Monday, February 29, 2016

Seen in Zamalek : A florist

Seen in Zamalek area , a shop sign in English and Arabic. Love the Arabic Italic font.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cairo's black smoke

Why was there black smoke in sky of Cairo like that on Sunday !? It was too obvious even at night. Do not know the reason.
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Old Egypt : Contrat De Location

A photo for an old Egyptian apartment rental contract in French. French was used along Arabic in legal and official documents in Egypt until 40 years ago  if I am not mistaken.
I believe that this has to do with the fact that Egypt's civil code issued in 1949 was based on the French civil code.
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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Something else happened in Abu Simbel Temple other than solar alignment

On Monday, Egypt had nothing to speak about how the sun failed to show up in Abu Simbel Temple's biannual solar perpendicular due to early mist.
Some considered it as sort of paranormal reaction on the claims of current minister of archeology El-Damati that the solar perpendicular in not less than 15 ancient Egyptian archeological sites in Egypt were just "mirage" and coincidence !!
While other considered it as a bad omen that the sun refused to show for the first time since thousands of years allegedly.
It has nothing to do with omens and actually it happened before, from a decade ago.
Anyhow personally, I believe there is other significant thing happened in Abu Simbel but the mainstream media does not want to cover it properly.
A group of Nubian Egyptians protested at Abu Simbel temple protested against a presidential decree that stands against their return to the land of Nubia they want to return to.
Part of the protest "Fatmah Sakory"
That group of Nubian Egyptians protested against Presidential decree No.444 which was issued in 2014 and was passed by the House of Representatives from a couple of weeks ago.
Presidential decree No.444 issued on 29 November 2014 designates 16 Nubian villages out of 44 villages as restricted military border zones with Sudan.

Friday, February 26, 2016

From 1995 : Sharm El-Sheikh Holiday for LE 65 Only

An old newspaper ad in 1995. " Enjoy a nice holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh at Hotel Barracuda for LE 65 only 'B.B' and special prices for those who stay longer. Contact Nefr tourism company for more information" 
Now in 2016 , Sharm El-Sheikh is a ghost town or rather ghost resort. There is still hope because it seems that British tourists will be back by May.
Hotel Barracuda does not exist anymore as I did quick search online. It could have changed its name to become another hotel.
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Sisi's 2030 speech : Be worried ... be very worried

Egypt's sarcasm Facebook pages and accounts are having one hell of busy day thanks to the latest speech of President Abdel Fattah early Wednesday in Egypt 2030 conference.
Comic, memes and videos are published at a crazy rate on Facebook pages like Asa7be Sarcasm Society.
Being the first Egyptian president up for sale on eBay for several hours following his emotional plea in the speech that he would sell him to save the country made more headlines in Mashable, BBC and Foreign policy than the original speech with its important details. "There is similar page for him on Facebook"
But speaking seriously, there is nothing funny about the speech when you listen to it carefully.
Sisi speaking in the speech
"screen capture from presidency twitter account"
The speech is very alarming.
Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was extremely nervous more than any other speech I could remember.
He was nervous and angry in that improvised speech.
He slammed the government's critics including his own supporters. Ironically, it has been an old 23 July state legacy to make the cabinet as the punching bag when the president has got all powers. Now Sisi defends Ismail's cabinet and says he meets with the ministers and knows what we do not know. I do not know what his supporters will say after claiming that the cabinet is working against his instructions.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

So is it toddler or the teenager or the grown-up man who is sentenced to life in prison !?

Just as the news about how a Cairo Military court sentenced  a 4-years-old boy to life in prison on violence-related charges above the murder of three people in Fayoum in 2014 hit the wires and
Adorable Ahmed Mansour "Dream TV"
became the talk of the world, the Egyptian state decided to fire back.
Last week, a Cairo military court sentenced 4-years old Ahmed Mansour with 116 other defendants, to life in prison on nine charges that included killing four people in Fayoum governorate and attempting to kill six others in January 2014.
Little Mansour was only two years old when those clashes happened between security forces and Pro-Morsi supporters.
According to the Child's family, the boy's father was arrested for 4 months instead of him when the police came and found a toddler instead of their wanted criminal.
Do not ask me why the father was officially arrested for 4 months before he would be released by a court order without a bail officially.
On Saturday, the official spokesperson Police General Abu Bakr Abdel Karim made a phone call to Dream TV 2's 10 PM TV show when it was hosting Ahmed Mansour and his father to explain the matter.
According to Abdel Karim, there was a mistake in the name of the defendant and that's they were searching for Ahmed's uncle, a 16-years old teenager instead.
Ahmed's father corrected the police general telling him that his brother, Ahmed's uncle is actually 52 years old.

