Saturday, May 31, 2014

Egyptian Presidential Elections 2014 : Unofficial Results in Numbers and Infographs

I have been wasting hours and hours since last Wednesday in reading and analyzing the unofficial presidential elections’ results because you know you can find interesting things in numbers even in those results you are suspicious of.

The official results will be announced either on 3 or 4 June instead of 5 June as it was first declared because it would be a very bad omen to declare the victory of Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on the anniversary of Egypt’s worst military defeat in the 20th century aka 5 June aka the 1967 the Six Days War. This post will be updated as soon as PEC announces the final results next week.
The sources of the unofficial presidential elections 2014’s results are declared by PEC are : Galal Amer , Ahram Online and Reuters’ Aswat Masriya.The source of the official presidential elections 2012 results are PEC.

First the unofficial results of the presidential elections 2014

According to the amazing Galal Amer who is very picky in his calculations El-Sisi is president elected by 92.8% of the votes.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Egyptian Presidential Elections Day One in Video

Here is a short , very short video clip I made during my tour in the polling stations early Monday morning.

I edited it on YouTube editor because my laptop is dying and can not edit anymore video clips let alone HD videos.

As you can see there was high turnout of elderly and middle age men as well women in the early hours of the first day of the Egyptian presidential elections.

Here is my coverage of the first day , second day and third day as the photos I took in the first two days of the elections.

And the unofficial Results of #Egyptian presidential elections are here and there is no surprise

And the unofficial of results of the Egyptian presidential elections have been announced last night till early hours of morning and it is not big surprise : El-Sisi achieved a big landslide victory.
Like all the military presidents of Egypt he scored over 96% according to the unofficial results published on Ahram Online. Exactly he scored 96.9% while his rival Hamdeen Sabahi achieved 3.1%. We expected this victory. The Field Marshal is a president elect now. Of course he will be declared official as president next 5 June “what a date” by PEC.
Military and the 90s percent … a love story since the 1960s in Egypt.
Needless to say many got question marks about this massive victory after extending the presidential elections one extra day. Everybody expected el-Sisi’s victory but not massively victory in this way especially when it comes to the turnout when we all witness first hand the polling stations in the . It is all about the turnout , for God’s sake Hala’ib polling station allegedly 40% of the voters showed up !!
Sabahi’s campaign is going to hold a press conference this afternoon. The EU observation commission held a press conference where it cleared stated the mainstream media was biased to El-Sisi and that free elections do not mean fair. They also hinted out that the Presidential elections in Egypt were following the Egyptian Constitution not the international standards though.
Mainstream media is over the moon where TV hosts are filmed dancing celebrating the victory of El-Sisi gloating at January 25th revolution and declaring its death at the same time wondering why the NDP does not come back !!
There are still lots of calculations and tables as well graphs to be done and I have a bloody headache.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Egyptian Presidential Elections : As seen Live “Day-3”

Here is a live coverage for the third of the Egyptian elections , I know it is late but let’s be clear here polling stations are empty in the morning because people work and it is extremely hot.

Anyhow here is the live coverage.

Voting Girl 2014 : Presidential Elections

To vote for Hamdeen or to nullify my vote or to boycott the whole process. This is what I had been thinking about for many weeks. I know it is a farce just like the days of Mubarak but I used to vote during Mubarak’s era and said NO.

It is not about giving legitimacy to a certain regime through the ballot box but it is more about that feeling that someone will open your ballot paper within thousands of Yes Papers and find the big NO.

Despite I believe it is a farce I felt that I have to vote because honestly I do not want El-Sisi to win by 99% of the votes or even 90%. If he wins 70% “He won’t” , this can help the revolutionary opposition to stand and to rebuild itself politically. The Pro-Mubarak/Pro-ElSisi supporters are always repeating that the size of the opposition will be determined by the percentage Sabahi gets in the elections.

One must try all routes and ways for change. I want to be from the very few that did not choose El-Sisi in the elections in the ballot box despite all the media brainwashing since last July 2013. Why I did not choose El-Sisi , well I think you should mVoting girl 2014 elections edition #Hamdeen #Sabahi #2014 #Electionsy previous posts in the blog to know why.

Now after the Presidential Elections Commission’s decision to extend the elections for an extra day , I feel angry. We know that El-Sisi is dying to increase the turnout in order to make equal or near the one Morsi/Shafik elections scored “51.%” but in vain with three major blocs absent from the scene : The Islamist bloc , The Youth bloc , The Sofa bloc “The apolitical class of people who watch what is going while sitting on its Sofa”.

