Saturday, October 31, 2009

RIP Amin Howeidi

Amin Howeidi , the former spy Chief and minister of war during presidents Nasser  has passed away today after month of severe illness.

Amin Howaidy

Amin Howeidi who was born on 22nd of September 1922 was the first official in Egypt to head GIS  and  minister of war at the same time. He occupied 3 ministerial positions , first as the national guidance minister then State’s minister then minister of War.

He became Egypt’s spy Chief from 1967 to 1970 , several successful operations against Israel and Mossad happened during his era for the record

He was arrested among the centers of power in 1971.

He was from the few spy chiefs who spoke after leaving the agency , he wrote more than 25 books in Arabic and English about the Middle East. He was also a regular columnist in several Egyptian newspapers like Al Ahram Weekly

His funeral was today afternoon and despite he was the minister of war the president did not attend , it seems that he was busy with the NDP Conference. Anyhow the former general according news reports had a military funeral attended with the army and intelligence men.

I disagree with Howeidi’s political views as a hardcore Nasserite but I can’t deny what he had done to this country. May God bless his soul.

H1N1 Follow UP : Death Strikes School

Today the ministry of health has announced the death of 9 years old boy after his infection by H1N1 , the boy is a student in a private school in Helwan governorate.

Our H1N1 death officially is 5.

For the record I do not know if the boy died because of H1N1 or because of medical error , it turned out that the boy’s condition deteriorated when a doctor gave him a Voltaren shot in his private practice Thursday !! Yes Voltaren and do not ask how on earth and heaven you would give Voltaren shot to 9 years old !!!??

The poor boy could not handle Voltaren especially he was too weak “and even if he was healthy” , his condition turned from bad to worse to a coma !! He died today morning !!

It seems that the boy was suffering from H1N1 and the stupid doctor thought it was something else and he gave him Voltaren.

I am 25 years old girl and I do not take Voltaren when I am sick because it is too strong , in fact my doctor does not prefer because it weakens the patients except in very severe conditions !!

The ministry is running an autopsy and an investigation to see what happened.

The Steel Man Speaks About The Party Man

Today was the start of the national democratic party conference in Cairo and despite the confirmations of the party officials and icons that there is no succession going on , all indicators in the conference prove otherwise , I have seen at least magazines in the newspapers stand with Gamal Mubarak photos associated with the conference.
For your eyes only
Anyhow back to the main event , news agencies and also people like me are waiting from President Mubarak’s word in today , it will be aired 7:30 PM on air and just FYI there will be no surprises in it ; even if he says that he will run for office in 2011 , this is not a surprise news.
Up till it is a big circus where Ahmed Ezz and Co. are having the time of their life attacking the Muslim brotherhood as if the brotherhood the only force or the only people in the country !!
Ahmed Ezz today said lots of things that showed his real political level and also exposed the level of the NDP audience which cheered for him in a way that reminded me with the 3rd degree football hooligans.
Ahmed Ezz-2
Ahmed Ezz by the way has introduced Gamal Mubarak as the detonator of the development revolution in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you think that this is a little Cliché , what till you hear of the huge applause  from the NDP members for complete 5 minutes.
Here it is you can watch it

Why does he clap his hands like that ??

GM Superstar
 Gamal , the detonator !!
By the way I wonder who is paying the expenses of hosting international delegations from around the globe to attend this pathetic freak show !!??

The Conference

Every time someone speaks about the annual NDPC , I remember immediately the 1st conference of Red Indians in the legendary play ‘Madrasat El Moshaghbeen’ with all my respect to the Native Americans. Please watch starting from 5:53

RIP Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud

Mustafa Mahmoud , the great scientist and thinker has passed away today in his house in Mohendessin earlier this morning after months of illness. He was 88 years old
The funeral prayer will be held now or after El-Asr prayer according to Cairo Local time at his famous mosque in Mohandessin.
May God bless his soul.
I think the State did not honor this man as he deserved. Besides his role in bridging Science and faith Dr. Mahmoud’s Charity was one of the best charities in Egypt. It is enough that for years the Mustafa Mahmoud Charity organizes a medical caravan annually to present medical services in the remote areas in Egypt like the oasis of Western deserts where there are no medical services at all.
May God bless his soul again.
 Update :
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Tamer Azab Speaks

Tamer Azab spoke yesterday to Al Dostor Daily about his arrest experience. As usual he was abused by the Police and his rights were violated because Tarek Nour is simply a 44 NDP mogul !!

