Friday, February 29, 2008

The Israeli Nazi holocaust

 BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israel warns of invasion of Gaza

I heard that the Israeli deputy for defense minister has promised the Gazans a Holocaust or A "Shoah" in Hebrew , it is a new thing to hear an Israeli official speaking public about a holocaust against the Palestinians ,despite the naked fact that they were leading a systematic holocaust against the Palestinians for more than 80 years from the 20th century !!!

The question is the Holocaust is something the Jewish Israeli people hate so much and do not like to hear about too often except to remind the people with its awfulness , how they feel when they hear one of their official promising to commit another holocaust against another people !! Is not the holocaust a war crime against humanity ?? Or it is ok if it is committed against another people !!??

Pardon my questions but are not the Jewish Israeli officials now like the German Nazi officials !!??

It is not my conspiracy mind after all

I spoke about the fears of the New middle east before and I recently tickled the Egyptian regime fears from the Kosovo independence to be repeated on large

This is an article in the American monthly Magazine "Atlantic" from January 2008 edition

It is called After Iraq ,it was written by Jeffrey Goldberg

it is about mapping the new Middle East according to the American Neo conservative wishes , ladies and gentlemen ,even Kuwait will be divided in the new map , the new map will be divided according to religion.

The article is very provoking especially the first part about the Kurdish Muslim interrogator who believed that the Arabs wrote the Holy Quran and thus he could slap and curse Prophet Mohammed "PBUH" as he wanted . Do really Kurds hate Arabs to this extent or this is just an old "divide conquer" trick !!??

Anyhow I recommend to read till the end ,if you are an Arab the you will need to know how some plan our future and if you are not an Arab and An American then you must know that you are fed with lies and nonsense in your media , do not be surprised if the Arabs fear the American administration.

This part about Egypt please read it the end :

In Egypt the aging Hosni Mubarak is trying to engineer his unproven younger son, Gamal, into the presidency. It does not goldberg-bedouin seem likely, at the moment, that Gamal would succeed in the job. Egypt was once a country that could project its power into Syria; now its leaders are having trouble controlling the Sinai Peninsula, home to a couple hundred thousand Bedouin, who are Pashtun-like in their stiff-neckedness and who seem more and more unwilling to accept Cairo’s rule. America, of course, continues to embrace Mubarak, seeing no alternative except the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood. This pattern is familiar in American diplomacy; President Bush’s long embrace of Musharraf comes to mind, and there are various, bipartisan antecedents—such as, most notably, Jimmy Carter’s support for the Shah of Iran.

Impressive, is not it  ???!!!

The new mapping of the middle east will not be based on identity or nationality but on ethnics and religions , based on the sects in the same religion , I mean there will be states for Alawite sect and Druze Sect may be the rest 12 sect will have there own countries too !!!

Should not we be alarmed ?? Should not we start to act ??

The best way is to fight this plan by democracy , the real threat to all the American administrations, the middle east Arab countries must have democracy because democracy is the only way to Justice and Justice is the only way to equity and equity is the only to make all citizens whether from the majority or the minority feel loyal to the country.

In the end insh Allah all these plans will fail ,I know I am romantic , but it does not harm to have some faith that things will turn this way , will it turn to this way !!??

And you wonder why I speak now about the anniversary of the UAR !!??

Thursday, February 28, 2008

He will not be the first or the last baby

He will not be the first baby to be killed in Palestine by the IDF and he will not be the last. How can we speak about Peace in the future if we are killing the future itself, this baby is the future.

Ahmed Fouad Nagam and the IR in Iran

Ahmed Fouad Nagam AKA The Fagomi "Idiot" used to be one of the greatest Fans for the Islamic revolution in Tehran to the degree that he wrote several poems supporting the IR , I do not know if you knew that it would turn to be against Freedoms

Still it is interesting , I read those poems yesterday in the Egyptian Daily newspaper El-Dostor, they are so supportive to the IR. From reading them I think he supported the IR without any knowledge of its ideologies , only based on the fact that it overthrow a dictatorship capitalistic monarchy and was against the United States.

He called the Shah Names as usual , he Called Jimmy Carter names as usual "despite the fact Carter turned to be our real friend after all" and of course the Egyptian regime and President who went to Tel Aviv and met Golda took the lion share from attacks and names.

From the artistic point of view ,they are so beautiful and simple ,the usual big easy style of Fagomi who did not graduate from any school except Life's.

These poems by the way were banned in Egypt as usual as the rest of the Fogomi's poems, already I think he was in jail then.

Another interesting fact Fagomi ex-wife Safinaz Kadem also supported the IR , in fact she sent a solidarity telegram to Khomeini , guess from where , from Iraq , where she was staying then !! Till now Safinaz supports the Islamic Republic of Iran, I do not know about the Fagomi but I know that when he went to Lebanon from couple of years El-Cid Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah received warmly in person with big open arms.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Egyptian X-files: Who Killed Hassan Al Bana ??

Hassan Al-Bana ,the founder of the famous Muslim Brotherhood movement  is a very controversial character whether in his life or in his death , in fact after his death he caused more buzz then when his life due to his thoughts that became universal "I once was asked by a young man from Indonesia about his thoughts and whether as Egyptian I believe in them or not !!??".

The death of Al-Bana was not less controversial as his life ,in fact it is more enigmatic he was assassinated on the 12th of February 1949 and till now historians do not know who killed him or who was behind his assassination.

For many years King Farouk and his "Iron guards" were accused to be behind the Al-Bana assassination thanks to the propaganda against him after the revolution that it became a belief for the MB members themselves that King Farouk was behind the murder of his leader , even the Neo Royalists believed this and considered as another good thing King Farouk did by getting  rid from a radical fascist,still for me I could not believe that King Farouk was behind this for number of reasons , Farouk was not that evil , Al-Bana was not his main enemy , there were other people during that time who wanted to see the guide of the MB dead and most important the Iron guards were not so powerful , it is a myth , another royal myth , if they were so dangerous why could not they save the King throne from the revolution !!?? Already just for information the iron guards were only 20 persons. I believe that because no one knew who really killed Al-Bana then and how the accident was mysterious "he was killed at night in front of one of the headquarters of the group " people simply just put the blame on the first person who could not defend himself , King Farouk whose popularity began to decline more and more.

