Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The speeches day

I told you it is the speeches day !!

To be honest I do not know how I will watch Amar Al Sharie after couple of minutes on Dream TV II , may be I will miss him , I have a headache from all this coverage and from this useless debate about Egypt and her small sisters.

Ismail Hania gave a speech after the Mahmoud Abbas.He demands the immediate unconditioned cease of fire and opening of the crossings before speaking about negotiating.

Hamas will not give up and Israel knows that.

And before him on Al Jazeera Ahmed Gabriel of the People’s front for Palestine Liberation attacked Mubarak and praised Iran ,it is expected thing !!

Then the Prince Soud El-Faisal and Amr Moussa gave had a press conference. They were honest and in the end we can’t do much. By the way does the Saudi FM suffer from some illness of something !!??

To Be honest I am happy that Al Jazeera did not air the whole speech of Hania and the Press conference at the Arab league because it is so much.

We are doing what we are best at as Arabs : Talking.

Amr Moussa speech in the Arab League

Today is the speech day in my blog as it seems.
Amr Moussa gave a nice word in the Arab League today in the urgent meeting of the Arab foreign ministers.
The speech was focusing I believe on the Arab division in the region, our own Arab – Arab relation. Of course he spoke about the situation in Gaza and Israel.
I consider the Egyptian folk proverb and the classical Arabic Poetry verses Moussa used in his speech was an excellent choice to send his message to the ministers of the Arab world. Of course it will be great if they listen to him !!??

Abu Mazan’s speech

Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazan has just finished his speech in TV 84130302 and Mubarak’s speech was better than him 10 times ; I am just saying !! I can’t believe how lame he was. He spoke for 10 minutes and I did not get what he wants to say really !!

There is a change in the tune , he is no longer attacking Hamas , the full responsibility is the responsibility of Israel “Just like Mubarak”

He sends his respect to the Arab countries and what they are doing especially Egypt , the big sister Egypt.

Abu Mazan gave this speech nine days before the end of his days as the President of Palestinian authority.

Abu Mazan just like Mubarak said that he gave his speech in the 44th anniversary of establishing Fatah !! It was something silly because everyone knows the current situation in Gaza demands speech !!

Gaza does not want weak Arab oppressed countries

It is so strange that all those thousands around the Arab world protest with all those anger for what is going in Gaza and they do not protest for once against their oppressive dictatorships in their countries. Is it fear!!?? Well just like Hassan Nasrallah said to his message to the Egyptian people “The police won’t kill millions”

I am saying that heavens forbid they should not protest on what is going in Gaza ,on the contrary but I am wondering when the Arab people understand that their countries now can’t really help Palestine or Gaza for real.

Of course in many of the Arab countries these protests are organized by the dictatorship regimes that either want to send a specific political message or to increase their popularity using the wound of the Arab people “Palestine”.

Gaza does not need the aid of corrupted regimes, the aid of oppressive regimes that are more corrupted and crueler towards its own people than Israel, at least Israel respects its people and does not oppress them, and it is an irony if you think about it, a black comedy if I may see.

The Palestinian blood, the Palestinian wound won’t be healed by the miserable oppressed Arab medicine. The Palestinian blood that wants freedom won’t be healing except by free dignified Arabs.

Israel knows very well it will be in danger not from terrorist groups but rather from powerful strong free Arab democratic countries.

For 60 years Israel was very lucky that its neighbor countries have been corrupted dictatorship including my own country.

These protests will be much more powerful even than now if the Arab people are living in free democratic countries.

Mubarak’s Speech

Does Mubarak use to say a speech in the Hagri New Year or the Georgian New Year?? I know that he gives speeches every Labor Day, October day and revolution day but other than that I can’t remember.

Mubarak gave yesterday a 10 minutes speech today on TV. This shows that the Presidency knows very well there is a crisis inside before outside and the President has to speak to the people about it.

Mubarak had to address his own people, the last 72 hours Egypt suffered from a huge foreign regional crisis unlike any other crisis in the last two years if I may say. Our embassies are attacked in Arab countries and the Arab media is directly accusing Mubarak with treason not to mention Hassan Nasrallah’s direct call to the Egyptian people and the Egyptian army to force the regime to open the crossings “The thing many consider in Egypt as a call of revolution”.

First of all here is Mubarak’s speech in English.

Second he looks so old, of course he is not getting any younger but I wonder till when he will be able to continue as a President with my all respect and admiration to his persistence!!

Now to what I think about the speech “I will not speak a lot”

  • First he said that happy New Year then he addressed the Egyptian people justifying and defending himself and his regime in front of the Egyptian people than front of the world then he sent his message to the Israeli leaders as if they are going to listen!!!
  • Second overall it is a diplomatic defending speech, he defends his position and is insisting on it by a diplomatic way
  • Third I think that this speech was prepared by Osama Al Baz, Mubarak long time adviser whom for some unknown reason disappeared for a while “Al Baz worked with Sadat by the way”
  • Fourth ironically Mubarak on contrary to his ministers and media put all the blame on Israel, his ministers and regimes are saying that Hamas as well as Israel are responsible for all this destruction!!
  • I do not get how we will strengthen the division between the West Bank and Gaza by opening the crossing for humanitarian reasons.
  • Also I do not understand his insistence not to open the crossing except with the presence of EU Representatives and Abu Mazan Government !! For God sake the children are dying because he is insisting on Abu Mazan regime, the same regime that sold Egypt’s security secret to foreign secret services!! We are breaking the Geneva Convention no.4 with our insistence I am afraid
  • People are divided about the Mubarak speech just like their division about current situation; those who are sick from the attack on Egypt believe that his speech is good where as those who do not like his position in this war considered it another waste of time.