Today he also spoke to Daily News Egypt , I will quote what he had there :

I was treated like shit,there was everything, verbal humiliation, beating and no food to eat. You had to pay to eat

The Arabic network for human rights has released a statement about the insulting police bias to Nour against Azab

I hope Tarek Nour enjoys the publicity because it is international now ": France 24

Sadly enough Azab did what Nour was saying and calling for in his provoking railways ads ; he was a real Egyptian who said NO to the wrong things in his country !! Of course Azab did not know during the NDP rule he should Yes to the wrong things in his country !!??

Why on earth would a young man spend a terrifying night in jail with cons and addicts for doing the right thing ???

It is not about Tamer Azab and Tarek Nour but about every person in Egypt who tries to stands against everything wrong in it , about every person who wants to correct what this wrong in this country !! It is about the influence of the corrupted and those connected to regime. Azab is from a simple Egyptian family with no connections what so ever and this is why he received this ill treatment just like the rest of Egyptians.

Be sure there are hundreds of Azab who received the same ill treatment like him just because they tried to fight corruption in Egypt.

Again what happened to Azab can happen to anyone of us and this is why we should highlight this incident, this is why as Egyptians we should listen to Nour and stand against the wrong things in this country.

Here is Azab’s group in facebook , the young student who lived in Kuwait most of his life seems to lose faith in his country , I bet he would leave after the graduation !! Already I think his detention was just a little lesson for him “Do Not Mess With NDP Moguls”

A Male Orders Artificial Hymen And Writes About It

Mohamed Al Rahhal aka the traveller within has ordered the infamous Chinese artificial hymen which caused uproar in Egypt and he wrote about it. Honestly this is what journalists in Egypt should have done when the story made the headlines , they should see for real what this hymen is first handed , of course no one will be abartificial-virginity-hymenle to test for moral and health reasons.

I visited that Chinese company official website when I wanted to comment about the issue and I felt too sick actually and I felt too insulted. I forgot the whole issue afterwards but I remember it now.

This talk about the artificial hymen made me feel insulted as an Egyptian girl , the press was talking about it as if all Egyptians were going to order online this hymen and start a sexual spree in the country from Alexandria to Aswan !!

As Al Rahhal referred to his article in the guardian the society in Egypt is biased , the accountability is only on 50% of the population  !!

Back to hymen it is a sick thing , it looks unhealthy even with the company’s guarantees that it is safe , really sick !!

IMG_5373-1 By the way the company now accepts local bank transfer for Egypt and that local bank is the CIB, this is a PR crisis for the bank if it is true. Already it is not the mistake of the bank , this is the game of the agent of the company in Egypt , to have a local transfer to a bank account in Egypt means they have an agent in Cairo who pretends to be an agent of a medical supplies company or import and export company …etc. The bank does not investigate nor does the commercial registry check for real. Oh man the CIB has just got the worst publicity ever !! 


NTRA’s Mobile Phone Usage Ethics Code

NTRA has published the mobile phone usage ethnics code ,hopefully people will read it and respect it.

Of course I do not think the mobile phone stalkers who sexually harass ladies randomly will read or respect this code.

Currently I am being stalked by a cheap and bastard stalker who is leaving missed calls in annoying times. I can’t answer him at the same time he is calling and so he would pay those calls which could make stop !! I will try to ignore him hoping he would get bored.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just For You

Here is the official website of the 6th annual NDP conference in English if you are interested. There is a strange news I found in Al Ahram today that delegations from all continents are going to attend the big event !! I do not know why delegations from around the world would attend the NDP conference !!

There are speculations that there will be a ministerial reshuffle right after the conference.

Mubarak will speak tomorrow , I have to hint out that his photo in the NDPC ad in Al Ahram today was not that good , it was terrible if I may say ,there are other better photos for him than that.


Also here are the video clips of Gamal Mubarak’s meeting with youth last week.I do not know why those NDP marketers Dr. Mohamed Kamal hire for LE 1500 per month do not upload it to Youtube, they can disable the comments if they are scared from comments !!

Here is also the official photo gallery of that show.

6th of April youth are holding their annual conference in parallel with the NDPC 09. Their slogan this year “This is Egypt , Not the Gabon” in reference to Ali Bongo who inherited the role from his father.


