Thursday, August 31, 2006


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LBC TV is playing with fire !!??

 You know I never expected the channel which presented to the Arab World Star Academy ,Studio El-Fan and Miss Lebanon to be that dangerous

Link to Israeli who aided Lebanese TV: Ron Arad film sheds no new light - Haaretz - Israel News

So now I guess Pierre El-Dahr and Prince Walid Ibn Talal will take the reward for informing any kind of information about Arad , the 10 or 20 million American dollars !!

Seriously What do the owners and supervisors of LBC wait from such documentary ?? to prove that Hezbollah is behind the capture of Aron and that he is either in Iran or in Lebanon?? What do they want to prove ? What do they want ? Why Now ??

Aron Arad was disappeared from 20 years since then there is no news about him whether dead or alive , the promising hope or scenario is that he was captured and transferred to Iran or Syria . The Israelis say that Amal movement is behind his capture so it is not Hezbollah's

Amal as you know is headed by Nabih Beri ,a great patriot man in my opinion and the chairman of the Lebanese Parliament .

LBC as you also know was the channel of Lebanese Phalanges and now 45% of it is owned by Walid Ibn Talal ,the Saudi prince and billionaire, so it is a mix of radical Christian and Saudi American views. Already in time of war no one knew who they were standing with , well for sure not with the resistance or Hezbollah!!

The timing is interesting ,so interesting

Anyway Aron Arad is a real mystery I am thinking of writing a separate post about him

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Farewell Naguib Mahfouz

Last night Egypt Nobel prize winner Novelist Naguib Mahfouz had passed after long life at the age of 95 year old.He passed after long struggle with illness for two months where there were some speculations that he wouldn't make it .Mahfouz was the second Egyptian to get a Noble prize in 1988 ,the first was president Mohamed Anwar El-Sadaat and it was the Noble Peace Prize.While Mahfouz got it in the field of literature, he was the first Arabic and Egyptian to get it in this field.

Naguib Mahfouz was a great Novelist who enriched the Arabic library with wonderful books and novels. He completed a line of literature started in the 1920s and 1930s concerning the concentration on life in Egyptian Allies and their custom and traditions , also he had a great eye that caught every thing change in the Egyptian society. He wrote mostly about the low and middle Working classes , the classes I guess he lived with and interacted with.

He wrote the social novels like the Cairo trilogy and also political novels like Chitchat over the Nile and Cairo 1930. Mahfouz fame came in Egypt first as screen writer , where he presented to the Egyptian Cinema the Scripts ,and I believe that it wasn't a coincidence that the late director Salah Abu Seif was always working with him ,Salah Abu Seif is called in Egypt the father of the reality cinema in Egypt.

To say the truth I saw more movies written by Mahfouz then I read book for him , his writing style in Arabic some how I don't like ,I don't know why ,in fact it is strange because I like to read for one of Mahfouz's role models and teachers as he liked to call them and that is Mahmoud Basha Taymor , Late Mahfouz once said that in "Nos El-Donia" magazine that he didn't deserve Noble prize while other deserved it like Abbas El-Akkad, Taha Hussein and Mahmoud Taymour. I write about this influence later

As I was saying Mahfouz gave to the Egyptian cinema and library masterpieces , my favourite of all times whether book or movie is "Chitchat over the Nile" , the remarkable description of the defeat of 1967 and the reasons behind it, also "The thief and the dogs" , "The Mr Gentleman", "The talk of Day and night" and many others and of course the legendary "Tramps" "El-harafish"

May God bless his soul ,I will continue writing about this great man soon

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Safwat Hegazy to be interrogated in front of the D.A of State's Security

 Of course you may know about what Sheikh or Mr Safwat Hegazy had did , if you don't I advice you to check this post of mine , the guy made a mistake a dangerous one and said a wrong fatwa based upon his own feelings more than the religion , now he says that he understood his mistake and corrected the fatwa he issued. Already the grand Mufti of the Egyptian State ,the highest religious personality in Egypt to issue a fatwa and one of the main men in the Islamic Sunni world who has got the power of issuing fatwa that is like legalization in Islam has issued a fatwa that cancelled Safwat's
Now Safwat is banned from preaching on Fridays and his license fatwa was taking from him , fine ,that 's lot of punishment ,but I don't know why I am not feeling sympathy for the guy
Yet I am not with sending him to hell of the State's security , yes his fatwa is dangerous but he confessed he was wrong and mistaken ,you know first they are not that nice those people of State's security ,second this can give him more popularity as it shows him as a victim of the State.Third some people would say that his fatwa is not wrong , Israelis should be killed but our streets but the regime which is ally to the U.S and Israel falsified it using its sheikhs to protect them , believe me some people will think in that way ,already I know some , despite the fact our religion itself is against the fatwa
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The Turks hacked the future movement forum !!

 You got to be kidding me

Ok you hate Americans and Israel and also the Arabs but you love Lebanon !!

If those hackers love Lebanon why would they hack the site and forum??

Already I found out because I am member in the future movement forum ,yes I am ,,well not so active and also I am thinking of joining another forum like the free Lebanese current of Michael Own !!!

Anyway look to those cool hackers , they got a domain ended with .us , well .us is the cheapest as I know ,in fact when it was released at first it was free !! man they hate American

I like the slogan so much

One day the world would be Turks

man my great grand grand daddy would be very happy , he was a great Turk

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Monday, August 28, 2006

You know there is no complusion in Religion

Yes, as it is written in the post title which I took from the holy Quran itself in the 2 chapter, in Surat El-Bakraa , Allah says "There is no compulsion in Religion"

I remember this and made me feel very sad when I heard and saw the news concerning the two Fox reporters in Palestine in Gaza ,as you all know there were two journalists working for the American Fox News were kidnapped by unknown militant group in Gaza ,which put a deadline for their execution if the group's demands were not answered.To say the truth I didn't give it much attention despite i know that this hurts the Palestinian cause because till now I following the news of Lebanon carefully as it gives much more hope of change then Palestine . Anyway yesterday I open my browser on my homepage which is "" Egyptian News Portal to find that the reporters suddenly announced their conversion to Islam and they said the Shahada and one of them changed his name to Khalid and they read some sort of statement attacking the west to the end ,according to Reuters News agency well to say the truth I didn't take it easy , I don't know why ,may be because in this world I know that I must hear the news from different sources , it is not an easy thing , and I was true ,my instinct was right ,I visited different News sites with different political views , is same as filbalad then comes the great shock from another shocking website which said another version , the Two reporters were forced to announce their conversion to Islam !! "Were forced" I felt so sad and bad and I wished that was wrong ,then I read the news from where they said that the reporters had to do so to save their lives , already after this charade the kidnappers released them , very naive sad pathetic thinking !!

