Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Sudan’s war of two generals: Lates updates and the role of Chad’s infamous warriors

The ongoing fight between Sudan’s Sudanese Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has entered its second week.

Here are the latest updates that reveal the struggle of two infamous generals and the plight of people caught in the crossfire.

Several countries have started evacuating their citizens from Sudan with the help of neighbouring countries above them Saudi Arabia and then Egypt.

It is a priority for them as it seems the Sudanese citizens are not the priority for anyone, especially for Abdel Fattah Burhan and Mohamed Hamdan Dalago.

Sudanese citizens are fleeing Khartoum with no estimate of the number of people leaving.

Buses heading from Khartoum to Egypt
Buses heading to Egypt from AFP 

The majority are heading to Port Sudan or Wadi Halfa to cross the border into Egypt.

Satellite imagery shows long queues of cars, trucks, and buses on highways leading to the border crossings.

The three-day-ceasefire between the RSF and the Sudanese army, imposed by the US from midnight on 25 April, is fragile with violations from both sides.

Egypt has eased visa requirements, and over 9,000 Sudanese citizens have crossed into Egypt through the Arqeen border crossing (around 8,000) and the Qustul border crossing (more than 1,200).

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces and Hemedti on social media: A Curious case study

Over the past 72 hours, Twitter has been in chaos due to Elon Musk's "4/20" deadline for verified accounts to renew their blue checkmark.

Millions of accounts, including prominent figures such as Pope Francis, lost their verification badge as they refused to pay the renewal fee. This has led to a Twitter verification fiasco, which can be exploited by anyone to spread lies and disinformation.

One such example is Sudan's warlord and commander of the Rapid Support Force (RSF), Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, also known as Hemedti, whose blue tick was removed.

Journalists have raised concerns that the loss of verification badges could create a fertile ground for disinformation and manipulation that can worsen the situation in Sudan.

In fact, it did not take long for disinformation to start spreading. A Twitter account claiming to be the official account of the RSF appeared with a blue checkmark, spreading rumours about the situation in Sudan.

However, Sudanese journalists discovered that the handle of the account was different from the official RSF account, with the fake account being "@RSFSudann" while the real one is "@RSDSudan."

Further investigation by Sudanese journalists found that the "@RSFSudann" account was allegedly an Egyptian account, as evidenced by its older timeline.

After being exposed, the account changed its handle to "@Shimaegy," with the only tweets on its timeline being pro-Muslim Brotherhood/Morsi from 2013, and among the few accounts it follows are famous pro-MB figures.

This incident underscores the risks of disinformation and manipulation that can arise from Twitter's verification fiasco.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Eid El-Fitr in photos: Egypt’s edition

Happy Eid to all Muslims and all the people around the globe.

Happy Eid to all Muslims whether they started celebrating Eid El-Fitr on Friday or will start celebrating it on Saturday.

Yes, some countries celebrate Eid El-Fitr on Friday and some others on Saturday. In fact, some countries even have two different dates

In fact, some countries even have two different dates! For example, in Libya, the eastern parts started celebrating on Friday while the western parts started on Saturday. Meanwhile, Sunni Muslims in Iraq began their celebrations on Friday, while Shiia Muslims will start on Saturday.

Regardless of which day you celebrate, the spirit of Eid remains the same, Happy Eid.

To mark this special occasion, I wanted to share a collection of photos taken by Egypt's talented photographers. They captured the joy and beauty of Eid prayers in Cairo and beyond. Take a look and feel the happiness!

Wishing everyone a blessed and joyful Eid celebration.

Here is the Eid Prayer which was held across Egypt in the early morning on Friday from Giza’s Abu Sir and you can see Abu Sir pyramids in the background in the amazing shot by all measures.

The photo is taken from Abu Sir Mount or hill by Sahl Abdel Rahman
The photo is taken from Abu Sir Mount or hill by Sahl Abdel Rahman

A child, balloons, and a pyramid. 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The Truth about Mando” #EP30

Ramadan Karim😀

Welcome to the finale of this year's tale, the Tale of Mando!

I hope you've enjoyed this captivating story from the Egyptian state radio's "One Thousand and One Nights".

I also hope you enjoy the stunning illustrations we've created using cutting-edge AI art generator services.

In this tale, Taher Abu Fasha shows us that fate cannot be conquered or outsmarted. King Kahlan tried to prevent his daughter from marrying the son of an unjustly imprisoned poor man, but he eventually discovered that his son-in-law was the son of a garbage collector.

