Thursday, July 28, 2005

No updates for now ,your prayers I need

I won't be able to post any updates for a while
My grand Mother is being hospitalized now ,thank God she is better now than from two days when she suffered from bad illness
Please Pray for to for her

We got voice at last

I paricipated in BBC 5 live radio Show called pods and blogs , in eposide dedicated forthe Sharm Blasts ,other Egyptian bloggers also participated among them my dear friend Karim from
I am very happy because other than the Dostor newspaper referring to Egyptian blogs ,no one know about us or even cares for what we are saying
But We got voice at last 'Oh boy my voice is so terrible !!!!'
This is great thing ,I am very happy
So despite it didn't work out as it was planned because of the connections,We tried everything from Skype to cell phone to home phone 'blame Egypt telecom, and Tarek Kamel "
it really it was great experimence
I guess we became as bloggers as source for news
Well in the End I would like to thank Chris Vallance ,the producer and reporter for blogs and Pods ,who visited the Egyptian bloggers ring and gave us the opportunity :)
last words
They are saying that President Mubarak will announce that he will run for the presidential elections "Surprise " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From his home town Monofia !!!
Oh Monofia ,I will speak about this place in Nile Delta , a dangerous one believe me

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Blackmailing who exactly ?

The speech that President Mubarak said after his visit to Sharm El-Shekih , it is the first time as I recall that President Mubarak address the nation after a terrorist act like this , It stopped me the word Blackmail that was used in the speech

Who Blackmails Who ?

sorry My question seems dump but look closer to the incident and you find strange findings, Sorry the El-Qaida usual internet statement with the released video of Late Ehab El-Sherif about the domination of Jews over the Egyptian people !!!! Bla bla bla doesn't convince me at all , from the first look All people will say it is the Egyptian Tourism and Egyptian people ' I don't think so ,it is the direct excuse or it is from the first look '

I believe these Explosions were meant to deliver an encrypted message to President Mubarak himself saying We are capable of reaching you even in your secure second Capital Sharm El-Shekh ,people ,one of the blasts was on the gate Of Movenpick Jolie Vielle Hotel ,this hotel is the center for all summits and V.I.P meeting even after the four seasons hotel opening ,also the timing the NDP could announce his candidate for presidency yesterday . With wonderful surprise ,it is the president himself

But A question marks appears here and doesn't want to disappear until I got an answer for it ,and unfortunately I am not in the secret service or know anyone there , the Question : Who Wants to deliver this message? Who is really capable of doing such thing ? El-Qaida ,come on talk seriously after all

My thought is not shared but me only , many have the same thoughts in Cairo from experts to Journalists: Mr. Wael El-Abrashi in the Sout -ElOma 'The Voice of the Nation " weekly said the same thing

Saturday, July 23, 2005

We are not Afraid!

We�re not Afraid!
This is an excellent idea , why we don't do something like for Sharm El-Shekih to fight terrorism just like Karim 's idea to make a protest tomorrow against terrorism