Whether they were forced or had to lie to save their lives , it is sad , not because they didn't convert to Islam reality ,I am sorry Islam doesn't need more believers but the principle itself using force and fear is complete wrong and prohibited. it contradicts with what the Islam came with , as I said this verses I mentioned earlier comes after one of the most important verses in Quran that is "Ayah El-Korasi" , God says crystal clear "No compulsion in Religion" , and this unknown Militant which I like to call it a terrorist group because they terrorising civilians to make them believe ,claims to be Islamic and they forgot this golden rule , They are many verses in Quran calls for the freedom of choice. Oh man it is so provoking

It is provoking because I see it as the following :

  1. It gives another bad publicity for Islam and now the enemies of Islam will use it to prove their sick illusions about our religion

  2. It will make any news channel or newspaper think twice before sending any reporter to Gaza.

  3. It didn't help much in making the Palestinians lives in Gaza better

By the way Fox News which is know already to be another converter radical zionist news channel will use it in their publicity 24/7 to enforce their claims

Strange thing I remember Evon Redly ,Do you remember her ? the British reporter whom Taliban kidnapped , whom after being released converted to Islam and became one of the important Islamic activist in the UK , this lady did n't announce her Islam in capture ,in fact she converted to Islam after taking back her freedom , wow it seems Taliban was much better than those amigos

At the end as Muslim I apologise for those two journalists for making them lie

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The rush reached to Lybia too !!

This was published last week but i didn't give it much attention , I saw it again as worth mentioning

Mr Seif El-Islam Qaddafi is calling for Democracy in Lybia !!

Yes the son of the mad green dictator is calling for democratic changes in Lybia , for freedom of expression and for freedom of press , bla bla bla this democracy jazz

I don't know are those fooling ?? and I mean by those the generations of president's sons like Gamal Mubarak and Seif El-Islam Qaddafi and before them Bashar El-Assad !!

What democracy they are speaking about ? didn't their daddies already fight democracy and freedom all their lives!!

Anyway Mr Seif El-Islam Qaddafi is joining the waiting list of - the Sons who want to be presidents after their fathers death-the top of the list of course our own Gamal Mubarak in Egypt.

The Republic monarchies , the new Arabic invention

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Someone forgot what his religion orders

There are some certain Islamic rules whether in Peace or war that are Crystal clear:







These golden rules , this is the code of ethics in war and Peace in Islam , these golden rules were among the reasons why Islam spread through the world from 14 centuries ago from Morocco to China , contrary to the myth of the using sword in spreading the new religion . Mercy is the essence of Islam ; God is called the most merciful , Peace is our salute "in fact when you say it I believe you give security to the person in front of you" . the warrior who sticks with those rules is a real knight who can't even cut a flower in the floor whether marching or fighting , this is a reality everyone should know instead of the lies spread in the west about fighting in Islam .

Why I am saying this , well there is something I read from couple of days online but I didn't give much attention to but last night in the famous "10' clock " Show on Dream TV  Mona Shazely was discussing it .It is about the "Fatwa" of Dr or Shekih or Mr Safest Hegazy ,which he the said from couple of weeks ago . In this Fatwa Hazy was calling for killing the first Jew you see in the street !! Of course the regime responded on this fatwa by ordering Al-Azhar and Dar El-Efita to revoke his fatwa licenses and prevent him from speech on Fridays . Tonight the man whose fame came from TV program like "Yalla Shabab" ,appeared and explained what he had meant ,of course he denied and said that it was misunderstood and that he put some very difficult conditions for this fatwa to happen making it impossible !!!

Of course he is defending himself and saying that people misunderstood him to the end of that talk

First of all I don't trust Safest Hegazy because if you forgot he was the man or the Shekih who helped Ahmed El-Fashawy against Hend El-Hanawy. Second Hagzy is a kind of person who always wants to appear in the spotlight ,just like other unreal preachers who are searching for fame

Third Hazy is preaching in El-NASA TV channel , the so -called religious channel , where several preachers mainly from KSA' appeared attacking Hezbollah and praying against and attacking Shiites altogether!!

Look we are all angry from what happened in Lebanon but we should n't let our anger makes us blind from our religion and our logic . Now because of Fatwa like this people in the west can say that our religion is a religion of terrorism and this is a lie , we are giving to our enemies an opportunity. Hegazy refined the fatwa tonight and that he meant the Israel Zionist Jew who is between the age of 21-54 and is serving in the reserve forces of IDF !!! Excuse me you know it is kind a funny but Hagzy forgot that there are also Druz serving not only in IDF not to mention who the hell we know that man is serving in the IDF reserve forces !!

By the way today Hegazy is going to be interrogated by the Stat security ,which is something totally wrong and ridiculous from my point of view

Now on the other hand we got Zionist Jews who are saying the same thing about Muslims and Arabs whether creating smart silent biological weapons which can get rid of us with side effects to our neighbors.
Anyhow I just don't like people to forget what our religion is calling from ethics of respect to the others including our enemies

Saturday, August 26, 2006

and who is Haifa in the first place?

I don't why from time to time I found in very provoking headlines for silly provoking news just like this one

Haifa Wahby is explaining her stand from the Resistance !!

The summary of the news that takes a whole web page says the following : The Lebanese bombshell denies attacking the Resistance in South Lebanon of Hezbollah and that Media and newspapers claimed that she said what can be considered as criticism to the Hezbollah!! , this can not be true because Haifa is the daughter of the great South that defied the Israeli invaders !! And that Haifa sends her greetings to the resistants !!

The statement that she says she didn't say was " No body asked us what we think about this war ??!! We don't want violence" this statement was interpreted as a criticism to Hezbollah

First of all she said this statement and she said on air on the Nile Entrainment from three weeks in Cairo and itself remarked the impressive statement

Second wasn't Haifa the first to take the first jet available for her and seek refugee in Egypt leaving her own country and people to face death in a very noble act from the girl of the south ??

Third I don't know whom should Hassan Nasrallah take his opinion before carrying on "The honest promise" The Lebanese Cabinet or Haifa or whom ?

Fourth Who is Haifa in the first to speak about the Resistance negatively ? yes she is a human and Lebanese and has the right to say what she wants ,I am a person who believes in freedom of expression but as I hinted before this lady took a private jet which is said to be owned by a wealthy Gulf prince or business man from day two exactly and came to Egypt , She left her people to die and then she comes to speak.

And what is this "Girl of South" talk ? What South ? Already I read that her dad is angry from her and considered her dead person because of what she presents from so-called Art !! What Art ?? well you may consider it so if you consider what the Playboy presents is an Art !!

For God Sake the great wonderful beautiful Lady of South Julia Boutres came from Dubai to Lebanon when the war started and stood with the southerns and Resistance !!

I feel so angry when I find someone like Haifa wants to have publicity says that she sends her greetings to the fighters in the resistance , baby girl they don't wait or want your greetings

And yes I know you can't imagine it but Haifa is originally Shiite !!

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Transferring Ramses II to his new old home

Ok right now the king who stayed the longest period in rule "60+"  from thousands of years is moving in the crowded streets of Cairo to his new old home. The Statue of Ramses II is making a journey from Cairo to Giza , from the same ol' place of Ramses square to the new site of the new future Egyptian museum in Meet Raheena in Giza , the same original place the Statue was found.