And after all these years a MB veteran from the 1st generation Mohammed Naguib at last spoke and cleared King Farouk's hands  from the Guilt of Al-Bana blood . According to Naguib Farouk did not kill Al-Bana or have any connection what so ever in his murder.

Now the question is back ,Who killed Hassan Al Bana ?? The X-File is still opened .It is not that easy because during that political assassination was the fashion of the time then , political leaders and prime ministers were always victims for assassination attempts which were either succeeded in eliminating them like Ahmed Pasha Maher and El-Nokrashi Pasha "who was killed by one of the MB members still I should say that the MB and Al-Bana were against this operation" or like Al-Nahas Pasha who survived all the assassination attempts he had been thought "this man was a really blessed"

Many people could have killed Al-Bana ,many parties and group  did not like him or his group , whether from the liberal parties or the communist parties.

Of course people in Egypt always forget another main suspect called "The British" who were still in Egypt ,yes I know someone will come and tell Al-Banna had his connection with the British ,the Freemason ...etc "I swear I read and heard this talk too " but occupation forces do not have allies , they can get rid of them when they satisfied their needs , the British forces would be very happy to create a chaos situation ,creating more trouble to Abdeen palace and the Wafad party. Unfortunately

Also we should not forget the Zionist gangs and Israel , oh yes Israel ,why do everybody forget the fact that the MB militias fought in 1948 before the Arab armies !!?? But again Israel became a State recognized by the western world in 1948 and if they wanted to get rid of him , they would have done before 1948.

These are all possibilities and theories ,yet unfortunately this is a classical Egyptian X-File that will never been close , because now it is too late to know the answer of the question : Who killed Hassan Al Bana??

Facebook is different from the Email brainy journalist.

Yesterday Abdullah Kamel ,the chief in editor of Rosa Al Youssef and main defender of the Egyptian regime against its awful enemies of the nation from the MB,liberal and bloggers, wrote in one of his stupid hatred columns in the daily Rosa about one of the members of Osama Ghazli Herb family who sent him emails containing bad language and insults , till now the story is fine , nothing wrong with it.

Already the man he claimed that he sent to him insulting emails was the son or the nephew of Dr.Osama , well the only problem is that Dr.Osama has no sons , he got two or three daughters actually ,I once read an interview with them after his resignation from the NDP , OK may be he is his nephew , a nephew who is angry from the attack on his uncle "despite the fact that Dr.Osama deserves it this time with my all respect" .

The name of the young man is Ramy Ghazli Herb and he is currently living and working in Dubai

Strangely this young man seemed to forget all those who are attacking his uncle in public and independent newspapers and focused his anger on Abdullah Kamel , well I can understand why, Kamel is so provoking to anyone , seriously he is an example of a journalist that works only according to the wishes and commands of the regime not according to his conscious which I doubt he has one already.

In that firing column whom Kamel dedicated the first part of it to attack the Ghazli Clan and their sons , there were photos for this young man , normal friendly photos with his lady friends" he was drinking something with those young ladies , yes this is what was published" and his car, already I do not understand why on earth would Mr. Ramy sent his details about where he lives and works to Kamel ,sorry the right question is why on earth would Ramy send him his photos with his girlfriends !!??

well may be because he did not send any email but he sent him messages through the Facebook , oh yes through the Facebook , my dear reader Mr.Kamel is very active Facebook member who friends list includes many Egyptian and Arab celebrities and journalists, I think Ramy whose age by the way is in the same range of mine dropped him a message or left something on his wall and the Facebook pro reached to his profile and you know privacy is forgotten in the Facebook. People just forget to limit their personal profiles to their friends only.

Mr.Kamel seems to be very active as I said earlier Facebook member ,he joins groups here and there , he installs these useless applications which gives me headache , I swear the guy got some applications I always reject for example "The hotness test : Think I'm hot !??" , well it turned out that he is heating up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

his profile and group show that he likes to appreciate himself so much ,he seems to be a Narcissistic, I mean for God Sake Kamel created a special group for his articles and daily columns in Rosa !! He himself not his fans as it is expected .Already just see his pictures in Flickr and you will know that this man has got one big ego and thinks so much of himself .

By the way Kamel despite his continues attack on bloggers in Egypt ,he made a blog for himself in blogspot publish his useless provoking columns and articles here and there !! The guy is contradicting himself by the way ,I mean if he despises the bloggers that much why joining them or may be if he is following the proverb "If you can't beat them , join them !!"

Back to Ramy Herb , I think his enthusiasm did not do good for his uncle , already his uncle position is bad thanks to his stubborn head and greed in power, the Herb clan should know when to leave the arena because now they are so damaged

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A new H5N1 case in Egypt

It has been a while since we heard about human H5N1 infected cased in Egypt since the month of January unfortunately the virus is back and is staying as long as domestic poultry is there and as long as people do not get rid of it.

A 4 years girl in Minya was infected by H5N1 , surely she got infected from the domestic poultry in her house and of course her immunity system made her the most vulnerable member to be infected especially with the terrible weather condition in Egypt right now .

Strangely today I read a very interesting statement for the head of the doctors' syndication famous Dr.Hamdy El-Sid who is struggling currently in order to raise the minimum salaries of the doctors in Egypt

He said that all the hospitals in Egypt do not have any emergency plan in case of H5N1 evolution in Egypt "Human to human condition" !!

It is kind of scary statement to come from a man like Dr. El-Sid .Yet you must be sure that the government this time is watching carefully the hot zones ,still they have to get rid from the dirty pigs farms and make plans for the worse scenario and to be frank with the people once in their damned life

At least he is still alive

The world is speaking about Sarkozy , no it is not about his personal life anymore , it is about his attitude , Sarko lost his temper as usual when one of the French citizens refused to shack his hand , a Farmer 79953264 in the  international agriculture fair ,well actually he did not lose his temper but he told to get the hell off his face , that idiot .