Things in cairo arenot fine ,the timing of this bloody terrorist act is so so bad already it is the hotest political summer Egypt is living since the 1954 crisis
I am so confused right now , already the terrorism experts began to analyze it 'I admitt we got excellent exprets ' but what is the benefit of doing analyze now when the thing just blowed out
I am sad and angry
This can destroy the economy for some time ,Sharm is only terroristic city working allround the year ,hundreds of thousands of Jobs depend on it , in a country unemployement is increasing rapidly every year
It is the second in Sinai after Taba
It is the Second after the 6th of october war celebration timing ,this time in the 23rd of July 'The revolution day 'when Kingdom of Egypt became the Republic of Egypt ,
The timing is important and No one wants to speak about it as there was some romours that the president Mabarak would announce that he will run in the next election in next septmeber for the fifith time ,alreaady there are demonstration against him weekly , the political conditions in Egypt are so stressed to have something like this
The place also Sharm El-Shekih ,the peace City as they call it ,Sharm is the second Capital for Egypt , the Presdient Stays there more than in Cairo ,and ironically for the security reasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so sad and angry ,this year is very important for Egypt especailly these summer months
What makes me more and more angry is the took for destroying the tourism , what tourism ?the majority which were killed and injured are from the Egyptians in the old Market Area, also this time is for Egyptians in resverations as Sharm is so hot for Foreigners to go ,sure the tourism will be freezed for awhile
But This is the bloodist terrorist act Egypt sees since the Luxor terrorist act
Ironically A Gulf newspaper said ,Egypt now is the safest place for the Gulf tourism after the Blasts in London and Beruit !!!!!!!!!!
WhyS and WhoS questions are on the tongue of every Egyptian
Already El-Qaida said I did as usual on one these forums !!!!!! The minister of Interior said that he didn't think so ,but he thinks it has a connection with the Taba blasts
Fouad Alam an expert of terrorism and ex-vice president of the investigations of National Secuirty 'big name isn't it !! and fearful too " Doubts it is Al-Qaida after all , his point that the Al-Qaida the real one of Osama and Ayman is finished ,after 4 years war with the greatest military power on Earth plus it doesn't have any existence any more in Egypt 'be sure of that he was responsible for it' yet it can be one of the groups thattake Osama as role model !!!!!!!!
All evidences and witnesses say that the Cars used in the bombing were carrying the Taba Customs ,that is it is coming across the borders with Iseral and some said they found the Arabs of 48 ids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What I fear is that it could be a revenage operation from the security and specailly the Interior ministery by the Arabs of Sinai as after the Taba Blasts ,the security forces gone crazy and let's just say they act in non human rights way with theSinai's Arabs specailly with their women that the Human rights watch spoke about it ,there are alot of anger but come on all Egyptians hate the interior ministry and its acts
I am angry and sad
Please Pray for all those died
This is one of the strangest summers Egypt faced !!
I am sorry for all those tourists who came and wanted to enjoy Sharm but fate didn't give them a chance

5 explosions in Sharm, some one is celebrating the revolution on his way

Just few minutes I knew from the net there were 5 blasts in Sharm EL-Shekih ,the world famous resorts ,the dead reached to 25 and injured 110 , I saw AL-jazeera and got some hents but it seems that all journalists are sleeping
I am angry ,sad ,and got strange feelings right now with many many thoughts and questions of WhoS and WhyS till the end
this one hell of celebration of the 23rd of July
I noticed something it is second time there is a terrorist act in Sinai after the Taba Blasts ,also it is second time that terrorist act happens in the same time of Egyptain event with Patriotic tough like the 6th of Oct. And now the 23rd of july
I am angry
I feel sorry for all those who died or injured in my land
Please pray for them
I am sorry as Egyptian
N.B: Sharm -Shekih seemed to become the favorite residence of the Egyptian President I just wish he isn't there right now

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Egyptian State Symbol parade

Ok today I will complete my celebration of the 23rd of July ' be patients guys it will take another weekokay before I start in posting heavy loaded stuff about the history of Politics and how the movement changed the course of History not only in Egypt but the middle East and its pros and cons ' oh God this is too much for one ,I guess I will keep some for coming years '
So today as I am tired 'I began working on Fan Site for No one lives forever game right now " plus the weather is too hot , I willpost the symbols and slogans of the Egyptian State through out the modern age and I guess the right period is from 1923 to this day

So let's start the Symbol of state in Egypt parade:

The Symbol of the kingdom of Egypt ,See the granduer in it ,I love it ,so elegant from 1923 to 1954

The Symbol of United Arab Republic ,see the two stars symboling from Egypt and Syria , It began to symbolize the Bureaucracy , from 1958 to 1971

The Symbol of The Arab Republic of Egypt from 1971 to 1984 ,the Eagle became Hawk and it still looked at as the symbol of Bureaucracy.