This illustrates the old saying that you should never mess with fate because it will mess with you back.

Similarly, Vizier Shahlan attempted to kill Sheikh Saber's son when he was born, but the boy miraculously survived and eventually married the princess. Fate has a way of ensuring that true love prevails, despite any obstacles that may arise.

Aside from Abu Fasha's sci-fi plot twist, it's important to acknowledge that the radio show portrayed unjust imprisonment and torture as normal, with King Kahlan being spared from any blame.

He imprisoned Tanbal's sons for no reason and tortured them as if it were an everyday occurrence. It's worth noting that this story was aired during the Nasserite era, a time of political repression and torture of dissidents. This is a reminder that the media we consume can reflect and perpetuate the norms of the society in which it was created.

But let's leave politics behind and return to the enchanting world of fantasy.

The Merowe Affair: Hemedti’s gamble with Egypt "Updated"

On Wednesday afternoon, as most Egyptians were breaking their fast, a military plane reportedly landed in Cairo carrying the first batch of Egyptian military personnel who returned from Sudan following clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Sunday.

Arab and Egyptian media report that this batch was the first group of Egyptian Military personnel being returned home, with more to follow.

A photo of several men wearing civilian clothes disembarking from the plane went viral on social media in Egypt.

The photo 

However, details surrounding the photo remain unclear, including who took it, when it was taken, and where.

Dubai-based Sky News Arabia was the first news outlet to report on the incident via social media.

According to their report, the soldiers in the photo were all those who had been detained by the RSF in Merowe on Sunday.

The RSF spokespersons, who are primarily advisers to their commander General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, claimed that all the detained Egyptian military personnel had been released and returned home.

However, the Sudanese Armed Forces contradicted these claims, stating that the soldiers were still in detention.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry also issued a statement strongly condemning the continued detention of a number of Egyptian military personnel at Merowe airbase.

The soldiers were participating in a joint exercise with the rebel RSF militia when they were detained.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry demanded that the RSF ensure their security, safety and well-being until they are safely delivered to their own country through the Red Cross.

This marks for me the first statement from the Sudanese Foreign Ministry since the start of the clashes that have isolated Khartoum from the rest of the world.

In response, the Egyptian Army has issued a small statement saying that they are working with various entities in Sudan to ensure the safe return of all members of the Egyptian armed forces who participated in joint training with the Sudanese armed forces, according to a protocol signed between the two countries.

The Egyptian Armed Forces will be releasing further updates soon.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The invisible Mando” #EP29

Ramadan Karim😀

As we approach the big finale of Mando's tale, it's important to reflect on the impact this poorly graphic TV series had on Egyptian television.

Produced by the Egyptian state TV in 1986, the show was created by Egyptian TV pioneer Fahmy Abdel Hamid and starred Sherihan, late veteran Omar El-Hariri, and Mohamed El-Araby as Mando.

Despite its modest production values, the series was a huge success and became one of the early works that cemented Sherihan as a true triple-threat entertainer not only in Egypt but in the Arab world.

While El-Araby was among the prominent faces of the 1980s TV drama, he left showbiz altogether after three years of airing the series to become a devoted conservative Muslim, along with his wife, former actor Hanaa Tharwat.

Although Mando had more screen time than Wardshan, most viewers remember Sherihan as the true star of the show. As a Fawzeer show, there was a musical act right after the end of each episode, which was Sherihan's opportunity to shine.

Let's take a moment to revisit how Mando reached this agreement with fate.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando meets Fate” #EP28

Ramadan Karim😀

You can refresh your memory and see how Mando ended up in his cosmic trip in last night’s episode.

Here is tonight's episode, episode no.28 in our tale this Ramadan or episode no.490.


As Mando prepares to return to Earth, he is summoned once again to the planet of Al-Anwar to meet with King El-Dobb El-Akbar.

The king is already in the midst of a court meeting discussing two alarming matters: the earthling and the fact that other planets have discovered the secret of the universe, with one individual from another planet having already been caught.

Mando explains to the court what happened with King Mando and reveals the solution he has reached. He will descend to Earth as rays and power to seek his revenge.

However, King El-Dobb El-Akbar reveals a troubling revelation: Mando may not be able to return to his human form, except if fate does not intervene.