I voted on Tuesday. Now my experience in voting was quick. The polling station was empty at 2 PM  as it was extremely.Couple of middle age/middle class ladies were there along one middle age man was there casting their votes. It took couple of minutes. It did not feel like previous elections for real.

I write this now when me and others are calling Sabahi to withdraw from the elections. It is a play , we know that for sure but it is getting sillier and sillier each minute. He will continue in playing his role till the end as it seems despite the Popular Front Current Youth and the Revolutionary Youth are begging him to withdraw.

And as you can see in the picture , I got a pinky finger.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And No Bassem Youssef’s show This Weekend "Updated"

And because the day could not get any worse. MBC Misr announced that there would be no Bassem Youssef's show this weekend. The decision was confirmed by Bassem Youssef's El-Bernmag's official Facebook page.

“El Bernmag” Crew , MBC Misr and DW Arabic announce that the TV show will not return to the screen next Friday and Saturday “30 and 30 June 2014” as it was previously announced. The two channels and the crew apologize to the audience. There will be explanation in the upcoming days.
I do not know when this decision was taken but you must know that Bernmag's crew was filming a sketch starring Shady Alfons in Zamalek on Sunday. Bassem Youssef’s show was suspended for a whole month by Saudi owned MBC Group allegedly because the satirist TV host may influence the voters during the presidential elections.
Updated on 29 May : 
A Saudi journalist told Sada El-Balad TV channel with all pride that King Abdullah of KSA himself interfere to suspend Bassem Youssef's show because he did not accept any insult to the Egyptian army.
Khaled El-Marshay , the Saudi Journalist added that Youssef would not return to MBC again.

Egyptian Presidential Elections : As seen Live- Day 2

And here is the second day of the Egyptian Presidential elections. Officially a national holiday , the government and the Pro El-Sisi supporters as well El-Sisi campaign hoping that the turnout increases and 40 million go and vote like the Field Marshal wished for !!

Here is a the live coverage of the day , I may go and vote for Hamdeen Sabahi “I will explain why later” insh Allah and have another tour in the polling stations to say how the turnout today.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Egyptian Presidential #Elections #2014 in #Photos “Day 1”

Here is a photo gallery of the Presidential elections’ first day. I had a tour in about 5 or 6 polling stations in Giza , specifically in Dokki and Agouza.

By the way you will find photos of celebs here like Labala , Ahmed El-Sakka and Hassan Shehata. I took very nice shots this time despite these elections are not interesting like the previous ones.
Labala with our soldiers 
Smiling lady 

I am too tired, I will get some sleep.

Media tells You that You do not Boycott in this election , You dare not to Do so !!

In any election in the history of democracy on this earth , people have the right either to vote or boycott or even to nullify their votes. They are free to do what they want.
And as we do not have an “usual” election in Egypt now especially that we know the results in advance , it seems that the people have not option except to vote otherwise they will be cursed bad traitors who should be insulted on TV , radio and newspapers.
Of course they should also vote for one candidate otherwise they would be also traitors who want to destroy the country !!
Officially the Muslim Brotherhood and its voting bloc from Islamist are going to boycott the presidential elections because they recognize Morsi as the legitimate president of Egypt. This is one of the biggest organized voting bloc in Egypt as well the oldest one. Their absence truly will leave it mark.
Second we got part of the revolutionary bloc decided to boycott these elections because it is considered a farce as we all know that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is going to win the presidential elections and that it will be a return to the Muabrak’s regime. Among that bloc you will find April 6 Youth Movement whose founder is in jail and Strong Egypt Party as well some Pro-ElBaradei supporters and many anarchists.
And we got El-Sisi telling the public in his last interview that he wanted 40 million voters to head to the polling stations. “The eligible voters in Egypt are nearly 54 million”
Now the mainstream media is attacking those who decided to boycott madly.

Egyptian Presidential Elections 2014 : As seen Live Day One

Ok and today is the big feast of the so-called democracy in Egypt. Here is a live coverage for the second presidential elections within 2 in the country. Not less than 53,909, 306 eligibe voters in Egypt who should head to 25343 polling stations supervised by 16,000 Judges across the country to choose between Hamdeen Sabbahi or Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as the president of Egypt.
This is a live coverage for the elections on Monday.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

This is a lot of noise in the electoral silence time

We are supposedly in an electoral silence period but it seems that this is only on paper and in some TV channels and newspapers only.
In streets the big posters and banners mostly of El-Sisi  are still there along with the very few rare posters and banners of Hamdeen Sabahi.