H1N1 Follow Up : Death in Ismailia

The ministry of health has announced that a 35 years old lady has passed away in Ismailia governorate yesterday after being infected by H1N1. The late lady had been already suffering from other diseases from diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity and thus her condition deteriorated from bad to worse to worst since her infection till her death may God bless her soul.

Our death toll has raised accordingly to 4 cases , all of them are women.

Our total infection record has become 1,229 :

  • 4 fatal cases.
  • 1187 cases have recovered
  • 38 cases are being treated in the hospitals currently

The swine flu is finding its way in schools and universities despite the so-called precautions of the ministry of health and ministry of education.

The debate about the H1N1 Vaccines is still on and honestly people are confused , too confused , they do not know if they should be vaccinated or not despite the officials 'confirmations that the vaccines are safe.

The ministry of health is under huge criticism because of the terrible status of Abassia fever hospital , the official hospital of H1N1 and H5N1 treatment. Already when I had had flu and my family suspected in H1N1 , we received lots of warnings of going to this hospital.

El-Koshary Today

Boys and girls I would like to present to you Egypt's latest most reliable news : El-Koshary Today.This most our latest news portal websites and actually I like it more than Rosa Al Youssef Daily's portal , you can trusted it more.
El-Koshary Today is for real Egypt's first sarcastic English news websites, the man behind it is  Tarek Shalby who did more than an excellent job if I may say

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dubai d'antan

In 1962 a Japanese photographer visited a city in the Gulf called Dubai where he captured scenes from life there , after 47 years he came back to the same city with his photos as part of long time history.

I do not think that neither that Japanese photographer nor those people captured in his photos in 1962 had ever thought or imagine how Dubai would in 2009
The title of this post was inspired by this great website

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6th Of October Special: The Flag Of Our Fathers

“Mohamed Effendi We Raised our Flag”
محمد افندى رفعنا العلم
This is a popular song the generation of 1973 knows very well , it is about the first man who raised our flag over Sinai , over the Bar Lev Line which Israel claimed to be the strongest fortification this earth had seen !!
That man is simple solider Mohamed El-Abasi from Sharkia.

Mohamed El-Abasi was recruited in 1967 , just four days before the six days war and I do not think that he had ever thought that he would be the first man to bring back our flag in to Sinai after six years
Yes the flag in 1973 is different from our current flag but it is still the flag of our fathers which is ours.
The moment of raising the flag was not immortalized in films or photos , Mohamed Effendi’s flag was the first but it was immortalized in a song generation after generation know its first line.

Release Tamer Azab

Tamer Azab , the young man who exposed Tarek Nour's thefts was arrested last October 25th at 7:30 AM from his home, the police arrested him and took also his laptop !!
Azab went before the public prosecutor of Omraneya and up till now I do not know why or how , as far as I know Azab did not break any law , the one who really broke the law here is Tarek Nour with his thefts OF copyrighted materials from around the world.
I think we should all stand behind Azab, what happened to him is an attack on freedom of expression , which Nour claimed that his so-called seasonal channel supports it !! This could happen to anyone of us from bloggers and activists and this is why we should support Azab.
Anyhow you know what is said about Karma , Now Nour is under huge fire because of his provoking public railways campaign not to mention his contract with the ERTV
Dear readers please support Tamer and try to reach for the advertising companies that produced the original ads abroad, they should know.

Lebanese Intelligence Revealed

I was among the people who were surprised to know that Lebanon as a country , as a state has an active intelligence service, Lebanon is known in the world unfortunately States inside a state.
Anyhow I began to know that I was wrong ; it seems Lebanon has a State army and a State intelligence service after all. The recent arrests of Mossad spy rings Lebanon proved that in a slap , a big slap to the Mossad if I may say. This is not Hezbollah which is supported by the Iranian and Syrian intelligence.
Zaven hosted former deputy of Lebanese intelligence chief Brigadier General Mohammad Farshoukh and former Interior minister and acting commander of the Army Gen. Sami Khatib on Future TV from two weeks ago and they spoke about the very long history of the Mossad in Lebanon . Sami Khatib revealed  the real story of most famous Israeli spy in Lebanon Shula Cohen , the infamous prostitute who turned in to a heroine in Israel !! Khatib was among the team who arrested Cohen.
shulacohen_young_corrected  david _1_
Shula then and now
This is a summary for the episode , I hope you will read till the end because there is very interesting part related to Egypt