The Symbol of the A.R.E from 1984 till .......... , it is the same old Eagle without the Stars ,and it became the bureaucracy itself

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Egyptian flags parade

As the 23rd of July is on the doors after few days , I decided to celebrate this year in unusual way not the same critizing and blaming the revolution no but in other way I will celebrate it by lookng to our modern old ,middle and recent hsitory and see if we really made it or not
anyway I will start today with light thing
Do you know how many flags we had in our modern time ? what do they mean ?
Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, We are the Egyptians ,we have wonders that no place in the Worldhas it ,we achieved the impossible from making a great civilization no one is able to make like it till now ,we are also the most -changing flags country in the world ,I don't think so that any country in the world had changed its flag more repeatly than us' another achievement'
You will know what I mean

little introduction: Before Mohmed Ali Basha coming to the power and rule in Egypt ,we had the same Turkish flag ,the red with white crescent in the Middle as we were among the countries under the Turkish rule .....well it won't change for a while and you will see yourself

From year1826 to year 1867 ' During the Golden age of modern Egypt - and used again from 1881 to 1914 , when British Army came to Egypt till the WWI when Turkey lost the war and The turkish Empire destroyed .........

From 1867 to 1881 , the birth of the liberal life in Egypt then changed used the other above flag then this one was back in business from 1914 to 1923 , vice versa , Those years are from the british rule till our indepedence in 1923 ' not complete independence' ..

My favoite flag , The famous royal green flag with white Crescet with three stars ,do you know why I love it ? I will tell because of its meaning as I read and I was told by elderly people The following: The green colour presents the Valley of the Nile and welfare that comes from the Nile and agriculture , The crescent presents the Islamic identity of Egypt ,the country of Al-azhar the Jewel of Islam as once was called , The Three stars presents the three religions of the society , the Muslims, The Chirstians and the jews , as you see it got beautiful meaning ,many said that this flag brought welfare to Egypt :) This one stayed somehow longer period than the previous ones from the year 1923 to the year 1958 , from the independence to the Unity with Syria

The Arabic flag for the The United Arab republic from the year 1958 to year 1971 , this includes the years Egypt and Syria were one country then Egypt became a sole member in its union , the two star presents The North 'Syria' and The south 'Egypt' The red presents the Arabic blood , the black present the bad years under the foreign rule ,king ...bla bla bla

The Egyptian Flag ,Egypt returned to Egypt again after the united Arab republic thing , Late Sadaat flag I like and love it after the green royal one , I love it because it was the one raised on the Land of Sinai after 1973 , you will notice it is the same as the above from colors but the difference in the middle , here it is golden Hawk of Qoriash , got many meanings ,including power of Hawk ,nobility of Qorish tribe ,the most famous arabic tribes in all time ,prophet Mohamed 'PBUH" belongs to it ,iHawk of Qoriash is the symbol of Arabhood , it was the nickname of Abd-Rahman El-Dakhl the founder of the Amoi dynasty in Arabic spain , he was a poet ,knight and prince , I love this flag ,unfortunately it was from 1971 to the year I was born 1984

from 1984 to when I don't know , same as the two above it but changed the Hawk to the Eagle , I don't why we changed the last one to this one !!!!!!!!!!!'is it the american Eagle influence or what ?"

Now 6 flags in just 200 years ,it is too much ,isn't it , Every ruler comes and change his ancesoter flag !
Can anyone tell me why we change our flags like this ?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Egyptian presidential election date and committee

Ok it is announced at last
The big day where the Egyptians will be able to choose their pharaoh among many candidates for the first time since 1952 revolution will be on 6th or 7th next September ......Till now no campaigns have started yet except of course the continuing campaign of the president himself !!
Another interesting piece of information
I heard that the committee for presidential elections consisting independent Egyptian personalities is being made by the orders of the president who is already a candidate in the race 'winner of course ' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is not supposelly that this committee should be made by the orders and choice of the ASSEMBLY ?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Scientology !!
Sorry but I found this in the Stale .com ,it is an article about the founder of the scientology religion ' if you don't know then you didn't watch Tom cruise's last TV interviews !!'
I won't say much but for God Sake what kind of liquor did Mr. Ron drunk before got his brilliant theory about the origin of universe
It is not as good type as we say in Egypt may be he drunk an oil car !!!!!!!!
and Cruise is saying psychiatry is pseudo Science !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just for the history ,there was an attempt to prompt to Scientology in Egypt but thanks to the emergency laws ,it didn't reach out to our society
As I remember the attempt was through a booth in the famous Cairo international Book Fair ,one of the greatest cultural events in Egypt , the booth was full of books and videos ,bla bla bla ,very expensive also yet all the money went in vein as the security took all the books and the two Arab scientologists and the case was closed , Aliens supporters you are not welcome in the Nile valley
Well I admit this was from the few or rare benefits of the emergency law :)