Hemedti’s game: Another Day in Sudan

On Monday, Sudan's warlord Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo issued a short statement in English on his official social media accounts, whether on his official Facebook or Twitter account, to the world, particularly the Western world. 

"The international community must take action now and intervene against the crimes of Sudanese General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, a radical Islamist who is bombing civilians from the air," he said, adding that Burhan's army, officially the "Sudanese Armed Forces," was "waging a brutal campaign against innocent people, bombing them with MiGs."

General Mohamed Dalago with his military ranks despite not 
graduating from any military academy

This is Dagalo's first statement since the start of the ongoing fight between his militia, officially named the "Rapid Support Forces" or "RSF," and the Sudanese Armed Forces led by his rival and Chairman of Sudan's Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lt. General Abdel Fattah El-Burhan. 

The ongoing fight has killed over 200 civilians in the first unofficial estimation. 

"We are fighting against radical Islamists who hope to keep Sudan isolated and in the dark, and far removed from democracy," said the statement on Facebook which is currently managed in the United Arab Emirates.

For some, it may be surprising that suddenly Dagalo, who is commonly known as Hemeti or Hemedti, discovered that Burhan is a radical Islamist on Saturday after becoming his deputy in the Military-led Sudanese Transitional Sovereignty Council in August 2019.

But those who are following closely the situation in Sudan will know that the clash was expected for a long time, but it is not because El-Burhan is a radical Islamist, but because that was the plan of Hemeti for a long time.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando meets Mando” #EP27

Ramadan Karim😀

The Islamic civilization's contribution to the theory of multiverse during its golden age of science in the medieval period is enormous and deserves to be highlighted.

Renowned scholar Al-Ghazali defended the Ash'ari doctrine of the created universe and supported the concept of the multiverse in the 11th century.

In the 12th century, Fakhir El-Din El-Razi explored the idea of the multiverse in his book "Matalib al-'Aliya" and backed it with Quranic verses, citing that the Almighty has been referred to as the "Lord of the worlds" where worlds signify plural noun for the world.

Similarly, Ibn Al-Arabi also endorsed the concept in the 12th century, considering that God is infinite, and therefore there can be no limit to universes.

As we move to the 21st century, we refresh our memory with last night’s episode.

Days at the Egyptian Museum: Hidden Ancient Egyptian Food gems (Happy Sham El-Nassim 2023)

Happy Sham El-Nassim,

Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of Easter, Sham El-Nassim, and Ramadan.

Even though these are official holidays, we cannot celebrate Egypt's oldest feast in the traditional manner. Most Muslims avoid eating salted fish while fasting as it can increase thirst, but we will keep the tradition of consuming salted fish and visiting public green spaces during Eid, which will take place on the weekend inshallah.

For thousands of years, Egypt has celebrated Sham El-Nassim or Shemu to commemorate not only the beginning of spring but also the harvest season.

The river Nile and agriculture played a significant role in shaping the history and traditions of Egypt, both ancient and modern. Despite the spread of Orthodox Christianity in Egypt, Egyptians did not abandon their old feast but instead shifted its date to coincide with the end of fasting after Orthodox Easter.

The Shemu feast survived the Arab rule of Egypt and the spread of Islam, and the name was eventually Arabized to become Sham El-Nassim or "Smelling the Breeze," which became a feast to celebrate spring.

Egyptians gathered and celebrated Sham El-Nassim in various places, including the Egyptian Gulf and Cairo's famous Sadd El-Barani Street.

Deshri's burial chamber at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo غرفة دفن بالمتحف المصرى بالتحرير
Deshri's burial chamber from the first intermediate period in ancient Egypt. 
It was found in Giza's Saqqara featuring food and drink representing to
the deceased spirit in the afterlife

On the occasion of Sham El-Nassim, I am honoured to continue sharing some of the hidden gems at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, which many visitors may overlook during their quick visit.

With more than 100,000 priceless pieces in one place “say Mashallah”, the museum holds one of the world's largest collections of ancient Egyptian antiquities.

While most tours focus on the most famous pieces, individual tours provide the opportunity to see lesser-known but more interesting pieces, such as what the ancient Egyptians used to eat.

In conclusion, despite the challenges we face, the spirit of celebration and tradition lives on in Egypt, and I feel privileged to share some of its unique cultural aspects with you.

