laugh except a giggle of a baby

a nearly 50,000,000 views in YouTube , I downloaded to my computer and I can't stop myself from watching it.

another one I love in YouTube

Babies laugh on a strange thing but may be because they are not complicated like us , may be because they are still normal and innocent.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It is so late for that ; where have you been the past 8 years ??

The Egyptian official media has nothing to speak along with the pro-regime media in Egypt except the cold shoulders and showers also Mubarak and Son gave to G.W Bush in Sharm El-Sheikh these days over and over; it seems as if they liberated Iraq , well unfortunately they did not.

Mubarak did not attend Bush's word nor his son only his daughter in law was there listening Bush attacking the Middle East rulers above them her father in law saying the following :

"Too often in the Middle East, politics has consisted of one leader in power and the opposition in jail"

Bush did not mean anyone except Ayman Nour of course , and surely Mubarak did not know the speech of Bush but he was angry from the American's president early interview and he had a meeting with Bush the day before the speech in Sharm El-Sheikh , it seems that that meeting was not as smiling  as the two men were in front of the cameras .

Mubarak speeches are always prepared in advance ,so the attack on Bush and the American administration was prepared , there is nothing new in this.

And already Mubarak JR attacks like his dad , the father walks on his son steps not vice versa , Gamal Mubarak by the way has a weakness point which is the foreign political relations .

Anyhow the Mubaraks opened their fire and said how dare Bush interfered in our business and just today I read this funny pathetic statement of junior saying that Egypt does not interfere or care for the American elections race because it is their internal affair and they should do same and respect our privacy !!

What privacy he is speaking about !!?? It is from Egypt bad decisions not to follow the American elections , Barack and Clinton visited the middle East , McCain had talks with King Abdallah II of Jordan , all the world is watching the current American elections race from the primaries except us , as I said before we are acting according our famous Egyptian proverb " Whoever marries my mom , I will tell him uncle"

Anyhow Mubarak and Son came so late to play the brave bold roles now , they dared to attack Bush widely and directly when he is already packing his bags to leave the White House !!

Where have they been the last 8 years ?? did they take the pills of courage only now !!??

So So So Pathetic !!