The electoral silence means that every presidential campaign should remove all sort of campaigning and advertising including billboards, posters and banners.

Of course El-Sisi’s huge multi-million billboards are still there. The Pro-El-Sisi posters and banners are still hanged besides polling stations In Mohendessin, Giza and Downtown Cairo.  The ones I saw in my way in the past 48 hours are hanged by the Free Egyptians Party , Al Wafd Party and a NDP off-shoot party The Egyptian Movement Party.
I snapped those photos for Al Wafd Party and Free Egyptians Party in Boulaq Abu Ela area in Downtown Cairo and El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz street in Giza.
El Wafd Party in Boulaq Abu Ela 

Egyptian Presidential Elections 2014 For Dummies

Hours and the Egyptian presidential elections 2014 race will kick off across the country. This is a simple detailed dummies guide for the presidential elections 2014 edition :
Voters in polling stations "Presidential elections 2012"
  • The first stage of the presidential elections will be held next 26-27 May “two days” across the country. 
  • The number of electorate is estimated to be 53,909,306 million eligible votes in 2014.
  • This election is monitored by judiciary. Not less than 16,000 judges will be deployed all over the country to supervise on the election process in the polling stations.
  • There are more than 25343 polling stations this year. 
  • This year the race is between Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Hamdeen Sabahi and it is not a big secret that El-Sisi is likely to win.
  • El-Sisi has already won the Expats’ vote with nearly 95% unlike his Nasserite rival who got only 5% of the votes of Egyptians abroad.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Aziz Amami is Free

Tunisian Blogger and activist Aziz Amami is a free man once again. Yesterday a Tunisian court rejected the case against him admitted by the prosecution.
Free Aziz last night "Twitter" 
During the session , Amami said that he did not have weeds when he was arrested accusing the police of fabricating the charges.
Amami stated in court that he was beaten during his arrest.
The Tunisian Blogger already accused the police of fabricating charges to activists as well torching police stations on 14 January 2011 in a TV interview couple of weeks before his arrest.
The court dismissed the case.

The Character Assassination of Sabahi has begun

Ok there is an electoral campaigning silence now in Egypt .. in mainstream media at least but not in the social media so I am free to write about the elections as I want.
Now the Pro-El-Sisi media “which is the mainstream media” in Egypt is attacking Hamdeen Sabahi madly in the last few weeks spreading lies about him as if he has a true chance to win the elections.
In Anti-Revolution Pro-El-Sisi Facebook pages will find alleged photo copies of some fake document showing Sabahi taking money from the Qatari Red Cross !!
In the past such copies appeared with the names of ElBaradei and Wael Ghonim.
Another lie spreading like fire is that Sabahi did not join the protesters of 30 June 2013 against Mohamed Morsi and that he was in Hurghada according to TV hosts like Ahmed Moussa .
Well I am a witness that Sabahi was among the protesters in this specific day , yes he could not get in to Tahrir because of the huge crowds in the streets but he was there filmed by TV channels so I do not know how dare those TV hosts to lie. Ok sorry they dare to lie all the time.
Moussa who bragged to be a State security informant dared Sabahi him in the 30 June protests. Well he got one already.  I was there in Galaa square in Giza filming the protests when I found Hamdeen in front of me.

This is what I saw.

Friday, May 23, 2014

#FreeMahienour : They went to Support Her and Now they need Support "Updated"

Today a group of activist organized a stand in solidarity with Mahienour El-Masry as well a Press conference to spread awareness about her case  in her hometown in Alexandria. That stand was dispersed by security forces using force and those who went to support Mahienour demanding her freedom are now in an urgent need of support !! Updated: The activists have been released late last night. 

I do not need to guess that those activists will be accused of illegal protesting and will face another 2 to 3 years as usual.
Among those activists revolutionary socialist member Dr.Taher Mokhar.Dr. Mokhtar is also a member in the Doctors syndicate in Alexandria.
Arresting Dr. Mokhtar "Masrawy" 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Presidential Elections #2014 : Expats’ Vote goes to #ElSisi

The Supreme Elections committee declared on Wednesday the official and final count of Egyptian expats’ votes in the Presidential elections of 2014.
Nearly 94.5% of the votes went to Abdel Fattah El-Sisi while his rival Hamdeen Sabahi scored only 5.5% of 318,033 votes.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#FreeMahienour : You Will not Stop #Jan25 in This way

And the court in Alexandria upheld the two years prison sentence against leftist human activist Mahienour El-Masry today.