Monday, February 22, 2016

From 21 years ago : MB fought Military trials and Fifi Abdou referred to Criminal court

From 21 years ago, the Muslim brotherhood was still challenging the order to refer its members to military court  while recent Instagram star and veteran belly dancer Fifi Abdou and her daughter were accused of assaulting a standup comedian and were referred to criminal court.
The MB members are still referred to military court and Fifi is out of legal trouble but is still making headlines thanks to the social media.
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Now you realize that We do not live in a secular state ya Ibrahim!?

On Saturday, a Cairo misdemeanor appeals court sentenced Egyptian writer and journalist Ahmed Naji two years in jail for publishing a "sexual flagrant article violating public's modesty" in the state-owned cultural newspaper Akhbar Al-Adab" last year.
Sisi's religious state imprisons
writer. Al-Makkal newspaper

The "sexual flagrant article" is an actually a chapter of Naji's novel"The guide for using life" issued in 2014.
The editor-in-chief of Akhbar Al-Adab was fined LE 10,000.
That editor-in-chief claims now that he did not read the chapter and just agreed that it would be published without knowing its content !!!

In early January, the misdemeanor court already acquitted both Naji and Akhbar Al-Adab newspaper's editor-in-chief but the prosecution appealed and we all knew what happened.

Many people are against the court ruling for the sake of the freedom of expression mostly from the 25 January revolution supporters and it is not surprising for me.

Now I was surprised to see someone like Ibrahim Eissa slamming the court ruling as well El-Sisi's state describing it boldly as a "religious state" in his newspaper "Al-Makkal".

Eissa, who became a strong advocate for El-Sisi turning against the 25 January revolution and its activists suddenly realized that we are not living in a true civil secular state as it seems.

Yes, Eissa has been widely criticizing Al-Azhar and religious institutions in Egypt but not to that level.

Ironically since day one, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi did not promise anyone with that civil secular state.
Thanks to dear Ahmed Abu Hussein, he reminded us with El-Sisi's statements and views on the religious state and the role of religion during his presidential campaign.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

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This is why El-Nadeem Center is being picked on

Last Wednesday, El-Nadeem Center for the Rehabilitation of victims of torture was on the verge of being closed by the health ministry but its lawyer managed to postpone the execution of the ministry's order till the center knows what is really going on.
The famous and important NGO issued a statement on the same day explaining what happened.

It states that the closure decision was based on law No.453 for 1954 which does not involve clinics but rather restaurants and shops, yes restaurants and shops
Personally, I believe what is going on is part of the crackdown against political activists and NGOs recently in Egypt and the turn is on the famous anti-torture NGO now.

Same news, old times

From 21 years ago I find that news in Al-Wafd newspaper " 2 died and 5 others saved as their boat sunk off Al-Waraq.
The families of the deceased are not allowed to bury their relatives before Giza governor finishes his electoral campaign for parliament"
Up till now, boats sink off Al-Waraq, Giza !!
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

And the Protest law is broken once again

And once again the protest law is broken in Egypt massively in the same week as Cairo witnessed real protests against the police we have not seen like it in the past three years.
For the second day in a row, protests continue at the Popular areas of Darb El-Ahamr and Bab El-Khalak in Cairo over the murder of a small van driver by a low-ranking policeman on Thursday.
First of all, Egypt's ministry of interior announced late Thursday that it did arrest that low-ranking policeman.
Right after the Friday prayers, hundreds if not thousands of angry people mourned late Mohamed Ali Ismail, the truck drive and walked from Siada Nafissa to the cemeteries of old Cairo to bury him. Photos and video show really angry people who were chanting against the ministry of interior and policemen.
The funeral of Mohamed Ismail
The funeral heading to the cemetery
"Fadel Ibrahim" 
The funeral of Mohamed Ismail
Hundreds if not thousands of mourners at
the funeral of the 24-years van driver " Hazem Abdel Hamed" 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Do we need an "Egyptian Lives matter" campaign again !?