In the end again this speech indicates that Mubarak is facing a critical situation in Cairo, it is not about his position in the Arab world, this speech was a message to the Egyptian people whose patience won’t endure for long for more fiascos; this is just another fiasco for Mubarak regime.

By the way I like the fact that he did not give a long speech only 10 minutes were enough.

The Main Issue

“Divide Conquer”

It is true and we are seeing the division in front of us in the Arab world. I am so surprised with all these protests against Egypt and all these attacks against our embassies in all over the world where as no one thinks for a moment to protest and attack the Israeli Embassy !!??

It is strange thing that the main discussion or our main issue “Gaza” is being neglected where as the focus is on Egypt and its so-called treason.

We the Arabs did a great job for Israel as usual; we are divided as usual.

I will be honest with you as usual , I am torn from inside , torn between what is happening in Gaza from one side and this huge attack on my country from another side. I am an Egyptian in the end who hates her embassies to be attack in foreign countries so you can imagine my feelings when I knew what happened to our ambassies in the Arab countries.

Still I know very well that some of the thousands and millions protests like in Syria,Sudan, Libya and Yemen for instance are approved and sometimes organized by the regimes themselves to 84142149 attack Egypt on propose for political reasons. Just like the Yemeni protest with my all respect I found they were holding the photos of Ali Abdullah Salah !! why on earth and heaven a Pro Gaza protest will include the photo of Salah for God Sake !!?? Already I do not know what they think will happen when they put the Palestinian Flag instead of the Egyptian flag over the consulate.

By the way I believe Omar Al Bashir will pay a huge price for what has done today in Khartoum because Mubarak will not let this go easily after his African regional African trips he had made for Al Bashir to save him from the ICC.

Stoning the Egyptian Embassy in Damascus is something expected with the cold war of the words between Damascus and Cairo , I do not need to say that it is a Baath organized protest.

So because of political reasons we are diverting from our main issues as usual.

Look it is not the first time our embassies in these specific capitals were stoned and even completely destroyed but usually forget after all we are “the big sister”.

From another side I can’t take this racist talk in our media against the Arabs and the Palestinians. If we consider ourselves the leaders of the Arab world then we should be leader and act as one not as a follower to Israel and to the United States. We have to confess that our regime made a mistake , a huge mistake that will turn in to a crime if it is insisting blindly on following the Israeli and the American orders. It is not about Hamas and Fatah ,it is about Human beings that are killed in a 21 century Holocaust.Mubarak in this crisis lost a golden opportunity to win the Arab people to his so-called Arabic-Sunni Front.

I just can’t stand this division.It is not like the Camp David time , it is even worse because we are not ruled by a man like late Anwar Al Sadat

Division from Outside and Division from Inside and people are dying , this is a typical Arabic

The Interior Ministry Cleans its house

In all the newspapers today and yesterday there was a tiny news that many ignored because of the war in Gaza. Still it is important to mention it

The interior ministry announced that in 2008 it discharged 1,164 and suspended 280 policemen from their duty for violations and misconduct against citizens.

This is a big number that interior ministry wants to declare to let the world to know that it does not cover up its bad officers.It seems that the campaigns against the torture and abuse of police power came be a result after all even if the interior ministry does not declare it.

2008 in Pictures

Thanks to dear blogger friend Ahmed Shokier for this wonderful pictorial post , of course he did not include the photos of Gaza because no ever though the year would end in such dramatic and sad way

2008 in Pictures

Happy New Year

“I can’t even post a smiley face”

Hopefully 2009 will include more cheerful photos and less sad photos from all over the world

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Exploit use of a Martyr

I do not like this exploit use of the Egyptian late officer Yasser Fareg in our regime national media. With all my respect to the late major and his family I feel that he is being used in a very dirty media war.
The regime made a huge military funeral for the late major in his home town at Kafr El-Sheikh I do not recall that any of more officers and soldiers who were killed by the IDF fires on the borders in the last two years had a funeral like it !!

I do not know if it is because of the rank or what but those officers and soldiers that were killed were technically buried secretly without any funeral !!
Late Yasser is Egyptian just like them and they were doing their job just like him.
The name of late Yasser will be called on a street and a school in Kafr El-Sheikh , now I wonder if he were killed by  Israeli gunfire , would he receive the honor and respect he deserves ??
The NDP turned his funeral a protest against Hamas turning the people against them in the most worse way ever with banners , from where they got the time and money needed to make those banners !!??
If we are speaking about paying respect to those men who paid their souls on the borders whether by the hands of Israel or Hamas then all of them must be treated in the same way.
I think late Fareg will want this in his place right now.

By the way is it the fashion nowadays for the Al Azhar Clerics and Sheikhs to say who is a martyr and who is not.

With my all respect to Al Azhar Clerics front ,this statement they issued today saying that Fareg is not and indirectly they said that he is in hell !!With all my respect to their knowledge , we do not know exactly what happened there in this bloody night and Muslims do not jump on conclusion in this way.