On the occasion of Orthodox Christianity and Easter Eggs, it is interesting to note that the ancient Egyptians also used to eat eggs.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando to the madness of Multiverse” #EP26

Ramadan Karim😀

Did you know that the concept of the multiverse isn't just a comic book idea from Marvel or DC? In fact, it's an ancient hypothetical theory that has been around for centuries.

The first person to suggest it was the ancient Greek philosopher Anaximander in the 6th century B.C. Later on, in the 5th century B.C., the Atomists and Stoics philosophy schools of thought brought the concept back to life.

While some people believe that the ancient Egyptians also spoke about parallel universes and the multiverse, it's more likely that they believed in the afterlife and life in the Gods' realm, rather than the parallel universes as we understand them today.

But let's not forget that the multiverse was brought up as the only solution for Mando's big problem on his earth in our previous discussion.

Happy Orthodox Easter: From Giza (2023)

Happy Orthodox Easter to all those celebrating it tonight, especially Egyptian Coptic Christians.

On this occasion, I would like to share with you the photo of the Great Martyr Philopater Mercurius Church or as commonly known as “Abo Sefein” Church in Giza governorate’s Mohandessin district on one fine morning. 

Abu Sefein Church in Mohandessin district, Giza
Abu Sefein Church in Mohandessin district, Giza 

The Church integrated in the 1970s I believe was named after the famous Saint Mercurius aka Abo Sefein aka The Father to two swords. 

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “A Mando’s guide to the galaxy” #EP25

Ramadan Karim😀

If you thought that Taher Abu Fasha's sci-fi creations were limited to his version of "The Day the World Stood Still," think again.

In fact, he was just getting started with the genre. In a true testament to his innovative spirit, Abu Fasha experimented with sci-fi themes in the tale of Mando in a way that I did not expect.

Prepare to be blown away by tonight's episode, as we explore the concept of parallel planets, also known as parallel universes or the multiverse.

Abu Fasha cleverly incorporates the famous Egyptian proverb "God creates forty people who look the same" as evidence to support the multiverse theory.

Before we delve into tonight's episode, let's quickly recap how Mando found himself in the court of an alien king on an alien planet.

Now, let's jump right into episode 25 of our tale, which happens to be the 487th installment in the long history of the Egyptian radio show "One Thousand and One Night."


Mando, in the presence of King El-Dobb El-Akbar and his court, recounts the events that have befallen him since he first met Wardshan in his youth to his daring escape and her imprisonment in the sorrowful palace.

With wisdom rather than lamentation, he spoke of his ill fate and woe.

The wise King El-Dobb El-Akbar inquires of his venerable court when they pondered this matter.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando at the Greater Bear’s court” #EP24

Ramadan Karim😀

The Greater Bear, also known as Ursa Major or "El-Dobb El-Akbar" in Arabic, is a well-known constellation that has been recognized by ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian, Babylonian, and Assyrian.

This constellation, which is the third largest in the sky, was depicted by the ancient Egyptians as a large bull plowing the earth led by a Nile crocodile.

The Greater Bear had significant religious and agricultural symbolism in the lives of ancient Predynastic and Dynastic Egyptians, who believed that the four sons of Horus resided in Ursa Major.

Interestingly, Arab astronomers named this constellation "El-Dobb El-Akbar" due to its resemblance to a bear, which highlights the cultural influence of this constellation on Islamic civilization. The Greater Bear was also included in Arab Muslim astronomer Mohamed Ibn Hilal's famous brass celestial globe.

In the meantime, let's revisit El-Anwar planet with our Mando.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando in El-Anwar’s Golden city” #EP23

Ramadan Karim 😀

Did you know that "Al-Anwar" means "the brightest" in Arabic? This interesting piece of trivia is not related to tonight's episode, but it's worth knowing.

In fact, "El-Anwar" is the unofficial name or nickname of the famous El-Hakim Mosque in the heart of Islamic historical Cairo, one of the oldest mosques in the city dating back to the 11th century.

But let's get back to our tale for tonight, the 23rd episode of our tale or the 485th episode of our One Thousand and One Nights show on Egyptian radio, where we follow Mando's journey to the planet Al-Anwar.

It's amazing how he arrived there, and we can't wait to see what he will discover in this bright and advanced civilization.


Verily, Mando had consented to A and Q's proposal to transform his human form into rays and power form, that he might journey with them to their planet, "Al-Anwar."

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando to outer space” #EP22

Ramadan Karim 😀

Get ready for a night of non-stop entertainment as we delve into Taher Abu Fasha's amazing work.