Monday, July 18, 2005

A great Egyptologist passed away

This is really sad , just from two hours I knew from the television that Dr.Sayed Karim has passed away today after the 94 the year . This great man was genius in Architecture and city planning and got a world wide reputation and great achievements reconnaissance by the whole World ,after he was the man who planned for the Kingdom of Bahrain and City of Abu-Dabi in U.A.E , also he planned for Cairo in year 1953 , and it seemed it was the best in the last 50 years
If you notice I post this with the title Egyptologist , yes Dr. Karim was non-official Egyptologist with great unorthodox opinions about the Egyptian History especially the Ancient One
My grandfather knew this man personally ,he was his friend and from there I knew many of his unusual thoughts and theories that unfortunately were not welcomed by regular Egyptologist ,yet because of My grandfather friendship to him I had an opportunity to read some of these theories which I think there is something reasonable in it
I am very sad as it was one of my dreams to meet him personally and discuss with him as I follow the same school in Egyptology , Egyptologist from their homes as we say in Egypt
Yet Destiny didn't give me a chance
Dr. Karim was great thinker not just in Architecture or civil planning or Egyptology but also Islam and politics

Before I go this is from History Dr. Sayed Karim was the grand Son of the great Alexandiran resistant who stood against the French Army led by Napoleon in Alexandria ,I am sorry I don't remember his name I feel so shame

May God Bless your Soul ,Dr. Sayed Karim ,I will never forget you

I will post his opinions very soon
ironically yesterday was the Cairo Goveronate day ,which he organized in 1953

Cairo Goveronate Day

Yesterday I was asking why there were fireworks in the evening and I didn't have any clue for what occasion the Government is happy for and wanted to celebrate ,this confusion seemed to be shared with many as one of The Visitors ' Mustafa' heard and saw them but didn't know either for what reason reason was the Joy
Yet unknown visitor found out it was the Cairo Goveronate Day Yes people it was yesterday ,and nobody knows except few , I know the Giza Goveronate Day it is in March but This time it is for Cairo , the great Cairo ,one of the oldest cities and capital in the World ,The city that I hate and I love at the same time,want to get away from and get closer to ,anyway if my historical information isn't wrong in those day Gohar The Sicilian began to built Cairo the new Capital of Fatmais
those couple of days before the Glorious revolution will be dedicated for Cairo , I will do my own fireworks

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Okay today for those who live in Giza and Cairo ,there were fireworks at about 07:30 -08 pm .can anyone tell me why there is joy in town ? for what occasion ? I saw the calendar and I know the glorious 1952 revolution anniversary is coming after exactly 5 days ,so do they now celebrate it in advance ????
I watched the new at 9 pm on ch.1 hoping to get some clues ,but today nothing happen except a graduation of military school 'today was the Air Forces'
I love Fireworks but why ?
This is good question I guess :)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Whales valley in Egypt

BBC NEWS Africa Africa World Heritage sites named
Check the Link above ,they chose the Whales valley in Egypt among the world Heritage sites , Now it became a natural preseved area
The location of the Whales valley is the western desert of Egypt ,this desert in the pres-historic times said to have great jungles yet with this valley proves the opposite as I understand it seems that large portion of the Egyptian Lands were under the water and this is logic as I know that the Makatum Plateau was originally the base of Sea , well it is not sea any more it seems to me as ocean but if you read the report ,these ay that whales were wild animals lived on the land before they went to the sea as part of their Evolution !!
The newly world heritage site already contains a large collection of pre-historic whales ,before its last evolution , 40 million years ago!!!!!!
Egypt already contains another world Heritage site ,I don't know its name but it is in Fayyoum State ,Fayyoum is already very rich with its historical sites ,this site I heard about it from some friends is said to have dinosaurs remaining and other pre-historic stuff ,yet there is no protection for it ,so American and European expedition come and take what they from it as Sovinieres !!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Biased Egyptian Television