The problem is it was filmed in video and the whole world watched Sarkozy insulting a French citizen despite the fact that I felt that Sarko was surprised by the farmer's act and as he is nervous person already he did a quick reaction keeping his fake smile as usual, forgetting that there was a camera rolling on .

I do not care what the French people say about Sarko , but let's admit that at least that farmer is still alive despite the fact he insulted the president ,seriously I am from a country regular people do not get this close to President Mubarak , with my all respect I think that they hire extras to be there when he inaugurates anything.

Again this farmer is lucky to live in a very democratic country like France and he must thank Heavens that he does not live in a country like Egypt.

I will tell you a little story to demonstrate what I mean ,

If you notice President Mubarak since very long did not go to pilgrimage or go for "Omra" in the Holy Land in KSA , well some will say for security reasons and this is true the KSA does not his like his security circus because of an incident that took place several years ago .

Once Mubarak was doing a "Omra" in Ramadan at Mecca when he was in Kabbah Haram, an Egyptian man "from his accent" tried to approach him and screamed "Fear Allah" ...

what happened next well the body guards of Mubarak decided to teach the man not to repeat what Abu Baker said to Omar Once upon time in the past , in fact they decided to teach not to speak again inside the Haram ,it was a scandal , because it seems that those thugs did not respect the place they were in , they did not know that this zone is not like any other , fighting is prohibited in it , the prince and the poor are equal there . It was an international scandal that shocked the Saudi Royal family , yes believe it or not this royal family also respects this holy place so much and thus since then they put one condition for Mubarak either you come with less guards well behaved or else stay at home

The man did not tell Mubarak "do not touch me" he only told him to fear God , and what you know !!

These little incidents that show the difference between the two countries .

Egyptian X-Files : The Badr I saga continues

The last update I wrote about this ship was that it was found in the Sudanese water , well I am sorry , it seems that officially it has not been found yet till the moments of writing down this post. It become a real mystery , the Foreign ministry which is following the case very carefully is denying that it was found , where as the owner of the ship claims that it was found.

Already even the newspapers are divided between confirmation and denial , Well if I were a journalist and want to cover the story , then beside listening to the foreign ministry and ship owner ,I must ask the Sudanese authority too , the third party involved in this enigma , yes there is a possibility that the vessel could be in the international water , still they can help more. Now it became an official riddle , a real X-file, in every newspaper you will find a new different news

It was found

Some people saw it surrounded by military ships

The FM assistant said that the ship Will return back home .

The FM denies that they have found the ship

The most interesting thing is that there was rumour that the ship was delivering an arm cargo , the thing which was denied by the Foreign ministry and the owners of the ship.

Again there is something fishy about this ship and its company , they are not saying all the details , I do not know why I suspect them but there is something not straight here

I do not understand how can a vessel like this disappear all that time and could not be found , again for God Sake the red sea has not got Bermuda triangle and as far as I know that kind of triangles does not appear suddenly in seas and oceans , it is there since the beginning of time.

Look I am not an expert in the maritime transfer , but could not the Egyptian authorities or the company or the Sudanese authorities send a plane to search for the vessel in the sea ??

It will not cost much and for God Sake it is a fishing wooden boat that would not be seen from the sky !!!??

Monday, February 25, 2008

Celebrity watch

I do not like to speak about Egyptian actors and actresses here in my blog ,but I think I should record this , it will not harm anyone , already bloggers always write down what they encounter in their daily life from events and people especially when they meet or see celebrities.

I saw many Egyptian and Arab celebrities but this particular Celebrity made me blog about her.

I have seen the lady of the Arab Silver screen Fatan Hamama , I have seen her in Mohendessin at Wadi Nil Street ,she was with her daughter Nadia Zoulfakr, the daughter of the later Egyptian director Ezz El-Din Zoulfakr, they were going to Fifth Avenue , yes it is opened there beside Queen Bakery .

Fatan despite her old age is still keeping her elegance and that lady look , she is so white ,she did not have any make up on her face , her hair is dyed with that dark reddish brown colour . Nadia helped to walk through the parked cars holding her hand .

I do not know why I am blogging this , but may be because I love and respect this great actress . It made me so happy to see her fine like this.

Egypt and Kosovo

Unlike to what I expected the Egyptian state did not officially recognized the new independent State of Kosovo despite its support to the cause and the people of Kosovo, I thought that Egypt will immediately declare its recognition following the steps of the United States of America and EU but it did not . Some would say that Egypt is trying not to lose Russia , we still have good relations with the Russians and we are trying to keep balance between the Russians and the Americans as pole of powers..etc. Well it turned out that Egypt is hesitated to declare its position from Kosovo for another reason far away from our Russian connections. This reason made me respect again the Egypt regime and reconsider its foreign policies and how it still cares about our national security , yes Our national security can be affected By Kosovo.

Look as I hinted before Europe is divided and cautious from the Independence of Kosovo as it may open the door for the troubled ethnics in the continent to follow the same steps of the Albanians of Kosovo.

Well Europe should not alarmed that much because after all this independence was under the sponsorship of both U.S and EU , yet we are the ones in the middle east who should be alarmed and worried from this independence.

And this is why Egypt is cautious and worried , we all know the plans of the Neo-conservatives of dividing the Arab countries in to more small countries and semi countries based on the religions and ethnics. Most if not all the Arab countries are going to divided , from the Gulf to the Ocean , of course not only the Arab countries but also Iran and Turkey have their share in the plan , yet the later is so cautious and fighting it already in a proactive move up till this moment .

Egypt is scared not only because Sudan, Iraq ,Syria , Saudi Arabia ,Algeria ,you name from the Arab countries are going to be divided but also because Egypt itself is going to have its share from the division process. This is not a conspiracy theory folks . First of all you got the newest threat Egypt currently is fighting that is to gather all the Palestinians from Gaza , West Bank and Mainly from the refugee camps and put them in Sinai , it is empty and Egypt does not use , this talk became a threat to our national security because it is being repeated over and over by the United States of America not recently by the way as a permanent peaceful solution to the Middle east Conflict . The last events in Gaza awaked this fear and here I am not speaking about the silly attack of the governmental media as if the Gazans were invading Sinai , I am speaking about the American and Israeli wishes to get rid from the Palestinians, If you notice the past two weeks the newspapers and media were speaking about the new plans for developing Sinai after long time of concentrating only on tourism projects .