A long process of transferring the giant statue made of Granite , it will take 11 hours to transfer him to the new site as they are saying

The Egyptian Television is covering the event live on air right now and there are huge numbers of people in the streets covering the big cultural and national Event , Ramses II is not only a great king but also an icon from the icons of the capital. I was going to take photos for him tonight in his old place in Ramses Square but I woke up sick with high temperature , but to say the truth I am surprised by this huge crowds in the street right , yes  it is summer and it is Thursday night but it is amazing especially those people waving with Egypt's flag,clapping and cheering , you know I am feeling that it is two seconds before we hear "Belrouh Beldam nafdeek ya Ramses" ,the Egyptians really are great kind people who respect their kings and presidents even those who ruled from thousands of years B.C

so here is picture from the old days in Egypt's most famous and active 24/7 live Ramses Square , also I took some photos from the TV broadcast "I know I am crazy about blogging and photo blogging but what can you do!!"


I am not against the transfer more afraid that some disaster would happen , I distrust this government , and it freaks me out that there is no external help , yes I know the Egyptian pride , but not with this ministry of Culture , really the Statue was humiliated in the square now , with all this chaos around him , I saw a documentary about it in the 50s when they transferred him to the square and it was so beautiful scene , but now ,oh my goodness it looked like a circus , Buses and Microbus stations ,Traffic jams and bridges , an ugly square.

Ironically it will go back to Meet Raheena where they found the Statue in the first place , it is made of granite from Aswan where it is made in the first then transferred through the Nile to Meet Raheena

It will be transferred to the location of the new Egyptian Museum there ,where they will build it over the Statue .

The Coverage of the event by the national TV

As usual stupid boring and ignorant coverage on Channel One , Nile TV and our first satelittle channel

This guy interviewing Zahi Hawas didn't prove that he is a bad ignorant correspondent but also stupid ,read the following ,I swear he said the following lines

Ramses II did great things and left great things , from temples to statues to monuments to mummies !!

Ramses II left mummies ? what mummies? how come ? it is only one mummy he can leave !! why this idiot uses  the word "Mummies" how many bodies the person leaves when he dies ?

Where do they find those jerks ?

I will go to sleep now  but I am not finish with Ramses II

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't change the meanings of holy Quran

For sure changing the meaning of holy Quran is a dangerous thing, in fact it is one of the problems nowadays especially that people became more ignorant and lazy enough to use their minds and search for correct answers from correct sources

I am writing this in the eve of El-Esraa incident which is an important incident to the Islamic faith, yet it is not related to it as much it is related to both Quran and Science

As a Muslim I believe that Quran is the greatest and holiest book ever I believe in every Word in it, it is my source of understanding and living in this world , It is God's word to us as humans , I know there is history in it , I know there is future in it and I know there are scientific facts

A historical fact like the one concerning the drowning of Moses Pharaoh a.k.a RamsesII despite all those who are in Egypt denying this fact , in the experiments in France in 1970s they reached out that he drowned as found salt in his lungs .

The future , the slave girl who gives birth to its lady and the judgement day , Jerusalem which will be invaded twice "By the way I believe this is the first time"

The scientific facts Holy Quran gave a description to the baby growth inside the womb of its mother from 14 centuries before the Ultra-Sonic was discovered. This called the miracle of Science in Quran For example "

God says  "We created everything living from Water"

And after that by many centuries we reached that Water is the essence of life . This miracle of Science now is a matter of debate between the seculars and religion men and supporters in Egypt .

Seculars as usual refuse to combine between Religion and Science , some really I believe hate the religion altogether and some are afraid from using religion in a wrong way . You use Scientific facts can be changed while Holy Quran can't be changed.

Anyway why I am writing all this old introduction , is because from few days I found a small essay in Egypt's most famous Tabloids "El-Ain" concerning a message that is circulating the Internet and Arabic Islamic religious forum concerning a very important scientific discovery the whole world ,well not the whole world but at least those who follow scientific discoveries are following

That is the discovery of another 3 planets in our solar system after Planet Plato and thus our solar system extended , this discovery is approved by the IAU updates at 8/24/06 , the IAU changed the definition of the Solar System , Pluto is no longer a planet but a dwarf planet , same as for the three celestial bodies click here

Now certain persons in the Arab world are trying to connect this with the Quran , I will presume this for good intention, they are saying that this new scientific fact is mentioned in the holy Quran exactly in The Soraa of Youssef in the 12th chapter in it

They saying that it is mentioned in certain verse in this Soraa , already this soraa is called "Youssef" "Joseph" and it is about the tale of Joseph ,his father ,his brothers and his coming to Egypt and living there. Ironically those people said that NASA is trying to cover up the story of the discovery of the new planets to hide the miracle of Quran , God forgive me but those brothers seems with their knowledge in religion are ignorant with certain facts

  1. The holy Quran spoke of 11 planets only and this exactly what is mentioned in verse  "O' Father I dreamt that eleven planets ,the sun and moon are bowing to me " , First they are here 11 planets not 12 , second and that is important the explanation of the dream is mentioned in them Soraa and the story , the 11 planets are Joseph's brothers , the sun and moon are both his father Jacob and his mother , their bowing incident is when they arrived to Egypt and met him
  2. NASA didn't hide anything , all the world knew about it
  3. The story doesn't stop in the Quran but extends to the Prophetical Quotes of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" , in the essay they mentioned an incident about a Jew asking Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" about the name of the 11 planets , yet Prophet didn't know yet the holy Spirit "Gabriel" came and told him , and thus answered the Jew who knew that those were the correct names !! In the easy they didn't mention whether it is correct Quote or not ,for God sake a friend of mine "A newly Muslim American" showed me a British so-called Islamic publishing house providing an e-book full of Quotes and incidents I highly Doubt that they belong to Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" all about sex !!
  4. One of the things make me highly doubt with genuine of this Quote , that is one of the names of the Planets mentioned in so called Quote is "El-Tarek" , "El-Tarek" is a name of a very famous Soraa in Quran in the 30th chapter , It Says the following " Wa El-Tarek{Wa El-Tarek means God swears with El-Tarek , We El is a kind of Oath , a holy oath},And you don't know what is El-Tarek, A shooting Star { That is what the El-Tarek is a shooting star,I don't know if it is a shooting star like comet or like a star like the sun , yet I believe an Oath like this God makes then it will be a great as a sun } , anyway as you see it is not a planet ,it is shooting star , Quran words are crystal clear
  5. Another thing , those brothers as usual combine Politics with Religion with Science , I don't know what is their proof but they are claiming that "El-Tarek is going to hit America in year 2007!!"ok you hate America but don't start to spread dangerous rumors , my professor last year told us that an American friend asked him why Quran hates America !!??  from where this stupid prediction came I don't know , already yes the Earth is threatened by many asteroids , the nearest one will hit earth in year 2037 according to IAU !!

You hate America as you want but please don't use Islam ,Quran and Prophet Mohamed in it this is one

I don't need scientific facts to make me believe in Quran more , for God sake from 14 centuries people believed in it , the essence of belief , the greatest level of belief is not based upon tangible things to but intangible things, I may sound strange but ...