This famous Egyptian writer has ingeniously blended the Arabic Islamic heritage with the fantasy genre of One Thousand and One Nights and the mid-century science fiction genre.

We'll hear and see how he created this unique mix that is sure to leave you amazed.

There is also a character I believe was inspired by Al-Khidr. Tonight, there will be a mention of the “Great Bear” constellation aka Ursa Major. We will speak about it later.

But before we get to that, let's take a moment to refresh our memory on how our beloved Mando met with Q and A.

Get ready for a night of fun and adventure.

Here is the 22nd episode of our show, it is episode no. 484th in the Egyptian radio’s One Thousand- and One-Nights show.


And behold, two comely men suddenly materialized before Mando as he struggled to maintain his composure and avoid fainting. Q and A proceeded to demonstrate their ability to metamorphose from one form to another before his very eyes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Q and A” #EP21

Ramadan Karim 😀

In tonight's episode, Taher Abu Fasha takes us on a journey through multiple realms and genres. What surprised me the most was his skilful mixing of Arabian Nights fantasy and mid-century sci-fi, all while tackling big questions.

Abu Fasha's ability to blend these distinct genres was truly impressive and made for an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience. He seamlessly transported us from one realm to another, while keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with tonight's episode and the masterful way in which Abu Fasha mixed genres to create a truly unique and captivating story.

To our tale, let’s remember what happened last night.

Now without further due, here is the 21st night or the 483rd episode in the Egyptian One Thousand- and One-Nights Radio show.


Mando arrived on horseback at the date and place given to him by Wardshan, while she was orchestrating his escape from prison. Suddenly, he heard a sound that was not the sound of Wardshan’s horse. It turned out to be her maid, Tamrhan, riding towards him on a horse to inform him of the latest updates, which were not good news.

Tamrhan told Mando that because Wardshan helped him escape, her father ordered her to be confined at the “Sadness Palace”. The princess’ confidant warned Mando that the guards were searching for him and that he should leave immediately. As they spoke, they discovered that the guards were getting close.

Monday, April 10, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Guilty Mando” #EP20

Ramadan Karim😀

Now, are you familiar with the history of One Thousand and One Nights?

The book was actually first mentioned in Arab Islamic history in the 9th century by the renowned historian Al-Masudi.

Dubbed Herodotus of the Arabs, he referenced in the year 947 a collection of mythical tales from Persia, India, and Greece, which was then known as "A Thousand Tales" or "A Thousand Nights."

Tonight, we have got the 482nd episode of "One Thousand and One Nights" radio show, with tonight's episode being the 20th night of the season.

But before we dive in, let's take a quick look back at last night's episode.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The pearl vine” #EP19

Ramadan Karim😀

In tonight’s episode, there is what the foreign reader may think of as a magic spell whereas it is a prayer to Allah, the revealer of all secrets.

here is the 19th night of our nights this year which is the 481st episode of the “One Thousand and One nights” Radio show.

But first, let’s refresh your memory with last night’s episode.

Here is tonight’s episode.


Mando drew nigh unto the ancient well of waters and there, he espied the kindly dame with whom he had crossed paths aforetime. She asked him whether he had obtained the hand of the King's daughter in marriage or not.

The youth replied, "Not yet, for Kahlan, the monarch, bids me seek the second moiety of the dowry, a pearl vine."

"Is there such a thing as a pearl vine?" inquired Mando, and the aged dame made answer, "Verily, the pearl vine existeth not in the world, save in the garden of King Sungjuri."

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The Son of the garbage collector” #EP18

Ramadan Karim😀

Attention all readers! If you're interested in reading "The One Thousand and One Nights" in English, there's a new version of the book that was released in 2021. The book is titled "The Annotated Arabian Nights: Tales from 1001 Nights”.

It was translated by British-Syrian translator and author Yasmine Seale.

Seale is the first woman to translate the entire book, making history in the process.

However, it's important to note that Seale has removed some earlier sexist and racist references. Yes, it could be considered to be a “Woke version” and there is currently a debate around censorship and removal of sexist and racist references in classical books for new readers in general.

Despite this, Seale’s version is still highly acclaimed.

It's worth mentioning that Sir Richard Burton's translation was criticized for containing racist and sexist content. On the other hand, the Arabic version of the book contains a wide range of controversial topics such as sexism, homophobia, eroticism, and incest that give readers a glimpse of society in the Islamic world during the Abbasid era and beyond.