Egypt Vs. Algeria’s Game Tickets Prices

Because many people are wondering about the prices of the big game between Egypt and Algeria ,here are the final prices as I have knew :
3rd Degree
LE 30
2nd Degree
LE 100
1st Degree “Regular”
LE 150
1st Degree “Special”
LE 200
Main VIP box
LE 1000

Each person can buy only 3 tickets for fear the tickets will find their ways to the black market " and they will"
The tickets will be available on 3 days before the game itself.
All these precautions from Egypt is to avoid possible/ expected clashes between the Egyptian and Algerian fans in the stadium. Already ladies are being warned from going to the game as it will turn ugly.
Despite the attempts from the two countries to make this game pass like any other game , there are still some newspapers and channels pouring oil on the fire.
Of course Youm 7 and Masrawy are heading the Egyptian websites and newspapers with news like Warda, the famous Algerian diva is supporting her country's national team as if it were a surprise or treason to Egypt !! It seems that the reporter forgot that Warda is originally Algerian regardless of how Egypt contributed to her success .
Also from the silly strange news : Djamila Bouhird is supporting her country's national team !! I do not know why Bouhird would support us in the first place , with my all respect it is natural thing that a woman like Bouhird to support her country !!
Man I fear next time I open the website I find : Bouteflika is supporting Algerian Jamila Bouhird in Lebanon 2009 national team !! “ Yes , this is the Real Djamila now :)”
Anyhow it seems that the coming game is not a sports war between Egypt and Algeria but also between the Egyptian newspapers too.
The match has become a part of the on going silly war between Al Masry Al Youm and Al Shorouk newspapers in Egypt. Both newspapers have launched a campaign to end this media tension between the two countries over the a football game in cooperation with Algerian newspapers and each newspaper claims that it is the one which started that Peace initiative in a silly disgusting way
Wael Al Abrashi has recorded an episode from his popular show in Algeria hosting the minister of information there to speak about the football fans in the country . The show will be aired next week and honestly from the promos on Dream TV 2  it does not give a good idea about the Algerian football fans making them look like Maniacs. “Honestly I hope that Al-Abrashi made special episodes in Algeria about politics not only about sports,  it will be a shame if he only went there to take some shots on how wild the Algerian hooligans are !!”
I just want to say something screw this football game if it is going to make us lose the friendship of the Algerian people , screw it for real , it is not as if us or the Algerians are candidates to win the World Cup in the first place !!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breaking News : Mohamed Mansour resigns

Mohamed Mansour ,the minister of transportation has presented his resignation to President Mubarak after the huge criticism he received from the press and the parliament right after Ayyat train collision and President Mubarak has accepted it.

This may be if I am not mistaken the second the third ministerial resignation accepted by President Mubarak after the famous resignation of former interior minister Ahmed Rushdie and the resignation of Al-Damiary , the former minister of transportation following the terrible Upper Egypt train collision in 2002. It is second resignation for a minister of transportation in Mubarak's era in Egypt and strangely it is also the second resignation caused because of a train collision, it seems that trains are curse following the ministers of transportation in Egypt

Update : 
  • Former minister Mohamed Mansour said on last Sunday that he would not resign , now after two days he resigns , with no doubt he was forced to resign. 
  • Currently the former minister is in his home in Maadi and he has switched his mobile phone off. 
  • There is a lot of confession in the ministry right now , it seems that they did not expect it. 
  • Minister of electricity Hassan Yunis was delegated to head the ministry till they find someone qualified enough !!
  • The Egyptian websites are full of jokes about the resignation and how a buffalo brought down a minister in Egypt !! 
  • Honestly I did not see this coming but I saw very clearly the official media unusual anger and how  Zachariah Azami went ballistic against Mansour in the parliament.
  • Below is the segment of Ahmed Moussa , the infamous regime speaker in the media attacking Mansour last October 25th 

The Real Lost Number

As usual we do not know the real death toll of Ayyat’s train collision  , the official number is 18 where as the people in independent press are speaking about 150 which is a fearful number as death toll with no doubt. The past experience taught us to disbelief the government and believe the bigger number , already the photos of the train collision is terrifying.The difference between 150 and 18 is huge but I assume the real death toll is in between.

I do not know till when truth will be lost in this matter and other matters in this country too.