Follow Up : Another Hot Cold day in Mideast

Ok we will start with the most recent updates of the death and injured tolls
  • Death Toll : 384 ‘Another 20 and they will reach 400 !!’
  • Injured Toll : 1680
  • Today with the Egypt hate day in the Arab world , our consulate in Aden was attacked and the Palestinian flag replaced the Egyptian flag.
  • Our Embassy in Sudan was very to follow its sister Consulate in Aden , I will comment soon about this.
  • Mubarak spoke in a televised surprising speech defending his position and decisions regarding this crisis …also this deserves a separate post to comment on.
  • The Protests continued across Egypt.
  • The MB had a protest in the Kasr El-Aniny,about 500 people came and the security stormed it and arrested the protesters that are being transported right now.
  • The Arabs did not agree on the timing of the Arab summit up till now.
  • Here is the Press release of the UN regarding the situation in Gaza
More to come insh Allah.

FOR GAZA by ~AnubisGraph on deviantART

US Campaign to end the Israeli Occuptation

I know that it is impossible for something like this to happen. But at least it is trial, we should do all what we can to end this blind bias.
This is for the Americans who believe that the US bias towards Israel with politically or financial should end immediately.

US Campaign to end the Israeli occupation

Innocent still guilty

Mubarak and his regime are innocent of knowing the timing of the Israeli attack on Gaza in advance thanks to Livni.

Livni spoke to Al Jazeera channel yesterday saying that she did not inform any Arabic leader about the timing of the attack , already she does not need to inform any one of them !!

Now Mubarak is innocent but he is still guilty of not opening the crossing at least to let the medical aids pass except now with the Israeli approval.

He is guilty because he as the President of EGYPT can do a lot to save the Gaza sector and the Egyptian dignity . I can’t stop blaming him for putting us in this situation. He gave those who hate Egypt in the Arab world the opportunity on a golden plate !!??

I do not know how he will get from this trouble , this is not an Egyptian national problem, it is more than that !!?

Dear Mr. Kandeel whom did you think you were working For ??

Famous Egyptian journalist and TV host Hamdi Kandeel suffered a lot from the censorship in his country Egypt whether in the Egyptian national TV or in Private Egyptian channels “I think he used to present a political TV show on Dream TV”
He had to leave Egypt and to work in Dubai at Dubai TV. He presented hamdiqandeelke8 a show that used to be called “ The Pencil”.
Kandeel since 1960s used to present political shows about the press and what is mentioned in the newspapers around the world about the whole world not only in Egypt.
Kandeel was known as an anti Israeli and American Nasserite who always attacked the pro-American regimes. As I said he faced a lot of censorship
The elegant sophisticated man wished that he may not suffer the same censorship in Dubai ,the new media city there was so promising.
For years he stayed in Dubai and presented his show there ,to be honest I did not watch him ,I do not know why but I only watched him once when he hosted Bashar Al Assad , I think in the Lebanon War 2006.
Kandeel was so happy and proud with the freedom of expression he enjoyed in Dubai in a way that made me believe that he forgot that he is in the end working in an Arabic country !!? Yeah Dubai is a global city , the Las Vegas of the Arab world but in the end it is in the Arabic country ruled by Arabic regime !!
The honeymoon between Kandeel and Dubai was over when suddenly with no introduction his TV show was cancelled and he had to pack his bags and return back home because of something he said as usual !
There are two versions of the story : The Nasserite version in which I do not believe and the logic version which I believe.
The Nasserite Version : The Saudi regime is behind it because he criticized the Saudi Royal family.
The Logic Version : The authorities in Dubai did not like his talk about the economic situation of the golden city after the financial crisis.
I believe the logic version is the right one. In his last episode Kandeel is said to speak about the impact of the crisis on the Dubai stock market. This is a taboo, Dubai authorities know that their city will suffer but they do not want their people to know this.It is a taboo to criticize any form of the authorities in Dubai but Kandil fell in to the huge sin and he has to pay for its price.
Kandeel now is back in Egypt and I wonder what he will do next ,will he work again in Egypt after finding out censorship is everywhere in the Arab world.
Updated : I wonder where is he in the Gaza war ?? I early miss in such time

Happy New Hagri Year

Happy New Hagri Year

I forget to say it yesterday , please pardon me , Gaza made me forget it still it is never too late.

I hope insh Allah 1430 would be better than 1429 for the whole world .

I just hope we will have the same faith of Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” when he told Abu Baker “Do not fear , Allah “SWT” is with us”. I say to the Gazans right now Allah “SWT” is with you now ,do not fear and do not give up.

Happy 1430 insh Allah

Do not Forget the Inner Front

Guys I found this news and I thought I would share it with you.I do not know if you read my post about Nasr 128 car discontinuation or not. There is action in the Nasr Car factory at Helwan Governorate.The government wants to downsize the factory in order to privatize it but the workers are refusing. The government wants to  force 2000 to accept the early pension but they are refusing.

I am afraid that they need the support of the labour unions and the activists in their quest just like the textile workers.

Needless to say there is even more action in Mahla that needed to be followed.

Guys please do not forget our inner front , because if we strengthen our inner front ,we will be able to protect our external front.

The 5 terrorist siblings

The spokesperson of the IDF appeared on Al Jazeera from two days ago saying that the IDF was targeting only the buildings that contained Hamas elements including the civilian houses and he gave an ultimate saying that any civilian house hosted Hamas elements,it would be a target for the IDF.

He was right in his ultimate because IDF managed to bomb a house yesterday early morning where 5 dangerous Hamas terrorists who did not understand that enough is enough were sleeping !!

Here are the 5 terrorist siblings from the Balousha family “I am not sorry for posting such terrible photos because this is what is happening there in Gaza and it is my role to deliver the truth to the world”

4 girls and a little boy from the ages of 4 years old to 16 years were killed because they were Hamas terrorists and enough is enough !! Another sister and little brother “in the picture above” survived the attack by miracle !!