This may be strange , I don't wear the Veil but I felt so angry and sad after this war that fortunately the National Egyptian Television had lost against the Veiled TV presenters , for years since the first TV presenter in the beginning of the 90s ,I guess she was Camilla El-Araby wore the veil and there was a hidden or even declared war on any TV presenter wears the veil
Despite the fact that Egypt is Islamic country and Islam is the religion of the State according to the Egyptian constitution chapter No. 2 and Despite the fact that 75% of the women in Egypt wore veils in the different social classes yet it was prohibited on the Egyptian national Television owned by the Government that any veiled woman appears on its Screen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As far as I remember only one TV presenter continued presenting for a while with Veil who was Kariman Hamaz who was presenting religious programs then she moved to Iqra 'the famous specialized Islamic religious satellite Channel with a group of talented veiled TV presenters from Egyptian TV
Now if you are from Egypt you would know from news that the Supreme Court made a historical rule -verdict that the Veiled TV presenters should continue presenting their programs normally as there is nothing against this in the laws and rules !!!!!!!
The Case was raised by a group of TV presenters from Channel 5 'Alexandria' who for two years were semi suspended from their work despite that the rest of channels gave its veiled women either administration jobs or narrator job ,off the cadre jobs as they say !!
Now according to the supreme Courts they will come to the cadre again
Here is my point why they were suspended from their work as long as they are talented and their work contract doesn't say what they should wear from the beginning !!!!!!!!
The national television is a mirror of the society ,it represents it so why there is separation between the society and this establishment?
I am saying that all TV presenters should be veiled more than they have the right to work in TV as presenters
People in the Faculty of Mass Communication , there is a hidden code says 'if you are veiled don't come near to the TV Go for the radio as no one can see you there!!!"
Another point here I noticed ,where are the Christian TV presenters ,as far as I remember there was an old Christian TV presenter Called Janet Farrag and even she used to present a short program called ' 5 minutes terrorism ' ,very few or even no Christian TV presenter whether man or woman
The reason for not accepting veiled ladies on screen is that they can be used as political tool !!!
I don't know but 75% of Egyptian women are wearing it
what about the Christians TV presenters ???!!!
to All Egyptians I will make a poll whether you feel there are bias or not in the Egyptian TV towards veiled and Christian TV presenters
please say what do you think

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

DR. HAWAS with his beautiful discovery Posted by Picasa

Dr. Zahi with the men working in Sakara area Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Close up Posted by Picasa

Ok this is really silly as mummies are not so beautiful ,after all they are dead bodies refuse to decay , anyway this is an old news ,in the Sakara area ,there was a new discovery made by worldwide famous Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawas ,The mummy was for a woman ,I don't remember she was either a princess or priestess or even a wife of a V.I.P in Ancient Egypt
The mummy is not the one which is beautiful by it is the Sarcophagus
It is the box which the mummy was put in
this time as you see from the photos ,it is so beautiful craved ,by vivid colors and I guess it is all from wood
Dr. Hawas said it is the most beautiful mummy he had ever found ,well the man is true about that
 Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More question marks about the El-Qaida Statement