Mahienour El-Masry and other seven activists were sentenced 2 years in jail and a LE 50,000 fine for illegal protesting and assaulting a police officer as well torching a police vehicle outside Alexandria’s court during the Khaled Said’s trial.
Mahienour was transferred to the women prison earlier today. She will be there till the appeal of the court’s verdict.She is the first secular leftist lawyer to be imprisoned because of the unconstitutional protest law.
According to the lawyers they were not given a chance by the judge to present their arguments !!
It is so depressing on some many level.
Now here is the last Facebook post by Mahienour on why she attended the court session when she could have been tried in absentia. It was translated by blogger Omar Kamel.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Abdullah Assem : He is a Human After All

Yesterday news came from the United States Egypt’s teenage inventor Abdullah Assem stayed there refusing after the end of the Intel ISEF conference to return back to Egypt for fear he would be arrested and imprisoned. Since then controversy has not stopped.
Abdullah Assem at the ISEF "Abdullah Assem FB" 
Now what’s the story of Assem ?
Assem testing his application 
 It started with a 17 years old teenage geek from Assuit who was awarded in an Intel Egypt ISEF competition this year and was qualified to represent Egypt in Intel ISEF 2014 in Los Angles competing other students from around the globe. Assem’s research was about helping quadriplegic patients to interact with computers using eye glasses and motion sensors. Assem was honored personally by the minister of education and everything seemed so fine but it is always bad to be in the wrong place in the wrong time nowadays in Egypt.

Abdullah Assem was arrested when he was in Cairo , in downtown Cairo to be precise near Tahrir square during a Pro-Morsi protest last April. According to Assem he was not protesting but rather passing by buying computer’s supplies from Downtown shops . According to his friends Assem is not interested in politics as his main focus is his research.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Now This is a creepy Museum in a creepy place !!

Thanks to CNN Correspondent Reza Sayah I knew that there is a creepy small museum in the Tora prison complex .
The museum recounts the agony of Egyptians in prison under the British occupation.
Of course it is an irony because prisoners and detainees are still tortured by security forces in Egypt.Unfortunately those security forces are not controlled by foreign invaders but rather a national government. It makes it even more creepier and sadder now.
Ironically in 2011 when Mubarak and his cronies went to Tora a group on the Facebook called for turning the prison in to a museum where people can go and watch those cronies there.
Of course now is different. Sayah already discovered this place while visiting Mohamed Fadel Fahmy , Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed aka AJ Staff at Tora prison last Thursday.
By the way Cairo got its own share for strange and unknown yet interesting museums , of course they are less creepy than the Tora prison museum.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

#FreeAzyz : And Arresting bloggers craze reaches #Tunisia

It is really frustrating because one thought that Tunisia would make it in the democratic transition after learning lessons form Egypt but what you know !!
Azyz Amami
Revolutionary Tunisian Blogger and Human rights activist Azyz Amami was arrested in Tunisia along with photographer Sabri Ben Mlouka last week by security forces. Officially they are arrested for cannabis possession but the activists in Tunisia say that it was a politically motivated arrest in the first place.
The Tunisian police says that the Tunisian blogger was arrested along with photographer Sabri Ben Mlouka last May 12 in La Goulette suburb. Both of them are being accused of cannabis possession. Both Amami and Sabry may face 5 years in prison and 3000 Tunisian Dinar fine if they are found guilty according to Law 52/1992.
Friends of Amami and Amami himself believe that this arrest was politically motivated as Amami accused of La Goulette police force of sitting the police stations and police posts there on fire during the Tunisian revolution in 2011. Recently a group of protesters and activists were accused officially of torching police stations and were referred to trial actually for this.