From few hours ago, we found out that another low-ranking policeman killed a citizen, a taxi driver in what you consider a tragic finale for a week full of violations that reach to the level of crimes committed by low-ranking policemen in Egypt.
Thursday evening, news spread online that a low-ranking policeman shot down a truck-driver after a fight in Darb Al-Ahamr area and that the people in the area allegedly killed the policeman in retaliation.
Indeed, a low-ranking policeman shot a truck-driver, 24-years old Mohamed Ali Ismail in a fight over the fare but he fled the scene according to Cairo security directorate which is few blocks away from the crime scene.
Late Mohamed Ismail
Late Mohamed Ismail, a small truck driver  was killed on Thursday
Eye witnesses say that the low-ranking policeman was beaten by the angry people to the level that they thought he died and that other policemen and informants help him to flee the scene.
He accompanied another man allegedly his relative who was also beaten till near death but was transferred to hospital.
Things escalated so fast and the murder sparked protests in Darb Al-Ahamr.
Darb Al-Ahamr is a very populated popular class area where people actually suffer from the violations and harassments of the low-ranking policemen.Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Cairo security directorate chanting against the ministry of interior angrily "You dirty government, you sons of bitches", " The ministry of interior are thugs"
Cairo security directorate
At Cairo security directorate by journalist Omar El-Hady
The protest at the security directorate
Angry protesters by photographer Roger Anis 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Seen in Cairo : Old font scrapped

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Old font scrapped on a shop seen in Egypt's Downtown Cairo, at famous Boulaq quarter.
The old men' clothes shop will get a modern shop sign with a facelift inside.
That shop has been in that place since 1959. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Farewell Mohamed Hassanein Heikal "1923-2016"

Earlier Wednesday, iconic journalist and writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal passed away after a short illness in Cairo.
The 92-ears old veteran writer and former minister of information passed away after a very long life and legacy whether in journalism or politics in Egypt and the Arab world.
Now one must wonder how he or she can write true balanced obituary or profile for such man who played a significant role in Egypt's politics and media in the past 60 years.
Mohamed Hassanein Heikal

The veteran journalist already did not stop or really quit the political or media arena as he said several times before.
Heikal has left a huge big political legacy that won't stop creating debates or controversy at any time soon.
Just from few months, he created another controversy when he slammed the Saudi decision to intervene militarily in Yemen describing it as "Political crap".
You can imagine how that statement was covered in the Gulf media.
Already the gulf media was not that fond of Heikal because after all he was Nasser's confidant in the 1960s and did not consider Iran as the grand Satan of the Middle East not to mention his position from Syrian revolution.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

RIP Boutros Boutros Ghali "1922-2016"

And Egypt's Boutros Boutros Ghali has passed away earlier Tuesday after a long life full of accomplishments in Giza.
The first Egyptian/African/Arab UN secretary-general passed away in a Giza hospital Tuesday afternoon at the age of 94.
The former Egyptian minister of state of foreign affairs was hospitalized from 5 days ago with a broken leg.
Ghali's funeral will be held on Thursday at Saint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral.
As a recipient of Egypt's Order of the Nile, Boutros Boutros Ghali is given a military funeral.
Boutros Boutros Ghali swearing in as SG at the UN headquarter
in New York in 1991
Ghali's true turning point in Egypt was his role in Camp David talks between Egypt and Israel after the resignation of both Ismail Fahmy in 1977 and Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel in 1978 in a very critical time.
His memories and books about the peace process in the Middle East are very important.
I have just remembered how Hassan el-Tohamy , the late deputy PM and Sadat's eccentric envoy to meet the Israelis secretly in Morocco used to call Boutros Ghali as "Peter" for some reason.
Of course , his true turning point internationally was when he was elected in 1991 as the UN secretary-general  (UN SG). Now, many people attack him him because what they consider as his failure in Yugoslav wars in his term, the Rwandan genocide and Angolan civil war.
The Question here : Since when the UN SG was able to save the world or able to stop wars or genocides !? Let's admit that on the military and political levels, the UN has been the biggest failure of all times.
The UN is good when it comes to culture and social as well economic development in some countries but when we speak about politics, it is a big failure.
People also remember how he was not re-elected as US-SG because Washington did not want so after his report on Qana Massacre that convicted Israel in a rare incident.
For God's sake now in Egypt we mock Ban Ki-Moon for being concerned all the time when the whole world is on fire.
Whether you like Boutros Boutros Ghali or not  you have to agree that the man was that last generation that knew the true meaning of diplomacy and politics.