Still with El-Qaida , if you read the post I made about the London Blasts you would know that I noticed some points in the statement of El-Qaida that Claimed responibility for the terrorist act now after four or five days more Arabic experts read it and sure they got more expert eye than I do
I admit when I read the statement by Arabic I didn't give attention to the introduction of the statement , I went for the core ,I thought it has the usual beginning but it seemed wrong
After beginning with the Name of God and after it ,the peace and prayers upon the prophet Mohammed 'PBUH" [they used strange characteristics of the prophet they were never used to gether and I have doubts about one of them and its meaning by Arabic ]
They Said the following {in English}
'Cheer up nation of Islam , Cheer up nation of Arabhood or Arabnism' [don't know the suitable word]
Now Those so -called Radical Islamic groups 'I rather call them Bin Laden and CO. ' don't admit the Arab nation as a project or as identity ,they never admit it
and this remark was made by several not just one terrorism Expert but several in many different Arab countries and it is true
Those Groups don't recongnize the Arab nationalism movement despite its effectiveness in the 50s and 60s 'led to the indepedence of most Arab countries and encouraged and fostered the independence of the Islamic Countries'
They think it contradicts with Islam despite the fact Arab nationalism comes from Islam ,and for me they are two pieces for one Coin ,and every Muslim prays ,he or she prays in Arabic and thus becomes Arabic not by birth but with Belief
They have this wrong mispercetion because they Arab nationalism is fostered by Christian and Communist West ironically
Go back to history
Did you see the Movie ' Lawrence of Arabia ' this long great movie , some of based on true events others were the imagination of Western movie makers
The Arabic revolution started when Souod of Arabia wanted to have his kingdom and also to have his revenge after many years of the failure of Wahbi revolution in Arabia ' Egyptian army did the job and got rid of the origin of Radicalism in Modern age Mohammed Abd EL-Wahab '
now go back to the Movie ,England saw it as opportunity to get rid of Turkey out or Region and come in instead of it ,so they supported The Souds in their fight and what is called the Arabic revolution occurred yet the modern wahbis hate it because of the British support despite the fact it gave them the rule of the most holy places in the Islamic world ,something they didn't dare to dream of before the revolution ,something when they tried to approach I guess in 1815 ,the spiritual leader paid his life for it by the hand of Egyptian Ibrahim Basha 'greatest Egyptian Warrior in the modern time'
then came to the 50s and 60s era ,the cold war era with third world occupied Arab and Islamic countries began to have its independence and revolution turning Kingdoms to Republics , Start was in Egypt 'it is always starts in the land of the NILE :)' the best thing in Nasr ,the illusion and Mirage he fooled Arabs from the Gulf to OCEAN with the Arab nationalism
I believe in it but not in his terms but in liberal terms, anyway now in 50s and 60s ,the Egyptian regime and most of newly born Arabic regimes embraced the Arab nationalism with many of Communist socialist ideas but it was the fashion these days ,so those groups see them as infidel regimes with their associations to ex.U.S.S.R
This is from the political and historical point of view

But let's go from the ideological point of view why they don't admit or recongnize the Arab nationalism as part of their agenda
The Arab nationalism means reviving the Arab identity whether you are Muslim or Christian or Jew ,whether you are Arab or Kurd or barber
Those group don't recongnize anything except Islam which is also redefined according to their twisted radical views
historically the ideology and return to the Arabic roots were began to take shape on the hands of the Christian and Dorooz Syrians and Lebanese escaping from the Turkish rule and fostered by the Egyptian ruler at that time Mohammed Ali who succeeded in making the ever first Arabic nation from Libya to Syria including Egypt and Saudi Arabia , ,Ali was the father of Ibrahim Basha and by his orders that Mohammed bin Abd EL-Wahb revolution was killed in its cradle temporarily
As you see it is not the same twisted strange ideology that those groups behold
now the question ,since when they care that much for the Arab nation ??
Why at this time?
do they try to win the new Arab nationalists who came back in business ? That what I believe , inserting Iraq image and the departure American and British forces from it which is the main target for the new Arab nationalists now