Now to the minister of transportation who is being criticized now in the official public  before the partisan and opposition , you should not be surprised but this terrible crash will hunt down the NDPC in the coming days and the party wants to appear in a good image and Minister of transportation Mahmoud Mansour is spoiling that image. There are rumors saying that he will not attend the conference this year , other rumors say that he will attend but he will not appear with Mubarak.

Despite the huge criticism in official press , I do not think that Mansour Chevrolet* will resign , he saw much worse days than these and he did not resign, he had seen the Upper Egypt train and he had seen Mamdouh Ismail’s ferry and he stayed in his position , why  would he resign or get sacked from his position if only 18 people were killed in this collision only !!??

All that regime’s anger is just for local consumption as we say in Egypt , only temporarily to absorb people’s anger till they forget the crash because of some pseudo scandal or because of the coming football game between Egypt and Algeria.

Now here are couple of photos shot by Ahmed Abdel Fatah and Mohamed Ali Eddin from the location itself.

*Mansour Cheverlot is the nickname of Mohamed Mansour as the Mansour family is agent of Chevrolet in Egypt. Before being a minister , he was and is still a business tycoon. His family owns Mansour group who has many franchises, many companies, and many projects.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What Gamal Said !!

As I expected the Gamal Mubarak discussion turned to be lame and boring , nothing new except I am more convinced that we will be doomed as a country and as a nation if that lad rules !!
Already in this discussion he proved that he is the worst politician ever when he ignored that terrible train collision ,he did not have the decency to say that he was sorry for the death of those innocent people even it was just for show ; this is ABC politics for God's sake !!

Judging on his answers of those pathetic pre-made questions ,does this gentleman live in another country than our Egypt , our current Egypt , Honsi Mubarak's Egypt !!??
If he thinks he fools us with this talk now, what will he do if he rules us ?? Sorry does he think that he fools that with cheap talk , I am afraid he is the one who is fooling himself if he believes so. We are not politically stupid.
I know from the start that it will be a big waste of time judging from the unrealistic points which the questions were based upon in the discussion which is still discussing why the youth prefer public sector jobs over private sector job and how to improve the youth's skills to meet the market demands !!!
The moderator of the discussion was Lamis El-Hadidy , I am not surprised at their choice , she is a big NDPian like her husband and brother in law ,we all remember her role in the Presidential campaign.

 I did not see all the discussion ,it was all boring more than I could tolerate.
The Policies committee is stupid if they think that by these pseudo discussions we will accept Gamal Mubarak as the Next president of Egypt as these discussions prove more and more that he is unqualified for politics in the first place  !!
Sarah Carr saw the whole thing and wrote a wonderful post about The Gamal Show 

Where is the News ??

Zine El-Abidne Ben Ali has won the presidential elections in an expected victory , yes with less percentage than last time but where is actually the new news in this ??
As I hinted above , it is expected and well known that Ali would win the elections !!?? Seriously where is the big news ??
Even that order of the ministry of interior to send whoever suspects in the elections' results to is not a new thing !!

Why DO Not You Go To Australia Then ??

My mom  told me  that Gamal Mubarak has said some where that LE 150 is a perfect sum of money to start a life with and that in Australia young people start their lives with AUD 150 !!!

She read it somewhere , I think in Al Dostor still I can’t find it at their terrible n1510071714_41752_459 website !!

Honestly I do not know if he was kidding or not because as investment banker he should be aware that the AUD is the sixth most traded currency in the world !! May be this is why he left investment banking !!

AUD 150 is LE 750 in Egypt !!

I have one suggestion , if we are so lazy and love to complain, why do not you go to Australia then !!!!!

LE 150 !!?? Does he live in the time of King Farouk !!??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jerusalem on The Break of intifida

In the last 48 hours the clashes of the Palestinians defending Al-Aqsa and the Israelis whether from security or radical Jews are getting from bad to worse. Earlier today the Israeli forces imposed a siege on Al Aqsa mosque and according some reports Egypt and Jordan had to interfere for the fear the implications of such act saving the day in the Middle East !! Of course this news was in some Egyptian and Arabic websites , in other news sources there is no progress at all there.

Today morning I read a tweet that the Palestinians wanted Turkey and Iran to interfere !!

Anyhow back to Egypt and Jordan , do not think that they will stop the coming intifida , yes Israel wants it but on the other hand the Palestinians have no other choice if their so-called leaderships are insisting on fighting each other , ignoring the Palestinian cause and ignoring Al Aqsa cause !!