Look to this young boy do you think one day will he be convinced with fancy Peace talk and already his northern neighbour had murdered his siblings who used to play with him.

Another cell of Hamas terrorist was eliminated successfully and the people of south Israel can sleep peacefully now.


My heart goes to every Palestinian Mother that lost her kid in this war , also my heart goes to the Egyptian mother who lost her son ,Major Yasser in this war.

Up till now the civilians are the victims in this attack.

I want to say something to the Israelis

Do not expect the parents and siblings of those children to love you and wish to live beside you in Peace. They will fight and even if they are not from Hamas , they will join it or even form a new one.

War brings War and Eye for an Eye , you know this better.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Protest Day

Here are some videos and also photos “soon I will get them” for the huge protest in the Press syndication Downtown Cairo. The protesters all over Egypt are estimated by more 50,000

Anyhow here is the first round of videos thanks for my dear friend Hossam at the Badeel Newspaper.

Gaza Solidarity Protest مظاهرة تضامنية مع غزة أمام نقابة الصحفيين from El-Badeel البديل on Vimeo.

Gaza Solidarity Protest مظاهرة تضامنية مع غزة أمام نقابة الصحفيين from El-Badeel البديل on Vimeo.

Follow Up:The war on Gaza

This is a war , not an operation.It is a war from one side , one powerful side against hopeless weak side. What is happening in Gaza will be written in history as a crime against humanity regardless of what is said now.

I just want to ask the Israelis something : Do You think that the Palestinians will give up when destroy or rather wipe Gaza from the face of the earth ??  For God Sake the Israelis lived with us the Arabs enough to know that !!??

Do they think that by bombing Hamas there will be no future Hamas of Children who lost their families in this savage operation and Peace will prevail ??

Peace is not built upon the blood of the children , Peace is not built upon the blood of the innocent civilians.

Anyhow here are the updates of the day.

  • Death toll reached to 345
  • Injured toll reached to 1650
  • The hospitals in Gaza can’t take anymore injured or dead.
  • Egypt at last opened the crossing of Rafah for the medical aids from other Arab countries like Qatar and Libya “I do not know why they open it now and not from the early beginning !!??”
  • There was a huge protest today in front of the Press Syndication downtown Cairo today.
  • It was mainly a MB protest but different political parties joined the huge protest.
  • There were about 20,000 as some had said but I am not so sure from this number.For sure there were more than 2,000 protesters despite the anti-riots forces everywhere in the street.
  • Tomorrow at the physicians syndication there will be a protest after the Magrab “Sunset” prayer. It is late time but it can be bigger taking in consideration that the Physicians syndication is a MB syndication.
  • The MB promised today that there will be more protests to force the government to open the crossings ,these protests  will include millions as they promised , for their luck the crossings have just been opened today.
  • Where is Saudi Arabia from all this jazz ??
  • By the way a Saudi Religious man issued a Fatwa saying in the current situation it is allowed to attack any Israeli target in any place in the world !! I think this fatwa should not have been issued now with all my respect.
  • Obama was debriefed by Condi about the situation for only 8 minutes !!!

Millions of Dollars

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars are spent each year on the New Year’s gala in the Arab world. Arab singers and belly dancers get paid Millions , Amr Diab will sing for US $ L.E 4 Million in Dubai.Shakira is going to sing in Abu Dhabi in the new year’s eve.
I do not say anything but are they going to have these galas after 48 hours from this war in Gaza ?? with all those who were killed ??
it is worth to mention that the Kharafi group has canceled its New Year’s eve celebration in Porto Galab at Marsa Alam in Egypt , I hope that others would follow the Kharafi group. “Check their ad in the first page of Al Ahram today”
I hope that the Egyptian TVs cancel their New Year’s Eve special this year in solidarity with Gaza.
Update No.1: 
The information minister Anas El-Faky decided to cancel the New Year's Eve special in the Egyptian National TV Channels, I hope that the private channels follow him just like Al Hayat and Dream TV1
Update No.2:
Dubai cancelled the New year's gala too 'Nancy Agram,Kadam Al Sahar and Mohamd Abdou were among the starts that are going to sing there,I do not know about Amr Diab"
Update No.3 :
Farouk Hosni gave his orders to cancel the New Year's eve Mohamed Mounir annual concert in the Cairo Opera housa


I do not defend Mubarak or his regime,he does not need me , he got hundreds of hypocrites to defend him day and night.

I do not think there will be any use for an urgent Arabic summit in Doha on Friday. Mubarak refuses the summit, I do not what his reasons will be

But for me I do not find any benefit for a summit in the coming weekend !! Next Friday why not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow , on Friday !!??

Until when Gaza will stand against the IDF murdering machine ?? How many Gazans will have to die till next Friday when their majesties and excellencies meet and disagree as usual ??

This is my objection on the summit.

Another objection is that I do not think the hypocrite regimes in the Arab world will do anything to help the Palestinian cause for real to be honest.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We are all Gaza Now

Kolana Gaza

Is this enough??