It is not only Sinai but the threats reaches to the valley to Nuba and upper Egypt the day dream of crazy immigrant Copts gangs.

The game of the minorities and ethnics is replayed again and already is used to blackmail several countries and we should not forget that UK entered Egypt through the gate of protecting minorities and ethnics .

I may most of the time criticise the Egyptian regime but this time I respect its hesitation ,in fact again I feel a dilemma whether to be happy  for the Muslim Albanians or scared from this door , I guess the best thing is to be happy and cautious at the same time

I think next week Cairo's position from Kosovo independence will be clear more.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

About Assam El-Hadri's escape

Assam El-Hadri escaped with his wife to Switzerland , these were the main headlines in all newspapers official and unofficial , with big bold fonts , if you are not Egyptian ,you will think that Mr. El-Hadri is a big tycoon who stole the money of the public or owns a ferry that sank in the red Sea ,well if you are not Egyptian then I have to tell you that Mr. Hadri is only a goal keeper , the goal keeper of the National Football of Egypt .

Assam has left Egypt with his wife secretly and headed to Switzerland to play in one of the clubs after his club in Egypt "Al-Ahli" has refused to release him from his contract and let him play in that foreign club , Ahli Club and its fans are so mad , they are speaking of treason !! This is the summary to make you understand the talk of the town now in Egypt. Look with my all respect El-Hadri is not a slave working for Al-Ahli , he is getting older not younger , he did not do anything wrong in my point view , he did not go and play in Israel for God Sake "I am an Ahli Proud fan by the way"

Now what is this on going media circus ?? Seriously did all our internal and external problems have finished so we speak about this fugitive !!

All this talk and anger for footballer !!??

With my all respect how many scientists in different important fields have left this country for good and nobody gave a damn for them whether from the media or from the regime or even from the people who is drugged and refuses to go to rehab saying No NO NO NO !!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The UAR in Newsreel

I did not live the event and I wanted to know more about it unbiased from different sources , I learned from the Egyptian Royalty researches that the best source to watch these events live is through the old newsreel and thus I digged and I found couple of videos about the New UAR in 1958 , I even found newsreel about the separation ,well I will let that comes in time ,We are now remembering the Union , by the way all these Newsreels are British expressing the British Point view Anti-Nasser , you will feel it
P.S I am not a Nasserite, I am an Egyptian who wants to know her history right

Look out for this clip especially Nasser went to vote by himself choosing himself for himself

The United Arab Republic : The early days in pictures

The United Arab Republic "UAR" was the name of the new born country union between Egypt and Syria.

Here are some photos from President Gamal Abd El-Nasser official website for the early days of the Union , a quick journey for photos My generation did not see till now from the 31st of January 1958 to 28th of February in the same year , the photos mostly for Presidents Nasser and  Al-Quwatli , some of them in Egypt , some of them in Syria , they were showing overwhelming reaction of the Egyptian and Syrian people and they were also showing some faces that played very important in the future then.

Friday, February 22, 2008

50 years on the Union between Egypt and Syria

Today the 22nd of February marks the 50th anniversary of the Union between Egypt and Syria , this short union that lasted only from 1958 to 1960 and produced : The United Arab Republic. Today both President Nasser of Egypt and President Shukri Al-Quwatli of Syria signed the union agreement to announce the union from 50 years ago

Short union , short experience ,Short dream , call it as you like . 450px-Flag_of_United_Arab_Republic_svg Strangely I thought there would be celebration more discussion about this important experience in our modern Arabic history from all fields : The political, the military,the cultural and the social, but there is none I could not find anything in the newspapers today Friday , may be tomorrow the Arab nationalist Nasserite theme newspapers will celebrate it. Officially as you know our relation with dear Sister Syria is not as before because we are with the Americans and they are with the Iranians.

The Union with Syria in one state is not a bad idea on the contrary it is a great one , In our golden time whether in Ancient Egypt or in modern Egypt ,Syria was under our control and here heaven forbids I do not mean invasion or occupation on the contrary if you check the Egyptian Ancient history you will find that several queens were from Syrian origins , here I am speaking about strategic importance, the great Egyptian warrior in Ancient history Ramses III knew that and Ibrahim Pasha knew that and of course we should not forget that the later had said that :

The Egyptian borders start from the mountains of Tartus 

Syria is our strategic depth in the North in Asia just like Sudan is our strategic depth in the South , Libya in the west and Jordan in the East . This is a natural thing and can not be disputed.

If we spoke about the Union experience in 1950s , we must put in our minds a very important historical fact many countries did not and do not want this kind of union to be repeated above them Israel and countries in the west and the Mideast worked so hard to destroy this union and they were mainly Jordan of King Hussein and Israel.

Many people think that the union in 1958 was a political fiasco and it brought nothing except disasters on both countries just because it was during the Nasserite era and it was between Two Arab countries ..etc by the way these sorts of judgements exist in both countries , well things can't be measured simply like this again as I said concerning King Farouk mania , history can't be judged from one angel , in studying any historical event especially a political one with huge impact like the union decision you must study the international political scene , the internal political scenes very well in both countries , the persons who played roles in this union , what their motives were ,also you must know what happened after and before the union, you should look to the union from the eyes of those lived it before looking to it through your 2008 eyes .

The Union itself is great but who implemented from both countries were not responsible enough to understand how huge and big what they were doing . I will not overestimate to say that both the Free Officers in Egypt and the different parties in Syria that looked forward to the Union "I guess they were the conflicted communist and Baath parties" were looking for other gains concerning power and domination then gains concerning the huge strategic alliance and how great it would be for the two countries to be one strong country.

From a political point of view and from reading history I doubted that this union would have last than 3 years due to the huge political differences between both countries then ,if you want to make union between two countries at least try to make them parallel in the political systems before announcing the union. The union may have lasted for a while if Nasser accepted the federal option but he insisted on the complete union ,it is impossible to turn multi-parties system country in to one party system in a day and a night , Nasser had to put his hands in both the Communists and MB in Syria in the same time he was putting their brothers in jails in Egypt ,Nasser was suppressing freedom in Egypt where as in Syria press was still having freedom, of course I do not need to speak about the economic system in Egypt , yes we did not reach yet year 1960 with the nationalization and ownership laws that broke the last straw in the union still you must know that Syria was then a free economy with an elite class of traders that were looking forward to the markets of Egypt.