Please don't involve religion in Politics , hate America as you like but away from our Holy Book and Sona


This post is updated on the 24th of August 2006

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The masquerade is over in Lebanon

This is something I wanted to write from sometimes during the Lebanese war but I believe it is never too late . I wanted to write another title for this post , I want to hold the title of Mahmoud Darwish's famous poem he wrote in the invasion of Beirut 1982 which Magda El-Roumi sang after that "Sakaat El-Kan'a- The Mask was pull over " but as you see it is not that sweet in English and thus I chose this title "The Masquerade is over in Lebanon" ,already it has same meaning of the poem

Both means the real faces and personalities of people mainly the leaders whether presidents or kings or politicians , the masquerade of political deception is over thanks to the war Israel declared on Lebanon for one month , one month exposed all those whether from Lebanon or the Arab world or even the whole world , it exposed them and made them appear naked in front of us , the people of the Arab world .

This war made see real faces of politicians in Lebanon in a way I could never imagine , the mask of "Freedom,sovereignty and independence " was pull over from the faces of many Lebanese personalities and I saw their faces which still have got the scares of hate ,prejudice and racism of the Lebanese civil war . Also I won't lie and said that the official Egypt-Saudi reaction didn't surprise , well it surely it surprised me to the limit of anger when the great two leading countries of the Arab world turn their back to Lebanon , but of course I wasn't surprised by the official Jordanian reaction , because I know it from advance it will be with the United States and Israel all the way, already you notice used the word "Official" because the people's reaction was completely different from the official reaction by 180 degrees , this war widened the space between The people and the ruling class from the Altanic ocean to the Persian gulf , People are not in a valley but in galaxy and the ruling class in another galaxy. You know Lebanese NewTV Channel used to air a promo attacking the Egyptian and Saudi official reactions using Magda Roumi's song "Saka'at El-Kan'a" as a background song !! It was so suitable

Anyway back to Lebanon and Lebanese political arena

The war exposed the real faces of those pretend to care for Lebanon and all they care is their personal agendas , I won't go much in introductions I already started discussing the reaction of specific groups in Lebanon like the 14th of March coalition

But here I will speak about specific person I said that I write about him a whole Post

I will speak about Mr. Walid Bek Jumblatt

"Bek" is a title that is traced back to the Turkish roots , it is said for men to respect as "Sir" and "Lord" , in fact in old days these titles where given by Ruler himself to the members of his entourage ,whether ,the Turkish Sultan in Istanbul or the Egyptian kings in Cairo , of course this official titling thing was finished was the end of the two era the ottoman rule in Turkey and the monarchy of Egypt

But the title is still used from the respect point especially when the person comes or descends from very famous powerful family that has some roots in leadership and is still having some kind of influence in our modern days just like the Gomblat family

One of the two controlling families in Druz religious sect in Lebanon, Arsalan and Jumblatt , two big families just like the "Montague" and "Capulet" in Romeo and Juliet of course without the existence of the two lovers , the influence of Jumblatt and Arsalan families comes from the fact that both families are living or or in other words controlling the Chouf Mountain , which is in the Mount of Lebanon governorate , I once read this mountain has some sacred symbol to the Druz believers that they pilgrim to it ,instead of Holy Land in Saudi Arabia . Both families really had a great role in modern Lebanon , Prince Shakib Arsalan ,one of the founders of modern Lebanon was from the Arsalan in fact until now the members of the Arsalan family held the title prince, by the way their leader now is Prince Talal Arsalan who was an ex-minister , also a great alley to Syria and an old enemy to Walid Jumblatt By the way before two weeks of the Lebanese war ,there had been some armed clashes between both families supporters

Yet Jumblatts are not that easy , they got their rule especially with their leader Kamal ,the father of Walid Jumblatt , Kamal Jumblatt was the founder of the Lebanese progressive Socialist party in the mid 20th century that adopts the Socialist communist principles with the ideas of the Arab nationalist union that president Nasser was calling for in that time. Kamal was an alley to Egypt and Syria and of course the soviet Union , he was also a famous philosopher and poet . He was killed in the mid of 1970s by the orders of the Syrian secret service under the control of Rifaat Al-assad

Yet this assassination strangely didn't affect the relations between the Syrian regime and Walid Jumblatt in fact the relation reached to its topest level of alliance in the time of the civil war in Lebanon , when the militia of Walid Jumblatt was fighting against the militia of Phalanges that was presenting the Christian Maronites of Lebanon under the leadership of Bacheer Gemayel, as you know Gemayel was an alley to Israel and was the man who made the massacre of Sabre and Shatilla in Lebanon with the IDF cooperation , he was also the brother of Amine Gemayel , the ex-president of Lebanon, in this war ,as you know or may be you don't know what both sides did I will tell you that both did war crimes against humans in Lebanon that give both Bacheer and Walid ,the title of War criminals

Mr Walid Jumblatt who suddenly began to fight Syria and considered it the real enemy of Lebanon not Israel and suddenly remember who the real murderers of his own father after two or even three decades of alliance,used to take weaponry especially missiles of the Syrian Army itself and use it against the Christian Maronites populations in Mount of Lebanon area to force them to evacuate the mount and brought instead of Druz population and thus he changed the demographics of the area in a bloody way

Now Walid Bek forgot all the bloody past and washed his hands from the innocent blood and is standing against the Syrian interfere in his country policy forgetting that because of leaders of his kinds Syria wouldn't interfere in the first place , in fact it is strange when I found the old communist who used to be backed up from the Soviet union itself welcoming Condeleeza Rice warmly eating with her and considering the American administration is a friend!! So strange , so strange because the Syrian Army didn't enter Lebanon except by the request "Some like to call it orders" of the United States administration at that time !! So strange when Amine Gemayel and he stand together smiling with all this long past of hate between them !!!

Walid is known for his changing opinions from one week to another and I guess for this post you can understand how far he can goes

In the problem of Lebanon is in its leaders since the 1950s and Kameel Shamon's alliance with the United States and all the forces in the World whether American or French or Russian or Arabic has allies in Lebanon who don't act according to what they believe good for Lebanon's national interests but to their own personal agenda and interests. Walid Jumblatt and Amine Gemayel are the reason why Syria and United States both interfere in the first place

In the last Lebanese War , Jumblatt true face appeared , the slogans of unity .....etc were all consumed ,more than lies , instead of blaming Hezbollah,Syria and Iran ,Jumblatt should have supported the resistance and instead of asking "To whom Nasrallah is going to dedicate this victory?" ,He should have adopted this victory at least that what his father was going to do , his father was always with the Arabic agenda and stood with the Palestinians , I wonder why the Druze leader Walid Bek didn't work for the release of Samir Kantar from the Israeli prisons and he is a Druze believer and a communist too !! Walid Bek says he believes in the Nassirism whether I like or not but what he is doing contridicts the Nassirism teachings !!