I am not a MS. "The women branch of the MB"
I am not a Nasserist.
I am not a socialist.
I am not a communist.
I am not a Sadatist.
I am not a liberal.
I am not a conservative.
I am not a pro America supporter.
I am not a pro Iran supporter.
I am not ashamed of being an Egyptian now despite all the blame and hate.
Does this make me less angry for what is happening in Gaza??
Does this make me less than those are angry from what is happening in Gaza right now??
I do not think so, but I hope that others would understand and respect this.
I wish that we stop this treason talk in the time we should not talk in the first place, we should act.
By the way do not expect or demand the Arab people 'not governments' especially the Egyptian people to help the people of Gaza if they can't help themselves, if they can't liberate themselves.I do not know why I remember the historical words of the great hero Ahmed Abd El-Aziz in the Fallouja siege 'The real war is in Egypt'

The War goes on

Ok there are lots and lots of updates , I can't keep it up and I apologize for the language I will use , but I can't take it anymore
Now the death toll reached in Gaza @ 6:15 PM 290 and hundreds of injured , I think it will reach to 300 today.
Abu El-Gait is so fucking angry , he knows that his position is very ugly and let me tell you my dear friends this guy won't be in the next cabinet, believe me.
As you may have known today was the international protest day all over the world. The protesters in London attacked the Israeli Embassy where as in Cairo today there were several protests that mainly organized by the MB 'I heard that in some protest liberal parties were not welcomed ,is that true ??'
It is not about Cairo but rather across the country.Of course the traffic was terrible especially near the Cairo University which is few blocks away from the Israeli Embassy there.
The security was always as nasty as we know. Some people were arrested where as journalists were mistreated. This is well known acts.
Anyhow to Beirut ,what happened there was so so so sad by all Egyptian Embassy 1 measures. Let's be honest it is not the first protest against the Egyptian Embassy  in the Lebanese capital but it is the first time that the protests turned to be so bloody and so ugly. There was an attempt to break in the Egyptian Embassy and the security there had to deal with the angry messes in a bad way.
Look to all my dear Lebanese friends ,if you want to protest against Israel, be our guests , if you want to protest in solidarity with Gaza be our guests but breaking in our Embassy , come on !!?? Yes the way the Lebanese forces dealt the matter in a wrong way but …
Egyptian EmbassyEgyptian Embassy 2 
Now to things that real matters:
I read unofficial news that the Palestinians managed to enter Egypt through the Salah Al Din gate and there were clashes between the Egyptian forces and the Gazans. There was bad news I read and I wish that it is not true that the Egyptian forces have killed a Palestinian child. I pray that it would be untrue and it is just from the hate campaign against Egypt right now.
I will follow the matter in Cairo
I am sad and angry
Update No 1 :
  • There will be a protest in the Press syndication tomorrow at Cairo downtown @12 PM 'Tomorrow is a day off'
  • The Egyptian Red Crescent and Suzanne Mubarak Medical Caravans entered Gaza at last.
  • The air raids are still attacking Gaza.
  • The shelters in the North of Israel are opened.
  • The Lebanese resistance is ready for any attack from the Israeli part.
  • There will be a protest in Beirut 3 PM at Al Raya stadium.
  • The raids are increasing and mainly on Palestinian Rafah, the sound of blasts can be heard in Egyptian Rafah
  • You can follow Gaza News in Twitter here and there.
Updates No.2 :
  • An Egyptian Major was killed on the Egyptian-Palestinian Border at Rafah in a shooting between the Egyptian forces and Some palestinians who tried to enter Egypt :(
  • Also a  4 Palestinian Young men were killed in the shooting , we are even unfortunately :(
  • Did it reach to the level that we kill each other ??
  • Things are escalating on the borders after the shooting.
  • Where is Omar Soliman ??
Updates No.3 :
  • The Rafah crossing is closed now after the murder of 35 years old major Yasser Fareg
Updates No.4 :
  • There is a huge deployment of anti riot forces from Suez Canal Governorate; about 8,000 soldiers. They are in their way to the borders to Rafah.

No Director’s Cut

In 1953 the Egyptian cinema began to film the first bio film about an Egyptian leader. The film was about Mustafa Kamel. Its name was Mustafa Kamel chronicling the short life of the leader who revived the patriotic life in Egypt. The film cast as we know “I saw it from couple of years agoAnwar Ahmad were : One time actor/journalist at Kawkab magazine Anwar Ahmed ,Majda El-Sabahi and Hussein Riyadh . The story starts in the year 1919 where the old teacher of Mustafa Kamel tells his students about his young student Mustafa Kamel and how this young student managed to fight the British occupation.

Till now this is well known to all those who watched the film.

Well guess what ?? It seems that there was a modification in the scenario and extra scenes for another big actor then were removed deliberately for political reasons.

The scenes of legendary theatrical actor Zaki Tolimat portraying the role of President Mohamed Naguib were removed. This is according to Kawakab magazine in 1953.It was published among a feature about the coming Eid films. Already Tolimat did not look like Naguib and thus Make up would play mportant role here.The feature included a photo of Tolimat wearing the make up. I saw this in a TV show on Ch.1 of the national TV about old news from the Eid time. I search for online info but found none !!