About Libya, Hiftar , ElSisi and that Jazz in Benghazi

I wanted to write this before but I can not delay it anymore after what happened today in Benghazi.
In case you do know since early Friday there have strong clashes between Libyan militias in Benghazi erupted madly. It turns out that retired General Khalifa Hiftar is back to the scene and his militia launched air strike and attack against Islamist militias’ positions in the city of Benghazi. It is considered the biggest military action witnessed in the city since the Libyan revolution’s battles. Hiftar’s troops claimed that they were liberating Benghazi from Islamist militias’ control.
Hiftar who led unsuccessful invasion against Chad in the 1980s returned back to the scene from couple of months when he tried to lead a coup against the Islamist government. Searching back online , you will find his name popped up right after the start of the Libyan revolution as the CIA’s man that could stand against Qaddafi. May be the US is trying to send him back again to play a role against the Islamist militias.
Now there are strong rumors spreading like fire among Libya social media accounts whether on Twitter and Facebook accusing Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian army of supporting Hiftar to the level of supplying him with Jet fighters and pilots !!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

#AJtrial : Abdullah El-Shamy and #AJStaff Still Detained

Yesterday was another episode in those ridiculous trials of Al Jazeera staff and Abdullah El-Shamy.
Once again the Cairo criminal court decided to adjourn the case of Al Jazeera staff to 22 May in another session full of drama.
Fadel , Greste and Baher "Source :twitter"
 First you got two lawyers including Peter Greste’s lawyer stepping down from the case because allegedly Al Jazeera channel was using it to defame Egypt !!
I do not know if this lawyer faced some sort of pressure or not but what he did actually is wrong leaving his defendant like that not to mention innocent defendant facing unjust accusations !!
As if this trial already did not defame Egypt in the first place !!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

50 years on diverting the River #Nile and the Displacement of #Nubia

Last May 14th marked the 50th anniversary of diverting the river Nile in Egypt during the Construction of the Aswan high dam in 1964. It also marks the 50th anniversary of the 2nd biggest displacement of Nubians in Egypt. It was an important day where Egyptian President Nasser and Soviet Leader Khrushchev pushed the button and the Nile river’s course was diverted for the first since thousands of years.
Nasser and Khrushchev from 50 years ago in Aswan. 
Here is a rare video in colors showing that celebration from 50 years ago,just mute the annoying song.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where is Abdullah El-Shamy !? "Updated with Video"

Abdullah Shamy after losing weight
Detained journalist Abdullah El-Shamy is missing according to his family. He was taken from his cell and taken to unknown place according his brother Mosa’ab El-Shamy. Updated : Abdullah was transferred to solitary confinement to Al-Akrab prison in Torah prison complex. According to his brother , his wife and mother learned this today. The security forces transferred him to solitary confinement because of his hunger strike and the noise he caused according to Mosa;ab El-Shamy "Below the full details"
Several journalists say that he was transferred to another prison. There are different rumors now to where he was transferred to.  Either ways the 26 years old journalist’s health is in real danger , you saw his photo after more than 100 days in hunger strike.
For those who do not know Abdullah El-Shamy , Al Jazeera News channel reporter was arrested during the dispersal of Rabaa sit and for whole nine month he has been detained without any official charge.
El-Shamy has been on a hunger strike for more than 100 days because he is demanding to stand a trial. His trial has been adjourned for months and we do not know in the first on what charges !!

Updated : 

Al Jazeera International has released a leaked video message from Abdullah from inside the jail holding the Egyptian regime the responsibility if anything happens to him.
Now some sources say security forces searched inside his cell and found a camera and a mobile phone.
Scroll down for more details pleases.

#Cairo through The Eyes of Camille Lepage

Camille Lepage , the young French Photojournalist who was killed in Central Africa Republic during her work filmed a clip about Cairo and its rhythm.
Cairo’s Rhythm
The 26 years old Freelance photojournalist lived in Cairo for some time. She was an intern in Egypt Independent in 2011 before moving to South Sudan.
Here is a photo for late Camille by Al Masry Al Youm photographer Ahmed Hayman who used to know her since school.

#FreeZone9Bloggers : Blogging is not a Crime

Blogging is not crime but in third world dictatorship regimes it is just like journalism and any sort of Media trying to bring out truth to the public. We have more our share in Africa when it comes to these shares.
There are 9 journalists and bloggers who have been arrested in Ethiopia for no real reason except covering the news and expressing their view about the government.
The bloggers of Zone 9 Blogging collective "Endalk"
Six bloggers and 3 journalists “members of Zone 9 blogging collective” were arrested in Ethiopia late April and were accused of inciting violence against authorities through social media. Last week they stood a trial where they revealed that they were physically abused during their detention.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Can Someone Call the Government and tell them That #Taba needs help

And Taba has been isolated and drowning since the heavy rain and floods last weekend and the government is in another world.
For nearly three there has been no electricity or water or food. Only today we began to see footage and photos from there.