As you see it is so complicated , Egypt was one under the rule of a group of military guys who were against democracy and parties and said it frankly in 1954, the country began to become a totalitarian dictatorship  , on the other hand Syria every couple of years had a coup ,faces changed so much since the independence on France from Civilians to military from military to Civilians , there were active parties who had nothing in their heads except how to reach to the rule whether from the communists or the Baath or from the MB.

Nasser popularity and the Pan Arabism he represented was the main factor that made not only the Syrian people but the whole Arab people fall in love with him especially after the Suez war , his speeches had the greatest echo in the Arabic street, so the Syrian people welcomed so much Nasser and Egypt , I remember that once I watched an interview with an Old Syrian journalist who described the Syrians feelings towards the Union as unbelievable ,union with Egypt , Egypt of Said Darwish , Ahmed Shakwy , it was like being married to the Sultan daughter , till now I remember the expression , till now Nasser is very popular in the Syrian street even more than the Egyptian.

Unfortnately Nasser did not bring only Darwish,OM Kalthoum and Shakwy with him to Syria , he brought his police state and the false idol worship ,some Syrians blame us that we brought to them dictatorship "as if we really love it " I am sorry for that but we suffered from the same disease for a long time till now.

But on the other hand Nasser was not the only villain , the Syrian parties in the scene were not that innocent I once heard Nasser in a televised speech that the Baath party had a hand in the separation due to their sectarian division policies in the army . I do not know about the accuracy of this , but it seems that the Baath Party and its sectarian division policies were there from a long time.

Again may be Nasser was a dictator seeking for more power , may be the Syrian parties were searching for a way to rule yet we should not forget the international scene and neighbour countries  , already to be honest I found it very strange to have a complete union with Syria and between us three countries "Lebanon, Palestine/Israel and Jordan" may be a federation would have worked then , but a complete political union !!??

This is not the end of our talk , the jubilee of this union should not be that silent , we should discuss logically because now it is perfect time to do so as a young generation , in the same way we did with King Farouk . I have to go now because I am fighting another terrible flu and I want to get some sleep :)

At least they agreed on something

The Arabs agreed on disagreement , a very famous proverb when I checked about it I found out it was a very old proverb some are saying that it was actually said by the famous Arabic Poet legendary Al-Mutanabbi . This is proverb was associated in our minds as Arabs with the Summits held in the Arab leagues, you know the FM meetings and leaders Summits that never end on single agreement .

Yet strangely for the first time the Arab officials gathered and agreed on one damn thing ,they agreed on closing the only vent available for the Arab people from the ocean to the gulf : The Satellite TV channels

According to a nasty agreement between most of the Arab information ministers "The guys who do not exist anymore in civilized world ,who censor media" there will a Charter of regulations "so they call it" putting limits on what  the satellite TV channels should discuss .

They said that the satellite channels are destabilizing the general peace by spreading lies about the regimes, religious sects, hatred among the people , terrorism, magic and myths and thus they should be regulated . Very big general words .

First of all you must know that the two regimes that headed this massacre against  freedom of expression is the Egyptian and the Saudi ,the most two widely criticized regimes in the Arab world,the Egyptian regime is having enough from the Night News shows that expose its scandals worldwide like Cairo Today,10 PM and 90 Minutes not to mention Al-Jazeera which is above all, also Saudi Arabia is having a headache from the LBC and their coverage on the social affairs in the kingdom "despite the fact that 45% of channel is owned by Al Walid !! " ,they did not complain from Al-Jazeera because they already closed its offices and banned its activity in the Kingdom.

Do not believe the part concerning protecting the Arabs minds and souls from the stupid witch craft /fortune telling channels , with my all respect all these channels were bought from the Nile Sat company, a state owned company that follows the Egyptian regime,every channel must be approved by the State , in fact it is from the benefit of the Arab dictatorship regimes to spread these channels and thus ignorance will be spread and people forget about their rights and about their country. Already till now all these channels are there.

This is a political decision 100% made to protect the regimes like the Egyptian and the Saudi, already it is a very stupid decision , because these channels did not show except a very small amount of the truth , but what can we say they are even scared from this very small ,this is very small vent.

To be honest two countries did not like the decision, Qatar and Lebanon , Lebanon did not object but it did not like the decision , it criticised it , already Lebanon is a real free country with free TV Channels , such decision could hurt these channels which used to have no censorship what so ever , censorship is something not available in Lebanon in the same way like in the Arab world .

Qatar objected completely because of Al-Jazeera channel , you may know that the channel is actually owned by the Qatari FM himself , Al-Jazeera accordingly to the decision could be punished for airing what may consider an attack on any Arabic country , so the channel can be banned for what is airing 24/7.

I feel so angry that they are using bad general words to justify this stupid charter "to stop the attack on religions" with my all respect the main channels that attack other religions mainly Islam are the Christian radical channels in the Hotbird , an European Satellite the Arab states do not have any power on and all these channels are aired from abroad so this charter will do nothing concerning these very dangerous channels , the charter is obligatory on the Arabic channels that are aired from the Arab countries.

The official Media in Egypt is promoting for this stupid charter as if it will save the Egyptian civilization , it is not a big surprise to me but it makes angry and sick in the morning to find the official newspapers cheering for this charter.

The official newspapers consider all the TV shows and channels that are showing what is going in Egypt from bitter reality as channels working for the MB !!!

Rosa El-Youssef last week that the MB are editing the 10 PM TV show on Dream 2 , presented by Mona El-Shazely, which is my favourite, the TV show became an opposition newspaper.

Retro Egypt : The oldest cigarette TV Commerical in Egypt

Surely this is the oldest cigarette TV commercial in Egypt ,it seems to me to be  from the1960s and was coloured in 1970s, it is about the "Nasr Cigarette" that does not exist anymore , it seems to me that it used to be exported to the Arab world. The advertisiters are using cartoons which were common in the 1960s and 1970s , for there were accepted by people so much then especially Children.