It seems that scenes of Mohamed Naguib was removed in 1954 with a whole modification to the film. It is not a surprise to me because Naguib short era was erased totally by the regime of Nasser even the songs associated by his time in the Egyptian Radio Laila Muard’s patriotic song

It is not a surprise at all after all Nasser’s regime used to alter the films and songs of Farouk’s era either by editing the films and songs completely  “Ya Salat El-Zin by Zachariah Ahmed*” and or even by shading the photos of Farouk in the films with ugly black pen just like in the case of the classical musical “Sugar Puff-Ghazal El-Banat’ starring Laila Muard and Naguib El-Rahani  [The scene of Abdel Wahab‘s famous song “The Soul Lover” with the Egyptian Royal Opera Orchestra]

Fortunately we have Pre-Nasser regime unedited versions of those films and songs and thank God now we are enjoying them as part of our history but we won’t be lucky to see the scenes of Tolimat as Mohamed Naguib :(

It is an irony that Naguib was the first President of Egypt and he was also the first Egyptian President to be portrayed in the cinema in his rule

But unfortunately There is no director’s cut version I am afraid

*That song was initially composed by Ahmed to Um Kalthom to be sang in the King Farouk’s wedding from Queen Farida in 1938. The lyrics originally contained the names of Farida instead of Aziza and Abu Sada instead Farouk.

Gaza Update

These are the updates about the situation in Gaza and also in Egypt currently :
  • The Death Toll reached 271 and more than 500 injured. 
  • Today will be the protests day in Egypt, I do not know why there is no one big unified protest in Cairo.
  • There will be a march at 12 PM to the Abdeen Palace.
  • There will be a stand at 1 PM in front of the Physicians syndication in Cairo.
  • There will be a protest at 5 PM CLT in the Tahrir square.   
  • The MB are organizing marches and stands all over in Egypt after the Dohr Prayer.
  • The official press is defending the Egyptian Regime with all its power. 
  • The official media is attacking Hamas holding it the responsibility !! 
  • A Medical Caravan from the Physicians Syndication was stopped in Egypt in its way to Gaza.
  • There will be a meeting between Mubarak and Abbas in Egypt today. 
  • The Arab countries are angry from Mubarak and Egypt.
  • The opposition newspapers are also angry from Mubarak,check the opening column of Ibrahim Eissa today in Al Dostor "I was angry from what he wrote about Al Zaidi but today he was our Ibrahim Eissa we used to know"
  • Al Quds Al Arabi is attacking our National security minister and General intelligence Chief as I said yesterday.
  • No body asked Egypt to send an army but opening the crossings and forming a real pressure on Israel can help alot.
More to Come insh Allah

Update No.1 : 
  • Death toll reached to 282.
  • The air strikes are continuing.
  • The IDF is moblizing its tanks on the edge of Gaza strip.
  • Does anyone else think that the Arab summit on next Friday will be a waste of time ??

Saturday, December 27, 2008

If that were a normal fight, What the abnormal fight would be like ??

I do not know what to say ,whether to attack her or feel so sorry for her. Already there are many women like her not only in Egypt but in the rest of the world.

Do You remember the CD I spoke about from couple of days that said to be related to the 6th October City murder ?? As I said it turned to be a fake CD  and that the real lady in the CD was a victim of her husband brutality.

Well Shaima appeared in the national TV and spoke  about her CD attacking those who violated her privacy.She has all the right but what amazed me is that how she undermined what happened to her because of her husband who turned to  be a felon.

She married a felon with a bad temper who is currently in jail. She has 4 years girl. The normal fight she was speaking about started when she found her husband watching a satellite porn channel.She said something and the next thing this fight started. The crazy man disfigured her face !! This is the normal fight she was speaking about. For God Sake her photo was scary in the newspaper !! I do not know what he did to be sent in jail this time, but he deserves to be in jail for what he had done to her.

The woman said that it was a normal fight ok what the abnormal fight would be like in her point of view !! ?? Does he have to kill her in front of her 4 years old girl so she would understand that it is not abnormal fight ?!!

The health ministry will complete her treatment on the state’s expense, she needs plastic surgery for sure.

I do not know if it is love or what , I can’t say that she is staying with him for financial reasons,already he is in jail and for sure her family is the one that supports her and her daughter financially so why she would stay a cruel man like him !! I do not think that Shaima will suffer if she gets a divorce now at least she will keep herself as human being !!

By the way there is something strange in the CD because the doctors asked the woman in the video whether she had a child from him “was not cleared whom they were speaking about” and she said NO !! Shaima has 4 years old girl while Heba has no child from Mohamed Ali !! Is it Shaima’s real CD after all ??

Breaking News : Egypt withdrew the ambassador from Tel Aviv

I knew the news from 2 sources but with no official confirmation.
Egypt has withdrawn  her ambassador in Tel Aviv.
Again there is no official confirmation.
I do not have any confirmation yet.
Khaled Mashal sent a very powerful message to Hosni Mubarak I doubt the later would understand.

Updates No. 1:
  • The people who died or rather killed  in Gaza were more than those who died in the Israeli Invasion in 1967.
  • There were protests in all over Egypt
  • Tomorrow there will be more protests including one 9 AM CLT in the Tahrir Square that will march to the Abdeen Palace in protest. 
  • Israel has used today AH-64DI Apaches and F-15I Ra'am Surface in its air forces. 
  • There is a disgusting rumor that says Omar Soliman told the Israelis to get rid from Hamas in any possible way ,well it is enough that that Al Quds Al Arabi to know that it is not real
  • I am so tired

Breaking News : The 4 Chief in editors trial is ajourned

I know that it is not the prefect timing and that it is not the main event in Egypt now after the massacre of Gaza but it is important.
The 4 chief in editors trial is ajournated. I do not know to when but I think it will be next month