And the Egyptian Interior ministry says it did not arrest Giulio

Egypt's Ministry of interior "MOI" issued a statement early Monday in Arabic and English denying Giulio Regini on 25 January 2016.
Guilio and his family in his sister's graduation 
that what was published in the New York Times about the arrest of late
From three days ago , New York Times issued published a report about Regini's murder where it claimed that he was taken into custody by the Egyptian authority quoting anonymous witnesses as well unnamed three officers allegedly with knowledge about his case.
Those unnamed sources claimed that late Regini was arrested by plainclothes officers because "he was rude" and that he was believed to be a "spy ".
The NY Times came at the same time Reuters published a report with more alleged shocking details from Giulio Regini's autopsy in Cairo.
Now on Monday, the MOI issued that statement in Arabic and English.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

From Syria : Palmyra temple Tapestry

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A beautiful piece of art made in Syria showing Palmyra temple. That tapestry was given today to my aunt as a present.  

Celebrating the Valentine's in time of detention !!

Aya and Mohamed
"by Mona Nader" 
And on the occasion of the valentine's in Egypt we saw that scene on Saturday during the trial of Aya Hegazy and her team from Baladay NGO and we became speechless.

Mohamed Hassanein, Aya's husband brought her flowers bouquet before the hearing of their trial would star on Saturday.
Hassanein was given the bouquet by one of his friends while he was entering the court.
Aya and Hassanein as well the rest of the defendants in their trial have been detained for 650 days pending trial on charges of "human trafficking" and "sexual exploitation of street children to collect donations in conferences" !!!
According to the official autopsy report which was published earlier by Shorouk newspaper, the kids involved in the case were not sexually abused during their stay in the NGO.
The trial on Saturday was adjourned to next Wednesday in order to hear witnesses and see the evidence in the case.
FYI , Aya Hegazy is a U.S. Citizen but she rejected the help of the U.S. embassy insisting to face the charges as an Egyptian citizen.
Anyhow Happy Valentine's and be grateful that you are free to celebrate it.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

When Egypt's Doctors broke the protest law in the heart of Cairo

I think we can safely say that on Friday 12 February 2016 the infamous protest law was killed publicly in downtown Cairo thanks to Egypt's doctors.It is an unforgettable day.
Thousands of Egyptians doctors flocked to Dar El-Hekima aka Egypt's Doctors syndicate in downtown Cairo to attend the urgent meeting of the syndicate's General assembly to take action and to protest the constant attacks against doctors in hospitals by police personnel in particular following the assault on doctors at Mataria educational hospital.
Outside the syndicate early Friday, doctors and activists also protested
in solidarity for detained doctors. "By Sabry Khaled" 
The General assembly meeting needs at least 1000 members normally, to be held legally. Surprisingly over 10,000 doctors showed up blocking streets in Kasr Al-Aini.It was the most crowded General assembly in the history of the syndicate. It was a protest with all the anti-police chants , unauthorized protest but the doctors did not care.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Talk to me about corruption in Egypt in time of Mubarak