And that's why I believe Lebanon won't be "Free,Independent and Master of his own well" except by the vanish of this political class that includes Jumblatt , Gemayel ,Gaga'a and others because they are polluted with lies ,prejudice and blood

p.s this is the first post I use in it this great number for external links from Wikipedia

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Egyptian State Railways vintage poster

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The privatization of the Egypt Railways

Ok for -I don't know the correct number-time Egypt yesterday woke up on a train crash , a horrible one , two trains collided with each other in city of Kalyoub , the result is over 50 dead and over 100 were injured , a result of carelessness , the usual carelessness in Egypt.

This carelessness is a result of a corruption and corruption is a result of the corrupted rotten regime and the rotten regime is a result of dictatorship ,as simple as 1+1=2

The Egypt Railway was second in the world after the British Railways , Late Khadavi Ismael may God bless his soul decided to have a Railway after UK immediately. Now the Egypt Railways condition are very bad , Trains are so old and the government doesn't want to buy new ones or even fix the old ones!! The excuse is always the Budget , I am sorry but according to many news reports the expenditures of the government in Egypt are spent upon ministers offices and cars !!

By the way the government wants to privatize the Railways as it is mentioned in my post title

I am against Privatization but you can have a privatization , a real one that can bring benefit to the people and the country without the existence of corruption . You sell the country's greatest assets from factories and services to private sector for price less than the real value and the also sell to a private sector that you don't know its origin especially in the age of globalization and multi-national corporations the country's most vital and important industries and services !!

Just like this guy who purposed to buy "Omar Afandi" Egypt's most famous and biggest department stores , this department store it is enough to say that the building of its main branch in Cairo equals to a fortune because of the design of the building and its age , the new business man who purposed to buy it , the price he purposed was 9 billions I don't recall if it were Egyptian pounds or American dollars , it doesn't make difference because either way it is big sum that makes you wonder from where this man got all this money , especially he is an Egyptian and he is not a famous business man you read his name here and there !!

Oh man ,the Lebanese war is much better than this

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Testing image uploads again in WLW

Visitng Solitude by Ekaster from Deviant Art , a great malaysian artist who adores retro retro and black/White photography comme moi

I hope the ftp uploading works this time

That's why I hate blogger and even the new beta it still got this dirty problem , you have to host your images in some ftp enabled site if you want to post from outside the editor

man some person in the Egyptian blogs says today new Blogger beta  beats wordpress for God Sake , Wordpress since the first version got more features :(

Baby Nasrallah

Originally uploaded by gr33ndata.

My friend Tarek posted this rare picture taken from a documentary from NBN Lebanese News Channel about Shekih Hassan Nasrallah in Flickr
IS NBN still broadcasting on the Nile sat ??
By the way NBN is owned by Nabih Barry

Israel killed the Godfather of Genetic engineering in Egypt in the Lebanese War

Since the last century Israel and its secret services had succeeded in murdering Egypt 's most successful and brilliant scientists from Dr. Mustafa Mosharafa to Dr. Samira Moussa to Dr. Said Badir to ..etc . Most of those doctors were specialized in dangerous and important fields of nuclear and biological fields
One man I believed they missed , lucky for Egypt ,I don't know if he were on their death list or not , but either ways they killed him accidentally with no intention , I believe his loss is a loss for Egypt and a victory for all its enemies
Israel killed accidentally Professor Ahmed Mostageer The Godfather of Genetic engineering in Egypt
From few days Dr. Mostageer and his Austrian wife were in his house at the Alps mountains in Austria where he was spending his vacation.The 59 years old professor who looked older than his true age was watching the news of war in Lebanon when he saw a footage of dead Lebanese kids who were in the war , the man couldn't stand the horrible scene , the last thing he said was

They are in the age of my grandchildren

He said that while he was crying , few seconds later his wife found him suffering from a severe brain stroke , she called for a medical help and medical helicopter came to transfer him to a hospital in Vienna , the doctors tried to save him but it was too late , the divine secret returned back to its maker
Dr. Mostageer came back to be buried in his homeland in Egypt yesterday
Not only a great science man but also a man who combined both Religion and Science , he stood against all the attempts of changing in human DNA to create the so-prefect human , also against human cloning
He was also a member at the Academy of the Arabic language, he loved Arabic so much and poetry
A graduate from the faculty of Agriculture which he became its dean from couple of years ago, this man made a great researches and improvements on crops in Egypt especially the Wheat , yet unfortunately all these researches are sealed somewhere
I am honored that my family knew him , my grandfather invited him to a dinner in late 1970s and my grandmother's impression about him that he was so genius , he also used to teach at the Faculty of Agriculture to my mom , she remembers him very well because he was kind enough to postpone her exam as she was severely sick to another day in the early 70s , before knowing my granddad , by the way the only subject my mom took an "A" /"Excellent" was his

May God bless his soul

Friday, August 18, 2006

Old plans or what ?

There is some piece of information I don't know if it is right or wrong but it is sure interesting as it is concerning the roots of the conflict in the middle East

The old information says the following

David Ben Gorion , the first prime minister for Israel and one of its founder wanted to include south Lebanon in Israel to control the Litani river !! Yet UK and France refused

Already I understand why they refused ,if he wanted to take the south and Litani he would have to fight with the Lebanese state which took its independence from France either 1945 or 1946 I don't recall the precise date , where as when the Zionists established their state on the land of Palestine there was no official Palestine , already , it was under the British rule and before the Othamani Turkish rule

So we got here old dreams , Ben Gorion wanted the Litani to ensure the existence of a water , in fact one of the reasons why the Israelis refuse to give back Shabaa's farms because it is considered one of the water resources to them and this according to President's Lahood last interview

So we may have here another ignored factor in the war no body paid attention to it and it is that we are facing some sort of a water war

From couple of years I remember that the people of South of Lebanon restored back the Litani river , as IDF did some sort of shifting the water current to their lands , I don't want anyone to ask what I am talking but I am sure there was something concerning the Litani river and Israel proposed an objection to the UN ,despite it is Lebanese

And here it is : Litani River case dispute between Lebanon and Israel

Already there is one river that is feeding Israel that is Jordan river , which also is feeding Jordan , the other water source of Israel  is Lake Tabria , which also in Syrian Golan Heights

You need to be taught some manners before interviewing a president

Last night I saw an interview between the Lebanese President Lahood and an American correspondent of an American network ,seems to me from CBS or NBC , I think I saw him before in 90 minutes. Anyway I saw that interview  not on MBC 4 or any American TV channel but on NewTV.

The American interviewer came to Beirut after the war was finished and before that he was staying in North Israel , covering the war from Karyat Shomona so you can say he was covering the war from the Israeli side

I won't speak about bias , I won't speak about changing truth because really for the first time I admire President Lahood's answers on those provoking questions of this journalist, he didn't give him a chance , there is a great tension you can feel

I will speak about the rudeness of this interviewer , the rudeness that makes him boldly ask a President of another country if he were a puppet in the hands of Syria !!

Mr President are you a puppet in the hands of Syria ??

I don't think the word "Puppet" is suitable to used not with a President but with a man who is old enough to be in the age of my father , I don't know  but this question can be re-phrased in another way for example

Is the Lebanese State Decision making in the hands of Syria??