Sorry for the player you must stop by yourself ,it loads automatically ,I am sorry for that

Thursday, February 21, 2008

RIP Sufi Abu Talib , the 3rd President of Egypt for 8 days

Dr. Sufi Abu Talib , the former Parliament speaker in the era of Satellite Presidents Sadat and Mubarak passed away today in Malaysia. Dr.Sufi was the Parliament speaker from the 4th of November 1978 to the 4th of November 1983. Many people ignored the fact that Dr. Sufi had occupied the position of the president of Egypt officially for a complete 40 days when President Sadat was assassinated according to the constitution before electing President Mubarak in 1981 . 

Dr. Sufi was a law professor , he was 84 years old when he died still he was very active man and well known personality in the the Islamic world for his contributions defending the Sharia.

Dr. Sufi who was the head of the Cairo University defended till the last day of his life the 2nd article in the Egyptian Constitution "The Islamic Sharia is the source of legalization" , of course now some people disliked him for this .

Dr.Sufi believed there was no contradiction between the Sharia and democracy.

Already it is enough that during his time Egypt began to adopt the s24 Sharia laws concerning the family laws :divorce and so on , they were not Jihan's laws as they used to be called they were Sharia laws that returned to the women's their rights in divorce matters. Dr. Sufi said that late President Sadat before his assassination with three months spoke with him about the possibility of using more of the Sharia laws in our laws .

Sufi name is strange but you will not be surprised to know that Sufi with named by his father with this name tribute to Sufism , his father was a follower to one of the Sufism movement.

May Allah bless Sufi Abi Talab , he was a respectable man with insight and a vision he tried to achieve it till the last day of his life

The Serbs are destroying the American Embassy in Serbia

Oh boy forget about the American Embassy in Iran , it is Serbia , I am 79893006 watching it now in Aljazeera Live , oh boy I do know not if the Americans were quick to get out from the country and also to burn all the secret documents or not ,as the Russian camp would be very happy to put its hands on these documents.

Updates: They burned the American Flag and I think the building will 79893808be on fire soon

It is not strange that anti-riots forces and fire fighters are walking so slowly to get there , It is obvious that it is a pre-arranged riots .

I guess now most of the EU Embassies members either left Serbia or they are going to make sure that all their embassies are now under huge security measures



Watch it from the CNN,they are covering it very good

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Turath Magazine

I was from the lucky people who put their hands on the experimental edition No.0 of the new Egyptian Magazine "Turath" ,"Turath" in Arabic means "Heritage", this is an English speaking magazine specialized in heritage and vintage architecture in Egypt , it tickles history also but its main focus is on these beautiful old buildings of Egypt.

I love so much the idea of using old vintage ads for present products and services ,it was used before by the way

This is a very daring idea and important ,and I bet that many people will like it but there is something wrong about how they presented this idea , first of all from the printing quality of the magazine its price will be high ,it is not being printed in the Al-Ahram usual printing house but it is printed in the new Al-Shork printing house , oh yes Al-Shork no longer prints books anymore ,it is expanding after all there is a truth many ignores about the most powerful publishing house in Egypt now that it is a member in a very powerful group called "The citadel". The high price means it will be exclusive to A Class in Egypt.

Also the language used ,using the English language is limiting its audience to those who know English very well from Egyptians and foreigners, the topics they covered many non English speakers are interested very much in , caring the Egyptian architecture heritage many people care about and many of those people are not from Class A or from the English language speakers or readers or from foreigners.

This is not a luxury field , with my all respect most of Class A live in very ugly modern villas in compounds faraway from the heart of Cairo , there are tycoons who are specialized in destroying our heritage by demolishing villas and palaces constructing ugly towers ,making the beautiful Cosmopolitan Cairo as a concrete jungle .

Of course if you are a regular visitor to my blog , you will know that I adore everything vintage ,retro and Old whether Egyptian or non Egyptian.

And currently I am in process of writing a post about the popular western old architecture styles in Zamalak ,wait for photos insh Allah "I am waiting for the weather to be good"

6 things you should do before 18 years

Dear friend Tala had tagged , oh boy I have not been tagged for a long time and thank God it is a funny interesting one well I only have to mention 6 thing you should have done before reaching 18 years old when you can vote in the elections

My 6 things list is :

  1. Bicycling : To ride your bicycle freely in the street in the afternoon , seriously I found out that adults in Egypt can't enjoy riding bicycles in the streets as they were young.
  2. Ice-Cream : To walk and in your hand an Ice Cream cone is very acceptable when you are young than when you are an adult , do not ask me why !!
  3. Fireworks : I know they are dangerous but in Eid they are so much fun ,only children and teenagers can play with them.
  4. Sports : Learn a specific sport because this will be with you forever as experience , learn any sport.
  5. Cartoons : Watch Cartoons as much as you can , do not be dull like the kids today they are 12 and hate to watch Cartoon.
  6. Pray : keep up praying during that time because it will help to building a connection between you and God ,seriously pray from your heart , because you need it

I forget to pass the tag ok here are my victims : Tarek , Lasto adri,Maged , Yazeed and Al-Azizi

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Castro and Haj Castro

Ok after a very long time in presidency and leadership 81 years old 42-18041108 Fidel Castro announced that he will step away and resign from the Presidency of Cuba . Still there is no big change as expected , Cuba is not freed yet ,it is still under the Castro dynasty rule. Now officially the President of Cuba is Raul Castro ,the brother of Fidel ,already Raul was leading the country during all the time his brother was sick , well he is still sick and can't complete the job and speak for 6 hours in a speech not to mention Raul got sick for playing the second man where as he is the first man.

There is no actual change in Cuba ,do not believe that ridiculous speech of Bush, those Cubans in Florida should not be so happy ,the nightmare is not over , it is renewing itself .

With my all respect to Castro and his revolution history , I do not like a man whose policies for 40 years caused thousands if not millions try to cross the ocean in poor boats to survive . Socialism is not bad thing but dictatorship is .