Breaking News : On going Massacre in Gaza

The Israelis were not bluffing and for sure they did not listen to what Mubarak  hadsaid in his meeting with Levini , well they have not and won’t ever listen to him.
Israel opened the gates of hell on the Gaza strip this morning. The first pictures of the massacre in Gaza are more than terrible.
The early numbers of injured and dead will show you how big it is
  • 120 are dead
  • More that 200 are injured.
I am waiting for the official Arab reaction of rejection and denouncement.
Of course there will be some useless urgent FM meeting in the Arab league with no use.
Wait for more updates.
 Updates No.1:
Updates No.2:
  • Egypt sent several ambulance cars to the borders and opened its hospitals in Al Arish to be ready.
  • Israel is using its navy and air forces in the attack.
  • According to the Gazans this is the biggest attack on the strip since very long time.
  • According to the Hamas Spokesperson on Al Jazeera Egypt calmed down Hamas saying that Israel would not attack the strip , already today I read in the newspapers that there would be another round from the neogtiations
  • Yediot Ahronat said that Levini informed in advance several Arabic and Western capitals with the attacks.
  • The raids are still going on.
  • The footage and photos in Al Jazeera are more than terrible.
  • This may be unrelated but .. Gamal Mubarak interferred in Algeria to release Ibrahim Hassan !!!
Updates no.3
  • Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing at last !! Did they have to be killed in this awful way so the authorities in Egypt would be merciful enough to open the crossings !!
  • A protest in Aman attacking the Arab countries above them Egypt , thanks Mr. Mubarak for this.:
Egypt , the mother of world ; is not Gaza the mother of the world !!?
Egypt open the crossing !!??
  • I do not know what the regime media will say about this protest , a pro-syrian Iranian one !!??
Updates No.4 :
  • Israel promises that this is just the start.
  • Israel is doing this before Obama becomes the president in the United States, it is obvious ,still I am waiting to know what he thinks.
  • Hamas gave its orders to its forces to open their fire in return.
  • I expected that something big like this to happen in Gaza but no too soon , it is not about the promises or rather threats of Israel but it is about Lebanon , yes Lebanon , things began to calm down whenever things calm down in Lebanon ,something happens in Gaza , believe me.
  • Now here is how I see it : Levini promised to end Hamas but she knows very well she will fail but in return Hamas and other Palestinian groups will plan to have vengance from Israel , the next time Hamas will bomb something in Tel Aviv , the blame will be on Hamas but no one will blame Israel internationally.
  • The death toll reached to 155
  • I can't take it from the photos of the dead and injured there , it is more than terrible seriously.
  • Al Jazeera defends Egypt !!
Updates No.5 :
  • After half hour there will be some protesting standing in Cairo somewhere.I think it will as usual in the Press syndication or in the lawyers syndication.
  • Hussain Abd El-Ghani defends Egypt , well he is Egyptian and even if he Mubarak indirectly.
  • Egypt officially denounced the attack and holds Israel responsible for killing hundreds there.
  • Mubarak position now is so so so so ugly and critical in front of the Egyptians and the Arab world , he now looks as accomplice in this on going mess murder. I have a crazy thought in my mind but I will not share now.
  • I expect tomorrow will be the protests day in Egypt in all universities especially Cairo University.
  • The attack on Egypt is in the highest level ever.
  • Here are some photos from AP and they are just the beginning ,what is Al Jazeera Arabic

Updates No.6 :
  • The spokesperson of the IDF is ranting in Gaza on Al Jazeera : do not use the word Holocaust , Hamas is fabricating the photos to include the civilians ,you are biased
  • He is so angry from the Al Jazeera coverage because it is exposing the ugly face of Israel.
Updates No.7 :
  • The death toll reached to 180
  • The EU is calling for an immediate cease of fire.
  • Prince of Qatar is calling for an Arab Summit.
Updates No.8 :
  • In the coming hourse the Arab League will hold an immediate meeting.
  • The photos of the injured and dead Children are terrible.
Updates No.9
  • The death toll reached to 195 "5 more and they will be 200 "
  • There is currently a protest in Cairo at the Tahrir square.
  • This is a long sad day.
  • The Israelis attacked Ramallah with more clashes between the Palestinians and the Israelis
  • I added more photos to the album.
  • This can be the new Intifida

Updates No.10 :
  • Strangely the Egyptian TV did not change from its silly program to coup with the event of the days.
  • The hospitals in Rafah need blood , I think this is the least we can do now.
Updates No.11:
  • The death toll reached to 205
  • The injured toll reached to 400
  • The Iraqi FM is speaking on Al Jazeera and he is even worse than his Egyptian counterpart.
  • Egypt FM has called the Israeli Ambassador.
  • currently there is a meeting in the Arab league.
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Farewell to Nile Hilton,Nasr 128 and Chahine