This very important news or rather saga that came at the same of the fifth anniversary of the 25 January and it is a reminder to all of us on why the revolution happened in Egypt on 25 January, the national day of police in Egypt.
On 28 January 2016, we found news spreading throughout the news websites that the state restored back LE 178 Million in the ministry of interior corruption scandal that goes back to 2011.
The news goes like that: The public fund prosecution lifted 80 names of state officials from the travel ban list after returning back LE 178 Million back to the state. The state officials in that list are mostly from the ministry of interior in Mubarak's time.
In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm that to be denied later, the investigative judge assigned to the case stated that those 80 officials returned back the LE 178 million after proving that they got it legally as "Rewards and bonuses" and that there was no criminal evidence against them.
Okay if they were legal "rewards and bounces", why would they return back !?
You must know that in the original case that is resurfacing in a very unexpected time speaks about state officials working in the ministries of finance, transportation, interior and the Accountability State Authority "ASA" who are accused of their influence to acquire gains amounting to LE 1 billion illegally during the time of Mubarak.
Anyhow from those former state officials, there are 73 officials from the ministry of interior alone. 17 names stand out above them the former minister of interior Habib El-Adly.
Among other names we got the following:
  • Former high state security police general Mohsen El-Faham returned to the state LE 37,540,313. El-Faham who is related to late Omar Suleiman is currently the leader of a new Pro-regime /Pro-Military party called "The Homeland's Guardian" which got 17 seats in the House of Representatives. An anti-25 January revolution advocate, El-Faham claims that he got all that money as bounces !!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Remembering the Zamalek UWK Massacre and the quest for justice

Just after a week from the Ultras Ahlawy's commemoration to the fourth anniversary of Port Said stadium massacre , Zamalek Sports club's  Ultras White Knights {UWK}  "commemorated the first anniversary of the UWK massacre or as known as the Air Defense Stadium massacre in Cairo.
UWK's commemoration to the Air Defense stadium tonight at Fustat Park
"Mohamed El-Ra3y"
From a year ago, Twenty Zamalek fans were killed in a stampede at the Air Defense stadium in an evil scheme planned by none other than the Zamalek SC notorious chairman Mortada Mansour according to the UWK.

Just like UA07, UWK07 matured politically and knowing that it could not stand against Mortada Mansour or the ministry of interior, it decided to play by the law.

The group would not take any chances especially the current head of Human Rights committee in Egypt's House of Representatives aka Mortada Mansour warned of coming near to Zamalek Club as the Club's guards would use their "live ammunition" weapons against them !!

I believe Mansour went mad after finding out that on 6 February the UWK hung on the gates of Zamalek club that banner saying "Mortada is a murderer, we want him".

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Paying Respect to Giulio Regeni

And Giulio Regeni returned back to Italy Saturday afternoon.
Italy will have its own autopsy. The Egyptian National Forensics authority declared that it would finish Regeni's autopsy by the end of February !!!!!
I do not need to guess that the Italian government will finish Regini's autopsy in a week or something !!
His hometown "Fiumicello", a small village in north-eastern Italy." declared a national mourning.
The Egyptian ministry of interior is denying that it declared officially that the 28-years old researcher was killed in hit and run despite the fact that the head of Giza security directorate was the one who told Pro-regime Youm 7 news website that Thursday morning.
Earlier Saturday afternoon, dozens of Egyptians as well Italians in Egypt paid respect to Giulio Regeni at the Italian embassy in Cairo as his body departed Egypt to make on final trip back home to Italy.

At the Italian embassy in Cairo
Flowers and candles at the Italian embassy in Cairo "The Januarians"
At the Italian embassy in Cairo
The Italian embassy in Cairo Saturday afternoon

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The night I have seen Orion's belt in the Sky

I think I was a very lucky girl when I recieved that notification from Star Walk app that I should not miss that rare visible 5 planets line-up in the sky. I went to the balcony in that cold weather to see those planets and to my surprise I saw a very starry sky in the middle of Giza city with all the street lights on.

A starry night in the city

I took a couple of photos and to my luck for the first time , I saw the legendary Orion's belt visible and crystal clear in the sky.

Already it turned out that it is visiable in the Northern winter and Southern summer starting from January.

Orion's belt

I did not see the 5 planets , already they are visible 80 minutes before sunrise and technically I will be sleeping in bed in that time but I am happy to see the Orion's belt and the sky full of stars like that in the big city.

Orion's belt in the Orion's constellation played a role in the Egyptian mythedology.