I believe this is much better ,of course I know that the interviewer intended to use this word to embrace and humiliate Lahood on air , but the man didn't give a damn

I am a Lebanese , I am not a puppet in the hands of anyone, I am nationalistic Lebanese who works for Lebanon's best interest

I wonder if this rude person can ask Bush using the same word

Mr President are you a puppet in the hands of Israel ??

I guess after this question you can imagine how the interview was going from accusing Hezbollah of being a terrorist , a puppet in Iran , Lahood taking another Presidential period  bla bla bla , not to mention the way he was setting in front of Lahood,where his shoe was in front of Lahood 's face , I don't care if this is an American habit but he is interviewing a President which means there are certain Protocols when you are dealing with certain personalities in the state !!

The most provoking question that this journalist kept asking over and over and Lahood answered him wisely again and again until he was going to hit him with something very sharp

Do you condemn targeting civilians with Katysha 's missiles ??

Stupid question , of course biased to the Israelis and no respect what so ever to the third degree citizens of Lebanon

Lahood for the first couple of times said those wise words

War is bad for every one


You didn't answer my question I will repeat it again ; Do you condemn targeting civilians with Katysha's missiles?

I will admit that Lahood tried to be much diplomatic as he can when he said that War was bad for everyone , because he knew very well if he said the truth he will be accused of being anti-Semitic person , the wise Journalist told him that an Arabic woman and baby died and he was in Karyat Shomona when the sky was raining rockets , well good for him he wasn't in the southern Suburb in Beirut!!

At that Lahood was going to lose control and told him

what about 1500 Lebanese who got killed ??

But this didn't change the man's bias to the other side , you see he already travelled to the other side with his perception without seeing the truth

So you don't condemn the murder of civilians with Katysha

Lahood told him in a nice that he didn't deserve

Do not put words in my mouse

Lahood proved to be very patient , my mother , who is a nasserite and doesn't like President Sadaat , told me that this correspondent would have taught some lessons in manners if he had made that interview with Late Sadaat. The guy came intending humiliating Lahood , making him appear like a stupid dictator who is a puppet in the hand of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah

But it turned the opposite at least in my opinion , Lahood attacked Bush and the American administration in a way no other Arabic president did on an American TV , he even called "Condeleeza" Condi , brave man

Look I never was a supporter to Lahood especially after extending his presidential period but then after what happened this year ,I believe it is good to have him now

He is not that bad as you think

Lahood you are a man

New Windows Live writer


By the Name of God

OK I am testing the new windows Live writer for blog posting , already I tried several Blog editors like Zoundry and Weblagger and also the new blogging feature in office 2007 word beta

I think this is much better than both word beta and weblagger despite being in beta phase , I believe it is same like Zoundry

I test several things here so this post may have no real meaning

First the links click here Windows Live Writer

Second images

Third fonts

Bla Bla Bla

There are other great features

We have plugins ,three wonderful ones like Flickr4Writer ,Tag4writer and Currently listening


One of the things I like here is the preview options with different styles whether in HTML or web layout or normal

Insh Allah I am going to test it with other services like Blogger.Wordpress and yahoo 360

Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Did the regime in Syria sold Golan hights to Israel in 1967??

It is shocking , really shocking but it doesn't surprise me , I always had these doubts especially when I read from sometimes some article written by some Syrian opponent for the current regime accusing it with the same accusations , in fact I believe I read it after the escape of Abd El-Halim Khaddam

Check this out Arabic and English

If you don't to leave the page here and read what is said OK especially Google Translation is terrible

in Summary El-Arabya, the Saudi New channel TV news website is highlighting an interview that was published in Daily Wafed newspaper in Egypt with Dr. Mahmoud El-Gama'a , the personal doctor of Late President Anwar El-Sadaat where he revealed a secret he hinted to in his controversial book " I knew El-Sadaat" . The secret was on the form of a sentence that wasn't completed

"El-Sadaat revealed to me a dangerous secret concerning El-Golan heights in Syria "

Doctor Mahmoud

And that's it , Journalists tried to know what that dangerous Secret yet they failed as the man who claims to know alot about El-Sadaat refused to reveal it until only this in El-Wafad interview

and the sentence is completed to be the following

"El-Sadaat revealed to me a dangerous secret concerning El-Golan heights in Syria that those heights were sold to Israel for Millions by the regime then !!??"

Dangerous Revelation by an interesting personality in an interesting timing

The story goes like this in 1969 El-Gama'a traveled to Damascus with an Egyptian delegation headed with Anwar El-Sadaat by the orders of President Nasser then, there he knew the shocking reality from El-Sadaat, who told him that President Nasser was the one who told him about the deal between the IDF and the Syrian regime.

It was more than tell,told ,had told source, El-Gama'a completes what he says that

President El-Sadaat was going to cry when he told me the secret because he considered that taking Golan wasn't easy process , the Syrian army was powerful yet it received orders of withdrawal immediately and the strange thing that those orders of withdrawal were aired in the Syrian radio too and thus the Syrian army with drew without a single fight with the IDF !!

According to this tale , the man who made the deal was Refaat El-Assad ,who was the Defence minister then, who is also the brother of late President Hafiz El-Assad and thus the uncle of the current president of Syria Bashar El-Assad , Refaat took the price as a big account in a swiss bank !! The one who contacted the Mossad with Refaat with an agreement with his brother Hafiz whom I can't remember if he was the Air force commander or the commander of the Golan area

The Syrian president was Dr. Noor El-Din Atasi ,I don't know if he was involved in the deal or not but it is worth mentioning that Hafiz El-Assad overthrow him with his brother after one year

Goma'a completes the story saying that El-Sadaat hated the Baathis so much like The El-Assad brothers and he was afraid from being killed in Damascus for knowing this secret in 1969 that he used a different aviation route to reach Damascus without telling it to the Syrian authority for fear that they could inform the Israelis and the Israelis would target the plan

in Answering the question of Why El-Sadaat trusted the Syrians with the date of war in 1973 , he said that he didn't know but he knew that Golda Meir and Moses Dian knew about the date of the war just hours before the attack !!

Many questions as usual El-Gama'a 's statements raised , just like his book

I won't say he is a liar because there is may be something correct in that late confession, it is my turn to analysis all what he said

First it is correct historically that El-Assad brothers , Abd El-Halim Khadam and Mustafa Talas were all responsible about the Syrian army in El-Golan heights. It is also a mystery what happened to the Syrian army up there from a sudden withdrawal , with a single blood drop except for those who stayed and resisted against the military order

It must also mentioned the following both El-Assad brothers were dictators and it is enough to say that in 1971 to suppress a revolution in the city of Hama with a majority of Sunni Muslims , Refit El-Assad and of course his brother ordered the Air forces to bomb the city causing the death of more than 10 thousand civilians , ironically the Syrian Air forces were not used in the war of 1973 that much. Anyway later the two brothers fought each other and Refit tired to overthrow Hafiz but the later won the fight and Refit till now lives in exile . He used to live between the UK and Spain and now he moved permanently to Spain where he lives in a very big palace , he also used to own the News channel "ANN" which was used to be aired from the UK but it was stooped after some certain events. Raft's financial wealth is still an enigma , all those years he still is very rich in a strange way , yes he may stole bunch of millions during his rule but it doesn't justify living till now in this luxurious level with his kids and opening a TV channel that used to compete with Al-jazeera one day.