In 2009 Egyptians will say farewell to the famous Nile Hilton hotel which will be called The Nile Hotel starting from the 1st of January 2009.
The famous old hotel opened by President Nasser in 1960s is now owned and operated by Ritz Carlton. It is a great thing.Only the Hilton part will disappear from the roof billboard of the Hotel but in the minds of the people it will be the Nile Hilton just like the Meridian and Grand Hyatt.
I wonder if the Ritz Carlton management will keep the Nile Hilton Dali open with the same prices , I love its fresh bakery. I also I love the 1960s font used in the hotel , I wish they do not change it, they can erase the Hilton word and add the Carlton using the same font.
The Nile Hilton saw many historical events since its inauguration by President Nasser. Many meetings and summits I guess the most BE026465 important ones was the last meeting of Nasser with Arafat and King Hussein in September 1970 “Black September”.This hotel may have seen the last hours in Nasser’s life.Here is the photo of Nasser,King Hussein,Arafat and Young Gaddafi.
Good luck for the Ritz Carlton ,they got excellent location but bad timing for tourism.
Nile Hilton - exterior Nile Hilton
In 1960s during his construction
This photo was taken in 1960s after its inauguration from the Egyptian museum garden, as you can see there was a beautiful garden not ugly unknown construction works like now 
Anyhow we move to the next thing or rather two things Egyptians will farewell sadly in 2009. Yes Sadly ,I am sad for the decision taken by the Nasr Car factory in Egypt to discontinue the production of Nasr Fiat 128 car model and Chahine Car model.
Despite they were originally car models from Italian Fiat they were considered Egyptian local cars for their popularity.They were very successful
I do not know why they discontinue their production , they were not so bad but rather needed modifications including a new design and a new specifications that suit the customer of today. Already they were modified to suit the Egyptian market in the first place !! Look to the mini cooper and Fiat 500 for God Sake.Please do not tell me we do not have the money or the technology or even the brains because they are already there but we do not want to use them.
They were economic and their spare parts are available.
I know that the government wants to privatize the Nasr factory by all means so it decided to discontinue its most successful products to bankrupt it !!
I do not know when we will be able to produce a real Egyptian car .It is as if we always love to end the successful attempt deliberately !!
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No More Phone Confessions for Christians in Egypt

The minister of Telecommunication in a very rare and not so surprising statement to Al Masry Al Youm confessed that the phones and the internet were being monitored by the security authorities. The justification of the minister was that it was done for the country’s security and safety.

It is not so shocking or surprising in a Police state like Egypt , it has been always there ever since Nasser rule to be precise.

Anyhow the most quickest and powerful reactions on this statement was the reaction of Pope Shounda III . Pope Shounda of Egypt decided to ban the phone confession. Already here I am lost because the Orthodox Church the confessions are done face to face but it seems lately some people tried to use IT in the last couple of years,of course in a bad timing. It is no longer safe.

Anyhow Pope Shounda also banned the use of the mobile phones by the monks at monasteries , I do not know if this decision was because mobile phones were violating the life of austerity the monks must follow or because of the monitoring thing !!??

Again it is no surprise , hello we are living in Egypt under the emergency law that gives the security authorities the upper hand !!??

Friday, December 26, 2008

Are not We Best Buddies ??

Saudi Arabia is detaining an Egyptian Internet activist Youssef AL Ashamawy. Youssef is being accusing of spying on the kingdom for the Egyptian intelligence !! Yousif1224
Youssef is detained or in fact is in jail since last August 2008 !!?? He was forced to sign confession with the mentioned above accusation. Of course this is not an evidence , the doctors case in KSA is not finished yet. He worked for IT company that installed some systems for the Saudi Intelligence.
Now I got a silly question :
Why would Egypt spy on Saudi Arabia ??
Are not we best buddies ?? Are not we the good Sunni axis that stands against the Shiite axis of Evil !!??
I do not know if Mubarak will interfere this time but I do not have high hope.Youssef has been detained since last August ,also Mubarak did nothing for the two doctors ,in fact he visited the Kingdom and returned back without referring to them. Of course the Egyptian intelligence won’t comment or issue any press statement that denies or confirms the allegations of Saudi Arabia .They have not already issued a statement concerning Ashraf Marwan up till this moment for the record.Till now the human rights organizations in Egypt are following the matter.
From the political view I think this is an official step back in our relations with Saudi Arabia. Why now did the Kingdom announce the charge of Youssef after 4 months of his arrest ??
You do not accuse a citizen of another country of spying and expect that your relations with it will be fine. This is not the Yemeni case I am afraid ,it involves one of your citizens whom I do not know what he is going to face from punishment this time. The doctors with their list of charge are facing 1500 lashes while Youssef is accused of being a spy !!??
Of course our official newspapers ignored the whole incident.They have not received the permission.
Updated :
The Egyptian Foreign ministry denied the so called claims that Shamawy was detained because of Spy charges as he was detained for unspecified security reasons !!

And what are exactly the main proposes of the Internet ??

I did this to myself , I know , I am the one who should be blamed. I read an interview with Telecommunication minister Dr. Tarek Kamal He was interviewed by chief in editor of Al Gomhouria Mohamed Ali Ibrahim.
I was anxious to know the views of the minister regarding the 6 Internet cables that were cut for unknown reason suddenly !!It is strange thing that the minister himself does not rule out the conspiracy theory !!

"I do not  rule out anything behind the internet outage

I was surprised to find the president so interested about the outage and how he is following the matter. Anyhow to my luck I found them speaking about the new infamous media law that regulates broadcast including online broadcast and of course Online means blogging is included. Most bloggers included me believe that this law can hurt us and that it is another attempt from the regime to fight freedom of expression.
I found two silly questions about bloggers and blogs and from them I understood how Mr. Ibrahim does not have any clue about blogging and internet at all except what he was told , shame for him as a journalist.

The bloggers used the Internet for political proposes away from its main proposes !!??

Main Proposes !!?? what are the main proposes of the Internet exactly in his point of  view ??
So the government won't block Youtube and facebook??

Strangely the answers of minister according to my view were diplomatic as usual !! He is only telecommunication minister that does not involve in political legal matters !!

This interview was in two whole pages by the way.

Regarding the cables , honestly I do not have any theories or even clues but 6 cables in one shot !! This is too much.Believe it or not I feel that our regime media will either blame Israel or Iran and Syria !!??