By the way here is the letter of the commander to his people the compatriots. "The original Spanish version from the official newspaper of his party "

Some wise pants will ask me hey Zein why did not Castro leave the Presidency for his son just like in the middle eastern Arab presidents but to his brother ?? Well I will say this is because his son is a doctor ,not 42-15444109 interested in politics,half American and most important he does not wear a military suite like his uncle. Seriously the guy may be just hates the politics and all this jazz , may be he wants to enjoy his daddy fortune away from all these speeches and parades. Raul reminds me of Rafaat El-Assad ,the only difference is that Rafaat was too anxious to rule Syria and Hafiz got many Sons Mashallah !! "In picture Castro on a camel in a visit for Algeria in 1971,when Algeria was in the Eastern Camp"

Anyhow Castro had the longest presidential period or to be accurate longest ruling period because before he was president ,he used to be the prime minister.

I do not know the actual feelings of the Cubans but I guess after all that time they will not believe that they are not going to have to listen to him for 6 or 7 hours .

I will not wish this to happen in Egypt that the old man steps away because this means that the younger man will take over the rule Devil

To read about Castro's decision,life and world reaction ,I recommend you to waste some time in and BBC.Com ,especially the later as they made this wonderful gallery about his life .

Parties in troubles

We all know in Egypt that the official parties we have can't be considered real parties like the ones in civilized countries , they are fake and just decoration ,the only party that rules is the NDP and we can't even consider it as a real party it is just a group of people cheering for one person to protect their own interests but from time to time we put our hopes on some parties and some public figures that they can help in changing the future. We know very well that there will be no hope in the parties in Egypt with the existing Parties laws I talked about before , yet again sometimes we are mad enough to dream for while to admire some parties and their members for a while ,yes we know it will be  impossible in these circumstances of emergency status and oppression that they can change anything ,but there is nothing wrong in dreaming , unfortnately the regime does not want us to dream not even hope and thus it does not stop in issuing laws that put limit the parties sorry paralyse them completely but it also works hard to destroy any party from inside in if it felt that people began to put hopes on it ,just put hopes.

The example are many in the last three or four years , first you got Ayman Nour ,yes he is in jail but his party Al Ghad is in trouble ,major members are fighting on the leadership , yes his wife Gamila took back the control in the party but after it was too late people lost confidence , of course the big blow was the arrest of Ayman Nour still the fights of leadership destroyed the rest of the party.

The second example is the Wafad party , another fight on power between Dr.Numan Gomaa and Mahmoud Abaza ended to the sake of Abaza who is in the end a regime friendly not to mention his current minister of agriculture brother Amin Abaza ,Dr. Gomaa according to the court's order is still the head of the party but the regime says otherwise , the latest chapter in the Wafad Saga which I know is killing Both Saad Zaglol and El-Nahas Pashas is that there is a third person who thinks that he will be a better leader ,it is a soap opera and everyone is watching .

It is worth saying , in fact I would like to remind you that both Goma'a and Nour ran for presidency against Mubarak from two years and both were touch liberal rivals with popularity .

After that we got the struggle in the Nasserite party on who is going to rule , I do not care about the Nasserite party that much because I do not consider it a liberal one .

Now with the self destruction of Al-Ghad party and Al Wafad, there was no other liberal party Egypt we can put our hope on until the Democratic front party was announced , the new party looked very promising as liberal moderate one , it included many respectable famous faces for their daring stand against the government , the names are many including Dr.Osama El-Ghazli Harb ,Dr.Yahia El-Gamal and my favourite Ex-MP Anwar Sadat JR ,the nephew of President Sadat and the brother of MP Talaat Sadat .

Currently there is a big fight in that party between Osama and Sadat JR , it seems to me that Osama does not like Sadat JR and fears from his popularity and charismatic character , let's be honest some people think that the Sadat brothers are noisy yet you got admit they got something from their uncle which is how to steal the public attention ,seriously this duo got charisma . Anyhow the fight between both Osama and Sadat JR made the party in more trouble. People like me were disappointed at Osama's acts.

Now that party is expected by all experts to follow the same doomed destiny of Al Wafad and Al-Ghad.

Some people are speaking about the regime's role in such internal conflict but let's be honest the regime will not interfere in the first place if those members are not mad about power and ego . They do not care about the nation ,they care about themselves.

The last word I can say is that those parties should learn from the MB , yes the MB has its very own ideology still they believe in something and try very hard to achieve what they want ,what they believe in .

Kosovo independence:The right place in the right time

Kosovo declared its independence and became a country the world is divided whether to recognize as independent state or not , even Europe is divided , I do not know on which team my country Egypt will be , but I think it will join the American team in the end and leave the Russian team , not because we are with the people of the Kosovo as a Muslim but because we are in the Same team of the American administration I am afraid.

First of all I am happy for the Albanians despite my fear on their happiness that it won't last for too long with the Serbia's threats backed up with Russia , these threats should not regarded as bluffs.

Second let's be straight here Kosovo would not have got its independence if it had not been in the right place at the right time , the strategic location, on the northern border there is Serbia , a country that is still in the old Warsaw alliance in the eastern camp with Russia , from the few countries of the eastern camp that are against Europe despite the temptation of joining the EU "not anymore after the threats of Serbia of not joining the EU because of Kosovo , it is either Serbia or Kosovo in the EU" , the United States wants to alienate its cold war enemy more and more and if you notice and look carefully in the world map you will understand what I mean.

The time here plays an important role but to be honest I do not know if Kosovo's declaration of independence will catalyst the crisis between the United States and the EU from one side and Russia from another side.Is it a move to provoke Russia more ?? Already Russia does not need more provocation.

The Albanians of Kosovo are so lucky , seriously they are damned lucky , not many ethnics in the world who are struggle to have independence of their nations are that lucky as I said the right time and the right place , again look to the history and the map of the world and see how many ethnics are fighting for their independence for ages and they do not get what they want on the contrary they live in ever after wars. The international politics and interests play the main factor.

By the way Europe is divided because there are many ethnics in Europe that are struggling for their independence too ,you got the Basque dilemma , you got Scotland , oh yes the Scottish nationalists are looking forward for independence from the United Kingdom.