El Shekih Emam officail website,

El-Shekih Emam Officail website
I forgot to post this last month ,but here it is to the Egyptian sand Arab who love the song of this old blind man who enriched the Egyptian music with his political songs avec the great famous Egyptian poet 'Ahmed Foaud Nagm ' A.k.A the idoit
Those damgerous duet were considered as danger as Bin Laden to the western civilization ,to the Egyptian regimes in all times especailly in 60s ,70s ,80s and even 90s and till now
Their works are still prohibited acrooss the Arab world
They belong to the left wing ,communist side in the Egyptian political map yet their work was praised by all ,they got master pieces
especailly the two ,one written after the six days war in 1967 and they were jailed after it
the second was after Sadaat murder and they were already in Jail
I like their work despite I am not communist but I love my country like them and I feel like them
it is great site
so please Egyptians,Arabs and those who read and understand arabic go and visit it

Friday, July 8, 2005

Three days , three days of sadness after the Martrydom of Mr.Ambassdor Mr.Ehab El-Sherif Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Al-Qaida Killed the Egyptian Envoy

Al-Qaida Killed the Egyptian Envoy
I am going to Cry, those criminal killed the Egyptian envoy to Iraq
I feel so so so sad ,this man was a brilliant ,this could kill his dad who is 91 years old

Sad ,angry and surprised- London Blast

First of All I share all my sympahty to all my British Friends especailly Andy,Illya, Jon Paul and Wes . I was just coming from very Hot Cairo Streets ,when I found the main news in Internet that London had severl Blasts in stations and 9 were dead ,hundreds were transfered to hospitals across the Fogs Capital
Blood and terror are every where ,Blair left the G8 meeting in Scoutland ,Bush made an important a closed Circuit meeting with his Cabinat through satelites ,the western world is watching in terror ,fear . it is the second to happen in Europe after Madrid's Huge Blasts ,in the same way ,same techinque and so most of people think it is the same doer , The Qaida

Now the new thing ,I have just read the Statement which the Qaida branch in Europe announcing its responsibility for the Blast in the arabic e-newspaper ,already the statement was published in a Saudi Forum ,the new thing was that all the Arab muslims who read the announcement and I among them ,are not convinced that it is real ,or even the So -Called Qaida Branch in Euorpe are Muslims

I was angry ,sad and surprised after reading this theartical announcement for those finding:

  1. The huge amount of spelling mistakes in Arabic ,those can't be so religious people as the so-religious radical people are perfect in the Arabic Language
  2. The spelling Mistakes even reached to The Quarn Verses !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a horrible mistake in Islam , if they are so-relgious ,radical, islamist ,they should know Quarn by heartand know its grammer and spelling right
  3. The word 'Gazowa'=Battle used in the statement ,anyone who is muslim and knows the arabic Islamic history and knows the arabic vocabulry ,very very Good ' radical muslims should be so ,they go for the old books' , This word Gazowa is only used and OnlLy only only used to describe the battles that Prophet Mohamed 'PBUH' shared in , it is prohibited and forbiden to use it with any one else ,proof on that after his Death 'PBUH"the friends or Sahaba battles were always described as battles , no one uses this word and it was always used in Arabic to describe the Prophet's battle, All the Islamic Arabic Wars were described as battles . great honourable battles made by Khaled Bin Walid ,El-Farok , Salah El-Din and others who BIn Laden tries dares not to compare himself with

I am sorry for this blast , sorry for the victims as a Muslim and as a human
I am sorry for those who lost their beloved in this day or even injured
Islam is innocent for those acts ,those are not muslims

The Egyptian Ambassador Tragdy -: "Al Qaeda in Iraq threatens to kill captive Egyptian ambassador

The Kidnapping of the Egyptian Ambassador Mr.Ehad El-Sherif is taking a new road when the Kidnappers ' The Al-Qaida branch in Iraq led by strange motivated Zaraqawy ,I will tell why strange later" showed today his ID Cards and then announced its judgment by killing him as punishment for being INFIDEL !!!!!!!!!and as Egyptian for Egypt is ally to Crusaders and Jews !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! according to their say , and Egypt got some hands in Abo gharib and in Guantanamo. Bay , also the Egyptian intelligence is bad ,bla ,bla ,bla Egypt is bad ,you will die Ehab

I am so angry ,first is the Egyptian government becoming so weak to surround like that to bunch of terrorists ? second any Muslim read the damned statement will see that those bastards are pretend to be Muslims ,not real ones who use the real Sharia in their judgment