If you're looking to expand your Classical Arabic knowledge, I recommend reading the book in its original Arabic version. However, if you're interested in a fresh take on the classic tales, the new annotated version by Yasmine Seale is definitely worth checking out according to reviews.

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

Friday, April 7, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “The Mando who can be a King” #EP17

Ramadan Karim😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

Tonight's episode will delve deeper into the character of Hubhan, the Eunuch, and his struggle with identity and the unfortunate events that led to his current state.

Despite being presented in a negative light, we will explore the complexities of his character and the societal factors that contributed to his situation.

It is worth noting that if this episode were presented in the West, there would likely be a discussion about the use of pronouns, even though it is clear that the character is referred to as "he".

Eunuchs have a long history in the Middle East, dating back to ancient Egypt and continuing through the Ottoman era, despite the religious prohibition of castration in Islam.

As we continue with this year's tale of Mando, we also reach the 17th night of our nights, marking the 479th episode of the "One Thousand and One Nights" radio show.

But first, let’s refresh your memory with last night’s episode.

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando at the King’s court” #EP16

Ramadan Karim 😀

Recently, I joined those who signed up to try the new art generator AI called "Leonardo AI". It's believed to be a true rival of Midjourney AI and is a free service. By signing in every day, you can earn credits, similar to Night Café AI.

While I think that Leonardo AI still has some way to go in catching up with the results of Midjourney and Adobe Firefly, especially in terms of illustrations, I like how it has its own models for illustrations and photorealistic images. 

But let's leave the world of imaginative AI and delve into the world of human imagination. Let's refresh your memory with last night's episode. And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

Last night was the 16th night of our radio show "One Thousand and One Nights", which was the 478th episode of the season.

Second, here is the 16th night of our nights this year which is the 478th episode of the “One Thousand and One nights” Radio show.


Mando takes three golden apples and places them in a basket, covering them with his mother's scarf. His mission is to offer them to King Kahlan in exchange for the hand of his beloved Wardshan.

On his way to the royal palace, Mando encounters an old woman sitting by a water well. Polite and courteous, he asks if she needs assistance. After helping her, he drinks from the well and reveals the contents of his basket, the three golden apples.

An old woman sitting on the edge of a water well from the Arabian Nights universe as imagined by Adobe Firefly
An old woman sitting on the edge of a water well from the Arabian Nights universe
as imagined by Adobe Firefly

Praying for his success, Mando continues on his way and enters the royal court. The King suspects Mando is yet another envoy sent by Washimer to mock him, while the Vizier and Wardshan are hopeful. Wardshan tries to keep her composure, but she recognizes Mando and gazes at him.

Mando calmly and confidently reveals the three golden apples, the princess's dowry as pre-demanded by the King. The King and Vizier are amazed, while Wardshan is overjoyed.

Mando introduces himself as the knight, and the Vizier identifies him as the one from his son's tales. Old Kahlan asks him who his father is, and despite not disclosing the truth, Mando describes his father as someone who can make any place better, needing nobody while being needed by many.

Shahlan inquires if Mando is a Sultan, but Mando responds by saying that everyone is the Sultan of themselves. The Princess confirms her agreement to marry Mando as he had fulfilled the condition set by her father.

King Kahlan orders that Mando be hosted in the El-Sabr palace while he considers the matter.

Meanwhile, Mando's father Tanbal learns of the news and shares it with his wife Zumora. Despite the merry news, Zumora is unhappy and wants her sons to be freed from prison.

Tanbal suggests waiting until Mando becomes the King to free his brothers, but Zumora insists that he meets Mando and reminds him of his brothers. Threatened by her screams, the poor garbage collector agrees to meet Mando, despite his fears of the consequences.

Inshallah, tomorrow night will reveal whether his fears will be realized or not.

Here is the episode televised

Till tomorrow night inshallah.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Mando gets the golden apples” #EP15

Ramadan Karim 😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando. 

But first, take some time and read this report from the Emirati National on why the sun never sets off the One Thousand and One Nights book. 

Let’s refresh your memory with last night’s episode.

Second, here is the 15th night of our nights this year which is the 477th episode of the “One Thousand and One Nights” Radio show.


As the court of King Kahlan, Princess Wardshan and the Vizier waited in anticipation, Hando nervously entered.

The King ordered him to reveal the golden apples, and Hando, with trembling hands, unveiled the basket to reveal that it contained only garbage instead of precious fruits.