I am afraid the Kosovo independence is not made for the eyes of the Albanians ,still I believe the Albanians should seize the opportunity and build their country and its defense's because they are inside a region that had seen many wars started local and ended world war.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The game of interest

Late Egyptian leader Mustafa Pasha Kamal realized from more than 100 years that we can't depend on the west in our quest for freedom and independence simply because the west has its own interests,its own calculations , in the past it was the colonialism expansion in Africa and Asia ,now it is the economic domination .

So it is not a surprise to me to find that some European officials would praise Mubarak's regime despite all the criticism against it concerning democracy,freedom and corruption , in fact systematic when I hear an European or Western official in general Praises Mubarak's regime concerning its so-called achievements in the political and economic reforms ,I will realize that some economic gain from Egypt he or she will get for his/her own country !!

It is not strange to me to find the German Ambassador in Cairo "Bernd Erbel" saying the following in a meeting with the Egyptian European Council :

Egypt is a country that enjoys enough freedom and democracy to overcome any negatives that take place in the Egyptian Society. The European community respects Egypt ’s special states in dealing with its internal problems as a strong country that aces its challenges in a constructive manner and on the highest level !!

If you think that this strange well wait and hear the following statement from the chairman of the German Chamber of Commerce in Egypt about Gamal Mubarak :

There is a Pharaohnic tradition that the son assumes power after his father.There are many countries that speak a lot about democracy and elections and have now disastrous conditions like Kenya and Brazil

Excuse me a Pharaohnic tradition !!!??? democracy leads to disastrous conditions !!?? first I did not know that Brazil is suffering from democracy on the contrary I wish that we become like Brazil , also I see other countries that do not suffer from Democracy like his country for example , why we can't be like Germany !!

It is not strange for me because I read that Deutsche bank is planning to buy the biggest third public bank in Egypt "Banque De Caire " despite all the public objection , the banking sector will not be French - Gulf dominated ,the Germans are coming , so it is not a strange thing to find the German Ambassador and other German officials kissing the ass of the regime ,so not a surprise to find them saying such statements !!!??

Celebrating the Pseudo victory

Winning the African Cup is not considered a real victory so we can celebrate it all of us in this way , seriously I notice that this time we are celebrating it more than in 2006 ,when we hosted in Cairo. Personally I was surprised to find my grand mother who despises football and footballer supporting the national team in the finale , I was not the only person who was surprised in fact all those who were watching the game last week , I do not recall when the last time I jumped when someone from our national team scored a goal , I do not recall seeing myself or my family happy in that way ,I swear some of my family members seemed that they were going to cry. That night I swear Egypt did not sleep up till 6 AM , I swear I was sleeping in my bed when I woke up about 4 AM to hear the voices chanting "Egypt ,Egypt " away from the Zamalak and 6 October bridges , I swear. It is not only Egypt or the Egyptians this time who were celebrate the victory , the Arab people shared our pseudo victory our pseudo happiness too.

I am not an expert in sociology ,but I think there are reasons behind this happiness and they are not about how the regime is using football to drug the people this time.

I will start with the Arab people's happiness , you do not need too much brain to know that this happiness and pride came as a result from the two seconds Abu Tarika took off his shirt to reveal his support and sympathize to Gaza despite the fact he knew in advance that he would be warned ,yet he intended to send this message as a citizen to the whole world, this move added to Abu Tarika's millions of Arab supporters , it came in the same time of Gaza crisis and it came in the same time the Egyptian regime was complaining from the Gazans , The move from Abu Tarika and how people received in Egypt came like a direct message from the Egyptian people that we are with you .

The Palestinians returned Abu Tarika's salute in the best way possible abupaletoo , with support celebrations ,despite the fact that the Palestinians felt that the official Cairo does not welcome them still they announced to the whole world their respect to Abu Tarika and Egypt .

  It is a political reason that made not only the Palestinians but all the Arabs support and be happy for the Egyptian team this team , the move of Abu Tarika reminded them that Egypt and the Egyptians are still their men .

This move made Israel mad at first but they are clever and sooner the attack on Abu Tarika became a praise and he suddenly became the celebrations Maestro and the Israeli National team should learn from its southern neighbour !! by the way Israel now does not consider Abu Tarika as Anti Semitic and it is clear that he only said that he was sympathized with Gaza , he did not insult Israel, he did not deny the holocaust ,so why Facebook is cancelling all his fan pages and groups for being anti Semitic !!??

Now to the Egyptian reaction, to be honest very few people did not care about the victory but the vast majority seemed to be overwhelmed with the victory , I remember the BBC World reporter in Cairo describing the scene after the victory in the city as followed :

Cairo is a very big city with 10 Million people living it , tonight it seems that as if the 10 million are all in the streets , Young Men ,Old men ,women and children,from all classes went to the street "except my family we stayed at home actually"

The Columnists in the Newspapers I swear in the last week from Friday morning till last Thursday had nothing to speak about except the victory and the people's reaction.

I believe the people reaction comes from the fact that every year we the Egyptian people suffer from 365 days from disappointments thanks to our regime , life became so expensive for most people especially for the working class and the middle class . Egypt is in the eyes of many Egyptians losing more and more from its glory , you always hear the Egyptians especially nowadays speaking about our great days in the past when Egypt was the leader in all fields , now we are not the leaders in the middle east in anything except football , when we won the cup we felt that we regain this leadership in something again ,even if it was a fake temporarily leadership .

The Egyptian people are looking for moments of happiness and joy , for moments of pride ,of hope.

I felt so sad because I feel there was a huge responsibly on those footballers ,that they must return back with the cup because of the people , people so much hope in them in a very strange , as if they would return back with the cup of the world .

You know all of us need this victory , it is a great one even if it is pseudo ,even if it is a drug , sometimes you need a drug and you take willingly to make relief for awhile ,it is a mercy of God that gave us this victory now . The Egyptian people needed a symbol to gather around ,something to remind them with Egypt ,being Egyptian , make them proud to be Egyptian even for a while .

Just two days more and people will return to bitter reality

The Question now is when we will celebrate a real victory !!??