This is concerning Refaat El-Assad

From couple of months I wrote about Abd Halim Khadam , the ex-vice President who suddenly turned against Bashar and the regime he served over 40 years. I once read an accusation by a Syrian person saying that Khadam sold El-Golan to the Israeli army in the six days war.

This can be logic if we take in consideration that El-Golan front wasn't opened for over than 30 years , the sudden withdrawal and the small victory of 1973 on the Syrian front where the Syrian army took only a tiny village of El-Konitara . For more than 30 years the El-Golan heights issue is remained as it is status quo , no war no Peace .People forget El-Golan totally and remember it occasionally and same question is always asked why they don't liberate it. In books they speak about the difficulty of the El-Golan heights as higher mountainous land bla , bla ,bla , well if the IDF took then surely there is away ,use a heavy cover up Air raids and you got it back , already the international law gives them the right to do so .

By the way the real opponents of this regime , the El-Assad regime accused it of being a servant to Israel for not liberating the El-Golan till now

But on the other hand this story creditability can be questioned

first It is well known who informed Israel with the time of war in 1973 ,it was King Hussein himself with the confession of many Israeli officials including Shimon Perez and Issac Rabin , before few hours he informed Israel yet both Meir and Dian didn't believe him.

Second El-Sadaat informed the Syrians with the date of war only fours days before the attack.

Third , did n't the Syrians made negotiations with Americans about El-Golan and failed I guess in Clinton's administration

Fourth, why Now Dr. El-Gama'a decided to reveal the horrible secret about this devil deal now !!?? is this some sort of Egyptian official indirect revenge from Bashar El-Assad for his rudeness about his uncle in Egypt from couple of days!!

You want my real opinion , I don't think it is impossible , in fact it is the most logic explanation , dictators never love their countries , El-Assad killed more people in Syria , his own people than Israel did

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bashar El-Assad 's speech

The tall thin man is back again with a long speech full of direct and decoded messages . From Damascus and the opening of some sort of an Arabic convention , President Bashar El-Assad, the president of Syria said a very long speech , almost all the Lebanese and News TV channels aired live . First I will tell something , despite being a dictator son of dictator yet I must admit that this very tall man is talented in speeches, the best speeches in the Arab summit and the longest were and are always his .In most of his speeches , he improvises , but of course not foolishly like El-Qaddafi or Ali Abd Allah Salah , nope , he improvises not a president but as an Arab Syrian intellectual .

Anyway today was our date after Hassan Nasrallah's speech . The first speech for him since the Lebanese war . with out further introductions that is a summary for what he said:

  1. He praised the Lebanese resistance and Lebanese People .

  2. He praised Hassan Nasrallah especially in the last part in his speech.

  3. He attacked the 14th of March coalition in Lebanon so much saying

    "Once they call themselves the 14th of March , the 14th of February or the 14th of April........etch " .

    The man accused them with dangerous accusation of treason .

  4. He attacked those who called Hezbollah adventurous especially notre grand homme indirectly after all he is ol' buddy of his daddy well I knew he meant our companeiro because he said

    "If Hezbollah is adventurous then Sultan Basha El Atrash , "Some names of great men in the Syrian history "were adventurous then he said "then Saad Zaglol was an adventurous , Soliman El Halbi was an adventurous and he was a Syrian by the way , and Joel Gamal was an adventurous then , and he was a Syrian too , the first commando in the war of 1956 "

    He attacked Israel and America and kept speaking about Peace and so

about the 4 point ,well i guess it was clever from Bashar to mention 3 important names in the Egyptian history

Saad Zaglol doesn't need any definition, the man who led the Egyptian Legitimation in Paris convention after WWI in 1999 and the leader of Revolution 1919 and resulted by our independence in 1921 , he was also the first elected prime minister in the history of Egypt

The other two were Syrian , great men who gave their lives to Egypt , Soliman El Halbi was a student in the holy Azhar when he joined the Egyptian Resistance in the 19th century to fight back the French occupation then better known as the French expedition , I believe in 1801 he killed the French ruler then Klippar and for that he got executed and his body was sent to France ,till now Syria wants to get back his body, well good for them , shame for us.

Joel Gamal was a Syrian naval officer studying in the Egyptian Navy , he was in the last year when he took his speed boat during the war of 1956 and attacked the middle of a very big French or English "I can't remember" warship causing its complete destruction and his own death

By the way for those who categorise people according to race and religion , Sultan Basha El Atrash who led the revolution against the French occupation in Syria was from the Dorooz , Soliman El Halbi was a Muslim and Joel Gamal was a Christian :)

Back to Bashar , well as usual he spoke very well , but he should n't have interfere in the Lebanese internal issue and attack the 14th of March by name , I understand that they attacked him and his country so badly that Gombalt described Syria not Israel as a real enemy of Lebanon , for a whole month the attack on Syria and Iran from this group was disgusting but at least he could have refereed to them indirectly like Nasrallah's in his last speech yesterday , the master of resistance attacked them silently without embarrassment , this is something , another thing he is a president , he should n't speak about a group of opposition in another country , he is overestimating them by this way , they should be neglected

Other then this well I wish that Bashar can rule as good as he talks

By the way I wish when I see any public convention in the Arab, the cheering for the president sacrificing him with blood and soul will be stopped , I swear that I thought after clapping and cheering in the hall that the audience "mostly from El-Baath party" were going to do the Mexican wave move, you know like in football matches "

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Hassan Nasrallah Documentary

Today Al-jazeera channel will show an exclusive documentary about Hassan Nasrallah , the head of Hezbollah Lebanese resistance group , The time of the show will be I think 24 pm KSA Local time

Unfortunately I won't be able to see it :(

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Views from the other side

OK here you are I share with some views from Haaretz and Yedioth Ahront

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Why I consider Hezbollah won the battle ?

1701 came to light and yet the battle doesn't stop in fact it became more and more hotter , something expected especially if we considered that Israel did n't achieve what it wanted from this war from political or military objectives.

Some why will say no ! how come ? Israel won the battle !! Hezbollah is the loser ....see what Israel did to Lebanon ?? "Hey Tsellah :)"

I will answer in these specific points so I won't forget a thing

1. What is the first objective Israeli declared to the whole world ,and promised its own people with since the beginning of this war?

  • The freedom of its two captured soldiers

2. Did they free them from Hezbollah by war ?

  • No, they didn't , in fact only today Olmert decided to appoint someone to see if there is a peaceful way to free the two officers!!!

3.are there any other objectives ?

  • Yes , there are , Olmert promised his people to get rid from Hezbollah once and for all , whether by complete destruction to their Hezbollah infrastructure or force Hezbollah to withdraw from South of Lebanon or make Hassan Nasrallah leave Lebanon , this objective is always changing , there is also another objective to teach both Syria and Iran lesson .