Here are the photos from the mini-intifida of the day , may be the Palestinians needed it to unite them

The Queen of The Nile

Poor Dija ,now she is the mystery beauty waiting to be the Queen of the Nile !!!


Of course there is a huge difference between Safinaz Zulfikar and Khadija Al-Gamal despite being Up town girls beside the fact Queen Farida till her death kept her black Egyptian hair natural color , a truly beautiful Egyptian lady : people really loved King Farouk in the beginning of his era then and people can’t stomach Gamal Mubarak and his era has not began yet. This is not the first time I compare between the two ladies.

By the way knowing Suzanne Mubarak’s love of domination, I wonder is there  going to be a rivalry between them like Queen Farida and Queen Nazli if Gamal becomes the president !!??


Safinaz Zulfikar married King Farouk because she was truly in love with him and they were in the same age where as Gamal Mubarak is twice the age of Dija , she is in her 20s and he is his 40s but who knows may be their marriage will endure unlike the couple whose wedding is still told  by old Egyptians who saw the merry event to young generations up till now.

Here is the original Life Magazine where Queen was introduced to America as the Queen of the Nile along with brief wonderful description of her Royal wedding.

I will not go after Dija because it is not her time, it is wise thing that they are keeping her in the shadow for now , they know what the people will say.

Time will only tell if she is going to be the Queen of the Nile but she be beware ,this is title very expensive, it could be bless and a curse at the same time and she should ask Queen Farida and Queen Nariman.

Pope Shenouda You Are Wiser Than That

In the current Presidential Media hype Pope Shenouda has his share , he declared that he supported Gamal Mubarak.He is with the Mubarak whether the father or the son all the way , as simple and as clear as that !! n839443636_875748_9675
Pope Shenouda again is repeating what he had done in last presidential election dictating on the Egyptian Orthodox Christians on what to do in the ballot boxes in a disgusting way !!
Millions of Christians will go to the ballot boxes and vote for Mubarak and son in a democratic process thanks to him and his support!!
Of course even if he did not declare officially most devoted Christians will vote for Mubarak and son because of what they are being told in the Sunday schools that it is either Mubarak or the Muslim brotherhood. Yes this is what they are being told and forced to believe thanks to the Church.
Pope Shenouda is wiser than to think that it is either the Mubaraks or the Muslim brotherhood. What if it is another one person , another party Mr. X !!??
I believe this stupid decision is alienating the Christians more and more. If Pope Shenouda thinks that he is winning Gamal Mubarak in his side than he should think again because Gamal Mubarak is not in anyone’s side except his.

Breaking News : Train Collision

It has just been announced that there was a train collision in 6th of October governorate. Two trains have collided in front of “Gazara” village at “Ayyat” district in 6th of October governorate tonight’s evening.
Up till now the death toll is 15 and 40 have been injured , of course these are primary numbers.
It turned out that train No.152 heading from Giza governorate to Fayoum governorate had collided by train No.188 coming from Cairo to Asuit.
In the past two months I feel there is something fishy going on in the Egyptian Railways , I know the government is dying to privatize our railways but fears the public rejection and anger and thus they are trying to create more problems leaving it to deteriorate more and more in order convince us that there is no other option than privatization !!?? I do not say that the government is behind this collision but amazes me how they leaving the railways to deteriorate more and more despite its important and vital role in Egypt !!
  • The death toll has become 25 and the injured now are 55 
  • It turned out that a buffalo was the reason of a coalition !!
  • It turned out one of the trains is the third degree train of the poor. 
  • Hussein Abdel Ghanny is reporting that the people of Gazara village are the one who are actually rescuing the people !
  • It is disgusting that yesterday night the Ch.1 of the Egyptian National TV aired a recorded variety show as if people were not killed that night in a terrible accident !!
  • When Mohamed Mubarak may God bless his soul passed away , all TV channels and radio stations mourned him for 3 complete days !!!! 
  • The disaster is that almost all Egyptian TV channels even the private one did not follow up the terrible accident as if they can't alert their holy schedule !! 
  • Only Al Jazeera bothered to transfer the matter live and I do not doubt that tomorrow they will be criticized for this !!