Needless to say , Orion's belt is famously connected to Egypt now thanks to the Orion Correlation theory promoted by ancient alien theorist Robert Bauval and History Channel's show "Ancient aliens".

Friday, February 5, 2016

When Ultras Ahlawy replied Sisi's call

In the past four days, Ultras Ahlawy "UA07" proved to be more politically mature than any other Egyptian party or political movement or even official institution in Egypt.
It started on 30 January with a small announcement on the Ultras Ahlawy "UA07" twitter and Facebook accounts announcing that they were going to commemorate on 1 February the 72 victims from their members who were  killed during the Port Said stadium clashes in 2012.
We will continue " Ibrahim Ezzat Hendy" 
The commemoration would be held according to the announcement at Al-Ahly Sporting Club's main stadium "Mokhtar El-Tetch stadium" in Cairo starting at 2 PM as they had alway done in the past three years.
Nobody paid at attention at that announcement except when the photos being to be shared on that day from El-Tetch stadium showing thousands of angry young men commemorating the anniversary of their young comrades while carrying anti-SCAF banners as well the photos of the 74 young men.
The Ultras boys at the El-Tetch stadium " Ultras Ahlawy Official FB" 
From Cairo Tower, the scene from an ariel view
"Ultras Ahlawy official FB"

Thursday, February 4, 2016

RIP Giulio Regeni

Italian student Giulio Regeni has been found after all and unfortunately, he was not found alive.
Last night, the Italian media announced that the body of the late 28 years old Cambridge University PhD student was found in the outskirts of Giza according to the Italian embassy in Cairo.
Giulio Regeni
Giulio Regeni 
There had been no confirmation yet and friends of Regeni asked the Press to wait till there was an official announcement and his family would confirm it.
The Regenis are already in Cairo
Later, Reuters spread the news quoting the Italian foreign ministry itself. The Italians were waiting for the official confirmation of the Egyptian authorities.
More grim details began to emerge in the following hours unofficially.
Reuters reported that the body of Giulio was found with traces of torture.
The report added that he was found semi-naked in the Cairo-Alexandria desert road in the outskirts of Giza.
According to his friends, he was last seen on 25 January when he headed from his home in Dokki to take the Metro near Cairo University heading to Downtown Cairo near the old AUC Campus in Tahrir square !!
What brought him to the Cairo-Alexandria desert road !!?
Giulio Regeni who spoke Arabic fluently was a PhD student and his research was about the trade unions in Egypt and its role after the January revolution and the ouster of Mubarak.
Only at 10 AM, the Giza security directorate announced in the Egyptian media hat body of the late Cambridge student was found at the Cairo-Alexandria desert road and that it was transferred to Zanihom morgue in Cairo.
Then in early statements, we found out the head of Giza security directorate saying that  there was no criminal intent in Giulio's death and that he died after a hit and run accident !!!!!!!!
Police General Khaled Shalaby also added that there were no traces of torture on the young man's body !!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Where is Giulio !?

So after we have been asking where Mostafa Massouny and Ashraf Shehata as well other Egyptians are, we are asking now about the whereabouts of Italian student Giulio Regeni.
Giulio Regeni
Giulio Regeni 

Giulio Regeni is a 28-years old Italian Cambridge University PhD student who came to Egypt as AUC visiting scholar.
He is based at POLIS, Cambridge University's Department of Politics and International Studies.
He suddenly disappeared in Cairo on2 25 January 2016. The last he was seen in Cair was at 8 PM when he was going from El-Behoos metro station in Dokki, Giza to Downtown Cairo specifically Bab-louk square which is few blocks away from Tahrir square. He speaks perfect Arabic by the way.
I am now thinking that the Metro station in Tahrir was closed on that day already and wondering where he would have gone.
His family and friends can not reach him.
The security authorities in Egypt now say that he was not arrested.
We have known publicly about Giulio's alarming disappearance from the Italian Ministry of foreign affairs' statement about him and how the Italian FM called his Egyptian counterpart raising the matter with him.
Giulio's friends in Italy, UK and Egypt have launched an online campaign to spread the word about his disappearance whether in Arabic or in English.
To be honest, I am so worried on Regeni. Let's pray he and others have gone missing will be found soon.