In Taba after the heavy rains and floods
This video was shot by Mostafa Ammar who works in Taba. He filmed that clip while sitting over a rooftop along with other people.

Monday, May 12, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls hashtag did something

And I think “#BringBackOurGirls” achieved something. Today Boko Haram released a video allegedly for the kidnapped girls.
Just like any kidnapper in the world , the militant group got the world’s attention and has demands : The girls to be exchanged for their own detainees. I would dare and say that this is what the group wanted from day one : World’s attention. Well they got , now Nigeria is cooperating with international powers to kick their bloody ugly asses.
Nigerian students protest to bring their colleagues back 
I think now it is not a foreign conspiracy by Western powers as the officials at first claimed in Nigeria. You know it is one continent after all.
BY the way Israel offered its security and intelligence help in finding those girls and rescuing them and Nigeria accepted.
I do not know where the Egyptian intelligence or the Egyptian army from this.I had enough from so-called strategic analysts , officials and former generals nearly crying on how Israel won the hearts and minds of Africans and kicking us out of the Continent !!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

He Met God twice Before presidency so what about after presidency !?

This is a new level of presidential cult in Egypt we are watching in that season of presidential elections !!
Last Thursday We got a newspaper “Al Fagr” claiming that El-Sisi met God twice !! Oh yes twice according to its Front page sensational headlines.
El-Sisi meets God twice 
Of course inside the issue we do not know how he met God twice but there were at least two full pages in the issue speaking about how devoted Muslim he is and that he descends from Prophet Mohamed’s family. “Like all Egypt’s presidents since Mubarak !!”
Journalist Mohamed El-Baz who wrote that important report could not ignore the fact that El-Sisi is Sufi Muslim and started telling us tales about his devotion…etc.
Of course the tabloid whose founder “Adel Hammoda” is always close to the ruling regime did not forget El-Sisi’s visions ability and how the field marshal asked God not to have barriers between them !!!!!!!!
As Muslims we believe that there are no barriers between God and humans so I do not understand what El-Sisi asked or how tabloid journalists like Hammoda and Mohamed Al-Baz knew that El-Sisi’s request from God.
The whole page by Joe Sosta

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Operation Erasing the #Jan25 Memory is still on "Updated"

Thanks to Amado on twitter , we found that Cairo Metro Authority has changed the Name of the “Martyrs” station and returned back to its before January 2011 : Mubarak station !!
The latest Metro Map 
Yes and you can find the name of the Mubarak station in the recent updated map of the Metro lines in the authority’s official website. Here is the latest map from the site. Updated : The head of Metro authority says that these maps are old ones "including the one on the website !!". Strangely these are the map updated with the Heliopolis metro stations that have been inaugurated last week !!

Thus Spoke #El-Sisi

State-owned Al Akhbar first page
And at last Presidential Candidate Abdel Fatah El-Sisi spoke to the public after leaving his position as minister of defense  and declaring his candidacy. He spoke and we saw him. He spoke in TV and press interviews throughout last week. We saw him now  as a presidential candidate or rather a president-in-waiting.
Yes he is a president-in-waiting , waiting only to be announced as the official president of Egypt next 5 June 2014 as far as I see it. He is being interviewed as a president already not as a presidential candidate. He is being treated as a president not as a Presidential candidate. Just watch his interviews and see how the TV
hosts are interviewing him or how they asked him and you will know that they look to him as a president already in fear and superficial respect.
He spoke not on air or to the public but rather in heavily edited interviews recorded at armed forces owned Al Masaa Hotel in Nasr City in special studios and halls. He spoke and his words were featured in the newspapers as a president in bold red and black headlines and fonts in the Front Pages.
He met with delegations of so-called representatives of the society whether women , businessmen , journalists , athletes , leftists and religious in a copycat scenes from the Mubarak’s era. It is like a new NDP-era in making with new as well old faces from that bloody era we thought that we ended. It is like 2005 all over again.
He spoke and he said the following in his interviews and meetings edited and revised by his campaign.