  • This is not the first train collision that takes place in Ayyat , from couple of years ago 300 people were killed also in a terrible train collision there. 
  • The prime minister was following the matter through the Phone , no info is available about the president
  • Here are some photos from the terrible accident last night

    • The ministry of health has not declared the final death toll , some sources say that it is not less than 30 !!
    • One of the train drivers and his aide have disappeared from the scene.
    • More really shocking photos from Youm 7 "graphic discretion"

    6 October Special : Field Marshal Ahmed Isamil

    Despite his important and vital role in the 1973 Yom Kippur war very few people remember minister of war field marshal Ahmed Ismail , I do not know why may be because he died right after the war in 1974 or may be because he was a very quiet person. Anyhow we should remember him now and remember his great role May Allah bless his soul.
    Dream TV 2 aired at the 6th of October anniversary a special documentary  about the life of the late field Marshal. It is highly recommended to watch.

    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    A History Sold In Auction For The Highest Bidder

    Next October 27th Christie’s is going to hold an auction for a huge collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in London for the highest bidder and strangely neither the supreme council of antiquities nor our Egyptian embassy in London does anything regarding this huge insult to our history and in our heritage.
    Ancient artifacts whether from the Pre-dynastic era to 10th Century AD are going to be sold in the auction. All the artifacts were parts of private of collection which means that they had left their mother country illegally. Zahi Hawas should not wait the kind heart of the private collectors to give back what their grandparents took with no right from our country.
    Here are our artifacts which are going to be sold in the auction with names, dates and number of lots.

    This is not the first time something like this happens and despite that Zahi Hawas once managed to stop similar auction once or twice but I am amazed how no one seems to care about this outrageous auction especially it is in the same time he managed to restore our relics from the Louvre and in a fight with Germans to restore Nefertiti’s head !!
    Neglecting this type of auctions gives the impression that we only talk and care about our antiquities for political reasons like in the case of the Louvre.
    By the way on the same day of that auction in London , another auction in Dubai will sell a collection of paintings by our most significant contemporary artists like  Mahmoud Said to Gazbia Sary and Seif Wanly !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mahmoud Said self portait

    I Am … Sasha Expensive !!

    Beyonce Knowles is not going to sing in Malaysia in her latest world tour but she is going to sing in Egypt. Oh yes Beyonce is going to sing in Egypt at Port Ghalib in Marsa Alam next November 6th , mark you calendars !!

    If you are interested to attend the event of the year at the famous South Eastern resort here are the ticket prices :

    Ticket Price Privileges
    Stage ticket 250 LE Non except attending the event
    Gold ticket 1000 LE An access to the VIP area and a cash bar
    Platinum ticket 2000 LE An access to open bar, after party and VVIP area

    Wow a VIP area and VVIP area !! And from 250 LE to 1000 LE suddenly !! This is big leap !!??

    These prices are published in Al Ahram weekly edition yesterday and I wonder what Be-g-21-10-2009-12-2-39normal Egyptian will think about paying 2000 in order to see Beyonce live singing “Single lady” !!

    Of course I know that every who is who in the Egyptian society from the so-called  Crème de la crème will be there , there are already some names circulating in my mind.

    You won’t drive or travel by air to be accurate to Port Ghalib only for few hours to see Beyonce , the Kuwaiti owned resort presents packages if you are interested to stay !!

    I do not need to look in a crystal ball to know that a group of MPs whether from the NDP or MB “mostly from MB” will reject this concert and will raise the issue in the Parliament , I predict also Nabiah Al-Wahash will do the same thing.

    Another Pollard Wanna Be !!

    I think you have known that FBI has arrested an American NASA scientist on charges of attempting to pass classified information to a foreign country. This foreign country is Israel and the scientist was going to sell his country’s secrets to it if it did not turn out that Israeli agent who contacted him a FBI Agent.
    The NASA scientist is 52 years old Stewart David Nozette .Ironically Nozette was OESPIONAGE_P1 among those who were credited discovering Water on the moon , unfortunately now his name for real entered the history. “You will find here in NASA some links related to his work”. Nozette has a very interesting career history , he worked at the following places:
    • US department of energy
    • US department of defense
    • NASA
    • White House National space council.
    • Alliance for Competitive Technology
    During his work at Alliance for Competitive Technology He had R&D research contracts with the following :
    • U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.
    • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in Arlington, Virginia
    • National Aeronautics and Space Administration Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland
    From 1998 to 2008,  Nozette was a technical adviser for  Israel Aerospace Industries company that was wholly owned by the Israeli government and he was paid about $225,000 over that period.
    Nozette held a special security clearance equivalent to the Defense Department's top secret and "critical nuclear weapon design information" clearances. DOE clearances apply to access to information specifically relating to atomic or nuclear-related materials.