Ok They accused El-Sherif of being infidel , this is a very strong accusation Islam ,it is not easily any accused by it ,it is simply to be out of Islam ,not Muslim ,this is to put in simple word but it is more than that by many many degrees ,it is section in the sharia 'Islam laws' with different chapters and conditions , not anyone is able to accuse another one by this accuse ,in fact it is great sin to accuse another Muslim ,who is still a muslim 'Like Mr. El-Sherif' by it
Now look for why they accused Mr El-Sheif by it
- He is the representative of a country that has relations with Christians and Jews !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'all Islamic countries got relations with those two.
So his mistake is that he is Egyptian .......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all Islamic countries got relations ,in fact many Islamic countries got citizens from Many different religions ,even Iran accused of radicalism , got fire worshipers
Now they are angry as Egyptian Intelligence is joining the American fight Club against they comrades ,okay where are you from the Arabic Jails from the Gulf to the Ocean ? Not comrades but innocent Arabic people are killed by thousands
Also if this is the punishment of Egyptian Muslim ,what it is the punishment of American Muslim ? the punishment of 1948 Arabs of Israel ,some of them are Muslims
Sorry those are not real muslims ,they are fake

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

40 days and nights

Check yesterday Post concerning Jesus 'Peace upon him ' ,and also read again the Article in site ,yes I am sorry I know it too long, I found something interesting in it concerning a 40 days and nights read it here
The Jeff's long and controversial article says that one of the twin Jesus the Rabi came to Egypt to study a mix of old judaism learning ,Ancient Egyptian relgioion secrets which were passed between the priests only ,those secrets were not written at all ,by oral transfer they were only for high rank priests as I read in Egyptology
Now the twin brother Jesus came to Egypt and Stayed 40 days or nights to be enlightned by ancient secrets that would enable him after to make his medical miracles

The number 40 stopped me indeed because we also in Islam ,arab and Egyptian Culture got this number in different ways ,it is just like the number 7 but in less way

In Islam ,the Sofism ,which is devoting your life to the love and worship of God ,it has long history in Islam and till now it got its supporters and also those who are against it 'may be I will talk about it some day' in Sofism' Sofism is very very complicated ,the sofi must stay in complete isolation from all the material world for 40 nights , worshiping God ,ask for his mighty enlightment , in those 40 nights ,he should recieve the Gift of Knowledge ,it is kind of the secret of Universe !!! --------------------------Enlightment

Another thing in Islam ,the Shiia muslims also got the 40 days and nights thing ,the shekih that is like The Khomani in Iran , those high ranked shekihes stay 40 days and nights ,this is kind of rule to all kind of Shiia ,they are 12 teams as we call them ' another promise to talk about them '

Last thing in Islam about 40, it is said that but not confirmed that in Death , the soul goes out of body in 40 days period before the the peron dies and his soul goes to heaven ,it kind of stuck between heaven and earth,this is not mentioned directly in Islam as far as I read but I was told about it

Now go for the Egyptian culture 'my favorite'
Despite it is sad as it is related to Death also ' we are kind of people that respect Death so much ,the evidence are the Pyramids in Giza Plateau
When a perosn dies in Egypt ,according to Islam ,a memorial service must be held for three days only , while in Egyptian Culture it extends to More than that
It is 3 days than when the first thursday comes after the death there is another memorial service 'some religious Egyptians don't do it ' it is called El-Khamsan
Then when the 40th day after the death comes there is another memorial service ' a profit for coffee sellers in Egypt" it is called El-Arbeen

Conclusion :
regardless of the Egyptian culture ,The 40 day seems to have the meaning in the Eastern religions for isolation and worshiping God in order to have the divine secrets that no one has it ,so from ancient Egypt to Judasim 'as refered in the article then transferred into Sofism and Shiia ' both are influenced by non Islamic references'

another fact from Life sometimes the age of 40 for a man is the signal to loss control ,ask Tom Cruise