Friday, May 9, 2014

And the Crazy Weather Continues in #Egypt

I do not know if we consider this sign that simply nothing is forever or that global warming is a serious problem when it snows in May in .. Egypt !!
Unstable weather conditions have continued till now , we got strong dusty wind in Cairo and Giza  in the morning.  It snowed in North Sinai and it continued to rain and flood in Ain El-Sokhna and South Sinai.
Highways and road crossings in South Sinai as well Ain El-Sokhna were closed for hours before they would be opened.
This video was shot yesterday at Wadi Doum valley in Ain El-Sokhna by human rights activist Mona Seif who was stuck there along other people.
Here is the resort they were staying at.
The resort now "Amr Sman"
For hours Seif and other people in the resort were stuck by the Bedouin tribes managed to help them.
Here are photos from Sinai.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

#EgyWeather : Storms hit the East

And we got one hell of weather now in Egypt. We do not have stable weather in Cairo and Giza between hot weather and rain at the same time.
Ain Sokhna today by Yahia El Gammal
On the other hand things are terrible in the East , heavy rains  hit Red sea and Sinai.Some roads are cut in Nuweiba and Taba in South Sinai. The biggest damage is in Red Sea and Suez highways where Ain El-Sokhna , Zafarna , Al Arish and Hurghada highways were all affected badly with the heavy rain. The roads are blocked because of the floods. 
People are stuck there whether residents or workers or just weekenders trying to spend a weekend but the weather has another say about this !! 
The army is sending an urgent rescue team to save the people who were stuck there. There are no water or electricity since last night according to the people there.  
The situation is so bad. I wondered why we do not have a rain drainage system in that road and all the answers came that it will be hard and impossible due to the nature of the road itself as it is in the stream of the heavy seasonal rains.
It snowed in Al Arish !!!! 
Here is a video showing the highway at Porto El-Sokhna

The photo gallery is after the break. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And the Storm Hit #Aswan and it is coming to us "Updated"

We got one hell of weather now in Egypt. We started with extreme hot weather in the beginning weather and now we are getting ready for thunder storms in Cairo in the upcoming 48 hours !!!!
Already today Aswan saw a sand storm you can only see in films. The photos coming from there are incredible. Updated : Two people were killed in the sand storm in Aswan yesterday
By Mostafa Shekena 
By Mostafa Shekena

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#Hala’ib Triangle back to the spot light : What the heck is happening down there ?

And Hala’ib triangle is back to the spot light. SUNA , the Sudanese official news agency published a small news on Monday that Sudanese infantry Navy forces were deployed to Hala’ib triangle !!!

According to SUNA’s news the 101 Battalion from Sudanese navy infantry forces returned back to Hala’ib from Port Sudan. Of course the rest of the news speaks on how the disputed triangle is considered Sudanese to the end of that talk.

What is happening down there in the South !? I know that Hala’ib triangle is a disputed territory but it is under Egyptian control and actually it is a military zone.

In the past several months Egyptian officials went there and we heard that there was a big plan to urbanize the extreme poor city.

Of course one must wonder why the media does not pay attention to Hala’ib triangle like it did before with Mohamed Morsi. There was a fury when the Sudanese officials spoke about that promise of Morsi to give up Hala’ib triangle to Sudan yet now we got dangerous claims from Sudanese officials about Sudanese armed forces in Hala’ib which is officially Egyptian territory.

I think journalists should send someone to the border the city right away to see what is happening there.

Updated : From Masrawy website and according to a security source ; it seems that having Sudanese troops in Hala’ib is a routine symbolic thing according to one of the leading tribal figures there.

I think the Egyptian people as well Sudanese people need to know the true arrangements between Egypt and Sudan when it comes to Hala’ib.

#BokoHaram and the usual Silence of #AlAzhar and #OIC

The whole world is watching now the tragedy of the 200 Nigerian girls abducted by the bloody Boko
Some of the girls' names 

Yesterday Boko Haram announced that it would sell those 200 girls as slaves in the market. Of course I can imagine some of you my dear readers with an open month wondering how on earth and heavens there are slave markets in 2014 and I would say yes there is huge human trafficking trade going on in the world in 2014. It has not stopped unfortunately because we got heartless bastards.
Needless to say Boko Haram is an insult to Islam in specific and to humanity in general. Of course I wonder where Al Azhar institution from all this this !? Al Azhar is the most important Islamic institution in Africa as far as I remember. I know the answer but I am just wondering. I had enough of hearing in our media Al Azhar should restore its role , Al Azhar should restore its role and then things like this happens and Al Azhar does not care.
In case you do not know Al Azhar is highly respected in Islamic African countries. I am not asking Egypt or Arab countries to get involved heavens forbid.
Updated : Al Azhar issued a statement today denouncing what BokoHaram did demanding them to release the girls. 
I also wonder where the Organization of the Islamic Conference is from that tragedy !? The world is launching a campaign to return the girls back and we got nothing from those two big organizations. I am not speaking about countries but organizations that allegedly play important role for Muslims and Islamic countries.
Both OIC and Al Azhar repeated over and over that they fight extremism and honestly I do not see this.
By the way you can join the #BringBackourgirls campaign on twitter. Of course I doubt that those terrorists of Boko Haram would care for this campaign yet a good noise can make something.
I wish that the threat of Boko Haram re-opens the modern slavery topic in the international media.
Malala standing in solidarity with the girls.