    Nick Griffin on BBC Question Time

    Before the huge protests in front of the BBC last Thursday most people outside the British isles did not know who is Nick Griffin of BNP and now after the show he is now earned a world reputation as an ugly racist.
    You know there was no need to those protests in London because it gave him more fame internationally, these people like him and Jean Marie Le Pen must be in the shadow. I would not have thought of searching for the complete episode except because of the protests. I respect their concern and their fear to give a penal to this kind of people but they are giving them a free publicity.
    This episode from BBC Question time broke the record in the viewership in UK and I am not surprised , this kind of personalities always attract viewers to watch them on TV.
    Here is the complete episode on the Youtube , you can’t watch it on BBC iPlayer if you are outside UK

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Egyptian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs : El-Zaidi Is Welcomed At Any Time in Cairo

    The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs has denied the reports saying that Muntader El-Zaidi was a persona non grata in Egypt  saying that Egypt welcomes Muntader at anytime with no condition and it is enough that the Baghdadia TV Channel HQ is in 6th of October Governorate.

    I thought of sharing this important statement to clear that awful rumor.

    Muntader Al Zaidi in Switzerland

    El-Zaidi is currently in Switzerland and is taking the first steps to sue the Iraqi government for torturing him, the thing which I totally support him in. Already I believe El-Zaidi should continue working in the media , he has a very important message now and through working in the media he can deliver this message directly.

    Now I hope that El-Zaidi will come back again to Egypt , it seems that officially he is totally welcomed and so he should come and do interviews everywhere to prove that.

    Gamal 2.0 Strikes Again

    It seems that the NDP policies committee and its secretary believe that fake live meeting between Gamal Mubarak and the NDP’s young generation in the summer was successful that they are going to have another so-called live meeting again on the 25th of October.

    On the 25th of October Gamal Mubarak and minister of commerce and industry Rashid Mohamed Rashid are going to meet students leaderships in Egyptian universities “aka the Young NDPian and future foundation members” to discuss the following :

    • The reasons of unemployment
    • The role of IT in combating unemployment
    • How the fresh graduates can have skills that meet with the demands of the market
    • How to encourage the students in studying technical education
    • Why  do graduates wait to work in public sector instead of the private sector
    • The role of media , globalization ..etc in creating new job opportunities !!

    In brief he is discussing in a very unrealistic way unemployment and it is clearly from those points mentioned in the website itself that Mr.Mubarak is isolated from the people because he is still asking about the reasons of unemployment and he believes that graduates are still waiting for the public sector job with few hundred pounds per month !!??

    This shows why I and other like me “and they are not few” reject him as a president or even as a politician. It is not a bad thing to live in a high standard lifestyle where you never take a public transportation , I have never taken a public transportation bus in my life but I am not isolated from my country or my people like Gamal Mubarak with all due respect and with all the differences between me and him. It amazes me with the kind of information he has access to that he would ask about the reasons of unemployment and how to combat it.

    Seriously we speak about Gamal Mubarak is more than succession , it is other thousands things and those points mentioned above which he will discuss shows you a glimpse of why we refuse him.

    It is so silly from the NDP to claim that this is an open discussion where as it is prepared from the beginning till the end !!?? It is a closed recorded discussion.

    By the way I bet the next natural development for Gamal 2.0 is to appear in Melody Hits in a special show to answer the Egyptian Young generations answers like Barack Obama in 2008 !!

    Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden !!

    There are calls online and offline that Egyptian female fans should watch the Egypt Vs.Algeria football match from their homes on TV and not in the stadium.
    There is a considerable fear that there will be a nasty fight not in the playground but in the fan seats and thus ladies should not be there for fear they will be harmed !!
    I wonder if this is going to be applied to young boys too !!
    Anyhow this shows you to what level the media escalation between the two countries have reached to over a football match. 
    Of course I do not like the comments of the Algerian football fans about Egyptian women , I read some in couple of websites and they made me so sick and angry but I do not and won't generalize because from the other side we got very rude people too.
    The game will be in Cairo on the 14th of November 2009 and till then we will watch stupid racist and sad stuff from both sides over a ball kicked by the foot !!
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