The King was enraged at this insult, for it was the second time it had happened.

Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan Night : Once again "Updated"

Early Wednesday morning, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) entered Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem attacking Muslim worshipers and transforming the holy site into a chaotic war zone. Photos and videos summarized what happened there.

Israeli occupation forces after storming Al-Aqsa Mosque complex  "Twitter"
Israeli occupation forces after storming the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex 

 For real, thanks to the mobile phones that enabled us to see this horrifying assault.

The Israeli occupation forces stormed the Al-Qibli prayer hall in the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex opening the doors of hell on the Palestinians there and to be honest the rest of the Palestinians and Israelis as usual.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “A magical tree” #EP14

Ramadan Karim😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

I couldn't let the fact that we have a magical apple tree in this tale pass so peacefully. If you're into world myths, folk tales, and mythologies, you may know that trees have played an important role in the world's collective imagination for centuries.

For example, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the forbidden tree is believed to be an apple tree. In Islam, it is simply a forbidden tree with some fruit, and Adam and Eve share the guilt equally.

In Greek Mythology, the apple tree appears in a different place than Hesperides' garden and is associated with love and Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Moving to the north of Europe, we find the magical apple tree of immortality from which the ancient Nordic deity Idunn fed apples to other deities to remain young and immortal.

In the British Isles, there are numerous significant apple trees, starting with Avalon of the Arthurian legend, which means the island of fruits that mostly identify as apples.

Now back to the East and the world of the One Thousand and one nights.

Let’s refresh your memory with last night’s episode.

Second, here is the 14th night of our nights this year which is the 476th episode of the “One Thousand and One nights” Radio show after the break. 

Monday, April 3, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Three Golden apples” #EP13

Ramadan Karim😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

Before we go and see what happens in tonight’s episode, a little info about the “golden apples”. Golden apples have always had their place in the world’s legends and fairy tales.

The oldest recorded mention of golden apples was in Greek mythology. The golden apples were a wedding gift to Hera from Gaia and were protected by a great serpent called Ladon at the Garden of Hesperides. “Yes, you read it right a great serpent protecting a tree producing golden apples of the nymph garden”

Golden apples were mentioned also in Irish mythology as well as European fairytales.

In the original One Thousand and One Nights book, there is a mention of three apples, but they are not golden apples. Rather, they are a type of apple in the tale "The Tale of the Murdered Woman", which is among the short tales in the book. The tale is a murder mystery that Scheherazade shared in the early nights, indirectly addressing her husband's issue with women.

Now we will go and see what happens to the three golden apples in our tale but first, let’s remember how they suddenly appeared in our tale.

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “Love written in fate” #EP12

Ramadan Karim 😀

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

Tonight, without any spoilers, the bride’s dowery in the Arab/Muslim culture is brought up. Unlike the common practice in India, in the Arab/Muslim culture, the groom is the one who presents a dowery to the woman.

I found out that many in the world whenever they read the word “dowery”, automatically think about the Indian practice and think Arabs and Muslims follow it. Well, it is vice versa in our place in the world.

Now we head to know how a certain “dowery” will play another important role in our tale for this year, the tale of Mando.

First, let’s refresh your memory and hear last night’s episode.

Second, here is the 12th night of our nights this year which is the 474th episode of the “One Thousand and One nights” Radio show.


In those days, the love of Wardshan and Mando blossomed and grew stronger. Mando opened up his heart and expressed his love to the Princess, and to his joy, Wardshan reciprocated her love for him.

Mando confided in Wardshan that he felt like they were connected in the spiritual realm even before they met in the physical world. Though their love was pure and true, their happiness was not to last long.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2023: Tale of Mando “When Mando meets Wardshan” #EP11

Ramadan Karim 😃

And we continue our tale for this year the tale of Mando.

A little announcement, I have been experimenting with another art generating ai so you may find illustrations from other art generating ais other than Midjourney, especially Adobe Firefly. I am extremely impressed by the results of Adobe Firefly.

Well, I had to try other services due to the early announcement of Midjourney that it closed the free accounts because of the misuse of the service and the spread of deep fake.

The thing is I do not understand why the blame is on the free accounts alone !!

Another announcement, if you watch the televised version tonight, you will notice that the ages of our heroes changed a bit when they meet unlike in the radio version.

First, let’s refresh your memory and hear last night’s episode.