Monday, May 5, 2014

#FreeAJStaff : Fadel’s word in front of the Judge in #AJTrial "Updated"

Here is part of what Mohamed Fadel Fahmy said to the  judge during Al Jazeera staff trial last Saturday.
Al Masry Al Youm : Mohamed Fadel Fahmy addresses the court
Fahmy explained to the judge that his job as a journalist was to work with all parties in Egypt regardless of their political affiliation. He also told him to ask the army and intelligence about him.
He also told the judge that Saturday was the World Press Freedom Day , of course you can imagine the reaction of the judge who has been refusing to release Fahmy and others in the case on bail.
Fahmy’s lawyer did not attend the session by the way.
On the otherthe first photos of Abdullah El-Shamy after being on hunger strike for more than 103 days were leaked online. Today is his 26th birthday.

I have nothing to say except this young man  needs to know why he is being locked up all those months !! 

St.Joseph Church in #Cairo : Then and Now

Saint Joseph Church from a century ago

and from couple of weeks ago.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May The Force Be With you dear #Egypt

Happy Star wars day to all the fans of this amazing series aka May the Fourth Be With you.
As a hardcore fan of this series and as someone who is always being asked about how I can describe what happened and is happening in Egypt in the past months, well my dear the answer is simple. You can watch the third part of the the series and focus on the wicked Sith Lord aka Palpatine because he is so much like the Old Mubarak’s deep and wicked state.
There is one particular scene I can not forget from that part “despite I love the old sequel trilogy” , the scene where Palpatine declares the galactic empire under a thunder of applause as part of his plan using plots and fear
Liberty Dies
This is what we witness currently in Egypt.
The question is when the new hope will come ?? Will we see the new Jedi in our lives or not after all those sacrifices in the past 3 years. The problem is that reality is much complicated than fiction and films inspired by books like The Hero of thousand Faces.The problem is we can not wait for Luke and Leah to grow up because we had already waited for as a nation for something like  #Jan25 too many years , some say 30 years while others say 62 years. 
Anyhow this was a post made on the May the fourth by a geek girl in a very hot day in Cairo.
p.s : I do not feel good about the new Star wars sequel in making.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy World #PressFreedom Day Dear #Egypt #WPFD "Updated"

Today the world is celebrating the Press Freedom day and of course in Egypt , we are celebrating it in our own way : by imprisoning journalists and sending them to court for false accusations
Today was another episode of Al Jazeera staff trial ; yes and the world is celebrating the Press Freedom Day.
Today once again Baher , Greste and Fadel stood along with other 5 students in front of the judge defending themselves. It was the seventh session and yet again it was adjourned till 15 May. Interestingly this session was transferred on air on ONTV. I do not know what this change means.
 Journalists celebrating Press Freedom Day behind bars "Patrick Kingsley"
Mohamed Fadel Fahmy spoke to the judge directly today and he asked him to ask the army and intelligence about him. Fahmy also added that he did not want to cover the upcoming presidential elections because he wanted to get out of jail.
I feel sad after reading this .

Thursday, May 1, 2014

International politics do not involve Love or Hate or Marriage Dr. Fahmy !?

The statements of FM Nabil Fahmy to NPR two days ago in the United States caused a huge controversy in Egypt. In fact I think any FM would cause such controversy with these statements. mtp_03ambas_130707

Dr. Nabil Fahmy told NPR that the “Egyptian American relations are like a marriage relations , not a fling or one night stand” !!

This is a new thing in the international politics for sure Dr. Fahmy should teach to his students after leaving the ministry : Marriage between countries in international relations !!

Amazingly the ministry of Foreign ministry issued a statement claiming that there was a misunderstanding in the translation from Arabic to English.