4.Any other objectives?

  • Yes the Americans want a new middle East

5. did any of the other objectives happened?

  • Well let me see

    • Concerning getting rid of Hezbollah , well it didn't happen at all , in fact Hezbollah appeared it is much powerful than it was thought , the IDF can't get more deeper in the Lebanese land except by more dead and injured

    • Syria and Iran still there

    • NO middle East

OK enough to the questions it was just an introduction ,silly one I made

I can't consider the destruction of another weak country infrastructure a kind of a victory , destroying bridges and bombing civilian areas like Southern Suburb and so on is not a victory , blockading any human help , using forbidden weapons are all kinds of victory , Ladies and Gentlemen I can't consider it a victory

Some say this destruction Israel wants from it the following : The Lebanese people get angry from Hezbollah so much that they themselves destroy it , and thus the peaceful country is back again to civil war , you see the Shiites in Lebanon are following Hezbollah and Amal resistance group and they will stand with them against the other three parts of the Lebanese society : The Christians , The Muslim and the Dorooz , got the idea

Other say "mostly from experts" that this destruction is a proof on the Israeli intelligence failure. The IAF destroyed most if not all bridges in Lebanon that connect the south with North and all the roads to Syria , to make sure that there is no supply of weapons what so ever reached to Hezbollah but this didn't weaken the rocket supply for Hezbollah , the rockets before ceasing the fire on Israel reached between 150-200 rockets per day

But minority and I am with them say that this is an intelligence failure , the Mossad is losing its touch ,they don't know where the places of Hezbollah party except what is known to everyone , that Hezbollah in Beirut is centralised in the Security square in Southern Suburb , any Lebanese can know this , they hit the rest of the suburb thinking the rest of the suburb belongs on Hezbollah simply because the suburb is a Shiite area !!

For a whole month the Israeli army officials were speaking about the Rocket supply of Hezbollah that is being destroyed despite the facts that this supply didn't seem to end . Also we won't forget the failure of embarking operations of the Israeli commandos in Tyre and its glorious operation in capturing the grocer "Hassan Nasrallah" !!

The intelligence failure extended to the limits of arresting a big spy ring for Spies in Lebanon working for the Mossad for over ten years. It started with one spy arrested in the south and end to the discover of this big spy ring , which also proved to be another failure , because simply for a decade they didn't gather enough or correct information about Hezbollah.It turned out that one of the missions of those spies as I heard of some Lebanese was to mark the buildings in the southern suburb which they suspect to include Hezbollah facilities by planting some sort of electronic devices that send signals to the Air fighters"i know it sounds a bit of a sci-fi " . Most if not all the buildings were entirely civilians

This intelligence failure made the mossad and the army leaders in Israel throw charges on each. but I believe if I were Israeli I would accuse Mossad for not having accurate intelligence information , this information is the backbone of any war planing . The Israelis didn't have knowledge about the Rocket supply capacity , or their kinds , for example this didn't know Hezbollah can reach to their warships or their inner cities few kilometres away of Tel Aviv in other words ,they underestimate it

The intelligence failure of one side means an intelligence success from another side , it seems to me that the small resistance group got a great intelligence more powerful than the Lebanese intelligence itself

From the intelligence failure to the military failure, the second military failure after 1973, despite it is unfair to compare between the two wars of 1973 and 2006 ,as the first was between countries while the second is between a country and militant group . There are many factors why the Israeli army had to fail military

  1. The intelligence failure "already discussed it"

  2. Hezbollah is fighting a guerrilla war "something known as clear as sun , they don't stick by any military rule like IDF, in fact this gives them two points of strength no one can predict their moves while they can predict their enemy easily as it moves by the book famous techniques

  3. Guerrilla fighters depend upon light weaponry from rockets ,missiles and direct combat , make them light in moving from place to another and hiding especially this land , the south of Lebanon is their lands , most of the Hezbollah fighters are the southerns , so they know it very well.

  4. The nature of the are is not that easy to make a comfort invasion for the south like in 1982 especially with the existence of the Hezbollah fighters

  5. There are no allies in the south like in 1982 , only them and Hezbollah.

  6. The Israeli army didn't engage in a real combat with another force for a long time as it seems , most of the operations the IDF engaged in before the July war was with the Palestinian groups and they are so weak compared to Hezbollah and so we can say when Hezbollah is making itself ready , on the other hand the IDF was resting , this can be related to the intelligence failure and underestimating Hezbollah

  7. The fighting spirit of Hezbollah fighters is much greater than the one the IDF soldiers have , and this goes to many factors ,

    • They are defending their land

    • Their Islamic belief that dying in the battle field is a ticket to heaven " I believe in this belief and please I don't want anyone to discuss with me"

    • Their Shiite belief concerning also about war and sacrifice give them more strength , "I would like to hint to the War of Iraq and Iran , Iran considered it a holy war "

    • If we compared between the IDF and Hezbollah fighters , we will find the later are tougher , because I believe and please respect this thinking , they are southerns ,not to the children of the modern city and civilisation.

When over a month Hezbollah didn't surrender , didn't give up , didn't weaken , When over a month the IDF can advance more than 6 km in south Lebanon

When the commander of the Northern Military area is changed in time of war to another one

When Mofaz says that Israel lost this war himself

What I need more to know

then who will be the winner??

I don't need to prove that the Israelis failed this time , it is enough to know that Olmert decided to go for negotiations to free the captured soldiers in exchange with the Lebanese P.O.W , is n't this what Hezbollah wanted from the day one

Another sign of winning is the popularity of Hezbollah , I won't speak about it in this post

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Iran wanted to make a deal with the great satan

Chomsky interview and the information he revealed about Iran made me search about these deals Iran proposed and United States refused , I was surprised to find they were two proposals

In year 2003 Iran agreed to do the following :

  1. To negotiate directly with the United States of America

  2. To accept the most stringent new International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) protocols on its nuclear program which would involve onsite inspection of all nuclear sites, something both United States and Israel don't do .

  3. To accept the Arab Peace initiative in 2002 "Do you remember it in Beirut Arab summit , the Saudi intuitive!?"

  4. To end its logistic support for Hezbollah in South Lebanon

More about it is in this link Check here

Surprise is n't it !!?? no one in the world knew anything about this proposal

By the way if my memory didn't become weak , in year 2003 I remember that a sudden Irani-Egyptian summit happened n Switzerland between Presidents Mubarak and Khatami , the first meeting from its kind since the Irani Islamic revolution in the year 1977 ,call me crazy but may be some Egyptians knew about this proposal

Now we move in years and we will go to Year 2006 , Ayatollah Khamenei himself re-presented this offer in June 2006 , check the date before the war and I don't know but it seemed to me it is refused for no clear reason !! Khamenei is greater than Nijad in Position in Iran

So why did the United states refuse the Persian Proposal despite it fulfils all what the west and the world wants from Iran ??

And why were these proposal hidden from media ?? especially the American one??

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